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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 12, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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>> fastest way -- >> all right. gang, thank you very much. that's it for forbes on fox. continues with eric and cashing in. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> whether you supported me or senator sanders or one of the republicans, we all need to keep working toward a better, fairer, stronger america. >> the two presumptive nominees vying for voters. like sanders stuff, business as usual in washington to take on crony capitalism, but on the flip side, hillary's pushing more pro socialist programs like
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bernie, pay by tax hikes on the wealthy. so, who would be better for bernie backers and the rest of us? welcome to cashing in. our crew this week. welcome, everybody. decisions, decisions, decisions for sanders supporters. i'll start with you, gina. who should they turn to? these bernie supporters and why? >> come on over to the cool kids side, bernie supporters. if you vote for hillary clinton, you're voting for more of the same. for an establishment candidate. you're voting for someone who's not really going to do any of the changes. like jobs. i think that's kind of an important one and i think that's what should matter most. they hate wall street and hillary's taken all this wall street money for speeches and
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hasn't disclosed the transcri s transcripts. >> democrat, but the outside thing, antiestablishment. is there a case hillary can and should make to the sanders support sners. >> she should be making it. i count at least three of the last primary night speech, unapoll jetingly direct to the point asking for sanders support to come his way. i think that's smart of trump. i don't know why hillary's not being specific about it. she said, look, i understand that you feel like you were being shut out of this process and your candidate is not a nominee, however, please trust i will be the candidate to talk about your issues, your concern and push it forward in my white house. she's not doing it. she needs to get specific with these people. >> is there a case hillary can make? i think that a lot of us here would say these supporters are a natural for trump. the outsiders, the never trump
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people, the never hillary, they happen to be never hillary, would like to go to a trump, i would think. however, let's play devil's add row cat. hillary, what should she do to get the support. >> feel the bern on her arm. i think she needs to focus on the trade groups, the group of supporters focused on the trade policy. i could see those naturally fitting with a donald trump. but there are the social justice issues, climate change issues, there are these other issues that are important to the bernie sanders supporters that they really want to see more of government in their lives and more in government creating or helping to solve these problems. in what you would say the world problems like climate change, so i do think for clinton, her focus on the climate specifically, on say just the social justice issues alone, that is where i think she could garner the spoth, but again,
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many of these bernie supporters have a very negative image of clinton. >> i think they're kind of continuing to ignore them when she has a spotlight doesn't help. again, at least trump is talking to them. talking isn't necessarily giving. at least he's saying i see you, i recognize your concern and m here to address that hillary's got to do the same thing. >> this process through, bernie sanders has not attacked clinton hard. hasn't hit her hard with ads and what not. they have a lot of similar issues. hillary said she'd be look iing for $12 an hour minimum wage. bernie says 15. incoming e quail quaulty. they're look people, looking for a lot of free stuff. she may be able to offer those types of thing. >> yeah, but it really everything i heard brings me pack to the whole jobs question.
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because the only job that hillary and the obama administration have are going to create are mostly government jobs. they've destroyed manufacturing, they've destroyed even you know, some of the computer stuff, the intelligence stuff and so, those are real jobs. government jobs are not real jobs. and the kind of jobs that donald trump will create are real jobs that i think would benefit them in the long run. might do a little check, but i think they're up for the challenge. >> i don't know how -- i think those federal checks are clearing straight through the bank, so i think the people who have those jobs would disagree. >> because those jobs go away when the government money goes away. if anyone decides to cut $19 trillion debt hanging around the necks of these supporters, they're not going to be ail to just make these ridiculous dwoft government jobs that don't result in the future. real jobs. >> sometimes those just don't matter as much. >> well, and i think gina, i don't want to speak for gina,
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but the distinction, when you enter the private sector, you get paid for creating something and that's an organic job. in the government, you're not creating anything. you're creating a demand for your services, but that's it. >> when you're hungry, you just want something to put food on the table. >> i think there are definitely hard federal government, local government workers this really try to advance the good of our society. there's too much government and there's too much bureaucracy. i just want to hit it back to hillary clinton. hillary clinton will have a problem sharing the mantle of sanders revolution and the economy is not going to be enough. hillary clinton does not come across authentic. sanders does. >> stay there. bring it around. channel our inner bernie sanders supporter, probably under 30 years old. may or may not be working. a lot of student debt. you can't choose sanders anymore. hillary or donald. start with you. who are you going to vote for
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and why? >> i think it's a challenge because they don't necessarily connect with hillary clinton. i think the ma len yals want to have that connection with the candidate. with that said, donald trump has an uphill battle in trying to convince these that capitalism, investing in america is the way to go through the private sector. there is a concern between what our young people are learning in ak deem area, in what they got their degrees and they're saying i don't have a job and understanding that capitalism is a much better system that works instead of socialism. >> ebony, you just graduated from cal berkeley. you live with four other people. ride your bike everywhere you want to go. don't have a lot of money. a lot of student debt. you were a sanders supporter, now a trumper or hillary. >> who are you going o vote for. >> i think just having some good things here. this is where trump has to sell
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it. they're very scared to kind of bet on themselves and go out there in the real world in the capitalistic environment and make a name, trump's got to say i did it, you can do it, too. i'll show you how. >> okay. leave it to you now, gina. you're the see, where are you, an nyu graduate and you don't even have a bike, you just uber around and again, you also have a lot of student debt and not a lot of money. just want to go and maybe smoke weed in central park. who you going to vote for? >> those are all issues. think about the uber i tax every day. that's a freedom issue. it's about a a job that doesn't go away when government reduces the debt strapped around my neck and i think there's this, too. donald trump remember, when he made the statements about building the wall, he was at a 4%. the minute he made them, a couple of weeks later, after he communicated his motives, those
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numbers go up. he is having a conversation with those people that only donald trump can can do. the rest of us don't get it, but it works. when you start to have a conversation with them, we're going to see interesting things happen. >> if you're smoking pot, you're voting for the libertarian, gary johnson, okay. >> let's not even talk about that. crazy. leave it there. coming up, as trump and hillary push for sanders supporters, republicans in congress are pushing a plan to beat poverty. one big part of it. make more folks work for welfare. plus, will that work? we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can.
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on the go and into a job. republicans are bail aing their antipoverty plan this weekend. one of the key proposals is increase work for welfare and foot food stamp recipients.
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is this something -- on the scale for welfare that bill clinton. >> the republicans in congress to pass through this welfare reform. and what you also realize is is that it reduced fraud. for example, made -- were going to strengthen. they figured out that some of the money for food stamps or welfare. actually be used on a cruise ship. what do we want most for these adults? we want them to have the incentive, to be productive members of society, to be able to participate in training programs and be able to feel they are worthy and have value in our society, so i think that
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it does put them in a position. and not be able to -- but really be able to push forward and help them improve their lives. >> mercedes points this out, bipartisan went through and got pushed. but bill clinton, democrat, did push through harsher, more stringent work requirements. president obama's scaling back. bad idea? good idea? >> bad idea. i completely agree with mercedes on this. assistance based programs work. helps both political narratives. certainly, the left has been dodged by this narrative. want the stay home, be lazy, don't want to contribute to society. also, conservatives kind of get the rap of not careing about society, not being compassionate, not caring if people are starving and die ng the streets. this is a bipartisan effort to remedy those. >> gina, now, hillary clinton
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has now said she's basically following in the footsteps of barack obama, her husband made it harsher work requirements for welfare. hillary clinton has kind of grabbed on to president obama's boot straps in the economy. where's she going to go with this one? >> i think hillary will do whatever hillary's packaging people tell her to do. whatever her consultants tell her to do. i don't know if there's conviction on what she says, that's why she's looked at as unauthentic. one thing that's even better about this is is that people require skills when they are working, when they are out of the workforce, they're giving up that time. this is progressive left, eric, uses these people. here's the thing. we spent more on entitlements every year for how many decades.
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>> i'm glad you brought that up. >> before we go, i just want to showing something. here's the poverty rate over the 50 years since we declared war on poverty. has gone down. ticked down a little bit, but look at the cost of doing so. we got about a point, a point and a half in poverty. and we literally spent trillions of dollars doing it, guys, the point is this. we're spending on the war on poverty and not winning the war on poverty. maybe we should be going back to stiffer work requirements for t free stuff. coming up, the white house reportedly giving hollywood stars a script to sell its message on immigration. now, some of them are selling now, some of them are selling it i don'or wonder whether i theshould seek treatment.c.
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well, the white house sending out a social media script to hollywood celebrities to help push an immigration agenda and on cue, tinsel down obliged. >> i stand with immigrants. >> i'm a descendant of immigrants. >> i and with immigrants. >> i am an immigrant. >> i stand for immigrants. >> 100%. >> so, on the surface, the white house sending out a script, doesn't surprise me. hollywood and the white house have been doing that thing back and forth. my concern is is that i don't know if i agree with the script. complaining about immigration, but i think the issue here is illegal immigration. not just immigration, right? >> i think you're right. you know what? it's got to be donald trump that makes that clarification. because trump's message is talking about immigration and it's worked tremendously in his
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favor. so now,s it's up to trump to go out and clarify. he said it for sure, he's got to make this crystal clear, control this message. not talking about immigrants -- >> are you okay with hollywood? >> 10 o%. >> the script -- >> of course because look, i think most people know that hollywood and the white house as you pointed out have a long history. they're a very progressive group. >> gina, hollywood taking the script from the white house? bad or good? >> i have a problem because my taxpayer dollars are paying for this. what's good for the goose because say the next administration wants to put out propaganda talking about how great it is to build a wall or whatever it is. there would be such outrage. it is taxpayer funded government propaganda. this is just wrong. >> what do you say, mercedes? am i wrong if i don't have a problem with this back and forth? i honestly don't think it's -- i
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don't think it's a huge deal. if there's a republican in the white house next time, i hope they do it, too. >> i think the white house should send a t-shirt to melania. our nation was built on immigran immigrants, on immigration, but they're trying to send a for sub conscious message out to the american people as if we don't want to deal with the issue of illegal imdprags, which we know is a critical issue. yes, we want immigrants in our country, but we want them to come in legally and we need to make sure those who are born in our country are taking care of in a sense they have access to edge gags and to jobs. i think both can coexist. it's unfortunate that the white house, they did this with the gun violence, where they said stop gun violence, they brought hollywood in and did a similar
7:54 am
social media campaign. they're using these issues to create problems. to send out a message that i think doesn't necessarily tell the whole story. >> i think this -- not being used though. i think a lot of them really like this opportunity. this allows them to look substantive and like they have some real skin. shallow and superficial. what better way to combat that, than i'm standing up on a super strong political ib. i think they love it. >> you think they come up with the script on their own or get these talking points from the white house? zpl definitely from the white house. the whole intention to muddy the waters. like especiallyny said, i see one positive thing and that is see a lot of hollywood people coming out and realizing they've been used and brainwashed like everyone else. coming out saying hey, guess what, i think i'm a conservative now. >> going to leave it there. coming up, who do you think is tougher questions from the media?
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. hot debate. great show. time to wake up, america. for years on this program and others, i try to point out that the mainstream media is not only liberal, it's in the midst of a love affair with liberal politicians and becomes dangerous when the news media gushes all over these liberal politicians. we should be asking them tough questions. they'll be the next policymakers, the pilots of the next support. but also the shapers of our lives going forward as well. here's a quiz. i'm going read a few questions asked this week. you guess who was asked these questions. the woman who wants to be the president of the united states or a gal who simply wants to be called miss usa. question, one of the biggest challenges facing the united states is social and economic inequality. how do we narrow the gap between the rich and poor?
7:59 am
well, that was for miss california. question. is it setting in that you might be making some serious history here tomorrow? that tough one was for hillary clinton. question, the pentagon recently made the decision to open up all combat jobs to women, now, some have questioned whether this has put political correctness our over military's ability to perform at the highest level. that was for miss district of columbia. question. there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing and people just come up to you and you get that tears in their eyes. you feel the weight of what this means for people? that was for secretary clinton. see, folks, even miss usa contestants were asked tougher questions than miss hillary clinton. to you liberal mainstream media, you should be ashamed of yourselves for gushing all over your liberal candidate. ask the tough questions, better yet, the questions posed to miss
8:00 am
usa. i speak for many americans who want to hear the questions answered right now, before she becomes the commander in chief because you see, liberals, afterwards, that will be too late. not too late or too early to preorder wake up america o ♪ >> i'm bob massi. for 34 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas, the center of the recent real-estate crisis. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now, well, it's a different story. the american dream is back. and nowhere is that more clear than the sunshine state of florida. so we headed from the strip to the beach to show you how to live the american dream. i'm gonna meet real people who are facing serious problems, take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe and give you the tips that everyone needs to navigate the new landscape because information is power, and the property man has got you covered.


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