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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  June 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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opinion. liz: we need a leader now. >> from one lawyer to leader fully agreed . stuart: thank you very much, one and all. we do appreciate you all being with us. charles payne. it's a very important day. glad you're in today. take it away. >> thank you very much stanley. in just minutes we will get an update from fbi director james comey. this as we're hearing chilling new details on the gunman that was behind the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. omar manteen was is inspired by extremist information on the internet. connell mcshane has the details. connell: well, you know, charles, they're looking at a number of different thing surrounding this guy but would you be would be electronics and we've been told this since yesterday when the investigation was really at its early stages looking at cell phone communication laptop communication, also the hardware on both of those
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devices but one piece of new information we know that omar manteen killed 49 people, the local hospital there saying there are still five people in what they describe as grave condition. they just said that moments ago. now, there is also a focus of investigators on two trips that this man is said to have made to saudi arabia a few years back. we know of one trip, and we've confirmed that at fox news in march of 2011 and another trip, second to saudi arabia from manteen a year later. march of 2012. they were said to be part of something called umra in the muslim faith, which is a nonmandatory visit to mecca as opposed to the mandatory to mecca. in march of 2011 and march of 2012. now, i think president obama's comments gave something of a preview of what we may hear in more detail of this fbi briefing coming up in a few minutes. he said one thing.
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there's no clear evidence that manteen was in any way directed, that he put externally or part of any kind of larger plot. he says he was apparently inspired we extremist information that was found on the internet. we are learning more about him, though, that he was 29 years would, he had worked at a private security company that his ex-wife claims that he physically abused her in their short marriage and he was investigated on two separate occasions by the fbi. one in 2013 a coworker suggestions he might have terrorist ties and then the next year a link discovered between manteen and the man ended up being the first american suicide bomber in syria. both times the fbi interviewed him about those incidents and the second case contact with this terrorist. but nothing came of it charles, either time. so we'll see what director comey will add to that. i know they've said the local authorities earlier that they may be looking at other people involved in this. and there are has been some reporting surrounding the investigation as to what his current wife. not the ex-wife but his current wife and the
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involvement she may have had. so we're waiting for director comey to fill in those blanks as well. >> connell mcshane, thank you very much. obviously we've had all of these red fls. n moavene t orfbveat ll llenheom h eneste tbi ivi rr he i, pblreme d heiln've setyar w 'rlo tga y ond s thh cr lth le u. t eofehe opthllhawe ocoatof . >>l,stal charles, i'm sure the fbi agents who interviewed him at any point are now just kind of themselves terribly saddened. >> hold on one second, we have breaking news. and i need your opinion. people organizer reporting that the orlando shooter scouted walt disney world as a target. people citing a federal law enforcement force on that.
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so this is a guy whose coworkers was saying things in the workplace. >> right. >> even going back. i've reports even going back to high school, he was happy he cheered 9/11. and this was a guy who had a long track record of people interacting him knowing he was sympathetic toward terrorism and openly talked about killing. how does someone like this get investigated? how does someone like this -- how do we drop the ball on this? that's what i'm wondering. >> yeah. well, charles, great questions. the fbi now looking at this saying how did they make that determination based upon these interviews that it didn't warrant further surveillance or monitoring of his behavior. the first instance you mentioned was because saw that he had claimed his association with various terrorist groups and even associated with the boston marathon bombing. that is what's been reported. the fbi investigated that and said even spoke with him that
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they sounded as though he was disjointed, didn't feel any credibility behind it. and really at the end of the day there are a couple of things to play here. one is by the decision of the fbi agents who they are investigating and their supervisors say does it warrant anything further? is there enough probable cause to take additional steps whether it's on going actual physical surveillance and other surveillance mechanisms? or. [any law broken? appear not to be any law broken. but therefore gets into this issue of protecting someone's rights. an american citizen, we can't just suspend his constitutional rights. and therefore we get into this -- >> so what's going to happen -- the clearing call, see something say something. people said something twice. people spoke out. am more than once. and so we're telling the american public step up and do your duty even though there may be retribution. someone drops a dime on someone and they're bullied, they're intimidated, they're
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worried about going on with their day-to-day lives even though they tried to be heroic citizens. >> you're right. see something, say something has been now since 9/11 and continues to the other day when the other incident took place. i think it's open for the authorities, the fbi in this case should have determined whether or not there was an actual plot, whether they could have used some mechanism to lure him into some situation where perhaps his motives became more visible. but i think at the end of the day, charles, it is this kind of tension between what is probable cause, legal issues and what we may feel should be -- >> before i let you go though, bill, do you agree that the fbi may have to look on how to keep someone on this list? potentially if there's more than one person or persons stepping up saying we think this person is dangerous to society? >> well, i think so. but i think it also may indicate, charles, actually the number of cases that they're actually looking at and how they're triaging them. so in this case it wandered further inquiry, it may go to show you that they're dealing with quite a number of cases
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and they're trying to list those things that are in highest priority order. >> bill daly, thank you very much. appreciate it. well, the stock market falling again. foreign markets ahead overnight. a combination of things. we've got terror, we've got about the fed, the central banks and of course the vote weighing very heavy on investors. let's go to gary and scott martin. gary, just how fragile do you think the market is right now? >> well, look, you know, i'm sitting here in orlando and you had another terror attack and, you know, charles, you and i always talk about terror attacks that they're isolated and of markets always come back. but i'm not sure they're isolated anymore. i was making a list of all the attacks over the last few months and there are quite a few. and you add in the word uncertainty which is the fed this week and then the uk vote which they may arguably leave the european union and markets just sitting there waiting to explode, and i'm hoping all heads are pulling and things
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can move forward. >> i think one of the things too, scott, that we have to understand is that what happened in orlando over the weekend certainly probably will influence the vote which already had momentum to getting out. and this gives it even more of a chance that the british will actually vote to leave the european union. what does that do to the market? >> i think that's destabilizing. i mean clearly as you've seen the vote get more narrow as far as the chances of britain leaving, the market has gotten a little bit more stable. we've seen gold rally, european equities come off. so i think you're right, charles. the terrible event in orlando is just one of the that things push the vote that way. the one thing i would caution the investor, though, is that the economy is not in great shape. let's be real. but to convective the market, the banks are very accommodative, and i think that helps put a floor or base
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on price to where we don't fall off a cliff. >> yeah. gary, i should have started off offering condolences because you're very close to where this guilty of down. and our hearts go out to all the people in podium there are has been a mess mechanism that has been increasing in this world, and you wonder if that has top of an influence in the stock market. whether that's people dropping out of the job market, lack of entrepreneurship, the birth rates. just a giant wave of pessimism and this stuff doesn't help. >> be intangible confident. that one word confident means a ton. and when you have san bernardino then this, somebody e somebody tried to blow themself up in shanghai. when that preinvades the news, it gets a lot of people thinking and then of course everything else we have an election here arguably the most important election and
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such talk coming out of both sides, people wondering what's next? and then you add in fundamentals earnings have been going south, revenues going south and for me the only savior is that all of these central banks have the pedal down to the floor and i think that's about all we've got. >> and there's no more room for the pedal to keep going further down. once again gary, our sympathies and prayers with they have never. microsoft buying linked in $26.2 billion deal. linked in soaring on the news and just a bit we're going to dive deeper into the deal. and terror in orlando has the gun course raging. but is the anger miss guided? that's all next. and also awaiting innovative sonicare technology
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treated to fbi or james called me about to let a news conference. we will bring you want it begins. one side hitting enter inpatient or gun-control roles. these stocks have also been huge winners for the obama in. ernie dear amanda should drink legally purchased guns despite red flag. democratic congressmen ted deutch calling congress. what do you want to see congress do in response to the latest masculine in america? >> it's good to be with you. let me start by saying this isn't an either or situation. of course we need to focus on terrorism and make sure we do every weekend despite terrorist
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men focus on train prevent people from being radicalized. or is very doing that. at the same time, we can take action to make our communities safer. right now there is no way that the federal government can prevent someone who is on the terror watch list from buying a gun. none. that can change and we have to do that this week. charles: you do realize when these things happen it feels like the people responsible in this particular case, someone who really felt deeply about radical islam and the need to murder certain people according to his religion or view of his religion and you put in adamant objects and guns and people's rights in the second amendment. you can understand why it feels like the democratic party in particular is not looking at the
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reality of what's happening in this thread, particularly america. the mac the fact is there is overwhelming support. it isn't about grabbing peoples guns are changing the second amendment. as someone who is on the terrorist watch list, a dangerous terrorist should not be able to purchase a gun. it shouldn't be able to purchase an assault rifle. i would love for you to tell me why we take the position of the terrorists. we do great heineken dark community -- against our community. charles: date useless and not getting the average ordinary citizen lacey lawson. ultimately what we are talking about is taking away the rights of average americans who follow the law.
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people have distressed about the bureaucracy. by the way, when we say something like a assault rifle the hyperbolic way to let takes these issues. this inanimate object was responsible. this terrorist was responsible for the deaths of 49 people in over 18 were injured. the guide because they were pumped full of bullet for my weapon designed for maximum killing. try and do i'll be honest. >> these people get the ability to challenge. >> i'm concert none of those people have the opportunity to fire back. none of them had an opportunity to defend themselves and their
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so many people whether it's radical islamic terrorism or the neighborhood thugs who terrorized them every single day camp i backed. >> i don't understand the suggestion. if it's okay for terrorists to have a gun as long everyone around him has guns. i think that's an absurd statement. if the federal government can prevent terrorist from getting assault rifles, we have to do it and we ought to pass it. you refer to the way people characterize my decision. and iran members think if you're on the watch list you shouldn't be able to get a gun. it's indefensible. your position that terry should buy assault rifles and grenade is just indefensible. charles: in the real world -- drug dealers and whoever else always get their hands on weapons.
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they have access to weapons. the average citizen precluded from owning them and you want to take this further and take away rights from people. it's a slippery slope. >> you are mischaracterizing what i am saying. people on the terror watch list should not be able to buy guns. that's all i'm saying. there's lots of debates we can have. this week, after this terrorist gunned down 49 people and injured 50 more, let make sure that other terrorists on the terror watch list can get their hands on these weapons. by the way, when the assault weapons ban passed in 1994 ronald reagan, someone whose credentials can't be questioned, certainly not by our viewers, he acknowledged we are not going to.every tie of mass shooting. will not get out the assault
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assault weapons off the streets. we need to limit their availability. let's be clear. terrorists, people who are a danger to our community should not have access to these kinds of weapons. charles: we all agree on that. >> pass the legislation this week to make up the case. charles: we all agree with that. we have to be honest about access to these weapons and the ability of american to defend themselves as well. >> keep the guns out of terrorist hands. why don't we do that they speak in respect of memory of those slaughtered. charles: represented two h., thank you very much. yolanda shooters started out disney world. should you be worried about crowded destinations known as so-called safe targets. we are waiting on an update from the fbi. we will bring it to you in a few
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charles: fbi served james comey about to hold a news conference. in the meantime, in part from a major city are ramping up security. this is a reader from "people" magazine that the erlanger terrace was scouting a disney world as a potential target. new york city police there says people need to be vigilant everywhere. john, hold on one second. we've got to write routines call comey. afternoon. thank you for being here today. we are here to discuss the justice department's font it is stunning and unconscionable acts in our land. our hearts are broken for the unfathomable losses that the people of earlier to have a third and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with their families and loved ones. attorney general lynch said yesterday the full resource of
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the disc which includes the fbi, atf, national security division as well as the u.s. attorney's office in middle district of georgia are all supporting the ongoing investigation. our agent and investigators have been on the ground the very beginning and have been working around-the-clock and will continue to do so in the days ahead here on force and colleagues in florida for their tireless extraordinary works and their dedication to the ongoing and that station. i've also been in contact with the attorney general who's currently on her way back from china and continues to monitor developments in the case. words really can't express the depth of our spiral with a measure of our grief for losses that have been suffered a those in lines that been changed forever. what happened in orlando yesterday was a horrifying act of evil and terror.
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for the lgbt community, polls was more than just a place to go in to liberate and be friends. it was a place that promised inclusion in freedom to be found out, the same premise or country holds for everyone. this was an attack on that promise. it was an attack on our values of the country international community. it was an attack on who we are as a nation and as a people. and their country as a whole is as united in the monster cowardly and affable act. i will turn things over to director comey who will provide details on where we are in the investigation right now. the mac thank you on the valley. i want to echo what the deputy attorney general said. our hearts are broken and eight for the people lost in orlando those wounded and their families. we are so sorry for your loss of suffering. i also find a word of thanks and
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express admiration for the work of local law enforced in orlando. they showed professionalism and bravery that saved lives. we are very like the first such good people. last the word of thanks to the people who rendered care that saved lives at the scene. the doctors, emts, nurses, the specialist in north area citizens is thought to help family and friends. you showed us the best part of humanity in the mid-to terrible loss. as you know, this a federal terrorism investigation led to the fbi with the piston as we always do of our state, local and federal partners. the reason is there is one indication the radical as nation by this killer and a potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. we are spending a tremendous amount of time as you would imagine trying to understand every moment of this killer's
12:28 pm
path to the terrible night in orlando to understand his motives than the details of his life. you will notice that i've not notice that i am not using the killer's name and i will try not to do that. part of what motivates ex-people -- six people to do this in fame or glory and i don't want to do that for part of the runs in families. in some other twisted minds don't think this is a path to fame and recognition. i want to give you a sense of what we know so far until you as much as i can about our past contact with the killer. we are going to the killer's life as i said ashley hazlett onyx to understand as much as we can about his past and direct in hand or in assisting him. we see no indication that this was a plot directed from not that the united state and we see no indication that he was part of any network. it's also not entirely clear at
12:29 pm
this point what terrorist group he aspired to support although he made clear his affinity at the time of the attack for isis and generally for radical islamist groups. he made 911 calls from the club during the attack at about 230 clock in the morning sunday morning and there were three different calls. he called it a honda. he called again and the brief leave with a dispatcher and then he hung up and the dispatcher called him back again and they spoke briefly. three total calls. during the calls he said he was doing this for the leader of isil who he named an alleged loyal to. also the perpetrators of the boston marathon bombers in a florida man who died as this was said on the syria for our new storefronts, a group in talks like that the so-called islamic
12:30 pm
faith. the bombers that the boston marathon and the suicide bomber from florida were not in fired by isil, which to the confusion about how does it we are to understand what role anti-subform a good tree may have played in the month we recognize and celebrate our lgbt brothers and sisters. it is early. we are working hard to understand the killer and his motives and sources of inspiration. but we are highly confident this killer was radicalized and some part through the internet. that's what we've been doing. let me tell you what i can about the fbi's prior contact with the killer. we first became aware in may may 23rd team. he was working as a contract security guard at a local courthouse and made statements that were inflammatory and
12:31 pm
his coworkers about terrorism. first he claimed connections to al qaeda. he also said he was a member of hezbollah, which is a shia terrorist organization that is a bitter enemy of the so-called islamic day, isil. he held on for that would rate his apartment and assaulted his wife and child so he could martyr. when this was reported to us, the fbi's miami office opened a preliminary investigation and over the next 10 months we attempted to determine whether he was possibly a terrorist something we do in hundreds and hundreds of cases all across the country. our investigation about introducing confidential source to come a recorded conversation following him, communications and searching all government holding with the derogatory information. we then interviewed him twice.
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he was making statements that coworkers reported that explain he did it in anger because he thought his coworkers were discriminating against ted and teasing him because he was muslim. after 10 months of investigation, we close the preliminary investigation. two months later in july 2014, the killer's name surface's name surfaced again in an indirect way. our miami office was investigating the florida man who had lowered himself up for the new storefront in syria, al qaeda group and conflict with isil. the killer knew him casually from attending the same mosque in that area of florida. investigation turned up no types of any consequence between the two of them. in the course of the investigation, one told us what matthew know anyone who might be radicalized and said he had once been concerned about the killer because the killer pension how
12:33 pm
lucky videos. the witness had concluded that he later got married and had a child and got a job as a security guard and was no longer can turned about him. our investigation again turned an interview the killer to find out whether he had any significant contacts with the suicide armor, determined that he did not in any inquiry continued focusing on the suicide bomber with no further focus on the orlando killer. we will continue to look forward and backward. we will leave no and we will work all day and all night to understand the path to the terrible night. we will also work hard to see whether their something we should have done differently. so far the honest answer is i don't think so. i don't see anything weird doing our work better regions look at an open and honest way can be transparent about it. we are looking forward he does
12:34 pm
and which might someday become nato's. that is hard work. if we find a way to do that better, we will. it will also do our best to be true parent about what we find going forward can say with certainty for an investigation in a good way. i will tell you is much as they possibly can. we know that this killing is upsetting to all americans. we hope the fellow americans will not let fear become disabling because that is what these savages want. we hope that instead you will channel dissent is iad induced something more positive, which is an awareness of your surroundings of the seeking of opportunities to help your fellow americans as we do to tremendous lines of people giving blood in her lando. a channel that anxiety into awareness, you can live your
12:35 pm
life and allow those of us pay to investigate.terrorist to do that work while you live a full life this great country offers you. if you see something, tell us that we can look at it. another one of our cases comes him but he always see something they should've told us and they didn't. i request you is please don't let them work into a state of anxiety. channel in that into healthy surroundings and renew your lives and we'll keep you in on what we learned from doing our work. thank you very much. >> that was fbi director james comey saying that there were strong radical indications that this terrorist attack. new york city police officer john pergola. i think a few things drop me particularly towards the end when james comey said they
12:36 pm
looked at the work and he was quite blunt, saying they took a hard look at it to see if there is anything you do differently. i don't know. the american public that the futile as to see something i'm missing something and then maybe do more with the termination. they have interviewed the guy more than once. >> absolutely. the fbi director on a radical savage must terrorist a killer. it is not about fame and glory. it is about radical lives on. see something come and save them in. they interviewed this guy twice in my enforcement of florida said point blank that if that is a radical. he sympathizes with the taliban. his parents are liars. they are somewhat contradict here in florida on the ground locally. charles: there is a q&a session going on off camera and we will get more details and someone will price james comey on this.
12:37 pm
highly respected obviously. you bring a person and a person in a person and you made these inflammatory comments. i think he got stuck a lot on the contradiction that mateen made. whether you got the names that terrorist organizations right. i think they use those as reason or rationale to his top looking into this guy. the average american doesn't care it more than likely someone who has been pathetic to that caused could get these organizations acted or confused. the idea he would make inflammatory comments to say he expressed a desire to martyr himself a new drop the investigation makes no sense to me. >> not only does that make sense, but the guy's dad was a radical and supports the taliban had formed a corporation of florida as a matter of public record. the provisional government of afghanistan corporation.
12:38 pm
there are glaring red flag saying this family as a terrorist family. a guy called 9-1-1 and that i am loyal to isis. it seems like the f. he had taken the attack of the obama administration and a flakiness to be anything other than what it is radical is on the terror. that is beholden to isis. maybe it would have been al qaeda. there is a virtual caliphate here in the u.s. than in europe it's every bit as badly as the physical caliphate in the middle east. until we wake up to that, we are in danger. charles: thank you very much. i want to go to michael, lisa booth. before we go, the new york city police department didn't amazing result because they use the term self adequate nation. the pre-radicalization, south identification indoctrination for me to -- when you read
12:39 pm
homecoming are born in america but someone harbors serious resentment towards america. uncle, mother, father. these people wake up overnight and had the allegiance to someone else. >> i don't know if it necessarily somebody, a parent or family member they can be any person that encounters this individual. it could be some thing motivated literally from within based on what they are watching our kids remain. i do think there is a step they are, but i don't want to focus a lot of attention on august happening with family members. charles: data so we have to focus on. donald trump: or surveillance of the mosque. we just heard james comey say the reason for the second interview is he and the seven
12:40 pm
times is that armor attended the same. this has more credibility to the notion that this is where people get radicalized and meet each other. maybe we need to be more vigilant. >> this is the common denominator. there is a radical or not. the front of the new year posted anything, an array. nobody blamed bowie when the world trade were taken down by airplanes. you shouldn't blame the gun manufacturer. we need to look at radical islam and stop it. let's just stop it. charles: if you're going to did that come you need an exhaustive or approach. there are way that these kids, young men and then to these young adult terrorists. >> we have to be honest about the threat we are facing. face a perverse ideology. we are fighting radical islamic
12:41 pm
extremism. james woolsey, former cia director under bill clinton had out i said if you can't name some and it's difficult to fight it. but the problem with the family of ahmed and his duration, hillary clinton as the next tension of it. a lot of americans sit at home and are tired of the dishonest deed.ehow the second amendment taking away the right to so many americans. this is the threat we are facing from radical islamic extremist in. charles: president obama said we need to eradicate leadership. we killed his am a bin laden without having to pay radical is on the voiceover finally uttered those words to heart feeling the political pressure >> a couple things. there was concern the airlines would he blame after 9/11. we do need to talk about that. that has to be a significant
12:42 pm
part of our conversation. i don't think there's many elected leaders that believed that can happen. it's about gun control, the fact you have a military weapon on the tree. charles: but leave it there. this is a lot to talk about. we want to talk about it more. stick around. we will also talk about encryption battle because we just learned the killer was radicalized through the internet as part of the big stat. a lot to talk about. we will be right back.
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>> stocks are asked to love. third day in a row down or denied points. 17,823. the s&p 500 downside and the nasdaq pulling back after the aftermath of the early end of massacre. some of the news we're following, and the big merger by $26.2 billion. microsoft: back 2%. linked in stock isn't doing much. we are seen jumping on the news 192 in change at this moment. some of the other social media sites such as twitter which is 1495. the other hand pulling back. we are seeing in the market
12:45 pm
today. those are some of the winners. ndaries for her. so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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charles: hillary clinton do to the orlando announcing beak in ohio at any moment. lisa booth basil michael and carl higbee back with us. hillary clinton has been on a lot of television today. talked about the no-fly zone extended to weapons purchases. the talking points if you will.
12:47 pm
she did talk about this saying that it needs the same thing. more or less saying it doesn't matter what a lot of people think that the majors that if you're going to combat it. >> to call out and say the words. i don't think she's not doing that, but i do think what she is saying is if you have -- charles: what president obama has done has failed to exert a degree. she made a majors that today and the direction of the american public. let's name the enemy. >> i think you need to name the enemy. if there is a line you cannot cross. if you are not going to trip you radicalism, why do we care. >> till and roofed a shot of a church. the >> one guy. there have been a lot of
12:48 pm
homegrown terrorist attacks that involve people who are not as some >> a lot of muslims are sitting at home who have fought side by side because they are americans. we all believe in shared an american they made the enemy because they don't identify with. they are not radical and they want to live their lives and have the american dream. they are frustrated as well. the also as i mentioned before, former cia director james woolsey served under bill clinton is that it's very difficult to fight something if we refuse to have this honest discussion that really needs to happen. charles: i want to let you know we do have james woolsey coming on the show in a little bit. can't wait to talk to him about that. here is that being basil. we look at the fight around the world, the destabilized part and
12:49 pm
the planet is the middle east that threatens the entire planet. people say why should we let america be combat? why should we allow our country to become what was he is a never-ending problem in the middle east. >> i don't disagree with that. i don't think we should. >> first of all, with respect to this particular situation, which talked about the assault weapons. look, the weapons should not be on this great. >> are you honestly saying that this alleged pin as a game plan to keep americans safe. >> have not had that. i think it's part of it. she will be vigilant about going after terrorists, homegrown or folks who come on our soil. in some cases she will be various dog i'm not.
12:50 pm
i don't see anything about her language that says she's not going to go after. charles: carl higbee, we had representatives deutsches earlier. why not take people on terrorist watch list do not allow them to buy guns. he also fueled assault weapons ban. this is where there is a lot of confusion. back then, and included weapons that have folding or telescopic stock, pistol grip and that ounce, grenade launchers and of course the debate now homicides of magazines. is there anywhere along the democratic line that they want to make a change that are reasonable? >> of the clinton monster so f-16s but doesn't restaurant for defense. what hypocrisy is that? you can't own any guns in france, but they were about to comment and no doubt what hundred people. the fact of the matter is you cannot legislate personal
12:51 pm
responsibility and tragedy is the price of liberty. we need to get the muslim community on board to draw the risk of radical and not radical. charles: with got to leave it there. it could be making a really big impact overseas. we will discuss that next. fears that britain may be on the verge of leaving the e.u. is rocking the stop market here and abroad. charlie gasparino next.
12:52 pm
you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
12:53 pm
>>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
12:54 pm
train to fears that britain may be on the verge of leaving e.u. the attacks on our land of make more nurse because it even more
12:55 pm
likely that u.k. will be leaving e.u. >> two annexes you have to look at in terms of gauging investor sentiment on whether there will be a gas vote to let rednecks that the e.u. one would be the "financial times" 100 down almost 1.5% today as we saw before. the other is the volatility index. the index of how crazy stocks are trading up and down. the fear index. if you are trading back and accept as well. the interesting thing when we are talking, covering next week, preparing for that i'm talking the traders for the last week. tell me when that is what head. they believe that the polls remained tied, which they have so far, meaning we don't know whether we remain for the period those sorted indexes particularly the volatility index would start trading around
12:56 pm
wednesday or thursday. we should point out volatility index traded dramatically this morning. charles: just to jump in here, the league has gained momentum and does have a slight lead over all over it. >> as terrorists a is being put in that context. every analyst, every trader or spoken to says it's going on in orlando is fueling fears overseas. we should point out that orlando is the u.s. a lot of people like to think there's two different equations going on. what is fueling the leave of the acts that is the fact that a lot of britons feel like their countries and taken away from them. mass immigration is leading to terrorism. all the stuff the scene has. >> also antiestablishment. what i find interesting is that
12:57 pm
their central bank has now set up the reemergence they planned. three emergency plans. that is scary thought. >> the full thing doesn't go into effect for a couple years. you're good at this stuff. the u.s. market trade said. if it does, the financial implications are a big question mark. there will be some. they barely survived the independent vote. eventually getting out of europe there is going to be a series of dom knows. growing isolationism in europe to donald trump gets both ways.
12:58 pm
near-term market selloff. they always do. charles: let's talk about the one bright spot good it is good for two reasons. it is good because there's money out there to buy social media stocks. the net positive for twitter. it is horrible. i will say this. this is where i shares of twitter last night i had. i will say this. a little too much optimism on twitter. it is a mini facebook msn that collects in mind data. i don't know if twitter is that the instigad. maybe they can be. if you are thinking of buying twitter, remember who get a copy of either no long-term. you have to believe management can collect in mind that a
12:59 pm
likely due at facebook. this is a huge deal. $26 billion. charles: and telling people it is all about the cloud. salesforce made a huge deal. these are juicy premium deals. >> remember why they are doing it. this is a country that data mines. facebook has created the model. copy facebook. is waiving the battle. by the way, no less than 10 downgrades this year. congratulations. thanks charlie. the fbi is highly confident the killer was radicalized. jeff flock happens to be in orlando. he's got the latest. reporter: a report that omar mateen not only consider this
1:00 pm
location behind me in orlando, but also walt disney world. officials had been combing electronic records, computer phones, et cetera none of the evidence he scouted walt disney world as well. in addition, mr. mateen made two trips overseas to saudi arabia in 2011, 2012. no word on exactly what he did there and who he saw there. those strips shortly before the fbi had contact with mateen and 23rd income of 2014 after reports he told coworkers to get contacts with terrorist. the fbi director recently talking with reporters about that in defending the fbi's handling of those brushes. >> we will work all day and all night to understand the path to that terrible night. we are also going to look hard at our own work to make sure there's something we should have done differently. the honest answer is i don't
1:01 pm
think so. i don't see anything reviewing our work that agent should've done differently. we will look at it in an open and honest way in the trans-parent about it. >> local law enforcement as well saying the same sort of thing that how they handled it waiting to go when my night. they think that was the best way to go in preserve our lives that way. one last note on the injured and the dead at the orlando medical manner. this report just in from them. 44 people treated there. nine of them died, all part of the 49th at the news of the shooting. fixed discharge, 26 degrees and five people remain in grave condition. they too are in danger of adding to the death toll. charles: thank you very much. director james woolsey. what exactly are they looking for. thank you rejoining the show. did you get a chance to see
1:02 pm
james comey's press conference? >> yes, i did. charles: what was your assessment he has the fbi looked at their own work and so far anything they could have or should have done differently? >> they're an investigative agency and they have a limited authority to keep crimes from occurring even if they're confident that they have somebody who is very important to that. they look into crimes that have been committed in a prosecution and sometimes what they do can help permit prevent crimes, but they can't just go out ap get suspicious of someone and arrest him. they'll be on the losing end of a habeas corpus petition if they do that. charles: what happens when the fbi is contacted two years in a row and told by someone who works with someone who exmade
1:03 pm
inflammatory comments and expressed about a martyr. if they're not the ones to flup. in other words if they thought that this guy was-- mateen was a threat a legitimate threat. what would the next move have been? >> well comey may like this i don't think they can do what they need to do with a relatively limited personnel that they have. i think if you really want in a circumstance like this someone pursued vigorously then i think the bureau needs to probably add more people than it has and very importantly, we need to make sure that our capabilities with respect to the social media and facebook, twitter and all that can be dealt with by pulling data together from the civilian
1:04 pm
world. consulting firms like others pull information together from a great deal of what is publicly available and that course of events if we can get the right firms working on something like that do with social media what our predecessors years ago did and during at the beginning of world war ii with detroit. detroit swifted gears and became a war waging machine very, very quickly. we are at war with isis and if we want to win it we really need to get american and european, our allies companies, too together with the governments in dealing with keeping track of what's going on. charles: sure, sure. >> and we're not close to that yet. our companies are considerably ahead of where the government is on this sort of thing, but
1:05 pm
they've got to be told by a president what president roosevelt said in 1941 to detroit, get bezidsbids-- get busy you've got a new mission. charles: so it's the public and these companies wherewithal. but the company was mobilized with a lot more recent attacks and the ball was dropped on the intelligence, intel level. >> i think the public-- >> we're remembering 9/11 one of the big take aways was the look of interagency communication and here we have again where all of these people were on a terror watch list and then somehow weren't on the list anymore. >> i think it's not right to say that the public was mobilized. i think what the public was was worried worried, but we did not have nearly the kind of direction in the last seven and a half years
1:06 pm
that our country had beginning december 7th, 1941. we went to-- went to war and we had to focus on what was really important and the leaders of that generation did. charles: there's no doubt, declaring war on them would help. again the i think the american public is going to want more answers from the fbi. we really appreciate you as usual coming on to helping to dissect this sir. thank you very much. >> glad to be with you, sir. charles: take a look at the dow. certainty, up and rallying back and pulled back and all things going on. what the fed is going to do where our markets are, are they overvalued and fed beginning a two-day meeting tomorrow. probably won't be a rate hike, but certainly they could give us a clue when that will come. dave, before the jobs report i thought the fed had done an
1:07 pm
amazing job getting wall street prepared for a rate hike perhaps as early as this month. they were able to trade higher with that in the back drop. what do the feds do. it's a unique situation to get wall street to accept the inevitability, but the notion that hey a hike is coming sooner rather than later. >> there are certainly a lot of conflicting things going on charles. it's a duck soup of kind of crazy mixed signals and i'm not sure where that leads other than the two great mandates for the fed are trying to keep employment stable and prices stable and it does make it-- it does make you wonder whether a third one should be trying to keep the-- trying to minimize market distortions and in so doing, i think once you've started sending signals, hey, this is where you're going. unless you see something that's truly that moves the needle in a big way, i have to think that
1:08 pm
they move in the that same direction. the rate climate that we've had the past several years has been a market disportion and i have to think they want to keep moving away from it. charles: again, this is a fed saying we've got to be data dependent and scored that more than once and it's tough to make a move no matter how much rates should be moved when the jobs report is only 38,000 really, 23,000 and 25,000 that we have to count civilian jobs. >> i agree with that. you know one idea that i've talked about before is that it seems to me that there is really no track record about how you move out of this kind of rate environment and so my-- the best analogy i can come up with, like it's driving on black ice. and you don't know exactly where the ice starts or stops, you don't know exactly how the car is going to beyond. about all i can do is look a little farther down the roadway and adjust your overall sort of piloting skills to the conditions and it seems to me
1:09 pm
that that data dependent doesn't mean i read the last report, swerve! i think it might mean that data dependent, if i can detect something bigger and underlying analytic, that i will think about slowly and cautiously pumping the breaks and the accelerator, not oh, my god, i'm going to change this radically this minute. charles: this whole communication fed with wall street is that overblown and pull it back a little bit? >> yeah i think it's overblown. i think that the idea that what moves the economy and that there's a-- that the genuine link anna nicole that used to be in the paul volcker waist, if -- days, if i do this i don't think it's the same way it used to be. charles: one final thought of the market. trading in a he think rah-- trading in a range. where do we make the big break?
1:10 pm
>> i don't know. i think you've got a whole lot of the political situation-- >> i'm sorry, let me cut you off. hillary clinton is going to speak here. great answers, got to get you back soon. >> thank you all. thank you. thank you. i am -- i'm absolutely -- i'm absolutely delighted to be back in cleveland and to be here at the industrial innovation center. i've had a chance to learn about the great work you do here. i especially want to applaud team wendy for everything you do to protect our troops first responders. and others from traumatic brain injury.
1:11 pm
it is so important that we continue to support those who protect us. [clapping] . >> thank you. thank you all. it is good to be back in cleveland i can tell you that. i want to thank your extraordinary senator sherrod brown for his leadership for that very kind and generous introduction. you are very fortunate to have him representing you.
1:12 pm
i want to thank your congresswoman who is indomitable and indefatiguable. she's for the people she represents. i want to acknowledge the mayor mayor jackson who was here and i particularly want to recognize the passing of george voinovich and he devoted his life to serving the people of ohio as mary of cleveland, as governor and senator and we send our prayers and sympathy to his family. i also want to thank dan moore, the owner and founder of this company and team wendy for his belief in cleveland, for his commitment to create jobs.
1:13 pm
i can't wait to work with him, to do more what he has accomplished here. you know originally i had intended to come to cleveland under very different circumstances. we are headed into a general election that could be the most consequential of our lifetime, but today is not a day for politics. on sunday americans woke up to a nightmare that's become mind-numbingly familiar another act of terrorism in a place no one expected. a madman filled with hate with guns in his hands, and just a horrible sense of vengeance and vindictiveness in his heart, apparently consumed by rage against lbgt americans and by extension the openness and
1:14 pm
diversity that defines our american way of life. we will learn more about the killer in the days to come. we know that he pledged allegiance to isis that they are now taking credit and that part of their strategy is to radicalize individuals and encourage attacks against the united states even if they are not coordinated with isis leadership. but there's a lot we still don't know including what other mix of motives drove him to kill. the more we learn about what happened, the better we'll be able to protect our people going forward. in the days ahead we will also learn more about the many lives he viciously cut short. many of them young people just starting out in their lives. they were travel agents and
1:15 pm
pharmacy techs, college students and amusement park workers sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and they have one thing in common they all have a lot more to give. we should take a moment today amid our busy lives to think about them to pray for everyone who was killed for the wounded, those who are fighting to regain their lives and futures, for our first responders who walked into danger one more time. as a mother i can't imagine what those families are going through. but let's also remember the other scenes we saw on sunday. we saw the faces of some of those first responders who rushed into danger and tried to save as many people as they could. we saw survivors who chris hanson who risked their lives
1:16 pm
to help others. people gathering outside hospitals to comfort anxious family members, waiting for news of their loved ones and waiting too, to learn more about what they could do to make sure this never happened again. religious leaders condemning hate and appealing for peace. people lining up to donate blood. americans refusing to be intimidated or divided. yesterday i called mayor dyer of orlando and offered my for leadership they've shown. this is a moment when all americans should stand together. no matter how many times we endure attacks like this the horror never fades. the murder of innocent people breaks our hearts.
1:17 pm
tears at our sense of security and makes us furious. now we have to steel our resolve to respond and that's what i want to talk to you about. how we respond. the orlando terrorist may be dead, but the virus that poisoned his mind remains very much alive and we must attack it with clear eyes steady hands, unwavering determination and pride in our country and our values. [applause] i have no doubt we can meet this challenge if we meet it together. whatever we learn about this killer, his motives in the days
1:18 pm
ahead we know already the barbarity that we face from radical jihadists is profound. in the middle east isis is attempting a genocide of religious and ethnic minorities. they're slaughtering muslims who refuse to accept their medieval ways. they are beheading people including lbgt people. and murdering americans and europeans enslaving and torturing and raping women and girls. in speeches like this one, after paris, brussels and san bernardino, i have laid out a plan to defeat isis and the other radical jihadist groups in the region and beyond. the attack in orlando makes it even more clear we cannot contain this threat we must defeat it and the good news is
1:19 pm
that the coalition effort in syria and iraq has made recent gains in the last months. so we should keep the pressure on ramping up the air campaign accelerating support for our friends fighting to take and hold ground and pushing our partners in the region to do even more. we also need continued american leadership to help resolve the political conflicts that fuel isis recruitment efforts. but as isis loses actual ground in iraq and syria, it will seek to stage more attacks and gain stronger footholds wherever it can from afghanistan to libya to europe. the threat is metastasizing. we saw this in paris and we saw this in brussels. we face a twisted ideology and
1:20 pm
poisoned psychology that inspires the so-called lone wolf. radicalized individuals who may or may not have contact and direction from any formal organization. so yes, efforts to defeat isis on the battlefield must succeed, but it will take more than that. [applause] [applause] >> we have to be just as adaptable and versatile as our enemies. as president, i will make identifying and stopping lone wolves a top priority. [applause] [applause] >> i will put a team together from across our government the entire government as well as
1:21 pm
the private sector and community to get on top of this urgent challenge and i will make sure our law enforcement and intelligence professionals have all the resources they need to get the job done. as we do this there are three areas that demand attention. first we and our allies must disband for those who have money and propaganda and fighters around the world. [applause] >> we have to flow-- we have to stem the flow of jihadists from europe and american to iraq syria afghanistan and then back again. the only way to do this is by working closely with our partners, strengthening our
1:22 pm
alliances, not weakening them or walking away from them. second here at home we must harden our own defenses. we have to do more to support our first responders law enforcement and intelligence officers who do incredible work every day at great personal risk to keep our country safe. [applause] i have seen firsthand how hard their job is and how well they do it. in orlando, at least one police officer was shot in the head. thankfully his life was saved by a kevlar helmet something folks here at team wendy know a lot about. [applause] it's often been said
1:23 pm
that our law enforcement, our intelligence agencies our first responders have to be right 100% of the time. the terrorists only have to be right once. what a heavy responsibility. these men and women deserve both our respect and gratitude and they deserve the right tools and resources and training. too often, state and local officials can't get access to intelligence from the federal government that would help them do their jobs. we need to change that. we also need to work -- [applause] [applause] >> we also need to work with local law enforcement and business owners on ways to protect vulnerable so-called soft targets, like nightclubs and shopping malls and hotels and movie theaters and schools and houses of worship.
1:24 pm
now i know a lot of americans are asking how it was possible that someone already on the fbi's radar could have still been able to commit an attack like the one in orlando and what more we can do to stop this kind of thing from happening again. well, we have to see what the investigation uncovers. if there are things that can and should be done to improve our ability to prevent we must do them. we already know we need more resources for this fight. the professionals say we need better intelligence to discover and disrupt terrorist plots before they can be carried out, that's why i proposed an intelligence surge to bolster our capability across the board with safeguards at home. even as we make sure our security officials get the tools they need to prevent
1:25 pm
attacks it's essential that we stop terrorists from getting the tools they need to carry out the attacks. [applause] it is especially true when it comes to assault weapons in orlando and san bernardino. [applause] now, i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. [applause] we may have our disagreements about gun safety regulations,
1:26 pm
but we should all be able to agree on a few essential things. if the fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you shouldn't be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked. [applause] and you shouldn't be able to exploit loopholes and evade criminal background checks by buying on-line or at a gun show show. [applause] and yes, if you're too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in america. [applause] . charles: hillary clinton in ohio rousing up the left base
1:27 pm
with a series of well assessment of what happened in orlando and then a series of potential solutions and, of course making news once again for the second time today, using the term radical islam. i want to go to former state department press officer morgan on this. obviously, she's made that move after what's happened with 50 people, 49 people being slaughtered by yet another islamic terrorist. she's made the move to uttering the term radical islamist and talked about lone wolves. but the attack line on the second amendment. >> i think it's good that secretary clinton called terrorism whatever it is. whether it's in iraq syria,
1:28 pm
paris the terrorists are able to get a hold of whatever weapons they need to commit the atrocities. what i'm looking for from hillary clinton and donald trump is not words it's really a plan of action. see as long as isis has territorial gains in syria and iraq, they have the propaganda machine to go forward and say, look, we're establishing the caliphate. you can't defeat that propaganda without defeating them in iraq and syria. so far, i don't think that any stepped up the plane. it's not a plan that defeats isis. charles: to your point, hillary clinton pointing out they want to take advantage of the recent gains with the administration and its allies and keep up the air campaign. they want to support the ground troops and push allies in the region for a greater thrust. is that the game plan for more american involvement, particularly on the ground? >> from what she is saying it sounds like as you said we'll
1:29 pm
continue to work with our allies in the region. unfortunately the obama administration alienated a lot of allies we need in the region. you're going to have someone come in whether it's her or a president trump that can establish a plan and they're going to need american people. the things that the allies in the middle east can defeat without american help is just improbable. it's not going to happen. charles: only 30 seconds, morgan. you say american help is that a euphemism for american troops side by side. 200 so-called advisors, but actual troops out there fighting? >> yes, if we want to defeat isis, you have to defeat them. you're not going to do it from the air. charles: morgan ortagus, thank you. and linkedin social media. we're going to discuss it.
1:30 pm
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philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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1:33 pm
>> . charles: apple's annual development conference providing upgrades to siri and software, but the stock is down right now. isis continues to use the internet as a recruiting and propaganda tool to congressman duffy the government should not be looking to give up control of the internet. just so the audience understands, the last part to glue, if you will of the internet, we'll see some sort of international panel of stake holders, a lot of people think
1:34 pm
it's a crazy idea particularly at this time. >> yeah so obama is heck bent on transferring the internet to a foreign body with people like china and russia iran kind of like a u.n. body. and in america, we have a certain view of freedom of speech that these other countries don't share and so if you transfer control of the internet, i think what has made the internet great, the good bad and ugly of the internet will be ceded to a foreign body. as we look toad with the attack over the weekend, in orlando. some say maybe there needs to be a limiting component to the internet to shut down some radical speech. my concern is you have this foreign body making those decisions yeah they might should down jihadist conversations, but might also shut down other offensive language, might be conservative or christian, or pro-life or lbgt, all language that they think is radical they would
1:35 pm
try to shut that down too. we walk a fine line here. and american has done a great job with freedom of speech on the internet and we shouldn't transfer that control. charles: i think all we have to do is look at the united nations to your point to understand that what is important to the united states is not always important to america, and also you know we haven't talked about the economic ramifications, the world goes-- the world economy travels through the internet. this, to me in my mind this is just a step one step below giving foreign control of our nuclear codes to a panel of foreign stake holders if you will. >> our markets work as we sat around little tables in the community square. our markets are now on-line from cities and countries all over the world doing business together. making sure the internet is free and open make sure that we have open commerce around the world and to shut this down by way of giving it to a third party group that doesn't share our values is very dangerous, so i've been pushing on
1:36 pm
on with it ted cruz for the last couple of years. obama doesn't share that viewpoint. he's doing everything he can to make sure this is transferred to a foreign body and it's a sad day for freedom and liberty and freedom of speech. charles: i wish you and senator cruz luck it's tight and close to your point because president obama i think this fits neatly with his one world view and i hope you're successful with all of this thank you very much sir. >> thanks a lot. charles: reports that disney world was among potential targets of the orlando killer psychotherapist on the economic fallout from this. golly you know we don't want to hear that. >> no. charles: but this guy was considering disney world, that he scoped it out. >> it's just so frightening and we can imagine, you know a lot of these soft marks that are very popular amongst tourists and people in general, americans are going to be looked at as targets among
1:37 pm
these lone wolves. and one of the things we know about terrorism is that it inspiert a lot of fear and-- >> that's the essence of -- inspiring a lot of peer and -- fear and essence and 9/11 cost billions of dollars economically, so there's a ripple effect in terms of how people interact with business in terms of making choices during their daily lives. charles: in orlando, the terrorist he referenced the boston massacre guys. i think he looked up to them. and you would think that any other potential lope wolves inspired by isis and want to up the ante. how do i beat 50 disney world, cruise ships, malls, there's no way to adequately with a
1:38 pm
handful of security guards keep any of them safe. are they potentially sitting ducks? >> yes, we're basically still a trusting and innocent countries and i've gone on trips, hey, i'm surprised there isn't better security checks in place. i'm surprised that people seem to be so trusting and i don't know that we can db -- be anymore. we need to take a page out of israel's book. charles: a person said that they took a ferry at disney and there was no security whatsoever. where is the line we've become so afraid and security conscious that the terrorists have won and spread terrorism to the point that it's changed our lives? >> listen i think we need to live our lives and enjoy ourselves, but we also as a country need to make sure that some of these soft marker spots whatever you want to call them. that there's better security in
1:39 pm
place so that we can live a safer life style moving into the future. sadly this is a part of our lives that is not going to change. charles: really appreciate it. a supreme court ruled on puerto rico and the future of its debts. we'll have the details in 90 seconds.
1:40 pm
>> i'm peter barnes in the white house, helping puerto rico out of its financial mess
1:41 pm
is now going to be pretty much up to congress. today the supreme court ruled puerto rico's legislature did not have the power to restructure its public utility debt in bankruptcy saying only congress has the power to allow that. the ruling was 5-2 with one of the justices recusing himself. now this puts pressure on the senate to pass debt restructuring legislation approved last week in the house by a large bipartisan majority. puerto rico has total debt. the white house has been pushing this and senate leaders say they'll take up the house legislation shortly.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
>> and the deal of the day, microsoft making its biggest ever deal linkedin for 26.2 billion dollars. deirdre and connell mcshane are here. >> i feel like microsoft buying linkedin is just trying to kill facebook's corporate ambitions before it can get off the ground. they launched conferences and
1:44 pm
business functions. facebook wants tore your home screen and basically the work screen and microsoft is saying not so fast. there were a couple of billion. >> i didn't know a lot of people with linkedin and make putting that knowledge and data to that use. it will be interesting to see what microsoft will do with that. with the business it's viable and fourth quarter earnings report coming out and terrible guidance and a light bulb may have gone off, make a takeover target isn't bad. it paying full prize, but a lot of analysts obviously it's not overpaying, but a 50% premium to the closing price so it's a good volume and if you're linkedin you're happy. charles: and sales force had paid a premium and anything successful with cloud roots, i think that's where your acquisitions are going to be. it's in the 60's and certainly
1:45 pm
in the low area. to your point, it's interesting because wall street, everyone had a downgrade on it and rbc put a buy last week and congratulations to them. it seems crazy, it was a viable entity and i think it was over oversold to begin. >> think about that if that's the case microsoft got a good deal here. >> and how much are your personal apps so much easier to use than anything you use at work? and i think all of these companies recognize that and they're all trying to become as user friendly so i feel like this is a step in that direction. >> what about the idea it's all about mining the data artificial intelligence and understanding what people are doing and what they want and maybe able to provide it for them before they think they want it. >> a little bit of that we'll talk about apple in a moment. a lot of what's going on there,
1:46 pm
too is artificial intelligence and trying to use siri in a new way and talk into our phones and do what we want to do. and maybe part of linkedin that's about the same american. apple is taking place right now. that they will bring apple pay to the web. they're getting pressure to be more innovative. this is a tim cook era that has a shadow over it. a lot of people saying it was steve jobs coat tails. >> right, he hasn't-- a physical hard drives to pay the premiums to stay in the upgrades and what you're hearing about is all about the software. this is going to work better. nl could, you mentioned siri. and they're doing these little
1:47 pm
tweaks and connell-- >> the operating system too, they made an announcement 1300 video channels and 6,000 apps on that and to your point, sling coming to apple tv. it's not the level of excitement. charles: exactly, wall street is sort of saying it's cute, but you know we didn't-- >> it's not revolutionary. charles: you can't be afforded the valuations in the past and i thought they were modest. you can't be afforded that for the most part you're not as innovative as you used to be. >> took a look in the nasdaq they're down 3 1/2%. you can see where apple is feeling the pressure and some investors when we talk about big name investors, carl icahn saying, now what? i'm going to close out. >> and the sos with the apple watch you press that and counts down and once it gets to
1:48 pm
zero it goes automatically to 911. things like that. charles: yeah it's cute-- as soon as it gets to zero you wake up and you're at home. beam hoe home. >> i agree. charles: it's not that level of excitement. it's -- they have had a cash hoard. they've got to use that cash and can't sit op that i think that's what icahn was talking about and talking about repatriation, but the one with the most cash on the balance sheet that may be by r & d. maybe making some acquisitions just as microsoft bought. >> i think that apple and in the next months making huge
1:49 pm
huge deals. say thank you to both of you. ohio courts are mourning the loss of george voinovich who passed away on sunday. he spent 12 years in the senate and two terms as governor and pulled cleveland out when he was mayor. george voinovich dead 79. we'll have more after this.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
about to deliver a speech. his foreign policy advisor walid phares what we can expect from the speech today. you were an initial member and are a member of donald trump's foreign policy team. we saw a series of tweets from donald trump over the last 24 hours. is he going to expand on that? what shall we expect when we hear from him today? >> well, we saw the tweets, everybody saw that, a discussion of the tweets on-line and among makers and now we're going to hear a prepared speech certainly talking how to identify the threat. he's going to be making sure there's a distinction between the way he does and the way mrs. clinton does. and he wants to talk about the necessity of ending isis. that's the point and obviously made the case that his agenda is a much better fit to end the job. charles: on the issue of identifying the threat, donald trump has called for a
1:54 pm
temporary ban on all muslims until we as a nation can figure it out. has there already been some movement in the organization toward the ultimate solution, for lack of a better word, determining ultimately who is okay to come into this country of the muslim faith and who is not? >> well we are not-- mr. trump appointed or tasked mayor guiliani looking at the extremism and other parts of the campaign, we cannot talk about at this point in time. this is a long process. at the same time he's leading the way to educate the public about the issue especially after the drama, the bloodshed we saw yesterday. ultimately it's going to be when he's the president with the agencies and resources in coordination with congress and reaching out as he said in his foreign policy speech with alice in the arab world and how do you do it and why have we
1:55 pm
not been able to do it in this administration. charles: hillary clinton speak and outlined continued success with recent gains over there, air bombing, supporting ground troops and getting our allies to help even more. how is that dissimilar from what we heard from donald trump. >> first the obama administration and proposition by a stretch of that administration's plan with mrs. clinton is tectonic. it's a very small move, series of moves versus mr. trump who looks to end isis and to do so he needs additional efforts on one hand, and allies on the ground not just within iraq and syria, including kurds, arabs, and sunni moderates. these coalitions who have been abandoned by the obama-clinton administration not just in the gulf, but jordan as well. >> it's been tough and we understand why our potential
1:56 pm
eye allies don't have trust in us, especially when mr. obama timed this, we need more troops on the ground, donald trump mentioned large numbers in the past. is he considering addressing this with major troop involvement? >> the one thing he's not going to do in difference with the obama and clinton administration, how many troops. every time obama would send hundreds of those troops, they would tell where we're going. we have done many wrong things partnering with the muslim brotherhood versus egypt. the iran deal versus the other countries. charles: we look forward to the speech and appreciate every time you come on. >> thank you, sir. charles: a quick check of the markets, the fed begins a meeting tomorrow and the markets down once again.
1:57 pm
they've been all over the place, a lot of anxiety and question marks and it's being reflected. we'll be right back. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name from godaddy and now they're selling like hot cakes...made of cheese. got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success? we know you can and we've got a domain for you. go you. godaddy. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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. trish: i'll be talking about all of the kay's events i want to at 6:00 p.m. eastern on making money. but first here's trish regan. she's going to take you through the next hour. trish: thank you so much charles. terror in orlando. >> oh, my god people are getting shot, dude. >> let's get out of here. >> oh, my god, dude. >> that guy's firing off shots shots. trish: fresh details about the deadliest islamic attack since 9/11 and the largest shooting in u.s. history. welcome to the intelligence report, everyone, i'm trish regan. hillary clinton just stopped speaking about the should the in chicago calling for gun control. >> it's acceptability that we stop terrorists getting the


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