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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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melissa and david. melissa: all right. stocks selling on into the close with the major averages ending in the red for the third straight session. i'm melissa francis. >> and i'm connell mcshane in for david asmand. we have you covered on the big movers of the market. but here's what we have for you this hour. new details in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the man responsible for the massacre investigated twice by the fbi. let's go live now to the senate floor as they get set to observe a moment of silence for the victims in orlando. at this hour in washington. >> hear our prayer, oh, lord. rouse your power and come. we stumble and fail without your beacon of peace to guide us.
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as darkness seeks the upper hand with the orlando massacre. shine your light of hope upon our land. despite the pain and horror of this tragedy. empower us to continue to trust in your infinite mercy. hear our prayers for those who died and for those who mourn. bring healing to those who were injured. lord, give our lawmakers the wisdom to understand better the causes of violence, which exist in our nation and world.
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use them to bring comfort, hope, and peace in the midst of insanity. help us to remember the warning of dr. martin luther king jr. when he said we must learn to learn together as brothers and sisters or we will die together as fools. we pray in your sovereign name. amen. [silence] >> please join me in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag. i pledge of allegiance to the flag of united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god with liberty and justice
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for all. melissa: all right. that was the senate floor as they remembethey were remembering the victims of the massacre. the dow dropping into the close. phil flynn the futures group is a fox business contributor. watching all the action in oil and gold, cme, the lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, what is behind today's selloff? >> here uncertainty. obviously we have a fed meeting on interest rates. the decision expected on wednesday and then the vote, the so-called vote will the uk leave the eu? a lot of jitters and nervousness and uncertainty about what comes after this market event. so we have a big swing tthe dow today closing down 132 points. that was up 27 points at its best level today. but as you know closing down triple digit levels. and, you know, we know that
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investors are nervous because we just have to take one look at the vix, the volatility index to measure how nervous or volatile investors are feeling. a big jump today. so now you have the vix index up six consecutive trading sessions. up 22.5%. and sadly we've seen this before. airline stocks getting hit the first trading day after a terrorist attack and that's certainly what happened today. american, ual, jetblue all down three 3 and 4%. back to you guys. >> lori, thank you. as lori is talking about these unsettling feelings we have, gold settling today a one-month high; right? what's driving gold? >> well, exactly what we just said. i mean it's fear, it's uncertainty, concerned. and also the somber mood of the market. you have an attack like that, one of the worst attacks in american soil, it doesn't bode
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well for confidence and we're seeing that in fear. look at oil today. oil also down but it did rebound from a report from opec today that they believe there's going to be a supply deficit for their oil by the end of this year. so that's a big change from opec. it brought the markets almost to close higher but they just couldn't get it done with the weakness in the stock market. >> phil, thanks. melissa: stocks finalling off as new fears about the world's economy. let's bring in today's panel, jason rot man from leo advisors, also jack howl from barons. thanks to both of you for joining us. jack, i had to laugh at the title in the wall street journal. the most pessimistic bull market in history. it's funny because it feels true. >> yeah. it's really a strange market right now. so the fed looks like it's not going to move on rates. had yay for stocks; right? but why not? because the economy seems -- the last jobs number was lousy.
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there's real doubt about the strength of this on going recovery. that's especially not good for stocks especially when you have evaluations that are well above average historic levels right now. melissa: jack, do you agree with that? i'm sorry, jason? >> you know what? here's kind of the counter point. i think that all it takes is a gangbusters jobs report next july. you know, three or four weeks from now, and you'll have all the headlines talking about the fed -- melissa: what makes you think we would have a gangbusters jobs report, though? >> who knows. melissa: we've seen the economy raise eight-tenths of a percent. there's nothing out there that would indicate that that would happen. >> you know, the housing numbers are still a bright spot. i think you can't really. corporate profits not so much. i think 38k may be an outlier, which is what everybody is hoping for. but, listen, these economic data fluctuate. wages are going up. we have a retail sales report this week. anything's possible and the fed could hike next month depending on the data. >> to the point of anything
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being possible. that's quite a deal we had today, which i think is a big business story of the day with microsoft -- with 26 billion-dollar buy of linkedin, 26.2 billion in cash and stocks today. we look at microsoft down a dollar 34 and linkedin surging today with the premium being paid. jack, why don't you take this one first. who gets what here and why does it make sense or not make sense? >> microsoft has loads of cash, already doing right by its shareholders, paying dividends, buying back stocks. it's going to have to do something with this cash that doesn't earn a return. it says the combining of the professional cloud with the professional network. >> right. >> i'm kind of scratching my head to figure out long-term what that means. but i suppose that you gain a lot of data from all of these people who have their professionals lives on linkedin and maybe that becomes valuable to users of office 365 and these other
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products. at least it's not a hardware company like nokia or something like that. at least it's kind of in the software/services kind of business. >> i wonder if it translates to other deals. that's what a lot of people are talking about if you look at twitter stock today. that's the reason twitter went up. the take over target in the same way or completely different story than what we saw here? >> completely different story. i mean, first of all, what is twitter actually have that anyone would want? i mean people don't have profiles, twitter doesn't have that much data on its users. it's really dead in the water honestly. linkedin is a completely different story. >> it does -- stuff like that that's twitter, you know? as opposed to linkedin. so i'm not sure that's -- >> correct. linkedin is on a completely different stratosphere than twitter. i think it's a good-bye for microsoft. i think it's aincredible good deal for linkedin obviously their stock is up 76%. the only reason why it's
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sliding today is the nasdaq has been lagging the whole broader markets for a week now. i think microsoft is a clear buy on the dip if it drops below 50, which it's close. melissa: siri, have my uber ready, apple will let siri connect with other apps in order to call an uber or check in on a flight for you. jack, how cool or creepy? >> it sounds cool. first of all, let's not bury the lead here. fox sports is coming to the apple tv. most important development of the day. but, yeah, -- melissa: nice. i like that. >> but this news was all about interconnectivity between apple engagements, some of the exciting, some not so much. but it allows them to stay in the ecosystem. melissa: it does. jason and i tell you i'm pretty committed myself after being someone who tried to resist apple for as long as i possibly could, the way it works together and so easily is pretty compelling. this is another step in them keeping that going, is it enough? >> it is. it is. i mean obviously time will
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tell as to -- you know, for example, the amazon echo i read has 1,000 third party developers already working their magic for that piece of hardware. this is a long-awaited move for apple to try their -- to evolve its from just a hardware company to now hardware and applications software. so this is good for apple stock. melissa: okay. i like it. thanks, guys. >> thank you, gentlemen. good start on the big business stories of the day. new details in the meantime emerging in the investigation of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. what we know about the shooter's influenzas. we will take you live in just moments to orlando. melissa: and could this tragedy have been prevented? lieutenant journal thomas and former fbi investigator bill daly takes us through what could have and should have been red flagged. >> plus we also heard today from the presidential candidates focusing on their attacks in their speeches. >> hillary clinton for months
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> look at that. they're shooting back and forth. look at this. >> the chilling scene and pictures out of orlando, florida this weekend after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people were killed by that shooter. the fbi confirming they had interviewed the gunman before and called police multiple times during the attack jeff flock has been covering it throughout the day from orlando. and joins us from that city now with the very latest. jeff. >> yes, connell, a lot of headlines here today. let's start with what we know about mr. mateen. omar mateen.
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here's your headlines. one, apparently scouted disney world here in orlando also was a possible target. took two trips to saudi arabia. comey on the fbi, the contact fbi had with him. apparently he told agents when they interviewed with him that he was just joking about being a terrorist or linked to terrorists because people had made fun of him at his workplace because he was muslim. as for the crime scene, we can report to you now that 44 people had been treated at garland orlando medical center. nine died, that makes 49 total dead. 26 injuries performed thus far and five people remain in grave condition in danger of adding to that death toll. more from jim comey now on how he thinks.
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he says no direct link between mr. mateen and overseas operatives or anything like that. even no links in this country. he explained to reporters how he thinks mateen was radicalized. >> again, it's early, we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources. but we're highly confident that this killer was radicalized in some part through the internet. >> connell, i would point out that the u.s. attorney for the central district of florida also says other people are being looked at. they're being invested at this point. they don't have a tie between them and this crime. but they do have ties between them and mr. mateen. so they are being investigated as we speak. >> jeff flock live in orlando for us. has more. melissa: those who raised red flags about unstable character or former coworker went so far as to quit the job because of his toxic environment.
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>> it was toxic. he started for lack of a better word started harassing me and targeting me, and i quit the job. melissa: if the warning signs weren't ignored, could this have been prevented? fox news military analyst also bill, former fbi investigator. general, let me start with you. you think that this could have been prevented if the fbi had followed up more closely; is that right? how so? >> well, i believe they could have. they had two times in which they had hearings with them, and they interrogated, et cetera. and here's the problem, melissa. they were on the right track. but because of the policies of this administration, to not call and identify the threat to what it is is radical islam. we are not digging deep enough to understand. and we're almost at 15 years
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since 9/11 and most of the leadership in the united states government has no clue on what radical islam is and what radicalizes them. so that's our problem. melissa: what would that mean in this particular case? if we were calling it that and digging it deeper, what would -- because they did interview him a number of times and interviewed his coworkers and how is using the title would it make that situation different? >> well, it would have put him in what i would call red flag territory. and then when he visits saudi arabia, that puts him in almost an area that you have to put surveillance on him. now, that would be very difficult. i would be the first to say. but there are a lot of them out there like that. and we're going to have more orlandos, more san bernardinos, more fort hoods, and we just continue to ignore the problem. melissa: and at a local level, people trying to figure out in what they could do and looking for different solutions.
4:19 pm
here's one thing said this morning on fox news channel. let's listen. >> i would present a strong suggestion to sever municipality in this country every institution over 10 or 12 people, i want someone with a gun in every location. melissa: what do you think of that? >> melissa, i certainly understand the reaction. certainly in cases that that would be wanted, i think to do that in every group of people larger than ten or 12 certainly doesn't make reasonable sense to me. i think needs to take this kind of in a balanced view. yes, it is tragic, and i would probably say on the heels of what was discussed all the people in the fbi. particularly those investigated in this incident are completely very upset by the fact that they were not able to stop them before committed the act. however, just adding onto that, you have to realize that when they interviewed him, they did have surveillance, they did do more thorough background check, and they did have him being
4:20 pm
ime. unfortunately, because of -- not, unfortunately, but it is the way that our laws are. unless you have probable cause to take it any further, unless there was an active plot involved, unless there was some other issue they could bring forward that would give them an opportunity to arrest him, hold him, or do something further is that their hands are tied. and also same way is that the fbi is not in a position of holding back on people's constitutional rights unless there's due process. melissa: general with a lot of people making that point it's hard unless they've broken the law and that seems to be the case here. >> that's a fair comment, melissa, but here's what we're missing. the fact is that 85% of islam is political. it is not religion. we are treating it like a religion. we need to really examine it. we need to ask them do you believe in sharia law. there are a number of questions we ought to be asking them, and must understand what we are asking.
4:21 pm
but we have not done that. we have not dug deep into what drives this ideology, and it is an ideology, not a religion. and 85% of it. but we're afraid to say that. we're too politically correct. melissa: dr. zuhdi jasser coming up later on the show to address that specific point. and we're going to pick up on that later. gentlemen, thank you to both of you. connell. >> one other note on all of this. for the first time in the united states, facebook turned on its safety check feature after the shootings in orlando. safety check is this feature they have on facebook that allows people in the area to use facebook to alert friends and family that they're safe. so they actually used that. first time in the u.s. they've done it. melissa: wow. isis praising a terrorist who murdered 49 people in cold blood on u.s. soil. next ambassador john bolton breaks down two critical conclusions from the deadly shooting in orlando. >> this isn't to be called a tragedy. this isn't an amtrak train being derailed.
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>> all right. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks in orlando. the white house says, though, this is an example of homegrown extremism. watch. >> we see no clear evidence that he was directed externally. it does appear that at the last minute he announced allegiance to isil. but there's no evidence so far that he was, in fact, >> the american enterprise institute, senior fellow. former u.s. ambassador to the un and also fox news contributor. i think, sir, the president is referring to something we did talk about.
4:26 pm
you mentioned these before our last break, this idea of a lone woeful is what he's referring to there is that there's nobody directing this person externally as the president put it. who do you work for from that? >> well, i think the president is continuing his effort to minimal mize the world wise threat describing someone is a homegrown terrorist or self radicalizing terrorist or lone wolf or many of the many descriptions we've heard. and there's some significance legally perhaps that someone was directed by isis that would entail a larger conspiracy. but in terms of the terror threat, it's much of the isis strategy >> why would he minimize it, though? >> to prick why would he >> i think that's exactly why. i think the president believes that the president overreacts the terrorists. we become part of the problem. that's what he means when he
4:27 pm
says don't do stupid stuff >> but when he talks about percentages and things like that, you're less likely to be attacked by -- as i as he said >> i think that's an element of it. that's right. so he's not saying terrorism is a good thing >> right. >> but ease saying it's part of life. i think most americans fundamentally reject that. when 49 innocent civilians are killed without any provocation or cause, americans expect the government to defend them. and the president has made a big mistake here politically, but i think he's made a broader mistake strategery by not understanding the ideological nature of the threat and not acting to stop it will go to has been not naming it also is something you and i have heard a lot of others talk about today >> i haven't. and let me be clear on this. i don't care whether he uses the -- >> islamic extremism >> he should because that would be accurate. but what is important is not the words but by what it signifies, which is the understanding there's an ideological basis for the threat >> and you're saying he's just not taking it seriously enough >> well, hillary clinton this
4:28 pm
morning uttered the magic words. do you think that means her attitude has changed? i think her policy is wed to obama's >> you and i can talk more about that in a little while. but you think she's more progressive? >> absolutely not. she was secretary of state for four years for barack obama. she wrote a 600-page memoir of her tenure as secretary of state, which i read, i don't encourage you to do it. but i have read it. and it's very hard to find the difference >> so the idea she's more hawkish is overblown. it's just true. the president talked today about this being -- talked about gun control, and he talked obviously about the threat of terrorism. he says it's a -- it should be both. it shouldn't be an either or. we should be talking about both of those issues. is that fair to some degree or do you think gun control >> no. did dzhokhar tsarnaev use guns at the boston marathon? slashed to death in the streets of london with knifes
4:29 pm
and actions >> complete distraction >> i think it's a secondary point. i think if you're an islam radical, in this case guns happen to be an effective way to do it. but there are other with a i see that many people in the nightclub could have been killed too >> all right, ambassador, always great to have pu melissa melissa: senator marco rubio contemplating for election because he says the orlando terror attack. take a listen. >> there are people who know this issue, you are one of them. and. >> yeah. well, as i said, my family and i will be praying about all of this, and we'll see what i need to do next in my life in regards how i can invest with her. melissa: oh, no. it wasn't a "yes" or flat out "no." the filing is friday. we'll be keeping an eye on that one. >> he's keeping an eye on it. the shooting in orlando, what
4:30 pm
role should congress play in the fight against terrorism? we're going to be talking coming up to congressman will herd from house homeland security and talk about the potential plans straight ahea a. melissa: plus donald trump and hillary clinton addressing the orlando tragedy on the campaign trail in the aftermath of the attack. which candidate do voters trust when it comes to our national security? >> we have to make it harder for people who should not have those weapons of war. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. >>
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>> as far as we can tell right now this is certainly an example of the kind of home-grown extremism all of us have been concerned about for a very long time. connell: more of president obama's response to the terror attack in orlando. peter barnes is live at the white house with the latest. reporter: the president was briefed by his fashion stall security team for the latest on the shootings in orlando. you heard one of the sound bites from him on that. he disclosed that the shooter had been expired by extremist information on the internet, had been radicalized by it.
4:35 pm
the two candidates who succeed him took a panel from donald trump's signature proposal. >> i called for a ban after san bernardino and was met by great scorn and anger. but many are saying that it was right to do so. it will be lifted this ban when and as a nation we are in a position to properly and perfect think screen these people coming into our country. >> inflammatory anti-muslim rhetoric and threatening to ban the families and friends of muslim americans as well as millions of muslim business people and tourists from entering our country hurts the vast majority of muslims who love freedom and hate terror. reporter: as for secretary clinton's proposals. she along with president obama
4:36 pm
repeated her call for more gun control. but she did throw out a new proposal which is to set up a national security team dedicated to going after lone wolves if she is elected to the white house. connell: thanks, peter. reporter: which candidate is best to come pat the threat of terrorism at home and abroad. tony, let me start with you. hillary clinton used the magic word, she said vad cal islam. she tried to sounds like she was going to be very tough. but she talked about setting up what could only be described as a bureaucracy, put together a group of people to go after this. did what she say sell? >> no. again she takes the same line
4:37 pm
that somehow this is something that gun control solves. her response to these things are largely ideological. donald trump, the reason the vast majority of americans agree with him is show they count on him more to protect us from terror appears to be more common sense. especially when you think of the refugee program coming from syria and iraq. but we can't even monitor the gentleman who perpetrated this crime who is an american citizen. how are we going to monitor this influx of tens of thousands of muslims who come to this country without being able to be tracked and verified. when you think about trump he talks in common sense terms. that's why it relates to hillary clinton still chose an ideological line. melissa: when they go back to back, their tone is different and their posture is different. who do you think is speaking to more people today right after
4:38 pm
some horrific tragedy like this? >> i think they both were trying to reach as many people as possible. hillary had a much more concrete plan. it sti let's ban folks from coming who are muslim and do a different screening process. we are still dealing with this issue of this man who was born there in the united states and it's one of the things, this is concrete and not just ideological in terms of it's an actual action that can be taken in terms of what hillary clinton proposed. after 9/11 the cia and f.b.i. said the agencies need to work together to share information, more overtwhribs an ideological war going on here. there are two things here that need to be attacked. melissa: it sounds like what jessica is saying hillary clinton will keep on saying what's going on.
4:39 pm
>> we'll fix failures in our bureaucracy. the f.b.i. had to admit they had this man detained, the same with the tsarnaev brothers. so now we'll add another bureaucratic level. >> if you talk to people -- >> you might have sources at the f.b.i. but all you need to know are the facted reported as if. this is a war that largely is being out overseas. if we beat them there they are not going to be able to inspire people here to hurt us. melissa: when you look at the things both candidates say. putting together the task force and banning muslims from coming into the country. in this case neither of those things would have helped. so how do you sort through that and couple with a solution in it sounds like none of those things work. the only thing that works is going in and wiping out isis.
4:40 pm
>> we had an argument back and forth that's been bipartisan where people are concerned about the sharing of information, freedom of movement and this idea we can't do a lot of research into people's movements. that was one of the reasons the f.b.i. had to let this guy go twice. but that's one of the things tying the hands of our law enforcement as they try to protect the citizenry. we have to have a more in-depth discussion with more bipartisan support. when do the flags go up for someone under surveillance is not -- tall of our law enforcement folks say they need moral resources to protect everyone. connell: a question over what role congress might play with orlando and should new gun
4:41 pm
control laws be considered. it can be discussed now with congressman from texas will hurtage. it happened before. we have become used to it happening and it happened again here in many cases. on the issue of tracking terrorists, is there more we can do from the idea of passing more laws that would give us more leeway or give the authorities more leeway in tracking terrorists? >> there is no one law that will fix all this. the reality is in congress, i sat on a task force that looked at form fighters going into iraq and syria to fight isis. we have looked at this issue since san bernardino. connell: what about in the case after person born in the united
4:42 pm
states who had been -- he was interviewed twice by the f.b.i. is there something else that we missed here? is in something -- once -- they don't have the authority to arrest the guy. he didn't commit a crime. is there anything else we have at our disposal? >> being interviewed by the f.b.i. is not a crime. the f.b.i. will be reviewing, were there questions they could have asked. information they could have gleaned that would have suggested his future activities in the orlando killer is under investigation for 10 months and they found no connection. he claimed allegiance to isis and hezbollah and al qaeda and the al-nusra front. these are all groups that are mortal enemies. he was inspired by islamic terrorism. that's why we have to be dealing with that ideology as well. more of the conversation that
4:43 pm
happened -- everybody retreats to their corners. tired talking points, 140 characters. connell: a quick comment on gun control. this any movement from a republican in congress that will say i'm going to support everything and be for everything you just talked about, but i'm willing to talk about a ban on assault rifles. >> i think it's a distraction from the larger issue. all the points being made by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would not have stopped san bernardino or orlando. we have to take the fight to the door steps of these terrorists and make sure we are counting this ideology as well. melissa: we have breaking news on gawker. the media site maybe getting a lifeline. plus hamilton is bringing a new
4:44 pm
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connell: gawker may be getting a lifeline. charlie: we gather 26 million in private equity funds -- i would say this. $26 million is good for gawker. but it's not a lot of money for the buyer. we should back up a minute and explain what happened. gawker was sued by hulk hogan. they lost the lawsuit because they showed pictures of hogan having sex with his wife. he claimed it was an invasion of privacy and they claimed it was
4:48 pm
something we all need to know what hulk hogan looked like without his clothes on. the jury award put them into bankruptcy. they put themselves up for sale. now she have scene extra chunk of imloin from s eribus. the former publishing firm bid $100 million for the company so it can stay afloat. peter thiel, the silicon valley billionaire funded hulk hogan. so you have got one side of the fence in silicon valley looking to take gawker out, because they did a lot of reporting and out his sexuality. and you have another piece of silicon valley saying there might be some value in this and they might actually win.
4:49 pm
i don't think this $26 million means gawker is out of the woods. as an iser, you have to be associated with an organization who thinks hulk who ganls member is news worthy. to be clear here. that is the story. connell: i know the story. melissa: donald trump tweeting he's revoking "the washington post"'s credentials to cover his campaign based on inaccurate coverage. he's telling "the washington post" to get lost. connell: the phoney fan inaccurate washington post. he has done this with other organizations. now i guess the "post" is on the outs. a trojan horse alarm. trump is renewing his warning about refugees and other
4:50 pm
immigrants coming into america.
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4:53 pm
melissa: muslims across the country denouncing the orlando shooting. they claim the short does not represent them. here to represent them founder and president of the muslim forum for american democracy. saying this is political islam and you have to separate it from the religion. >> by acknowledging that it's a
4:54 pm
form of islam then we all have a seat at the table. just as our country was found on the seat of christian theocracy, we can't dismiss it like most of the clerics we have seen. he said yes, everybody should report to the f.b.i. yes, he wants angry, you are not hearing a declaration of war. we need to declare war on isis and all forms of political islam that are political theocracies. we need to step up and defeat this ideology. it's the non-violent anti-semitism and misogyny and we are not hearing that come out of our community. melissa: why do you think that is? >> denial, fears, the countries all over the country that are
4:55 pm
muslim majorities that are run by dissidents. and our president in america adapts here because our government is afraid of these countries. they keep muslims like me in the prisons of saudi arabia. so when the president, if he were to name it radical islam, it would involve a huge shift in policy to where it would not longer be countering extremism. but the ideas of mateen long before he became violent would have been an appropriate focus of our security. melissa: do we need to wipe out isis at its source like donald trump has said? we heard governor rick scott say he can only do so much at a local level.
4:56 pm
ultimately the problem has to be wiped out at the source. he only has so much power. is that true? >> the whack a mole program has to continue. we can whack amole the organization. any militant group that sets up shop, we have a short-term solution to defeat them militarily. we could deneat isis in six months and in two months it will keep coming back. melissa: i hate to cut you off. we are up against a hard break. thank you. shane rrp searching for answers it with this situation continuing. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions,
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including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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melissa: the country is mourning and family members seeking
5:00 pm
answers in a desperate search to find their loved ones. former governor rick shot activating the florida disaster fund to serve survivors and their family. melissa: that does it for us. "risk and reward" is next. >> orlando command. we have shot fire. >> all you hear is gunshots. >> i can smell the ammo in the air. >> gunfire, gunfire. >> this shreveport a cover. all personnel. if i can see your face you are not in a position of cover. >> shooting, shooting, shooting. >> a shooter currently inside. >> think is


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