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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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down as people digested it, i would say, stay away from twitter. >> all right, last word, charlie gasparino. >> sorry. deirdre: thank you, sir.. thank you for joins us here on "risk & reward," "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: terrorist struck in orlando this weekend, leaving 49 victims dead at pulse nightclub, over 50 more injured. the shooter was a u.s.-born radical terrorist. pledging to isis. let's get to fox news' steve harrington in orlando with the latest. reporter: right now, forensic experts are at work in the nightclub, trying to piece together what happened sunday morning. putting together the sequence of shots fired more than 200
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rounds fired overall from terrorist, and police and s.w.a.t. teams inside. they are reconstructing the order of ivens there. and -- events, and law enforcement officials saying their main goal today, is to try to end the uncertainty for families who let them know whether or not their loved ones or dead or alive. based on statements made by the suspect, based on information we received from the suspect, and from hostages and people inside, we believe further loss of life was imminent. reporter: police chief, saying why they decided to breach at 5:00 in the morning, all bodies have been removed from inside of the pulse nightclub, they were taken out overnight, 4 at a time in vans to county medical examiner's office, all 49 victims have been identified.
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the next of kin of 48 of those 49, have been notified. almost completing the process, many was the victims in 20s and early 30s, when it comes to notifying next of kin a lot of these people have been mothers in past day alone more than 25 orlando mothers receiving final notification their son or daughter, was killed on sunday morning. charles. charles: thank you. investigation is underway now, to how and why omar mateen enters the pulse nightclub. we know that fbi had investigated mateen, he declared his allegiance to isis during a 911 call from the club, he made two trips to saudi arabia in twoam 2011 and 2012, fbi drak director comey said that mateen was radicalized on the internet.
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>> he claimed family connections to al qaeda, and said he was a member of hezbollah, which is a shia terrorist organization, that is a better enemy of so-called islamic state, isil. he said he hopes that law enforcement would raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself. charles: joining me now. sheriff paul babeu, and sheriff david clark. sheriff clark i start with you, you expressed outrage on twitter, perhaps something going on with national fbi and lack of support for local law enforcement effort, notion that person was interviewed, two secondive years and given sort of a pass bothers a lot of people. >> epic intelligence failure, they are allred flags, i could
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after 49 americans are slaughtered in the terrorist incident it is not unfair to behind ircritical of our -- hyper critical of our intelligence agency here in united states. in fairness to the fib fbi they are miscast, they are not a intelligence agency they are an investigating agency, they went into this thing looking for probable cause that is not what intelligence work, intelligence works on, identify threat, know if they are capabling and know if they are planning an attack, then notify someone well in advance . that is not what the fbi is doing through no fault of theirs, they have to do things that people are not comfortable work like surveilling mosques, that is not to indict all muslims, but you can't stick your head to the sand, out of political correctness they are going to
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happen, i think until we get, i have said it before, probably said on your program, until we get, a true intelligence structure, domestic, of united states, and we start prosecuting these things as acts of war not just criminal actions, we'll continue to see this stuff, i know you can't predict everything indent, and james comey and fairness to him, i admire that guy, but we're not asking him to find a needle in the pay stack, just fine the hehaystack and once that is identified, that is what omar mateen was, with that plec plethora of evidence then we look for the needle. charles: when james comey said, it suggested to me, in may interview, mateen made contradictary statements despite fact he admitted to the threat that he made, that he desire to be a martyr. they fell he was not serious in part because he was the not
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getting his terror organizations right in july 2014, even though he had sort of association -- still they went to same mosque not enough evidence, what does it take for fbi to red flag someone and follow it through. >> this is result of little bit ibly correct law enforcement policies handed down to federal agencies could like fbi and local law everyone force -- law enforcement. every officer have you, they could tell you one of the greatest asset a cop has is instinct, before ferguson before the policies came down, police officers on the street, fbi agents, any law enforcement officer his instinct kicks in that causes him to go thetic tra mile, but today if you go that extra mile you are called a profiler, you are taken to task by the government, you as a police officer run to plane problems they -- run to many problems, they have hindered the ability for police
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officers to do their job. charles: we do have watch lists and monitor people who go abroad in particularly for training. so you have a series of yellow or red flags, still this guy, slipped through the cracks? >> yes, look. , i understand that desire for people to blame somebody that makes it, the horrible nature of this attack. easier to process in a sense it has to be somebody's fault. you know, if we want that discussion, steve is right, talk about playing field that law enforcesome allowed to operate in, that is -- we have to understand, if you want bureau to get on this individual, do their interviews not have within the rules, probable cause to continue and go into from a preliminary to active investigation, then what do you think, we have to give them more leeway, you lose something on privacy and liberty side, this is a trade
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off. i am tired of people kicking the bureau in the back side, every time something like this happens, they are operating within the parameters set by congress, supposedly at the will of the people po to -- to protect privacy and civil liberties. charles: we'll take a hard look at our own work, so far, he said they don't think they would do anything differently that does bother american public, i know law enforcement goes beyond the call of duty, but really, maybe we watch to much tv it feels like this is someone who fell in lap, so did last 3 or 4 of terrorist monsters they were on various watch lists, what are these watch lists and why are they not followed up? > sheriff babeu.
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you can weigh in on that. >> i can tell you we're at war, and we're not acting like this. when come appedde commander in chief said no less than 22 times a graver national security threat than terrorism, is gl so when that threat posture, we take as a nation, looking at isis, and other terrorist organizations, and we have incident like this, local law enforcement guys that look like me and sheriff clark and women will be fighting terrorism here. that is not the pro forked pack we should -- pre preferred path we should be taking, we have should a robust effort not justin teligent but through the military to destroy isis, and destroy cells we know offer great threat and harm to the u.s., not send 50 soldier to
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syria then we really want to defeat them as obama said, and send 250 more, let's alike they are serious threats to our international security. and destroy them. >> charles the sheriff used a key word that president will not use, we're at war, this is not a criminal problem. this is a national security problem. when you are at war you use every tool available to, including, i know a lot of people get upset but includes nsa surveillance and data mining these are the thins that protect thi this nation, and intelligence sharing from top to bottom is important right down to the street cop. charles: sheriff clark. since 9/11 it has been see something, say something, we know that people are intimidated. often the criminal does not get arrested then they become target of retribution, how can we be encouraged to see
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something and say something if they fumble the ball? >> you can't, that is why citizens are afraid to come forward, i am being critical of fbi phoeb but i thin fbi, i think they are miscast. goal one to preempt an attack, to predict and let a policymaker know, here is the threat, he is capable or she is, or this organization circumstance they are planning an attack. wouldn'once this guy did what he dtravelled to saudi arabia. the. he owned firearms, time to move in take the firearms, you don't have to arrest him, you put it together, let him know you are on radar screen, once they are on that screen, they could never come off how anyone could say what he did was inconclusive, just blows me away. i go to an airport, they sit there at checkpoint, they are feeling me up, from head to foot, and they are searching through fi belongings to
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guetta i plane -- they are searching bu3 belongings just to get on a plane, this guy, spews jihadist rhetoric, and that is inconclusive, but in a airport, i am suspect from the moment i hit that checkpoint, this isas backwards. >> all right. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> you bet. charles: coming up, man with terrorist ties who was investigated by fbi, but still able to purchase guns legally, looking at second amendment talk about gun laws and florida in particular, stick around.
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>> homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time. also he was able to obtain the weapons legally, because he did not have a criminal record. charles: president obama, renewing his call for stricture gun laws in united states florida has no restrictions on design or magazine capacity of modern semiautomatic rifles but applicants must submit a background check. the shooter did pass a background check, the question i guess, what -- would the
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stricter gun laws have mattered. katie, you are in florida, i read, conceal and carry allows most people to wear firearms in most places. but guns are barred from school, college campus, courthouse, government building, establishment that several-- serve alcoa sho alcohol as main purpose. >> you hit it, all clubgoers, they could not bring a gun into the club to defend themselves, how much stricter are florida gun laws going to be, if you can be on a terror watch list and still walk into the center as omar mateen dthe back round checks are inadequate, considering that
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fbi interviewed hip twice -- him twice, and he was still able to get the guns. >> i agree with katie most aspects of what she said, except about ar-15 an assault rifle, i am tired of listen to people from president of united states, and hillary clinton, calling thear a the a --ar 15 an assault rifle, an assault is an action, not a object. let's be clear, the ar-15 is not any more dangerous than my 12-gauge shotgun. an assault weapon is a fully automatic battlefield rifle,
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what that shooter used was not automatic, he had to pull a trigger every time he shot. i understand to clarify that so average citizen understands. charles: opponents of these types of weapons say they are powerful. the kind of power they provide, why would the average citizen need that to even protect themselves. >> goodness, you know, the last time i checked it was still the bill of rights, not bill of needs, but with barack obama it could have changed. it is not a matter of need, we have a right to keep and bear arms, if you want a fully automatic weapon you have to get a class 3 license, that is a restrictive, expectative background check, by the time government issues you a class 3 they know every hair on your head, not many have that. but bottom line, bad guys who
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want to kill, will get what they want, irregardless of the law. more laws will not stop that guy. charles: i understand that, katie, what about notion of making guns easier for everyone to get, so, if people in that club had were able to protect themselves. highly doubtful there would be 49 people dead today. >> that is right. >> i am not one to describe hypothetical, at-this-point, could it have been better for them? i don't know, you have gun- free zoneses for a reason. there seems to be a disconnect with what the federal government becaus does and states are doing. they don't convey that information to state local authorities people like omar
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mateen, he had a class b security helps as well, not like he was a civilian on street, arming himself with an ar-15, and with respect to jan, he used to assault people, i understand maybe misnomer is wrong but that was a weapon used to kill, and as a security guard, you could have a control substance florida in problem and still be an armed security guard, you could be a fugitive from justice or not, and not get a concealed weapon. charles: all right, ladies, leave it there. you laid out best rationale where public should be armed. but let's leave it there thank you. >> thank you. charles: coming up, radical islam that killed 49 people this weekend, the same person pledges allegiance on isis, is the key to our safety to eliminate isis at its roots? do we go into places like
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charles: isis claiming responsibility for deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. is the best way to focus overseas or a law enforcement effort? senator brown, i'll start with you. a lot of debate this morning, over weekend renew focus on perhaps going out to the middle east and having a committed effort to destroy isis at its roots. >> i don't disagree with that. that is a great suggestion.
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but, the problem you need to have total cooperation with democrats, republicans and independence,. we're americans first, we have to actually solve it together. not as americans but with close allies, some of our arab partners as well. until we did that, and fully committed to identifying when the enemy is, providing law enforcement with ability to do their job, and intelligence gathering to find out who is doing what and why we'll be in trouble. charles: here is the thing, andrew, a lots of polls people want us to go out and eradicate isis, but you get to minutia. , would you do it, and millennials say no, you have a lot of people remember remembering vietnam, the caliphate aspect would be harder to argue if we anile lated them.
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>> yes, isis is a symbol, that is important, reason that no terrorist swears allegiance to al qaeda any more it has been comprehensively defeated in a couple of places. but, i will say, i think because the basic problem in syria because we didn't arm local proxies early in the syrian civil war, we are left with though ground troops who can fight isis. even though americans want to defeat it and put it to bed, there is really no call -- noitm for sending u.s. ground forces on iraq and syria. charles: yet, you know we know carl they, hunkered down there, we know their defacto headquarters is in syria, we know they use christians as targets or human shields, they will continue to operate almost, despite the bombings, until something is done to really force them out. >> step one, identify a leader
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that can lead us through this i believe that is donald trump, you hillary clinton is willing to provide f-16s to muslim brotherhood but does not trust her own citizens, that is problem number wok, problem two, they don't respect us or fear us, we have to give them such a devastating blow they don't want to comeback. charles: what would that look? 30,000 troops? is it similar to what coa -- colin powell, you go in crush enemy get out. >> we crush the enemy once before then they came back and filled power vacuum, we need to commit to long-term occupance to stabilize the region, that is just the way it, 250,000 troops at lyft, airstrikes massive give station, but also, socially, we have to get in the heads of muslim people here in america, 10% that are radicalize, 10% happy to live within our cust customs, 8 0% of people who
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will go either way, whatever is popular, that is the problem. care did come out and speak against this that is a start, we ned to get more of that. charles: a stip in right direction, we'll bring you back. want to focus on, political aspect, donald trump, hillary clinton weighing in giving detailed speeches today. we'll talk about what they had to say, and debate, which conditio candidate is best for our national security, stay tuned. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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>> i have said we face terrorist enemies to justify slaughters innocent people, we have to stop them, and we will. we have to defeat radical ge jihadist terrorism, and we will, they mean the same thing. that is not the point, all that talk about demagoguery, and rhetoric is not going to solve the problem. charles: that was hillary clinton finally names our enemy, radical islamic terrorism in wake of the attack in orlando, she was quick to politicize the attack on the issue of gun ownership.
6:34 pm
but donald trump has a different take. >> we have to make it harder for people who should not have those weapons of war, that may not stop every shooting or every terrorist attack, but it will stop some and it will save lives, it will protect our first responders. >> when it comes do radical islamic terrorism, ignorance is not bliss. it is deadly. total deadly. >> joining me now, david moore, and former senator scott brown, you have endorsed donald trump, have you spent more and more time with him, today after a speech, what were the thoughts? >> i spoke to him before and after, which i thought was rock solid, he identified enemy and laid out a detailed plan to provide resources for law enforcement and our intelligence community, i
6:35 pm
think hillary clinton has a real cred bill tie problem. -- credibility problem with her horrid record at state department with reset with russia, libya, not calling boca haram a terrorist group and on and on, he was clear and confident in his purpose, he felt badly about what happened over the weekend. many times referencing, you know, paraphrasing, i'm so upset, i can't believe this shaping. you know, we need to get control of this before it expands and happens on a more regular basis, privately that is what he said, i thought he did a wonderful job on the speech. charles: david on democratic side, i would -- people listening to hillary are excited about her, her speech, i thought was interesting, move away from president obama on senator brown's point, she is not move from her own record, but saying read khalis lamb is a -- radical eslamb is
6:36 pm
esislam is a step, it sounds different from hearing from president obama. >> i think she is trying to move on a stronger position then president obama, trump scores higher than she does on national security. she has to be strong, she had tough thins to say about saudi arabia, kuwait, qatar in terms of looking at those relationships, she has talked about putting spec ops in, and ratcheting up the effort, and smarter about fbi watch list. finally, finds right balance between security, and privacy, reaching to tech companies and social media for example, he is trying to be comprehensive and unifying at same time. charles: van, some said that in many respects, that throughout last few months, hillary clinton sounded more hawkish than donald trump, who there has haven't a c-change.
6:37 pm
where do we -- where do they differ in your mind? >> i think first of all, donald trump, look, i think as a conservative position to want to secure borders of america, keep this country safe, right now wire at war, we need a commander in chief to lead america in war, we see king abdullah, say this is a war. we need an american commander in cleave to get it, franklin roosevelt did not call it hate or german or japanese adwregz, h aggression, he calls it nazi fast is em-- fascism. they will do whatever means necessary to bring global
6:38 pm
jihad to america, we need a commander in chief to think outside of box. charles: sadly, muslim war has gone on since date of mohamed without a succession began, i don't know that we could expect it to end thank you, we were all fantastic. coming up, talk about market, we sold off big time to close, investor concerned about a lot, i will mark them off for you, tell you how concerned you should really be, we'll be right back. closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. "the girlie show" is a real fun lady show. (vo) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show. don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network.
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those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. charles: stocks down for a third straight session. the fear index is up, and bitcoin is soaring, what does that say about the western world. deirdre: we'll be right back.
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charles: we have big news for you after the close, server capital throwing company a $32 million lifeline, an odd fit for this conservative company. we'll keep an eye on that, today sessions all about fear index, it soared as investor dumped stocks and headed for sidelines. pros often see this as a contrarian indicator. with notion that crowd is wrong, and emotionally driven crowd is wrong. keep an eye on that, bitcoin. it came on rescue. market weakness, that started last week, it is happening in, you know we had heavy hearts today. the sell-off is an extension of anxiety that started to
6:43 pm
bloom last week. we're talking about avoiding disaster. maybe idea that this is end of the road for great economies from america to europe to japan. while the vix is nea near-term thing, the bitcoin move into possibly -- the geopolitical mi mix. maybe it is not end of the world, but you know what it could be a thread to pulls hope out of u.s. of europe, that submits -- meanwhile, there was good news. merger front, a monster deal, $26 billion, microsoft buying linked in. they all have big time premiums, ibm has a big one,
6:44 pm
and amazon and apple, a couple candidates for you, viva iraq space -- rackspace, i have 3 more names. free market commentary every day. coming up. mateen able too purchase guns. did the fbi drop the ball, we'll debate it next. ♪
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charles: fbi under pressure, after it of revealed that omar mateen was loo looked at twice. fbi director james comey had this to say today. >> our work is very challenging we're looking for needles in a nationwide haystack, we're called upon to figure out what pieces of hey may some -- hay may some day become needles that is very hard work, if we could find a way to do that better, we will. charles: you got an intriguing company.
6:49 pm
>> correct, networks. -- connects law enforcement agencies and officers to communicate with each other. charles: are law enforcement agencies buying into your system? can they use it? do officers use on their own? >> they use their current systems then our system as an add-on. to enable communication between 18,000 law enforcement agents in america. they can't share mission critical information, that information, known on one agency for example that is a bad guy or this person is known or suspected of narcotic traffics, drug smuggling, terrorist 269 tha activity, that is not known unless they are on a system like hop sing.
6:50 pm
>> steve, we talked, it is a tough one, we were revere law enforcement, yet american public is still shocked how this series of events report down, the -- went down, the fact he was interviewed a couple time, and called in 2:00, shots fire at 5:00. how understanding some public be, but how much improvement is there with respect to law enforce am. >> i believe this fbi director nailed it, saying there might be some room for improvement, that is needed in the information and intelligence sharing with a cop on the street. there is no greater defense against terrorism, than the guy, the cop, woman, who wears that blue uniform on the street. charles: is there resistance coming from somewhere? or just same bureaucracy? >> it has a lot to do with bureaucracy, but it also has a
6:51 pm
lot to do with rules and regulations that have come down from justice department, ferguson effect, it hindering the ability of police officers to remain proactive. god bless those men and women orlando police, but they are not going the extra mile like this the past, because they will be taken to task. charles: quickly, are you finding resistance, your stock had a huge pop, it came back down, this a small company. is there resistance from the pure creases -- bureaucracies and updating systems with your product? >> we found is that law enforcement agents are desperate for these 21st century technologies, to enable them to communicate between and among themselves, it a matter of finding the decision makers to make the decision then find the funding.
6:52 pm
charles: what a lifesaver that could be. >> i heard a familiar voice, tell bo dietl we said hi. see you later. >> bo said hello as well, he is in dallas, talking about the cops and system network here. >> all right. we'll talk to him in new york thank you, steve great stuff. charles: coming up, candidates have weighed in on orlando terror attack. but who has best plan for our national security? we will bring it up again. this is it this is a life or death election, issue. we'll want to continue to drill down on it we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> charles: the massacre that killed 49 people at an orlando
6:56 pm
nightclub has opened a conversation on terror. joining me now, carl hug by, and david o'connell. david, you said maybe of the some comments hillary clinton made were politically motivated. i think a lot of people are wondering where her heart is. does she believe this is radical islam or do polls say she should say this. >> i think her heart is where this tragedy as taken a lot of us. and what can she do as the next president of the united states to fix it. she was agreeing with peter king this morning, look at a special category for the f.b.i., rethink some of our alliances. get stronger in terms of spec-ops.
6:57 pm
you have got dramatic different approaches between donald trump and hillary clinton. charles: it always comes down to the economy, but this is a unique election where the frequency of these terror attacks and increasing body count. how much of a an impact with ths issue be? >> i don't know what could be more important than the economy. but it will test both candidates. they will go after the guns and dance around islamic radical derek rifle. kudos to trump for standing up for the lgbt community. this could pay dividend for the republican party down the line. charles: some of the evangelicals, i'm not sure how they felt about that, but i don't want to detract from that. carl, you are a donald trump supporter.
6:58 pm
i think hillary clinton made strategic moves when she said it's not good enough just to contain radical jihad. she said she wanted to stem the flow and some of the other things like continuously focusing on lone wolves or gun control. >> this is a woman who wants to blame it inanimate object, not the ideology that took the inanimate object and used it against fellow citizens. >> americans are scared. and what they want is strong action-driven solutions. trump may not be as polished as clinton. but what he's saying is clearly coming from the heart. you look at the latest quinnipiac poll. he's up plus over clinton. this is something where he has a real opening after two weeks of poor press. >> i agree.
6:59 pm
he has had the worst 9 days of any political candidate before this tragedy. we have nightmares when we have these kinds of nine days. charles: and we are in a brand-new news cycle that does naturally favor donald trump. >> that's correct. but donald trump until recently supported a ban assault weapons. in the near term i think this probably helps trump. we'll see if it helps him in the long term. charles: the three hardest thing to do in a lifetime is get engaged, buy a new house and start a new job.
7:00 pm
carl hug by did all three. carl, congratulations, buddy. if you ever feel like you can't get something done. he got engaged, bought a house and start sad brand-new house on the same day. keep it right here, the man himself, lou dobbs is next. fox business. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. people in orlando, the nation, the world tonight mourning 49 people slaughtered in a radical islamist terror attack on a gay nightclub. the deadliest mass shooting in american history. authorities digging into the background of 29-year-old omar mateen. he was previously investigated by the f.b.i. for his remarks about support of mayor rifle. he was armed with an ar-15


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