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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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limited staff with one body scanner for a regular line. >> this is huge precedent, the changing the tickle change cost the flight and whatever else he incurred, and his legal fees, i hope he wins. >> "risk & reward" starts now. >> i had a panic attack. >> started shooting and shooting and shooting getting closer and closer. >> the music was going then it stopped, all you could hear was sprays of bullets over and over. >> he laughed when he was shooting. >> we had bodies piled up on top of each other, i have never seen anything like this in my career. >> this killer was radicalized, and at least in some part through the internet. >> the orlando terrorist may
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be dead, but the virus that poisoned his mind remains very much alive. >> a radical islamic terrorist, targeted, gay and lesbian citizens, because of their sexual orient tration, this is the strike of the heart and soul of who we are as a nation. deirdre: days after the largest mass shooting in american history, president obama called attention to donald trump's views, and president also refuses to call the attack islamist terrorism. i am deirdre bolton, you are looking at a shot outside of the shooter's father's home, we're monitoring that for you, we'll bring you back there. today, president obama made numerous comments on the
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orlando attack, he said ter terminology is a political distraction. >> there is no magic to the phrase radical islam. it is a political talking point. not a strategy. reason i am careful about how i describe this threat, has nothing to do with political correctness. and everything to do with actually defeating extremism. deirdre: american islamic forum for democracy president, dr. jasr with me now, do you consider terminology, a political distraction? >> setting aside president obama's patronizing reference to our importance of the terminology, it would change his policies, he wants to adhere po to policy, he thinks
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we're idiots and he we will not pay attention to it. then follow a shift in when homeland security would pay attention to then it would be relevant, if you call can countering violence islammism versus extremism then we could hold homeland security accountable to the father's idea of supporting the 258 25 taliban. than violent anti-semitism, and these get into play when you call the terminology what, and use that terminology, he wants to avoid it, and enact blahs emmy -- blasphemy laws in america. deirdre: if we give the president the benefit of the doubt, is his idea, do you think, he does not want to
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alienate 99% of muslims in this country who are not violent. >> unfortunately, he does not want to al ale -- alienate that part. that believes islam should be part of the government. he is not having us have a seat at the table, that would give us a seat, why do they have an imam next to the fbi when this comes out two hours after the event if islam has nothing to do with it, it is amazing, secretary clinton said the same thing, on one hand she said there is a virus that is infectioning them, on other hand they call them lone wolves and terminology does not matter, if it does not matter, what is that virus? if they are not lone wolves? what is the virus. >> there is a lot of confusion and cloudiness, you say, just
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be honest, call it as we see it then we can move forward. so, if you were speaking with the president, what would you tell him right now. >> i would say that if you don't want to treat muslims with a low expectations of bigotry. be real with us, acknowledge that there are parts of the faith that are come potable with -- compatible with america, but we need to take sides within the house of islam, you can't lump all of islam all good or all bad, if we are going to defeat these ideas issue they don't just get radica radicalized on the internet, there are precursors if we address those precursors give us tough love, engage the reformers, none of the reformists, in our muslim reform of moment have seats at table at white house issue state department or department of defense, none of them, they are ignoring it, as long as they call is counter and
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violence extremism we will not have a seat it is somehow like the movie minority report, the government is supposed to know when they stick a gun in their hand, then they be equipment lethal. >> i love that expression, bigotry of low expectations, there are many forms of becoming radicalized it now seems as if the orlando terrorist's wife may have been involved and did not alert authorities, do you see connects that we should take away from that law enforce could should take away from, between san bernardino murders and orlando murders? >> the connecteds are the community conspiracy that happens, with some families it is unusual for the spouses not to know that something is arrive it is very -- awry, it is unusual for not to have years of indoctrination.
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and san bernardino they were indoctrinated. many of us can tell you, that the sell -- sell -- jihadis they may not be preaching terrorism but they are not american patriots and they are part of anin an insurgentsy mentality. >> thank you so much. american islamic forum for democracy, he is with the president there. >> president obama made a reference to donald trump, and donald trump's idea of a temporary ban for non-u.s. muslims. >> we now have proposal from presumptive republican gnome
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nominee for -- nominee for united states to bar all muslims from immigrates to america. we hear language that singles out immigrants and suggestions entire relin religious community are complacent in violence, where does this stop. deirdre: trump campaign national co-chair chief policy advisor, sam clovis is with me now, thank you for joining me. do you see president obama using a domestic crisis, as a kind of campaign opportunity? >> absolutely, and other thing, really striking about the clip, he did not get did right, he cannot present the facts as we would present them, and certainly all wire asking for is an -- all we're asking for is an improvement in the vetting process, to
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know who is coming in, why are they coming in, do they have the ability to support themselves when they get in the country. and get our allies involved as part number in this practice, prospecting united states -- protecting the united states and our allies and protecting all people who come to the country with good intentions this is not about anything other than making sure that we know who is coming and why they are coming. deirdre: sam, we spoke yesterday with some gusts about -- guests about burden that law enforcement has to find pro verbal needle in a haystack, we have seen this in europe, where germany accepts thousands of refugees, and on new year's eve there were thousands -- hundreds of assaults on women in cologne. that was regrettable on all accounts. >> are we going to start
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treating all muslim-americans differently? subjecting them to special surveillance, and discriminate against them because of their faith. we have heard these suggestions, do republicans officials agree with this. >> that is not the america that we want. deirdre: sam, is this a president trying too put in let's call it a counter unity move within the g.o.p. >> i think at lyft least, that i would go further, his rhetoric is heated and divisive, and it since credibly ill informed because he cannot seem to find the truth. and if he would present the truth, i think that pea people wound find what people are proposing we want to make sure if there is cause, we surveil, this is what we're ball of the fisa rules are in place for this.
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if you communicate with particular organizations or countries or visit search places, rules and laws already exist for this, it is already going on. against a lot of people in this country, that most people have no idea they are probably under surveillance. because the rules, they do already exist, we're not asking for anything but to enforce the laws as they exist. deirdre: keep everything safe even eventually once people have been screened properly, people who want to come here for right reasons. >> you bet. deirdre: sam clovis thank you. >> thank you -- teodor garci -- we appreciate it. deirdre: we want to show you, there may be a press conference starting soon this is the terrorist's father's home. he is expected to speak with some members of the press. that is in florida, we will bring you back there, if at
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any time, there is a conversation starts or comments starting. >> we want to told you how the market closed, lower after a choppy session in trading, financials biggest drag tomorrow, on calendar tomorrow's federate decision, and the build up to u.k.'s vote on whether or not to leave the e.u. term i is -- not islamic terrorism is not part of president obama's vok -- vocabulary. >> i think they mean the same thing, i am happy to say either. >> she said, she would say the words but she did not say the word, second of all, radical islamic terrorism.
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deirdre: hillary clinton has changed her stance on using the term radical islam, at one point she mirrored president obama, in refusing to use the term. >> what is the problem with radical islam. >> that sounds like we're declaring war against a rel religion, that to me is wrong. you know enough about religion, there are radicals. deirdre: hillary clinton changed her word choice yesterday. >> to me, radical jihaddism, and radical islammism i think they mean the same thing, i am happy to say either, that is not the point, it matters what we do not what we say. it matters that we got bin laden not what name we called
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him. deirdre: joining me fox news strategist colonel ralph peters, what is your take on hillary clinton's take in language. >> she is not going to be really against radical islam on a daily basis. her last name is clinton, she will say anything that is politicallyiic economy pedient -- expedient. it just a sad thing, the president's self righteous rant today, basically saying, as hillary did, what does it matter? it matters greatly to use the correct terminology, in obama's case, he won't say radical islam ethat is the tip of the ice burg, it is symbolic of the deeper problem, his administration has forbidden our federal law enforcement to use any term
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like radical islam, or to talk about islamist terror or use terms like jihad. that is sensorship, of our law enforcement officials in pursuit of their duties, it gets worse because we -- the pentagon cannot give honest classes about the history of jihad oris lamb -- >> any time you are sensors there is a problem. especially if you live in a country which supposedly embraces free speech. >> free speech only works for the left, when it is their free speech this matters so very much, we have tried, even bush administration, handled this join jeerly, they did -- gingerly, for 15 years, we tried to speak delicately, and talk around the problem. and worry about people's sensitivities, where has it gotten us?
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radical islam has spread like a plague. our enemies mock us, they are not impressed. deirdre: they don't care. >> we're it is a bigotry of language. deirdre: i love that, bigotry of low expectations, the shadow talking just makes it harder for people to come together and perhaps find a solution. >> the american left applies that bigotry of law expectations to all minority groups, especially, muslims, american muslims on average are better educated they are pediatricians, they are physicists, they are. -- they have to make a choice. if either the u.s. constitution or sharia law,
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they are not compatible, there is no middle ground, you choose america or you choose islamist extremism, there is no middle ground. deirdre: investigators are looking into motivations and connection of orlando killer. fbi take has the shooter's phones and details. looking at some selfies that terrorist posted on social media it appears he had a android smartphone, we reached out to google, they had no comment at the time, but the government fought apple to get san bernardino a iphone' unlocked is a fight on the way between the government law enforcement and google? well, congress needs to move on this. we need a law that states clearly, that american base companies, tech companies that do business with america, must
5:21 pm
make codes and keys available to law enforcement in felony cases, this is open and shut. these tech companies, they love the protection of american law, they want the safety of operating from america. they need to be patriotic, they are not citizens offed world. they are citizens of the united states, and they need to do their duties, that help protect other american citizens. deirdre: i hear when you are saying if congress who put in a law thin not every single business having to somehow fight even if it is not always admirable but his or own business interest, this is the law, you have to follow it. and then it removes from burd friend the ceos? >> -- burden from the ceos? ? right, they are making decisions based to trying to protect market share, tim cook was trying to protect apple's market share, he did not care what kind of finds he --
5:22 pm
people he was selling products to he just wanted t push products, i would say selling encryptive communication to cartel leaders, thugs, murderers that is not who we are either. deirdre: thank you, retired lute colonel ralph peters. he is strategist analyst with fox news. >> wees to be continue to show you what is happening outside of terrorist father's home, he, the father, is expected to have a press conference, at any moment, we'll get you back there as soon as it starts. >> in the meantime, oil down for fourth day, $48 a barrel, touching a two week low earlier, as for the affect on you, your wallet at pump, average gas price rose, $2 .37 a gallon.
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>> an walking doubt -- chair asked to house now observe a moment of violence in memory was the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. deirdre: 3 democrats actually walked out of the chamber, they wanted to make a statement on gun control. you can see them on the screen. former senator, and trump supporter scott brown is with me next. it's more than a network. it's how you stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink.
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deirdre: strong statement on capitol hill, 3 democrat use a moment of silent for orlando victims as a kind of a protest. >> chair asked that house now observe a moment of silence in memory was the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. >> 3 democrats walked out of
5:27 pm
the chamber, you will see them spot lit on the screen. speaker ryan got shouts from the floor, as he tried to get back to business. >> order. deirdre: disrupters were yelling where is the bill? a reference to legislation that calls for tighter gun regulation, a testy exchange betweens speaker, and act-- democratic leader jim. >> i am concerned we just today have a moment of silence, and later this week, the 17th. -- >> is the -- >> yes. , mr. speaker, i am interested about 3 pieces of legislation that have been filed -- >> bill is amended, members record their vote by
5:28 pm
electronic device, this is a 5 minute vote. >> former senator scott brown, endorsing donald trump, he is with me now, anyone can make a point. right? but is this the right way to protestor call for legislation? >> unfortunately this is why people throughout this nation are disgusted with what is happening in washington, they can't even get together to honor those who have been slain, this is unbelievable. deirdre: i have to say that was in poor taste. >> inappropriate. to take and use that to try to get a piece of legislation or make a point on a piece of legislation, this just shows, i think that american people how out of touch the democratic party with it comes to gun control, this is not about gun control, this is about radical jihadist terrorist, and use a caliphate, and affect this
5:29 pm
country and change our way of life. what is the common theme? last night in paris, it was a knife it has been a sword, box cutters, bombs, guns. deirdre: there is a pattern. >> the pattern is radical jihadism, you know, islam, that is the pattern, you have a radical islam, a religion that is being perverted by a select group of people, and using it to change the way of life for us and others, we have to figure that out, i thought that what president did and what hillary is doing does not help, it exacerbates the problem. deirdre: it is. we were talking about a bigotry of low expectations, i think he said. but on your point about the pattern, florida governor rick scott expressing concern, he said that president is not giving the state of florida information on the planned 10,000 syrian refugees.
5:30 pm
>> hasthe president spoken to you yet. >> no, he has not called. after the paris attack, i was on a call with white house, i said will you share vetting information from anyone that comes in, you send to my state, they said no. >> you tell me that syrian refugees. >> yes, white house said they will not share that information with florida law enforce. they said that -- those people have privacy rights. what about our security rights, if you live in my state, i am responsible, i am fed up with the fact we're not destroys isis, we're not vetting these people, we're not taking care of our own citizens. deirdre: that is clear, i am fed up. and we're not taking care of our own citizens. >> the american people are fed up, that is why people gravitate toward donald trump
5:31 pm
with issues on border security, and stopping temporarily immigration until they figure it out. when fbi director says, we don't know how to vet them, what do the white house and president say? we can't tell you anything, too bad. this is on the president's watch, what happened in california, and florida, this is on his watch, if it gets worse, there will be more and more you know what to pay, and american citizens will be victimized. we need to stop it we need leadership ewe're not getting it. deirdre: former senator scott brown thank you as always. >> thank you. deirdre: president obama heard his comments earlier. more on the war of words. we're back in a moment. you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies,
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. >> confused, abusive, mentally ill man. >> the 29-year-old suspect. >> the violent and erratic suspect. >> the orlando gunman. deirdre: the mainstream media lacking clarity of language. abc's good morning america, one reporter refer to isis as
5:36 pm
extremist islamic group but not the terrorist itself. direct offer media analysis kim graham is with me now. tim, i know that you monitor the coverage as much as we do, what are your thoughts? >> well, you've come out of a horrible event like this and they talk about one side goes to talking about radical islam and the other side talking about gun control. guess which side the so-called objective media goes to? they run into the gun control stuff and try not to say anything about radical islam, just like the president, just like hillary clinton, even the late-night comedians like conan o'brien say almost exactly the same thing word for word about assault weapons that hillary clinton does. so, yeah, we have a news media that can't seem to identify the idea that the shooter in this case openly allied himself with isis. well, it's not particularly newsworthy, apparently. deirdre: so do you think
5:37 pm
there's this kind of messaging, even comedians, just kind of fall in line with the current administration. >> yeah, and the interesting thing about this, and i guess if there is comfort in this when we get presented with this, where the morning anchors are saying what will it take to move the needle on gun control? gayle king this morning on cbs. all of their advocacy, all of the liberal by aall of the pushing for gun control never works, it didn't work after sandy hook, it's not going to work after orlando, and it actually, i think, makes their liberal bias a little more intense. it's the frustration that all of their advocacy just doesn't seem to break through. deirdre: tim, on the scene, "new york daily news," this is the cover, we're going to put it up on the screen, there's a headline reading thanks nra because of your continued opposition to assault rifle ban terrorists like this lunatic
5:38 pm
can legally buy a killing machine and perpetrate the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. so tabloidesque, but backs up everything you are saying. >> it's everything we've discussed before about the utter, irresponsible behavior of the "new york daily news" that after a terror attack they blame the nra, you can just as easily say here's another homegrown terrorist that wasn't stopped by the obama administration. deirdre: right. >> they're not going to do a headline that says thanks obama! and it would be as responsible as this one. but this is what they do. they openly try to suggest that somehow the nation's oldest civil rights organization is akin to a terrorist group. deirdre: tim, thank you very much for bringing us a much-needed conversation. tim graham with me there, he is the director of media analysis. a terrorist kills a cop in france and his wife as well
5:39 pm
while live streaming it on facebook. my next guest says facebook's co-founder and ceo mark zuckerberg is doing more to block conservative posts such as hers than curbing terrorist activity. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others, instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges.
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
. deirdre: a gruesome attack on a police officer in france last night near paris. a 25-year-old french moroccan pledged allegiance to isis, kidnapped the police officer, brutally stabbed and killed him, actually in his own home streaming it live on facebook, then the killer took the officer's partner, their three-year-old boy hostage. police raided the home, the woman dead, the boy physically
5:43 pm
unharmed but reports are the attacker was contemplating killing him, too. french police killed the attacker, detained three other people in connection with the horrific attack. my next guest with me now wondering why facebook wasn't able to block this video from streaming, but did block some of her entries when she posted on sweden's migrant rape epidemic. ingrid is with me now. ingrid, welcome back. we're glad to have you. you make a very clear point, how is it that you are being sanctioned for voicing concerns as a citizen, as you have a right, but yet somebody can murder somebody on a live stream. >> i really wonder why mark zuckerberg and angela merkel fighting to stop free steven on youtube and all over, why are they attacking us warning about the murders and the ideology that they follow. why are they trying to stop us?
5:44 pm
they should give us a medal for doing this, for trying to wake the world up to this! >> now, the attacker was sentenced to three years in prison. a recruiter. his phone was being tapped. what was your take when you heard this? >> absolutely crazy. they know so many things, they have contacts with security and police, so why don't they stop these people? you know we have seen, today, i have seen messages on twitter in arabic, someone translated them in to english, they are gloating, saluting the murderer in orlando. this is all over twitter and facebook, they do nothing about this, but we who try to warn about it, we're being blocked. deirdre: ingrid, i know you reached out in the past to facebook, but i'm sure more people will be especially given that horrific video posted last
5:45 pm
night, what should facebook be doing now? >> i mean, they really should start to look deep inside themselves and say why are we trying to stop people who are warning about murderers. why do we let murderers lose on facebook? we have to totally change what we have been thinking before. the threat is coming from radical islam, not from people who try to warn about radical islam. deirdre: ingrid, thank you very much. lovely to have you. >> thank you. deirdre: president obama is saying the orlando shooter self-radicalized over the internet. my next guest says it is because our cybersecurity policy is full of holes. you totaled your brand new car.
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. >> we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources of inspiration but we are highly confident this killer was radicalized and at least in some part through the internet. deirdre: fbi director james comey saying the orlando terrorist was radicalized partly over the internet. my next guest says the u.s. cybersecurity plan in this current administration needs improvement, m.i.t. tech review editor jason fountain is with me now. great to see you. is this technology, these cybersystems, the new nuclear weapons? >> well, i wouldn't put it quite that way, but these lone wolves are essentially radicalized over the internet. bomber were radicalized over the internet. the san bernardino shooter were
5:50 pm
radicalized over the internet, and the orlando shooter was radicalized over the sent. isis has an extraordinary sophisticated approach. the head of western operations is a former german rapha called desso dog, people reach out to them and they made being a radical brother the coolest and sexiest think can you be in jihadist circles, and in response we have very little. we have thrown a little bit of marketing at the effort. we don't really know how to talk back effectively to people who have been radicalized online. deirdre: so, from a point of technology, one of your areas of expertise, wa can we do? >> we can do a new things. so the nsa runs a portion of our cybercommand, using that,
5:51 pm
they have been very effective at implementing and amplifying warfield commanders. part of the great success of the surge in iraq with general mcchrystal led was using cyberoperations to take down command and control in the field. we know how to do that, that's essentially a military operation. you use the analogy of nuclear war. well, it's not quite that, but using conventional military operations, we can take out the cyberoperations of isil. what we don't know how to do is interrupt those more personal, intimate, whispered conversations between a young man going online in florida and finding something that appeals to him. deirdre: jason, isis and the terrorist group to your point seem savvy, that is to say. i remember being in paris and covering the attacks there and they used burner phones knowing they could eventually be
5:52 pm
traced. there's a level of sophistication that is going to make it harder to intervene on one-on-one conversations. should silicon valley be -- >> isil, if you prefer, are good at this, young people, young men and women who grew up using these tools. they're good at it because it's how they communicate by themselves. it's a very different operation, compared to the 90s al qaeda way of thinking about jihadist operations. al qaeda was a more or less conventional distributed terrorist network. this is different. isis doesn't care if they communicate with the lone wolf. they want the member to make a profession of allegiance to isis and take credit for the operation and teach them how to perform the operations to use on "dabiq," the online newspaper.
5:53 pm
deirdre: the danger is clearly in the decentralization, we'll talk about this again, i'm sure. jayson, thank you very much. jason pontin, editor of the m.i.t. tech review. donald trump is getting a boost in support from the lgbt community. one of his outspoken supporters is with me next with his reasons why. just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. [martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
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>> the nation stands together in solidarity with the members of orlando elitel, letly elite light community. -- lgbt community. he wanted to kill americans, but in order to execute gay and lesbian citizens because of their sexual orientation, this is a strike at the heart and soul of who we are as a nation. deirdre: donald trump first, only presidential nominee to
5:57 pm
publicly stand with the lgbt community, with me now, i member of that community juan hernandez, last time we spoke you had just come back from san jose, you were attacked, with a broken nose, for being a trump supporter, what do his words mean to you? >> that is why i have a support for donald, i went to his rally. i know he will stand by the lgbt, i think it is a huge step forward. the obama administration so far has failed. i think it is time for a new administration. >> juan, playing devil's advocate, it breaks a lot of pro conceived notions that people have. i am interested in the way you feel about it, many people feel obama administration
5:58 pm
supported gay marriage for i stance, people -- for instance, people say, that was a step forward, donald trump's words, we want to protect all citizens. safety comes first. >> right. i think when he did the transgender in north carolina, that was a really good step. in terms of all of the other supporters, i think he is really coming through. the notion that the terrorist was part of it. orlando shooter, i think him, part of his supposed homosexuality, that could be a problem with his mental health, also that shows where we are as a nation. and that we need to be more open about the homo sexuality.
5:59 pm
and that is with trump, i think him coming onboard, and changing up things. i think that is going to be change for the good. deirdre: just so i understand, because he speaks clearly, so it removes a certain barrier is that your sense? >> right. yeah. it does. i think it sends a clear message to the lgbtq community. >> al >> we're glad to see you back, you look well, i hope your nose and everything else is healing, juan thank you for your time, and sharing your prove. >> -- perspective. >> thank you. deirdre: juan hernandez, joining me now, he is a supporter of donald trump. and he is joining us to share his insight, quickly, i will show you where markets ended, dow in triple-digits where a choppy day of trade.
6:00 pm
the fat federate decision comes tomorrow. thank you for joining us here on "risk & reward." "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening major averaging finish off of the low of session, you could cut anxiety with a knife, with questions marks on whether u.k. stays or goes from the ue . and second guessing continues in aftermath of orlando terror attack. this is a time to ditch the old hostage regulation rule book. president obama met with his national security council, he talked about preventing future attacks, out of noe


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