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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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please be with us. it will be interesting. he is running for the seat vacated by none other than marco rubio. rubio making noises. we will find out what those noises mean tomorrow night. good night from new york. >> thank you lou. the november election is five long months away. both presumptive major party nominees are writing every issue jockeying for position and exploiting every tragedy for their own political gain. the orlando terror attacks is no exception but who benefits the most hillary clinton or donald trump? each candidate brings strength and weaknesses which they remind us of endlessly. >> i would on the [bleep] out of them. >> what i want to because i think it is dangerous for our efforts to defeat this threat is
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to demonize and demagogue and declare war on an entire religion. >> hillary clinton for months and despite so many attacks repeatedly refused to even say the words radical islam. >> to me radical islamism and is the same thing. kennedy: at sorting to a à la poll taken before the attacks the majority of americans think trump does better on matters of terrorism and national security while people give hillary higher marks on foreign policy. these areas can bleed together making a clear choice harder for fence sitters but the good news is hillary is more than eager to use the term radical islam but that differentiates her from the president and undercuts trump because it's one of the main critiques that it is a petty semantic distancing reader says a lot more about the president's allergy to the term than about her bravery.
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the bad news is she's an indiscriminate warmonger who has no people doing people moammar gadhafi to chris stevenson affected her funny progressivism rooted in authoritarian control we all know is the cause of genocide. doesn't end well with her. good news about donald is he's not afraid to issue a stern kick in the pants to deserving terrorist cowards. he has also not an institutional intervention is. the problem is his foreign-policy is at best described as mercurial and forceful reaction to something like this can create long-lasting consequences in the form of bad laws programs and agencies that cannot easily be undone. the patriot act comes to mind. the politicians particularly these two will exploit just about anything to lift their poll numbers and better their november chances. it's best to best to keep your eye on the ball of freedom so you don't lose your liberty in some gross overreaction to
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someone's convenient tragedy. on the show tonight that intelligence agencies have done something different to prevent your lender shooting? the do's and don'ts of responding to a terrorist attack and quit following your passion and just make the best of your current boring job. i disagree. see what my panel says. >> for a while now the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle in the fight against isil is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase radical islam. calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. this is a political distraction.
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kennedy: we will see how distracting it is. on our panel is a democratic strategist and former dnc councilmember. comedian joe devito is here tonight in weighing in is the cohost of red eye on the "fox news" channel. welcome everyone. still trying to make sense of what happened in orlando but i think the president doesn't get it when he devotes so much of his speech to attacking republicans being defensive about not using the phrase radical islam. he doesn't get it. >> it's an easy way out and the attack he has been taking for a long time now. it's much easier to attack republicans that it is to attack the source of the actual problem that's what he does. it's the people who say it's a political thing and taking the easy way out. that's exactly what he's doing. he's doing exactly what he's blaming republicans for. kennedy: if it's not a big deal
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if it doesn't change your strategy than just use it. >> that's the thing. call a thing by what its name is and it is radical islam. it's not islam its radical islam. there's a difference between the two. >> i found the speech to be very defensive unnecessarily and i found it to be apologists for the country and blaming people in this country as opposed to naming her the role enemy is. i felt like it was a lecture and i think he missed an important opportunity to bring perspective context and comfort to the country. >> i think president obama has been inducted into the campaign cycle and i believe that's the democratic league of someone who believes in strong national security. he needs to distance himself. from the political debates. i do believe he played interpublic contact. they want them to react but one thing he did say in his speech that i have to disagree with
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what he said by calling radical islam that is what they are, isis that's what they want. that's what teams to extremism. they use that as a tool to come back and recruit. the entire country is essentially demonizing and a lot of people from the epi i anybody who's been overseas is america hates islam. that feeds into their recruitment. kennedy: i don't feel you should anticipate their reaction and their feelings. if you're going to have resolved and a strategy then that is what should be in the forefront of your mind not oh my guys how are these people going to react but i feel like so much of his presidency. when he talks about that term that phrase is not that important it doesn't define us, it's like a guy who can't say
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the words i love you. >> it's like harry potter. he can't be named and is absolutely wrong. when you identify problem you give it the name. the first i stands for islamic. they know who they are and if we are going to act like we are not exactly sure it's the best way to separate them. they are the first to suffer. kennedy: you are absolutely right because you qualified. its radical islam. he's the one who puts the entire religion under one umbrella which is more offensive and he's doing more harm to a system that he can't understand. >> you want to play in to isis hands. they need to stop drone killing parties. that might have a better shot at not playing into their hands and calling them radical islam. kennedy: you could make the argument. >> another problem is that on extend this courtesy to other
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groups. assume something like this happens it must be an angry white man. kennedy: that's what they said after the boston marathon bombing. >> we are trying to say of course it's not all muslims and this is a good way to show it. >> the present join hillary clinton in calling for stricter gun control. >> stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. reinstate the assault weapons ban take it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. kennedy: more regulations make us safer or just slow down lawful citizens? is he really naïve enough to say that this guy was a terrorist before that attack? >> president obama didn't think he was a terrorist before the attack?
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he was being watched and investigated by the fbi. kennedy: therefore it's a presence failure. >> i don't think so at all. hang on the second a second. let's add this up. he wasn't a terrorist before he was being watched and monitored. kennedy: if he wasn't a terrorist when he bought a gun when is he a terrorist? >> he was being investigated by the fbi. he was being questioned. kennedy: everyone on the no-fly list is a terrorist? >> the no-fly list has been cleaned up a lot and you are laughing about this. i have dealt with this in a very detailed way. 91% of people on the no-fly list that i try to get guns have gotten guns. >> first of all the no-fly list is not a terrorism watch list was is what the politicians from president obama to future president clinton say.
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honestly i'm tired of people on the left lecturing. i am getting really tired of people on the left including president obama in future president clinton lecturing us and getting angry about the mindset of republicans while at the same time they want to take away writings from americans just because the government put their name on a list. we talk about things that isis wants us to do. destroying our constitution is probably high on the list via. kennedy: you know what else it wants to do? they want us to disarm the citizenry. >> no one knows how you can run the list and you can't appeal can appeal it to get off. >> it has changed in the past five years. initially that was the case that was the case but there has been so much scrubbing of this list. kennedy: they have the same name as someone who -- the. >> who is more likely to be put on this list by mistake john
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smith or muhammad akbar? we heard from an innocent muslim-american. kennedy: that's a good point. reports say the orlando shooter omar mateen's wife knew he was planning the attack and try to talk him out of it. the surprising communication breakdown that allow the orlando shootings to america, they don't call it travel season for nothing. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better.
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kennedy: new information on the orlando shooter omar mateen come his wife sitora yusufiy telling federal authorities her husband had been scabbing out downtown disney. she was reportedly with mateen when he bought ammunition and said she tried to talk them out of the attack. what a great doubt. the panel is back joe devito and andy levy as well. joe you hear about something like this and this is obvious the different than a neighbor in san bernardino who might have seen packages and working in their garage late at night. this is someone that i think you could make the argument is an accessory. >> what are we supposed to say i can't believe a radical muslim did not listen to his wife's? like i was going to slow him down? i think she should be charged with whatever they can charge her with because what was her suggestion to attack a place that would be deadly?
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she tried to talk to talk them out of it? which he tried -- should have done have done is turn demanded she knew this was going to happen so she is complicit in this. she has blood on her hands. tonight you try to talk your husband out of buying a ferrari. or going up and punching a neighbor. >> i tried to talk him out of it but you know him, he went ahead and did it anyway. shooting up a nightclub maybe you do a little more than saying i tried to talk him out of it. i don't know for all we know and i'm not saying it's true that this is one of the dangers of talking about this before you know the facts. there could be some situation where she was too scared to go to the authorities because of what he might do to her. i think we have to wait for the evidence to come in but that said if your husband is going to kill a bunch of people. kennedy: one accessory to mass
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murder. >> what is interesting is when you look the lost and bombings bombings -- boston bombings they shared a small apartment with the tsarnaev brother said i didn't know anything was going on but the authority said there's a bomb in your living room in your room is 2 feet away. she was granted immunity and wasn't charged. i don't know what the limitations are but they're also the cultural issues. >> here the shooter is dead. what is she going to do, he was searching all sorts of facebook pages. i try to talk them out of it. now she is a horrible accomplice and i think it's dangerous and people go down the road that if you see something say something you are morally obligated. i don't buy into that argument because i think there a lot of people who could see things that aren't necessarily something but if you know someone is actively
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with intent and dogged determination and they are hell-bent on committing an atrocity like that you had better believe you are morally updated to at least go to the police could not be a -- fbi. >> don't forget this is a extremist muslim. kennedy: i don't buy that. >> i'm not defending her. i don't know how anybody the right mind wouldn't do that unless they were being -- with a drill press. kennedy: i mean that in a loving truly understanding way. >> as long as it's done by a private entity and not the government. kennedy: i'm glad you brought that up because later on we will talk about jobs we should you follow your passion on the job you're already working?
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kennedy: welcome back to yesterday decter james comey defended there is action surrounding orlando shooter omar mateen. >> i don't see anything in reviewing our work better agents should have done differently but we will look at it in an open and honest way and be transparent about it. kennedy: could any u.s. intelligence intelligence agency have prevented the attack? judge andrew napolitano in -- napolitano. the fbi director says we met with him three times and our hands are tied to there's nothing more we can do.
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isn't there something more since the guy was working for a security company that arctic government facilities? >> he was working for and bolted national security company that employs 625,000 people. they have many many contracts with the federal government. when a security company, security company defined as anything too somebody guarding a pocket -- parking not to participating in military activity with special ops or intelligence forces on the ground and anything in between. when a security company as a contract with the federal government to contract requires that the security company conducted a level overview of every employee and that level requires inquiry into whether not the employee or in this case potential employee has had any contact with the fbi. kennedy: even that, that's a low threshold. that's something they should be asking. >> it gets worse in this because
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we have the eye has a requirement for all of the governments outside contractors and vendors to report to the contractors and vendors when they have had contact with any employees of the contractors and vendors. both sides fail to do that. how is that significant? you have to gun license, the gun licensed to carry the ar-15 the one that is just a rifle and mrs. clinton says incorrect weight is an assault rifle. it's not a weapon come as a same service -- weapon that her secret service detail carries. you need a special license to get that. he would not have gotten that license if it's extremely unlikely he would have got the license had the authorities in florida and his employer known about the contact with the fbi. it's just contact with the fbi. i think the fbi seriously concluded that it lacked enough evidence to go forward. there are couple of levels of
12:24 am
evidence in there and in their view he did not meet either of them whatever they found out about him they should have told. kennedy: the wife said i know about the whole thing and i should have talked them out of it. the kind of person that will could have bought an ar-15 with a clean record. that's my problem with the idea of universal background checks. if people were to commit events like this they would find a way to get a gun or a bomb. >> this is one of the favorite arguments of the left coming universal background checks. this guy passed a background check. you could be a blithering idiot and if you were ever in mike rowe schweiz for your idiocy you will pass a background check it back round checks don't work. what works? superior firepower. what works is somebody in the bar having had their own sidearm. the bar was that no gun zone. like aurora and columbine redell at these mass killings take
12:25 am
place in places where the government has prohibited people from protecting themselves and the killers know it's like shooting fish in a barrel. kennedy: you said he had to reload several times and there were many moments where he posits and if someone were armed in the club they could have conceivably stop him. >> these things all in the same way. is it better that he killed sooner rather than later? kennedy: thank you for your insight. coming up see what happens when you leave the sheep gate unlocked in your town gets flooded by wolves. a barbers at risk my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means
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kennedy: if you need news i've got news. that's right all you need is my news.
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topical storm is back. topic number one. drones useful for many things delivering packages when they perhaps from amazon and annoying the faa and there is clearly a voice that intrepid robot lovers was eager to fill with drones, personal grooming. if you lead a pair of automatic scissors at tax to a drone give you a haircut? why not? i wish they had a fake carotid artery on that little mannequin. one of the shooters went into his neck. unnecessary deployment is newfangled toys and you must remember some mom. she's the one who created our
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beloved lipstick robot. i love the look on her face. she needs to combine the two of those and go to prom with me next year. topic number two. here you go we all know cats are tools of the devil sent from unholy hell to kill humans but they are fiercely loyal to each other, right? not so much. watch one cat punk is rather as the unsuspecting sibling tries to peacefully slip from a giant chlorinated pool. he helps his brother out, right? maybe if you were a dog. what a jerk.
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you can send me pictures of your twitter and tell me how angelic and superior they are. my cat is different. i know the truth. they thought jeffrey dahmer was a real sweetheart too. how did that work out lovers? topic number three. i don't know if this next guy was on easter egg hunt or maybe just hungry but he felt compelled to steal pigeon eggs from the mama bird. good luck. >> i'm going to grab the egg. i feel badm taking the egg. whoa, whoa. kennedy: that man is dead. if you are going to mess with birds pick a less bloodthirsty ones like penguins.
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penguins charlie the englishman of words. topic number four. falling asleep on the job is often frowned upon but it does go hand-in-hand with the world's oldest profession, sheepherding. this is what happens in a spanish the spanish city of puerto. when the console shepherd caught a few. >> 's. there they go. come on what is a guy supposed to do? literally counting sheep. 1300 of them. it also doesn't help they knocked back ambien while guzzling red wine. i don't know spanish. the sheep took advantage of this unsupervised time and they went
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to choir practice. ♪ it's so. i'm sorry. topic number five. it's so wonderful when you capture your big moment on camera. the first step, the first word, the first time they take pocket someone at the mall and then of course the first time they go waterskiing. look at her. she is six months old and already waterskiing. i have to-year-old is late in the game because there are those chinese babies beijing is training for the olympics but still six months fairly impressive. at this. she will be able to wake for before she can talk. kudos to use lilo. keep at it, sister. although that footage does remind me we are still searching for john stossel's cat snuggles.
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our producer marty lost last month while accidentally trying to teach them how to jet ski. he looks so happy. snuggles, please help me using hashtag -- and use the hashtag admiral snuggles. if you have any stories you want to see on the topical storm please tweet me at kennedy nation and find me on instagram and that's always hashtag topical storm. coming up our panel returns. censorship becomes a lesson in the city's angry about it. the surprising thing that mayor has banned a little later. dana perino asks how we
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kennedy: welcome back. mike rowe created his own video speech to toss some wisdom words at this years crop of college grads. >> just because you are passionate about something doesn't mean you want to at it. your happiness on the job has very little to do with work itself which brings us to the final. never follow your passion but always bring it with you. kennedy: right come a grandpa. should you hold onto those dreams are like your passion to reality? so ready to answer nomiki konst, and andy levy. having met enough people in music and action sports who pretty much gave up and
12:39 am
sacrificed everything including by and large for the first decade of their work years monday. when they ultimately become successful the sacrifices are. >> i would like to point out it's annoying you made us sit through six takes until you actually caught the pen. mike rowe is a bit of a hypocrite because his passion was always to be wearing a hat. that has worked out really well for him. kennedy: the easiest money in the world doing voiceovers. >> after passion doesn't match up with your abilities trying to make a career out of it is going to be a problem. when he said happiness on the job has little to do with the work itself he's not entirely wrong. there are other factors but
12:40 am
saying it has little to do with it is going to fire. if you load your job and if you are not happy at your job your life is not going to be happy. kennedy: is completely counterproductive. >> i think they should show that speech to every graduation high school and college. kennedy: you are comedian. that is such hypocritical malarkey coming from you. you are in front of people every night. >> joe's passion is numbers. >> i think he makes a good point because our universities are cranking out people who have followed their passions and became experts in low yield fields and spend a lot of money. they did the work but --. >> it doesn't mean you are
12:41 am
entitled to that profession but if you're passionate and you have the aptitude then by all means sacrifice these boring cubicle jobs and do something you really love. >> it makes all the difference. a lot of people take warring jobs because their eyes on the price of money. kennedy: you have five seconds. >> if you are not passionate that's -- kennedy: let's go to london. london's first mayor seddique khan announced the city will ban body shaming advertisements in london's public transport. is it a step forward and not objective fine women or a step backward in censorship? nomiki konst i will start with you. this is government deciding pretty much arbitrarily what they think is harmful for women, especially younger women. >> i kind of agree with you on this.
12:42 am
kennedy: i think it's horrible. >> i'm of the mindset the government shouldn't be deciding a consumer should be decide -- deciding and that's coming from a communist. but that's because i think there's a split in the community. there are feminists who like sexual freedom in the revolution and then there are those who think it's bad for young girls. i totally agree with that and i see that argument. kennedy: obviously women are so overly sexualized men and women can't control themselves. men become afraid to speak and women develop all sorts of body dysmorphic issues. therefore all women should be covered in burkas, right? >> i'm not going to argue with you. the funny thing to me is people are making something into the fact that she is muslim. this is standard progressive stuff these days. i don't think this has anything to do with it and if it does
12:43 am
it's an unfortunate story of overlap between conservative religion and politics. kennedy: it censorship. they don't have a bill of rights in the united kingdom. >> is supposed to lower your self-esteem. this whole idea --. >> this is the thing, supposed to be aspirational. is it unfair that models will better? kennedy: they take all of their passion to the runway. >> are not dishes in the sink of monterey and the floor. it's supposed to be the best version of that. we have totally moved on. we all must be equal and what his equal keeps getting lower and lower. kennedy: lower and lower and
12:44 am
chubbier and more ordinary which i think is horrible. its eyes good to have you. a great bunch. coming up how well as president obama responding? dana perino sundeck in the later the phenomenon
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kennedy: earlier today president obama gave a speech on the fight against fight against isis and blessed republicans and donald trump for the rhetoric. >> we are starting to see where this kind of rhetoric and loose talk and sloppiness about who exact he we are fighting, where this can lead us. we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united
12:48 am
states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america. kennedy: he is obsessed. how will. how well are the president and his potential successors handling the response to the orlando attack works are still in better two thousand dana perino former white house press secretary and author of the book and the good news is so let's get in some of your do's and don'ts. your first one is to respond quickly but don't overreact. didn't all three of them overreact? >> gas and yes and it's a very hard balance. the terrorist attack was unfolding and when i went to bed there were 20 dead which was a horrific number and when i woke up there were 49 dead in the shooter was shoot was killed as well in three more injured and hopefully -- it's a balance you want to make sure one of the things the administration merely thought is we are going to be blamed and therefore we have to
12:49 am
prevent being blamed. trump thought i'm going to drive this home that i'm different from them and i would prosecute this differently and hillary clinton thought i didn't get out there and say i'm the responsible person in this race and instead focusing on the victims and also the investigation. president obama said this is not part of the greater plot. we don't know that and i think what isis has been able to do with new -- names social -- social activity is to push recruit men. that is a greater plot at this point. they have succeeded in the greater plot. americans were able to do things to help prevent that. this new way for creating terrorists to cause terrorism in america isis has s >> is smaller and less expensive and doesn't require organizations. it's like franchising. do you consider the tone.
12:50 am
he was tone deaf hear? >> probably all of them. the democrats on the left to gun control and the issue of the day it helps them with their base. trump immediately went to an immigration issue and not allowing refugees and a ban on muslims. he was born in america so he has all the rights at you and i do as an american citizen. kennedy: the gun control would have helped in the immigration ban would have helped. >> giving the fight to the enemy and destroying isis would actually help. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both talked about that. you said to call the governor of florida. the president didn't know that. i don't know that was a staff decision but usually in a position like this you want to show the federal and state government are working together in cooperation. cc to do that to pick up the phone and say let me know if you
12:51 am
need anything. is there anything you need from the federal government and that call was not made. i don't know why. it could have been a mistake that governor scott is a fairly and popular governor in florida from a constituent's point of view. strong republicans and i hope it's due to party politics. kennedy: he reached out to chris christie. i do not be called in today. let's get into some of your don'ts. don't make my good statements of absolution. here's what we know that for all the facts. usually to me the fbi is good about basing their comments. for example the san bernardino attack i thought they were very measured and they waited and hours after the attack you have the fbi director james comey who is usually a very cautious person saying there's nothing the fbi would have done differently. how can you say that? we don't even know. an hour since we have found out mateen's wife drove him to the club.
12:52 am
kennedy: that seems to be a very big element of it treated sometimes that makes people feel hopeless and helpless that their government is unwilling to change. that means they are not open to new facts and we are not going to have -- and the last one don't mix the issues. >> this goes back to the idea of we have in american citizen born to ask any parents living a middle-class lifestyle who became self-radicalized. we need to bake at how we can prevent that. this is not about syrian refugees. kennedy: a larger conversation. >> what happened is they got off track and top -- forgot to talk about the victims. kennedy: dana perino thank you so much. if only they would listen to what the famous last words. coming up the crime of the century was hot more than 20 years ago but it's warming up again.
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kennedy: rng news planning to make a tacky series showing that o.j. simpson was innocent. several programs focusing on the double murder in the and the trial from over 20 years ago including a found that debuted this week that i spoke with joseph campbell the author of 1995 the year the future began and asked him why the renewed interest in the simpson trial. >> one of the fascinating factors that lies behind the resurgence of interest in the oj case is very assessing of the oj trial in the so-called trial of the century is that he was somewhat unresolved. he was acquitted of these horrific murders that hugh is accused of in june of 1994 the killing of his former wife and her friend ron goldman and a year and a half later.
12:57 am
kennedy: he is acquitted. >> he's exonerated and there's a civil trial where he is find -- found liable. so there's this ambiguity almost that continues to play out and it's a story that won't go away because of the many plot twists that continue to pop up. kennedy: and the failures in the trial itself how he was able to pay millions of dollars to the defense team and they dismantled the prosecution and that left a lot of people very and satisfied obviously with the outcome. is that ongoing dissatisfaction? he's in prison now but that still is not a satisfying and for a lot of people. >> you are absolutely ride continues to be a factor in this emergence of interest in the case from time to time. the fact that he is in jail and is unable to answer these discussions are participate in
12:58 am
these discussions leaves a blank slate in which you can assign thoughts prejudices and interpretations. kennedy: criminal justice and race and all the things that are interesting because they resolved themselves and they double up again as we have seen in cases like ferguson and the great case and a lot of these questions because they are unanswered i think leave people, it's not unlike the jfk murder. >> exactly and it's another generation that has, long. many younger folks will down her demographics find this case fascinating with all the plot twists in the outcome and the ambiguities and they find this fascinating. students in one of my classes find it totally absorbing. kennedy: it's true in their something about it and time is a really important element. it's really adding to the fascination and the story itself is so long and there are so many
12:59 am
parts and lend themselves to these protracted narratives like these longer movies and espn put out that seven hour and 43 minute piece in theaters for weeks. >> it's amazing and it's almost than eight hours series documentary. i didn't know there was that much veteri of that could be discussed. the views of this documentary have been dashed. kennedy: espn is really proud of it and it goes to show when you add time there's a rational element that is added to the emotion that so many people felt and when you combine those it's a recipe for something that is not going to end anytime soon. >> i thing that's right absolutely. people of a certain age 35 and older remember them or mark of old moment when the verdicts were announced. the country almost came to a standstill. everything shut down waiting for the verdict.
1:00 am
kennedy: thank you much -- so much watching the shonta marty can catch ron paul k.t. mcfarland and my favorite camille foster. follow me on twitter and instagram at kennedy nation on a [ male announcer ] the following is a paid presentation for gotham steel, brought to you by emson. coming up, find out how you can get a free titanium and ceramic frying pan. details ahead. [ green ] tired of food sticking to the pan? you try to scrape it, and then you scratch it. you may as well trash it. not anymore. [ male announcer ] introducing gotham steel, a revolutionary new nonstick, non-scratch frying pan that's transforming the way people cook in kitchens all across america. cleanup is so easy with this pan. i will never have to buy another frying pan again. maybe you cook once in a while or maybe, like me, you use it all the time. it's gonna last, and it's gonna hold up through anything you give it.


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