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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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the most commonsense thing i've ever heard. how that got to be controversial i will never understand. lou: therere those folks who are those folks. mark simone thanks so much and mary fickett good to have you with us. that's it for us ton thank you for being with us. governor mike huckabee with me tomorrow. join us. good night from new york. kennedy: thank you and thank lou always. i continue to watch and marvel at the bad reaction to terrorist attacks in orlando here the president's defensive apologist and angry speech doesn't sit well with me. what could have been a glorious moment took on the nerves of jittery americans and brought the whole country together a context perspective and soothing. instead an indignant lecture that needlessly politicize tragedy. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america.
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we her language is singled out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence. had the president's point over an inability to use the term radical islam. >> what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would change? kennedy: pick me. for one that would show you understand that terrorists are motivated by a form of religion you know well but is done almost nothing to explain or improve perceptions up and also it would different shade those terrorists from the people moderate and silent muslims who don't condone or participate in such hateful acts. by not making this the president is lumping all muslims under bigoted umbra laugh. it shows he is not serious or incapable of either fighting or replacing their murderous
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philosophy. so why did he choose christianity over islam? may be his own personal conversion experience could be insightful and how to move people's hearts without. charles: or boots or bullets. i personally think he's too mature and incompetent to undertake such aask. donald trump is right when he pinpoints obama's motivation. >> if you watched obama's speech yesterday it was really all about political correctness. there is nothing wrong with being strong. there is nothing wrong with being smart. it was all about political correctness. kennedy: and all about the third term the president is unable to divorce himself from this race. he thinks he is to run for president for hillary when she dashes wildly sexist. he's either saying she can't fight the fighter he such a narcissist he can't control his own urge to run one last time. when you focus on gun control
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you don't have to focus on terror because another terrorist attacks shows that administration is failed again. is he honestly saying this terrorists didn't have access to guns it would have doused his murderous or raw inspiring urges? somehow if he couldn't get his hands on it a rfid to you and some innocent people would still be alive. i can think of anything more short-sighted offensive in ie. it's no wonder 49% of this country thinks we are weaker under the president's leadership. he's an adolescent reactionary in a lame-duck spiral. on the show tonight dr. ron paul joins us to say what america's reaction should be to the orlando shooting and k.t. mcfarland is here. iron chef judge alex gordon kelly will mix a summer cocktail for you and for me. grapefruit anyone? yes please. glad you are here. i am kennedy.
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has the president handled the orlando shooting while? let's ask my panels i pick a meal foster partner at free think media and part of a wonderful podcast we will talk about. senior writer the daily caller and michael moynihan columnist at "the daily beast". welcome everybody. say the name of the podcast. camille and matt welch is popular and people love it. thank you for that and for all you do for america. let's talk about the president and he so upset. donald trump said the president is me upset withimhan he >> certainly the person should be upset with donald trump comparing them to be in a league with isis and he is insinuated that but he does have a point in
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the president speaks about donald trump or republicans he seems to get angrier than at the terrace. i think he thinks it's a mentality that this is a normal criminal -- more people die in about tub i think he said every year than die from terrorist attacks. he gets more worked up about his political opponents than his enemy which is a much more significant threat. kennedy: you are absolutely right and i understand that argument that the president, it's almost fun to walk and get this defensive about a candidate who has gotten so under his skin. if i'm hillary clinton i'm sitting back and looking at the president like you have to do this for me? the whole thing is i don't have to play the woman card are you she has on one side obama running for his third term and her husband running for his third term and they don't even care that she stuck in the middle. >> i think he's right to be annoyed by this but at the same time he is the president and the
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president's focus right now should be on the victims in orlando. kennedy: did you feel like he was focused on that? >> i didn't actually. i thought it was disproportionate. the idea of what he calls this. for a while i said why does make a difference? they are trying to to kill terrorists in certain places but then i realized if he wants to not come if you want to get under donald trump skin he should use the word radical islamic terrorism. effectively you can use the pcr given that there's a certain amount of truth to this. the best way to get a donald trump is to address the problem head-on. kennedy: i thought it was funny that hillary used the term radical islam. i will take the bait that he and it was funny because it was a shot not only at trump but the president as well as an easy way to differentiate herself. it signifies me crazy as everyone is jumping on the gun
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control bandwagon. do you think that's silly? >> i do think it's silly. i would go further to defend a president than anybody else at the table apparently, maybe. i do think it would be a bit of a capitulation to say radical islam and the way he is being told that he must say it but these words don't have magic powers. they are not going to secretly make all of these people not want to do things to us. kennedy: i understand there are semantics. i get that. >> with donald trump calls -- talks about radical islam, they know what's going on. excuse me? what on earth are you talking about? their people that do believe we can use the broad umbrella to classify these people and we can bomb them someplace because they are waiting to be bombed. that may make what -- matters worse. kennedy: i agree with you and i criticize hillary clinton and donald trump for the immediate reaction to someone who is obviously isolated in this country mentally ill and
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self-radicalized saying let's go kill some people and anyone else in this country who is simmering and about to do the exact same thing if we bomb isis desk totally going to negate the problem. >> the president deserves some lame as well. the same way that donald trump is suggesting an ulterior motive. the president as too many gun control ticket suggest people that disagree with them on these policies have some nefarious objective, that they don't care enough about the victims of violence that they are in a league with the nra. kennedy: or they care so much about gun violence that we shouldn't have gun free zones but if someone had a gun while the shooter was reloading they could have blown his head off. >> up looking -- the political posturing at this point is a little bit disgusting. none of the proposals they propose would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings yet
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yet -- kennedy: incise a distraction from the bigger picture. what is the bigger picture? why are people using a form of islam to justify murder and how can you stop that from happening in the future? making guns illegal and making it harder for people like us to buy guns just means they will find other ways to buy guns and kikill people. >> a point of emphasis totally ignoring things through "the new york times" tonight had an editorial about the orlando shooting which they said we have to had to figure out what his motive was. the man called 911 and told you. the idea that the president not saying radical jihad is a more radical islamism that is part of the larger issue. the idea of talking about gun control i'm perfectly happy in a conversation about gun control but the motivation for some of these conversations are to steer the larger issue.
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kennedy: that's the point it's a massive deflection and my point is you have to name the ideology and you have to. >> he's talking about aplenty. for me the real question is if we want to stop gun violence in this country and if we want to curtail that there are ways to do that. the president is right to get at the atf as he mentioned his speech not focus so much on drugs and alcohol. kennedy: how about less government? how we -- how about we don't redirect government agencies. >> you can redirect them but we don't need them to do these other things. look at a place like chicago where a lot of people are being killed, more than 1000 people and been shot since the beginning of the year. lots killed and lots killed in lots when did, that's a real problem that we can do something about. the opposite of the geisha news from both sides for the left and don't care about these issues in fundamental ways but to talk about -- is wrong.
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the risk associated -- kennedy: it's either way of expanding the military and expanding direction and pouring billions of dollars more and using that fear-mongering for the right and the left -- this idea that this is just a normal thing is just wrong. an international conspiracy to increase the number of deaths create terrorists are looking for weapons of mass destruction to increase their margin. we have a national security of the structure that prevents -- kennedy: is a leap right out to say that guy was somehow formally tighter associated with isis. he may have been inspired. inspired by gabby douglass doesn't make me a gymnast. we have to go and this is exciting and wonderful.
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live to be with me at kennedy nation. coming up burning in hillary clinton met yesterday to discuss but has sanders burned his political capital? later what does president obama have in common with jimmy carter? everything. k.t. mcfarland joins me
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hillary clinton met with bernie sanders last night to discuss a joint strategy to be donald trump at sanders has refused to concede the race but has further event scheduled her talk of superdelegates. jamie weinstein and michael moynihan. as sanders have anything left to bargain with? >> do you think so? i think bernie would appreciate it. reminds me of castro in the sierra mestrovic trying to negotiate with baptista. he has nothing to negotiate with but i have to say hillary clinton is straddling this line. she works for the left in the primaries and much to the great enjoyment of sanders supporters and then the other day she said
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i will say radical islamic terrorism as a mention in a coming at a meeting with bernie is like we talked about so many progressive policy solutions to 7000-dollar minimum wage. he's trying to exert the simple and hample the party to will he be able to? absolutely not. when he officially drops out he is gone my friend. kennedy: they are so resentful they can't wait to get another party. the party. he wants the superdelegates gone. his candidacy has ensured superdelegates are here to sandy wants debbie wasserman schultz. >> maybe as a stature of trotsky somewhere in the capital for endorsement. kennedy: or susan sarandon. >> if i was bernie sanders i would stay in the hopes that hillary gets indicted in there you'd be standing as the nominee god bless them the veterans day. kennedy: don't you want him to stay and have something miraculous?
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isn't he like were in a? >> but i don't want him to win. the reality is creating chaos amongst the parties forcing candidates to ban their heels as it phenomenally good thing for the republicans in a lot of ways but i wish the donald trump had someone to get to antagonize him within his own party. kennedy: do you think bernie would be more in tag and a stick and? >> of donald trump? no doubt about it. >> being that no other politician besides mr. trump does bernie sanders is phenomenal at disregarding facts and reality and saying the same thing over and over again and eliciting applause in his face. no one is enthusiastic about hillary clinton. >> it's funny definitely a
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hostage situation but we should count as from here on out the second -- the number of times hillary clinton says the word lanaris probably going to be zero. the number of times a bernie sanders, it's like a reflex. you couldn't get through a speech. how much imposes the exerting on the democratic side? once he drops out see how much that rhetoric, i don't think he will stay around much longer. >> i think billionaire will remain an erratic but it will be a qualifier billionaire. kennedy: the panel returns later because the media is irate of donald trump for banning the "washington post" from his event coming up next yesterday's presidential tirade was more than obama venting. it has long-term and -- implications.
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kennedy: yesterday president obama delivered a tirade against donald trump and attractors to criticize how we handle the threat of terrorism. k.t. mcfarland says the condescending lecture echoes jimmy carter's famous speech. >> in a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities and our faith in god to many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. kennedy: he sounded like a preacher giving a lecture. here to explain the impact on the lecture is national security analysts k.t. mcfarland.
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you pointed this out the similarities between the two speeches, very similar times and jimmy carter first-term president facing re-election and he gave this condescending lecture to the nation saying you know we are a grieving nation and we are materialistic and it's all our fault. you feel like president obama's doing the same thing in his speech yesterday? >> i would say it's more of a parallel because in 1979 when jimmy carter gave that speech the united states was a mess. we had stagflation government spending out of control and everything looks bleak and the interest rates were something like 20%. the second thing is the russians were kicking us around and iranians had the american diplomats held hostage for a year. jimmy carter comes out and makes the speech thanking he is somehow going to change the course of his presidency but a change it for the worse because people point to that speech as
12:24 am
he or he was worried should worried should have been rallying us he was scolding a saying all these problems are your fault america. at the end of that speech and the month there after jimmy carter was considered a lame-duck week an effective president and the rest was history. i think we are in one of those periods again today. kennedy: you point out the jimmy carter gave a lecture but did have a solution. ronald reagan came in and he said essentially the same thing but he also relied on the optimism and the tenacity of the american people and said he used the phrase of donald trump we can make america great again. as donald trump have the kind of planned necessary to come back -- combat the president's president's lecture he gave yesterday? e well we will see. donald trump has the opportunity to do what reagan did. he asked the opportunity to re-think americans conventional wisdom about taxes and foreign
12:25 am
policy the way reagan did and change the world. donald trump is in that same historic moment right now and he certainly has a jimmy carter for the president obama who scolds everybody. kennedy: is not even running for president and that's the galling thing about. he's not running for third term though he is acting like someone who is. >> i think he hopes it secretary clinton is elected president president obama gets to controrl everything for a third term. his scolding telling us it's all our fault and then to see the solutions not being offered except criticizing the other guy. trump wiwill see a is that momet really think he has started to do that. he started to redefine how we look at foreign policy. america's role in the world america's role in these treaties what should the united states due to lead again at whether he puts meat on those bones we'll have to see. so far he is sketched the bones out. well. kennedy: he is certain --
12:26 am
certainly be given a lot of material by this president who seems to have a session with donald trump as most offended because like everyone else you want to have your fierce suits. you want to have that context and perspective and i think the president lost a really important moment where he could have had those challengers speech and he gave that up in order to attack. >> what we want our presence to do and i have worked for three presidents and i've known them well come of what we want our presidents to do in a moment of national crisis is two things. one, to grieve with us. jockey kennedy -- whether jackie kennedy at john f. kennedy's funeral or abraham lincoln at gettysburg we want our leaders to say i understand your pain and i suffer with you suffer with you and it's a noble suffering. the other thing we want is we are spooked. we are smooth all over america. we have seen this time and time
12:27 am
again there seems to be no plan to reassure us that it is never going to happen again. all the president says is i deplore the violence. kennedy but then offers a lecture and condescension for those that he thinks are responsible which distracts from the point. always good talking to you. see i thank you. kennedy: coming up a lady sky dives through alive volcanoes from an airplane. from an airplane. also -- what his prosthetic ar
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kennedy: take a stroll and your favorite swimwear and saunder right into the topical storm. topic number one. creating brilliant art is very tiring.
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that's why it's important for an artist to stay well rested before getting to work or else something like this may happen. >> wait until you see what you did to her face. on them, honey we have to get ready for bed. kennedy: oh no she is as sleepy as the spanish shepherd. that felled genius' nap came out quite a price that look what happened to van gogh when he passed out painting the starry night. no wonder he ended it all. topic number two. i loved the story because it combines artistry with friendship, engineering and singular. tattoo artist jc lost the lower
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part of his right arm two decades ago but he wanted to use what remains for his art so he had up an engineer who made it prosthetic tattoo gun/arm and would give h.b. lovecraft the nerd to gas them. that's exactly what was happening in the future when our parts fail. we will meld their thumbs with machines becoming a new fabricated species. he is actually able to use that to do a lot of the shaving on his tattoos. now he is ambidextrous and free tattoos. topic number three when it comes to kids there's a fine line between discipline and psychological torture. we all know that. one creative mom found a solution to her young son's potty mouth when he kept saying the a word peerage he didn't
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ground them and she didn't give away his toys but the punishment was worse than waterboarding. she made him eat a tomato. >> i need water. >> why are you so upset? >> because i hate tomatoes. >> why did you at the eat a tomato? >> because i said the a word. >> because you set a bad word? are you going to say it any more? >> no. kennedy: someone called child services. what next, forcing him to drink pellegrino? that poor sad little -- tomatoes are delicious. topic number four, it is summer and that means, way, why? hold on a second. that is great. you guys we have found john
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stossel's admiral snuggles right in the middle of the show. this is such good news. he's with my producer right now flying home. thank you to everyone on twitter who helped locate him. thousands of you have been intrepid private investigators finding that cat create this is really wonderful. forgive me for being so unprofessional and enthusiastic but i would be in deep yogurt if we didn't find that kitty. let's get back to topical storm. it is summer and there's always one awkward person in the pool even with dogs. can you spot her? she's not the one. she's the one they're in the middle who seems only vaguely aware that she's in the pool. maybe she's just shy. maybe she is a libertarian. maybe the other girl dogs developed before her and they were kind of mean to her but do you know what, that dog is going
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to grow up to a be a celebrated dj and maybe a "fox news" and fox business whose. i never wanted to go to prom with you anyway. the dog is fine. leave her alone. topic number five. how can you make skydiving more exciting than it argues without taking your clothing off? the answer is jumping over a live talking out. that's what roberta mancino did. she did just that lighting over chile's eureka volcano. she may have flown close to the sun but she soared above the billing depths of hell and somehow lived to tell about it. that got me thinking surely we can match her and that is why he asked my producer marty to skydive out of an airplane over
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the same volcano blindfolded. oh no marty. did you just wrote john stossel's cat out of a moving airplane? why would you do that? he just through snuggles out over a volcano. bank got snuggles was smart enough to use a parachute. he is john stossel's cat. he is the greatest rationalist i know and he obviously gave some of that for knowledge to kitty. if john stossel's cat lands in your yard please alert me by using the hashtag admiral snuggles and for the last time hashtag john stossel's stossel's. do you have any stories you want on the topical storm tweet me at kennedy nation by manic instagram using topical storm.
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hillary clinton barely holding on. my party returns to prior with a double standard.
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kennedy: welcome back. donald trump provoked the "washington post" credentials. he has come under scrutiny for banning journalists but hillary clinton, she barely holds formal televised conferences at all. should the media demand access to her as well? the party panels back to kamal foster jamie weinstein and michael moynihan. what is worse here, donald trump ending the "washington post" or hillary clinton ignoring the press? >> obviously hillary is trying to avoid, avoiding the strategy
12:41 am
but trump is scary when you think of what he might be doing as president. bratcher stun his longtime ally said maybe can we can revoke cnn's ftc license. i think that's more worrisome. think he is probablyly right he won't throw people out when he is president because he's only led to alex jones then. kennedy: i guess we are guaranteed either way. if we do have the major party candidates who offends the presidency the press is host. >> but how different is this from the status quo? the charge that i've heard so. with donald trump is that he goes beyond the pale. he lies so much more than anyone else does. this is beyond ordinary lying. the fact that they obfuscate that they do their best to distract and i answer questions directly, everyone kind of does that so perhaps a little fear of the president bike who might
12:42 am
stop the person doing their job is a good thing. maybe that will make americans set up a little straighter. i'm trying to be optimistic. kennedy: is there a need justification for banning the "washington post" from your press conference? >> from conrad foster. i will say this camile is right in the sense that he is not as gentile as other people. this is not uncommon thing. it's more than that. i think i seem to recall president obama not allowing a new yorker reporter and his plane after he did a cover he didn't like. he is more upfront about it that to jamie's point is much worse. the idea of opening up threatening jet bezos who owns the "washington post" is something uniquely terrifying. at least nixon had an enemies list. he was in your face about it but to camile's point it's not
12:43 am
uncommon that this happens but he is -- kennedy: three dozen press organizations band together to tell the white house to have to be more transparent not fulfilling a foia request. we have deadlines and you don't give us comments we missed them. >> there are a number of people in a number of news organizations that aren't necessarily right cleaning that up and upset at hillary clinton. >> you have a similar name. kennedy: we have about five seconds. >> president trump -- kennedy: thank you so much. michael jamie and camile. coming up "new york times"
12:44 am
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kennedy: and "new york times" editorial by my beloved ucla. what the heck has happened there? allow professor named adam winkler is calling for the federal government to establish a secret court that could revoke gun ownership rights from suspects who isn't similar to no-fly list which are also horrible. here to react his doctor ron paul former texas commerce man and presence of candidate and host of the ron paul liberty
12:48 am
report. dr. paul did you have the chance to scan this article? >> i did and you sounded a little bit outrage. i am more so outraged but not too surprised. this is what has been happening for the past 15 years. it's back to this whole idea of the misinterpretation of the 2nd amendment. they think the militia have rights and therefore its collective and the amendment is so clear. this whole idea that you can have a secret court take away this right is insane. i heard somebody in tv the other day and they said well the fbi is overloaded. they have so many cases. what we need to do is if you get a call and the fbi gets a call and says and says so-and-so looks suspicious and he can investigate it just put them on the list. that's their attitude. they run it down later. i think it's a horror but i think we been going in that direction for a long time in many areas in the tsa as an example of total failure and now they want expanded.
12:49 am
this is not going to meet the american people safer and it's justifies -- jeopardizes our civil liberties even more. kennedy: at such an awful idea but it's the kind of thing that leftists adore. it's his control white paper and idea put forward by law professor therefore the idea must be legitimate and therefore we must put it into action. once something like this that it becomes practical it's detrimental to a free society and we are already losing so many of our liberties. in fact if in the wake of the orlando shooting he has called for a ban of muslims in the country. hillary clinton pushing for more gun control just like the president and many in his administration. if president paul were in the white house right now presiding what would you have said rex what would you have called for in the wake of this attack?
12:50 am
>> first off the two things that they did banning guns and banning muslims is an attack on civil liberties and attacking the freedom of the american people will solve it. we are not going to attack her privacy and their constitutional rights. our efforts will be designed to protect those rights and not interfere with them. also i would like to ban something else that i would like to ban bombing and unconstitutional wars. even though indirectly i believe they are responsible, we are talking about people that are 80% of the shootings occurred by american citizens so the advocacy is to go and bomb more people you need to ban the attitude and of course banned the bombing because that sets the stage iv radicals to play on it and influence the people in this country although i quite frankly think this recent shooting had to engage somebody really out of his mind.
12:51 am
there's a lot of speculation on exactly what he was up to and why. kennedy: a lot of people thought the libertarian position in surveilling unstable people who happen to be radical islamists like this orlando shooter say libertarians don't go far enough how do you combat the problem backs if you are president of the united states? >> there's no way to prevent crime and must you put everybody into a fence and controlled everything that they did. i would say it should be dealt with. the bigger question is what are we doing to prevent the crime in our inner cities? we are killing so many people and nobody even talks about it but that's the responsibility of local law officials. it's not the responsibility of the federal government to have another agency to undermine our personal liberty and take away our guns. it's exactly the opposite. we need to emphasize the fact
12:52 am
the fact individuals have a responsibility to protect themselves and their families and the local governments have responsibility and we should be talking about foreign-policy and why that incites people. everybody should assume should assume or sponsor ability. there's no way the policeman can protect us against all potential enemies. that is not the purpose of government. the purpose of government is to protect their liberties. we can start with understanding what the 2nd amendment is all about. kennedy: that's right in protecting the constitution as sacred dock. thank you very much dr. paul. coming up celebrity chef and there she america, they don't call it travel season for nothing. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice.
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so delicious your tongue will gain the ability to time travel and taste color. you can catch alex at two events in the hamptons this summer. go to the hamm twins. you have chilled these martini glasses. >> thank you. i'm super excited about by comedy show which is august 5. kennedy: and you are going to be doing comedy? fantastic. you can make incredible food. been to one of your restaurants and it's unbelievable. you are a celebrated mythologist mythologist -- mixologists. what is this cocktail we are making because we have fresh lemon fresh grapefruit squeeze in a bowl of ice. >> this is the chef in me that i can't let go. i like to mix a cocktail and a bowl. by the way i know measuring can
12:57 am
be overs -- overdone. equal parts of sugar and water simmered together or mix superfine sugar and water and stir it and you are done. you love sugar. you ate cotton candy. kennedy: i like this idea of putting salt in there but not in a natural place. i know there a lot of cocktails with bacon and sausages and stuff like that. i really just like my mouth to get hit with a little bit of salt when i take the glass. kennedy: you are scoring grapefruit. >> i like a little bit of extra summer fruit. i just cut it right off and mix it in. kennedy: what is nice about that if you haven't had time for dinner or for you go to the bar you have a as well.
12:58 am
>> you are getting your vitamin-c even though it's mixed with vodka. you dip it in the cocktail to moisten the rim. no better thing than to reinforce the same flavoring is a little bit of grapefruit or lemon zest. it's so delicious. kennedy: you make it look so delicious and it gives people great anxiety to have to mix cocktails with a meal. just open a bottle of appreciate help. >> this is the kind of thing you can step on your patio grill fish. vegans, carnivores everybody. how important is it to have a lovely tail? >> i'm sorry i mix it like a salad. what can i tell you? sometimes i do a little extra juice right on top. your mouth is kind of watering, isn't it?
12:59 am
kennedy: i feel like if i tilt my head to the wrong angle i would spill drool all over the place. i have to be ladylike. i can't be unprofessional so i can't imbibe while working. the good news is we tape the show so if people go to twitter, we will tell you exactly -- we we are taking a pregame no's bath right now. it smells delicious. this is aromatherapy in the studio for you. kennedy: it's just like college. only classy. thank you so much for being here. >> either way check out chop junior. kennedy: i can't believe the amount of talent they have. brussels sprouts, the things they're about to do with limited time. >> i have an 8-year-old daughter.
1:00 am
just learn your role. kennedy: thank you for watching michaud follow us on twitter at kindred nation faced the kennedy at the end and enough kennedy fp&l's fox cheers. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the back2life 12-minute back pain solution, brought to you by back in five, llc. pain pills, hot and cold packs, endless doctor visits, injections, even surgery. if you or anyone you know have tried these or any other ways to relieve yourself of back discomfort, only to find you still suffer from debilitating back pain, then stay tuned, because your life is about to change forever. introducing back2life, the 12-minute solution to a lifetime of back pain. back2life has caused a sensation around the world and is now here in the united states. in that short time, er


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