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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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so if there was ever a moment for all of us to reflect and reaffirm our most basic beliefs that everybody counts and everybody has dignity, now's the time. it's a good time for all of us to reflect how we treat each other and respect an equality for every human being. we have to end discrimination and violence against our brothers and sisters who are in the lgbt community. here at home and around the world, especially countries where they are routinely prosecuted. we have to challenge the oppression of women wherever it occurs, here or overseas. there's only us, americans.
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here in orlando, and the men and women taken from us, those who loved them, we see some of the true character of this country, the best of humanity coming roaring back. the love and the compassion and the fierce resolve that will carry us through not just through this atrocity, but through whatever difficult times may confront us. it's our pluralism and our respect for each other, including the young man who said to a friend, he was super proud to be latino. it's a love of country, patriotism of army reservist known as an amazing officer, it's our unity, the outpouring of love that so many across our country have shown to our fellow americans who are lgbt. a display of solidarity that might have been unimaginable
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even a few years ago. out of this darkest of moments, that gives us hope. seeing people reflect. seeing people's best instincts come out. maybe in some cases minds and hearts change. it is our strength and our resilience. the same determination of a man who died here who traveled the world mindful of the risks as a gay man but who spoke for all of us who said we cannot be afraid, we are not going to be afraid. may we all find that same strength in our own lives. may we all find that same wisdom in how we treat one another. may god bless all who we lost here
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in orlando. may he comfort their families. may he heal the wounded. may he bring some solace to those whose hearts have been broken. may he give us resolve to do what's necessary to reduce the hatred of this world, to curb the violence. may he watch over this country that we call home. thank you very much, everybody. >> an act of terrorism, an act of hate. president barack obama in orlando with vice president joe biden by his side, giving remarks, visiting the city of orlando that has been stricken by not one but three tragedies this week, and, of course, the early sunday morning shooting at the pulse gay nightclub
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where 49 people lost their lives in one of the most horrific shootings and the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the president making a few remarks in particular saying that gun control is back on the table but being careful to say let's not politicize the issue of g gun control, and speak out to the grieving families, some of whom he met with today and saying be careful about political statements in this time of sadness for our nation. he took a bit of a shot at donald trump, we should say, saying that the notion that, quote, similarly armed people in that club, that people in that club should have been armed as well, that defies common sense, end quote. donald trump saying he believed that those in the club, if they had had guns on their side, they could have better defended themselves, and also he defended the acts of assault weapons is something he disagrees with, in particular, and also interestingly saying that vice president biden had
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spoken with the families in newtown, connecticut yesterday, the school shooting that many of you remember. good evening, i'm cheryl casone. this is "risk & reward." i'm in for deirdre bolton tonight. i want to bring in retired colonel and fox news strategic analyst ralph peters and former arizona governor and trump supporter jan brewer tonight. governor brewer, i want to go to you first, he took a moment of sadness addressing the people of orlando had such a horrific tragedy in their own backyard but taking a shot at donald trump. how did that -- what was your reaction to that statement from the president, jan? >> you know, cheryl, these things that happen where leaders have to address the audience are always tuchlt unfortunately he had politicized every one of these opportunities that he is able to attend, to address and politicize the issue at hand.
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why is it that he doesn't let us as a country weep for a day for the tragedy without politicizing it. why does he want to make it all about gun control? why does he want to attack our constitution? why doesn't he fight the terrorists? we are at war, mr. president. it just doesn't make any sense to me. he says we must not be afraid. well, mr. president, i think we have a right to be fearful. our federal government isn't protecting us. they're not protecting us. they politicize. they push their left-wing policies and they don't even allow again, i'll say, cheryl, to allow us to weep as a country, as americans altogether, for the tragedy. it was horrific. it was awful, it was terrible! >> and no leader should have to deal with that. at the same time, colonel peters, what i found interesting he did bring up the issue of gun control and taking that swipe at mr. trump. yet the issue of the assault weapons ban, many democrats
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want assault weapons banned in this country, others say that's not going to do any good. look at city of chicago, for example, some of the strictest gun laws in the country, chicago has the highest murder rate in the country right now, colonel peters? >> i don't like dragging gun control into this, and it repelled people that the president spent over twice as long talking about gun control as he did about terrorism. it's full of platitudes. no human being, no american citizen was protected by platitude. we can have a legitimate debate what the founding fathers intended, what a well-regulated militia means? what rules we should have about assault weapons? that wasn't the place, he said he didn't want to politicize it. and he politicized it. he made it sound as the hatred was in american hearts. no, the hatred is on the part of the terrorists. this young man was driven by
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islamist fanatic websites. he just tried to neutralize it. didn't bring up islam. when he talked about the persecution of gays, and i'm glad he did, overseas, he didn't single out muslim countries or talk about the koranic prohibitions, it was fundamentally dishonest, cynical and empty and wrong. >> you know also too, governor brewer, when you were of course, running the great state of arizona, you had to deal with the issue of illegal immigration over and over and over. donald trump, of course, has said repeatedly he wants to build a wall, in particular, he wants to ban any new muslims coming into the country. do you support donald trump in those particular ideas still to this day, when he's been heavily criticized for those? >> well, i certainly agree with securing our borders. i believe the wall does need to be built. i believe that california and texas are pretty well secured. i know the tucson sector in arizona is certainly not
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secured and that we are the pathway for the cartels and all the illegal immigration which includes people that could be part of the refugee movement, traveling in that mode, but, in fact are terrorists coming into our country. and we need our country secured and i support donald trump 100% in that regard. i think most of americans feel we need our borders secured. it just doesn't make any sense. it just is unbelievable that we keep talking about this and talking about this, and the bottom line is that the people of america, the people of america know that we have been declared war on, and all we hear from the federal government is that we're going to fight it with gun control. we're going to fight it with gun control. we need our federal government to step up and do their job. they need to do the job. need to uphold the constitution and abide by the laws that we
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all live under. that includes protecting us. not only here in the united states, but fight this war where it belongs to be fought. >> that's true, but colonel peters, she brings up a very interesting fight, the war has changed. isis in particular, they've got syria, iraq, we have had success in closing in on them. at the same time, though, colonel peters, cia director brennan came out and said astoundingly against what the president has said that isis is actually gaining a foot hold in particular because they're able to influence, using social media, using the web, influence these lone, particularly what would have been this lone shooter in orlando, that is a war of a different kind, and colonel, that's not something we've done as a country is fight this type of war. a war on social media. how do we respond to this as a country? >> actually, it wouldn't be as hard as we're making it. we have -- pardon me, cheryl,
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we have incontrovertible evidence that these shooters from san bernardino to orlando and in europe as well are motivated by radical jihadi websites and chat rooms. and we have a model for how to address. that it's a campaign against child pornography. it is a federal crime to download or have anything to do online with child pornography. you go to jail. and the hate sites preaching death to america, death to europeans and telling people how to kill, that's jihadi porn, and we need congress to act to make it illegal, to contribute to, to log onto, to create any of these hate websites. we have to go after them overseas as well. but here at home, people need to know that you log onto the jihadi sites, the ones that call for violence against americans for subversion, you do that, it is a federal crime. you go to jail. it's not a free speech issue at all. this is about incitement to
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kill, and by the way, we could -- the government could license journalists and researchers to look at the sites, not a problem, but you've got to stop the websites. we know they're the problem, the catalyst and we're doing nothing. >> facebook, twitter and google are being sued, we're talking about that later on the program tonight. governor brewer, and, of course, retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters. perfect to have you as we listen to the president just a moment ago. thanks to both of you. >> thank you, cheryl. >> thank you. >> well, the father of a paris terror victim now suing facebook, twitter and google for enabling isis. his attorney is going to join me next.
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. cheryl: well, the fbi says the orlando terrorist was likely radicalized by extremist material published online. now i have a father of a 23-year-old paris victim is suing facebook, twitter and google for enabling isis. facebook and twitter say it is without merit. google declined to comment on pending litigation. in their statements, all three companies pointed to their own policy that prohibit the publication of extremist material. here's part of facebook's statement to show you. here's what they say -- well, to the paris victim's attorney, keith altman, keith.
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start off with your reaction to the statement, they are saying we reached out for a response, that's what they told us, without merit. that's what they say to you, how do you respond? >> i haven't seen a defendant yet that any plaintiff's case is without merit. that's totally expected, and nobody says they don't try to do something, the question is are they doing what they can reasonably do? that's what the slaughtabout. this is about behavior modification, about getting the companies to be aggressive and sensible in term of how they try to protect against allowing the use of their infrastructures for terrorism. cheryl: you are representing reynaldo gonzalez. >> that's correct. cheryl: his daughter died in paris, 23 years old. >> yes. cheryl: let me ask you this, what types of evidence, some of it you had to give to the court in california. you say that basically they're providing material support to isis. what is the evidence to show that, to prove that? >> one of the things is they give isis a vehicle in order to
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be able to spread its recruitment, or to spread propaganda and conduct operations. what's important about this case, this is not about what isis writes per se, not about their posting, it is abobout their use of the system, the environment which it allows them to freely to create and propagate their activities. cheryl: here's what they say, we've had the conversation with regards to apple several times. they will say, well, we're an open network, it's not our responsibility. we're here to be a social network, if you will, in response to facebook. they'll pull things down, but in a way they say they're not really responsible for that. in a sense. that was the defense with apple? >> the apple situation was a very different case here. that's after the fact. cheryl: getting into the iphone of the shooter. >> that's not what we're dealing with here. we're dealing with -- the terrorism act says if an american is harmed by an act of international terrorism, those
5:19 pm
that provide material support to those terrorists can be found responsible. so the question here is do these companies allow the terrorists to act freely? now, this is not about stopping terrorism completely and it's not about the expectation that they're going to read every single post. but the question is could they be doing more? for example, one of the things that's well known, they take a site down. dr. isis 101, the next day, dr. isis 102. does it take a rocket scientist that the prefix dr. isis, more importantly, how do they reconstruct the networks. cheryl: keith altman, you've got to keep us posted on the suit. it's playing out in california. we'd love to have you back on. >> okay, sure. cheryl: keith altman, suing facebook, twitter and google for enabling isis, he says. technology lagging today as investors search for high-dividend stocks after the fed left rates unchanged.
5:20 pm
the nasdaq gaining the least. social media stocks closing down for the day. facebook sued for not doing enough to curb terrorists on their site, what would you do if a terrorist was using your business to commit atrocities. a couple of small business owners who say they would take action, after this. >> the best antidote to bad speech is good speech. they launched a "like" attack on the facebook page of the npd. the heirloom tomato.
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. cheryl: terrorists are using social media companies to help recruit, communicate and commit acts of terror. ceos such as facebook's mark zuckerberg have been criticized for the effort to curb and combat their presence. if terrorism were using your business, what would you do?
5:24 pm
to our panel, patty, gina loudon and bo dietl joining me now. so gina, to you first on this. this is a hypothetical situation. if a terrorist is using your company or product as they're doing at facebook, would you try to stop them, make it a priority, how old do you it? do you act immediately? how do you immediately handle something like this? >> yeah, i believe there's a moral obligation, absolutely, for business owners to do everything in their power. we are at war right now, and if the entities involved in acts of war are using your business, there's positively a moral obligation to do everything you can and to act quickly as you said. cheryl: patty, how would you handle it? >> you know what? i would use every resource i could bring to bear to stop them. i would work with the authorities. if i found out that isis or another terrorist organization was using my company or my technology as a vehicle to recruit, i would do everything
5:25 pm
i could to stop it. i don't know any other business owner who would not feel the same. cheryl: do you call your lawyer? do you call the authorities? do you call the fbi? is that the initial reaction? >> yes, i'd call the fbi, i would work with the fbi, i would work with anybody who wanted to stop them, and every single business owner i know feels the same way. cheryl: i want to take this back to orlando for just a moment, because he was well-documented he was make inflammatory comments. he was casing disney world for god's sakes, this kid was all over the place. if somebody like that was at your company, what would you do? can you fire them? call the fbi, you can fire them? >> you call the fbi and a lawyer so you're not discharging someone without grounds. as a private investigation company now we use the social media when we do backgrounds,
5:26 pm
if there is negative stuff on there, we report it to the employer. with mark zuckerberg talking the way he's talking, they have the alert thing on facebook. someone's going to try to commit suicide, something negative. i'm going to tell mr. zuckerberg, if someone is talk about terrorism or terrorism plot, they should notify the authorities again. part and parcel for the security for facebook. if they're using facebook in order to recruit or talk about an activity that's going hurt or kill somebody in a terrorist act, i think facebook's responsibility to report that. cheryl: and bo, we should say you are the guy that companies bring in when they have problems just like this. i want to say that. i want to be clear about that. >> i don't think i have anyone in my company doing it. if somebody was in my company, i would have general counsel advise them they're out of here. we've got to step up on this. communication. intelligence is so important. we've got 14,000 fbi agents, that's it.
5:27 pm
cheryl: what we've seen after orlando is all of us need to get involved. the fbi missed a lot of things. >> the very important thing is you have all law enforcement all over the country, they should be used with the fbi. cheryl: i'm so sorry. we are so short on time. would love to talk about this further with all of you. small business owner patty, gina, bo, huge topic, appreciate your time. >> thank you. cheryl: u.s. oil settling at a five week low to just over $46 per barrel. concerns of britain possiblylisque the eu in a lower than expected drawdown of american stockpiles weighed on prices. national gas prices up, for a gallon of regular just in the last month. well, president obama earlier this week saying there's no need to say radical islam, why? because we're already destroying isis without it. >> our mission is to destroy isil.
5:28 pm
since i last updated the american people on our campaign two months ago, this continues to be a difficult fight but we are making significant progress.. cheryl: unfortunately, that's not what the cia director said today. his contradiction of his boss, after this. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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. >> isil's ranks are shrinking as well. their morale is sinking. the flow of foreign fighters,
5:32 pm
including from america to syria and iraq has plummeted. in fact our intelligence community assesses that the ranks of isil fighters has been reduced to the lowest levels in more than 2 1/2 years. cheryl: despite the worst islamic terrorist mass shooting, president obama says we are defeating isis. he says isil. we say isis. unfortunately, cia director john brennan said the exact opposite today. >> despite our progress against isil in the battlefield and financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. the resources needed for terrorism are modest and the group would have to suffer heavier losses on territory, manpower and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly. cheryl: joining me now, former air force assistant vice chief of staff, retired lieutenant tom mcinerney. what does this say to you?
5:33 pm
is the president not listening to the reports he's getting from his team? >> i think he's listening to them, cheryl, but the fact is he's in a different universe and the fact is he's trying to make everything look like a happy face. clearly john brennan told us what the facts are, most of the military analysts they know and have listened to on fox and fox business clearly understand, we are not winning, we're losing this strategy, but the president happens to be in denial. cheryl: you know, general, president obama, we heard his comments a few moments ago from orlando, and he again played down the orlando terrorist connection to isis, but yet the cia director this morning completely seemed to contradict that as well. listen to this. >> we currently do not have any information to indicate that a foreign terrorist group directed the attack in orlando. >> isil is attempting to inspire attacks by sympathizers who have no direct links to the group.
5:34 pm
last month, for example, a senior isil figure publicly urged the group's followers to conduct attacks in their home countries if they were unable to travel to syria and iraq. cheryl: is this the new tactic? not to direct but to inspire lone wolves like the orlando shooter? >> absolutely. the whole caliphate that al-baghdadi set up inspired so many muslims to join it or attack in the west. san bernardino is a case in point. orlando, another case in point, and the president is trying to say, well, they didn't get direct guidance from isis headquarters in raqaa. no, they were inspired and then john brennan pointed out that fact, they put out a broad message to inspire people in different parts in the world in the west to attack us, so indirectly, they have given them guidance. cheryl: and inspired a
5:35 pm
terrorist group in the philippines that beheaded two canadians. >> correct. cheryl: around the world. retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney, thank you so much. >> thanks, cheryl. cheryl: breaking news on the latest drama at viacom, you saw it on fox business. charlie gasparino is here with the latest. you broke this with liz claman at 3:00. looks like an entire board fired at viacom, charlie? >> more than that. what you have is philippe dauman the ceo fired today by sumner redstone or shari redstone, his daughter, depending who you believe here. interesting battle. the board knew this was coming down the pike. philippe dauman knew that as well. he was on the outs of shari redstone, trying to flex her muscles and take control of viacom and the holding company that controls viacom and cbs, they thought she was prodding
5:36 pm
her father to do this and she did it today. cheryl: does she want to run it? sorry to interrupt you. does she want to run it? >> i think you kind of got to let me finish. the facts are porn. what she did today is fired five independent directors, five directors including dauman which fires dauman as ceo. dauman and company are firing back. what we reported is we had a lawsuit prepared to enjoin her from doing, this they filed that today or filed imminently to prevent this, and here's the rub, depends who you talk to. shari redstone says she does not want to run the company. she says her father is competent enough to run the company. philippe dauman is saying in the lawsuit, she is actually prodding him to do that, to do this to get rid of them, she wants to control the company behind the scenes and that her
5:37 pm
father is incompetent to do this and thus lying to shareholders and the investing public and they want to stop her from doing this. they say she wants to run it, she says she doesn't. it's a he said/she said. cheryl: this is such a great story, i can't wait to see what you dig up tomorrow. i'm waiting for more. this is awesome. charlie gasparino, thank you, sir, great stuff today. a question for all of you, will gun control defeat islamic terror? ton of democrats think so, republicans relenting after a 15 hour filibuster. chicago's assault weapons ban is a case study how it won't help. sheriff joe arpaio live from phoenix joining me next. there he is. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. it's how you stay connected.
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. cheryl: chicago violence, a case study for gun control. chicago and illinois have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.
5:41 pm
chicago having an assault weapons ban. just this past year, one person was shot in chicago every 150 minutes. that was the first five months of 2016. and the city suffered 240 fatalities from gunfire. on memorial day weekend alone, 69 people were shot trumping the 53 shootings from the year before. joining me now is sheriff joe arpaio. sir, chicago is a case study how this doesn't work, the president is making this a case for gun control. he said that today. and your response is? >> well, there's something wrong with city hall and the white house. you know, i was a federal narcotics agent going way back to 1957 in chicago, and tore up chicago with adult peddlers, they got tough sentences by selling drugs on the streets and right now it's almost
5:42 pm
legal. have you gangs, drug trafficking. nothing is done about it, and really what surprises me, this is where the president spent many years on the streets of chicago. i can't understand why he's not cracking down, sending more agents there, the army, whatever you have to do to stop the carnage with this gun problem. i don't get it, it really surprises me politically and otherwise why he is not doing something about it because you know what? he really wants to get it done, it can be done the right way. cheryl: sheriff, one of the things that the president said in his remarks about 40 minutes ago, he went out against donald trump and said that it's absurd to think that those who are in the nightclub should have had weapons on them. donald trump says they should have been armed and that would have maybe not stopped the tragedy but saved lives. do you agree with mr. trump? >> yeah. let me tell out colorado rampage, i went public, i got
5:43 pm
18 million hits and i said people that have guns, i'm hoping that someone would be in there and take the guy down and three days later, here comes california, and once again, there was no one in there with a gun. so you know, i agree, but i don't know about the situation in orlando because you have some laws about guns in a liquor place, why didn't someone do something, break open a beer bottle and slit the guy's throat or something, if you can't have a gun, should have had more armed people in there anyway legitimately, security. but i don't want to second-guess what happened, but i'll tell you one thing that's very interesting. they took away my helicopter and armored car, obama did. it took, what, three hours to find an armored car to go in there. that's the irony of all this going on. cheryl: sheriff, i have to say, you are joining us from phoenix where i grew up.
5:44 pm
i know you're expecting 120-degree heat in the next couple of days. i hope you're ready to keep the folks of arizona safe from the heat. and good luck as you handle that in your own state. >> we'll take care of trump when he's here in a couple days. cheryl: i hope he's not bringing his hat -- he needs it nar trip to phoenix. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, thank you, sir. the "new york daily news" blaming the national rifle association for the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. now the "new york times" is doing the same. we're going to tell you what they said, coming up. closing the stage
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . cheryl: the day after the
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orlando terrorist shooting, the "new york daily news" blaming the national rifle association for the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. now the "new york times" is jumping on the nra blame train with an op-ed titled the nra's complicity and terrorism, it reads in part, quote -- all right with, me ow, media research president brent bozell. great to have you sir. "new york daily news" is one thing, but the "new york times," this position is -- this is the "new york times." what do you make of their statement? >> you know, you're right, the
5:49 pm
daily news is just garbage, it's a tabloid, you expect that from them, but the "new york times," though it's left-wing, though it's prohandgun and all that stuff, what they've done in this, i'm not an attorney, but i think it's coming very close to an accusation of defamation because to say that you're complicit in an act of terrorism could not be an uglier accusation to make. cheryl: right. >> look, you can have a debate and a civilized debate about whether or not you should do things such as prevent people who are on these watch lists from getting guns, you're going to have that debate, but to say that somebody in some institution is responsible for the vicious murder of 50 people is way beyond the pale, wa cheryl: right, and again, the times seems to have gone too far. i want to ask you about
5:50 pm
something else this week -- i really want to get to this with you, this is a media issue. cnn host anderson cooper, he grilled, it was a surprise, grilled florida attorney general pam bondi. take a listen to this. >> for years you have basically gone after gay people. do you think you're a champion of the gay community? i have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgender people in a positive way until now. >> there's a time and place for everything. if he wants to ask me about doing my job defending the constitution, but to incite anger and hatred was not the time and place in front of a hospital. emotions are high, i saw later he cried when he was reading the names. so it is what it is, but let's just focus on unity and love and he basically mocked me for saying that. cheryl: okay, so brent, this was the classic gotcha interview, that's what he did, a lot of journalists do it.
5:51 pm
she said they told her they would be talking about the victims, she says they booked under false pretenses, do you think he's right to bring up that issue with her? >> no, bestill my heart that producers sometimes lie to you, it's happened to all of you. it is gotcha journalism. reporters are supposed to be dispassionate and supposed to be observers of a national scene, not the participants and certainly not those trying to create a reality, and that's what you're getting from the press today. they lost all vestiges of productivity, they're trying to effect the news, he's trying to effect the news in florida. cheryl: as i journalist myself for 17 years, you want to get the good story. he went through her twitter for a year and accused her of you only talked about dog rescues on twitter. i respect anderson cooper but in this instance i don't think that i do.
5:52 pm
>> no, because these reporters are active participants in a political debate. now, if you want to do, that call yourself an editorial writer, call yourself a commentator. don't call yourself, and don't pretend to be a reporter. and don't pretend to be somebody who is -- who the public should look at as somebody who's projecting objectivity, who is seeking truth. it is somebody who has an opinion and is going to bludgeon you over the head, even if it means getting you on the air. cheryl: i've met pam bondi several times, she's done a fabulous job as attorney general in the state. and disappointing to see anderson cooper treat her like that. >> in this instance, yes. cheryl: coming up, a new report there were no disney warning signs of alligator-infested waters anywhere near the lake where a two-year-old was killed. coming up a legal eagle what
5:53 pm
costly legal trouble disney could be in? us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. when you cook with incredible thingredients...ato. you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at .
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>> difficult any reps say they will review allocator sign and at the scene of the accident because there were none. >> this is the question of the day. is disney at fault? >> difficult any is absolutely liable. if an operator knows of a concealed or latent peril it's their duty to correct or warn. the signage is crucial in term of determining that negligent liability. the sign saying "no swimming, danger." and there was no mention of allocators.
5:57 pm
courts have held defendant liable for signs more latent than that on adjacent property. the injury was foreseeable and it ramps up the need for the specificity. reporter: if the family decide to take this to court, it could cost them millions. this could cost millions, correct? >> correct. >> in florida there are dans for emotional distress. remorse and reaction is true so i acknowledge and respect the head of disney coming out with their public reaction. but in the eyes of the court their liability is held regardless. reporter: this is all over the
5:58 pm
internet. look at this. so this man was filmed smashing a parked car to free a dog they say was in distress and it was over 100 degrees in the car. is it legal what he did? >> it depend on what state he's in. there are states that protect civilians that break windows to protect dogs in peril. but many state deem it has to be a police officer or animal control, that's the only person protected. so you could be on the hook for the damages the owners of the car are arguing against. but that being said, if you
5:59 pm
don't know your state laws, tennessee protects citizens and california and new york are considering the law. but call local police and have them come out and do it. reporter: i'm a pet owner and i love owner. it just seems to me this is negligence. is that true? >> for the dog owners absolutely. there is a whole set of laws that render the dog owner on the hook. misdemeanors can put them in jail for doing that. life is probably worth your potential fine and liability to this car owner. the police won't prosecute that. reporter: so many people in this nation would do the same thing and so many people have. emily, thank you so much for being with us tonight.
6:00 pm
it has been a busy news day and we continue on fox business to cover the horrific events out of orlando at difficult any and the pulse nightclub. charles payne will be with us next. charles: major averages rebounding from big-time earlier losses. it's been one year since donald trump threw his hat in the ring. now the republican presumptive nominee may be ready to start a media company. new reports out. premiums on obamacare may jump 10% in the next year. president obama meeting with families of the orlando terror attack, victims of those attacks. new reports show the shooter may have been texting his wife during the massacre.


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