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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it has been a busy news day and we continue on fox business to cover the horrific events out of orlando at difficult any and the pulse nightclub. charles payne will be with us next. charles: major averages rebounding from big-time earlier losses. it's been one year since donald trump threw his hat in the ring. now the republican presumptive nominee may be ready to start a media company. new reports out. premiums on obamacare may jump 10% in the next year. president obama meeting with families of the orlando terror attack, victims of those attacks. new reports show the shooter may have been texting his wife during the massacre.
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>> we can't anticipate or catch every single deranged person that may wish to do harm to his neighbors or friend or co-workers or strangers. but we can do something about the amount of damage that necessity do. -- that they do. charles: that was president obama speaking in orlando about the terrorist who killed 49 people. but while the president was speaking we learned of reports the orlando shooter was texting his wife while he was at the pulse nightclub. police are considering potential charges against the shooter's wife. kelly, this is -- if this gets more despicable every single moment, this is a bombshell. >> she should have gone to authorities the first time she
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had any suspicion that her husband was planning any sort of attack. there is no indication she did. now we are getting reports that she was actually receiving texts at 4:00 a.m. during the shootout is just despicable. president obama today using this massacre as a way to rally arms for gun control. it's emotional blackmail at its best. this was a man who was clearly radicalized. pledged an oath to isis. he would have gone in with a bomb if he didn't have a gun. this is emotional blackmail on the part of the president. >> we do have a lot of things happening. i was also struck, i was surprised like earlier in the week when we got the update on isis and the president launched
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into vitriolic campaign mode. i didn't think there would be a repeat of that today. it was surprising. i think he's overplaying his hand. >> i don't think so. this is what people want to hear. we need top hear from the victims and their families before we pass judgment. this is a pet issue for president obama and democrats and some republicans which is nice to see. there are many family members who want more gun control measures. they want universal background checks. charles: something should be put aside occasionally for the sake of everyone involved. you go down to meet the families of the victims and you come out with a rehash of a commercial we saw earlier in the week.
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>> this president recently said isis is on the defense. and the cia corrector says isis is on the offense. now he's turning this into a political issue. focus on the issues and radical islamic terrorism. >> ask the victims' families how they feel about it. ask them how they feel after their children were slaughtered. >> how about the entire nation has been victimized by an administration that refuses to fight terrorism. this isn't about gun control. this is about terrorism. unless we address gun control, we'll never solve this. >> freedom is a more powerful weapon in this country than guns. until the president does that he's not doing a service to these victims. >> no one is murdered by freedom.
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>> we have declining prosperity, increasing mental illness. let's talk about -- charles: all of those things have to be talked about. and i think it's sort of the timing. i found the timing today to be ought. i wasn't expecting it earlier in the week. but he segued off a discussion in isis. there are times when i don't know, a poll says everything. a legitimate moment of silence and a brief break from all the politics that focus on the people. >> an epic failure in leadership in this country continues. charles: on this notion we did hear from cia director brennan. not long ago to paraphrase president obama, isis is not an existential threat. not only are they an existential threat to america, but the
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entire world, and brennan said they will intensify global terror. >> there is no doubt that this is a real world security threat that we as americans should be coming together and trying to fight. you see that president obama's strategy against radical islamic terrorism whether it's isis or the taliban which there are new reports coming out of afghanistan saying the taliban is at unprecedented levels since 2001. he's losing the war on terror. his current strategy isn't working, and we need to be discussing real solutions and they are quite frankly causing a lot of anxiety within this country. >> i found the president's language that this was an external -- i wan wonder how long they sat up in the situation room coming up with that verdict it's a complete
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lack of understanding what isis is it's different than al qaeda. they don't operate by trying to bring people to them. they operate by bringing lone actors to act with frequency and not so much severity. charles: i don't know that president obama lacks understanding. i think he's pushing an agenda. with that particular phrase, by lumping in the boston killers, san bernardino, with newtown, and aurora, by lumping them all in and suggesting, the idea is anyone in this country can be dangerous, that it doesn't have to necessarily be someone of the muslim faith that's dangerous. and that somehow we are focused on the wrong things when we want to protect our country from radical islam. is that what he's telling us?
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>> that's what he's saying. the facts and figures will shown deaths by white christian males and terrorists. i understand you guys just want to be critical of the president no matter what. >> we are at war with radical islamic terrorism that wants to take over the world and create jihad and create mass terrorism because they believe the end of days are coming. unless they realize this is actually happening. in the middle east. and it's now coming to our shore. we'll be defeated by it. >> jessica you did mention facts and figures. isis as taken iraq and syria and they are taking libya and they
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are coming for us. we have to do something. >> i don't disagree with you. this is where die part with the president. i think he needs to be tougher. americans are scared and they have a right to be and i understand that. i want to be clear about gun deaths and who is perpetrating the majority of them. charles: we all agree that terrorism is something that's unique in that it's designed specifically to change our way of lives that we live. the more these attacks are happening more frequently and they have become more and more deaths, death toll gets higher and higher. the targets get softer and softer. we are bracing for something -- what's going to beat this out. who is plotting to break this record. >> the intelligence community
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years ago predicted this day would come. we understand this isn't a white problem or gay problem or straight problem it's an american problem. we need an american lead tore stand up to fight radical islamic terrorism. >> i have heard a lot of people on the republican side say they want to talk about islamic terrorism. but the gay community was specifically targeted and attacked. charles: a lot of people will say the gay community ended up being victimized because. political correctness. >> we don't know that he was a complete external actor and we don't know the roam of his wife -- the role of his wife. charles: it's just like san bernardino.
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jihaddization is a combination of things that happened on the internet. >> the importance of that texting. that might be the needle in the that says she was actually involved in the attack. charles: donald trump has some members of the gop upset. we'll discuss it all when we come right back. get ready for the rio olympic games
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call or go online today to switch to x1. >> i'm going to be talking to the nra and starting a dialogue. a number of people have brought this to my attention and i understand why we should be discussing it.
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charles: powerful gun rights groups are wondering what his position will be. the nra, they have endorsed donald trump. but they did reiterate yesterday that they have not changed their position and anyone on the terror watchlist who tried to buy guns should be investigated by hot f.b.i. will donald trump be able to make the nra do something no one ever thought they would? ly a, the plot thickens on this one. what do you think? >> i think republicans, democrats and the nra aren't that far off. everyone wants to keep guns out of the hands of terrorism. you look at senator cornyn who introduced the shield act in december which would do the same
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thing feinstein's bill would do. they would basically allow for due process so people don't arbitrarily have their rights taken away from them. people end up on the no-fly list like the late senator ted kennedy and john lewis. charles: absent the potential legislation. so far the positions have been drawn in the line of just immovable sand, rock, stone, whatever you want to call it, they have not budged. it would be interesting to see them move even an inch on this. >> it would depend on if there were protections for due process. you can't arbitrarily take away americans' second amendment rights without their ability to proceed with due process. that's the point of contention here.
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if you have republicans like john cornyn saying, wait a minute, we need to do this within the confines of the convention. that's the holdup for democrats and that's concerning. with joe manchin who said today, due process is standing in the way. that we should get rid of due process. if that's where democrats are, that's a scary thing. charles: joe manchin was considered the last of the blue dog democrats. would democrats consider this a victory for them? or would it show donald trump is open-minded on things and not -- he's willing to think individual issues out. >> he used to be a liberal.
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donald trump has some proclivities toward the other side. i'm curious how long he will stick with this position. there is a reason senator cornyn amendment is not good enough for democrats. it has to do with the amount of time you have for this due process. so what senator feinstein is proposing is the attorney general can step in and stop the sale of guns until the due process is carried out. i'm excited to see there might be bipartisan legislation on this as early as next week. charles: the type line, right? again if it's up to the administration to determine. once the right is revoked to buy a gun, first all we don't know
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who is in control of these lists. they are so huge and so long, you wonder what is the criteria for getting on there? and there is no criteria for getting off. if there is a compromise it would actually backfire. it would be worse for potential gun owners. >> you have senator feinstein saying to donald trump, he makes everything worse. don't look a gift horse in the mouth. he's giving you a great gift. and that's what -- how you thank him. i don't necessarily think think is just a matter of the number of hours. this is much more complicated. it comes down to fundamental freedom. and what does it mean to be on a watchlist. we have great law enforcement. we have the most advanced technologies in the world. there is no reason we shouldn't be able to watch and monitor
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charles: the new season of enrollment in obamacare will probably see a substantial sticker shock. about a third all metropolitan areas project premiums and the most popular subsidized plans will rise by 10%age points. heather i guess what we are seeing is some of these initial things put in place to mitigate the increases running off.
6:24 pm
and maybe this is the tip of the iceberg. it can't get worsethan this, can it? >> we see the people are more sick than we thought. things cost more money than the government thought, and this is only the beginning of what we'll see. there has to be a sea change in the way obamacare is implemented. charles: some bold promises were made that were broken early on. what do you think the economic damage will be? >> medical costs up almost 4% every year. >> it will take away all the freedom we have within the budge tote operate. most consumers won't see the price increases in large measure. they will get the subjects does from the government. but where does the government get the money from? hillary will want to tax the top 10%.
6:25 pm
she talks about doing that for free daycare and college tuition and even if donald comes in, he doesn't want to cut the safety net. charles: when they were selling this, nobody said anything about the subsidies. to me it's amazing. it's just doesn't stop. we can't pay for it out of thin air. either the deficit goes up or we might get thanks increases fit goes up any eye. >> you are seeing its effect on the job and labor market. goldman action came out saying hundreds of thousands of workers have been pushed into part-time work because of the affordable care act. now, we are only going to face worsening situations come 2017. in 2017, that's when the risk corridors so the subsidies the
6:26 pm
government is giving them is going to expire. so you will see in 2018 premiums even more increase. it could be a death spiral. charles: we are seeing a major insurance company opt out of these changes. charles: one of the policy changes is limits abolish it and start from scratch. but it sound very complicated now that it's in place. >> from a snrel perspective tort reform is a way of cutting costs. doctors are engaging in humidity amounts of defensive medicine. things that don't have to happen. there has got to be part of this has to be tort reform. it wasn't included in obamacare. they have to approach this from this perspective and bring some
6:27 pm
of this down. peter, if we can't completely tear this thing up and rip it up and start from scratch, is there anything that can be done? apparently some people stepped into our conspiracy theorists believe this is designed to fall apart to take us to a single payer system. >> we move to a single payer system and we'll have that in a lot of markets in a few years because there will only be one insurer in the market. or we get rid of the mandate and requirement that people have to buy health insurance and we provide some kind of reasonable subsidy to every american. but if we do that they can't show up in an emergency room and say i can't pay and escape from the bill. in germany, wealthier germans don't have to buy health insurance, everyone else does.
6:28 pm
but they can't walk away from the bill if they don't show up with insurance. charles: kelly be you made the point, it will only get worse. a year goes by fast. this is the one-year anniversary of donald trump coming down that escalator, throwing his hat in the ring to a lot of skeptics. we'll recap the amazing year for donald trump on the trump train when we come back. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> we need a leader that can bring back our jobs, bring back our manufacturing, bring back our military, can take care of our vets. i'm officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. charles: that was just one greer ago today. back then many republicans, democrats, all the experts thought donald trump when he announced his bid for the presidency. in the meantime he has broken all the rules are. he established all kinds of records an has crushed the establishment big time. a year later he's the presumptive nominee. how will donald trump's
6:33 pm
opponents take him on. will the democrats underestimate him as well? lisa, let me start with you, it's been a couple good weeks tore hillary clinton. she has done well with polls. you start to get the sense that the dems are cooling up the champagne already. i think that might be a mistake. >> just ask hillary clinton who thought she was going to get a coronation in 2008 and lost to senator barack obama or ask her about this election psych the when she didn't think she would have a fight against bernie sanders. and she almost lost to him. there is a real danger, and somebody like hillary clinton who thinks it will be a coronation to underestimate donald trump. despite the headlines there has been and lot of enthusiasm for republicans.
6:34 pm
there have been 1 million more ballots cast for republicans than the democrats. charles: i think that point about bernie sanders has got to echo with hillary clinton. there are similarities between some of s position and done's. and the segment of a population he reached that she could not reach. it seems donald trump could reach over and grab a lot of voters. >> they are facing high unfavorable ratings. donald trump hit 75%. it's been a bad week for him. his response to the orlando shooting has not been taken well by the american public. but i don't think the -- i don't think hillary clinton under pest
6:35 pm
mates donald trump. i think she takes him very seriously. it will be a close race. but this could swing back and forth depends on the events. charles: donald trump soundsly beat the republican establishment, but they are not giving up. every day i log on and see republican governors as not going to vote for donald trump. you see donald trump who has endorsed him. but you wouldn't believe it from the critiques he gives donald trump. do your friends know this? >> it is like the republican party is playing a game of hot potato. they love and hate him at the same time. deck armitage is not a posturing
6:36 pm
people. he's a respected policymaker, he has come out and said he doesn't think he can vote for donald trump. i think we are in for a bit more of this. charles: we'll have more of those full-throated guys who came out the gate, who knew trump was going to win from day one. you knew when he came down that escalator that he was going to win. >> the point is this to your points, cathy. main street people don't care about these big names. these are policy makers that got us into the trouble we are in. donald trump has torn down the establishment's wall. charles: do you honestly believe he does not need any help from the embedded establishment that
6:37 pm
has something -- they can't bring something to the table? >> he will never be on his own base has the american people behind him. we'll see him get sworn in? january. he's a very interesting partnership coming up. he's not doing this alone anymore. he needs the republican party. charles: i just want to put my hand over my heart. we the people. by the way, today stocks -- well, i don't know if you watched the market. but we were down tremendously. we made one of the biggest reversals. nine out of ten s & p sectors ended in positive territory. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad.
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charles: major averages rebound from earlier losses. we snapped the five-day losing streak.
6:41 pm
charles: the fed report was out
6:42 pm
and it saw continued pressure on greent average hours, both were down. the details, that provided a different story in the past year rents up 3.8%. medical care up 3.5%. if you smoke, 3.6% more for insurance. then there is the saga of the stock market. the market collapsed, but after several attempts to break out on the up side, then came the snowball that morphed into a gold bolder. then buyers emerged and it became and feeding free-for-all. we get the sense there is a fair amount of money ready to pounce when it seems like the worst is over. butted the market remains in a
6:43 pm
narrow trading range. it's important that today's rally holds up tomorrow. you need some see more buyers lured off the sidelines. two stocks that could leaded way are mgm and smith and wes on. smith and wes on saw revenues of 22%. earnings were up 66%. here is the key. management was able to lift financial guidance. that stock was up big time. in the meantime on a broader picture the s & p bounced off the 50-day average. watch that closely tomorrow. guys, you don't want to miss fox business's new show. the chairman discusses ways the government can help the housing
6:44 pm
market. >> fannie mae, freddie mac, the fha, va, they issue 90% of the mort games in this country. if a president came to me and said what can we do to help housing, the answer would be ease up on the qualification standard. that's traditionally what they have done. charles: we are just one week away from britain's referendum on whether to stay in the eu. a woman in the british parliament was stabbed to death. ♪
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charles: world markets are concerned about the british referendum to least e.u. and a member of parliament was stabbed and shot by an attacker who yelled "britain first" before killing her. she was a rising tar out there pounding the pavement crying to prove her case, jo cox. for it to go this far, i think the campaign wants to put it off for a couple days. will this impact the ultimate vote? >> it is a horrific tragedy. both campaigns have suspended
6:49 pm
their political rhetoric for the next few days in order to honor her memory. but this is an emotional issue. they have been essentially married to the eu and are now considering divorce it's a issue of patriotism and immigration, issues we in the u.s. are all too familiar with. it's very unpredictable as you mentioned. the polls are closing and it's catching a lot of these pure grath autocratic elite dozen -- bureaucratic elites who took for granted the patriotism of the people of britain. >> we talked about the economic impact. mark carney the governor of the bank of england said this will have economic ramifications that we don't understand and comprehend. >> it will have economic
6:50 pm
ramifications we have difficulty anticipating. but there has been and lot of scare tactics. a lot of corporations based in london saying if they are severed from the european iewn joint will be the end of the world. but if they leave they will be telling stockholders we have continue general is for this, don't panic. so we'll get a lot of hyper rhetoric that's not that telling of what the future holds. charles: a lot of people say this echoes what's going on here. peter talked about the big businesses that benefit from this union. the rich people that benefit from this union. a poll taken in england says it doesn't help low-income folks, it doesn't help eveningers.
6:51 pm
even president obama weighed in. if they decide to leave, would that have an impact on our. >> we are having a problem with refugees and immigration, lower classes feel there are people coming from eastern europe taking their jobs because they will work for lower wages which is the conversation we have about mek cans in our country. charles: england wants the right to control their borders. >> i think it will impact our elections, not because barack obama will seem impotent. but this america first, england first type of policy. if we think back to the general election, the polling was incredibly off, and it was off
6:52 pm
with the scottish referendum as well. charles: the professional betters are saying the u.k. will stay. anyone who thick they will leave real quick before we wrap this up? >> i think they will leave. but that's a bet. i'm not sure about. charles: thanks a lot. appreciate it. coming up, cia director, john brennan, warning that isis is stronger than al qaeda ever was. existential threat? you bet. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run.
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charles: breaking news we are just hearing that deputies in torrence county mexico are vaccinating people from their homes as a wildfire rages out of control. the wind pattern shifted and the change of course of the fire but the number of new homes in
6:56 pm
jeopardy. we will keep you updated as we as we were more per julie testimony from cia director john renan about the growing number of isis fighters. brennan says there are 18,000 isis members in iraq and syria alone plus thousands more in the middle east and other countries. >> isil fighters far exceed what al-qaeda had at its height. we are talking about tens of thousands of individuals. charles: that makes the terror network larger than al qaeda. joining me now steve rogers jessica tarloff and kathy taylor. steve, if you listen to brennan's testimony it was almost a rebuttal of the things are president obama told us earlier this week that we have isis on the run and everything is okay. c it was an absolute rebuttal. at present is good at. >> things his way. we sob benghazi and the videotape because this attack
6:57 pm
bears and i have a president putting a. >> on it. apparently someone didn't alert the cia director but the cia director gave us the truth and the truth is isis is on the offense, not on the defense is the president would lead us to believe. charles: it's interesting because the media says the reason we are getting more of these so-called lone wolf attacks is because isis is losing the battle and this is a desperation move by the way brendan talked about it this is a step further, not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. c it's hard to compare isis and doc qaeda because they are different organizations and you are right it could be a sign of strength and that's also concerning about it. let's are member that isis gets most of their funds from not just on my shins which is what al-qaeda relied on and isis gets power and broad numbers of people, individuals. they are not bringing people in and training them. they want reach.
6:58 pm
that's what they are getting so that is very concerning. they are still able to get back but what the mr. asian is telling us they are doing to deter funding and to gain territory back from isis so it's there were a problem. charles: jessica there've been democrats who have been critical of president obama that is passivity around with this thing. he is not punching hard and he is dead fast and he won't budge on this. i think it's a bigger liability, one of the bigger liabilities that hillary clinton has to continue president obama's bite or non-bike against isis. c there is a narrative that came up talking about the difference in their foreign policy. hillary would be much more willing to venture -- she is more hawkish than president obama and in a lot of ways more hot dish then trump is times as well so that dynamic will come out. i totally agree with you and the
6:59 pm
american people the polls show they are concerned about this. charles: jessica the idea that she wants to bring in and in greece over the amount of refugees. >> 55,000. not all at once. charles: the bottom line is wire you pretend to live bringing the enemy here and why is she so steadfast of glee went to this? >> a lot of republicans who want to carry on the diplomatic duty. the vetting process in 18 to 24 months, nothing is perfect and she talked in her response with your lender shooting wanting more recess -- resources that. you can talk to madeleine all right and henry kissinger and people on all sides of the spectrum who agree it's our duty to be taking in refugees. charles: the key word is smartly when we help them build something over there and if we are going to help them we don't have to bring them here. that is what donald trump has
7:00 pm
said create the save some and bring the battle to them. >> did he richly say that? charles: with a bit there. really appreciate it. it's a great show and not only appreciate you watching every 6:00 p.m. but you can see the show one dvr. a lot of you toggle back and forth. here is lou. lou: good evening everybody i am lou dobbs. shocking testimony today on capitol hill. cia director john brennan not only contradicting president obama's claims of momentum in the battle against the islamic state, he also confirmed donald trump's warnings about the radical islam's terrorist threat. listen to brennan say the islamic state remains as dangerous as ever despite repeated assurances to the contrary from mr. obama. >> unfortunately despite all of our progress against isil on the


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