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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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jump on it. we are big contrarians. when everyone is running one direction go the other because you will make more money. gold is down, take advantage of that fear. liz: there is the closing bell. we have got market set to close lower for the week. let me send it over to ashley and melissa for after the bell. reporter: stocks ending the week in the red. melissa: here is what else we have for you this hour. shocking allegations the company knew report that would have prevented an attack on a 2-year-old. clinton cash contradictions on
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where the donations to the clinton foundation are coming from. russian jets firing on rebels in syria as state department officials are pushing for more military action. reporter: stocks sinking more red than green. merck *, apple and visa are among the biggest laggards. and ibm on the plus side. it has been a wild week for the markets. let's buckle up. next week we could see a lot more volatility as we approach that all important vote in the u.k. on whether to leave the european union. shares of gun stocks spiking as congress debates gun control laws.
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watching the action in the oil and gold market from the cme. oil we understand it's more oil rigs looking for oil, and that's had an impact on the price. >> it did. we saw the biggest jump in rigs. but we are still down almost 297 rigs from where we were a year ago. initially after that report came out oil prices went back down. but because we were down so much on the week and concerns about the risk to supply over the weekend, the market rebound and closed higher. one of the reasons is nigeria we had another pipeline explosion. there is question whether that means the talks going on between the nigerian government pant rebels will fall apart is raising concerns that could come into play next week.
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if you look at the overall count on natural gas, they are off an historic low when temperatures will be hot. but it's interesting to watch the gold today. gold prices did pull back earlier today on some of those concerns. we bucked that 7-day rally streak. but it's starting to rally again. so there is a lot of concern going into the weekend. we are seeing it play out in gold right now. melissa: investors are bracing for consequences as the u.k. votes on whether to stay in the european union. let's bring in today's panel. jeff, what do you think is going to happen? >> i think this week was -- we just did a chart of the odds of brexit and laid it over what the
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s & p has done and there is a tight correlation. it's been amplified by the quadruple witch we got. i agree with liz's last guest. we don't think in london that they are going to leave the e.u. i think that could produce a pretty decent rally. melissa: jack, do you agree with that? >> europe has been beaten down. you are getting better deals. earnings this quarter look like they will come in 5% lower for the s & p 500. so in europe you get better prices. reporter: beijing banning the sale of the iphone 6 and 6 plus. the chinese regulators say they
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violate a patent held by a chinese company. at first i thought it was all of china, but it just involves beijing. this is china giving a poke to apple even though particular cook was there trying to generate goodwill. >> this is starting to feel like the business model in china. not a lot of innovation, but you use legal methods of trying to get an edge. i hope nothing comes of it. when i look at china, they have a monopoly in china. that's because google got chased out by tactics of the chinese government's hacking. i'm tired of seeing it. reporter: what can apple do. china is a massively important market but doing business there
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is so difficult. >> our analysts say there are conflicting stories on that. they came out later in the day and said none of their products were on hold. so i think it's a bunch of nonsense. melissa: putting the blame on crime-fighting turtles. the company is agreeing to pay the legal fees for its ceo in his battle with some at redstone. what do you think of this one? >> we don't have an analyst that covers viacom. i now it's a board of director's nightmare right now. >> viacom is in the business of trying to make entertainment for the young. and the biggest thing coming from viacom is.
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>> squabble over a 93-year-old man controlling the company. everybody talks about it as a fixer-upper. i don't go to a 93-year-old to ask what kids are in to these days. melissa: you didn't see the sequel to "mutant ninja turtles"? reporter: two sides unable to agree on a distribution contract, and dish drops the nfl. is this two sides seeing who blinks first? >> our fundamental analysts have a neutral rating on dish. and this is one of the reasons.
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the royalty disputes with the nfl and the tribune and other people. and that's a red flag going forward. we have a market performer neutral rating on dish stock. >> who is the bigger loser? >> it's not both. it will be a fight over money. it will be short. dish will lose because no one cares about dish and everyone cares about the nfl. reporter: plus you can get nfl other places, too. so when does this get resolved? right governor pre-pre-censor when the season begins? >> i think it will be solved before preseason. reporter: thank you so much. great stuff. thank you for joining us. melissa: your tax dollars and waste and medicare mistakes costing millions of dollars. reporter: the media writes often
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and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: fox news learning there is a security camera from inside the pulse nightclub showing the shooting. reporter: president obama
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meeting with saudi arabia's crown prince. you can see the prince being wisked inside the white house. we are told the two discussed conflicts in the middle east and the role of saud saudi arabia ie fight against isis. mel rrl john mccain slamming the president. saying the president is responsible for the orlando shooting. mccain walking back the comments saying he misspoke. but graham isn't backing down. >> barack obama dismantled this country's ability to interrogate suspects. we read them their rights and put them in federal court. we'll have less agents in 2016 then we did in 2015 and i blame
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president obama for that. >> i might have chosen slightly different words. i would say president obama facilitated the rise of isis through neglect. he didn't create isis. but his effectiveness, his unwillingness to act seriously has certainly key aired the an environment in which isis can thrive. john: mccain had the right thrust. but we all have days when we choose the wrong words. i think john mccain had one of those days. but you are right. the basic thrust is correct. melissa: president obama was talking to a graduating military class, and he said he turned back 50 years of failed policy
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by using diplomacy over war or aggression. basically that he's done so much better than the people who have come before him for five decades. he feels like he improved things. is that amazing to you? >> i think it's fair to say, and after speaking objectively, that president obama is delusional. he's surrounded by yes men and yes women with a similar world view. are we better off now? 50 years -- the first 30 years we broke the soviet union. opened up opportunities for people around the world. created vast wealth, the entire world is richer because of those people. president obama -- it's not about politics, it's about looking at a map. so me where on the globe people now better off because of president obama. i can think one place offhand.
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people in cuba are marginally better off. melissa: president obama unpressure to increase military action against bashar al-assad. state department officials protesting against policy in the middle eastern country. 50 signing a letter asking the president to order targeted airstrikes against the syrian government. on this issue web's take it frfm all side. >> state tend to be drab and don't make waves people. but the staffers who work in the traffic every day. with 51 people at state protest this, that means we are in -- we have to watch. for the last few days putin's
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latest advance fighter bombers have been pounding our guys in southern syria where isis doesn't seriously exist. putin is directly attacking the people we trained and attacking them makedly, and obama doesn't know what to do, and i'm afraid of a couple things. one, first of all, if we were to try to send as the state department people recommend within send our jets against assad at this point with pun continue on the ground. putins technicians would help shoot down our aircraft. if we try to defend ourselves. putin rolled the dice. he sized up obama. we have such strict rules of engagement. i would worry about us trying to protect our guys on the ground getting shot down by russian aircraft and our president not responding adequately.
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melissa: thank you. thanks for joining us. reporter: the second data recorder from egyptair flight 804 is being recovered from the bottom of the mediterranean sea, a day after the cockpit voice recorder was found. both black boxes will be an lids for any clues on why that plane went down. melissa: a new report claims a suspected terrorist buys a gun in the u.s. every two days. a family vacation turning into a nightmare. new allegations that disney could have prevented the deadly gator attack. >> once you feed these animals. they are intelligent reptiles. they figure out humans equal food and they will actually approach at times.
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ashley: we are less than a week from the big u.k. vote on whether to stay in or leave the european union. the "wall street journal's" james freeman joins us with his take on why this vote is so important and what effect it could have on u.s. market. what in your mind is going to happen in there are those, certainly the betting shops in england have the vote ahead by 63%. >> i'm think maybe they will leave. i think people are getting more comfortable with the idea that they don't need another layer of government above their national government. they don't get a lot of benefit
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for all the hassle and money they spend complying. you have old-timers in the financial district that remember life was okay before you had a brussels bureaucracy over your -- oversight. ashley: the i.m.f., the bang of england. jamie dinan said if the u.k. get out, armageddon. what do you think? >> i think the greatest fear of a lot of financial regulators who have been telling us for years how great their he forms are and everything they have done to prevent another crisis. this is the moment where they are terrified their bluff will be called. but i don't see it as a crisis. i think short term it's not good for u.k. equities. but long term, i think they probably do fine.
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they can maybe end up cutting a better deal with the e.u. ashley: the e.u. itself could be very shaken. other countries could say this is failing, we are getting out as well and the domino effect kicks in. >> or maybe this is the reality check they need to rein in regulation. ashley: pipe dream, james. pipe dream. we need to talk about the impact. we know there will be market volatility. what are you expecting here? what should investors be prepared to do? >> i think it's short-term volatility. if they vote to leave, and you mention the polls say they probably won't. but if they vote to leave, you have got a transition period. maybe what happens is cameron gets pushed aside and boris johnson becomes the prime minister, and maybe he cut a better deal.
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he get the original idea which is let's have a common market instead of all this government for brussels. this is the world's fifth largest economy. people want to trade with them and they can do a deal. ashley: so your prediction is? they should leave. >> we shall see. you can catch full coverage of the united kingdom's important vote beginning monday on fox business. i'll be there, charlie gasparino will be there. thursday is the big day when they go to the polls. melissa: disney under fire following the death of a 2-year-old boy. for over a year employees had voiced concerns about the guests feeding allocators. one guest told cbs news he saw two gators in a lagoon approach his 5-year-old.
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but when he told the hotel manager the response was these are resident pets and are harmless. they won't attack anyone. ashley: the media's "apocalypse now" calling the end of the road for donald trump. howard kurtz reminding us that the ending isn't always predictable. melissa: wildfires raging across the south as a triple digit heat wave is on the way. >> it's arson. help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here.
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[ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicareupplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. melissa: mainstream media ready to write often do * as his poll numbers take a hit. but you note donald won't go down without a fight. >> i didn't love the press during primaries. but it's brutal. these people are so one-sided. it's so slanted. and all i can say is the people out there get it. they understand what's going on. melissa: howard kurtz, host of ""media buzz"." do the people out there get it? he's sort of blaming the media,
4:31 pm
saying all the voters get it. >> the trump fans get. they don't like the press. in the last three weeks the coverage of donald trump has been brutal. he made some mistakes, particularly in the wake of orlando. he's having trouble fundraising. so that will create a lot of meg tough stories. but there is a degree of piling on that remind me of the primaries when all the geniuses in the press said trump its going down. he can't win the nomination. melissa: you know who is not piling on? vladimir putin. listen to what he had to say. >> i briefly said that trump was a bite person. what i am paying attention to and what i welcome, and i don't see anything bad in this. in trump said he was ready to fully rebuild russian-american
4:32 pm
relations. what is bad about this? this is not bad. >> trump has wouldn't all-important vladimir primary. his detractors will turn that against trump. it's an unusual situation where you have the president of russia openly taking side in this american presidential election. melissa: it will be interesting to see where donald trump goes from here. he remind us that he's a marketing maven. i thought with the horrific event that went on in florida that would provide the reset for them. it hasn't really happened, though, howie, why do you think that is? >> it wasn't the wisest idea
4:33 pm
that president obama sympathizes with the terrorists. and trump is playing to a general election audience, very different than trying to win a bunch of gop primaries. all these media focus and mitch mcconnell said he doesn't know enough about the issues. trump ran against the republican establishment and many of them are worried about their jobs. he has to unify the party and build an infrastructure. but there is too much media focus on this intraparty fighting and that's not what ultimately will decide the election. howie, thank you. see you this weekend. ashley: donald trump slamming president obama and hillary clinton on safety. the republican candidate
4:34 pm
tweeting people unhappy with crooked hillary and obama ror jobs and safety, the biggest trade deficit in many years. more attacks will follower land dough. this as trump prepares to meet with the nra to discuss terrorist loopholes. evan, suggestions that in trump is going to go to the nra and say what about a compromise. how about no fly, no buy? i don't think that will fly with the nra, do you? >> i agree with you. the nra is not known for compromising on its positions. they may embrace a proposal that senator cornyn from texas has put forward appealing to a court for 72 hours for somebody
4:35 pm
wrongly put on the list. this issue very emotional. but congress has been stale made it on this for a long time. hard to see this changing now. ashley: i'm thinking he's going to lose support for those people who are very, very second amendment. how will this affect donald trump's standing with voters? >> donald trump is essentially a pitch man. he knows what's popular and not popular. he shows the polls showing this provisions a very popular prove vision. he will go to the nra saying i'm your presidential candidate. you can stand with me or stand against me. but if you want me elected president, this is a proposal i'm going to endorse. or join me or stand opposed to me, but this is where i'm going to go. ashley: do you think it's appropriate for people on the terror watchlist not to be
4:36 pm
allowed to buy guns? >> i think someone who has been determined too dangerous to fly is probably too dangerous to buy an assault weapon. these lists aren't perfect, they do make mistakes. so there has to be due process for people to get off the list if they have been wrongly put on the list. and we have to be able to handle this without alerting somebody on the no-fly list is under investigation. ashley: according to the "washi terrorist watchlist tried to bye guns 244 times and 233 were successful. democratic lawmakers pushing for more gun control measures and coming under flack for the right saying you are blaming guns and you are not doing enough to be outspoke weren't terrorists.
4:37 pm
>> i feel like it's a legitimate debate to have. to go immediately to guns is political posturing and pandering. none of the proposals on the table would have stopped the high-casualty attacks we have seen. i'm not sure why we are not having debate over homegrown radicalization and how to better resource the f.b.i. so they can surveil people like the man who committed the orlando attack because they are under resource there, and how to fight isis to put them on the back burner. so a lot of people who see isis as winning will see him as losing and wouldn't want to join what they see as a winning cause. ashley: does this make it even harder for the gop to you night behind donald trump when we have a split on gun control measures? >> it probably do the, but if
4:38 pm
the net takeaway is the nra if they are unhappy with mr. trump will put their resources into senate and house elections. and your othther guest is exacty right. this is political messaging. even if something passes out of the state in's probably dead on arrival in the house. ashley: thank you for joining us. appreciate it. melissa: the clinton foundation accepting millions of dollars in donations from countries whose policies directly contradict the views of the presidential candidate. >> two questions. why did hillary's foundation take money from contributors whose policies contradict her own on gay rights. and why haven't gay organizations not pressured hillary clinton to stand by her own standard. >> it as many as outrageous that in 2015 you can be fired for being gay and lose your home and
4:39 pm
be denied a wedding cake for being gay. reporter: yet the foundation in her name takes millions from countries where homosexualityity is a crime and they could face death. in algeria within qatar, and oman. in saudi arabi saudi arain -- ii arabia they can be flogged and even death. >> they shouldn't take money from these totalitarian countries that punish and torture and execute gay people. reporter: but gay groups don't
4:40 pm
see a conflict. >> what this reveals is that for many of these organizations are merely appendages to political parties rather than what they are suppose to be, focused on a community and serving the needs of the community. reporter: we reached out to the clinton foundation and asked if they would return that money and we got no response. melissa: that is shocking. ashley: another indication that marco rubio has decided to run for reelection to the senate. florida congressman david jolly has dropped out of the race to fill his seat. jolly saying rubio told him he would indeed be running again. melissa: russian president vladimir putin speak out on a lot of issues in the economic forum in st. petersburg.
4:41 pm
he says he has an opinion on whether britain should leave the e.u. but pell refrain from expressing it. also he says russia will improve its missile strike capability in response to the missile shield in poland. ashley: how medicare has overspent your tax dollars and why. plus facebook under fire for not doing enough to stop the spread of terrorism after the orlando shooter posted threatening metsages in the days leading up to the attack. should social media companies be held responsible for what terrorists say online? u totaled. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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ashley: fox news confirming the orlando short exchanged texts with his wife during attack. and he checked facebook during the shooting to see if the word massacre was trending. and he said you kill innocent women and children by doing airstrikes, now taste the islamic state revenge. but he had written threatening posts on this site in the days before the attack. cyber-security expert marvin wright joins us on the responsibility of the social media companies. should facebook and twitter be doing more? >> without a doubt, absolutely. i can understand when somebody broadcasts live for the first few seconds, even a minute, it's hard to tell if it's gunfire or
4:46 pm
firecrackers. but three hours these things going on. they have algorithms telling them what ads to put up based and predictors. it's hard to believe they can't couple with a solution to this. they need to solve this now. ashley: it seems to me the technology is ahead of the law and ways to rein it in. the orlando shooter probably had five accounts on facebook. it's not until something is posted and then it's too late because it's already been posted. should they be held accountable? we have a lawsuit or several lawsuits in franc france followe attacks in paris. an american father whose daughter was killed said they didn't do enough to stop these
4:47 pm
posts and stop the terrorists from using their sites. >> it's spot-on. you can't claim ignorance where you have the ability to stand for this. if anonymous can find 14,000 accounts and start taking -- a lot of these social media companies are outsourcing the policing of this to entities like anonymous. i understand in the first few seconds with live video it's tough to do. but when mess ands have been posted for days, they have don't with child pornography, there is no reason they can't do it with terrorism. ashley: they can't be held responsible for somebody else's actions. but there has got to be some man ground there, maybe some software or target certain key word. >> if they don't figure it out, then it will be up to congress.
4:48 pm
nobody want congress in their business. nobody want the law legislating technology. but if they don't figure it out, that's what they will be in for. melissa: your tax dollars at waste. a new report from the up spectors general of health and human services shows medicare overpaid hospitals by over $20 million. human errors are to blame. services and equipment were incorrectly logged. the agency has agreg to several measures to prevent mistakes in the future. yeah, sure. ashley: legendary singer meatloaf collapsing on stage. we'll have own update on his condition. that was in canada last night. emergency crews working to contain massive wildfires as a heat wave is threatening 7
4:49 pm
million americans. some places could hit 120 degrees. >> i got up at 7:00 and it was calm and at 12:00 i had the national guard and 8 police at my house. you both have a
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . >> responding to criticism, vice president for the walt
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disney world resort saying in a statement, we are installing signage in temporary barriers at our resort beach locations and are working on permanent long-term solutions at our beaches. we continue to evaluate processes and procedures for the entire property and as part of this, we are reinforcing training with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife, and are expanding our communication to guests on the topic. boy, oh, boy. >> let's move on, major wildfires burning across the southwest consuming tens of thousands of acres forcing evacuations in three states. hot dry weather fueled a fire tornado in santa barbara california. the blaze more than doubled in size overnight. officials struggling to contain the flames because of the tinder dry conditions which is expected to see dangerous and potentially deadly heat over the weekend.
4:54 pm
temperatures as high as 120 degrees plus are in the forecast for the deserts of southern california and into arizona. >> grammy-award-winning singer meat loaf is recovering at a hospital after collapsing on stage last night. representative said he was suffering from severe dehydration, but his vital signs are now stable. always dehydration. do we wonder about that? no commentary. >> beloved comedienne and tv host joan rivers passing away in 2014 at the age of 81. items of her estate are sold by christees auction house to raise money for charity. cheryl casone getting a sneak peek of the items going under the gavel. cheryl? >> reporter: one of the things that i've seen today is all the different fans have come through the stores at christie's in midtown manhattan is how much people loved her. she was an actress, comedienne, producer, the first woman to
4:55 pm
ever host a late-night television show, and her life was on camera. the documentary done on her life shortly before she died was filmed mostly at her upper east side triplex, melissa rivers sold. that we've got video of the items they put up for auction today. melissa saying it was tough to part with many of the items, the dresses, the jewelry, pieces of furniture from the triplex, but it was too much. also, , you know, joan rivers ws at her peak when she died. she was still working, it was an accident. she had a routine throat procedure gone wrong. i asked melissa about that, what do you want this to mean now that you settled the lawsuit, what do you want her legacy to be? she said quote, we're hoping we'll be able to go up to albane in new york and push for legislation, hopefully call it joan's law that will impose tighter regulations towards outpatient clinics.
4:56 pm
melissa rivers not giving up the fight to change the way medical procedures, sometimes easy, are done in no, but the auction. we've got the beautiful joan rivers behind me, and on the other side some of the dresses, the designer dresses that can be auctioned off. you can buy them, ashley, melissa, if you so choose. bidding for the dresses, $1500. ashley, i know you want one for your wife. they're going to go for a lot more. a lot more. but her belongings are beautiful, and it's a bit of an end of the era to be honest with you. >> most definitely and raising money for charity. cheryl casone, thank you very much. >> outback improving on perfection. if you ever wanted a bloomin onion with bacon and a side of cheese, we've got that. >> who doesn't? when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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. >> introducing the bloomin' onion fully loaded.
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outback steakhouse upgrading iconic appetizer by topping it with bacon, cheese and spicy dressing. >> it clocks in more calories than four big macs. >> who's counting? there you go, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> this guy in orlando, there were more red flags than a chinese military parade, and somehow, even though one of the people you talked to, one of his co-workers, four times tried to tell people this guy's trouble, and the employers and supervisors say don't rock the boat. look, the president will rock the boat when it comes to telling states that they have to have transgender rest rooms. they'll invade people's privacy like james rosen when they wiretapped him and his parents. but this is an administration that doesn't want to offend muslims.


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