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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 20, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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place after the win. sandra: very good. thank you for being here, good to have you. that does it for us, "varney & company" is up next, stuart varney, are you there? take it away. stuart: always here at 9:00 eastern time on a weak day morning, good morning, sandra, thanks so much. our money here affected by a political murder over there. what a way to start a monday and by the way, it's going to be a very big way today. good morning, everyone. the dow will be up about 200 points, just a half hour from now. stocks rallying worldwide. why? because last week's assassination in britain has affected the vote on the british leaving the european union. the leave vote has lost ground. investors think that means stability and the world rejoices. apple goes full bore political. tim cook will provide no money and no support for the republican convention. they don't like trump. you know, it's not often that
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we make the weather a top story, but that heatwave in the southwest is something else. granted, it gets hot in the desert, but today, it will hit 120 degrees, it says 115. we've seen some forecasts of 120 in phoenix. how about that? look at this, more video from disney. a disaster waiting to happen. gators, oh, so close to a very popular ride, splash mountain. "varney & company," we're about to begin. ♪ trying to stay with curry, one dribble step back, puts up a three, won't go, and rebound, final seconds, it's over! it's over! . stuart: and it's indeed over. >> the cavaliers are nba champions! . stuart: as i was saying, that
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was the cleveland cavs celebrating their first title in franchise history. kyrie irving hit the game winner with minutes left in the game. lebron james mvp, the third time in his career. the prodigal son returned to cleveland to give his city a championship. grown men cry tears of joy after the game. but look at this, oh, fans in cleveland got out of control, riots erupted with fans destroying police cars. that is a disgrace. now, look, this is the story of the day and you're going to like this one. big rally coming up at the opening bell. and the reason is this, the stay campaign in britain is moving ahead. and let's get right to ashley webster in london. there's been a shift in the poll. that's what happened and why our market is up, correct? >> absolutely, stuart. in fact, some of the polls now showing the remain campaign up 45-42% you know what? it's notoriously inaccurate,
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those british polls and just look at the scottish referendum. i will say that the betting companies and the bookies now reflecting the increased optimism for those who want to stay in the eu. and william hill just saying it's 83% on now that certain, that the u.k. will stay in the eu. however, i want to show it to you, stu. this will resonate with you. this is a picture of nigel ferag. he put out a poster and shows a long stream of migrant making their way to europe. and on the poster says the eu has failed us all. this is controversial and saying those who want to get out of the eu are focusing too much on the threat of migrants and the mp swapped sides from stay out to get in. en it's three days to the vote and these things the momentum can shift. stuart: okay. but when the bookies are saying
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that it's an 83% chance that they stay, that tells the story. that's people putting their money where their thoughts and mouths are, 82%. ashley: exactly. stuart: ashley, you're on vacation over there, we'll be back with you shortly. ashley: i wish. stuart: special coverage of the british vote thursday night. 11:00 at night all the way through to 1:00 in the morning. early results will come in and that's going to affect your money. i want to get to apple. the news is is this, apple will not help the g.o.p. convention as it's done in the past and cite donald trump's controversial comments about women and minorities. and tim cook publicly backed gay marriage and contemptuous of climate skeptics and he's making it a totally politicized company and i'm not sure it's a good idea. >> we'll see how it impacts things. i was an early adopter of apple iphone and many products. many people are.
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and this started with the san bernardino iphone and refusal to help with that. and donald trump called for a boycott of the company at that point. and that's not the only politics. when they're interduing hardware and presentations, in one case mr. cook started off talking about health care and encryption and other issues, the environment, liberal issues. and everyone's thinking, why are we hearing go these things. stuart: we want innovation. >> and i think this is unfortunate. i don't think their refusal to help with the g.o.p. convention has anything to do about what mr. trump is saying, they're worried about someone who is independent, who is going to make choices based on what is best and i don't think they particularly like that. stuart: we're trying to placate china, as trump says, china, china, it's not working liz: it's been dicey for companies to use the weight of the company for political positions. tim cook says china summarily
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executes gay people, and say we don't agree with that. stuart: it's up 50 cents and we'll see when the opening bell rings. looking at this video. a disney employee fending off an alligator feet away from splash mountain, a popular ride at disney. trying to get rid of the alligator. the guests as they fly by have no idea what's going on, no idea at all. that's bad pr. look at this, there's a sequel out over the weekend to "finding nemo", this is called "finding dory", the most successful animated movie in america's box office history and first it looks like bad pr and then a blockbuster movie. i don't think that the bad pr hurts disney's bottom line because i don't think it stops people from going to disney.
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>> i agree, it's so big and i'm a euro pass older, but how badly the florida situation, no fence, no signs. i don't think of disney as being sloppy and yet the at florida resort, it's sloppy and dangerous, is that translating into the company as a whole. stuart: no, it doesn't translate to the company's stock or financial performance. looblg at that, $100 a share this morning because of "finding dory". >> here is the thing. the new video dates back to 2009. the question for disney, when did they know it. by the way, disney started the year at 1100 and dipped below, will it affect disney stock? at 100, i don't think so. stuart: monday morning, the election, it looks like donald trump is going down in the polls. according to real clear
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politics, went from a statistical tie to lagging hillary clinton. over the weekend he came out with the latest comments on profiling. watch this. >> profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country and other countries do it, and you look at israel and you look at others and they do it, and they do it successfully. and you know, i hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads. it's not the worst thing to do. stuart: the left go after him for that one. here is jeff dewitt, a trump guy joining us this morning. i think he's had a really bad two or even three weeks. he's gone down in the polls. how do you think he regains his momentum? do you think that that speech on profiling will regain momentum for him? >> you know, he's saying things, again, that a lot of people have the conversations that people have around the dining room table. if you look at israel, he brought up israel when he
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talked about that and the tel aviv airport is one of the most targeted by terrorists and yet, they don't have problems. they use different methods than we do and they don't have the eyetech high-- high-tech. we have the one year anniversary that donald trump announced he's running for president and he started out, what, 3% in the polls and then grew and grew and overtook 17 opponents and ended up getting still by splitting votes with 17 people millions more votes than any republican candidate. stuart: i get it. >> in the u.s. stuart: i get it, jeff. there's no denying in the past two or three weeks the have been a series of what a lot of people call self-inflicted wounds. now, when is he going to get-- how is it going to get out of this? >> well, i think when everything is going to turn around and overtake hillary with a wide margin is after the first debate and i think we all know the first debate is going
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to have super bowl-like ratings. everybody is going to be glued to the tv. he does very, very well, especially given the fact he's never debated before in his life until he got into politics and does well in debate. when america sees it's just another politician in hillary clinton versus the anti-politician in donald trump a successful businessman that wants to bring a different approach to our country. and that's when it turns. the polls are undersampling and undersam plague. they profile voters in a way and put them in boxes and compare it to, okay, four years ago and eight years ago, but he's redefining the maps right now and they just can't use the same boxes they use in previous elections and the primaries the turnout was through the roof. stuart: let's see if you come back. you're not smiling as much as you used to. >> there you go. stuart: i think you're a little under the weather there. and do you have 20 seconds? >> the polls we're seeing of
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national polls. the presidential election is not a national poll race. in the swing states like ohio, florida, pennsylvania, mr. trump is within the margin of error, effectively tied. so you're looking at that same die nam-- dynamic. the national polls, and the swing states are different. stuart: i take your point. now to basketball. the cavaliers weren't the only-- oh, no, i'm going to golf. >> no crying in golf. stuart: behind the scenes, a lot of it. and dustin johnson and wife and youngster. u.s. open champion, 4 under par, won by 3 strokes in his first tournament victory. a nice site. he's american and he won. >> big story of the day, no question about it, dow futures show had a gain of over 200 points this morning and oil is going to be higher. that's helping the stock
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market, too, we're back up to 48, nearly $49 a barrel on oil. and let's-- the latest polls from the u.k., some showing the stay campaign is in the lead. last wk's assassination of a labor mp supporting stay, that's having an impact. we'll get into it. our market going straight up today. in politics, attorney general loretta lynch says, a transcript of the calls between the orlando terrorist and the hostage negotiators will be released to the public, but not in their entirety. they will be edited. any reference to islam is out. judgment nan-- napolitano is coming up with that. and in venezuela, hundreds of people ransacking stores and stealing food. that's the only way they can get it. the police are calling to stop the mobs, this is the failure of socialism.
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>> if you look at that, 200 points and call it the remain rally. latest polls show the tide may have turned in favor of the stay campaign, the brits staying in europe. that means more stability maybe for the world financial system. investors like it and our stocks go up. american banks are going to rally this morning and british companies quoted on the stock exchange will go up and oil, we're back up at $49 a barrel, 49 even as we speak. now, the british exit vote, the stays are in the lead. i want the brits to leave europe. got it? bret stevens is with me from the wall street journal. >> you've already made your brexit, stuart. stuart: that's true. now, do you agree with me that the political assassination in britain last week has given impetus to the stay campaign and that's what's affecting our markets this morning? >> that probably is tragically the case.
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the killer appears to have been a pro independence or leave fanatic. that doesn't obviously tar the brexit campaigners, that crazy people are on all sides, but it curbs the momentum that the leave campaign. stuart: i don't think that european socialism can be reformed from the inside. i think it has to split and break up. >> it's a tough question and any person has to weigh the pros and cons. stuart: you're for the stay. so you oppose my view. >> on that and-- and they would leave the european union, join nafta, the north american free trade agreement or do something along the lines of what winston churchill suggested 60 years, a union of english speaking people. that's not in th
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britain would lose access to 500 million people and lose the position as financial capital of europe and more worrisome at all, give scotland a reason to leave. >> and in europe, it's stuck in democratic socialism. how do you get out of that mess, without upsetting the apple cart. there are going to be risks involved and money involved we might lose some, but in the long run, you have a chance of regaining a capitalist western society. >> two pnts, britain has been a great trading nation, the identity since the first green elizabeth, losing its largest trading partner in the world, which is europe, is a bad idea. the second thing is, if britain leaves are you sure that britain is going to go down a capitalist path and more free
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market, lose the nhs, sort of the burdens of the beg state or another small country with a heavily socialized economy and prey to russian oligarchs. and that britain is more-- >> you haven't won me over, but made a good effort. and he shall return if he's not careful. [laughter] >> all right, here is the key number, we quoted it last week, the key number is the yield on the 10-year u.s. treasury bond, 1.66%, it's gone up a little, but that's a historically very le level. the story is in the stock market. and it will rally on the british vote. the campaign is leading in the polls. we'll see a 200 point gain in the markets. and the murder of jo cox could be why they're in favor of stay.
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and high level new york city police arrested on corruption charges. there is a link here to an investigation. the city socialist mayor, bill deblasio. details on that in a moment, too. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup...
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now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we're calling this the remain rally this monday morning, a shift in the vote
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over there leads to a rally over here for the dow 200 points. same story with the s&p 500, it, too, is going to open over 1% higher. the price of oil roughly $49 a barrel, it's up this morning. how about gold? in all of this, gold has been going up last week, down this monday morning, $10 lower. how about this one? no more american express at costco. you can still pay with cash, checks, debit cards or the new costco visa and that is it. back to the impending vote in britain about whether to leave the european union. i think the assassination of jo cox has pushed back to a stay vote. that would be my opinion. tammy, i think the brits are recoiling from assassination and also responding to the fear campaign mounted by the elites. what say you? >> yeah, look, the polls still have it really kind of tied. i mean, it's between two and three points so it's not like a massive swing.
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i think there's obviously emotions involved in this, but ultimately when they get into the voting booth they may look at honoring miss cox, to stand for what you believe. i think it's slightly ghoulish and people do it here, too-- >> do you think they'll vote to leave? >> i think they will. stuart: the bookies have it 83% for staying and that's people putting their money where their mouth is. >> look, i think any situation you have such a very emotional environment, where you have a shocking happen, a black swan appears, the murder of miss cox, i don't think you can necessarily trust polls so much at this point and i think the british people will stick with what they feel is best for their country, not as a signal for someone else. stuart: don't destroy the rally on wall street, it's up 200 points. >> i think it will still be good, good for everyone. stuart: we have donald trump making the rounds on the sunday shows. he says we need to profile to catch suspected terroriststs. and there's more trouble tore
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disney. a video of a worker poking and prodding an alligator next to the popular splash mountain ride. okay, this is from 2009. there you have it, the alligator right there. one last look at futures. we're going to be up about 200 points, watch this thing go. you've got four minutes and you will see that market takeoff. doesn't that feel good on a monday morning? we'll be back. closing the stage
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this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. ..
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stuart: you've got to watch this. 930 eastern time. output ago. we are going out this morning. the stocks you know and love go out. 121 points going straight up as the market gets going. the s&p 500 as we always say of much router market indicator not quite as much in percentage terms but it does appear that nasdaq having a final time. better than 1%. the price of gold is a loser today down $12 an ounce. it's not a good run recently now it's down 12. oil 4885 but began. the 10 year treasury yield 1.66%
9:31 am
as we speak. historically low. look at the big banks. they are going to be rallied. if the birthday in europe, that is good news for financial companies apparently appeared look at this spirit of british company court on the new york stock exchange and often going to try to appear barclays up 7%. royal bank of scotland up. bp up 3%. british american tobacco. tobacco co. up 5%. british companies going straight up because the market feels that the stay vote is now in the lead. that is the market. not talk about apple. you will not help the gop because they won't give them any money and apple is still being posed by china. nonetheless, apple is that
9:32 am
appeared disney back to $100 per share. big weekend for the finding gory movie. no hit from the bad pr over gators. 100 bucks per share. the big picture all 30 of the dow stocks. green, ladies and gentlemen. this is a broad race rally is to get cracking this monday morning. of 200. this make all this here. scott chalabi and keith fitzgerald. why is our market going up because the feeling. what is the connection? >> well, i'm a commonsense crowd. it looks like they will stay in because it went down last week. last week's losses on the dow were 190 points. the come in today at 200 because the polls went the other way. all the scaremongering is we
9:33 am
don't know what will happen. it will be business as usual. pontificating over what will happen. at the end of the day, mark my words. it's not going to do anything for the u.s. economy in the short term. we have our own problems to deal with. >> we are up 222 points. what is the story from their point of view? >> here's the deal. a lot of linkage behind the scenes that investors don't realize it financial institutions have huge collateralized portfolios that trade most fluidly with london. london will stay and all the liquidity continues, although trading continues. >> eat-in sksky. in question. if the birds know to stay, does this rally continue? >> it continues in the short-term, boy scout longer-term problems worldwide. not just in britain or the united states.
9:34 am
more volatility operate through the summer. stuart: same question. if the brakes every state in europe, does the market continued to rally? >> it continues to rally, but a much, much slower pace. we do have a lot of problems here. u.s.a. money even though it's the wrong thing to do, naturally flow towards the stop market to get their reach or return and that's the reason why it should go weapon y loco love. whether you want to be right or make money. i would rather make money. stuart: totally different analysis applies to apple. a completely different situation. the british exit the one way or the other. apple has become a very political company. they are not going to help the gop convention. no technical help and no money. if they become entirely political, that is my point of view. a second for the company, good for the stock?
9:35 am
>> i've got to tell you why. i've been an apple critic and apple proponent. they are trying to interject their corporate agenda with a political agenda. i think it creates problems for apple. >> steve jobs did the same d.c. politics. i'm not sure where steve jobs had come down on it. the bottom line is i don't know if investors like ceos involved in politics. howard schultz does starbucks get involved with the cups. >> you don't politicize the ownership of the stop. if you do come you're going to lose a few people. >> one of the big complaints we have right now what right now obvious in corpus involved in decisions made in washington leaving the people aside. the action is s the ultimate lobbies and threatening amusing pressure to try to impact a political group. i don't think people will probably react.
9:36 am
>> decanter in the china market around, you can't innovate. the stocks in trouble. >> gop is the problem. stuart: no more american express at costco. of course you can buy their come to shop there. cash, checks, debit cards, but you can't use american express. the market basically react to the overall rally. up a couple points on costco. balmer selling their chinese e-commerce unit to the online marketplace ballmer is a 71. they are up on the news nicely for% higher. regulators can say again broccoli and anthem seemed to merger. >> so why pay money talk and walk around work on the triggers will tell you they think the administration is not to business friendly.
9:37 am
we have another moment the department of justice is looking at this potential merger. they expressed concerns that don't believe the two can be competitive and continue in a way that they need to be so they are questioning the merger. and for those higher ms just comes on the heels of halliburton baker hughes, pfizer, allergan, staples, just to name a few. >> political problem here with obamacare. there is only one health insurer is 650 counties and just one insurer in the exchanges and alabama have and five other states. they don't want the merger because the people are saying wait a second, one health insurer, not liking it. stuart: no marketplace if they let the merger go through. >> one insurer would dominate. drain to replay that video, please. they disney employees fending
9:38 am
off an alligator a couple feet away from gas as they ride splash mountain. they have no idea what's going on. that is bad pr. more on that story there. the sequel to "finding nemo." a huge success is called finding gory. took in $136 million athe box office this weekend. that's a record. keith come to you first. with a movie like that and a bag pr story in the background, are you buying disney at 100 bucks per share? >> disney is a compelling buy. it's got a lot of brand value. the theme parks are going to be absolute monsters. in shanghai. the alligator is unfortunate. a good friend of mine was attacked were going up by one of the things that i can't believe they had it in a lagoon. a different issue. stuart: that's what a lot of people are asking. disney is up this morning almost $2. nice gain. how about amazon.
9:39 am
troubled ruling in paris. i don't think it makes a big difference but the mayor's office is concerned over the prime now service will have on local businesses. they don't like competition, do they? >> that the thing. but we talk about here is basically the mayor is reacting to say in businesses are heard by amazon. even our bookstores are getting annihilated by the likes of amazon. they may take it to legislators. amazon and other companies get tax. >> amazon longer-term in individual countries start saving now. >> in the eurozone, yes. stuart: in the eurozone. california surpasses france as the world's sixth largest economy. scott, do you have anyththing to say about how whatsoever? >> yeah, with when the next day
9:40 am
become the fourth-largest economy, while they have a rerendum in the u.s.? that's what we're moving towards. >> we just thought we would radiate that number. >> they should just leave. stuart: i want to get back to the reddish exit code. but will the market due on friday? i do have to ask that question. can you answer it for me, please. what is the market going to do friday morning if the grits have said we are leaving. what happened? >> the markets have a knee-jerk reaction with tremendous volatility -- for a week or so while everybody figures out the unknown. the fact that the ins and state party of mounting such a defense right now tells you where the money is, with the vested interests are. you can't reform socialism. the birds that want elite know
9:41 am
that appeared stuart: that's the high for the day with 10 minutes into the trading session nearly a 250-point. that is 1.4%. i could show you microsoft is up 50, 60 cents at 5074. twitter 30 cents. they spoke of 113. all the big names are moving. financial stocks are moving sharply higher and british companies quoted on the new york stock exchange are going through the roof. six, seven, eight percentage point games. thanks, everybody. we appreciate you being with us on what is a very big monday morning. 250 points higher. breaking news. here it is for the supreme court. justices will not hear a challenge to assault weapon bans in new york and connecticut. those states have laws that restrict guns like the ones used in the event of shooting. the supreme court will not challenge that. but then stay in place.
9:42 am
>> that is right. this is the second time since december that the supreme court has upheld assault weapons bans. seven states now have bans on assault weapons. >> earlier justice thomas noted he is likely to want to retire after the election. they're interesting timing to make the statement i think reminding people of the importance of the election in november and the fact that the supreme court will be changed for 30 years, two generations depending who gets elected in november. with this dynamic. stuart: he wants to retire after the election. >> very good timing that justice thomas. liz: if the gop loses the senate. stuart: and went to see gun stocks as well in light of the ruling that the ban on those rifles. there you have it. up again. not a huge game. the huge gains came last week.
9:43 am
how about yelp. it is moving this morning. nicole, what is going on with yelp? >> this consumer side is going great today to the stock is up 5%. deutsche bank raised that to a whole. they also asked the price target to $33 to $26. why does it have the upside potential? they like what they see an ad unit and they think the company will go forward on their earnings. the positive commentary helps the stock. stuart: i've got it. thanks very much. a 5% gain. this is a rally. her two minutes of monday morning. 253 points. 179. donald trump clarifying comments i've been following the event of attack. when i said that if within the
9:44 am
earth into indo clip you some people with guns, i was obviously talking about additional guards were employees >> several states allow you to carry guns inside restaurants, bars and nightclubs. this value can't be drinking if you are carrying and that is reasonable. this is a dynamic many states have found if we don't have any major issues that i believe mr. trump needs to clarify an occasion this is appropriate as well. i think it is a second amendment supporter. people should carry where they want to carry will make the nation a safer nation. stuart: i'm sorry i propose you on that one. i don't want to walk into a bar have a couple guys to seize town drunk as skunks packing a colt 45. i don't want it. i'm a vigorous second amendment supporter, but i don't want that. >> some. >> someone. >> some other gemstones in colorado bypass three theaters in the country and went much further to get to the one that ban guns.
9:45 am
we are in a situation i understand your position, but especially with people being able to carry, we don't have people being murdered because there's an argument. it doesn't happen. stuart: i disagree. >> i know. a happy medium for nightclubs is that mr. trump is suggesting. stuart: he's clarified his position. got that. staying on trump, he says we do need to start profiling to find terror. david weathers with us. i'm not sure exactly. >> he says we've got to profile. that is the way to catch suspected terrorists. that is a very poignant and explosive political word to use. profiling. >> only because people are uninformed. stuart: it's inconsistent recently. >> let's educate the american pele.
9:46 am
i brag some paperwork. criminal profiling rice on the assumption the characteristics of an offender can be deduced by systematic examination of character mistakes of the offense vis-à-vis young 20-year-old muslim males regardless of ethnicity because they are not a race. they are not a necessity. they are a group. critical programming must investigating serial crimes. such a serial murder. this is the problem if people are arguing at aclu the definition of the word of racial profiling, which is wrong, versus criminal profiling which is used by fbi, used by criminal psychologist, use by all elements to identify people. the left will walk all over her.
9:47 am
the terrorists who walked into the window guard didn't say republicans to the right and democrats to the left is not a kill of the republican because they let me go. they kill people. if you profile the group you are seeking, that's what you get. stuart: donald trump has been losing a lot of ground because he's made some very difficult statements. the mexican judge. now it's profiling. the left is going to jump all over. >> a little advice, do what i just did. criminal profiling. the problem is when he says that and just throws it out there, he handed off to a bunch of people who run with an agenda. we have a raid on the fact that he needs to do that as well. i dislike of him. he's not wrong in the idea. stuart: he is not equipped to run a modern presidential election campaign.
9:48 am
the man is out of control. he's got the wrong kind of tone. >> i'm not disagreeing with you. what did i say? people have asked me that question. donald, could you straighten them out? if i could sit down for five minutes, i could get started my path aside from political consultants who are playing this game. he does have to make sure. not the first 140 are, but the second sentence and paragraph matter. stuart: thank you through much indeed. >> simple dynamic. he's exciting people confuse not a politician because they can be applied. everyone understands this. that's what has to adapt to. i don't care uses the wrong words anymore. barack obama uses all the wrong words. stuart: asgard is. here it is according to "the new york times" that trumps campaign
9:49 am
manager cory lewandowski has been fired. that changes everything. >> or some clarity now. stuart: he has fired his longtime manager according to "the new york times." >> the fight between him and the other new hires have been issued. and he's taken some action here. >> it would be the necessary evolution. i want him to incorporate and evolve properly. don't give me the first word. give me the paragraph. >> would like to say he was accused of manhandling a female reporter. stuart: that's not why he's been fired. he surely is a realignment of trumps campaign. this is out of control trunk. >> in new york post reported a public fight between mr. trump's communications person than mr. lewandowski outside of the
9:50 am
restaurant that was facing. it clearly was not an adult event -- an adult situation. there was a recognition that something has to change. liz: i was talking about a pattern here. stuart: very important to us. cory lewandowski comes along turned campaign manager has been fired. >> lets her number what i was saying before about mr. obama says the right things, has a great community. but the countries on fire and the world is a mess. stuart: we've got to go to a commercial break at the dow industrial 250 points. no reaction to the trump lewandowski news. we are up 243. we will be back in just a moment. ♪
9:51 am
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9:55 am
is a partial transcript of cars made by the killer from the club. a partial transcript will be released. whatever he have to say will be edited out. what about that? all right, judge andrew napolitano is here. >> the government has the right to withhold evidence in a criminal case until investigation is complete and until it's time to make charges or present evidence to the defendants lawyer. there's no defendant in this case but the government does not have the right to like to believe to added editing so as to create a false impression because the american public has the right if they will release the evidence to look and decide for themselves what it means. stuart: that is what's going on if you take any references to islam or pledged isis, which you make the club, you are altering the way we perceive the killer. >> how did they decide what to add it? who did the editing, what else
9:56 am
did they leave out. the american public has the right to now. stuart: will we get to see the unedited transcript? >> will never get the visa must await discharge and is a criminal prosecution under defensive then releases it. stuart: this is out rages. it's not going to say islamic terror. the deputy chief of the fbi's thinking if you back off from my thumbs when you're investigating people, you back off muslims. not editing out any reference to islam and those calls from the killer from the club. >> normally i would give the government benefit of the doubt if there's something highly incendiary in there. that is not the case. this is the case in which the government wants us to view an event through its eyes rather than through our own. it doesn't have the moral or legal authority to do that.
9:57 am
stuart: you are pounding the table. stuart: you don't want any government to do. >> we want transparency. they must release a truthful and complete version of whatever they choose to release. stuart: the attorney general says not going to do this because we don't want to get the killer the proper gander exercise. i say -- releasing what a sad. >> the killer is dead. other killers the american public has the right to decide for itself. stuart: judge napolitano, thank you comest there. fox news has were donald trump has fired his campaign manager, cory lewandowski. this is also a huge money. we've got a major rally in progress on wall street. the dow was up 200. back in a moment.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
train to the rally holds a 10:00 eastern time. half-hour into the trading session soap 1.3%. well over 200-point. we have green aerosol across the board today. the s&p 500 as we always say router-based indicator plus the mat back essentially as a technology indicator. and the price of oil, all of them up this morning. the banks are doing particularly well. in fact, very well indeed. jpmorgan, morgan stanley, wells fargo, 2%, 3% higher. reduce stocks across the board. royal bank of scotland. biaggi out, it took accompanied by the way. hsbc, all of them way, way up. or chris at 7%. more for you. the mining company, british petroleum cover british american tobacco, all of them way up. why is this? the assassination last week by jo cox has put a lot more people into the state campaign in
10:01 am
britain. in other words, it's more likely the grits will stay within your brother families. investors like that. that means stability. of those wall street. of those british stocks. big news this morning from the trump campaign. we have confirmed donald trump has fired campaign manager cory lewandowski. we have a representative of the trunking and coming up action, abortion. the president's executive sorter and immigration. when that news breaks, you will have it. that breaking news and donald trump. fired campaign manager cory lewandowski. turning the outcome of trump campaign. bennett. what didn't lewandowski do wrong? >> i don't know. these how they tendency to grow
10:02 am
and grow. stuart: i know you're laughing but that is not going to wash. has he been fired? that is the wording were receiving. ac out bause donald trump wants to get a grip on himself and somebody had to get a grip on his campaign. >> well, i'm not talking to mr. trump this morning, but it's a clear indication he wants to take the campaign in a different direction. stuart: it has been in trouble. >> at about trouble but it's been turbulent. there's an exceptional criticism from all quarters about the way the words he uses. he appears to be, and i'm saying this, someone out of control. i wonder if the firing of cory lewandowski is a way to reinstate control over the
10:03 am
campaign. >> i don't know. mr. trump is mr. trump and makes the decisions. i don't think i'll ever acquired by making staff change. clearly i'll go in a different direction. that's what they decided to do this morning. stuart: are you only just heard about this? no brahmins in advance? >> we knew there was a meeting but we didn't know the. stuart: was your initial reaction? >> corey is my friend and they've done an amazing job. the lowest spending level other. 45 the 50 states had record republican turnout. there's a lot to celebrate here. we've got to win the general election. stuart: was cory lewandowski the guys that let trump be trump. he's won the nomination. he was at camp, wasn't it? >> usb or stuart: therefore i price my
10:04 am
point that had been fire suggest they want to get a grip on the campaign. i know you are with me on this one. i know you where. >> certainly they are changing the tone of the campaign. i would be surprised that if mr. trump suddenly has somebody different. stuart: that mesh or this or not you. cheryl atkinson told fox howard kurtz on media bias over the weekend that the established media started out lying about trump because they hated. roll that tape that minute. >> the president gone further than i've ever seen it in just deciding that opinions of what was considered straight news reporters and news organizations and his programs. opinions are welcome. we are kind of agree in this case it seems that it's okay to pile on trump because everybody agrees. i hear people say that because this is a time to stand out.
10:05 am
they think is strongly personal that they can step over the line. stuart: that's whayou're up against. >> journalism has changed a great deal and modern journalism it's okay to insert your opinion. it's also the right to the mind of the candidate. you can tell why he didn't been saying, which is crazy. stuart: i don't have any problem with people expressing an opinion and a news format so long as everybody knows this is opinion. that's what we do here. i have a lot of opinion on this program. tell people this is opinion. i've got a problem when the mask arrived mile-of-the-road journalist and you're not. that's my problem. >> to 24-year-old reporter traveling in the campaign by suddenly has an opinion. that's the scary part. stuart: not many smiles out of you this morning. there you go.
10:06 am
but market is. that's going for you. is joining us here and we will see you again soon. this is a new high for the day. the dow at 260. all the 30 dow stocks. 29 are out. only one is down and that is verizon down in the bottom right-hand corner. i don't know what the news on verizon, but it costs back down right now. this big rally of 271 was. this is all about britain's vote whether or not they stay or leave the european union. news over the weekend that essentially the polls are moving towards the state campaign. this ad by nigel for roche is being called racist. the backdrop is loads and loads of muslim migrants queuing up at the breaking point to get into britain. that did not go down well in britain apparently shifting some vote towards the state campaign.
10:07 am
look who's here. rick grenell, fox news contributor. welcome to the grab. are we on track here that the vote shifted in britain because of the assassination last week? >> definitely think you're right. last week in london and barcelona and this is topic number one. i think you see taxi drivers want to leave. they want to leave the european union. there's too much frustration. i will tell you what i've heard on the ground over there that there are a lot of people saying we are concerned about labor issues if you think the e.u. with a late campaign has gotten to do is alleviate some of those fears that allbritton is going down in their labor regulations just simply because they left the e.u. stuart: what you see on the left-hand side is an attribute to jo cox yet that is going on right now in the house of commons in westminster in the middle of the month where it's
10:08 am
just after 3:00 in the afternoon local time. stuart: the polls are showing they are upset about the free movement of the e.u. zone where people can travel without visas and people come into england to get their generous welfare benefits and sending that money back home to their home countries where they came from. stuart: they are concerned about control of their own country. the 2 million migrant that angela merkel led into europe. when they get european passports, they have free movement into england, into britain. that's a great cause for concern. >> that the number one issue by someone with it to say let's get away from the european union and have our own borders andecider with future. stuart: which side are you on? i said britain should. >> i say britain should lose, too. they will be stronger because of it.
10:09 am
stuart: thank you for joining us. i want to talk about apple. the most political company in america. apple now says it's not going to provide support to the republican national convention this year. it did in 2012. it won't now. donald trump's controversial comments. that's the reason. >> is the controversial comments to women, immigrants and minority. no supported the gop convention whatsoever. facebook is still standing and to get them support technologically to the gop convention. what is missing in tim cook statement is he's trying to get staff were involved in china. china giving apple a hard time. no comment from apple about china's execution of people in that country. stuart: apple becomes political and i'm not so sure it's a great day. liz: you have to wonder if investors are okay.
10:10 am
stuart:.becomes elliptical and you might have a problem. attorney general will not allege that the feds are releasing a transcript of the call between orlando killer mateen and hostage negotiators, but they leave out the part where he pledges allegiance to jesus or any islamic terror. it is gone. stuart: prime minister can read this weeks over the europe though. these people want out. just watch this. >> you say is your policy that you negotiate with europe cannot be overruled. it can. so are you really the 21st century chamberlain waving a piece of paper in the air studying the department. this is what i have. i have this promissory dictatorship in europe can overrule it. this woman owns this house,
10:11 am
with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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10:14 am
>> socialism, failing to work as it always does. this time in venezuela. talk about giving everyone something for you and all of a sudden there is no food to eat. who do you think is the richest person in venezuela? the daughter of hugo chavez. stuart: he is right. we weren't expecting to hear that from l.a. dodger announcer friday night. he's fired up over socialism. hungry venezuelans are now looting anyplace that there is food. they collapsed basically. here's my question. you are our guy at the united nations. what is america going to do anything about those? they are feeling the bird. nicholas maduro who is the president of venezuela was handpicked by hugo chavez to continue these osha list policies.
10:15 am
they have the largest oil reserves in the world and yet no food on the shelves. stuart: they are not going to have a recall vote until next year. meanwhile, this is going on. there is no food. >> by the way, the daughter of hugo chavez, maria gabriela chavez has an estimated 2.0 you an asset in overseas tanks. >> no one should be surprised that they're getting to the point where there's no food there. what is america going to do? any bailout, any food assistance. i want to know. i've got to get back to that very big political announcement from the trump campaign. trump has fired campaign manager cory lewandowski. we got the news about 20 minutes ago. you've had time to reflect. what does this mean for the trump campaign? >> is what we've been waiting
10:16 am
for. four weeks of the convention. clearly all the problems with cory lewandowski were weeks ago. nothing new has come out. this is now the trump campaign taken hold, say into donald trump would donald trump would got to make up a bit. we've got to change the narrative and the name of what is going on in the press. let's get rid of cory lewandowski. but that one person in charge. we've had two people in charge of the camp came. the mpaign internally has been chaos. >> is this where the trump campaign starts to mature, to grow up as you might say? >> there is worthy of a senior policy people to come in. if they could somehow be good not only aft this amount than, but at some maturity to the campaign so they can go on offense. we still have time before the convention to turn things around. people pay attention after t convtion. stuart: what is your lationshipo the ump
10:17 am
caaign full disclosure. >> we attend statewide delegate. i'm one of the 10. stuart: how long until the convention? >> four weeks. stuart: that instead. reagan did that back in the 70s. >> is doing it so they have time to go into the convention with the new narrative. dow industrials up 254 points. this rally has a lot to do with what is going on in britain. remember at the last weeks political killing of a member of parliament, jo cox. polls are now showing that the remaining camp, those who want to keep britain in europe, at camp is now in the lead, where they want to get out of europe. columnist kennhopkins is with us from london. am i right in sang that the assassination created this move towards this day campaign and it
10:18 am
looks like they win. thatccat >> tccat coelio ctalyin thde mthcagn as harsh as it sounds, it is all about keeping joe alive even in that right up until the time people walk into polling booths. her husband has come out and criticize the league campaign vary directly with images. so they really are going for it instead of using an emotional hook to get people to vote the way they went about. stuart: hold on a second.
10:19 am
delete people are so very pestiferous. i'm going to bring our viewers a soundbite from a town hall held by prime minister cameron. he was facing a nod to that was supposed to be 50/50 leave and stay. but it turned into a very hostile problem. look at this. >> eisai later policy that you negotiate with europe cannot be overruled. so are you really the 21st century chamberlain waving a piece of paper in the air saying to the depart and, this is what i have. i have this promise or a dictatorship europe can overrule. precluding through the referendum that if britain wants to lead the organization. we choose to join nato and e.u. and we can live fortunately for you, it comes to me like we are not welcome.
10:20 am
you use us to your convenience. >> i think this is the biggest red herring in this whole referendum debate. >> come back in again. this is a very vociferous expression from people going right at the prime minister to his face. >> i know it's gray. the program abc question time is usually very left wing. finally we have someone empathic accusing him of being neville chamberlain holding up a piece of paper, promising in fact a promise nothing. we were up for a few years later and some people are saying a least double chamberlain managed to get a piece of paper with a famous person signature on it. david cameron hasn't even done not. stuart: i want your forecast because i'm almost out of time. >> stay or leave. who wins on thursday night?
10:21 am
>> even though the post in my garden, someone knocked over last night, my heart is still leave. let's see if you move the market because it can and appears to be waning. the market is the period thank you very much. we'll see you very soon get special coverage of the exit code one way or the other. thursday night 11:00 p.m. eastern time all the way through until 1:00 friday morning. should have early results come in throughout that time period will be on the air of were you. look at this. if you're about to a rocket on by amazon's jeff besos called lou origin successfully landing this rocket up right. you are watching it up right after a short trip into the upper atmosphere. if this capture designed to carry humans base also landed back on here. no damage bass. the southwest because of an
10:22 am
extraordinary heat wave. temperatures in arizona 120 degrees with more hot weather coming today. dear linda terris pledging allegiance to iss during his call from the club. the feds don't want you hearing any more about that. details in a moment. my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese. it's not easy. i was once working on a bust of shaquille o'neill in swiss. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name from godaddy and now they're selling like hot cakes...made of cheese. got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success? we know you can and we've got a domain for you. go you. godaddy.
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aw. aw. aw. aw. [ barking ] [ washing machine running ] party's on! know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. stuart: this is the top story of the day. your money at work. 250 points up any percentage terms. that is a monday morning rally in the house. these three stocks, apple, netflix, disney. disney is at 100 right there. apple shy of 196. gone very political. got that story for you. netflix good write up "the
10:26 am
sunday times" magazine made them look good but still shy of 100. lace, disney gator story. >> these three stocks started about 100 in only disney is moving above 100. they gator story is going to be settled by disney. the parks and teens are more than a quarter of its revenues. disney will do a scan to protect its brand recognition. stuart: bottom line is the gator story, horrific as it was will not stop people going from theme parks. liz: it is a horrific story and disney will move faster correct it. stuart: markets are brutal. attorney general beretta once is a transcript of the cosmic era minto killer will be released to the public, but not in its entirety. you are angry about this because it's all reference to islam. >> bingo but we can learn. think of what the public needs
10:27 am
to know because we know that terrorist motives when talking to negotiators. that is a big information. big boys and big girls can handle the information. more importantly we can take the information and learn from it. stuart: we are told that he says doing this for isis. i'm signing up for isis here and now, but we are not allowed to know that. >> almost on the opposite, the president and his team tell us this is an un-american. he was not overseas radicalize. he was radicalized here as an excuse. stuart: on the left-hand side of your screen, big-name stocks which are real winners today. this is a huge market rally. all set to participate especially financials. look at those companies. you know virtually all of them in all of them are very committed very sharply. we will keep showing you the winner says this horse race progresses. a lot of donald trump is as well. his campaign manager cory lewandowski fired. trump doubling down on muslim
10:28 am
immigration. he wants to profile as a controversial move that he says is necessary. the trump wrapup news next.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
>> the rally hold he is this monday morning and a rally it is up 250 points. there are many companies and stocks within the s&p 500 that are hitting lifetime highs. today, ulta, or dollar tree, con agra foods and mccormick all of the stocks at lifetime highs. look at this it is called market scam. let's owe look at all of the 30 dow stocks at the same time. 29 of them are up. only verizon is down. it is a broad based rally. back to britain referendum comes
10:32 am
this thursday and decide do we want to stay in the european union or leave? at the moment, the state campaign appears to be winning. ashley webster our very own is in london right now with us -- going to be over there on vacation for a week by the way. what's the very latest that, yeah, yeah what's the very latest you've got? [laughter] >> is safe to think of stew by the way english primary league big soccer league here in the u.k. came out and endorse looking across the english channel to europe saying we need to be in the eu for what it's worth. ukar, autoindustry coming out. so the momentum no doubt with the remain campaign william hill, bookmaker here in the u.s. -- in the u.k. say there's an 83% chance that england will -- or u.k. will remain in the e.u. i do say, though, things change
10:33 am
quickly and katy hawkins point you never know until they count the votes potential quickly stew boris johnson who we kind of like opinion to donald trump, he's kind establishment makes br appeal in daily telegraph says vote leave, change history. that is mantra these days they point out they group as son of a eurocrat and came from turkey so he says i don't care. britain needs to recover rights. so at verbally fight goes on st. >> have a good time because you're on duty 24/7. thank you indeed ashley see you again real soon. listen to this, washington post comes out with this headline. british britain leave in the european union could send shock waves across u.s. and global economy. steve moore joins us now. you know a thing or two about
10:34 am
this sounds like fear mongering. what's say you? >> that's exactly the word if i was going to use and i read that washington post article i have to because it's my job, and i thought you know so interesting. i read all of the people who are are quoted in that piece saying you know they must stay in the e.u. and all people invested interest in the e.u. people from the ocd and so on. i don't believe for one minute. pibal britain is better served by leaving e.u. and they'll still be financial center of all of europe london as you know is booming. as the financial center, but i've always believed stuart and look you know a lot more about this even than i do that you know for the last 50 years, britain has really been in this tug-of-war. do they move in a america profree market direction, or do they move towards european socialism, and pibal i believe being involved in the e.u. and tied to europe is actually led
10:35 am
to cost to britain because you know all of the cost associated with these countries like greece and france and spain in so much financial trouble. >> where is margaret thatcher when you need her. another one for you steve because you work with donald trump. you've advised him on economic plan. and today we get the news this man on our screen now cory as campaign manager has been fired. now, what do you think this means for the trump are campaign? >> well first of all stuart you know i learned this on fox just an hour ago. so i'm as shocked by anyone by this new development cory is a close personal friend and brought me to the trump campaign. i don't know details of what happened but i will say this. that you know, i can say about this cory. corey lewandowski upset in american politics in 50 years. a year ago, people were putting in odds much 100. so i'm actually somewhat disturbed by this because i
10:36 am
think he ran a great operation. >> cory o lewandowski said let trump are be trump he won hands down in all of those primaries. >> he's being fired suggest that they no longer want to let trump be trump that maybe he wants to get a grip on his campaign because he's slipping in parking lot polls. last word to you. >> there's no question -- i love donald trump and even i don't agree with everything that donald trump -- nobody does. but look the idea of donald trump being more disciplined in his statements, no question about it. he's going to have more disciplined and going to have focus like a laser beam on economy and gotten off message nobody can dispute that for last two weeks. stuart, i have no idea who is commonning in. as the new campaign manager, but i do think you've got to let trump berump because that's who he is and gotten him and
10:37 am
more discipline because if this is about the economy stuart, he's going to win. >> steve moore thank you very much indeed. now, donald trump has indeed been slipping in polls according to real clear politic, and this is an average of all polls. hillary clinton is in the lead. if you look at latest numbers now, and that donald trump has slipped now he's five points behind. he was even just in may. lee carter is with partners, and lee, you often put -- you often have a target audience, you run videos of like donald trump or hillary clinton and you get audiences response. what is the audience's response when you show them videos of donald trump kind of shooting from the hip, and making some what some think is outrageous comments. >> most recent has been alienating specifically independent voters who have been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt up until last two week we have seen people willing to forgive him and seen outrageous comments we're expecting things to go down but
10:38 am
rather that's not what's been happening they go up. this timing people are saying you know what, inappropriate. he's stepping a little bit too far. and what had i've heard from folks is that have said all along look 80% of what he says i loved 20% makes no sense and worried that he's crazy but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. people are starting to stop giving him benefit of the doubt and want to hear a or more reasonable donald trump. >> particular lay true of the independents no matter what he said up go the polls. >> i've been shocked first election i've tracked in 12 years where inextent independents tracking with republicans but able to pull them over to his side and now starting to question him. not say they're displisessing him but question him he needs to pull things back and stop with outrage arous comments because you cannot justify them. you cannot reck are sile and even people are saying, i don't agree with everything he's saying and that's when you're really into trouble. >> i wound per over the weekend there were high level
10:39 am
discussions about slippage in polls letting trump be trump and decision on monday morning is fire lewandowski can't let trump be trump because we're losing. a narrative. >> bottom line is he's having difficulty raising u money after he went after the head of the republican governors association governor martinez in mexico, that's when had the money started to really start to slide cording to sources by the campaign. >> fired about 40 minutes ago that's what wh we found out about it. more on this throughout the program. lee thank you so much indeeds. now let's get back to straightforward your money within a wonderful rally on wall street and two big stories on disney today opinion a, a huge opening weekend for finding dory second, gator problem not going away. nicole petallides at the new york exchange with a stock and the stories. >> so let's start with stocks. stock is up 1.1%.
10:40 am
you mentioned finding dory comes 13 years after finding nemo and it is a blockbuster, it it is highest grossing animated film of all time and second highest release in june. so it's blowing everything out of the water. great success for disney. on the other hand they still have to deal with gator problem we've seen some video where they're fending off some of the gators. we know that they have now since put some sign and there's a picture of the sign, alligators and snakes in the area and service for that young boy in nebraska is this afternoon. >> thanks so much nicole rick what do you make of this it? >> disney is handle hadding it right from the very beginning, this is florida. there are gators in florida. there were signs no swimming. this is a travesty, it's outrageous that this little boy was taken. but i don't think that you can ever say that it was avoidable. i hate to say it but i don't think it's going to stop people going to disney's parks in the future.
10:41 am
not at all and that's the opinion. what do you think? >> putting up a fence as well. >> checked that big board i want to keep you in touch with this rally exciting stuff monday morning. off we go to races 233 points up as we speak. major political story of the day broke an hour ago. donald trump fires campaign manager corey lewandowski. we're on it. again, we're keeping close eye on the the volt in britain up this thursday, it will have huge implications for our markets. they're going up now because of that vote. back in a minute.
10:42 am
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10:43 am
>> remember "varney & company" starts 9 a.m. eastern time, here's what you missed last hour. >> what did lewandowski do wrong? >> i don't know. i mean these campaigns just have a tendency to grow and grow and grow. i've not talked to mr. trump this morning, but i think it's a clear indication that he wants to take the campaign in a different direction. mr. trump is mr. trump, and mr. trump makes the decisions. so i don't think you'll ever quite criticism by ming a staff change. but clearly i think they want to take the campaign in a different direction. and pennsylvania decided to do this morning. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
10:44 am
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10:45 am
>> the ruleses of engagement. what the bureau is being told about what they can do and what they can't do. they can't go sniffing around anything to do with with muslims. they can't go around to mosque.
10:46 am
they can't do things they would normally do not things that are off tts charts but i'm talking about things that normally would be done but the artist have come down from the white house. forminger fbi on the kelly file basically saying look anything to do request muslim and fbi backs off. something very different from donald trump over the weekend profiling. roll tape. >> profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country and other countries do it and you look a israel, others an they do it. and they do it successfully, and you know, i hate the concept of profiling. but we have to start using common sense, and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads and not the worst thing to do. >> let's bring in fox news analyst thomas, general, i want to take this behind politics you're a military guy. it seemed to me like trumple and a lot of people want to take the
10:47 am
fight to them. go get them. i think you're in that camp. >> absolutely, stuart. look, i like profiling. when you look at pattern of behavior and how we've been able to kill these terrorists it's because we are profiling their patterns of behavior. that's the only way you're going to win and that's why the the administration and the president should be calling it for what it is radical islam. >> rob o'neal man who shot osama bin laden on this program twice occasions he said go get them. american boots on the grouped go get them no matter what it takes you fight them street to street you go get them. i asked them is america prepared to do that? i'll ask you the same question. is america prepared to do that to fight again, for that territory, lose must money and treasure and lives, are we prepared for it? >> look, i'm a great fan of rob.
10:48 am
but the fact is there's no question that we could do it but say rob who is going to pay for that. do you want to throw another trillion dollarss in to syria in iraq? no. let the muslims do it. we'll use our air power, and our sophisticated intelligence, et cetera to help it. we don't need boots on ground only muslims should be on the ground and taking care of it. this is their fight, stuart. it's not our fight. >> and you would take care of those who come to us as terrorists disguised as refugees you take care that have by profiling and maybe going as far as actively stopping muslims from coming into the country like trump? >> absolutely. you've got till we understand ththis threat. till we understand the ideology that we are facing. why does a guy do what he did in orlando omar why did he do that when the fbi interviewed him twice? the fact is he should be picked up right then.
10:49 am
but because president obama personally directed that as jim cale talked about earlier are to take out that referred to radical islam or islam be a threat so we're looking the in wrong spot but muslims themselves, every day they should protest against this kind of conduct of radical islam. this is their responsibility. not infiddle but they have not. have you seen afaka on orlando, san bernardino, brussels, pars, no. they must pick this up in medina and saudis must lead it. >> lieutenant general, tom thanks for joining us general appreciate you being here. >> thank you. thanks stuart. more on the same vein soldiers claiming victory in fallujah and people are celebrating in streets of baghdad.
10:50 am
>> this is key fallujah and isis larging attacks on baghdad. now, a humanitarian crisis is in play. 82,000 people have left or fled fallujah over last four weeks and adds to number of record 465 million people displaced by conflict around the world and not seen that number. >> that adds to refugees i'm sure it does correct. >> humanitarian crisis. these towns and cities in iraq they're piles of rubble. you win them. what do you win a pile of rubble. >> but look we're talking about iraq. a city in iraq is now you know coming back under control of the iraqi government instead of isis. isis still controls libya. and syria. it's getting worse. it's not get better this is a movement. a smaller movement. >> got it thank you very much sir. appreciate it. look at the big board can't get away from the big financial story rally and our storkt here
10:51 am
238 why? because the stay vote in britain looks more likely of being successful. that it rallies our markets. donaldanother big item of news d his campaign manager. corey lewandowski back in a moment. you both have a
10:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents...
10:53 am
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10:55 am
>> the british exit vote. they are in the lead. i want the brits to leave yiewrm. got it? brett stevens it with me from the wall street journal. >> you have already made more break from american citizens that's true. now, do you agree with me that the political assassination in britain last week has given empties to the stay campaign and that's what's affecting our markets this morning? >> probably tragically is the case. the killer appears top of a pro independents or or leave pa gnatting that doesn't, obviously, tar the exit campaign -- crazy people are on all sides but it curbed momentum that the leave campaign seem to be gaining in the last week of the race. >> where do you stand on this and in favor of british leading but i don't think it can be reformed from the in this. i think it has to split and break up. : it's a tough question i think any serious person has to weigh the proand cons but i'm basically in the remain camp.
10:56 am
>> remain camp so you oppose my point of view on this program new york. >> many others. >> that's very true. but it comes down to this. if we have margaret thatcher prime minister and britain were to leave the european union natural thing would be to join either the north american free trade agreement or do something along lines of what winston churchill suggested 60 years a year of english speaking people. they would be losing access to 500 million people and losing its position of the financial capitol of europe and ping most worry some of all got scotland a huge incentive to leave the united kingdom. >> he shall return. >> coming up third hour of "varney & company" major political story of the day. donald trump firing his campaign manager cory lune u do you ski we have the very latest, and major market story of the week. britain's votes on whether or not to leave the european union
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> i don't know, you know, these campaigns have a tenancy to grow and grow and grow. i'm not talking to mr. trump this morning, but i think it's a clear indication that he wants to take the campaign in a different direction. mr. trump is mr. trump, so i
11:01 am
don't think he'll ever quiet criticism clearly the campaign is going in a different direction and that's what they decided to do this morning. stuart: take the campaign in a new direction. a big shakeup in just a moment. but the other big story of the day about your money and that's the stock market. that is a rally in progress. we've been holding with a gain of 230 to 250 points for about the last hour. that's where we are now. up 1.3%. how about the s&p 500. many of those stocks actually hitting all-time record. up strong one and a quarter percent. gold is down not much a $3 selloff. how about oil? 48, $49 a barrel, 49.08 up this morning. the ten-year treasury yield important number 1.7%.
11:02 am
still historically low. the biggest movers on wall street retain banks straight up for the big names. jp morgan, morgan stanley, goldman, city, wells, they're all up because it looks like the british may be favoring the stay side of the vote. banks up in america when the brits decide to stay if they do in europe. british stocks generally are way up. barkers, the big drinks maker, all of them up, three, four, five, 8% higher. look at this. we've mining stocks. 4, 3, 4% higher. bp and british american tobacco. also this hour, we're waiting for an update, fbi update on the orlando terror attack. we're also waiting for those transcripts from the phone calls between hostage negotiators and the shooter inside the pulse club in orlando. they're expected out some time.
11:03 am
>> well, omar mateen according to the transcripts ideified himself on the 9-1- 9-1-1 call as an islamic son-in-law. he said i'm in orlando, i did the shooting, the new tier you're going to see redacted. now you're going to see the justice department step in and redacting it. so here's a quote. my name is. i pledge allegiance to. omitted. may god protect him and then a word on behalf of omitted. so this is the doj stepping in and censoring what omar mateen said on the phone call. stuart: okay. we're going to listen to the department of justice and to the fbi to hold these press conferences momentarily. we're listening. listening for you. if they bring us news, you will hear it. i want to get back to the huge shakeup in the trump campaign. cory lou is out. on our phone line now is former massachusetts senator
11:04 am
scott brown who is a trump supporter. mr. senator, the feeling that i'm getting so far is that trump wants to reign in himself, reign in his campaign, take it in a new direction because it's been going down in polls for the past couple of weeks. does that square with your reading of the firing of cory? >> i don't think he was fired. they certainly had a parting of the ways, and i checked with the campaign and they said he wasn't fired. semantics probably. certainly not going to be with the campaign, and i think your attempt is accurate, stuart, as you're going through the campaign process and there are flows especially starting with the summer, you know, you need to go in a different direction and maybe th is one of the things that needs to be done not only for the donors but the campaign itself. stuart: well, lewandowsk works iwas the man who wanted lo allow trump be allow and won huge primaries. i think there's been a feeling
11:05 am
in the last couple of weeks, though, that maybe the shooting from the hip was going too far, and it reunification service hurting the trump campaign. therefore this is a really big change in direction, isn't it inspect. >> i think it's appropriate too. any time you've won a campaign, i remember there were times when you need to sit down, do some self evaluation, self reflection and say okay. where do we need to go from here? we have a convention coming up, we need to unify the party and clearly that was not happening. so i know paul manford is directly involved in the campaign working very hard to get the ship in the right direction and others working hard as well. and the beauty of that everything i'm hearing, stuart, is that the election is not tomorrow and if anyone think so this is over, they don't understand campaigns and they don't understand mr. trump. stuart: okay. we hear you. scott, thank you very much indeed for joining us. >> all right. stuart, see you soon. stuart: now, let's bring in with respect to the hewn, fox
11:06 am
business senior analyst. what do you think it means for the trump campaign going forward? >> well, strongly suggest that mr. trump himself recognizes that the past several weeks since he wrapped up the nomination have gone very badly for him. not only things he hasn't said that have distracted from the campaign got him in trouble and worried republicans and stuff like that. but also because the clinton campaign has proven to be far better organized for the national election, far better financed as well and the job building out a big national organization for the trump campaign had just not gotten off the ground, and he needs to do that and he needs to do that in a big hurry and cory lewandowski did not seem well experienced or a background to do that job. so he's gone. and i'm sure republicans here
11:07 am
in washington are hoping and praying that this will signal a new course for the campaign and it will become a much more conventional professionally organized national campaign. it's not like the primaries, stuart. it is 50 state races in the way primaries are series of state races. but you have to won in all ofes. the campaign needs to be organized for that. stuart: yeah, organized. but can you, in fact, stop trump from being trump? can he reign himself in? can he resist the temptation to just get out there and fire from the hip and rally the crowd? >> i think that'sa separate question, stuart. i mean whether he can do that or not and whether the candidates only failings or strengths as a candidate are separate from the question of whether the campaign itself, its infrastructure, its volunteers, its staff, its get out of the vote effort, its advertising campaign, and all the rest are sufficient and on track.
11:08 am
so whatever -- look, i'm not saying one way or the other whether trump can reign himself in. he seems indisposed to do that or enable. but even if he can, or even if he can't, he still needs a well planned, we thought out, well staffed national operation. stuart: donald trump has slumped in the polls recently. it's not a huge drop. but it seems -- >> well, he's lower now, stuart, and some polls lower than romney ever was and romney lost. stuart: good point. jumped in on that one. it seems like there are parallels with the momentum in the stay campaign in britain. i mean the stay campaign over there is gaining ground and it seems there's a parallel over here with trump losing ground. he would be one of those in favor of leaving. a parallel between politics of two sides of the pond here. >> well, there's an atmosphere i think in the west.
11:09 am
including britain. of fear and apprehension and uneasiness about the economy, about the effective immigration on the countries. we have it here. certainly the brits have it. membership in the eu affects that very strongly. so there are decidedly some parallels on the moves of the electorate on both sides of the big pond. stuart: can i get back to the trump campaign? is paul manford now the guy going to be resign are guilty? because he's a political professional. >> he is his specialty is convention management, but i think he's been long enough to know that the trump campaign is insufficient. and this move, i don't know who's going to be hired. whatever his title may be, i'm not sure he'll be the one because -- but i think his influence is clearly not waning as we had believed. stuart: it's just a fascinating election and extraordinary. >> nothing like it i've ever seen.
11:10 am
stuart: every week we do it, we shake our heads but it's wonderful stuff, isn't it? brit hewn, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: were check that big board, it's a rally, a very significant rally up 241 points for the dow jones industrials. look at the big map. talking heat waves here hitting the southwest. the hottest start of the summer in three states, california, new mexico, arizona. phoenix set a new daily record, 118 degrees going up again today. the heat not helping the wildfire in santa barbara. 2,000 firefighters working to contain it, and it is only what? 51% contained at this point. they're making progress. the fire has burned 8,000 acres. one of three large wildfires burning in the region covering an area larger than paris. in politics, the mainstream media purposefully showing donald trump in a negative light because they don't like him?
11:11 am
>> opinions are welcome, editorial comments are accepted that we all kind of agree in this case it seems it's okay to pilele on trump because everybody agrees. i hear people say that. so this is a time to stand up. this is different than other times. they feel so strongly personally that had think they can step over the lines there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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11:17 am
listen to this. >> the press has gone further than i've ever seen and just deciding that the what seems to become from the reporters and news organizations on the programs, editorial comments are accepted and we all agree in this case it seems it's okay to pile on as you say trump because everybody agrees. i hear people say that that this is a time to stand up, this is different than other times, they feel so strongly personally that they think they can step over the line. stuart: now, she's saying that editorial now appears on a regular basis against trump in news stories. what do you make of that? >> well, i talked to trump on friday, and he certainly agrees. he talked about media host i let being beyond belief. he says it's really ratchet up since he essentially clinched the nomination, and i do agree with cheryl atchinson that not only there's been a piling on and trump has made mistakes in
11:18 am
the last few weeks and of course that's fair game for coverage. but you see journalists leaving the commentators aside now. the right wing don't much like trump either. but journalists who are supposed to be straight forward news reporters, some of them are snarky about trump on twitter, and i think some of the ways -- some of the stories have been framed have been very negative to him. and him slipping in the polls, that is almost like a green light for journalists to pile on even further, stuart,. stuart: and i think there's been a slant on coverage of post orlando. the mainstream media trying to shift the debate to make it about guns and maybe about hate rather than the basis of what it was all about, in my opinion, and that would be terror. what do you say? >> i think that after every mass shooting the media tried to put gun control high on the agenda. i don't think the media are saying solely this should be about gun control. certainly terror, antigay and all of that is all part of the story. but interestingly on this, donald trump has broken with republican orthodox saying,
11:19 am
yes, we should have at least a measure of gun control where people on the terror watch list or no fly list cannot buy weapons or it would be difficult for them to buy weapons. he hasn't gotten any credit from that on the mainstream media even though that kind of matches the mainstream media. stuart: i've said it to all of my guests, i've never seen a campaign like this. ever. >> i'm with you. ever. [laughter] . stuart: thank you very much indeed had you ever had and we'll see you again soon, sir. thank you. check the big board. we're up 226 points. well over 1%. 17.9. how about that? this is all because of the brexit vote in britain. look at this. a disney employee fending off an alligator just feet away from guests as they ride splash mountain. would any of this deter people from visiting disney? and the orlando gunman omar mateen pledged allegiance to
11:20 am
isis. however, filmmaker asked some people what they thought. they said it had nothing to do with religion >> it was another situation of lonely deranged male. >> i don't think it was terror okay, ready?
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
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11:24 am
. stuart: the documentary went out and asked orlando residents who's responsible for the orlando attack. you wouldn't believe who they blamed. roll tape. >> i don't think it had to be with terror to be honesty. i think it was another situation of a lonely deranged male. >> you say it was unfair to say islam? >> yeah. >> i don't think it was an islamic crime. >> had nothing to do with islam. >> no. >> i don't think it was terror. >> people are not evil. this is ignorance. stuart: now, liz, i'm always worried when i see lots of these man on the street interviews because i don't know how many they actually took and how many they used and did they edit it so that it looks like your point of view. but nonetheless those people are adamant it has nod to do with islam. >> yeah. here's the thing
11:25 am
this comes as the administration, in fact, last week president obama criticized use of the term, the use of the term radical terrorism and now we have the justice department actually going so far as to edit and sensor omar mateen that he's doing it in the name of isis. so a couple of things here. even at the same time we've had law enforcement boots on the ground in orlando saying, yes, it was isis inspired. yes, it's islamic terrorist, meaning the police chief and mayor of orlando saying, yes, it was isis inspired. so you have to wonder if all of this censorship of what's going on, that is this is playing into the obama administration gun control narrative. stuart: oh, it certainly is. liz: but now a gun story. stuart: distract, change the debate away from terror and islam and put it entirely in the hands of hate and guns. that's what happened. liz: yeah, despite them saying we are the most transparent administration in the history of the wuss be that's not happening. stuart: do we still have a very solid rally, refuses to go away. up more than 200 points and
11:26 am
been that way all day. stocks rallying because there appears to be more support for the stay campaign in britain. we have a member of paiament who says the brits should leave. he joins us in a moment. the big political news of the day. donald trump fires his campaign manager. we have a trump surrogate who is meeting with mr. trump this afternoon. this is an ongoing story. and this. the charge with murder in connection with a fire and vacate building that killed five people. turns out he was here illegally. had a string of arrests but was never deported. how about that? that's l.a. and we are monitoring that fbi news conference in orlando. the transcripts from the 9-1-1 call from omar mateen have been released but they have been edited. the judge on that momentarily. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
stuart: look at that stock market. strata. what happened? look no further than the political assassination of written last week. a shooting over there has had a remarkable and high tier. the truth is the british have recoiled from the killing of jo cox, a member of parliament to have been strongly in favor of staying in europe. that explosion event shifted the polls.
11:31 am
the link campaign have been winning, now the state campaign has caught up yet in other words, the this monday morning to break more likely to stay in europe. wall street is taken as an run with it. and the world of money, written same in europe means stability. no change, no upset. that is what investors want. okay, that's money. there are larger issues involved on both sides of the atlantic. issues not going away regardless of the vote. immigration, control of borders, sovereignty, control of your own society and intense opposition to european-style socialism on both britain and america by out of touch elites. my position remains unchanged. written should leave. and america, same story. we should move as quickly as possible away from the all government, all the time policies of president obama and hillary clinton. i will also say this very political violence, assassination, political murder
11:32 am
has no place on either side of the aisle someplace either side of the atlantic. you heard what i've got to say. let's bring in ashley webster who is in london. neuron. ashley: some vacation and getting. stuart: no vacation for you. we just heard that a leading conservative who was part of the league campaign has switched sides and is now part of the state campaign. who is doing this and how important is it? ashley: her name is better at math so i need wall street, a prominent member of the conservative party. she was at one point share the conservative party in the u.k. back in 2014. she said i cannot support the views from others who want the e.u. to remain -- the u.k. to remain in the e.u. in particular she mentions this
11:33 am
poster as the final, if you like, the straw that broke the camels back. this is the poster that shows the long reign of migrants across europe. this picture was taken in slovenia. it says breaking point the e.u. has failed us all. she called this particular poster vile, outrageous and wrong in so she can no longer support the campaign because she says the campaign has been hijacked by the far right. she even mentions donald trump in the listed names. if they supported i cannot support it. a shameful one so? perhaps. there's been a good day to let for those that want to say in the e.u. with a number of high-profile business leaders as well as the british elites. the british auto association all coming out on the side of stay in the e.u. his response was sorry, it's the
11:34 am
truth. stuart: full-court press for the state people and that's affecting our market. still up over 200 points. we will see you again later. thank you very much. a member of the british parliament. you are in favor of moving to the european union. i've got that. i suspect the assassination last week in some of the development over the weekend now suggest that the vote will go in favorite pain. >> good morning. i agree with your initial assessment. this is an issue that is wider than just the immediacy of the moment. this is an issue as to whether the united kingdom chooses a future in a myopic on a very minded e.u. which is anti-global free trade and his protectionist and fundamentally undemocratic for more and more decisions are
11:35 am
being made by an unelected political elite. >> you can't give sovereignty back if you can't get control of your borders back. you can't break the back of european socialism if britain is still within the european union. that's my position. it seems my position and yours is being eroded by that political assassination and by that posteused over the weekend showing a massive muslims coming into the country. that put everybody back up and at the moment this day campaign seems to be offended. >> well, i am here in westminster. we have a term called the westminster bubble similar to the washington elway that a lot of these kind of stories that people declined their relations one way or another heralds a lot of political headlines. yesterday evening i was in the central square of the district i
11:36 am
represent speaking to voters. yes, the people i spoke to everyday in my district were telling me that they are deeply concerned about the lack of sovereignty that this country now has because of our membership of the european union and the fact that we are turning our back on global free trade because the european union has this narrow field. it has failed to negotiate free-trade agreements for the top 10 largest economies in the world, even failed to negotiate a free-trade agreement with canada because one country objects to it. we need to free ourselves of how the global outlook just as the world is shrinking and becoming more disconnected. stuart: thank you for joining us on the contentious subject of the vote comes up on thursday. we here at "varney & company" will have special coverage just as the results start to roll in. we will be on the air with a special vote -- program and will go all the way through to
11:37 am
1:00 friday morning. we covered of course. learning a lot more. this is a big deal. we are learning a lot more about exactly what happened inside the plot and orlando with omar mateen the shooter. judge andrew napolitano has the news for us. tell us. >> i have in front of me the redacted transcripts. it is two parts. the redacted transcript between the 9-1-1 operator in the shooter had the summary of what they don't want us to hear. here is the summary. a sunnier than the police department radio communications, quote, there were no reports of shots being fired inside the pulse, the nightclub between the responding officers in the shooters in the time of the final breach. that means no one was killed until 5:13 in the morning when the police rushed the place. no one had died in the interim.
11:38 am
all 53 wounded and 49 that were murdered that their faith during the police and s.w.a.t team rash at 5:10 and not before. stuart: we just learned this from the fbi. >> we have this cooperated. i wrote peter ducey if i recognized the voice correctly asked this question. we have this cooperated. why did she wait so long? he made a lot of threats. i have a car up there with explosives. i have other things are going to go off in the neighborhood. they checked the neighborhood. they are giving us the reason for the way. i've dealt with law enforcement on my back. i'm not a tactician. i'm not in a position to evaluate the means they use, but we were led to believe the slaughter was going on before they rushed the we now know that the slaughter went on during the rash and not before. stuart: that is a key point here.
11:39 am
something we absolutely did not know. >> a lot of criticism as a result of this. stuart: police tactics will be criticized. no one died until the police made their breach of the building 5:13 a.m. and mateen had gone into the buildings be my his first call is at 2:02. 2:02 a.m. is when he calls 9-1-1 from his cell phone. we don't know when he entered, but sometime around or before. stuart: no one was killed? >> whom the gunfire that took place was between mateen an officer there on duty and ireland. he immediately telephoned for backup. stuart: we've done throughout this process he is now at hinged
11:40 am
on guns and hate and then there was the issue of what is this man a terrorist, islamic terrorists? we've been through the issue of these transcripts being redacted. no mention of islam. now we find this is an absolutely key detail. the debate will shift the police attack next of what happened in that building and when it happened and did it happen because of the police? that's a terrible thing for me to say. that is the speculation. >> yes. the transcript is redacted. there is no question about it. they tell you where the reductions to place. without seeing the original adult know what was removed. it appears that what was removed or references to political and religious beliefs. that is what it appears was removed by whoever did this redacting. stuart: none of the 49 people were killed, no one was killed until the police actually went
11:41 am
into that building and bridge the outside. but as a whole new area of debate. >> is entirely different. paints an entirely different picture from the one we thought was the case when we saw here last monday over sunday evening or saturday evening, sunday morning. stuart: i'm really astonished by this. it's a bombshell. a bolt out of the blue. not what we've been led to believe. >> no, not what we've been led to believe. a lot more will come out i'm sure. stuart: thank you spirit much indeed. now this. five people dead after a homeless man allegedly started a fire in a los angeles doping. you've got details on the suspects. =tranfour johnny sanchez 21 is a citizen of honduras, an illegal who who basically set this fire in an abandoned building a mile west of downtown los angeles. five homeless people murdered.
11:42 am
you start with five capital murder offenses. but he was arrested in 2012. he was arrested four times for things like domestic violence, drug possession. he was arrested but never deported. what happened was immigration crime enforcement never started deportation procedures. is that things like he had no criminal history. instead he was placed under supervision in order to report to authorities. he stopped doing that in 2014. stuart: another extraordinary story. thank you indeed. good to the markets, please. wal-mart selling the chinese e-commerce business to up over 6%. look at amazon. the mayor of paris telling people that don't use amazon's grocery service because it will ruin local commerce. no impact on amazon stop. it is up for 10 bucks. % as we speak.
11:43 am
take a look at spirit airlines. it's raised its price target to 55. it is up 4.5%. video again. a disney employee fending off an alligator a few feet away from splash mountain. that's from 2009. there's a long history of alligators eating up on. disney is the sequel to "finding nemo." this one is called "finding dory." a huge success. it's the most successful opening weekend for the animated movie in american box office history. $136 million. police, the stocks virtually unchanged. i don't think the stocks going to react anymore. they are responding to that movie and the shanghai part. liz: i agree with that.
11:44 am
disney gets its money from primarily media, as the number one driver. secondary theme parks and resorts. it does have a brain reputation issue. by the way, you are right, 2009. when the disney know about the problem and went to the workers do anything about it? it wasn't acted upon quickly enough. it's a disastrous horrific scene. stuart: is a disaster. i hate to say i don't think people will be put off going to disney in any numbers because of this event. >> we will stay on the stay on reports for you and watch the trend. details on the political bombshell. donald trump's campaign manager cory lewandowski fire. john roberts reported that trump's children convinced their dad to make the move. reportedly came down to lewandowski or paul manafort. both sent my way or the highway.
11:45 am
robert jeffers, member of trump's advisory council is with us now. i want you to react to that. cory lewandowski is out. it seems to us that this is trump saying that got to get a grip on my campaign. i can't shoot from the head. i've got to go with oracle professionals who could organize my campaign. i've got a sneaking suspicion that you don't approve. >> core is a friend of mine. he's very gifted or the drunken panic knowledge but a great contribution he's made. but it's unusual for campaigns to make midcourse corrections. i don't know all the details and i believe the campaign will be fine. stuart: you know what we are talking about here. trump themed trump, shoot from the hip that won him all of those primaries. in one of the debate. that was donald trump in donald trump. in the last two or three weeks he has come down in the polls
11:46 am
because he has been trump. that is the reason for the firing. >> look, i would disagree. the reason we have seen trump site in the polls and a little bit is because the democrats are interested the republican establishment has no coalesce. they are living in this fantasyland and somehow they can decouple themselves at the party nominee and save their own skin if the nominee is defeated. doesn't work that way. either we hang together or we hang separately. stuart: he cannot win the presidency if he does not have the support of financial support. they may look at them not support. >> trumped up where he is by being who he is. never forget that. stuart: or you're part of this meeting with 700 people? >> it's gone up to 900. i'm part of a smaller as three
11:47 am
council. stuart: can they get him on his side? he's got you. i think all he has to do is talk about conservative appointments to the supreme court, religious liberty and fighting isis. all people, evangelicals and if one else want radical islamic terrorism defeated and i think it will stick to those things tomorrow, he will have people eating out of the palm of his hand. stuart: we get the supreme court nominee. the speed radical islamic terror. was the parrot rush and mark christians are being marginalized and recognizing. stuart: there's a very strong feeling that christians are being marginalized. there's also a very strong that
11:48 am
christians are being brutalized and fluttered around the world and nobody in the western world is doing a thing about it. >> that's right. the president of the united states refuses to utter the words even though every attack we are talking about, whether it's paris, orlando, san bernardino and four are all militant muslims. there is something that needs to be exposed and corrected. they get to christians in america. they must be tens of thousands of christians who have been slaughtered. a couple of million run out of town and we have done absolutely not. we won't even mention this. we won't bring them to america. >> in german a couple weeks ago i spoke to 500 muslim refugees from iran give many of them have come christians. all of them have a great hard for them. we want to provide for their safety. right now we can't afford to
11:49 am
allow them in our country when we have no processed event than in luanda and recognized the threat of radical islamic terrorism. stuart: the 441 suing refugees who have comto america since the orlando is one week of 440. only five are christians. stuart: on trains binoculars a clear difference. trump wants to put a halt on immigration until we can bet these people better. an increase into our country refugees. that is outlandish. we have to support somebody who's going to protect this country. stuart: 900 evangelicals tomorrow morning. i'm not a sales -- thank you for being with us. >> good to see you, stuart. stuart: the dow industrial holding on three near 200-point gain. all 30 of the dow stocks. 28 of them are green. that means two of them are down.
11:50 am
verizon has always been down throughout this morning. now along with cisco, which is down 1 cent. another headline from donald trump. he says we should profile to fight terror. just listen to this. >> you look at israel and they do it ♪
11:51 am
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stuart: the political bombshell of the money no-space. donald trump has said goodbye to his campaign manager cory lewandowski paintbox misreporting that both lewandowski and paul manifolds, the top guy in the campaign both of them said my way or the highway. trump's children chimed in with support for lewandowski therefore out. the truth here. janet caldwell is a republican strategist. it seems to last, this is our analysis the last hour and a half that he is god because they want to rein in and organize his campaign. they want a more professional campaign in the future. have used yet? >> i like this guy.
11:55 am
i've been peeking at the senior official for the last hour saying they parted ways. it was in a filing. i like the idea of a fire in. he is gone because we needed a reboot. this is a guy with a very unconventional race. they've done quite well. we are in a position where we have to be presidential and have a strategy moving forward and then is to be policy positions at every step of the way. stuart: he has to be very careful. over the weekend he came right out with it and said we in america should go for profiling to fight terror. watch this. >> profiler is something we have to start thinking about is the country in other countries do it. you look at israel and others than they do it. they do it successfully. i hate the concept of profiling. we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads. it is not the worst thing to do.
11:56 am
stuart: allover for using the word profile. >> i've been seeing headlines were they say he's racially profiled and that is absolutely not the case. we have to be smart and tough as mr. trump has been saying throughout the election. the pc culture, politically correct culture this allows citizens to believe there was something going on in san bernardino, one of the terror suspects says we as we have seen if the individual was actually believe they would be call bigots and racists for bringing it up. there is a level of profile that has to go into it. we are going to let the expert and people speak up but thes instances. stuart: so often we got on the prompter.
11:57 am
>> when you from running for months and working out it's been hard to get into a new groove. that's what the problem is. the one the primaries by being outrageous. stuart: thank you very much. we still got a rally not quite up to hundred points. 191. if you are in the market, you'll take it. >> 18,000. we are just not there. it's only backed up 30 points. there's a long way to go when you will have more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
trying to look at. three news stories. the campaign did not break out. that has given us a big market rally in the united states and then a couple hours ago a political bombshell. cory lewandowski ottis trump's campaign manager.
12:00 pm
when you make of that? liz: he still expected to head the new hampshire delegation. still in the mix. the word is to appease senate gop leaders really worried about the trump campaign. stuart: they want to rein them in. can they do it? liz: and the fund-raising which is the trouble. stuart: time is out. it is almost 12 noon. connell mcshane, it is yours. connel: thank you it's certainly a lot of talk that we will do here in "cavuto: coast-to-coast." i am connell mcshane in for neil. gruber elaborates develop it. a lot of it from the u.k. though which has been reporting the big one all week long we will be covering. other items that the deadly heat wave. the big story with donald trump fire in his campaign managers. all over everything such as it is. let's start with socks. we are in rally mode almost


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