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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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there it goes. cisco unchanged. what we'll do now, for, that changes everything. i was going to spend 15 seconds staring at verizon and cisco to see if we get them both positive with all 30 stocks higher when we hand it over to trish regan. come on, verizon, five cents. six. that is going other way. here she is to take you through the next hour. trish: connell, thank you so much. we have big rally on our hands. fbi releasing transcripts of 911 calls the orlando killer made during his rampage as the obama administration deletes any references to islamic terrorism from these transcripts. why not let the 911 calls stand on their own? why not let the public come to its own conclusion? is the administration trying to cover up the role of radical islam in the orlando shootings? we're all over it. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." attorney general loretta lynch announcing they have scrubbed the 911 transcripts for any reference to islamic terrorism
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when the killer's motives are critical to understanding why this happened in preventing another future attack. why not keep it there? i mean certainly had he been a racist, someone motivated by radical, anti-latino sentiment, do you think they would be covering that up? pretty doubtful. we're on it for you. plus new signs of a rebellion brewing in the republican party, all designed to he deny donald trump the nomination at the gop convention which is now just one month away. hundreds of delegates reportedly planning to go rogue and set convention rules that will allow delegates to vote for whomever they want. some say paul ryan just gave them the go ahead by saying this. >> the last thing i would do is tell anybody to do something that is contrary to their conscience. of course i wouldn't do that. trish: is this why trump fired his campaign manager, corey lewandoski today? and how can the party ever hope
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to take the white house if it is still can not unify? meanwhile we've got a big market rally as i said at top of the show on our hands. dow up nearly 200 points. nasdaq composite up 65. this is all ahead of this week's critical vote, that is happening in the u.k. about whether or not great britain is going to stay part of the european union. market seems to be betting at least right now that the brits will vote to stay in. that is according to some new polls that came out of the u.k., suggesting in fact that will be the decision. i'll tell you. no matter what, it will have very serious implications for our economy, our markets, your wallet of course. we are going to discuss all of it. meanwhile get back to the top story, everyone. moments ago, fbi releasing 911 transcripts of conversations between the gunman and police from that horrific night in orlando, but they only released part of them. the white house has demanded officials redact any reference
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to isis, any reference to islam. the reason? because officials do not want to give isis anymore notoriety than it already has. watch. >> we're not going to propagate violent rhetoric that comes from other people whether they be here or overseas. to do that would only inflame other people here that might be like-minded. >> this is further proclaim this individual's pledge of allegiance to terrorist groups and further propoganda. >> we'll not hear him talk about those things? >> we'll hear him talk about some of those things but we'll not hear him make his assertions of allegiance. this will not be audio. this will be a printed transcript but capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators. trish: let me show you right now a graphic of the transcript. this is the what they look like now. they have, the shooter's pledge to isis now omitted. joining me right now, zuhdi jasser, president of
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american-islamic forum for democracy. dr. jasser, good to see you. i want your take on this. is this a mistake to delete the killer's references to islam? >> it is completely a mistake, trish. that redaction is sort of blasphemy invoked sadly from our democracy we can't even be treated like adults, that we can deal with this in a way that we should be trusted and they're enabling radicals and actually, they are i think derelict in their duty. this is a time of war. our commander in chief should treat us like adults. by the way to say somehow militants all over the world are going to use his 911 speech or the transcript to create more incentive is just hogwash because the jihadist websites are already rife calling this guy a hero i'm sure. they will find other ways. look what they did with nidal hasan, with the chattanooga shooting, 911 tape. rather what they are doing
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preventing american public, by the way reform isthmus limbs, from listening to this and demanding that our community deal with this because the administration doesn't want to deal with the fact that we are at war. they want to continue down the psychiatric, the crime, the gun narrative and instead of truth which is that we are at war with islammism. trish: it feels like they're just kind of burying their head in the sand on this one. let me share with you, dr. jasser, what loretta lynch said how she wants to make sure we learn everything we possibly can about this killer. here she is over the weekend. >> that certainly is our goal. as i can see from this investigation we're going back and learning everything we can about this killer, about his contacts, people who may have known him or seen him and we're trying to build that profile so we can move forward. trish: wouldn't that profile then include the fact that he sympathized with radical islam? >> absolutely and by the way, who is the we here?
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i thought they represent the american people. we as americans and muslims who want to reform and want to deal with the issue need to be able to hear what exactly this radical said so that we can begin to help trace the traces of ideology from the father, from the community, from organizations, that this person may have been a part of in order to dissect and help do the counterterrorism and counterideology. by the way, you can't get past ignoring hypocrisy of an administration who in benghazi said that the video played a role in this propaganda and wanted to blame it on ideology while here they want to protect us from even having that conversation. hypocrisy is unbelievable. trish: dr. jasser, why not, why do they feel they have to protect us? what are they protecting us from? >> they're protecting us from an exposure of the fact that our allies like saudi arabia, qatar, turkey, the muslim brotherhood who this administration likes to work closely with, are actually
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ones intox can't about ideas, when you talk about radical islamism, anti-americannism, all the things he said in here, beens something you can feel, that is ideology that this man had, all of sudden we have to deal with reform. they don't want us to have that because they think americans will become anti-muslim, bigoted, when in fact they're protecting us will stimulate more hate among muslims because we can't have the conversation and it gets compressed and withheld. trish: wow, dr. jasser, thank you very much. good to have your perspective with us today. >> thank you. appreciate it, trish. trish: well our president still won't even say the words radical islam and wants the kidder's references to islam deleted from the calls donald trump on other hand is considering a plan to profile muslims inside of the united states of america. here he is over the weekend. >> we really have to look at profiling. we have to look at it seriously. other countries do it.
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it is not the worst thing to do. i hate the concept of profiling but we have to use common sense. we're not using common sense. trish: joining me for their perspective on that, fox news contributor leslie marshall and bush speechwriter, ned ryan. trump is taking a lot of heat for this. do you think he is going to far or saying what those in the intel community perhaps already know, you need to focus on people most likely to committees crimes and they're not necessarily irish catholics? >> exactly. i think there was very interesting piece in reuters today. israeli minister of transportation intelligence had really interesting quotes. of course israel has been doing excellent job of profiling. so is france and other european countries considering profiling but israeli minister said something very interesting towards the end of that piece which he basically said the american law enforcement community is essentially using different terms, profiling already, acting on leads, identifying potentials, acting to make sure they -- trish: they're not supposed to, right? the president made that clear.
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hehe said, taken it out of the manuel. the fbi is not supposed to profile based on someone's religion. >> i would encourage those that are watching to read the reuters pieces specially the last few quotes by the israeli minister. trish: doing it anyway but they're saying they're not? >> doing it by different terms but in essence they're identifying where potential threats are coming from. like you said, trish, irish catholics don't seem to be the ones causing terror in recent times. we can identify where they're coming from. trish: let me go to leslie on this. we are a nation founded on who we are, right? this is where it starts to get very sticky, you wonder at some point this crosses over into extremism, radicalism, it is no longer a religion, it's a political ideology. people made this point over and over again, similar to communism, a threat we faced but nonetheless within the disguise, shall we say of a religion. so leslie, how do we negotiate
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this rather treacherous path? >> first of all i would agree there is racial profiling going on. a lot of folks at fox know marshall is not my real last name. my hairied name is muslim-arabic name. my husband is not muslim. american born prominent southern. 99% of the time, my husband and i travel on a plane, look at our passport we are profiled. however i have to say that my husband and i also know why we're being profiled but it's not just about our -- trish: you have do a problem with that? knowing what you know, dangerous world which we live, do you you have a fundamental problem people looking at you twice because of your husband's last name? >> i have a problem when it is only because of that or only me when we're not on any watch list. i understand certainly want to be safe on the plane along with my husband and my children. i want others to be safe but the majority of people who have such
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a last name, like my husband and i, are law-abiding citizens who contribute to our nation. we were born here. love our nation, love the freedoms including that first amendment freedom of religion. trish: you think, should not be can not be targeting anybody or scrutinizing anybody with a last name that seems to suggest they practice islam? >> well, first of all, if we're only looking at people with a muslim last name, and we're only looking at terrorist attacks, when we have had so many people die at hands of people who i think terrorized people, whether in a church in charleston, south carolina, whether movie theater in a record can, colorado,. trish: that is fair. but that is another another conversation. we're talking about fifighting isis here. what i'm trying to figure out from you, are you okay with someone looking at you twice when you get on the plane because of your husband's last name and, if not, how do we protect ourselves while still being true to our identity who we are as americans which
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includes the freedom of religion? >> well, i, talking to experts on counterterrorism, fighting isis, they have said that some of these efforts quite frankly are time wasters. we need to be more specific. for example, if you look at somebody with a last name, or somebody who is dressed a certain way, woman wearing a headscarf, that is just a mass sweeping generalization of individuals, we're not targeting people that could become radicalized. i think everyone in this nation, regardless of their ideology or religion wants this prevented or stopped. i'm just not sure the way we're being profiled even though they don't admit it currently is effective. trish: ned, let's get you in here. i have to move on to another story. >> trish, i was going to say, we know recent profiles of those committed terror are usually 20 to 30 age demographic, muslim males. i think we -- trish: women too. don't forget san bernanadino. narrow it down to that and start there.
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i think politically, political correctness is luxury we have in time of peace. trish: but it is not political correctness. this is the debate because it is freedom of religion. you're talking about a religion -- >> freedom of religion -- trish: it has manipulated in such a way it has become a political ideology. this is why it is a conflict for people. >> at some point we have to say, at what point does the line get crossed goes from freedom of religion to hate speech that is encouraging violence and murder and terror? i think this is where we have to say, we're going to use common sense. this political correctness, again luxury in time of peace. we are in a clash of world views right now. trish: certainly not peacetime situation. thank you very much. >> exactly. trish: ned, leslie, i will see you guys in a little bit. we have much more to talk about. also breaking, major shake-up in the trump campaign. campaign manager corey lewandoski is out and veteran manager paul manifort is in. with recent polls showing trump's support is slipping is
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the this the change he needs right now to pivot to the general election? okay, ready?
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i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. trish: major shake-up inside of the trump campaign today. the presumptive gop nominee firing his campaign manager, corey lewandoski. the exact reasons for his firing, they are unclear but the campaign has faced a rather rough patch in recent weeks including some slipping poll numbers. in the latest monmouth flags poll released just moments ago, trump is trailing hillary clinton by seven points. then there is the never trump movement that is vowing to fight on. they're trying to set rules at the convention that would allow delegates to vote for whomever they want, which trump of course is taking issue with. watch.
2:18 pm
>> you have a couple of guys that were badly defeated, and they're trying to organize, maybe like a little bit of a delegate revolt, maybe. i mean forget about the legality because it is not legal. trish: we've got a lot of developments here today. we are joined by leslie and ned for analysis. he definitely had some blunders as of late. seems to have cost him in the poll numbers. corey lewandoski was hardly a diplomat, right? >> right. trish: did trump have to make this change? was he being badly influenced by corey? >> no i think part of what they had to do is make a decision what they're going to go. we're middle end of june almost, time is running out. they had to make a decision. trish: pivot to the middle? >> but other thing too is, if you're familiar what is going on with the trump campaign there has been a lot of dissension and infighting. at some point you have to say we have to stop the infighting and pick which direction we're going
2:19 pm
to go. i think it had to do with lack of building infrastructure. i don't think it had to do with the convention. paul manifort is in charge of the convention. the thing that will happen in cleveland the week before the actual convention, july 14th and 15th, rules committee will meet, 112 members. they will decide will they unbind the delegates on first ballot to allow them to vote their conscience. trish: that is pretty wild? >> starting to see more and more chatter. not gotten to the point it is overwhelming chatter to lead you believe it will be actually happening. as far as i'm led to believe, simple majority on the rules committee will decide do we unbind delegates to let them vote their conscience. once they do it goes to the floor of the convention. trish: are you saying that trump may not get it? somebody else may emerge? >> i'm saying there is the potential, it is not inconceivable. but here's the problem. we're essentially three weeks away from the rules committee meeting. the weight of process, the wheels have been set in motion.
2:20 pm
trump has over 1400 pledged delegates, 120 some unpledged. he sitting at 1500 delegates and weight of the process s and motn heading g toward him being the presumptive nominee. trish: there is a serious effort. they had a phone call over the weekend. >> there is. trish: delegates could call in to voice their concerns. i want to go over to leslie. your thoughts again, ned? >> let me put it this way. trish, it is not inconceivable, do i think it could happen? 50/50 chance. trish: leslie, do you think there is certain amount of pressure being put on donald trump to conform to some ideals which are more true to the conservative party as opposed to what he sort of is thinking in any given moment? that is part of this effort as we hear about the attempt to out of him and put someone else in? is it a threat or is it real? >> oh, no. i think it is very real. i think there are many in the gop who are very concerned and questioned as of late with talk
2:21 pm
about ideas the second amendment and guns whether donald trump is a, real conservative. b, they look at the poll numbers. c, they say he needs to pitch to conservatives more than the bernie sanders followers. he needs to get the other half, if you will of conservatives. i think they're seeing some, you know, the libertarian party rising. people like former massachusetts governor william weld and mitt room any and utah not being interested in donald trump. trish: if you look at this, dispassionately, just as a political analyst, and look, the history books will have lots to talk about when this is all said and done but is the republican party perhaps ruining its chance at the white house by not backing its candidate, leslie? >> no, because i think -- i think when they look at the map, i think it's clear right now, especially with the polls and more donald trump comes out with rhetoric that divides not only
2:22 pm
the party but also the nation, it is less likely republicans can gain, regain control of the white house and can keep control over their majority in the house and the senate which are also concerns. so i -- also this is not a general election. this is general election coming up. it is very different type of election than a primary. trish: ned. >> trish, part of the problem here trump in many ways is being his own worst enemy. he has been, he has not had a great last couple weeks but he is not doing some of the fundamentals he should be doing in regards to really building out the campaign. again, trish -- trish: maybe this is a step in the right direction then? he is getting rid of corey. putting paul, the elder statesman in there who has a lot of experience in campaigns. could this be a turning point for him? >> it could be a turning point. here the thing, trish, national elections are about 10 to 15 states. he has to start focusing on 10 to 15 states. usual suspects, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, and
2:23 pm
others and has to start raising money. trump basically said he is really not raising money. he thinks he will build a national campaign off of a lot of rallies and earned media. that only takes you so far. this is a different ballgame. this is not the primary. this is the general. he needs to start doing some fundamentals to give himself a chance. since he hasn't been doing that, so much dissension in the campaign you heard chatter will they change the rules of convention? will there be a revolt on the convention floor. if he would start doing fundamentals, he would many at that down the rumors to push those off to the side. he has to decide which direction he will go. trish: leslie, ned, thank you so much. >> thanks, trish. trish: donald trump set to meet with 900 evangelical and conservative leaders tomorrow, their support is critical to him winning the white house. the president of the nation's largest conservative women's policy group joins me next with why she is supporting donald trump and why he is best not just for women, he says, but people of faith. that is next.
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trish: donald trump set to meet with 900 evangelical and conservative leaders tomorrow, many of whom are undecided by the presumptive republican nominee. trump needs their support to win the white house. we have the president of concerned women for america. the largest organization in the nation and one of the groups that trump needs to win over. has won over you. you are backing him. you're supporting him. you're a woman. you say he is better for women than hillary clinton. why? >> he has my vote. trish: but you're, you're conservative, right? you were probably expected to vote for the republican -- >> that's right. i will vote the ronald reagan principle.te for the most conservative candidate that can possibly win. i have two people i can support now. by the way i didn't support donald trump in the primary you about he won. so you know, women should be
2:28 pm
practical and realistic. going forward we have to decide what we're going to do. trish: why do you think his policies are so much better for women? >> you know i lived through the clinton years. i remember what it was like into the clinton administration. by the way hillary clinton was very much a part. at one point she called herself copresident. women who dared come forward to point out the fact that bill clinton demeaned and sexually harassed him were treated horrifically. they were torn down, belittled. treated as if they were liars. called trailer trash. trish: you don't think she is friend of women because of that. >> she likes to say she is. as a social conservative her position on abortion is so far to the left. she believes in abortion at anytime for any reason. her economic policies aren't particularly helpful to women. and as far as national security, which is a key issue for women, we have to have someone who
2:29 pm
believes in america first. trish: let's turn to evangelicals for a moment. because, that's, still a group that he's struggling with, more than his predecessor. you look at mitt romney who was doing far better with evangelicals at this stage in the game than donald trump is. what is it that evangelicals don't believe about him or his story and how does he change that in your view? >> so, again, i, he has my vote but question is what we're willing to do as evangelical leaders to urge people we influence to come out, not only vote for him, to do door-to-door, hard work it takes to get a candidate elected. he has to convince evangelicals that he is very serious and understands our beliefs on key issues, on life, on religious freed dome and the nation of israel. trish: all right. penny, thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: it's a big stage he is taking to tomorrow with 900 evangelicals there. thank you for having your perspective. >> thank you.
2:30 pm
trish: the market is continuing to rally. many investors hoping that the in fact the european union will stay with great britain in its fold because that is the big vote that will be happening in britain on the 23rd. recent polls suggest that in fact, people in the u.k. want to stay put. that is what is lending a helping hand to global markets today, including the dow, up 180 points. has big implications. the "brexit" so to speak, for our economy and our markets. we're all over it. as we continue to watch the market rally next.
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trish: we have a market rallying. new polls suggest that the uk is more likely to vote to remain in the european union. investigators love the sound of that. comparing itself to a tally. that, my friends, that is the issue right now. if arafat the logos the other way, if it does, that could have very serious implications for all of europe and for us. ashley webster is in london with the very latest. ashley. >> hey, trish. if you believe in the bookmakers hearing, it is a shoe in for that campaign.
2:35 pm
2% chance now that the uk will remain in the european union. as high as 83%. all of this on the back of a couple of polls this weekend here in the uk. the campaign losing some momentum. today, news of a conservative party member had news to lead the campaign. saying that it has become too hateful. to bigoted. it appears that the markets today responded to that. no doubt about it. it's best single game against the dollar in over seven years. who knows what happens tomorrow. i spoke with steve hilton. a onetime adviser of david cameron. a big supporter of getting out of the eu. this vote is going down to the
2:36 pm
wire. >> i think that this country right now is a 50-50 country. for those that want to stay, they try to frighten people that if great britain leads that you, the real argument on the other side is much deeper than that. not about trade or economics. a fundamental question. is britain a self funding country that can make its own laws or is it part of a superstate that is ran in brussels that are not elected fight anybody. >> that is the issue. the eu is dysfunctional. it has layer upon layer of iraq received. dealing with the migrant crisis. italian prime minister just recently said if big uk gets
2:37 pm
then, the eu needs to reset itself otherwise it is in big trouble. they need to do that straightaway. today is monday. the boat is on thursday. a whole lot can happen between now and then. >> we will keep checking in with you. on what big uk eu vote means for our markets. we have jason and danielle. you know, look. you heard ashley say people want to get the heck out of there is because they feel like there is a ton of bureaucracy in the eu. a situation where the economy has been in a pretty lousy state. immigration has become such a significant problem in the area. jason will tell you, you cannot do it because it will have major
2:38 pm
implications for global markets. we have to stay. we have to stay. do you think that it could be that bad if they say alright, enough, we are out. >> the increase in volatility on a daily basis. the financial markets are in a very fragile state. i think any thing out there that could upset the apple crisis. something if great britain came through and would be stronger for it at the end. the economic ramifications of this immigrant crisis. it would really come out on how these economies handle this. according to their national insurance rolls, the number is closer to double that. i have never understood this grand experience.
2:39 pm
i do not think that you can possibly have a monetary unit that is not governed by apolitical gordy. it has never made sense to me. that was just from an economic perspective. now you throw in the immigration. bringing in 1 million refugees into germany. they can go anywhere they want within the european union. saddled with the cultural challenges that they bring. and with the financial implications of that. having to subsidize these people. you can understand why these people are looking at this and say this really has become a mess. you worry that there will be total havoc in the markets. >> you are on-site with those points.
2:40 pm
listen. there is no perfect political system. there is no global structure. here is five fingers. who was going to invest in just a phone. china wants the whole. big uk has the highest fdi in the hold european union for a reason. the most advanced legal system etc. etc. all of that will change. prices will go up. there will be more terrorist. the information is there. >> there does not necessarily have to be more terrorist. >> excuse me. trish: there does not need to be more terrorist. i understand on the currency issue. big uk will look even more attractive to people once they exit themselves from that
2:41 pm
situation. i do not know if that is necessarily a reason to vote one way or another. go ahead, danielle. >> italian wineries and french wineries, there are so many eu manufacturers that rely on the uk as a major export market. >> we will see. we will see what happens. thursday will be the big day. thank you very much. apple pulling its sponsorship of the upcoming republican convention because of comments that donald trump has made about women and minorities. why is apple playing politics here? don't you think it is a little bit hypocritical. a country with as we know horrific human rights records. that is next.
2:42 pm
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>> a fox business exclusive. apple has said that the company will withhold its support from the convention. controversial comments made right donald trump. could this move be a sign between silicon valley and the gop nominee? why is apple playing politics anyway? our very own elizabeth macdonald. apple previously supported the are a wednesday. >> they are not getting support or money in any way. as you pointed out. we know, it you know, mr. trump has attacked apple in the past. over that eat christian fight and the fbi.
2:47 pm
it is worth pointing out that we are finding out that wells fargo, ups, jpmorgan chase, walgreens to be involved. >> yes. they are not in a democrat convention either. the companies that are staying in our microsoft, google and facebook. trish: what are all of these companies doing at that convention anyway? i want all of that out. out. trish: you wonder when they will have a nike logo. [laughter] it is a great point. do investors want their companies involved in politics. remember when starbucks got involved in politics all little while back? it backfired. does that help the bottom line?
2:48 pm
>> that is a fair question. apple has the calm solo as of late. tim cook was just over there in china. we know that the chinese are stealing our intellectual property. we know they have created a very unfair playing ground. in some ways, it seems hypocritical. >> china executes gay people. you know, technology companies including apple do business where they do execute gay people. apple pulling out and giving support to the gop convention. trish: thank you. the obama administration set to block another high-profile. competition. the latest in a string of antibusiness action from this
2:49 pm
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trish: the obama administration has had his again. trying to stop a megamerger. the justice department worries that they had will be just too darn big. i know that it is easy pickings to go after this administration. how antibusiness they have been. in your view, is this a case that the administration is typical antibusiness or are they doing what they need to do to
2:53 pm
protect consumers and a monopoly situation? >> it is a case with tourism and the economics profession. heavy regulation creates mergers. when the government tells you you can sell this, but you can't sell this. you cannot compete across state lines. people afford to pay for those regulations and the compliance costs are the biggest. >> this is the result of obamacare. it is because of obamacare. >> the shaggy dog stories. increased competition. this almost never happens. democrats led the way. they understood that we had all of these regulations. they deregulated to create competition. the absolute opposite attraction.
2:54 pm
>> now, they confront this reality that they created. these insurance companies want to join together. the administration threatened by that. a bigger insurance company makes it more difficult for the exchanges. >> and makes a bad headline. it also reflects the obama administration in general. they have been challenging and obama will not give an executive order saying that we will step up anti-trust enforcement. every administration at the very last goes there as many regulations as they can do. the obama administration is doing not now. it will not just be an obama related fields. we will see a lot of anti-trust.
2:55 pm
>> the biggest is what we do not see. a lack of competitors that are able to eat a lunch of the big fat monopolistic companies. we have a crisis in this company. having to do with obamacare. trish: a lot of unintended consequences. they have created this environment themselves. good to see you. fox business will have special live coverage all night long on thursday as the britons head to the polls to vote on whether or not to stay in the european union or whether or not they need to get out. the market is up on expectations they will stay in. it is hard to know at this point. a vote that will have major implications for our economy. your wallet. lou dobbs is kicking it off at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
2:56 pm
coming up at 9:00 p.m., i will be joined for our fox business all-stars. you do not want to miss it. it is a very important event. for our economy and for global markets. we are on it. see you back here in two. ♪ if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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trish: the fbi releasing the orlando 911 transcripts today, but they deleted any references to islamic terrorism. just took it out. stripped the transcripts of those references altogether. i'm asking why is it that the public can't make its own decisions? why can't you leapt those 911 calls stand as they are? hearing this horrible, murderous terrorist say what he did? why are they trying to protect us? what do you think in all this? you heard the doctor earlier in the show, that'll be on the facebook page. you can see him again there live, and go to trish intel and tell us what you think.
3:00 pm
we want to hear there you as we watch a market that's up 208 points. investors hoevening, praying that -- hoping, praying that great britain will stay part of the e.u., but still unclear whether they really will. liz claman, you're going to take it from here. liz: exactly, trish. and you know what? you have you have a lot of investors watching the rally at this very second, and we're asking will we see a pile-on with the bulls as it begins to increasingly look like the stay camp in britain's battle over whether to leave the european union gains strength. stocks in england took off this morning, never looked back, and that set up a triple-digit rally here right now. dow jones up 210 points and climbing. the vote, of course, is thursday x the scare tactics and threats from both sides have the market zigging and zagging. the cassandras of the world say trade, jobs and free travel across the continent are in major danger. the former u.k. ambassador to


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