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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> first american to go to syria and become a bomber there. thank you both for your time, we appreciate it. at hom here is lou. lou: i am lou dobbs. donald trump today delivered one of his most specific, compelling speeches of his more than one year long campaign for white house, focusing on the fees that clinton received from big business, wall street and special interests, trump noted that bill and hillary have received $153 million giving speeches to ceo, lobbyists and foreign government since 2001. over a period of 40 minutes trump attacked her dangerous policies bad judgment and history, and record of
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corruption as he put it. trump turned her campaign slowing 1 an a-- slogan around on her. >> she believes she is entitled to the was on the, her campaign slowing 18 is, i'm with her, you know my response is that, i'm with you the american people. lou: mainstream liberal media giving donald trump his due, they acknowledge his presidential tone today, saying quote, trump just gave the speech that republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear, cbs news said, donald trump assails in confident hillary clinton in fiery speech, and hill said trump moves into presidential mode. we'll take that up with some of our fi fit -- favorite flipolitico, what is hillary clinton hiding?
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her former i-t specialist, today invoked his fifth amendment rights, are you ready? more than 125 times in a closed-door deposition related to judicial washington's freedom of information on clinton's private e-mail server. and newly released clinton e-mail show that clinton staffer temporarily disabled security features on her server that left it more vulnerable to hackers. >> paul ryan today, saying that speaker has no plans to fund raise for mr. trump, and is focused on helping republicans keep control of the house. and the senate. is there some reason house republicans don't rebel against what has become ryan's toxic ruous actions and rhetoric? our top story, repubcan
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donald trump drawing a sharp contrast between his policies and those of hillary clinton, delivering a scathing attack on her record as secretary of state. accused her of milking tens of millions of dollars from oppressive regimes this benefit the clinton foundation. >> she wants to bring in people who believe people who -- woman should be en slaved, and gays put to death. maybe her motivation lies in the more than one million donations, she may be the most krupp person to -- krupp persocorrupt person to seek the presidency of united states. lou: to assess mr. trump's speech. and clinton repost. two candidates and their at least at this point campaigns,
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we're joined by chairman of american conservative union, matt slap. and juan williams. let me start with you matt. it looked as though mr. trump has found focus and energy. >> this long overdue, he announced he would give this speak before the terrible tragedy in orlando, i think it is what republicans want to hear. here is the facts are, is that everyone day that donald trump talks about our economic security, our national security, and the failure of the clinton in government and she is under fbi investigation, is the day he will be winning on the campaign trail, every day he is not talking about those 3 things he will be off message and losing. lou: juan? >> he had a good day.
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what is interesting this is week you saw corey lowandowski, the pit bull of campaign structure pushed out. paul manafort, takes power in terms of running trump operation, and trump family, daughter and son had a hand in forcing out corey lowandowski, today trump on teleprompter, he stuck to the script, that is why you see positive response he is more presidential. now matt just said this is what republicans -- -- lou: you acknowledge he is coming across more presidential. >> today. and as matt said this is speech that republicans wanted to hear, i don't know if this goes to the point where he is actually speaking to independence and even conservative democrats he needs to flip some of the midwestern states. lou: i thought he was aspirational in this speech. talking about bringing the slogan make america great.
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now to include everyone. he was talking about making this country work fo for ern. he reached out to bernie sanders supporters. >> he did. lou: i saw him, i think, reaching out with i would guess with some great success in getting the attention of those who did support sanders at least, we were told by the polls half of them. >> yeah, no, have you promising state polls coming out, i would take issue with what juan said, this is a inconventional president at campaign to say the least. but all drama of personalities in the campaign are not as important that when donald trump talks about our economic insecurity, talking about our prospects they are terrible, he does connection, he is connecting to republicans,
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conservatives, to unemployed liberals to moderates to just plain old americans, who look at america its role in the economy, and their kids and grand kids cannot get the wages and jobs they need, he is connectioning on this big time, it could be one of the top two issues in this race. >> i think, his out reach to sanders supporters, sanders of on c-span, he said he knows he is not the nominee, he said trump is not get my backers because of his antiworker bigoted comments, i don't see that there was a substance in terms of what trump offered about how he will deliver for just the people you are talking about, young people struggling for work. lou: can i say something issu , matt, it is antiworker, this
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is the first republican presidential nominee in our lifetime, who has mentioned the middle class, mentioned working man and woman in the country and their families and talked about how he is going to reach out to all of them. he is talking about stimulating small business, not talking about k-street, chamber of commerce, expb and business round cabe -- table do you disagree, matt? >> not at all, i would think have have a certain economic arrogance, not only in republican party but leaders in both party, where we could just shed jobs and shed sectors because america is so big we need these security relations around the globe, and we're okay with the cheating and the decks stacked against the american worker in sector after sector, don is saying america cannot afford to be arrogant like that any
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more, we don't have the jobs, he is telling the rest of the world, he is putting them on notice. >> this is what hillary clinton said in her speech, she said. >> come on, come on. >> he give -- you can't turn back the clock on globalization to trade, think that america is not going to isolated. >> no this a false, this is the fact hillary clinton is more of the same, what donald trump saying that there will be a new way of approaching these things, if we're going to have free trade, it means both markets, asian market, with the big trade deal and american market, they will be more free, when his deals are done, if you look at many of these deals. >> tell he. >> tell me how. >> there is no substance -- >> that is wrong. >> when you see the paren trump economy plan, people say it will drive up debt, and drive up unemployment and fewer jobs for americans. lou: can i tell you, that
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every one of those people saying that no matter their degrees, their initial behind the name could they work for a corporation, a multinational corporation, for a university that is being receiving grants from that corporation, they are in the pockets of it one of the great problems that we have, today today trump said we are talking about rigged elections and a rigged system, he was very candidate about having to break the orthodoxies and confront what is good for america. good for americans putting americans first, that rhetoric, bernie sanders, if he had come up with a such a title for his rhetoric, he would have been able to win the nomination. i really believe that. >> i agree, i like what you are saying i like that trump raises middle class. lou: bernie sanders. >> but where is the actual -- you don't care about policy,
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lou? just another politician making promises. >> we're not used to that. >> why do we' another one. >> let's go through the policies. lou: quickly. >> okay, fantastic that he is specific we shed all coal jobs because of this ridiculous key roadic search for global warming policy, mandating the 15 dollar minimum wage will kill the fast fad food industries and other industries that the young people get work. >> he is cutting taxes, but guess who gets big tax cut, very rich. he does not talk about how he will make up that in terms of something -- he cares deeply about the growing deficit, i say, i don't think that it is realistic. he has not put gears in place to back up rhetoric. lou: you are right, he has not
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put policies into play. to affect, but that is not what we expect of a candidate, we are expecting a vision, he is draw, that i think brighter, clearer terms with ery speech he makes, matt slap, juan williams thank yo and by the way he is a disrupter juan he is here to raise hell. >> we're coming right back. lou: sy withs, a lot more ahead. >> dond trump today let its rip. >> most pele know she is a world class liar, just look at her pathetic e-mail server. >> ktmcfotfar land. >> these wing suiters getting ready to put their names in the record book. the historic flight, stay with us, we're coming right back
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lou: breaking news, the effort to keep britain in the e.u. getting a boost after polls just hours before voters to cast their vote, daily mail poll shows a 4. advantage in
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favor of u.k. remaining in the e.u. a separate times poll shows a closer 2. advantage we'll be live with our coverage tomorrow, a 2 hour report with brexit that begins 7 p.m., much more with that and continue through the evening with trish regan at 9:00. >> donald trump today, slammed hillary clinton's foreign policy saying her policies in middle east opened up a pan dopandora's box of radical it islam. >> isis threatened peaceful muslims across the middle east, and the world. who have been terribly victimized by horrible brutality. lou: joining us former pentagon official,
7:18 pm
kt mcfarland your thoughts about donald trump's analysis of role of hillary clinton as secretary of state in a disastrous foreign policy on part of this obama administration? >> he was spot on, that is foreign policy speech people like me have been waiting for him to make, he took down hillary clinton a decision process on every one of major decisions, in the obama administration. you know, lou, she is only political leader who has been on the wrong side of everydecis, the decision to go to iraq, nation build in afghanistan, they were bush administration decisions, she supported those, and then obama administration decisions, premature withdraw from iraq that has led to the rise of isis. the war in libya, spawned not only benghazi but jihadi chaos all over america. she is responsible for every
7:19 pm
one of these decisions, and so far nobody has held her accountable, bravo to trump. lou: trump saying she conducted her as secretary of state as state department were her own personal hedge fund. referring to the if you will glow of money -- flow of money from bill clinton as well as her own pockets through to the clinton initiative. the clinton foundation from various states, including saudi arabia, which dropped in $25 million, a number of others putting in $145 million in a pop. >> lou, even if you forgave hillary clinton for being on wrong side of every issue, it is the public corruption that is sickening, clinton foundation received tens of millions from chinese, what does she do as secretary of
7:20 pm
state? he looks the other way as chinese steal trillions of dollars in intellectual property, and in particular the flood money, they -- blood money, they paid. and they got fair able decisions from her at secretary of state, sa -- same time supporting the radical islam, and al qaeda, blood money. lou: and treatment on part of many of those same countries, lining the coffers of the clinton foundation in particular. with money from states, in which the penalty for homo seconsexuality is execution, and treatment of women, this is a mad conflict of interest, that the president, white house, did not care about. because they had to be aware of it, did they not? >> oh, everyone was aware of it they all just looked the
7:21 pm
other way, no one wanted to criticize bill or hillary clinton, the money that went into clinton foundation, people and money they donated they expected something in return, they got something in return, trump's speech mentioned peter schweizer the book, clinton cash, i have known feature swrieze schweizer for decades, he makes it case solid. lou: thank you t, kt . >> thank you, lou. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe that hillary clinton's indisputable world of scandal will cost her the presidency? follow me on twitter, and like me on facebook, links found on >> thrill seekers go to video
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from all over the world uniting in california. watch this -- 61 skydivers jumping from three aircraft, altitude 13500 feet. assembling in a diamond shape, setting a new world roar for longest freefall wing suit formation, previous record was 42 jumpers, 61 this time. spectacular. spectacular. record well deserved, congratulations. >> up next, failed presidential candidate si -- senator marco rubio, well, he reversed himself again. and even his -- was machin mocking him for it. >> he was not good-bye to be -- he would be a private st. in january. lou: senator rubio, we'll talk about him a little bit.
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coming up next, more ahead. stay with us, please. >>
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lou: a few thoughts on the ever-evolving political ambitions of marco rubio. in march he dropped out of the presidential race claiming he would be a private citizen come january. >> i'm going to finish up my term in the senate and i'll be a private citizen in january. >> you are not going to rethink this and refile for this seat? >> i'm not running for reelection. i'm going to finish my term and then be a private citizen. lou: rubio changed his mind. but the senator no stranger to
7:28 pm
reversals or flip-flops. most notably on amnesty. he was opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants which he was running for the senate in 2010. but then he supported amnesty with the gang of 8. he flip flopped on invading iraq saying he would not have invaded iraq if he knew then what he knew later. he said he does not do such attacks for the office he was seeking an later openly mocked trump. he couldn't resist an insulting aside calling a trump presidency worrisome. worrisome you would think would be anyone but trump getting into the white house.
7:29 pm
it will be fun having marco rubio rsh back. now the quotation of the evening. canter said leaders must pick pauses they won't abandon easily. remain committed despite setbacks, and communicate their big ideas over and over again in every encounter. donald trump today appealing to voters' better natures. laying out his vision of america. how he hopes to help working men and women in this country and boost prosperity for all. >> everywhere i look i see what our country could be. but we can't solve problems with
7:30 pm
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lou: donald trump blasted the corrupt political establishment, the washington cartel, while the
7:34 pm
democrats do nothing to out of chaka fattah. he was found guilty of fraud, bribe and money laundering. he can't be accused of just messing around. i guess that's why he's looking at five years in prison. mike gallagher and mark simone, great to have you here. let's start with the good congressman. he's not a good congressman. this is 11 terms in congress. >> yet the media will spend more time worrying about the subject says of trump steaks than do a report on this incredibly corrupt congressman.
7:35 pm
that should be a headline everywhere. if he was a republican you would be hearing it. lou: by clinton is thinking that bill bow eruption, someone was chasing down something. >> i think bill clinton gets angry when he sees this. this is money he could have gotten that somebody else was getting. lou: what did you think of trump's speech. >> one of his lines he touched on, the democrats failed our inner cities. you look at washington, d.c., detroit, they are in ruin. corruption everywhere, nothing gets done, and that's always -- lou: how can you tie those is back to washington, d.c. take chicago, for example, rahm emanuel -- oh, i'm sorry. >> you have democrats always getting caught. we have a big scandal with donors and corruption and all sorts of stuff here.
7:36 pm
lou: did you mention the mayor? >> all roads will lead to him, i think. lou: and a fundraising scandal involving the police department. trump's speech is even more impressive on paper and online than it is with his delivery. he had some reagan-esque moments when he said that's not who we are. what hillary clinton represents is not who america is. the inner cities and chicago, that's not who we are. it was an impressive thing to see in print. lou: he didn't reach out to quote-unquote conservatives. first of all if anybody can teln this day and age, i would like to know what they are. he's talking about all americans. it was a non-idea lon non- -- nl
7:37 pm
speech. it was a different stone that he has spoken before. >> democrats secretly and pretending to appeal to the poor. this is about the working class, the middle class. i heard you talking about this a few years ago. i never thought i would see a candidate pick that up and run with it. it's only going to get better now. there were a coup weak lines. he said hillary clinton may be the most corrupt politician ever to run for president. who is this maybe? >> it still got the biggest applause to the whole speech. but this is the speech where people got to see the so-called pivot. it's fun to look at the transcript and watch when he ad-libbed and watch when he stuck to it. it was a good day for donald trump.
7:38 pm
>> by the type the convention rolls around, everybody will be watching that speech. >> it also spoke right to the middle. that's the thing people on the right, the far right especially are afraid of. capturing those people that are sort of undecided in the middle. lou: what do you think of marco rubio saying this is a worrisome prospect, donald trump, so i'm going to jump in. >> if you don't like marco rubio's position, wait a few days and it will change. the cuban john kerry. >> it's his line, he gets to own it. it's yours. it's a good line. but it's also preposterous. this is what people don't understand. why does donald trump do so well? he speaks out against politicians who have no shame,
7:39 pm
no attempt -- not even an apology, i'm sorry, i promise a thousand times i wouldn't run. i changed my mind. but -- lou: reporters making clear hillary clinton is not going to have a press conference of her eminence. two full days without a formal press conference? and what do the reporters do? they laugh because that's just hillary. this is madness that we are watching. there is no shame on the part of the liberal national media, either. >> she is the first hour of the "today show." this guy is a secret service agent being band from network because they say he has no credibility. >> he will take tough questions and talk to a never trumper guy.
7:40 pm
but he's not shutting down press availabilities like madame clinton is. >> they say he got free media, it's because he made himself available for it. lou: i don't think this pointing be overstated. trump's courage in talking with whoever is asking the questions, wherever he is, he's not trying to run or filter out the news media. whereas, her eminence, you have got to believe they are just not worthy of her. >> don't make eye contact with mrs. clinton. >> your interview was riveting. she finished sentences without being interrupted. lou: he was gracious. i think he was terrific. but you might have not i might think that. mike gallagher, mark simone, appreciate it.
7:41 pm
a few harrowing moments in south africa. police officers trying to warn a train engineer a truck has been stuck on the tracks. but they were too late to stop the oncoming train, and that was the result. the truck driver obviously detached his cab from the trailer. the train did not derail and there were no serious injuries. and at this point i always put forward the cal caveat, or so we were told. >> they wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and the money. we are asking bernie sanders supporters to join our movement so we can fix the system for all americans. so important. liu we take up the -- we take up
7:42 pm
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. lou: on wall street stocks closed lower. we are about even over the last
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48 -- 24 hours. volume on the big board light. vol slipping. existing home sales rising. up almost 2% last month. homeownership rate hovering near a 48-year low. voters in the united kingdom head to the polls in just over hours to decide whether the u.k. will remain in the european union. these polls show the brits in favor of remaining in the e.u. by a relatively narrow margin. a reminder to listen to my reports on the salem network. joins us now, steve forbes. let's start with the trump speech today. your thoughts on it. >> this election is for trump to
7:47 pm
lose. what he did today, showing discipline, hitting her hard. taking that peter schweizer book "clinton cash" and hitting her, it stings because it's true. lou: $153 million in speeches since 2001. some of this is not new obviously. it came out originally in peter's book. but when you look. >> the that and see a $145 million contribution to the clinton initiative. that's where folks are getting something for the money they are spending. >> it puts her on defense. she says all of these are false. now he laid out the indictment. one, two, three, four, five. he's beginning to get a communications department who
7:48 pm
can respond quickly and also getting particulars. when that i.g. report came out he missed an enormous opportunity to say this is what she said, this is what the i.g. said. now he's starting to get to specifics. that will change, and put her on defense. reporter: those specifics are damning and weighty and could be determinative in a cumulative effect on her campaign. by the way, did bernie sanders read that book? he should have. a little late. lou: i don't know if there are enough socialists to give many much more buoyancy. but at the margin. the undecided vote here, there have been 150 referendum polls since september 2015. 15% of the people in the u.k. remain undecided. we are looking at these polls.
7:49 pm
what are we to make of it? >> people don't want to tell pollsters. every pollster missed the cameron victory last year. so what are people betting? with money? that would say the brits are going to stay in. people putting their money on the line sometimes more accurate than pollsters. but it's very, very fluid. you can have a lot of the people going there in a few hours who haven't fully made up their mind. lou: the lead is back to 3-1. there is estimating 100 million euros will be bet on the outcome of this. trillions of dollars of course will be potentially affected. i think it's all nonsense it's scare tactics and pure bull what
7:50 pm
corporate europe is doing, what the establishment is doing throughout the u.k., and the european union. what say you? >> it's gone beyond the economics. you can a that either way. what is happening in europe is very dangerous and i think we and the brits will have to work. europe is unraveling politically. germany, the leading candidate to be chance lower next year a green. a green extremists. their politics are going high wire. not a good thing. the next president we need a pro growth economic policy and we and the brits will have to work to make sure europe doesn't fall apart again. lou: are we being overly paternalistic in our policies. do your damnest, do your best.
7:51 pm
we get the fallout of that. lou: which way is brexit going to go? >> if i knew that i would be making those bets. i think narrowly they will stay in but i'm not betting a penny of my 401k on it. lou: donald trump says he will fight for all americans. working men and women and their families. president obama is mocking him. >> in 7 months or so i'll be on the job market. and i'm glad i'm going to be here. i'm going to get on linked inin and see what comes up. >> he was mocking himself making fun of folks who work for a living. i'm on linkedin so he ticked me off again.
7:52 pm
andy levy here to take a lighter side of the political news and political fools such as they be. we are coming right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast.
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lou: our online poll tonight, 90% of you responding donald trump will be an inspiring and aspirational president for all
7:56 pm
americans. tonight's poll answer brought to you by andy levy and former miss new york u.s.a. joanne nosuchinsky. i got a bubbly sense from you i don't normally get. i saw you reacting favorably to the news. you have got to feel better. >> i do. i didn't realize a full 10% of your viewers agreed with me. i represent the 10% lou, always have, always will. lou: there is great profit in that. lou: joanne, you heard the future president speaking today. what did you think? >> my gosh, yes, great. i think with a lot of polish comes some shine. and i think that trump is a
7:57 pm
really starting to win. >> i heard the future president speak today. i thought her speech was not great. but it was all right. lou: we agree, it was not great. and as a matter of fact, i didn't hear her say anything of substance whatsoever. she talked about false promises which basically the clintons have made an enterprise of over the course of 30 years. >> i'm not impressed. i want you to impress me. at this point in the game, you have been around, hillary, and i need the hear something new. >> the on time i agree with either of the candidates is when they talk about how awful the other candidate is. i'm for america. always have been, always will be. >> so is trump. lou: i want to salute you.
7:58 pm
your values are straight and correct. and i'm relieved because you are so negative about candidates. you won't vote for anyone, is that what you are saying? joanne, i'll leave this. andy levy is your assignment. marco rubio, he decided today to reverse what has been a 4-month pledge to not run for a senate seat. your thoughts? >> people change their mind. i change my mind all the time. like what am i going to eat for lunch. what am i going to wear to your show. this is a bigger thing to change your mind on. but it seems like people are dropping like flies and he will get that reelection. lou: one of the less idols, alan grayson, you wouldn't think they would want to disappoint.
7:59 pm
>> i don't know how grayson isn't in jail. it's important to keep the majority, so run, marco. that's what trump tweeted last month. lou: then marco rubio on the first day of his latest decision on the senate says he's worried about the trump presidency. he's worried about what will be a trump presidency. >> he's a people pleaser. i am, too. you just say what the people want to hear. lou: andy, no one has ever accused you of being a people closer. good to have you with us.
8:00 pm
and please do not share any of the emails you get from this audience. k.t. mcfarland and ambassador john bolton with us tomorrow. a special-hour broadcast beginning at 7:00 p.m. good night from new york. keep * i feel like i'm. kennedy: i feel like i'm watching two swans mate as hillary clinton and donald trump go back and forth with up graceful dueling speeches. here is a taste of hillary clinton. >> we cannot put a person like this with all his empty promises in a position of power over our lives. kennedy: okay. now standard fare. boring and robotic.


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