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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 26, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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that's a growing customer base. >> a good stock. >> it's been slow growing. i kind of like it. >> slow grow like our economy. that's it for "forbes on fox" have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here, eric n' in." to be honest with you, i think a lot of it has to do with immigration. if they get tired of seeing stupid decisions just like the american people are tired of seeing stupid decisions. >> donald trump saying the uk vote to leave the european union is a wake-up call. countries rafare fed up and wano secure their borders. our "cashin' in" crew juan williams and rick granell. welcome, everybody. illegal immigration and wide-open borders. is trump right? did the brits push back on the
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eu because of all of that and is trump right on that gina? >> i think he's right on that. my measure for that, eric, is that i live in a mostly hispanic neighborhood right on the border of mexico. i literally am adjacent to it, can see mexico from where i live and i talk to people all the time. i think there's a bradley effect. they talked about when they were doing exit polling that they were saying, no, we're not going a vote to leave the european union, but then they did and that's called the bradley effect and i see that happening here. i see people say one thing and then if you wear out a trump t-shirt or a trump hat or something, people come up and whisper and say their worst story about how their life has been damaged by an illegal doing something to hurt them or their family. it doesn't matter if they're legal immigrants. they had these experiences. >> now, mercedes, some people are saying since this happened, since the vote happened, that the trump effect is spreading more globally. people saying i'm against the establishment and pushing back on these open borders ideas.
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do you think this is trumpism spreading to the rest of the globe? >> as much as other countries might try to deny it, yes. i think trumpism is spreading. let's look at spain, italy. we just heard scotland, as well. the leadership coming out and saying there is a good chance that they're going to have a referendum to see if they were going to exit, as well, in the european union. i think it becomes a broader issue here of what we're seeing. i think it has a lot to do with not only the fact that the european union really has strived to control the immigration policy for all these countries where there is this free movement of labor, but as well as the fact that the european union, these countries are saying, we want to be able to control our borders. we want to be able to make the decision who comes in and out of our countries. and that has a lot to do with not only the immigration policy, but national security. the ability that they are going to be able to control their borders. i think that trump really has his finger on the pulse on this
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issue and one of the reason why so many americans and majority of americans have believed that we need to secure our borders and to ensure that if immigrants are coming into america, they come in through a legal process. >> some 28 countries in the european union and maybe now 27. so, if germany wants to take a million syrian refugees. they take a million in, once you're there, you can travel freely throughout the various countries. now, maybe britain says we're tired of that, we don't want any more of that. >> i think what you're hearing, but the idea is that this is so different than the united states. you talk about borders. how many borders exist in europe. there are a lot. but if you talk about the united states. basically we got two and two oceans and some people see it as a gift from god that we have that kind of buffer. so, in this situation, what trump is talking about walls on our southern border and defenses against immigrants, it hits home in a much different way. but the anti-immigrant fuerber s
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global. i agree with that. >> the anology would be if california decided to open their border with mexico, the rest of the country. at some point you would say, hey, if you're going to do that, california, we'll put a border wall up on the eastern side of california. >> that's the point. there is in the united states immigration is a federal responsibility. and, so, what we saw was the european union taking responsibility. to what you were hearing gina say before about security. gee, i guess britain is on their own now. i guess this is a decision that they will view very quickly. the markets have already indicated. it was calamity. >> are we less safe now that this happened with the eu with the brrxexit? >> the fact there is 28 countries in the eu. what the eu has been trying to do is water down to one policy. great britain has always been the country that is trying to lift the eu policy up to a stronger position. so, what's going to happen now is that the british will be able
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to have a very strong border policy. i disagree with juan. this is not about anti-immigration. this is about a country controlling its borders and it's about illegal immigration. we are all immigrants. we all want to have immigrants come into our country. we have to have that here in the united states because of the birth rate. we need more people. but we have to have an orderly process and we're really tired of being called racist because we want to have an orderly process. that is not the case. i think what you've seen in great britain with the security concerns of brussels where there is a whole sanctuary city for islamists, that's been a problem for the british people about security and illegal immigration not immigration. >> you can respond. but let me start with you and we'll go back around the other way. isn't this a clear victory for donald trump and a clear loss for barack obama and, therefore, hillary clinton who are both in
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favor of britain staying in the eu? >> i think it's an anti-establishment vote, if that's what you mean. obama, clinton both were on the side of david cameron who wanted britain to stay in the eu. but in response to ric, let me say y think they a say, i think they are not concerned about illegal immigration but so much legal immigration going on in britain and they feel it is expensive. they think the bureaucrats in brussels are in charge, not their elected officials in britain. >> let me give you one example. i was there last week and my taxi driver was pakistani and he literally said i am here legally and i'm tired of people being here illegally. and i think that's the same effect that gina was just talking about. >> let me bring it to you, two. go ahead, gina. is this a clear victory for donald trump and a clear loss for hillary clinton? >> i think it is. and exactly to ric's point.
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i hear that all the time from people who have come here legally and are living here legally and people want to throw them in a pot with all the illegals conducting illegal activity in the united states. and they don't want to be grouped in. they want to be the first one to tell you if they are here legally and that they're proud of it and that they don't like the illegals coming across the border and taking their jobs and endangering their neighborhoods. so, ric's point is exactly right. what is happening there is happening here and i think we're going to see more of it as citizens start to stand up for what they understand as their own citizenship rights. >> you should go look at the polls. you should go look at the latino polls when it comes to donald trump and his anti-immigrant policies. i don't see a lot of support. >> it's the bradley effect. if you haven't seen it. people don't want to be called a racist. they don't want to be called a racist. >> he ran as a black man and the number of people said, okay, okay. but didn't show up to vote. latinos now in the united states
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80% plus saying they're anti-trump. >> that's not true. that's not true. he's bringing more latinos than any candidate, any republican candidate ever has. he's way ahead of the numbers than mitt romney. >> i want to bring mercedes. you're listening very nicely. >> i feel like my children are arguing with each other. by the way, i'm the lutina in the room. i'm going to share what i think about where the latinos are. look, trump has made comments and we saw what happened with the controversial comments on the hispanic judge and the democrats, obviously, add the fuel to the fire of calling any republican and any and donald trump a racist, et cetera. but there are those hispanics and there are pockets of these hispanics and not a high percentage and not high enough and trump really needs to work on building these relationships with the hispanic community. on talking about why his economic message of being able to bring back jobs to america
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can help legal hispanic immigrants. also, how will we deal with illegal immigration. we're going to open up the borders and it's just going to be all comprehensive immigration reform. here's the deal, we need to ensure we know who is coming in and out of our country and the idea, i know he says building the wall. it's a code word for securing the border. and then, yes, do we need to deal with the fact of the 11 million who are here undocumented? obviously, his whole deportation policy is not realistic. it's not going to work. i think that's something that trump will need to revisit and figure out. how are you going to deal with these individuals. but here's the deal, you have to stop the flow. >> i havave to stop the flow of this segment right now. i'm going to come up on a hard break. coming up the smack down over the sit in republicans criticizing democrats for fund-raising off their gun control sit in. remember that one? what the gop says they should be doing instead to keep us all safe. that debate after this.
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power to prosper. radical islam killed these poor people. the debate still raging after house democrats stage a sit in on capitol hill demanding gun control in the wake of the recent terror attacks but republicans demanding they face reality and say radical islam is to blame for the tragedy, not
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the guns. so, ric, who has this one right? >> look, the attacker, the attackers' words are something that congress should look at. he gave thus motive. when you got rid of the unredacted redacted portion, you see that it is solely about islamic terrorism. the fact that we have house democrats pulling a tea party-type tactic to sit down and somehow try to shut down the process of congress, this is not a mature response. this is no profile encourage. this is an embarrassment. they need to get up off the floor and negotiate with people who are elected. elections have consequences, eric. >> look, i know you're in favor of this one, but can you just, do you think it was a good idea for them to raise money off the orlando tragedy? >> gee, in fact, you know, it seems tame the shame, ric, is the idea that they can't
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negotiate honestly, which is what you ask for. you say politicians should sit down and talk honestly about the consequences of guns in the american society which is a plague on us. there's so many guns all over. and even someone who is suspected of being a terrorist in the united states can get a gun. that's a shame. >> people don't agree with you, juan, because elections have consequences. >> that's why they should put obama's man on the supreme court. >> this is a very important topic. go ahead, mercedes. when we decide who is the next president, that next president will likely appoint one to three supreme court justices. here's the fall out. guns and immigration. here's one of them. >> well, i think when you look at what we saw, especially in congress, is the fact that you're seeing the democrats really using all the tactics that they have for theatrics.
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we know they can, if they wanted to. the bill in the senate. it definitely shows the fact that we can all agree that terrorists should not be able to buy guns, number one. but number two, we have to protect due process. and that is a ploy. we can't just say let's talk about the second amendment, we have to talk about the fifth amendment, too. there needs to be room for compromise in congress. when it comes to the supreme court, it just shows that the stakes are so high in terms of who they put in the court. we saw these decisions come down this past week and i tell you, eric, i think that's why you saw trump come out with his list of supreme court picks and any conserve out there or any republican out there they will realize that the supreme court will fundamentally change if hillary clinton is elected. >> gina, the thought of democrats raising money on the heels of the orlando tragedy, your thoughts, final thoughts? >> dedespicable. that's not a tea party, that's
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an occupy tactic, that sit-in thing. they have to do it the right way. our system has a whole mechanism for that. you go win more seats and then you can win the votes you want. you don't sit there and act like that. they are lying. they know they're lying. if they think they need to ban these certain kind of guns they need to look at banning hammers and knives, as well. five times as many homicides are considered with a knife and a hammer as with the exact guns they are trying to get rid of. >> leave it right there. great to meet you guys. college kids shocked to learn that hillary clinton said the controversial things they thought donald trump said. is the main stream media to blame for all this confusion? >> what if i told you the correct answer for all of these is hillary clinton. >> really? >> wow. >> that makes me sad.
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well, here's a fox news alert. the media is bias towards hillary clinton. don't believe me. they're covering hillary clinton controversies by a 4-1 margin and maybe that's why college thinks trump did the controversial things that hillary clinton did. >> this candidate wore a $12,000 suit while giving a speech on income and equality. here you go. hold it up. >> i'll go with trump for that one probably. >> $12,000. >> i'm going with trump. >> trump. >> hillary. >> hillary. >> i want the iranians to know if i am the president we will attack iran. >> trump.
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>> trump. >> yeah. >> ifully like trump definitely said that. >> what if i told you the correct answer for all of these is hillary clinton. >> oh. >> really. >> that makes me sad. >> really? >> i mean -- >> with all the media bias, should we be surprised these kids, they can't figure this all out. >> not at all. we shouldn't be surprised. we know the kids are probably getting their news either through facebook or e-mail. or through friends or word of mouth. and that's where hillary has been very effective in keeping her message very tailored and specific. the media spent a lot of time, weeks on end, analyzing every single comment donald trump makes and then categorizing him as a racist and categorizing all republicans that are racists. eric, the republicans are getting tired of it. it is very unfortunate. >> gina, some people say, go ahead, call me any name you want. just use my name properly. just make sure you pronounce my
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name properly. >> yeah, in this particular case, i guess we can be thankful for all the talk that we always hear, eric, about the youth vote. only 20% of people ever get to the voting booth on general election day. maybe knowing what they don't know, we can take comfort in that. by the time they actually do vote they'll get a real job and vote more intelligently. >> your thoughts on this, juan. do the young people just don't get this. >> i feel sad to be invited to this grievance festival of the right wing. i can't believe it. you guys think hillary clinton getting all the positive press and you get that sophomoric stunt on a college campus where kids don't know exactly who said what. evidence! evidence! poor donald trump. you know what, the latest study showed donald trump got billions, not millions, billions
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of free press conference. >> that's my point. go ahead, trump. they complained about it. but at least they're using his name. >> look, we need to take a page from the obama presidency. he's done a prbrilliant job of going to youtube and social media and new york post and republicans need to stop complaining about this and get better at it. they have to start educating the young to have to leave it right there. ♪ ♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz.
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