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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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like that. gunfire at the scene. possible use of hand grenades. as country's justice minister reporting at least 10 dead. british airways plane turned around on its way there. that is good news. melissa: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: new video after airport explosion at istanbul's largest airport. this is risk and reward. i'm deirdre bolton. turkish official says two explosions hit the third largest airport in europe. two suspects blew themselves before the security check-in at the airport. other media sources are reporting there was sound of gunfire at the scene. turkish justice minister reporting 10 are dead. reuters reporting that 60 people are wounded. six of them seriously. the story is still developing. we'll keep you up-to-date. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with me, right beside me here in new york to help me piece
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through what we know so far. why and it is wonderful to see you here. unfortunately we're talking about yet another strategy. >> yes. deirdre: we're still in ramadan. it ends tuesday, july 5th. does that play into at all who you think could be responsible for this? >> well it does. one of many factors. but, tragically and ironically the extremists turned ramadan, traditionally a peaceful, celebratory time, into a time where they intensify terrorist attacks. deirdre, there are multiple responsibilities. president erdogan made a mess of turkey after initial progress. kurds are outside possibility. active violent turkish left is possibility. but at this point with preliminary information i would bet on isis. deirdre: erdogan, getting back to your first point persecuted kurds. >> horribly. horribly. kurds wanted peace. he played nationalism card before round of elections to
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strengthen his hand. he is slowly tearing his country apart ruining the social fabric. reason i say isis or similar group because they have got a pattern. the pattern is not only attacking states but attacking specifically the tourism industry. it is easy to attack. so many touch points on it. deirdre: it hurts emotionally, obviously. and it hurts tourism which for many of these places is really big part of the economy. just location of these suicide bombers if that turns out in fact to be true reminded me sadly what happened in brussels. there is no security before the check point. so it's a quote, unquote, soft target. >> you can only push out security so far. otherwise you're checking people in to laguardia in times square. to a extent we have to live with it but be proactive to go after them. as long as there are extremists there is two-fer here. they get to weaken the economy,
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often fragile economies like in egypt hitting tourism, major source of income, attacks in egypt, tunisia, jordan, turkey, they see themselves driving out westerners, driving out infidel, purifying the earth. they get in their minds a lot of benefit from this attacks on paris were against tourist industry but vengeful on the west. deirdre: erdogan has taken a lot of criticism. what you said made me think of this, extreme muslims, oh, you've been working too much with the west, right? turkey has been a target for them for that reason. >> president erdogan played his hand pretty well for a few years. he make classic mistake saudis make and people throughout history made, rulers think they can tame snakes. he is muslim brotherhood guy. he is not as extreme as isis but he is fundamentalist. he thought he could use terrorists in syria to overthrow
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assad who he hates. again cobras don't make good pets. he is learning that as so many others have learned that but it is too late now we see this debacle in the middle east. turkey, i have grit respect. beautiful country. people are wonderful and hospitable. it is being ripped up by fundamentalist extremism, sheer hatred and pig headedness and very bad man, erdogan. deirdre: i'm not asking the u.s. to respond but how should we respond? >> there is nothing direct we can do. we need to go after the islamic state. you will hear statements of solidarity which matter but what really matters is actively, aggressive going after the terrorists wherever they are because you can not win a football game on defense. you sure can't win a struggle with islamist fanaticism with people who regard death as a
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promotion by playing defense. deirdre: yeah. all right. excellent insight as always. you will join me in a few moments. we'll check in. let our viewers know what is going on in the markets as well. lieutenant colonel ralph peters rejoining me in a few moments time. we want to he show you where stocks closed. they were near session highs after losing more than 3 trillion in the market value in the last two sessions after the british exit vote. looking overseas, nigel farage one of english politicians to looked for exit took a short victory lap in front of the parliament. >> you as a political project are in denial. you're in denial your currency is failing. the united kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the european union. i know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives.
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[shouting] or worked, or worked in business. or worked in trade. or indeed ever created a job. if you were to decide to cut off your noses to spite your faces, and to reject any idea of a sensible trade deal, the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us. [shouting] deirdre: gary kaltbaum, tell me how you really feel, nigel farage. that was amazing. gary what is your take, telling a whole group of eururopean ministers you have never worked for one day in your lives. >> i feel like going to washington myself tomorrow and telling that to every senator and congressman that is basically what we're seeing in washington, d.c. look the guy has i can't say it on tv. he has it. about time somebody did it. so many people over there and in washington, d.c. never run a business.
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wouldn't know how to find lemons for lemonade stand. so i do applaud him. deirdre: ty, what is your take? >> he went out there and he gloated he had the right to. he said years ago you laughed at us. now, there is no one laughing. the british people didn't want the backdoor trade deals. they didn't want their borders being porous. really same things that u.s. citizens are saying. we don't want backdoor deals like in iran or our borders being open. that is probably why we're having rise of donald trump. so, i applaud him for his speech and it was very, very eloquent to be that much of a smart aleck. deirdre: okay. so, ty because of stock markets i know you're a bear. we pull up the charts so they can follow along. footsie is not that far off
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before after the vote. today this is rebound day, does that challenge your view? >> i think it does. it is not as nigel farage said, this is not the last country will leave the european union. the french are tired of being told what to do by the germ mans. 60% of those citizens want to get out of the european union. germans are tired of supporting welfare state, nearly half of the citizens, not leadership, half of citizens want out. we'll see could countries leave 90% of the citizens, denmark want out of the european union. we'll see more countries leave. many say that could kick off, if it happens rapidly a global recession. at minimum i think we get correction as a result of it. deirdre: geyerry you heard ty say we get a correction as a result. where can investors, if you agree, find the best bargains right now? we know it will not be smooth sailing next 12 to 15 month, if you're willing to hang in there, which stocks are willing to buy
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on discount? >> before this past week strongest areas of the market, what utilities, real estate and consumer staples, i suspect that is going to continue. there is just no growth out there in economies around the globe. there is no growth of sales or earnings. that is why the market has gone defensive. that is where i would stick right now. i think market putting in low, end of quarter window-dressing and pre-holiday. event you alty, massive deficits and debt will get market over time. i just don't know when eventually is. deirdre: ty young, gary kaltbaum, thank you very much. >> thank you. deirdre: markets and politics tied together. donald trump criticizing current global trade deals, he made headlines as well calling china a currency manipulator. >> i will instruct my treasury secretary to label china a
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currency manipulator which should have been done years ago. deirdre: former senator scott brown has endorsed donald trump. the senator is my guest. welcome back. great to see you. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: calling any country a currency manipulator is a big swing. what is your take on trump labeling china way? >> when i was in the u.s. senate we actually voted 100-0 to do that very same thing. it is no secret they're obviously doing, manipulating their currency to take advantage of opportunities and put other countries at competitive disadvantage. they're struggling. their economy is struggling. you know, i don't disagree with him. nor do i disagree with congress. deirdre: what does this mean? will this start a trade war? >> when you are talking about competing on global basis i have no problem with renegotiating trade deals. when you're talking about companies from america leaving the country, deirdre, what is the common theme? the common theme we have the
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highest corporate tax rates in industrialized world. we have incredible regulations constantly beating up our small, medium, and large size businesses. we need to repatriate all the offshore money. if go to the companies, lower corporate tax rates, streamline regulations and repatriate offshore monies make great to be in america again doing business, you are not going to leave. then you won't have to enter into a trade war. deirdre: we're following trade and politics. unfortunately we're also following acts of violence. you heard me with lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> oh, yeah. deirdre: talking about the attacks in istanbul. you told me you are set to travel there, is that right? >> my daughter is going there for the armed forces entertainment tour on friday. she is supposed to spend three weeks in turkey, jordan and egypt to perform for our troops. they are going there in and out of that airport three or four times. we'll see what happens.
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my heartoeout to men and women who lost their lives. thankful for the law enforcement people who stopped it at door. it could have been worse. i commend them for heroism. deirdre: speaking of getting worse the governor of istanbul is now confirming that 28 are dead. if it is not too personal, do you mind my asking, do you feel comfortable with your family traveling? i admit even the attack at brussels set my mind book for a trip i was supposed to make? >> of course. that fear, that is what isis and all terrorist groups want you to be, is fearful. i for one will look them in the eye and move forward. i will have great concern in my family. i put trust in law enforcement and military personnel to keep them all safe. we have to continue fight back, or guess what, deirdre, they win? i'm not ready for that. deirdre: hear you loud and clear, senator. glad to have you here. >> thank you, deirdre.
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deirdre: former senator scott brown with me there. hillary clinton responding to republicans final benghazi report saying move on. a mother whose son died in the attack is with me next. get ready for the rio olympic games
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watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. deirdre: new benghazi report was he released by house republicans slams administration response to the attacks. committee members emphasized forces were never ordered to benghazi despite then hillary clinton, secretary of state's claims. hillary clinton responded to
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that report. >> no one has thought more about, or lost more sleep over the lives that four americans. after more than two years and $7 million spent by benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds it had to today report it had found nothing. i will leave it to others to characterize this report. i think it is pretty clear it is time to move on. deirdre: conflicting messages from hillary clinton. one thing is clear, she may be willing to move on, many americans are not. patricia smith, mother of intel officer sean smith. he was killed in the benghazi attack. patricia, thank you so much for the time and speaking to us on what i assume is still a very painful subject. what is your reaction to hillary clinton's comments? >> very simple.
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hillary is a liar. deirdre: she is a liar in the sense that it is not time to move on? >> it is, it is desk not time to move on. it has not been dealt with. all they said, all they reported i imagine, i haven't seen the report yet but, all the reporting is what hillary told them. and i say she lied to them. deirdre: it is true from the house committee's report that forces were never sent to benghazi. there have been very mixed messages from hillary clinton on that fact. >> that's probably true. there was nebraska sent to help them. there was nobody taking care of their back. now she put these people in harm's way and did not, did not allow any security for them. this i know. i wonder why? why, why was my son there?
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he called me by the way. he called me and told me that there was going to be a big problem there. that there was going to be an attack. and i asked him if he reported it? he said yes, he did. i said, well what happened then? he said, nothing, nobody helped at all an they got killed. deirdre: patricia i feel for you personally as does every single person who is watching. i am the mother of two boys. i put myself in your position. what will help you reach closure in the sensef getting answers? >> i would like to see hillary in stripes. i think she ought to be made to acknowledge what she did. and she has not. so far all she has done is lied and people are believing her. i know different because i talked to my son, and he told me what was happening. she is not acknowledging that. she didn't know nothing.
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in fact she promised to get back to me and tell me what happened. but all i got out of her and her group of state department people is that i am not a part of the immediate family, so they don't have to tell me anything. deirdre: not part of the immediate family as the mother? >> yes. deirdre: i don't even know how that makes sense. so you personally spoke with hillary clinton. she said she would get back to you and she never did? >> that's correct. i spoke to her at the coffin ceremony and she told me what she told me, within about five feet of my son's coffin. and she lied to me then. deirdre: and she said we will get you answers and then up -- you never heard from her or her team? >> no. she said it was fault after video. i said i never heard about a video.
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she said that a video caused all this she said if it is any different she will get back to me. i never heard -- i called back to the state department saying, what's happening. and they tell me, we can not tell you. you are not a member of the immediate family. and to this day people of america, this is still what your country does to you. she still has not spoken to me, or anybody in her group, telling me what happened. deirdre: if anybody is immediate family it is the mom. are people supporting you in your community? how can we get an swer, how can you gean answer, and get closure. >> i would like to see her in stripes. i think somebody, i guess what she told the committee, i haven't seen the report, but i guess what she told the committee is all her words and nobody's questioning anything. this is crazy.
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it was her department. her area. and when she talked to me she said she didn't know anything about it. now tell me if it is her department, why didn't she take care of the situation? deirdre: and you you have not obviously heard from anybody. i hear you, you haven't heard from the state department but not the obama administration? basically no one has gotten back to you? >> no one. no one has gotten back to me. other than to tell me that they couldn't tell me. deirdre: patricia, we'll keep in touch. >> please, please, do something. make her admit to what she did. deirdre: fair enough request. patricia smith. we're sorry for your loss. we lon nor your son's memory. we thank you for your time. >> don't just talk. don't just listen to her. question her. make her say something. have her call me, i'm still waiting.
5:23 pm
hillary, i'm waiting for what you promised me. all i heard was you getting on tv calling me a liar. that's not true, hillary. i am not the liar. you are the liar. deirdre: patricia, we're with you. we thank you. >> thank you very much. deirdre: patricia smith with me there. she is the mother of an intel officer sean smith who was killed in the benghazi attack. speaking of hillary clinton. huma abedin is testify about the private email related to the benghazi attack. we have details from that. we'll be back with the judge. he says there could be a watergate-like scandal. and if hillary is not indicted, that is what he says will going to follow. the judge is with me next?
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. deirdre: denver nbc is reporting a shooting happening
5:27 pm
at the alliance center, it houses several nonprofit organizations, reports of shots fired are in the downtown area. 15th street that is nearby. reports say victims have been taken to local hospital and is considered an active situation, denver police telling denver news stations that they are still monitoring this active situation which is different than an active shooter situation. so police are telling the people who live and work in that area to stay where they are, to stay indoors, we will, of course keep you updated on all developments. in the meantime, hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin testified over involvement in clinton's use of the private e-mail server while secretary of state. abedin's testimony falls i.t. bryan pagliano where he took the fifth 125 times.
5:28 pm
yesterday 165 pages of new e-mails surfaced which clinton filed turn over but the batch includes 34 e-mails that clinton exchanged with abedin through clinton's private accounts. with me judge andrew napolitano. this seems damning to me. is this enough to indict hillary? >> there is more than enough evidence in the public record alone to indict mrs. clinton. more than enough evidence to convict her, what's unique about what you just described is that it adds a new dimension to the charges, the dimension of perjury, why? because in the same lawsuit which her aide huma abedin is testifying today, a federal judge appointed by her husband, judge emmett sullivan disbelieved that she had turned everything over to the state department. remember, she took her e-mails with her because she had them through the private server.
5:29 pm
he then used a code phrase that judges use when they want to signal they disbelieve the witness. the code phrase is this, you will certify, quote, under penalty of perjury that you turned everything over. next day she certifies under penalty of perjury and turns everything over. yesterday 165 turned up, she had not turned over to the state department. they were in the huma abedin batch and she copied all of them. a serious problem. >> i love the translations, one of the many reasons we love having you here. so the judge reading between the lines, he doesn't believe her. >> he doesn't believe her and i expect he will call her into his courtroom, this might happen sooner than fbi testimony. she has been dogging the fbi testimony. imagine this. telling the fbi she's too busy to talk to them, tell the public she can't wait to speak to the fbi. one more interrogation left
5:30 pm
before the fbi concludes investigation of her, that's with mrs. clinton herself, if she doesn't speak soon, she's going to waive her right to speak to them. deirdre: is this like the old days of the mafia, you can't get what they're really doing so you get them on wire fraud? >> that is a great question. i believe there's enough here to indict her on espionage. the failure to keep secure state secrets that have been entrusted to you, but there are so many other things like conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to obstruct the operations of the government, and now perjury, there's plenty out, there but we have an attorney general who says we should fight terrorism with love and openly and publicly alter's fbi records to give a false impression in order to fit the president's political paradigm. do we expect that attorney general to do the right thing? deirdre: all eyes on her, all right, judge. thank you. >> you're welcome.
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deirdre: judge andrew napolitano with me there. a former secret service agent publishing a tell all that accuses hillary clinton of being a notorious yeller while first lady. liberal critics call the author sexist. my political power panel is with me next. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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. >> when i met vince foster in the white house and saw him walk around, you never saw
5:35 pm
anybody that didn't want to be here more than he department tont there. he looked so uncomfortable, there are many incidences or stories where the staff would hear her berating vince, and blaming him for things that didn't get done. in his suicide note he basically said that washington, d.c. was this terrible vindictive place and one of the reasons he took his own life. deirdre: hillary clinton says the uk exit from the eu underscores the need for calm leadership in the white house, but author gary byrne, once a secret service agent who worked for her and president clinton says hillary clinton is dangerous and does not have the temperament for the oval office. some democrats take issue with his assessment. >> she yells sometimes or loses her temper, that doesn't distinish her from any other politician i've been around or anybody i know who's been around and gets me to my main point which is it strikes me sexist.
5:36 pm
the idea that she's dangerous because she may have raised her voice at somebody. deirdre: my political power panel is here, republican strategist mercedes schlapp, and ford o'connell, and on the democratic side, strategist basil smikle. welcome to you all. does hillary, have the temperament to be president? >> certainly has the temperament to be president. i used to work for her in the senate. i know times she's dissatisfied with anything, has she yelled? attacked anybody? i haven't seen it. she is pointed in her remarks, she likes excellence and wants things done and on point. >> the implication is this is a view inside the home when it's not with colleagues, when it's not at work, and that she has a volatile personality, and there are people on the democratic side who say it is sexist to call that out simply because she's a woman?
5:37 pm
>> i think so, if you ascribe those qualities to a man, you'd likely say he's tough, whereas you are not saying that about her, you're saying she's unfit to be a leader, that is sexist. deirdre: ford, what is your take? >> we don't know whether or not hillary clinton has the temperament to be president. all we know is what she's wanting us to see for the last four to five years is a dog and pony show. the key here is this could be fruitful ground for donald trump but has to be careful about the game plan. the one thing that the democrats want to do is play the war on women card on donald trump and the republicans, he has to be very, very careful about how he goes about this, but it could be fair territory for him. >> who are you calling a dog and a pony, that's what i want to know. deirdre: he said a dog and pony show. mercedes, you along with myself, no offense to basil, are qualified to speak on this. do you think it's sexist yes or no?
5:38 pm
>> absolutely not. i think when you think of the secret service, these are the individuals who protect the president and the first family, and let me tell you something, what they see a lot of times is the ugly side of the president, but you hear the stories and the accounts time and time again of the former secret service and the fact is that hillary clinton made very atrocious comments to several former secret service agents, and has never really showed the respect for these individuals who have served this family. for them to say, for the democratic pundits to say my gosh this is sexist, this is a typical name calling that they always push forward on any, it's the same way like they call republicans racist or ignorant and it's the name-calling needs to stop. this is not sexist. deirdre: or focus on what we were talking about with the investigation or with benghazi. there's a lot to talk about. >> her record. >> this isn't school yard name calling, well beyond that. it's saying a person in
5:39 pm
position of power cannot actively speak to with authority to her staff or about her staff. there's a problem with that. in any other circumstance, that would be seen as a tough and forthright leader. with her, it's made to look like she doesn't have the temperament to lead. >> this is political communications 101. basically trying to slime the person whether it's the author, gary byrne or someone else, trying to slime them in the term. i would view them away from the issue saying hillary clinton has a short fuse, bring up female republican surrogates and press the case. if it gains traction, it could be good for donald trump. deirdre: thank you, all. mercedes, fast? >> it's not about the temperament as her lack of judgment in major foreign policy issues that should be questioned. deirdre: that's an issue. mercedes, thank you. ford, basil. glad to have you all with me.
5:40 pm
need to update viewers on this developing situation. kusa denver reporting a shooting at the alliance center, there are reports of shots fired in the downtown denver area known as lodo, victims have been taken to local hospitals. denver police now saying the scene is secure. we will bring you updates as soon as we have them. we also want to bring you the latest out of turkey. the governor of istanbul confirming 28 people are dead after a double suicide attack at the istanbul airport. the third largest in europe. 16 more people are reportedly injured. president obama has been informed of the attack. the white house says it is monitoring the situation closely and we'll keep you updated on that as well. when we come back, new e-mails reveal that state department officials criticize susan rice for blaming the benghazi attacks on a youtube video.
5:41 pm
we'll read you part of the report, after this. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video that has offended many people around the world.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. what happened in benghazi was, in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had transpired hours before in cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo which were prompted, of course, by the video. it began, spontaneously in benghazi, as a reaction to what
5:45 pm
had transpired hours earlier in cairo. >> some have thought to justify this vicious behavior along with the protest that took place at our embassy in cairo yesterday as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. >> we can all condemn this reprehensible video. >> we find the video that has been so offensive to muslims to be disgusting and reprehensible. >> though we had nothing to do with the video. we find it offensive. not representative of america's views. >> crude and disgusting video, sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. deirdre: newly uncovered e-mails show state department officials criticized susan rice for blaming benghazi on a youtube video. in one e-mail, an unnamed senior libyan desk officer saying, quote, the horse has left the barn on this, rice was
5:46 pm
on five sunday morning shows saying on this, tough to walk back. another e-mail says i hope this was revised, i don't think we should go on the record on this. rice was off the reservation on this one. fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters with me now. what do you make of the whole situation in light of findings of the house committee? >> well, it tells you one thing, how far out of the loop the state department personnel were. the experts weren't consulted. so you saw a classic case of the white house behaving like hard left comissars decides what the narrative will be. i can hear them snickering as they decided how to flip this. they thought it was brilliant. you have an attack, islamist attack on our diplomatic facility. they flip it around and say no, it was an attack on islam that started all.
5:47 pm
this the point being not just political advantage but to preserve the president's narrative that islam is a religion of peace. incredibly cynical. they weren't worried about the dead, they were worried about the narrative and that's sad. deirdre: it's awfully sad. i had a guest on with me earlier. the mom who lost a son in the benghazi attack. it was an absolutely heart breaking conversation. here's part of what she told us. >> actually, she told me that it was the fault of video, and i said what video? i didn't know anything about a video. she says it was a video that caused all of this. and if it's any different, she will get back to me. i have not heard from her. deirdre: so the mom still waiting to hear either from the state department, the white house, anybody, with the real details. she just wants closure. wants to know truly and from an
5:48 pm
official why her son died. >> she doesn't matter in the least of these people. they're cold and they are ruthless and they stock to the narrative. even hillary clinton, the curious thing is she didn't go on talk shows, she wouldn't. she knew this indefensible but had to go along because she wanted to be president. and hillary's never been a member of the key inner caval of valerie jarrett, and susan rice, they picked out who they sent out carefully, they could throw her under the bus if they had to. to me, politics is mean, vicious, but this goes beyond the rules. >> this seems beyond the beyond, and i'm glad you point this out. not a defense of hillary clinton but saying she's not in the inner circle. she had to toe the line so to speak. >> she had to be a good soldier. she didn't charge the hill but didn't run away either. deirdre: very heavy stuff. i want to have you back if you
5:49 pm
don't mind. i want to talk about the book which i have started, amazing, about the american civil war, will you come back so we can have the conversation. >> i will always come back. deirdre: thank you, sir, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, just put out the damned of petersburg. 15,000 americans are on the hit list for isis. somewhere not aware of that list at all. we'll give you the details. ♪
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don't miss the lowest prices of the season going on now, with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. . deirdre: at least 28 people are dead after a multiple person suicide attack at the istanbul airport. it is the third busiest in
5:53 pm
europe. with me now, former cia operative mike baker. nice to see you, sorry on a sad topic. what was the idea from what we know, two suicide bombers were shot by officials. apparently the damage could have been worse but for the 28 people and their families, it's already, obviously, life changing. >> right, the turkish authorities, ataturk is a very large airport. it's europe's third or fourth largest airport. talking 60 some odd million passengers a year go through there, this is not a small provincial airport. it's very well covered by the turkish military and police. over the past several months, the turks had to deal with a number of bombings by isis and kurdish elements. so it was a well-protected airport in a sense, and obviously, the authorities twigged on something, the perpetrators didn't get as far
5:54 pm
into the airport before they set off the blast. points to an issue we're talking about to some degree in the u.s. and allies overseas, how do you protect the airports, particularly a place the size of an lax or o'hare, where you've got all these people milling about prior to getting through security, and that in itself is a soft target. it's a soft spot that the perpetrators obviously identify. deirdre: it reminds me what happened in brussels, at what point do you start a security check-in for an airport? >> right, and that's the problem. of course, can you harden it more, push the perimeter out further. it creates other problems on that soft side of the extended perimeter. but the reality is, look, we're constantly trying to find a balance between the most effective, efficient security measures and freedom of movement.
5:55 pm
can we lock things down more? of course, we can. everybody has short-term attention deficit disorder here in the country, and you know, we put up with additional security after an attack, there's an appetite among the public for additional security. but that doesn't last long. so part of the problem is trying to find that balance that you can maintain over a period of time to try to minimize or disrupt these types of attacks. deirdre: mike, you mentioned how in turkey that the turkish government is facing pressure from the kurds whom they have persecuted, but also from extremists who want to yank turkey in a different direction. lieutenant colonel ralph peters told me that erdogan, the president, thought he could charm a snake. in other words, somehow use the extremist true ises stamp out the kurds. is this a domestic problem for turkey that is showing up? >> well, it's a regional and a
5:56 pm
global problem because it's a shrinking globe, so what happens there does affect us, we like to think not. we can't live in an isolated world, anymore, what we're seeing in turkey is not dissimilar from saudi arabia, the tendency is to play both sides of the equation here, to try to push off the extremists to placate them somehow, in order to essentially maintain some level of control and stay in power. and erdogan is playing that same game, although, i think he's running out of rope, so what's happening in turkey needs to be watched very closely, and in concert with sort of what's happening in the eu with the refugee problem. this is all interconnected. nothing in the world anymore happens in a bubble. deirdre: certainly not. i know we're still in ramadan, which again, as lieutenant colonel ralph peters told me, normally a peaceful stretch, but it just seems between this, between brussels, between
5:57 pm
paris, i know ramadan is 30 days, as you said, it feels eerily connected. >> you have to be of a certain age now to remember when ramadan was a peaceful celebration. it's been used increasingly over the years by extremists who are looking to ratchet up their attacks. so you know, the intel community, military, law enforcement, always, we always step up the awareness leading up to ramadan because unfortunate reality is from extremists point of view, they like to make a statement, target holidays regardless of theirs or ours. deirdre: somebody told me earlier that this is very close to a two-year anniversary of isis recognizing itself as the new solution for syria and iraq and the world. >> that's correct, and unfortunately, i think, what we're going to see, we have to be realistic and pragmatic.
5:58 pm
we are having success on the ground in syria and iraq. we're taking back some of the turf. it's not happening as fast as we would like it. not being as aggressive as a lot of us would like to see. the reality we need to understand and is demonstrated recently is that the more success we have on the ground over there, the more likely we're going to see these types of attacks against the west here on our turf and with our allies. that's just what happens. we take back their turf, we diminish the revenue streams, keep them on the back foot but seeing them to be more aggressive in calling for and demanding and asking for these types of attack. we have to be prepared for that. it's counterintuitive. if they look and say we're having success in syria and iraq, but having more attacks overseas, that's the unfortunate reality. deirdre: before i let you go, i saw that facebook is actually, or that u.s. officials want to monitor people's social media
5:59 pm
specifically facebook, the likes who they're connected to when people are coming into the u.s. do you see that as a step in the right direction? or criminal activities, government doesn't care about you, they care 'making link lins to those individuals who are communicating overseas, people looking they have the conspiracy theories they believe that one world government, the u.s. government is really out to get them, but that is not the case. deirdre: mike baker thank you. former cia operative with me there on the very latest in
6:00 pm
turkey, quickly, officials confirming at least 28 people dead after a multiple person suicide attack at istanbul airport, charles payne with more. charles: stocks rebounding big today. is this the turn? we'll discuss it. the house panel is benghazi issues its report, but first donald trump speaking earlier on trade policy. >> our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our job, our wealth, and our factories to mexico


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