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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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u.s. banks are doing well, giving stock buybacks. melissa: was quite an hour. it is over. we were busy. david: a lot of stuff. thanks for being here with us. melissa: absolutely. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> candidates are speaking about that terrorist attack in istanbul. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here is donald trump calling about tough action. >> can you imagine them sitting around wherever they sit around for dinner, saying saying that americans don't weighter board while we chop off people's heads. they think we're stupid. we have no leadership. you have to fight fire with fire. deirdre: hillary clinton had a different approach. here she.
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only strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihad i around the world we deepen cooperation with partners in the middle east and europe to take on this threat. that is her quote. former governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee is with me now. thank you so much for being here, though starting with a sad tappic. what do you make of differences in language, difference of approach and what we assume to be a difference in policy for fighting terrorism? >> deirdre, it shows that clear contrast between the presidential candidates and choice voters have. if you think we're going to defeat terrorism by diplomacy and winning hearts and minds and bringing people together at a table and sitting down talking then hillary is your girl. but if you honestly believe these are savages that only understand one thing, that is brute force, you better vote for donald trump because that is the
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only way we'll be able to defeat these animals do the most horrendous and horrible things to innocent humanitarian beings and in cold blood murder people for the sport of it. deirdre: governor, you had responsibility of course for an entire state. you were willing to take responsibility for the country. if you could offer one piece of advice to the next president on how to protect us, particularly these soft targets, what would you say? >> i would say declare war on isis. make it uncomfortable for them to stick their heads out and breathe. make sure every resource and asset we have is turned against them. fly sorties. use drones. put ground troops. make an international coalition. make it very clear that the most dangerous place in the world is standing next to a member of isis or somebody who thinks they want to be. that is what i would begin with. deirdre: that is a great point, governor. that is to say it is not just isis.
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it is anyone who is affiliated with, sympathizes with, expresses any kind of solidarity with their motives. >> well, it has to include all of the social media platforms they use to recruit and communicate with, either potential members of isis or their members. there is no reason at that isis should have any access to twitter, facebook, instagram. there is just no way they should be able to carry out their messages on the very same social media platform that i look at pictures of my grandkids. there is just, that's unthinkable to me. deirdre: governor, does it reassure you at all, do you feel like it is a step in the right direction, u.s. border control beginning this week is going through social profiles of people coming into this count dry? >> i think that's a good start. you know for a long time we've had debates over metadata and the phone calls.
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there is a very important balance between civil liberties and need to protect ourselves. i think we can do that, but i do feel that the approach of monitoring social media, that is in the public domain. nobody has a right of expectation of privacy, if you put something out on the public domain of social media. so that is very different than making a personal appeal. deirdre: that is a great point, governor. in some ways very much common sense, it ain't so common. that is beautifully-made point. >> i do think sometimes we tend to almost be so afraid, we're going to offend somebody, if we target radical islam. you know what? i don't care if we offend somebody. i want to do more than over fend them. i want us to kill them. if that sounds harsh, so be it. when i see what happened in istanbul, orlando, brussels, paris, san bernanadino -- deirdre: no one was feeling empathy, sympathy for their
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friends, for their family. nobody was thinking we have civilians. these are not military personnel. >> yes. deirdre: i want to ask you for your take on donald trump's comments on waterboarding. here it is. >> so we can't do waterboarding, it is not the nicest thing but peanuts compared to many alternatives, right? deirdre: what do you make of that? >> we only used waterboarding a couple of times and it was effective in getting some information. some people believe that it is torture. others do not because it does not actually imperil a person and put them at risk of death. just scares them and makes them think they are going to die. i don't know that it is torture if you scare somebody. i think it is torture if you really do put them at very edge of death. but let's be very clear. we're not dealing with people who are working under the geneva convention.
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we're not fighting an enemy who sits down and says, well, let's see how, we use very sharp knife when we cut someone's head off. deirdre: not at all. >> yeah. deirdre: governor, thank you so much. glad to have you -- >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: to let us borrow your wisdom. governor huckabee with me there. u.s. airports beefing up security after the attack on istanbul airport. three attackers arrived in taxi and began firing at the terminal he says there is warning to the u.s. i would be surprised if isis not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the u.s. with me former army intelligence officer andrew peek. thanks very much for joining me. this is the question i don't want to attack, but i'm compelled to ask, how long before something like that happens here? >> how many more warnings do we need, do you mean? i think it is happening a here a little bit.
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after san bernanadino and orlando, there are certainly cases of radical islamic terrorists shooting up public spaces. deirdre: i don't mean in any way diminish those losses. it is more this idea of airport attack, as we saw in brussels and we saw in istanbul and to certain extent softer targets in paris and similar to orlando and san bernanadino. >> absolutely. airports are an attractive target for islamic groups, right? they are symbols of the west and radical islamic groups like isis are essentially selling something else. they're selling alternative to the west. the more they knock down what exists right now, the more attractive they can make their 7th century version of the world, the caliphate, seem to hearts and minds in the middle east. deirdre: you explained something last night. you and i were both on lou dobbs extra hour concerning the istanbul attack. you essentially complained the predictments of turkey.
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u.s. has counted on turkey. there is isis and pkk. there are the kurds. all the competing factions and really there at this epicenter right? >> absolutely. turkey's security situation in last five years has become terrible. they're at war simultaneously with hezbollah and syrian government who are the proxies of russia and iran. they're at war with the kurds who are our allies. they're at war with isis ally of certain groups in the middle east. they really don't have more friends. they're fighting multiple counterinsurgencies at the same time. deirdre: andrew, thank you very much. short and sweet to the point. an drew peek with me, former army intelligence officer. we talked about cia director john brennan. president obama contradicting his comments about isis. he is doing the same to secretary kerry. former reagan advisor pat buchanan is with me next. if you have medicare
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>> you can bomb an airport. you can blow yourself up. if you're desperate and you know you're losing and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm. as the dragnet begins to in on various places around the world unfortunately we may see some lone wolf attacks but as a whole, daesh is being decimated. their leadership is being eliminated from the battlefield. the very reason that daesh is resorting to actions outside of the middle east is that it is fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing its revenue sources are begin killing and its
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fighters fleeing -- dwindling. deirdre: he said yesterday's attack in turkey is prove the west is winning the battle against isis. cia director john brennan made these comments last week. >> despite all of our progress against isil in the battlefield or in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced terrorists capability and global reach. deirdre: former republican presidential candidate, reagan senior advisor pat buchanan is with me now. sir, very glad to have you with us. thanks in advance for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: what is your reaction to the administration's response to the attacks in turkey? >> i think the secretary of state is entirely too sanguine. no question we're making gains against iraq and syria against headquarters in mosul and raqqa.
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as the cia director said, this cancer has metastasized. it has moved to country after country, after country. now maybe half a dozen countries. in addition to that they found a very cost effective way to really inflict real damage on the west and how many, three terrorists that did this in istanbul, killing all those people? you had one individual down there in orlando who killed 49 people and wounded something like 53. i think isis is moving to the west because they see rewards are greater there for the kind of terrorism they can visit on us whereas the investment in terms of their lives is much smaller. so they're moving the battlefield here rather than over there, and i'm not sure i agree with secretary secretary of state that is real sign ever victory for us. deirdre: i think the argument at some point along the way was, this is an act of retaliation on part of isis because and we are
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loosely paraphrasing what the message is, we're beating them in iraq and in syria but to me, terrorists just want to kill as one of my guests told me last night. this is group for whom death is promotion. i take your point. >> they have a purpose for their killing not only idealogical but it is theological. if you smash the caliphate and capture baghdadi and kill him or hold him, that would take away the heart of the great cause but i don't think that would but then you would spread all the scorpions throughout the middle east and many would come to do their damage there and try to do it here in the united states. there is no doubt we ought to destroy isis over there. until it is terribly optimistic to say that, suggest, that they
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may be on their last legs and this is the final, you know, the final sting of the scorpion. i don't believe it is. deirdre: let me ask you about an issue of language. actually, andrew peek who an army officer, just said to me, he found hillary clinton language quote, unquote, radical jihadism, so bizarre as if there is a kind of moderate jihadism. it was well-said and underlines what you're saying too. >> former secretary of state is trying to avoid in any way she can saying radical islamic terror. and i think if you're going to defeat an enemy you at least have to define it and there is no doubt about it. take what happened in orlando. what motivated that guy when he called the cops on the phone and say you know, this is, i'm doing this for isis. i'm a warrior for isis? was he not identifying himself with a radical elements of the
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islamic faith and isis? i think that is simple, common sense. deirdre: also, loretta lynch, made a comment as well. we're going to play it and i just want to get your reaction. here it is. >> sure. >> this department of justice and your country stands with you in the light. we stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil. that our common humanity transcends our differences and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, unity, and its love. deirdre: so, the u.s. ag also mirroring a bizarre kind of language. there is a lost language are saying how can she be talking about love? we need to talk about strategy. we need to talk about safety and we need to talk about security? >> i will say the bible tells us love thy enemies but if you're dealing with terrorists coming
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to kill you, you have to stop them and kill them. love bombing will not do it. i don't understand the context of the horror we just saw in istanbul and in orlando. even those of us who are against intervention in all the brand new wars we've been fighting know and understand if they're coming to kill you, we have to go and stop them first. and they have given every indication as to what they intend. that is exactly, and they backed up intent with actions, brussels, paris. how much does it take to convince these people we are at war? deirdre: clearly stated. pat buchanan, thank you so much for the time. we're glad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: after the orlando terror attack democrats are pushing gun control today across the country. sheriff david clark is my guest next. says that is not the right message at all.
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[shouting] >> give us a vote. let us vote! we came here to do our job! we came here to work. >> rise up, democrats. rise up, americans. this can not stand! we will occupy this floor. [shouting] >> no break! deirdre: democrats are demanding gun control pushing for a vote
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in the house after measures were voted down in the senate. for the record, turkey, is a country with strict gun laws. so automatic and semiautomatickic weapons are outlawed there. with me, sheriff david clark from milwaukee count with me on the phone. welcome back. turkey, france, belgium all have stricker gun laws than the u.s. they have all lived through recent attacks as we have. what is your thought on anti-gun legislation? is there a link? is there not? >> this is a shiny object. terrorism is not a gun control issue. you know that only idiots on the left believe it is. what we'll see unfortunately increase of suicide bombers in the united states in foreseeable future. that is a game-changer. look, isis doesn't care about the world coming together. they don't care about airport security. they don't care about love and hugs. they only care about killing us
5:24 pm
and we to kill them first. i find it unconscionable, attorney general, secretary of state and president of the united states would sound like a bunch of buffoons and talking about this threat. they have ignored it for seven years. what that has done, it allowed isis, islamic state, and other terror groups to form a worldwide network. i don't know what it is going to take, january 20th, we don't really have time, 2017 to wait until this administration, this failed administration leaves the white house but that is all about all we have right now because we can't fire the commander-in-chief. deirdre: sheriff, i know you have seen this video as i have where the suicide -- one of the suicide bombers bass night in that airport in istanbul, was reaching to detonate the suicide vest. so to your vest, that was one of the weapons. thank god there was a member of the turkish law enforcement who shot him. but then also had to run away. i mean, this shows just how much
5:25 pm
officers are putting their lives on the line, more than ever, even if the officer, as he did, shot that man, he had to run away fast before he was exploded by that suicide vest. >> sure. but this is the second airport, brussels being the other one, where the outer perimeter has been attacked by suicide bombers. all the increased security in the world, stuff i'm hearing today in the united states, airports are stepping up security, increase in security but when you introduce suicide bomber into this, like i said it's a game-changer and all bets are off. even if the attacker is stopped, he or she presses button and explosion kills multiple people anyway. i don't have the answer. tell you what, the fact that barack obama ignored this threat for seven years is why the, the worldwide network, i see parallels here when we ignored the spread of nazi threat, did the same thing. the world coming together and all of this nonsense we're
5:26 pm
hearing from these folks from especially from the secretary of state, i don't have the answer at this point but i know that what we're doing, what we did post-9/11 will not work for the new threat of suicide bombers. only had really one, that was the boston bombing. it kind of subsided it went back to the mass killings. but, you know, until the threat is recognized by the white house, they won't do anything effective. we'll have to sit up and sit here talk about these things afterwards, what went wrong, what more could have been done when the fact is the person who is most responsible to protect the american people, barack obama, has failed miserably in doing that. deirdre: sheriff, thank you as always, for your thoughts. sheriff clarke with me there. >> my pleasure. deirdre: "new york daily news" blaming istanbul terror attack on isis. we'll remind you the paper blamed the orlando massacre on the nra. my next guest says it is media bias. hillary clinton saying there is no information from the
5:27 pm
republicans benghazi report. my next guest says mainstream media, repeated her talking points. we're back in a minute. >> but the republicans long-awaited benghazi report found no new evidence of wrongdoing by hillary clinton. no bombshells about hillary clinton. >> no new evidence of blame for hillary clinton. iece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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>> i understand that after more than two years and $7 million
5:31 pm
spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to today reported it found nothing, nothing. deirdre: hillary clinton saying the republican-led house committee on benghazi found nothing new. the mainstream media echoed her talking points. >> no new evidence of wrongdoing by hillary clinton. >> no new evidence of wrongdoing. >> no evidence of clinton's role. >> the report does not shed light on clinton's handling of the crisis. deirdre: the report reveals several critical failures of the obama administration to protect american lives including the obama administration pushing the narrative that a video was the
5:32 pm
cause of the attack. and the state department helped overturn the libyan dictator that led to chaos in that country. to what extent is the mainstream media in your view brainwashed and just copying the talking points from either the hillary clinton campaign or the obama administration? >> it's quite obvious they sound have much alike. she says there is nothing, they say there is nothing. she says it's a waste of money, they say it's a waste of money. it's remarkable. to some degree, we have a report that tries hard not to say anything about hillary clinton. it made it easy to say no new bomb shells, no new this, no new that.
5:33 pm
this is not the way the news media would have reported if the bush administration was on the other end. they would have talked about how bad it was for president bush. it's the old clinton playbook going back to the 1992. nothing is ever right. it's tiresome and doesn't rely on the facts. deirdre: i want to pull up these news tape covers. the "daily news" blames isis for the terrorist attack in istanbul. we are showing this to our viewers. you can see, "baby killers." in another cover in response to the orlando terrorist attack two weeks ago the cover reads, thanks nra. what do you make of the daily news slamming -- this is one paper.
5:34 pm
i hate to put too much focus on this one publication. >> they probably had a meeting and said since the nra doesn't have a strong presence in istanbul i guess we can't try to play the n rsh a card this time. it was isis in istanbul, it was isis in orlando. it was isis in san bernardino. every time it's isis in the united states which should be a moment where we say why does obama have up a dismal record of stopping attacks in the homeland. instead it's these people are claiming the national rifle association like they are responsible for containing terror. that's what the federal government is supposed to be doing for us. and it's mind boggling obama's approval rating seems to go up after an attack on the homeland. deirdre: there is a new
5:35 pm
quinnipiac poll that shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a technical tie minus the 2 plus or minus percent. donald trump tweeted out, the dirty poll done by abc/"washington post" is a disgrace. even they admit more democrats were polled. what is your take on modern polling. we saw surprise in the u.k. there seems to be a lot of point swings and spreads during the primary season. what's your take on the methodology? >> it's clear abc's poll is a number they put out. if you look at the party i.d. the associated press went asking. 29% identify as democrats. 26% as republicans.
5:36 pm
they say, hey it's a random poll. the problem is that was an outlier that there was a 12-point continues. the news media ought to say that can't be right. it's way larger than other polls. instead they all jumped on that one and said look at this, 12 points. they could easily say the new quinnipiac poll, that's an outlier. the abc/"washington post" poll is also an outlier. deirdre: which point are getting volume, which point are getting repetition. tim graham, thanks as always. hillary clinton saying radical jihadism when reefing to the istanbul terror attacks. dr. sebastian gorka says she is still not calling terror what it is.
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>> radical islamic terrorism, and i'll tell you what. we have a president who refuses to use the term. >> radical islam, is that a phrase you don't -- >> i think you can talk about islamists, but i don't want us to be painting with too broad a brush. >> radical islamic terrorism, we have a problem. >> what's the problem with radical islam. >> that sounds like we are declaring a war against a religion. >> hillary clinton won't issue the term radical islamic terrorism. she won't say it. >> there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things in every religion in the world. >> unless you are willing to discuss and talk about the real nature of the problem and the name of the problem, radical
5:41 pm
islamic terrorism, you are never going to solve the problem. >> whether you call it radical jihadism, radical islamism, they mean the same thing. i'm happy to say either. deirdre: hillary clinton avoiding the term radical islamic terrorism, a term the obama administration has regiewsed to use. what is moderate jihadism? is this war on language just hurting our abit to fight terrorists? >> absolutely, deirdre. how can you adequately cure a disease or illness if you are not allowed to diagnose it. a patient walks into the hospital. he's got second stage lymphatic cancer and the doctor says no you have got a cold, take some
5:42 pm
aspirins, go home and hydrate. what's going to happen to that person. instead getting chemo and get cured. they will die. words matter. hillary clinton has proven again and again that she refuses to describe the enemy for what they are and how they describe themselves. and that by itself means she is not fit to serve. let alone everything else. servergate, libya, the clinton foundation, pay to play. just ignore all the scandals and corruption. this woman refuses to understand why san bernardino happened. why orlando happened. what happened yesterday in istanbul. it is incredible. 15 years later we are still having this discussion because she doesn't understand what the threat is. >> i specifically wanted to talk to you today after what happened yesterday. what is your best advice to us to keep what happened from
5:43 pm
happening here at jfk at looking *, at o'hare? >> as i write in "defeating jihad," we have the to get the infection of politics out of the conversation. no more kren forship like -- no more censorship like the attorney general tried last week. we have to empower our sunni allies. the people who know this is a ring to war like president al-sisi of egypt knows islam is being stolen and turned into the 7th century version. when it comes down to jfk, to boston, to d.c., we have to employ those tools that worked out the best in the last 15 years.
5:44 pm
especially the ones that the nypd developed. that includes profiling. if you are looking for a 6'" white bank robber, you don't harass 4'2" white women. it's done by men of a certain age following a certain religion. don't hassle the 82-year-old grandmother. deirdre: from security channel challenges to economic ones. britain leaving the eu. that was the vote. talks of major banks leaving london. potential head count cuts. charlie gasparino has been digging. you say it was a lot of ado about nothing. charlie: a lot of strum and whatever that cliche' is.
5:45 pm
we called around to the big banks. we asked them. prebrexit jamie dimon said we may have to cut 4,000 of our 60,000 jobs in the uk. morgan stanley was making the same dire predictions. we went through each storm, jpmorgan, morgan stanley. city group. they have no plans. privately when you talk to people at the banks, they are telling me the chances of them reducing their presence for the foreseeable future are zero. deirdre: the laws in the uk similar to those in the i.s., we are on the same page. but dublin said if you want to set up shop here, we are open.
5:46 pm
charlie: here is the problem. they don't have a banging infrastructure there. they don't have the access to a workforce. they don't have -- it's hard for a company -- deirdre: facebook and apple is there. charlie: it wouldn't be impossible. but it would be difficult. at frankfurt they are speaking german. this is key. what people were worried about. the banks overdid it by these predictions because they like the eu, they like the simplicity and the one regulator. they like the fact it didn't cause global turmoil. banks are of course from what i understand trying to scare people into thinking they might move out of london if they voted brexit. there was that component. i don't think there is going to be a trade war. it looks like the calmer heads
5:47 pm
are prevailing. we'll see an economic plan out of the leave movement very soon. net-net as of now. the banks are going anywhere. not in any major way. that least that's what they are telling me. charlie gasparino with me. deirdre: senator elizabeth warren launching an attack on done. my next guest was astonished to find he's featured in the ad since he's a trump supporter. medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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money down the drain. reporter: senator elizabeth warren act as a surrogate for hillary clinton attacking donald trump in a new ad called "move on." my next guest was featured in the ad, the only problem is, he voted for donald trump in the massachusetts primary. how could you be mistaken for a trump support -- a clinton supporter when you are a trump supporter. >> i don't know. i guess i look like an angry white male. deirdre: their response, move on, not senator warren solely responsible for the editing of this video. given the concern expressed mr. levin we plan t to review or
5:52 pm
vetting for convent and afollow jiets to mr. levin for the inclusion of this clip. this is bizarre, is it not? >> i was sitting in my car and i get a text from a buddy saying i just saw you in a new elizabeth warren ad. sure enough there i am putting my little girl on her tricycle and there i am with my wife who is chinesen we are looking like a mixed race couple. the american dream. but i did vote for trump. i didn't need an apology. but that's nice. 13 million people have seen me in that video. deirdre: did you see a cam extra crew near your house? >> the video was four years old. there was a news story about a typical american family. ' that video was already sort of floating out there on the
5:53 pm
internet. sow it was out there and they must have searched american dream and found us. deal * theus. deirdre: they are reviewing their editing processes. at a recent event donald trump read a letter written by mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. the mothmore who wrote that letter is next. >> she needs to go to prison to pay for the crimes she already committed against our country. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> hillary is not concerned about you or i. she is only concerned about the power of the presidency and the power it would bring. she needs to go to prison to pay
5:57 pm
for the crimes that she has already committed against our country. deirdre: donald trump read a letter out loud recently written by a mom whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. the mom says the obama administration ignored her please to end the open border program. i want to backtrack a bit. asking you, did you ever get a response from either letter? i know you wrote two to the obama administration. >> no, i never got any response. i was in washington with the remembrance project. some of the members were testifying. we requested -- and weentdsed up finds out president and
5:58 pm
mrs. obama are entertaining illegal college students and the next day they had illegal teachers at the white house and completely ignoring us as we were in washington available to meet with them and discuss this issue. deirdre: you wrote to donald trump with hillary clinton. are you worried hillary clinton will continue the same tone as obama? are you concerned if she wins she'll continue with the same tone? >> her behavior and how she has been through her whole political career has proven that's the way she'll be. i'm not afraid she'll become president because i believe mr. trump will be our next president because our country needs this change. it needs a leader that will recognize the dangers facing our country, the dangers open borders present and the dangers bringing syrian refugees into
5:59 pm
our country will be even more difficult than the illegal crime coming over the southern borderer. deirdre: i'm sure it meant something to you to hear donald trump read your letter out loud. >> i had a time it was going to happen. may 12 was my son's two-year anniversary of his death. mr. trump also sent me a personal letter that ended up being read at the park dedication. the park had been renamed mendoza park in his honor. so he's prove on me and he's prove to the remembrance project that he's going to stands by our side, he cares about americans and that is the person i'm supporting to become our next president.
6:00 pm
deirdre: we wish you luck. we are with you, and we are sorry for your loss. >> thank you very much. deirdre: mary anne mendoza with me there. my colleague charles payne now. charles: a brand-new fox news follow released seconds ago has hillary clinton leading donald trump by 6 points. the poll is composes of 42% democrats, 39% republicans and 15% independents. it's not all good news for hillary. trump leads among independents by 3 percentage votes.


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