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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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to have been well received. >> i did a lot of research on the story. i came to the conclusion they are doing a great job. hillary clinton badly. so they have to keep doing what they are doing until he's no longer trailing. >> i second that. lou: good counsel for the trump organization and campaign. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: welcome. i'm devastated watching the body count rise in the tragic istanbul terror attack. i blame turkey. what was supposed to be a moderate ally has turned into a gateway to syria. turkey has been a problem from its inception from the ottoman
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empire. president obama said erdogan was a moderate when he was just the prime minister. >> i'm pleased i'm able to call prime minister eshed began personally a friend. i'm grateful for his trip here and look forward to many years of collaboration with him to serve both prosperity of the american people and the turkish people. kennedy: such good friends. get a hut, you two. erdogan turned a willfully blind eye to his country's 500-nile porous border with syria. all while funneling weapons and support to rebels fighting assad. the enemy that has been flourishing in their garden, blossoms at their front door,
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and they have been sprinkle manying miracle grow on isis while block the kurds with pesticides. erdogan went on to insinuate the kurds were responsible for yesterday's deadly attack. the secretary of state, he doesn't seem to be concerned at all. >> yes, you can bomb an airport. you can blow yourself up. that's the tragedy. if you are desperate and you know you are losing, and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm. kennedy: they are desperate. it's no big deal, don't worry because we are totally winning. it's cool. makes that one a little blustery campaign rhetoric and you are miles from the truth. >> folks, there is something going on that's really, really bad. all right? it's bad.
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and we better get smart and we better get tough or we are not going to have much of a country left. okay? it's bad. kennedy: we are all going to die. so there was a terrorist attack in turkey which allowed isis to grow like a radioactive tumor. either that's a great sign or we are totally skewed. why doesn't someone from this country stand up and tell the truth. turkey sucks. on the show, judge andrew napolitano shares what was missed about hillary clinton's role in the benghazi 2012 attack. and i'm going to speak with green party presidential candidate jill stein about the 2016 election, and of course i would vote for you. glad you are here. i'm kennedy.
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president obama respond together tragic attack in turkey while visiting canada today. >> we stand with the people of turkey and will do whatever is necessary to make sure these terrible events are not happening. kennedy: i'm dubious. let's get some reaction from tonight's party panel. carly and joe devito. matt welch is also here. and he's ready to party against turkey. you and i discussed this at length many times before. am i wrong here pinning the blame on turkey for the proliferation of isis. >> you are not wrong about that. you can't say it's turkey's
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fault for this bomb. one of the problems with you are kif is the same problem saudi arabia. the more we need to do thing in the middle east and move troops around, have air space, get involved in this, the more we need turkey's air space and turkey's compliance. so they are not incentivized to get better. we have seen the last 15 years turkey has gotten more authoritarian and islamist. they have been a pain in the rear the way saudi arabia has been funding terrorists. kennedy: we have a moderate muslim cleric in this country who has been calling out the erdogan regime, and turkey is trying to sue the united states to get him because they want to annihilate him. here is a man saying here is moderate islam.
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this is the part that's good and this is the part that's bad. >> turkey was supposed to be a secular islamic state. kennedy: that's why it came nobody the first place. >> it turned its back on that and it's a big mess. we can't have turkey become a pakistan but they are drifting more there that direction. kennedy: was there anything reassuring in what secretary kerry said? >> not at all. i think when they say things like, they use a more passive voice in obama's comment, when things like this happen. they didn't happen. they were done by a group of people and they were enabled by the rise of islamism. it's human behavior that causes. when kerry says it's a sign they are losing. how many more of these victories can we take? kennedy: are we growing complacent?
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are we growing come play isn't to these things? >> i think the obama administration wants to minimize this issue. it's never been more present in our lives. it just keeps on happening. it doesn't matter what's going on militarily with isis, which is what secretary kerry was talking about. it matters what's happening at home. they are striking us at home and we are losing that war. >> if isis goes away tomorrow, there will be didn't affiliations. he's just a dude trying to impress people. that survives -- kennedy: there is a difference between the coordinated isis-inspired attacks which are structured and carried out with a group of people with planning, and like the wing nuts in this country. there is something different about it but there is a common thread. the common thread is not necessarily isis. it's that radical islam that no
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one on the left or the right has gotten a handle on or has an appropriate response here. because blowing the living double hockey sticks -- >> donald trump is talking about water boarding. kennedy: what would that have done in orlando or istanbul. i understand the emotional response and want to go get vengeance and the desire for justice. but it also has to be an appropriate response. it general election shows hoik leading him. earlier this no clinton was only beating him by 3 points in the same poll. carly, what do you think about this fox poll. he lost a little bit of traction it's not as much as we saw in the abc poll. >> a majority of people polled don't like donald trump or hillary clinton. and i really think that's a reflection of the fact that hillary clinton -- a lot of the
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people see her as an extension of president obama. they are tired of that administration. and donald trump -- not a lot of people are liking the dish he's serving because he has one issue of that's so easy to fix. and it's just a rhetoric issue. it's just his tone. if he could fix that. never taken a high road in his life. if he fixes that issue his poll numbers will go up. kennedy: you will see more of a shift in polling because americans save he's more capable of come batting isis and terrorism. they say that 89% to 35% see him as more hotheaded and that he's more obnoxious. >> it's amazing he's hanging in there with those kinds of numbers. you always read about how women are going to vote for hillary.
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but i know on twitter some of the most vociferous trump fans are come even. kennedy: and some of the most vociferous anti-hillary voters are women. jill stein was not in this poll. >> i don't want to play poll nazi. we shouldn't be talking about two-way polls. there wouldn't be a two-way poll anywhere in the country. gary johnson will be on 50 ballots. jill stein will be on 40-something. if you put stein in there it shrinks a little bit further. kennedy: you have got a lot of disgruntled bernie fans and jill stein fans. much more coming up with the party panel. house democrats holding a gun
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kennedy: hello to you. now today is so much fun. a prominent house democrat
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called a national day of action. they did so much in chicago, it was like ferris bueller's day off. they are calling for more gun control laws because chicago is one of the most violent cities in the country, and it has the most stringent gun laws, like the regulations aren't helping at all. wow, really making their case for them. joe, i don't think if i were planning this thing, i wouldn't go to a place where gun control has bean total failure and point to the fact that maybe we need more gun control. >> maybe they will have a day of action that does something. it's all -- they are going to go there and talk about an ar rifles and stuff like that. they might as well be talking about cross bows and slap jacks. that's not what's killing people in chicago. so it's ridiculous. this goes to show.
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if people have serious about gun control and preventing deaths and even the black lives matter movement. that's where they should be. wherever you find a lot of black people dying, they are in democratic cities with they are doing stunts like this. kennedy: it's a dishonest conversation and it proves the opposite of their point. >> it's a bizarre thing. a lot of the same democrats making this point today will tomorrow go and talk about how we need criminal justice reform. the crime bill of 1994 was badly done because of all these mandatory minimums. it was guns and drugs. so all criminal justice reform has to do with removing some of those gun restrictions. these same people hate stop and frisk. what is stop and frisk. it's a gun measure. it's to deter people from having guns.
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there is a disconnect. people don't see how gun laws are used disproportionately against minorities in stopping them and putting them in jail. kennedy: prohibition limits freedom and it increases crime. they contact in places like to chicago and making them less available only increases the crime. the fact they don't see it, it's not only a disservice, it's down right dangerous. >> the chicago p.d. have taken over 4,000 guns off the street in 201. if you ban guns like joe said. across the country, chicago would still have a gun issue because they have an illegal gun issue. you can't take people's legal gun rights away to defend themselves. kennedy: after the orlando
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attack they are going to chicago and i don't think you can make a correlation between orlando and people dying on the streets in chicago. it's a con nation of issues that never gets to the point. it's one of the reasons people are so mistrustful of government largely and particularly congress. >> congress didn't do anything here. so a lot of democrats are going to chicago to make a bad point that nobody believes. kennedy: california is going to make the ultimate point in november. they are going to give millions of people the munchies. first up.
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kennedy: yesterday donald trump blend to withdraw from nafta unless we renegotiate on more favor and terms. he also plans to label china as a cushie manipulator and turn down the tpp. >> the trans-pacific partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape our country. kennedy: wow, that's some hefty rhetoric. trump's protectionist rhetoric is an about-face from republican orthodoxy. how would it affect our economy?
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here to discuss that is jonathan hone is. welcome back. >> thank you. it's shocking. to hear trump compare trade with rape. it's truly offensive and almost unbelievably ignorant. he's comparing victims of physical violence with free people who interact. kennedy: he's also anyone who agrees with free trade, he's labeling them anti-american. but as i made the point on neil cavuto's show with charles payne, there is nothing more american than the pursuit of freedom. this is one issue where i think he's so far off base. is there any way of correcting his course? >> what trump is proposing is a didn't for of collectivism. instead of sacrificing yourself to the environment like the left would do.
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he will say sacrifice yourself to the nation to make mire today great again. if that means having to buy a $1,900 iphone so your neighbor has a job they shouldn't have in the first place, that destroys the individual and the economy as well. kennedy: we should always throw off the yoke of the collecty which great britain did. that collective is arguably a failure, and instead of destroying trade partnerships and some these deals, shouldn't we be looking to open up more free trade with the uk? >> they are throwing off, kennedy, for what. i would hate to see brexit become what the arab spring was going to be. that was going to be a revolution in democracy and civil rights. and it tushed out to be a didn't form of islamism.
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great britain could make their economy prosper. but i think they will go in a different direction and it does no good for anyone's economy. kennedy: we have to be mindful of that while you have people like populist senator elizabeth warren giving a keynote address railing against trusts and monopolies. >> the opportunity to compete must remain open for new entrants and smaller competitors who want their chance to change the world. kennedy: now, is government intervention needed to break up big companies for startups to flourish? >> there has never been a better time to be a startup. anyone can literally hang a shingle outside their virtual post and open a paypal account and start a business. amazon and google, companies
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that dominate their marketplaces create the competition that allows all of us to survive. this is just pure maxism. -- pure marxism. i have to apologize before i run out of time. i' it's nicotine gum, and whenever i'm on with you i get a craving. kennedy: i'm glad i can be your virtual cigarette. kennedy: main
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kennedy: when your type machine
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breaks in the stone able and you can't return your iphone, come to me and we'll have a signal of news. topic number one. traffic is irritating. but what causes it? scientists have been asking themselves that question for millennia. now maybe we have an answer. it's a cowboy. there he is. he's got a couple of horses. oh, that's -- oc. he's 80 riding over a bridge into staten island hooting and hollering and shooting people for snoring. but before everybody gets mad at doc. he's riding his horse in the bicycle lane. the cop car behind hip is causing the traffic congestion. an easy solution for everyone's
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problem is to just use smaller horses. i recently downsized from a clydesdale to a miniature pony. very sweet. i think that was a chipmunk with a horse head. it's legal in were no chipmunks harmed in the filming. topic number two. tony is a legendary skate beard who in 1999 at the x games pulled off a 900. he decided to go for the holy grail of skateboarding. but can he do it? very impressive to me. well done, tony. but everything is impressive in tony hawke's world like
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carpooling. that's how tony and his bros roll. tony hawke's dog. when you see his dog do a 900, it's sick. and his crime-fighting chimp. i love seeing a chimp skateboard. no, that's not a monkey. topic number two. a lot of you have written in about where to invest your money during the brexit stock market volatility. i recommend what i always recommend. not gold. goats. goats are a vital part of the construction industry.
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this goat disguides as a ram repeatedly ran into wall insulation fiber. nasdaq is an aprove yaition for the goat index. fun facts. goats aren't just useful in construction and high velocity trading, they are also staples of the music industry. some relationship mall foot and there. very embarrassed by his goat-loving past. topic number four. from one devil spawn to the other. i have sad news for you cat weirdoes. that stupid cat video contest
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they held for four years is coming to an end. i know you cat lovers love to mingle covered in stinky cat hair talking about how your kitty is so special he's almost like a dog. well, guess what. not enough people care and few of them agree with you. but if you must, here is a clip of last year's internet cat video offerings and like your house it smells like pee. oh, my only savior. okay, pee cat video festival. the whole thing was canceled because no one cares and dogs are better than cats. the worth doesn't stop in its tracks -- the westminster kennel
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club cat show. topic number five. who doesn't love a funny gag. artie ruff thought it would be a hoot to pour baby powder in his wife's hair dryer because she would feel a giant poof. such a party fella. watch. don't worry, mama is okay. although it's the yet to be seen what her own prank vengeance might look like. but probably something like this. >> how did i do? >> you did awesome. look what you did. kennedy: good job you, you little fire bug in training.
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go ahead and tweet me @kennedynation, find me on instagram and use #topicalstorm.
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>> california paved the way for medical marijuana in 1996. but lags behind oregon. washington state, colorado and alaska, in legalized recreational pot. but that might change in november when an initiative to legalize marijuana will appear
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on the ballot finally, six years after its defeat. interesting statistics out of colorado. teenagers using a lot less marijuana than they were three, four, five years ago. what do you chalk that up to? >> the marijuana mystique is gone. nobody wants to use it anymore which is great for keeping kids off drugs. tax it, make lot of money, california it right on the money if they choose to legalize marijuana. >> they are at odds with the federal government because as we know it's still scheduled as one of the most dangerous substance on earth. >> it is right now. there is a lot of chatter inside of pot legalization circles and people in the government that the obama administration is going to deschedule like in august is the discussion by the.
12:40 am
which would be great and throng overdue because what the hell are you classifying this as. >> what has the gang been waiting for. >> obama besides laughing about how stupid it is to legalize drugs, they cracked down on medical marijuana. the same people who started prop is 19 in 2010 were raided like crazy and mad life savings taken. finally the administration said we'll take a hands off thing. marijuana is one of the most murderous public policies in american history. kennedy: public polling has shifted in favor of legalization. so people are looking to california which is more
12:41 am
populace than places like oregon and alaska. you know i'm a big drug warrior. you should all be put in prison. you should have no rights to vote. and all they want to doyles marry their sister and their got an have heroin mandatory in preschools. >> kennedy, you had me at "you people." you had people who opened up medical marijuana clinics and the feds would come in and wipe them out anyway. it was really bad. i don't see any reason why it should be illegal in the first place, and say that for the harder drugs, too. as far as kids, i say kids should not experiment with marijuana, i tell them because when you turn 40 you are going to need that because your knees will be shot. so don't waste it while you are young. kennedy: are you saying you only
12:42 am
have so many pot points? >> you need the weed. kennedy: it's also harder to overcome a hanger. >> you will be more worry about the gluten in that brownie. kennedy: the olympic games in rio might flop. the governor said a lack of funding. matt, you know one of our mutual cause has been moving the games to los angeles. will we get our wish for the 2016 summer olympic games? >> it should be permanently the olympic city as far as i'm concerned. los angeles was the only city. remember at the time, montreal held the summer olympics. they are still trying to hang out.
12:43 am
984 was the best, and they used the private sector, they didn't spend all this public money on it, and it was a triumph. >> what zika does is eliminate one of the best part of the olympics, unbridled sex between the athletes. kennedy: is this what failure looks like? >> i think this is exciting. reowe has created a new sport. are the games actually going to happen? every day it will be like a game of russian roulette. i commend rio for making it even more exciting. kennedy: they had the same problem in athens in 2004. miraculously august rolled around -- >> and now greece is fine. kennedy: rio is going to leave
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the eu. fantastic. i love to use my espanol.
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kennedy: the house select committee on benghazi released a report very critical of the obama administration and hillary clinton and their response to the attack on the benghazi consulate. >> this unfortunately took on a partisan continuing.
12:48 am
partisan -- tinge. i wanted to stay focused on diplomacy and development. i'll leave it others to characterize this report, but i think it many clear it's time to move on. kennedy: that would be convenient. judge napolitano says what's important about the report is the criminal actions it doesn't mention. >> this animates the democrats to criticize the republicans and the republicans top vote for anybody but hill are you. does this appeal to the middle? i suggest it is it's a documented chapter with every t cross and i do thed about her lying. she learns what this is. this is an organized terror attack on an unprotected
12:49 am
american outpostal which the u.s. ambassador is present. there is a lot of intelligence. she admits it to her daughter within an hour of learning about it. she then sends an email to the entire state department with the myth about the internet video. then she tells the truth to the egyptian ambassador. then she tells the lie about the internet video to the families of the four victims in the presence of their bodies as their bodies are being reverandly removed from the belly of a c-140 at andrews air force base. she caused panic in the diplomatic and intelligence community almost every one of which knew this is not true. why are we going with this false narrative. so now the question. who in the diplomatic or
12:50 am
intelligence community would want to work for her. let me back up a little bit. big picture. where did the arms come from that killed ambassador stevens and others. this is hoing * private war, conceived by her, approved by the president, endorsed by members of congress, a select group, about a dozen, both houses and both parties. what was the methodology for the war. allow the secretary of state to issue waivers to the u.n. arms embargo in libya not to arm the government, but to arm militias. kennedy: what are militias in libya. >> terrorist organizations. the cia told her about this. they begged her not to do it. they said the arms would come back to harm us. she was indifferent to the cia advice. fast forward, where did the arms come from that killed ambassador
12:51 am
stevens and others? from the waiver to the embargo mrs. clinton organized. what do you call farming a terrorist group in american law. a fell any. it doesn't matter how noble your goal might have been. that is what the committee missed, that is what you will see if you lead between the lines in the dissenting republican report. kennedy: this woman stood up the night of the orlando nightclub and said we have to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, though that's what she single handedly did. when will we have accountability. >> there will be at the poll if she is the nominee. kennedy: let's talk about the email. is there anything to suggest, is there any evidence that somehow ambassador stevens whereabouts were compromised because of her emails.
12:52 am
>> yes, we know there were emails on her server with his itinerary. we know she was hacked. she is going to get in trouble with a federal judge appoint bid her husband before she gets in trouble with the f.b.i. and he may make a referral to the justice department for lying under oath to him claiming that she gave all the emails back [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
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kennedy: lept wrap this up with an interesting discussion on the upcoming presidential election. dominic di-natale and hillary clinton are massively wildly unpopular despite becoming the
12:56 am
democratic and republican presumptive nominee. voters are starting to look in other places. including green party nominee dr. jill stein. i have been talking about third party candidates, independent candidates, extra party candidates. never before have we seen up a way of of anti-establishmentism. how are you meeting that challenge with voters turning to you? >> about half of bernie supporters have refused to go back into the democratic party into that counter revolutionary party and bury the work they have been doing. we know more than half of hillary supporters don't actually support hillary, they are just opposing trump, and the same is true for trump supporters.
12:57 am
i'm the one candidate in this race that does not take money from lobbyists and super pacs, so i have the liberty to stand up for what people are clamoring for. ending student debt by canceling it like we did for the bankers who crashed the economy. healthcare and education for human rights and a foreign policy that's not getting us into catastrophic regime change wars that are making us less secure, not more secure. kennedy: what i'm most concerned with is getting you and gary johnson on that presidential debate stage. how can we do that? >> i want to thank you for having the integrity as a journalist to actually cover the candidates that aren't being covered, and that includes gary johnson's campaign and mine as
12:58 am
the two alternative candidates. we are both on the ballot now for about the same number of state. we are both heading to be on the ballot for all voters or just about all the voters. our belief is that voters not only have a right to vote, they have a right to know who they can vote for. our numbers have tripled over the past month from 2% up to 7% in the latest cnn poll. and that's just before we even started getting coverage. i think word is just getting out, that there is hope for the younger generation. they don't have to spend their lives at indentured servants. by covering us, you are making it possible for to us rise further in the polls. very likely we can get to that 15%. kennedy: are you oh tented that hillary clinton is running as if she is the only woman who has ever run for the presidency. >> yes, i think there is more
12:59 am
than one reason to be oh tented here. kennedy: because she is a corp a test war monger? >> she pretend to be the be-all and end-all for women. the cause of women is not served by someone who argued to push down living wages in haiti where she took the impoverished wage of 60 cents an hour and led the charge to push it down to 40 cent an hour. the cause is not served by providing healthcare for children but not their parents. how are sick parent going to take care of their kid. by providing childcare but neglecting our need for jobs to need the childcare in the first place. there is a much bigger story to be told about how we meet the needs of women and children and our families. kennedy: maybe you and governor johnson can come on at the same time. good luck with your campaign. i know you are appealing to
1:00 am
those bernie supporters who feel under served. thank you so much for watching the show. on tomorrow's show i have brian >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the back2life 12-minute back pain solution, brought to you by back in five, llc. pain pills, hot and cold packs, endless doctor visits, injections, even surgery. if you or anyone you know have tried these or any other ways to relieve yourself of back discomfort, only to find you still suffer from debilitating back pain, then stay tuned, because your life is about to change forever. introducing back2life, the 12-minute solution to a lifetime of back pain. back2life has caused a sensation around the world and is now here in the united states. in that short time, over 1 million americans have tried this amazing machine, with


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