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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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up. we nearly erased all the losses endured from friday to monday. [closing bell rings] melissa: stocks surging into the close. dow trading up 230 points. i'm melissa francis. david: looks pretty juicy there. i'm david asman. this is after the bell. here is what else we have for you at this hour. donald trump on the campaign trail. the presumptive gop nominee making his case on the economy and trade. voters in new hampshire, there is a live shot right now. new fox polls by the way of trouble, slippage for the donned. expected to take questions at any moment. as soon as that happens, we'll take comments to you live. campaign national spokesperson katrina pierson. how the candidate expects to turn it around before the rnc convention. impromptu meeting between former president bill clinton and the attorney general on the
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tarmac if what the heck is going on!? details on what people say is inappropriate conversation. donald trump responding to the situation with fox news's sean hannity. we'll ask former governor mike huckabee on this. melissa: today's rally be pushing the dow towards the fifth straight monthly gain. that is the longest winning streak in two years by the way. phil flynn, price futures group is a fox news contributor. watching all action in oil and bold from the cme. lori rothman, eye on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, go to you first. what did it look like to close out today? >> one trader came by, said this is mind position gelling. we're almost back to 18,000 on the dow here. three consecutive days of gains. like the "brexit" is nothing but a faint memory at this point the looks like it will not collapse the global economy, the "brexit" vote, at least not in the near term. here you go. the dow is up 234 points. i believe that is the session
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high. not too shabby closed up the dow and s&p with gains. nasdaq will close more than 2% lower. year-to-date, dow and s&p, excuse me are in good shape. your portfolios and 401(k)s are in fine shape. nasdaq is down about 3 1/2% here. in terms of what's behind all of this, there is a lot of chatter on the floor today. expectations that central banks, global central banks will step in with more easing. first half of the year you have the window-dressing phenomenon where pension funds and portfolio managers rebalance portfolios and asset allocations. that also adds to some of the positive momentum, guys. david: window-dressing, i like it. lori, thank you very much. oil snapping a four-month winning streak. phil flynn, what is going on? >> i'll tell you, of. dave we were trying to come back on oil earlier in the session. mark carney spoke, hey, we have
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regime change. we might have to lower interest rates. got the dollar going in with the oil coming back down. we got slammed as end of the quarter profit-taking really sank in. as bad as today was for oil traders, if you look at the quarter, we were up 2% on the quarter. the other big market in energy had incredible quarter, natural gas was up 49%. the market was on fire because we had injection in the storage that is one of the worst we've ever seen, supplies are tightening. gold is coming back. safe haven buy after the close. back to you. david: i have to confess i like oil going down right before a holiday when i'm looking at gas price. phil flynn. thank you. melissa. melissa: we wrap up the second day of trading after the first half of the year. those are a lot of milestones. jason rotman, james frischling and symptom mick tavella.
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guys thanks for joining us. james to you first what do you i think of the wrap-up in the market? >> spent time with you guys last week, the moment i heard armageddon, $2 trillion of market losses people comparing to the lehman crisis with the collapse of lehman. look at difference. the market is reacting to that. that was overplayed and overblown. i don't think it runs much further. a rebound from complete scare tactic because of folks streaming it is lehman collapse. this was not about contagion. this political decision needs to sort itself out. let's give it time to sort itself out. melissa: dominic, we knocked 100 trillion zillion out of the dollars. everyone sold and took cash off the table and won't make the money back. this is what happens. now it bounced back, right? >> a lot of large institutional
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hedge funds made big bets on britain staying in the eu. they had to unravel trades and sell into nasty market. hope investors stayed in the market. if you sell in the mouth of crisis, end up selling in the bottom, the market recovers whether a week or year. you don't participate in the recovery. melissa: jason on the flipside, i will say for example, we bump up 18,000 and can't get traction and go beyond that. we are back at this level but we don't seem to get a lot further here. >> i can say i'm on the same flip side. i could say a few things real quick. if this market goes any higher next week, keep in mind everybody should understand next friday is the big monthly jobs report. melissa: right. >> which shocked the markets last month with 38,000-dollar print which is obviously pretty horrible. if markets try to continue higher next week clear time to
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get out before the jobs report, even short if you're inclined to do that i think the only reason this market is going higher besides the window addressing phenomenon is the fed. carney came out, bank of england head said, this is crazy. we'll ease over the summer. what happens? people buy stocks. it is a fed-driven market. david: here is something really crazy. democratic senator elizabeth warren apparently wants boot of european regulators to come down hard on american businesses. praised european regulators suing american companies like google, amazon, saying european citizens, i'm quoting, may soon enjoy better protection than u.s. customers. jason what do you make of these comments? >> you know he, gosh, i could go on and on. listen, really difficult to process the logic behind all of it. it is really coming from a person that maybe is well-intentioned but is completely outside the realm of
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business. call it idealist. call it what you will. i don't think something that works. you have companies like apple and google driven by very smart people. their goal is to make profit. their goal to provide services for the world. then somebody says you know what? you created this massive, amazing thing, now you can't do what you need to do with it. you have to change it because the government thinks you're too good. the government thinks they're too good. david: dominic, we know what european regulators are like, i shouldn't say all, most of them are from the left. motion are socialist. some even further left than that they make these arbitrary regulations. that is why the brits got out of the eu. do we really want those kind of regulations here? >> david, look at our own laws. we have antitrust laws in this country. it promotes competition and lowest cost and best product to the consumer and businesses. when you look amazon, apple, look at these companies they achieved their goal. there is cutthroat competition all lowering costs to the consumer. david: james, even, let's assume
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the absolute worst of google, that they're non-competitive, they're doing terrible things, et cetera, do you think european regulators will make it any better? >> i would not rely on european regulators outregulate the u.s. markets. i agree with your guests, particularly dominic here. technology can not get back in the bowl. look at airbnb and uber despite senator warren comments technology giants killing each other. competition is good for the consumer. many companies benefiting from the very giants she is saying bust them up. a lot of benefits. low cost for consumer. david: brits got rid of european regulators. warren wants to bring them here. melissa: no. taking on amazon with its no-new two day delivery season. walmart combating that with prime day. jason rotman, who do you think
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wins this one? >> who is winning right now? who won over the past five years? that is the answer to who is winning this one in next 20 years. it is amazon by a country mile. what does walmart have that amazon does not have? i think correct answer is absolutely nothing. walmart is playing catch-up five years behind. it is a valiant effort. it is something they can't not do is offer some mini version of prime but overtime, amazon will keep climbing. walmart is 20, 30% off their highs. amazon is near them. walmart is not the best investment especially relative to amazon. melissa: dominic, as someone who will buy anything on prime, a stick of gum, toothpick a straw, whatever it is to get it delivered to the house in two days that's me, i looked down in deeper details on walmart, only stuff they sell directly trot website. it is limited amount of stuff. yes, its half the price but i don't know the horse isn't already out of the barn. >> it is brick-and-mortar
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business trying to evolve into technology business which is what amazon is. reality, very small percentage of their sales are e-commerce. they're trying to grow it desperately but there is real disconnect between the technology. i went and asked people out in the real world, have you used it, does it work? they have problems with it. it is real technology. they have had long problems with their technology, with their website, with their sales. they're trying desperately to improve it but it's a losing battle. melissa: james, that is the bottom line, when you buy something from amazon on prime, it leaves almost instantly. what they really have they have the supply chain down like nobody's business. it would be hard to catch up to that wouldn't it? >> i am loyalist to the prime but i will play devil's advocate. melissa: please. >> i like walmart is taking a shot at biggest e-commerce bully in the market. don't cancel my prime account. and they are others trying to undercut guys. competition among e discounters is fierce.
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amazon is dominant player. they will not lose their ground. i'm loving it two firms, two companies, walmart and little jet going after the big guys. it's a fun fight. melissa: good for you. thank you for that. david? david: food stocks rallying earlier today as international food giant mondelez announcing the takeover bid for iconic candy maker hershey whose shares soared during today's trade. hershey unanimous rejecting offer of 107 bucks a share for hershey common stock. shares are halted. news sending food stocks to lifetime highs including kellogg an general mills. melissa: new developments in the race to replace david cameron in the uk. boris johnson, former london mayor and uk exit campaign leader is not running for prime minister. our own ashley webster is still in london with the latest on this one. ashley? reporter: as if the political
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turmoil here in westminster could get any greater, another shocking twist. borrows johnson stunned everyone saying he would not be running for new leader of the conservative shocking position. shocking news. he was considered to replace david cameron. michael gogh who was to back johnson essentially stabbed him in the back and johnson was not the leader and gogh would run to be the new minister. conservativeter reese may is made the bookie's favorite. home secretary who used to work at bang of england. if she wins she will be first woman at 10 downing street since margaret thatcher. the labour party leader, refuses to resign. jeremy corbin's days appear to be numbered. despite the it turmoil and british exit from the the markets remained calm at least
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for now. back to you. melissa: ashley, thank you very much. david: eu credit rating is downgraded to double a. it is good but it is lower. agency says the uk's vote to leave the eu weakens the budget flexibility. meaning all the bureaucrats won't have as much money to play with. adam shapiro joins us from brussels with the very latest. hi, adam. reporter: hey, david. fitch hasn't lowered theirs yet. they are maintaining it. they will continue to watch the situation. but the s&p downgrade comes with uncertainty with the uk deciding to leave the eu. that is not only thing getting attention here in brussels. i should point out, i'm in old brussels. this is the historic medieval town square, tourist people in the states will remember this from their visits here. overin the eu they're paying attention to what vladmir putin had to say today. of course he is in russia but he
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commented about the "brexit" and he said, looking forward, let's see how well english democracy plays out. whether it survives this situation. so, that is really one of the headlines that people in brussels are watching. the other is, as you pointed out, the s&p downgrade. it's a thursday night in brussels. people getting ready for the weekend. you can hear the drum circle behind me. eps seems they should be eating granola bars here. for the record, beer is very good here, david. david: granola bars, mussels, french fries and beer. put that together you have a great meal. melissa: i think he has. david: do that, adam. have at least one plateful this weekend. adam shapiro, thank you very much. good to see you. melissa: more innocent lives lost, the death toll in the airport bombing in turkey is on the rise. authorities in a desperate hunt to find out who is responsible. we'll have the latest on the search coming up. david: a warning for americans traveling this 4th of july.
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just about everybody. new concerns from the cia isis is planning a terrorist attack on u.s. soil. melissa: a meme raising more than a few eyebrows. private conversation between former president bill clinton and the attorney general while hillary clinton's emails are still under investigation. former governor mike huckabee is here to respond on this one.
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. . . . you guy's be good. i'll see you later
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[ bark ] [ bark ] bye. see ya pal. ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ barking ] [ washing machine running ] party's on! know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. david: death toll rising to
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deadly bombing in turkey's ataturk airport in istanbul. cia director john brennan says the attack should be a warning to all americans. >> the isis is leading a coalition to try to destroy as much of this poison inside of syria and iraq as possible. so it would be surprising to me that isil is trying to hit us here and in the homeland. david: he is taking questions. answering questions. cultural change. take about an hour. cost zero dollars. with that, we can restructure manufacturing in this country and bring back jobs and eliminate china as a source. it is really, very simple. >> by the way i don't want to eliminate china. i want them to treat us fairly. we don't have to eliminate china. i want china to sell us tremendous numbers of products
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and items to our country. i don't want to eliminate them. they can't cheat us. when they do monetary that minlation and devalue. when they do that that is killing us. every time they do it we lose jobs in this country. go ahead. >> i see it is up to us, the people, we the people. we get to decide what to buy. if we have a cultural preference for purchasing the american-made manufactured product, then what that will do it will create demand for american products. >> you're right. let me tell you that is a good point because in japan and in china, they really want to products made in japan and in china. whereas the united states, we buy anything. and our people should have more pride in buying made in the usa. remember the old days, made in america or made in the usa. and we should put that on, i think i'm going to do that. we should put that on the product, made in the usa. [applause] so, thank you very much.
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so, you know, there are countries that don't want to buy -- when we do business, as an example with japan, many friend in japan. they know it is true. they know. they send the cars. we send the beef. a lot of time they send it back. we send things to them, send it back. can't pass certain tests okay. it is better product than when they have. china sends things back. and i said before, they tax us but they send it back. they would rather send it back than tax us. if we ever get it if, look what they did with boeing. build a plant. we get all of your information, we get everything you ever worked for, building airplanes, we'll take this and take that. south carolina which is amazing state i love so much, and you look at the entire washington state area where they make so many boeings, be careful because they're building massive boeing
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plants in china, massive. in addition to that china is building their own plants which is bigger problem. forcing boeing to make these massive plants and devaluation, devaluation, boeing will make 100% of airplanes not in south carolina where they moved to build incredible facilities. not washington state and seattle area, they are going to build from china. and they are going to do that by devaluing their currency. i tell the people of south carolina which was great to me, which is win for me, i said be careful. because that is what is happening assure as you're sitting there. in five years, you know that trump was right, okay. yes, sir, go ahead. >> we employ, we employed over 22 people. we had some. finest tool and die makers in the country. we had the latest technology. we spent a million dollars in equipment and myself, my father
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and was my great-uncle. we lost all of that to china. you know what we were making? police badges. >> yeah. >> they're all being made in china. all you have to do type in police badge, california, china it is all there. i lost all that business. a million dollars. i called my congresspeople up. something unfair, they're making item 2/3 less than me. that is material costs. i went to them. i got nothing. we'll have to retrain workers, for what? we had full blue cross, paid vacations. 401(k)s. i used to be able to take a two-week vacation. that is gone. what are you going to do for us? [applause] >> your story is common to thousands and thousands of companies throughout the country. in the end we'll do it easily, so when somebody, a country, when they, currency manipulate,
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when they devalue their currency, which as you know makes it impossible to compete, it is costing us a fortune, folks. it sounds good but it costs because we lose all those jobs. and you're better off paying 10% more, 15% more or the badges whatever they may be and all of these people are still working. cheaper for our country. very profitable for our country. we don't play the game the way they play the game. they play the game, we play the game in in country to survive. we're going to start playing the game to win. just hang in there. i know it is not easy. hang in there, man. hang in. [applause] so sad. what you just said, thousands and thousands of companies in our country. thank you. go ahead. >> how about, go ahead. so when you talk -- >> all right. so when you talk about countering this kind of globalism effort with bringing
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more profits back to the united states. although that seems very good for small business and middle class, how do you plan on dealing with a corporate backlash, from larger companies who can make a much larger profit when they are, when they are -- >> you will have a lot of backlashes. you will have a backlash where maybe people will move from new hampshire but they're not going to move out to mexico and -- that they can move to another state like with carrier. carrier might move to another state, plenty to choose from. this way you can really do your own thing. corporations i'm not worried about. don't forget, my tax plan is cutting business taxes way down and cutting taxes for middle income and everybody way down. and we're going to have a, over the next two, three weeks, we'll have a very, very highly sophisticated tax plan done with some of the best people, the best economists, the best mind in the world for it. we're going to really have some plan coming up. we put the rudiments in.
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the real rudiment, we'll simplify the tax code and cut the hell out of taxes. we're the highest tax or just about the highest taxed nation in the world. our businesses can't compete with other businesses for that reason also. we'll make it where the corporations want to come back. and part of the reason, the part of the problem corporations have in all fairness they have to pay so much tax. we have 5 trillion. they say 2 1/2 trillion. i think it is much higher number outside of this country, corporations have the money they can't get it in because the taxes are so high and because the bureaucracy is bad as taxes. companies and corporate inversions. companies are leaving the united states and going to other countries to pick up their money because they can't get their money in. and that money could be used to rebuild the united states. you're talking about trillions of dollars. so all of these things are covered by me. i have to say, the democrats and the republicans for years all agree on this. what is not to agree with?
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we'll bring your money into the united states, trillions of dollars we'll bring it into the united states. i really don't need those notes. i don't need notes. aren't i lucky, aren't i lucky. throw them away. throw them away. [applause] nice to have that ability, isn't it? a good ability to have. anyway, but we will do things that are going to be so miraculous. it will be fast. it won't take a long period of time. and you know, china, who i have a great relationship with china, made a lot of money with china, can make money with china. it is hard to believe as a citizen looking what they have done to us but we can make a lot of money with china. i love having open markets with china. when they know that they're going to be consequences for their cheating they're not going to do what they are doing. give you an example. they're building right now one of the largest military fortresses in the world in the south china sea.
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now, they're taking our money. they're taking our jobs. they're taking our pride, our pride. and they're violating everything there is to violate by building this massive fortress in the south china sea. and unlike us, they don't get environmental impact permits by the way. they say build it. they start work the following hour. we say build something, they start work 12 years from now or doesn't ever happen, okay? can you imagine that? they're building an island, they have the biggest excavators in the world. sitting out in the sea, ripping the hell out of the ocean, out of the sea. ripping the hell out of it and they don't say, oh, gee, we have to file for an environmental impact permit. they just do what they do. that's because they don't respect us. that's why they do it. they have no respect for our leader. they have no respect for our country.
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a very, very important man in the world of politics and well beyond politics said to me, donald, i totally disagreed -- i have had this tough stance for a while, a long time, pretty long time. if you go back it is years, many years. but he said i really disagreed with your tough talk on china and saudi arabia and all these countries, paying us, paying us, and i totally disagreed except for one thing, i've been called by all of these countries. how do we settle up with trump? how do we make trump like us? how do we do it? how do we do it? i'm not saying that in braggadocios way. that is the way life is. there are no repercussions right now at all for what all of these countries are doing to our country, to our jobs, to our workers, none. the story you just told, i mean there are none. and your congressman are all, all these people in the senate, people in congress, congressman,
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i know everyone, and some are really fine people, and some aren't. and some senators are really fine people and some aren't. but many of them are totally owned by and taken care of by lobbyists and special interests. because a friend of mine said how could the united states allow a deal like so-and-so to happen? and i said, because these special interests take care of them. my friend who is very smart and very successful but very naive, couldn't believe that anybody -- so he said they're stupid. i said no, they're not stupid. they're totally controlled by their lobbyists and they're totally controlled by the special interests. when it is campaign season, millions an millions of dollars are given to some of these people. and it is so simple. i do know the system well. how about one more question? that's it. you want to talk? that's right, get that mic, get that mic over there.
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go ahead. >> can i hold it? >> let him hold it. [laughter] there's a man, there's a man that knows what he kin. go ahead. >> this might shock you but we have something in common. >> good. >> respect for human life. >> thank you. okay? now i have two comments on my deep respect for human life. okay? number one, you can comment on my objections, number one and number two okay. number one, i'm opposed to the murder of unborn babies being legal. number two, i'm opposed to our wasting our military in the middle east on behalf of zionist israel. thank you. >> okay.
4:32 pm
well, let me just tell you, israel is a very, very important ally of the united states. we are going to protect them 100%. [applause] 100%. they have been our most reliable, it is our true friend over there and we're going to protect israel 100%. as to number one, we all, we're with you. okay. one more, we have to ask one more. that was a tough question on israel. that was nasty. whoa. are we all for israel? right? [cheering] go ahead. let's go. >> for america. >> we're for america too. i would agree. >> i would say most of us here read out of the same economic playbook as you. >> right. >> most of us are probably self-employed so we agree wholeheartedly. what i would like in front of these cameras, once and for all,
4:33 pm
please put to bed that you will adhere to and follow the united states constitution. >> 100%. >> and your governance. let them know. >> by the way, 100%. i love the question or the statement in this case. but 100%. you know during the primaries i beat everybody very easily, that was sometimes said, will he follow the constitution? folks, one of great, great instruments ever written, ever conceived, we're with the constitution 100% okay? [applause] so you think hillary clinton would ever do a news conference like this, totally unvetted? speaking of unvetted, we'll take care of our vets. just remember that. al. where is al? [applause] my al. al is, i metal in new hampshire. i say is one of most loyal people i ever known.
4:34 pm
he loves for the vets. fights for the vets. went to everybody's speeches during the new hampshire primary and even before. all of sudden i noticed he was at mine more and more. i said, who is this guy? he is an unbelievable veteran, respected by the veterans more than anybody i know. we have the guys with the fancy suits and ties that get the big consulting money. this is the guy respected more than anybody i know. [cheering] stand up, al. and after, after a couple of months of listening to everybody else on both sides, democrat and republican, he came to us, he said there is nobody that is going to take care of the vets like you and i want to come on board. and, he is the most amazing guy and i'll tell you what, he is one of the great things that has happened to me because we formulated plans and done things that he has taken back to large groups of veterans and we have plans that are better than any
4:35 pm
plans ever submitted and it will work well for the vets, work well for the country and we're going to be proud we take care of our veterans and take care of our country again. oh, thank you. >> women's auxiliary. >> oh, the women's auxiliary. i think women like me. i see -- by the way, thank you, yes, go ahead. go ahead. >> i'm kathy. i'm legislative chairman for the state of new hampshire women's auxiliary. >> good. >> i would like to tell you -- i want to thank you for, first of all for everything you have done for the veterans. we all in the vfw know what you've done even if you don't come out and say it. [applause] very much we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> but just to mix quickly, homeland security and jobs. why aren't we putting our retired, our military retirees on the board or tsa? get rid of all these heb-jabies
4:36 pm
they wear. they worked for this country and will defend it and will do it. >> we are looking at that we're looking at a lot of things. as long as you bring it up in terms of border, some great people, you know this, al, i was endorsed by 16,500 border patrol agents. these are people that take care of the border. first time they ever endorsed in the history of the union or the group. it is first time they have ever endorse ad presidential candidate and i don't know even mow if they're supposed to be doing it. they said we don't even care. 16,500 incredible people, al. these are incredible people, that want to do their job. easier for them to not to do their job but they want to do their job. i was really honored by that, and i was endorsed by sheriff joe from arizona. [applause] who had some great victories lately. sheriff joe is great.
4:37 pm
we'll do a job. in finishing before i came up, rasmussen, one of the most highly respected polls came out. we're four points ahead okay? we're four points ahead. so we're going to have something i think that will be very exciting. thank you very much. thank you everybody, thank you, thank you very much. melissa: that was donald trump on the campaign trail in manchester, new hampshire. we listened to the question and answer period that he did there at the end. david: we were wondering first whether they were all hand-picked. clearly there was ahn older guy there who did not ask a question they expected or wanted to have asked what he called zionist israel. trump jumped in very quickly, he said very quickly we clearly support israel. melissa: they were so friendly and obviously hand-picked all these people and one comes out of left field that.
4:38 pm
we have katrina pierson, national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. we're happy to have you on hand right after that. one point during the questioning because caught our attention and we focused here on business and talking about trade on china and getting some questions on that and he said, i want to be clear i don't want to eliminate china. i want them to sell lots and lots of goods. i just don't want them to cheat us. which when his folks come out afterwards to explain his stance on china they say things like that but at moment he sounds like he wants a trade war and a wall. he is moderating what he is saying there. which do you think sells better as spokesperson, the hard-line or that sort kind of moderated reality? >> well i think both actually, because he is being honest. done business oversees for decades. very much engaged in the process. we release ad fact sheet on the trade deficit. in the last 15 years the united
4:39 pm
states lost more than 3 1/2 trillion dollars in a trade deficit. mr. trump is perfectly find with imports and exports. he is not isolationist as his opponents would like to make him out to be. we need to be fair and level the playing field. we can no longer allow corporations to move jobs overseas. it is just that simple. melissa: when he comes out with the hard-line rhetoric and talks about starting a trade war and block imports, get people on republican side, even paul ryan, raising their hands, this isn't reagan. we can't go along with this you wonder if he really means something like this. then you hear him say it at a rally to regular people. i wonder if it would make more sense to strike this note all the time so people understand, this is what he really means if in fact this is what he really means? >> well, i think that is exactly what you're going to hear moving forward because now we're in the position where we can create a contrast. he is not up against 16 other people. now it is just hillary clinton.
4:40 pm
this will be your pro-tpp and anti--tpp. remember paul ryan was pushing for tpp which is extremely important. now you have asia, asian infrastructure bank formed last year. that will create more competition. we also see that this trade pact they're trying to move forward here in the united states is going to be devastating to american jobs. even going to overhaul wages. that is a problem. hillary clinton supports tpp even though now she says she is against it. mr. trump has always been against tpp i think now you will hear that stance. we don't want to eliminate anyone from competing or importing or exporting. we're saying you can't continue to punish us to reap all benefits. melissa: everybody looking ahead to the convention. it is a little more than two weeks away. there is a report coming out from one of the competing networks saying that mr. trump is individualing chris christie for vp -- vetting chris christie for vp. what do you think about that, katrina?
4:41 pm
>> i think cnn, i think they're talking about -- melissa: go ahead. >> okay. well for the last two weeks cnn has been trying to create mr. trump policies as well as choosing his vice-presidential pick. look, here's the thing. mr. trump is keeping closely to his vest who he is considering his vice president. all the previous individuals he would be in competition for nominee would be on the list. chris christie would be one of those people. however, mr. trump is definitely not making any noise who he is choosing because it's a very important choice because it has to be someone that is in line with his philosophy to make america great again. melissa: talk about cnn trying to create his policies, making his job harder that corey lewandoski is over there? does that give reports more weight? does it make things more confusing? >> no, not at all. we don't really expect, particularly network like cnn to really report on the campaign.
4:42 pm
they have done so far good job creating their own narrative. i articulate mr. trump's promise and positions as we move forward. as the media tries to create the own policies i will be there to correct them. melissa: what can we expect coming up from the convention? >> i think you can expect more speeches along the way. i think the convention is going to be more of really about who mr. trump is. we have seen hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads. we have seen as the mentionedded media creating their own narrative about mr. trump. this convention will be defining moment who mr. trump is as person, as a businessman, as a father. as someone who really is personally invested in the success of the united states and the people. so you will see that. you will see entertainment. this will not be a boring political event. this is place where we all come together and have fun and be excited. we're creating history here. we have the opportunity to take back the people's right in this country away from the bureaucrats. melissa: katrina, i believe you, it will be anything but boring.
4:43 pm
i know that for sure. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. david: does donald trump know how to do television? i think he does. melissa: thought you were saying boring. david: hillary clinton pulling 180 turn around on major campaign issue. we just heard about it. the democratic candidate reversing position on trade deal known as tpp here is the before and after. >> this tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. we should renegotiate trade deals that aren't working for americans, and reject any agreements like the trans-pacific partnership that don't meet my high bar for raise wages or creating good-paying jobs. david: here to weigh in richard goodstein, democratic strategist, hillary clinton supporter. tony sayegh, jamestown associates vp and fox news contributor. richard, how does she square
4:44 pm
those very different two positions? >> well the first statement four years ago was made while tpp was being negotiated and she was hopeful. the second statement was made after the details were released and she saw that tpp did not address in connection with currency manipulation or access that chinese would have to u.s. markets. it didn't meet her standards. she said no. i have to tell you, i just watched this trump press conference. how in the world with a straight face a guy who makes products in indyu and china and bangladesh and slovenia and turkey and mexico -- david: tony that is a great question. that not the question we're focusing on here. >> seriously -- david: how hillary clinton can square the two positions. you heard richard's explanation. do you think that will pass muster? >> first time she said it she was working for obama administration. that was the party line. the second time she said it she was feeling immense pressure from bernie sanders and progressives on the left that knows hillary has these kind of pro-free trade views.
4:45 pm
she had them for a long time. don't forget speech in pennsylvania this week, donald trump very effectively cited the two parts of bill clinton legacy. nafta and china's admittance into the wto as failure for american workers. david: we don't have much time. i have to ask you quickly, tony, switch gears on donald trump how he squares with free market buddies and tariffs that he comes out with or planning to come out with china violates them or anybody smells he says he is a free market trader? >> i don't think he is saying no trade agreements. he is saying better trade agreements. that is important position, we've seen time and time again u.s. always seems to negotiate from position of weakness. barack obama's administration continued these failed in the eyes of most american workers, failed trade policies that don't open markets to our products. david: richard and tony, sorry to truncate this. we literally run out of time. we had a lot of breaking news. thank you, gentlemen. it will be a wild ride.
4:46 pm
melissa: it sure is. investors shrugging off the vote in the uk. the dow recouping 91% of the uk selloff. the numbers you need to know. that's next ♪
4:47 pm
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ melissa: rally on wall street today. the dow finishing in the green for the third straight day, ending positive for the month. let's go back to lori rothman at new york stock exchange for a recap there. lori? >> hi, there, melissa. it is interesting, the dow and s&p held up for the month, for the quarter, for the entire first half of the year, rising a couple of percentage points. we'll get a refrigerator through our shot. thumbs up for stopping that. you guys would have loved that. let me continue on here. technology is a huge problem. we saw that just after the bell
4:50 pm
moments ago. breaking news, micron, reported latest quarter and the chips are down. i couldn't resist that terrible pun. 25% decline in sales in the quarter for micron. they have had to lower prices to trigger demand. they make flash memory. we're talking about the trend of declining pc sales. micron is struggling. shares are off nine, 10% here in the extended session. back to you. melissa: lori rothman, thank you so much for that. david? david: there are a lot of questions about who would be better business-friendly in the coming election, donald trump or hillary clinton? of course donald trump is a businessman. hillary clinton has been a lifelong public servant as she considers herself. you would assume it would be donald trump but a lot of business people are going with hillary clinton. the question is, will that continue? here is governor mike huckabee. former governor of arkansas, former presidential candidate. he is also a fox news contributor. mike, i think the biggest issue is the one donald trump and
4:51 pm
hillary clinton are focusing on this week which we just touched on which is trade. a lot of foreign, a lot of business people here in the united states depend on their foreign sales for revenue. they are concernedded that donald trump would one way or another dry up some of that revenue. how does he get them over on his side? or does he not worry about that? >> i'm not sure that he has to worry about it. although quite frankly, if they would look at it from the big-picture perspective they would know that donald trump, as a business person, is a whole lot more likely to understand the concerns of business people than hillary clinton ever will be. the only business she has ever conducted is shaking down business people for political contributions and maybe the reason that they, sort of favor her is they know if they grease the palm, they will pretty much get what they want. david: we're looking at, we're looking at her with liz warren there. liz warren just announced she thinks we would all be better
4:52 pm
off if european regulates were slamming brakes on google and amazon and apple and other american companies in europe. is it really a good time to be mentioning bringing european regulators here in the united states? that doesn't seem to be politically acute to me? >> i've never understood the appeal of elizabeth warren. i think she would be very appealing in a socialist country where we wanted more government, more regulation, higher taxes. but we just seen the brits finally just say, enough of this. and they thrown it off their shoulders. i can't imagine americans honestly think we would be better of to be a little more european. maybe adopting some of their fashions or music or cuisine, but their politics, for gosh sakes, david, tell me people aren't that dumb? david: their regulators in particular. another thing people are scratching their heads on the question about what it was that loretta lynch and bill clinton
4:53 pm
were meeting about. i just can't imagine this meeting that took place on monday between these two high-powered lawyers if you will, one being a former president of the united states, would be done unless there was some very urgent issue that bill clinton wanted to talk about, can you? >> i'm going to give him a pass on this. i may be the only republican in america who is going to do it but i've been a public official and i bumped into people before and both democrats and republicans. even opponents and you end up -- david: but president obama is right now signing the puerto rican debt bill. we have to listen in. go ahead. >> first piece of legislation relates to the freedom of information act. as all of you know the freedom of information act is one of the key ways in which citizens are able to find out exactly what is going on in government and the good news is that over the course of my presidency we have
4:54 pm
processed more foia requests, freedom of information requests than ever before and we have worked to make it easier and more transparent, putting more and more stuff on the line -- online. but having said all that we're actually getting many more requests for foye yaw -- foia than ever before. we have to think of ways to reform it, make it faster, cheaper, to the got information that they want. fortunately congress on a bipartisan basis has provided tools to legislation to codify some of the reforms we already made and to expand more of these reforms so government is more responsive and i'm very proud of all the work we've done to try to make government more he open and responsive but i know people haven't always been satisfied with the speed with which they're getting responses and
4:55 pm
requests. hopefully this is going to help and will be an important initiative for us to continue on the reform path. i will sign that right now. the second piece of legislation relates to the crisis we're seeing in puerto rico. we've got millions of our fellow citizens -- david: right now, that first piece of legislation was something else. right now he is signing the puerto rico legislation. let's hope they come to resolution fixing that debt problem. melissa: meanwhile, the investors taking aim at yahoo! and marissa mayer. the crucial meeting happening in minutes. we'll tell you about that next.
4:56 pm
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deirdre: fox business's robert gray is in santa clara, california with the latest on this one.
4:59 pm
give us a preview, robert. reporter: hey, melissa that's right. in the marriott behind me the meeting will begin. could be marissa mayer's last stand at ceo and may be the last meeting as public company. it may auction off core businesses and sell other assets. it she has been under pressure from stand value, a hedge fund and individual investors are here at meeting for first time because they're worried about their investments. stock came out roaring out of the gate and outperformed broader market for four years but last year is languishing. revenue slipping. yahoo! post ad fiscal year loss last year and parts worth more than the sum of the whole if you take a look at this, mobile site, market cap, $35 billion but its stakes in alibaba and yahoo! japan worth more than it. we'll see who bidders may be. verizon, at&t, microsoft as
5:00 pm
mentioned as possible suitors. bid between 3 and $5 billion. back to you. deirdre: robert, thank you so much for that, does it for us. have a wonderful evening. risk and reward starts right now. deirdre: terror takedown in turkey after the recent attack on istanbul airport as a record number of americans travel this july 4th weekend. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the death toll has risen to 44 from that attack. one american among hundreds injured. officials confirm the three suicide bombers seen on surveilance. that they were from russia, uzbekistan and kurdistan. in istanbul, john huddy is with me now. john, what is the latest in the investigation? reporter: well as you just are talking about we're learning more about the attackers and


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