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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that, i think -- charles: right. >> -- was very powerful, to even stand in the face of this corporate media giant that pervades these types of attitudes. charles: all right, guys, thank you very much. all right. here's lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. attorney general loretta lynch at the center of a politicalfire storm and the -- fire storm and the focus of growing public outreach over what she called a crossing of paths with former president bill clinton monday. in her account of the event tuesday, clinton was about to depart from the phoenix airport when he called to say hello and asked for a meeting. the former president then had a half hour long private meeting aboard lynch's government aircraft. critics blasted her obvious conflict of interest in meeting with the husband of a woman who is is opportunity of a criminal
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investigation. in addition to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, the fbi is also reportedly investigating the clinton global initiative foundation and its sources of money. the attorney general then may have met directly with a party directly involved in that part of the investigation as well. donald trump says he was shocked when he found out. >> when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i thought people that told me were, you know, i said, no way. there's no way that's going to happen. and it happened. and i am just, i'm flabbergasted by it. i think it's amazing. i've never seen anything like that before. lou: and adding to the bad optics and clearly bad judgment, we're just learning the state department filed court papers yesterday seeking a two-year delay to produce e-mails from hillary clinton's top aides and
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the clinton foundation. a two-year delay. citizens united wants access to those e-mails, but if the state department has its way, they won't be out until october of 2018. we'll take all of this up in moments here with former u.n. ambassador john bolton. there's a lot to examine tonight, including a new navy report concluding that weak leadership, poor judgment and a lack of war-fighting toughness led to the capture of ten of our sailors by iran back in january. nine navy officers and enlisted sailors have been disciplined for their actions which included giving up their passwords to their laptops, cell phones and sensitive data about their ships, giving all of that to their iranian captors. as we understand it, those officers held responsible for the incident and conduct of sailors include at least one with a rank of captain. well, following the istanbul
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terrorist attacks, the united states carrying the fight against the islamic state. iraqi and u.s. officials reporting airstrikes killed at least 250 islamic state fighters in iraq. donald trump says that's not good enough. and he says hillary clinton, if elected, would do even less than mr. obama. >> i'm about wiping out isis. and, look, isis was formed during her regime, okay? it was formed. she's done nothing about it. she never will. she doesn't have the ability to do anything about it if she wanted to, and she probably would like to, but she doesn't have the ability or the strength to do anything about it, and everybody knows that. lou: we'll be taking all of that up with juan williams, her slades schlapp all here -- her slades schlapp here tonight. our top story, attorney general lynch blasted over her clear conflict of interest when she met with former president bill clinton. the two had a half hour meeting at a phoenix airport while
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hillary clinton is, of course, a target in the active fbi criminal investigation. and which may involve the clinton foundation itself which would mean she also met directly with a party involved with the foundation. former president. lynch claims the meeting was, quote, primarily social and that the former president talked mostly about his grandchildren. but even democrats are having a hard time buying that, and they're voicing their outrage as well. senator chris coons talked about the meeting earlier today. >> i don't think it sends the right signal. i think she should have steered clear even of a brief, casual social meeting with the former president. i think she should have said, look, i recognize you have a long record of leadership on fighting crime, but this is not the time for us to have that conversation. lou: david axlerod called the meeting plain foolish, tweeting, quote: i take loretta lynch and bill clinton at their word that their convo in phoenix didn't
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touch on probe, but foolish to create such optics. and axlerod would be among the very few, in my opinion, who would take either of the two at their word about that obviously inappropriate meeting. well, i certainly doubt my next guest would. he's not only the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise senior fellow john bolton, he's also a fox news contributor and himself an attorney. ambassador, good to have you with us. this meeting, a former president and an attorney general, don't have the judgment and the sense of propriety to not have that meeting? that's absolutely unbelievable. literally unbelievable. >> well, and utterly unacceptable. number one, bill clinton never should have approached the attorney general. you know, he and mrs. clinton were a year ahead of me in law school. maybe he was paying less attention even than i thought. but he should know in this circumstance that it's utterly
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inappropriate to make what's called an ex parte contact unless he had something in mind. i don't know what it was, but it was inappropriate. and as for attorney general lynch, look, she didn't initiate it, but if aides to president clinton called to ask for the meeting, she should have politely declined it. if he kind of walked onto her plane, there's a protocol for this at the state department when somebody comes up to you you shouldn't talk to, you professionally and politely disengage. you do not chat with them for half an hour. an attorney general is supposed to avoid not only impropriety, but the appearance of impropriety, so i would say two things. i think this is so deeply troubling. she should recuse herself. if she's unwilling to do that, then i'd have one other suggestion. i think she should say unequivocally that she'll be submitting her resignation at noon on the 20th of january, and she has no interest in staying on at department of justice no matter who wins the election in
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november. because there's a clear implication here you do right by us, maybe you can stay as attorney general. that, to me, is the most troubling part, and she should at least remove any idea that she's thinking of that. lou: john, there are more than these events in that half hour meeting that are troubling about this attorney general. she has equivocated and some would say has misrepresented the nature of the investigation which the director of the fbi has said straightforwardly is a criminal investigation that the agency does know other. she's trying to structure it as some sort of inquiry into the procedures of the state department. secondly, she's talked about fighting the islamic state and that the appropriate approach with fighting terrorists is love. i mean, she -- the lynch wheels are coming off here, and this is a reason, it seems to me, for all of us to be concerned about
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her. >> wedgier her views on terrorism -- well, her views on terrorism is just as pathetic as the rest of the obama administration. there is one other point here, you know. she has denied that she has spoken to president obama about the clinton e-mail investigation. lou: right. >> and the media have not followed up on that. there's a protocol for this too. you know, i think what may have happened here is maybe she hasn't spoke been directly to barack obama -- spoken directly to barack obama, but some enterprising reporter should ask her have you spoken to the counsel to the president, the white house counsel, about this investigation? because the channel to do this is for her or to talk to the counsel of the president, and then the come of the president talks to the president -- the connell of the president -- lou: ambassador, i admire your faith in the administration protocol. i can't imagine it rising to the level of regulation which they ignore, nor does it rise to the level of law which they don't
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enforce, so i do admire your optimism about the administration. there is another issue here. it's only been two weeks since this president endorsed the subject of the investigation of the, by the fbi, hillary clinton for president. now his attorney general meeting with her husband in an absolute straightforward, obvious conflict of interest. what does -- >> absolutely. lou: -- it say about an independent come on this issue? >> well, you're quite right about the president. it's unconscionable that he should refer to somebody in hillary clinton's position being investigated by the fbi and the department of justice. and that, too, i think really raises a cloud over everything that's going on. the signal it sends to career attorneys in the justice department, to investigators in the fbi. i think what they should do is not have a separate independent
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counsel. i really think that's just a path that will kick this whole thing down the road for a couple of years. but i think the top political officials at the department of justice starting with the attorney general and the deputy attorney general at a minimum should recuse themselves. let's let the career rank ares at the fbi -- ranks at the fbi and the criminal division handle this and hope that they're immune from political influence. lou: john bolton, i will accede to your recommendation. it -- and now i will, and i fully support it. ambassador, thanks so much. as a matter of protocol, i tend to do that with you. [laughter] john bolton, good to have you with us. >> glad to do it. lou: we're coming right back. we've got much more to, as i said, examine here tonight. stay with us. donald trump says we need a change of leadership and quickly if we are to defeat radical islamist terrorists. >> we're weak, we're ineffective, we're not being led properly, and isis sees that, and it's only going to get
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worse. lou: and this house in japan teeter oring above neighboring homes believe -- below. we'll have the video to show you next. a lot more tonight. we'll be right back after these messages. stay with us. kennedy: hi, it's kennedy. it's the triumphant return of brian brentburg. guy stay for all of it. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪
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lou: donald trump and hillary
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clinton hitting one another hard. clinton hung up on all sorts of phobias apparently. >> i am not sympathetic to the xenophobia, the misogyny, homophobia, the islam phobia and all of the other -- [cheers and applause] you know, sort of dog whistles that trump uses. >> all of the phobias that nobody even knows what she's talking about, to be honest with you. why doesn't she say it like it is? the lines of people that we have, they're so sick and tired of hearing things like what she's just saying. nobody knows what she's talking about. and you tell me, that's presidential? she's presidential sitting there? i don't think so. lou: joining us tonight, republican campaign strategist, fox news contributor tony -- [inaudible] and political reporter for the daily caller, carrie pickett. both are experts on phobias.
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[laughter] the list that she read off, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, islamaphobia, suddenly dog whistles and phobias are synonyms? [laughter] who knew? what do you make of it? >> this is the old, tired playbook that democrats crafted starting 2006 that they've been using consistently on republican candidates. and sadly, lou, up until now it's worked. what she has not anticipated is the type of candidacy trump has created which i think supersedes this type of name calling, because he goes to the heart of the matter, speaks on issues in a way that real people understand. when he talks about terrorism, he's not doing it in that politically-correct, kind of old vernacular of washington. people are sincerely worried. 89% of americans fear an attack on the homeland. lou: that would be islamaphobia. >> correct. well, if you put it in a hillary category, yes, perhaps. the point is he's at least
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discussing it without the trappings of political correctness, and people are relating to it, which is why he's ahead on those types of issues. lou: carrie, this guy when he comes up -- and i'm referring to, i should say when donald trump comes up on the screen -- >> sure. don donald -- and says -- lou: what is she talking about. >> well, first of all, i'd like to correct my friend tony. this goes way back before 2006. i mean, you could go back to, say, the campaign of 1980. i mean -- >> used effectively in the modern time. >> okay, certainly. lou: we'll have a sidebar on that later. [laughter] >> absolutely. but if you think about it for a moment as far as hillary clinton is concerned, i mean, she's trying to woo republicans right now who may not be satisfied with donald trump. i get press releases from her campaign daily as to which major republicans are not happy with donald trump. well, ins how she's going -- if
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this is how she's going to do it, this is not the right way to do it. lou: let's be straightforward here. what she just did looked silly as the dickings to me -- dickens to me. i mean, there's no connection there. and trump makes a connection with almost every sentence with his, those he wants to reach with his message. and she's using latin derivatives that are utterly, you know, they're lighter than air. >> but you know what though? anytime a liberal ends up using racism, xenophobia, those types of as we like to call them dog whistles, very often people who may be in the middle, people who may not be necessarily happy with donald trump, even they will just roll their eyes like, oh, here we go. >> as unoriginal as it is, lou, he's what she's hoping to accomplish. -- here's what she's hoping to accomplish. you're right, it was tired and lame. and trump's reaction was perfect, because he called her out on it. the problem is you have almost 400 republican candidates who are not as adept or courageous
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as donald trump to take these types of issues on. so what she's trying to do, and we've seen it in the pressers with paul ryan on capitol hill -- lou: put up some -- go ahead. >> -- is to get the media to say, hey, hillary clinton just said donald trump is an islamaphobe -- lou: and they create their own release on that. those folks who you described as somewhat less valiant than donald trump, the standard bearer for the party, some of them are running from him. are you seeing evidence on, in your campaigns that congressmen, senators are having trouble because of donald trump? >> in certain races in certain regions, certainly. of course. but i have to tell you, i work in -- lou: put it in some context for us. >> so -- go ahead. lou: where are those places? what percentage of the races and how big are those problems? can you overcome them? is he attracting attention in positive flow anywhere else? >> the downside for trump is generally in suburban districts with female voters where the
7:20 pm
gender gap is hurting some of our candidates. but there are extended suburban districts, even races we're doing here in the northeast in new york where trump is performing very strongly, and yet -- lou: has he got coat tails? >> he will have better coat tails than she will. lou: that's quite a statement. >> there's absolutely no doubt. lou: the democrats better start getting all ginned up then, because with that statement they're the ones who better be worrying about down ticket. >> but remember, as long as we have these terrorist attacks happening, right now particularly if hillary clinton is not responding to a way that people are beginning to feel a little more fearful that it could very well happen here again, she may have some problems in the future especially since a number of republicans on trump are beginning to feel more confident as a result of his last speech. lou: yeah. it's going to be interesting to see the numbers in these polls in the weeks ahead. i know it's early and it doesn't matter much, but it does look like there is a change. first of all, it's an observable change in the way he is
7:21 pm
communicating and getting his message out. it's going to be interesting to see if that has an effect on the numbers. so we're coming toward that. kerry pickett and tony sayegh, good to have you here. thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: breaking news, federal safety regulators are investigating tesla after a man was killed while his model s crashed while in autopilot mode. the fatal accident occurred last month near gainesville, florida, when a tractor-trailer cut the he's -- tesla driver off. tesla says neither the software, nor if driver saw the vehicle and the brake was not applied. the accident is believed to be the first fatality involving a semiautonomous or self-driving car. be sure to vote in our poll tonight: is there any chance hillary clinton will be indicted after that private meeting between the attorney general and former president bill clinton? cast your vote on twitter
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@loudobbs. we'd like to hear from you all. like me on facebook and instagram, lou dobbs tonight, links to everything at and now, roll the video. incredible footage coming from southern japan. this house crashing down a steep hill, completely collapsing in that mudslide. i mean, this is -- i mean, what in the world must japan end door? tsunamis, meltdowns, earthquakes. fortunately, the area had been evacuated just the day before. no one in those homes when that happened. up next, donald trump says he's outperforming mitt romney with hispanics. >> i just saw the poll that came out. i think it's quinnipiac where i'm at 33%. i'm at 33% with hispanic. now i'm six or seven or eight points higher than romney was. lou: well, why won't mitt romney and paul ryan just, why don't they just stop it?
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they keep trying to undermine trump. what's going on? well, i've got a few thoughts about that, and that's the subject of my commentary coming up here next. stay with us. much more ahead. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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lou: a few thoughts on the obviously deeply troubled mitt romney and paul ryan. he seem to believe his only relevance to traditional politic is his attacks on the listen to the self-righteous, disloyal and pompous remarks romney offered up while speaking yesterday in aspen. >> i think you will find there
7:28 pm
will be some republicans who get behind the republican nominee and work with him. there will be others who want to distance themselves. for me it's a matter of personal conscience. i can't vote for either of them. lou: who has romney become? the failed presidential nominee's remarks are trivial and sad. but he has his sidekick with him, his former running-mate speaker paul ryan will participate in a town hall july 12, less than a week before the republican national convention. the speaker is arrogantly and absurdly advancing his own agenda, competing with that of the party's nominee. what is motivating ryan?
7:29 pm
well, quite a few thing, i believe. amongst them he's trying to raise a lot of money for himself. maybe setting up a presidential run. maybe just doing the bidding of his donors and contributors. the folks on k street motivating him wildly. maybe he's pushing open border and free trade agreements at the bidding of the president. i know that sound too much hike a conspiracy * and too convenient which make it plausible. i would wager if ryan survives the challenge of paul kneeland in the august primary, the democrats and the dcc won't stand a nickel who try to contest the speaker who lines up
7:30 pm
better with their ideology than republicans. the republican house committee and national republicans should rise up against the delusional rino they installed as speaker. it will be difficult because ryan is part of the wisconsin mafia. but if house republicans fail to vigorously support donald trump and meekly tolerate and follow ryan, ryan may well become the republican party's he may become.
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einstein said this. great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. august i can say is, take heart. we are coming right back. the republicans' penal report on benghazi show failures at every level of the obama had administration. congressman len west moreland from the house select committee joins us next. this magnificent animal making a run for it, but so is traffic. that video and much more straight ahead. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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lou: a u.s. marine in the middle of the benghazi firefight. he slammed hillary clinton and the false narrative she peddled involving protests and videos responsible for the attack. >> her leadership is totally disrespectful to any kind of military service, any kind of security service.
7:36 pm
the same with president obama. they totally lack that respect that the people that are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country. lou: joining me, congress lynn west moreland. congressman, good to have you with us. i know it's been a tough slog for your committee. i also know you have more witnesses to talk to, whatever they develop in those it views will be added into the report. how many, and how important? >> mr. dobbs, you know,er type we interview somebody, we hear another name or another company or whatever. so it's been a continual investigation. because of that, and the fact that the administration and the state department -- really even
7:37 pm
the intelligence community blocked us from getting a lot of these documents. that's why it has taken us so long. this new witness we had yesterday, that came forward and he is going to have some good information. i have not seen a transcript yet, but i'm sure that we found him for a reason. lou: i know there are many sides and elements in this. but the two that grip my attention strongest. first the evening of that attack. six hours, a group of marines ready to deploy, ready to be sent to the attack. kept waiting for six hours. and were told the president said go. and protect that facility and those americans.
7:38 pm
do you have a clear understanding of why that didn't happen? >> well, the president told secretary pennetta to do what it took to save american lives. secretary pennetta sat down with his staff and came up with three action items. deploy the fast unit in spain. the operators of that were on a training mission in croatia. and so basically what happened, i think they did do what they could to deploy that the marines as you said were sitting on a tarmac for six hours waiting for an airlift. unfortunately, they had to change clothes four times. lou: this is a military response to a commander-in-chief's order. it's not a military functioning at a high level, if there isn't
7:39 pm
at least three contingency plans already prepared for any u.s. facility in a hostilian like benghazi. it's mind bolling to think of the level of preparation. the bizarre manner in which they managed to avoid following a presidential order, and four americans died. maybe not as a result. but we'll never know what could have happened. >> yes, sir. the ending part of it is the commander for after are yo d fon washington for a special meeting. their airlifts left them there to do two weeks of training. then the marine unit, the fast unit had no lift. their plane was in substitute dn
7:40 pm
stuttgard. because military thought attack was over, one of the commanders put the pilots on 8 hours rest. lou: the united states military, our command and control, starting with the commander-in-chief look like damn fools. people can exhalt leon panetta, but that defense department and that leadership in the pentagon skewed up and did not respond -- screwed up and did not respond as any military in our life sometime should. am i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong. what we found out, even when mr. panetta said deploy, i don't think he checked to see if anybody had deployed.
7:41 pm
i don't think anybody called the secretary and said we hadn't deployed. it's the same thing with the president. we couldn't find out where he was and who he was with. lou: we still don't know. but if no one is going to follow his orders it doesn't matter where he was or what he was doing. >> i was going to say at least he could have checked to see what was going on. lou: i think that's right. but i think that there is so much blame here that it's appalling. the lack of security, the failure of leadership in the state department and defense department and the white house. it is ignorant. the world's only super power to behave in this manner. the idea that then the white house puts out this baloney, it's per straight a fraud on the american public.
7:42 pm
the families of the four americans to were killed, and to this day no one has been held accountable for deet seat and duplicity straightforwardly practiced by this administration. why not? >> one of the things we found out was the secure videoconference that was done starting at 7:30. they weren't watching it. police clinton was the only cabinet member on that. the rest were deputies and lieutenants. they were there for two hours. they came away with 11 action items. five of them was about the video. she was the senior person there. i think she was there so she could soccer straight the theme of what was going to come it of that civic. lou: finish your thought. but we are so far over time. >> i know.
7:43 pm
the points of it is, they told secretary panetta, one of the items was, he was going to call terry jones about taking down his video. the video cairo was reacting to wasn't entery jones' video. lou: i'll repeat what i said, i don't repeat what i said, but i think we have come to an agreement on everything. congressman -- >> i was going to say i can't imagine what those marines felt like sitting on that tarmac knowing other mayor cans were being killed. lou: i can't imagine that, and i can't imagine why it wasn't more important to every single american in that command structure right into the white house. at least the marines were trying, for god's sake. congressman, always good to have you here. thanks for doing what you have done to bring this to light, at
7:44 pm
least this much of the truth. breaking news. judicial watch is demanding the justice department's inspector general investigate private meeting between attorney general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. judicial watch says that meeting gives the appearance the fix is in to protect clinton. yes, it certainly does. roll the video. dash cam capturing the moment a bear is struck by a truck going 65 miles an hour on the missouri highway. the bear quickly got back up and ran into the nearby woods. neither the bear nor the driver were seriously hurt. donald trump says he will fix this country's terrible trade deals. what's the deal with the chamber of commerce? we'll be right back. if you suffer from a dry mouth,
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brexit is now almost a week ago and nearly all of the losses are recovered. and all of the high drama, george soros screaming and crying his heart out. he's across manied it's not a fait accompli whatever it is. is it behind us? >> it is in the united states. what we need to focus on is if we'll get a recould are you by business sales that will stabilize profitability and extend the current recovery. lou: john wants profits for corporate america. >> the one thing stopping and it's going to be in the board room. uncertainty, you will watch it grow, but you don't know where it's going. you don't know where your foreign markets are going.
7:50 pm
>> things have become to me at least so opaque and difficult to measure, to apply a me trithat is convincing about direction, profitability, growth. this economy is stagnating even as we bally who a 1% growth rate in gdp. >> apartment sales are down in new york city by 10% year over year despite a mort game yield of less than 3.5%. all of this is telling me we ought not to become too optimistic about the ability to stabilize profitability and avoid an inevitable round layoffs. lou: is moronic too strong a word about the fed raising rates
7:51 pm
in the face of what is obviously at the very best disinflation and at the worst deinflation? >> maybe you should try something didn't. the textbooks tell us you have to lower rates because it helps housing markets. but people have a lot of saving. by lowering rates these people will be saving more, not less. lou: the savings rate is going through the roof, and that could lead to higher investment. but could that lead to higher investment in the moment market? >> we need structural reforms that get businesses to want to invest. janet yellen told us profitability is running -- productivity is running a half
7:52 pm
percent on five years. >> we have to have people spend also. i think we need some deregular laying so new businesses bring out new products and give the consumer a reason to get rid of their money. lou: and maybe get them some more money. the middle class hasn't had a real increase in waynes in a long time. just saying. great to see you. up next, donald trump blaming hillary clinton for the rise of the islamic state. mercedes schlapp and juan williams join me next. stay with us we'll be right back. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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you lou: want to give you the results of our online poll. 9% of you say you agree with donald trump that the turkey attacks are a sign of president obama's weak leadership. joining me now, mercedes schlapp. and juan williams. good to have you here. mercedes, what's going on here. mark zuckerberg want to build walls and is apparently according to at least one account by a former employee a terrible mean, nasty boss. donald trump is a great guy according to nearly all accounts and wants to build one wall,
7:57 pm
some 2,000 miles of it, and gets all sort of negative press. >> it's shocking. when you look at the one account against mark zuckerberg, it sounds like this is a disgruntled employee who had his own share of shady interactions with employees at facebook. in donald trump's case -- lou: i just want to get your sense of what you think went on. >> we know how the media works. the media is so obsessed with this concept of donald trump building a wall. but this is about securing the border. this is about insuring immigrants who come to our country through a legal process. lou: are you on the same page? >> i think it's about rhetoric. i think it suggests the american anxiety about people crossing the border, especially legally.
7:58 pm
i don't think it will stop illegal immigration. airplanes go over them, boats go around them, people dig tunneled under them. but zirk berg is not running for -- zuckerberg is not running for president. lou: donald trump seems to see it as good sport. polls are closing in the latest polling, we are looking at anywhere from a 2 to 6 point difference. good news. obviously for trump. what do you make of it? >> i think considering hillary clinton has a well-oiled campaign machinery. spending millions of dollars building an infrastructure. the mere fact that her poll numbers are not high enough, that they are still tight in the battle ground states. still head-to-head, is just fascinating. it shows donald trump has room to grow.
7:59 pm
if he stays on a disciplined mess and and if he's able to sell the economic populist mess and and also close that gap with women voters which will be tough. lou: can he do all of that, juan? >> i never thought he would win the republican nomination. lou: i have got to give juan extra credit. not a single savant on this broadcast across manied he or she didn't know what they were talking about. trump's ability to attract independent is impressive. >> he's looking and the
8:00 pm
electoral college map looks worse. lou: juan williams brings in the electoral college already. congressman lee zelderman tomorrow night. [♪] kennedy: well, good evening. so glad to have you on the watch tonight. former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch, they bumped into each other on the runway of the phoenix airport. why isn't the former president of the united states not ming commercial? why was the a.g. in her own gassed up aircraft. he stopped the boat and waltzed over to her plan


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