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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  July 2, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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500 high beta etfs. >> no! stay safe with high yielding u.s. stocks like verizon. i own it. >> john? >> thanks for joining us. charles is now. in the wake of the terror attacks in turkey and bangladesh rules impacting the way we track terror in the united states. hello, everyone. i'm charles in for neil cavuto. this week the justice department mandating an implicit bias training program for more than 28,000 of its employees. the attorney general loretta lynch saying that programs help, quote, promote fairness but ben stein says there's nothing fair about putting political correctness over safety. charlie gas perino john than and jessica. megan doing her great job hosting bulls and bears and adam is off this week. can we afford to be more p.c.? >> we can't afford to be any
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more p.c. p.c. is killing this great country. p.c. is the opposite of truth. p.c. says f you see something that's obviously truthfully true, forget it, ignore it, dot political correct thing. that's nonsense. we're talking about people's lives. yes, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. i agree, i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. i don't want people blown apart by ball bearings inside suicide vests. i don't want people shot out of the sky. i want people to live peaceful, quiet lives. i do not like the idea of profiling, but i would much, much like it less better than the idea of allowing terrorists to slip under the net. >> the thing in turkey could have been worse if they didn't profile guys wearing bulky jackets and take action. hear how absurd this is. they're talking about within the department using terms other than jihad or sharia. i mean, jonathan i mean what the heck is that all about? >> it is an invasion of reality, charles. we are at war with ideas, with
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an ideology. jihadism, militant islam. this is people motivated by this specific ideology. the islamic ideology. he treats it like it's a couple guys who robbed a liquor store w he need to take them off the battlefield and america will be safe again. this wasn't just obama. george bush actually started this. he -- i think he only used the term islamic fascist once or twice. he started with wart on terror and obama picked it up with more obscene, the war on violent extremism. radical islam nowhere to be found. >> jessica, earlier this week there was great video of us killing 300 isis members in a convoy and a spokesperson for obama said hey, we did that without using radical islam, maybe we can win this war after all. being facetious but do they miss the point? >> no. i think where the point is being missed here is that yes, we have, you know, an enemy that we are, you know, in this long and ongoing war with. however, we're talking about the department of justice. we're not talking about about
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the fbi, not talking about our police. we're talking about attorneys and prosecutors. >> we have reports -- >> a whole history of justice. the statute of justice is blindfolded because justice is supposed to be blind to race, to religion. >> but not to the facts. how about the facts? >> only to see the facts. having cultural training -- >> hold on one second. >> as someone who is an attorney and practicing attorney, this is something that we're taught for -- >> you don't have to be a practicing attorney to understand how absurd your statement is ma'am with all due respect. let's be clear -- >> you've got -- this is about justice and enforcement. >> let pe finish what i'm saying. the fbi which you claim is outside the boundaries here of political correctness, part of the department of justice, james comey reports essentially to loretta lynch, and we should point out this, this is the scary thing about political correctness. political correctness has already killed a lot of people in this war on terror. in the -- during this i guess war of terrorism against the
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united states. major hassan, remember him? >> yeah. >> how did that kill people? >> major hassan was espousing radical islamic thoughts, fascist islam mow fascist in the army and because of political correctness, they did not throw him out of the army or bring him up on charges until he actually killed 13 people. >> or ben, more recent example could be omar mateen the orlando killer. this guy was arrested twice. >> absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. you check the most scary guilty looking person and say we'll give him a pass because he's a muslim or he's an arab or some guy in the middle east or south asian descent. that is nonsense. our goal is to keep people safe. no one can question that is the goal. the department of justice madam for which i briefly worked a long time ago, as its goal, keeping the laws enforced. that does not mean kissing the
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butts of the politically correct leftist in the aclu. >> go ahead, jessica. >> charles, everybody is so concerned about offending muslims, no one is talking about muhammad ali or dave chappell or dr. oz when talking about looking at the rest of this world. we're talking ability the anti-western ideology that has to be addressed specifically. jihad is winning because it seems like it's gaining ground in the world. step one, we're unwilling to not only fight the enemy but identify it. >> i want to bring jessica in but correct myself. i said that omar mateen was arrested. he was called in for questioning at least twice. >> investigated. >> throughout his entire childhood there were questions about a lot of statements about his questionable acts and comments. anti-american comments, jessica. therein lies the rub, when so many people are around someone that obviously exudes a sort of anti-american sentiment and violent streaks this guy did and still intimidated being called a racist isn't that help us lose
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this war big time? >> no. we still have our freedoms and our liberties in this country. >> but we also have a club with -- people slaughtered all over a dance floor? >> right. but you can't -- you can't arrest someone for saying hateful things. and you can't arrest someone for thinking themp in you have to arrest them when have the action to back it up. >> can you arrest major hassan when he goes out there during seminars and starts espousing hatred for the united states while wearing the american army uniform? can you discipline him? >> that's an internal army -- part of the armed forces they have their own military justice system as well. >> madam -- >> we just -- [ talking at the same time ] >> ben, let me ask you this, ben, it's not about arresting people, but it is about increased vigilance again knowing that someone is a potential threat and letting them slip through our fingers this has happened over and over again in large part because of the political correctness. if we agree on that --
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>> agree -- >> we can fix it. >> we can fix it. we have to start catering to the welfare of the american citizen and not to the welfare of the american civil liberties union and other leftist groups that don't really necessarily have american interests at heart. not necessarily. sometimes they do. we have got to be honest and truthful and not make ourselves like ostriches. >> jonathan? >> and there's a fine line between that and creating a situation like during world war ii where we had japanese internment camps. >> that is so inflammatory to compare one to the other. we're talking about increased vigilance on people who are exuding the kind of threats killing people, not taking people preemptively and throwing them in cells. >> no -- but it's in keeping with following the constitution and standard of laws we have where justice is supposed to be blind -- >> i'll just say -- >> can you -- >> let me -- >> one at a time. >> i want to bring jonathan in. >> should we just chop off the
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heads of the fbi agents and look -- >> jonathan, you had a comment you wanted to bring in. >> just i just think that's the point. why we need to discredit these ideas. why everyone needs to know if they go to a website that is islamist website take a phone call with someone, they can expect fbi agents to knock down their door and drag them down. this is the approach, the footing the country needs to take. >> you brought up, ma'am, the constitution. you cannot yell fire in a crowd movie theater. that's against the law. that's not -- that's not protected speech yelling fire in a crowded movie theater when no fire. and by the same token when you're major hassan in your publicly espousing islamic terrorism, you can be arrested for that. for inciting a riot. the fact or violence. the fact that you weren't is called political correctness and it's permeating law enforcement and killing people. >> i will let you have the last word. in a recent fox poll 59% said we
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should profile it would help keep us safer. only 13% thought it would keep us less safer. jessica? >> well this isn't just about specific profiling going through security checks. what they're talking about here and doing this is for attorneys and people working in the doj. that's what i started out by saying justice is blind, wears a blindfold because when you go before our courts, you're not supposed to be -- those issues should not be brought in unless they address the facts. that's what it all relates to. to make sure that -- >> this was a fact. >> the fact that we're under a fight here and under attack, that we don't lose our principles as whoa we are as free american citizens. >> well beyond that. >> the strength of our justice system. >> thanks a lot. the war has gotten to the point we need to protect ourselves. i think we all agree there. by the way we would all agree that americans celebrate the red white and blue, but the administration, they're teaming up to go more green. why that could mean you're about to give up some of yours. >> today on forbes on fox,
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secretary of state john kerry saying the latest bombing attack at a turkish airport shows terrorists are desperate and losing. are terrorists winning as long as they're killing innocent victims? someone here says that's the problem. plus the democrats voting to go after climate skeptics in their party platform. should republicans start going after climate exaggerators. they say they will.back to cavu.
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after the uk declares independence from the european union, the u.s. strengthening its ties with north america. this week president obama meeting with the leaders of canada and mexico to push a new green energy initiatives. they want half of all power to be clean within the next decade. charlie, you say that would actually clean out taxpayers. >> yeah. i mean, you know, the way you do this is to put sin taxes on usage of energy. it's also kind of stupid because i mean here's where it gets really stupid. the impact it's going to have is
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die min muss largely because if you're worried about greenhouse gases and carbon footprint it's not really occurring here. it's occurring in china and india which where the leaders there are not going to give up economic growth for, you know, barack obama's clean air fantasies. they're not going there. this will have no impact and it's actually going to hurt the u.s. economy at a time when, you know, wages are falling, under employment is rising. we have massive economic problems he's -- and they're actually going to do it -- make it worse and not get much in return. >> jonathan, speaking of the economic impact think about canada. that guy looked real dumb. we're the number one energy producer throughout now. we could be independent. so could canada. it's nuts on every level. >> we need more carbon emissions, charles. we need more smoke stacks, more burning of fossil fuels and energy because the more we burn the better -- well the better man's life has become, the more
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energy we use the greater amount of wealth that's created. >> very good point. >> the point that every one of obama's green energy promises has failed completely. the 1 million green energy cars, 5 million green energy jobs, all the great lakes job creators, sill len dra, it's been hundreds of billions of dollars of our money. >> i think a lot of it is corny capitalism to be frankly. redistribution of money. an ideology behind these and these crazy artificial timetables throw me off, in ten years we will make this happen one way or the other. >> this is all about human beings wish to control other human beings, especially democrats' wish to control other human beings. there's no clear evidence and this is demonstrated very, very clearly in articles by professor longboard from the nordic states who makes it clear if they put every single one of obama's plans into effect on the climate would be negligible. it's not even ever clearly clearly proved that burning
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carbon is making a bad effect on nature and nature's climate. but to make us into a controlled state, because we're warning people that the end of the world is nearby, that is national socialist nonsense. >> jessica, mankind has been through this before, the kind of thing we were going to run out of food and then, you know, societies have made bad bets on this thing to make things worse. i don't see where the urgency is on this. ben brought up the democrats so i will let you take the floor here. >> well, i mean, we still have people starving all over the world. i mean, that part of the food crisis is why we have companies like monsanto who ended up making money off genetically modified -- >> that resists test -- [ talking at the same time ] >> very helpful for -- also helpful for crops in africa and plaxico. regardless we know -- >> how is the policy going to make us richer? >> as a democrat and everything else i'm not someone who believes in climate change denial but when dealing with
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situations we've got pugs, there was actually a good point that charlie made, a lot of the pollution comesist from other pa nations and if we do things solely on our own to say we want cleaner air for our children to breathe so they have less asthma and do something that's going to create more jobs, new technology, and be a leader on a worldwide issue, where we can do things in the clean energy and get off our dependence on foreign oil, then this is the way to go forward and doing it with our partners in north america is the only way to do it. so much of our pollution is in florida and texas and california comes in from mexico. >> that's enough from you, jessica. >> jonathan, you know what -- the notion -- >> that's common sense. i know. i'll let you go on. >> the notion that somehow -- >> are you ever going to stop? >> this is some magic elixir we've been sold that bag of goods under president obama. it's been the opposite. we've wasted billions of american taxpayer dollars on this stuff. >> before we create more green
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energy jobs, let's start with the first 5 million that was promised, what, seven or eight years ago. and jessica, honestly, if you or anyone cares about the poor, if you care about people starving in africa, you would want nothing more than to see massive -- >> leave it there guys. >> unfiltered -- >> let's finish this up. a debate that will go on for a long time. in the meantime hope you have enough gas to have a great weekend. also keep in mind that more than a dozen new minimum wage hikes are kicking in across the country this week and someone here says we're all going to pay for it.
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more than a dozen cities and localities raising minimum wage this week. supporters say will help workers, but jonathan, you say it will hurt workers. >> minimum wage destroys entry level low skill jobs. that's what the labor department said when the first minimum wage was implemented. the reason they keep losing is they're arguing the economics. they should be arguing the morality that a job is a trade and in a free country you have the right to offer any wage you right and to work for any wage you want. >> feels like the morality argument that went on, people feel sorry for others who aren't making more money. >> it's kind of absurd because what we're saying is there should be no aspiration out of the minimum wage. stay in the minimum wage job
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because you're getting paid for. the economics on this is really bad. you look at numbers, you start forcing companies to raise the minimum wage and we're not talking about ge here. >> large and small businesses and things like that. >> they will cut back and cut back and cut back and there won't be any of these minimum wage entry level jobs. >> have a lower minimum wage, get more people in the work force, young people and they could be learning to get ahead in life. >> i think it's really -- what i'd like to say i've been doing this show quite a while and i like the way he just put it, that in a free society people should be free to offer any wage and to accept any wage. i really, really love that. i personally would like to see a much, much higher minimum wage. that hard work that people do at the mcdonald's, i'm happy to pay more for my burger to make me even fatter to see those people get a higher minimum wage. >> jessica, your thoughts?
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>> i think we're seeing some of the fallout and the rise of 5 cents for a lot of people can make a difference economically. the whole point of capitalism, the more money that people have to pay their bills while the cost of living has gone up, the more money that's circulating in the economy, the better it is for everyone. so i think -- >> so obama -- >> if that doesn't happen then -- >> we've got to leave it right there. this is a debate that will go on for a while. i want to say thanks to charlie and jessica. and stocks rebounding after that brexit selloff and we have the names that will keep on taking off. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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but the heart of someone with pulmonary hypertension is unbearably stressed and can eventually fail. there is no cure. what's more, ph is often misdiagnosed as asthma. the pulmonary hypertension association gives hope to patients and caregivers. we're putting our heart into finding a cure. to learn more, go to the brexit rebound stocks our guys say will keep rebounding. jonathan? >> well, you know, i think stocks are in a market, but commodities are even more of a bull market so i like dbb. this is an exchange traded fund that tracks base metals. gold and silver at 52. i think ddb is a place to be as well. >> all right. ben? >> i like the spiders as always. i think he's right. commodities have passed the bottom of their cycle and we're on our way back up but stick
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with the s&p. i've been saying that for years. if you followed my advice you'd be rich. >> a lot of commodities and i like copper. i also like the cost of freedom and i continues right now on the place for business, fox. >> if you're desperate and if you know you're losing and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm. >> the secretary of state calling the attack at a turkish airport daily fare and desperation. but compare that that isis is still a growing terror threat. >> i am still concerned that the isil generated engine by foreign terrorism by syria and iraq still has a lot of momentum that we cannot rest at all. we have to increase our efforts. >> and now we have the


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