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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 6, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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comey's decision, it smacks of favortism and special interest of the clintons. maria: you think politically charged? >> i think he wants to have it both ways and he can't have it both ways. maria: see you tomorrow, same time, same place. thank you, have a great day everybody, "varney & company," ashley webster is here for stuart. ashley: stuart is out all week, he deserves it. we're looking for a triple digit lower, deutsche barrick using the r-word, recession. they say there's a 50% chance of it. here is ythe treasuries, the yield on a 10-year bond at a record low, 1.35%. remarkable. german and japanese bonds now in negative territory and that means you loan the government a dollar, you get less than a dollar in return. that's how safety or flight to safety works. willing to pay for it.
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more problems, meanwhile, for tesla. for the second time in a week we have a report of a car on autopilot crashing. that stock will open lower this morning. and don't forget, no, we did not forget about the hillary clinton bombshell. no federal charges, but the e-mail scandal will continue to plague her campaign. we have every angle covered for you. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ >> nothing that i sent or received was marked classified and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. >> seven e-mail chains concerned matters that were classified as top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> secretary clinton used
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several different servers and administrators of those servers during her four years at the state department and she also used numerous mobile devices to send and to read e-mail on that personal domain. >> the system we used was set up for president clinton's office and it had numerous safeguards and there were no security breaches. >> it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail account. >> and wipe the server and-- >> you know, i don't-- i have no idea. that's why we turned it over-- >> you were official, did you wipe the server. >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> it's likely that there are other work related e-mails that they did not produce this date and that we didn't find elsewhere and they're gone because they deleted all e-mails they did not produce to state and then the lawyers then cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude complete forensic recovery.
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>> wow, the fbi director, point, counter point refuting hillary clinton's comments about the e-mail scandal. we'll have more. first we want to look at your money. dow futures point to go another 100 point loss in about a half hour when the markers get underway. the economy weighing on investors, let's take a look at oil. we have more oil coming on the market. and concerns about the global economy. way down to 46.25. down another 3/4 of a percent. and the price of gold as people look for a safe haven, gold up nearly $15 at 1373. let's take a look at the 10-year u.s. treasury yield. 1.35%, near or very near all-time low. meanwhile, around the world. japan's benchmark government bond yield touching negative territory, barely positive right now. and basically flat. germany's benchmark 10-year the
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bund negative. 0.19%. wow, and let's bring in steve cortez from pgc partners. we say it every day, a clear night to safety. how concerned are you by this? >> ashley, how concerned am i? i have teenage daughters, if i got up at 2:00 in the morning and they weren't home, i'd be less concerned about that than looking at these treasury yields and bonds around the world. am i concerned? extremely concern. there are nearly 12 trillion dollars of global bonds in negative interest rates. and the swiss government note has a negative right. 50 years, i won't be arrive in 50 years and get no interest in my money if i invest in switzerland. global markets are telling us that the r-word, the recession word is a risk and in fact we're probably headed to recession and not just globally, but in the united states, we're doing better than the rest of the world, but
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we're not doing great and i think that recession, unfortunately, looms. that's certainly what the bond market-- >> is this a combination of problems. we have chaos in the u.k. and what it can do to the european union. italian banks, some of those italian banks on the very edge of disaster. and the global economy in general struggling. if you put all of that in the pot. is that why we're seeing them go so low? >> unformer, this is -- unfortunately, this is a bitter hobo stew. in terms. nearby, that's the greatest risk to global markets, what's going on in italy. brexit, i think pales in comparison what's going on to me in banks on the european continent. the i think the greatest risk of all, looking longer term and particularly in the united states, is political. it's the fact that we have regulation and taxation. we have central banks and central planning, that are not working globally.
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so, we have slow growth in the united states. we have no growth in a large swath of the world and unfortunately, for investors, i don't mean to sound dour, i'd like to be sunny, for the investors. ashley: before i'm too depressed we'll come back to you. let's move on to tesla. another auto crashes, the driver survives the crash. the stock is lower in pre market liz: this happened last friday at the pennsylvania turnpike. 100 east of pittsburgh, a 2016 model x, two people in the car survived. it was on autopilot mode, it hit the right concrete guardrail, bounced off that, hit the concrete median and rolled over and this, it rolled over, basically flipped over and this has the lowest possibility of rollover. the authorities on the scene are saying the driver may be charged. we don't know why. we're bringing the details as
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they come in, but what we showed on the screen there was a 40-year-old man who was killed in florida in a tesla model s last week when his car computer didn't recognize the white tractor-trailer in front of him and he died. the roof of that car was sheared off. ashley: me question is, if it's driver error, is it to blame the autopilot? >> that's the thing. tesla has a good point and coming out strenuously saying that it does tell its drivers, you have to keep your hands on the wheel. you are in control of the car. the autopilot has redone this, tesla's response will be a blueprint for all of the car makers who could be hit with this. ashley: and people are watching a movie when the car is driving, that's not intended for that liz: that's a good point. the driver in the last week's tragedy said the driver was allegedly watching harry
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potter. ashley: and now to the hillary clinton e-mail charges, the director said that she was extremely careless. hillary breathes a sigh of relief, is this good for donald trump? >> i'm perplexed and interested in the number of people who texted me or e-mailed me, i'm a republican and i'm on the fen fence, but i'm now voting in november because the clinton's can't be in power. i feel if you or i would have been in this position we would have faced charges. what i think the state department should do, the state department is the one who issued the security clearances to mrs. clinton and all of her staff. somebody has got to be held responsible for this. somebody needs to lose their security clearance at a
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minimum. ashley: you think. >> i don't know how you could paint a pretty picture, get on air force one and fly off into the night and pretend this story no longer has legs. ashley: steve cortez now na we've depressed ourselves on the economic front and now to politics. i promise the last i'll make fun. to morgan's point do this push those on the edge of supporting trum many solidly into donald trump's camp now? >> yes, ashley, it does. to connect business and politics, as bads a the situation is economically, the good news is help is on the way and the help is going to be president trump and it's going to be tax and regulatory relief and to get to the meat of your question, yes, i couldn't agree more with morgan. i got similar calls and e-mails and texts from conservative friends of mine who are skeptical of donald trump. they said i've had it, the clintons live by a different
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set of rules than the rest of us. washington d.c. lives by different rules, this is a rigged system and i have to vote for trump even i don't love him. i happen to love him. i think he's the best alternative. it's bad news for america, it's bad news when justice is not served and when our national security is the not honored, but as a political animal it's very good news for donald trump. it will convince any rational person no matter what you think of the clintons or donald trump, will say that this is a rigged system and unfortunately, the fbi even is a part of it and we have to demolish this rigged system. we can't tinker around the edges, we need someone who is going to destroy the washington establishment and donald trump is that man. ashley: it may not be over, we have the clinton foundation, it hasn't come up in all of this. there are very, very telling questions to ask for basically pay to play. i give you a lot of money, i get what i want. >> and there's still an investigation going on into this. it's interesting, if you're a regular civilian coming into
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the u.s. government, you apply to get a top secret security clearance, one of the things you have to do, you have to identify who your foreign dealing and business relationships are. if you're taking money that sort of thing, not that you're not allowed to have them, but something to disclose. why is that? the u.s. government wants to know if you can be unduly influenced by a foreign entity, by a forei money you may exchange, whether it's a legitimate business deal or not. i think the standard should i applied to the clintons, as to any person in the military or the u.s. government. ashley: they're never given the same sort of attention. >> it should be. this is the united states of america and we should all be held to the same standard. applied not only to her, but her staff. >> i think-- >> go ahead. >> the clintons have never met a foreign donor they didn't like and he has been the most unseemly ex-president in united states history.
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she is part and parcel of that. she cannot disassociate herself from the clinton foundation and very nefarious activities and that, unlike the e-mail scandal, it's not going away. and the race is not so much republicans against democrats, it's america against the government. they don't call you flying over, there's a country between brooklyn and brentwood. the clinnens to don't know that and a lot of folks in the media don't know that, but in think we'll find out in november, they know that. >> checking the futures. broad market indicator, that's showing us down half a percent in premarket. up 10 points as we see the european markets again moving lower today. fears about the global economy, the u.k. getting out of eu, you name it. by the way, this would help
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your pocket book wouldn't it? no winners in last night's mega millions jackpot. the next drawing friday night the that will go to half a billion dollars. you could probably buy greece with that. the odds of hitting all six numbers, 259 million. if you don't play, you can't win. and trouble for lionel messi, sentence today 21 months in prison and fining him more than $2 million. chump change for him. we'll find the details on that story. the infamous man in the hat, one of the terrorist carrying out the attack in brussels, says that europe's isis problem is much bigger than anyone thought. ambassador john bolten on that next.
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>> all right. a quick check of the futures for you. about 14 minutes from the open on wall street, looking like a
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lower open. the dow off 85 points now in premarket. down about 1/2 of a percent. pretty much where we started the day yesterday. now, to the fight against isis. the so-called man in the hat. mohammad abrini, the last surviving suspect from the brussels attacks, claims that terror cells in paris and brussels are part of a larger network and that crossing borders was easy. now this map released by isis supposedly reveals a web of covert units across the globe. it's quite frightening. coming in ambassador john bolten. and you correctly predicted they would vote to get out of the eu. and ambassador, were they trying to boast to make himself be bigger or do you believe his claims? >> i think it's certainly consistent with the way terrorists behave to try to make themselves look more
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important to get a better deal from prosecutors, but on the other hand, what he's saying about the capability of an isis network, their ability to move among countries in the european union, certainly, and the zone where no visas and border stops are permitted, is something that ought to be troubling to intelligence and law enforcement. so, i definitely think it's worth investigating further. because if isis really has a more advanced capability than we know of now, obviously, that bodes very poorly for the future and europe is vulnerable. we've seen it already. i think we need to be worried about it in the united states as well, i think we can be-- we can be happy that we've gotten through the fourth of july weekend without a terrorist incident here, at least apparently, but i don't think we can count on that for much longer. because i think that isis definitely trying to spread its capabilities everywhere. ashley: and we know how dysfunctional the eu is.
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we saw how many layers of police authorities, five mayors in brussels alone. and the french just announced, look, we're going to kind of push the reset button after the paris attacks. we realize we're not doing the job properly. how much faith would you have in eu authorities on being able to proper share information and stop the spread of isis? >> very little, really. and it has to do with the nature of law enforcement and intelligence because they're not simply not capability of sharing with large numbers of country. we have enough trouble within the united states of getting their intelligence and law enforcement agents. i think it's the wrong vehicle for these steps. nato is better and has its own problems. but the european union's approach guarantees isis really near impunity to travel around europe. is the eu the target, really, ambassador?
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isn't it the u.s.? aren't they the great infidels, the evillest of the evil? >> certainly, we're the great satan. i think that what al qaeda and other terrorist groups know that europe is vulnerable and would love nothing better than for hundreds of thousands of more refugees to get into europe. the european union member states don't have any experience at a melting pot. so the middle east has been moving into why upper the last thousand years, they're having more success recently. and inevitably, i think officials have testified in recent months. that capability, that terrorist capability in europe, once it's there, will find ways to get into the united states. so it doesn't mean our vigilance should diminish, quite the opposite. >> as always, appreciate it. >> welcome back from london. ashley: thank you, ambassador, good to be back. the price of oil yesterday is falling down and as you can
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see, down another 1/2 of a percent. it fell through pretty quickly yesterday. all right, hillary clinton campaigning, as we know with president obama yesterday giving a speech standing in front of the presidential seal. what about that? we're talking about the optics of that one next. you guy's be good. i'll see you later
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>> president obama helping hillary clinton by appearing on the campaign trail. the president even let hillary clinton give a speech in front of the presidential seal. look at that, doesn't she look like the president? that's what they want you to see. isn't that unprecedented behavior. it's purposely done. >> in 2004, i was working for my local congressman and the president came in on air force one and everybody was excited. this is part of the perks of the presidency now. should the campaign need to reimburse for gas or whatever, her use on the plane. this is the perks of having a sitting president campaigning for you. i thinks' lost his integrity by campaigning for someone under investigation from the fbi. not only for the e-mails.
9:26 am
this administration has investigated and prosecuted for more people for these types of violations than any administration in history. ashley: i think that says it all. >> there you go. ashley: thank you very much. take a look at netflix, downgraded at jeffries, the subscriber growth overseas will be challenged by local competition. one last look at futures, to global and economic fears pushing everything lower and our 10-year bond of record lows, 1.35%. a busy day for your money and the opening bell moments away.
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>> well, the opening bell is ringing and they're smiling and clapping, but the markets are going to be moving lower. the global economy, the u.k. getting out of the eu, you name it, hobo stew, as steve cortez called it, of worry. the big board, off and running and the dow off 41 points at 17,799. we were watching for 18,000, but those days have gone by. the s&p also down a third of a percent. a little less than we saw in the premarket. the s&p down at 2081. taking a look at the nasdaq. the tech heavy exchange down about 1/2 a percent. down 24 points. let's check the price of gold and silver. and in this environment, gold up nine bucks, 1367 and also up
9:31 am
fractionally close to $20 an ounce. meanwhile, oil, continues to drop and yesterday, it was about 47 had and now it's just about $46 a barrel, down again. 34 cents at 46.26. now let's look at the 10-year treasury. at 1.37, 1.368 to be finicky about it, but it's near an all time low. japan's government bond yield touching negative territory and just, i mean, just by a hair into positive territory. germany's 10-year bund negati negative. take a look at the british pound near a 31-year low. what happened 31 years ago, it must have been awful for the pound, at 129.60. it had dropped below the 130 level and that's a reflection of the lack of belief in the
9:32 am
u.k. economy right now and the british banks, too, taking a hammering again for the royal bank of scotland and again, this is some 17% or more owned by the government, the taxpayers in the u.k. that's down another 6 1/2%. bar clays and hbc lower. citigroup, jp morgan. and blackberry, a sad day for those of you who liked a real keyboard. blackberry is going to discontinue delays traditional keyboard phone and that stock is down 1/2 of a percent. an update to apple's mobile apartmenting system will allow owners to sign up for organ donor through their smartphone. not a big deal, i guess, but holding steady at 95. staples reportedly thinking about closing 107 stores in the united kingdom in light of the
9:33 am
failed merger with office depot and the exit vote. that stock is slightly down. netflix, as we mentioned, downgraded at jeffries. the subscribers growth overseas is going to be challenged by local competition. that market-- that stock down more than 2%. all right. whew! let's bring in liz macdonald and steve, and shah. steve we talked about the negative yield, steve, first. i asked you and you said this is all about the hobo stew of worry out there. is there one overriding factor that's pushing these into negative territory? >> well, if i had to pick one, and i think the biggest risk right now, i think there are many risks out there right now in the world, but the most profound risk, i think, is european banks. and u.s. investors project don't pay attention to a lot of them. many of them trade and you can
9:34 am
watch it on the trading screen. royal bank of scotland, credit suisse, most are opening on the day and they've had miserable recent weeks and months and doing terribly. i think there are real worries on the european banks. and i don't mean real term. and the structural systemic lehman type worries so to me, you need to keep an eye on the european banks liz: so much for-- >> used the r-word. >> you're paying switzerland for 50 years, hold onto your money. wow, tells you something. >> 50 years, it's doom and gloom, do you buy into it? >> i'll selling into it, yes, put it that way and i agree with steve 1 is-- 100%. the european banks are in dire circumstances right now and i don't look at the brexit as this maneuver, it's a bear
9:35 am
stearns early 2000 harbinger of what was going to happen and the liam moment could occur with a big italian bank failing. they're on the front line and if we see-- >> the problem with the italian banks, they have way too many bad loans and nothing to cover them. >> and 360 billion of nonperforming loans, that's a frightening situation. ashley: and dan, it's starting to found like 2007, 2008. i don't want to be overly dramatic. what are your thoughts? >> we might be jumping the gun on that part, but i agree with the previous guests. the italian banks are a worry and will the european union bail them out? and indications are they wouldn't. it would create a due almost of pressure. right now the worry of all the
9:36 am
things going on. keeping the yields down and making a rush to u.s. 10-year is a place that's paying for dividends liz: when shah cited the bad loans, it's about a fifth of italy's economy. ashley: and all right. let's move on. another story, another tesla crashing in autopilot mode. the driver survived the crash. what's going on with tesla. do you like the shares? >> don't like the shares. and i did for a small period of time and i'm shorting that. ashley: based on what? >> the second quarter is not going to meet what expectations were were. if they can't deliver in a timely fashion, people who pre-ordered are going to want their deposits. the financial engineering, they, the crash that they knew
9:37 am
about it, at the time they raised and they didn't disclose. the solar city merger, too much financial engineering for me, that makesme worry about the stock. >> you made your point. >> couch potatoes, comcast will now let customers get netflix on their set top box. let's have the details. >> basically, this is a big deal for netflix which has been disappointing wall street because of the describe gross. it will be an app in the set top box. ashley: good news for netflix. great for netflix, as we pointed out the subscriber growth has been going down and they've been raising subscriber fees to pay for more content to get the subscribers in. they put themselves in a corner and watch that. >> dan, do you like netflix? i'll get you in on the
9:38 am
conversation. >> netflix is one of those, with an opportunity like this. it's going to be great. going down the line, i'm not interesting to buy the stock, but going forward, it's a good stock to have. ashley: and shah-- >> and what we expect is what the futures were telling us, down 80 points on the dow, 17,759. take a look at oil, took a big loss yesterday and down slightly. stopping the bleeding. 46.52. what's going on 10 points at 2,077. we haven't talked about hug, david harley-- harley davidson the that the company was even in play, got a boost last week and gave it back this week.
9:39 am
disappointing sales at walgreen. the walgreens bought down 2% in trading today at $81. talking of bucs, and noke, of all the people i know you're upset about it. nicole: i'm upset about it, you're right, i go to starbucks all the time and i'm going to notice the difference. if you go to mcdonald's and get a medium latte and then a starbucks latte, it's about $2 more. 30 cent increase this year and the other thing that could affect customers. how about they instituted the increase accidentally already and they apologized. if you want to try to get your 30 cents back, call the 1-800 number if you have time for this, but the real increase will happen on july 12th, which is around the country and. >> who would make that call,
9:40 am
stuart varney would pay to get that back, but he wasn't --. the that's the complaint about starbucks. >> and now the rewards. now it's the amount of money you spent. if you're trying to buy the cheapy black one, which is what i usually get, you don't get more rewards. ashley: tightening their belts at starbucks. thank you very much. chipotle, taking direct aim at its rivals with a new web video. that looks kind of period, what's going on? >> basically it's a love story, in this two seated. >> and as they resort to processed ingredients, chipotle is trying to tell us customers
9:41 am
are going back to our roots and remind you it's about quality. not all food-borne illnesses that people have been hit with over the last few. >> i don't think it's going to make me forget salmonella? what do you say? >> i don't think that the commercial will do much for them. it seems like a little bit of a reach. ashley: dan, have you been to chipotle recently? >> you know i have. i did think about the food-borne illness and didn't think about the quality ingredients. they also know that we had a major problem earlier in the year. ashley: expensive rice and beans, to rebeat stuart varney. apple will make less money in part for britain voting to leave the u.k. what do you think of that one, shah. >> and the whole brexit issue, this happened for a lot of companies. access is in a p--
9:42 am
currency. with the pound being hit hard and the euro hit. all of them are following suit and i think that's going to impact apple's earnings. the stock, i'm opening and hope it can go what's on in the u.k. and they'll need a fresh new product to get people excited. >> i don't think they have anything coming down. no talk of anything, no excitement in the stock and no excitement in the product. >> and seems like it's just starting, e-mack liz: and the android phones are coming on strong. and tim cook has been pushing the conversion story repeatedly late-late and investor conference call, that it looks weaker when it's translated into dollars. the apple to share on point, it's like quick sand. it can't seem to get its act together. we need is new product and something to get excited about. would you agree? >> in years past.
9:43 am
every couple years or months. apple is coming out with some of the new product. it's just a little system on what they had before. the other companies are making inreads. a lot of currency to it, it doesn't look good right now. >> ashley. ashley: yeah, go ahead. when you look at appt that, appe holds a gargantuan amount overseas, but the american corporations are on the whole. a strong dollar is not necessarily good for stock. i don't want to sound gloomy. help is on the way, if donald trump becomes president, i think you'll see repay --
9:44 am
>> kind of where we've been from the out set. we're down on the dow, 17, 756. you know, shah, to get back to you quickly, george osborn announced one of the things he's thinking of doing is cutting the corporate tax rate in the u.k. from 20% to less than 15%. which is set out for a lot of controversy in the e uchu germas already saying this is not a race to the bottom. let' not forget that ireland's corporate tax rate. if the u.k. is close to that and why can't they, because they need to atractor investment in the wake of the growth. and what countries should be doing, and cutting the corporate tax rate to stimulate growth. no one is going there so good for them. ashley: e-mack, i mean, what is the u.s., 35%?
9:45 am
>> we've been doing this seven years ago. >> i know. >> we'll turn the us into a tax haven and get them to come home. are you listening? and you can see a lot of red arrows, what's going on? >> this is a "i told you so" moment. when we talked about the british exit prior to the vote. one area we said could take a hit was airlines because of uncertainty and less business travel and the group overall was on difficult footing. now you have credit suisse cutting the target on american airlines, to 28 from 47 and deutsche bank is cutting and other names such as united. so these are a couple of big losers in the s&p 500. concerns about unit revenue growth and sales going forward. and a lot of them are leaning
9:46 am
toward domestic names. >> very interesting, nicole, thank you very much. let's get back to this, donald trump has been talking about no charges for hillary and writing this, crooked hillary clinton lied to the fbi and to the people of our country. she is so guilty, but watch, her time will come. that's from donald trump sweeting a short time ago. >> the fox news legal only list, the-- she was negligent, but not to the criminal extent, what we get out of this. >> most of the statutes that the fbi look at require intent and the fbi said they could not find intent. now, this is one step that does not require intent and in that one, she was extremely
9:47 am
careless, but isn't that for a grand jury to decide. i have agot to get personal he here. i am a third generation federal prosecutor. my dad before me, my-- his father about of him. and i spoke with my dad last night. can't speak to my granddad, he's not with us anymore. we don't get it. and my dad was a fbi agent as well. ashley: oh. >> he wore both hats, i grew up with that. so, my dad, fbi agents all around the country, a.t.f., they investigate. ashley: right. >> that's what they do. we, and i'm talking before i was-- >> prosecutors. >> before i came to fox. we prosecute, we're lawyers, we go to law schools, we don't go to defense f we like to wear the white hat. we choose that, i chose that as a third generation of my family to carry that on. we love being the good guys,
9:48 am
love getting 25 cents an hour, you know, in the public-- >> doing the right thing. >> doing the right thing, money is not the thing that we go for and you know, people threaten our lives, you know, like three people, you know, went to jail for threatening my life. that's what we deal with, you know, we love-- we'll serve the people. ashley: serve the people. >> we are the ones to decide whether or not to indict along with the grand jury, not the people who investigate. ashley: that's was my very next question. why is james comey standing up there and sailing, well-- saying, well, we've looked at it all. >> if a fbi, low level lis, if the fbi had come into my office and said, you're not going to prosecute this, i'm not a violent person, but-- get out of my office. it never happened. it nevered happened. that's not what they do. they come in and they said we
9:49 am
want to open a case, we want to investigate this. i'll say i'll let you investigate it and i work with them. you know-- >> you make the determination. >> let's give you a subpoena for that and come on, it was fun, let's go down that route and let's do that and i would go with them and investigate and knew what what they were doing. the end call was accept or decline. ashley: is the fbi having any contact with prosecutors while they're doing this. >> absolutely. ashley: they are. >> absolutely, the whole time. ashley: so the prosecutors say if you can get us this. >> and that leads you to believe the prosecutors said to them, prior to this, we can't get it to the level of criminal --. don't know on this case, because loretta lynch had to be so far removed. she was in a box on this especially after bill clinton and the whole plane thing happened. she said i will accept whatever the fbi says. again, that's never something
9:50 am
i've ever seen, that the prosecutor says i'll accept whatever the fbi says. i've never seen that. ashley: what about the clinton foundation, i've got to ask you while you're here, a separate investigation. >> a separate thing. >> how much of a cloud should this be over that. >> it should not. one separate from the other. i'm coming from a low level prosecutor, although when i did leave, i was asked back to become the executive assistant so i was the second person, you know, behind the actual appointed person so, i mean, i was at a very high level. ashley: i don't want to keep going back to this because it already happened. >> for now. ashley: it's over, but i feel like we were led down the garden path. >> no, if people have said that as well, once he-- once comey started with all of that sort of pre indictment. i thought it's over, it's not going to happen. ashley: because you're smarter than me. >> no, i know the speak, it was over. ashley: thank you so much.
9:51 am
>> you got it. ashley: donald trump found sounding off on the fbi plot pressing charges against hillary clinton, he says the system is rigged in her favor. ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> the house oversight reform committee confirming on their website that fbi director james comey will testify tomorrow, 10 a.m. the issue, you know it, hillary e-mails. that's tomorrow, 10 a.m. we'll be on it. now to the election, donald trump, he says that the system is rigged after hillary clinton avoided charges from the fbi for mishandling classified information on her private e-mail server. here is a tweet sent by trump. well, the system is rigged. general petraeus got in trouble for far less, very, very unfair as usual, bad judgment. joining us republican strategist, where do we begin?
9:56 am
we've been saying it's good for donald trump. how could it not be? he's got so much ammunition to use now. >> absolutely. i think this whole situation with what fbi director comey mentioned and talked about and prosecuted the case against hillary clinton because of the fact that there were so many lies that hillary and her campaign staff said and mentioned to the public. yet, the fbi revealed other facts. it just shows that there's other standards that apply to hillary clinton. you know, what is shocking to me, you've had many federal employees who were prosecuted for mishandling information, yet, they had no evidence of intent. so, i find that would be-- there's a different standard that's being applied to hillary clinton and that's what i think has republicans baffled because we're so confused by the fact that comey would go out and call her extremely careless
9:57 am
which is interchangeable with grossly negligent and advise the prosecutors not to move forward with criminal charges. ashley: i'm sorry to interrupt and i apologize. 30 seconds, i wanted to ask you, should this now be the main part of donald trump's point, why he should be president over hillary clinton. many issues, but could this get him the white house? >> i think it could, his campaign slogan, do you want a commander-in-chief who the fbi director called extremely careless and basically lied to the american people how she handled classified information, how she didn't turn over all the work related e-mails, we can shot have an extremely careless presidential candidate. i don't understand how people can support her. ashley: it's going to be a powerful point for donald trump. so sorry it's short, but thanks so much as always. >> thank you. ashley: donald trump taking
9:58 am
heat for a comment he made about saddam hussein. you'll hear what he said next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> it is 10 a.m. on the east coast. good morning, california, it's 7 a.m. here is what we're watching this hour. so much to talk about, yes, hillary clinton gets a pass on her e-mail scandal, but this could be a bombshell waiting in the background. the renewed focus, possible corruption, oh, yes, at the clinton foundation. that has still yet to be discussed and donald trump catching heat about what he said about saddam hussein. yeah, he was a bad guy, but at least he was efficient at killing terrorists. all right. yes, he said that. breaking news, the house oversight reform committee just confirming that fbi director james comey will testify tomorrow at 10 a.m. blake. >> ashley, i actually just
10:01 am
spoke with jason chaifetz ten minutes ago, he's the head of the oversite committee. he said that the head of the fbi james comey will be speaking. so 24 hours from that hearing will take place. comey told me-- or chaifetz, rather, one of the things he wants to ask of comey, released his agency's findings in the hillary matter yesterday, is the difference between gross negligence and extreme carelessness. you'll remember that comey talked about those two phrases and chaifetz says he wants to ask the head of the fbi why that's the case and how that was applied and questions about why hardware was purposefully destroyed. the bottom line. that's at 10:00. ashley: we would like to ask those questions, too, blake, thank you very much. back to the markets, the big board for you, another down day
10:02 am
on wooet-- wall street. and checking the police of a barrel of crude the oil. now turning positive. we've been down for several days and now at 46.74. meanwhile, gold hitting a 20-month high and it's all about the renewed fears of the british exit vote. gold up again 8 bucks and coming back at 1366. if you want to go to london, check out the british pound. 129, it was up at 146 or thereabouts before the vote. this, why all of that matters to your money. check out the 10-year yield. now at 1.38%. e-mack, i'm a little concerned about the interest rates around the world and i mean, they come to the u.s. because they can get 1.38% and that's how bad it is because of the negative rates around the world. >> that's right, we reported
10:03 am
and fitch has been reporting, fitch ratings, more than 11 trillion dollars now in negative yielding government global bonds. so, you know, we saw this trend take hold about two years ago, ashley, where governments are saying, it was pay up to save. and switzerland, you pay 50 years to park your money there, 50 years. so, you know, this is striking, so, what's happening, and i've talked to central bankers and officials about it, when one central banker does it, goes into negative yield territory, the other does it. so what we're watching, too, talking about negative yields is the possible breakup of the europe european unionment and if it goes into deeper negative territory that's another sign that another country could leave the eu. that's why people are flooding into the 10-year treasury yield because you get a yield and now cack that a fed-- .
10:04 am
>> why don't you buy some yielding dividend stocks. >> the yield is lower than the average on the s&p 500. ashley: let's get back to politics, why not? despite the fbi's ruling on the e-mails, she may not be in the clear. there are questions surrounding the clinton foundation. with us now, the author of "con job", welcome crystal wright. a victory of sorts for hillary. plenty more against donald trump. and we have the clinton foundation. they pay into the clinton foundation and down the road get some benefit from it. >> what we know, you had foreign governments with interests before the state department where secretary clinton was seconds of-- and we had people giving money to the clinton foundation and
10:05 am
then separately giving money to bill clinton and hillary for speeches. the clinton foundation is a super pac by another name to get hillary clinton elected president. i'm not so sure with the outcome yesterday. i think that the clinton foundation will once again, get away breaking the law. i want to talk about that, the clintons appear to get away with things that ordinary citizens, you and me, would not get away with. what's the likelihood of this clinton foundation investigation going anywhere? >> just as you point out. little people like general petraeus, you heard about that little guy. ashley: i have indeed. >> he didn't get away. he almost lost his pension, i think fined $100,000 general petraeus for sending classified information visa e-mail. hillary clinton sent at least what, 100 e-mails that were classified and multiple servers, not just one.
10:06 am
she used private servers. >> this is what the clinton do, if ear not breaking the law, they're up next to it. i don't know at this point in time how any american could vote for hillary clinton. i don't. she's going to treat the presidency like her own private server. >> the latest uas today poll hillary clinton leading donald trump among african-american voters by 10-to 1. how does donald trump cut into that lead. >> are we surprised by that? yesterday, the first elected black american president stumped th h barack obama was getting down with hillary. he was talking black, pandering, she talks black like she did in 2008 when she, you know, trying to woo the black voters. and what donald trump needs to do.
10:07 am
he needs to enroll surrogates. he needs black conservatives to get out to him and he needs to call a spade a spade saying is this all that it takes for black voters to vote for hillary clinton, that she panders to you and he needs to hit it head on like the e-mail thing, head on and make the case, you are better than this black voters. you deserve better than that. ashley: crystal, could what happened yesterday, that's wavering for donald trump, and say that's it. she got away with it clearly despite what we know about it. could that push those voters? >> absolutely. i think if trump continues to deliver hard-hitting, you know, not rhetoric, but hard-hitting comments about this, pointing to her negligence. guys, look. even the e-mail director admitted she was reckless in handling of e-mail.
10:08 am
why weren't there charges filed against her? she should be in prize right now. you want her as commander-in-chief. she's going to hide and obje obfuscate from the american people. and he can't shoot hard from the hip like he does on twitter. >> and more than enough ambition with rhetoric. and thank you very much. along with hillary's e-mails, her campaign's questionable use of air force one and donald trump also mentioned saddam hussein, watch this. >> saddam hussein was a bad guy, real, really good guy, you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read him the rights, they didn't talk, there were terrorists, it's over. ashley: he did that well. former navy seal and carl is
10:09 am
here. you know, he makes that statement ap saddam hussein killed them really well. >> we put hussein in power and we want back in, hillary clinton voted for, went back in and destabilized the region and obama pulled us out and now we've got isis. they don't govern by wednesday democracy, and they don't have the same accounting privileges as we did. we're not going to recognize-- >> they need an iron fist to show them how. ashley: to keep everybody, the split factions under one umbrella in the country, the only way to keep the peace is to rule with an iron fist. >> and keeping the peace is very different in their version of what we-- >> right. >> exactly, at the end of the day, if we want to snauf a dictator. they're going to have to rule
10:10 am
in the way that their see site deems fit. we can't say, oh, you're killing too many, and we can't take them out and expose the power because then we've got the junk like we've got today. >> and you think that donald trump invoking that, has a point even though to come. >> donald trump hit the nail on the headment i would have said it differently, but he made a good point. ashley: the hillary situation, it's happened. going forward we talk about the foundation. is there any way that hillary clinton will face prosecution of any sort? >> i don't know. and a man was charged and convicted by the fbi by mishandling and containing documents. this is charged by the fbi. and why she skated on this. now it's up to the congress to
10:11 am
go after hillary and say do we impeach her post office? >> i'm not saying it'sot without precedent. the secretary of war back in 1870, he was caught giving weapons and contracts tfrjts kickbacks. >> in exchange for kickbacks, describes what hillary clinton did with the foundation. it happened. there's precedence for it, but if paul ryan can find a pair maybe we have it. >> oh. and the clinton insider, why he says that hillary just had the biggest day of her presidential campaign. we raise the issue, trump can still use that fbi report to his channing and then there's actor matt damon, action movie star, saying we need to ban all guns in america, and full on confiscation. we'll play you the sound bite.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> all right. let's take a look at the big board for you. the dow off of our earlier losses, about 62 points, a 17, 777. 7's are live today. and 734 or there about, just un. suntrust robinson raising the price target on amazon to $775. now this, news from chipotle, they've released a web video taking aims at competitors. chipotle shares took a hit after the e. coli outbreak last fall and interesting fact picking. >> quickly the cartoon is basically saying, hey, these two rivals, grew as the business came in, they resorted to processed ingredients. we're about fresh, quality foods, never mind the food
10:16 am
illness outbreak last year. ashley: it's up a point. almost at $400 a share liz: will it work? wait and see. ashley: following the fbi's announcement of no charges, the our next came out with the headline, hillary clinton just had the biggest day of her campaign. doug shone, we had a guest after the announcement, said that hillary is doing the happy dance. you still believe it's the best day of her campaign? >> absolutely. i mean, look, i think by election days, five months from now, we're not going to be parsing jim comey's words about what's extremely careful, careless, or-- >> you don't think that donald trump will hammer her on that point until the day before we vote? >> i think he will. it's clear, she has a five or six point lead right now and i
10:17 am
suspect the election is more likely than note to be very close with a slight clinton advantage to election day. >> we know that she struggles in the polls when it comes to trustworthiness. >> she does. >> the language by comey, almost leading us to the point where we expected charges. none of that can be positive. >> what is positive is the conclusion, the perception that she got away with it. >> yeah, and her trust ratings are very low, but when you have a candidate as donald trump did yesterday say that saddam hussein was good at fighting terrorism when he gassed his own people and engaged in horrific crimes against humanity, that doesn't present-- we're talking about someone who wants to run the oval office. it is, because we're-- ments can i finish? >> let me finish this point. >> sure. >> we're talking about someone who wants to be the president
10:18 am
of the united states. she set up a private e-mail server and very, to the fbi's point carelessly, recklessly sent messages with top secret information that could have been very harmful using wide open mobile devices in hostile countries, and that brings up so many more questions than donald trump saying donald trump saying saddam hussein was effective in killing terrorists. >> and she walked away. and donald trump has never served one day in office and when he talks about gutting nato at a time when you can well understand we need to strengthen nato and given that he makes mistakes and praises people who were in my terms war criminals who deserved to be dead. i think the american people quite rightly believe notwithstanding everything you say, ashley, that she is better qualified and i think it ultimately go give her a slight
10:19 am
advantage on election day. >> she was cleared it was on a technicality, all the wrong things she did didn't meet the measure to make a criminal that's not exactly clearing her. >> i think it's a technicality what comey said there was no intent and it was on that basis she was cleared. >> that she was incompetent and negative negligent. >> he said that, but she was not in the statute. >> split hairs. >> an and we'll leicht a president. >> that her carelessness and negligent didn't meet criminal prosecution. >> i think that it will probably elect her. >> are you with trump? >> i'm not, i'm taking the case on face value. >> we have a different view. >> i thought we would disagree, but that's what makes this country great. let's check the big board for you, the dow is trading lower. and now, down triple points,
10:20 am
but now triple digit at 117.40 and we have the worry over the british exit vote and once again hitting your money here at home and kind of close your eyes when you look at the 401(k). we'll explain why. the and liberal actor matt damon made a career with violent jason bourne movies and he says we should ban guns in the united states. should you listen to advice from someone who puts out movies like this? >> we're finished with you, you're no longer with yourself. i remember. your dentures seem to fit fine when you first put them on.
10:21 am
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you guy's be good[ bark ] i'll [ bark ]later bye. see ya pal. ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ barking ] [ washing machine running ] party's on! know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. >> credit suisse and deutsche bank cutting their price
10:24 am
targets on united continental. it's the biggest loser in the s&p. 37.86. actor matt damon, gun-toting star of the bourne identity movies is calling for removal of guns in the u.s. here he is promoting the latest bourne movie in australia. take a look. >> you guys did it here in one fell swoop and i wish that could happen in my country. we cannot talk about it sensibly. we just can't. it just, people get so emotional so that even when you make a suggestion about like keeping people-- not selling ak-47's to people on terror watch lists, that's like a nonstarter. ashley: how many ak-47's and other guns has he used in his movies. i'll point that out. however, e-mack, what is he proposing? >> he's not saying that australia confiscated all guns. he's essentially saying, effectively what happened was
10:25 am
in 1996, australia has that port arthur gun massacre where 35 people were killed after that they basically passed a national firearms program implementation act within three months of the shooting restricting private ownership of semi automatic rifles and semi shotguns and they have avenue had fewer massacres. and-- >> australia is a country of 23 million. there's that many people in the tri-state of new york. >> they still have gun ownership and's he talking about the semi automatic guns. and he's criticized for being in the movies like that. i think an actor can appear in movies like this. ashley: it's not the first time he's sounded off and made these points before. >> he's saying that you guys are sensible about it in australia, what about the u.s., how come the u.s. can't be.
10:26 am
ashley: breaking news, paul ryan talking about james comey, let's go to that right now. >> asking those questions, i know the usherry committee sent a number of questions, ogr, that committee is going to invite the fbi director to come up and testify. he did say that short of prosecution, some kind of administration-- administrative action might be in order. look i was on the ticket in 2012. after the convention, you get the full deep classified information as part of transition, as part of being a nominee. i think the dni clapper should deny hillary clinton access to classified information during this campaign given how she's so recklessly handled classified information. that's point one. point two, director comey's presentation shredded the claims that secretary clinton made throughout the year with respect to this issue.
10:27 am
he laid out a case how the things she's been saying she had or had not done were false. so we've seen nothing, but stonewalling and disonty from secretary clinton on this issue and that means there are a lot more questions that need to be answered. >> anything congress can do to deny-- >> i don't know the answer to that question, whether there's something that congress can do. i've got to say, from my own experience, you get access to deeply classified material once you leave the convention as the nominee on a regular basis. it's part of a transition government. with no indictment occurring, but a discussion or a call for administrative action, i think it's the least we can do, given how she was so reckless in handling classified material, and sending classified information on unsecured servers. look, i think that's something that the administration should do on its own, but we'll look into seeing if that's something we can do as well. ashley: we're going to stop there.
10:28 am
paul ryan talking about the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. let' go straight to president talking about afghanistan. >> the united states went to war in afghanistan against these terrorists and the taliban that harbored them. over the years and thanks to heroic efforts by our diplomates, communities, and development officials, we pushed al qaeda out of its camps and helped the afghan people topple the taliban and helped them establish democratic government. we dealt crippling blows to the al qaeda leadership. we delivered justice to usama bin laden and trained afghan forces to take responsibility for their own security. and given that progress a year and a half ago in december, 2014, america's combat mission in afghanistan came to a responsible end, compared to
10:29 am
the 100,000 troops we once had there, today fewer than 10,000 remain. and compared to their previous mission, helping to lead the fight, our forces are now focused on two narrow missions, training and advising afghan forces and supporting counter terrorist operations against the remnants of al qaeda as well as other terrorist groups, including isil. in short, even as we've maintained a relentless, you know, case against those who are threatening us, we are no longer engaged in a major ground war in afghanistan. but even these narrow missions continue to be dangerous. over the past year and a half, 38 americans, military and civilians, have lost their lives in afghanistan on behalf of our security. and we honor their sacrifice.
10:30 am
we stand with their families in their grief and in their pride. and we resolve to carry on the mission for which they gave their last full measure of devotion. this is also not america's mission alone. in afghanistan, we're joined by 41 allies and partners, a coalition that contributes more than 6,000 troops of their own. we have a partner in the afghan government and the afghan people who support a long-term strategic partnership with the united states. and in fact, afghans continue to step up. for the second year now, afghan forces are fully responsible for their own security. every day nearly 320,000 afghan soldiers and police are serving and fighting and many are giving their lives to defend their country. to their credit, and in the face of a continued taliban insurgency and terrorist
10:31 am
networks, afghan forces remain in control of all the major population center, major transit roots and most district centers. afghan forces are beaten back attacks and pushed the taliban out of some areas. in another milestone we recently removed the leader of the taliban, mansour. nevertheless, the security situation in afghanistan remains precarious. even as they improve, afghan security forces are still not as strong as they need to be. with our help they're working to improve capability, such as intelligence, logistics, aviation, and command and control. at the same time the taliban remains a threat. they've gained ground in some cases, they continued attacks and suicide bombings, including in kabul.
10:32 am
because the taliban districtly targets innocent civilians, more afghan men, women and children are dying. and often, overlooked in the global refugee crisis, millions of afghans have fled their homes and many have been fleeing their country. now, as president and commander-in-chief, i've made it clear that i will not allow afghanistan to be used as a safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. that's why i constantly review our strategy with my national security team, including our commanders in afghanistan. in all of these reviews we're guided by the facts, what's happening on the ground, to determine what's working and what needs to be changed and that's why at times i've made adjustments, for example, by slowing the drawdown of our forces and more recently by giving u.s. forces more flexibility to support afghan forces on the ground and in the air and i strongly believe that
10:33 am
it is in our national security interest, especially after all the blood and treasure we've invested in afghanistan over the years that we give our afghan partners the very best opportunity to succeed. upon taking command of coalition forces this spring, general nicholson conducted a review of the security situation in afghanistan and our military posture. it's good to get a fresh set of eyes. and based on the recommendation of general nicholson as well as secretary carter and chairman dunford and following extensive consultations with my national security team as well as congress and afghan government and our international partners, i'm announcing additional adjustment to our posture, instead of going down to 5500 troops by the end of this year, the united states will maintain approximately 8400 troops in afghanistan into next year
10:34 am
through the end of my administration. remain maintaining forces and. and based on the security strength of afghan forces, will allow us to continue to provide tailored support to help afghan forces continue to improve. from coalition bases in jalalabad and kandahar, we'll be able to continue to supporting afghan forces on the ground and the air and we continue supporting critical count counterterrorism operations. reaffirming the commitment of the united states to afghanistan and its people, the decision i'm making today will help our partners and allies align their own commitments. as you know, tomorrow, i depart for the nato summit in warsaw and our coalition partners and afghanistan president, and
10:35 am
chief executive abdullah. many of our allies and partners have stepped forward with commitment and funding so we can keep strengthening afghan forces through this decade. the nato summit will be an opportunity for them to support, and i'm confident they will. all of us have a vital interest in the security of afghanistan. my decision today also sends a message to the taliban and all those who opposed afghanistan's progress. you have now been waging war against the afghan people for many years. you've been unable to prevail. afghan security forces continue to grow stronger and the commitment of the international communi community, including the united states to afghanistan and its people will endure. i will say it again, the only way to end this conflict and to achieve a full drawdown of foreign forces from afghanistan it through a lasting political
10:36 am
settlement between the afghan government and the taliban. that's the only way and that's why the united states will continue to strongly support an afghan-led reconciliation process and why we call on all countries in the region to end safe havens for militants and terrorists. finally, today's decision best positions my successor to make future decisions about presidency and afghanistan. in january the next u.s. president will assume the most solemn responsibility of the commander-in-chief. security of the united states and the safety of the american people. the decision i'm making today ensures that my successor has a solid foundation for continued progress in afghanistan, as well as the flexibility to address the threat of terrorism as it evolves. so in closing i want to address
10:37 am
what's on the minds of americans, especially troops and family who have born a heavy burden. when we first sent our forces in afghanistan 14 years ago, few americans imagined we'd be there in any capacity this long. as president, i focused our strategy on training and building up afghan forces. it has been continually my belief that it's up to afghans to defend their country. because we have emphasized training their capabilities we have been able to end our major ground war there and bring 90% of our troops back home. even as we work for peace we have to deal with the realities of the world as it is and we can't forget what's at stake in afghanistan. this is where al qaeda is trying to regroup, this is where isil tries to expand its presence.
10:38 am
if these terrorists succeed in regaining camps areas where they can train and plot they will attack more against us, we cannot allow that to happen, i will not allow that to happen. this september will mark 15 years since the attacks of 9/11 and once more we'll pause to once more we will pastor remembered the lands they lost. americans and peoples from around the world stand with their families who still read tbilisi and the survivors who still bear the scars of that day. we will think the first responders to rush to save others and perhaps most importantly we will salute our men and women in unit one, r. 9/11 generation who have served in afghanistan and beyond for our security. we will honor the memory of all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, including more than 2200 american patriots who have given their lives in
10:39 am
afghanistan. as we do, let's never forget to progress their service has made possible. afghanistan is not a perfect place. it remains one of the poorest countries in the world. it is going to continue to take time for them to build up military capacity that we sometimes take for granted and given the enormous challenges we've raised, the afghan people will need the partnership of the world led by the united states for many years to come. with our support, afghanistan is a better place than it once was. millions of afghan children, boys and girls are in school. dramatic improvements in public health has saved the lives of mothers and children. afghans have cast their ballots in democratic elections and the
10:40 am
first democratic power in the country's history. the national government continues to pursue reforms including record revenues last year to strengthen their country. they need for international support in combating terrorists. that's the progress we helped make possible. that is the progress that our troops have helped make possible and our diplomats and development personnel. that is the progress we can help sustain in partnership with the afghan people and our coalition peoples. i firmly believe the decision i'm announcing today is the rate they have to do for afghanistan from the united states and for the world. god bless our troops and all who serve to protect us and god
10:41 am
bless the united states of america. ashley: aegis or president obama talking about the latest troop levels in afghanistan, said a 5500 by the end of this year, which was the original plan, he is going to keep 8400 u.s. troops through the end of his term. that's a different of 29 different troops. the taliban has gained control and continues to remain a threat. he calls the security situation situation precarious and he says few americans would leave 14 years after the u.s. troops first went to afghanistan, they are still there appeared he says we need to show the commitment that we can't just walk away. interesting stuff. i want to turn to carl higby, former navy seal who listen to what mr. obama had to say. 8400 troops instead of 5500,
10:42 am
what difference will this make in keeping the country secure and stop being the suicide bombers to recount the good >> very little. 8400 troops leaves may be 400 actual combat role troops or the rest are all support networks. you need them to man airbase, medical facilities. there is not a lot of people going out there.additionally, wd troops on missions, they require intelligence. by definition our intelligence is classified. we are not giving afghan enforces correct training and intelligence because it's classified. if hillary clinton is elected, she will send it to them in an e-mail. [laughter] we cannot effectively turn over combat operations. >> we've been trying to train for some time. there's so not where they should be.
10:43 am
>> google afghan forces jumping jacks. i knew two bit solaris. this is what we're training trying to learn how to do jumping jacks. if they don't have the back none of the intelligence to go out and prosecute target, they are never going to get it. we have to keep in mind the fact we are fighting the taliban. the taliban not relent geographical borders as we do. taliban is a nuclear power in this really between pakistan and afghanistan. liz: here is that the president did not say and that is the united nations estimates and inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction says the taliban is the most powerful it has been since 2001 and basically has more territory than any other time since 2001. the situation has deteriorated so rapidly that the inspector general can't get in there to basically see how the money has been spent in afghanistan. ashley: let's bring in congressman ron paul. he is available to weigh in on
10:44 am
this year congressman come you heard what the president had to say. your reaction. >> i think it's good you're bringing the troops home. he needs to bring them all home and change our policies. we will have disadvantages. we will be responsible as it escalates still have to go back in. those individuals who say back off a little bit but we still own our government and not recognized a total failure at the last 10 years or so. it just won't work. that is the reason the whole policy has to change. ashley: so if we take everyone out, what happens to have an end. does the taliban russian and fill the vacuum? >> that is where they are right now. we just reported on your program that they are stronger now than ever or appeared it is a failed program, a failed process done in vain. it is just as valid as iraq is. the taliban is so strong.
10:45 am
i think you reignite the problems that have existed in that world for so long. it was quite absent for so long in history where the shia and sunnis were killing each other like they are now. once we got involved, we've reignited the dove award and that is what is going on and we can't possibly settle that. they will ask for more money. already a request from afghanistan who is proposed that nato appeared $5 billion a year for five years to take care of that. the american people don't have the money and it won't do any good. it's time we changed the policy and think about nonintervention and look at the field intervention in the last 15 years. ashley: let me talk to carl he read, former navy seal. you're very familiar with this part of the world. what do you think of the comments? >> i generally disagree with renegotiating policies. i think he did have one point
10:46 am
and the fact things have gotten worse since we've intervene. we go in there with a regime or general reader. the mission as we have to understand they may potentially be in a 100 year war. we have to commit resources to finish the war and the mission without wavering because the loss of native support in the public. additionally, we go when what they were shaman promised certain things to different tribes and groups, it collapses because people rotate out and promises are broken and they hate each other. ashley: quickly, many people have lost their lives as part of the world. it comes back to the question for a while. yesterday defending our country and i salute them as the ultimate sacrifice. when you look at what was going on, what was achieved? >> we didn't achieve it because we didn't have a goal. ashley: very good. we will leave it right there. congressman ron paul, thank you so much. clearly a lot of news today
10:47 am
happening very quickly. i want to get back to everybody's money at home. let's check the big word for you. down 100 points right about now is 17743 down almost 100 points. oil is down yesterday and now slipping lower 1% at 4612. the s&p 500 rotter index back to 2078. take a look at harley davidson. dipped yesterday was maybe in play to be taken private. maybe not. now the opposite direction down or percent. disappointing sales of walgreens this alliance. the stock down more than 3% right around 80 bucks. we thought the rest was over last week. we made up losses from the british referendum. what a difference a week makes as the song goes. worse johnson announced he won't be running for prime minister. resigning as head of the u.k.
10:48 am
independence party and jeremy corbin refusing to step down. anything else? markets are slumping again. columnist katie hawkins waiting patiently with the beautiful backdrop. so look, what happened? i was just there the last couple weeks. there is not even a plan b, let alone a plan a. what was the problem with the brexit leaders? it does appear like they didn't have a plan. >> it does feel like there was no plan b. insert may feel like there's still an environment where people are disappointed. we had a march for europe at the weekend, but peoples tell protesting about the result. we have the tory party leadership at the moment, where it looks very much like a candidate who will remain in europe, she very well may win
10:49 am
the tory leadership, which of course is a strange thing. 52% of the country voted to leave. we make it a leader who wanted us to remain. definitely a conflicted place at the moment. ashley: she was considered a silent candidate they feel like she wasn't very strong in her opinions. if she does become prime minister, what are the chances in the question asked on the side of the atlantic, what are the chances they will go to another referendum? >> it's a real concern for people with the second referendum. certainly we have letters. mps in parliament received letters from europe this week, asking them to recommend or not to approve or invoke. europe is still trying to tell us what to do. it's been a picture of dom and
10:50 am
loom. meanwhilein sweden, and 25 young women have been attacked by my great gains in poland about to have their own referendum whether they have to have migrated imposed on them. across europe, the picture also looking very tense and conflict it. ashley: certainly a good time to be in the media. katie hawkins, we appreciate your patience waiting for us. in our next hour, two angles on hillary's e-mail scandal. judge andrew napolitano's delivers his ruling. he is breaking his vacation just to chime in. liberal media's response. wait until you see how the mainstream press is responding to all of this. this woman said she was thrown out at the mexican restaurant because she was wearing a donald trump make america great again baseball hat. she will be here on set to sellers torre. -- tell her story.
10:51 am
[vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
ashley: now to the fight against jesus. the so-called man and a hat, the last surviving suspect from the brussels attacks claims that the terrorists and paris and brussels upon a larger network and the crossing borders with d.c. this map released by isis was supposedly revealed a web of covert unit across the globe.
10:55 am
quite frightening. come in, ambassador john walton. you correctly predict did that they would vote to get out of the e.u. you are the man in the mail. you're also at the american enterprise institute scholar i should point out. ambassador, is this counterterrorist trying to boast to make himself seem bigger or do you believe his claims? >> it is certainly consistent with the way terrorists behave to try to make themselves look more important to get a better deal from prosecutors. on the other hand, what he's saying about the capability of the nicest network, their ability to move among countries in the european union certainly in the software note these as them order are permitted in something that ought to be traveling to intelligence and law enforcement. i think it is worth investigating further.
10:56 am
if there's a more more advanced capabilities that we know of now, that bodes very poorly for the future in europe is vulnerable. we have seen it already. we need to be worried about it in the united states as well. we can be happy we've gotten through the fourth of july weekend, but i don't think we can count on not for much longer. ice is trying to spread capabilities everywhere. ashley: thank you as always. appreciate it. trade for coming up, third hour of "varney." hillary clinton using burn bags. at the very least i have a questionable policy we are going to discuss next. also, the aces threat in europe warning that terror cells that attack brussels and paris part of a much larger network of islamic extremists. we are back in three-minute.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
ashley: it is 11 a.m. on the
11:00 am
east coast, 8 a.m. in california. new this hour, president obama says he will keep 8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan through the end of the year, making that announcement just a few minutes ago. hillary clinton trying to shift the conversation away from her e-mail scandal. she'll be attacking donald trump's business record in atlantic city. we have yet to hear, by the way, what the foremost authority on hillary's e-mails has to say. wait no more. judge andrew napolitano weighs in just 15 minutes from now. and the woman who was kicked out of a mexican restaurant, denied service because she supports donald trump, she's going to tell us her story. first, though, to the markets, checking the big board, tryingar losses, down 50 points at 17,790. also let's check the price of oil, it's been fluctuating since yesterday's big drop, still slightly lower, or just down 20 cents. now, maybe the biggest story, take a look at the ten-year treasury yield, 1.38%.
11:01 am
people pouring into the ten-year u.s. treasury because there's nowhere else to get any yield. credit suisse downgrading the airlines, all the red arrows you can see there, united, continental down significantly, down more than $2. disappointing sales, meanwhile, atwalgreen boot alliance down to $80, and shares of amazon touching a lifetime high of $734, right now at 733. as we said, hillary clinton in atlantic city next hour. she will attack donald trump's business record there. joining us this hour, "the wall street journal"'s james freeman, elizabeth macdonald as always, and fox news contributor ric grenell. he's also, by the way, a former u.n. spokesman. ric, let's start with you on hillary attacking trump in atlantic city. what's your thoughts on that? >> well, look, i think she's
11:02 am
going to have to try to turn this corruption and crooked hillary tag around. she's going to have to do everything that she can to try to make donald trump's business entities, some, you know, problematic in some way. what the fbi director did to her, i think, by really taking her down in terms of all of the e-mails and the fact that she said that she didn't send or receive any e-mails and the fbi director said, oh, yes, you did, i think that's going to be a problem going forward for hillary's credibility, so she's going to have to start attacking donald to bring him down to her level. ashley: next case, hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin, admitting she helped to burn hillary clinton's daily schedule as secretary of state. ric, what was your reaction to that? i know you worked at the state department for years. >> burning a schedule is not necessarily a problem. it's no a problem if you don't have the schedule, the main
11:03 am
schedule, the only copy of the schedule on a digital server. and what we do know is that hillary clinton and her people did not use the state department system, so there is no copy. in essence, when they would put the daily schedule in the burn bag, they're burning the only copy of hillary clinton's schedule because she wasn't creating it on the state department system. that is a big problem. that is a federal records violationing. and i'm -- violation. and i'm not so sure why she's getting away with this tactic as well. there's just so many problems with her not participating in the normal digital communications that is set up for federal employees. she decided to go around it, and she's breaking all sorts of laws. ashley: do you still have contact with some of your co-workers at state that are still there? what has been their reaction to all of this? >> i have a lot of friends who work at the state department. after eight years there, i have hundreds of people that i communicate with.
11:04 am
and i will tell you that there is, there's a sense that the state department is looking foolish during this process, that when you look at the benghazi problems of not reacting to multiple requests for increased security and then all of the political problems that hillary clinton brought forward, and then john kerry's inability to kind of move the bar forward on syria and some of the incredibly problematic issues around the world, state department employees and foreign service officers are really frustrated. they want to do global work. they don't want to have all these political problems. and when you have all those leaked e-mails and all the chains of, you know, foreign service officers on those e-mail chains looking like they are participating in this political cover-up, i think they get very uncomfortable. ashley: ric, stay there for a second. the fbi has passed judgment on hillary's e-mails, but there are also major questions about
11:05 am
dealings inside the clinton foundation. james freeman, as we mentioned, is with us now. i want to talk to you on that side of the investigation. how many sides there are, we're losing track. there are, certainly, if you can connect the dots on the clinton foundation, the pay to play, so to speak, this could be significant. >> it could be, and you mentioned how career state department people are embarrassed, but the political leadership there is still stonewalling, seeking to prevent the disclosure of e-mails showing connections between the clinton foundation and state department official business. and i think a big red flag is the case of a big donor to the clinton foundation, millions over the years, also has given to campaigns. he was added to the international security advisory board. so this gave him access to high-level intelligence. it put him on a board with nuclear scientists, a former defense secretary. he had no background in intelligence or in nuclear science. he's a former commodities
11:06 am
trader -- excuse me, a securities trader. and big dollars to the clinton foundation, apparently, opened the door -- >> yeah, they detected a pattern. ashley: a clear link. >> but it's an inference right now. they haven't prune there was a pay-to-play link, but now we have attorney general loretta lynch is being called to testify july 12th. will she be asked about the clinton foundation? ashley: yeah and, james, two very different investigations, but there is this sense that no matter what the clinton foundation, hillary clinton, whoever involved is just not going to face the music. >> well, based on the fbi director's amazing comment yesterday, he's not pursuing this, i think what we have to comment on is really the voters are the only ones who are going to be -- and really the courts in terms of disclosure. so it's federal judges, it's private lawsuits and voters who are eventually going to have to hold mrs. clinton accountable.
11:07 am
ashley: but voters, they hear benghazi, they hear the e-mails, they become a little numb to it, and then the clinton campaign say, well, don't worry about it. there were no charges. we told you we were fine all along. do people buy into that? i guess if you're a loyal hillary fan, you buy into that. >> i don't know how you can given that the fbi director explicitly explained, he calls it carelessness. looks a lot like negligence which doesn't require intent. looks like it should have been a crime. but i think there is ample opportunity for donald trump to make case. you just mentioned how today hillary's going after his business record. this opens the door for him to show how the clintons made their money, millions. influence peddling -- ashley: i would argue this should be the main thrust of his campaign because you have the head of the fbi making these very, very strong statements about her incompetence and trust worthiness which is already at
11:08 am
low levels. >> to this point, trump has made himself too much of the issue, allowing it to be a referendum on donald trump. what he wants is for this election to be a referendum on hillary clinton and her way of doing business and her corner-cutting and really representing the kind of -- ashley: just get him out of the way and let the facts speak for themselves. >> well, certainly raise the facts because there are plenty of them to talk about. >> you know, james comey said yesterday that individuals in similar circumstances, he said this yesterday, were often subject to administrative sanctions. and now we have house speaker paul ryan saying the director of national intelligence should not let hillary clinton access any classified information while on the campaign trail. ashley: and we have lis wiehl, a federal prosecutor who said it's not up to the fbi to decide -- they present the facts. it's up to the prosecutor's office. >> that's right. ashley: i want to get to this. last hour president obama saying he will keep 8400 troops in afghanistan. ric grenell, you're still with us.
11:09 am
he's been at war longer than any other president, two four-year terms. what's your take on his afghanistan policy? he's going to keep an extra 2900 troops there until he leaves office. >> well, ashley, it's a really good point, and let's go further to say barack obama has now governed the iraq -- the afghanistan war longer than george bush has. it is truly now an imprint of what obama has wanted to see in afghanistan. and he had given us a plan to wind down the troops because he has this political promise that no more wars should be started and that all the troops should be home. that was a political promise. at the end of his tenure, at the end of these eight years, he's decided to not ramp it down as much as he had planned. so he's going to keep a little bit more troops inside afghanistan, increase the number than he had originally planned to wind it down.
11:10 am
and i think the reason is, is because we see isis, and we see other terrorists, the taliban who are just waiting for americans to leave and then take over. and so he wants to be able to make sure at the end of his tenure afghanistan doesn't become a disaster like syria. ashley: all right, we'll leave it there. ric grenell, thank you very much. i want to have a quick look at the markets for you. we've seen the dow, well, struggle but trying to come back, down 31 points at 17,809. you can see the dow 30 stock board on the left there, well, two-thirds red, we'll say, but there are some green stocks there. meanwhile, the mega millions jackpot now a whopping half a billion dollars. it is the seventh biggest of all time. there have been 34 drawings in a row with no jackpot winners. and more on hillary clinton. judge andrew napolitano, he's in europe listening to all the headlines over there. hillary not getting charged and, guess what? the judge is fired up. he's joining us next. ♪ ♪
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ashley: protests happening in baton rouge, louisiana, after the police-involved shooting death of an african-american man. witness video surfacing of alton sterling appearing to be shot by police as he is pinned to the ground. the police department says two officers have been put on administrative leave while an investigation into the shooting is taking place. be all right, first to the markets. we're going to check wall street, see what's been going on. we're trying to claw our way back to the starting point. we're till off 23 points at 17,816. we're also keeping an eye on the price of gold. it's been moving higher as a safe haven, if you like, among all the uncertainty in the world. gold up again nearly $12 at $1370 per troy ounce.
11:15 am
let's take a look at tesla, another model x crashing in autopilot mode. the driver survived the crash. the shares just down slightly to 213.25. fbi director james comey says despite being careless about e-mails, he will not recommend criminal charges. new york post cover summing it all up, the cover headline as you can see: hill skates, clinton gets away with it again. judge andrew napolitano taking time out on his vacation to share his thoughts and, judge, thank you for that. i thought of you yesterday when we heard from james comey. i want your thoughts. >> well, ashley, it's always a pleasure to be with you guys. the subject matter is such an unpleasant one. my thoughts are as they have been, that the evidence against mrs. clinton for the felony crime of espionage defined in the statutes as the knowing or grossly negligent failure to
11:16 am
safeguard state secrets that have been entrusted to you, the evidence of that is overwhelming. for director comey, who once enjoyed nearly universal applause in the law enforcement community but doesn't today, to say that she was extremely careless but not be grossly negligent is the type of nitpicking, hair-splitting word games that he ought not to be involved with. if the call is that close, they should indict her and let a jury decide if the government can meet its proof. one of the reasons that animates me so, ashley, is my familiarity with others whom the government has prosecuted for far lesser transactions under this same statute. my column at and elsewhere outline them. but briefly, we know of general petraeus who never put his calendars on the internet, he
11:17 am
just showed paper copies of them to a female friend who also enjoyed a national security clearance. we know of a young sailor who took a selfie in front of a sonar screen not realizing the sonar screen was on. he was prosecuted for espionage when he sent the selfie to his girlfriend. we know of a marine lieutenant who warned his superiors about three al-qaeda guys in an afghani encampment dressed as police but not really police. he made the mistake of sending that warning on his gmail account rather than his account. these people were presidented and con -- prosecuted and confronted with jail time for this type of behavior. josh josh judge -- >> what did comey and the fbi say? 110 secret and top secret e-mails many of which she tried to disguise, and they won't lay a glove on her. ashley: judge, is it the fbi's
11:18 am
job to decide not to prosecute? i thought they gathered the information and took it to the prosecutors and said here's what we've got? >> do you know how correct you are and how that has been the law of the land and the procedure until now? what stunt, what weird, bizarre, crazy trick occurred last week to take senior management of the justice department out of the picture? mrs. clinton's husband, former president bill clinton, showed up on the attorney general's private jet unannounced, went behind closed doors and talked to her about god knows what. they both said they talked about golf and grandchildren, and as a result of that, she was compromised, her senior aides were compromised, and the fbi had the final word. which as you just pointed out, ashley, is unheard of in the modern post-j. edgar hoover era. ashley: judge napolitano -- >> i don't know where this is going to go. the house governmental
11:19 am
committee are going to call me tomorrow, we'll see what happens. ashley: judge napolitano, we look forward to seeing you back here in new york soon. judge, thank you. >> all the best. ashley: all right. now this was a surprise, soccer star lionel messi handed a 21-month prison sentence, a spanish court finding messi and his father guilty of tax fraud. they are said to have used tax havens in south america to hide earnings. messi not expected to serve any actual time behind bars. spanish law states sentences of less than two years can be served under probation. he would have been great on the prison soccer team though. [laughter] meanwhile, california reporting its first case of zika. we've got the details. and a blast from the past. the iraq war suddenly back in the headlines. trump talks saddam hussein and a damning new report says u.k. prime minister tony blair misled the public over weapons of mass destruction. stay there. you pay your car insurance
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11:24 am
chipotle's sales and shares took a big hit last fall, take a look at a one-year chart. there it is, it's like the other side of the rockies, not pretty. deutsche bank analysts warning there's a 60% chance of a u.s. recession in the next 12 months according to the yield curve. liz is here to explain it. >> yeah, that's right. so the long, longer-term bond, the yield in that dropped below what the short-term bond is. so that's an indication that investors -- ashley: so the closer the short-term yields comes to the longer-term yield, that's bad news. >> that's an indication investors are expecting, you know what? the economy's not going to be so great, and at least twice before when that has happened in recent years, there's been a recession. deutsche bank saw this, bank of america saw this in february. and despite all the fed purchases of, you know, bonds, basically when you take that out, it is still indicating possible recession. now, what's key here too that
11:25 am
when you look at u.s. gdp growth numbers, included in those numbers is governm spending, we are basically moving toward plattelineing growth. so the -- flatlining growth. so the question is, are we already in a recession? ashley: good question. ric grenell, president obama would tell us we have a very strong economy compared to when he took it over. what are your thoughts? >> well, listen, i'll listen to e. mac all day long on these numbers, she's the expert here. ashley: she is. >> this is a president that has spent seven and a half years working with democrats to spend as much money as he can and also to tax. he's increased taxes, he's tried to find ways to, as they say, you know, take it to the rich. or income inequality. and all these buzzwords which really means just they want to spend more money, and so they're going to find people and corporations to tax.
11:26 am
you look at the facts, and the middle class especially and poor, poor people in america have not done very well under this policy of trying to increase taxes and spend a hot from the government standpoint -- a lot from the government standpoint. even, you know, or president obama who we can all celebrate as the first black president, when you think about seven years ago that he would then take the mantle up and try to bring end up black income in america and jobs for the inner city and really take that as a specialty of the economy, he did a miserable job. blacks today are doing worse than they were before president obama took over. ashley: that's a good point. >> so i think that we've got a real problem on the policy side of trying to pend more and tax more -- spend more and tax more. @just not working. -- it's just not working. ashley: get knell, thank you so much for your time today. appreciate it. >> sure, anytime. ashley: hoverboards are being
11:27 am
recalled, as the video suggests, bursting into flames. >> yeah, that's right. the government's saying you've got to recall more than half a million hoverboards. why? the battery packs are catching on fire, exploding causing burps and property damage. so far 99 reports of that happening. so they're worried about these hoverboard products. we, you and i have been covering this story for some time. ashley: we have. >> they cost anywhere from $350 to $900. ashley: wow. look how quickly they burst into flames. >> that's exactly right. between june of 2015 through may of 2016. watch out if you have a hoverboard. ashley: people in london protesting over a new report on the iraq war. it concludes that leaders misled the public. meanwhile, a terror suspect linked to the brussels airport attack, he's the man in the hat right there. he says there is a terror are network sprawling across the world. isis spreading. we've got trump eat terror guy on that -- trump's terror guy on
11:28 am
that story. and the second amendment up for debate. new gun legislation could be coming this week. the dems are out for more control, more regulation. and the main stream media seemingly relieved that hillary is off the hook. nbc news saying it was an acceptable outcome. stay right there. >> i'm here today because i believe in the hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.
11:29 am
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11:32 am
ashley: california seeing the first case of zika after a woman from fresno county contracted the disease. she went outside the country, though, it was not exactly identified where she went. the woman is expected to make a full recovery. that is not in fresno county. following a report looking into the uk's role in the iraq war and fighting involvement may have been unnecessary causing quite a stir. liz: yeah, basically the
11:33 am
report is saying and it's scathing that tony presented the case in 2007 with a certainty, which was not justified basically basing it on flawed intelligence about the iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction. now, tony coming out saying i take full responsibility for this without exception. i have great sorrow, and i apologize. but he says he would do it again. so now we're seeing protests. ashley: based on the information he was given at the time, which subsequently found you the was not true, but acted on information he believed was accurate. liz: that's correct. so london all throughout the uk we're seeing people taking to social media, taking to the streets basically protesting and his actions in the iraq war. ashley: all right. come to this country. despite saddam hussein being a bad guy, but he did some things right. take a listen.
11:34 am
>> saddam hussein was a bad guy; right? he was a bad guy. really bad guy. but you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read them rights, they didn't talk, they were a terrorist, it was over. ashley: he did that so good. fox news terrorism analyst and foreign policy adviser for donald trump. thanks again for joining us. i'm sure the media, which has already jumped on this statement. i get what he's saying kind of, but it wasn't very well put. what are your thoughts? >> what is very important about the statement, which was not landed on is saddam hussein is bad, very bad, which means all the regime, torture -- there's no denial of that. why mr. trump would make that statement, he's comparing the state of iraq today. now these terrorists are all over the place in the sunni triangle that's isis, they are between baghdad and the iranian influence.
11:35 am
so the point he's trying to make is we don't like sadda saddam hussein but look what we have. neil: well, the washington post helen praises trump's butchery. you can always take a story and run with it how you want. but that does seem to -- i mean how inaccurate -- how does that hurt donald trump when he starts praising someone who is widely regarded as a very bad man to put it in trump's words? >> yeah, the media or the camp is against him. of course they're not going to praise what he says. every statement he makes, they're going to have to try to twist it. but what's important here is ask mr. trump what would be better for him if saddam hussein was all brutality or liberal democracy -- of course he's going to choose much better situation. but asking between mr. saddam hussein and isis, he's going to tell you saddam hussein was a butcher but look what isis was doing.
11:36 am
that's the logic of his statement. ashley: got it. okay. well, the next one, the man behind the hat, the only surviving member behind the terrorist attack, he says terror cells in brussels part of a much larger network in europe and crossing borders is so simple. is that him bragging or do you think there's truth to that? >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. it's almost word for word what we have said here in the last six months in terms of assessing of course on this channel on your show as well. obviously after the attack in brussels, there was an assessment, these loan wolfs attack. no, this is a network. one of the attackers the paris attacker was declared a prince of war, which means he had 1,000 people under him, mostly foreigners in syria. so that would translate into once he moves back to the west to europe, he may have -- maybe not 1,000, but at least 100 if not dozens. ashley: and so long as the eu
11:37 am
keeps this experiment of theirs, the terrorists would be able to move freely as per eu rules wherever they want to go. >> yeah. what is almost depressing here is the fact that the eu le able to understand. every time they open those gates, quote, unquote, you have a flood of individuals coming, but isis, i mean the enemy has said we are infiltrated them. so if i am the eu, i would be paying attention to that. some countries on their own have paid enough attention. and i would even argue that some of the subject related to the isis penetration may have impacted many people in great britain and made that choice for brexit. ashley: interesting stuff. wallied, good stuff. appreciate your time. >> thank you. ashley: going back to the markets, we've been making a check, we were down almost 100 points at one point, trying our best to claw it all back, down 25 points 17,816, oil
11:38 am
down much, down just ten cents on the day. take a look at netflix downgraded to jeffries, the firm says subscriber growth -- never going to be able to say that, overseas will be challenged by did global competition, the stock down 3%. in the meantime shares of amazon hitting a lifetime high 734, backed off of that just a little bit but raising its price target to 775 bucks on amazon. that is helping the stock today. okay. the house scheduled to vote on new gun legislation but failing to agree on the terms as democrats strike down an antiterrorism package that includes the so-called no fly, no buy law. guess who's here? megan mccain has joined us. all right. my first question. thank you for being here. >> thank you. ashley: will the democrats ever be satisfied i guess until the guns are taken away? >> the guns.
11:39 am
i'm a proud nra member, i'm a big second amendment person, my family owns an absolute armory of guns between us. ashley: so do the mccontains. >> but for me in all sincerity, there's more than anything this is like talking about abortion with people on the left. it is a cultural issue, it is something people live and die by, it is something that is important in the grain and makeup of who we are as americans and a lot of people in the country and when you talk on the left, automatically i'm a baby killer. when trying to have a conversation of people on the fbi terror list and having your capacity -- ashley: what's your take on that? no fly no buy. do you think that's acceptable? >> the problem is with the fbi terror list is ted kennedy was on it at one appointment. ashley: so the list is unreliable, so you can't base gun control -- >> i do think the list is
11:40 am
unreliable. that being said if the person has been taken into the fbi numerous times, i don't have a problem with them going into a gun store and buying it immediately. could possibly want to shoot up americans, i don't have a problem -- but people on the left are, like, oh, my gosh, megan, you're like us, you're like us, and it's not the case at all. ashley: stay right there. >> sure. ashley: you can't get away. there's a hotel california in here, you can get in but you can't get out. as we mention some of the dow stocks for you, you can see what we call the heat map, the more the red, the more the market is selling off. about two-thirds lower but we're trying to come back. the dow just off some 18 points at this hour. and this. a trump supporter refused service in a mexican restaurant because of her political beliefs. she's angry, and she's here in the studio with me. plus hillary clinton, 110 classified e-mails on her server. that according to the fbi. fbi director james comey now called to testify, lawmakers
11:41 am
want to know why they let her off the hook. more varney next
11:42 am
. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief.
11:43 am
well, stocks are off the lows of the day right now. we're seeing the dow jones industrial average right now down 15 points, also one-tenth of 1% lost over 100 points snapping that four-day winning streak. you can see, though, the nasdaq giving a go, up one quarter of a percent. a ten-year bond 1.37%. gold and silver an area of safe haven as we've seen both of these metals soaring, you can see names pan american silver, these are hitting two years highs just like the metals themselves. and then we take a look at starbucks announced it's going to raise prices on july 12th. thirty cents. and we'll see but what they did do prematurely they apologize for that and put it in. mcdonald's has new sausage, yogurt, and oatmeal your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word?
11:44 am
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11:45 am
. >> i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were in charge of it. you were the official in charge. did you like the service. >> what? like what cloth or something? >> it's also something that there are work-related e-mails that were produced to state. they did not produce the state and then the lawyers then clean their devices in such a
11:46 am
way as to preclude complete forensic recovery. ashley: fbi director james comey says he won't recommend charges to hillary clinton despite her quote extreme carelessness. the mainstream media jumping all over this. the huffington post simply saying chaos averted and on nbc news a painful but acceptable outcome to e-mail saga for clinton. bread media research president, well, i know what i think about that. your thoughts. are you surprised? or when it comes to the mainstream media, you're not surprised? >> you know, i tell you it's a little bit surprising. very few people in the press yesterday had the story line that hillary clinton has been vindicated, which is what they normally do. instead, what you got from abc, nbc, cbs, and cnn were variations of she can breathe a sigh of relief, which is another way of saying we can breathe a sigh of relief.
11:47 am
and they all had that kind of attitude. but at the same time, all of them also said that this one's not over, that there is a political downside. so you got the sense that no one's buying it. not even her supporters in the press are buying this one. have made trying to spin it but even they realize this was a monstrosity yesterday. ashley: it really was. and then of course i feel lake the media making a bigger deal of the trump's retreat involving what was called with a star of david and of course trump and his camp saying, no, that's actually a sheriff's badge on that tweet. but i think much if not more attention than a major investigation by the federal bureau of investigation into our nation's secrets being put at risk. it seems very unbalanced to me. >> oh, it is. pitiful. i mean this is the kind of stuff that you look at that, and you look at this offense, and i put that in quotes by the trump campaign, and you
11:48 am
shake your head, and you say do we not have more important things to worry about? like, for example, benghazi, which was another white wash last week. and i'm not going to stop saying that. and now the e-mail servers and the fact that as rudy put yesterday on your network, which i thought was stunning, if the fbi were doing a clearance for her today, she wouldn't get any kind of clearance and yet she would like to be the president of the united states. nobody in the press is reporting that one. no one's reporting just how outrageous the outcome here is. they will try. she will try to take the ad to let's move on, move on, move on, that's what they always do. let's move on, this is over, this is behind us. i'm wondering to what degree the media will go along with this time. it's just too m. ashley: it is but these are strange times we live in.
11:49 am
brett, thank you as always for your input. >> thank you for having me. ashley: pleasure. the u.s. has more oil in the ground now an saudi arabia and russia. oil now turning positive, barrel. up, three or four cents at 46.64. it looks like at one point it was going to head above $46 a barrel. meanwhile trump's business record. she says he ruined lives in atlantic city. and one restaurant says trump fans are not woman. that woman joins us to tell us all about her story ♪
11:50 am
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11:54 am
of july street fair in new york, and i was there about an hour. and about 5:00 my friend and i wanted to go to one of our favorite restaurants for an early dinner. so we were there around 5:00, we were seated indoors -- the only ones indoors. they have an. ashley: an outside patio. >> right. where some patrons were. and we were seated and waited maybe ten minutes for the waitress to come by and take our order, and we ordered two waters, two glasses, and as soon as the order was taken, the wattress went away and another waitress came to our table and said to us specifically, sir, we can't serve you, you're going to have to leave. and we thought it was maybe a joke. but we got up, and we started
11:55 am
to walk out. and towards the front of the restaurant -- ashley: she never gave a reason. >> no. she was told to say this to us. ashley: uh-huh. >> what happened afterwards was we were walking out and the co-owner of the restaurant, when i don't recall seeing there, and i've been a patron there for over 25 years, and i have been to this location -- we've been five, ten times. and -- ashley: were you wearing a trump hat? >> i was only wearing this hat because i had come from the fourth of july, and i had my trump button. ashley: right. ashley: did you put two and two together and say they don't like the hat or did they specifically reference the hat? >> the man started shouting at me. there were two waitresses, and my friend who come to dine
11:56 am
with me and this bartender, owner, who started shouting we do not serve trump supporters, get the hell out of my restaurant immediately and don't ever come back. ashley: esther, on that note, listen to this. the restaurant has issued a statement on what happened. they say we have never and will never discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political beliefs. an employee of ours asked the patrons to leave because they were being rude to the staff. i would like to speak with those customers involved so please call the restaurant. how do you respond to that? will you get in touch with them? >> i have no comment on that right now. all i want to say is i was absolutely horrified with the character of the assassination that they did online to the press. the owner who was not even present at the time made all
11:57 am
the initial statements online and their facebook and said that i was intoxicated, which was total falsehood and radioed and we were -- ashley: are you going to try to get in touch with them? will you do that? you'll bank account? well, when you do, come back and let us know the end of the story. esther, thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. we'll have more varney of this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> hillary coming out to donald trump, liz, what do we expect? >> that she led destruction, cause people to lose jobs because his casino is going bankrupt there. he's saying back, well, it's the democratic politicians that ruined atlantic city as they have elsewhere ruining jobs across the country. >> interesting. so she does have some ammunition perhaps, but he has an answer. liz: yes firing back at her right now.
12:00 pm
>> let's take a look at the markets we were down 100 points or thereabouts during the show, we have worked so hard tirelessly to get us back to the plus side and by golly we've done it. up just about a tenth of a percent. charlecharles payne, take it away. charles: i'll do the heavy lifting from here. thank you, ashley. the e-mail saga not going away. an fbi hearing more than 24 hoursa, james comey will be forced to say why his department isn't charging. and hillary clinton going to hit donald trump on business issues. this is "cavuto: coast to coast" i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. well, initially atlantic city right now about to hammer donald trump on past bankruptcy in that city but while she's labeling him quote reckless, republicans pouncing on the fbi calling him quote careless. caitlyn hugh on both sides


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