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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 6, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> let's take a look at the markets we were down 100 points or thereabouts during the show, we have worked so hard tirelessly to get us back to the plus side and by golly we've done it. up just about a tenth of a percent. charlecharles payne, take it away. charles: i'll do the heavy lifting from here. thank you, ashley. the e-mail saga not going away. an fbi hearing more than 24 hoursa, james comey will be forced to say why his department isn't charging. and hillary clinton going to hit donald trump on business issues. this is "cavuto: coast to coast" i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. well, initially atlantic city right now about to hammer donald trump on past bankruptcy in that city but while she's labeling him quote reckless, republicans pouncing on the fbi calling him quote careless. caitlyn hugh on both sides saying is quote we
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saw really illustrated what this race is really about. hillary clinton and the e-mail of course, the fbi scolding her for her handling, her competence handling classified information and then dona hussein. so it is this roller coaster and they're each questioning
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each judgment and temperament. charles: and both sides have been successful. of course to your point each candidate doing the best they can to make these charges stick. but for hillary, i think the trustworthiness is probably the one issue that's sticking. i just saw a poll earlier today when asked about unbias opinions for each of the candidates, the trustworthiness issue with her, the honesty issue about her rings loud and clear. overwhelmingly people -- that's the first r when you look at all the miss steps by the trump campaign, you would think that this race would be a lot less competitive than it is at this point. remember in national polling right now, they're only about six points -- there's only six-point separation really between clinton and trump. and that really speaks to this trustworthy numbers. and of course the ruling yesterday or the recommendations by the fbi, again, why they weren't -- while they weren't
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recommending charges, it was really a political indictment and a criticism really of clinton's handling of classified informati you're going to see more surrogates who are popular in the democratic party out on the campaign trail for her trying to make up for what she lacks in terms of honesty and trustworthiness and popularity really. charles: yeah, i mean the enthusiasm yesterday was absolutely phenomenal. i don't think hillary clinton can recapture that. but i do want to ask you about that because it was that -- a lot of people took issue with the fact that they had this perfectly timed speech. and if you look right there on the monitor, hillary clinton standing behind the presidential seal, something very rarely done by white house any campaign event. it's not the first time it has been done but are the democrats in a certain way kind of getting ahead of
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usually about change so to speak after two terms. and so it is rare to have an incumbent president out there being this active on the campaign trail and being a -- you know, desired surrogate for members of his party, particularly the person who will want to succeed him. so that is kind of a rare occurrence in and of itself. and it really speaks to the idea that the clinton campaign wants to unite forces with the current president in many ways they're building upon his coalition, they're hoping to soprano has a lot invested in this campaign, given his legacy is at stake as well. neil: there's no doubt about it. if hillary wins this thing, it would be in large part to president obama dragging her across a finish line first.
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thanks a lot, caitlyn, i really appreciate it. >> thanks. good to see you, charles. charles: now to the investigation, the republican lawmakers are now demanding emergency hearings with the fbi director james comey. blake burman just spoke with congressman, and he's got the details on this. break. >> yeah. hi, there, charles, the fbi director james comey will now have to explain before the house oversight committee as to why his agency is not recommending prosecutors move forward against hillary clinton. he will be appearing before that committee at 10:00 tomorrow morning. it's chairman telling me a little while ago earlier this mortgage that he still has many questions for comey after yesterday's announcement. listen here. >> i want to understand the basics. what is the difference in his mind between gross negligence and extreme carelessness. they seem to be synonyms. i don't understand the difference. also made some strong allegations that her attorneys had purposely destroyed
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hardware in such a way that they couldn't piece this case back together. are there consequences for that? >> now, insists that the hearing shouldn't, viewed as political theater but many democrats certainly see it that way. for one in a statement here speaking before comey, and i am quoting since republicans disagree with his recommendation, they are going to do what they always do. using taxpayer funds to continue investigating their baseless claims in an effort to bring down secretary clinton's poll numbers. that from the top democrat on that committee this morning. charles, before i leave you, i should also mention that the attorney general, loretta lynch is scheduled to testify before congress next week as well. charles: all right. blake burman, thanks a lot. i really appreciate it. i'm going to get reaction now from government affairs committee ron johnson on what they're planning to get out of all of this. sir, thank you very much for joining us. political theater -- and, by the way, ultimately can this decision be changed by
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congress? >> well, charles i don't believe it's political theater, i think there's some very legitimate questions that need to be asked about this investigation and the conclusions that the director comey came to. asking that exact same question. what is the difference between extreme carelessness and gross negligence? it does sound like a synonym to me as well. so i think chairman chase is correct there. there are more questions here. i want to know how much did this investigation -- and it almost sounds like there's a foregone conclusion moving into it based on the conclusion here, how much did it cost american taxpayers? how much did the fbi spend on this? how much did the state department spend on this? i think those are legitimate questions to come. how much did hillary clinton's extreme carelessness cost american taxpayers? so, again, there are a lot of questions. it will be interesting to see what chairman determines or finds out tomorrow. charles: senator johnson, also i think the american public would love to understand what
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happened during that three-hour interrogation slash interview with hillary clinton. did she plead the fifth? was she given an opportunity to put a foot in the mouth. let's forget martha stewart didn't go to jail for insider trading but botching the interview process. can we get answers along those lines? >> again, it's a very interesting question. what did happen there? i'm also hearing right now is it true that hillary clinton is floating the possibility of potentially allowing loretta lynch to continue on as attorney general? i mean that has -- gives me great cause for concern. but, charles, my concern in this has always been the national security implications of hillary clinton's extreme carelessness. i mean what were this top secret e-mails about? to what extent if our enemies had access to this, and i think we have to assume they did, to what extent were our national security jeopardized? our homeland security jeopardized. to me, those are the questions that have to be answered as well. so, again, there are a lot of
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questions here. i think we're a long ways from having them all answered. charles: do you think, though, -- we've seen these hearings over the last several years, and one of the more frustrated things watching it -- just as a concerned citizen, is a sort of disdain that the obama administration or team seem to have for these hearings from the attorney general from pling the fifth to not answering questions straight, and it makes it feel like a theater, a waste of time. we've seen it from benghazi to other hearings. i don't want to -- how high should we set the bar of expectations for this? >> well, it's unfortunate. remember this administration came into office saying they're going to be most transparent in history. i would argue they're running morro more opaque we basically got homeland security and governmental affairs, it's been like pulling teeth getting information out of this energize. so i generally go the route of
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oversight first. i try to solicit as much voluntarily to answer my questions in written form and then if i find more questions that require public hearing, that's the approach i'm using. so we're going to be writing a lot of oversight letters, we're going to try to get a lot of answers but, again, my focus has been to what extent are our national security secrets been put at risk? charles: yeah, senator johnson, unfortunately, everyone knows but thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks. charles: i want to turn to the markets, the despite british exit worries, the dow was lower, we peaked into the high of the session, there are certain trends going on including the flight of safety, your ten-year yield hit a low today, that's also reversing but remember that's coming off an all time intraday low. investors turning gold and silver as well. gold at a two-year high.
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martin, let me tell you what i'm telling my clients that good news is good news. last week we saw good news on manufacturing two days in a row. the market woke up out of a sleepy slumber and related strongly. today we just got the ism nonmanufacturing data. that's why i peg this turn around to. do you see anything else going beyond that? >> i think you're right, charles. i mean i see this range bound market that tends to trade up around what? 2,100 on the s&p and then maybe fall back to 2,000 and kind of hang in there. i think you're totally right, though. i think good news is definitely needed news these days because you have the federal reserve that can still be doveish with the brexit vote with the low interest rates everywhere. but what we don't want to see is the markets participants as the economy falls off the cliff because let's face it. the fed doesn't have a ton of bullets left. some of the data says it's not. charles: isn't that the narrative, though? even before the bresh exit vote but even more so now, japan with the negative interest rates and the yen is
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going to all-time highs, germany with negative interest rates, and you see a slippery slope with the eu purchase maybe central banks have run out of bullets or their bullets don't matter anymore. >> i think that's the key point. i think the central banks have lost all faith in credit, at least the markets lost all faith in credit and what the central planners can do, charles. and it's a dangerous game because what has happened in the years leading up to where we are today, the central bankers have been the ones that have helped prop up these equity prices. they're the ones that have destroyed the currencies. so the day that the central banks can't influence these markets anymore, you're going to have a new regime on your hands. charles: let me ask you about the range bound issue we've talked about. certainly we've been in that area for a long time. do you tell investors to wait for this to be broken on the upside or downside before making your next big move? >> yeah. we're telling our clients to temper your expectations with regard to, say, equity returns. i don't think there's a lot left in the equity market this
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year, at least until we get past the presidential election. but i think there are other areas that will provide that good risk adjusted return. we talked about it earlier, gold on this show, that still continues to be a big asset class for us and don't fear your u.s. bonds i know the ten-year treasury at 1.3% sound crazy, but i think we're going to 1%. so ten-year bonds for me is are still a good-bye here. charles: all right. scott martin. thank you very much. appreciate it. the biggest bubble of them all. but it keeps going. hey, we're monitoring hillary clinton right now to see if she makes any comments on the fbi recommendation. but coming up next art laugher whole different set of problems you guy's be good. i'll see you later
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charles: breaking news for you and another one for bernie sanders. hillary clinton just now announcing that she would further expand debt-free college, in fact, her campaign just saying as president she would issue an executive order that would eliminate tuition for quote working families. to american conservative union chairman on how republicans can counter this promise of giveaways particularly like this. now, matt, let me alert the audience. ultimately families making 25,000 dollars or less will have no tuition for instate college universities, the clinton pointing out that's 85% of families in america begins immediately at 85,000 and every year it phases in a higher and higher bracket. that's a huge give away, gets a lot of bernie sanders voters affordable for folks. they love the idea of the
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government stepping in between the students and their parents and this tuition bill and paying it for them. and i don't think that's going to solve any of our problems in higher education where we see so much of it pedaling this left wing ideology to our kids. and i think we need more competition in college not more government giveaways. charles: right. to your point, matt, the audience should know that college has surpassed all forms of debt. the highest out there. we're not talking about mortgages. over a trillion dollars a lot of this has come since president obama came in office. got rid of the middle man, the government rubber stamping all of these things, major college campuses with these storms, it looks like vigils for rich people and there's no competition. so, again, hillary's elected president, you're a college professor, order that new mercedes-benz but ultimately, matt, someone will have to pay for this and we're seeing people -- the default rates getting higher and higher in these things at some pointcan't.
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colleges are not matched with the economy, and i think the market has to help fix that problem. a new government program is going to make it worse. charles: well, you know, when you say that, i remember about four or five years ago the government in china got rid of all majors that weren't going to create any opportunity. so poetry, basket weaving, out. okay. computer coding in. you know, we -- how does the government influence something like that? or is it just the fact that maybe if there were the middle
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man brought back and someone has financial fiduciary responsibility, they wouldn' i n is trying to do the standard thing, which is i will offer you something free. and there's no cost to this freebie. but we all know that that's not the way it ends up working. somebody has to pick up the bill and in this case ore checks going to liberal institutions that aren't serving our kids well. charles: yeah, i tell you what, though. it does pose a challenge in
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the general election the millennials are now the largest age group out there. we understand nothing is free forever but getting that message through is not always easy. matt, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: fox business will be live throughout both conventions. it all starts monday, july 18th. we will be there. and in the meantime take a look at these markets, guys, rebounding after earlier losses. it was that manufacturing data, at least that's my opinion, nonmanufacturing data the service sector of the economy, the biggest jump since february of 2008. now more than half of the dow you can see it's in the positive territory. sentenced to jail but why he might not see any time behind bars? but he is going to have to break out the checkbook. next [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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. charles: argentinian soccer sensation messi has been found guilty by spanish courts along
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with his father have been sentenced to 21 months in jail but no jail time will be served since neither has the a criminal record and under spanish law, first time offenses sentences under 21 months means that those sentences can be suspended. of course messi is going to have to write a big check. was just listed as one of forbes top athletes, flaking $84 million last year alone. and the uk british exit vote in order and now the request to replace david ram ron. ashley webster with the latest. ashley, i've got to tell you. what bortz me is every time the bank of england opens their mouth, it sounds like he does more carnage than anything else. are they trying to make this a worst-case scenario? >> well, no, but they are, charles, to your point last time he spoke they basically said even though we are here to provide whatever the system needs, whatever the banks need, et cetera, et cetera. he also said in the same
12:26 pm
breath that the economy what we thought would happen in the event of an exit vote, all of it is crystallizing. it's exactly what we thought, and that spooked the market. they're, like, uh-oh all the dire predictions of armageddon, the bank of england is saying it is kind of happening but don't worry we've got you covered. and of course that's a double negative for a message, isn't it? and i think the markets are reacting to that. charles: yeah, double negative message and messenger if you will. >> yes. charles: but speaking of that, the messengers of the leave campaign, they're out. i don't understand that. you know, david cameron's out. what the heck is going on with leadership over there? because that's adding to the confusion. >> it is. and very unexpected, charles. we all thought that if they voted to leave the eu, that david cameron would have to step down because he was such a leading the romaine campaign and boris johnson, one of the main leaders of the exit campaign would put right in. in fact, he was a favorite, people like him among the
12:27 pm
conservative party but then all the nasty and the knives took effect. boris leaving cameron in the first place to campaign, to get out of the eu was considered pretty bad form. and then we had michael, who basically stuck a knife in the back of boris by -- he was supposed to support boris and his conservative role. he said, no, i'm better than boris. boris isn't ready for the job. what a mess. teresa may is certainly the favorite. she is i guess steady measured hand, and i think that she will be the one to beat. she will be the first women since maggie thatcher. i think she's up to the job. but it's just adding to all of this uncertainty and, you know, the nigel says see you later and now everyone screaming to step down reducing to budge. so bottom line huge power vacuum, what a mess. charles: the guy who should quit is staying and boris
12:28 pm
johnson saying to go. >> yeah. charles: real quick i have to ask you about teresa may because she was campaigning for romaine and now going to become the next prime minister. how does that work? >> well, it doesn't work well. she was what they called a very soft remain, she says, well, the people have spoken, and i respect what they have said. she's -- she worked at the bank of england for a lock time. the only child of a priest. the epitome of slow and steady but there are questions as to how aggressive in the negotiations, her administration with the eu if she really harborers the desire to stay here. charles: and she does have that pedigree. >> she does. charles: i'm glad you're here to help sort it out. >> it's confusing.
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charles: it really is. and to mcdonald's they're expanding their all day breakfast menu this fall. going to add mcgriddles to the mix so if you're watching waistline, watch out, it could be tougher. up next could clinton's cozy relationship with the white house actually benefit donald trump? charlie gasparino, here's going to be here on that. and then looking at tesla, down again. why the problems there could just be starting i have asthma...
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. charles: right now hillary clinton taking the stage and taking down donald trump's business record in atlantic city and just took a shot at governor chris christie of new jersey pumping up the white house but former economic adviser art laugher says the obama economy economic record is really nothing to crow about. art, i heard to that joint campaign stop if you will with the obama -- president obama and hillary clinton yesterday. and this is what they're going to say to the american public. they're going to say he ended the 2008 recession melt down, which was the worst of the great depression. he's had over 70 plus a month of jobs growth, the unemployment at 5% and can you tell the deficit in half. why wouldn't she tout those things? >> well, those are all true and all things she probably will tout, charles.
12:34 pm
but if you look at the true record, i mean the unemployment rate has dropped dramatically not because these people got jobs because they left the labor force, we have a low amount of population and it has dropped and even the only reason we're creating any jobs as of late is because of population growth not because people lost jobs are getting jobs. and when you look at the overall economy, this is the single worst recovery in the u.s. history and the reason we had the great reseg, in my view, and i know others disagree, but it's because of obama's policies and w's, by the way. w was equally as bad as obama. but i never heard of a poor person spending themself into wealth. it's just stupid. it makes no sense. but that's what they try to do and they caused the great recession. how is that for an answer? . charles: that's a pretty good answer but if you're donald trump, and you had to stick to one thing, would it be -- because that would be too complicated for the average person with a very short
12:35 pm
attention span if you can't get it in a quick sound byte, would it be those things which you talked -- because i think the allergic person knows one thing. their paycheck hasn't moved. >> it hasn't moved at all. you're exactly right on that and also they aren't finding time to get good high paying jobs. they aren't. everyone who just looks around can see has been here, and it has been here for a long time. i mean a long time. and they're frustrated. if you look at the polls are you satisfied with the way things are? people are not satisfied with the way things are. if you look at the elections that state and local levels or the federal level, there's a huge shift away from the democrats and touting this economy only in my mind gets people to focus more on the troubles they have. they should just be quiet about the economy and talk about hillary's e-mail record. . charles: yeah, yeah, that's a good one. you know what's interesting, i want to bring in charlie gasparino, guys, on one hand people are disappointed with the direction of the country and on the other hand, president obama's approval
12:36 pm
ratings are going through the roof. it's paradoxical. >> yeah. some of it is, like, he's the tallest midget in the room. charles: that's right. >> u hillary clinton who's -- i mean as we learned yesterday was at most -- that was pretty corrupt what we heard yesterday from james comey as to what she did, what she knew she did, and the impact of what she did on national security. that was corruption. on the other hand you have donald trump who said some wildly outrageous stupid things and some of it is racist. in the middle you have somebody that comes across -- charles: you say that a lot. what's the racist thing that you think donald trump is saying? >> well, i thought when he mentioned the -- when he attacked the judge over the judge's heritage, he could have attacked him as an obama appointee, as a liberal, as a jerk. charles: right. >> but when you attack someone for their heritage the fact that his father is from mexico, he's an american,
12:37 pm
that's when you start playing into racism. as paul ryan says that's textbook racism right there. charles: well, one thing to your point, donald trump had momentum in the polls, when he said that, he lost all momentum. >> you have these two people flailing at each other not looking very smart, and you have president obama, which is a very eloquent speaker in the middle. the real question in my view he's all hat no cackling. this economy is lousy. lousy wage growth, the unemployment rate is going down because people are dropping out of the workforce. and, you know, you would think if you can make a real good argument, you should be able to -- if you're a businessman like donald trump is, you should be able to -- charles: this is why hillary clinton, we've got her on the screen right now is going after donald trump and his wheelhouse. i'm not sure if it's smart or not. but it is an interesting tact i go to say, hey, he's not a great businessman and left a lot of broken promises. on top of that, you know, we just got this hillary clinton new college proposal, and it's a doozy.
12:38 pm
families making 125 grand or less will have no tuition in state public schools, universities, no tuition, 80% of the population. forget about who pays for it. you know, she's distinctly going for that bernie sanders crowd right now. >> yeah. well, what she's doing is giving people who already have too many free things even more free things. it's ridiculous. you know, but -- and some. charles: it's ridiculous to a brilliant guy like you who understands the ultimate economic ramifications but is it ridiculous to the voting public? >> yes. it's ridiculous to the voting public. and they know. the voting public is not stupid and frankly this whole election, and i think charlie will agree with me, this whole election is all a referendum on the incumbent. and, you know, it's hillary's to lose or hillary's to win, but i don't think she can win it. >> i think, you know, it should be and, you know, but i think you have a non-transitional candidate and donald trump was making it a referendum on him -- i mean, listen, does it surprise you that hillary clinton is trying to put a lipstick on the pig
12:39 pm
of a obama economy and her economy that she would say things how great things are and -- i get it. and everyone knows it's not true. someone who says she didn't receive any classified information. she's a patent liar. why would you lie about the economy? what am i missing? [laughter] >> you're not missing anything, charlie. charles: anything that she says from now on, you have to put an asterisk next to it because it was -- you know, james comey made it official yesterday. but, again, having said that these are politicians, they talk themselves into office, the public listens, and i know there at times when you see the public vote on things that i think they've got completely wrong. but they were swayed into doing it. and that's the argument here. who will have the most persuasive argument -- >> but, charles,. charles: whether it makes economic sense or not. >> if trump doesn't go the economic way of the 20%
12:40 pm
corporate tax, bringing jobs back make america great again be attractive, you may be right but frankly i think he's going to go that way. he may say off-the-cuff remarks that are not attractive, and i find them somewhat unattractive as well. but i think the driving force here is what james used to say, it's the economy, stupid. and the economy is terrible and -- charles: real quick, charlie. >> yeah. i hope art is right. but he should have been doing it already. i mean he should have been there already. charles: yeah. >> and he hasn't, he's waiting way too long to make that argument. charles: there's always the convention and that reboot if you will. thanks a lot, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: the treasury hitting an all-time record low in a yield, so what exactly does that mean for your money? we'll tell you in 90 seconds ♪ music
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before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. . >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the stocks move over to the unchanged sign again the dow is up 30 but we're going to take a look at the bond yields across the globe as everybody is trying to flock to areas that are a little bit more safe as they worry about global economies, and we've even seen -- elites lets take a look at the german one year bond yields which move below zero for the very first time ever. well, that happens because everyone is blocked to a safety of sovereign debt. we saw the banks in japan and europe already trying to stimulate the economies and then you put the british exit vote on top. taking a look at the ten-year
12:43 pm
from germany. that too has been hitting record lows. why do people put their money here? it's the safest area even when it's negative they lose money. here at home has been hovering around record lows. you can see here that we have that under pressure as well. as everybody flocks to safety as they worry about the global y
12:44 pm
. charles: hillary clinton slamming donald trump's business record. let's take a listen for a moment.
12:45 pm
>> make sure he never has the chance to bankrupt america the way he bankrupted his businesses. [cheers and applause] i just want you to take all this information and tell everybody you can. because people need to make an informed choice. so when trump says he's for working men and women for america but trump furniture is made in turkey instead of lakewood, new jersey, that matters. trump suits were made in mexico instead of ashland, pennsylvania. trump lamps are made in china, not pennsylvania. if he wants to make america great again, maybe he should start by actually making things in america again.
12:46 pm
[cheers and applause] and that's not all, donald trump stood on the debate stage and said american wages are too high. he wants to get rid of the federal minimum wage. his campaign said let's sell off america's assets. where do we start? the statue uof liberty? these bad ideas just keep coming. and he wants to wipe out on the the big banks on the financial crisis. he's rigged over wall street all over again, so we shouldn't be surprised. of course he would be protecting a system where the rich and powerful stick it to everybody else.
12:47 pm
he got rich playing by those rules, and he wants to keep it that way. he says he's a businessman and this is what businessmen do. well, as cnn pointed out, no major company in america has filed chapter 11 more often in the last 30 years than trump's casinos. so, no, this is not normal behavior. [cheers and applause] now, look, there are great companies in america. men and women who care about their workers and the people they do business with and want to build something that lasts, they're decent, they're honest, some might even make fine presidents, they would never dream of acting like donald trump. in america, we don't begrudge people being successful. that's part of the american dream. but we do if they get rich by destroying other people in the
12:48 pm
process. so let's just make sure we don't put a person like this with his empty promises and his lifetime of selfishness in a position to destroy our laves. and this isn't about democrats versus republicans, this goes far beyond that. donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. [cheers and applause] so we can't let him roll the dice with our children's futures. we need to write a new chapter in the american dream, and it sure cannot be chapter 11. [cheers and applause] so let's prove that this fall. the value of hard work treats people with dignity, works to raise wages, not lower them. we believe in america where small businesses are respected, not scammed, and i
12:49 pm
have a plan to make sure big businesses can't stiff suppliers and contractors like donald's been doing for years. on this beautiful day in this historic city, we believe in america where people of all religions and races get an equal shot and our economy works for everyone, not just those at the top. so let's carry that message all across america. let's fight hard and win in november and then let's get to work delivering results to the american people. thank you, all, so much. [cheers and applause] . charles: hillary clinton laying it on pretty thick there going after donald trump in atlantic city where some of his casinos in the past have had to file for bankruptcy protection. i want to bring on deirdre
12:50 pm
bolton with a reaction. deirdre la heavy there, huh? >> thick and heavy but we were discussing this yesterday. now that fbi probe the clinton camp can say more or less behind her, thousand on the issues that matter to voters. that's jobs, that's the economy, you and i were breaking down the jobs data from the last report. manufacturing was down to say jobs in manufacturing. the economy keeps losing them for the third consecutive month. so all of these things are coming to the forefront of voter's minds and hillary clinton's speech today really trying to, well, gain a little bit of a foot up on them. charles: well, hillary took a huge hit with comments she made about coal minors, and it feels like she's trying to mitigate that a little bit with comments donald trump has made in the past. i think on the debate stage of people making too much money of course going after him wanting to get rid of the minimum wage, sell u.s. assets, these are things that she hit him on.
12:51 pm
but maybe one of the things front door pr point of view is hitting on manufacturing items outside the country the central plank on his platform. >> indeed and i think as far as the strategy goes, the community strategy goes of her campaign, that was the right thing to do; right? if you were running her campaign, you would do that as well. so donald trump is going to have to address those because as you rightly point out, i mean bringing profits home has been a huge theme for him. he has gone head-to-head with the ceo of apple particular cook saying, yeah, apple's successful. guess why? there's a few reasons. one thing is they manufacturer everything in china and then keep a lot of their money overseas. so he i'm sure will answer to that. charles: i had him on my show and said why not get rid of repatriation tax? i think we would get billions rolling in. but we'll see a battle just now. >> i know art laugher saying if donald trump comes out with 15% corporate tax, that just cuts through everything.
12:52 pm
charles: the supply side of economics. thanks a lot, deirdre. right now titans and media in sun valley, id. let's just say bill making isn't right now at the top of their list. usually is you both have a
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
12:55 pm
switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> the taliban remains a threat. they've gained ground in some cases and continue attacks instead of going down to 5,500 troops by the end of those year, the united states will maintain approximately 400 troops through the end of next year. charles: that was president obama saying he plans to leave more troops in afghanistan than previously planned. on what this means.
12:56 pm
peter, certainly an admission that there's some failures certainly maybe the capitalist is all wrong but even he admitted the taliban is certainly has been very unsuccessful as of late but alerting the enemy on how many troops, alerting the enemy on your time schedule. none of that has helped, has it? >> no. i've never been a fan of timetables. i mean you have to base your military operations on conditions on the ground, and you're right to point out that the taliban has doubled down. lasting fall they took the fifth largest city in afghanistan. last fall also took out two al-qaeda -- or last year took out two al-qaeda training camps in afghanistan and isis is trying to get a foot hold there. so things are not going as well as we had hoped. i think the president did that, charles, because he's going over a nato summit. he's leaving shortly -- that would be the end of the week, and i think he's also wanting to pressure nato to up their resources. money and troops to the afghan effort. .
12:57 pm
charles: all right, peter, we're going to have to cut it short there. >> i understand. charles: we've got a lot more coming up, including a chilling warning from the terrorists who we know as the man in the hat.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
charles: this is cavuto coast to coast, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, and this hour we're awaiting reaction from the white house in yesterday's fbi findings. we will bring them to you as any new developments come in. but first, from the backlash over eml to the fierce back and forth over the economy, hillary clinton is in atlantic city just now blasting donald trump's business record there as donald trump is blasting hillary clinton's state department record. take a listen. >> what he did for his businesses and his workers is nothing to brag about. [applause] in fact, it's shameful.
1:01 pm
>> hillary clinton, who's weak, who's ineffective, she'll never be able to do the job -- >> donald trump cannot do the job for american workers and businesses. [cheers and applause] >> her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on e-mails. who would do it? look at her judgment. her judgment is horrible. charles: and donald trump just responding to clinton's attack with, quote: it's an effective and commonly-used practice in business to use bankruptcy proceedings to restructure a business and, ultimately, save jobs. nobody understands the economy like i do, and no one -- especially not crooked hillary clinton -- will do more for the economy than i will. critics saying each candidate has a strong case for who is better with the economy. to charlie kirk, sarah westwood and david mercer. charlie, let me start with you and news that just came out with hillary clinton essentially saying free college for 80% of the population. you know, you go to college campuses a lot, you talk to
1:02 pm
millennials a lot trying to change some of the progressive mindsets. this is a biggie, isn't it? >> yeah, and a rather predictable one. hillary clinton has no record to run on. in fact, if she tried, it actually hurts her. so she's just going to do the bernie sanders thing which is promise a bunch of flee stuff to try to get more people into the democratic ranks. and hillary clinton's an incredibly flawed candidate. unfortunately, for us conservatives i think we're close to nominating someone who's close to being as flawed. but, look, hillary clinton is going to do what democrats do best which is promise a bunch of free stuff and try to get more people dependent on the federal government. and she's perfecting that model rather well right now. charles: donald trump released a statement saying i've built a tremendously successful business which created tens of thousands of jobs out of hundreds of businesses i've owned over the decades, hundreds of deals and transactions. only four instances where he had
1:03 pm
to go through the bankruptcy process. that's a pretty good business track record are, isn't it? >> right. and it's hard for hillary clinton to hit donald trump on things like filing for bankruptcy when donald trump himself embraces those past dealings because he says it's evidence that he knows how to manage an organization, and he knows exactly what loop holes and weaknesses exist in our economy and our business structure because he's taken advantage of them in the past. so it's hard for the argument to be effective when donald trump is not running away from it. in fact, he's running on his business record. charles: yeah. unlike mitt romney who got caught up with the notion of running away from his own tremendous success, in my mind, giving away the election. donald trump not making that mistake. but, david, hillary clinton though going hot and heavy. and i guess he's going to have to answer this whenever they finally meet in a sort of, the next time they meet each other one-on-one. she took donald trump to task for his furniture being maded in turkey, the suits in mexico.
1:04 pm
i guess this is what the promises, promises and promises. but we also -- charles: but he does have a track record though of success. >> charles, might i finish? i only got one sentence out -- shipping jobs overseas, one. secondly, he's got 3500 lawsuits pending in courts. he's going to have to answer there first before the american people make a judgment as well. but i'm sure they'll factor that in when it comes to electing the next president of the united states. because how can you have 3500 lawsuits against you in your business dealings and a record of, what, bankruptcies? what, we should all go into bankruptcy because that'll make be us all better?
1:05 pm
give me a break. [laughter] >> how many fbi investigations? how many fbi investigations has donald trump -- >> 3500 lawsuits, i'll keep repeating it. >> there's an old expression, if you're not getting sued, you're not doing enough business. donald trump has done an extraordinary job building a great, successful company. >> wow. [laughter] >> hillary clinton has dead bodies on her record in benghazi. she has an open fbi investigation which many people now believe -- >> 20 attacks under bush with 87 fatalities, okay? charles: hold on, let me bring sarah in, guys -- >> other people's money for her own personal gain. charles: sarah, listen, anyone who's in business understands you're taking a risk, and i think one of the issues with our country and this anemic economy is so many americans are afraid to take risks. there's a lot to be said about it even when it entails failure. >> exactly. you don't build an organization as large as donald trump's
1:06 pm
without accumulating also a record that has things on it that maybe aren't so great. but to the argument that donald trump moving his business operations overseas in some instances somehow being an argument against his support for workers, i mean, donald trump has acknowledged that the incentive structure pushes these companies overseas, and he knows that firsthand because he's experienced it in his business. and he is staunchly opposed to trade deals that's created that economic situation since the beginning. and hillary clinton has not. so workers sympathize with donald trump more because they recognize that his opposition to these big trade deals are key to bringing those business operations back on american soil. >> charles, if i might add, i think what your viewers most stand by is practice what you preach. and you can't stand in front of tens of thousands of people and talk about making america great while you're not mentioning that you've been shipping jobs overseas to the very -- and denying the very people in the middle class who are in front of
1:07 pm
you that you have done just that. that is what the record is, and i grant him to run on it all he wants. charles: sarah? >> donald trump is not making the argument that companies should view it as their patriotic duty to keep jobs on american soil -- >> what is he arguing then? [laughter] >> he's arguing that the economy should be structured so that companies are incentivized economically to stay in america. and he knows that that's not the case now because that's what he's experiencing. charles: all right, guys, very spirited, to say the least. i appreciate it. hey, want to switch gears and get back to the markets because now we're gaining a little bit of traction to the upside. investors, though, still eyeballing those safe havens. some moves into these blue chip names, but look at the ten-year treasury yield, is.38, that's near -- 1.38%, that's near an all-time low. japan's benchmark touching negative territory, $11 trillion in global debt is in negative territory.
1:08 pm
to bob weeder meyer who remains cautious. bob, the source of your concern about the stock market is it steeped in the economy in general or something else that has you worried? >> yeah, well, it's both. it's kind of fragile. it's steeped in the economy, which steeped in the monetary policy. the reality is this market's gone up with money printing, and we have been doing massive money printing since august of 2014. and notice the market hasn't gone up. so i'm concerned about any bad economic news, any bad news like brexit pushing it down when it doesn't have that support from very loose monetary policy, lots of printing money. charles: you know, these aren't dumb people at these central banks. >> no. charles: they are world class economists, and they have a sense of history. what do you think is driving this? is the action in and of itself sort of a mission of desperation? >> it's a great question, charles, and that's exactly what i think it is. it's a panic, not a plan. the reality is what if they
1:09 pm
didn't do all this massive stimulus? you'd have big problems. i think you'll have bigger problems down the road, but you certainly don't right now like you would have if you didn't. so i think they're squaring, they're worried -- squirming, they're smart, but they're up against the wall, and this is what's working for now, and i think they're going to keep doing it until it doesn't work. charles: and then the notion of eventually letting all these economies take off the training wheels, remove the punch bowl, whatever you want to use cliche, at some point they've got to come to that point, right? they've got to come to that fork in the road, no? >> i'd say not really, not a chance in the world. i don't think they're going to want to raise interest rates, and they're not, and i don't think they're going to want to take the training wheels off. the only way they'll do it is they'll be forced off. if you can print money and not get inflation, big problems, why not keach doing it? i think it's only when you get problems from printing money that they won't do it. charles: yeah. you've just got to worry, though, when that happens, is it sort of like the train is so
1:10 pm
close that you can't move out of the way then? >> we'll see. charles: thanks a a lot, buddy, really appreciate it. want to held out west what media and tech mow absolutelies -- moguls are kicking off the conference in sun valley. adam shapiro, this year the brexit disorder seems like it's probably going to be a big topic? >> reporter: it's one of the big topics, charles. let me show you some video of some of the big names that have already shown up here. you've got barry diller, you've got justin trudeau from canada, you've got shari redstone embroiled in the legal battles for control of her father's company. you've got tim cook from am, i actually had a conversation with him this morning -- apple. when i say conversation, i said good morning, mr. cook, may i interview you, and he said, no, you may not. that was my conversation with tim cook. they are very key on seat gettig into these meetings, and they're hearing from justin trudeau. sheryl sandberg will be speaking later on, and they're talking about, among other thing,
1:11 pm
brexit. commerce secretary penny pritzker's going to be here as well talking about the u.s. economy and brexit. but we were concerned about media, so we had a chance to talk to barry diller, and one of the questions that he was asked had to do with the transformation of everything going necessarily not from tv to digital, but to streaming and to online web as well as mobile. and the loss of maybe original content. is and here's what he said. >> you've got, essentially, more buyers than you've ever had, but you also have so much more consolidation and so few actual decision makers. >> reporter: and so he's concerned, mr. diller's concerned about a loss of creative new content. he thinks it's all looking very cookie cutter and all the same. as for the wheeling and dealing, charles, no word yet on mega deals that might have come out, but if history is any indicator, there will be something struck at this conference. you know, air bnb is here,
1:12 pm
perhaps an ipo coming up down the road. but, you know, history -- what was it, verizon's $4.4 billion with ao to l, that scheme got hatched here, and $250, jeff bezos bought "the washington post." maybe we can pick up some crumb ares. charles: well, in the meantime, i hope they're paying you combat pay for all these tough assignments, adam. [laughter] berlin, sun valley, i'm in the studio. >> reporter: i've got to tell you, it is proof that god blessed america. idaho, it is stunning here. charles: it is. thanks a lot, adam. [audio difficulty] can a toothpaste do everything well?
1:13 pm
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: a new warning from the so-called man in the hat, mohamed abrini, identified in the brussels airport attack as telling law enforcement officials the terror cells in paris and brussels were part of a much larger network and using europe's open borders to move around, pretty easy. to former arizona governor jan brewer on similar dangers lurking here. some people say these guys when they're caught, they like to brag and maybe exaggerate, but law enforcement officials are really unnerved by what they're hearing particularly about the open, the porous to, open borders there. >> well, you know, charles, we all realize that we need high security, and these people, these terrorists, they're like roaches. they are everywhere. and we haven't done a good job
1:17 pm
here in the united states, nor in europe and other places to protect the people that are living there. we've got to get a control on this and, certainly, being from arizona i know how porous our borders are, and these people that want to kill us are everywhere. and it's unfortunate that we don't have an administration that picks it up. i understand the president today left the number in afghanistan at 8400 which is good, which is good, but, you know, what -- we're just catching up. we need a full affront against the terrorism that's taking place in world. charles: yeah. it always feels like we're leading from behind or fighting from behind. i don't know what the magic number should be, but i really wish the directive was to fight the war to win it. not because the taliban has had a few victories of late, but let's crush them once and for all. to that point, you mentioned our porous borders and the administration, president obama
1:18 pm
still bringing in syrian refugees, and hillary clinton wants to really take that program, in fact, increase it by up to 500%. >> we need to know who's coming into our country. i think the people of america, of the united states, they want to be assured that these people are properly vetted. things are out of control, and if hillary clinton is reelected, this is only going to become a bigger problem and a bigger issue. we ought not to be fearful of living in the united states of america. that's what our federal government does. they're supposed to protect us, and they haven't done it for the last seven and a half years. and we need to make 'em. they need to be made to protect us. that's their first and most responsibility. charles: governor, i also want to ask you about some news that just came out moments ago, tennessee senator bob corker withdrawing himself as a potential running mate for donald trump.
1:19 pm
a lot of people say you're still on that short list. what do you make of senator corker's decision? >> well, i think that he would have been a good vice president. i don't know why he decided that he wanted to withdraw his name. i don't know what the circumstances were, but, you know, it's unfortunate because i think that donald will make a wise choice and announcement. i think pretty soon. we're all awaiting that notice. charles: last week when you were going to appear on my show and you tweeted it out, donald trump retweeted it twice. it's obvious that he admires and likes you. do you think that you're still on the list, the short list at least? >> well, you know, i really don't. i have not been vetted. i have not been vetted. i'm in contact with the campaign, but i think that donald has a lot of good people from which to the choose and that he will make that decision, somebody that he can work with, somebody that understands a lot of the policy that he's not real familiar with. of course, he'll learn and will
1:20 pm
make a great choice for america, someone who will support him and support the people of the united states to do what's right. charles: and i don't want to put you on the spot because you are close to him, but you just brought up something interesting. there are two camps, one who believes it should be completely outrageous because, after all, if he ran the primaries the way the pundits said, he wouldn't be the nominee right now. on the other hand, they're saying, hey, when you get in the white house, you're going to need someone to help you navigate this place. it's just not that simple. what side of that do you fall on? >> i think that he'll probably choose somebody that understands policy. i think policy is really, really important and somebody that will stand up to him and might not always agree with him to lay everything on the table so that he can make a good decision. i think that donald is a great listener ands has great -- and has great qualities as far as leadership. and if he has the right people surrounding him that will, that lay out the issues, the material in front of him, that he is more
1:21 pm
than capable of making the right tradition for us. charles: yeah. someone who's not necessarily on to she question yous. -- on she question yous. governor, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. >> see you, charles. charles: oil prices rebounding today after yesterday's major collapse, so what's behind the rally? we're going to break it all down for you next. ♪ ♪
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
charles: half a million hoverboards are now being recalled after reports that a dozen of them have burst into flames, battery packs exploding, causing burns. the hoverboards are produced and distributed by ten companies inlewding segway -- including segway, all among them. oil in the meantime bouncing back, remember yesterday that big 5% drop. want to go out to jeff flock and
1:25 pm
phil flynn at the cme. jeff, what do you -- what's going on here? >> reporter: phil says there ought to be gas-driven hoverboards, there wouldn't be explosions. >> exactly. it would help the demand situation. >> reporter: we've got a rebound, we're up 75 cents in oil, but charles points out, we're on a roller coaster. >> we are on a roller coaster. the market was looking for any sign in the universe that maybe the global economy isn't going to fall apart x i think the ism service number gave us that ray of hope. >> reporter: just that simple? nothing to do with oil? >> no. in fact, none of the moves we've seen has anything to do with oil. if you look at the news on oil overnight, it's bullish. you've got a strike in nigeria, you've got a potential strike in norway -- >> reporter: we were down 40 cents. and now we've rebounded. >> we've been driven by macroeconomic fears all week, you know? the concerns about the italian banks, it's already impacted demand, the uncertainty in europe is hurting demand, and that is -- >> reporter: you tend to be an oil bull.
1:26 pm
tell me why i should still be an oil bull. >> well, if you can get through this short-term situation, this is going to do more damage to the production side. people respect going to have confidence to invest -- aren't going of to have confidence to invest in oil. you think they're going to come back on if we're seeing this volatility? probably not. so long term, this is going to hurt production. >> reporter: okay. right now, charles, we're up 70 cents and a big flip around from yesterday. we were down, what, $2? >> over 4% in a big move down. you know what? i'll tell you what, if we do see stability in the economy, globally demand has been pretty darn strong. we have to see how bad this european situation's going to hurt demand globally. if it spreads to china or india, we'll be talking a new market. >> reporter: and if they can power those hoverboards with gasoline, i think it's going to make a big difference. charles: i'm going long if that ever happens. thanks a lot, guys, really appreciate it. well, the attacks are ramping up, both candidates slamming each other's records. the latest from the campaign
1:27 pm
trail right after this. ♪ ♪
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1:31 pm
step two, add trillions to the national debt. step three, he suggested we could just default on our national debt like he defaulted on his business debt. it is the same scam over and over again. charles: hillary clinton labeling donald trump as reckless after the fbi director james comey called her careless to hillary clinton supporter lanny davis. it has not been a good week for hillary clinton. poll showing first unbiased thought when it comes to think of a presidential candidate. overwhelming her untrust worth iness. this is not helping. i understand why she is going on the attack. i'm just not sure how effective it will be. >> only you my good friend would start out with the introduction. charles: thank you. >> we have both different perspectives.
1:32 pm
that is why you have me on. we are relieved and delighted despite you will at predictions and disappointment among all your republican partisans, the fbi said there is no crime here, as i have said from day one. we are relieved and ready to move on. secretary clinton has said she made a mistake and owned up to that mistake, a lot more than mr. trump's four bankruptcies, failure to pay vendors, calling a federal judge a biased because of his national heritage, et cetera, et cetera. so right now, in trustworthiness, if we have to go to the country who is to be the trusted with the power of the presidency and experience and qualifications versus, donald trump, donald trump, make my day. charles: lani, you got out the talking points. let's get out to brass tax. >> and your talking points too. so we're even. charles: when james comey says extremely negligent, extremely careless, that used this device in countries where there are bad actors, this is not something
1:33 pm
you put on your resume' to be member of the city council let alone occupant of the white house? >> when you look at a whole career and somebody says i made a bad mistake, you look at the rest of the career to see whether it is reflected, for example, the judgment to take out osama bin laden, the judgment to reduce armaments in russia and enforce iranian sanctions and her record in the united states senate working with republicans. you have to look at a whole career. she made a bad mistake no doubt about it. charles: she made a bad mistake in critical and important job. that was ultimate audition for the job she wants now. we all make mistakes no doubt about that if the mistake is driven by sense of elitism, sense of arrow against, sense of entitlement, that compounds the issue. whether you admit it or not this is something for her will not go away. >> i don't know, i didn't know you were a psychiatrist and you could do therapy -- charles: i'm a man of the street. i go out on the street and people stop me say, that lanny davis, almost got me with those
1:34 pm
talking points but i still don't trust hillary. >> doctor, i need to lie on your couch when you impugn my motives when i make a mistake. real agenda is to do the talking points. here is the deal. she not only made a mistake, owned up to it, a lot more than donald trump has done when he puts up anti-semitic people meme and can't say he repudiates ku klux klan. i'm speaking for paul ryan. when you say that is talking point, tell speaker ryan said same thing. charles: i'm not sure what he said, star of david controversy. was a sheriff's badge. i don't want to necessarily get into that i think overarching theme, something by the way, lani, gone on for a long time. face it. the clintons have a multidecade track record of evading these kind of things. >> they do? charles: sure they do. i want you to say that clinton
1:35 pm
is airing 20,000 ads against donald trump. she has since june. but the nominee, presumptive nominee, yet to have a press conference this year. i want to bring in your buddies charlie gasparino, and dagen mcdowell because they're here. and charlie -- >> lanny! charles: charlie is champing at the bit. >> no talking points. >> i like to know from lanny because i respect him as -- >> we're old friends. >> his tenacity and being a good lawyer. >> thank you, charlie. >> why does she need a private email server to do everything? has anybody answered that question? aside paranoid schizophrenic lunatic? >> we have a labeling problem here today, so i won't go for those labels. she gave you the answer. she gave you the answer. because she used one device and mixed personal and official the way that colin powell did. she wanted privacy. private server. >> everything on one? >> she did the same thing that colin powell did. >> no, she said it was terrible
1:36 pm
mistake. >> colin powell did not do everything on it. >> no, he did some. >> he didn't use private server but aol easily hackable. >> he sent some emails on aol hillary clinton used everything, and i about the way, when you're, how do you get away with saying well, i didn't know if these things were top secret or confidential or highly classified. charles: actually she said they weren't classified. >> my question, aren't you when secretary of state don't you expect to get a few classified documents? >> she actually has answered that question too. so i'm glad to be able to channel what you haven't heard from hillary clinton. >> right, right. >> her answer when it was identified as classified and she recognized it as classified, she use ad classified channel. discuss me if you ask me a question. i'm doing best i can. >> taking a pause from your talking points, i'm sorry. >> i knew you were ready to jump n of course the no talking points on your side. >> i don't have any talking points.
1:37 pm
charles: go ahead, lanny. >> she answered the question she use classified channels when she saw something classified and to colin powell. to correct you colin powell said on "meet the press" i used one device for both official and personal. >> he never used dot-gov? >> he never usedded dot-gov. he used for both official and personal. >> he did. charles: we're getting too far into the weeds here. >> when it was classified he used same thing as hillary clinton. charles: what the american public is already saying loud and clear, when they are asked, first thing that comes to your mind, when hillary clinton, first thing they think of is untrustworthiness, a major problem for the campaign. >> i agree. do you want me to answer? charles: let's talk with dagen. >> i need to hear dagen. >> lanny, charles mentioned that some 20,000 ads against trump have been aired by the clinton campaign since june. if you throw in the pacs it is about 13,000 more. and trump just with the total
1:38 pm
ads he is running including pacs is 600. that gives her a pass in a way because she hasn't done a press conference. i do you think she needs to step up and talk to the american people directly, particularly after jim comey raked her over the coals? she might not have gotten charged but he pointed out lie after lie after lie. when is she going to talk to the press? >> first of all, he never used word lie. >> that is my word. that is my word. >> then say, don't say jim comey said a lie. to say -- >> he proved the lie. >> he proved lie. >> excuse me. you said excuse me. i'm correcting a false statement. thank you for -- >> prove ad lie. >> you didn't say that. charles: i'm breaking in here. we have breaking news right now. donald trump campaign. one second, lanny, you will want to hear this the trump campaign announcing $51 million fund-raising haul in june. that is compared to hillary clinton's 68 million in the same month. so charlie, he is starting to catch up here a little bit. charlie has been most critical
1:39 pm
on this. you've been talking maybe a little late. that is pretty good chunk -- >> if it is three against one. charles: charlie, answer this. rare that charlie gasparino is cut off. i admire your tenacity to be first to do it. let him answer. >> i want to say three against one makes it even here. go on, charlie. >> well, two things. i would say, that, i, listen they have been out beating the bushes pretty heavily over the last month. i know that for a fact because i know some of his fund-raisers. i still think -- charles: should have been more? >> should have been more. just from a structural standpoint, the clinton campaign is so much more, is so much more ready for this fight than he is. he made very tactical mistakes. lanny pointed them out including, you can go up and down the line but that does not get belie the fact that yesterday was pretty important because james comey proved that hillary clinton lied. here is where he proved it specifically.
1:40 pm
she said she never received anything marked classified. he said that she did get stuff classified. then he proved her to be full of you know what? you know why? whenyou're secretary of state you know you're going to get stuff that is classified, that isn't specifically marked that. that is a big problem. >> lanny, i will add something to your benefit. >> only if you give me a chance to respond. i'm more than happy to hear you. >> with that. >> i have a chance to respond. >> hillary clinton has been out, i was in florida over a weekend and it was 12 to one hillary clinton backed ads versus trump. she is doing two things. she is defining him and she is defining herself. i was taking a nap and woke up it was some ad, i thought it was for a new roma down any miniseries and fazi and lovely. this is woman behind women and children, an ad for hillary clinton. something she has been able to define herself and define donald trump using the word dangerous over and over again.
1:41 pm
he has to use the money to start running ads, here, there, everywhere. charles: lanny? >> first of all i would like to thank you guys for having me on to interrupt your coliquy. charles: next time come in studio because we have marshmellows. >> i really -- >> he is only kidding. food here is the worst. >> i do want to respond to the issue of transparency and press conferences and let's both agree. i think hillary clinton is great at press conferences. she is great on tv. she will be great in the debates. she needs to do more of them. also think donald trump needs to release his tax returns. first time ever in history that is presidential candidate refused to release tax returns. he previously said we would. can we all agree on that. >> i agree with that 100%. charles: that could be a major issue throughout the campaign, guys. also give you a guys a quick correction. >> consensus. charles: quick correction, trump raised 2 million dollars in -- $26 million in june.
1:42 pm
51. if you weren't impressed with 51 are you going to yawn and 26 million. >> mediocre at best. what it really shows, lanny can back this up, you know something about fund-raising, really shows republicans are not embracing him. charles: right. >> that's a problem. we'll see what it is like after what carley did yesterday. maybe it will turn a bit. looks like republican party money guys, you need them. charles: say what you will about the establishment, they do know how to raise money. that could be issue. 26 million not a lot compared to hillary's almost 70 million. lanny, thanks for being a good sport. >> thanks for having me on. i enjoyed it. charles: drawdown of afghanistan troops slowing down. along with 258 ban -- talibanbi attacks. we'll have details what isis is funding next. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen.
1:43 pm
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>> live from the floor new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. amazon proves dominance of retail world. suntrust robinson, the analyst raising their price target to $775 a share from 710. this is the lifetime high for amazon once again. had that about a month ago for amazon. so, pretty impressive stuff. year-to-date up 8%. s&p 500 only up 2%.
1:45 pm
certainly outperformer. tesla, more bad news, autopilot function resulted in another crash. this time the driver survived. there was earlier crash where the driver died. tesla being criticized for not reporting that crash for nine days. coming off record lows. stocks are bouncing back, charles. get you back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
>> when we first sent our forces in afghanistan 14 years ago, few americans imagined we would be there any capacity this long. it is continually my belief, it is up to afghans to defend their country. but even as we work for peace, we have to deal with realities of the world as it is. charles: president obama slowing troop withdrawal from afghanistan. this as isis is expanding its reach around the world despite defeats on battleground and their pocketbook. republican congressman, buddy carter on the president's decision. representative carter, the president's decision seems a tacit admission his timetable process and other things haven't worked but do you think it was the right decision? >> there is no question about it. i'm actually encouraged. i want to take his meaning that the president is now listening to his military advisors who are telling him, let's take the battle to them, not have them
1:48 pm
bring it to us. we have to secure our borders no question about that. but the more that we can take the battle to them, as opposed to them bringing it to us, more better off we are. charles: seems to me, i'm reading between the lines, it is still more of of a reactionary force, beating back taliban, to get a sense, i never got the sense with president obama he is trying to win this thing. the taliban still to be in existence this long after the longest war we have ever been involved in as a nation is disheartening. >> i couldn't agree with you more and listen, the only way that we're going to end this is to defeat them. that is why we have to go into it with full force, with the objective that we are going to defeat them, not with the objective, let's hold them off, haven'tly they will go away. that's not going to work. we have to have the objective we're going to win this war. we are at war.
1:49 pm
we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. only way we ever going to achieve our goal is to defeat them once and for all. charles: i agree 1000%. real quick, you will be at the james comey hearing tomorrow. can we get a quick comment what we get and hope to achieve? >> i want to ask director comey, how could you lay out such a clear and succinct case against someone and not prosecute them? all of us teach our children that actions have consequences. you know, and yet they're going against it here. people inside of the beltway wonder why are people so upset? why are americans so upset? this is the reason why they're so upset. it is reason why they're so frustrated. i was frustrated first afternoon i got here. people don't want to see a double-standard. this is what is happening here. we're having a double-standard. charles: representative carter, thank you very much. good luck tomorrow. the american public is all ears. we want answers as well. thank you. >> thank you.
1:50 pm
charles: global worries sending investors flocking into safe havens like gold. next eric bolling with a warning about our markets that you do not want to miss. ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: global worries continue to plague our markets, investor flock to safe havens like gold and silver. 10-year yield hit a record low. eric bolling is saying quote, wake up america. he is author of this fantastic book. co-host of fox news channel's "the five." eric, you've been proponent of gold or sort of bracing for the ultimate comeuppance if you will of nations that have spend,
1:54 pm
massive debt and sort of things been going on for a long time. >> look what is going on now. stocks doing pretty well. gold doing very well and bonds, money flying into bonds because you pointed out yield. yields are going down when money flows into the bond market. one of these things has to give. stocks, bonds or commodity sector. i would always have exposure to gold, to agricultural commodities, to oil to certain extent. i think oil is a different story though. i think there is plenty of oil around. there is no oil overhang. i wouldn't be so act aggressive into the oil market. always need exposure to metals for sure. charles: when you -- people say gold doesn't do anything. >> fire is over there. gold is exit door. this is the way out. once everyone sees it they rush to the same exit door is jumps up. i came to fox nine years ago. gold was $600 an ounce. 600 bucks. what is it, 1200 and change now? ballpark, 1200.
1:55 pm
doubled in nine years and never really retraced any of that. constant upward trajectory. more money goes into it. more exposure. hedging goes into it. i think that will continue. charles: what about the notion that reason you've got big money going into it right now, is that, so much uncertainty with the global economy here? listen, we saw "brexit" vote. good for the uk. ultimately all the debt, all the bad debt these banks hold. all the bad financial systems, does it come to a head? >> right after "brexit" vote i was on o'reilly, is this end of the world? will it fall apart. probably not because of the exit vote. doesn't have anything to do with it. one much senior producers said they left the eu. they didn't leave the planet. nothing really changed in european union. i read a story in the ft saying there will be massive job losses going on. you read down deeper into the story, it is speculative article, if people are fearful over there they will hire fewer
1:56 pm
employees. i don't think "brexit" will have an effect. i think a global he slow down might. charles: what about the notion eu itself is in trouble. no doubt about it? >> is it? charles: i think it is. you look at greece, italy, spain, portugal. >> yes. but that hasn't changed. they have been in trouble for the better part of five years. charles: it is a warning just like your book, "wake up america." >> keep your eye on the book. it is off the charts. charles: thanks, buddy. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel.
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1:59 pm
>> donald trump's campaign. also bringing in an additional 25 million. huge improvement for john ultra. still short of hillary clinton. what we saw was $3 million a day. 400 million supporters contributing to it. we will discuss this.
2:00 pm
we will also discuss the fbi bomb shell. 6:00 o'clock tonight on making money. now cheryl casone. tracy: we will see you at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business. we are talking about politics. hillary clinton tried to change her conversation from her e-mail scandal to donald trump's business record. i am cheryl casone in for trish regan today on the intelligence report aired outlining by trump should not become president. >> rember what he promised. i am going to do for the country what i did for my business. he wants to make america great again. maybe he should start i actually making things in america again. [cheering and applause] >> there was that one liner. she went on to


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