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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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"countdown to the closing bell" as i do with liz claman as i do diligently you can't miss the last hour. who knows what will happen. liz: this is the place, cheryl, absolutely. that drama you were talking about, continuing in the nation's capitol right now. at this hour major implications for the 2016 race. fbi's perception of hillary clinton's judgment on trial before the house oversight committee as donald trump attempts to unify the republican party less than 20 minutes ago, february by director james comey wrapped up testimony on capitol hill. a key moment became a really important moment. how he came to the conclusion that the former secretary of state would not be charged with a crime for sending classified emails over her private server. the comey hearing beginning just as the presumptive gop nominee was meeting with 200 members of congress making his pitch, less than two weeks before the republican national convention.
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why did one gop member say you could quote, feel the lack of enthusiasm in the room? bret baier which issue has longest legs when it comes to your vote. congressman john mica was part of that key market with comey, sparking comey's most defiant response of the entire day. new york congressman lee zeldin in the room with this morning. he will tell us how those skeptical maybe came away feeling about the soon to be nominee. in wall street british exit pressuring markets ahead of tomorrow's crucial june jobs report. the dow down 87 points right now. billionaire investor wilbur ross has a chunk of his portfolio parked in the uk. he is already making some big buys but where? he'll tell you his plans in a fox business exclusive. so, folks, less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the countdown. ♪
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liz: okay, folks, i need to tell you we don't usually see this, and what i'm talking about is a significant loss on the dow, right now down 84 points. what you don't see a loss in advance of the monthly jobs report. what i'm telling you usually investors hesitate to make bets either way ahead of the all-important release, 8:30 a.m. eastern tomorrow but right now with less than 17 hours before we see how many jobs were created in the month of june, take a look at all the major u.s. markets. they are pretty much under pressure although the nasdaq is slightly flat. s&p is down nine points. could you argue now, summer betting, a weak number after a horrific may jobs report. remember that one? it showed just 38,000 jobs were created. what is the june expectation? 175,000. we already got a precores sore today, the adp report which comes out in advance of the labor department report, that came in 172,000 jobs that were
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built. that is slightly better than the estimate. as we look at that, we got first-time jobless claims still at 43-year lows. that is somewhat good sign, still touch-and-go why we're seeing the markets fall at this moment. maybe that is why the metal maniacs are backing off. both gold and silver retreating from two-year highs. gold snapping a three-day winning streak. gold down about a third of a percent. we have silver down about 2%. silver i remind you, about a year ago, silver was at $14 an ounce here we have it at 19 in .81 dollars. this is 2-month low, reversing early morning gains as the u.s. government reported a inventory drawdown of 2.2 million barrels. when you see a drawdown, means less supply and bigger prices.
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expectation was draw of 2.3 million barrels. it was a slight miss but enough to tank oil prices which are dropping 4 and 3/4%. let's look at treasury yields. i don't mean to get wonky here but deutsche bank analysts calling for 60% chance of recession here in the u.s. why? because of what i'm about to show you. 10-year yield is 1.39%. off yesterday's low of 1.32% which is a record. i don't know if we look at 30-year yield. these two are starting to compress. they're starting to what is called flatten. that yield of 2.14%. seven times out of the last nine recessions you started to see this right before the recession hit, a flatting of the yield curve. it is often pretty much a sign we may be headed for recession although the new york fed says don't worry about it, we only have a 8% chance. i'm not sure who i believe here. "got milk?" here is interesting news. french dairy giant danone,
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agreeing to buy white wave foods here in the u.s. $63.25 a share. already above that at $56.28 for white way foods. you may better know it. you don't know whitewave? wallaby organic yogurt? that is whitewave. you can she shares of whitewave jumping certainly above what the price is there. we see it jumping 18%. danone moving higher bycommittee breaking news, they have begun second panel in of today's hearing about hillary clinton's private email server. you're looking at live pictures and testifying going on. right now charles mccullough, steve linik, they're government inspectors general, they're on the stand answering questions. the big show wrapped up, fbi
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director james comey 20 minutes ago, left the stand, felt like it, enduring a withering three hours of questioning in an attempt to explain his decision not to charge hillary clinton with a crime for using a private email server. here is what he said, folks. he said clinton did email classified material multiple times with multiple devices, but, he denied that he held the former secretary of state to a different standard. a crucial exchange took place during this long, long event when congressman john mica, republican of florida, told comey, he felt the fbi decision, which was followed by attorney general loretta lynch also declining to prosecute clinton, felt, quote, choregraphed, even bringing up the broadway musical "hamilton" which won a tony award for choreography. comey's response, most emphatic in the hearing. >> look me in the eye. listen to what i am about to say. i did not coordinate that with anyone, the white house, department of justice, nobody
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outside of the fbi family had any idea what i was about to say. i say that under oath. i stand by that. cheryl: liz: with us congressman who elisted the response, john mica of florida. let me be very clear, you believe director comey, you said choreographed, a lot of people read that conspired, with attorney general loretta lynch that there was no indictment of hillary clinton? what were you going with that question? >> again it all came down so quickly. last tuesday we had the infamous meeting with the attorney general and bill clinton. liz: right. >> and friday the attorney general says, she is going to follow the fib's lead. on saturday they interviewed secretary clinton some three, 3 1/2 hours. on tuesday after a holiday weekend he comes out and says we're not going to prosecute. but i was trying to find out on behalf of the people i have to go back and tell what happened, what happened.
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and i don't know. i did learn some things that on saturday, that it wasn't director comey who interviewed clinton. liz: that's right. >> she was not, she was not under oath. they don't have a transcript. he read a summary. i asked him how many agents were involved? he didn't seem to know how many. i said did you talk to all of them? because we've heard that it was sort of a unanimous fbi decision. that is the kind of spin that has been put on it. i want to know what he found out from them, what they advised and who was part of that. and then any communications for the last 30 days between the department of justice and the fbi. i think we, it is incumbent on we, the elected representatives to find out the answers and then report back to the people. i'm not trying to be mean. i think he is a an honest guy but that is my job. they sent me here to find that information and relay it to the public. liz: absolutely.
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i agree with you whole-heartedly. did you he believe him? >> well, again, i was shocked he seemed a little bit remote from the people who talked to her. what is shocking too is, i'm not an attorney but the attorneys on the panel cited times when she lied or misled congress which now is going to lead probably some type of referral to justice or back to the fbi, because it's against the law to lie to congress. do we know what -- liz: he also did say, even though she wasn't under oath it is completely against the law to lie to the fbi. night is. we don't know what she said. there wasn't a completeing. she wasn't under oath. he took it from a summary. he didn't tell me exactly how many and was that a unanimous decision. i want to know who the people are. we may want to talk to them.
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to see it was unanimous. maybe it was. we have the responsibility for folks working out there and hearing, you know, about what is going on in washington and it doesn't, it has a fishy smell to it. that is why we need to clear it up. liz: congressman, what is the endgame here? how long does it go and what do you like to see come out of this? >> i want the answers to the questions. any communications between the agencies. i would also like to hear more about the decision and how that was crafted. he told me did write the opinion but he never talked to all of the agents is what i surmised. so, there are some pieces missing. i want to find out who the agents were. we may want to talk to some of them and see how they concluded that wasn't unanimous. i don't think there was any pressure but we want to know how it all came down in the pattern that we've seen. liz: okay. you call them -- >> not unreasonable. not unreasonable questions. liz: we agree. it was a fascinating three
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hours, certainly. thank you, congressman john mica of florida. >> thank you. liz: we appreciate it. to be fair and balanced we want you guys to know we reached out to all of the house oversight committee minority offices, that would be the democratic side. we did not get a response. nobody agree to join us. perhaps it was short notice but they are always welcome on this program. we're going to have much more on director comey's testimony on capitol hill. "special report" host bret baier coming up. bret has a brilliant way of distilling what's happened, how it is perceived both inside and outside the beltway. he is coming up in just a moment but this morning was also a huge test for presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump. he went face-to-face with 200 house republicans for the very first time. he got to meet with them. speak with them. answer questions for 40 minutes. touched on tax reform. protect the second amendment. repealing obamacare. he took the opportunity to bash both the clintons. calling meeting between
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president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch quote, tarmac-gate. how do republicans who were there feel it went? it seemed like a mixed bag. some refused to answer. >> what did mr. trump have to say? >> i -- >> the convention is close to your district in ohio. >> got to run to a hearing. >> great job. i can guarranty you protect our national security. >> i was concerned about many incendiary comments. that is my believe walking into the meeting. that is still my belief right now. >> surprised how well it went. liz: a mixed bag here but our next guest was in the room where it happened to quote "hamilton," because "hamilton," lee zeldin a little bit after recurring theme here. you're the republican congressman from new york. tell us what the feel was like in that room? >> i thought it was a great meeting. we have 24members of the house republican conference and i didn't see any empty chairs in that room. good vibes. i thought that mr. trump
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delivered some very effective remarks about his policy proposals, his priorities as it relates to our veterans, our military, education, tackling terrorism, repealing and replacing common core, and obamacare. he was going through the list of all his policy proposals, talking about the need to enter into good trade deals. postively received. towards the end of his remarks, members were able to ask questions. many members asked questions on individual policy priorities. and mr. trump answered the questions. i thought it was great. liz: okay. so those are the good aspects. let me just quote representative adam kinzinger of illinois, a republican. he reported, quote, you could feel the lack of enthusiasm in the room. you know, look, depending which state, you may feel differently about what donald trump has to say but did you feel lack of enthusiasm in the room? >> i didn't. i'm well aware of the fact that not everyone inside of the
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conference has endorsed mr. trump yet. liz: sure. >> and you know, so taking that into account i wouldn't say every single person was enthusiastically greeting him and reacting to all of his words but i thought there were very positive exchanges with members with, speaker ryan. so i didn't get the impression at all that there was a lack of enthusiasm. i would say hopefully coming out of this, there will be more enthusiasm after some reflection. liz: sure. there is word he defended the use of the jewish star on that anti-hillary tweet from a couple of days ago. he said this was all created by the media. however there is great concern that, you know, the term dog whistle comes up. that he gives a wink and nod and switches it to a circle there. representative, you're the only jewish member of congress as i understand it. how did you perceive that? >> well, this morning mr. trump spoke a little bit about the
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saddam hussein issue but, he didn't get into the tweet with regards to star of david, which i don't believe that tweet helped his cause. i think it was the correct decision where he quickly deleted that tweet, when it was first issued. and on the saddam hussein piece, which was brought up, he is mentioning that his words were different than how the media reported on it. he gave an examples during his campaign he will say one thing at a rally at a speech. then media will take half of a sentence and make it out to be a completely different position. but, as far as as the tweet goes i don't recall that coming up this morning. liz: congressman lee zeldin, we heard at least before or after. thank you very much. we appreciate it. you know he is right. that is why we use the actual sound bite of donald trump yesterday in speaking about saddam hussein but it is interesting to see that donald trump sat and spoke for many, many minutes there with a lot of these members and the
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perceptions are different as people walk out of that room. closing bell ringing in 45 minutes. we've got the dow dropping 60 points. when we started the show it was down about 90. but guess what? that british exit vote is still making waves if not undercurrent in the markets and one billionaire investor is calling it the biggest divorce in history. that billionaire, wilbur ross. he is watching the situation like a hawk because some of his multibillion-dollar portfolio is tied up in companies and stocks in the uk. how he is riding out the storm, wilbur is actually making bets. we'll tell you what he is doing. new rules for commercial drones. opening up new markets. jeff flock in kill deer, illinois. look at your screen. how the real estate market is rising to new heights. jeff, "countdown quote is coming right back. give us a wave. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liz: 40 minutes before the closing bell rings. billionaire wilbur ross in early june told fox business that the biggest worry for him was the potential of the uk to chop off its relationship with the european union. well, we know how that movie ended. fast forward to a month later and now a very expensive divorce is underway. wilbur has a portfolio portion
3:21 pm
dedicated to uk equities specifically but guess how he is playing that? he is going very long one particular currency. we bring him in now. wilbur ross, w.l. ross company chairman and chief strategy officer. first, before we give away the goods here, how bad does the breakup get? >> i think it could get very ugly but i'm beginning to wonder whether it will actually occur. fascinating to me the leaders of the leave movement, namely boris johnson and lafarge. so did gogh. people lobbying for leave did not have the courage to implement it. liz: doesn't that worry you? that screams a sell signal. >> what tells me they didn't think it would win. it was all about political things on their part. they had no plan at all. liz: that is depressing, wilbur, isn't it? >> it is.
3:22 pm
miss may is likely to be very good. liz: theresa may. >> she was for remain. she is very sensible, level-headed, very experienced person. i think they come out of it okay from a management standpoint. liz: what looks like it came out of it okay, the ftse 100. that is dow jones uk version of that. >> right. liz: however the biggest gyrations have come in the british pound and we can show people that british pound right now because at, depending what it is -- can we put it up please? it went to about a buck 29 yesterday as we saw. >> right, right. liz: and you can see the big drop-off here. show what it is doing this second because it is important. 1.2895. it is only getting worse. what currency are you buying into, wilbur. >> i have been buying pounds this is personal, not in the fund. our funds always hedge back to dollars, so our uk holdings while the price of the shares is a variable the currency not something that we have to worry
3:23 pm
about. liz: people say this is going to continue to go down. why? because the uk may very well no longer be a financial center piece of the world. >> i think those are a little bit exaggerated. i think there will be some people leaving there at the margins edge but i doubt that they will all vacate. and i especially doubt that a lot of the other services will. services is 80% of the uk economy. liz: we all know all roads lead back to the financial services industry, to canary wharf where all the big banks are. >> right. liz: euro denominated currencies will not be allowed to be cleared through london. >> that is not something leave people were focused on. i'm not sure they were aware. liz: unbelievable. >> the leave movement was emotional thing, it was anti-immigrant, anti-refugee. it had no economic basis. liz: let me play the other side
3:24 pm
of that some people said it was just trying to fight back for a country that would give them the jobs that they felt they had lost because the european union is such a gigantic bureaucracy and was dragging down what has been a sterling nation in the world and that would be the uk? >> well, yeah, but the reality is that the uk economy has been doing fine. that's the other reason i was shocked they voted to leave. something is not broken you shouldn't try to fix it. liz: they're now saying though it has .6 growth for q2. that may drop to .2 of a percent. that is almost recession territory. >> well that's true but that is because of the uncertainties coming out of the leave referendum. liz: do you see a financial job exodus before we go? do you see goldman sachs and bigwigs of america have headquarters, in fact goldman trying to build one there, pulling out? >> i think there will be some transfer of people because folks will want to hedge their bet. remember, nothing will happen tomorrow.
3:25 pm
once that article 50 is triggered it will start something like a two-year clock. so the worst of this is the uncertainty that will prevail for quite a while. liz: wilbur ross buying the beaten-down pound, as he wins winces. thank you so much. wilbur ross, w.l. ross & company. tune in tomorrow for maria bartiromo's special, jobs in america. big number at 8:30 a.m., the june jobs report. don't miss it. the dow is down 35 points -- 65 points, with closing bell 35 minutes away. pepsi, posting better than expected second-quarter earnings, upping forecast for the rest of the year. why? domestic growth driving pepsi higher today. jumping about 1 1/2% right now. the real estate market rising with new perspective on the entire business. jeff flock has the bird's-eye view from kildeer, illinois. thankfully through a commercial
3:26 pm
drone. jeff? reporter: i'm looking at you and you're looking at me through the picture of a drone. this is an industry poised for takeoff. we're going to explain why when we come back after this. stay tuned.
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♪ liz: ground control to major tom. that's right, the day has officially come. missing a congressionally-imposed deadline by nine months, the faa has finally issued regulations on the commercial use of drones. the new rules take effect next month. but here's the catch, there is, leave it to the government, 624-page faa rule book on drones. let's go to fox business's jeff flock in kildeer, illinois. jeff, i don't imagine you read all of that. show us the drone and how at least one commercial industry is using it. reporter: but the industry is thrilled with the regulations because they're not tremendously specific.
3:31 pm
i turn from you into the face of the drone and what it is doing right now, primary, go ahead, troy, give us a shot. that is troy back there he is operating it. if i get a haircut, it is his fault. he will give us a look. dan isaac with principles in the industry. dan isaacson here with kabu videos. you shoot videos of the home. >> and entire neighborhood lacking in the industry. reporter: regulation, 628, but you like them. >> they're great. open up doors for all. reporter: they're not as specific as they could have been. >> they are not but provides a nice framework. reporter: troy, i don't know if you cut back to our other camera, liz, the monitor he has, is flying over houses this can show you location, location, location. when you see homes online, you don't see is there factory hine them or bus depot out there or something? this gives you that sense of location. liz: cool.
3:32 pm
reporter: isn't it cool? brian, your company is what? >> vhd studios. reporter: you do more whom videoing than any other company. >> 100,000 homes a year. reporter: is every home getting this treatment? >> it really should. differentiates your home. takes you on just besides inside the house to the whole neighborhood. reporter: troy, if you can, give us a haircut. last thing i want to say. a lot of people concerned about privacy, this thing you will know it is there if it comes near you, listen. can you bring it closer? liz: we hear it. reporter: like a swarm of bees. liz: [laughter]. yeah. watch out. either that or wasps. you will know it, that is the coolest, coolest hit you have done in long time. you do a lot of cool ones. reporter: i try. too much politics. liz: we take biggest stories of the day and put the business twist on them. jeff, thank you very much. this is how you will see the
3:33 pm
overhead shot without paying entire airplane to take entire shot of a house. closing bell in 20 minutes today. fbi director james comey on capitol hill trying to explain his decision not to charge hillary clinton with a crime over her email server. bret baier up next on "countdown." how comey's call on clinton's conduct will play on the campaign trail as donald trump makes his feelings on the matter pretty clear. >> these are all lies. we say, lie, lie, lie. lie! dirty, rotten liar!
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>> i'm lowery roth man on the floor of new york stock exchange with today's tech minute. move over, apple. google will have two smartwatches to have voice as assistive features.
3:36 pm
the device should hit shelves sometimes early next year. reports say amazon planning all things, a physical bookstore in new york city. the company's brick-and-mortar store and cafe will be in hudson yard development on the west side of manhattan. this will be the third store for amazon after seattle and san diego. it has been a year since dick costolo stepped down from twitter and jack dorsey stepped in. since then the company's value is half what it was. dorsey has not been able to come up with a strategy to pursue growth for the microblogging site. more "countdown to the closing bell" straight ahead. ♪
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liz: news at this hour, let me tell you what you're looking at. house oversight committee is well into the second panel about the hearing for hillary
3:39 pm
clinton's private email server. clinton's campaign responded to fbi director's comey testimonies saying quote, it shut the door on any remaining conspiracy theories. once and for all, her knocked down a host of republican talking points. let's bring in fox news host bret baier. she can say that, i'm not sure it is true. >> liz they will focus on the fact that he said three emails with markings of classification on them out of the 30,000 plus they looked at. however, on balance, this is not a political winner for hillary clinton especially the exchange with trey gowdy. he went point by point on statements that hillary clinton said throughout this process, about the emails, about the investigation, about how she handled the emails, and point by point, it was exactly opposite
3:40 pm
what hillary clinton said to the american people. now, comey said she did not lie to the fbi but he clearly was intimating and saying that she was lying when she said these things about, about the emails along the way. liz: which part of all of the washington, d.c. drama do you think really matters most to voters right now? we had donald trump meeting inside of the beltway, rnc, committee, chair area, the headquarters, with about 240 house republicans? there is that. that is what went on in the hill. seems like a lot of riveting moments here today? >> it was a big day in washington, d.c. donald trump meeting with the senate and the house. what we're hering from the inside of those meetings and this testimony by comey. i think overall, on balance you know, the anti-establishment think we've talked about many times, liz, that feeling is really dominant out there. and if anything, this does not
3:41 pm
help hillary clinton with the honest and trustworthy numbers she has a problem with. she is running against donald trump and democrats will say that there are vulnerabilities there they are going to attack but this on balance i think was a tough day for hillary clinton, listening to comey go point by point down each one of those items. liz: we also showed bernie sanders, not out of the picture yet, bret. it is unbelievable, but he has teased there is an endorsement of hillary clinton in the near future. does that do much for hillary clinton at this point? it is certainly a help. he had some pretty die-hard followers? >> no, i think it would help her. obviously one of the sore spots she is not as well-liked with progressive side of her party. jennifer griffin reported yesterday that it could come, the endorsement, as soon as tuesday. and that they were in negotiations, the clinton people and sanders people how it is going to happen. perhaps in new hampshire as we saw hillary clinton do with
3:42 pm
president obama in unity, new hampshire, four years ago, eight years ago now. i think you're going to see the democratic party really try to get together, at least on its face, and to try to show that the republican party is not as unified as the democratic party, by the time you get to philadelphia make sure the plan works for them. liz: two questions on veeps. two senators removed themselves from any kind of consideration for donald trump, senator corker, senator joni ernst. who are you picking for that? on other side, hillary clinton, are you hearing any rumblings? >> yeah. on the republican side i do think those lists narrowing are probably pretty accurate. newt gingrich and indiana governor mike pence are probably finalists there. i'm not saying it stops there but i think those are two possibles. i do think on the democratic side tim kaine is the leader,
3:43 pm
former virginia governor, current virginia senator. and others are obviously being vetted but more of a safe pick for hillary clinton is the conventional wisdom. liz: good to see you. thank you so much. bret baier, host of "special report" on the fox news channel every day. >> thanks, liz. liz: every day, 6:00 p.m. eastern. you're welcome. don't miss fox business's coverage of the republican and democratic conventions. it gets started in two weeks when the gop heads to cleveland jewel 18th. democrats, july 25th in philadelphia. what do we have? dow jones industrials more than cutting off the losses, down 32 points. donald trump may have won over house republicans after meeting with them today but charlie gasparino is rushing down to break another fox business exclusive questioning whether wall street has turned on trump. the gop presumptive candidate claiming to be an expert at "the art of the deal." why are banking executives backing away from his campaign? charlie explored if this means
3:44 pm
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♪ liz: it's a product found in most kitchens in the world, maybe even yours. teflon, now 3500 people are claiming that a chemical that dupont used to make teflon, used to use, not used anymore, they used to use has given them cancer. dupont coming under fire dumping c-8, detergent like chemical used to make the teflon products into the ohio river where people swim. the company was dealt a significant blow when a federal court awarded david freeman $5.1 million, after he said tainted water caused his test particular cancer. last october they were required
3:49 pm
to pay another victim 2.6 million. these are two bellwether cases that will help determine how thousands of remaining lawsuits are handled. dupont shares are higher. the company could have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. it will be interesting to see if this impacts the proposed merger with dow chemical in any way, shape or form. we ask you, has this latest judgment made you think about buying dupont stock or teflon pans? again they don't use the chemical anymore but you can tweet me at liz claman. we want to know what you think. chick out our facebook page and links to all exclusive videos at he is working hard for the money. gop presumptive nominee donald trump announcing that he raised more than $26 million, this month. you know what? wilbur ross who helped him raise money, said 400,000 people donated. he may have found a way to start raking in the cashing but his efforts may be under attack by wall street. executives at one investment
3:50 pm
bank do not seem interested in joining the trump bandwagon telling their republican partners don't give directly to the campaign. charlie gasparino breaking this exclusive. >> and this matters, money given directly to the campaign can be used directly by trump. rnc money needs to be for party-building purposes. it is more watered down. it has to be used for other congressional campaigns. trump came out said, raised 26 million. that is pretty good. hillary clinton raises $48 million on its own. look where the money has been so far. most of the money coming from one major investment bank, which is one of the biggest pools of money is goldman sachs. most of that money, everybody wants goldman sachs money. they financed obama in '08. they helped finance romney in 2012. if you look at it this year, a lot would like to give to trump but from what we understand from sources inside goldman and
3:51 pm
inside the trump campaign they're told not to give to trump directly. give to the rnc. if you look at those numbers bear it out. liz: i'm sorry, i'm confused by the graphic. explain it to me. can we put it up again, 534 million going to donald trump? >> no. $534. liz: oh, i'm sorry. i didn't see the what was missing. oh! sorry. >> that is from one person. the goldman money is going directly to the rnc. liz: only one person? >> who gave to him so far directly. liz: $534. >> from what we understand the reason why -- liz: compared to 2.3 million going to the rnc. >> reason why, they are, they are scared. because of some erratic things donald says on the campaign trail. plus he hasn't totally wrapped up the nomination. liz: does that happen at investment banks where word comes down >> yes. liz: from top management. >> talk to gary kaminsky. i spoke, spent a few minutes with him on the phone what it
3:52 pm
was like when he was lehman brothers. they wouldn't say, they don't put a gun to your head. would you like to show up to a fund raiser? here is how we would like you to give. that sort of nudging does go on. and from what i -- liz: 2012, right? >> that is what they gave to the rnc. i can tell you this. that's what the goldman sachs executives are telling the rnc and trump fund-raisers. liz: what don't they like about donald trump? >> let me point out what they're telling them. they're being toll management would like them to give it this way. why is that? erratic stuff. stuff about the mexican, heritage of the judge. mexican heritage of the judge. some other stuff. his campaign rhetoric. it has an impact inside of these places. we've seen this play out a little bit with the rnc in terms of giving money to the convention coming up i will be at in couple weeks. a lot of corporate donors backed out of that. this another way it is manifesting.
3:53 pm
can an it change? it can change. we should point out why do we care about goldman? goldman is one of the biggest pools of money on wall street. it gives a lot of money to various campaigns. from what i understand the executives there would like to give directly to donald. that is a big thing, directly. why is that? he gets to use it directionally. if you give it to the party, the party can shovel some of it to donald but has to be used for party building services. liz: how bad is it for executive to say i know what you're advising me to do, i want to give it direct to donald trump. >> that sun we can sieve at donald trump. one executive has given him a direct contribution according to documents. liz: did they think hillary clinton will be better for wall street? >> we should point out, lloyd blankfein, ceo of goldman sachs, gary cohn, the number two, long-time democrats. they are telling us on the record at goldman sachs they have not purposely financed their campaign. point out internally, look at numbers, they're giving a lot
3:54 pm
more money to republicans than democrats just so you know. should point out goldman sachs has come under criticism for giving pay speeches to -- paid speeches to hillary over the years. they may be a little -- there are the numbers. they may be a little gun-shy. we'll see what happens. i'm telling you this, liz, internally this is where donald's rhetoric does hurt him. this is important. the direct money which hillary clinton has much more of than he has, especially raised last month, if you look at those numbers, is important. you can use it for a lot of things, like direct attack ads. direct image-building ads. the stuff, rnc stuff is much more watered down. there is where we are. it is an interesting story. we'll write this up for liz: check it out., there is a lot there too. >> in the next half hour. liz: a lot to look at on the website. charlie gasparino, thank you. closing bell, six minutes away. the dow is down 32 points. one of the biggest banks on the
3:55 pm
street, releasing, speaking of goldman, a list of top 13 stocks it says are ready to take off but is the financial giant on the money with the picks? what we've done, we've thrown these names out to one of our market investment watchers. he is a trader. he knows what moves. what he likes and what you shouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. market maven dan stecich next. thank you is what we say. but we mean so much more. we mean how can we help? we mean what can we do? we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you, for all you've done to serve us. ♪
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liz: boy have we come back. we were down 101 for the dow. now we're just down about 25, 30 points. with a few minutes left to go goldman saks just put out a list of 13 names they say could have big breakout in the coming months. we bring in a tried and true trader pal from the cme to parse the list. which one give as thumbs up and which ones has him saying what was goldman thinking, dan ses -- stecich. can we put it up again? i want people to see what is on the list.
3:59 pm
give us the great names from the goldman, buy it now, list. >> i like pioneer natural resources. the reason being if oil prices increase as they're continuing to do right now, it is gaining traction from that. i expect oil stablizing continuing to grow down the line. pioneer natural resources would be good pick. key core is a good pick. low pe. very well-run company. finally on the like side, i like regeneron, medical pharmaceuticals company. they have a lot in the pipeline. doing very well. good revenue and great earnings. liz: give me what were they thinking closing bell is coming. >> first solar with same reason. oil prices as low as they are, it might increase hard for them to compete and they're also going to run into permits problems on federal lands unless we get some things hashed out rather quickly. that doesn't look like coming anytime soon. liz: that is interesting one.
4:00 pm
you know what we're going to do? we'll put all the goldman's 13 names and ones dan like and doesn't like. on the facebook page. here comes the closing bell. [closing bell rings] for now let me hand it over to david and melissa for "after the bell." melissa: stocks reversing their earlier gains ending the day in the red off of session lows. there you can see the dow down 25 points. i'm melissa francis. david: and i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we got you covered in the markets. first here is what else we have for you at this hour. two showdowns in the nation's capitol. race for white house taking center stage. first the fbi director standing by his decision, making his case for not recommending criminal charges against hillary clinton. this hour we're going to be speaking to one of the lawmakers who is demanding answers from jim comey. fox news's greta van susteren breaking down the fbi's verdict. then time is running out for


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