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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and a personal journal of combat tactics. in addition another suspect is in custody. brandon waller was arrested for unrelated weapon charges. my colleague charles payne well had more on all of this. charles: as this neighbor killed by police it officers. seven other officers were wounded along with two civilians. we are awaiting a press conference right now. we will bring that to you as soon as we have it. it was the deadliest ambush in law enforcement since september 11. president obama declared as a vicious terrible attack. apparently saying that he was angry about recent shootings johnson was later killed at the scene of the protest by
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police after negotiations broke down. dallas police chief david brown was very heartbroken. he called the attack very thought out. >> throughout our investigation some of the suspects it is revealed to us that this was a well-planned, well-thought-out evil tragedy. charles: rapid transit officer brent thompson michael kroll and patrick were identified as three of the five police officers that were killed. joining me now is bernard character. let me start with you. you and i were talking and you mentioned has been patrolled into the spotlight.
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what happens from here. he has to keep his department motivated and inspired. he is can have to deal with family members of those who have been killed that had families that had kids. it is a difficult time there is a lot for him to do. i give him a lot of credit. he has done a tremendous job thus far. and i think america is supporting him at this point. i think one of the satyr moments is when he gave one of his earlier press, the saint that the police officers don't feel like they get a lot of support and maybe today would be one of the days that they would show some support. that is a sad indictment as where we are of the nation.
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>> he's absolutely right. it's a shame that it takes an event like this for the country to come together and unite but just like new york and the aftermath of september 11 dallas will be resilient they will come back. and hopefully they will get through this. charles: this is what were looking at the podium. they are making introductions. i'm's told some of those are members of the police department and family members. and the citizens of texas. he has been a guest on the show often. he is very dignified and his
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comments are well needed. >> we welcome the governor of our great state to dallas city hall. thank you so much governor abbott for coming. he called me last night and he was out of the state at the time told me he wanted to come and deliver his goods in person and they had offered some much-needed help in this effort. at the same time, i offered him a flag of the city of dallas and he will take that back in austin and is going to fly that in honor of this. before we do that though i wanted to deliver a little bit of news that i think is relevant and everyone wants to hear. as many of you know the police released the confirmation that
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the deceased suspect was identified as micah johnson blackmail, 25 years old. we had been working this case throughout the night and throughout the day and we believe given the facts that we have today that mr. johnson now deceased was the lone shooter in this incident and by piecing together what was happening at the time after we talked to all of the officers there was confusion with everyone running around this was a mobile shooter that had written manifestoes on how to shoot and move and he did that. he did his damage but we do
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damage to him as well. we believe now that the city is safe. and the suspect is dead and we can from -- move on to healing. part of that is to get the support of our great state. i've had mayors from all over the state call me and the lieutenant governor was here today. and now the governor of the state of texas. thank you governor abbott for being here. >> mayor, thank you. i want to thank you for at the leadership you always show but especially the leadership you provided over the past 24 hours. you had been a voice of calm and recent in the pathway of leadership that dallas in texas need at this time. before coming out here i have the opportunity to meet not only with the neighbor but also with chief brown who is going back to work and is not
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out here with us now. i also want to express my get it -- gratitude to police chief brown for his unrelenting resolve in focusing on and resolving this issue as swiftly as possible. also, i want to express the gratitude of the state of texas for all of the first responders they responded so quickly and so effectively to the urgency of last night. and i want to express my gratitude to the white house that reached out to contact me we were unable to make an official connection but he did want to express his sorrow and grief for the people and law enforcement in dallas but also in the assistance that he could provide. similar really i want to thank my fellow governors a mayor like you i had had governors from entire country contact me
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about ways in which they can help in expressing their sorrow for dallas' loss. at the same time, i want to express my gratitude for the men and women who are behind me right now. what you are seeing right now is a group of public servants who are coming together in support of the proposition that we stand united. we are behind the city in the state in the law enforcement officials here. i do want to recognize from the state side right behind me is attorney general ken paxton. regardless of who is or is not
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on the list it is essential to understand the way of the state of texas stands united with the city of dallas. already, the state of texas has provided texas department of public safety officers, texas rangers, forensic specialist to aid in the efforts of responding to this challenge. we need to understand also there will be ongoing challenges as a result my office is extending aid in support to the dallas police department for counseling for their officers for issues and challenges that they will be facing for some time. now, to respond with what is happened in the past 24 hours. the past 24 hours in dallas has been a tale of two cities. on the one hand it has been the tale of heroism of police officers at the same time, it has been a tale of karis by an
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assassin. we are so proud even in our morning today of the men and women who wear the uniform of the dallas police department as well as the dallas area rapid transit. for their heroism in the face of remarkable danger, running toward danger to aid those who need it the most fulfilling their oath to serve and protect and do everything they can to help the citizens of the city. for every man and woman of the dallas police department as well as any law enforcement officer in the state of texas i want you to know you have the respect of a grateful state and you have a governor who has your back.
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as it concerns the karis it seems as though the suspect has received his justice and what will be important charles: we will go back to the feed as soon feet as soon as we get that back. we just lost the feed. he said thank you to all of the other civil servants who have shown the support for the police officers. he noted there every running towards the shooter and protecting all of the people there in fact are in fact many of the people there who were there to protest the police. we have him back. let's listen in. his unity. we need to understand that texas has its own brand of principles that have helped elevate the state the state to
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true exceptionalism. they need to unite behind those very principles that will continue to elevate dallas and the state of texas. one of those principles is respect in reference. the men and women who wear the uniform. another is that the citizens of the state need to play our own active role in ensuring safety and security in our communities as well as justice and prosperity across the state. when we unite together behind those principles we will ensure the texas of tomorrow will be even better than the texas of today. another point is a true texas trademark and that is the word resilience.
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texans have faced challenge after challenge after challenge for well over a century and we have always shown the trademark resilience which is needed now as much as ever. in the city of dallas the city in the state parallel work to respond. we must summon the ability to respond to the challenges in way that will make dallas and texas even stronger. texas is a tough state. but just because we've overcome so many challenges in the past we will overcome this challenge with the future been even better than the past. thank you mayor for the role that you had played, thank you for chief brown who could not be with us. thank you to the men and women who stand behind me beside me,
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and with me as we work our way forward. we would be happy to take a few questions. >> [inaudible conversations] >> shock and disbelief and then urgency to return to texas to do everything i could. as soon as i heard about it i was on the phone constantly speaking to the mayor, speaking to my staff assuring that first and foremost the state of texas was going to get on the ground in dallas texas any and all resources that could assist them without interfering with what local law enforcement was does. others are assisting in this process. after the immediate shock you immediately go into the process of calculating what can we do to help how can we help resolve this.
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>> [inaudible conversations] >> the best thing that we could do as a city and state to heal is two things. one, show that we are not harmed , damaged or altered. by someone who does not stand for texas values and they need to move forward and live our everyday lives. second, like we what we are showing right this minute. we need to replicate this on an ongoing basis showing that we as a state of every people of every color of every background that we unite
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behind the core principles that make the state of texas a truly exceptional state. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> i will clarify what i said. i will let the mayor verified with more their fight with more detailed information. he provided the information for you that he can elaborate on. i have no information about any co-conspirators. as a former law-enforcement official and prosecutor i want to make sure that we button-down every corner before we rule out any possible co-conspirators. if you recall what the mayor said i think you'll echo here in the second. we know what the mayor said about the gunmen what we don't know is who if anybody may have known what the gunmen
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knew what he was going to do. may had assisted him. in any of his efforts and it's good news that the government has been identified. i think good that law enforcement means that wentinuet trail until they are exhausted in stirring that we eliminate any other possible suspects who may have aided this gunmen in any way. >>nything i would say would be redundant. while said. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> what was happening, real-time is there was about 20 individuals in gear and protective equipment and rifle slung over their shoulder.
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we started catching when they started running. that's when we proceeded to start to interview them. as we have the started to unravel this fishing not we realized the shooting came from one building at different levels. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> the first question is no those now those were separate charges. the second is that we don't know if this point. that's why making sure that we understand this co-conspirator
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if there are any that can give us those insights is going to be important. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> i think we need to focus on our gratitude and admiration the role that they play. they play that we hope that they will play and that is run towards danger to save lives. we also need at this. the imperative of unity that we unite all citizens of the dallas in the state of texas understand very importantly what the mayor described today about the background of the shooter. understand that this should not be used as a tool of division but instead we can use what happened here in dallas for good. what i had found personally is that we are all challenged in
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different ways, and we may not understand the reason for the challenge but what we can do we can fund purpose and every single challenge that occurs. i can find purpose in what happened in dallas texas and one of the purposes is working together for greater unity in dallas and texas. >> [inaudible reporter question] charles: -- it was sent out earlier in the press release. i think i will be in the next half hour. >> that is the research that they're doing right now. they have. [inaudible reporter question]
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>> the same automated role was used to replace the c4 in place and to detonate that. this was a man that we gave plenty of options too. to give himself up peacefully he picked the latter. >> think you all. charles: the mayor of dallas and the governor of texas greg abbott. joining me now the former nypd commissioner. laurent, i want to go to you because you are at the protest last night.
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>> i was heading to the protest simply because i wanted to see what happened. this is not just watching another new story. something that is something very close to me. specifically because of the two shootings earlier this week. it was right after the shooting started and it was a mess. i can explain it because i've never seen my city in such turmoil. even though they were receiving gunfire that they protected those protesters knowing that they were the target. one officer even pushed the protester out of the gunfire and one of them went into another officer.
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that is what has been happening in dallas and those are the stories that we must not forget. >> gina you and i spoke earlier today. i thought the comments from the governor were very measured. and opposed to the initial comments certainly i think much more healing for everyone involved in watching. >> charles, i wish everyone would take a lesson on how to give the speeches. i thought governor dayton and his comments earlier were discussing. he have no information to indicate that this should however tragic was racially motivated at all peered into introduce a racism element into it in a preemptive fashion without having any of the facts on the table is understandably going to upset a lot of people who are listening to a man in a powerful position like that. it's really the height of irresponsibility.
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now i'm glad you highlighted the difference between the two. charles: heather we just to show called war on tops. into me it feels like the hysteria that surrounds all of these things certainly inflamed tensions and makes it more dangerous for everyone. how do we decelerate that and what is your initial assessment of all the reactions? >> i think what we have seen is a more horrific example of the long-standing war on cops that has been going on rhetorically in this country. they feel under siege every day having been said the lives. it has been echoed by president barack obama unfortunately. that officers are engaged in the race based policing.
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that is a light charles. officers can tell you they are facing a level of hatred on the streets now that they've never seen in their careers. the job is basically undoable now. i think what we have to start doing is telling the truth about why they are in high crime areas. it has nothing to do with race. has everything to do with extension waited levels and criminal offending. the officers are the one government agency one most dedicated to black lives and unfortunately president obama in his speech last night repeated the falsehoods about the criminal justice system in the police that are poisoning the atmosphere on the streets that officers are facing today.
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>> charles, if i may, i am a conservative as well as somebody that has went to the police academy and values law enforcement in the criminal justice system but i have to interject because there is a relationship problem as it relates to the black community and it's something we have to really dial back. charles: i think everybody issues there is an issue. there is a level of distrust that goes all around on both sides. i guess the point heather was making and what i observed this morning from president obama was he was a lot more conciliatory towards the men and women in blue this morning. i kinda wish some of the things he said this morning he would've said last night. i do think to a large degree they didn't get the whole picture but it feels to me lawrence, his message and the narrative that he pushes never gets a complete picture of what's going on.
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it also never offers a solution. >> i totally agree i'm not just talking about the president by conservatives as well as republicans. i am a conservative. i believe that we need to focus on the message that unites the community. we cannot deny the relationship as it relates to the black community and the police. charles: let's go to commissioner curry for a minute. i lived in harlem in the 70s. it was the most dangerous neighborhood at america for sure. there was the same level of distrust and animosity in the war going on. there were certain cops that spent time on our block that we got to know and we really got to respect. is that one step towards trying to heal this thing? >> it is and it continues today. especially in the new york city police officers. they go out into the community
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and deal with the community but you have to keep in mind cops go into high crime areas to reduce crime. >> and when they're not there crime gets worse. >> we want everyone to stay there. there's more coming up. the big question though is where now is where is a support for the police?ak when are we get us the massive gatherings for the men and women that keep us safe? we will be back to discuss that next. super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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>> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these. charles: that was dallas police chief david brown talking about the lack of support he and his police officers feel on a daily basis. last night, the scene looked like this. black lives matter organized, it was a peaceful protest nationwide for the most part. but in dallas things went crazy after a sniper opened fire.
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where is the support for our men and women in blue before these things happen? joining me to discuss, the commissioner is back with us, lawrence jones and jamu green. we just had the conversation last friday. the war on cops. the videos we saw earlier in the week, people are upset. when are we going to get the treatment for the police officers. >> i have been sad, paralyzed and angry. but the only thing i have been comforted with is that we have to be part of the solution. so we are seeing the conversation start today where you have people in los angeles from gangs walking to the police department and participating in the graduation ceremony. i think one of the things that hasn't been point to is the
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dallas police department was one of the departments that was getting it right. if we can pause from the pain and how paralyzed we have felt this entire week culminating in last night's event to look at what are the lessons we can learn from today thanks, the training program, the decrease in officer-involved shootings that have happened. those didn't happen just, you know, with the snap of a finger. it happened because of policies put in place there. no community should face this. if this community can teach the rest of this nation and we can all look at solutions, you will see less of the type of division and people in their corners as happened in the whole week and we'll come together and it will be unity. charles: what do you think, beau? >> i was just in dallas three
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weeks ago with chief brown and mayor rawlings. and what a beautiful city. first off my heart goes off to the family of those five officers. this brought back memories, when i first became a policeman the 1970s, we had 13 cops killed. in 1971 we had 11 killed by the. charles: what's the main source of resentment between the community and the police departments? what keeps that friction going? >> when does the cop show up? when people are committing crimes and you are arresting somebody. they are not like firemen. the cops are out there to keep law and order. we were -- i was in dallas with chief brown about operation blue shield about the officers
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interacting with cops and intelligence. charles: you took particular offense with the initial comments from president obama. everyone is look together leadership from the highest office in the lands and you think he has played a divisive role. >> absolutely. it's not personal. i was one of barack obama's lead secret service agents. i wasn't looking for a pat on the back. but he has the most powerful microphone in the world. almost every time he's given the opportunity to say something in a police force incidents, you would think by mistake he would say something right. what does he do? he always de235u9s to the wrong thing. the police acted stupidly.
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trayvon could look like me. char there are we have a lot more to discuss. we'll continue to get news as it develops out of dallas. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. charles: we'll be back with more coverage much the tragic events in dallas. we will speak to a pastor who was there and talk about the spiritual healing of dallas. ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. char there are wake of the police shootings in dallas and the police shootings in louisiana and minnesota. but we need healing to start. earlier today a group of interfaith ministers led a prayer vigils. hundreds gathered to support the message of how america can start
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healing itself. pastor, thanks for joining us. i'm not sure if you got a chance to listen to governor abbott's comments a few minutes ago. but he talked about unity, resilience and finding purpose out of this extreme tragedy. i know that's usually the role of the church. how can we do that even beyond folks like you? >> absolutely. of course, our city is in grave mourning. and we held a prayer vigil in thanksgiving square today. pastors from all faith there to lead our people in prayer, praying for our city. praying for the dallas police department, praying for chief brown. and calling for unity. calling for the people to come together to love, to refuse to hate. but of course unity and healing
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is going to take time. and it takes more than holding hands on the date after a tragedy like this. in fact god has already prescribed the healing process. in scripture he said "if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear their prayer from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their lands." that's how we as a church lead in the healing process. it's time to turn back to god. america has been a great nation because it's been one nation under god. we have strayed from our godly heritage in many ways. our prayer is god will somehow use this horrific tragedy to turn our nation back to him, the ultimate healer, jesus christ.
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charles: we saw scenes of people running, it was mass hysteria. they were thinking there were many shooters because the lone short was moving around shooting from different location. that anger, that anxiety that linkerred, it was -- that tha t- that lingered. it doesn't take much more than a lone shooter to reverse our world so we turn backwards. do you think we start sliding further backwards? >> i think it's clear that our country is in a downward spiral. it's up to us to turn that spiral around. of course, our political leaders have to take a strong role in that but we can't only depend on them.
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charles: pastor, thank you very much. i appreciate it. we have more breaking news out of dallas where five police officers were slaughtered. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain
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charles: joining me now, texas attorney general ken paxton. you had a grueling day and i appreciate you joining us tonight. it's been almost 24 hours. give us an assessment of what went down, where we are and what you know. i know you were just at the press conference with the mayor and the governor. >> it's been a difficult 24 hours, but it's amazing how quickly the dallas police and the people working with them have addressed this and couple
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with information. i'm pleased with their work and how far they have come. they have narrowed it down to one gunman and we aren't sure if there are any co-conspirators. we need to make sure there aren't any. as it relates to going forward. i feel like the story we have of what the police were doing, protecting citizens with their first amendment rights who disagreed with the police, and yet the dallas police were willing to protect them and sacrifice their life for them. that's a great american story that's worth telling the next generation. charles: what you are looking at is harlem, new york, where protesters are gathering. there is also a similar gathering in washington, d.c. others were scheduled. some may have been canceled. you can see it looks relatively peaceful. when the governor was talking he
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put out a few key words. you talk about the future going to be key to making sure this is and to borrow his one world, that it's purposeful or has a purpose. citizens playing a greater role. we heard this a lot. see something, say something. does it go beyond that? >> one my favorite things he said was about purpose. you hate to see the loss of life. it was a terribly bad day for the people of dallas. but if we can take this going forward and build relationships between law enforcement and the community, we have a real opportunity to change the narrative and change the focus so these types of across and incidences become a lot less common. >> through it all where people are learning, dallas is a city that should be held up in very high regard, a successful
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policing program, very successful community relations, and i think that was echoed again today. i think all of you guys, a sense of congratulations and gratitude. if this turns out this is a lone shooter who was a coward to borrow the governor's words, isn't it amazing how one lone shooter here, and one lone shooter there can disrupt an entire country? can't we find a way to make sure it doesn't happen? >> i agree with you. obviously he had a tremendous impact in our community because five people are dead. that affects families and friends and the entire community. but going forward hopefully we can take this terrible action and build relationships between law enforcement and the community going all the way into our schools and building those relationships that we are stronger and better rather than harmed by this in the end.
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charles: ken paxton, you have done an amazing job. we are in saw of how you -- we are in awe of how you guys have hand this. that picture there is washington, d.c. it looks very peaceful. but we'll continue to monitor this. these are protesters. in the meantime we want to talk more about the five police officers dead in texas. they were ambushed. and the other police officers were protecting citizens who were ironically enough protesting the police. how do we keep police safe? it's been a great discussion.
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>> we don't feel much support. most days. let's not make today most
6:55 pm
days. please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these who carried out this tragic, tragic event. >> that was police chief david brown asking support from the community so that the police can keep everyone safe, has been praised as a model since brown took over in 2010, he instituted a training program aimed to deescalate conflict, increase training hours, and add street officers, also dash cams. overall look at that chart. it's been a huge success. crime has dropped dramatically since 2010. in fact, in 2014, the murder rate there hit an 80-year low. and the complaints about excessive force have dropped by 36%. so the question is how can police communities work with each other to protect themselves.
6:56 pm
i want to bring in now sheriff paul, lawrence jones is back with us. sheriff, let me go to you first. very difficult time for the law enforcement community being pushed on all sides. we've heard about the ferguson effect where. >> yes. >> you guys are intimidated to do your job. and yet the public needs you. >> that's the situation we're faced with across america. and what chief brown expressed i just want to say to him, and i know i can speak for so many americans, we love and support the dallas police. he's done a great job. they do a great job each and every day. evidence -- and their dramatic drop in all indicators of crime. it's a safer community, and we just want to send them not just our love, our prayers and support at this time. certainly law enforcement has a tougher job. it's made more difficult. there's a high standard, and we get that, and we should be held to that high standard.
6:57 pm
but this few officers who make mistakes, that's what's beautiful about our republic, we hold them accountable. and if there's charges, or if they of an to be fired, i had to fire somebody myself today. but that's our system. you don't create an environment and some leaders in our country have done this to create this sense and further the sense of distrust that you can't trust cops or they're racist and that's just wrong and cited in many cases violence like this. >> yeah. if nothing else, i think the victimization card, it does create a sense of hopelessness which, lawrence, you were talking earlier, that can morph into anger, which is manifested in violence. and you talk about conserves doing more, but i think across the political aisle, there's a lot of room for improvement with respect to us saying the right things to make sure the police are safe to keep us safe. >> most definitely. and i think both sides have some growth to do. but being a conservative, i'm
6:58 pm
always harder on my side. i want to make sure that we're pushing up correct agenda that's going to benefit all people and so it's kind of my job to hold my side accountable. but i want to touch on something about this police chief. yes, this police chief has implemented a lot of community policing. but it's also largely reason why he's unpopular amongst the officers in his own department. when you look at the police department in dallas, texas, a month ago the texas rangers were brought in because the murder rate was skyrocketing. when you look at this police department, a lot of officers have resigned. lots of friends of mine. when you look at this police department, the last three. >> so what's the point you're making? >> i'm just saying, you know, right now we want to play say, hey, this police chief is a great police chief and i do think he's done a great job. but there are a lot of people within the police force that don't trust this police chief. >> leadership keeps coming in over and over again.
6:59 pm
what are your thoughts? do you think president obama could be doing more with respect to putting out an olive branch and lifting up the police in the eyes of americans? >> yes. i think everyone could be doing more. we each individually on this platform should be doing more. if we think that at this time it is to point a finger and say i blame you, president obama, oi blame you, mr. person on the right, then we are not a part of the solution. i find the comments about chief brown astounding. if he's purging the department of people who need to be purged, amen. that is what needs to happen. the numbers -- the chart you showed, that is the proof right there. some people aren't going to like it. >> the crime rate -- >> and you can with a lot of police officers around the country. >> yes, sir. >> do you see things getting better? >> things are getting better, and let me tell you why. there's a change in transition attitude where law enforcement officers understand they need
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to be more accountable the communities and the communities need to be more accountable and support of their officers. >> all right. guys, let's leave it there. i wish we had so much more time. appreciate everyone, appreciate you watching, and now tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. . tom: and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs and the city of dallas tonight struggling to make sense of that horrific violence against its law enforcement. authorities say 25-year-old michael johnson, a -- micah johnson, an army veteran ambushed police officers during a police brutality protest march last night killing five officers, wounding seven. and during the standoff that lasted hours after the attack, johnson told authorities he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and wanted to exterminate whites quote especially white officers.


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