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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the year. my colleague charles payne will have more on the rally. "making money" starts now. charles: it was a record day on wall street. the dow and the s & p closes at all-time highs. bernie sanders is backing hillary clinton for president, appearing with her at a rally. president obama said he's standing with police. first george w. bush and president obama speaking earlier at a memorial for the slain police officers. >> when anyone, no matter how good their intentions may be paint all police as biased or bigots, we undermine those
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officers we depend on for our safety. as for those who use rhetoric suggesting harm to police, even if they don't act on it themselves, they not only make the jobs of police officers even more dangerous, but they do a disservice to the very cause of justice they claim to promote. charles: president obama along with hundreds of others paid tribute to hundreds of police officers. among the speakers were dallas mayor mike rawling. in a rare public appearance, george w. bush who was also the former governor of texas. >> your loved one's time with you is too short. they did not get a chance to properly say good-bye. but they went where duty called.
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they defended us, even to the end. charles: did this memorial do anything to unite the country and did the president's speech help bridge the divide? governor, let me speak to -- speak with you. you have been in similar circumstance where you had to speak before a grieving public. i thought president obama was doing okay until he got sidetracked and started talking about society under investing in schools and went completely off the rails in my mind. >> it was a sad day all over the united states today when we had to lay -- mott to rest, but to have the memorial for the people of dallas texas and our hearts go out to them. we do not understand their pain. i believe president obama made an attempt at the beginning of his remarks to soothe the world.
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but in the end, he kind of did get off the rails, and there again dividing our country, the people our country, and it's unfortunate. because today and tomorrow and a couple other days following we need to mourn, and it's that continuous input of them and us. it's all about everyone. it's not about them and us. there is good guys and bad guys. to continue to make that division is sad. at a time like this. very, very sad. chief brown did a terrific job. his comment were fabulous. charles: when the mayor was introducing chief brown, that's the point where i personally had tears in my eyes and got choked up because of the way these two men have student and stood for the people of that city.
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i just hope maybe there will be mostly positive spin on this, but an opportunity was missed to take that say feeling and spread it throughout the entire country. >> i agree with you. let me say this about chief brown. i think the guy is fantastic. there is nobody better at uniting people than president obama. there is also nobody better at dividing people, more skilled at it uniting people. the first 0 minute of his speech was to unite. but i would like to see him be tougher on protesters and say you have got to police yourself. there are a lot of things that white america doesn't understand that goes through the heads of black america and sometimes these things get glossed over
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when we could have a national conversation about this. >> i think this particular memorial, i would like to focus -- i thought it should have been completely 100% a day of mourning and everything else should have been tabled for a different day. >> of course. and barack obama as never disappointed. this is what he has always done. the juxtaposition was especially clear with george w. bush's comments which were perfect examples of how you can call people on what's important and listening to other people while also talking about faith and bringing us together. but for barack obama this is classic. he sees everything through a political brings many, including the death of five police officers. there is nothing in this country that is better because of hip the last 7 1/years.
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this is the epitome of a craven view of the left. it was put forward by eric holder, crises are things to be used, you don't want them to go to waste. the left's point of view is how can we use this? for conservatives it's about how can we make thing better and embrace each other. chief brown has transcended the issue of of race. it should serve as a national model. collar * mark, your thoughts on how the president handled this, this time in america an opportunity to go a big direction in one way or another. >> what this country need now is compassion and justice for all americans. we do not need any more hatred and division. charles: do you believe
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president obama didn't live up to that today? do you think he added to the divide? or do you think he healed some division? >> i think he healed some divisions. i think the majority of his speech as was said a moment ago, was pitch perfect, a speech about healing the divide. but not being as divide as we sometimes fear we are. and talking about some the issues that need to be addressed in this country to bring us together is not something that is hateful, it's not something that's divisive, it's the responsibility of a leader to put us on a path to healing. charles: governor brewer, we'll move on from this. the political season, this will dominate the headlines. how important is it that somehow we don't let this moment leave without having a purpose positive impact for the country?
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>> i wish i had the answer for that. i know as we move into this political season we'll hear a lot of rhetoric going on. we all have to come together. we have to understand that today is a terrible day in dallas, and we have got to be able to communicate about the problems we are all facing. i don't know what it' like to be a black person. i say i'm not a racist or bigot and i believe that in my heart. but i don't know the other side. i know they are hurting. but i think a lot of that is coming from the rhetoric we hear coming down from the left, if you will, that wants to make it a war between us and them. you know, it's about us, it's about us. and we have to tone it down. but we have to call it what it is, too, when we hear people
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like black lives matter, "fry them like bacon. " it incites everything. charles: i don't think the left wants us to be in a physical war. but i think they believe the victimization card keeps them in power. they can tell the victims hide behind us, we are your champions whether it's economic or social justice. for them the notion america is becoming less color blind and less equal, that's their greatest fear and they can't let that go. >> i say no to we are all divide. that's a message, let's go beement who say they can protect us from the monster.
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that's to distract from the policies that affects all these cities that denigrate the lives of people of color. what we have got to focus on is the clarity in this conversation about reality, what we can do, who the grifters are who have been taking advantage of this dynamic and change it. >> it's about the left's war book -- playbook. the war on women and inequality. that's what's working for them. charles: mark, do you think that that is a legitimate point? because i do. i think that the source, and they can't let it go, if they do, what's the new narrative? >> i think that is a valid point on both sides of the divide, and
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i think the american heart is big enough to mourn both the policemen mowed down in an atrocity, and the unarmed black men killed the same week by police. we have to stop this left-right rhetoric and we have to include everyone in this conversation and america is big enough to do that. charles: governor, last word to you, please? >> i believe we need to listen to what we are saying, we need to respect other people and reach out maybe more on both sides. but bottom line is if they continue when there is terrible incidents that happen, that they blame it on law enforcement. they blame it on the -- against the human of law. before an investigation is even done, it is a situation that has
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gotten worse and it continues to get worse. and we have to take a step back. we have to get a handle on this. it's breaking my heart. >> i agree. i think we are all broken hearted. that's why we elect people to lead us. today should have been one those days where there was zero politics. thank you all very much. coming up, congressman pete sessions whose district does include dallas will join me and share his thoughts on today's memorial, and we'll get his reaction to other news on the hill as well. ♪
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>> we are here to honor the memories and mourn the loss of five fellow americans. to grieve with their loved ones. to support this community. to pray for the wounded and to try and find some meaning amidst our sorrow. charles: more from president obama's remarks at the dallas memorial service earlier this morning. congressman sessions i know you couldn't thereby because of your congressional business there today, but you were meeting with law enforcement in the dallas
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community over the weekend. share with the audience how they are holding up and your thoughts on how the service, the memorial went today. we are trying to get him on the phone. >> i'm sorry, here we are. thank you. the dallas community is healing itself, but we are also in the midst as you are aware -- we had a lockdown this afternoon in the united states capitol. the dallas police department had a lockdown against its headquarters for two straight days of threats that were engaged in what was occurring. the dallas community because of david brown who is our police chief, an african-american young man who is a great leader, brought all of our police officers back to work, every one of them are committed to making
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this work. the dallas community, whether it's the faith community or the lead i shallship of elected officials, they will bring us together. what happened today, president obama is one of our huge supporters and who lives in dallas spoke about it, we can heal this, we can make progress. it will require in my opinion every community across the country reevaluating its own circumstances. i don't believe there is a nationwide fix. but i believe nationwide leaders should be careful about the way they talk about the problem. if i offered my advice about the president, i would say i don't think the president should have made the analogy that guns are easier for a junior high student to find than a book. it shows his lack of knowledge of the circumstances. we have books in school and we
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should be teaching our children. i was sorry i could not attend today. charles: i think that was one of the lower points of today which began as he called out and gave anecdotal stories of each of the officers who were brutally cut down. but i also believe unfortunately, whether it's president obama or others in the progressive movement. it feels like they go through great lengths not to hold people accountable. people are always victims, either a gun, access to a gun. and the comment on books is so farfetched and outlandish. certainly it had no place in that memorial today for sure. >> i don't wonder. i know the people that are the progressives are after power, they are after trying to take all the power they can get.
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but if you look at the problem, the president's own hometown, chicago, illinois, is the gunshot capital of the united states. they are look at a $3 billion drug market that is owned and run by cartels and gangs. that's where the violence comes from. if i were to look at doing a gun control bill just like they have in chicago, i would say it doesn't work. and so what works is where community deal with their own problems. dallas, texas has one of the finest this chiefs, we have one of the finest law enforcement group of men and women dedicated. we were doing everything right, they were walking with the marchers, they were doing everything textbook, we hear you, we are with you, we believe in you, then got targeted.
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it's something that's wrong in this country from hatred and it was without any question racial hate. charles: we have to be careful of individuals are hateful hearts bringing the country along for a required. good luck with the lockdown. it's a shame we are going through this period of hyper caution. >> the way you are talking about it is the right way, let's solve our problems. charles: race relations in america becoming a big topic fourth white house. we'll discuss who might have the better possible solution next. stay tuned.
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charles: in the wake of the shootings in louisiana and minnesota, it will be a topic in the battle for the white house. donald trump highlighted the problem yesterday. >> it's time for the hostility against our police and all members of law enforcement to end, and end immediately, right now. at the same time, the tragic deaths in louisiana and minnesota make clear that the work must be done to insure and and lot of work that americans feel their safety is protected. charles: from the democratic side, hillary clinton acknowledged everyone's role in fixing the problem. eending the systemic racism that plagued our country and rebuilding our community where the police and citizens all see
6:26 pm
themselves as being on the same side will require contributions from all of us. charles: recent polling shows a majority of americans think racial discrimination is a major problem in the u.s. let me talk to you about this for a moment. both candidates have had a chance to weigh in. to a degree both have been measured. hillary clinton came under a fair amount of criticism for bringing up systemic racism. was she on point or off point? >> any time you hear what hillary clinton has to say on systemic or institutional racism, i finds it disingenuous since she added to the problem, she advocated for the 1995 crime bill which we know is modern day
6:27 pm
slavery. as we saw with the 16 months of her lie being or email scandal, you can't trust what hillary clinton says. i can't trust what she says, especially when it comes to race in america. charles: i have a feeling the american public will not be sure which one of these candidates will be the best. that's probably what they will tell pollsters. but how important do you think it will be that we get someone in office that doesn't use these issues to bolster their own political fortunes but to fix the country. >> identity politics as for so long been the focus of so many democrats. it's been their way to divide people and say we are the on ones who have stliewtions our problems.
6:28 pm
by saying we have economic solutions that can help bring people out of poverty, especially in the inner city. americans have been shocked. it's tragic that it took his to get americans to think about race relations in this country. they will say we need people who can bring us together and have the policies, not just the words. charles: someone selling booed leg dvds and cigarettes. we shouldn't have a country where anybody is doing anything like that. lawrence one interviewed the shooter's father. a very emotional interview. i want to play a clip of that and ask you about it. >> sure. >> i don't know what to say to
6:29 pm
to anybody to make anything better. i didn't see it coming. >> he was a good son. he was a good son. >> i loved my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. charles: everyone hates what he did. and unfortunately he has america looking at each other in such a harshness and suspicious way. all the actions from this one lone shooter. >> i had the opportunity to interview his father, mother and stepmother. it was to bring america together to get questions on how we can provide healing by looking at his situation and what caused the situation. you will see they identify the problem partially and it's going to be up to us to find healing. part of the problem is democrats continue to stoke racism. but the republicans fail to help
6:30 pm
the black community. if we can do that, we can turn this country around. charles: we have come so far. hillary clinton is finally getting the endorsement she has been craving for. her former rival bernie sanders is on board. he's officially backing her. what does it mean for the elections. who's got the details for you next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she'll be the next president of the united states. i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i'm endorsing hillary clinton. charles: that was senator bernie sanders earlier today endorsing his one-time bitter rival hillary clinton during a rally in new hampshire. he has moved the democratic party extremely left on a variety of issues. he got just about egg he wanted. starbucks today unveiled a new
6:35 pm
plan to raise their wages 5%, they are also going to pay for college. but you will be paying a lot more for those lattes and espressos. the question is will they collate around hillary? and how much more will they have to move toward the left? i have got to talk to you first, you have been the most adamant bernie sanders supporter i know. are you heartbroken and will you jump on the hillary train? >> i'm a surrogate for bernie sanders. i'm a delegate for him. it hurt me after three long hours of deliberating and fighting with the hillary clinton delegation we are here on tuesday to see this. i'm not surprised. i am a little prized about the timing. -- i'm a little surprised about
6:36 pm
the timing. manage 10 months ago. the platform committee, half the committee was made up of bernie sanders activists. usually they are donors and party chairs. we shifted the conversation. it's our job as movement leaders to push her. >> the opposite happens with the republicans. it's lobbyists controlling the platform. i think it's more natural for her. this whole thin she announced, the minimum wage, the so called free tuition, effectively singer payer. everybody recognizes this is pie in the sky. this is what she accused mr. sanders of doing. next it will be a starbucks in every hand andt a turkey inner pot. it's insulting to democrats. i think we see a venezuela
6:37 pm
what's going on with the socialist framework. somebody will have to deal with that. mr. trump and the rnc will have to. there is many reasons why not. charles: i have got to tell you, listening to bernie. he focused on the supreme court. he talked about citizens united. women's right to choose. defending workers, defending the environment, defending minority. he got buckets of constituent that can add up to a victory. >> i watched the rally and i thought that they were hoping for the sanman. and it was weekend at bernie's. i didn't think he was that great. if democrats think hillary clinton will do the thing in that platform, this is mrs. wall
6:38 pm
street and this is hillary clinton's legacy. i disagree completely with the fact that anybody on that platform committee or bernie sanders supporters actually believe this woman when she says she is with them. >> to push back on that. i don't think any of the platform members think she'll do it on her own. the way we pushed throughout hit is up to the people to organize. charles: we are talking about political promises. a lot of promises will be made on both sides of the aisle. if you tart to crunch numbers, the democratic party moved further to the left. is this where hillary clinton wants to be? she'll have to live up to it. >> i think all this rhetoric about a dramatic move to the
6:39 pm
left is overrated. a $15 minimum wayne is not venezuela. a $15 min municipal wage is supported by the american people. charles: what about free healthcare for all? those thing are -- i hear chavez in the back grand echoing the same promises. these are not radical positions. these are positions supported by a majority of american people. charles: we'll find out in november. we have all-time highs and the nasdaq is right on the cusp. i have got my market commentary and a couple stock idea for you next.
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charles: donald trump set to
6:42 pm
rally with indiana governor mike pence. the law and order candidate and some of this other comment when we come back.
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charles: the dow joining the s & p. all eyes are on the nasdaq composite. just about a year ago that index reached a high of 5231. there are two other areas i want folks to focus on to corroborate this current market going higher. you need oil to get back to $51 or better a barrel and the transportation stocks to reverse a long-term slide. the common denominator will be demand. and that means it would be a pretty good proxy for the health of the economy. the jobs report was noteworthy
6:44 pm
today, maybe in fact we found one of the reasons why that may jobs report saw a collapse. job openings plunged. private sector openings were down even more pronounced. but the needle didn't budge at all. we could see pressure on wages. all this is supposed to make the fed worry about the high grade. oil, we talked about a breakout. car go ceramics. love this time. huge upside potential. we all talk about new tech names. ibm, this stock acts a lot better. coming up, the ruling that china has no claim on the islands in the south china sea.
6:45 pm
a belligerent china thumbing its nose at the world. what will obama do? next. v
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charles: the administration made a pivot towards asia and the economic and limit goal of the president as a second term. but an international dispute between the u.s. ally the philippines and china over islands in the south china a. the hague ruled china has no claim on those islands. china vowed to expand the man made military bases and islands in the area.
6:49 pm
what will our southerns do? david, you write for the navy times. this ruling has implications that could have been at the top of the headlines. at some point japan will have to think about ditching their pacifist constitution and the rest of the region will go to a full-fledged arms race. >> that's a concern. i think all the countries in the region are focused on deescalating. charles: they are? are you serious? >> the u.s. partners like the philippines. the philippines statement was low key it wasn't beating the drums of we are. i think this has been a round rejection of china's arguments over the south china sea. even the u.s. government was
6:50 pm
tempered in its response. they have been pretty much humiliate on the international stage. charles: we want over 200 billion barrels of oil in the south china sea and they are going to get it by hook or by crook, and i don't think they are intimidated by america or the rest of the world. >> president xi has been the driving force behind china's island-building policy. and he has come under intense criticism because it unified china's southern neighbors against it. so he is in a position where he has to make this policy a success. that means doubling down on the confrontation and the military base building and the creation of air strips on these fake islands in the sea.
6:51 pm
charles: a top official in the philippines said they were okay with japan rearming. the atrocities japan committed during world war ii, it's an astonishing statement. but they said they must head off an imperialistic china. no one things we'll step up to the plate. >> we are not going to go to war with china. we'll shoot a destroyer. china doesn't want to go to war with us and we don't want to go to war with china. but that decision is only as powerful as we are to enforce it. charles: they keep building these islands and start to drill for oil. what are we going to do when our allies ask us to step up? >> america is the one leading the charge. charles: do we have the nerve to do that?
6:52 pm
says china you have to pay your own way. >> nobody wants to go to war with china. it's not a good idea. charles: donald trump set to have a rally with a potential vp pick. and we'll talk about his plans for law and order in this country.
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charles: donald trump will be speaking at a campaign rally in indiana about 30 minutes from now. he's going to be introduce canned by a man that many are saying is at the very top of his vp list, indiana's governor mike pence. we'll also see him double down on comments he made yesterday to support america's law enforcement and law and order in general. take a listen. >> we must maintain law and order at highest levels, or we will cease to have a country.
6:56 pm
100%, we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. charles: joining me now, boris epstein, evan siegfried. donald trump, it feels like the events in the last week, you hate to talk about it politically, who benefits, but it's sort of like the situation in orlando and some of these other things. if it seems to fit his wheelhouse for the very beginning of his campaign, he's embraced law enforcement, and he seems to have a special affinity with them. >> yeah, he does have a special affinity with law enforcement, and it plays to an audience that plays with, but that's also the republican base. that's not the base that he needs to woo. the base that he needs to woo is that rust belt, blue collar working voter and women, so if he wants to win the general
6:57 pm
election, he should be talking about how's anti-tpp. if he wants to win women, he needs to talk about the issues that concern women including economics and how it affects the small business and the home. it's not going to be amping up the law enforcement talk that the republicans have already got. charles: well, boris, he's campaigning tonight with mike pence. there's some reports there's a 75% chance that pence is the guy. you okay with that? is. >> i'm not going to be betting on that. nomiking i sounds like a bernie supporter -- >> oh, would you stop that? [laughter] he won't give up on that. charles: it's a red shirt that if you turn off the lights, it says make america great again. [laughter] >> a law and order candidate is somebody who does, you know, who is attractive to everybody. who in this country doesn't want law and order? over 80% of americans feel we're more under threat of a terror arist attack than eight years
6:58 pm
ago, so that's a huge number. by saying i am the person that will protect you, that's what americans want, and that's why he's going to be elected. charles: how important, evan, is this vp pick? particularly for donald trump who has said initially there was speculation he would continue to be sort of a maverick, if you will, but more recently he's leaning toward a so-called political type? >> well, he needs a political type. he really needs somebody who knows the intricacies of washington with, knows the parliamentary rules. somebody like newt gingrich or mike pence bring that expertise to the table. i don't think mike pence is going to be the vp pick. i think it's going to be newt gingrich, and it's going to be five. charles: i've got to be quite frank with you, chris christie, you know, hillary took that dig at him holding donald trump's to coat that i thought was very effective, but newt has pushed back on a number of issues. i think donald trump needs someone like that. >> donald trump is somebody who
6:59 pm
is in the top of the ticket, both the brash candidate and someone who's going to be talking about the specifics out there. he doesn't need any specific type of vp. i actually think that people like general flynn are interesting, as well as newt gingrich and -- charles: despite the abortion issue. >> one thing that newt brings to the table is he gave a very revealing interview last week about race, and what african-americans feel is republicans aren't speaking to the them. newt turned around and knocked it out of the park. >> he's not going to win it with minorities. [inaudible conversations] he won't win it with that number. what he will win it with, his weakness right now is in foreign policy. what mike pence offers, he's a house foreign relations committee. understands follow policy -- foreign policy, can be that side -- >> and the vp is important, but in the end, what's most important is what donald trump says -- charles: but the idea of bringing conservatives onboard who may be reluctant, you don't think that matters?
7:00 pm
>> people have already decided whether they're going to vote for trump. charles: you mean conservatives have. >> they're either never trump or -- >> once hillary -- [inaudible] charles: let's leave it -- >> the bernie supporters are coming over. >> no, we're not. [laughter] charles: we're going to continue with lou dobbs. he's next. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. bernie sanders today gave hillary clinton exactly what she wanted, and sanders' endorsement of hillary may turn out to be far more valuable for donald trump. indeed, millions of voters who supported sanders see his endorsement of clinton as a sellout to wall street and corporate america. for trump, it may well be a massive political gift. the republican presidential nominee reveling in the news that sanders had endorse clinton today. trump tweeted this: bernie sanders endorsing crooked hillary clinton is like occupy wall street endorsing goldman sachs.


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