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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thank you both. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. trump's chief policy advise your will be with us. kennedy: greetings. thank you so much. i'm watching the polls take snore gyrations than a tampa bay strip club. it shows bad things happen to bad people. hillary clinton's yogurt gets darker by the day. her 8-point lead she had june 21 has evaporated and she trails by 3 points. three weeks ago she was smack him upside the head. and it seems her rap has taken a
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hit thanks to james comey's takedown. there is one part where she surged. she soars and has higher unfavorables in all three crucial swing states in this poll, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. overall trump is ahead in pennsylvania. they are need ohio and florida is its own cup of juice. when you figure in gary johnson and jill stein, with it's a kinky four-way his lead grows to 5 in florida and he's up 1:00 in ohio. stein and johnson should always be factored into these polls because they will be on every ballot in almost every state. as unfavorability climbs for every candidate, more disgruntled candidates will
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start to develop a wandering eye. dr. jill stein was disgusted by bernie sanders' sellout. she tweeted, if you don't want to vote for a war morning or racist billionaire there are more options. the political revolution will keep going. donald trump is still making the case to sanders' supporters. he tweeted, bernie sanders who lost most of his leverage has totally sold out to crooked hillary clinton. there will of course be plenty of mood swings and poll shift as events unfold and momentum shifts. it remains to be seen if she can withstand the donald and his barrage while taking the flack up the flank from an emboldened jill stein who is prepared to
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give hillary hell. dana perino is here to give me the breakdown on the trump vp finalists. i'm going to flip out with celebrity house flipper, jeff lewis. i'm kennedy. kennedy: there are a lot of polls out there. a new nbc "wall street journal" marcwall-"wall streetjournal" p. nicky is a democratic strategist. pete hegseth is here, a fox news
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contributor and iraq war veteran. welcome, everyone. so hillary's downturn in this poll, do you think that's due to james comey and the way he laid out the case against her and poked holes in so many lies she sold? >> i think so. the republicans and democrats are fixed in positions or the email scandal. it's the independents that are affected the most. there was a 2-point swing amongst independent voters in florida. she was up 22, now down 9. what have they been hearing. comey's statements were the most powerful part of it even if the last two minute meant she wasn't going to be prosecuted. kennedy: there were a lot of analysts who sat back and said
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he could have done so much damage to her reputation because he's a non-partisan entity in all of this. but as you see from the nbc-marist poll, the polls will be all over the place. can we expect more shifts and bounces? it seems we can't get a handle on a trend. nbc pushed up to release their poll by five hours. the pen veins yeah poll quinnipiac put out show hillary is fine. kennedy: it shows they are obviously not calling the same people. >> i haven't gotten a call. polls are inaccurate. i don't think the population knows who they are anymore. it's confusing. there are a lot of anti-establishment people who are not ready to support hillary.
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i have been a bernie sanders surrogate campaigning for him. bernie sanders supporters don't know where to go. kennedy: those are the two long cal choices they have and they could conceivably go to either one. no one wake up any given day and says, i don't know, am i an authoritarian donald trump supporter or super hippie her to tearian green partyer? no one person can be both of those things? >> one person can be an inside or outside. it has nothing to do with left, right. >> i'm glad we are talking about this because there are many burn victims quivering with anger after senator sanders endorsed hillary clinton as the lesser of two death stars. did bernie sell out or did he finally fall into line and do what democrats have been wanting
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him to do? you been an outspoken bernie sanders supporter. you have active contempt for hillary clinton. why do you go? >> cornell west said so well what you just said. he said we have to fight this on the inside and from the outside. but if you put all your movement energy into a candidate like jill tine who has no chance of winning, she stand on the right side of issues, but that's a wasted vote. >> why are you attacking her? >> she tried to take advantage of a movement. >> that's water politician does. i don't endorse hillary clinton by any means. but i think that the movements have a much easier time pressuring hillary clinton, and the democrats who won't even get
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on the table -- >> she'll throw you under the bus at the first politically he can speeden --ap at the first et moment. if hillary clinton wins, the revolution is over. bernie got most of what he wanted at least from our perspective. bear hugged the progressive. for those of us who see a socialist and kind of sort of a socialist, it's effectively the same agenda, just a different way of going about it. kennedy: there are a lot of independents who would like to see that. they would love to see someone move in a more moderate direction.
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selling the barn and offering free healthcare and higher minimum wage. it doesn't do well for most americans. she adopted the $15 minimum wage. >> there are lot debate at the platform meetings. she is the centrist essentially for tpp. even the republicans are against tpp. kennedy: she can't have it both ways. >> democrats are against tpp. republicans are against tpp. the on people that are for it are hillary and obama. >> the chamber of commerce and big business love the tpp. kennedy: more with the party panel. they are coming back. we'll tell you why republicans
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are worried about security in cleveland. donald trump is narrowing down his running mate choices. please stay here.
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[♪] kennedy: egg is wrong. the republican convention shaping up to be a big circus.
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but some leaders are worried about more than party infighting. armed protesters will convene in cleveland. and officials have general safety concerns, more so than ever before. pete, we'll start with you. who do you think poses the biggest threat at the rnc. >> it would and protest turned violent. but as we saw in dallas you can have a bad actor utilize a peaceful protest. there will be big walls and long lines and you can never draw a circle around everything. there is always a choke point. how do you manner to the areas where people are waiting in line. kennedy: i think when you are inside the perimeter you will be just fine. but there are a lot of groups
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including the new black panther party and the oath keepers committed to arming themselves. >> i don't feel like the oath keepers aren't there to do what the new black panther party said they want to do. kennedy: they are exercising their second amendment rights. >> the intention of what the new black panther party said it would do is more nefarious. kennedy: protests are good for democracy, obviously. there are a lot of people who have a lot to say, and really about donald trump. do you think there will be legitimate protests. >> i can't speak from the left. because i don't know anybody involved in civil disobedience. i know a lot of people organizing at the democratic convention. i got an email where, you want
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to meet at this location and wear tie-dye and dance? kennedy: that evolves into worse than a drum circle. >> nothing at all. kennedy: is this being overblown by the media? >> i don't think so. we had a convention in new york in 2004 to renominate president bush. and i think security concerns are legitimately higher in cleveland under our uniter president obama than they were in 2004 in new york city. protesters, i hope the left shows up. i hope they burn american flags. you want to know why? it would be great for donald trump. every time one of these folks comes up there -- are you kidding me? they should see the contrast. they should see what the other side looks like.
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>> except for the burning of the flag it's a great point. it's a contrast that draws conservatives closer to trump. >> trump pays them to do that so it looks that way. kennedy: i was in seattle for the wto protests. they were bane large center entertaining. but then the protests turned violent and police turned on the protesters and it got out of hand with the anarchists. but there is a lot more than anarchists for law enforcement to worry about. as we saw in dallas you have lone wolves who may use facebook live to do that. we have people with political agendas in this country. you could argue on both sides and i almost think as david brown, the police chief in dallas said, we are asking law
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enforcement to do too much, and maybe we are doing that in cleveland. >> they will have a lot on their hands. >> we have a lot on our hands. mark ruffalo comes up with a solution to police relations. donald trump met with indiana governor mike pence and former house speaker newt gingrich today. ♪
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nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. kennedy: the plot thickens. donald trump met with mike pence in the governor's home in his state. in indiana he later met with
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newt gingrich. in an interview bret baier asked if we can take away anything from those meetings? bret: is it down to two? >> chris christie is a guy i have thriekd for a long time. he's a total professional. i'm narrowing it down. i'm at three, potentially four. but in my own mind i'm probably thinking about two. kennedy: here to get give her perspective on the veep sweeps. we are on the cusp of the republican national convention. the four people he's talk about, mike pence, chris christie and mike flynn. he says it's down to two. >> there was a fifth today, senator jeff sessions met with donald trump.
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there is a theme there. and there it is. but that's okay. the most important thing is rapport with the candidates. who is donald trump comfortable with. and also can they pass the vetting. if it's down to these top five, i imagine all five pass the vetting it's not 1960 anymore. so you don't have to win your state. the vice presidential candidate doesn't have to bring new jersey home to the trump candidate candidate or any other candidate. kennedy: what are the factors? is it about wooing independents? the vice president this year seems to be more important than the last four election cycles we have seen. >> i think at the end when the voting takes place, the people are voting for trump or clinton, they are not voting for the vice president. it could be a vice presidential candidate gives more enthusiasm
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as a voter. or you have think, i can donate because that person will be there. but 1% of the electorate would go towards voting for a vice presidential candidate. it doesn't have that big an impact. i don't think you have to worry about that that much. trump is doing fairly well in the polls without having any money. i don't think it necessarily matters on the fundraising. you are really talking about 14 weeks of your life. that's it. that's not a long time. but you have to be willing to serve and govern. each of these people does bring a significant amount of experience to the ticket. and they have strengths that donald trump is looking. who is the front runner in your mind? i went out on a limb and i think it will be chris christy. but then i said maybe it will be
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mike pence. kennedy: i think he likes him and appreciates his loyalty. >> when he says there is a place for number my administration ... >> they are saying if you don't get the vice presidential one i'll make you defense department chief, somewhere in the cabinet or ambassador to boor bay dose, who doesn't want that. i might volunteer for you that. i also think that a lot of us make too big a deal out of the vice presidential choice. it tells you something about how the president, hillary clinton or donald trump, how they think, the kind of people they want to surround themselves with. i don't think general flynn is actually in the running. i think he would be a great member of the cabinet. i think vice presidential picks it's hard to do something with the military. kennedy: who would be the best debater? >> trump said he wants an attack
8:25 pm
dog. kennedy: does that mean begin privilege? >> it doesn't mean you want someone to challenge you and help argue things out and thereby as a guide. it could be newt gingrich, but mike pence when he had his pryout he was going for it. he got flying colors for enthusiasm and effort. but chris christy is a great debater. kennedy: i think he and newt gingrich are the strongest debaters. i still think the nod goes to newt. >> pence has to decide whether to run for governor by friday. so there is a deadline. i love your cool show. kennedy: we'll tell you how to find out whether your car is infested with bears. is this girl crying because of the returns in the bond equity
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kennedy: it' the "topical storm." topic number one. parrots are amazing creatures. they mimic everything they see. just lining the parrot at bill cosby's house who took a nap every time his water bought was filled. but today a little guy in turkey has taken to singing this fun sitcom theme. ♪ whichingle "the adams family"]
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kennedy: was it whistling duke ellington? we have flown this parrot to dr. dre's house to update his pop culture. check it out. it -- we got him out there before his turkish owner started watching "joni loves chachee." have you ever been so happy instead of cackling a smile and screaming with unbridled delight, your emotions evolve into puddly tears. a new american girl store was coming to her hometown and she
8:31 pm
completely lost it. >> why are you crying? >> i thought on you got your leg chopped off or something. kennedy: her dad was worried. then he was puzzled, then was amused. then he started crying because he realized those dolls cost more than $100 a pop. and they are more addictive than oxycontin. as long as you have love and a roof over your head you will be okay. but fit collapses on you at the very least your wednesday is ruined. >> are you [bleep] kidding me?
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kardashian over snapchat. kennedy: many critics claim kim kardashian is famous for being famous. blossoming in an age of short attention spans. she is famous because of a sex tape with ray jay which makes her a porn star. tweet me @kennedynation and use #topicalstorm. we'll discuss a controversy involving black lives matter and canada. that's reportedly a nation
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kennedy: monday actor mark ruffalo tweeted defund bad cops and police departments. tell obama we need an executive order, hashtag defund police. the canadian tenor group. ♪ we are all brothers and sisters all lives matter to the
8:39 pm
great ♪ kennedy: what? the party panel is back. chris, i'll start with you. i think everyone has got it wrong. but do you have to finger with the lyrics? >> this is the canadian national anthem. >> never screw around with national anthems. go out, smile, sing, leave, and play ball. this is not the time. i love o canada no reason to tamper with it. kennedy: it's great. >> this is a way more canadian panel than i anticipated. i appreciate canada. you can't up those word. you just can't.
8:40 pm
but we are talking about it. kennedy: mark ruffalo. this guy is wrong on fracking. defunding police departments? how does he define -- celebrities like this -- how does he define bad cops and bad police departments? is there a letter grading system? do departments get abc and d in is there some objective criteria? how do you defund them? >> i love mark ruffalo. he's right on a lot of issues. i have a poster and i kiss it at night. but you wouldn't defund schools if they were failing. why would you defund a police department. there are some real institutional problems that need to be addressed. the police chief mentioned that. there are cultural issues. it's not an entire institutional problem.
8:41 pm
i have no idea where his mind was at. he may have been drunk. he's going to call 91. he's going to get in trouble. >> the rich dude who can afford private security says we need to defund cops. >> look for the bear in the wilderness. kennedy: would it be bad if he was devoured by a bear? >> there i a lot of hair stuff going on. he's not aging well either. kennedy: i hate to be anesthetic snob. this week starbucks gave a 5% raise to it employees, then they announced they are raising
8:42 pm
prices on their coffee. socialists bernie sanders says it does. does math apply to the labor market? it certainly cannot. is this how the free market works? >> so i am told. ipped study and thing like that. of course. first of all, fire the p.r. guy. one day later and no connect is insanity. it's exactly what will happen whether one day later or one year later. kennedy: you say no it's just because java prices are going up. every corporation can absorb pay increases. >> it's a business decision. the ceo of starbucks claims to be progressive, but he's playing into the narrative of republicans.
8:43 pm
he could have said this is a consumer-based economy. if wipe paying my workers more it will be driven back into the economy. >> that happens when businesss have to pay employees more. it's affected in the prices. >> he's playing into the narrative of reality. kennedy: he liberal want this -- every aspect of the economy and business by 98% of politicians know nothing about, and they are so inept when it comes to basic economic principles. i thank you so much. coming up. doug ziegler explains the 06 election. and an interesting prediction on what will happen. stay with us.
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kennedy: welcome back. never trump conservatives have been frustrated with trump fans. but my next guest has own explanation for thisand it invot crossover with wrestling. he's a www.superstar. it's all about how the presidential race is just like pro wrestling. it's an absolute circus. is it because of donald trump's past in pro wrestling in is that what set the table? >> that's part of it. but even if you don't know anything about his past, if you have been paying attention, you have been watching the debates,
8:48 pm
everything he says on twitter it's all about a draw and being an obscure person that everybody wants to see do something. kennedy: he uses a lot of wrestling tongs and template that makes pro wrestling so successful. his persona is so much like. he snaps into a slim jim every day. or a chunky hillary. you laid out how all candidates mirror wrestlers. you said -- i don't know how he's going to feel about this. but i asked you who is the hillary clinton of the race in pro wrestling and you said? >> john sena. kennedy: i'm picturing him in a blue pant suit.
8:49 pm
>> it's true. the presumptive nominee all the way through. everyone thought, this is it. no matter what bernie says, no better other bernies say. others are clamoring to be the face that johnsena is. >> she has very high unfavorable ratings. >> that's pretty good, right? it depends on what city you are in. this is a huge part of the ww universe. our fans are very focal and can sometimes change things around. with john sena in the ring, sometimes they can change things around. it's so fun when you are out there because they are so engulfed in the match and they are having a good time. it's a joke, but we have seen
8:50 pm
this guy, this superstar for 10 years and dominate and make this way through. he's on top for a reason. kennedy: hillary clinton is still here regardless of her detracts. you have two donald trumps. brock linger had a big fight this weekend and you saw parallels between the guy who crosses over between wwe and mma and the presumptive republican nominee. >> when we came up with this idea for the article i had a different aspect for donald trump. everyone wants to see him. he doesn't care about anything because he wins and goes out of his way to say he doesn't care about the fans. it makes the fans love him that much more. kennedy: trump says the same thing with the republican party. it's the same -- it's very similar.
8:51 pm
it was oddly similar that brock can say anything he wants whenever he wants, he doesn't care because he's going to back it up one way or another. kennedy: you will be in cleveland and you will show us around. you will show us how your hometown is ready, willing and able to host the rnc. >> i hope so. they are preparing. kennedy: is your family worrying? >> no, they are nowhere near where the convention will be. but i have been hear being lockdown situations making it way more intense and exciting. kennedy: if people want to know who you are in the presidential race, they will have to wait. check out he's got don't tread on me on one of his wrestling vests. thank you, dolf.
8:52 pm
coming up, i'm going to give celebrity house flipper jeff lewis a little parenting device. stay here.
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>> that's not a joke. you come back or you are fired. >> do you want to be part of the problem or solution. kennedy: that is as sneak peek of the brand-new step "flipping out" where jack lewis and his team return with more drama, more fixer uppers and a new baby girl on the way. it's the show's 9th season. jeff solution joins me now. i'm flipping out that you are here. your show has been on for 9 seasons. the questions people ask before
8:56 pm
they pro create, i started asking after we were pregnant. now it's too late. >> i called my o.b. at 9:00 on a saturday night. i was staring at my belly in the bathroom and said what am i going to do with the baby? >> i'm star struck. i grew up watching mtv and i have been interviewed by people more famous than you, but i'm star struck. kennedy: you are back to house flipping. is that by choice or do people say they love it when you walk into a disgusting rat-infested hell hole. >> the producers don't tell me what to do. i tell them what we are doing. i'm not kidding.
8:57 pm
they call me the night before and say what are we doing tomorrow? i say we are going to this restaurant, please call and clear it. i'll be home at this time and i tell them what we are doing. there is nobody producing this show except for me. and the secret is i stay as busy as possible. kennedy: what happens if you are not busy. >> jeff lewis not busy is not a good thing. i start talking in third person, i get obsessive. i'm not the kind of guy that will go and lay on a beach for two weeks. we'll try to take vacations, but after day two or day three, i made lists of what i want to do and i want to go back and do it. >> gage very like me which is why it works. the smartest thing i did was bring him into the business.
8:58 pm
when you have your own business it's 24-7. and past relationships haven't worked out because no one wants to talk about my business. but it's all i want to talk about. kennedy: the fact that you like structure analysts will be good for a baby. when people have unstructured lives, they like structure. i haven't done any reading whatsoever. i asked mom. what worked, what didn't work? i'm getting so many emails from people, dry these diapers and this formula. i'm kinds of into the, it's weird. kennedy: every baby has its own language. and your baby is the chief arbiter of what its needs are. some babies need sleep training. others you have to swaddle and sleep standing up. you will figure it out and your baby will tell you and you can
8:59 pm
make lists together. >> that coax sleeping thing will not work out for me. i think it ruins the relationship. i already don't get enough sex. what's going to happen when that baby is between us? you know what happened, gauge, my partner, it's 7 1/2 years. now he doesn't care. kennedy: he cares deeply. the baby will only bring you closer together. >> i might as well get married. i'm paying anyway. kennedy: have a beautiful wedding in the season finale. >> i would parlay that into season 10. negotiate. that's an easy 10. kennedy: of course you would, jeff lewis. nice to meet you. kennedy: thank you for watching this show tonight.
9:00 pm
you can follow me on twitter and instagram and email good night. >> it was a dirty, dusty old box. and then it's like, "wow. i don't know what it is." >> ...a discovery that will make the baseball world flip. >> you've got honus wagner, ty cobb, cy young, christy mathewson. >> i'm thinking to myself, "oh, my god. i have $1 million sitting in a chair." >> but is it almost too much of a good thing? >> it certainly changes the market in a negative way. >> i'm jamie colby, and today, i'm in northwest ohio, on the edge of an area called the great black swamp.


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