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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thank you both. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. trump's chief policy here is a man himself. lou dobbs. lou dobbs. donald trump moving closer to him naming his choice for vice president. the republican nominee today met with those who he had put on his short list they were meeting with indiana governor mike pence. senator jeff sessions flew in as well. and he met with the new jersey governor chris christie. he said right there he has narrowed his short list of possible running mates. >> indiana has been special to me and i think the level of
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recent activity i've have here is incredible. he has been amazing. we will see what happens. newt gingrich is coming in today to see me. >> chris christie is someone i had liked a long time. he's a good guy by the way. i'm narrowing it down. i'm at three potentially for but in my own mind and probably thinking about too. lou: midway through its it's proved to be a great week for trump. i knew paul has trumped up 42-39 percent. in ohio trump tied with clinton each with 41% and he leads clinton in pennsylvania 43-41 percent. ed rollins will take that up here in moments. we will take up the latest polls among guests here
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tonight. mike huckabee. we have a lot to talk about including the left wing liberal media for what may be the first time ever agreed with donald trump. the new york times, washington post and torah boards said justice ruth bader ginsburg cross a line when she criticized donald trump. the times is saying she needs to drop the political punditry and name-calling. trump himself tweeted this. just as justice ruth bader ginsburg has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. also tonight, hillary clinton never sorting to having the latest hyperbole as she attacks in illinois. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln.
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we are watching it become the party of trump. and that is not just a huge loss for our democracy it is a threat to it. lou: a threat to democracy now. our top story of the evening trump leading but the new fox news polls say he's trailing into other battleground states. hillary clinton ahead of trump in colorado and virginia. he trails by seven points in virginia. joining us now to discuss his performance in the polls former political director ed rollins. good to have you here. the day begins with three terrific polls for trump and less a good news for him in the two poles.
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>> she is spent 50 or $60 million against him in the media. this is where you take a candidate out. if he holds those three states we have up there for you, ohio and pennsylvania and everything that romney got last time. he wins. my sense is all that negative advertising at this point in time is not working and the offset by what happened to her in this week. she's incompetent and careless with documents. they reinforce the dishonesty portion. lou: the dishonesty portion trump is wiling -- running will ahead of her. up three in june. he has improved that much. he had been up seven in june. this looks like these things are always snapshots but when
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it goes to trustworthiness and honesty in the perception of the voting public this looks like a serious trouble for larry clinton is it? >> there's a long way to go in two weeks that are very important with political theater here. trump has to have a great convention. he has to do what he can to unify the party. at the end of the day the voters who stay home republicans or democrats may cause the other at the election. right now there even in party support. you have to have a great convention. he she follows right up. at this point in time he is very well-positioned to be a very credible candidate all the way. lou: that is pretty positive coming from you to say all the way. >> i try to give you the best analysis i can. i have a concern that he has been out spent in the past several weeks but i think the compensation is that people don't think she is honest and
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she wants change. lou: how in the world could anyone think she is honest? i hear the pundit class hold forth on this. i don't understand how anybody could think of her as honest. there is no shock to me in these polls except she has those. >> you to take those people who don't think she's honest and people that are honest -- for her. if the start peeling them off. if you're not over 90% of your own party it's hard to basically make it up. dependence will go over the winter there.ate you have a decision viciously of 10%. it's up 93 percent. 85 percent of democrats you don't make it up. let's turn to this platform. the gop platform committee
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moving ahead. were talking about a wall by moving into the platform the language on trade trump is now taking control as he should as a nominee always shed in the platform this though because of all of the dissension in the gop leadership is very impressive. >> this is a stronger platform than the one that was written for or eight years ago. these are issues of that he campaigned on. the issues that he was laughed at. it is what the party people want. it's certainly what they will all be running on. lou: when you talk about those who left about some of the agenda items it is easy for people to forget that every single issue that was moved to prominence in this campaign coming into convention was put at the top of the list by none other than donald trump. >> he sold the issues to the voters. the over number --
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overwhelming numbers they want fair trade deals. those weren't the issues at the beginning of the campaign. they were even being discussed. and that was the republican party to do so. ed, as always thank you for your insight. much more ahead. stay with us. >> a lot of bernie sanders people they are going to be voting for trump i really believe that. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices...
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by switching to xfinity x1. rio olympic games show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. lou: donald trump warning voters against the hillary clinton presidency. >> she is incompetent. the greatest single thing in my opinion that she's ever done is to get out of the
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e-mail problem and she was so guilty. page after page of the life. we have a candidate on the other side if she went to get elected and before more discussing years of obama. lou: joining us now chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and sarah westwood. there was not much there. i don't believe that donald trump thinks in any way she would make a good president, do you? >> no i would know i would agree with that statement. donald trump is trying to make this election on everything that they need. the democratic party that doesn't even work its own
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voters. they have to have super delegates superdelegates do it for them. they haven't lot of ammunition. you couldn't have asked for a better setup. hillary clinton to get off unscathed from the fbi right before the convention. i don't know about you i'm so excited to be in cleveland next week. and to watch what is going to unfold. how about you. >> we've made our republican conventions so the nilla and sennosides they are impossible to watch. usually the speeches are edited. we move way to the middle. they are terrible shows. i am excited about the fact that it seems like the people around him realize they have to make it real and they want people to tune in and besides that the activists in the party are really driving things and they really drove
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this platform. i think it's fantastic. they are donald trump. the trump supporters. they're not only being listened to they are writing a platform for quieting out loud. >> it looks great. the best part about it is not just a platform of a presidential candidate it's a platform of the people who make up the party. i think donald trump handled this exactly the right way. lou: sarah, as matt says that it's like alchemy. this is a candidate that actually talked about what matters to voters. that's the reason he have more votes than any republican candidate in history. he is actually representing the american people here. not just republican voters. >> he's identifying these
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issues that are making people worried in their day-to-day lives. the out-of-control immigration system the trade policies at their shipping jobs overseas. these are issues that americans care about. democrats still don't seem to recognize that. bernie sanders tapped into that and hillary clinton will move her party away from progressiveness him. even the gop establishment hadn't wanted to touch before donald trump came along. lou: even the republican establishment despite the republican establishment folks over on k street in the chamber of commerce they have to heartburn of a fierce fiery kind watching this. >> but they been watching for a year. i think if you see this as it is playing out and as he picks a vice presidential candidate i think strangely enough and more people who believe in free markets and believe that washington is broken and even just a standard old republicans i think donald trump will get the mother of
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all convention balances out of cleveland because a lot of these people there to come home when they look between those two they will pull the lever for donald trump. lou: when you say plain vanilla. with donald trump at the top carrying the parties standards versus hillary clinton the plain vanilla thing it doesn't apply to trump certainly. let's go to the vice president choice how important is it sarah, do you think he made it. >> donald trump is such a force of nature that i think whoever is at the bottom of the ticket matters less than in previous years. lou: a lot of people are saying the opposite. >> i think mike pence is a safe reliable choice. he would not do anything to hurt or help the ticket. i think newt gingrich is an exciting pick. he brings policy to the ticket. it addresses some of the areas
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that they are lacking. lou: maybe he is playing everybody. he has everybody flying into indianapolis while he brings forward his choice with the left what do you think? >> i think anything is possible with donald trump. i think he has played this masterfully i don't know what he's going to do. i don't think anybody knows what he's going to do. let me just say this i do think for him the vice presidential pick is crucial. not just the a vice presidential pick i think he needs to pick a strong conservative and that he needs to go forward and talk about the types of people he wants to put around him. people who are going to advise him in the term. show us the team. i think it will unify the conservatives and republicans. i urge him to do it. lou: you to have given two choices when one it doesn't
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matter much because he's such a fork -- force of nature it's crucial. we will soon find out where the answer is. thank you so much. lou: breaking news tonight a chinese business band sent businessman sentence of four years in prison for stilling u.s. military secrets. he stole trade secrets involving the c-17 military cargo aircraft. he also targeted the pentagon's most advanced fighter jets such as the f22 and the f35. hebrews shipley agreement with prosecutors and now is set for about four years in prison. be sure to vote in tonight's pole. do you believe that donald trump will be able to build that wall in the border with mexico? cast your vote on twitter we
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would like to hear from you as always. there are links to everything at lou roll the video. this video breath taking. following for daredevils as they jump from swiss mountain. they soar over spectacular scenery. there is a side of the mountain. there is nothing in this that i find appealing except to watch. i want to watch from a very safe distance. they pair glide safely and calmly to the ground. let me repeat safely. how spectacular is that. and thank you go pro. the pro. the pictures are all that i require. there is more up next. five days to the convention and counting.
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donald trump said he's happy with the party platform. >> it is largely a platform. we are doing something for the evangelicals which is an creditable incredible take a look what's going on. it keeps getting threatened. and we will do something to help the evangelicals and the christians. lou: that's the subject of my commentary. much more straight ahead right here
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has her college education taken care of. call to schedule your free consultation. find the amerivest portfolio that works for you. call to schedule your free consultation right now. lou: a few thoughts tonight on the rapidly report approaching republican national convention it kicks off monday in cleveland and republicans are already laying out the party platform. as expected as it should be, donald trump's ideas are featured prominently throughout the platform. senator john barrasso chairing the committee said this about
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that platform. it invites every american to join us and shows the path to a stronger and safer america. this platform is optimistic because the american people are optimistic it lays out in clear language the path to making america great and united again. lou: now that he is the nominee nearly on the everyone acknowledges that trump outworked and out smarted all of his opponents and it's clear that trump brought fresh new ideas to the campaign and managed to set the agenda for the entire election. the republican party party platform now includes support for the plan to build a wall across the southern border of mexico. it is sufficient to stop vehicular and pedestrian traffic. that is a shift from the romney push platform. the party only called to
11:27 pm
double layer fencing on the border something already mandated by congress as far back as 2006. republicans also taking a strong suit. they are looking for mandatory five year prison sentence for anyone trying to reenter the united states after being deported. border security means getting smarter. the republican platform now calls for special scrutiny for those trying to enter the united states from regions associated with islamic terrorism. and on the issue of trade it no longer includes anything from the free-trade deal but notably insists on better negotiated trade agreements that put america first. donald trump throughout the almost 13 months of campaign has crafted not only the republican agenda but pushed to the forefront the issues that matter most to most
11:28 pm
americans in voters of both parties. he hasn't tried once to stay safe to stay well within the lines of consensus, trump has have the courage to truly lead and now onto the convention where delegates will vote and make it official. donald trump to be recognized as the party's presidential nominee celebrated as its leader, with one simple task before him. to win the election in november. the quotation of the evening on leadership because we are going to hear a lot from republicans next week about consensus in from democrats a week later. so tonight what we would offer this quotation from margaret thatcher. on the occasion of the second moment teresa may assuming that the office of british prime minister. she said this quote, to me it seems the process of
11:29 pm
abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies and so it is something in which no one believes into which no one objects. we are coming right back. new polls show him doing well in critical states. >> we are to keep winning. we will make america better than ever before. how does he build on his momentum heading into november? this high-speed chase ends in dramatic fashion. especially for the fellow in the front pa ♪
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lou: who's going to talk next week at the convention? the list of speakers include several top republicans as you would expect. former new york city their rudy giuliani will address the convention as early as monday night. tom cotton announced he will be speaking to the convention. house speaker paul ryan is writing a speech and he will give that 10-minute speech we are told that he did indeed write himself. joininus, former chairman of the south carolina republican party van hip, and charlie
11:34 pm
speis. and -- charlie is part of the republican establishment. good to have you all here. let me start, van, this convention -- i mean it's got a lot to this platform, and as ed rollins said here tonight he hasn't seen one this strong in some time. >> it's a good platform. donald trump is winning the independents vote nationwide. if he can get anywhere close to the republican vote in terms of what hillary clinton is getting he will be the 45th president of the united states. this platform motivates the gop
11:35 pm
conservative base to come home. i think the platform is a good thing for donald trump. winning pennsylvania and florida, being tied in ohio, no president since 1960 has been elected without winning two of those three. lou: charlie, your thoughts on the platform and how the convention is likely to go. >> the platform has great timing for donald trump. in one area it has a strong pro-israel section to it that's stronger than the democrats and that cleenss up some of the mess from last -- that cleans up some of the mess from last week. to the respect that the platform represents mr. trump's views, that's good. lou: i got the illusion the mess that is the democratic party
11:36 pm
between this party with the united states and israel, there isn't even a connection between donald trump's platform and israel and what this administration and the democratic party has done to israel over the last 7 1/years. >> under barack obama it was disastrous. this year the bernie sanders folks tried to push the democratic platform further to the left and talking about the palestinian state. lou: at what point do you guys say it's a good platform. i understand you establishment republicans have trouble with donald trump. but as you go into the convention -- >> if the party's platform reflects donald trump's views i'm happy with that.
11:37 pm
but there are provisions of the platform the nominee doesn't necessarily. lou: paul ryan isn't going to play in this. who is going to be vice president? >> i would pick newt gingrich. he would check a lot of boxes. on the debate stable newt gingrich has no equal. he led the evident to balance the budget for the first time since man walked on the moon in 199. i think gingrich ups that gop base vote. i give a strong second to mike pence. my guess is -- >> you can't have them all.
11:38 pm
>> i would go to newt, i think trump will go with pence. 5% to 13%. that's the continues between hillary winning with democrats versus trump. he has to close that gap. i think newt gingrich does the most to do that and brings base hope for the republican ticket. >> for people who like donald trump it doesn't matter. but for those who aren't convinced, the social conservatives, mike pence is a good pick. he has an established conservative record and they trust hip. he was a great governor of indiana and he served on the house foreign affairs committee. i think he can bring on board with the ticket. >> he is from the rust belt.
11:39 pm
lou: i don't know what gingrich brings in the way of joography and electoral votes. but i think a lot of people feel that way about newt gingrich. certainly the governor is highly respected. all of them are very respected. let's turn to, if we can, back to paul ryan. he get his 10 minute, talking for establishment republicans. i'll put that on you here tonight. is he going to continue to be a scung in the room -- a skunk in the room or is he going to grow up? >> i don't think talking about an optimistic conservative vision -- lou: he's all about open borders, he isn't about fiscal responsibility. he brought the omnibus deal and tried to shove it down the throats of republicans. this isn't a conservative. this man campaigned with
11:40 pm
luis caterras on immigration. will he be the skunk in the room? >> a little bit. lou: the last 12 months. >> paul ryan has an actual agenda that's been -- lou: nobody cares. they want donald trump's agenda. if he goes in there to compete he's going to be a skunk. >> i don't think he's trying to compete. lou: i don't inquiry if he tries to do. is he going to be a skunk in the room. >> for people like you he may be a scun. >> he said there is no third option and there isn't. there is a clear choice. i think the grass root understand that. lou: for him to be so by nary it makes -- by nary, it make you
11:41 pm
wonder. >> van hipp, charlie, it's always great talking to you. watch as the drive loses control of a stolen cadillac escalade. the high-speed chase ensues in alabama. man, you can tell it wasn't there car. the passenger was ejected going over 100 miles an hour. both suspects suffered serious injuries. they are charges with evading police, possession of drug paraphernalia and taking a stolen vehicle overstate lines. donald trump pushes back against justice ruth bader ginsburg in a number of media interviews. >> for her to have done that is
11:42 pm
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lou: joining us tonight, the former governor of arkansas, former republican presidential candidate, governor mike huckabee. who do you think will be vice president? >> i have no idea. i think that the more the speculation surface, the less likely we are to know. the one thing we can predict about donald trump is we can't predict anything about donald trump. even though we all think it's newt gingrich, mike pence or chris christie. all bets are off. he may surprise us, he may say lou dobbs is his pick and call you on to the platform wednesday night. he could do worse. lou: not much worse. i think he may surprise folks. i think he may be gaming folks a little bit. trying to draw them in and have a surprise for them.
11:47 pm
>> wouldn't be the first time he game us a little bit. the most important they can he has to do is pick somebody he's comfortable with so when he sends the candidate out to campaign, he doesn't get all uptight about what that guy is saying. he has to have somebody who be articulate his message and the biggest thing of all, he has to take the hippocratic political oath. first do no harm. >> sometimes in politic that's the hardest job of all to do. i like the description, i think what could be interpreted as, he would like to have a junkyard dog at his side who can take care of business almost as well as can donald trump. let's turn to this platform to have so many of trump's issues in his agenda now memorialized
11:48 pm
in the platform and strongly expressed, do you think -- do you think this is going to be compelling for the party? how important is it in the outcome of the election? >> i would say, lou, it's huge. he's taking the strongest stand we have ever seen on israel to finally come out and have the common sense to say there isn't going to be a two-state solution that the u.s. is going to push. i'm so glad somebody came and said that publicly. it's a ridiculous position, it never was being going to work. now it's part of the platform. the fact that he's talking about a new way to look at trade. not just where it's friendly to the worker. that fundamentally changes the way the republican party looks at working class people, but let's hope it changes the way working class people start
11:49 pm
looking at the republican party. lou: it has been almost never discussed. i know you are an exception to that on the campaign trail when you are running for president. but it's almost never been discussed and it's been helpful obviously to the party given the record number of voters for donald trump for him to have done so. his opportunity with sanders voters, i'm interested to hear what you think given the populist tone of sanders who some say has sold out to hillary clinton and wall street. and the opportunity that represents for donald trump. >> i think one of the best things that happened for donald trump is when one of the big wall street players like goldman sachs and others said they will sit out the gop. thank god. it proves once and for all hillary clinton is a wholly owned subsidiary of the big banks on wall street.
11:50 pm
she helped defend them because they were too big to fail. now they are coming to her rescue because she is too big to jail. this is a chance for donald trump to capture those voters and say bernie told you right. she is a coach rat complete queen and she is owned by them. donald trump is not. this gives him the independence i think gives a lot of credibility to everything he said on the campaign trail. lou: independence as individuals going throughout the primary to donald trump and it looks like that's going to hold across many states if not most, this in the general election. governor huckabee, always good to have you here. thanks so much. on wall street another record-breaking day for stocks. both indexes had new all-time highs. the nasdaq down 1 points.
11:51 pm
volume on the big board slipping down to 3.5 million shares. up next, martha stewart unloading on any len a.m.s. she calls them lazy and self-indulgent. who better to call in on this than andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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lou: a quick update on our late jest online polling. 80% of you say donald trump is the biggest beneficiary of sanders' endorsement of hillary clinton. andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. martha stewart take on any lenalls and talk about they live with their parents and disparage these sweet, sensitive souls. >> i'm over millennial bashing. she says millennials know how to develop software but they don't know how to plant a tree. i'm sure she knows how to plant a tree, but doesn't know how to develop software. she said she got married at 19
11:56 pm
and got an apartment. that's good, and 40 years later she was in prison. >> she doesn't like any lenalls. well, we don't -- she don't like millennials and we love that orange is the new black because you are in prison. lou: you guys are tough tonight. >> she wants us to grow tomato plants in our apartments in new york. a tear last in new york would cost me an organ transplant. lou: is lena dunham saying -- well, staff "girls" called for guns to be removed from posters for the upcoming jason bourne movie.
11:57 pm
not everything is a show, sometimes it's a movie. she is siding from her alma matre overland college saying sushi being served in the dining hall is cultural appropriation. >> she should replace one of her white actresses on girls with an across trestle of color and change the name from "girls" to identifies as girls. if you are going to go for it, completely go for it. the pronounce i prefer. >> there is a difference between well-educated and smart. that's what we are looking at here, lou. you are the host of the show ... lou: thank you for that. >> imagine if overland dining
11:58 pm
hall only served quote-unquote american food. imagine that. >> those meal plans cost a lot of money. you should get your money's worth by sampling food from around the world. lou: it could be he plead to northern food and tex-mex. italian. i got lost in food. you wouldn't know by looking at me that i would be fascinated by food. ashley madison rebranding. >> we talk about ashley madison almost every week on this show. is there something you want to say, lou? lou: this is not a micro-aggression.
11:59 pm
>> let's roll after. their new slogan is finds your moment. finds your moment is when you are trying to pull into traffic. you are trying to full into traffic. not for cheating. i'm not about it. lou: i don't think anybody is. ashley madison is. >> they are so -- can i stay screwed on this show? lou: sure. >> the fcc will nail them for fraud. they will be out of business no matter how they try to rebrand themselves. lou: this has been and fascinating conversation as always. there is something called pokemon that we no long ever time to discuss. but i asure you, ladies and gentlemen, that we'll deal with pokemon on a later show.
12:00 am
thank you both. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us. trump's chief policy advise your will be with us. kennedy: greetings. thank you so much. i'm watching the polls take snore gyrations than a tampa bay strip club. it shows bad things happen to bad people. hillary clinton's yogurt gets darker by the day. her 8-point lead she had june 21 has evaporated and she trails by 3 points. three weeks ago she was smack him upside the head. and


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