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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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facility sos skilled nursing health care pro. >> liz: we're watching confetti. another record from the closing bell. connell and melissa, pick it up here for "after the bell." melissa: the dow just keeps on climbing. we've got a solid rally today, ending up more than 130 point as we hit another record close for both dow and s&p 500. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane filling in for david asman. when i'm fpling in we get all the records. melissa: don't tell david. connell: i won't. here is what else we have for you at this hour. reports say donald trump has chosen his vice president. we'll tell you who inside sources say join him on the ticket. it may still not be 100% confirmed. cleveland gearing up for big
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event. the republican convention with 50,000 people heading for the city. is cleveland ready? we'll ask the mayor later in the hour. anti-trump delegates negotiating behind closed doors which is really last-ditch effort for freedom to vote for someone other than donald trump as nominee at convention. all that is coming up. melissa: back to the markets, dow hitting all-time high for third day in a row. apple, jpmorgan, biggest gainers in town. phil flynn, price futures group, fox business contributor, watching all the action as usual in oil and gold from cme. lori rothman from the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, in addition to the brand new market highs, you're also watching a brand new stock, right? >> we had, melissa, biggest tech ipo here at the exchange so far in 2016. line corporation, this is a chinese messaging app. it debuted at $32 a share.
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it opened at $42 a share. came back a little bit. but almost 27% gain, pretty successful day for shares of line. so yes, that is day one. want to show you airlines as well. big day. you had them all gapping way up. united continental up 4%. delta up 3 1/2%. delta really sparked it with it second quarter better-than-expected earnings this morning. look at benchmark averages for the dow and s&p. another day, another record, we're getting used to this, huh? a lot of talk on the floor today, using that word bubble. we'll see where we go from here. good economic data, good earnings from jpmorgan. dow up, s&p up, record for fourth consecutive day. nasa is still 4% or so below from its all-time record. back to you. connell: thank you, lori. fair enough. phil, oil reversing course. what drilled things higher? >> you i think this rally in the stock market, connell.
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face it when oil prices tumbled yesterday with the bearish inventory report, gloom and doom about economic growth. when you're in the $44 handle, anything below $44 stops investment in the energy industry. that is too low unless the world is falling apart. stocks going up, oil is too low. look at gold. gold pulled back a little bit. seemed gold traders were a little shocked that the uk didn't cut interest rates. how could they be surprised? i don't think any central bank told us the truth in a long time. big surprise. a little bit of pullback on risk off. stock market rally. so really big day down on the floor. back to you. connell: thank you, phil. melissa. melissa: alan greenspan, you remember him, former federal reserve chairman, he is doubling down on his doom and gloom predictions. >> i think we are on the edge
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now of a significant change in the global outlook and it's the very slow, very turgid, move from deflation to inflation. we're seeing early signs of a process of inflation arising. melissa: turgid, look that up with. jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund. fox news contributor. spencer jacobs from the "wall street journal" he is deputy editor. he is author of a new book, which is fantastic, you ever to get it. heads i win, tails i win. would not want to win either way? spencer. stop with you. do you know what turgid -- no. what do you think about alan greenspan. process of inflation rising. do you see that? >> certainly possible inflation could pick up given massive amount of stimulus. sort of like crying wolf though. seven years into this
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extraordinary stimulus. melissa: right. >> people have been predicting it. sooner or later it will be there. perhaps he is right. he was not famous for being the most astute predictor of what is going to happen. irrational exuberance was late '96. we had three or four more years of bull market. in the book i discuss this, how silly it is to, even if it is alan greenspan, to base your investments decisions on anyone's predictions like that. melissa: that is a great point. >> but you have to look at big trends. melissa: is this very turgid? >> i think he is student, melissa, looking at the big trends here. look at gold or all gold stocks at or near their 52-week highs. commodities like sugar, like cocoa, cotton breaking out to new highs. if inflation is prices in the economy he is right. you said it is doom and gloom.
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it doesn't mean that the stock market can't continue. stock market tends to be a great hedge against inflation. big picture he is on to major trend. not deflation as we heard about, but inflation. rising prices and your dollar is worth a lot less. >> the other thing, guys, jpmorgan with earnings out today. we were waiting for banks all week long. they beat estimates top and bottom. citing lower expenses and growth in both loans and trading revenues. that is interesting, jonathan, we actually talked about it on the show yesterday leading into this loan growth, should we look for the same maybe tomorrow from wells farring go and citi, some upside surprise? >> you might see a upside surprise, connell on earnings, but these stocks, these bank stocks, really what you invest in, stuck in neutral basically since the financial crisis. i think it is direct result of the regulation. why are stocks like amazon, some parts of unregulated, tech sector killing it right now but
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banks, they're almost nationalized given amount of regulation. this is one area to steer clear. connell: given better-than-expected earnings, you're not positive on the stocks? regulatedhink rather buy real banks right now. too weak. connell: we talked about the banking sector as a whole, whether it would be through "brexit" and all other issues. eternally low interest rates in the news as being a tough group to work through. jonathan focusing just as equity investment there but what do you make of this group and issues they're dealing with? some people got excited that maybe jpmorgan was not as bad as we thought? >> the level of regulation, jonathan said is through the roof after the financial crisis. this group or any other group of stocks expectations are what they are, expectations go beyond regulations, this year the bank stocks have gotten crushed because they basically borrow short and lend long and because of the shape of the yield curve, because of what happened with
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interest rates it is a horrible environment to be a bank but everyone knows that. and because everyone knows that, now they're surprised when they see jpmorgan chase having good numbers because they have a huge cost base and they have been bolder and they have been more successful slashing that cost base and that is why people are happy. that is it. expectations were just too bearish. not that their business is doing great but not as bad as everyone thought. melissa: speaking of as bad as everyone thinks, "pokemon go" is taking the world by shore. nintendo shares soaring since the release of the augmented reality game, that is what they call it. banks are warning investors watch out for the stock. everyone is playing ridiculous game. there is screaming cat on corner of our block. i have no idea what that means, if somebody stepped on the cat, what the real deal is. the game developer which is niantic and also apple which give as piece of in app
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purchases, i mean, i have disabled the in app purchases on my son's game. >> smart. they always say, melissa, buy what you know. often times your kids are a great indicator. people saw their kids interested in pokemon craze couple weeks or months ago had a little bit of inside tip. there are no tops in bull market. activision, gaming stock at all-time high or close to it, means you don't want to sell short nintendo as long as the craze continues, the stock heads higher. >> but, spencer, what do you think, people disagree with that because they say nintendo doesn't have a lot of other products. it is way behind the other trends. they have gotten a boost now but this spike you're seeing on the screen is sort of the top for them. maybe what you want to do is look at these other stocks like apple, like nye an tick, the company, i don't know if that is publicly-traded, that developer will certainly benefit from this. what do you think? >> we've written about this. nintendo has little direct
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exposure to the revenue it will get from this game, but, but, they own a lot of independent lex wall property. nintendo has been awful getting into mobile gaming. that is what this is. this is probably most successful or most rapidly successful mobile game ever in history. i have three sons. they're ridiculous, walking all around. they just won't stop playing this thing. melissa: it is ridiculous. people are walking around like this. >> at least they're walking. >> what it does show, nintendo, which has a lot of intellectual property, imagine playing this with super march he yo or donkey kong, all iconic characters they have. i think that is what people love about nintendo. now that they have hit the jackpot with this, they can have their own mobile game along the same lines. melissa: except for as we mentioned people are getting injured. crashing into trees. driving with this, somebody walked off a cliff late rally in san diego doing this, knocked unconscious. liability will be the next story. anyway, thanks to both of you. connell: thank you.
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former guantanamo bay detainee back on the front lines. new details coming up on a man once in u.s. custody, now on our list of terrorists. >> the rock and roll city getting ready to rock the republican convention. but is cleveland ready for estimated 50,000 people on their way? i bet it is more than that. we'll ask the mayor, frank jackson. he is coming up. connell: who will be joining donald trump on the republican ticket? there are sources saying the pick is in. >> you still do not know? >> no. >> does, you think donald trump made a decision? >> don't know. >> you really don't know? >> i swear i don't know. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. melissa: reports coming in donald trump has decided on
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indiana governor pence as his vp pick but trump is denying those reports saying he is announcing his decision tomorrow. >> it is all over the media. i don't know if you want to confirm or deny. it says trump picks pence. what's the story? >> no, i haven't made that decision yet. i will make it today probably or maybe tomorrow. melissa: charlie gasparino has what he is hearing about this reported pick. what do you think? >> i tell you what i said yesterday, tell you what i said day before, tell you what i said even before "the new york times" ran with it today, "roll call," his advisors, trump's people, people like paul manafort, i believe even like his kids, they are saying that, they are urging him, urging him to pick mike pence as his vp. he is indicated to them he basically going to pick mike pence. everybody to the man and woman who knows donald trump say this. they say, give it a 95 to 99%
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chance. he is a guy changes his mind at last minute. if donald had to make the decision right now it would probably be mike pence. that is where he indicated he is going. from what i understand, until the thing is done, until you see the words mike pence come out of his mouth or you see a press release that says mike pence on it as vp it is not over until it is over. that is the way i'm approaching it and that is the way i'm reporting. >> we'll not see those words come out anyway. charlie, he is such a showman. he likes to surprise people. >> right. melissa: don't you think he comes out makes announcement, there will be some surprise? maybe he announces his cabinet. he won't be satisfied if he doesn't surprise people in some way? >> i don't know. one thing i've been noticing lately, as donald is less surprising, he is actually doing better. melissa: right. >> i mean it is kind of an odd
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thing. when he is off social media, when he is off the, off making crazy, crazy comments, i know this from you know, his poll numbers have gone up. that is pretty obvious. melissa: did they take away his twitter? >> i don't think anybody takes away anything from him, what i think is happening, i get donors who are the wall street guys giving to him, there is up tick in contributions as he quieted down, as they became more in their view rational. melissa: less crazy. >> less crazy. he has picked up in a lot of different measures. polewise and from the wall street guys i talk to donationwise. maybe tomorrow will be a very, you know, nice, even keeled press conference and you never know. maybe this will just be a couple of fun days in cleveland, no big surprises. you know -- melissa: no way. >> no crazy comments. nothing about judges or -- whatever. melissa: you will keep it exciting. even if donald trump tries to
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stick to the script you will make it exciting. appreciate the report. >> i will be there. melissa: thank you. connell. connell: let's bring in our panel to talk more about this. hadley heath manning, independent women's forum and brad blakeman joins us as well. brad, former bush 43 guy. pick with any other candidate, hadley, start with you this time around we would be confidentially reporting we know the pick but with trump as charlie rightly point out i think we do have to wait for the new york hilton tomorrow and announcement see who is with him and he says is his pick but what do you think of pence as possibility. >> if it is pence we'll know by noon tomorrow because this is the deadline for governor pence to decide whether or not he is running for re-election as governor of indiana. the bottom line strategywise for trump, all along making decision, will he choose someone that fits the trump brand, another big personality, or choose someone like mike pence, provides contrast, public policy experience, more of an insider,
4:19 pm
less of an outsider in this big cycle. connell: speaking of contrast, brad, tweet got a lot of attention going back sometime from the muslim ban, called for a ban muslims entering the u.s. and offensive and unconstitutional. everybody looking back on that, from december of last year and gets retweeted over and over. there is certainly contrast. this guy supported cruz. your thoughts on pence? >> politics makes strange bedfellows. go back to 1980, reagan picked his rival george h.w. bush. ronald reagan said at the time that was probably one of my best decisions was picking because of contrast between bush and reagan. they made a great team. i think here's the headline, pence makes sense, he really does. sitting governor. he is also was in leadership of congress. and if you look at job offering of donald trump, he fits the bill. donald trump wants somebody who can help him govern and pence is the guy that can do that.
4:20 pm
connell: making sense, i wonder, hadley, point much view, i watched newt gingrich's facebook. he was going on and on. interesting about the process being vetted for vice president. but he also said answering people's facebook comments, somebody pick as running mate they want to make sure number one, it doesn't hurt the ticket. it may not help but make sure it doesn't hurt. is that part of the pence pick as opposed to going gingrich or christie is that the way trump is going? connell: hadley. >> this is safer call for the trump campaign but bottom line is trump needed desperately to bring someone on as his running mate who has some public policy or political experience in the arena in congress like governor pence. connell: he does. >> pence has the experience. connell: so did gingrich by the way. >> exactly, exactly. he could have chosen or may still choose someone like gingrich. connell: be careful. >> he needs to reach to people who are skeptical about him. many americans don't feel cited
4:21 pm
voting for donald trump. but they also ruled out voting for hillary clinton. that is a subset of voters trump needs to convince or signal with his vice-presidential pick. connell: brad, hadley, thank you very much. we'll see tomorrow for sure. the melissa. melissa: supreme court justice strikes back. ruth bader ginsburg is walking back her controversial comments about donald trump, a little bit. connell: plus, cleveland is bracing for chaos. so with protesters expected, thousands of them at republican national convention next week, the mayor will be on here in a moment. mayor frank jackson responding to how his city is preparing for the challenge. >> i am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand. i amount concerned about the possibility of violence. anytime there is event like this, people across the spectrum of radical groups will be attracted to it, so we'll watch
4:22 pm
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melissa: countdown to the republican national convention in cleveland is ramming up security ahead of the big event. more than 50,000 people are expected to visit the city during the convention. many belong to activist groups before and against donald trump. is cleveland ready to rock? here now cleveland mayor frank jackson. thanks so much for joining us. 50,000, that sound low to me. i think here at fox we're sending 50,000 people. how many are you bracing for? do you think the estimate is right? >> well, we don't know exactly but we'll be prepared for whatever happens. melissa: do you think overall it is an economic boost? i mean you have a lot of people coming in and obviously every hotel room, that is the big story, no one can get a hotel room anywhere nearby. >> right. melissa: at the same time it costs a fortune, there is so much security that you have to put in place. it is a business show so how do you think the economics shake out for your city?
4:26 pm
>> well it is an investment. you know we competed for the event. we won the event. we understood there would have to be investments both in cash, in kind service. we understood there would be 50 million-dollar grant from homeland security in order to deal with some of the law enforcement activity and equipment and things like that. so we went into it with open mind and being conscious of what the expense would be. so we're okay. melissa: have you had to spend even more, given the events we've seen, just in the last few weeks. we'll see what happened in dallas. you know it just has been so much more tension and more protests and more conflict than anyone anticipated. >> right. melissa: is that 50 million enough? >> we'll always take a little more if someone has the offer because you can always do more but we operate under the
4:27 pm
constraint we have financially. right now we're satisfied what we have prepared for. and you're right, events like what happened in dallas makes us relook at our policies, procedures, tactics. those kind of things. a lot of that is handled internally with law enforcement to a just accommodate those expectations. melissa: we heard a lot of stories about corporations not coming in to sponsor because they don't agree with donald trump and protesting trump himself. how has that changed financial dynamic for you? >> well,. the host committee is the committee that raises money. mr. dave gilbert, who is the ceo of that host committee is, that is a better question for him. i do know that the last i have heard from them they're pretty
4:28 pm
close to maxing out what their expectations are, you know, everything comes at the last minute sometimes. melissa: right. >> there are still moving on it. melissa: mayor jackson, good luck to you. all eyes will be on your city. appreciate your time. back to work. thank you. >> thank you very much. melissa: stay tuned to fox business for full coverage and analysis of the republican national convention. it all kicks off next monday, four-days away, connell. connell: we're almost there. ruth bader ginsburg making news with apology for bashing donald trump. melissa: kind of an apology, kind of an apology. connell: walking back her earlier comments. she said she regrets them. the presumptive gop nominee says judges should avoight commenting on a candidate. >> think? connell: criticized trump over this past week. called him faker and how he got away with not releasing his tax returns. for his part trump called on ginsburg to resign. she is not going to do that. melissa: also said she lost her mind, she was losing it. it is nice.
4:29 pm
it was a little back and forth. connell: right. melissa: all right. is tesla running low on power? the carmaker hitting major roadblocks, and "consumer reports" voicing its concerns. connell: we're days away from the convention out in cleveland. will the republican party come together and some people say unify? >> trump should actually welcome the fact that people can vote their free conscience on the floor. he would walk out with more after unified party.
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melissa: record day for the dow and zap. if you're in stocks you're making money today. goldman sachs, apple, pfizer, jpmorgan who beat, the biggest winners on the dow today. good day. connell: very good. the never trump movement such as it is would be its final stand, a last minute effort to stop trump at the convention. it's underway. it was actually all delayed today, in a kind of a weird, paper jam of printer jam of some sort out in cleveland where blake burman is standing by for us. he has latest on all that. hey, blake. reporter: no need to brink a printer when you come here to cleveland next week, this was all a 10-minute printer error. that is with we were told this morning. there was a printer jam. it was just for ten minutes. we figured at the time what played out. they just used whole thing as a ruse to give a little it about
4:34 pm
of a break here to the rules committee. so 9:00, the whole thing stopped as the rules committee was supposed to meet this morning. that allowed for basically the rnc, some of its members, grassroots activists, how it was described to me, to get into a room, a closed-door scenario, and try to hammer out some of the disagreements that they have, starting this rules committee. among some of those grassroots activist were the never trump backers, those who are trying to basically unbind the delegates. what they're trying to do is make sure when the convention as a whole meets next week, that all of the delegates on the floor will be able to vote whether to keep the delegates bound or not. it is a very uphill climb they are fighting. they have yet to get to that specific item here with the rules committee but earlier today the head of donald trump's campaign and a top spokesperson for the rnc told me that they feel very good about where things stand on that front. take a listen.
4:35 pm
>> are you worried they could get to this 28 number to force a floor vote. >> not at all. there is no minority report. >> the numbers are not there. >> they have no power? >> why are there talks underway? >> we want to make sure we have greatest amount of unity coming out of this convention. reporter: because of that broken printer, and the four-hour delay, we haven't yet got to this. we are not sure if that takes place tonight or tomorrow. we expect a resolution at some point before the weekend starts, connell. connell: great reporting out of you. we know you won't fall for the old printer story. melissa: i love it. call for unity, rnc chairman reince priebus is urging the party to rally behind donald trump at the republican convention but will the gop listen? here to weigh in, jamie weinstein of "the daily caller," senator scott brown, former massachusetts senator, donald trump supporter and fox news contributor. thanks to both of you for
4:36 pm
joining us. jamie, start with you, wrote a whole article about it. unity at the republican convention, forget about it. why do you say that? looks like everybody is coming together? >> i'm not seeing same thing. the last two republican presidents. melissa: nobody cares about them. >> well, this is talking about unifying. it has never happened in the history of the republican party where you have the former, republican presidents not endorsing the former nominee, not endorsing, sitting governor of the state in which the convention is being held not endorsing, not coming to speak. entire basically republican intellectual establishment, either despises donald trump or merely disdain him. there is no unity coming out of it. melissa: senator, one might say that having the entire republican intellectual establishment behind you is not an asset in this election. the reason why people like donald trump is because they're sick of the republican intellectual establishment and
4:37 pm
the last candidates who haven't won. those sort of things. >> well, melissa, you nailed it. you said who cares. really who does care? whole new breed of republican coming, people haven't been part of the process for years yet these democrats, these reagan democrats coming out. you have a folks who are very excited. i know people on the rules committee. i've been in touch with a lot of folks that have been there for a while. they're on the ground, they're working hard. there is tremendous amount of excitement. will we get the so-called intellectuals, elites, former this, former that? who knows, who cares. they can be part of the solution or can be part of the problem, i.e., electing hillary clinton to the white house. jamie, i hope you're write an article about the democrats because as you know, the protesters already taken on campsites and permits for the democratic convention, in new hampshire when hillary got bernie es endorsement there was tremendous amount of discourse and frankly a lot of negativer
4:38 pm
hillarys i hope i see a similar article about the democrats. melissa: jamie, never trump movement at this point, won the nomination fair and square, people look at never trump movement, say all you're doing is really helping hillary clinton, and that maybe you're doing it on purpose because you want to see trump go down in flames but, electing hillary clinton isn't good for the country? >> well i think never trump movement would say, that electing donald trump is not good for the country. melissa: so electing hillary clinton is bert? you like her better? >> i have written an article, i think choices political ebola and political malaria. i think hillary clinton is political malaria. terrible within normal parameters. donald trump is terrible outside of normal parameters. melissa: so you would vote for her? >> yes. calling someone political malaria is not tremendous endorsement. melissa: go ahead, senator. >> melissa that is great. how about political reality instead of political malaria. give me a break. it is about who are we going to elect to the supreme court.
4:39 pm
you know for a fact that if hillary is in charge she will put ruth ruth bader ginsburg tyn the court versus school law with donald trump. he already put out his list. can you imagine elizabeth warren walking into the senate as deciding vote when you're putting forth great pieces of legislation? you are talking about the cabinet secretaries, ambassadors. you will throw all of that abay because, you don't like how he talks? you don't like he is politically incorrect. he will surround himself with great people. you don't care. >> i don't care how he talks. >> that's fine. melissa: jamie's point he is not conservative and he doesn't fit those -- >> not everybody is conservative, melissa. not everyone is conservative. >> my point i don't agree with a single economic policy that hillary clinton put forth but she has not put anything as dangerous to the country as establishing a 45% tariff, that might plunge the country into an economic recession even, a depression. she hasn't threatened to do away
4:40 pm
with first amendment to make liable law easier to follow. this is bad stuff. melissa: i appreciate your passion. bring you back to fight it out another day. >> i hope. see you at convention. jamie. >> see you down there. melissa: connell. connell: another big story is president obama addressing the nation this evening discussing race, relations and polices. town hall type of event. comes with these numbers on "new york times"/"cbs news poll," 69%. almost all-time negative highs in terms of race relations how the country views it. a level we've not seen in the united states since the l.a. riots in 1992. heather macdonald with us from the the manhattan institute. author of the book "the war on cops" which some people think this is turned into. what would you like to hear from president obama this evening? >> well i would like to hear some honesty about the most serious problems affects inner-city communities. it sure as heck is not the police.
4:41 pm
it's too many kids growing up without fathers who end up terrorizing other members of their communities. connell: he did talk a little bit that in dallas. he would say, his supporters would say he tried to balance it out. it was not enough for you? >> no, i thought it was appalling after the assassination of the officers in dallas obama yet again put out there the absolutely false narrative that policing is shock through with endemic racism. obama should go back to his hometown of chicago where this year there has been 2090 people shot, a full nine have been shot by the police. that is .4%. it is not the police and it is not whites who are gunning down 3-year-old boys and 4-year-old boys. it is kids that have been raised without fathers. and that's, that's the reality that we need to try to solve in this country. connell: to that point, there was a lot of attention given
4:42 pm
earlier in the week to harvard study that showed there is no racial bias when it comes to police shootings. however, that same study did show blacks are treated differently by the police, more force is used. more likely touched or handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper sprayed. that would suggest there is some differences in the way races are treated by police officers, that part of the study. >> connell, no that is not at all a proper inference to draw from the study. the justice department found decades ago the most strong predictor of police behavior is civilian behavior. the study utterly failed into account rates of resisting arrest. given narrative so powerful in society today, that the police are racist no surprise that blacks resist at much greater rates than whites. in chicago blacks are arrested for resisting arrest, obstructing justice 10 times rate of whites and 100 times the rate of asians. connell: heather, we have to
4:43 pm
wrap it up for now. we'll watch the president tonight to see how he handles it. we appreciate your point of view. appreciate it. >> thank you, connell. melissa: a gitmo detainee returns to terror and suspected of committing a recent attack abroad. new polls showing that this race may be getting tighter between hillary clinton and donald trump. the latest one of those numbers next on "after the bell." i have asthma...
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connell: all right, still a tight race certainly. we looked at polling donald trump and hillary clinton. newest "fox news poll" show secretary clinton edging out mr. trump in colorado, 44-37. a large percentage still undecided. in virginia, clinton leading 44-37 in virginia vote. you have a lot of undecided or voting otherwise. when you look at brand new polling we have on the national level today, doesn't get closer than 40-40, right?
4:47 pm
that's where we are, trump and clinton. go to fox news's jennifer griffin on campaign trail with hillary clinton in virginia today. jennifer? reporter: well, connell everybody knows that virginia senator tim kaine is on the top of hillary clinton's short list for vice president. what they may not know is that he was a missionary in honduras and speaks fluent spanish. that is what he did when he came out to introduce her today. showed he could throw a punch at donald trump. >> trump trash talks women. he trash talks folks with disabilities. he trash talks, he trash talks latinos. to him it doesn't matter. you want a trash talker. [inaudible] reporter: what is also interesting, when kaine was virginia governor in 2007, he was the first governor to endorse then candidate barack obama over clinton. tim kaine not only served as governor of virginia, a key purple swing state, but he was
4:48 pm
head of the dnc. president obama wanted to choose him as his running mate but obama's chief strategist at the time, david plouffe, noted famously kaine didn't have enough foreign policy experience. so what did kaine do when he entered the senate, he got himself put on senate armed services and foreign affairs committees. what is most interesting, clinton loyalists is currently the virginia governor. terry mcauliffe gets to appoint a caretaker should kaine be chosen. mcauliffe would be in position to run for kaine's seat. he would make an attractive candidate for that senate seat from the clinton perspective. virginia has a rule that the governor can only serve one term. mcauliffe would be available next year. that is what they call a perfect political daisy-chain. connell: it fits together. always senator, governors, always in virginia. jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. melissa: hillary clinton trying
4:49 pm
to tap into the pokemon phenomenon moments ago. >> i don't know who created "pokemon go." [cheering] i'm trying to figure out how we get them to have "pokemon go" to the polls. melissa: i don't know if you -- i don't know what makes them pikachu is registered. pikachu will vote for hillary clinton. what was the go to -- delivery. connell: talk about the cat, whatever. we're better off sticking with that, you know what i mean? melissa: that was rough. connell: yeah. we could talk about tesla, if you want. melissa: okay. connell: you know. they have a growing, no there is not a pokemon on set. there is issues for tesla to get rid of the autopilot system so that pokemon is not driving the car. that horrible story prompted this. we'll have more on it coming up.
4:50 pm
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♪ melissa: fox is now confirming a former guantanamo bay detainee was indeed connected to the isis attack on turkey's airport that killed 45 and injured more than 230 others. aayrat vakhitov has now been added to the u.s. government list of terrorists. he was at guantanamo from june 2000 two until his transfer to russia by the bush administration in 2004. connell. connell: aye yi yi. "consumer reports" recommending that tesla disable the self-driving autopilot feature after these accidents involving the technology. we have gary gastelu who is editor of the fox car report. wonder with this technology, good to see you by the way, gary. did they get ahead of themselves
4:54 pm
in a little bit in terms of public ready for this? what is your take on autopilot? >> everybody is getting ahead of it. we're washing to you a ton my. technology is developing. it is important technology. we don't need it today. if it is not ready, let's not put it out. connell: if you do so, you will have car accidents whether they are humans or, computers driving the car. everybody kind of understands that. but seeing this perception hurts them right? >> in case of tesla they're developing it as we speak. they update cars all the time. to find out this particular one could drive you between the lanes but can't see a bright white truck in front of a bright sky there is a lot of those on the road. you want to know that is there. took weeks for tesla to figure this out or tell everybody that the car has this sort of ineffective in that situation. that is something the consumer using technology really should
4:55 pm
know. connell: how is tesla doing overall? people are excited about the company. it is quote, unquote, cool company. they like to look at cars. they're no longer guarantying resale value of model s sedans. is demand being a issue for tesla? >> seems to have gotten a little soft recently. they introduce ad more lower priced version of model x to juice things up a little bit. it is growing on track, from what they're saying they will be growing. this is the issue right here. we're talking about this autopilot system. a lot of companies coming out with similar technology. connell: should they back off what happened to tesla, some of those other companies? >> they're being more circumspect how they promote it. what they call it. this is autopilot. connell: you think it is on a plane. >> others are lane departure systems. you can leave a hand off the wheel for a ses la quite some time. some systems 10, 20 seconds a
4:56 pm
minute at the most make sure you're paying attention. this is really what consumer reports is saying. look if the system is not as good as everybody thinks it is, even if it is as good as you think it is maybe we need people more engaged with the car. connell: gary, thanks. good to see you. melissa. melissa: buck can up. road rage taking a change for the worse, surprise. ♪
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> still angry about the guy that cut you off on your morning commute? >> 80% of us had been experiencing extreme rage. it is a new survey out from aaa. >> the most aggressive drivers are young males ages 19-39.
5:00 pm
there three times more likely to get out of the car to confront a driver. they also purposely ram into another vehicle. >> you damage your own car. here is risk and reward. here is risk and reward. -- >> i'm not looking for an attack . >> i've taken on the establishment of both parties. we really want a two pirate ticket. >> i want to pick someone who is solid and smart. i am humbled to be considered i head for but in my own mind i have to probably. deirdre: in just four days time the republican national convention begins we are hours away from finding out who the vp pick is this is risk and reward.


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