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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 15, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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we've come back a bit since then. we're still down 14 points. not many people were expecting that. it seems when we have a terror incident it doesn't automatically translate into a stock market selloff. today it did not. my time's up. charles, it is yours sir. >> thank you very much, stuart varney. yes, we are at war. the big question when will america start acting like it and rest of the western world. this is "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. yet again horror strikes. 84 deed in nice, france. two americans among victims. more than 200 hurt. 25 on life-support. 52 critical condition. world leaders are condemning the attack but are they really doing enough to stop these attacks? security expert paul voilas joins us. as i look at this, see some different angles. a terror angle, political angle. to a degree police angle.
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afy pulls over by police unmarked white truck. delivering ice cream. no refrigeration unit. no problem, keep going. >> right. >> common thread all them political correctness? >> no question about that. also culture, charles, think about it i remember vividly in seep you are bowl, everybody was complaining that perimeter was mile back. that is so vehicles could not be used as weapons of mass destruction. we're seeing results. charles: another absolutely horrific scene in nice, france. france is no stranger to this. happening so often there. government talks about it. there are three major attacks. everyone else say there has been a lot more. even that to me suggests there is disconnect between what the
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government would like to share or try to mitigate or tamp down on severity of this. isn't that a problem? it is in our faces. taking lives. how do we handle if the governments involved won't take a firmer hand? >> makes it much more difficult, think about it right here in our own country, charles, we have yet to embrace the fact we're at war. we don't want to use that word. but at the end of the day we're at war with islamic terrorists. we have to our countries, respective countries in this case, united states, we still have to step up to the plate and recognize we're at war and who the enemy is and how they're approaching. charles: both presidential candidates sponsored last night, both were on with bill row riley last night. take a listen what donald trump had to say about this. >> this is war! if you look at it, this is war, coming from all different parts
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and frankly it is war and we're dealing with people without uniforms. you know in the old days we would have uniforms, you knew what you were fighting. charles: okay. >> good point. charles: we're at war. but they don't have uniforms. and you know, they're not always refugees. in fact more and more of them are people who were born in these respective country. >> right. charles: or have been here a very long period of time. when you start to say we want to fight them, the last three or four incidents in america, tougher border security would not have stopped those particular things. so it's a complicated answer how do you win this war whether, enemy is not wearing a uniform? >> we talked about this before, charles. part of it too, we'll have to get a bit more creative how we're collecting intelligence. one, we will have to acquiesce to the point our desire to have all this right of freedom and privacy, we're going to need to start policing the internet more and social media more. we know that is being used as
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channel of information. the second part, as you said, there is no face to these guys. so we need to look very closely at who they are, and follow the information like we will forsenically in this particular case. charles: right. >> how they were recruited and how they were trained. charles: on that note, there are reports of raids going on underway in france. more and more we start to get information on the suspect. we know he is a 31-year-old nice resident from tunisia. he had no terror ties but very violent past. paul, this year he was arrested for assault and sentences to six months. so again, we're running into a system where, you know, you got to wonder, just, even enforcing laws, enforcing sentences, perhaps this guy should have been in jail? >> no question about that we've seen the same thing here over and over again. here is an interesting part, charles, i want to throw out
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there. he is from tunisia. we know for a fact this mode of attack clearly has al qaeda written all over it. we know that al-shabaab -- charles: let me stop you. is there difference between al qaeda and isis? maybe to the average person but to security experts is there something about the methodology? we've been feeling that al qaeda was sort of dying if you will. >> right. charles: so-called jv league taken over and always seems like -- does it matter either way? >> it really does because the reason why they have two different methodologies. isis more sophisticated in recruiting. al qaeda is much more crude in its recruiting and in its plays. think about it back in 2010, al qaeda in the magazine, called "inspire." charles: right. >> they came out and called on all jihadist, didn't matter who they were with, mow down the enemy glorifying allah. use vehicles as weapons of mass destruction. they said that. now this is not a methodology
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that we've seen from isis. clearly we've seen it from al qaeda. al qaeda has been promoting it. you know what? is it a concern? it is a concern because if al qaeda reemerging we have twice the problem. charles: talk about using vehicles, weekly basis, sometimes feels on daily basis somewhere in the world there is a car or a truck that goes, rams into a crowd and explodes. sometimes you pay attention if it's a place like baghdad, for instance. but when it is in places in africa, we don't care or don't pay attention. when it is in other locales but it is happening more and more. it is obvious we can not not pay attention anymore. >> we have to pay attention regardless where it is whether western africa or western europe it doesn't make a difference we have to pay attention to it. especially here, charles, next several months we'll have a number of very large special events in this country. if this is an indication that al qaeda is back in the game, we
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know they use vehicles as weapons of mass destruction, then we've got to pay closer attention. charles: oh, boy. stay right there, one second. >> absolutely. charles: we have a guest on the phone. european countries of course are reinforcing security along borders in the wake of this horror in france. mark is with us, executive director of the center for immigration studies. he has long warned about an attack like this and he witnessed this attack last night. he joins us now by phone. mark, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. charles: you know, i, experts like you warned about this for very long period of time. many people thought it was possible, yet it seemed like it was pretty easy deal for this guy to pull off. in a city that is known to be a high security city. >> well, i mean, you know, an obvious target where there is lots of people gathered for bastille day, which is their version of 4th of july.
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fireworks the whole thing. and you know, it is easy thing to do is to drive a truck into a crowd of people. how do you stop him doing that? we think are focusing too much on the tools used by terrorists, whether it is airplanes or trucks or bombs or guns and not enough on keeping the terrorists cells away from our countries. charles: how do we do this? you're with the center for immigration studies. particularly a place like france which long has accepted immigrants, particularly from islamic countries in northern africa. how do we handle this situation now, particularly those countries in europe that are in a lot more danger than we are? mark? all right the, paul, while we get mark back on the line, help me with that answer. listen, i think with audience, i always try to explain to them,
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over the last 20, 30 years, europe stopped having babies bottom line, cut down to the point where they need immigration, what they call to fulfill replacement population. if you sell your house, who do you sell it to if no one is behind you, that kind of thing economy is going. people don't know in italy. italians don't make pizzas, tunisians make pizzas. low-paying job. people don't understand where the genesis is coming from. they faced it for a while. they have to let immigrants in. they never a simulated. large degree muslims hasn't. radical part of this religion has taken over to the point where it is extreme danger and upset everything about what is going on over there, potentially here. how do we deal with it. >> look where we are with respect to the immigration side of this thing, it is interesting how we handle it. we talk about refugees coming in, the biggest issue is monitoring. you're alluding to that before,
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talking about this particular offender and criminal background but how do we monitor these folks? how do we vet them before they come in? how do we track them once they're in? charles: france i think has 1800 people on their watch list. >> right. charles: 1800? if it takes up to 25 police law enforcement personnel to watch someone like that around the clock you start crunching the numbers, you wonder where does the money come from? how do we do it? we have to come up with a solution. >> part of it will be i truly believe, public/private partnership, a lot of burden goes down on corporations. when you think what happened here on 9/11, we were both here. we know this city underwent a transformation in culture. so when you look at our buildings, i was part of the team that did this, when you look at our buildings today, look emergence of bottlers outside. you can't use a vehicle here. that wasn't that way before. we made a change. corporations took it upon themselves to make a change.
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charles: funny you said that i remember they did it, first did it of course at the new york stock exchange. come out of my office. ugly. big concrete barricades. felt like war zone. it was uncomfortable. designed them and dressed them up a little bit. few years later i saw the same thing at local mall, upscale mall. it dawned on me walking in, do they think someone will drive a car in here to blow this place up? >> exactly. why we went and adopted this particular philosophy because we knew in this country this is high probability of risk. charles: right. >> remember last point, it was al qaeda at that point we were concerned with because that is their methodology. charles: paul, great stuff. don't go away. we want to talk about the markets here for a moment. go talk to scott shellady. scott, global equity markets looked like initially they were down in part because of this news. we got good earnings out of citigroup, a real strong retail sales report. we were higher. we're not the off a lot right
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now, think about it, four days of all-time highs, there might be digesting of gains here. want to know potential impact what we saw in nice and what is going on otherwise with the market? >> well, we've got a lot of money on the sidelines here. every time you do have a dip we'll see some of that come in, rightly or wrongly, doesn't matter, that's the case. i want tell my customers do you want to be right or make money? our equity market rally only because it's a place to safely keep your money and our economy is not doing as bad as everyone else. if you look around the world this is very bad thing for ecb and european union. what will do for their retail sales? they have a lot of issues could slow down their economy. i think much bigger issue there. that means more helicopter money from asia, more helicopter money from the ecb. maybe another rate cut at bank of england. that makes our rally even more stronger. all the things point for the wrong reasons to equity rally. i think we have to be very
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careful how that ends, we at some point in time have to come back down to earth to have these things rally because our economy is really doing well. charles: well, i don't know, i kind of feel like our markets are feeding off of the better than expected news in the last few weeks here in america. and i mean, you know helicopter money, i think at this point, i don't know, scott, i think they're impotent. i don't think central banks can move the needle anymore, even before the nice tragedy we knew ecb would do more, bank of england would do more, japan is doing more. i don't know, i hope we con to move higher here on good news. >> i give you that. not as much of an impact but still a definite reason why you see people come into the market to buy. doesn't have same impact as it used to do two, three years ago. at end of the day, hand on heart, charles, can you say stocks at all-time highs because america is all-time highs? no.
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there is big disconnect between middle america and 15% of the people own stocks. we're all-time highs in stock market. we're not feeling all-time highs on main street. at some point in time, it will have to give. we have to have sort of reckoning. we catch up to the stock market or -- charles: i agree 100%. i hope we catch up to the stock market. used to be harbinger of things to come. used to be traditional role. i'm trying to be optimistic. see you, buddy. it is official, pence is the pick. is the right pick or politically correct pick? some people not happy. we'll have more after this. ♪ you do all this research on a perfect car,
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charles: indiana governor mike pence appeasing many republican establishment. connell is outside with the reaction. reporter: there would be no announcement citing event because donald trump tweeted last month citing attack in pence. he did it again, classic trump fashion, via twitter, pleased to announce i've chosen governor mike pence as my vice-presidential running mate. news conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. right after this pence took to twitter himself, honored to join real donald trump, working to make america great. pence is already here in the city. the thought was announcement would be made officially at new york hilton. he was seen arriving private jet in new york yesterday. shortly before the new deadline to do so, pence dropped out of indiana governor's race. he would be running as second term. in terms of reaction, it is coming in fast and furious you would expect. couple quick examples.
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marco rubio on your twitter has called this a solid pick, solid pick says marco rubio. senator joni ernst who some mentioned as possible donald trump number two, at least what she is saying. not so much for hillary clinton. mr. pence is most extreme vp pick in a generation. clinton rapid response team was ready to go with one minute attack ad on pence released shortly after the donald trump tweet. we know now, charles, as you say the republican ticket, donald trump number one, mike pence, number two. we'll see two of them together at the first time at the hilton later than planned instead of today, on a saturday, 11:00 in the morning. thank you very much. connell mcshane. charles: trump backer, former senator scott brown. this is enough to appease everyone in the gop tent. i guess these days, of course, north brown, you can't make everyone happy. no matter what. but some hardcore donald trump
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fans, are saying that, they feel this is an appeasement, if you will to the establishment, to the koch brothers, to the very nature of everything that donald trump has stood for so far in this election cycle. >> well, first of all donald trump's pick, it is not his supporters pick. hopefully they will come on board because he went through a long and thoughtful process regarding, regarding this obvious pick. i think it's a solid pick. i echo marco's words. he brings in exactly what donald wanted, want ad bridge between the establishment and his positions. the ability to knock on somebody's door and have that experience legislatively to usher legislation through and have respect of the conservative bloc of the party. it hits a whole bunch of different avenues. what will be critically important, charles, who he picks for cabinet, especially regarding terrorists. dealing obviously secretary of state, secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs. who he will put in charge of all
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of our military branches. who the advisors are very important homeland security and national security issues. so, that's the next step. i'm hopeful that it will move postively. charles: so the concerns about pence's stance in the past on trade and tpp, the religious freedom act, obamacare, again, these are things that stoked the donald trump supporters now. again, i know that you say it doesn't, doesn't matter what they think. ultimately i think it does matter what they think. they're the voters. ultimately donald trump will work for people and american public if he is elected to the white house. i don't know if we're electing king or president but he should care what his core supporters think about and they will be asking questions about this and i would hope he give them legitimate answer. >> of course. i didn't mean to be that callous, it is not important what they think. of course it matters what they think. he has gone through the long and
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thoughtful process, all of the people available in the world mike pence is right person. i would ask trump supporters, i have seen them, i've spoken to them. give him a chance to do his due diligence as he has done, pick a person he wants to have that bridge between, obviously what is happening legislatively so we can push the agenda forward, push the genie back in the bottle, undo a lot of what this president has done obviously keep listing them off, charles. we talk them all the time. we'll need help of trump supporters and good conservatives people on the sidelines may be more inclined to come back. we have to unite. we have to be a team to take on hillary machine. charles: there is no doubt that governor pence has an amazing resume'. knows how to tool around washington, d.c. and you know, i think ultimately everybody in the party, most of the party faithful, if they're not already on board and probably get on board. senator brown, thank you very much. congratulations you guys have a full head of steam right now.
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>> it is all good. thank you, charles. see you at the convention. charles: next, trump's latest warning and former cia director and if we should be listening to that warning.
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charles: this is "cavuto: coast to coast." here is what we know about the terrorists truck attack in nice. 84 people killed as that truck plowed through bastille day celebrations. two americans among the dead, a father and his 11-year-old son. they were from texas. 31-year-old who has been identified as killer, he is a french citizen but originally from tunisia. isis social media accounts are celebrating the attack, but still no word what if any group has taken responsibility for the attack itself. former cia director james woolsey with us on this. this is happening so frequently. we ask the same questions over and over again. the big question right now, what will we do?
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what should we do to finish this if it can be defeated? >> i think we have to start by admitting that we're at war. the president has to talk that way. he has to try to rally the country. it may be too late for president obama to do that. he is not inclined to anyway. he had a long time to do it and he hasn't done it. so whoever -- charles: let me ask you, ambassador, what has been the argument for not doing it? i don't hear enough members of congress saying this on either side of the aisle. it feels to the averageviewer, or, that we are at war, at least, like the mouse at war. they're at war with us. we better fight back! >> trotsky said you may not be interested in war but war may be interested in you. that's where we are. i think we have to come to terms with that and realize we're not going to win, we're not going to defeat them. we're pert pet -- perpetually
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lose dozens of people in every country with terrorist attacks. mainly in france. a couple three cases even in this country after 9/11. that is going to pick up and we can't stop it by pretending that it's just regular criminal activity or workplace violence or somebody is a lone wolf who just decided to do it or -- no. we are at war with a theocratic totalitarian genocidal imperialists. each of those words is accurate. they're not expletives. theocratic, of course they're theocratic. totalitarian, no question about that. genocidal, death to america, death to israel. and imperialists, the isis wants to reconstitute the empire that existed in, at the just after mohamed's lifetime which was essentially the entire mediterranean. that was, that is their objective, to have the caliphate
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and have it grow. charles: right. >> each time something positive happens from their point of view, whether it is terrible event like the one in nice or whether it is some kind of progress or someone getting, doing something from their point of view that is successful in the middle east, it helps them get recruits. it helps them draw people in. charles: so, the idea or then, that a lot of people are saying, a lot of leaders around the world are saying, folks, get used to this. that, we can't, we can win conventional war when enemy is wearing uniform. we win conventional war with the country we're fighting but when someone three blocks away from you is in their basement being, quote, unquote, radicalized on internet there is no way to stop the person, so-called lone wolf will be among us for a long time? >> we don't get to choose what kind of a threat we face. we have got the threat there,
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both overseas and here. and, i think giving up at the beginning is not a good strategy. charles: let me ask you then, sir, we go in -- america doesn't really have the heart for war. i don't think it had that since vietnam came into our living rooms. we start to lose 1000 troops, that hits headlines, public opinion, no matter who the enemy is start to wane. we are talking about sending more american troops, putting them on the ground, going into raqqa, fighting a war with severe, heavy casualties of non-isis members who will be used as human shields. you're saying we must do that and someone has to articulate to the public, and ultimately that is the way we win this. >> it really has to be. this president won't. we can only hope the next one, which everyone it is will undertake to lead the country in this war and win it. but, we are slow to anger. on september 21st, 1941, two
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years after the beginning of world war ii for the rest of the world, sam rayburn, and house of representatives saved draft, selective service system by one vote in house of representatives. charles: wow. >> we don't anger quickly as people. we have to get going. charles: these attacks amount to your point. appreciate it. state of emergency in france, pronounced all over europe. how their problems obviously becoming our problems. p?p?h
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charles: france extending its state of emergency just hours before the attack, france president hollande was about to lift the warning. our next guest says france is too lax on terror and one of the reasons britain voted to leave the european union. >> my pleasure, charles. charles: they were in state of emergency when this happened, makes you worry what happens exactly during a state of emergency and is that going to be enough to sort of thwart these things in the future? >> yeah, that is a very good question. despite all of the efforts in place by the french government, we are seeing continuing terror attacks in france and across europe as well as in recent months. without a doubt, you know,
12:36 pm
europe is at war with islamist terrorists. and unfortunately i think is, there is culture of complacency been in place in many parts of europe for far too long. i think that i had, the appeasement of the islamist extremists within their midst in europe. you've seen a lack of leadership frankly, from key european figures. and, all of this is combined of course with decades of mass i am my graduation largely from the muslim world into europe and open borders policy within the european union which is policy of absolute insanity. this has allowed islamic extremists to move from one country to another within europe. i think we're now seeing the consequences, frankly of many decades of terrible left-wing policies that have allowed islamists to firmly implant themselves in europe.
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charles: nile, i studied this from economic point of view, you talk about decades of this policy, but apparently at least economists say this is sort of a necessary evil for lack of a better term because of the plunging birth rates in europe and the idea of having replacement workers. that maybe the crux of the problem is, unlike america where our immigrants seem to really, a lot come from christian countries to begin with, they come and we have a culture, melting pot culture for whatever it is, they as simulate, become yankees fans, whatever, is the integration issue or lack of assimilation who has greater role making that happen, immigrants or countries that take them in? >> well i think it is a combination of both, actually. it is a combination of very liberal immigration policies combined with lack of assimilation immigrants into
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many european countries. france has not been particularly successful assimilating immigrants. britain has been a lot more successful doing some also i think the intelligence services actually in the united kingdom have been far more successful than they have been in european countries. i think there has been an intelligence breakdown in many european countries, especially places like belgium, for example, which has become a hornets nest of terrorist extremism. you throw into the mix of course the european union's open borders policy in the schengen year which i think is absolutely disasterous in terms of the fight against islamist terrorism. and i think, you know, you have a recipe for, for great, great problems within the european countries. and the nice massacre is just latest in a long line of attacks in france and across parts of western europe in the last 18 months. shape of things to come. charles: right. >> unless you are going to see
12:39 pm
european leaders actually willing to stand up to the is lawnists. charles: they will have to stand up sooner or later i think. they're being forced to. unfortunately, unfortunately instead of heeding warnings of attacks like this. nile, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: new warnings from donald trump. a lot like the old warnings. take a listen. >> i have been saying it for a long time and it is out of control and we don't call it -- we have a president that doesn't want to call it what it is and, you know, you look at world trade center, look at san bernardino, you look at paris, 130 people killed and some injured in paris from that attack. you look at orlando, it's out of control. charles: sheriff joe arpaio on if people need to take donald trump's warnings more seriously. sheriff, thanks for joining us. donald trump of course tweeted out last night when this happened that it is going to get a lot worse. we need to be tougher.
12:40 pm
i'm just paraphrasing here but it has been his theme and these attacks are happening with more frequency now. >> you know, just about a year ago to this day i introduced donald trump when he started his, you know, his battle to be the president and even back then he was talking about the border and terrorism, drug traffic, coming across our border. he has been talking about it, but evidently not much can be done right now but when he becomes president and you're going to see a big change, i guarranty you. charles: in the meantime, the current president, barack obama, has ridiculed donald trump and others by saying, what difference would it make uttering the term radical islamic terrorism. would that have changed anything? it certainly would, it wouldn't have curbed the success that he has had more recently with taking back control of territory in syria and iraq and other
12:41 pm
places. >> well you know all those slogans and politically correct words and so on is what action, action counts. let me just say this. he should be more concerned about the war on cops, that our front line defense with terrorism in this country and the open border that we have where terrorists can cross very easily, so these are issues facing our country here at home. and i'm concerned about that. now i, i work with a french, when i was head of the dea in turkey and so on and i send my con condolences to the french people and they are good people but this can hit anywhere. we have copycats. we are at war. i was shocked, shocked when they
12:42 pm
had open borders in europe where you can cross over without any checkpoints, without any passport. so i think they better reevaluate their policies in europe. charles: sheriff joe, i think they probably are. thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: so, should visiting a terror organization's website be a felony? hear from what one former presidential candidate has to say about that next. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks waivered today. in fact we moved to record highs once again. fifth day in a row for the s&p 500. now giving some back. a day of course, that eyes focused on france and a terror attack there where 84 people have died and more are in serious condition. dow jones industrial average right now down 26 points. s&p 500 down seven and market breath is weak. nine of 10 sectors are lowered. herbalife, settled a pyramid scheme, 200 million-dollar settlement and agreed to restructure. this opens the door for carl icahn to increase his stake in the company. citibank reported a loss in frost of 14%. that was not as bad as estimates of a loss of 25%. it started off in the green but it is in the red. wells fargo reported down 3%. keep it tuned here on fox
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charles: terror truck attack, my fault in nice, former presidential candidate newt gingrich now saying we should pay more attention to what people are doing what they're on the internet. >> anybody who goes on a website favoring isis, or al qaeda, or other terrorist groups, that should be a felony, they should go to jail. any organization which hosts such a website should be engaged
12:47 pm
in a felony. it should be closed down immediately. our forces should be used to systematically destroy every internet-based source and frankly if we can't destroy them through the internet, should destroy them with kinetic power, using various weapons starting with predators and frankly killing them. charles: to dagen mcdowell with reaction. dagen, what do you think? >> let's not talk about the constitutionality of what he is talking about because i think it would violate civil liberties if you take it that far but i think he is digging at a serious problem in this country. more people are worried about what edward snowden exposed with the data collection program run by nsa, siding with snowden, siding with apple and all tech companies, oh, you can't get into my phone. rather than allowing our leaders and law enforcement and those in the intelligence community hunting down terrorists on internet.
12:48 pm
this is wildly lopsided and foolhardy, if you will. the role of government, even if you're partial libertarian, little l, for the government to protect us, to protect us from foreign enemies and protect us in the homeland. i will point something out. there was a legislation last month that the senate did reject that would let the fbi just look at internet browsing activity and email activity, not look at content. this is without a warrant. they would still have to get an administrative, what is basically like an administrative subpoena. charles: right. >> but not a warrant. it was shot down. it was not pushed forward. but, and i think that is a huge mistake in terms of hinting. by the way, by law, tech companies are required to report child pornography. and there is a way for them to track it. why they can't do that as kt mcfarland said, why they can't do that for terrorism is beyond me. charles: let me ask you about donald trump's case. he tweeted out, picked mike pence. so you know, twitter obviously,
12:49 pm
a major tool in the news cycle, even more so this election process. and they're still having trouble making money. >> right. charles: switch gears a little bit. maybe you can't put them out of business. they will go out of business? >> twitter, we talked about this with twitter, this will abettor year for twitter, i guarranty you in the next couple quarters, they will have more advertising revenue because of their campaign spending. charles: sure. >> but they're having trouble targeting -- targeting ads to the audience. i don't think they really have good data who is on twitter. i think i said this before. i followed the rock but i'm not a wrestling fan, so they might tweet, they might direct ads at me for stuff like that. in terms of the pence announcement, imsurprised the timing. we'll not make the announcement -- charles: 12 governor thing put pressure. something donald trump and his team hadn't thought about. pence had to make a decision.
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trump had to make a decision. why the nice terrorist attack is causing new security concerns for rnc republican national convention. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all.
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charles: last night's terror attack in nice sparking new concerns for security at next week's rnc. former d.c. homicide detective who had wheeler is from cleveland. rod, you know, we were expecting this to be a very chaotic and dangerous situation to begin with in the aftermath of dallas and some things we saw at trump rallies across the country. so how much more are cops worried now? >> charles, good afternoon to you first of all. i don't think the cops are worried as much as they are on high alert. i have several members of my family, immediate family, still on the police department there. they have been sharing
12:54 pm
information with me in terms of ramp, if you will of law enforcement in the cleveland area, particularly for the event next week. i'm not sure if viewers know this, there are over 73 police departments all across the country now, already arrived in cleveland and they're prepared. as a matter of fact, let me give you one more example. the cleveland police have a mounted unit which is, using the horses and things like that, and what they have done, they have increased that unit, actually three times than the normal size. so from what i can see, you know from the outside looking in and from listening to people that's there i think cleveland is well-prepared to deal with whatever threats may come. charles: rod, but i read there could be massive arrests. people if they have the manpower and personnel to arrest a whole bunch of people, get them in jail cells and keep the peace. also because of nature of soft targets, we think about perimeters. what happens if protesters are a target? this is extraordinarily complicated. i understand as law enforcement person. someone intimately what is going
12:55 pm
on there, you may have a higher comfort level -- >> right. charles: but i still think people are concerned. i would like to sort of address that. >> right, well i think people should be concerned no matter how high the security level is. you got to be concerned. even though there is multitude of security measures in place, obviously, charles, there is going to be individuals, maybe even groups that is going to try to penetrate the security perimeter that they have there in cleveland. and so that's why it is so important that even the attend east to the convention next week, play their role in helping police keep the area safe and secure by notifying them of things and people they may appear to be suspicious and things like that. charles: right. you know, rod, yesterday they were putting up a huge american flag next to fox, a police van blocked off the street, only let anyone in if you park next door. i think about that. people say that is inconveniencing thing. reportedly the killer in nice was in unmarked rental van and
12:56 pm
when the police did approach him, he said i'm delivering ice cream. there wasn't even refrigeration unit on it. >> right. charles: something to be said we have to really thank our police departments in this country and stop complaining about the occasional inconveniences. i had to get out there, i always appreciate what you guys do. i don't think it gets said enough. be safe out there anyway. talk to you real soon. >> thank you, charles, thank you, rod, appreciate it. the white house is expected to comment on yesterday's attack any minute now. we'll have the latest developments for you next.
12:57 pm
. . .
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
charles: french president calling the attack. barbaric, pa calling it horrific. this is cavuto coast to coast. i'm charles payne for niel cavuto. 84 are dead including two americans. 202 people wounded in the
1:00 pm
attack, 25 on life support, 52 in critical condition. the white house is expected to comment on the attack any minute and the president now ordering but right now new details about the suspected killer who drove the truck, he was 31 year's old, no known tied to terrorist organizations. he was born in tanasia. he had a violent past that the police were aware of. the big question is what went wrong and europe in particular continues to lay their guard down. claire, let me go to you first. now, so many of these cases we see that the person, the attacker, killer was on some sort of watch list, was within the grasp but we didn't have the wherewithal to track them, not necessarily the case here but we have a guy that apparently beat
1:01 pm
his wife and nasty divorce and sentenced for assault earlier this year. not in a prison and able to pull this off. >> yeah, well, a couple of things i would point, charles, security forces in europe and france are simply overwhelmed right now by the numbers of potential jihadists in the mix. some have to do with flow of migrants in the past year. security forces might know as criminal -- with criminal records, however, because they are overwhelmed by numbers, they cannot keep track are what are now going to be increasing incidents of individual jihadis. that's what this attacker was.
1:02 pm
charles: right. carl, apparently he waited eight to nine hours, sat in the truck, police officials approached the truck and he said he was delivering ice creme, no markings. is that a combination -- is that simply lack policing or overarching political directness where -- correctness where you don't want to force the issue, okay, even if it goes against all police instincts? >> you have to let cops run off their gut. look, if the guy says he was delivering ice creme, who are they to search the truck, here in america if someone said, okay, cool, unless there's reasonable suspicion they can't rip over your truck. >> if you sit there for nine hours, if you circle the block -- if i'm sitting in an unmarked truck in --
1:03 pm
>> france in an emergency state -- charles: exactly, exactly. >> so this to me is framing in the sense that the police actually have the power and have been using and some people -- charles: why didn't they use it in this case? it's another extreme example of just sort of maybe they were intimidated to do their jobs. deirdre: 25% of the fighters in syria and iraq actually come from nice and the region. if they did take a look at the license, i have no idea if they did or not, this person was living legally in france and was from tanasia, what's confusing about profile, he drank alcohol, did drugs, chased women and as far as past, domestic abuse past, he's not exactly fitting the profile.
1:04 pm
charles: we saw with the paris -- the guys too. i think there were a couple of them that were not devout muslims and maybe this was their conversion or something. >> the thing you have to look at too whose fault is it. i don't want to be harsh here. they have done to themselves. they have allowed mass numbers, unchecked. right now there's people tweeting in favor of jihad, in favor of radicalism, find those people, lock them up. why are they letting this exist? >> one thing they are looking to address is about 3 million peop who have dual citizenship, so france, and the president says we need to start canceling. charles: iran attempted ballistic missile test. this makes four. i think this violates the terms
1:05 pm
of that particular deal. they thumbed their nose while in negotiating process and sincwe gn iasel there's not a single signature on the document by any one. number two, ballistic missiles were explicitly excluded from the jcpoa, the joint comprehensive plan of action. instead the ban, the understood ban on testing ballistic missiles by iran is contained in an anex in a un security council resolution which iran denies, does not acknowledge. charles: they have a copy of it at the bottom of the bird cage. donald trump and hillary clinton both reacting to the latest terror attacks in france. let's take a listen. >> this is war, if you look at it, this is war coming from all different parts and frankly is war and we are dealing with people without uniforms. you know in the old days we would have uniforms, you knew
1:06 pm
what you were fighting. >> i think we should be looking at the progress we are making against isis. it is a dream of isis to pull american ground troops. >> nato forces, it would be, nato forces. >> any time we use nato, america has to lead. charles: world leader condemning the attack. carl, you're saying they're not doing enough for future attacks. >> they're so busy patting themselves on the back for saying, we degraded, we are shrinking, sure, geographical borders because they're going to north africa and europe. guess what, they are coming here next. i'm not worried about the guys russia having thousands and thousands of nuclear war heads, i'm worried about iran when they figure out how to get one because they're going to use it. charles: many say that the count down has already begun. >> it's always a question of money in my brain, charles. how many people do we want to pay to monitor?
1:07 pm
i read estimates that takes 23 law enforcement professionals per suspected terrorist and that's allow-ball error. it just seems like we need to have more law enforcement, local level, state level, watching out for us. charles: if we take -- if we adopt the idea in this country that we've got to cut off the head, we have to go in a place like raq qrk a and destroy them, dismiss the notion of a caliphate that it will take a lot more american troops, we will end up killing human shields there but that's the price we should pay to nip this in a bud. >> this is not about the islamic state anymore than the equally jihadist in tehran and shea side. everywhere in the world where there are populations of muslims including in our own homeland as well as western europe and
1:08 pm
throughout the world, there will be among them some who answer the call to jihad. this is a problem within our homelands now. it is not about terrorist coming from some other places. charles: are you suggesting that we get used to it? >> no. charles: live with lone wolfs for indefinite period of time? >> any muslim that considered part of the global jihad movement is connected to the whole. what we need to do at home get tougher, name the enemy, begin to use law enforcement uncuff, take the handcuff off law enforcement. charles: hold that thought, claire, because we are going to come back. i do have an eyewitness account, georgia tech student studying abroad.
1:09 pm
brandon, just kind of tell us exactly what you saw. >> so we were sitting on the beach watching the fireworks display and shortly after they ended, everyone came up from the beach on to the walkway there and about five to ten minutes after the end of the show we saw four police cars race by us going really fast in pedestrian zone. we looked at where they were going and saw an entire crowd, you know, running. my first thought is i'm going to get run over and crushed by the crowd. we started running. charles: i'm sorry, go ahead. did you follow the crowd? did you try to find out what was going on? >> there were about two seconds where a friend of mine try today start filming it and we realized quickly we need today start running. so we started running in the direction and there's a police officer and were trying to
1:10 pm
figure out what was going on, he's saying in french, go quickly, keep running away from the incident. charles: did you see any bodies laying down as you were running away from the incident? from what i understand, most of the people who were hit by that truck just -- they were apparently going 40 to 50 miles an hour? >> yeah, we did not see any bodies because we started running immediately when the thick crowds started running towards us. charles: thank you for calling in and be safe out there, okay. the blueprint for this truck attack and attacks like this could be found on the internet in al-qaeda's inspire magazine. claire, obviously with this blueprint out there and the radicalization process that has happened even more rapidly in the west, we have to expect more copy cat attacks, no? >> again, i will say there's no
1:11 pm
such thing of radicalization process, anyone born and raised in the muslim faith who attends mosques who listens to the sermons who learn the quran will understand that jihad is -- charles: do you agree with newt gringrich that we should bring american muslims and test them and if they do believe in sharia law send them to country? >> no, use ideological test for bringing people in, allowing visas into the country. charles: what about the 8 to 9 million muslims that are there are here, what do we do? do we apply the same test to them as well? >> we need to look at the mosques as i said before and what they are preaching from inside the mosque. we need to look at the
1:12 pm
literature, the dvd's inside the mosques, that's where you begin and also the prison system where ever single muslim chaplain in the federal prison system is vetted and accredited from the muslim brotherhood. that has to stop. charles: the first amendment, the first amendment to the constitution prohibits such -- such action. in other words, are we willing to say now, let's rip up the constitution? >> no, not at all. what we need to do is like we did in cold war and we were imprisoning people for bringing communism. we need to set apart the religion of islam. we need to separate those two, define the enemy and then act on it and take -- like she said, take the handcuffs off of law enforcement and let them go. if you join, if you go there, if you go there to train or be part of the movement we will pound
1:13 pm
you into a 6-foot sheet of glass. charles: you automatically default. you're no longer an american. deirdre: even the french prime minister who is on the left. that is why he is suggesting, listen, if you are in any way suspected of playing a role and you have dual passport we are canceling the french part. a lot of people up in arms about that. it's a huge problem in france and belgium, that's where a lot of these younger more vulnerable kids become radicalized basically with very intensive audience and no competition for mind share. charles: early speculation that the truck driver who was not necessarily religious but that's where his conversation began. he had a long prison record. let's shift to american politics for a moment. donald trump making -- picking
1:14 pm
pence as governor. do you think pence was the right guy? >> i think pence was the right guy. i was kind of natural on pence. the only thing that pence is common core. if he had picked somebody like a general, someone said you don't have domestic policy experience, how could you be president, no matter what, somebody would have critiqued this. good job, donald. charles: obamacare, there's some issues that go counter to the core trump presidency run, if you will. >> keep in mind that pence was the third highest ranking congressman. he's a very well-liked governor. he's a conservative guy. charles: yeah, give and take although i have seen a fair amount of people that think it's a political correct pick by the candidate.
1:15 pm
[laughter] deirdre: i would have gone for flynn. he said he was pro-choice and a life-long democrat. i feel like this day in age where we are watching the footage from nice, i feel like the next president is going to have such a big foreign policy and is going to have to make very difficult military decisions, personally i would have liked to see somebody from the military. >> it would have been great. charles: for me i thought that all of all the names, i liked sessions the most. [laughter] charles: by the way, we do have more breaking news for you. tom brady is not going to fight the deflate ruling anymore. brady will be cooling the fields for a few games. deirdre: brady will be a bench warmer. charles: inflating footballs on
1:16 pm
the sidelines. [laughter] deirdre: unless they were going to take this to the supreme court. there has to be a limit. it's four games. i don't know. >> all my friends are counting down the days of football season. charles: hey, stocks all-time high today. we are pulling back a little bit. we are going to see how much of this is terror and how much of it is fact that we had one heck of a run. we will be right back
1:17 pm
1:18 pm
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lower. new record for s&p. ahead earlier this week. if we can rally into the close, first time we had five straight records in 1988. we know terror, i think,
1:20 pm
certainly cast and we haven't been able to get follow up. how much of that is we've exhaust, had a huge move or how much the market is thinking that we live in a new world or new reality? >> i think that's it,t ten year. so now i think the market is used to shredding the horrific-type of events. you know the trend is one trend. the fact that this market has continued to hit all-time highs and stocks doing well, i think tells me that at least as his or horrific as events are the momentum is there and going to stay there. charles: what about the economic impact of all of this? certainly at some point it has to -- we see these travel stocks are lower, the airline stocks and the cruise lines but overall do you think there would be or
1:21 pm
could be dominoes that have to be reflected in the market? >> i think you're seeing reflected in european equities, charles, really underperformed. the strongest market right now, global equity market is the u.s. this is bullish for at least us here at home. you know, of course when it comes to terror, politics, charles, it's a coin toss. i would say it's easier to project how many huggies wal-mart is going to sell as what relations are going to be either. charles: the experts that we have have on start market analysis with what the central banks are doing. i don't do that myself. i am always looking for best names. on that topic, though, the idea that central banks even though the bank of england did nothing yesterday, they gave the wink and the nod, the bank of japan, i don't know where they are getting this from, they make it out of thin air, more money.
1:22 pm
aren't they becoming somewhat -- i don't know -- charles: the market is up because of central banking? i don't know. they're not helping the economies. >> what i think they are doing actually is creating inflation and i'm not the only one saying this. that's where i put my mony right now. charles: think about today, italy, everybody around france close it had borders, tightened borders, bring back the factories, do less trade. we are going to pay more for the products no matter what. >> that would be disastrous, if that's the type of economy, tha. i wish u saw either of the two major presidential candidates advocating free trade, opening up our borders, more investment here and abroad. that's what we need to get the
1:23 pm
economy back on track. charles: you get nice when you have open borders. the white house staff and more on the fallout after this
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
charles: call to more troops on the ground immediately following the attack in france and today more u.s. troops head to go iraq, peter barnes is in dc with the latest, peter. peter: hey, charles, the commander in operations in the middle east told us that even more u.s. troops will be going to iraq in coming months to help local forces defeat isis this is in addition to 160 troops that president obama order today iraq this week. general voto said, quote, they'll probably be some additional capabilities, we will need to complete our objectives as the leadership has told me,
1:27 pm
if we need something, if we need additional capabilities, additional people we should ask for those things and i've been encouraged to do that, he said. the troops will help secure air base 40 miles out of mosul, iraqis are getting ready to launch an offensive to retake mosul from isis with that 560 total u.s. troops arise to 4,667 well below peak in bush administration. looks like it would now be head to go about 5,000, charles. charles: peter barnes, i appreciate it. house minority leader responding to the attack, isis is losing on the battlefield that's why they are staging these attacks, the former deputy says, zeth, we keep hearing this, are we really winning this war? we know we are taking territory
1:28 pm
but it just feels like they are moving operations to other places? >> look, charles, the war has a military component to it, it has a terrorist component to it and it's got public diplomacy component to it. and on the ground, we are doing okay. your last spot was testimony to that, building an airfield south of mosul which can be used for the eventual attack on mosul, that's military measure and likely to produce success, but the -- the disaster in -- the brutal attack in nice is not a sign of winning the war and neither is -- neither are the attacks in san bernardino or orlando or brussels and belgium
1:29 pm
or paris. >> ze, charles: zeth, here is the thing. this is years after the fact. why do we do this in drips and drafts? we will send over 50, 40. i remember the doctrine, you go with overwhelming force and you crush them right away and you make sure that everything is in place and then you leave. i don't know. it's just hard for me to say that we are winning a war when we are fighting in a slow pace and it feels like we have gains and losses and you look up a few years later and nothing has changed. >> sure, but it's not only a military war. it's a ideological struggle and you ask why is it going at such a slow pace, on the ideological level it's not going anywhere at all. so that's something that needs
1:30 pm
-- that we need to do not only the united states but our allies. i mean, nato has been attacked in country after country after country. our response has been a somewhat low level but successful military one but on the ideological side, on the willingness to say that these are islamic radical fanatic jihadist who are our enemy, we are no where. we are not doing anything to combat that. we are not doing anything to people who are thinking of joining. charles: the world knows it. we don't have to have a discussion. it's known that we are winning or have won. zeth, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, charles. charles: we do have breaking news on the convention next,
1:31 pm
keynote speakers. we will have it all for you . . . . [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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charles: this is "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. breaking news for democratic convention. headline speakers include on monday night, michelle obama and bernie sanders. tuesday night features president bill clinton. wednesday night, president barack obama and vice president joe biden and thursday night, chelsea and hillary clinton.
1:35 pm
fbn will be live covering both conventions with the republican national convention. to latest on the terrorist truck attack in france. 84 people dead. 202 wounded. 25 life-support. others in critical condition. unknown connections to the terror police were well aware of his violent past. this threat was still free to committees horrible murders. arizona sheriff paul babeu has seen this script before. thanks for joining us. there are some angles. i was utterly shocked he sat in unmarked, rental delivery truck, eight to nine hours. police saw him sitting there. approached him. i'm delivering ice cream. no problem. france is in a state of emergency. if that doesn't raise your police antennas, that seems like polices 101. that is not profiling. that is common sense. how could that happen? >> charles, it is unacceptable.
1:36 pm
let this be a lesson to any law enforcement officer hearing this today or citizen, not only be aware, these are clues. this is what we do in law enforcement. when you have a heightened state of alert, here in france, you have literally thousands and thoses of people celebrating in the comfort of what they think is this pedestrian street, and for bastille day and here comes this huge commercial truck, mowing down people, zigzaging down the road. trying to hit and kill as many people as possible. now we learn that the police actually had contact with this truck and simply take this response back. complete breakdown here. this is not a heightened sense of alert. this is where we need to see this as, this isn't just a military operation. the men and women in uniform, who are dressed in uniform like me, are the ones that are going to be can confronting these
1:37 pm
attacks whether in nice, france, or in arizona, across the country, we have to have the approach listen to law enforcement. law enforcement needs to do a better job when these clues are here, find out, ascertain what's really going on. charles: on that note, apparently in france 1800 people are on the terror watch list. there is no way federal law enforcement over there can handle that. same here. are you sensing or are you seeing at least federal authorities coming through with more information? for instance, in orlando, i'm not sure that local police officers there understood what kind of a threat they had in their midst but federal government probably did. >> certainly. and this is where, what we're going to find in days and weeks and months later, we'll find this terrorist potentially had ties to other terrorist cells because people are talking about, well you can't just fight isis in the caliphate and syria
1:38 pm
and iraq. yes we can but this is multifaceted approach in order to defeat isis and radical islamic terror. you have homegrown terrorists. you have these individuals where this one had dual citizenship in france. absolutely, that's the job of law enforcement is to have a robust, aggressive posture in terms not only tracking them, monitoring their social posts. anybody who made statements as we've seen, even in orlando, we're ignoring basic clues as citizens and law enforcement many times, where these individuals made hateful statements and aggressive statements that should alert everybody. stop being pc. notify law enforcement of these concerns. charles: sheriff paul babeu, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: in other news, if you were joining us earlier this hour, tom brady announced he will not fight "deflategate"
1:39 pm
suspension, rather than taking it all the way to the supreme court. he will serve out four-game suspension. "deflategate" over for now. more after this. s today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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>> live from the floor of new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business report. fox are only slightly lower today but don't be fooled, it has been an exciting week for the u.s. stock market,
1:41 pm
especially if you're a bull. stocks, benchmark averages are on track to post weekly gains. s&p posted four consecutive sessions of lifetime highs. the dow, three straight sessions of life-time highs. look at particular sectors here. travel stocks are mostly lower today. unsurprising considering horrific events in nice, france, last night. cruise operators are lower. royal caribbean down 1 1/2%. look at airline concerns. there may not be as much demand for travel this summer. delta air lines down 2%. united continental off .7 of 1%. get you back now to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
charles: european borders, security being tightened immediately following attack in nice. to bill who lives in nice and witnessed aftermath of attack. we have him on the phone. bill, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. charles: bill help us, illustrate for us, what you saw, what happened, what took place there? >> well, it was, my first bastille day since my wife and i had moved here and it reminded me so much of a 4th of july celebration. roads closed off. thousands of people on the promenade right on the beach.
1:44 pm
there were food vendors. people selling flashlights and balloons for little children, there were musicians there. 10:00, street lights go out, fireworks go off. my wife and i stayed back because i'm not a fan of crush crowds but there were thousands of people. they had blocked off about a mile section of the promenade which includes gigantic walkway i about the sea with bicycle lanes, two lanes of car traffic in either direction and giant sidewalk where all shops an restaurants are on the other side. so imagine a six-lane highway across. 2/3 of that was full with people with fireworks. charles: wow. >> as the fireworks let out, my wife and i left and went through the pedestrian zone which is the, a bunch of other shops which is a block off the prom gnawed. as we exited the pedestrian zone to get back to our apartment, we saw a panicked teen, grabbing
1:45 pm
older woman trying to get her to run, it seemed very odd and out of place. then all of a sudden, from behind us and from the side people started running, running into traffic. cars trying to run red lights. people on scooters, jumping on the sidewalks. and people screaming, ale, ale, go, go, go. we didn't know what was going on where where it was coming from because people were coming from multiple directions. we tried to ask, one person says, someone has a gun. another one said, someone has been shot. another one said a van ran into some people. at the time none of that made sense but their panic other panic almost instantly people walking on the street. they scattered in owl four directions. charles: the killer drove
1:46 pm
1.1 miles along that prom gnawed. bill, thank you -- promenade. i didn't realize the lanes were that long. it was to see how they was able to harm so many other people. thank you for calling in. >> thank you, sir. charles: we're at war with isis and question why has congress not fund ad war with isis. congressman, this is question people have been asking so long, why hasn't congress, this is a war? i know the president has a role in it, feels like there is not any pressure from congress on the either side of the aisle? >> i think we need to go forward on it. we need a national discussion how we'll address this threat. you can't address it by more intelligence. it needs action. that action needs to be clearly stated out and defined. look, we have, the united states, we have a border that is porous. we are not vetting our refugees.
1:47 pm
there are certain actions we must take both domestically and abroad to get our allies, this is a global fight. and we know where isis is. we don't need anymore intelligence. what we need to do is take fight to isis now. other otherwise we see events happen dose domestically and abroad until we lead this. no other nation can step up to the plate. charles: we have a report that 560 more american troops are helping in iraq. that brings the total to 46, 47, maybe close to 5000 soon. so we do have troops there. so what, actually labeling it a war, declaring a war, how will the rules of engagement change? how will that help us with respect to victory? >> well, right now the rules of engagement are two type. many cases collateral damage is more important than defending our troops during contact.
1:48 pm
this is what a authorization to use military force should define. what are the right limits, what are the left limits and how we can get our coalition friends to help us. it has to be u.s.-led militarily. we're the only group that can but it also has to be our allies. right now our allies don't trust us, our enemies don't fear us. we need to show the world we have the resolve to defeat isis. but not just isis or al qaeda. you also have iran. i've always maintained iran is still number one threat as iran continues to march forward on their ability and capability to have a nuclear weapon. we see what happens with their icbms. unfortunately we live in a world with a lot of threats but in many cases we created the vacuums that allow these threats to exist, in some cases prosper. charles: do you think the idea of more american troops, greater
1:49 pm
engagement, higher death toll on our side can be sold to the american public at this point? >> i think if you lay out a plan how serious this threat is and how are we going to approach it? but again, i think it has to be u.s.-led but it also has to be our, a part of a greater coalition. our allies have to be assured that we're going to stay there. you can't assure it by having red lines immediately broke or saying we're going to coordinate intelligence. it is going to take action. you know, orlando, san bernardino and paris and brussels and nice, all these are examples of things that will continue to come unless we stand together, globally with our allies. charles: representative zinke, thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. charles: we have right now mike pence, i think we have video of him or live shots of him actually leaving his hotel room. there he is right now, obviously basking in the glow. he is the vp nominee. we'll get more on that. of course, this big rally up in
1:50 pm
part with banks stepping up with earnings this week. but is that going to be enough to keep it up? we want to look at leadership, leaderboard at british open. phil mickelson almost making history yesterday. lefty still at the top but has only one shot lead. everyone is rooting for you, lefty. all right, we'll be right back. you both have a
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>> we love indiana. we love our country. my family and i couldn't be more honored. opportunity to run with and serve with the next president of the united states. got to run. [shouting] charles: indiana governor mike pence first on arrow action to being now -- arrow action. charlie gasparino, what do you
1:54 pm
think? >> i'm glad he didn't pick butler or guido gardner from mar-a-lago. fox business we pretty much had it nailed down daze ago on your show. if he listens to the adults in the room and docent looks wall choice and go with pence. adults signaled to us 99% chance it was pence. there was 1% chance he might go for an attack dog or newt. charles: there to your point, scuttlebutt and reported on networks, even as late as midnight, is it too late? he was still having second thoughts. >> we always caution that, until it came, the announcement came out, even if it doesn't come out of his mouth, the minute that it is official, official, you shouldn't say it is official. so i think, if you're worried about donald being off script, that is where he gets in trouble, particularly for a lot of republicans, saying stupid thins, this should give you some
1:55 pm
indication that he is getting on script. i think that is a good thing for the -- charles: some harder core folks don't like pick at all. switch gears. herbalife, $200 million fine but they're not a pyramid scheme? >> you could have tuned into fox business two years ago with me and liz claman where -- charles: it has been a hell of a ride for that stock since. we have one-week chart but two-year chart has been like, whoa! >> 2014, i think short, the accusation there is pyramid scheme from short earlier bill ackman has been going on 2012, been a long time coming. we said 2014, this would be how it will go about based on what ftc was fining. made a few bucks if you listened to fox business and not cnbc and not bill ackman. you will say this, i have no horse in this game. i don't like the business. it has pretty good products but i don't like the business. charles: multilevel marketing. >> i just don't like it.
1:56 pm
it is not from a deceptive standpoint the you know what you're getting when you get in there. i don't know how the company will keep racking up huge, huge earnings in the future. they say they have a international plan. the notion it is a scam and you needed to do some things bill ackman did, campaign contributions and lobbyists all this nonsense to try to get government to believe it is a scam, i think this is a good day for investors, that you know, at least the government came down said it wasn't influenced. charles: meantime stocks wrapping up a record week, even though the markets are a little bit shaky here. it has been volatile but a good one. we'll be right back. ♪ music for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest.
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.. charles: markets a little sloppy, record week, one for the books, next week the big question is what happens, we will know about our about consumers with a report from netflix, to put the got a downgrade, all of the next week,
2:00 pm
foxbusiness will be live from the republican national convention in cleveland, trish regan heading up prime time coverage. trish: investigators in france searching for answers after a tunisian man mowed down hundreds of people in france killing 84 people including 10 children. two americans among the dead. a father and his 11-year-old son. people think it was isis and the big question right now is how do we protect ourselves from these soft target attacks? welcome to "the intelligence report". french investigators looking for clues as to why a 31-year-old tunisian man, mohamed bouhlel, drove a truck into family celebrating best deal day celebrating the fourth of july in france. two americans among


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