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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 18, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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now, stuart, take it away in new york. stuart: thank you, everyone. the depraved attack in nice, the failed and bloody coup in turkey, the outrage in baton rouge. spinning out of control. chaotic events, a sense of being under attack at home and abroad, a sense of threat anywhere, anytime, that's how things stand this monday morning. now what? the republicans begin that convention, the theme today is keeping america safe. donald trump says he is the law and order candidate. there is criticism for president obama. he invited black lives matter to the white house and now says we should all avoid divisive language. overseas, turkey, right on europe's doorstep lurches toward an authoritarian government, another muslim society in chaos. after the nice attack, europe begins to splinter. at home and abroad, the cascade
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of events has everyone on edge. if you woke up expecting the stock market selloff, think again. half an hour from now, stocks will open higher, yes, the rally continues. throughout the program today, we'll take you where the news is being made and we'll look to the future, to the remaining seven months of the obama presidency. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> another ambush of police officers, this time in baton rouge. three officers killed. the suspect, a former marine, an iraq war veteran. 29-year-old gavin long. he had been very outspoken against police recently, wrapping up his anti-cop rhetoric on social media the past few days. the head of the police union in cleveland saying president obama is to blame.
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listen to this. >> those police officers shootings, make no mistake on what absolutely has triggered this rash of senseless murders of law enforcement officers across this country. it is reprehensible that the president of the united states has blood on his hands and will not be able to become-- >> that's extremely strong statement when talking about the president of the united states of america. tammy bruce is with us this morning. there's a sense of unease in america unlike anything i've seen for decades, quite frankly, and the president is trying to calm it down. what do you make of his efforts to try and calm it down. >> obviously, he's failed and i don't know if necessarily he's tried to calm it down, but manage it. that's one of the biggest issues. this is also obviously not isolated to particular cities. it's a nationwide unease and as long as police officers are murdered in this nation, president obama, the democrats are going to lose the middle of this country.
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the president himself said this is an attack on the rule of law, but many of us have been saying that now for years as his rhetoric moved to racial divisions, using those politically, the targeting, making the police effectively the enemy in many ways. none of his rhetoric helped. even the simplest things like when there have been other attacks and other dynamic, like when gay marriage passed the white house was lit up in the rainbow colors and done that in a number of different issues. people asked them to light up the white house in blue for the police and they refused to do it. these are undercurrent kind of statements that send a message that the police are the enemy, it seems to be encouraging some people and this is what i think we need to confront. stuart: ashley webster is back with you after an extended period of working overseas. now, you've just come back. this is america. ashley: to your point, i've never seen anything like it, what's going on. you wonder what's going to happen next. you need a leader who is strong to really does reach out to all
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sides of the issue and i don't think that tammy's point that he's doing this. stuart: detective loomis saying that the president had blood on his hands, he's going to join our program about 9:45 eastern. we'll ask him about the comments he made about the president and the call on governor kasich to suspend open carry. and turkey, the nice attack, and at home, police officers ambushed. that's a negative news back drop for wall street. wall street is shrugging it off. it may be that america is the only place that your money is safe. it looks like a slightly higher open for stocks this monday morning. same story with the s&p 500. about 100 of those companies report their profits this week and again, it may be that the profit decline is over. we'll see, but investors like what they've seen so far. now, take a look at the 10-year treasury, 1.56%, investors like
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that, too. strange times. interest rates go up and investors like it. now, at the republican convention kicks off in cleveland, donald trump hopes to unite his party around the theme, make america safe again. here is trump from 60 minutes last night. >> we have people that hate us. we have people that want to wipe us out. so, we're going to have a thing called extreme vetting. people want to come in and extreme vetting. the police like donald trump, it's law and order. i have confidence they'll do a great job. >> and joining us from cleveland, at this moment in time, fred, with police officers killed, the law and ordinary theme, is that what unites the party? >> yeah, i think it does. this campaign, as you noted, stuart, worked to the advantage of donald trump. he has been pro police all
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along ending many, many of his speeches, going back to when he announced last summer that we must defend the police that he's pro police, and that's the position as a presidential candidate you'd like to be in here. he's huge strength. i'm afraid that hillary clinton exudes weakness and when we have law and order and violence as the chief issue in america right now, it certainly helps trump. stuart: now, john kasich, the is in ohio we all know that. john kasich will not put in an appearance. i think our people have gone back in history and tried to find another example where a sitting governor of any party refuses to attend the convention of the party that he's a member of in his home state. now, that's not unity, is it? there's no unity there. >> well, that's not unity, but i'll say that john kasich is going around to various hotels where state republican delegations to the convention are saying and speaking to
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those delegations, but at the convention itself, no. stuart: what's he saying? he's not going to the convention center, he's in the hotels, what's he saying to those people? >> i haven't been to any of those. he is one who has not endorsed trump and i suspect he won't in the entire campaign and i guess talking about trump in the-- and i think he had to recognize at this point there is no alternative to trump. going to be the republican nominee. stuart: now, fred, i need your value judgment here. donald trump, they want to unite the party and odds are they'll be together at the convention. will it be enthusiastic unity? enthusiasm for this, the candidates? >> well, you know, i think that pence helped a lot bringing him on the ticket because it's been some of the conservatives who have been the chief folks opposing trump and, you know, trying to get a separate candidate and block the
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nomination and all that. i think that there will be more enthusiasm than we would have had a week ago, but not the kind of enthusiasm that you had for ronald reagan in 1980 or george bush in 2000. it will be muted. >> fred, you and i are about the same generation, roughly speaking. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> roughly-- >> seeing the dreadful stuff in america, have you seen this before? i haven't. >> well, not all in one year. you know, we've had-- we've had terrorist attacks before and we've had questions of law and order and the police, particularly in 1968 when we had riots, but we've never had both of them together along with donald trump as the presidential candidate. i mean, that mix is totally unprecedented. i've never seen anything like it. stuart: fred barnes, thanks indeed. i have one addition to the schedule.
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donald trump will be there and introduce his wife melania, she's scheduled to speak tonight and remember, she is an immigrant and she's going to profess her love for america. that's tonight with donald trump introducing his wife. overseas know you to turkey. 6,000 opponents of the president has been detained. he wants to bring back the death penalty for those who plotted the coup. tammy bruce, i need your perspective on this. this is a violent country right on europe's doorstep. they're headed towards author-- authoritarian government. >> europe knew they shouldn't be allowed in. you're looking at a man whose friends are hamas and the brotherhood. this is an excuse to have a
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hammer to push further and he's effectively got the support of barack obama. in the same situation as in egypt. you've got the islamic dynamic taking over and i would predict as we saw, the islamist brotherhood i don't know if the people expect it, but it's not over in turkey. >> the administration praising that as a democraty. lieutenant ralph peters say this is toxic at europe. there's a pushback and the military trying to protect the constitution since the 1960's. ashley: he said the coup would solidify his rule, his iron fist rule. half the country hates him, the other half loves him. he's going to eradicate those
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who hate him starting with the military liz: the democrats talk about a war on women. talk about the war on women happening in places like turkey, pakistan and the middle east and this is a nato ally. stuart: wait until we get to the latest case of honor killing over the weekend and it's horrific all over again. that's the back drop this monday morning, the back drop, look what's going to happen. what is it now? 19 minutes from now, the dow jones industrial average will open for business slightly higher. who would have thought with that as the world as the domestic back drop that we would open with a continuation of the massive rally we've already seen. extraordinary stuff, but maybe we are the safe haven. back in a moment.
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>> repeat the news that we brought you earlier. donald trump will introduce his
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wife melania at the convention tonight. the campaign just confirming that to fox news tonight. donald trump will introduce his wife, maybe the first lady of the united states, maybe. >> the nice terrorist reportedly texted more weapons. ashley: he sent out texts minute before he drove that truck. he uses the letter c, inferring there was an accomplice. french authorities not being able to track down who this person might be. they found a the lo-- lot of weapons, and he was shot, but they believe there might have been an accomplice or more. who is this mysterious c or he was on a lot of medication, we know that, who knows--
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>> what appalled me most was that man has three children. ashley: yes. stuart: yet, he swerved and deliberately went out of his way to kill more children. ashley: by the way, they were paying respects the french prime minister showed up and booed by the crowd because they said he's let them down on security. stuart: ouch. all of this plays into today's republican convention theme. keep america safe. they're trying to unite the party around the concept of law and order. trump delegate is with us. in his presentation last night on 60 minutes, donald trump again called build that wall and again suggested keep certain people out of the country if they come from terror states. i suspect that the news back drop enhances his position on those two issues, what do you say? >> i think you're right, stuart. we've had a lot of political announcements the last couple of days.
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but i think that the trump campaign is correct, to keep the focus on safety, to keep the focus on the border, to keep the focus on terrorism. the nice attacks seems like they were a long time ago already for many political types, for many in the media who are jumping on the next story, but i think that what the trump campaign has to do from now on until election day is to remind voters that terrorism is getting worse around the world. we are very nervous about it here in the united states. we've had multiple attacks. isis has grown under the leadership of hillary clinton and the state department and yet, when you hear hillary talk about terrorism, she really talks about more of the same. she talks about the same doing more diplomacy and i think that's making a lot of americans uneasy. stuart: i think a lot of people wanted to hear from the president and hillary clinton
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was, hey, black lives matter, knock it off. quit this language of fostering hatred of the police. stop it. but he didn't say that. he went at it evenhandedly, but didn't say that. do you think that hillary will go close to that today when she speaks to the naacp? >> i don't think so, because i think she might have a couple of throw away lines that are going to say that, we've got to call out violence wherever it is. she's got a real big political problem in that, you know, she wants to be obama's third term. she wants to have the black lives matter movement really working for her. she wants to pick up the black american vote at the same rate that president obama got. so she's trying to hold this coalition together while at the same time keeping the bernie people, keeping the climate change types and the income inequality types. the focus on hillary clinton's
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campaign over the next couple of months is going to be fascinating because she's not going to be able to do it all and talk about law and order and fighting terrorism. because her whole rhetoric is, status quo, keep the same. stuart: she's in the corner of her own making. rick, thank you for joining us, sir. look at this one particular stock, it's going to move big. a chip maker bought by a japanese company, softbank and the british companies are now cheaper because of the weaker british pound. makes it easier for the japanese company to buy them. by the way, they're going to increase employment and that company in britain. how about this? it's the latest national poll from "the washington post." hillary clinton's lead over hillary clinton is narrowing. the same poll had clinton ahead by 12 points. father jonathan morris canceled his trip to the convention after the baton rouge shootings. he's here and he's going to
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tell us why he did not go to cleveland. more varney after this.
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>> fast moving developments from the world anti-doping agency. ashley, is it possible the entire russian team will be banned? >> that's going to be the question.
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yes, the world anti-doping agency which basically polices cheating by athletes who use banned substances says that it appears that there is wide state poli complicity by the rush government, for the athletes, not just one area. widespread across many athletes. that raises the question, should all russian athletes be banned. stuart: what a dreadful thing for the olympics and the world if there's a problem like that. wait for this one. the brother of a slain pakistani killed his sister. >> her real name aziz, known in pakistan and is considered a social media provocature. she challenged pakistan standards for women. and you can see images of her right there. other younger brother killed
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her. he's 25 years old. he is saying it's a so-called honor killing because she posted images of herself next to a senior cleric. so basically the father is coming out condemning the son. >> those are the images to which pakistani objected and her younger brother killed her strangled her to death. that's extraordinary. >> this is a problem. when a nation or a group of people, who would be normal under any circumstance, thinks that murder is the answer to being offended. this explains the situation we're all facing around the world that no one is addressing this because they think it's politically incorrect. stuart: ridiculous. and we can't address that because it's politically incorrect liz: there are thousands of similar killings. >> it's typical in that nation. stuart: check out dow futures, despite all of the stuff going
9:26 am
on here, all of the negatives. that stock market in about five minutes is going to open higher. still, at all time record highs. extraordinary, isn't it? back in a moment.
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stuart: 20 seconds to the opening bell this morning it's a lot of people wondering where on
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earth is this market going to go? a lot of people woke up this morning thinking, we're going to have a big selloff. well, i don't think we are. looks like we're going to be opening flat to slightly higher. we've with got five seconds to go. let's see how we do this monday morning. with the extraordinary negative news back drop. we have opened up six points. how about that? on your left hand side of your screen, you can see the 30 dow stocks and they're moving if they're green, they're up, if they're red they're down. other color whatever it is darkish purple unchanged. opened with a very slight gain in a day when we've got a huge negative back drop for the news. how about the s&p 500? that is also flat to ever so slightly lower down .09%. remember 100 of the 500 companies on that index will be reporting their profits this week. people think they're going to be good. nasdaq opened of so slightly
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high they are morning. check names. microsoft google, three of them up, my stock one that i own microsoft is down. netflix reporting after the bell today we are walking up there . no change whatsoever, dead flat now. look at twitter. social media very much in focus during the turkey cue. prime minister was using face time to try to get people into the streets. everybody was into twitter. ashley details. >> it's interesting he used all sorts of things face time on iphone to put out an address to the people through a phone held by a telephone anchor in turkey who turn phone around to show to the camera that's how he addressed the nation using social media. of course he used twitter as well. the irony, though, is that since he's been in power he's actually put restraints on social media because he understood power they have. but when this failed cue attempt, he used social media to
9:32 am
turn things around. stuart: back to twitter is up 18 dollars share and used globally. we'll get to that shortly make money. a wonder -- what is it doing in 18 low interest rates took a bite out of bank of america nonetheless stock is up 1.7%. here's news on japan soft bank buying a british company, chip maker arm holdings maybe week of pound after brexit made british companies look a lot better to foreign buyers. arm holding is up $20 a share that is 42%. democratic luxury that's what i call coach might be wrong on that. within the reach of middle america. within the reach. okay. investment firm bared likes it. says it's going to 50, it's up 42 cents at 42.72 we never forget about amazon down again today and well over 750 dollarss
9:33 am
a share last week. way pulling back now, 7.3337 ashley webster and elizabeth trying to figure out what's going on with this market. because it seems like the world is spiraling out of control overseas, and at home and market has opened either dead flat or slightly higher. edward is the u.s. the only game in town? is that why we're up? >> no, not only game in town but, obviously, the biggest game in town. the reason that we are up is that people just need to flood the market with money going to the equities becauses interest rates are so low so we're seeing a little bit of that. but stuart, the only time we're goip to see an impact from terror is if something impacts earnings for companies or projected earnings. is that simple. what happened in turkey, horrible. what happened, obviously, in france. horrible. but you've got to question, hold
9:34 am
hotch of that will impact companieses for earnings and market says it is not a big economic event but a big social and emotional thing. but not economically stuart. stuart: what say you? >> i don't think something happening to earnings would do it. for a slump and something it happens to stocks you need competition and something else to buy and prates to move higher on bonds for example for that to happen, you need rate hike for that to happen you need good news. your question is how come news is all bad and stock market keeps going up and anticipating lower rates for longer and absolutely nothing else e to put their money into. stuart: is that your explanation and we've asked you this question over past couple of weeks and you have that same answer. give me that answer again -- >> well, i mean, it's partly what he just said but also we've got helicopter money happening in japan. we have with european central bank worse and worse and worse. we've had good news come out of brexit or at least certainty
9:35 am
seeing new prime minister all of that is helped bolster market, and where else are you going to put your money? can't go to stuff mattress so at the end of the day only place to put where are money right now. but that's not right reason to put that market. that's not the right reason. >> but reason why dow is at 18,500 and that's exactly -- >> no place like -- five minutes in. safe haven 18,512. jack now what would make this market go down in i think you've answered that question already. but ask again what would make it go down? >> you know, you can't have everything falling at the same time. something has to get popular. what's going to get popular? i mean, bond yields disgusting right now. savings pays nothing so need to put money into. when you put money into the stock market the dividend yields aren't nothing. >> liz claman says she knows what would make the selloff. >> final declaration that yes u.s. is in recession because watch this. the gap between the s&p 500
9:36 am
return and compared to the u.s. economic growth is widest it has been since world war ii that tells you that the basically u.s. economy has likely been -- could tip into recession next year. stuart: next year? >> the best looking house in the neighborhood regardless. stuart. >> you're on -- stuart, stuart -- >> final announce to the rock the market that's happened in the past. stuart: make your point. >> i want to make one upon the that if -- our investors if you believe that earnings are going to grow 20% next year then stay in the market but if you believe they're coming in short of that, market is priced right now for the market to earnings it grow 20%. you don't believe it in sell down and start selling now. stuart: aware that some of our viewers will have money that they would like to invest are are we going to put it in bond, real estate or stocks? what a conundrum with a news background like that and record highs.
9:37 am
what on earth do you do? i want to move on to twitter got to talk about that. ♪ look at the stock for a start social media -- i mean, that cue in turkey. it wasn't organized on social media. but it was certainly ended on social media as you've described. >> yeah. >> it got people into the streets, didn't it? early to use facebook i think. >> because much like the arab spring in cairo where they use facebook to organize and begin that whole process in this case they use it to stop the cue to encourage people to cool out on the streets and defend the country. as he put it and effective. >> worse for a secular constitution. he's islamist friends with the -- >> hold on for a seconds. >> stocks -- >> in the economy you have muslim islamists coming in and numerous terrorist attacks that's an issue. [inaudible] >> i've -- stuart: i want to talk about twitter and the stock everybody
9:38 am
usings twitter all around the world they tune into twitter as soon as anything happens and stock is down. i think it's -- a little over, your question is why doesn't this translate into case with the stock. using thing? a case with emergency when cell phone service goes up people use line phones that doesn't it mean it is coming back but problem with twitter is so much advertisement. >> why can't they make money? >> squeezed out by google and facebook and advertising dollars to go around and giants -- stock is -- >>s that crazy to me. what a platform. >> look at that stock. down, down, down. i think we better move on. nintendo huge for "pokemon go" because of last week that stock just went straight up. check it today. look at that. up another 8% took a dip i think thursday, friday. back up again today. 36 on nintendo look at that chart. that you wish you had bought that thing a couple of weeks
9:39 am
ago. well you didn't. share price for the past week up -- now look at lion corporation big ipo last week it is the what's app of asia. what a platform that started at $32 on friday. it's now at 39. okay, down a little bit. but not a bad gain. keep a close eye on gun stocks, we say this every time there is a gun related incident or whether someone says take guns away from americans. up again this monday morning. smith & wesson 28, 68. two big names that report profits after the bell todayed. ibm, virtually no change as we walk up to the earnings report. same story with with yahoo!. virtually no change. but remember the profit report is after the bell today. back to that japan soft bank buying the british software company arm a-r-m holdings. give me the stock and story, nicole. >> this is a story here that is
9:40 am
boosting technology across the board. you see arm holdings which is up 43% and what you're seeing is soft bank which is japanese tell come giant controlling stake in sprint u.s. now exploring more in to mobile internet. and so now with this we're seeing a lot of iphone suppliers jumping as well. soft bank has a hand in ride sharing app as well as e-commerce but now moving forward with this acquisition as all cash deal and gives apartment new heist to a new high for its stock and technology is the number one sector today in its performance. you can see soft bank lower for us require. >> soft bank is in the news. netflix in the news for years now. stock price is down 14% over the recent period. not sure what time period is but down recently 97 today. ed come in please do you like netflix ? >> i love netflix. i mean, i just see it becoming mainstream in our world today.
9:41 am
i mean, between facebook and netflix leader in their industry. they're making money. they're being used they're being innovative i like the company quite a bit. i would be a buyer of it. >> jack what do you ?ai >> -- >> nonwhat content cost and i started getting nervous about netflix early when they suddenly turned on service across the entire world. and all of these little countries but they didn't do anything to cater to markets. it started look to me like a company that is running up against trouble growing its subscriber numbers as fast as everyone wants and reaching out for lasting push. stuart: i do want to bring you back in again and talk to you about brexit real fast brits decide to leave the european union, armageddon look at us now a japanese company buying british company saying they'll double employment in britain i guess brexit didn't work out the way they thought it would. [laughter] >> well some might be too early to tell but every single talking head out there had to be a
9:42 am
disaster. it was going to be bad for the country and i'll never understand how taking back reigns of your country is bad for your country. hey, if i've got to go through two years of recession to rule again i'll do it. atat the end of the someday currency is cheaper and that could be good an they get to rule themselves that will be good and take two years but at the end of the day they have to be happier about it and competitive. you might say soflt bank bought them because currency is cheaper it might be just because they like the more democracy and get something out of it better because of the way they're ruling themselves not just the currency. >> i couldn't have said it better myself. ed, jack, all of you thanks very much for being with us on a monday morning, big day. stuart: check that big board we've just dropped below 18,500 not far below. 18,499 and change how about that? now, this detective steve loomis he's ahead of thepolice union in cleveland. he's calling for a temporary pause on open carry.
9:43 am
he also has some strong words for president obama. he's on this program just a little later today. and we're live from the republican national convention in cleveland. we have been promised political theater. like no other. today's theme make america safe again. more varney in a moment .
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>> 16 minutes into the trading session, this monday morning we're down just 18 points despite all that's happen hadding around world and in america. down only slightly look at the fund that tracks turkey stocks down 9%. remember the cue there under the weekend it failed.
9:47 am
restoration hardware the ceo has bought a chunk of the stock that always works investors love that up 6% and now this. steven loomis he's ahead of a largest police union in cleveland. he wantst the ohio governor john kasich to ban temporarily open carry during this week's republican convention. all rise judge andrew napolitano is here. now, the governor kasich says can't do that. can't suspend law temporarily just can't do that. >> right. governor kasich is correct. but there are far more -- far broader implications to what the police want. start by saying i understand his motivation he's saying in reaction to what happened in baton rouge and in dallas -- understandable. >> interrupt you -- but -- [inaudible] i know. stuart: what happened in dallas
9:48 am
and just yesterday in baton rouge police are targets they're being ambushed. >> no question about it. >> contentious situation and we're carrying guns. >> well, if they lawfully carry the guns aside -- dangerous as that might be, they have the right to do so opinion look, since the supreme court decision on guns district of columbia said to and bear armses is a fundamental liberty sses in same category of freedom of speech so governor of ohio. legislature of ohio i'll say this blanketly can no more take away guns that are lawfully owned than it could silence speech. those two rights are in the same category. and -- police officer loomis who is a professional and colleagues who were professionals know that the way you win this is by keeping calm and having superior firepower. >> but republicans have to live with this.
9:49 am
open carry is what they want. >> yes. they've got it. stuart: they can't suspend it temporarily because of the emergency of the situation. >> i'll tell you where it has been suspended on my view unconstitutionally. in the arena. arena if you go to a basketball game and you have a right to carry the gun ohio but if you go to republican national convention that stands for second amendment to nominate drumple say he's the best president second amendment ever had you lose to bear arms. >> powerful argument. you guys, republicans you wanted this, now live with it. >> you want to except when you're afraid of us. >> works both ways. freedom works both way. judge i'm sorry so short because it is an subject but i'm sure you'll be back. >> even though you tend to interrupt. [laughter] stuart: judge see you shortly.
9:50 am
where are we now in check that big board please. turmoil at home. turmoil abroad and down only 16 point. the dow is still right there in record territory. we have this video from france. president françois hear that -- holland booed by onlook percent remembering victims of the nice, terror attack people there say that government hasn't done enough to keep the country safe from islamic extremism. how about that? booed, french president. one of the police officers murdered in baton rouge posting to social media before he was killed. that i believe is one of the officers who was killed. the shooter posted on social media some very raw stuff. you'll hear it in a moment.
9:51 am
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>> now here's the stock without mention that often but mentioning today it is group on says it is going to $6 a share that was nice for 8% this mondays morning. now, one of the police officers killed in the attack in baton rouge said he loved his job. although he had been concerned recently for his safety. ashley what ems did that gentleman have to say? >> let me bring up what he tweeted out, of course, this, of
9:55 am
course, we know what happened to this poor officer but put this on facebook. i swear to god i love this city. but i wonder if this city loves me. in uniform, i get nasty hateful looks and uniform some consider me a threat. i've experienced so much in my short life and these last three days have tested me to the core. >> that shot -- 32-year-old montrell jackson. wife and four month old son. >> never seen a situation like this in the united states where police are targeted for ambush and death. never seen that before. >> look this is a nation where there can be tensions where people agitate. where there's demonstration but these are assassination and even in the 60s with vietnam war, this is new and identify always contended this is contrived. america has not changed this is about a one group of people small number of people and the media that moves it. and it gives the impression that
9:56 am
some things massive has occurred but i think that american people understand that commitment of that young man who is now dead and know this is being moved politically. >> wait a second. black lives matter has been out on the streets for -- calling for violence against police officers. i think i'm accurate in i saying that call for that. >> a section them have. twice have invited blackive loose matter leadership into the white house and recognized them now that's a tough one to swallow. >> political and this young man who is now dead who is really the example for all of us in this nation. young police officer committed to his community and he effectively is condemned because it's convenient politically. this is why the election why everybody is so interested, of course, as convention begins this week in what statement we're going to make about our valueses and about law and order and rule of law because they're all mixed you cant rule unless there's a law and order in your community and keep a safe reserve is most of our respect
9:57 am
and we are not going to lose that. >> address the naacp in cincinnati. islamic terror having a huge impact in yiewrm and both donald trump and hillary respond. what they are saying, top of the hour, here we go. look at this. of course we're following your money may have been expecting selloff. we did not get one this morning. the second hour of vanny and company is next.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> 10:00 on the east coast, it's 7:00 in the morning in california. good morning everyone. chaotic, fast-moving events at home and abroad, shaping our world, defining our world. ambush in baton rouge, the shooter hated police, he killed three. the president called for unity. the police union chief says mr. obama has blood on his hands, strong stuff. the republican convention
10:00 am
opens, the theme, keeping america safe. donald trump says he is the law and order candidate, his wife melania, an immigrant, speaks tonight and he'll introduce her. and hillary clinton after the baton rouge outrage, we should not turn our backs on each other. she addresses naacp today. troubleovers seas, turkey's president moves the country toward an islamic dictatorship. europe on edge. the depravity of the nice attack sinks in, that divided by religion and culture on the brink of civil strive. that's the news back drop. a sense we're in a whole new place. hour two, "varney & company" about to begin. ♪
10:01 am
>> and now look at this. we've been trading for a half hour and the dow is dead flat, still right there at all time, 18,500 plus. almost half of the dow 30 stocks are up. how about the s&p 500? that, too, shows no selloff. in fact, a very small gain. about 100 of these 500 companies are going to report earnings this week and some people think they're good earnings, and profits and so that index is up. we have this, that's an indicator of the turkish stocks, way, way down. in fact, that's a fund, tur is the stock ticker symbol that brings together turkish stocks and it's down 8%. we're following that for you. that's a reaction to the noncoup over the weekend. restoration hardware. the ceo bought a big chunk of stock. holdings to make chips, it's bought by softbank of japan.
10:02 am
32 billion dollars, up 42%. now, look at the price of oil, holding right around $45 per share. that's where we are-- i'm sorry, per barrel. 45.08. it's down almost $1 this morning. the 10-year treasury yield is up. interest rates go up and the stock market goes up, strange times indeed. ashley webster, e-mack, both with me. all of this bad news and we are hitting record highs for the stock market. first of all, liz, do you want to offer some explanation for that? >> the turkish coup, you would think that that would rock the market. we've seen with terrorist attacks and turkish coups, that the market has been more quickly adapting and shrugging off the events. we've got major industrial supporting ge, honeywell, microsoft will be reporting.
10:03 am
it will hang on the outlook and the forecast for the second half. we're in six straight quarters of sales declines. this is what we're looking at. the market is shrugging off the activities overseas. ashley: no place like home, stuart. that's the case for u.s. stocks, where else are you going to do? . i think if turkey was in a state of turmoil, they've become numb to e-mack's point ap certainly arounded world. we have all sorts of things to be worried about, but the money is coming here, a safe haven, if you like. stuart: an extraordinary situation, monday morning, who would have thought. the mayor of cleveland and the city's police chief holding a news conference on security and protests at the republican convention, which begins today, by the way. we're listening to any headlines and we'll bring you them as we get them. that news conference will start soon. the republican convention, that's extraordinary, the news back drop to the convention is
10:04 am
this, three officers killed in an ambush in baton rouge. donald trump immediately tweeted, quote, we grieve for the officers killed in baton rouge today. how many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country? we demand law and order. that's from trump. on the other side, it took hillary clinton roughly seven hours to respond. clinton's campaign did release this statement in part, it says, today's devastating assault on police officers in baton rouge is an assault on all of us. washington times, political columnist charles heard is with us. hillary clinton addresses the naacp later today. i'm sure you don't know what she's going to say. what do you think her tone is going to be? >> well, of course, we don't know what she's going to say. if history is a guide, more
10:05 am
kowtowing to the black lives matter movement we've seen. this is a woman who issued a correction after she dared to utter the phrase all lives matter, back during when she was in a white knuckle death fight with bernie sanders. bernie sanders got rushed off the stage and had to give up the podium at one of his campaign rallies to kowtow to the black lives matter movement. there's no way to ascertain how this encouraged them. stuart: and president obama is under criticism for having black lives matter people to the white house, and do you think that hillary clinton is going to do the kowtow to the black lives matter movement at a time like this? charles, i can't believe that would happen. >> i would be amazed, i would be amazed if she goes to them and confronts them, puts any
10:06 am
light between her and the black lives matter movement. maybe she does and tries to run a general election campaign which is more moderate which, of course, would be probably the smart thing to do, but they viewed-- and this is the entire democratic party, they view a movement like this as so crucial to their survival that they -- there is absolutely no principle whatsoever when it comes to, you know, police officers being targeted, assassinated, you know, just trying to do their jobs. stuart: you're in cleveland. what's the mood in that convention center there where the republican convention has begun? what's the mood? >> well, i think the people are getting pretty excited and i think that people are rallying around mr. trump's choice of mike pence as vice-president. security, obviously, is very, very high and, but i think it's kind of interesting that, you know, donald trump has done very well sort of painting in
10:07 am
broad brushes, giving simple messages. his simple message about being the law and order candidate, my goodness, the way it's played into the recent horrific events we've witnessed. it's pretty remarkable that such a simple broad brush slogan could fit so perfectly. stuart: extraordinary. charles, i'm sure we'll see a lot of you in the next couple of days. stuart: to the markets, look at the big board. if you're expecting a big selloff this morning, we didn't get it. we're ever so slightly higher. the dow is moving up in record territory. who would have thought, 18,521? the markets barely shrugged with all that's going on around the world. andy is with us, the ceo of cke restaurants. you're a reporter and you said the economy beats the clinton
10:08 am
economy. you're saying that trump is the guy to get the economy going? >> yeah, he's got the only really pro growth approach to government policy. he's got a-- his tax plan is very pro growth. hillary clinton's a very -- she is determined to redistribute income rather than promote growth. on average he wants all above energy policy. hers is based on climate change and she wants to put coal miners out of work. on regulation, look, if anybody knows regulations need to be reduced, it's a man who built buildings in new york city and washington d.c. he wants to get rid of president obama's repressive executive orders on business regulation. she wants to increase regulation. between the two there's no comparison. we've got a pro growth candidate and an income redistribution candidate and the choice is clear.
10:09 am
stuart: nobody is talking about the economy. nobody is talking tax plans, nobody is talking about that at all, it's all secure, it's terror, it's the anti-police movement in our society, it's racial divide. those are the issues which are firing up the convention in cleveland, and probably which will fire up the convention next week in philadelphia for the democrats. the economy is just not there. >> i think the economy will become more of an issue as we get closer to november because like security, it affects people's lives and i think it will become more prominent. even walking here today. walking to the studio, while walking past a lot of police officers, a lot of law enforcement officials and everybody is thanking them for the job they're doing. they're getting a lot of appreciation for the republicans here in cleveland and the emotion that many americans are feeling generally. it affects whether you have a
10:10 am
job, if you have a future, what's going to happen with your career. these drive an election, but security will be a huge issue and again on security, the choices are clear, we have a law and order candidate with donald trump and his vice-presidential nominee, governor pence and we have hillary clinton who seems to be pandering to the side that is not so much for law enforcement. stuart: it will be interesting to hear what hillary clinton says to the naacp thank you, sir. to the markets, dead flat. you might have been expecting a selloff with all that's going on in the world, but it's not happened thus far today. we're up eight points. i have to tell you this, the nasdaq composite hit another new high for the year. >> for whatever reason-- >> all of this stuff. >> yes. >> record high for the nasdaq.
10:11 am
and the convention, the main theme, build a wall, a temporary ban on some muslim immigration. if the recent news in the headlines, those ideas are gaining traction. yes, they are.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> 45 minutes into the trading session and we're up in monday morning against the odds and half the dow 30 stocks, and two-thirds are in the line, going higher. take a look, please, at the nasdaq composite, the new high for the year 2016. who would have thought with all that's going on in the world, who would have thought a new high for the technology heavy nasdaq composite on a morning like this. take a look at some of the big technology names. we'll watch them every day and watch them now. google, apple, amazon, netflix, all of them, i think, are-- all of them are up except amazon which is beginning to
10:15 am
retreat to 733, it was 750 last week. coach, yeah, i call it democratic luxury. what investment firm likes it says it's going to 52. it's 43. and then there's spacex. they pulled off another rocket landing. the important thing, it landed the rocket again. ashley, what's this, the fifth successful landing? >> in the last six they tried to land the rocket on a floating drone ship. this one landed on the ground. why do they try to recapture the rockets? because it saves money and makes sense, you can relaunch them, you don't waste it. and the cheapest way is landing on the ocean. then the next thing is landing it on the ground. >> that's private enterprise. is that elon musk.
10:16 am
>> it's going up against bezos rockets. >> donald trump says build a wall. john bolten is with us. mr. ambassador, we've heard it on 60 minutes. build the wall, banning migrants from some country. gaining traction. do you agree with that? >> i think there's strong supports for those elements of donald trump's position. i think the real question is whether you let in a lot of people or a few people, can you decide who it is who comes in legally and can you screen them effectively? and right now we can't do either. stuart: but we can keep anybody out that we wish to keep out, can't we? the constitution allows that. >> well, we have-- sure, we have sovereign power to do that, but the fact is we're not really able to.
10:17 am
even a few years ago, iran infiltrated people with the mission to assassinate the saudi arabiaen ambassador to the united states in the streets of washington. even the obama administration brought an indictment against them. i think it shows in general terms how open our wore ders-- borders are, not just canada and mexico, but the sea ports. stuart: in the early days, he was saying muslim ban, build a wall. he was a total outlier and fast forward to today, it doesn't look so-- >> no, i think it's close to what senator cruz voiced during the campaign saying you're going to put extra scrutiny on people from states with terrorism, it was introduced in congress. it makes sense. people who come from iceland
10:18 am
are in a different position than people from syria. if you can't recognize that, you're not living in the real world. stuart: mr. ambassador, i've got to talk to about foreign policy. you've got to tell me why turkey matters to us in america? >> well, i think the outcome of this coup is very dangerous for turkey, very dangerous for the united states. i think we can see from the immediate aftermath of president arresting 6,000 people already, he's using this failed coup as a pretext to eliminate his political opposition in turkey to move in a more authoritarian direction. which means the boards are cleared for him to move turkey away from the secular constitution, the mustafa kamal established, and maybe even down the road a caliphate. he think it moves turkey away from nato, away from the west. stuart: what scares me,
10:19 am
mr. ambassador, i've been to turkey many times, it looks like they could move to the other middle eastern nations, chaos and ruins in the city. maybe that's too far. >> it may be worse than that. with a strong power who has purged the secular generals from the military, he could actually establish a caliphate, if that's the direction he chose to go in, which would be more than the isis caliphate. we've seen in the past days, his first international meeting post coup is vladimir putin of russia. and the risk is that this is another step moving turkey out of the nato orbit. stuart: what a society and what developments. mr. ambassador, thank you for joining us, appreciate it, thank you. it's clearly a tense situation in cleveland, protests are
10:20 am
expected. our crew there on the ground given gas masks and body armor. we'll give you a live report on that. the dow industrial is trading now 20 points higher, islamic terror overseas and racial divide at home and still, here we are at record levels for stocks. you both have a
10:21 am
10:22 am
perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
10:23 am
>> the toy maker, hasbro gaining some nice profit pop, i should say, from disney toys. but wall street is not happy. they didn't do enough. they're down 6%. monster beverage downgraded by wells fargo, they're taking it on the chin, a 4% drop for monster beverage. as we know, the republican convention is underway, the new black panther party threatens
10:24 am
violence and tear gas. the other leftist groups are planning to block highways. jeff flock is there at the convention. what do you see now, jeff? >> i am in the public square, stuart, which they have made available for various people to come in and make speeches. this fellow is speaking right now. you maybe see the statue of general moses cleveland there, your rear end you perhaps see up there, the founder of cleveland. you mentioned earlier, we have gas masks and riot gear with us, but in this zone, we are not allowed to have it. take a look at all the things that are prohibited here, everything from gas masks, which we mentioned, you can't even have tennis balls, canned goods, grappling hooks, sledgehammers, ladders. amazing the number of things prohibited. one thing that are not prohibited, ar-15 rifles. here in ohio and cleveland you can carry weapons if you have a permit and display them and
10:25 am
some people have been doing that. later today we'll be at a pro-trump rally and we'll see who is there. an interesting world we live in. stuart: fascinating. we'll see you later at the trump rally. ashley: leave your sledgehammer at home. stuart: with pleasure. a lot of people would say why do you need an ar-15 rifle. the next item, still on cleveland, the former leader of the new black panther party says there will be arrests during the cleveland convention and maybe tear gas. roll tape. >> from what i know, many of the groups on the left, mostly the white left and others, i know for a fact there's going to be the blocking of highways and there's going to be arrests and there's going to be some things, not here, but it's going on next week, highly likely there will be a lot of
10:26 am
arrests, there will be tear gas. it's going to be happening. stuart: he says it's going to be happening. is he dividing people by saying that, liz? >> it feels to divisive. yes, you feel like he is dividing and you know, there's been comparisons to the convention when richard nixon was there-- it was different, there were two assassinations and the tet offensive. donald trump is changing his message to make america great again. and that was to the paris massacre and now it's make america safe again. ashley: to your question, does it look like america is divided, yes. stuart: and heading off tonight, wife of donald trump, melania and donald will introduce her.
10:27 am
it will be must-see tv. and detective loomis says that president obama has blood on his hands, that's a strong statement. and he's asking governor kasich to temporarily ban the a kchk-4 law. despite the tension at home and overseas, the market is moving into record territory. now we're up 23. back in a moment.
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: and we are up 25 points now. 18,541. let's not forget oil is down about 2% from a just hovering around $45 per barrel. often when oil goes down, stocks go down. that's not the case today.
10:31 am
sprague down about 7% as we speak. i'm sure there's a story there. donald trump appeared on 60 minutes last night along with his vp pick on indiana governor mike pence. watch this. >> we have more in common. >> tell me what you have in common besides issues. >> i think we live very good chemistry. this campaign and donald trump's candidacy has been about the issues the american people care about. >> what about the negative side? he apologized. >> i understand not. >> one thing i appreciate about this man if he appreciates candor. >> would you listen to have? >> absolutely. on monday to apologize. >> of a great deal of respect for john mccain. >> you think he went too far? >> you can say yes. that's okay.
10:32 am
stuart: it was a very entertaining interview. i watched it from beginning to end twice. haley baumgartner is with us now. welcome back. mr. trump never, ever take second place, does it? i counted four occasions where he interrupted governor patton answered the question for him. he was all over it last night. >> they have an amazing dynamic. it's going to be an amazing ticket. the trump pence ticket would be great. stuart: if you look for unity in the republican party, governor kasich of ohio is not going to be there. he's not going to set foot inside the convention center. that is a loss for the republican party, isn't it? >> it's more of a loss for him. we've made history. this would be in historic
10:33 am
convention in mr. kasich made a pledge to support the candidate. what we need to do is unify to give hillary clinton. it's unfortunate he doesn't want to be a part of the movement. >> would be surprised if you want to persuade them that the last-minute. come on in and shake hands publicly. any chance that might happen? >> i'm not going to speculate. the excitement of the movement and the things that have been accomplished and putting america first is some rain they should embolden mr. kasich to support mr. trump. stuart: milania trump is scheduled to speak tonight. we understand donald trump is on his way to cleveland where he will introduce his life. it occurs to me that she is an immigrant. she has a slight accent. she is going to make a big splash today. >> i think that's representative
10:34 am
of the entire convention. mrs. trump speaking tonight opening up the convention on behalf of her husband the nominee for president speaks to his belief of family first. he was to impact the strength of the family is an important fabric of our country. stuart: does america care that is his first wife? >> i'm sorry. say it again. stuart: does america care that milania is his third wife? >> now, they have a wonderful relationship is just a wonderful relationship with his children and that is something that's part of where we are in society. stuart: we will be watching. thank you as always. i'm sure you'll be watching very closely, too. >> i'll be very closely
10:35 am
watching. stuart: i know. you will be glued. so far this election cycle we hear about wars and security and immigration. not much about the economy. trump economic adviser david malpass is with us. before we get to the idea of discussing the economy and where is that in this convention, i want your comment on the markets today. all of this turmoil going on around the world. civil strike on the racial divide at home. i do explain a market that keeps on going up here but if going on here? >> hi, stuart. it is hard to know what the market will be a year from now. when i make of it if people have been trained to buy the dips, to buy weakness. as turkey came back together, the market looks and says another opportunity to buy any weakness. looking forward, it is going to matter how much growth areas in
10:36 am
the world and how much earnings her corporation. i am cautious i'm not. the world is still growing slowly. stuart: at the moment come and issues that are front and center, the issues are security, immigration, by an order. it's got nothing to do with growing the economy. when the packet back to the front burner? >> stuart, i think you are wrong. it's right on the front burner right now in order to make america safe, which is the theme of today's conference is part of making america great again, you have to have a stronger economy. i don't think it's right to look at the headlines. we've had this horrible time on security over the last month or so that takes away. in order to make us safe, we've got to have more growth, more wages, more jobs for minority and youth. this is a core problem of the
10:37 am
economy and one of the ways to fix it for next year. stuart: and my writing fan centerpiece and donald child is cutting taxes, individual tax rate in corporate tax rate. that's the whole ball of? , isn't it? >> no, it is much broader. the regulatory reform in making government or affect their and they need to make major fundamental changes. i will put those four things ne.. it's amazing we have been over the last eight years hard enough revising this horrible tax code. it's got high rate the u.s. corporate rate is one of the highest in the world and we've watched other companies around the world take away business from the u.s. because of that brave. it is a mystery to me why president obama has enough for
10:38 am
tax reform. stuart: are we going to have one day at the republican convention devoted to the tax plan growth in the economy, one day set aside for that? >> every day is a growth day of the convention. growth is part of safety. as part of making america first. i think it is a core part of the campaign. as you look into a trunk presidency, obviously the economic issues in domestic issues will be front and are in the country safe and creating the work. americans all over the country are yearning for a better work environment and that's going to take tremendous change. hillary clinton wants to keep the status quo. that is what is so hard to do to break the status quo and create something better.
10:39 am
stuart: trump financial advisor, we appreciate you being here. sticking with your money, nicole, come on and put the new york stock exchange. give me a list of the dow winners. >> i was just reading through the dow one month winners. we talked about reddish exit 870 points in two trading days. since that time, we saw the dow recouped losses. stocks move to new high high. the s&p five days in a row in the best of the best while everyone was wearing, and now we have seen soaring stocks. goldman sachs 11%. and tell it 11%. the analysts were so worried about the reports. they're optimistic about the second half of the year. 503%. while the market has been atop your frothy three-week step in a
10:40 am
row, so far so good. good for the 401(k)s. >> who would've thought? nicole, thank you very much. three police officers murdered in that spirit targeted assassinations in ambush. david clark responds to this in a moment. >> this is reprehensible. the president of the united states have blood on his hands and it will not get washed off. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
10:41 am
10:42 am
stuart: and remember transcendent darts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's what she missed last year. fred ernst and john kasich not showing up at the gop convention. >> john kasich is going around to different hotels for the convention are statements speaking to delegations. after much ago. stuart: is not in the convention center. what is the same to those people? >> i haven't read any of those. he is one who has not endorsed trump and i suspect you want in the entire campaign. i guess talking about trump and he has to recognize that this point there is no alternative.
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ ♪ stuart: you're about to see the acid of a courtroom in baltimore, maryland where there is a development in the freddie gray case. ashley: this involves the fourth defendant in this case and the most senior police official lieutenant brien rice been found guilty by a judge, judge barry williams not guilty on all charges. four officers have gone to trial, three now have been found
10:45 am
totally not guilty. the other officer was found in the june retrial interest in this trial. this is the latest and most senior member of the police officers charged in the ultimate act of freddie gray. stuart: that is outside the courtroom right now. we expect the police officer to emerge at some point, probably out of those doors there. it occurs to me that the naacp has had something to say previously about the freddie gray case and hillary clinton addresses them. liz: that's right. hillary clinton addressing it in cincinnati. the president of the naacp and baltimore has sat in the past that anybody who touched freddie gray and put him in that venture is accountability and responsibility for what happened to freddie gray. stuart: back to the baton rouge, louisiana situation. another ambush shooting has claimed the lives of these three police officers. the head of cleveland's police union says president obama has a lot on his hands.
10:46 am
watch this. >> those police involved shootings make no mistake of what absolutely has triggered this reaction of senseless murders of law enforcement officers across this country. it is reprehensible. the president of. the president of the united states has blood on his hands and while not become washed off. ashley: david clark is with us right now. you've got on what is your limit said yesterday. accusing the president of having blood on his hands. >> i don't necessarily disagree with that. what i said from the beginning, president obama has been the maestro. he's been the flames of anti-police sentiment sweeping the police country and that is now in my estimation and in my view directly related to anti-police sentiment to some of the attacks on law enforcement.
10:47 am
this is what law enforcement officers wear whenever one of us is killed in the line of duty. dallas just buried the last two officers and a couple days after that we take the band off. all the sudden baton rouge, three more dead cops. not only do i have to keep it on now for that, i've made a decision i will not take this band off my badge they represent a thin blue line and will not take it off until the warren cops ends. stuart: what did you want him at president obama to have sad and hillary clinton to say today but she addresses the naacp? >> this is what would be a good start. they had to disavow any association with likewise matter. they must announce, none of the code language and ambiguous language. they might denounce the anti-cop sentiment spewed by this hateful
10:48 am
ideology black lives matter. will it end there? it won't end there, but it will be a good start. loretta lynch and others, they are the highest office of the land. the attorney general of the united states and department of justice have almost an hostility toward america in my an officer in ages eight and taking over these agencies in an attempt to federalize them. i think they need to '-begin-single-quote law-enforcement officer as an ally in the pursuit of justice and that the officer is not the bad guy in the criminal is not the big gun. tree into you were on cnn very recently. as i read it, you were shut down. i think they cut your microphone and almost shuts you off this that. what happened? >> well, john lennon went to a break because he got flustered
10:49 am
because i came at him with some stuff he wasn't ready for. i'm tired of the liberal mainstream media. the liberal mainstream media, the "washington post," "the new york times," cnn correspondent sizes at this hateful ideology black lives matter. all of a sudden when a cop is killed they feign sympathy. i was not going to sit there last night and had done one in a hundred talk about how horrific a day it was. i asked him some very pointed questions. i said you denounce the anti-hateful cop rhetoric and he would answer the question. as far as i'm concerned, that is tacit approval. stuart: david clark, i know you're speaking they derive this week at the republican convention. we appreciate you being on the show. >> stuart, always my pleasure. stuart: you know the headlines. islamic terror spreading. the implications for the election big. brit hume coming up at the top
10:50 am
of the next hour. a family in illinois wants to adopt a child. they say if they want to adopt, they will have to surrender their second amendment right to own guns. judge napolitano will be back on that. your insurance company
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: steven loomis is the head of the largest police union in cleveland. he wants the ohio governor, john kasich, to -- authorize, judge andrew napolitano is here. the governor says you can't do that. you can't suspend a lot temporarily. you just can't do that. >> he is correct. there are far more -- far broader implications to what police want. start by saying i understand his motivation. he says this in reaction to what happened in that roush. stuart: i'm going to direct you. i loathe to do that. look what happened in dallas. look what happened in baton rouge. police are targets. they are being ambushed. a contentious situation in cleveland and we have the black panther party saying we are going to be carrying guns.
10:55 am
>> well, if they lawfully carry the guns as dangerous as that might be, they have the right to do so. since the supreme court opinion on guns, the district of columbia versus heller, in which the courts have the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental liberty recognized in the same category as freedom of speech. the governor of ohio, the legislature of ohio can no more take away guns in our lawfully owned and could silence speech. those two right there in the same category. police officer limits, who is a professional, and his colleagues know that the way you win this is by keeping calm and having epublicansirepower. have to live with this. open carry is what they want. he's a very important subject here i'm sure he'll be back. >> if you'll have me.
10:56 am
ashley: coming up in the 11:00 a.m. hour. all-star brit hume on all these headlines. islamic terror spreading overseas intentions here at home. we will be asking what do all of these event named for the presidential election? the president of cleveland's police union says president obama has a lot on his hands. officers being murdered in the street. third hour of trading takes just minutes away. -- of "varney" just minutes away. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems,
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10:59 am
. stuart: who will pull america together? who will pull the world together? a search for leadership as things fall apart. good morning, everyone. here's what's happening. trump says he is the law and order candidate. hillary says we must not turn our backs on each other. the president says we must focus on words that unite. the president's under sharp criticism after bringing black lives matter to the white house, the head of the cleveland police union says
11:00 am
the president has blood on his hands. strong stuff. the republican convention opens in cleveland. outside a dispute about carrying guns. the new black panther party promises violence and tear gas. chaos in europe. by the depraved attack. antimigrant feeling is rising. turkey, the military humiliated. the president consolidates his power and this is how we start the new week. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ . stuart: can you believe this? the markets. terror in france and an attempted coup in turkey and the market seems to be slugging it all off. the dow industrial average is up 33 points and if you look on the left-hand side of your
11:01 am
screen, two-thirds of the dow 30 are in the green. they are up. how big the broad base 500 for the s&p? slightly higher. that's almost a new high there five points up. and the nasdaq, that is a new high for the year 2016. a 28-point gain right there. how big this for a number? the ten-year treasury yield. a 1.59%. so here we have interest rates rising and stocks going up. that's a strange development. individual stocks, revenue up at bank of america. the stocks up nearly 2%. restoration hardware, they make expensive furniture, the ceo bought stock, up nearly 7%. and british hold company $32 billion, arm up 42% and sprint down on 7%, owned by soft bank. people speculate that it will
11:02 am
get less attention. less resources because going after that british company. recent terror attacks in turkey and france. and here at home, police murdered in our streets. racial tension is running high. joining us now fox news senior political analyst. seems to be moving of the advantage of donald trump. do you agree with that? >> i would agree with that. in fact, stuart, when i heard that summation that you started the program with, i thought maybe i ought to go back to bed. in fact, maybe i ought to get under the bed. stuart: what do you mean by that? >> well,. stuart: what did she was i going too far? was i? >> no. i'm just saying the situation around the world is pretty frightening. an atmosphere like that after one political party is held to two terms does not favor that party. and recent events have emphasized that point i think. and donald trump has -- he's
11:03 am
doing better in the polling. he's about to have a convention here, which will frame him in a positive light, and i think it is. and he's on a bit of a roll here. he made a safe and widely accepted presidential choice, and we'll see. but he's in a good position here. this from the beginning of this cycle, stuart, before all of this bad stuff happened, that was a race for the republican party to lose. and it has looked for some time now that they might be on the way to doing that. but for recent events, i think have taken turn in republican's favor and donald trump's favor. stuart: some of the things in which donald trump was saying when he first committed to running for the presidency, build a wall, ban muslims, they were outlier stuff. i mean that was -- it seemed totally outrageous a year ago. now because of the news flow and the news developments, it's not quite so extreme. it's not quite mainstream, but it's getting there, isn't it?
11:04 am
>> i think so. and it illustrates kind of a ground truth about politics, which is events are often in the driver seat. and what we're seeing now in the last several weeks is a wonderful example of that. you had the hillary clinton e-mail revelations, which were i think very damaging to her and set in stone the impression that she is utterly untrustworthy person, followed by these events in the world that would suggest turmoil and danger and now of course in the streets at home, all of this changes the atmosphere in a way that makes them say we need a wall, which sounded extreme at the time, sounds much less so now. stuart: and yet hillary clinton is still five points ahead of donald trump in the latest washington post poll. now, okay. trump is narrowing hillary's lead. that's true.
11:05 am
47 is-43. but even so she's still in the lead despite all that has happened recently. can you explain that? >> well, that gives you a quick sense of vulnerability of the nominee. who often steps on his own message by veering off into unnecessary disputes with people attack on that judge that didn't like and that case that had nothing to do with the campaign. need not have said anything about. and yet a lot of his positions have been unpopular and highly controversial, making him semi radioactive. and one of the things that should be sobering to the trump campaign and her decline is much more than the increase. so he's got work to do but here he is at the convention
11:06 am
which would be designed to frame him as i said in the positive light. you know, stuart, in the course of an election cycle, a candidate only gets a handful of opportunities to reintroduce himself or herself to the public. the convention is very much one of those. so here's a real chance for donald trump to gain some ground. stuart: and i think tonight when mrs. trump addresses the convention introduced by donald, that's a possibility to introduce next first lady, an immigrant to the american people. i'm going to find that absolutely fascinating. brit -- you never seen anything like this. we haven't. ever, ever before. >> we certainly haven't. we certainly haven't. stuart: thanks for keep saying that, brit. always good to hear. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you again soon. >> you bet. stuart: our next guest was scheduled to go to cleveland for the republican national
11:07 am
convention. but following the murders of the three murders, he decided to stay in the local precinct. >> first of all, why would i go to the convention? i'm not going to in any way even indirectly endorse any candidate or party. but rather to converse with the american people through this network about the issues that have made america what it is. an unbelievable experiment. i think it is in danger of being damaged or even lost. but why am i not going? why did i not go yesterday? i'm going to be going on tuesday to stay and be with the police who in my neighborhood are under tremendous tension right now. just before coming here, i saw the police pull up in front o which of my church and two young kids under their breath said black lives matter just like that as they pulled up. black lives matter. this is what people are
11:08 am
thinking in the south bronx just below southern boulevard in the bronx, and it's not easy for the police. stuart: this is where your parish is now. >> yes. stuart: you run a parish in the bronx in a foreverrish neighborhood where racial tension is running high. >> yes. stuart: and you witnessed this firsthand. have you ever seen anything like this before? because i haven't. >> i never lived in this type of neighborhood, some which is very good and also some very dangerous parts of it. the poorest congressional in the united states of america, in fact,. stuart: that's where your parish is? >> at 3:10 today, i'm going to be there with the police officers as they're changing shifts, and we'll pray together. they're under a lot of tension and a lot of pressure. and they need support. they need to know that without them, our country would fall apart. . stuart: what's president response, i don't know in anybody has ever done this, but when you meet these young black kids who feel like that toward the police, if you say
11:09 am
something to them, what's your response? >> yeah. you have to be careful. i wouldn't do it unless i know them because quite honestly you don't know what would happen. stuart: that dangerous? >> yeah. you don't know what they have on them. but the people that i'm working with, i think recognized that we do have to respect the police and also hold police accountable to make sure there's justice for all. stuart: okay. now, i want your take on something horrific that happened recently. a pakistani model, basically an internet star. she was strangled by her own brother. this is being so-called an honor killing. now, that, to me, is unbelievable. it's outrageous. it's horrific. what's your take on this? i mean in a world of depravity, this seems to take it one notch further. >> well, it's when something gets completely turned upside down and stands on its head
11:10 am
that we say wow that's crazy. what do i mean by that? well, an honor killing? this is the exact opposite of honor to dishonor your family, to kill your family. but it's the exact same philosophy or i would say ideology that we saw in east france. you know, a lot of people are saying -- a lot of -- ,you know, any sense of it. yes, we can make sure of it. stuart: is it part of islam? >> if this is radical jihadi extremism. and certainly they call themselves muslim. this is a part of islam, no doubt that has down to this radical extremist ideology. we have to recognize, and it's important for us to say over and over again, there are
11:11 am
many, many, many millions of peaceful muslims, and we need to support them and their peace. we also have to call it by what it is and that is radical extremist jihadi and they're using -- they're doing it in the name of god. stuart: that young woman on your screen just a moment ago, that young woman, she was strangled by her brother because she appeared in a video like that. that is what divides islam and judeo christians. in the extreme. that's what -- >> it's respecting. even with whom you don't agree. whether she should be making this video. stuart: but horrific. >> we have to respect people with whom we disagree. and certainly never create violence because we disagree with them. stuart: all right, father johnson morris. thank you very much for joining us. we do appreciate it as halls. >> thank you. stuart: now, look at the markets moving higher. a little bit higher one step at a time. now up 35 points 18,552.
11:12 am
now there's this. venezuela tons dissent into absolute chaos. the inflation rate could top 1,600% by next year. that's the collapse of socialism. more on the murder of these three police officers in baton rouge. talking to the head of cleveland's police union. he says these officer's blood is on the president's hands. that's next
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
. stuart: three police officers are dead in louisiana after a targeted attack. it was an ambush and this police officer says the president has blood on his hands. watch this. >> those shootings make no mistake are what absolutely has triggered this rash of senseless murders of law enforcement officers across this country. it is reprehensible the president of the united states has blood on his hands and it
11:16 am
will not be washed off. stuart: well, that officer detective steven is joining us now. detective, that was a very strong statement. very strong indeed. why did you say it? >> because we believe it. i believe that very strongly. the false narrative that the president's buying into and validating from black lives matter and the black panther movement and everything else regarding law enforcement in this country is absolutely reprehensible. we expect that type of rhetoric from activists, from anarchists, from communists seeking to destroy our way of life here, we do not expect the president of the united states or the governor of minnesota who said very clearly in less than an hour of the police-involved shooting in minnesota that that gentleman in that car was a white man, he wouldn't have been shot. that was absolutely is offensive as possible could be.
11:17 am
that guy should be run out of town on a rail. stuart: have you ever seen an occasion like this? an atmosphere like this in your time on the police force? have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, sir. 23 years, i haven't seen this. you know, while the false narrative is out there because people scream the loudest seem to get the -- you know, the squeaky wheel effect there. i could tell you that the men and women of the police department have never had more support from their community than they do right now. for the vast majority of law ahiding citizens out there, and it's a tremendous day for law enforcement as well because it is showing the -- the silent majority is speaking up and helping us out. we appreciate that. stuart: i want you to talk about this open carry law that is in cleveland. you can carry a gun in public if you've got a permit to do it. you wanted a temporary halt to that law, governor kasich of ohio says he can't do it. what do you make of that?
11:18 am
he says you can't do it. you can't temporarily suspend a law. your response to that? >> well, we have very, very good legal binds to say he can. he has to declare an emergency in ohio, which we think he has ability to do, given the circumstances here in the nation. and in the world, by the way. with that paired up with the size of this event, the magnitude of this event and that police officers are being executed across the country, we think that he can declare a state of emergency. and if he does do that, then he can temporarily suspend the open carry laws here for four days. that's all we're asking for. it's just common sense. stuart: your police officers on the street are going to be confronted by black lives matter activists. they're going to get right up into your officer's faces with very, very strong sort of antipolice statements right in their faces.
11:19 am
you can have a har -- you going to have a hard time controlling your guys? >> no. we know what their game is. he we know they want to draw us in confrontation. we are professional police officers across the country not just in the city of cleveland and we're not going to play into their game. we're not going to allow us to draw us into that quagmire or false narrative that they desperately need to justify their existence. we're not going to do it. stuart: detective, i want to thank you and on on behalf of all of our viewers. thank you very much for the safety that you provide for all of us and the job that you do. we appreciate it, sir. thank you. >> thank you very much, sir? stuart: yes, sir. check that big board. let's get to your money, shall we? you woke up this morning thinking you were going to see a big sell off because of all that was going on in america and the world. you were wrong. up 30 points. another new high for the dow industrials. going to keep you up to date on that one.
11:20 am
conservative radio host david web says liberal lies are fueling violence against the police. he's here to make his case right after this ♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident,
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our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . stuart: our next guest has said that the left lying david web wrote that.
11:24 am
we're going to ask him to explain it. what was the lie that got this going, david? >> well, the original lie, stu was hands up don't shoot, which we know was a lie. i was there in ferguson, darren wilson, the officer was not convicted. the facts proved out. the witnesses proved out that michael brown was indeed what we said he was from the beginning a thug who committed a robbery and then fought for his gun from insides the car. but the corrupt black caucus led by people like eric holder and others who led into this narrative al sharpton seal of approval. that has fostered the weak minded and hateful such as micah johnson in dallas or this -- and i hate to even say it because he's not a marine, this killer in baton rouge and others. the man who shot in missouri a
11:25 am
police officer in the back, sever in his spine. when you foster in an environment like that. when you take it to the point where those that are on the edge will go over the edge or they're already there now, they're enabled by an environment, you've created a danger to the community. and the danger here is -- but here's the real danger. when you double up cops in a police car, you take resources away from the community. fire ems response, robberies, patrolling, and protecting. they're supposed to protect and serve. now they're responding and hoping they don't get shot at. stuart: okay. david, i've got to bring your attention to the freddie gray case in baltimore. a judge just acquitted lieutenant brian rice of all charges. the third officer to be acquitted on all charges. the other officer on trial ended in a mistrial. what do you make of this? >> well, what we saw there, and, you know, we don't have all the trials.
11:26 am
but what we saw was an overzealous state attorney and a frankly dishonest mayor and stephanie rollins. so you have mosby who went way beyond to try to convict based on a agenda. they were pushing an agenda. they were talking about justice versus -- justice for the neighborhood and the people they agreed with versus justice under our system of laws. we're seeing that play out, and they still haven't done anything about fixing the problems in the neighborhood. stuart: clearly. david web, thank you very much indeed. i'm cutting this short because i have breaking news coming into us here. this is about the republicans. we have multiple high level gop sources saying that senator ted cruz is still at odds with the trump campaign, although he's supposed to speak. liz: yeah, they're dissident delegates that make a last gas attempt to stop donald trump's nomination. it's basically an effort before ted cruz speaks to highlight his speech at the convention, his vision of the
11:27 am
future of the gop, they may also walk out as well, so images of the -- ashley: by leaving midway through the convention and dragging as many people out with them as possible. stuart: so much for unity. all right. thank you for that update. we like it, and we'll have more varney for you after this
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
. stuart: ain't no sell off. no, we're up 20 points and about half the dow stocks are in the green. there you have it. the 30 stocks, 15 of them actually in the green. look at the nasdaq. that's a new high for this calendar year. up another 30 points. 5,059. big tech names, watch them all the time. watch them again now. google, apple, amazon, netflix, big tech names, all of them on the upside. this is the first day for the republican national convention in cleveland. donald trump's campaign adviser paul calling for unity. roll tape. >> party has united. and it's a few people who are holding out, and they don't reflect anything other than their own personal opinions. stuart: he says the party has united, but we're just learning that ted cruz is still fighting with the republican national committee over donald trump. senator john, wyoming republican chair of the
11:32 am
republican platform joins us now from cleveland. i have to add to that statement about ted cruz that governor kasich, the republican governor of ohio will not set foot on the convention floor. it's hard to argue that this is a unified party at this point, isn't it? >> well, it's a unified platform. it's a conservative platform. unified by our focus on jobs, the economy, national security, and unified by the fact that we need to fundamentally change the direction of this country. it's been heading in the wrong direction two out of three americans believe that. and when i talk about national security, that means energy security and economic security. our country cannot afford to have the next four years be like the last eight years, stuart,. stuart: why can't you get the republican party onboard, even if not enthusiastic about donald trump, at least get them onboard to show a united front because otherwise you've got four years of hillary clinton.
11:33 am
>> well, you're absolutely right because we're all so unified against what the democrats and their platform has come up to be, which is one that makes it harder for people to go to work in america. you know, they're focused much more on income redistribution than economic growth. they want more regulators in washington taking the one-size-fits-all. they're going to come out of here unified and coming in unified with the platform. stuart: are you putting the arm on them? you've got to be. i mean the last thing you want -- i am sorry about the expression. put the arm on them. but you know what i mean. you've got to be inverting heavy pressure -- there's fighting donald trump. what are you doing? >> well, we're going to come up with a platform we're going to approve today, and it is a unifying platform. i talked to ted about the platform last week on the floor of the united states senate. he knows it's a conservative platform, and he likes where we took it. so that's what we're going to do, unify behind policies and
11:34 am
principles so that we can put our principles into practice when we win in november. you have to win in november, losers don't legislate. the only way that we can actually put our principles into the practice that we want is to win the election. and, stuart, this isn't just about the presidency. the senate and the house are certainly -- at risk as well. plus don't forget that the supreme court, you're talking at least three if not four supreme court justices to be named by the next president. this is a crucial election, and we're going to unify to make sure that we win it. stuart: you know governor kasich. you must have met him many, many times. you know the man. can't you call him up and say come on over to the convention floor. at least show up. it would mean a lot to us. can't you say that? >> well, you know, he's done a great job in the house. he's done a great job as governor, and i know he will ultimately do the right thing and support the platform and the ticket that's going to win in november because it's so
11:35 am
critical to win. we know that we're going to put conservative pieces of legislation on donald trump's desk when he's president, and he will sign them. stuart: put the arm on him. >> those are sorts of that things john kasich would support. stuart: i can't believe it. i'm an annual midnight american citizen, and i'm telling a united states senator put the arm on the governor of ohio. i shouldn't be doing it, but i did. thank you very much for joining us, sir. breaking news. i want to bring you right to the white house happening now. president obama awarding the congressional medal of honor to that gentleman you see right there. now, i need to -- what did he do? >> this is an amazing story. lieutenant colonel, he was a vietnam helicopter pilot on this particular day back in may of 1967, he was helping soldiers and those that were trapped back and forth out of the battle scene when he finally left, he was told that there were eight soldiers that were trapped enable reach his chopper. he said i'm going back, no one
11:36 am
else did. interpreting by himself. he didn't have any support at all. his chopper was raked by gunfire, he managed the land the chopper, get those soldiers out, both windshields, by the way, were blown out, but he managed amazingly to fly them out to safety. he was originally given the the veteran lobby group came in and said this is the medal of valiant. many, many days and years later since that heroic act. stuart: what a man. ashley: yeah, incredible. stuart: president obama writing asking congress america garland to the supreme court. here's what he's warning. the consequences of congressional in action in weak and most important institutions trust and undermine our democracy. judge napolitano has a thing to say about this. i suspect that this is dangerous ground for the
11:37 am
republican party. is it not? >> it's dangerous ground for both. it's dangerous for the republicans in two ways. if they do not stick to their guns, if they give in to the president's wish to have a vote, they will seriously aggravate their base because they've made this a line in the sand. on the other hand, one could foresee an instance in the future where a republican president is a democratic controlled senate and then use this as precedent for frustrating the nominee of the republican president. so what's going to happen here? they're gambling that donald trump will win. if donald trump loses and hillary clinton wins, what are they going to do? they want to get him in there rather than a far more liberal nominee that hillary clinton is likely to put it. well, guess what? just because judge garland has been confirmed by the senate does not make him a supreme court justice. the president could still
11:38 am
refuse to nominate him after confirmation in difference to the wishes president-elect in the simp thetical hillary clinton. so there's no way to know where this is going to go. my criticism of the president is this. this is not a day for divisive politics. this is a day where the president said ronald reagan or maggie thatcher wrap his arms and bring everyone together. this is not a time for him to say i want my guy on the cour c. stuart: you're a mistake about margaret thatcher. she didn't wrap her arms. >> yes, she did. stuart: she grew. >> so he should be more reaganesque and less god forgive me for saying this. thatcher. . >> ever been accused before of being like maggie thatcher? . stuart: not on this program. now, i've got to go with a serious subject. i've got to bring this to your
11:39 am
attention. an illinois family has filed a lawsuit after they were told you can't adopt a foster child unless you give up your guns or risk giving up your guns. where's the second amendment in all of this? >> this is outrageous. it is a regulation of the department of youth and family services. it's not even legislation enacted by the legislature of illinois. so, in other words, a group of bureaucrats have said we're not going to place foster children in the homes of people that lawfully, lawfully can carry guns. this is profoundly unconstitutional. the government can't make you trade away a liberty it's offering. what's the benefit? the benefit is you get to raise a child from a broken home. god forbid them they want to do it. stuart: there's the same story about temporarily suspending the right to carry a gun outside the republican convention. you can't just suspend a law
11:40 am
just like that. >> you can't just tamper with a fundamental liberty. correct. i don't know where this illinois case is going to go. it's being challenged nearly federal court. stuart: you cannot have a regulation that denies you this constitutional right. >> precisely. stuart: isn't that it? >> precisely. beginning to sound more and more american every day, stuart varney. stuart: been here 40 years. >> next talking about putting an arm on somebody. god knows what you're goosenecks. stuart: thank you very much for joining us, sir. liz: american hood spa more like it? . stuart: you plead before your mother and father that you are an or fin. we've heard that before. a good one. we are up 22 points. who would have thought? you came into work today thinking maybe we would have a sell off. oh, no, up 22 points. an unsuccessful coup attempt in turkey.
11:41 am
more than 7,000 people have been arrested. turkey's president says justice will be served. and look at this. venezuela, the collapse continues. the imf says the inflation rate there could top 1,600% next year. that is the collapse of socialism. ain't it? back in a minute what's happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. [so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
11:42 am
. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. record setting week on wall street.
11:43 am
we've seen some up arrows, recovering near those highs. notable to know that the nasdaq level 2016 all up arrows, the s&p up four, the nasdaq gaining 30. we talked about the s&p 500 up five days in a row last week. setting new highs the five days and today while higher, here's something touching new high. an up great over at bayer outperformed, tj max, dollar tree also real winners up over 20% this year. and as i mentioned nasdaq we're seeing technology stocks doing well today. you see that certainly takes over liberty. jd com, are these some of the winners on the big deal in europe today. looking also at calloway golfers and that is henrik winning the british open as we battled out the price.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: we have more very troubling new from venezuela. a report from the imf it says the inflation rate there will top 1,600% by 2017. now, liz, you've been all over. you're the point person for this story. this is the collapse of socialism, but it's taking a long time, yeah, the collapse bernie sanders will still not name. so we're talking about inflation compared to 2014 it's up 20 times. we're talking doubling and tripling of -- hyperinflation right now. even worse than war-torn syria.
11:46 am
so people are taking backpacks and gym bags filled with the local currency. venezuela doesn't even have the money to pay the foreign companies overseas that prints their money. so that's what's going on now. coming in by the plane load. so this is hyperinflation at play. so let's back up. the government of maduro is giving military control of food and taking over the groceries. and he wants -- they may now get a bailout. may plan to get a bailout from the imf and that would be extraordinary because venezuela has cut ties in the past to imf. now they may go for bail out money from the imf. stuart: so absolute collapse. liz: yes. stuart: very close. liz: it's the collapse of socialism. worse than a what's going on in terms of inflation in syria struggling with war. stuart: you're right. thank you. liz: sure. stuart: turkey's president vows to punish military officers who stay to coup against him. report of officer being tied up prettied through the streets half naked,
11:47 am
humiliation. there's also talk of bringing the death penalty in for some of the plotters. general jack keane is with us. general, welcome back. good to see you again, sir. >> yeah, good to see you. stuart: what does this mean for us? ordinary everyday people in america. why should we care about a failed coup in turkey? >> well, first of all, turkey itself. it's a country of strategic importance. it sits right there in the southern flank of europe. it's part of nato. it's on the border of europe and asia. it has significant impact on the middle east. it is one of the most powerful militaries in nato and all it is the most powerful military in the middle east. turkey certainly matters. and that's the reality that we're dealing with. go ahead. stuart: sorry, general, but we've been saying this is a lurch toward islamic authoritarian government in turkey. an upending of 100 years of
11:48 am
secular rule and now they're going islamic. doesn't that have an impact on the migrant crisis going into europe and maybe also into america? >> yes, i think in time, it will have profound impact. what -- certainly this is all part of a deliberate meth on the cal approach that he is taking the move as you suggest taking the way underlining the very democracy, eliminating the military elite by definition mostly seculars, replacing them with people who also want an islamic state and it's near term impact it had on us is profound because he affiliated the growth of isis. he helped create this monster because he was so opposed to assad, he looked at isis and
11:49 am
fundamentally miss calculated. he says isis is opposed to assad, so he permitted his borders to somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 plus fighters who joined isis. and even after our urging, that to this day has never been completely shut down. also isis sold their oil on the turkish black market with the consent of the turkish government. so this has created a huge problem, you know, for the middle east, for the world at large, for what we just saw take place in france that terrible tragedy. a lot of this has helped create because of the political and depmatic blunders he has made and not understanding the hash reality of what is taking place. stuart: for those of us who spent time in turkey, and i'm sure you have, general, it's a terrible thing to see. that great nation descend into the chaos that's afflicted other nations in the middle east. but it looks like that's
11:50 am
what's happening. general keen, thank you very much for joining us as always, sir. much appreciate it. >> good talking to you. stuart: check that big board. no impact on our financial markets from all that's happening overseas. not a bit of it. up 27 points. 18544. how big this? a dark cloud over the rio olympics. the world antidoping agency says russia sponsored doping across almost all sports. the whole russian team could be out you do all this research on a perfect car,
11:51 am
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then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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. stuart: to say that protesters are expected of the rnc convention is the understatement of the year. jeff flock is there at the convention center. what you're seeing in terms of protesters and authorities right now, jeff. >> well, we've got at this hour an antitrump protest but we thought we would be more positive, the protest of the first rally, some folks who were also in support of open carry, you see perhaps people in the crowd and may well be armed and that's perfectly legal here in ohio. and in cleveland. you can come ahead and bring your gun if you want. this is a pretty friendly crowd out here and maybe you see one more fellow with a gun
11:55 am
out here. and that's okay. in the protest zone, though, you can't bring a tennis ball, you can't bring a gas mask. you can bring a gun. stuart: a good scene. by the way, the fellow with the gun on his hip have a hillary t-shirt. that i saw one. >> yes. and, you know what, said? you know what it said? it said hillary for prison. not -- stuart: that's right. i didn't realize. i'm looking at a distance there. all right. jeff, stay on it. we'll be back. now, here's a development about the olympics, which could be very serious news for the future. russia's olympians, the world antidoping agency is out with a damning report they say that russians have been using dope all across -- all across sports. is it possible the whole team will be ban? liz: it is possible. we're hearing reports that russia may appeal this to the ioc. so ashley's been reporting on this too.
11:56 am
the world antidoping agency has been basically moving for some time now to say that the entire team could be implicated in a doping scandal. so what does this mean for the rio olympics? it is in turmoil already with crime around the scene, the zika virus, four of the top golf players in the united states not going to the olympics. this is more turmoil for the olympics. stuart: it would be a terrible thing for the whole world. ashley: it would be horrible. stuart: if the olympics are are a disaster. ashley: yeah, you look at the olympics for to everyone come together and if this hangs over this. and then all of those things you listed and then the fact that the infrastructure is not there and the games just around the corner. liz: rio's bankrupt. stuart: okay. move on, please. look at tesla. the ceo elon musk says he's working to make quote significant improvements to the autopilot feature after three crashes involving the autopilot feature. one of them fatal.
11:57 am
is he still reducing to disable it? ashley: he is standing behind the technology even though consumer reports was saying, look, disconnect until you get it right. but he's been in conference with bosch, the german company that provides the radar equipment that is a big part of the autopilot system and he says, look, people perhaps need to be better educated. you can't sit back in a chair and read a book but. liz: but can you even call it autopilot? because you're supposed to have your hands on the wheel. ashley: you're supposed to be alert. so i agree. i think autopilot is a bit. stuart: you tell me why the stock is up $5 as we speak on a day like this where this is a news background. why is it up five bucks? i don't get it. ashley: people believe in elon musk. stuart: you're silent. you're speechless. liz: i don't know why. ashley: people believe in elon musk. stuart: all right. people wrap it up. more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> when we started the show, we had backdrop of a coup attempt
12:00 pm
in turkey. and as terror in grants. racial division at home. some are expecting the stock market selloff, didn't get it. i will give charles payne his time because the dow is now up 26 points. it is yours, charles. >> thank you very much. stuart varney come i appreciated you'd make america safe again. this has the police dares to keep us safe now fear for the rail lines. thank you for joining. this is "cavuto: coast-to-coast." i am charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. protesters are said in a state that has an open carry law. in baton rouge, police are said to give an update this afternoon on modesto police officers as they been the suspect is on a six-day hunt and he may not have acted alone. some south leadership committee chairman chris collins is here to react to it all. also, donald trump -- i'm sorry.


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