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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 18, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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and as terror in grants. racial division at home. some are expecting the stock market selloff, didn't get it. i will give charles payne his time because the dow is now up 26 points. it is yours, charles. >> thank you very much. stuart varney come i appreciated you'd make america safe again. this has the police dares to keep us safe now fear for the rail lines. thank you for joining. this is "cavuto: coast-to-coast." i am charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. protesters are said in a state that has an open carry law. in baton rouge, police are said to give an update this afternoon on modesto police officers as they been the suspect is on a six-day hunt and he may not have acted alone. some south leadership committee chairman chris collins is here to react to it all. also, donald trump -- i'm sorry. representative collins?
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representative collins, can you hear me? they are going to have to work on representative collins audio from a now. of course the bottom line right now as we all know the tragic news over the weekend. this is our new focus of the republican national committee and will be even more so. in the meantime, as stuart mentioned, so many things, so much sorrow, so much sadness and so much anguish in the market continues its major rally. new-line class three carries over today in part for the real big deal. softbank in the second biggest deal of all deal of all-time plane chipmaker arn arm holdings adding somewhat to the confidence because you pay a whole lot of money. in the meantime about corporate profits are expected to drop for the fourth straight quarter. netflix among the companies when they report tomorrow. cma with more in the exit nations.
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we've got a couple things here. we are an such low expectations for corporate earnings. those bars aren't hard to clear sometimes. we saw that last week with the banks. the mac exactly. we've seen it time and time again over the last six quarters or so that the expert patients get lower and lower. look united 6% decline in earnings for this quarter. if we come out better than that or less words to be incorrect grammatically, the market will stabilize in the fire. this is in a catalyst last couple years. charles: one thing i see is that i think the market, when people say it is overvalued, i do agree with that. i don't think it's the pre-bubble blowup valuation we've seen in the past at 25 or better. we are at a safe number the economy has to justify this. we saw with the jobs report and other anecdotal evidence.
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is that where you are? you may get some good economic news to justify and to justify and drive the rally higher? >> well, that's what we need. the markets are forward-looking. as we stand right now, things have been very positive. what is interesting here is how unstable things have become around the world that has stable markets have become his doc markets made new highs 11 month lows last week in gold has come off the rally and more importantly here at our markets within the treasuries reversed course and we have seen them top, meaning a bottom in interest rates. those are all signs of market stability. as the world turns around us, markets are doing well and a lot of that is because of choice. there is no other choice except entire equity markets. >> although they've been flown into treasury for a long time until there's air friday. >> exactly. the choice is if we are looking up on .4% in a 10 year period
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you get to look at the s&p yield from dividends of about 3% average. right now it is not much of a choice. not that it's right, but the markets are poised to move higher and we may see an additional summer melt up as money flows into the dots. charles: have been set back from the year-to-date utilities are the one with the s&p 500. do you think investors will be bold enough to move away from those days, which are arguably the most expensive out there and other names in the market? >> from the standpoint, and i'm looking at the nasdaq. essentially unchanged. it barely went green for 2016. if you look at the s&p, s&p is up 6%. that is hard to believe, but there's a big diversion there. the tech stocks have been forgotten. microsoft, facebook, back and give the market a psychological pop. from a trading if our investment
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, tech stocks haven't played all with money in the sector. trained to thank you thank you very much. appreciate it. trained to donald trump saying that our country is a divided crime scene. this week, trump will get a chance to prove his unified to the "washtington examiner" on whether or not he is up to the task. suzanne, some people argue whether or not the country as a divided crime scene, but we do know we are on edge. everybody is more concerned and things are going in the wrong direction. now it's up to donald chung to prove he's the man that committed all back together. >> yeah. he seems to get that if you look at the agenda for the convention. the most important night of the convention, the theme is make america one again. you clearly can see that trump realizes he has an opportunity
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to try to show that he can be a unifier. first of all, his given the nod to conservatives by bringing in mike pence as his running mate. not to unify conservatives underneath his candidacy. but also, you see on the speakers list a variety of people you might not normally see at a republican convention. you have the first openly gay person speaking, the paypal cofounder. she's ready to be a big tent party. charles: is it pro-or anti-same-sex marriage. >> that's correct. the platform is not same-sex marriage. you've heard trump say he doesn't agree with everything in the platform. trump is in a curious position because it's not truly conservative republican. that is hurt him at the base, but it's really help demonstrate
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that he can be someone who can bring in people outside the base. look at the way he conducted himself. he brought in millions of new voters. he brought in states or even think they would never vote for republican candidate. he's even brought in bernie sanders supporters. clearly he showed he's got the ability to do that and i think that puts him in a position to be somewhat of a unifier, even though of course you have everyone else criticizing him about statements that are not unifying, like let's and muslim entrance and build along the mexican border. you can make the case that is not a unifier. clearly in the way he campaigns in the way he talks about being a more accepting republican party, he has an opportunity to do that another republican nominees have not had. he's a little bit unique. >> there's no doubt he's done some things reagan asked with respect to the tag. pointing to polls that show nonwhite voters are decidedly so below where he has to get, that
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even the most voters of any modern-day republican candidate or he's going to have to re-tailor the message. i heard from rents previous comment some call it pandering. >> is going to be a hispanic outreach coming up next. his message appeals to everybody. there's a lot of truth to that. he's got a message that the broad and can perhaps bring in new people. but you are right. he does poorly with women and minorities hear someone argue he's not doing well enough with whites to beat hillary clinton. eek is big challenge for him. about. he wants to introduce himself to the public. the hold minority issue with him is going to be one of its biggest challenges. women is probably his biggest problem. charles: thursday night will be huge. the whole world will be watching and donald trump will have the
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chance to introduce himself. while we are waiting, and afternoon update on the brutal date of the police officers to work with peaks to the naacp. i want to go back to new york congressman and trump backer chris collins. hopefully we got all the bugs out of the audio equipment. our horrific weekend with the three officers in baton rouge and of course this comes on the health of the five slain officers in dallas. i know the rnc have dirty made tonight focus on security. it resonates even more so in the aftermath of these things. >> you know, he really does, charles. thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of officers slain in the line of duty, ambushed america right now. we have some very serious security concerns and making america safe again, which is tonight's theme is so appropriate. we did not know how appropriate
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that would be as it is now played out. let's face it. governor pence and donald trump are the law and order team. hillary clinton is certainly not as we've seen what has happened under barack obama's watch, the fact that what he called the jb isis has continued to get stronger and stronger and has entered our life and not a good way. he is not the law and order candidate. hillary clinton is the status quo candidate. as we move forward in all the moms in america are more than anything for children, grandchildren, husbands and brothers to be safe, donald trump, mike pence team law and order is going to resonate and will certainly be one of the reasons donald trump historic victory in november. >> represented collins, initially it was benghazi night. unfortunately maybe the focus should be more domestically because what you just had resonate. every mother in this country was
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their kids to go out to school or park or whatever and come back home safe at night. that's unified message. every mother in this country wants that. how hottest donald trump articulates that so every mother believes he's the guy to do it? >> currently looking at donald trump's record. when he says something, he gets it done. it is now in the platform of the republican party. who would've thought that would have been. donald trump will defeat ices, take on terror. donald trump is going to do that. he's the individual that has the credibility. hillary clinton was standing there as when catastrophe happen after another. president obama in a very shameful, very shameful disgrace the way has tried to say gun control or lack of is that the root cause of all the issues in america. there is nothing that could be not true as he has said. it's a shameful way he is politicize tragedy.
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in doing so, has divided our country and inflame the situation. you need to look at barack obama and quite frank the hillary would represent a third term of barack obama as one of the reasons we are facing what we are facing today. you just have to call that out for what it is. charles: their search they no doubt it's not an anonymous object or even fellow citizens. representative collins, thank you are in much. appreciate your time. >> always good to be with you. a household name after the new orleans katrina crisis. russel honoré says about the attacks on the police. a major crisis. he's next. ♪
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charles: hillary clinton sat to speak at the naacp any minute now. she may mention the police ambush in baton rouge. we want to bring that to you by bad that happens or if it happens. protesters not wasting any time. a strop trump march under way and in our. jeff flock is among the crowd with the latest. >> we will have an anti-trump rally and a little bit. right now this is a pro-trump rally. bankers from trump here. women for trump. this is a big rally. a lot of retired law enforcement as you can see right here along the banks of the river. i will tell you, if you look closely, excuse me, sir. i can make right through there. a lot of people with the open carry law in ohio. a lot of people in fact a firearm strapped to their side, looking for the guys i saw earlier. do you see anybody? i thought we had a few folks.
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at any rate, it's an interesting crowd. very friendly, very happy. pretty good shape. charles: i don't think we will hear the same song playing at the anti-trump rally. >> probably a different one. charles: thank you. really appreciate it. very patriotic. in the meantime, and attempted to be one of the speakers at tonight's convention on why we should really be watching what's happening right now in turkey. he is next.
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charles: turkey and its purge has cracked down. dozens of officials have been fired. is of course after the failed coup attempt resulting in the deaths of hundreds. i do is stay safe, particularly in the so much global
12:21 pm
uncertainty. darryl quan will be a speaker at the r. in the later on today. keeping america safe again. welcome to the show. going into the weekend on friday, we were thinking the situation in turkey, were all the innocent people celebrate their version of the fourth of july at were crushed and then they have even more more heartbreaking news, more deaths and more police officers. the world is on fire, sir. global donald trump say later this week that will help us understand how things can get better? how do we make everyone feel safer? >> welcome but as for having me on. i think it just shows you america's role in the world. we have had almost eight years of hoping change, but no leadership across the world. i think we need to wake up and understand that american exceptionalism is alive in the world. the world of the greater place in america takes a leadership
12:22 pm
role and that trend than party politics. we need to wake up right now and understand there is evil in the world that we must address head on. charles: it feels like that the new republican party is kicking off field neocons who used to think america should be the world's sheriff. if we are not the world's sheriff, how will we have a presence in the world? how can we have it both ways? >> well, we are nation builders, what you need to do is make sure we are the commander is ni.d. in positions that are destabilizing the region. when you look at what is going on at home, we cannot allow our rhetoric to divide america. one of the things i am going to focus in on tonight is the fact that we have a president agreed to be commander-in-chief, that is now acting as basically dissolving mass. he is driving a wedge between the communities online force. we need to stand up right now
12:23 pm
and understand and support law enforcement. charles: do you think of the message had been from the white house from day one that we done extraordinarily well and we should look forward rather than fighting the wars of yesteryear. we were briefly detaining and reciting wars that i thought were one already and i thought we would build upon. to your point, they feel it had been assaulted her combat 40, 50, 60 years to find them all over again. >> again, when america does not lead, somebody else will fill the vacuum. we need to understand that. i think it's extremely important that the policy we put in place are consistent with global object is making sure the country country and nation where doing the right thing to help stabilize the region. that doesn't mean we have to be nation builders again. when we disengage, that is what the problem is. charles: colonel glenn, everyone is watching tonight. good luck.
12:24 pm
>> thank you very much. charles: new details emerging about the horrific attack it as is claimed responsibility for the attack over the weekend. the minister says that trump attacker was radicalized very quickly. authorities now calling on dozens of police reserves to increase security around the country. in the meantime, donald trump leaving leadership on police or president obama blamed for a completely different. we will have more after this. wh" so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪
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charles: hillary clinton at the naacp event in cincinnati. the same state at the republican convention. unusual move for the candidate to be a high profile on the other parties convention. we are expecting to hear from her any minute now. the republican convention about to officially begin. to be stirring up a fight, peter barnes inside the arena with what she should expect. peter. reporter: that is right, charles had a little bit of entry between donald trump's forces, the r. in the end ted cruz before the proceedings got under way at the top of the hour. it appears that ted cruz is trying to figure out how my to try to negotiate some way to get his name or mulley placed in the nomination here at the convention. we are not getting too technical. he needs the support from eight states.
12:29 pm
he won more than eight states. these negotiations are going on behind the scenes, fast and furious. the rn the apparently opposes them, too, trying to negotiate some pain. the idea for ted cruz as ronald reagan back in the 1976 convention when reagan a poster of word, dear, for the nomination. reagan wanted his name in nomination and 762 t. have not for 1980. his name was put in the nomination. he lost, but his nomination or 1980 with t. that good crews trying to do that as well. every night here has a theme for the republicans than for the trump folks make america safe again if the theme tonight. the big headliners donald trump's wife, trina levin. she is an immigrant from slovakia. she became an american citizen in the night demanded that she is going to talk about how much loves america and how she became
12:30 pm
a legal immigrant part of donald trump's land to make america safe again. trump himself in an unprecedented move is going to be introducing his wife from the stage tonight. that's never been done before by a nominee. back to you. charles: a lot of first this time around. we knew they would be intrigued. really appreciate it. charles: donald trump leading market leadership. president obama actually blaming social media for the division. >> we have our divisions than they are not new. around-the-clock news cycles and social media sometimes amplified these divisions. i know we are about to enter a couple weeks of conventions where political rhetoric tends to be more overheated than usual. charles: tony perkins of the baton rouge police officer. first and foremost our prayers go out to you and the baton rouge police family to another horrific scene of violence in america.
12:31 pm
i think we all know the social media certainly has its downside, particularly the spread of evil and hatred. what is president obama getting wrong with that is stopping at his desk as well? >> well, charles, we have seen more of a polarized society. i look back on the street about 25 years ago. i was at the east baton rouge police office and baton rouge at different times. we had some officers yesterday and there is a great concern and there is a concern that this president has sown the seeds of distrust and division. we go back to 2009 after his first year back to harvard, where there was the arrest of a protester they are who is entering the house 9-1-1 call that led to the some that were the president sat down with police. there was an assumption made that there was a racially
12:32 pm
motivated arrests. that has played out over and over again. when the facts are made clear, we realized that was not the case. this has shown more racial division in the country. as we have seen from ferguson and elsewhere, we put the lives of people dividing the city's ends from the police and that is dangerous. charles: tony, a lot of people say would be cynical at this point. nevertheless, if you had president obama's ear, what did he do and the amount of time he has left in office to change. do you think i may not then perhaps having one serious day of recognizing police officers without throwing anything else in the mid, talking about how they stick out there for us, protect us, really honoring the men and women in blue. could that go a step towards fixing some of this? >> is originally couldn't hurt. what had been created here has become so large and red across the country as a cancer.
12:33 pm
yesterday i was in baton rouge because i was ready to do a church service i was preaching. i got the word of the shooting of these officers just as i was about to baptize the son of a city police officer. i have to tell you, charles, where we stand as a nation today, one thing that can bring us together is our common faith in the god who created us. if anything, the president needs to call the nation to pray to the god that our forefathers prayed to. we need unity right now more than we need anything. we've got to put aside these racial divides, ethnic divides. even political divide. if we are a nation that abides by the law, we have to uphold the law. that was reflected in the platform adopted this afternoon. i put language in there last week not knowing this would happen in baton rouge, but it has. it is time to stop it. charles: tell us more about the language because i hadn't heard
12:34 pm
anything about it. >> well, i put language in the platform last week that will be adopted formally on the convention floor. calls on the next president to stop sowing the seeds of discord and distrust between the police and the people that they are sworn to protect and to serve. that starts with b. mott the biters. we have seen from this admin is ration lawless men, which has sown this distrust of authority. and then we see the president again and his administration jumped to allusions before the facts were known and has a police bag guys. i've spoken to the officers tracking the case in baton rouge and the most recent case. when this is all said and done, the investigation is clearly evident in by the public, the shooting was justified. tragic, but justified. it is unreasonable for the president of the united states to interject himself into issues
12:35 pm
like this and inflame the divide. >> one nation under god, indivisible would be a pretty good way to start. i appreciate your thoughts and i'm happy you were able to get that in the platform. most of our viewers appreciate it. thank you, tony. >> is, charles. good to be with you. charles: let's look at the doubt. we are up five points, building on record highs. it is going to be one heckuva week. more details on the market for you in just 90 seconds.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your font business break. after a record setting week last week, today we see out there is, not quite records yet. the dow right now up one point. s&p up two points. the nasdaq at its highest levels today in the year 26 team. but there is her main one third in the stock and dow has other is led by gold and facts, and microsoft. a $32 billion bid by in arms. it is a $32 billion deal and it is in the tech and telecom industry and now we are seeing other names surged 40% of the premium on the deal. then you have the iphone rallying along with it. not only other names such as qualcomm, samsung and the like cannot be in his treat gets
12:38 pm
across the board. olivarez as you can be.
12:39 pm
charles: hillary clinton introduced at the naacp conference after three police officers were killed, three other ambushed, injured rather during the ambush and that mercer for the weekend. lieutenant general russel honoée is among the baton rouge-based leaders and activists who now call for change. general, thanks for joining us on such a horrific day.
12:40 pm
your initial thought as this is plain out over the weekend. of course in the aftermath of what happened in dallas. >> it's a tragedy. it's like a big punch in the gut. it is a sad day and we can all see the tragedy in this useless, mindless evil killing of our office errors, with no political outcome from it. this guy who came to kill our officers obviously had the mental issues. no one in their right mind would do that. he looks back on what we could have done. i'm sure the police would take a hard look at that. collectively, across the nation we have to look among our friends and keep a keen eye on people who look like they are becoming radicalized. not some kind of a witchhunt. there is a pattern of people
12:41 pm
getting assault rifles and going out and shooting and wearing a literary type close and talking radicalized. charles: von before that happens coming to your point, theris signals are assigned to friends and family are keenly aware of. i went through this killer social media pages and i've seen him linked up with other people who have a lot of followers in some influence within their communities. how far do you connect the dots in who should be hold accountable? you talked about the dire political outcome in a think it is moving people in this country further apart rather than closer. it may be one, long, crazy, sick, evil person. the outcome impacts americans. >> you're absolutely right. i think we have to take a closer look at osha media. much of our intelligence services restricting on what we can do inside the united states.
12:42 pm
the fbi and others are going to have to probably look up as well as local law enforcement and penetrate some of these sites to see what is going on in the language being used. the problem is our first amendment guarantees us to be able to say anything. when do we cross the line from freedom must beach to the language that said this person is not stable or radicalized. i think the other issue we want to go back and reload because it is causing law enforced that an officers on the ground in louisiana since last week several times, the idea of open carry. i don't think that is a good idea. a gun in a crowd is a bad idea and it making our officers less safe. it is making our officers less safe. if they can our citizens less safe. charles: do know, i just kind of feel of all the things, if we line them up in a big hole at
12:43 pm
point, no pun intended, wrong choice of words here. what is the biggest cause of this? what is creating this? i don't think it is about open carry per se. we are getting back to a rifle one of the human being who's making these evil decisions and in cases prided on by other human beings. >> i am telling you this. our law enforcement keep us safe on the street. it is distracting to them. and we need to go back and look at it. because what have we gained by open carry? hasn't helped the the stock market? nobody can say if any safer. the good guy with the god, how do you determine who is the good guy, the bad guy based on the dallas scenario? i just think there is not an attack.
12:44 pm
>> the bad guy was a guy shooting cops. it was pretty simple. he was moving around a lot, but there wasn't a whole bunch of people with pulled out guns. one evil person with a gun assaulted in ambushed a bunch of police officers. if that is the rationale, people will say how do the chicago this past weekend? how do you ask in places where they have are restricted to a month and highest body counts? >> well, we have very limited gun laws in louisiana. anybody 18 years old can open a gun and carry it. anybody with the exception of people described through the because of some judgment. so what has that gotten us in louisiana? we are leading the nation in dead bodies and our citizens. we incarcerate more people than anybody else in the country. we spend more money on prisons than we do in education. what has that done for the louisiana? it doesn't anything.
12:45 pm
you've got a position on guns than the gun lobby is your view well. there's a lot of things -- charles: this has nothing to do with gun lobby in. this has to do with the fact you refuse to blame the person pulling the trigger and that is an insult to everyone. you've done a great service for this country. >> i never refuse to blame -- charles: you are blaming the plot instead of the person who is gunning down innocent people, whether neighbors are police officers. >> it is your might, buddy, you keep it. goodbye. god bless america. charles: goodbye. i still love you. hillary clinton was just introduced to naacp. we will have more after this.
12:46 pm
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charles: hillary clinton speaking at the naacp addressing attacks on the police. let's take a quick listen in. >> -- the proper use of force, ashley lethal force. how to avoid using force to resolve incidents. [applause] officer safety and wellness, everything they need to do their jobs right and rebuild trust with their communities. i have said from the beginning of my campaign, that will be my priority as president and perhaps the best way to honor our polices to follow the lead of police departments across the country who are striving to do better. the deaths of out 10 and fell and drove drove home how
12:50 pm
urgently we need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice. [applause] how we can not rest until we root out and play set root out implicit bias and stop the killings of african-americans. [cheers and applause] charles: me malcolm in the gop convention kicking off shirt day. big companies will be skipping out. to deirdre bolton on the fallout. a lot of big companies say not this time. >> no surprise that apple is one of them. donald trump has gone head-to-head with apple ceo tim cook. he is criticize apple for leaving so much money overseas it is criticized apple for doing so much manufacturing in china. most of our items are manufactured at a company called stock on, which is on mainland. also, ford here that may be more of a surprise. ford said we are not going to sponsor reader convention. in parentheses they did in tampa
12:51 pm
in 2012. they haven't really said why, but donald trump has come out against ford, talked about the fact that ford had planned to build a plant in mexico and that some jobs there as well. ford a little bit more diplomatic, not going all the same. wells fargo is another one has said we did the state primaries. we are supporting candidates in other ways. we are not doing either convention. and then there's the whole list not going to the gop. ups, jpmorgan chase, motorola, packard. some of the big donor money also not going. we talked about the koch brothers. they wrote some big checks her tampa 2012. they are not showing up. neither a former president bush. neither is senator john mccain, former presidential candidate. the host committee says don't worry about it. we are all good. we have the money we need. charles: some of this, the two
12:52 pm
year point it is an interesting game. >> some of these companies decided not to go. they either have to do both or neither. >> i want to ask about the british accent. the minister in charge of trade deals for brett outside of the e.u. is aiming for the exit date to be january 2019. is that later than they thought it would be? >> this goes against the whole idea. they want the quickest divorce possible. they say to the u.k., fine, you are leaving, great. lift off the band-aid. take your things and get out. but to your point -- exactly, clear route. we will figure it out. the new pm has made some rapprochement with australia, canada saying we are reaching out to our oldest allies to we will establish these trading highs, but we need more time. the u.k. is taking a little bit longer than most other countries would bite, but they are
12:53 pm
significant player, so at the end of the day, everyone will put up with them. charles: he wanted article lii the kick in right away sooner rather than later. in the meantime, we get the news this morning, the second is this semi-conductor deal come a british come any been bought by a japanese company. in business, business goes on. >> bush is going to say business goes on with canada and australia. they haven't quite reading the other trade deals, but it's all but the signatures. u.k. businesses have not been heard. if you look at the markets, ours arrived three weeks running. the u.k. is more than back to where it started before the whole brexit vote. charles: hillary could addressing the ambush of police officers here that the real big deal tonight in a democratic convention. how divided do you think this country is?
12:54 pm
>> well, if we go back to the corporate statements, while none of these companies have come out and said there is a divisive and unpredictable candidate, one thing i would tell you are going through the research, the timing would be sponsors dropped out, it was right after kasich and ted cruz dropped out. this is a very fraught political season. a lot of people think both candidates are exceptionally polarizing. charles: we see that in the polls. unfavorable numbers for both candidates very high appeared historically high. we all agree we are going in the right direction. to the degree we could argue about that, the 1960s and 70s america was more fractured, which gives me hope we can fix this. >> no better to comment to end on. drink two deirdre bolton, thank you very much. busy making america safe is what it's all about at the rnc as they open their convention that officially kicks off in moments. we will have that for you next.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> day one at the rnc is now underway. the rnc officially gavelling in and republicans already speaking out. this is cavuto coast to coast, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. hillary clinton speaking about the naac. about convention as the republican convention is taking off. so peter barnes and dagen mcdowell, rnc kicking off. let's go to peter to set it up for us. >> the party officials are trying to get the delegates into the hall and seated and calling for the delegates and alternates. 5,000 people in total in this. you can see, they're kind of taking their time getting to their seats so we are running a little behind. when they get in here, reince preibus will call it to order and the pledge of allegiance and national anthem,
12:59 pm
invocations and other beginning events and then we get to a lot of procedural things, reports from various committees, et cetera. then tonight, all-star lineup around the theme of this convention tonight, which is to make america safe again, make america safe again and among the speakers, willie robertson of duck dynasty, governor rick perry, former mayor rudy guiliani, and donald trump's wife melania, from slovenia, will speak and donald trump will introduce her for her speech. charles: dagen, what are you expecting. >> i think you're going to hear a lot about economic security the entire week because it goes to the core of what americans are concerned about, the economy is still number one in
1:00 pm
terms of the polls, the pick of mike pence as his running mate, charles. that goes straight to the heart of what the country needs in indiana, as good as if not faster growth in the u.s. overall. faster employment growth, a triple-a credit rating, something that the u.s. lost under president obama's tenure. and also, charles, i want to go back to a few things in terms of mike pence's cred with conservatives. he voted against no child left behind. he voted against the giant expansion of entitlements with the medicare prescription drug program and he voted against the bank bailout. you want to talk about latching onto the tea party conservatives, that's going to be critical and of course, the entire trump family speaking throughout the week and they'll get to the core of who donald trump the man is, the one we might not know and see. charles: hold it there, dagen. i want to listen for a moment.
1:01 pm
>> to recognize the fallen police officers in baton rouge, dallas and elsewhere, the men and women who protect our safety and well-being who put their lives on the line every day, they're genuine heroes. we also want to recognize the families during these troubled times. our nation grieves when we see these awful killings. will you join me in a moment of silence? [moment of silence] >> thank you. will everyone please rise for the presentation of colors? the colors will be presented by the cuyahoga county veterans. let's give them a warm welcome. [applaus
1:02 pm
[applause] >> left left, left, right, left. left, left, left right left. march on. detail halt. left face. >> . charles: please remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem and the invocation.
1:03 pm
thank you. it is my privilege to introduce students from northeast ohio who took the cuyahoga county g.o.p. red, white and blue challenge, williams, celia, ll lead us in the pledge of allegiance. allegiance. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applaus [applause] >> all right. performing the national anthem,
1:04 pm
please welcome the singing angels. [applause] ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪
1:05 pm
♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] >> all right. the official kickoff to the rnc, it has begun. dagen and peter are still with us and also i want to bring in g.o.p. with john tatum and noel, we just had deirdre
1:06 pm
bolten on a moment ago saying that the big donors were like some big corporations, missing in action. do you think that continues over the course of the next few days? >> i don't think it's going to change over the course of the next few days, but what will happen, i'm thinking from experience, some of the donors that were on the fence, they may not be going to the convention, but they are starting to want to get on the trump train and donate. i had actual three bundlers calling me this morning, wanting to know if they could write a check, who i needed to reach out to, sody an e-mail this morning. the only reason they're doing this, they really thought that pence was a policy hawk and they liked him. charles: they like pence. >> they like him a lot. charles: they believe he'll have a true voice in the administration. >> absolutely, absolutely. charles: do you have the sense the size of the checks will be the same. >> well, for these donors, they talked $100,000 and some of these donors, i know, excuse
1:07 pm
me, have given more. so to them they're putting their toe in. it's a start. charles: starting to see the dam break a little bit. john, how about you, how do you stand with respect to the donating process? >> i agree, i think that the month of june was a great month for mr. trump. they reported $51 raised in the month of june and that included 400,000 donors of less than $200 each, 94% of those 400,000 donated less than $200. so, i think with mr. trump, you have a lot of the movement donors, the ron paul, the bernie sanders type donors. i think with his selection of mike pence, i think you're going to start to get a lot of the establishment back donating. obviously, governor-- >> let me ask you then, a lot
1:08 pm
of people saying that the koch brothers wanted to see pence as the pick. i haven't heard anything yet, i don't think they'll be in cleveland. could the deep pocketed folks like the koch brothers and adelson, i know, start writing big checks? >> absolutely, absolutely. governor pence, ironically, may 31st governor pence was in dallas for a fundraiser for his gubernatorial reelection and it was with governor abbott of-- here of texas and it was a very successful fundraiser and a lot of the traditional, you know, north texas, bush supporters, some of the folks that supported governor romney were there and i think that with vice-president nominee pence, you will see certainly he has connections with the koch brothers and with their political action committee as well as with them personally. i think you're going to see a lot of the g.o.p. establishment
1:09 pm
coming on strong in the coming months. charles: dagen, when i broke away from you, you were talking about pence and his conservative bona fides. by the same token, donald trump ran an anti-establishment platforms and there were some misgiving by some of the donald trump fans who wanted newt gingrich. and do you think that some of the feathers, while they were initially ruffled could be smoothed over? >> yes, because it's a good compliment. i think of it in terms of picking a dance partner. if you're the person who is leading, you don't want somebody who is going to try and lead as well. you want a good compliment to you. i think during that 60 minutes interview you saw that with mike pence. here is what you need to know about that governor, cutting taxes, corporate taxes, individual, income, at thats, property taxes and eliminating that state's inheritance tax. that man since he took office in early 2013 has done all of those things and i think that
1:10 pm
you saw a genuine camaraderie, a chemistry between trump and pence that will play out this week and on the campaign trail. that will give donors big and small some confidence. charles: hold off for one second, i want to report that cleveland police are on high alert. how are they actually preparing for potential chaos in cleveland? special agent vicky anderson, we've seen extraordinary images of boats in the harbor with machine guns, you know, and just sort of things, it feels like, you know, something we might see in a foreign country. so i think it might make us feel better, but is everyone there safely. >> yes, everyone. we have no specific credible threat against the rnc, but as you guys are aware, we've been preparing for well over a year and everybody is in place just in case. we had to prepare for the worst case scenario and we feel like we are prepared in case of such an event. although we do not know of
1:11 pm
any-- >> i hear what you're saying, but a year ago the worst case scenario is different than the last few weeks, hasn't it? >> yes, definitely been some change. we're sharing information between the law enforcement and the fbi has been involved and the horrific events around the country and around the world and we're sharing all the information we're going to get with our partners so they can determine what we need going forward. we're reaching out to the public and asking the public, if you see something, say something. unfortunately, there have been so many events that after the fact, we understand that someone did see something. so if anyone out there has any information that they see law enforcement needs, we want them to reach out to the 1-800-call fbi number. charles: in the meantime, i want to ask about the events over the weekend in baton rougement if people see something, there's family members, friends, co-workers, and i think that people want to
1:12 pm
say something and i don't that they always know who to talk to and in some cases they're intimidated. if nothing happens then they can sort of become the target. >> well, unfortunately, that's the case so many times and we're really asking the public, please don't fear that. we'll take any bit of information that you want to give us. if you want to call that 1-800-call fbi number, your tips can remain anonymous. we don't have to have your name, we don't want some horrific event to happen and after the fact, again, someone has seen something and just was hesitant in saying anything. charles: vicky anderson, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: hillary clinton addressing the naacp in cincinnati. when the other party starts. usually one party is quiet, but not this year. let's go to blake burman, he's got the details. yeah, the rn krchlc gavelled in moments ago. and hillary clinton is not
1:13 pm
slowing down with public events this week. right now she's speaking down the road from us, a couple hours away here, in ohio and she's in cincinnati, speaking at the naacp convention and this has been going on, her speech for the better portion of 30 minutes and probably upwards of 40 minutes or so, she has addressed in the speech for the majority of it the recent shootings from across the country and she talks about alton sterling and philandro castile and in baton rouge, the killings of police officers there. and on one end of the spectrum, hillary clinton said we need criminal justice reform, major criminal justice reform, something she will fight for on day one. on the other end of the spectrum she said people need to start speaking out about these terrible crimes, as she called it, the shootings of police officers. here is clinton on that issue from just moments ago. >> killing police officers is a terrible crime.
1:14 pm
that's why our laws treat the murderers of police so seriously because they represent the rule of law itself. if you take aim at that and at them, you take aim at all of us. anyone who kills a police officer and anyone who helps must be held accountable. and as president, i will bring the full weight of the law to bear making sure those who kill police officers are brought to justice. >> meantime, charles, a new poll out this afternoon from monmouth university shows that clinton leads donald trump nationally by 3, though that's a drop from 6 according to that very same poll, charles. charles: all right, blake burman, thank you very much. fox business, we're all over the convention and we've got much more for you after this. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> as most of you know, he's out of heart surgery, but when he's quoted, it does not serve him or his show well. at "the washington post" convention center nils picture was in a piece entitled they were all dead wrong and attributed the following quote by donald trump, and no one keeps being our nominee, end quote. and the staffers at "the washington post" had done their homework, they would have known he wasn't expressing his opinion about trump. they would have known he was
1:19 pm
reporting on marco rubio. >> and said that he's running and going all the way. i talked to his son earlier on fox business and he says, yeah, dad's in it for the long haul, we're not giving up on that, eric trump convinced his father will be president. in marco rubio says that's not going to happen. charles: hear that washington post. >> eric trump convinced his father will be president on january 20th, 2017. marco rubio says, no, that ain't gone a happen, no way in heck he's ever going to be our nominee. charles: as you can see those were not neil's words about mr. trump. in fact, while everyone else was dismissing candidate trump neil was saying this. >> to those of you who are going to dismiss the real estate developer who says he's worth north of 9 billion dollars do so at your own peril
1:20 pm
because whether you like it or not, dispute the messenger, do not dispute his message because donald trump is riding atop most polls. so much for being a flash in the pan. >> all of you realized trump is not passing fad. >> here is the first time you knew that donald trump was going to be a bigger than expected threat. the mainstream media was laughing it off. but now donald trump the leading candidate for president of the united states. charles: so, clearly, it's "the washington post" that is dead wrong. and they quoted that they attributed to neil be retracted and there's a promise that they will make a retraction in print, but now, media watch on this whole thing. brent, what's your reaction to this? this is sloppy reporting or something more district about it? >> yeah, i would say sloppy reporting and i think that they do owe an apology and retraction and the fact they said they're going to do it is
1:21 pm
a good thing, but you know what? it also shows the fact that "the washington post" knows nothing about fox news and neil cavuto. because to know neil and to know his show is to understand that the reason that he is so successful, the reason that his show is number one in his time slot. neil's show is bringing on good guests like me, bringing on good guests and asking good questions and letting them give the answers. it's always been his way of sm, absolutely sloppy. they could have gone a good job. let's face it, everybody did get it wrong, but that doesn't include neil cavuto. charles: what about the notion that "the washington post" and the "new york times" if they think there's an entity with a conservative bent their mission has been to divide and conquer, get them at each other's
1:22 pm
throats because certainly this primary season it's been pretty good soil for that kind of stuff. >> you know, i think there's always been a certain disdain for fox news within the establishment press. i don't like using the term mainstream because they're not. fox is far more mainstream than the new york times or "the washington post." charles: i'm saying that's their perception so they throw it all out there. >> yes, it's absolutely what they do. it's because of the disdain that they have that they gravitate toward a story like this and gravitate. i'm wondering how many people in the left they would look at in journalism. they want to find an opportunity to go after fox on every chance that they get, including when they do sloppy journalism. charles: well, to your point, it was amazing that they replied so quickly and it remains to be seen, but i think they probably-- >> and if they do that, good for them because one thing we do know is that the press--
1:23 pm
it's a very sad proposition, but so many in the press have such a difficulty in acknowledging wrongdoing and never mind for apologizing for it. so if they do, i applaud them. charles: there's a lot of introspection going on this election season. let's hope maybe the press does that as well. brent, thank you very much. always appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: now the dow has been out three straight weeks and expect their earnings to drop when the companies come out with lower earnings. we'll tell you. we'll be right back.
1:24 pm
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>> well, we told you it would be an unconventional convention. donald trump will actually introduce his wife melania tonight. peter barnes is clear with the details. that's right, charles. the convention for the republicans is underway now and it has been gavelled in and called to order. the delegates now waiting for
1:27 pm
other proceedings here, but of course, we have this big all-star lineup tonight around the theme of make america safe again. some of the speakers who will be on stage tonight include willie robertson of duck dynasty. former texas governor rick perry. and a close advisor to new york times. new york former mayor rudy guiliani, also a close advisor to trump and congressman ryan zinke, and the big headliner is melania trump himself-- and donald trump will introduce him-- his wife here and the -- not common for the presumptive nominee to speak in the hall,
1:28 pm
but she will talk about legal immigration is part of keeping united states safe. charles: and one of the billed headliners, we're hearing that the baton rouge gunman was targeting police officers like prey. is that something you plan on addressing tonight? >> you know, tonight's address, charles, by the way, is about america and how we need leadership to kind of lead us into the next century. i think a lot of us are going to talk about what is ripping this nation apart and how much we feel for the families and the victims of these police officers, but let me be clear, we need leadership from the top to get behind our law enforcement and rally our country behind that thin blue line there to protect society. so we're going to get a chance to talk a lot about that, a lot about our military veterans and how excited we are to save this
1:29 pm
country. charles: i find it intriguing to focus on the next century. i've always said for a very long time, i think that president obama has spent so much time and energy and passion on fighting wars of yesteryear and relitigating them in some form or fashion through policy or rhetoric instead of focusing on the achievements we've made as a nation. do you think the right leadership can mend this and turn it around before it gets worse? >> absolutely. you know, the right kind of leadership is exactly what's needed. it's worked in the past. when you get leaders that stand up and are excited about america, this is the greatest country in the world. when they say that frequently and loudly, the american people want to hear that and we will rally the troops behind. our soldiers,service members that have been fighting these wars for years, were not world weary. and if you give us the mission, we will destroy the enemy. we have to be clear who the enemy is and define them and go
1:30 pm
after them with the gusto that this nation has mustered, the at world war ii they did it, we called them the greatest generation. because they did everything they could to shut that war down. charles: i remember entire families would sign up for military service and even entire families were wiped out. i don't know if things changed after the vietnam war, i guess it played an impact with the war coming into our living room. could a president trump say to the country, i need this one time to put americans on the ground and and some will perish, but the mission is worth their lives. >> by the way, that's what it takes, the leader has got to clearly spell out the gains. talk about what we can do and accomplish it. we cannot equivocate with the enemy and dither around identifying them.
1:31 pm
the islamo fash -- facist, and you'll here from commander tonight, he's a congressman, and lieutenant general ernst and hear from veterans who can take this fight to the enemy, but we've got to have the policies to back it up. we've had afghanistan in the early stages and we had victory in our grasp, but we need excellent leadership. >> look forward to hearing you tonight. >> the protesters are all over the place right now. take a look, gathering, of course, building up. we're going to give you an update when we come back next.
1:32 pm
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♪ i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck. and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership,
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i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ > >> dump trump protests. jeff? >> hey, charles, yes, indeed, from the middle of superior street in downtown cleveland, as you perhaps hear the chant, we shut stuff down and clean it up for you. it's a mixture of anti-trump, black lives matter and other protest groups, but the main thrust, of course, is an anti-dump protest. while the pro trump protest
1:36 pm
goes on on the other side of town. police have been very tolerant so far and protesters having their way in the middle of the street. shutting it down, going from the mall and marching now on the convention headquarters. we're a couple of blocks from convention headquarters and they've said they want to get as close as they can to the convention that they possibly can. we'll see how that goes. you see police already with riot gear if it becomes necessary. at this point though, charles, not stopping the protesters on this march from the mall across town to the quicken loans arena. charles: all right. jeff flock, be safe as usual, man. we'll have more in a moment. the dow barely ahead. we started up 13, 14 points, but this is a huge week for corporate earnings. the profits at the strength for the second quarter. and with the economy, there's
1:37 pm
no argument that the stock market is rich and now is the time for the economy and corporate earnings to show something to justify this rally. >> you know, i think it is time to put up or shut up, that there are quite a few strategists who have been making rumblings about the price to earnings ratio, the given method that we use to see how valued, undervalued are 0 overvalued that the market is. that the price is getting to be very rich while the earnings is not doing its fair share and we're looking at earnings expectations, indeed, charles, coming down for the reminder of the year. so, again, i think the onus is on earnings to step up to the plate here, if they don't, it will validate a lot of the-- a lot of the data that we've been seeing coming out about people's expectations for employment growth and people's expectations for what the economy is going to do over the next 12 months. charles: in the meantime, what we've seen in the last three weeks, we've seen a job report that crushed expectations by a
1:38 pm
mile and retail sales last week that were significantly higher than expected and the jones report, much higher than job openings, suggesting maybe some pricing power. could those be a harbinger of slight turn in the underlying foundation of the economy where people are finally getting raises and maybe going out and spending some of that money? >> well, you know, it's interesting that you bring up this point, charles. last week, the university of michigan consumer sentiment came out and the bottom two-thirds of income earningers, if you will, are expecting their income to rise and have much more optimistic outlooks for the economy than the top third of income earners who have been deeply spooked by the brexit vote and obviously by what's panned out in the geopolitical scene in the last few weeks. i think there's a tug-of-war between the high income earningers. if you look at the u of m data, the top 30% of earners account
1:39 pm
for 50% of consumption in this country so they do carry a lot of weight. it will be interesting to see if some of the people who benefitted from increasing minimum wages are able to offset the declining confidence among higher income earners. charles: maybe that's why we see the dollar stores doing so well. danielle, always appreciate when you're on. >> thank you, charles. charles: a turkey coup attempt and fallout from the french terror attack has the entire world afraid. to congressman mike kelly on what republicans need to do against terror. congressman? >> yes. charles: every single day it's heartbreaking news from all over the world, the republican party typically seen as the law and order party, and donald trump calling himself the law and order candidate. how do you convince the world
1:40 pm
that's the case. >> i think first and foremost, it's time to forget the political correctness and hasn't gotten itself. a national that can't define itself can't defend hits self. people say we're not at war i think is a false narrative and it's led to a world that's disconnected from it us. if america doesn't understand what it's up against, how can we be on board? if they're not a strong ally and strong friend, how do we rely on them. we'll present a confident plan, a better way for every american. this has nothing to do with republicans, it's to do with every american, he and she and their families are much safer when republicans are in office. we're a law and order, if somebody declared war on us, we're going to go after them. recognize them, go after them and eliminate them and other than that, there's no in between. >> what about the issue beneath the surface? in other words, we understand keeping america safe and making sure that the criminals and wrong doers are looked up and
1:41 pm
kept from society, but what about maybe issues beneath that, whether it's economic, whether it's social, because some people say, you ultimately need a combination of both. you need strong law and order and we need an opportunistic society where we mitigate or erase the society for people to think the worse. >> absolutely. but when you lead in a confident manner and restore people's faith and trust in it, a dynamic economy where everybody's wages rise. this is a way we're able to fund the security projects that we have. you can't have strong police forces and strong military unless you have the funds to do that. the economy that rises for everybody, creates the type of revenue that we need to reestablish who we are. whenever we say we're going to lead from behind we create that vacuum at the top. and that void has been filled and we em bolden them because we don't push back. the terrorists, home grown or
1:42 pm
coming from overseas or happening overseas we have to recognize it and eradicate it. you can't work with them. you have to make sure they know -- no longer have a relevant place. and a nation that's always led, and greatest country with liberty. charles: and still the greatest, but we can be a lot better. representative mike kelly, thank you very much. well, the rnc convention underway right now and trump just now tweeting, looking forward to being at the convention tonight to watch all the wonderful speakers, including my wife melania. the place looks beautiful, end quote. and the trump protesters, that's just beginning, we're on top of that as well. that's next. ♪
1:43 pm
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're coming off a huge run last week. the dow up 2% for last week and the s&p and nasdaq up 1 1/2%. the nasdaq, the story today as it hit a new high for 2016. the dow and the s&p continue at lifetime highs. all right, tech stocks are largely to credit today for the surge in the nasdaq. you're looking at shares of yahoo! well, they are scheduled to report earnings after the bell.
1:45 pm
shares up 2/10 of 1% ahead of that. netflix also scheduled to report today. year to date netflix shares are down about 14%. it's been a bumpy ride for the streaming video company. investors are concerned about those here and abroad. let's get back now to cavuto coast to coast. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
1:46 pm
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. >> well, the protests are beginning to escalate and jeff
1:47 pm
flock is in cleveland in the midst of it all with the latest, jeff. >> yeah, charles, we just had protesters cross a barricade on ontario street and now just remains one barricade between them and the inside secure perimeter of the convention. maybe you see the group, that just stopped after clearing one barricade area and pan left a bit. the steel barricade erected, that's the secure perimeter there. they now say they want to march on that. i don't know that police will allow them to do that. they let them go over one barricade over the middle of the street. here they come, they're moving again, we're about a half block from one of the entrances, one of the secure entrances to the secure perimeter. and i don't know what will happen there, obviously, it's not a huge entrance so i'm not sure what's going to happen, but as you can see, they're marching again.
1:48 pm
the police, as i showed you earlier, some in riot gear, but not doing anything, mounted on, largely on bicycles and with riot gear ready, but at this point not using it, but you can see, this is a-- and in terms of numbers i would say clearly in the hundreds, maybe in excess of a thousand people, it's not a massive crowd, but that's a pretty healthy number and we're early. this is monday. they stopped again, now, charles and i'm not sure where they're headed, but, go ahead, maybe, larry, see if we can determine it. as you can see, it's a loud, boisterous protest. so far no violence, but it's lo loud. charles: all right, it's loud and it's intimidating. jeff, man, again always stay safe. thank you, we'll come out to you.
1:49 pm
from the protest outside, remember trump delegates saying they can stop trump? yeah, we've got details for you after this.
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
>> well, protesters not backing down and the never trump camp not backing down. in fact, there's a group called under bounded delegates and they now say they have enough signatures to stop donald trump. and urging them to please stand down, john, i've got to tell you, they are relentless and you know, but apparently they're saying, we'll know soon and i thought this whole thing was squashed particularly after the rules committee. what do you make about this, a determination by a group of republicans on the eve of your
1:53 pm
convening to still stop donald trump? >> it's not going to work. there's no question about it. obviously, there was a case that was in federal court, it determined that rule 16 holds and the delegates are bound, but you know, more importantly, the people of the republican party voted for donald trump. this is a very small group that is still protesting his candidacy, it's kind of ridiculous at this point. we have to be focused on the true issue and that's hillary clinton. she cannot be our next president. donald trump was, you know, 14 million republicans voted for donald trump. that's a record. and you know, he won this, 17 candidates, 46% of the vote. that's an outstanding run. what they're doing is counterproductive and it certainly, it helps hillary clinton and i hope they come to realize that real quick. charles: that's the point i wanted to bring up with you. just sort of underscoring, hey, you know, 46% is not the majority, right, it's a
1:54 pm
plurality and that point was made throughout the primary season, you had 17 candidates and that's the way it worked out, but donald trump established records, he brought in voters who never voted before or hadn't voted republican in a long time and yet, this one group. what do you think, maybe you don't have to understand it, but what do you think is motivating them. whether they win or not they're going to cause some damage to what degree we don't know, but they'll damage the republican brand somehow. >> well, they are in a sentence, but not really. it's a small group, smaller than you can imagine. 46% of the vote in a 17-way primary i'd say about 99% of the republicans are behind donald trump right now. he's focused. he's on message and he's going to make a difference in this election. we need to put americans back to work, we need to make our country safer again and make america great again. that's not just a mantra, it's what mr. trump wants to do. he is extremely focused, he understands the issues and we
1:55 pm
need a new perspective. a businessman or woman's look, we do not need another politician to solve these problems. charles: and john, across this country and also the non-republicans outside the building and jeff flock says he can see over a thousand boisterous people, and especially on the west coast swing. do we have to live with a certain segment of the population that you'll never be able to please? >> mr. trump is decisive. some people are in opposition. that's a beautiful part of our democracy, as long as it's a reasonable protest, more than welcome to protest, but there's no question in my mind that the majority of americans, we're not even just talking about republicans, independents, he's
1:56 pm
polling better and better with independents. you're going to see america moving his way. the issues that he has talked about throughout the primary are now things are happening. he's talked about our national security and a country without borders is not a country and we need to be safer, we need to be more organized. you look at the social unrest in america right now it's rooted in failed liberal policies and we need to stay unified, stay focused. charles: we've got to wrap this up, but we're definitely going to keep watch on this and the so-called minority report. thank you and appreciate your time. >> thank you. charles: the dump trump protesters, you're looking at it live. picking up outside and inside the building. preview it all and what we can expect to see tonight.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
presumptive nominee. donald trump will be there. so will fox business tonight beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. where maria bartiromo and lou dobbs at 7:00 a.m. trish regan at 9:00 p.m. she will take you to midnight. trish, it is up to you. trish: thanks so much, charles. we're live from the 2016 republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." thousands of people gathering here in cleveland as tensions rice across the nation. today's theme for tonight's convention is make america safe again. after another deadly attack on law enforcement. three police officers were killed and three others were wounded after being ambushed by a 29-year-old former marine sergeant in baton rouge, louisiana. we have former united states spokesman, ric grenell and former nypd detective, bo dietl. rick, here we


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