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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 19, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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we are likely to see that. take us through the next couple of hours. thank you for the honor of covering new york. we are live from the quicken loans arena. nineteen of the national convention here in cleveland. a lot on the arena floor. the republican party officially crowning donald trump. new york now lets us know. >> the home of donald j. trump. the drama builds. they had been planning on backing other candidates during that traditional roll call but they are not standing
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in the way of his nomination. tonight's theme is "making america work again". speech is focused on jobs and the economy and prosperity. as we are watching this move towards 1237, house speaker paul ryan well lead off those folks. trump his self at the trump tower headquarters. his youngest daughter tiffany trump will be speaking tonight. in joining me now, we will listen in for just a moment. >> nine for ohio governor john kasich, and the great conservative commission with the home of billy graham we
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cast 27 points for senator ted cruz. it was founded by blacks and whites. and one thing most people don't know about is that 10% of all the historically black colleges and universities are within this area. we have a 29 votes for the next president of the united states the honorable donald j. trump. [applause].
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one vote for carson. obviously proportional votes. 1101 for donald trump. >> the governor of the state of north dakota it is my honor to announce the delegates of north dakota and the great state of north dakota. ..
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the university of north dakota, fighting hawks, and the only state in the united states last year to actually grow younger, casts one vote carson, six votes cruz, and 21 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [applause] . >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of the convention, north dakota, 21 votes trump, 1 vote carson, 6 votes cruz. lou: for the first time tonight. >> northern marianna islands, 9 delegates to the following bound delegates. 9 trump. >> for the most republican
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territory, the beautiful islands of the northern marianna islands where the weather is 85 degrees all year around. traveling over 7,000 miles, i am ralph torres, governor of the cnmi. it is my great pleasure and honor, being the first territory to endorse our next president of the united states, we cast our 9 delegates to donald j. trump! [cheers and applause] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, northern mariana islands casts 9 votes trump. >> ohio, 66 delegates. [cheers] >> welcome to cleveland, the
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city of champions. [ cheers ] >> welcome to ohio, the host of the republican national convention. [cheers] . >> all right, guys, let's give it an o-h! >> ohio! >> proudly cast 66 votes for governor john kasich! [cheers and applause] . >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, ohio, 66 votes, kasich. [cheers] >> oklahoma, 43 delegates of the following bound delegates. 13 trump. good evening, my name is pam pollard, i'm the chairman of the republican party for the
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great state of oklahoma. [ cheers ] >> as the second home to speaker paul and janet ryan, oklahoma is the heartland of america, and the reddest state in the union. [ cheers ] >> oklahoma has a heritage of strong and conservative grassroots leadership, electing republicans through every ngres office with supermajorities in both state legislative chambers. oklahoma is proud to produce and supply the energy and agriculture in the world. this november, oklahoma will take up the mantle once more and deliver all 77 counties to our republican nominee. oklahoma proudly casts 19 votes for senator ted cruz, and 24 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers]
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>> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, oklahoma, 24 votes trump, 19 votes cruz. >> oregon, 28 delegates to the following bound delegate. 18 trump. >> mr. chairman, oregon -- [ cheers ] >> the land of unrivalled nestled beauty, snowy mountain peaks, majestic river valleys, serene high deserts. the great american pinot noir, tillamook cheese and hazelnut, home of a great congressman, greg walden. [ cheers ]
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>> and the reigning major league champions, the portland timbers. home of track town usa, and the place where nike made ducks and beavers cool. ground zero in the fight against democrat corruption all the way to crooked hilary. the great state of oregon is proud to cast pursuant to our rules, five votes for senator ted cruz. 23 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, oregon 23 votes trump, 5 votes cruz.
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>> pennsylvania, 71 delegates to the following bound delegates. 17 trump. >> madam secretary, i'm ross leeson, chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania, the keystone state, the home of the stanley cup champions pittsburgh penguins. pennsylvania defers to the great state of new york, and my friend chairman ed koch. lou: here we go. it's going to be new york's honor to push donald trump over the 1237 level, and as ed koch, the chairman, here we go. >> the following bound delegates. 89 trump, 6 kasich. >> madam secretary, new york,
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the empire state, proud to be the home of donald j. trump, and proud that we were the first state to cast the majority of our primary votes for donald trump. proud that he won 61 of our 62 counties and more than 60% of the vote, and we are proud that we have as one of our delegates, donald j. trump jr.! >> and standing with him, ivanka and eric trump. >> my family, eric, ivanka, laura, tiffany, everyone here, all of our supporters in the great state of new york, even in the places that aren't so conservative, we've had such incredible support, you won't believe it. we're going to put new york into play this time around. [cheers] i had the incredible honor of not only being a part of the ride that's been this election
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process, and to watch as a small fly on the wall what my father has done in creating this movement, because it's not a campaign anymore, it's a movement. speaking to real americans, giving them a voice again, and it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates, and another 6 for john kasich. congratulations, dad! we love you! [cheers and applause] . lou: what a moment for the trump family! for donald trump, the republican party, ed koch, the chairman of the new york republican party, i can't imagine that he could even dream of such an evening 13 months ago, but here we are, we're at 95 votes.
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those taking both kasich and trump over. it's amazing to see the 1267 votes. we're going to have a lot more through the course of this roll call. but this is a far different arena than last night. let me say that. >> new york, 6 votes kasich, 89 votes, donald j. trump! [cheers] . lou: well, there it is, the nominee of the republican party, the presidential nominee, donald j. trump. i want to turn right now, if i
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may to former reagan white house director, great america pac strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins, kelly riddell, former columnist for the "new york post." ed rollins, you've seen a lot of this. what a difference 24 hours makes, what a difference 13 months makes and the band of renegades who got it done? >> got it done and the extraordinary thing, you think of all the great new yorkers that have run for president. not had a nominee for either party since 1948, duey. we have a man who has a chance of winning the presidency. he has a unified party there, and how wonderful it is to see extraordinary children be the ones that put him over the top. i think it's very, very touching and you have to be moved by it. great kids, great famly, and he's going to be a great candidate in the fall.
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lou: tiffany, ivanka, eric, donald jr. i know melania and donald trump have to be as proud as they can possibly be at home in new york with their young son, baron. this is a powerful, powerful political statement, in and of itself to have these four children all grown, all remarkable in their own right, working with their father and the family business, and doing remarkable things in addition to, by the way, campaigning successfully over the course of these 13 months, to help make their father the nominee, the presidential nominee of the republican party. michael, your thoughts? >> well, lou, you know, this was in many ways a foregone conclusion for several months now, and yet the moment it actually happened, still
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manages to be dramatic, and to remind us all of what an unlikely thing we are witnessing. i mean the way this campaign started. the many predictions of demise and this would be the final insult, this would do it. trump is finished now yet here we are, the official nominee. i hope, and it should end all of the bickering and a lot of this rear guard action, the never-trump nonsense which never made sense. this is a two person race, the next person is going to be either hillary clinton or donald trump, and i think the republican party needs to take stock of the choices because they are rather stark, as i wrote about in my column today, even just on the issues of public safety, police protection, pro-police versus anti-police. voters are going to get a very clear choice. lou: kelly riddell, your
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thoughts as we look at realization of the dream for both the republican party and for the trump family and particularly donald trump. this is a night in which we have watched this point arrive which proved nearly every savant, guru, every strategist and otherwise earth-bound genius say no way in the world could donald trump do what has been done tonight. that in and of itself has to come pell voters to say i might take another look if there's any doubt in their mind at this candidate. >> you are exactly right. lou. when you look at political punditry class say donald trump has zero chance and thinking he was running as a joke, and it was all a joke, and the voters would wake up come the fall, and when that didn't happen, we went into the preprimary season, they're going to wake up when they pull the lever.
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you know what? they pulled it for donald trump, the american gop primary voter has spoken, they overwhelmingly voted for donald trump. he is the nominee, and tonight is what conventions are supposed to be all about. it's a celebration, it's a coming together. it was very, very moving moment, you saw ivanka tear up there. anybody who's watching this at home has got to feel for the trumps and just celebrate with them of all the obstacles they've overcome to get the nomination. lou: and, you know, ed, today we saw the dow jones industrials post an eighth straight record, harold ham on this network last night started talking about a trump rally. that may be something of an overstatement, in fact, it may be as accurate as can be. we'll see. over the course of the next few weeks. but there does seem to be a change in attitude that is perceptible, certainly here.
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it doesn't seem. it is. in the country, we could be looking at quite a difference in attitude over the course of this week and next week. >> you know, the interesting thing over the last several months as i've been on your show and others, we anticipated this being a knockdown dragout, this was going to be the convention, literally four years ago, i don't think there was a single person in this delegation, in this auditorium that thought they were going to elect romney president. no one thought after romney would be a trump movement across the country, and here it is, and it's as exciting as any i've seen. i've been to conventions since 1972. my sense is this is a good move tonight, a lot of excitement, lot of energy, and obviously the trump family has to hit it out of the ballpark, as i'm sure they will. lou: we've already come to expect the unusual and high levels of achievement from all of the trumps.
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kelly riddell, one other thing that is new here is we've got people talking about the art of the possible. we're talking about a man who's only been a presidential candidate for 13 months, but they're talking about big things here. we've got about 30 seconds, what do you think? >> i think that he has proven himself a great communicator. the make america great again, that slogan and promise has resonated with the american public. and you see at the convention this theme of make america great again, the focus on making america safe yesterday. this is all -- the message resonates with the americans in the way no other republican has been able to do in a while. lou: kelly riddell, thank you so much. michael goodwin, thanks for being with us, we're going to have to go a quick break here. ed rollins, thank you so much. the roll call is going to continue. donald trump has officially
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clinched the nomination. we're live from the republican national convention in cleveland. we are coming right back with much more. it is going to be quite an evening, and it is only beginning. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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. lou: a breathtaking night, isn't it? the republican national convention. donald trump now officially the nominee of the republican party. he just clinched the nomiti. ounext g first night of this convention, he took the stage last night.
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he delivered scathing criticism of both president obama and hillary clinton. >> barack obama and hillary clinton brought us isis and brought down benghazi. i shudder to think how many times our flag will fly at half-mast if hillary clinton is commander of s.e.a.l. team 6. congressman. great to have you with us. a great speech last night. it's a different atmosphere here tonight. it is, as i said earlie
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going to shake it up and it needs to be. lou: the idea that s.e.a.l.s and all of our special operations folks go out, right now we're relying on them in afghanistan, relying on them wherever they're deployed, as we have withdrawn our more conventional forces and regular forces. this is asking an awful lot, if i may look first at the soft teams, putting a tremendous burden on them. how long can we go under current circumstances to these missions? >> lot of frustration that they're not allowed to fight. you fight to win or go home. you got to make sure the troops have the right training and equipment to win decisively in the field of battle. we had the right tools, we had
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the right leadership and had the right skills. today, not all of that is going on, and there's a lot of frustration. we need to win and we need to lead from the front. lou: donald trump is talking about as a leader, creating a strong, powerful economy that grows again at 4 or 5%, creating jobs, talking about investing, bringing back trillions of dollars in corporate profits from overseas to invest in the home economy. he understands clearly that as a matter of national strategic interest, we have to have a strong economy in order to preserve the nation and national security. >> you're right. unless we have a strong economy under the hood, nothing else matters. we can't afford a strong military, nor afford to keep the promises we made as a country. we've made a lot of promises to elderly, veterans, to infrastructure, at the end of the day, we need a strong, robust economy that allows
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innovation and thinking out of the box. that is what america has done better than any other country in the face of the planet. that is what donald trump has promised to do. he does need to show discipline and bring a cabinet of reagan-like members around him. his leadership team is absolutely critical. lou: he said he was going to make all of his supporters proud of him. are you proud of donald trump tonight? >> i am absolutely proud and proud of his wife. i thought she delivered a phenomenal speech, and i think the attacks were because she's so good! >> you better believe it. wish you all the best. thanks, congressman. congressman ryan kincaide. we're going to next, congressman brought up melania trump, she charmed the entire nation last ght. >> if you want someone to fight for you and your country, i can assure you he's the guy. he will never, ever give up,
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and most importantly, he will never, ever let you down. [cheers] . lou: but all the mainstream liberal media today could talk about are similarities to something michelle obama said in 2008. is anyone surprised, and is there more to the story? we'll be talking with charlie hurt, kellyanne conway, live from quicken loans arena as we await the nomination of mike pence as vice president. we're coming right back. it just keeps getting better, doesn't it? [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights.
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donald trump, as you look at the arena. donald trump, the quicken loans arena. donald trump with 1500 delegates. the counting is going on. we have i believe five states to go, and we're then going to hear speaker ryan do all of the audit, if you will, and reconcile the numbers. joining us now, washington times columnist, fox news contributor charlie hurt. senior adviser and pollster of the trump campaign, kelly anne conway from the cleveland center, and chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, fox news contributor, byron york. kelly anne, working as you do for the trump campaign, you got to be thrilled tonight. >> it's exciting, i know you're thrilled, america is thrilled. this is a positive uplifting journey of 13 months and
7:34 pm
melania's speech turned a page of optimism and inspiration, that's why the left are attacking her today. that's don't know what to do with a happy woman who loves her husband and loves this country. she said last night the greatest privilege on earth is to be an american. she will celebrate 10th anniversary of becoming an american citizen the right way. lou: charlie, as kelly anne says, she did a remarkable -- melania trump did a remarkable job by every account, all of the attacks about similar language to that of michelle obama. what do you make of it? is it as kelly anne suggests, a strategyum on the part of the democrats. >> so tremendously successful, got to where she is personally,
7:35 pm
but getting through a tough business and succeeding, and her vision, you know, as a legal immigrant to this country, i found it inspiring and hopeful. sure, this business about the lines that were similar to the lines from michelle obama's speech, which, by the way, it was all about how her parents taught her, raised her to be honest, and work hard, and to treat people well, well, i think that would be the way any of us described what we learned from our parents. when melania said it, it sounded a lot more believable from her. lou: yeah, she had a remarkable presentation indeed. byron, paul manafort dismissed this rather strongly, took on the politics, obviously peeved and annoyed and pushed melania trump's speech right back in the face of the critics. the general view was she did a
7:36 pm
great job. >> here's what the campaign and republican strategists hoped about the speech. millions of people saw it, they hope that these people came away with a positive impression of it, and they went to bed with a good impression, they woke up, heard news about problem with the speech, and their good impression lasted. i believe that's what most republican professionals think happened in this case. lou: rudy giuliani in my opinion, gave the speech of his life last night. he really, really delivered it, he talked about one america, dismissed the notion of a black america, a white america and this place erupted for him. it's if that set the stage, that and melania trump's speech set the stage to travel what is a night of remarkable, positive energy right here in the arena. >> having watched both those, the rudy giuliani speech and
7:37 pm
the melania trump speech. rudy giuliani's was really a highlight. in part because the theme was make america safe again. that was so down rudy giuliani's alley. because one, he associated him with the days after 9/11. but two, i think in history, he'll go down as the man who cleaned up new york after a period of terrible crime and disorder. he was the perfect guy to address the twin concerns of terrorism plus growing crime in this country. lou: i got to tell you, i was so impressed with the way he said one america. i think that will live in political history forever. the second thing is when melania trump said he's the guy, that had to connect with most viewers watching the republican national convention last night. >> it did, melania is her husband's best character witness and said he never gives up. there wouldn't be some kind of drama and excitement if it
7:38 pm
didn't involve him, and i think she gave us a window into the soul of donald trump a little bit, too. he's out there, and he is seen as macho, firm in his beliefs. he's cleaning hillary clinton's clock on the attribute, which one of them is a strong leader. winning on men and women on the attribute, particularly in the swing states. here's a guy who is a husband, father, grandfather, and she's telling people this man will absolutely make america safe again. make america work again. there is something else i think melania -- lou: we've got about a -- >> her husband is not a politician, the first big speech. 35 million people she's ever given. lou: well, and not a bad audience to have your first speech, amazing. charlie hurt, a lot of talk about disruption here tonight. it didn't happen. this has moved forward smoothly, and republicans, to me look united. we've got about 30 seconds. >> this is a huge
7:39 pm
disappointment for a lot in the media. obviously among democrats as well. but i repeat myself. they were looking for this to be a knockdown dragout internal family feud and not turning into that, and it's -- i would caution the trump campaign and the rnc that they need to get some of the timing down a little better and make the show run a little more smoothly so we get the people we want to see in primetime, but otherwise, i see a very united front right now. lou: speaking of -- moving the show along, we're over time. 15 seconds. do you see unity here? is this window dressing? >> i think this is finally a scene of unity, finally we'll see thursday night by donald trump. lou: byron york, being careful, i like it. that's why he's a great journalist, as is charlie hurt. kelly anne conway. thank you so much. speaker paul ryan joins us
7:40 pm
in convention to announce the official results of the roll call. ohio congressman jim jordan joins us with his views after the break. we're live at quicken loans arena, on night two of the republican national convention. ♪
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. lou: you're listening to the roll call moving toward conclusion, as you see there, donald trump with 1604, well past the 1237 needed. new york and his son, donald
7:44 pm
jr., taking as donald jr. put it, dad over the top, and officially making him the republican party's presidential nominee. joining me now is congressman jim jordan of ohio in addition to sitting on the judiciary committee, he serves on the oversight committee, chairman of the freedom caucus, and great to have you with us, and we're pleased to be in your great state. >> our great state. lou: the energy tonight, the first thing i've got to ask you, this is entirely different than last night at this hour? i think it's building, i think the energy is real, that's exactly what you want when you come out of your convention and through the convention. you want it to build, hopefully get momentum and hope donald trump and mike pence are the next president and vice president, not hillary clinton. >> the chairman of the congress, speaker ryan will do the official audit if you will, to make it official, congressman. he said, this week, he said,
7:45 pm
you know, trump is a conservative, he's just not my kind of conservative. i keep waiting for this guy to be house broken, to put it in parlance that the fact is he doesn't seem like a leader here. he's acting like a contrite, contrary son of a gun. >> let's come together, make sure donald trump is the next president, mike pence is the next vice president. donald trump is solid on the life issue, solid on the second amendment issue, the names he put forward on the supreme court, i think all of the conservatives said those are good people. that's critically important as you think about the election. securing the border. all kinds of issues where he's right in touch with where regular americans are at, conservatives are at. and i think again, you got to compare him to secretary clinton and how different they are, for goodness sake. here's a lady who has trouble communicating in a truthful fashion, let's remember all that and get behind our nominee and win this thing. lou: i'm tempted to say to you
7:46 pm
don't tell me, tell paul ryan, it's your speaker. >> he's going to support trump and here at convention, and i think we're all going to come together. that's what's needed. for some people it's taking longer than others, but i think it will happen. lou: you think you could lead him to glory? >> paul's a smart guy. he's said he's for our nominee and for mr. trump. that's where we need to be. lou: there you go. we're looking at a, now, a straight shot into thursday into the nomination. this is a great evening. you're going to hear from chris christie and others, paul ryan, i'm told is walking -- if you'll forgive me, i'm going to look back at the stage, and indeed he has turned to the stage, and we're going to just take a minute, is he being diffident or cautious? there he is. >> hey, guys..
7:47 pm
lou: that may be my favorite opening from the chairman of the convention. hey, guys. >> we understand that. good commonsense, regular language. regular talk. [applause] . lou: does he appear excited to you, congressman? >> well, appears like he's waiting to be told when it's time to start, is what it appears like. [ laughter ] >> the arms folded suggest to me that the man as he has already demonstrated doesn't start until he's ready. with those arms crossed. waiting.
7:48 pm
>> he's waiting on official tallies, right? lou: right. >> i see the tellers look like they're adding up numbers. lou: you wouldn't think there would be trouble with this few numbers. this isn't high math, very important path, certainly, but not high math. >> yeah. lou: i would definitely urge the speaker to start talking real soon. >> i think it's going to happen. >> the delegates are getting wrestive, i believe. . >> just waiting. >> there you have it. fox business has it that somehow the tellers don't, right? lou: we have less to do, i suppose than do those folks. but 1725 delegates, cruz 484, kasich 125. 123. there have been a few changes, and we're going to have to
7:49 pm
figure out where they are. >> that's our rules committee. >> does any state wish to cast its vote or to change its vote? . >> same line we use after a roll call in the house. lou: now, of course, we'll get the changes and that, and move forward what we expect to be a unanimity of view. >> democrat microphone there, lou. >> two contested votes that alaska cast as recorded by the secretary. it was misrecorded by the secretary. we cast 12 votes for senator ted cruz.
7:50 pm
11 votes for donald trump, and 5 votes for marco rubio. that was pursuant to the state of alaska rules for our party. 100% of our delegation agrees with that is the proper vote. we were never notified of anything different by the rnc. we were never consulted. our national people weren't consulted. our attorney was consulted. we were never told you were going to miscount our votes tonight. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> is the gentleman requesting a poll of the delegation of alaska? >> yes, i'm requesting a poll of the delegation of alaska and that those votes be accurately recorded in this convention. >> a delegate has taken exception to the correctness of the vote for the delegation from alaska. accordingly, the convention
7:51 pm
staff will report to the delegation to supervise the poll. lou: now the presence of reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee up there, he doesn't necessarily have to be there to adjudicate these issues. as the chairman of the convention, paul ryan certainly has the power to do so. do you suppose this suggests something well beyond the obvious, reince priebus being up there? >> i think it's probably a parliamentary inquiry paul had with hugh, the gentleman standing beside priebus, works for our rules committee in the house. so i think it's a simple one, maybe they missed the vote, maybe they had 12 and 11 and 11 and 12. lou: this is not helpful to the convention.
7:52 pm
>> it should be a few minutes, i'm guessing. just a few minutes. these glitches happen from time to time. no big deal. lou: and the fellow did seem a little exercised, the delegate from alaska. >> he's a proud alaskan. lou: he wants those votes correct. electoral integrity is all over it. while we're listening to the music, let me ask you this. we have now a nominee in the republican party. it's pretty clear what's going to transpire. he's going to have mike pence as vice president. your judgment of him. >> mike was in the house when i first got there, and he was one of those leaders that we younger conservatives, newer conservatives looked up to. great, a great guy, solid across the board on conservative issues, and frankly the kind guy that you want part of the ticket.
7:53 pm
i think it's an outstanding pick. great governor and great member of the house of representatives. lou: and pence looks to be the compromise nominee for vice president. is he that, in your judgment? because i have to say, he does bridge a lot of the fissures in your party? >> that's fine. i look at him as a rock solid leader, rock solid conservative. right values, right perspective, the right experience. it just brings us a wealth of talent to the ticket, and that's going to be helpful as we move forward and try to beat clinton. lou: and donald trump now is -- when he comes into this room thursday. >> yeah. lou: give us your best guess, will it be a united party, or will ted cruz -- >> i think it will be united, i think with each day as you started our conversation, you're feeling the energy
7:54 pm
build, and that's exactly what we need to have happen, taking momentum into the fall, and winning this election. i think the american people are going to rally behind donald trump and mike pence. i think this state, which is a critical state as we all know, i think it can go for donald trump. which it has to, if we're going to win. lou: i guess the elephant not in the room is john kasich. governor kasich not being here, that's a -- that's a tough one. how does it make you feel? >> i think over time, governor kasich will be supportive of donald trump. i certainly hope so. that's what helps our party, it helps the country is the most important question. it will get better over time, which is exactly what we want. lou: what is with all of these vast feelings, the resentment, the piquish response in the republican party. we have not seen this kind of bad sportsmanship, bad manners
7:55 pm
and utter lack of class in either political party in a long, long time. >> i think it's a reflection of the frustration the american people feel. there is polling out there that says 80% of the american people feel like washington has forgotten him. that washington doesn't represent him, that washington forgot about them completely. that frustration you're seeing across the board, among some of the people who were part of the race itself. what's important, as i have said several times, let's remember that secretary clinton and all she was involved with. i sat on the benghazi committee. i saw she was misleading the american people before the attack even ended. she was more focused about her political future than she was getting the help to americans fighting for their lives and fighting for fellow citizens. that's what we're up against and get behind our income and make sure he wins. lou: you are confident, governor kasich is going to come around?
7:56 pm
>> i've not talked to the governor, i hope that's what's going to happen. i feel that will happen. obviously, that's john kasich's call in the end. lou: when you talk about this poor sportsmanship, we'll call it that, reflecting the country right now. there is something reflects washington, though, a number of candidates for the republican nomination who have gone back on their word. >> yeah. lou: how could anybody tolerate that from an elected official? >> yeah, they signed something, i wish they would endorse our nominee. my background in the sport of wrestling, i always say the guy who wins the semifinals gets to go into the finals, and donald trump won the semifinals fair and square, he's our candidate, let's get behind him. lou: he is the nominee. we're coming right back from the quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. stay with us. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in
7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
lou: we are back in quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. they are rockin' the place. the fact is, they are counting up the votes, the delegate votes from alaska. the delegation challenging the
8:00 pm
reported votes. it's been going on for 10 minutes. but either way, donald trump officially clinched the nomination for president. reince priebus must be pulling his hair out. can you hear that music? we are pretty excited about a count that barely reaches into double digits. joining me now mike gallagher and terry picket. can you believe there is this much excitement around a recount of votes? who who would have thunk it?
8:01 pm
the idea that we are going to be here for a few minutes. what are you taking away from this evening so far? no surprise donald trump officially won the nomination. it now counts at 725. well above the 1,237 needed. there have been no protests. it doesn't appear this delay has anything to do with never trump or cruz. it looks like it's just politics, democracy in action. >> there was some sort of expectation there was going to be a never trump-anti-trump sort of action. the thing was, we never really knew when it was going to happen, if it was going to
8:02 pm
happen before the roll call vote or during the roll call vote o after the roll call vote. there were text messages coming from delegates of unbound groups saying big things would happen on the floor tonight. there were some delegates honed up saying they didn't care if they were bound to the results of their contest they were going to vote their conscience. he felt the way the rules are with the rnc, they are unbound. lou: it's over, it's done. >> this is a desperate bid for relevance. it's a beautiful state. my family and i have vacations there. but come on, i don't know what the delegation thinks it's going to accomplish. this is the kind of in the weeds stuff people don't like have much.
8:03 pm
lou: it slows down this amazing production of an incredible night, the count for their nominee. it's peculiar. i want to turn into what's going on in the politics. clinton calling attention to so-called white privilege. this with the president today sitting on an open -- sending out an open letter telling cops he has their backs after just walking over them for months now. what is going on in the democratic party? >> you know what, lou? the thing here that i find fascinating is actions speak louder than words. if the president really means that, then give these local police departments their vehicles back that the pentagon confiscated from them. lift those consent decrees then
8:04 pm
maybe the law enforcement agencies will start trusting them again. this also goes for what's going on down on the border. >> what really matters is what the democrats will do at their convention. i don't know if they will have a night like we saw last night where the police are honored, the military, blue lives matter. another police officer killed in kansas city today. it's going to be hard to reconcile that. lou: the party in convention is rejecting governance here with melania's speech last night. the democratic party looks desperate. the attacks, an open letter from a president who has been insulting and worse american law enforcement since almost the day he took office. >> absolutely.
8:05 pm
if you remember, you had the president hoanldsed up saying to the effect of the police officer over in boston that he acted stupidly, then you end up it was the president who acted stupidly because he didn't get the whole story correct. that happened too many times when the president ended up jumping ahead of himself. lou: we are slowly for the last 10 minutes heading toward -- the party is hoping will be donald trump's reagan moment. >> even alaska can't stop the momentum tonight. there is still a lot of momentum. lou: mike gallagher reassuring us. >> i just happen to be here. lou: i have got a better seat this time than 40 years ago. it's great to have you with us.
8:06 pm
carrie, thank you. appreciate it. joining us now, former reagan political director ed rollins, executive editor for "the weekly standard" and fox contributor fred barnes will be joining us. this looks to be one of those parochial moments that happen in national conventions. doing gone it, we want the record kept straight. what do you make of it. >> it delays the evening. these are big-time television show. the millions watching it across the country, they want to hear -- lou: i have got to interrupt you, reince priebus stepping up to explain what's going on. >> all the states are bound by 1682 and the secretary is required to read the bound vote.
8:07 pm
that's why in a few states there was a difference. in this particular case the state rules under the 16f filing says that the candidates that are submitted under the -- that run in the election, if they drop out, the bound vote gets reallocated to the only candidate left that's running. so he understand. so under the rule, he is correct, that that is how alaska originally voted. however, since there was only one candidate left running, the bound vote gets shifted under the safe party rule, and that's why the secretary read it that way. so that's how the rules are interpreted. i hope you saw it tonight that we aloud for other voachts other candidates that are running to be read. i hope you all appreciated that. in any event, have a great
8:08 pm
night. lou: reince priebus you would think -- here we go. a new rule. >> this result differs from the result of a poll delivered to the secretary. the chair is prepared to announce the results. the following candidates received the following votes. 1,725 trump. 475 cruz. 120 kasich. 114 rubio. 7 carson.
8:09 pm
3 bush. 2 paul. accordingly, the chair announces that donald trump, having received a majority of these votes entitled to be cast at the convention has been selected as the republican party nominee for president of the united states. lou: there it is. ed, i think i detected a glimpse of enthusiasm from speaker ryan for the nominee. what do you make of it? >> it's now trump's party for
8:10 pm
the foreseeable future and to a certain extent speaker ryan is a part of that party. i think he's a smart man, i think he will realize the battle of the anti-trump battles are over, when one this fair and square. he now has to win against hillary. the next couple days will be important to do that. lou: mitch mcconnell being introduced to the convention. we'll go there for just a moment, if we may. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's time for us to determine our nominee for the office of vice president of the united states. the chair states in compliance with rule 40-b the chair has been furnished with evidence that a majority of the delegates
8:11 pm
from each of 8 or more state severally support the candidate presented for the nomination for vice president of the united states. the chair would like to remind delegates of the provisions of rule 40-a which provide that in part if there is only one candidate for nomination for vice president of the united states who has demonstrated the support required by paragraph b of this rule, a motion to nominate for such office by acclamation shall be in order, and no calling of the roll with respect to such office shall be required. at this time the chair states that he has been furnished with evidence that there is on one candidate for nomination of the office of vice president who demonstrated the support required under rule 40-b of the rules of the convention. delegates and alternates, the chair recognizes and is pleased
8:12 pm
to introduce to the honorable eric holcolm from the state of indiana. let's give him a warm welcome. >> mr. chairman, delegates, and guests of the 016 republican -- the 016 national convention. i have the high honor of placing into nomination the name of a man i have known for decades. a man america is just getting to know. i already know his head. i already know where his heart is. in indiana, some know mike pence as congressman. others know him as governor.
8:13 pm
but back home most call him mike. [cheers and applause] as you just heard, i serve as mike's lieutenant governor, but more importantly, he and karen are two of my dearest friends. together we stood side by side as our state has shown the world how common sense, conservative leadership can balance budgets while at the same time cutting taxes every single year he's been in office. and while at the same time making record investments in public education and increasing our children's test scores. in indiana, under mike pence, more hoosiers are working now than in any type in our 200-year history. and our tech sector is experiencing explosive record
8:14 pm
growth. in indiana, mike pence doesn't just cut red tape, he eliminates it. and that is one reason, one reason why indiana is recognized as having the best business climate in the midwest and the fifth best business climate in america. it is exactly that type of leadership our country is looking and exactly the type of leadership americans will send to the white house this fall with donald trump and mike pence. [cheers and applause] these two leaders are not just prepared to win, they are prepared to govern. mike likes to say that indiana is a state that works. and tonight america is calling
8:15 pm
on him to expand that success to make america work again. [cheers and applause] mr. chairman, mr. chairman, on behalf of the great state of indiana, i proudly nominate a great man of integrity, a proven conservative, an incredible husband and father, and one of my best friends, i nominate the great governor of indiana, mike pence, as the republican party's 2016 candidate for vice president of the united states of america. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] lou: pence officially nominated. the gentleman speaking is lieutenant governor. he may be wishing [inaudible]
8:16 pm
because he will asend to the governorship -- ascends to the governorship. as we prepare for the roll call on the nomination, what is your judgment about how things have gone here. the absence of disruption, the absence of an obstacle to the nomination of donald trump, and moving this convention along? >> i think they have done a good job of moving it along. the rules and the rest of it are a complicated-type thing. but at the end of the day, it's done. it's donald trump's field to run with. he has a party unified behind him. there may be dissidents out there, but nobody in that hall at this point of time is wishing him well. he will go home and work hard. you have got to rev up your troops.
8:17 pm
they have got to march right out of here. you have got to basically go hard charge the rest of the way. a dead-even race by most polls. trump is positioned where he can be credible and viable. it's been a good night so far. lou: fred barnes -- it's done. i stepped on mitch mcconnell. i apologize to that. especially to mike pence who is now officially the nominee of the republican party for vice president of the united states. trump-fence has been a movement, 's now official. it has the power, the energy and enthusiasm and resources of the republican party behind it. i'm joined by fred barnes of the weekly standard. great to have you here. are you moved? >> i don't know about moved.
8:18 pm
but i agree with one of the things ed said. i think a couple of very good things happened to trump. one was picking pence. he turned out to be the right guy to be his running mate. an has gotten rid of the krmt that he can't win. he's ahead. some he's tied. but we know he can win. we have one big job left and that's the acceptance speech on thursday night. lou: what do you want to hear from him. he has addressed every major issue without exception. what more can he do to move fred barnes and the koch brothers and business kristol. >> we have different views on this. one, he has to hammer what i think are the three big issues he has.
8:19 pm
one is terrorism, the economy, and hillary. and hammering on those are important. but he also wants to make sure he leads with a united party. he says he thinks it's united. but remember, he's talking to a national audience. there will be 50 million people watching. he has to make himself someone those people will want to and can envision as president. lou: you just heard fred barnes say donald trump proved he can be elected president. folks are pretty much empirical in this. two things he has to do thursday. >> he has to project strength. he has to have a clear message. here is my vision write want to take the party and the country and here is how i plan on doing
8:20 pm
it. i'm a leader, i'm strong, i can make the tough decisions. next week you will see a party that isn't as strong and has more liberal views than my party does. and that's the key lou: we have mike pence. he's the nominee. we thank you for helping us bring that to the american people. the republican ticket of trump-pence is official. coming up california congressman darrell issa joins us. "make america work again." we are live from the republican national convention. and as you can hear, things are heating up. mike pence and the place goes wild. we are coming right back. stay with us. your car got rear-ended
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♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. he's a member of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committee. congressman, great to have you here. ears decemberre you, trump and investigating the excess of this
8:25 pm
conservative and team builder. he's someone we can trust in congress and work with. government, overhauling and reorganizing government, it's tougher. lou: donald trump talks aboutap.
8:26 pm
he can get us to a balanced budget in his presidency. lou: he's not talking about anything small. he's talking about free trade agreements that resulted in $13 trillion in external debt and if we like it with bringing jobs back. lou: congratulations on your
8:27 pm
book, we recommend it to you highly. we watched you do that. i covered you over the years. is it your sense now congress natural gas and oil, america would be doing much lou: darrell issa, the bikes "watchdog," and he has been a good one. last night former marines and benghazi survivors john tiegen
8:28 pm
and mark grieft took the stage. they join me after this break. we are waiting for the nominee donald trump to speak from the trump tower in manhattan coming up at 9:00 p.m. eastern and much more straight ahead.
8:29 pm
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8:31 pm
lou: the quicken loans arena. the republican party has their pence. john tiegen and mark geist
8:32 pm
addressed the convention last night. you were amazing last night. that was absolutely wonderful. i want to talk about your support for the republican party and for donald trump. how you decided to do it. >> you know, it started out just seeming like the right thing character about how they treat their children. and they learned it from somebody, and they had to learn it from him. lou:
8:33 pm
and, you know, that is just a good choice. lou: i think people are somewhat surprised, you all are absolute american heroes. so many of our military don't have the opportunity to stand up for specific policies or candidates. you are free to do so. so many of our heroes are -- i have to tell you, i just find it wonderful that you are doing it. so many guys kind of withdraw and you guys stepped out and you stepped out fo benghazi -- it'se reasons benghazi happened is it gives us the platform to come
8:34 pm
a lot of vets don't get a big platform like we have to give our voice. lou: donald trump made it clear where veterans are going to stand in a trump administration. tell us about the warrior foundation. take them out. lou: let me ask you the last question. what is your sense as you travel around the country? are americans responding to trump's candidacy and the need to -- we have been talking about
8:35 pm
there is 22 million of us. if we don't stand up and vote, we won't make it. lou: that's a powertiegen, you . thathe knew that would be it. smart guys. thank you. we are coming -- we are going to goaf right now to fox news contributor guy benson and elizabeth harrington.
8:36 pm
guy, elizabeth, good to have you with us. elizabeth, it's peaceful, this room is filled with unity. are you surprised? >> i mean, yes, actually, it's been a tough road to get unity. yesterday you saw kinds of chaos as the never trump movement tried their last gamble. but i mean, i think it seems like a nice ceremony right now. but no matter what happens tonight. there are still people in the never trump movement who will not be satisfied with trump and we'll never get the full unity he's seeking. lou: guy, i have taken your temperature here tonight. as you covered this story of the trump candidacy and the race for the presidency. here we are, it's magic night. it's official. your thoughts on the trump
8:37 pm
candidacy as nominee of the republican party, joined with mike pence as his vice president running mate? >> well, he's the winner here. i think what's surprising to a lot of us is we go way back 20, he came back that escalator. everyone was wondering, is this even a serious campaign, is this a serious candidate. we have learned in the course of month after month he was a force to be reckoned with and it's now over. donald trump is the nominee. we have got the ticket. next week it will be hillary clinton and we are off to the races in a general election campaign that according to the polling looks relatively competitive heading into the full-blown sprints of that general election contest. lou: you mentioned the polling. one of the things i noticed in this convention is republicans are very empirical.
8:38 pm
they are looking at the facts and they are look at success. as trump has narrowed the polls, clinton's lead has disappeared in the margin of error for some of them. it's a tight race and tightening it appears. do you think that's what was required for there to be unity in this arena? yes, i don't think there is a question here. the polls are tightening because trump is -- has proven all the pundits wrong time and time again. everybody said he doesn't have a chase. he won't make it months and he keeps doing it. tonight the message is about success and getting people back to work. that's what's been his appeal the entire time. people like that. people like his success. they see trump. they want to be like him. he want to make a lot of money, and that will be the message tonight. it will be a good message for him.
8:39 pm
lou: i want to ask you one quick question, what do you want to hear thursday night from donald trump? >> i want to hear a serious candidate lay out specific policies about how he's going to make america great again. we heard that phrase a number of times last night overand over. the american people want to hear a few blanks filled in. one of the ways he might be able to get some of the never trump folks into his camp is to emphasize the future of the supreme court. that's one of his most potent arguments he has at his disposal and he should hit it hard thursday. lou: up next. it's official, donald trump is the republican nominee for president. >> it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight
8:40 pm
with 89 delegates. congratulations, dad, we love you! lou: the trump family, four of the kids. donald trump set to speak from trump tower in new york in a few minutes. also donald jr. and his daughter tiffany will speak tonight. charlie hurt joins us after the break. we are live from the republican national convention, stay with us. there is much more to this evening. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too!
8:41 pm
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8:43 pm
8:44 pm
lou: donald trump is about to speak live from trump tower in new york to all of the delegates assembled in the quicken loans arena in cleveland. earlier he reacted to winning the republican nomination. he tweeted this. it had to be a tweet, right? such a great honor to be the republican nominee for president of the united states. i will work hard and never let you down. america first!citizens united, e country's leading conservatives and washington times con knew.
8:45 pm
so i got a few phone calls to help him out especially early on. lou: this has to be gratifying to you to see the success of the campaign and the success of the man from 13 months ago. a number of people said he wasn't serious. and one conclusion after another he grabbed on to the movement the rest of them did not recognize.
8:46 pm
lou: i said this to a number of people in cleveland over the course of these days. he single major issue before the american people right now, part of the national dialogue, the national debate that will unfold between hillary clinton and donald trump, he has set the agenda. he set every one of those agenda items. whether illegal people were talking about his foreign policy experience. this is the guy who said fir when everyone else was silent.
8:47 pm
he's going to prosecute the case against hillary clinton. lou: is it not impressive to you that he has managed to do that, the man who says he said he wasn't a politician. he has no claim now that he is. during that time he was running for office, he was the guy setting the issues before the american people. >> absolutely, lou. for the last 12 months plus we have seen him go on to the debate stable against hour many republicans. he time you saw a man up there who was the fastest letterer of any of the people on that stable. he time he came back, learning something -- every time learning more and morer time.
8:48 pm
when you listed those issues he has been in touch with the american people. trade and immigration. both parties basically have the same position on that, and it was completely at odds with what the american people wanted. what we saw that was so remarkable about what we saw 12 months ago when donald trump came on to the scene. he was just running against democrats and liberals. he took on the republican party and now he's taking on the democrat party. he took on the republican party to win the nomination and that took a lot of guts and smarts as well. grassroots party these days.
8:49 pm
and a lot to look forward to in cleveland as the nomination at the convention continue. david bossie thank you. charlie hurt, thank you so much. we are coming right back. later tonight house speaker ryan, knowledge governor chris christie. former presidential candidate dr. ben carson. they are some of the big names taking this stage behind me tonight. but first alex sawyer and tom sullivan join trish regan and me after this break. we are live at the republican national convention in cleveland. stay with us. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
8:50 pm
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and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be. me. ♪ we want to turn quickly to attorney, political reporter for breitbart news, alex sawyer. we are grateful to have you with us. and don injur giordano.
8:53 pm
and taupe sullivan. you are looking very good. great to have you all here. from donald trump at the top of the hour. let me turn to you and say this is been a smooth process. we have an atmosphere in this arena that i hope that trish will bear me out on this. it's been electric and positive. you talk about good energy, we have got it. are you surprised? >> slightly surprised. i thought if we were going to see any never trumpers take their last stand it would have been around 5:30 when trump was
8:54 pm
officially nominated for office. it's somewhat surprising he will be joining us at 9:00. but i don't think anything we should see out of the ordinary for him and his campaign. it has been unconventional this whole year.
8:55 pm
>> you are right, very smooth, more than i expected. lou:th cheering, they can't be just putting on an act. >> youunification -- >> i think there will be a a congencey of people who are not happy, but i think that train has left the station, the majority of people areect from p
8:56 pm
thursday? >> i know thursday the theme make america one again, i think we'll see him try to unite the party and the country. with recent shootings in dallas and baton rouge that is the big thing right now, if he is smart he will talk about the economy. that is where he scores overwhelmingly in double digits over hillary clinton. >> i hope he talks about the supreme court. that is the thing that brings conservatives and to poll. and he laid out 11 people who are solid people that are not going to reinterpret the constitution. that is a solid point he should talk about. i hope he talks about too, he
8:57 pm
has won and reaching out to everyone, rather than just a victory lap. >> before we get to thursday night. i am curious about tonight, chris christie is going to be speaking. i am curious to see whether 4 years ago when he gave his speech at romney convention, it was all about him, not romney. it will be interesting to see whether chris christie has a speech about him or whether he will give attributes of donald trump, not only do we finish with chris christie tonight, but before trump thursday we have ted cruz tomorrow night. and i am veryit is, and also ecf
8:58 pm
his wifewhat are you businessin- what are you expecting him to say. trish: a big theme tonight is the economy, getting people back to work. economic security and physical security go hand in hand, they play right to afraid right now , for their economic future and their fed call future. -- physical future, not just the race division, police shootings but. big threat of isis. i think you will hear a lot from him in terms of these themes. a promise that he will not let s
8:59 pm
we await donald trump a lot of people here will be galvanized. trish said there is fear, there is no question. this convention is a metaphor for the country, rallying around a strong leader, seems to push fire aside and raise some considerable level of excitement? >> i agree. i think if you look at history, we seem to look atrogen rally -- at the general electorate to go to candidate. -- opposite candid, i think that general election will go toward the stronger leader, that is of.
9:00 pm
trish: you issue not going anywhere, you are staying alongside me for the night, we'll have lots of analysis on donald trump. trish: donald trump set to speak in moments for the first time as official republican nominee. welcome, to our special coverage of the republican convention, live from cleveland, ohio. i am trish regan. the theme today, tonight, day two of this convention, is make america work again. jobs. the economy, these are the issues


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