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tv   Special Coverage The Republican National Convention  FOX Business  July 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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rubio followed by lou zobs at 7:00 p.m., then neil cavuto going all the way to midnight. vp nominee mike pence is the keynote. keep it right here. [♪] >> announcer: live from the 2016 republicans national convention in ohio, you are watching marco rubio. maria: tonight's -- you are watching maria bartiromo. maria: tonight's theme is making america great again.
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we'll be hearing from former rivals like senators ted cruz and marco rubio. but all eyes will be on mike pence who will be accepting the nomination for vice president tonight. reporter: the trump campaign says the speakers will discuss the republican vision for a new leadership for america. senator ted cruz will speak. he may endorse donald trump. we'll see. eric strum, the nominee's son, former house speaker newt begin give and the keynoter is governor mike pence, the candidate for vice president.
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one of the delegates listening to this is the youngest trump delegate at the convention. william carter at the savannah delegation. william, when i was 18 years old, i was still reading comic books. you are a delegate for the convention. how did that happen? >> i got involved in the party and i went to the district convention and won my election. reporter: you beat somebody running for congress by 1 votes? >> 12 votes. reporter: your goal is to be president of the united states one day and addressing a convention like this? >> i take the quote be the strange you want to see in the world. and i think to become the change want to see in the world to become president of the united
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states. maria, back to you. 20, the son of share croppers. now he's one of the top 10 oil producers. you are going to be speaking tonight, part of the
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horizontal drilling and what it has done for the renaissance in america with oil production. maria: we talk a lot about economic growth. achieve american energy independence. so this is something. maria: you have had the opportunity to you have a advice, to speak with donald trump. can you give us a sense your kfgs, what
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so to eliminate that would be the silliest thing we could do. maria: how do you convince the average voter out there about the impact of >> not just economic growth, but
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so we are going to be reaching out to them. maria: will trump be able to deliver that mess and and have met in my life. maria: wow, that's a big statement. >> he is, and he has delivered it. and he will do it here. maria: the stock market hitting record hig we are a on a huge run. i brought that up early monday morning. people see the difference.
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where would you put your money? you going to go to germany, france, europe, put your money with all the instability goingth make america stronger than ever. that's why you go here. trump rally. >> you have got to believe the 15% corporate thanks rate is resonating tell the truth to the american public, that's huge. maria: let me ask you about the
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country right now, it's great. maria: is the party uniting behind donald trump? ted cruz is going to speak tonight. but he said earlier even
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this one is really different. maria: how about the business community? are they behind trump? >> they are. maria: thanks for weighing in, harold hamm, we'll be watching your speech tonight. let's bring in matt schlapp and ford carlson. ford? >> he's right. that's the goal to make a case that donald trump can restore america to the shining city on the hill providing new economic
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opportunities for her citizens. but i would be lying if i didn't say all eyes are on mike pence who has the dual task of introduction himself to the world and making a case for donald trump. maria: speaker paul ryan will introduce pence tonight. what mess and does pence need to drive home in terms of his own biography in addition to speaking to the party as a whole? >> first goal for every person who gets picked for vice president is they have to walk on to that stage and convince the american people that they are ready for the job. mike pence has been the governor of indiana. before he was in congress, he was a national figure. but a lot of people don't know him. do they see him functioning as vice president which means you have got to be ready to be president. the second test is just generally, the first take on the
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guy, is he likeable? dose seem smart? the third test is, is this ticket going to stand for conservative values that are at the base of the republican party? i think it will reiterate those themes as well. maria: fox news confirmed the trump campaign reached out to john kasich for the vice president slot saying he would be the strongest on foreign policy. then donald trump pushed back on that. but he chose. >> running mate with a strong governing background. >> donald trump is going to become the next president of the united states, it will be the industrial midwest that will drive it home. the oil and gas and coal sector. the manufacturing sector.
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the bottom line is, mike pence answered the call and he's someone from the midwest who can bring that manufacturing base back. and to be perfectly honest, every outsider needs a yin and yang. and if he's anything like the speech he delivered to the american conservative union earlier this week, he will hit a home run. maria: you have got newt gingrich, what will you be looking for tonight? is there a theme? obviously make america first again. what do you want to see from these speeches to make it seem like it will resonate with the voter? >> i want to hear what eric trump has to say. i have listened to these trump grown children give their remarks about their father. i know a lot of them have dontell vision interviews. but more americans are watching
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them, they humanize their dad. these kids talking about their dad, that's the most important success. the other speech that's critically important is newt gingrich. making the case to the rest of these republicans who might be recalcitrant, time to get on board. nobody has the rhetorical flair like newt gingrich. >> i agree the best calling card donald trump has in terms of connecting with average voter is his children. i hope they continue the success they have had at this convention. maria: i know you agree donald trump, jr. rocked the house. he got everybody excited and n -- and energized. former mcdonald's ced of a big .
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maria: welcome back. the main event tonight, governor mike pence will be ed rensi, the former ceo of mcdonald's joining me now. what do you think mike pence needs to say to resonate with voters.
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people are understanding who he is, meeting him for the first time. >> in donald trump we have an exciting charismatic leader who will be barging his way through being a great president. and pence is a rock solid thoughtful man. and he's going to balance trump bully. maria: you have trump who is business headquartered in new york, and pence is a midwesterner. comes from indiana. do you think he will be able to indianapolis the vibrancy of the city. he will do a great job. maria: you think he will be able
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it with obama. i think trump will do it because he understands the problems we got. maria: during your tenure at mcdonald's you experienced phenomenal growth. what is the vision for the country to get that kind of growth? how do we break out of this 1% to 2% growth.wa the thing about mcdonald's, we had the resources to do it. it's that simple. maria: roll back regulation is part of trump's platform. taxation, another major
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>> i will be as aggressive as i can early. the congress and the senate will full of angst and worried. we need to rally behind trump and get the job done and grow this country. maria: you have to believe the convention is doing that a bit. we'll also hear from ted cruz later tonight. his words will also be central brand for conservative behavior. ted has got to get some
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maturity. i think he will be a great president in four or eight years. i would love to have him be president some day. he's got what we need. maria: he said he will run again. so we'll see about that. you wonder if he's going to work >> ted cruz is no dummy. if he wants to win in the future he has to get all the people convinced at this convention that he's the guy. you become the guy by supporting the team. my governor kasich embarrasses me. he needs to be here. he's rude. maria: it's too bad governor kasich is not here. the convention is a huge deal for the state. >> why doesn't he want to he can swallow that bile.
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you don't always win. get with the program. maria: we have eric trump and marco rubio speaking tonight. any thoughts on marco rubio and what you want to hear from eric trump, another window into trump's personal life, his family. >> obviously donald trump is a because they have a little bit different gift. and i'm looking forward to the speeches tonight. maria: real quick on business today. do you feel things are changinge
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world, b but it's killing industry. to build technology further. we need to educate our population. maria: great to talk to you. ed rensi. protesters have gathered in cleveland outside the arena where a flag-burning movement caused a scuffle. we are live tonight from the arena here in cleveland for day three of the republican national convention.
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maria: protesters congregated outside of the rnc all week. but earlier today anarchists staged a flag burning. the only networks to cover it, fox and fox business. >> it's a much calmer scene where we are. this is the perimeter, the gate where the secret service allow the attendees to go in. as we cut away from that video we shot when we were reporting on the live protests. these anarchists brought an american flag in. i knew this was going to happen because they announced it in advance.
6:28 pm
but what caught the police offguard is they came in normal clothes. then they put their shirts and on started to light the flag. there was a lot of pushing and shoving. but the police moved in with the help of police from all over the united states. they pushed the perimeter back two city blocks. it took a half-hour to 40 minutes to do so. now as you look at the convention attendees, this is a calm scene. everybody is going in hoping to enjoy night three of the convention. so we are hoping that there is a repeat of what we saw yesterday. 4:00 p.m. hour yesterday in public square we had a protest that got plather rowdy. but the night was quite calm so authorities are hoping history repeats itself this evening.
6:29 pm
we'll see. back to you inside. maria: what is the point? i don't even understand what their point is to burn the flag. >> they don't have a point. they don't have a political point. they are against everything. they want the government to be overthrown. anarchy. their point is to disrupt the convention at the point where people go in. where lori and i are standing, lori is the photographer, is exactly where the flag was burned. they get right up to where everyone is going in and they light a flag on fire. this is or 8 feet from the secret service perimeter where everybody is going into the convention. the police have done an excellent job for the three days we have been her in maintaining their cool, not taking the bait. but when they have to move in they do so decisively and calmly.
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and they did it today. maria: thank you to our law enforcement. outside the convention center there are examples of discord. inside the party is aiming or unity. chris christie and ben carson clinton who has become a unifying feature of the convention. is that a fair statement?
6:31 pm
with the bernie sanders, and hillary clinton wing. we are starting to unify going into november. maria: what do you want to see in term of number's naming of people, in terms of who is going to be in his cabinet. what do you want to see from donald trump to copa >> i think what donald has to do is to get deep policy folk trusted by the conservative movement into these positions. i think mike pence was a brilliant choice. he was a staunch conservative, fist cool and social. trump is going to win. he has to win the rust belt in wisconsin. we communicate differently than new york.
6:32 pm
i'm looking forward to conservatives who are steeped in good conservative policy. maria: donald trump, one of the most controversial candidates in years. do you think he's been successful so far this week in unifying the party because of that? because he's not part of the establishment an republican in any prior primary process. the guy is doing thing unconventionally but he's winning with big numbers. i think what he has to do is keep that rogue factor going on. if he stays on script so media can't
6:33 pm
to win. who would have thought with the kind of comment he makes and the times who has fought for them is donald trump. they think they are exactly the same. same as donald in construction. that's how he touched people with his language. maria: it's also about policy.
6:34 pm
paul ryan and mitch mcconnell last night and hardly mentioned donald trump's name. has the establishment fully embraced him or is it what he's going to say about the policy and the platform.e >> we have been working on policy prescriptions for 4 to years, tax reform. how do we roll back rules and regulations that can help our private sector expand and grow. i think if paul ryan and mitch mcconnell extend that olive branch to donald, and i thinkthd
6:35 pm
the scenes. i was at a they are going to go with donald
6:36 pm
trump, though there is still some heart bush over it, maria. maria: the anti-clinton sentiment, there is a lot of it here. but there has got to be more than that. it can't just be vote for me because you don't want to vote >> the unique component, these are diehard republicans, they vote inner election. you can motivate them. donald is reaching out to thesee crazy builder bill why air concept from new york. maria: congressman, good to see you. we appreciate your time. sean duffy. the delegates officially
6:37 pm
nominated donald trump as their nominee last night. let's bring in matt schlapp and amy, let me kick this off with you. what's your take on the unity question? >> i don't think it is a question anymore. we finalized our candidate. we are excited to move forward. and i would hope that tonight that that's the remaining speeches and that's the way they go, and everyone jumps on board. maria: matt, your take on this. you heard the speeches, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. what do you think? you have got to believe they are rallying around the platform, right? >> that's right. you think aboutton. he's an outsider. if these long-time elected officials don't want to utter his name have much, it doesn't matter.
6:38 pm
if there are other elected officials that want to endorse him, it doesn't matter. we shouldn't be surprised if long-time washington politicians are uncomfortable with them. i just reinforced this mess and that conservatives across this country want to send which is we have got to send a didn't type of person to washington. someone with the character to stand up to these entrenched problems. and we are not making the progress on them that we need to. maria: the chair of the alaska coalition fought the chair over their vote count. will they coalesce around the candidate? >> i called them the anti-trump gnats. i find it obnoxious and it's time to move forward. if they don't jump on board,
6:39 pm
they will miss out. we don't need them. he secured the candidates i. i come from the state of nevada and i originally supported carly fiorina and governor kasich. and he hasn't jumped on board. he does haven't to wear a trump shirt and trump hat, but i wish he would jump on board with us. maria: when you look at the republican party and donald trump it's about rolling back regulation and lowering taxes. when you look at hillary clinton, it's about building on obama's regulations and raising taxes. that's a very clear choice. >> the scary thing here is the american voter needs to realize barack obama has worked around congress. even a republican house and senate would not be able to prevent hillary clinton from having a third obama term. it's very important for these republicans who aren't quite
6:40 pm
sold on donald trump to realize, we have to put a republican in the white house to work with that republican congress to take back these terrible progressive policies they put in. if hillary gets there a republican congress will not be able to fully stop her. maria: former trump rival ted cruz set to take the stage tonight without having endorsed donald trump yet. we'll preview his speech and see if it's as forward and optimistic as his reports claim it will be. ♪
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maria: welcome back live from cleveland and the quicken loans arena. ted cruz's speech is being described as forward thinking and optimistic. let's talk about ted cruz's speech. what would be forward and optimistic from your standpoint, ford? >> to be perfectly honest, i have no idea what ted cruz is going to say. what i would say if he's not going to say anything nice about donald trump, i hope he continues to prosecute the case against hillary clinton and explain why conservative values are important to governing america going forward. i hope he doesn't do what chris
6:45 pm
christie did in 2012 and make the speech about him. the supreme court as ted cruz realizes very well is what's at stake. maria: mercedes, will he take the high road and extend an olive branch like ronald reagan did in 1986 with president ford? >> he will need to put himself in second place. there is this reality that exists, trump won fair and square. we are all looking at ted cruz to see if he's willing to help heal the gop civil war. i'm hearing from sources that he is not going to endorse. that would be incredibly disappointing. at the ends what we want to see is a victory in 2016. ted cruz will appear more like
6:46 pm
reagan who did endorse ford in 1976. and there is no substitute for victory. we need to win in 2016. otherwise we'll have a hillary clinton presidency, a third term obama. i feel it's important for ted cruz to come forward, be logical. not think of 2020 and help donald trump win this november. >> earlier today ted cruz said regardless of whether donald trump is president, wins the presidency in november, i'm going to be running in 2020. he said he's listening, watching and coming to a decision. i think most people want to see that. i agree with you. they are wondering how this party comes together. let's talk policy for a moment. what would be the most important policy that donald trump can talk about tomorrow.
6:47 pm
people would like to see more substance at this stage of the game. >> it's hard to bring in substance at a convention because you are talking about the vision. for trim's about make american great again. but i believe it's about national security and the economy. it's one of the reasons he brought pence as a vp tag team. americans are scared. we have seen the terrorist attacks globally at home. i think for donald trump it's important for him to talk about the key components and be able to reach americans across the country to deliver his message to say how can we build a stronger economy and insure we can protect our homeland. he needs to insure he makes that case. that he has the temperament to lead. that he's able to go after hillary clinton and say she does not have the judgment.
6:48 pm
she does not have the temperament to become commander-in-chief. maria: ford, what's most important from your standpoint. >> i wanted to see donald trump make the case that growth, economics and national security go hand in hand. it will be his policies that will restore america and put it first abroad and at home by giving people new opportunities because that's what american citizens are hungry for. maria: harold hamm mentioned that with regard to oil actually. i want to bring in peter barnes on the convention floor finding out a lot from various people there. he's hearing about what ted cruz might have in store. peter, what are you hearing? >> the trump campaign will only say that the delegates will be pleased with ted cruz's speech tonight. it's unclear if he's going to give donald trump a full endorsement. of course, the trump campaign
6:49 pm
would love that. but ted cruz has got probably some ageneral today of his own in a lot of ways talking to his crowd tonight. he still has ambitions for the white house. i think you will at a minimum hear him continue to prosecute hillary clinton, particularly on the issue of national security and foreign policy kinds of pick up from where governor chris christie left off last night. and you also will definitely will hear him say the party needs to now rally -- i don't know if you call it an endorsement. but needs to rally and unite to defeat hillary clinton in the fuel. perhaps a back door endorsement of donald trump if you will. maria? >> peter, thanks so much. i want not from political analyst gina louden. matt schlapp also joining us.
6:50 pm
cruz's speech not vetted by the campaign. what do you anticipate he will i think it will mean a lot for his future aspirations. maria: we'll hear from another former rival, marco rubio. what will shape things in terms of donald trump in his speech. >> it's important when donald trump walks on that stage to
6:51 pm
make sure he feels the deal. they know hillary clinton plays by a second set of rules. her numbers on her honesty and trustworthiness are abysmal. they want to make sure they are not doing something irresponsible by starting to support donald trump. these speeches from marco rubio and newt gingrich, especially the folks that evan wished in the primary set that up just perfectly. >> it's a great point. thank you so much. let's take a short break. when we come back lou dobbs will join me. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer,
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6:55 pm
eric trump to talk about who his father is, as only a son can know. so it's going to be amazing, and there's a lot of anticipation. as we start to feel the energy pick up here in the arena. a lot of anticipation abou i felt like last night donald trump jr. rocked the house. lou: no question about it, and got it from the left overnight. maria: not across the board. lou: if you get any love from the left at all, you are doing well, if you're the son of the presumptive nominee of this
6:56 pm
be mike pence, his opportunity to introduce himself to the world, make america know who exactly he is. he brings a lot of cred to the ticket. lou: he does, and conservatives of all kinds, his was an important choice by donald trump. if there is any doubt about the fact that donald j. trump is presidential and will do what is necessary to move the party forward and to win the white house, i think that concern was allayed in some of the quarters with the choice of mike pence. mike pence, as mike in indiana said as lieutenant governor, it is absolutely true. he has a remarkable experience
6:57 pm
in congress, as governor, and people want to hear, when it comes to platform, when it comes to policy coming out of this ticket? lou: the platform is incredibly important to everyone inside the building and not to folks outside of the building. what they want to hear is what donald trump talked about from the outset of his campaign now, 13 months long. they want to hear about what he will do about illegal immigration. how he will secure the border, secure ports, improve the citizenship and immigration service and make it function well. how he will, in fact, depth
6:58 pm
refugees and plans to formulate to deal with refugee problems. this country is humanitarian, irrespective of all of the policies, and humane, sometimes to a fault. they want to know how you're going to create all those jobs, mr. trump. and how are you going to restore prosperity, as he promises, to all americans? that's going to be -- i think that's what people want to hear, but most of all, they want to acquire that confidence that only he as a candidate, in my judgment, in both parties has offered. confidence to the american people that they have a future, they're going to hear more about tonight.atform. lou: that's right. maria: it shows unity and shows they're on the same page when it comes to that issue?
6:59 pm
lou: i would love to have seen former mexican president vicente fox as he found out the republican party put the wall he is personally going to have to -- i'm kidding about that. [ laughter ] >> no, donald trump made it clear, mexico one way or another will be paying for the wall and illegal immigration will be coming to an end, in all but the most marginal of ways. it's encouraging to think that i mean, to watch those four grown kids, i mean they are so -- they are such an asset to any candidate to be cynical and clinical about it, but for any father -- he has to just be busting with pride. maria: says a lot about him. lou: it says the world about him. and i think that they're probably the difference in this election for some time.
7:00 pm
i think that family is worth at least, well, i won't put a number on it, but i think they demonstrate that donald trump is a winner. they're winners and they're precisely the family and their family values that we would like in the white house. i di you tomorrow morning with . eastern. you have the next two hours. lou: wonderful job, as always. thank you so much. i am lou dobbs. we are live from the quicken loans arena from cleveland, for day three of the republican national convention. i promise you, a long list of the highest profile speakers yet, set to take the stage yet tonight. they'll be talking about tonight's theme, and it is a theme that will resonate in the hearts of most americans. how to make america first again?


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