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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 20, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am EDT

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something really amazingly right too have these children that are oso articulate, smart thank you for being with us. trish: you are not going anywhere. lou: take it away. trish: indiana governor mike pence about to take center stage to deliver his vice presidential accept an speech. these opportunity to convince millions of americans that the trump-pence ticket will make america great again, welcome to day 3 of republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. i am trish regan. tonight's theme, make america first again. we will hear from some of trump's former rivals,
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including scott walker, marco rubio, ted cruz. plus newt gingrich, and eric trump. the keynote address tonight is coming from the vpnominee, mike pence. as we await the speeches, i am here with this guy lou dobbs 92 i'm not going away. trish: karl rove will join us shortly. i told you, i in texas, a man's word is his bond. in texas, fundamental values count. like being man enough to accept defeat, do so with great sports an ship and class. that is the least. trish: even though he has been called lying ted. lou: he has been called a lot of things by a lot of folks, this is a night he has an
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opportunity to rise above what is a disappointing conduct to had their point. i hope he does. trish: it seems he was trying to some way make a play for 4 years from now? there was a movement going on. we witnessed that on the floor on monday. to try to actually change the outcome from offer what weeing here, they did not get far. but, some of his players were se candidates stand up to the level that their delegates have. this man has -- donald trump has a thousand deligate lead. this is not close, there have been stories about ted cruz saying he should have stayed in it, for crying out loud.
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karl rove is here. lou was saying that ted cruz is from texas, enough said, if you get on that stage, you are from texas, you should honor your word and endorse your candidate. >> i think if he does not doed s up, gives a luke warm endorsement. but never nominated for president. we saw that in 1976, ronald reagan got up, defeat by ford, and gives a warm endorsement
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>> he made it clear he was for ford. trish: you are assuming that the republican party has fundamentally been changed. if ted cruz gets on that endorsed him, and jeb bush could say, i d i didn't do that. govern they have a chance to reshape their political party. but even then, be careful that thin are set -- things are set
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enough, that is why they forced hillary clinton further left. we have a 74-year-old, democratic socialist who drinks his coffee with maple syrup who nearly upsets here. trish: what do you think that mike pence needs to do tougher than people give him credit for. he is also -- because of his you know gentlemanlyth -- with e
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candidate. trish: meaning? lou: he has to to so with grace, with some charm. and he has to go out and just kick her as hard as he can. trish: i want to follow-up on that, interesting point. it does change the dynamic, kennedy on the floor right now with former senator scott brown. a big trump supporter. kennedy. reporter: thank you. senator brown, was there from the beginning supporting donald trump's candidacy, tonight focus shifts to ted cruz. who came in second place, over 600 delegates, a lot people here still passionate about his message. the big question, what is senator cruz going to say tonight? will he support donald trump?
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>> that is the question dejour, he has a great following, i have a lot of respect for what he did. the big question, who will show up tonight, the guy that will have a parlay with a great speech. or is it ted cruz who will basically kind of be a soar sport and go home and take his delegate the, i think this will be first scenario, he will give a rousing speech, point out the things he agrees with donald trump on. maybe avoid the differences, and focus on difference between milwaukee -- between hillary clinton, and donald trump and himself. reporter: a tight rope he has to walk, if he is looking to 2020, if for some reason donald trump losing this race, ted cruz wants to put himself in position to be the early leader, how could he do that? if you were thinking about running for president, what do
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you do as ted cruz? >> similar to what mitch mcconnell and paul ryan did, talk about thins that would have happened if we had a republican president. obama wear would have been vetoes, and would have passed the keystone pipeline, i prayed last night he does that, he rallies this crowd there is a lot of energy here, contrary to haters outside and the other side. there is a tremendous amount of energy. reporter: when ted cruz did a sound check tonight, the press swarmed the podium, there were a lot of delegates cheering for him. it will be interesting to see how pro-trump versus pro-cruz delegates. >> we're all americans first, we're not ted cruz republicans or donald trump. that is not about them, this is about our party and direct of our country, we in deep trouble. we have a choice, do we have to have supreme court choice or cabinet secretary,
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ambassador, you want el elizabeth warren walking down or pence, i know who i want. reporter: another one of donald trump's speaking last night, eric trump. we'll see if eric can trump the performance from last night. thank you. >> thank you. reporter: back to you. trish: right kennedy, not putting pressure on him. anyway, wisconsin governor scott walker will take the stage.trish: when are you goingo say? >> talk about unity and leadership. two things we need right now. that is where emphasis will be with my that we need to put to work in
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public. trish: people mention that, i don't think you could underestimate that, lou, you know, you covered business world, for a long time, and ceos, approach situations, problems, i would argue, very differently from politicians. lou: they do, because they on a quarter by quarter basis with metrics they have to might, congress and the senate or kick the can down the road. >> you don't have to getting any did you, except get elected. and maybe that means not necessarily doing a lot of
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getting some solutions that are there. i like that donald trump is saying attacks reform, he has great people, art lapre, steve moore, working on him on his economic proposal. trish: okay. >> he has a you reduce the side and scope. trish: you know. you have been saying it for a whil lou, he would be disrupter in chief, go in, shake it up and does washington need shaking up. he'll on, scott walker -- hold on, scott walker coming to the stage, listen in.
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>> my fellow americans, you have a choice, you deserve better. because america deserves better. the well connectioned in washington are standing behind hillary clinton because hillary clinton is one of them. they want more of the same. donald trump is standing with the american people. we want a leader who is not afraid to take on the mess in washington. donald trump knows that there is a better way forward. we believe as republicans, we believe in an america where everyone can get the education, and training they need to succeed in college, in career in life. where washington did you -- does not deepen -- but creates
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-- because america deserves better. >> we believe in a country where people can achieve, maintain, and enjoy their piece of the american dream without government standing in the way. why? because america deserves better. we believe in a country where we take the threat of terrorism seriously, we name it for what it is, you know the words, radical islamic terrorism. we do everything in our power to eliminate it. to ensure our safety. why? because america deserves better. we believe in a country where there is a solemn responsibility to deliver to our troops, the support and tools they need to achieve absolute victory and then
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provide them with the healthcare, and respect they have earned when they return home. let's thank our veterans. trish: have you been listen to wisconsin governor scott walker, an early competitor of donald trump's, now here is the stage, behind us. with an endorsement, your reaction? >> i think it is wonderful that we're seeing most of the candidates, they took a pledge, said they were going to support whomever was nominee. to focus on policies and principles and winning. trish: irk mazin amazing you think about first night brett baier from fox asked them to take the pledgand american peopp
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on it. his word means something to him. he >> i agree. >> stay with me. >> words that bond. lou: amen. >> good to have you here, we're getting word that indiana governor mike pence is in the arena. is taking to the stage here tonight, and senator credito emiliansense ted cruz is coming up in moments, we have a lot for you, right here live from cleveland, we'll see you back here in two. you're here to buy a car.
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trish: welcome back to fox business, our coverage of the speaking, i am here with lou dobbs, and charlie gasparino joining us as well anything new to report in.evanka played y all interviewed them. i don't have a problem with that. i don't remember the last
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presidential candidate that relied on his kids. trish: his kids have been one with him in terms of business for some time, he grew up he said working in his dad's office, the kids have played vital roles. family values in this country than any president in memory. good kids, they all went up
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taught them how to do that. he is -- that is the great parts of about donald, i just wish he woul lou: don't get ahead of yourself. trish: you bringing up is what his endorsers want. -- for anyone out there who is looking at donald trump skeptically, to think about him as a family man, father, and look how great his kids turned out, that tells theml be, you going to be there. a nazi more than once, and you know he is not. trish: we have a lot to talk about ahead with you, don't go
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anywhere. still ahead, senators ted cruz and marco rubio will address the republican national convention, that is happening right after the break, we'll see you here. live from cleveland. on the other side of this. ♪ ♪
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trish: welcome back, senators marco rubio,ed t ted cruz, shortly, we have a big night, we're with the fbn all-stars,. kasich is not here.
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jeb at barclays and lehman brothers. lou: it was a rhetorical question. >> they lasted long. in all fairnes fair. lou: they make their words. trish: they were not bankers. d. trish: in business your word does matter does it not in politics. when eui have to remember that. >> you done buy that did you.
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take your head off, he did it better than them, i do not agree with a lot of his stuff, you know that but tactically, they are being sore losers now. trish: at the end of the day, he won they did not, they now face the chase, either hillary clinton or donald trump. >> the thing about kasich he took the pledge and the money, he took the benefits from being a part of a national primary, that costs a lot of money for the republican national party to put this together. when you take a pledge -- the party of that pledge is okay i'll take benefits of being in primary process, i pledge to give my support to whom ever wins that process that is
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implicit in taking part in the whole primary process. he could be sued for breach of contract. >> wow. every politician would be in jail and sued then. trish: i question where they will be in donald trump gets to the white house, are they eni think. why?rt enough to show up. if anybody has an mouse to donald trump it is ted cruz
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attacked his he has a reason bus here. trish: because you think he cares about his political future. >> yep. lou: i'm sorry >> we're forgetting a important point. trish: not to drag up the old issues but leaving wives out, it was actually, ted cruz campaign, and of his
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>> what are you talking about. trish: talk go family values. lou: filled with excited people. >> what do you have against melania's pictures in. trish: i digress. lou: i'm enjoying the moment. trish: he felt as though his family was attacked, my goodness, when donald trump gets attack he comes back swinging, he is still the kid from queens. >> and he gives everyone fair warning, he said, you hit me, i am hit you twice as hard. street rules. but kasich he is governor of state in which this convention is taking place. if this was a democratic convention, a republican governor would be expected to show up, and do some glad handing and because it good for business for the state.
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even if it was from the opposite party, but it is his own party in his own state. it is kind of disrespectful. not only to the party and donald trump but also to the people who are making money off this convention in his state. trish: yeah. marco rubio is going to be speaking shortly. he will not physically be here. >> what does that mean? trish: joining bvideo. >> could not get a plane from florida? trish: he is joining my video. about to happen. any moment now. >> i bet you mooch would have len his private jet to get him here. >> she was a liberal senator, and a reliable vote for crony capitalism, wall street bailout, out of control government spending, a key figure.
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of appeasing our enemies and diminishing our role in the world, she turned her back on the fallen heroes in benghazi. jeopardized our national security, and lied about it to american people. hillary clinton did you not have honesty, courage or depends to be president we need for next 4 years, after the president we had for last 8. donald trump committed to cut taxes curb spending and get our national spending under control, donald trump takes seriously the threat from islamic radicals, and donald trump has committed to appointing constitutionalist judges who will respect the proper role. after a long and spirited primary, the time for fightinge. it's time to come together and fight for a new direct for america. it is time to win in november. trish: all right marco rubio
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in a brief, video address to the crowd. saying he supports him. hillary clinton is not the answer. she would be bad for america. >> oh, boy. trish: ted cruz one of the headliner here in the house. will he or won't he, he is getting a huge applause from the crowd. lou and karl rove were saying earlier, it would be hard not to endorse him with this enthusiasm. let's listen in to senator ted cruz. >> thank you .
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thank you. and god bless each and every one of you. heidi and i are honored to join you here in cleveland. where lebron james just lead an incred ib come back victory. and i am convinced america is going to come back too. i want to congratulation donald trump on winning the nomination last night. and like each of you, i want to see the principles that our
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party believes prevail in november. conventions are times of excitement. but given the evens of the last few weeks, i hope you allow me a moment to talk to but what is really at stake. two week ago, a 9-year-old girl named caroline, was having a carefree texas summer. swimming in a pool, playing with friends doing all of the things a happy child might do. like most children, she relied upon love she received from her mom. , heidi, and her dad, a police sergeant named michael smith. that is until he became one of the 5 police officers gunned down in dallas. the day her father was
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murdered, caroline gave him a hug and a kiss as he left for work. but as they parted, her dad asked her something he never asked before, what if this is the last time you ever kiss or hug me? later, as she thought of her fallen father, and that last heartbreaking hug, caroline broke down in tears. how could anything ever be okay again? michael smith was a former army rainier who spend 3 decades with dallas police department. i have no idea who he voted for in the last election. or what he thought about this one. but his life was a testament to devotion.
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he protected the very protesters who mocked him. because he loved his country, and his fellow man. his work gave new meaning to that line from literature to die of love is to live by it. as i thought about what i wanted to say tonight, michael smith's story weighed on my heart, maybe because his daughter caroline is the about the same abl age as my eldest daughters and shares same name or maybe because i saw the video of that child.
9:38 pm
maybe it's because we live in a world where so many others had their lives destroyed by evil, in places like orlando, and paris. and nice, and baton rouge. maybe its because of simple question itself, what exists right now is our last -- what if this right now is our last time? our last moment to to something for our families and our country? did we live up to the values we say we believe? did we do all we really could? that is really what elections should be about. that is why you and millions like you, devoted so much time and sacrifice to this campaign. we're fighting, not for one particular candidate or one campaign, but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grand kid, our
9:39 pm
own carolines we did our best for their future. and our country. >> usa. usa. usa. >> america is more than just a land mass between two oceans. america is an ideally simple yet powerful idea. freedom matters. for were of human history government power has been the unavoid b able constant in life, government decrees, and the people obey.
9:40 pm
not here, we have no king or queen, we have no dictator. we the people constrain government. our nation is exceptional of it built on the 5 most beautiful and powerful words in the english language, i want to be free. never has that message been more needed than today. we stand here tonight's nation divided, partisan rank eanger and hatred are tearing america apartment citizens are feue furious at a political
9:41 pm
establishment that cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people . we have to do better. we owe our fallen heroes more than that. now, of course, obama and clinton will also tell you that they care about our children's future. and i want to believe them. but there is a profound difference in our two parties' vision for the future. theirs is party that thinks that isis is a jhav jv team that responds to deaths of
9:42 pm
americans in benghazi by asking, what difference does it make. and to think that it is possible to make a deal with iran, which celebrates holidays, death to america day, and death to israel day. my friends, this is madness. president obama is a man who does everything backwards. he's to close guantanamo bay, and open up our borders. he exports jobs and imports terrorists. enough is enough. and i am here to tell you there is a better vision for
9:43 pm
our future, a return to freedom. on education, your freedom to choose your child's education even if you are not as rich as hillary clinton or barack obama. on healthcare, your freedom to choose your own doctor, without obamacare. [cheers and applause] on taxes, your freedom to provide for your family, without the irs beating down your door.
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the internet keep it free if taxes, free from regulation, and don't give it away to russia and china. freedom means free speech. not politically correct safe spaces. freedom means religious freedom, whether you are christian or jew, muslim or atheist. whether you gay or straight, the bill of rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.
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freedom means the right to keep and bear arms and protect your family. freedom means that every human life is precious and must be protected. freedom means supreme court justices who don't dictate policy issue but instead follow the constitution. any freedom means recognizing
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that our constitution allows states to choose policies that reflect local values. colorado might decide something different than texas . new york different than iowa. that is the way it is supposed to be, diversity. if not, what is the point of having states to begin with? hillary clinton believes that government should make virtually every choice in your life. education, healthcare,
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marriage, speech, all dictated out of washington. but something powerful is happening, we have seen it in both parties, we have seen it in the united kingdom, unprecedented brexit vote to leave the european union. voters are overwhelmingly rejecting the political establishment and overwhelmingly rejecting big government. that is a profound victory and it is one earned by each and every one of you. people are fed up with politicians who don't listen to them. fed up with the corrupt system that benefits the elites
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instead of working men and women. we deserve an immigration system that puts america first, and yes, build a wall to keep america safe. [cheers and applause] a government that stops admitting isis terrorists as refugees. we deserve trade policies that
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put the interest of american farmers and manufacturing jobs over the global interest that are funding the lobbyists. if we stand together and choose freedom, our future will be brighter. freedom will bring back jobs and raise wages. freedom will lift people out of dependency to the dignity of work. we can do this. 47 years ago, to this day, america put the very first man on the moon. that was the power of freedom. our party the republican
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party, was founded to defeat slavery. abraham lincoln, first republican president signed the emancipation proclamation. together we passed the civil rights act, together we fought to eliminate jim crow laws. that is our collective legacy, although the meadial -- media will never share it with you, these were fighting for freedom. and so is this.
9:51 pm
sergeant michael smith, stood up to protect our freedom. so do the soldiers, and sailors, and airmen and marines every day, fighting the radical islamic terrorism. >> usa, usa, usa. >> so did the family of alton sterling who bravely called to en the violence, to did the families of those murdered as the charleston emanuel ame church who fore gave that hateful bigoted murderer.
9:52 pm
and so can we. we deserve leaders who stand for principle. who unite us all behind shared values. who cast aside anger for love. that is the standard we should expect from everybody. and to those listening, please, don't stay home in november. if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and speak, and vote your
9:53 pm
conscience, vote for candidate up and down the ticket. who you trust. to defend our freedom. and to be faithful to the constitution. [cheers and applause] i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation.
9:54 pm
i will tell you, it love of freedom that has allowed millions to achieve their dream dreams. like my mom, the first in her family to go to college. and my dad, who is here tonight, who fled prison and torture in cuba, coming to texas with just $100 sewn into his underwear. it is love that i hope will bring comfort to a grieving 9-year-old girl in dallas. and god willing, propel her to move forward, and dream, and soar, and make her daddy proud. we must make the most of our moments. to fight for freedom.
9:55 pm
to protect our god-given right . even of those with whom we don't agree, for when we are old and gray, and when our work is done, and we give those we love one final kiss good-bye we will be able to say, freedom matters and i was part of something beautiful. the case we have to make to the marcthe american people, each person has to make it to
9:56 pm
commit to each of them we will defend freedom. and be faithful to the constitution. we will unite the country, by standing i together for shared values, by standing for liberty, god bless each and every one of you. god bless the united states of america. trish: the crowd booing here. angry, that there was no ringing endorsement from ted cruz. you saw donald trump there.
9:57 pm
walking through the crowd, he came in for final moments. listen to his son. >> a company that he is committed to. in favor of running for elected office. >> furious. lou: we're -- this is remarkable, i think we should take a look if we could at room this arena. . >> to talk about a love of life and life lived with love. he had the perfect moment to demonstrate those words and he descended to a level of farce. it is remarkable. he was grinning as he looked at the man. he those
9:58 pm
digs that he's basically rattling off. >> he congratulated him at least. >> wha he did the 180, he was going to endorse him. >> kept thinking it was going to happen. i had the embargoed comment here. i mentioned to you early on as the speech began, he only mentions donald trump once when he said i congratulate donald trump on wing the nomination last night. that was the only time he mentioned him. and kept thinking he'll go off script, off script. there will be a moment, here it comes it.
9:59 pm
never came. the crowd sensed that and they turned on him. >> i'm sure lou saw ronald reagan in 1976. >> 1976. >> i remember a little of it, but he missed his reagan moment. why not say the alternative is so much worse. >> i truly believe that what you have seen with the entrance of donald trump at the very moment that he chose entering with his thumb up saying it's okay, and taking control of the room, because he did. as he, ted cruz, stepped away from a podium where he was cheered roundly as he talked about freedom, and talked about the principles that matter so much in this room. >> it could have been an amazing speech. it was a good speech. he talked about a lot of the principles that people in the room embrace, but he just couldn't bring it there. >> we were talking about politics, is it possible, he's
10:00 pm
obviously wants the late claim to the head of the>> what he di alienate even his to manipulate this room suggests to me that a huge percentage of his supporters -- let me finish, a huge percentage of his supporters just turned on this man. >> he's duplicitous. is he going to vote for hillary clinton? >> i think a lot of people don't care anymore. >> one of the complaints about ted cruz is ted is out for himself, himself only, and he is always thinking ahead, calculating what will help him the most at the next point in time? david asman, we can tell you, the crowd was furious.
10:01 pm
>> there's another thing about ted cruz, he's not only thinking about himself, but most politicians do that, he has a nastiness that has been remarked on time and again by a lot of people from the editorial board of the "wall street journal." i'm talking about conservative people that have noted that quality that he tends to have, and when he turned to the new york delegation, once again, he gave a new york slam. i'm a new yorker so i'm biased, but these slams that he gives, personal slams, when donald trump does it, he does it with a joke, with a smile. when ted cruz does it, there's a nastiness about it that can't be avoided. i want to mention, he followed marco rubio who i thought gave a very graceful endorsement. that was a full-blown endorsement of donald trump and said it's time tend to the bitterness of the campaign and to follow marco rubio with that kind of nastiness is totally inappropriate. >> you know, lou, you said a lot of his supporters would turn on him.
10:02 pm
>> i believe they will. you saw it in this and they were just -- it's realization crept across the crowd, you can see, they didn't know what to make of it. >> i was blown away by the 180. it was remarkable tomp is in th. >> we should point that out, the reason he's here is at the graciousrepublican, and you think the alternative is better than donald trump, man, you better take that needle out of your arm, immediately. >> and all you care about is your own political career, you
10:03 pm
don't want him to win, think about that, charlie. lou, right? you don't want him to really, that i think is palpable. >> he's banking on donald trump imploding now. >> no, no, no. >> eric trump coming to the stage. let's listen to his son right now. >> good evening, cleveland! wow! it is such an honor to be here for a man i love so, so, so, so much. that's my father. [cheers and applause]
10:04 pm
13 months ago, my father sat my family down and told us the time had come. he could no longer sit idly by and watch our beloved country. the country that had given our family so much, is so much opportunity, crumble before our very eyes. he confirmed to us that he was prepared to announce his candidacy for president of the united states. he made sure to acknowledge that ours would not be an easy path, that we should prepare ourselves for what was to come, that we quickly learn who our true friends were. without hesitation, we'd committed our own unwavering support, but this time none of us could have predicted what lay ahead. the records he would break. the stadiums he would fill. the movement he would start. today, my father stands before
10:05 pm
you with the most primary votes of any republican candidate in the history of our nation. [cheers] he shattered voter registration records across the country. he has defied the predictions of every single political pundit and turn traditional debates into must-see tv. [cheers] he's inspired multiple generations including my own, like millennials like myself who have so little faith in our politicians that they no longer consider public service to be a noble career. a year ago my father was a businessman, like many americans he simply could no longer stand to see what was happening to our great country. he could no longer stand to see special interest dollars dictate an incompetent foreign policy that puts foreign
10:06 pm
countries before our very own. he could no longer tolerate an inept administration that considers giving $150 billion to iran or releasing five radical islamic terrorists a successful negotiation. he could no longer bear witness to our continued 2nd amendment attacks. [applause] he could no longer stand to see the words christmas stripped from public use or the pledge of allegiance removed from our schools in an effort to be politically correct. [cheers and applause] so my father made the decision to set aside a company to which he's dedicated his entire life to. set aside a global brand he
10:07 pm
made synonymous with success, with quality, with uncompromising -- just the best. at a time when the people at the pinnacle of their career like my father would have held fast to a lifestyle that has truly become the epitome of the american dream. my father instead chose to give that dream back to the people it had eluded for so long. [cheers and applause] as daunting as a journey as he knew it would be, for him, it was the easiest decision in the world. after all, who better to implement commonsense business approach to this country? who better to apply practical solution to the impractical decision-making of an administration that has bred a $19 trillion debt. one which goes up by $32,000 a second, and over $2 billion a day. [booing] who better to implement
10:08 pm
commonsense tax reductions for one of the highest taxed nations in the world, allowing our citizens to keep more of what they earn as opposed to having it squandered away by our inefficient government? who better to negotiate the return of countless american manufactures, like nabisco and ford and carrier and so many others, back to the united states where they began, than a man who has single handedly employed tens and tens and tens of thousands of people around the country. [cheers and applause] it's time for a president with common sense. it's time for a president who understands the art of a deal, and appreciates the value of a dollar. our tax dollars. [cheers] it's time for the president who has always been the one to sign the front of a check, not the
10:09 pm
back. [cheers] throughout my father's career, he has been repeatedly called on by government to step delayed, shuddered, everything from the exterior of grand central terminal in new york, the iconic post office in washington, d.c., just to name a few. back in 1986, the city of new york tried to refurbish a simple ice skating rink in central park. the project dragged over for six years and blew through $13 million. $5 million over an already inflated budget. that's when my father who overlooked this disastrous construction site from his office window each and every day decided he had to step in. disgusted by government incompetence, and ineptitude, he invested $2 million of his own money in order to complete the project. what had taken the city over a half a decade to botch, my
10:10 pm
father completed in less than six months, two months ahead of schedule and over a million dollars under budget. [cheers and applause] it's time for a president who can make america great again, ahead of budget, and ahead of schedule, too. [cheers and applause] my father has revitalized worndown neighborhoods, shaped skylines across the country and turned dreams into reality his entire career. it's what he does, it's who he is. oprah winfrey once famously asked my father if he ever envisioned running for the presidency of the united
10:11 pm
states? his answer? only if it got so bad that i had no choice. only if it got so bad that i had no choice. well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come, as i travel the world of my dad building the greatest golf courses and hotels and real estate projects, i see the unmistakable look in his eyes. i see in his eyes the indignity and frustration of home that is in complete disarray and no longer on par with so many other developed nations. i see in his eyes, the sadness of innocent lives lost, like those of kate steinle and jamiel shaw and so many others, cut short by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, victims of a revolving door of government ineptitude and corruption that leaves innocent americans defenseless.
10:12 pm
[cheers] i see in his eyes the humiliation of an education system ranked 30th in the world. i see in his eyes disgrace of $400 billion trade imbalance with china. the $60 billion trade imbalance with mexico. and continued destabileation of the middle east which cost our nation trillions and trillions of dollars and thousands and thousands of lives. but today i see in his eyes a man who truly loves his country, who is proud of his country, and who wants his country to be great again! [cheers] >> trump! trump! trump! trump! >> i want to thank my father
10:13 pm
over there for the life he's provided me. for the life he's provided my family, and the life he's provided all of our employees around the world. i want to thank my father for the life that he's enabled me to provide to my future children, as my beautiful wife laura and i start thinking about that amazing chapter of our lives. to that end, i often think about the legacy i wish to leave my children, and to me, there are few things i hold closer to my heart than charity. for me, it's the essence of who we are as human beings, it's the barometer by which we would be measured for our time here on earth. as martin luther king, jr. once said, life's most persistent and urging question is what are you doing for others? when i was 22 years old, i founded the eric trump foundation to benefit st. jude's children's research
10:14 pm
hospital. an incredible, incredible, organization. [cheers and applause] i run my foundation based on the principles my father taught me, honesty, integrity and values. i expect other charities to be run by the same moral code. not serve as conduit for personal enrichment. not become a beacon of corruption and scandal. [cheers and applause] to whom much is given, much will be required. this is the very belief that compelled my father to make this great sacrifice. to run for the most powerful, yet unforgiving office in the world. there is no greater calling. there is no more selfless an act. to the unemployed voter sitting at home watching me right now, wondering how you're going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is
10:15 pm
running for you. [cheers and applause] to the veteran tuning into the speech from his or her hospital, who's been ignored and disrespected by an ungrateful system for far too long, my father is running for you. [cheers and applause] to the schoolteacher, forced to walk through metal detectors each and every day into an underfunded school, my father is running for you. [cheers and applause] to the laborer watching me right now, forced out of a job by undocumented workers, illegal immigrants, my father is running for you. [cheers and applause] to the oil and gas industry worker denied a job because of radical regulations from a radical epa, my father is running for you. [cheers and applause]
10:16 pm
to single mothers, to families with special needs children, to middle-class families who can no longer afford medical benefits, sufficient to cover their everyday needs, my father is running for you. [cheers and applause] this november, i ask you to be true to yourself and vote for the candidate who you know is running for the right reasons. vote for the candidate who has never been a politician. vote for the candidate who has never received a paycheck from our government. >> trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! >> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated, or feared from the path that is right and just and
10:17 pm
true. [cheers and applause] and quite frankly, friends, vote for the one candidate who does not need this job. [cheers] never have i been moreroud to be a trump. never i have been more proud to be my father's son. i am incredibly honored to be part of this journey to which he's invited me, don, ivanka, melania, my family who plays such an integral part. dad, have you taught us by example, you are my hero, you are my best friend, you are the next president of the united states! [cheers and applause] god bless america.
10:18 pm
>> by the way, nearly everybody is standing. >> there you have it, eric trump, talking about his dad saying he is his best friend, and he will be the next president of the united states, and the crowd applauding to that, still reeling from what we saw earlier, engagements with the heritage foundation. i don't think he did himself any good by. that i mean he could have backed into endorsement. so many ways to nasty things, i know he's mad at other things. >> you got to get over it. let me show the audience how bad it was. all of the boos emanating from the crowd. let's watch. >> god bless each and every one of you, and god bless the
10:19 pm
united states of america. [booing]ly building. he's going to have the money, it looks like. >> he's going to have the money, whatever he needs. but this is something i think we've got to focus on and what happened here tonight. eric trump by the way, gave a wonderful laudatory speech about his father, the family approval of er has raised.
10:20 pm
the people in this room and those they represent. and he insulted them, he insulted donald trump only to lightly because in point of -- donald trump looks like -- he is the right choice because you're looking at people like kasich who don't show up, the bushes who have little fits. >> what did >> when they get into gradations of classlessness and bad
10:21 pm
manners -- >> newt gingrich is about to speak. let's see if newt has anything to say. >> this ought to be good. this ought to be good. >> thank you for that very generous welcome, and thank you callista. you know, she makes documentary films, writes best selling children's series, sings in the basilica choir, plays the french horn in the fairfax band. i'm amazed at her achievements. i'm also proud to be here as a republican activist to see the extra effort donald trump has invested in bringing the republican party together. [cheers and applause] with no requirement for endorsement, he encouraged his competitors to speak once
10:22 pm
again. governor rick perry. governor chris christie. governor scott walker. dr. ben carson. senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz all responded to donald trump's generosity. now i think you misunderstood one paragraph that ted cruz -- it was a superb orator, i just want to point it out to you. ted cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the constitution. in this election, there is only one candidate who will uphold the constitution. [cheers] so to paraphrase ted cruz, if you want to protect the constitution of the united states, the only possible candidate this fall is the
10:23 pm
trump-pence republican ticket. [cheers] that way we have a republican ticket to implement republican principles in washington. now what i want to focus on is a subject that is dominated my thinking for decades. how do we keep america safe? keeping america safe is the first responsibility of the american president. there have been many fascinating things to watch about the extraordinary, historic rise of donald trump, but the most significant has been donald trump's courage to tell some important truths about our national security. for example, we are at war. we are at war with radical islamists. they are determined to kill us. they are stronger than we admit and there is no substitute for victory.
10:24 pm
[cheers and applause] and contrast to donald trump, our national security and foreign policy elites led by hillary clinton, are incapable of speaking with such honesty, while they lie about the threat, we need to tell the truth about the danger. if our enemies had their way, not a single woman in this room could define her future. if our enemies had their way, gays, lesbians and transgender citizens would be put to death as they are today in the islamic state in iran. if our enemies had their way, every person on earth would be subject to conversion by the sword and to a cruel and violent system of law. there would be no individual liberty. no equality. there would be no freedom. if you doubt we're at war, if you doubt that this threat is as real as i say, let me refresh your memory on. monday, an afghan refugee in germany used an axe and knifes
10:25 pm
to slash and wound train passengers while shouting "allahu akbar!." last week isis claimed responsibility after a tunisian man rode a cargo truck into a crowd in nice, france. he murdered 84 people including 10 children, 3 americans and injured over 300 others. two weeks ago, almost 300 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded in bombing attacks in baghdad. two days before, that radical islamist in bangladesh killed 20 hostages, including 3 american college students. a few days before that, at the istanbul airport in turkey, isis attackers armed with guns and bombs killed 44 people and injured hundreds more. last month, a radical islamist in paris stalked a french police officer to his home where, he murdered the officer, tortured his wife to death in front of their three-year-old son while streaming it all on
10:26 pm
social media. he was pondering out loud whether to kill the three-year-old when he was killed by police. two days before that, an attacker pledging allegiance to isis killed 49 people in an orlando nightclub and wounded dozens more. all of this in just the past 37 days. we cannot let ourselves grow numb to these accumulating atrocities. one analysis estimated -- [cheers and applause] one analysis estimated that since january of 2015, some 30,000 people have been killed at the hands of terrorists. let's be clear. donald trump is right. we're at war with radical islamists. we are losing the war and we must change course to win the war.
10:27 pm
[cheers and applause] let me be very clear, because i know the news media will do their best to distort this. we have nothing to fear from the vast majority of in the united states or around the world. the vast majority are peaceful, they are often the victims themselves. they are people we'd be happy to have as our friends and neighbors. [applause] the challenge -- the challenge is when even a small percentage of a 1,600,000 people, that is a giant recruiting base. 9% of muslims in pakistan view
10:28 pm
isis favorably. unfortunately, 9% is 16 million people. and that's just one country. so the truth is although we are losing the war with radical islamists, we have been very lucky. the danger we face is much worse than the horrors that happened in germany, on new year's eve, when 1200 women were assaulted. it's worse than what's happening in france where there are stabbings of jews in the streets and the nation's security chief warned recently that europe is, quote, on the brink of civil war. it's worse than what's happening in israel, where average citizens fear for their lives whenever they leave their homes. the danger is worse than september 11th when 19 highjackers murdered almost 3,000 americans. the worst-case scenario is losing an american city to
10:29 pm
terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction. instead of losing 3,000 people in one morning. we could lose more than 300,000. instead of losing two great buildings, we could lose block after block after block to a nuclear event. that's not just my view. back in january of 2001, the heart-rudman commission warned the terrorists will aware weapons of mass destruction and use them. americans will die on american soil possibly in large numbers. close quote. 15 years later, the dangers are greater where north korea has nuclear weapons and where iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism is close to having nuclear weapons. this is a catastrophic attack on innocent americans is a very real threat. which brings us to the heart of the matter. we are sleepwalking through
10:30 pm
history as though this is all about politics. it is not. [applause] it is about our safety and our survival as a country. we cannot keep in place the people and the systems that have brought us to this point and that lie to us every single day about the threat. that is why every american should be terrified at the prospect of a hillary clinton presidency. hillary clinton has been right at the center of this dishonesty. we know this administration and its allies lied to us about the iran nuclear deal. we know it because they openly bragged about it to the "new york times." we know that hillary clinton lied us to knowingly about the terror attack on our benghazi consulate. we know that hillary clinton and president obama lied to the american people when they say they can safely screen the syrian refugees. they cannot. and yet, hillary wants to increase the number by 500%.
10:31 pm
when you hear of the e-mails or taking from the saudis and other middle eastern dictatorships, remember, this is not about politics. the cost of hillary's dishonesty could be the loss of america as we know it. [applause] the first step forward to safety is electing a leader who will be truthful with the american people about the realities we face. only then will we understand support and demand, the strategies required to confront this threat, and because safety and security are the preconditions for our freedom and prosperity, it is also the first step toward rebuilding the america we love. donald trump understands this. and that's why he will rebuild our military because he knows that a strong military is the best way to ensure peace. donald trump will secure our borders because there is no such thing as a nation without a border. donald trump will enforce
10:32 pm
immigration laws. he will end the policy of deliberate nonenforcement and will end the abuse of our visa programs to protect american workers and wages. donald trump will take care of our veterans by holding bureaucrats of the veterans administration accountable. he will fire those responsible for the waiting list and will give veterans more choices about their care. with donald trump's leadership, no bureaucrat will get between a veteran and their doctor. [cheers and applause] donald trump will get america building again. he will blow apart the ridiculous regulations and requirements that drive up infrastructure costs and drag out the time line to get anything built. the trump infrastructure program will make us once again the most competitive economy in the world. donald trump will rebuild our education system and give every parent of every income and
10:33 pm
every ethnic background a choice about where their children go to school, and donald trump will help us rebuild and strengthen our communities. here again, the first step is safety. the basis for strong families and good jobs and vibrant neighborhoods, that means restoring law and order. donald trump will show zer toll rans for people calling for the death of police officers. [cheers and applause] think about this. if anyone publicly threatens the life of the president of the united states, the secret service is on them in an instant. our law enforcement officers deserve the same respect as the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] of course if individual officers are found to have violated someone's rights, they must be held accountable under the law.
10:34 pm
america's based on the rule of law. we are one nation, undergod, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. that is what has allowed us to absorb more people from more backgrounds than any nation in history. nobody is above the law. and nobody is too small to deserve its protection. donald trump won our party's nomination because he is willing to tell the truth about the things that matter. he has a great running mate in mike pence. they will put our safety first, and they will defend america first. [cheers and applause] we can be proud to stand with them. so tonight, the challenge for everyone in this hall and everyone -- republican or democrat or independent -- is watching at home and knows we cannot continue on our current course is to rise above our factions and rise above the politics you've inherited. to ignore the lies of the news
10:35 pm
media and order, and to stand with donald trump and mike pence for what we know is true, we can make america safe again. we can make america work again. we can make america first again. and together, we can make america great again for all americans. thank you, and god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] there you go, that's an endorsement from newt gingrich. not what we saw earlier from ted cruz. but anyway, your reaction alongside both lou dobbs really speech. one of the strongest the whole week here. i loved this line, we are sleepwalking through history like this is all about politics, and he went part by part on the foreign policies of the administration, whether
10:36 pm
it's iran acquiring nuclear weapons. whether it's what we're experiencing in syria and iraq and libya with isis. it was strong and reminded us why we need a strong and effective leader as president. trish: lou, i know you liked that line about protecting the police like we protect our president. >> i think that line will be the line in every news organization in the country tomorrow, and i want to commend newt gingrich for uttering those words, because he's precisely right. our law enforcement officers should never have to put up with the threat from any person in this country at any time. it is absolutely despicable. and we have groups organized around the very principles of threatening law enforcement, and yes, i am talking about black lives matter. we've got to understand we're coming together as one america. that's our destiny. and why not achieve that destiny sooner rather than
10:37 pm
later. we're smart, we're hard-working people. we're a good people, and we're tolerating some of the basis insults of any society. >> lou, we, and granted there is racism still in this country, but you got to admire the fact that america elected a black president twice. we have come a long way as a society. how is it we are suddenly back at a time when there's this tension between the groups that doesn't need to be there? >> barack obama, 7 1/2 years had, one of the most immense, potential presidencies in his hands. and he turned it to instead of being a post racial presidency, became a racially divisive presidency, and we're going to pay a price for that for a
10:38 pm
while. trish: here comes the speaker of the house paul ryan to introduce mike pence. >> my fellow republicans -- [cheers and applause] i could not be more proud of our vice presidential nominee. [cheers and applause] i served with this man in the house of representatives. we became very good friends. i've watched this man upclose. i've seen what he's made of. let me tell you something about mike pence, this is a man of solid character. this is a man who sees public service as a calling, not a career. he has served honorably with great dignity, you know what? the results, the results are impressive. this is a man who led the charge to ban earmarks in congress, and he won that fight.
10:39 pm
[cheers and applause] as governor of indiana, he passed the largest income tax cut in state history. [cheers and applause] he balanced a state's budget. [cheers and applause] this man is a reagan conservative through and through. pro-growth, pro-life, pro-strong defense. [cheers and applause] and most importantly, he is the father of three beautiful children, michael, charlotte and audrey, and he called his wife karen the best part of my life. my fellow republicans, the man that you have nominated, he's a man of faith, he's a man of conviction, he's a man you can trust. he comes from the heart of the
10:40 pm
conservative movement and from the heart of america, and now we need to send him and donald trump straight to the white house! [cheers and applause] there is no doubt in my mind he will bring real change to washington. i have ever confidence he will do us all proud, and so, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you the next vice president of the united states. governor mike pence! [cheers]
10:41 pm
>> mr. chairman, delegates, friends and my fellow americans, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i am deeply humbled by your confidence, and on behalf of my family here and gone, i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
10:42 pm
and let me thank speaker paul ryan for that gracious welcome. paul, you're a true friend and a great american leader. but paul knows me well and he knows the introduction i prefer is just a little bit shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican, in that order. [cheers and applause] you know, i'm new to this campaign, and honestly, i never thought i'd be standing here. i thought i'd be spending this evening with all my friends from the great state of indiana. [cheers] yet there i was, a few days ago in new york city, with the man who won 37 states, who faced 16
10:43 pm
talented opponents and outlasted every one of them, and along the way brought millions of new voters into the republican party. [cheers and applause] you know, he's a man known for a large personality, a colorful style and lots of charisma, and so i guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket. [applause] well, for those of you who don't know me, which is most of you -- [laughter] >> i grew up on the front row of the american dream. my grandfather immigrated to this country. i was raised in a small town in southern indiana, in a big family with a cornfield in the backyard. although we weren't really a political family, the heroes of
10:44 pm
my youth were president john f. kennedy and the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. [applause] when i was young, i watched my mom and dad build everything that matters, a family, a business, and a good name. i was raised to believe in hard work, in faith and family. my dad, ed pence was a combat veteran in korea. [applause] dad ran gas stations in our small town and he was a great father. if dad were with us today, i'd have a feeling he'd enjoy this moment. and probably be pretty surprised. [laughter] but it's such a joy for me to tell you that my mother is here. [cheers]
10:45 pm
would you join me in welcoming the light of my life, my mom nancy. [cheers and applause] you know growing up, i actually started in politics in the other party, until i heard the voice and the ideals of the 40th president, and i signed on reagan revolution. [cheers and applause] but the best thing that ever happened to me, even counting tonight, is that 31 years ago i married the girl of my dreams, a schoolteacher, an artist, she
10:46 pm
is everything to me. would you welcome my wonderful wife, karen pence. [cheers and applause] and regardless of any title i'll ever hold, the most important job i'll ever have is spelled d-a-d. [cheers] karen and i are blessed, karen and i are blessed to be the parents of the three greatest kids in the world. a writer named charlotte, a college student named audrey and a second lieutenant in the united states marine corps, michael j. pence.
10:47 pm
[cheers and applause] so proud of you guys. now if you know anything about hoosiers, you know we love to suit up and compete. we play to win. that's why i joined this campaign in a heart beat. you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner, until now, he's had to do it all by himself against all odds, but this week, with this united party, he's got back up and on november 8th, i know we will elect donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states of america! [cheers and applause]
10:48 pm
>> trump! trump! trump! >> now we'll win because we're running on the issues facing this country, and because we're levelling with the american people about the stakes and the choice. you know, the american people are tired of being told. they're tired of being told that this is as good as it gets. they're tired of hearing politicians in both parties tell us that we'll get to that tomorrow while we pile a mountain range of debt on our children and our grandchildren. and as ronald reagan used to say, they're tired of being told that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital can plan our lives better for us than we can plan for ourselves. [cheers and applause] in the end, this election comes down to just two names on the ballot, so let's resolve here
10:49 pm
and now that hillary clinton will never become president of the united states of america! [cheers and applause] now hillary clinton essentially offers a third obama term, and the role is perfect for her. she championed obamacare because years earlier she had all but invented it. the national debt has nearly doubled in eight years and her only answer is to keep borrowing and spending, and like the president, she thinks the path to a growing economy is more taxes, more regulation and more government. [booing] now they tell us this economy is the best that we can do. [booing] it's nowhere near the best that
10:50 pm
we could do. it's just the best that they can do. [cheers] and let me tell you, i know firsthand, it doesn't have to be like this. in my home state of indiana, we prove every day that you can build a growing economy on balanced budgets, low taxes, even while making record investments in education and roads and health care. [applause] you know, indiana is a state that works because conservative principles work every time you put them into practice. [applause]
10:51 pm
now today, while the nation suffers under the weight of $19 trillion in a national debt, we in indiana have a $2 billion surplus, the highest credit rating in the nation, even though we've cut taxes every year since i became governor four years ago. [cheers and applause] we have fewer state employees than when i took office, and businesses, large and small, have created nearly 150,000 new jobs, and there's more hoosiers going to work than ever before. that's what you can do with commonsense republican leadership, and that's exactly what the no-nonsense leadership of donald trump will bring to the white house! [cheers and applause]
10:52 pm
you know, donald trump gets it. he's the genuine article. he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. and when donald trump does his talking, he doesn't tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness. [cheers] he's his own man. distinctly american. where else would an independent spirit like his find a following than in the land of the free and the home of the brave? [cheers and applause] the funny thing is -- >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
10:53 pm
. >> you know the funny thing is the party in power seem helpless to figure out our nominee. media has the same problem. [laughter] they all keep telling each other that the usual methods will work against him. they keep thinking they've done him in, only to wake up the next morning to find that donald trump is still standing and running stronger than ever before. the man just doesn't quit. [cheers and applause] he's tough. he perseveres. he's gone about as far as can you go in business, but he's never turned his back on the working men and women who make this country grow. [applause] and donald trump will never
10:54 pm
turn his back on those who serve and protect us at home and abroad. [cheers and applause] you know, it's been a heart-breaking time for the women and men in our law enforcement community. and in this time of great testing for them, let's let them know, here and now, all across this country, we will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue line of law enforcement in america. [cheers and applause] now, while donald trump was taking my measure as a possible
10:55 pm
running mate, i did some observing myself. [laughter] >> i've seen the way he deals with people who work for him at every level, and i've seen the way they feel about working for him. now, i'll grant you he can be a little rough with politicians on the stage, and i'll bet we see that again. [cheers] but i've seen this good man upclose, his utter lack of pretense, his respect for the people who work for him, and his devotion to his family. saying, remember as we say back home, you can't fake good kids. how about his amazing children? aren 't they something.
10:56 pm
these are the true measures of our nom me, chosen by the voters as the right man for these times, this is the outsider, my running mate who turned a long shot campaign into a movement. over in the other party, you know the idea was to present the opposite of a political outsider, the opposite of an unocaanun-- calculating truth t, you have to hand it to democratic establishment, they out did the themselves this tim. at the very moment when america is crying out for something new and different, the other party
10:57 pm
is answered with a stale, agenda in the most predictic of names, people in both parties are restless for change, ready to break free of old patterns in washington, democrats are about to anoint someone that represents everything this country tired of. you know, hillary clinton wants a better title, i would too if i was already well,'s secretary of the status quo. you know the choice could not be more clear, americans can elect someone who personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c., or we could choose a leader who will fight every day to make america great again. chose change, versus status quo, my fellow republicans when donald trump becomes president
10:58 pm
of the united states of america, the change will be huge. you know, for years we've had fundamental problems in america that get talked to death in washington d.c., but they never get solved, they even get ways. we've seen stretches of our country written off by bad economy policies in a way that are unfair to american workers. it seems like no aspect of our lives is too small for the administration to supervise, no provision of the constitution is too large for them to ignore.
10:59 pm
meanwhile we have seen borders that go unrespected. a military that has been diminished. promise after ringing promise to our veterans, promptly forgotten. then donald trump came along. started saying what practically everyone was thinking anyone, our leaders need to be stronger, under donald trump our deals will be smarter, our soldiers will have what they need and our veterans what they earn, secure our border prospect our nation, and will we be more serious, when we do, this nation will start winning again. [cheers and applause] you know, that is the message
11:00 pm
that men and women in both parties have been lodging to hear, none of us to think it would be easy, the outcome of this election depends on us. how we contend with the incredible onslaught that is coming our way. this will not be the first glimpse of clinton machine in act, in this time, she'll have press doing half her work for her. the good news is, it won't be nearly enough. not against the candidate who has captured th the arkansas tension of the -- attention of the country the way that donald trump has. on issue by issue. he and i will take your case to the voters.
11:01 pm
pointing out the failures of the obama-clinton agenda, and showing a better way. we will win the hearts and minds of the american people, with an agenda for a strong e, and more prosperous america. now, the establishment in washington d.c. thinks this is a narrow range of voters who are giving do donald trump a serious look. i can tell you first hand, there are a lot of mornin morn americo feel that democrat politicians have taken them for granted. it is union members who don't want a president who promises to put a lot of coal miners and cold companies out of -- coal companies out of business.
11:02 pm
those miners want an american energy policy issue they know that donald trump digs coal. african-americans remember jennerrations of hallow promise of about safe streets and better schools, they know that donald trump will fight for equal opportunity, and he loves educational choice. hispanic-americans, who respect the law,' jobs and opportunities for their families, who know that donald trump will uphold the law, and get this economy moving for every american.
11:03 pm
you know the party of lincoln was founded on equality of opportunity. during these difficult days, it will be our party and our agenda that opens the doors for every american to succeed and prosper in this land. in so many ways the democratic party has abandoned those it used to protect, maybe they are too entrenched in power. so comfortable at time they lose patience with the normal len languag--legislative process. is simpler to impose their values by executive order, make it, hillary clinton has big ideas along those lines too. as this election approaches,
11:04 pm
every american should know, that while we're filling the presidency for next 4 year, this election will define the supreme court for the next 40. we all better think carefully, very carefully about what this means for our constitution and limited government. elect hillary clinton you better get used t to being subject to unelected judges, abusing power to take unconstitutional acttions, for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the of life, for the sake of our second amendment, and for the sake of all our other god given liberties we must ensure that the next president, appointing
11:05 pm
justice to the supreme court is donald trump. and hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs gets even worse. you know with hillary clinton, who helped undo all gains of troop surge, a staggering failure of judgment that set isis on the loose, hillary clinton who in. it was hillary clinton who left americans in harm's way in benghazi, and after 4 morning fell, said, what difference app this point does it make.
11:06 pm
as the proud father of a united states marine, let me say from my heart, anyone who said that, who did that, should be disqualified from ever serving as commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states of america. 7 1/2 years, of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world, terrorist attacks at home
11:07 pm
and abroad. grim and heartbreaking scenes from france just a few short days ago. the attempted coop in turkey attest to a world spinning apartment history teaches us that weakness arouses evil. hillary clinton and barack obama's foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red lines, gaining resets -- gaining resets with russia and size, rule and reign of isis are a testament to this truth of history. we cannot have 4 more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe, and on the world stage donald trump will
11:08 pm
lead from strength. donald trump will rebuild our military and stand with our allies. confront radical islamic terrorism and its source and destroy the enemies of our freedom. if the world knows nothing else, it will know, america stands with israel . if you looked at calendar this morning, you might have noticed,
11:09 pm
the presidency of barack obama ends 6 months from today . >> we love mike. we love mike [ cheering ] >> this much is certain, this much is certain of the obama years, they are not ending well. there seems to be so many things that divide us. so few great purposes that unite us as they once did.
11:10 pm
and it is at moments like this, moments when politicians fail, that i believe we do well to remember that what unites us far exceeds anything that sets us apart in america. that we are as we have always been, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause] should i have the awesome privilege to serve as your vice president, i promise to keep faith with that conviction, to pray daily, for a wise and
11:11 pm
discerning heart for who is able to govern in great people of yours without it. my fellow americans, i believe we have come to another rand rendezvous with destiny, i have faith in capacity of the american people, and faith that god can still heal our land. but we have a choice to make. this is another time for choosing. if you want a president who will protect in nation, confront radical islamic terrorism and
11:12 pm
rid the world of isis, if you want a president who will restore law and order to this sucountryand give law up force e support and resources they deserve, if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow our economy, and -- get every nickel out of federal bureaucracy, a hapresident who the build strong borders and enforce our laws, if you want a president who will up end the status quo in washington, d.c., and appoint justice toes the supremjusticest who will uphold the constitution, we have but one choice, that man is ready, this team is ready. our party is ready. and when we elect donald trump, the 45th president of the united
11:13 pm
states,in together we will make america great again. [cheers and applause] thank you. and god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. trish: mic mike pence, the vice president on the ticket. lou: look who is there. trish: donald trump. right there to greet him back stage. there to welcome him. mike pence, enjoying the applause, a standing ovation from the crowd, a lot of excitement. there they are, two of them. i am here with mica, with lou dobbs and david. mica what did you think? >> he knocked the ball out of
11:14 pm
the park, i visited with congressman jordan yesterday from ohio, he said he is so well respected in the house issue he would have been speaker had he stayed. i think he ises yin he ises yino donald trump's yang, it is the perfect combination, and he can govern. lou: folks on their seat, they have been a very long evening, unprecedented evening because of senator ted cruz, republican national committee, all republican leadership have to be disappointed in senator ted cruz as well as his followers. the rnc saying it was a -- it was worse. we could use all sorts of adjectives to describe it. but, less than what a man should do in what the moment requires. but also, you look at energy and the enthusiasm for this ticket.
11:15 pm
it is remarkable. and donald trump looks all the larger for some of the smallness he e encountered on his journo that stage with mike pence tonight. >> there was a moment where camera caught donald trump, as he was walking in, you anticipated him being there to thank ted cruz for his endorsement. >> right. trish: it did not come. and the crowd was furious. and the camera cutback to ted cruz, who was smiling onstage. david, who is joining with his reaction. and you know i tell you a lot of politicians have said to me, there is one person they just don't trust, that is ted cruz. is this why he has no friends in dc. >> yeah, this whole election process has tickled out the real character of people involved, part is because of donald trump
11:16 pm
he knew how to press on most sensitive nerve of every candidate he ran against. but as much as cruz just heard or -- hurt or killed his political future, i think that mike pence just solidified his, mike pen has didn't he has drought the conservative movement in to the corner of donald trump, this is something though other politician that i have seen so far has been able to do, trump is an outsider. that is why so many of the conservatives went to cruz, but pence has brought the conservatives in. and given them a perfect excuse to vote for donald trump, this is a remarkable moment of brings those two senators together. trish: will these former supporters of ted cruz now supporting donald trump not be able to forgive him? >> with -- let sesay, this is --
11:17 pm
this man -- this man, from texas, will have a hard time finding a people there, because, he -- this is not the way he should have been raised, i don't know how high wasparticipate int whipped, he in his mind but he had a -- a responsible just as he is talking about children, and he behaves like that in hisk
11:18 pm
minute. lou: why should it survive? this is -- this is behaves leak that. like that. trish: i want to remind viewer of how bad that moment was, we felt it in the room crowd just turned on ted cruz. >> we will be able to say, freedom matters, and i was part of something beautiful. [ booing ] career, inso beautiful.
11:19 pm
republican party. >> it is tragic he had such a bright future. trish: probably not any more. you know 10 minutes before he came to stage, we had reports that you know members of republican party, rnc they actually thought he was going to endorse. you know most people were saying, i know you started to hear rumbling he would not endoe donald trump. trish: so why, come, right? you know. >> maybe john kasich did the honor able thing sitting it out. trish: why come here and get crowd flawed.
11:20 pm
>> donald trump is a man standing as a giant in comparison to people who many candidate, you know, it is going to be interesting, mike pence said, you know half her work is done by the national media, i
11:21 pm
true but -- >> well we'll talk coming up after the break. to some former ted cruz supporters, we'll see how they feel about him now, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with the whole team after this. i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck. and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪
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trish: welcome back to our coverage here. kennedy on the floor with cruz backer, kennedy? reporter: quite a night that revealed a great kassem that we'
11:25 pm
existed within the republican party. arguing with state senator from arkansas. and they were trying to come to terms with what is more important, moral obligation to support a conservative christian platform that rnc has passed erepresentative everett or obligated to support the candidate who can beat the devil incarnate, hillary clinton. >> look, i think that senator who is a good man, could have done a lot better for himself. and for the party by just a few changes to the speech. i feel badly for him, fortunately, mike pence just showed everyone, why his selection by donald trump was probably the most important
11:26 pm
political thing that donald trump has done since wrapping up the nomination. i think that pence hit all of the right notes issue he saved this day i believe, i believe when donald trump takes ocea oaf office it will be in significant part because of his running mate, and how much assurance mike pence gives on a lot of issues, i hope people notice strong statement about support for israel. which is a major difference between this ticket. and the ticket headed up by hillary clinton, that unfortunately is leaving the traditional support of israel. reporter: that is one of the manufacture important legs of your personal philosophical stool, you said you would not support trades with china until they am prove improve their human rights record. as far as donald trump you had concerns about him as far as a conservative christian, when did
11:27 pm
she say in the meeting with him. >> i was never a never trumper. reporter: but you were skeptical. >> i was concerned about a couple things, he all alon the campaign, i think he has gotten much better at expressing his populous conservative views, as somebody's whose father was a janitor i felt that republican party spends too much time talking about wall street not main street, i am glad he brought millions of people. reporter: his po populism that united you. >> it is that and i am convinced with his judges he announced, they will be constructists and they will believe, or he will not appoint them our children should be welcomed into the world and protected by the law. reporter: pro life, all right, thank you very much. >> ted cruz made a huge gamble,
11:28 pm
will it payoff? it did not impress trump delegates who booed loudly. and poured over to delegation with arguments were very heated. trish: rnc officials say this was a classless act they saw from ted cruz. >> we must make the most of our moments to fight for freedom. to protect our god-given right, even of those when whom we don't agree. so that when we are old and gray, and when our work is done, and we give those we love one final kiss good-bye. trish: almost like he didn't recognize the audience, he was just, talking to the camera, i am her
11:29 pm
what do you think? >> well, i was disappointed in the outcome of that speech much i do think that he was trying to be supportive of donald trump. but in an oblique way i have seo 2004, did not try to -- strong arm delegates,
11:30 pm
conconservative. trish: ted cruz should have endorsed him in your view. >> he should have been clear he is voting for, i would have like to hear for donald trump in the fall, at a min 34u78. minimum. lou: we heard of donald trump's name once in the very broke his- he did not only not endorse donald trump, he absolutely insulted all of the delegates in withplace.
11:31 pm
emotion and sincere. trish: the huge audience here, but as show he could not look at them, he could not look at those delegates he looked straight to the lens of the camera, he used this maybe a primetime spe did. he did not do it for any kind of quid pro quo, he said you can come speak. lou: no strings. >> right, i am seeing more of oo
11:32 pm
strings. trish: a lot of people made point in business, you have to do deals, you have to relate and work with both sides, this is something he had to do through out his career. it has not been so party oriented, and hope is that you could see that, reaching out, across the aisle in the white house, we need, that steve cortez is joining us now. steve, your reaction to lack of endorsement. from ted cruz tonight? >> as a special conservative i
11:33 pm
want -- a spanish conservative i want to love ted cruz but he is acting like a child, like a baby. this time for him to grow up. and to realize, you did not win the nomination. and you have no place at this convention trying to disrupt the momentum that is in donald trump's camp, by the way, listen, i -- i don't think he -- we talked about this earlier, i don't think he cares about party unity. but i think he does care about the constitution of the united states, if we allow hillary clinton to name the nominee to the scalia seat on court, the bill of rights as we know it will be useless, he needs to come to grips with reality he lost. lou: you did say this today, if ted cruz is so much a believer
11:34 pm
in the constitution, and he would want to see judges appointed that share his sense of beliefs, and steve, and lou, you know, he made it -- pretty clear onstage tonight, that you know he is kind of maybe okay if someone else -- i mean, if you accept an invitation, you come onstage, is not part of that actually the, you don't have to go -- you know all out. but at least give some kind of endorsement? >> two of top three candidates this year were hispanics. i can't believe the way he is acting right now, ted cruz it is irresponsible, and bad for the country, bad for his career.
11:35 pm
it shows he can't get over himself. he is an ego maniac beyond description. lou: running out of adjectives there. this is lou. let me ask you, you know, you said bad for country and party. let me pose a possible alternate scenario it is great, we're validating judgments at people made, that donald trump has got a thousand a thousand more delegates than anyone else in this room or standing up on the stage or sulking at home that an overwhelming statement we're watching people, marco rubio was a star of the eve yenning with a short -- evening with a short have, he did endorse donald trump. he was and i think a bright
11:36 pm
future, and a brighter future in the republican party as a result of that, ted cruz looked to me like a man intend on creating a career suicide. and i think that is what he pulled off here tonight. trish: you know, reality -- unfortunately of ted ted's reputation is that he is out for one person that is ted cruz, this is something that people have complained about in washington. anyway, steve, good to see you. keep working on the adjectives, you can tell us a few more tomorrow. big night for governor mike pence. we're going to break down his speech coming up next with congressman jeb hensarling with governor pence earlier today.
11:37 pm
we'll see you back right after this. >> the choice couldn't be more clear, americans can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c. or we can choose a leader, who will fight every day to make america great again. [cheers and applause] it's change versus status quo, and my fellow republicans, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge! [cheers] you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™,
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now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. . trish: welcome back, everyone to our coverage of tonight's event. congressman jeb comes from the
11:41 pm
heartland, speaks from the heart. he had humor, he was poignant. he was principled, and i got to tell you, it says a lot about donald trump. the most important decision you make as a presidential nominee is who is your running mate. he hit it out of the ballpark. trish: you know, there were a lot of names in the mix. do you think he went with the best choice, lou? >> i think so, and i think so becausetoo, as a conservative
11:42 pm
capitalist, i kind of appreciate that. trish: let me ask you. lou: no interest like self-interest why i let me ask you both about something lou brought up earlier in the show. it's an important nuance i guess we could say in this whole campaign. he's running against hillary clinton, a woman. donald trump can be aggressive, so on the debate stage, for example, he, might be aggressive, she'll be aggressive back. but the trick is, if you're a man, do you have to be more gentle? he could have picked a woman to be his vp on the ticket. he didn't. he went with another man. does that put him in any way at a disadvantage, lou, when it comes to attacking hillary clinton? lou: i don't think so. hillary clinton just tweeting
11:43 pm
vote your conscience, thank you very much. it's just the vice president in charge of everything. tweets from the opposing camp to all of you republicans. he's just added a terrific new member to his political family. trish: he's also a talented speaker. he worked as a radio host. he knows how to communicate, and all of that will play to his advantage, one would think, in the coming months. lou: absolutely. trish: good to have you here, congressman. thank you so much. lou is sticking with us.
11:44 pm
let's go to peter barnes for fallout from the cruz speech. peter, what are you hearing? reporter: that's right, trish, listen, obviously, the trump supporters and the rnc were looking for a direct endorsement of donald trump by senator cruz, and they did not get that tonight. so let's hear exactly what senator cruz said. listen. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night. we deserve an immigration system that puts america first, and, yes, builds a wall to keep america safe. if you love our country and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be
11:45 pm
faithful to the constitution. >> we want trump! we want trump! we want trump! we want trump! >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. we must make the most of our moments to fight for freedom, to protect our god given rights. even of those with whom we don't agree. god bless each and every one of you, and god bless the united states of america. [booing] . >> reporter: so you heard all those boos, one republican official calling cruz's speech afterwards anonymously classless. another one said he could not believe it. but the cruz supporters say, hey, if we're telling people to
11:46 pm
vote their conscience, up and down the ticket for those who would uphold the constitution, that only leaves one candidate to vote for, that would be donald trump, and not hillary clinton. so they say that constituted an endorsement on the part of ted cruz. trish? trish: all right, thank you so much, peefrment joining us right now is former governor of new hampshire, john sununu. governor. i know you've been no trump fan, but you haven't been much of a ted cruz fan, either. >> but i said i'll vote for trump. trish: yes. so you will vote for -- >> yes, i made that commitment about two months ago. look, i think cruz showed why most of the senators, all but one can't stand him, and he proved to america that he has given good reason for them not
11:47 pm
to be able to stand him. i think mike pence tonight saved the convention. he really did. i really think he laid out an agenda for a trump-pence administration, that was clear, was concise, that made conservatives like me feel comfortable, and i think mike pence today has provided the security blanket that the party needed going forward, with the conservative wing of the party. i've been a mike pence fan for a long time. trish: yes, i know you have, governor. do you anticipate more people coming around, then, as you yourself did, or is ted cruz's performance there on stage behind me actually going to cause more to jump on that bandwagon? >> cruz was such a horse's ass tonight that nobody will jump on his bandwagon. trish: that's one way to put it. that's an adjective that maybe steve corteso
11:48 pm
eloquent evaluation of what ted cruz did tonight, as i've heard. and a lot of people have used considerably direct language. you're the winner and perhaps most accurate among them. >> look, it's important for the party to come out united. you know as well as almost anyone, that when it was a live primary process, i was not a fan of donald trump, but as soon as it was clear he was going to be the nominee, i said i made a commitment to support the nominee of the party, i believe in the party, i understand the disaster of mrs. clinton presidency would be. i think a lot of republicans felt her presidency would be a disaster but were uncomfortable with not seeing a clear agenda being defined by donald trump and what mike pence did tonight for mr. trump is lay out an
11:49 pm
agenda that republican conservatives will feel comfortable with, and i think it will be a huge attractor. not only that they will support him, but they will have some energy in their support. trish: yeah. well, governor sununu, thanks for all your words tonight. we appreciate hearing from you as always, sir? >> thank you, thank you very much. trish: all right. we've got trump tweeting out his reaction to what happened there with ted cruz, and i'll read it to you all. he said, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early, but let him
11:50 pm
the hope we heard from barack obama. because that's not likely to happen. trish: thank you so much. good to have you here, congressman. more on the fallout of all of this after this. >> now i think you misunderstood one paragraph that ted cruz, who is a superb
11:51 pm
orator said, and i want to point it out to you. ted cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the constitution. in this election, there is only one candidate who will uphold the constitution. [cheers and applause] if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet?
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11:54 pm
. trish: big night here in cl a wild night. i'm here with gina louden andev stage and not give him an endorsement. but what do you know he did? >> mind blowing, mind blowing,
11:55 pm
very illuminating on the character many very end of his political career in republican politics. trish: assuming donald trump wins. if donald trump doesn't win, could he reemerge? lou, you think anybody who previously support why would you even bother? trish: he does, i've red wine. lou: that's terrific. but -- trish: yeah, i hear you, you started to say, and david asman, character matters.
11:56 pm
this is going to be the hardest thing for hillary clinton. lack of trustworthiness is a problem. americans want to feel they trust you, they like you and you'll look out for them. >> let me throw in a contrary opinion. i think ted cruz might have done donald trump a huge favor tonight, because immediately following ted cruz's boos and really getting booed off stage came mike pence, mike pence is a solid conservative. he displaced ted cruz as the standard bearer for conservatives in the republican party, and as a complete and utter endorsement of donald trump, which mike pence laid out in very good fashion tonight, what he assured donald trump of getting is something that donald trump was not assured of getting which is the base of the republican party. the conservative base, many of whom were kind of queasy about donald trump and whether he had the conservative credentials, because of cruz's failure tonight and pence's displacing
11:57 pm
cruz as a standard bearer of conservative causes, trump is considered the base of the republican party, which is the conservative vote. trish: maybe you're right, a n frankly. re as you so much. always. david, thank you, gina, thank you. thank you to all of you for watching. night three in the books. tomorrow night the main event, the biggie. donald trump is going to take the stage. we're going to be right here. we're all over it on the fox business network, beginning at 6:00 p.m. lou at 7:00, and i'll join at 9:00. see you tomorrow. thanks for watching.
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