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tv   Special Coverage The Republican National Convention  FOX Business  July 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deirdre: it's a big night ahead. special coverage of the rnc on fox business starts in one minute with maria bartiromo. donald trump's big speech at 10:00 p.m. he will officially accept the gop nomination for president. coverage starts now. [♪] maria: welcome to the fourth and final night of the republican national convention here in cleveland, ohio. tonight's theme is make america one again.
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the highlight of the evening, donald trump will take the stage to accept his party's nomination for president of the united states. peter, how is the excitement and energy on the floor as we await the big event? >> a lot of excitement and energy. the delegates are starting to file in and they cannot wait to hear from their nominee. at least most of them. the great thing about walking around here and walking around the halls, you get to bump into people every so often. i bumped into a senior trump advisor who reported that donald trump held a private meeting with top officials at the republican national committee, priens prebus and his team as well as some of his former rivals including former texas governor rick perry.
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the meeting was very relaxed and trump was joking with all the participants. he was very confident as he prepares to accept the party's nomination tonight and start the general election campaign against hillary clinton in the fall. maria: peter convention that has not been without controversy. donald trump will deliver his
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last night we did over $3 million online. we have 700,000 unique people that d do you expect the convention to be a catalyst and after the convention the fundraising accelerates? >> absolutely. we just started this. so one of the great things was he financed the whole primary governor pence on bod will be terrific. we met with him and talked about how we'll coordinate fundraising with him. he continues be more excited to be on board. we have a lotfor the pension fue
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limitations in terms of what they can give. >> we'll be very careful about the campaign financials. and it seems like a month. the days have been filled with meetings and the nights at the convention are super exciting. we have a lot of donors, peoplet been part of this in the past. this is a unique convention.
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the number of speakers from all different walks of life. the family participating in this, it's been super exciting. maria: the "wall street journal" reporting mike pence introduced himself as a fiscal conservative. >> i will win because we are running on the issues facing this country and we are leveling with the american people aboutt. maria: what are you hearing from donors in that regard about governor pence? >> i think people are thrilled. donald said he was look for someone who would help him govern and someone who had a i think he across knowledges he will bring to washington the ability to do change, by needs
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people who can help him govern. he has enorm the ticket. maria: polling shows he has received a favorability boost as a result of the convention. does that translate into campaign coffers. >> i think it does. there will be more states in coming out of this convention the ticket will be really strong. the people of america are going to hear what donald trump is really like and they will hear
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>> it's been a great honor to see him serve in this role. >> there have been no decisions with regard to jobs but i would serve where he wants me to serve. maria: what is the most important economic policy should he become president in terms of moving the needle on economic growth? >> i think the focus on donald trump as president is helping the mayor what worker. the american work has gone nowhere for the last 15 years. the reported unemployment rate is much lower than the real retn
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energy policy that makes this country energy independent. move the needle on economic growth. 15% corporate tax rate does move things in terms of companies repatriation tax. that will bring 100's of millions back onshore.
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it's crazy our corporations have to borrow against their cash offshore to invest. maria: there is excitement building inside the arena as protesters continue to rally outside. connell is outside where it's just kicking off. reporter: this has been the so far, so good part of the convention. again, in many ways so far so good. let me walk you into public square. you will pick up behind me a large police presence and a number of onlookers who are curious about what's been going on. people bring their bottled water to give it out to the police or the protesters. as we get into the square itself where the anti-donald trump protesters are supposed to be gathering this hour, you will
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make out the large presence of state troopers lined up here. what they have done is a very, very good job of break it up into different sections. keeping one protest group that may not be in agreement with regards to cause with another, away from that group. those anarchists, the flag burning yesterday that we covered yesterday returned here to public square getting more attention than they deserve. on the other side you have people waving flags, playing drums and chanting. a man with an american flag. the pro-trump crowd is here. it's the mix they worry about between those people and the people against donald trump who said they will gather in large numbers night. as we go back inside the quicken loans arena, there were two officers hospitalized.
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a georgia state trooper and a cleveland police officer with an unknown skin irritation. there have been rumors swirling. the cleveland police felt the need to come out and say there were no -- there has no no confirmation of anyone being stabbed with a needle. the rumors going around was that somebody was going around trying to target the officers with a needle that causes some sort of skin irritation. two officers, one from georgia, and one from cleveland were hospitalized. the one from georgia is treated and been released. the cleveland officer is still being treated. police officers around the country and the environment we are in have become targets and that's something they have been concerned about paul week long. now so far so good.nly 23 arresd to be made. and 18 cape at that flag burning
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down at quicken loans. maria: we'll be keeping an eye on thing as the evening progresses. donald trump set to take center stain tonight. keep it right here on the fox business network. we'll have the speech for you live. we'll be back with more from the final night of the republican national convention. the energy is high in this room. summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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last night senator ted cruz refusing to endorse the nominee and the convention crowd was not happy. joining me is rum's national spokesperson. earlier today senator cruz addressed the texas delegation and basically doubled down to refuse to endorse donald trump. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi, i'mnan
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second, come to the convention, speak prime time. keep his word. maria: he saw the speech two hours before and he let him speak anyway. >> this is about donald trump doing what he committed to do to unite the party. other current elected officials have to do the same. i have had so many kasich supporters contact me today, they are on the trump train. everyone is ready to go into november.
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this excuse senator cruz gave, he said this and said that. we are talking about a man whot. how do you do that if hillary clinton becomes president. more importantly if you go back into history which is something senator cruz likes to do. what about john adams and thomas jefferson? those primaries were far worse than anything we have seen in our lifetime. maria: tonight is the night we have been waiting for. donald trump will accept the nomination and the place will go wild. can you tell us what we should expect from his speech? >> i think you will see ivanka 38 states, 13 million votes in
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the have you can primary and going to talk about tonight. maria: is he going to talk about palsy -- policy or philosophy vision. >> you will see both. this is his big pitch to the world. definitely the philosophy of getting back to theic those failed liberal policies we'll hear more about next week, more of the same, for four decades have failed community are crying out for help. donald trump has the answers. thank you so much. katrina pierson. i want to bring in washington times editor kelly riddell. lisa, what are you expecting tonight?
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kelly, what do you think we'll hear tonight? >> you know, i hope that we hear a little bit more of donald trump's story. he's a blue dog or blue collar billionaire and that's inspirational to a lot of people. if you look at the polls where he's failing is in his temperament questions and should he be in charge of the nuclear codes. he has to make the case why he's a responsible choice so he can bring in a lot of independent voters who are on the fence, is he responsible, is he not responsible, can i trust him. he has to convince the general electorate that he is responsible and presidential. it should be a sweeping philosophical mature speech. but he can't forget about who he is and what makes people attracted to him, too. maria: maybe a little
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teleprompter, a little ad-lib. what do you think? >> maybe a mix of both. you want to see the real authentic donald trump. that's hillary clinton's problem. she is your typical politician. she has been part of the system for decades and they don't trust her as a result. but there are so many americans that believe the country is heading on the wrong track. they believe the country is not going to be as great as it is now for future generations to come. donald trump points out a lot of different themes whether it's the national security and the economy, making america great again. i would like to see him tie those themes together and talk about how he would make the country great again. maria: some people observed, if senator cruz wasn't going to
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support donald trump, maybe he should have taken governor kasich's route and just declient invitation. >> lyin' ted lived up to his moniker last night. in the march fox news debate he said he would support donald trump if he were the eventual nominee. we know this has been a bruising primary. and it was a time we needed to unify into unity, and ted cruz very boldly and decisively decided to be a divider and decided he's going to got it alone and pursue his 2020 ambitions and to whek the party. i think that was very damaging. if donald trump can deliver one heck of a speech tonight, all will be forgotten. >> regarding ted cruz.
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hillary clinton's slogan is i am with her. ted cruz's slogan should be i am with me. this is about this political aspirations and ambitions looking ahead to 2020. ted cruz embraced donald trump when it was politically expedient for him. as soon as donald trump started closing in, heading into iowa, all of a sudden it was new york values, then came the attacks. he does whatever is politicallye what are your takeaways?
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>> you can't make it up. i'm so excited. no matter who you are for or take place, i felt like i was watching democracy unleashed in front of my eyes. >> let's just work it out, the and plus and swri trion d the animus and vitriol has got to stop. maria: you were an early supporter of trump. >> i'm not a groupy. but i admire the man web's a good guy. he's a humble guy. wh did ted cruz overshadow pence last night?
6:25 pm
>> great question. pence came through. i'm a moderate more than a conservative. when i saw pence up there and i'm watching with my mom on the shore in jersey, we are watching pence and we said that's a great guy. he's solid and it offsets donald. i think it's a good team. they have rudy giuliani. donald has got to get an itrump. you know the man. has he achieved that goal? will he achieve it tonight? >> you know what i would like to see with respect to mr. trump? great guy, i talked to him on my radio shows. i would like to see his eyes avert to everybody upstairs then come down and say, well, i would
6:26 pm
anybody. people would go more than anything he said, they would go, oh, my god, but i love this country enough, i'm american he knew what to expect. way, ane whole entourage goes out. he surfaces at exactly the right time. you have got to just love the drama of it, the excitement of it, the passion of it. maria: if you ever seen an
6:27 pm
and what he was saying and general mike flynn. makes you proud to be an american. they don't apologize for everything. we come from an italian backgrounds but first and foremost, we are americans. maria: the theme tonight is make america one again. but donald trump is expected to incorporate other themes including national security. ♪
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maria: tonight we'll see the gop convention come to. >> crescendo when donald trump accepts his nomination. joining me is retired lieutenant intelligence agency and the author of the new book, the best
6:32 pm
isms in the past. the muslim world knows they have a disease inside of their bloodstream and it has grown and it expand and it's global. and they are murderers and we can do something about it. rahat america's role in the world and
6:33 pm
what america's role right here at home needs to be. we have severe problems right here at home from a security standpoint.the other aspects i o discuss is where do we stand as a nation in terms of global
6:34 pm
when people try to pin him down. did bin laden tell us when he was going to fly planes into the twin towers? did the japanese tell us when they were going to bomb pearl harbor? we should not telegraph this is what we are doing in afghanistan and iraq. are you expecting to have a role in trump's government? >> here is what i tell people about this. donald trump i believe will be the next president of the united states. but this is political warfare. it's like -- the analogy would be you your eye on winning the super bowl, but you can't get to the super bowl until you win
6:35 pm
every single game every sunday. you may have a few losses. but if you think you will win the super bowl by not focusing they have to focus on the ball we are playing right now. it's to have a great mess and
6:36 pm
united states, i don't know what background your listeners are this country who would vote for her if she was in a prison cell. it's sad, because this is a person who doesn't know the difference between a lie and telling the truth. she doesn't know. plus the other part of this is, i personally believe -- i am, and i'm not different. i think that people are just sick of having the status quo, the same old names, we don't need hillary clinton. we need bold, fresh leadership. that's why i'm sitting here in this place.police.
6:37 pm
this is the united states of america. and we get -- what do we get out of our white house? we get nothing out of our white house. maria: that has not gone unin
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thed by law enforcement. we'll be watching paul happenings tonight. donald trump set to accept the republican no nation for president tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. keep it right here on the fox business network. it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials, 8,500 patient volunteers, and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine,
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due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back. tonight's theme, make america one focuses on bringing people together, crea
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to go up as employers compete for employees. it will also help quell domestic disruption because people feel like they have opportunities. and it makes us strong overseas. ronald reagan used the economy to bring count domestically. maria: we have not had a 3% growth year. >> he's the first president not to have one year of 3% gdp. donald trump has a pro growth tax plan that would encourage
6:43 pm
capital investment and encourage people to bring capital from overseas. hillary clinton's tax plan is an income we distribution plan, not a growth plan. he has an energy plan which is all of the above. harold hamm talks about how it could add a trillion years or more per year. her is based on climate change. this guy built buildings in new york. he wants to reduce regulations, andt that. but the question is how do you pay for it? >> steve moore and larry cu kudw
6:44 pm
are working with the trump people and they assure me there will be a lower increase in the debt. and they will make adjustments to the existing plan. paul ryan came out with a plan that's close to what donald trump's plan is. instead of 1% gdp, it would produce 9% gdp. but the debt was much lower. he's going to have to negotiate with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. and they will couple with a plan that grows the economy and that's just what we need. maria: next week the democratic national convention will kick off. they will call for a higher federal minimum wage. they will call for a public option for healthcare. how do you hope trump positions himself tonight ahead of what's sure to come next week?
6:45 pm
>> i think it's economic growth. the problem withhe minimum wage is it's an attempt to solve a problem bad economic policies are creating. each other for jobs. hillary clinton, every problem she sees she it's not. private sector can solve these problems. just let it loose and let it function. >> you would know, running such a large company with employees, you are seeing the direct impact of wages going up. it's the final evening of a pretty eventful convention. what will delegates take away from the experience? i want to go to peter barnes on the floor of the convention. reporter: dale jackson, a
6:46 pm
delegate from georgia. you are a bound trump supporter from georgia. what do you want to hear from trump tonight? what does have to say to america tonight. >> i am encouraged for the slogan, make america one again. the answer to that is to talk about the principles of the republican party, the issues of liberty and freedom on a positive mess and. i'm hopeful trump can take our message forward and move away from the days of old politics and a negative base and offer a solution to this country. reporter: you are hear for a specific issue around that of freedom and expansion and the republican party's big tent. what is that issue and what are you pushing the party to do? >> i was up here last tweak advocate for medical cannabis oil for my son. reporter: medical marijuana. >> my son is extremely autistic.
6:47 pm
and we are developing oils that help that community. and that is a legitimate solution to healthcare. that's healthcare freedom. that's something the republican party needs to be about. limited government and healthcare freedom and you have a up the opportunity for parent to treat their child. and that's very passionate for me, and so while everyone else is worried about delegate count. i'm here advocating for my son. reporter: dale jackson, good luck to you, and i wish the best for yofigure. some pundits predicting republicans willr will ride his
6:48 pm
former house leader kevin mccarthy. are people coming behind donald trump at this point? >> there is always some friction going on. we washed some of that last night. with the selection of mike pence, he did an excellent job last night. will you be confident i createdl business at 19. i don't think i could do the
6:49 pm
we are at one of our lowest points in 17 years of new business startups.ackage. >> the constitution says all revenue starts in the house. that's ways and means. we have a tax plan that lowers the corporate rate and government doesn't force companies to go to another country. doesn't force one companies to go overseas. it home -- bring it home and invest in america. maria: we may not see donald
6:50 pm
the last 8 years. 2% or less growth understood this president. we need a fundamental change. that's a lot of things driving behind donald trump and and lot of people getting behind thatine republican party before. maria: let me ask you about trade. when i speak with ceos of large corporations they are worried about the0 trade agreements america hasn't been a part of. we want good trade.
6:51 pm
we can look at tpp and make the fundamental changes we need. it's not just about trade, it's about security around the world. do we want countries dealing with china and their regulations? if we set the table to our standards. that's what we should talk about. >> what is the secret sauce to moving the needle on growth. we are blessed to be in america. we could be energy independent. airbus, where did they put their new facility? al alabama because of energy costs and right to work. we need a good legal system. that's why the supreme court is so important. we need to do something different about this five decade war we need to be.
6:52 pm
we need to be leaders. maria: do you think the speeches will be able to communicate what you are saying and have that resonate with the average guy and gal, the average voter. we'll hear a different song at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. whak is the status quo. i think if history repeats itself we are like we were in 1979. are we going to make the fundamental leap to change
6:53 pm
of him, too because i don't know that's have. maria: thank you so much. lou dobbs will be in the next segment for the final night of the republican national convention. ♪
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cleveland on the final night, this is the big event. lou dobbs joining me now to preview what we are expecting to hear tonight. lou, this is the night everyone's waiting for, to hear donald trump accept that nomination. lou: it's hard to believe this night has finally arrived after 13 months of campaigning by the candidate that everyone was -- almost everyone was dismissing, well, 13 months ago. the fact of the matter is that
6:57 pm
tonight is donald trumps' night, and -- trump's night, and i love to look around this room. make america great again, the theme tonight, make america one again. this has been building, building, building over the last four days. it's the culmination of his dreams, his family's, and what a display they've put on and what historic drama we had last night -- maria: unbelievable. lou: this is an historic convention by any definition you want. it will only be more so, i am fairly certain, tonight after donald trump has spoken. maria: one thing that really strikes me is the fact that donald trump comes in, a non-politician, knocks 16 guys and gal out of the box, and then comes here, accepts the nomination. it is now donald trump's republican party. lou: it is, and even more so i think as a result of what happened last night with ted cruz described by a number of adjectives not many of which we
6:58 pm
can use on the air -- [laughter] this is a party that really had to come to terms with the reality that this is a super majority for their nominee. he, with grace, offered speaking parts to every one of his opponents that he vanquished, and ted cruz returned that type of warmth and generosity on the part of the nominee and spit in the face of all these delegates. maria: unbelie ivanka trump -- lou: ivanka today saying she is nest as she can be.
6:59 pm
donald trump talking about i humility as the moment descends upon him here tonight. it is -- this is such a terrific family. and i have said for some time i consider them, you know, his most precious asset is certainly and, obviously, he does. but for a candidate to have a family, to demonstrate family views after all that has been charged against him, the names he's been called, all that he had to battle his way through, this is a man when he can turn to conservatives, you want to talk about family values? i present to you donald jr. and eric and ivanka and -- maria: tiffany. lou: and tiffany and barron, their young son. it is, and melania is has charmed the nation with her speech. maria: yeah.g show, 6 a.m.
7:00 pm
eastern, right here, fox business network. lou: you got it, maria. we'll all be joining you. thanks so much. maria bartiromo. we're live from the quicken loans arena here in cleveland. this is the final night of the republican national convention, and tonight's theme is make america one again with speeches that will focus on uniting this party and this country. the most anticipated speech, of course, this evening will be that of donald j. trump himself as he formally accepts the republican nomination for president. earlier today trump did a walk-through of this arena. he tested out the microphones and the new podium. trump was there with his daughter, ivanka. she will be introducing her father tonight. there's been no shortage of drama, of course, here at the republican national convention. former trump rival, senator ted


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