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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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minutes and wowed the crowd, what most people think and this morning we were treated for more than 50 minutes of live donald trump, no teleprompter. we are about to pass to charles payne with the dow industrial moving up 24 points and moving higher. charles: this is charles payne in cavuto coast to coast. they'll be talking border and talk donald trump and defending economy, and, of course, donald trump speaking after the convention. >> this was one of the most peaceful and most beautiful, one of the most loved conventions in the history of conventions. and when they talk about unity,
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i want to tell you, that was unity. i saw you last night. [cheers and applause] >> that was unity. charles: in the middle of his victory speech in talking about unity donald trump took some time to finally address senator ted cruz in his nonendorsement. >> i don't want his endorsement. if he gives it i will not accept, just so you understand. i will not accept it. it won't matter. honestly, he should have done it because nobody cares and he would have been in better shape in four years from now. i don't see him winning anyway. charles: a very busy two hours coming for you. the bush campaign mark serrano. mark, a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from the convention, you know, i'm not 100% sure i agree that it was completely unified.
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donald trump himself bringing up ted cruz today. >> yeah, charles, i literally just got back in from cleveland and it was really a remarkable atmosphere specially last night. he's right about that in many ways. and, you know, ironically ted cruz did more to unit the republican party than anything throughout this convention because, you know, universally in that hall -- charles: mark, i have to put you on pause for a moment. a trade with méxico a huge issue in the election and president obama and méxico's president going to speak right now. >> although the handshake is a little easier when it's between two people. [laughter] >> let me start by saying something that is too often overlooked but bares repeating specially given some of the heated rhetoric that we sometimes hear. the united states values tremendously our enduring partnership with méxico and our
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extraordinary ties of family and friendship with the mexican people. méxico is our third largest trading partner, we sell more to méxico than we do to china, india and russia combined. every year millions of tourists and business people and friends and family cross our border legally, every days $.5 billion investment crosses our border and that's trade that supports over million jobs right here in the united states. a whole host of issues from our shared security to climate change, méxico is a critical partner and is critically important to our own well-being, we are also neighbors, friends and millions of american that is
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are connected to méxico by ties and culture and language and that's why as president i worked to deepen the partnership between our two nations and today enrique and i discuss ways to keep strengthening the u.s.-méxico partnership. first through forms like our high-level economic dialogue we are going to keep work to go boost trade and grow our economies and create more opportunity for our people. with today's transport agreement we are expanding airports that consumers with fly from which can make travel and trade more affordable and efficient, both countries working hard to bringing the transpacific partnership so workers can compete in a cross level playing field and can open up doors to new markets. i reiterate to president peña nieto although i'm disappointed in the supreme court's failure to come into a decision on our
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immigration executive action, it is my firm belief that it would be in the interest of the united states, specially our economic interest to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. second, we are deepening my robust partnership on energy and environmental issues, both of our nations are committed to ensuring that the historic agreements can fully implemented and we are going to on working generating half of the electricity in north america through clean power in 2025. with that goal in mind we are pursuing an agreement for sharing civilian nuclear technology. this fall our new u.s. business council will meet for the first time to strengthen the ties between our energy industries and, mr. president, i want to thank you for your vision and leadership in reforming méxico's energy industry, i'm also please that had our nations will
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continue to work our ecosystems and environmental heritage. third, we will continue to protect the health and safety of our people. specially from the opioid appear -- both share responsibility to combat this crisis, here in the united states we are working to improve treatment and reduce availability of elicit drugs and i applaud president peña nieto for combating organized crime. we continue 21st century technologies to secure border and as méxico make important reforms to its judicial system, we are working together to strengthen law enforcement and to strengthen observance of human rights and the rule of law.
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fourth, we are stepping up our global challenges from confronting cyber threats to fighting diseases like zika and dengue, we will keep partnering with central americans that has embarked on the north. i am very grateful that méxico is taking an important step on refugee issues and will be cohosting our refugee summit at the united nations this september. and finally, we continue to strength the ties between our people. we want more americans students studying in méxico, we want more mexican students studying in the united states, so today we agree today extend and update our educational cooperation. through efforts like our 100,000 strong and the america's initiative we are expanding opportunities for educational exchanges and scientific
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partnerships and research collaborations and we are working to help learns girl learn around the world and support teachers and students throughout latin america and caribbean. in closing, since this is most likely our final white house meeting, i'm reminded of what president peña nieto said when he came here almost four years ago, enrique you said that our nations had a great opportunity to have a closer length of brotherhood, sisterhood, of collaboration and, of course, of great accomplishments. i am proud of what we have achieved together and proud to stand with you and the mexican people as our brothers and sisters in progress. and i'm confident that our nations will continue to grow even stronger and more prosperous together in the future. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, everyone,
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first of all, i would like to thank president obama for this very kind invitation for the holding this official visit here at the white house, perhaps the last one that will be taking place here at the white house during your administration, president obama. and i would also like to particularly -- say how important this friendship is for the friendship we have always had from president obama and he has been in his administration. they have been very good neighbors, he has been a very good neighbor and a president committed with the favor of his country and harmony in our hemisphere, climate change, international migration and the reduction of nuclear weapons. i would also like to recognize in his administration the decisive support of favoring
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migrants including the over 35 million people of mexican origin who live in the united states who are part of the generation of wealth and employment in this country. i would to take advantage of expressing our condolences of the mexican people, my personal condolences for the lament of all events in texas and louisiana. i fully recognize and acknowledge and president obama, a leader committed in our bilateral relationship which i should say is today going through one of its best moments and stages in the relationship of the history betweenous two country. in this visit, we have agreed to work on an agenda since 2013, a multisimilar agenda, we
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coincided during our meeting this morning on the importance of institutionalizing accomplishments so that they would be lasting throughout our time. bilateral forum on higher education this year, over 64,000 mexican students will be carrying out academic activities here in the united states and on the other hand, the high level economic dialogue with the participation of officials, of both administrations, of the highest-ranking level he or she undoubtedly become a platform for integration competitiveness and growth and we have also agreed, ladies and gentlemen, in this meet to go give it a permanent character so that the benefits that derive from this dialogue will be extended throughout time. now we have joined cargo inspection programs, reduce cost
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of up to 60%, that's half of the cost and waiting times that have been reduced by 60%. we've also implemented the project, the program at the laredo, texas airport, at the mesa baja border crossing and alsoso be implementing in cuidad juárez. we are building a safer and more modern and agile border, a border that generates prosperity for both countries under this framework of competitiveness we are now celebrating going into bilateral agreement, they bring connectivity between two countries and as of this moment this agreements goes into effect, we are going to have
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more flights, more flights that will be better connecting méxico and the united states and today we've always formed alliance in the energy business council to support méxico's transition towards a open and competitive market and we issues relate today security and migration should be analyzed from comprehensive perspective under the principle of shared responsibility. the fact that the fighting consumption in trafficking of heroin is a priority and we should find solutions to this challenge, we have created a high-level task force on drugs focused on heroin. and we've also decided to increase our cooperation with the governments of central america specially guatemala, el salvador and honduras so we can look into migration issues specially the protection of children that are traveling
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unaccompanied. finally, let me refer to the electorate process in the united states and let me say that the closeness between the united states and méxico is more than just a relationship between two governments. it is a solid, unbreakable relationship among millions of people who live in both nations. and for mexicans, for americans, we are all united by 3,000 kilometers with neighboring states, population of over 15 million inhabitant and there will be depend on the well-being of the neighbor for the mexican people, the mexican government a very good relationship with the united states of america is, of course, essential. and from now on right here let
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me explain my absolute will of collaboration to whomever is elected in november as the leader of this great nation, the next madame or president of the united states will find in méxico and its government a constructive attitude with proposals and good faith to strengthen the relationship between the two nations. i'm certain, ladies and gentlemen that the political process in the following months will be characterized by the intensity of the debate and the contrast of ideas and the vitality of the citizens' participation. according to to the democratic transition that characterizes the united states. the mexican government will be observing with great interest the electorate process of its country and it will not give his
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opinion, it will not get involved in said process. this is an issue that fully exclusively corresponds to the people of the united states and mrs. hillary clinton and mr. donald trump, i would like to express to both of them my deepest respect. right now i propose going into frank open dialogue with whomever is elected on the relationship between our two nations. i am sure that with the government of the united states, it will be possible to take a step ahead so that we can face common challenges and take advantage of our enormous opportunity that we share and find solutions, solutions for differences. undoubtedly for méxico, it's very important for the united states to do well and for the united states to have a strong
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economy and for the united states convenient for the mexican economy to also do well. and your next madame president or president will find in méxico strategic partner to face economic security issues that we share and all the challenges that we share, we would like to reit late president obama for your hospitality, the fraternal meeting and everything because this is route and promise that we can continue working together as a sister nations and neighbors and i reiterate my broadest recognition, president obama, for being a great friend of méxico. thank you very much. >> we have time for a few questions starting with kevin
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kirk. >> thank you, mr. president. i wonder if you had a chance to take in the rnc, get your reaction and get your comments by the nominee and specifically, how do you counterbalance what was clearly an appealing message to working class, americans, i wanted to drill about his comments about the wall, he said once again a need for a wall and i ask that question because you and i the united states spends tens of millions of dollars in a barrier between the two countries already. i wonder where does mr. trump have it wrong as far as a need for a wall and you may also know that the ratings are historically high, congress rats on that and yet your track about two-thirds of americans say we are on the wrong track, can you sort the disconnect, is that unfair to say that's an an indict of your president. and mr. president, thank you for coming.
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two simple questions and you kind of touched on this. donald trump could very well be the president in january, how do you work with a person, how do you partner with a person that you previously compared to hitler and specifically on antinarcotic and human trafficking in the border, are you satisfied of the job as president and what should méxico should be doing more of to help stem the tie? >> okay, well, first of all, i want to congratulate the city of cleveland, secret service, local law enforcement that managed a big influx of people and the occasional protestor and just a lot of activity and made sure that everybody was looked after,
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everybody was safe. i think they did a great job hosting. second, the republicans have had an opportunity this week to share their vision with the country, and emphasize those issues that they thought were important and i'm going to let the american people judge how persuasive their arguments were. next week, the democrats will have an opportunity to present their vision of both the progress we've made and how we made sure that everybody gets opportunity and security in the future. i noticed a little bit editorializing, kevin, when you say how do i counter a message that was clearly appealing to working-class americans, i don't know that you've talk today all of them.
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well, the -- it's not really clear how the feeling was and we will find out. that's what our elections are for. i did not watch the convention. i don't think that's a surprise, i have a lot of stuff to do. and they were pretty long events. but i did read some of what was said and the one thing that i think is important to recognize is this idea that america is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn't really jive with the experience of most people. i hope people the next morning walked outside and the birds were childrenning and --
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chirping and were watching kids playing in sports team and folks going to work and getting ready for the weekend and in particular i think it is important just to be absolutely clear here that some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don't jive with the facts. let's take two examples. when it comes to crime, the violent crime rate in america has been lower during my presidency than any time in the last three, four decades. and although it is true that
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we've seen an up-tick in murder in cities this year, the fact of the matter that the murder rate today, the violence rate today is far lower than it was when ronald reagan was president and lower than when i took office. we've just gone through a tragic period where we saw both tragedy in minnesota and baton rouge and then the insanity and the viciousness of people targeting police officers and we are all heart broken by that and we are all troubled by how we can rebuild trust, support law enforcement and make sure the communities feel that they are being fairly policed.
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but the fact is that the rate of intentional killings of police officers is also significantly lower than it was when ronald reagan was president. now, those are facts, that's the data. when it comes to immigration, i think americans expect that our immigration process is orderly and it is legal. and we have put unprecedented resources at our border. well, it turns out that the rate of illegal migration into the united states today is lower by two-thirds than it was when ronald reagan was president. we have far fewer undocumented workers crossing the border
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today than we did in the 80's or the 90's or when george bush was president. that's a fact. so the one thing that i think ie going to be different visions about where we should go as a country, how we can provide jobs, how can we make sure that our kids are able to get the education they need to succeed in the 21st century. how do we deal with our budget, how do we make sure our tax system is fair, how do we deal with real issues about growing inequality or wages that have not gone up as fast as we want, and the real pressures that a lot of families feel, but we are not going to make good decisions based on fears that don't have a
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basis and fact. and that, i think, is something that i hope all americans pay attention to. america is much less violent than it was 20-30 years ago and immigration is much less a problem than it was not just 20-30 years ago but when i came in as president. that doesn't mean we haven't solved those problems, but those are facts. i think that covers just about everything. oh, you had some question about my approval of being high and right track, wrong track. i think if you look at almost every year under every president over the last, i don't know, 20-30 years, you're going to be hard-pressed to find a year in
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which the majority of americans thought we were on the right track, maybe because all the good things that are happening in america don't get reported a lot. i don't think it's unusual. but i appreciate you bringing the fact that my poll numbers are doing okay. [laughter] >> thank you very much, president obama. let me reiterate what i said a few minutes ago, the relationship between the united states and méxico goes over and beyond the relationship between two governments. this is a relationship that has been built as of two people who have a common life or millions of people who have their everyday lives in both nations. a relationship that undoubtedly involves millions of inhabitants of both countries.
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i would also like to say as i said before the mexican administration, the democratic process that you live here and the process we will be respectful. we will not get involved, we will not give our opinion, we will not set any type of position because at the end of the day this corresponds to the people of the united states and it's the american people who have to decide who the next male or female president will be. but what we can say right now is that whomever is elected here as president to the mexican government will be working in a very constructive manner. i'm certain that the relationship between both countries goes beyond the mere economic environment. here president obama has highlighted many of the relevant
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figures that show the vitality of the economic relationship, the trade and commerce relationship between our two nations, the millions of jobs that are generated in the united states and in méxico, exactly the economic relationship. but there's another important aspect that i should highlight, the good cooperation that we have in erms of security, not only for the mexican government to combat organize crime in a more efficient matter but the u.s. fight criminal groups that practically are not respecting any type of border and are cooperating in both nations, cooperation in terms of security between méxico and the united states is also ever present in the fight against terrorism. we are working so that we can i fight against terrorism.
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we are working to turn north america into a terrorism free nation in this part of the world and this is something we share, information, activities together and we are trying to keep north america as a region free of the presence of terrorism, the relationship between mexico and the united states is very broad. and committing ourselves to continue with whoever is elected president of the united states, a decision for the decision of the -- let me ask the state that never before have i said any
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objectives, and anything i said was taken out of context especially after everything said on this process if you see everything i said in variability i expressed, i have respect for this process because i reiterate this is a nation in the decision of the american people exclusively other people of the united states. >> translator: yes. good afternoon, mister president. having expressed favor of the free market. we have heard voices that oppose themselves, that trump has pointed out he is inclined to protectionism. my question is do the legal
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mechanisms of nafta -- so it has not put aside by degree and president obama, what are the issues in your administration that you would like to complete? thank you. >> translator: this market model, this model has shown enormous benefit, those that follow this model. united states and canada, talking about nafta, the detroit level grew 400%, 547%, and this reflects more productive
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investments, and development of infrastructure, i also think what is happening is when we had slow down process, and followed and promoted and fostered a particularly important strategic partnership in the us and canada. this promises a lot of things so much for the benefit of our citizens. to consolidate the north american region, a lot more investment and really taking advantage of opportunities to build labor personalities, this
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is something to highlight and bear in mind this agreement is rejecting every trade, we can say this is something we have had for 20 years and other positions to modernize, to find more advantages so it could potentiate shares possibilities that we the three partners and three strategic partners have, making sure the united states and canada, and the tpp, and in different countries, and they boost and create a highly promising platform for economic
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development and the benefit it would constitute for our society. >> i think the mechanism, the purpose, the position of the united states, 20 years of having nafta, the conditions to modernize and update nafta and potential lies this agreement even more. >> i agree that one of the values of the transpacific partnership is we have learned from our experience in nafta what has worked, what has and, where we can strengthen it and a number of the provisions in the transpacific partnership addressed in previous criticisms
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of nafta will make what is already an extraordinarily strong economic relationship between our countries even stronger and make sure the process of global integration is serving not just large companies but helping small companies and small businesses and workers so when i said consistently, globalization is a fact because of technology, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation, and we are not going to be able to build a wall around that. what we can do is shape how the
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process of global integration proceeds so it is increasing opportunity for ordinary people, creating better jobs so we are strengthening protections for workers, addressing the environmental challenges that come with rapid growth. for us to look forward and find ways in which we shape this new direction of the global economy in a way that benefits everybody rather than look backwards and think we can undo what has taken place is our best strategy. for all the talk, starting trade
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wars, increasing protectionist barriers between countries. when you examine how our economies work, in the united states, would have a very hard time producing the number of automobiles they produce and they have been having record years over the last several years and not getting supplies from companies in mexico and companies in mexico are not going to do well if they don't have some connection to not just markets but suppliers and technology from the united states. we have to focus on how do we ensure the economy works for everybody and not just a few. there are dangers that globalization increase any quality, there are dangers that because capital is mobile and workers are not if we are not providing sufficient protection, can be left behind in this
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process and that is what we have to focus on and the transpacific partnership is consistent with that. >> president obama, given that the government is turkey is asking for extradition of a turkish cleric how are you weighing that decision? how do you view allegations he helped foment the recent coup and intelligence officials said they believe us intelligence services had direct knowledge of the coup's planning and with detention of 10,000 turks, firing of others and a ban on overseas travel by academics, at what point do you need to speak out more forcefully about these tactics? >> i did my undergraduate thesis on the legacy of the revolution and how it shaped the nation's
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politics. >> you mentioned efforts to address the heroine trafficking and transfer to the united states. talk about challenges you face in disrupting illegal trade given the fact that it is transported in small amounts making what mexico and the us collaborated on in terms of other illicit drugs more difficult and you like president obama made climate change a top priority, talk about the biggest obstacles you face in achieving your climate goals and how climate impacts are affecting your country and future relationship between the us and mexico in terms of migration and other factors. >> i had a chance to reiterate
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this week what we said from the earliest reports that a coup was being attempted in turkey and that is we strongly reject any attempt to overthrow democracy in turkey, we support the democratically elected government there, and one of the signs of great strength in the turkish people was the fact that even strong opponents when reports of the coup were taking place and when it was still uncertain who was behind it, even opponents of president aired one pushed back hard against the idea the military should overthrow the democratically elected government. any reports that we had any previous knowledge of a coup
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attempt or any us involvement, that we were anything but entirely supportive of turkish democracy are completely false. unequivocally falls. i also said he needs to make sure not just he but everyone in his government understand those reports are completely false. because when rumors like that start swirling around, that puts our people at risk on the ground in turkey and threatens a critical alliance and partnership between the united states and turkey. i want to be as clear and unequivocal as i can be. we deplore the attempted coup.
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we said so earlier than just about anybody and have been consistent throughout that the turkish people deserve a government that was democratically elected. what is true is turkey has a strong belief that mister gollum in pennsylvania, legal resident of the united states is somehow behind some of these efforts. i said the same thing i say to you and anybody else who asks, we have a process here in the united states for dealing with extradition requests made by foreign governments and governed by treaties and laws, and it is not a decision i make but rather
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a decision our justice department and investigators and courts make alongside my administration in a well structured, well-established process. so they should present us with evidence that they think indicates the involvement of mister gallant or anyone else in the united states and it will be processed the way it is always processed and we would take any allegations like this seriously, america is governed by rules of law and those are not one that the president of the united states or anybody else can set
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aside for the sake of expediency even when we are deeply supportive of turkish democracy, when we care deeply about any attempts to overthrow illegal actions. they have to go through a legal process. with respect to what is happening in the aftermath of the coup attempt. in my conversations in statements by john kerry and others, we indicated our strong belief and hope that as the dust settles, there is not an overreaction that could in some faction could lead to a
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curtailment of civil liberties or a weakening of the ability of legitimate opposition for journalists through legal processes to voice their concerns or petition their government in the united states, and would encourage, the manner in which this coup is investigated, and consistent with rule of law, and the turkish people fought for and
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defended. . and turkish society is. and military officials in the united states. and taking shots and government buildings, and people were killed and injured, people would be scared. one of the challenges of a democratic government, and even in the midst of emergencies and passions we make sure rule of law and the basic precepts of
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justice and liberty prevail. my hope is that is what will emerge. in the meantime we work with turkey even as they stabilize the situation, we are going after isil hard, it is up and running again and will continue to work with them to make sure we don't lose momentum that we built in terms of weakening isil's position in syria and strengthen the prospect of resolution of that terrible conflict. >> thank you for your question because it allows us to show and talk about a subject matter, something i mentioned in my prospect if position which is
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related to the creation -- creating a high-level group, define mechanism to combat production of poppy, opium poppy cultivation and heroin coming into the united states which is the situation today. what is reality all around? you see growing production in the parts of the geography of mexico where there are conditions for production of this crop. there is a growing introduction of heroin in the united states. the information we have right now, to get together to build,
12:50 pm
continue working together to eradicate crops and have crops, conversion of crops, mechanisms, taking the life of hundreds of people in the united states, we have agreed to work together and define the route we are following, to avoid extending to other parts of the mexican geographies, whenever possible. to reduce and diminish and avoid the entrance of heroine in the united states. this shows something else, the need of working together, the need both countries have to face
12:51 pm
up to common problems, crops of poppy in mexico, the base for heroin production, and what is taking place in places where there is violence and production of crops, criminal groups as well who become stronger through the introduction of illegal weapons, guns in our country, coming from the united states into mexico, this is -- increasingly encouraging opium poppy conservation in mexico. it generates a problem of violence and strengthening of criminal groups and the introduction of heroin in the united states that took the lives of thousands of people in
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this country, one of the many subject matters on the shared agenda, the need of attending to this in joint fashion, this shows the need to work in a closed manner, in a positive way to look into this country, problems affecting both societies and this is what we decided to do. high-level working groups, task force to find the best solutions for this. >> translator: good afternoon,
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president. the agreement reached, this agenda subject, and the extradition, with that as well. >> translator: when we talk about insufficient mechanisms, there are 3 particularly important mechanisms now allowing us positive constructive relationships in both nations, high-level economic dialogue which involves the highest ranking officials of the administrations working in favor of creating interest
12:54 pm
construction and borders, between our two nations. in terms, the many other subject matters, it allows us to fight together jointly operating in both countries. and comes from this high-level dialogue. and more students from mexico to come to the united states and get education here and north american students go to mexico. the number of students in 64,000 three years ago, mexican students studying in the united
12:55 pm
states. we decided to continue on this path and promoting it. the third thing is the mechanism to implement innovation, technology and infrastructure in north america, the mechanism allowing us to identify areas of opportunity, enhance productive change and supply chains that are there for production in the united states and mexico, defining a mapping process so they can promote the economic activity in both nations and how can we strengthen this relationship and this is another mechanism of the commitment and will of president obama's administration. it is not a monochromatic
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relationship on security. and we wanted to try to launch efforts to promote competitiveness in mexico, north america as a whole and promote and foster the region to be the most attractive region for investments, economic growth and productivity and for that we have to work on joint projects jointly defined that will allow us to comply with this objective. >> what we mean when we say the need to institutionalize the relationship it is very important to remember so much of the work that gets done between countries is not done at the level of presidents but is done
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within various agencies, law enforcement, economic ministries and when they still establish relationships and systems of communications and shared projects and visions, those structures continue even after any particular president is in office and build trust and understanding between countries that are critically important and this gives me a good opportunity to emphasize throughout my presidency both with the president and his predecessor. we have consistent, strong
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communications, collaboration where there have been differences or tensions we consistently tried to work through them in a constructive, positive way. to take an example of something that always gets a lot of attention, the issue of the border, a lot of the undocumented workers or migration flows of the last several years are not coming from mexico but central america. if it were not for the hard work of mexico in trying to secure its border to the south, we have a much more significant problem and that is not always easy.
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that requires resources, policy decisions by the mexican government, but the cooperation on that front has been critical, making sure we deal with these issues in a serious way and the humane way and progress on that front. the same is true with drug trafficking, a problem in both countries. we have seen progress in some areas in the flow of drugs north but also in the flow of guns and illicit financing but we are not going to be able to solve this problem by ourselves. mexico is going to need the united states to cooperate to
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rid itself of the violence and corruption of the drug trade. the more we build habits of cooperation and ingrain them in various agencies the better off we are going to be and mexico has been a consistent, strong partner on these issues, and if they had not been, we would have had bigger problems on our borders and the benefit of a cooperative mexico and mexico that has a healthy economy, mexico that can help us in central america, this can do more to solve migration crisis or drug trafficking and a wall.
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it is more reflective of the kind of relationship we should have with our neighbors. thank you. >> thank you. charles: president obama wrapping up his joint press conference, the country is not in collapse and violence is not a problem, speaking about immigration it is not an issue, not as bad as it was when he took office. we are hearing multiple of a shooting in a mall in munich, eyewitnesses hearing multiple shots, large police operations underway. major breaking news in a period of humans fear, updates as we get them.
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to president obama in the battle over the direction of the country, bush 41 it advisor, you we heard president obama speak, crime and immigration, watch spongebob and come back. crime, violent crime rates in the us are lower during his administration than any time in the last three or four decades but up in some cities, lower than when ronald reagan was in office, on immigration he says immigration is, quote, orderly and there are far fewer than in the 80s, 90s or when george bush was president. let me ask your thoughts on that. >> president obama outlines there are lots of immigration laws on the books and resources,
1:03 pm
the problem is those laws are not being enforced, hard to argue people feel more safe. if you look at the headlines any given day these are problems or rooted any motion for republican voters and donald trump is tapped into and to argue just because we have this legislation we are good, we are not enforcing it, that is something donald trump has highlighted, the discrepancy between rhetoric and reality. charles: is there something to that, the statistics and the idea that this weekend, everyone will, and feel like the world is going in the wrong direction? >> barack obama is a master illusionist. let's make something clear. this was a hillary clinton for president campaign event.
1:04 pm
this was designed to juxtapose donald trump and his positions on immigration and trade. they are trying to contrast donald trump who talked in plain language to people suffering in this economy partly because of bad trade deals with countries like mexico. barack obama is claiming all is calm. the statistics are terrific. he referenced ronald reagan in his press conference more than we heard ronald reagan's name the entire week of the republican convention. he is suggesting all is calm and that is a lot of bad racist rhetoric from republicans and donald trump. what he is not tapped into is the frustration, anxiety economically, hillary clinton will never meet with the families of the victims coming across the border, barack obama won't either. he just proved it. charles: i want to update the
1:05 pm
audience, we are monitoring the situation in munich, multiple deaths have been reported in a munich shopping mall. feels like a daily friday event, some major catastrophe involving a soft target and innocent people being slaughtered. what are your thoughts on this? >> it goes to the national security anxiety across the electorate because obama and clinton policies of appeasement through the middle east, refusing to address radical islamic terrorism and we are not in position to learn about the fact there it is almost on a weekly basis and people across the globe are more vulnerable because of obama policies. donald trump is very clear, very simple in his speech last night,
1:06 pm
he is going to address the problem, take it right to the enemy and prevent the enemy from reaching our shores. charles: thanks for being patient, we will talk to you real soon. we are monitoring the situation. after donald trump laid out his vision for the country president obama heading back hard. listen to trump's message from last night. >> hillary clinton's message is things will never change, never ever. my message is things have to change and they have to change right now. [cheers and applause] charles: president obama moment ago saying things don't need to change, take a listen.
1:07 pm
>> this idea that america is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn't really jive with the experience of most people. stuart: president obama saying everything is mostly great, donald trump saying everything needs to be fixed. former virginia governor george allen in new jersey governor christine todd whitman with me right now. i usually have one governor at a time. you have had mixed emotions with respect to donald trump but you were governor, you understand grassroots politics. who has a better feel what is going on in the hearts and souls of people and what is the right situation? >> donald trump has tapped into frustration, fear and anger because congress has been so dysfunctional for so long,
1:08 pm
government left them behind and they don't think anybody cares the president might be right on numbers, that is not hitting the emotional feeling of the people in the country. on the other side of that i don't thick it helps that emotion to hype it, appeal to that fear as much as we heard during the convention speech. it is in the middle. you got to understand and recognize it, donald trump has an a massively, bernie sanders stated as well, they are two side of the same coin. charles: when it comes to law and order, breaking news events around the world, innocent people being slaughtered, targets becoming softer, that starts to bring an element of fear. do i want to go to the mall, do i want to go to the park, donald trump into that.
1:09 pm
i suspect hillary clinton would make an attempt to do so but obama seems pretty sanguine about it all. >> donald trump's key line from last night is he will be a voice for the people where people expect greater safety. he understands the role of the federal government's national security and homeland security working with state and local law enforcement. people expect better out of our government. washington is remote, distant, they don't see anything done to improve opportunities in life. when donald trump talks about national security and international problems i don't think most people feel and comfortable, they are worried, this is a time people want to stand with law enforcement. 99% are wonderful people protecting us, the 1%. they may make a mistake or do something wrong, they will be
1:10 pm
held accountable for it. this is similar to what we have seen in the past but what donald trump is trying to do is the voices of the american people need to be listened to. he will be a voice to make the country more safe, more prosperous and better than ever before. charles: last night after the bell starbucks released their earnings report. there was something interesting from the ceo of shultz, a progressive said they cut their sales outlook for the year because of what he calls an anomaly and he blamed the shortfalls on political and social unrest here and abroad. to a degree, donald trump, people said the speech was dark but suggesting or hinting the political class is adding to it. to point out what is bothering people and present solutions
1:11 pm
without making it worse. >> rhetoric implies people murdered in the street by immigrants over the borders. charles: the impact on all of us, it is happening, everybody is scared. and they are flooding across the border, if i see someone who looks hispanic i might do something. it will be good for any of us. there is absolutely a middle ground, recognize what needs to be done, recognize law enforcement, as governor alan said, we need to support them. take to task those who step over
1:12 pm
that line. charles: most of the mainstream press had headlines about trump's acceptance speech that were ominous, dark, dystopian, dehumanizing and a major threat. how does the republican party push back against the narrative? donald trump didn't say these things but that was inferred by the mainstream media. >> the mainstream media will not be on the side of any republican most likely. people who watched the speech could see he was passionate, strong, yelling too much, kristi a good point, all the murders happening in chicago and baltimore are not by illegal immigrants, we need to control our borders and the american people expect the government to keep its promise to control the southern border with mexico. i think what donald trump was talking about, energy, unleashing our american energy resources, that will resonate
1:13 pm
with communities where there is oil and gas and coal. that means jobs, national security, revenues for the government without raising taxes, donald trump and any candidate who can identify the problem, most important is positive constructive ideas that are a solution the people of america say that is what we need to get done. if you get elected keep your promises. charles: is that happening with the republican party? the platform has changed on social issues, at the convention -- >> the platform is more conservative on other social issues like a woman's right to make some decisions over their own life, freedom of religion that implies if you don't want to serve a gay or lesbian you don't have to, he says he
1:14 pm
supports the lgbt community. charles: perhaps if something offends my religion to the degree where i am not harming you do i have a right to say i don't want to make a cake for you? >> if you are in public business working for government you do not have that right. if you are secretary of state you have sworn to uphold the law you don't have that right. in a private business there are other alternrnatives. i don't supported or encourage people to do it but you have the right. i'm troubled by the republican platform because it gets more into our everyday lives. charles: you heard ahmed 1-arm talking about income disparity between men and women because republicans never talked like that. not necessarily that but if you look at the trends there is no gap. >> it was good to hear that language. what puzzles me is how far is it going to go and will translate
1:15 pm
into what donald trump is going to pursue if he were to become president besides the fact he can't eliminate laws at his own discretion and override congress when he feels like it. charles: some say he will pick on the executive order trend. you brought up a great point about everyone feeling the person in the white house has their best interests at heart. it has not been divided in such a long time and i worry about uniting the entire country. do you feel confident out of the convention understanding how it feels donald trump has made a pivot, maybe he is on the right track to getting the message out, certain comfort level among americans when he talks about
1:16 pm
law and order, talking about a universal message not singling out any group or person. >> i agree with that. he is a rookie but an old rookie, he will make the rookie mistakes. if it is a composition, a speech that has been thoughtfully put together and he sticks to that speech as he did last night that is good. when he gets off on tangents and irrelevancies, talking about issues that will not make america great again or provide opportunities for all, not going to make the country safer and stronger is where he gets off on tangents that are distractions. last night's speech was very well composed on a lot of issues and regardless of chris christie whether or not you pay attention to what the platform, bob dole said i don't care what the platform says this is what i believe. >> thank you very much, breaking
1:17 pm
news. the press is confirming, more details on when we come back in the white house is aware of the report.
1:18 pm
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charles: we are getting reports of a shooting at a munich shopping center with several people hurt and several killed. cheryl: we are monitoring several wire services out of germany, just getting a statement from munich police. they are confirming one or more suspects in the shooting, not giving us any details who has been injured and some updates about the mall itself, two
1:21 pm
levels right now. the olympia shopping center in munich, germany. it is a very large structure, open since may 1972. we are looking at life pictures, there are reports of deaths but we are not going with specific numbers but a lot of chatter on social media, people getting onto their phones. anyone in the vicinity near this mall take shelter right now. munich police confirming one or more potential shooters. we need to find out if there is a suspect within the facility or if there are more than one suspect. we have seen these multiple times but germany, belgium, france, we are seeing this type of attack. they are not calling it a
1:22 pm
terrorist attack, just calling it a shooting. some of your guests said here we go again. this olympia shopping center on lockdown and police say anyone in the vicinity take color, they are confirming multiple injuries but not confirming any number of deaths. multiple wire services report there are several deaths but we are trying to get a number, from wonder to 15 depending which news service, foxbusiness, a major police operation underway. life pictures to the left of the screen, they are surrounding that. we are trying to confirm the number of deaths but it looks like there are deaths being reported by several outlets coming out of europe including our partners at sky news. as we look to confirm what is happening we are developing
1:23 pm
story monitoring everything in the newsroom. i will send it back to you for more information. charles: munich police believe more than one shooter is involved, no one has been taken into custody. army special forces veteran ben collins, it is too early to say this was terror related or radical islam. that has been the case so often almost on a weekly basis somewhere in the western world recently but this is a soft target. we are starting to see this more and more. how do we prevent this? reactions have been pretty good but how do we prevent this? >> you hit the nail on the head. this rash of attacks on soft targets, bangladesh hit a
1:24 pm
restaurant, paris, niece with the truck, orlando in a nightclub and this was the exact call isis put out a couple weeks ago before ramadan where t said we want our people who are inspired by our message to hit the soft targets. soft targets are extremely difficult to protect because the security service, the way they are generally able to capture and track individuals is when they are moving people are moving weapons or communicating so the hardest part when it is bound geographically within one border of the country people are not crossing lines. these guys are getting radicalized in their living rooms. a black market to pick up and ak-47. it does speak to the old adage. we say it all the time. if you see something say something.
1:25 pm
charles: thank you very much. munich police believe they are dealing with a shooting rampage. more details for you and take a look at the market which is not reacting to this at all. are we too used to this? ♪
1:26 pm
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1:28 pm
charles: breaking news. a shooting at a shopping mall in munich, germany. the munich police say the danger is not possibly over just yet. i want to go to john layfield, the layfield report ceo. market was up 25 when the news started coming out. still the dow jones industrial average up 25 points. are we getting to a point where we become so accustomed to these no horrificacts that it has no impact on the stock market? >> yeah. that is terrible, charles. that is indication we are
1:29 pm
becoming accustomed to this to some degree at least how it doesn't affect the economy. that is the key point. places with recurring terrorism, tunisia, egypt, middle east, markets get hurt, unfortunately even in places like paris the economy does not get hurt with these horrible horrific terrorist at acts because they appear to be somewhat random. we are becoming accustomed to it and that is not a booed thing. charles: john, after the bell, starbucks reported earnings. schultz, a progressive may run for president, the sales were disappointing, short fall, political, social unrest both at home and abroad. i found that interesting, i haven't really hurd any companies use that and talk about that. to a degree he was almost echoing the themes of donald trump's speech last night? >> charles, we're in a mild
1:30 pm
corporate recession right now. we have been for a couple of years. our earnings are down about 5.3% according to estimates but when you look at the rest of the world, why in the world would you buy treasurys right now with yields so low except for the fact things are worse elsewhere? you look at the potential that could happen in europe. you look at the mess that the middle east is right now. same thing going on in asia right now. america is the one place that is still safe as far as money. that is why u.s. equities is the place that's getting inflow of capital and keeping the markets buoyant. charles: although this is a year where we have twodecidedly, two very distinct presidential candidates on the economy and ultimately i guess on the stock market. i don't think viewers know the top two markets in the world year-to-date are argentina and brazil. what they have in common, they both got rid of leftist governments. even though their economies are shaky, the world is showing them confidence by buying their markets. when do we see our market react
1:31 pm
to the president run or do you think it already has? >> i don't think it has at all because i don't think nobody knows what happens. we're the tallest leprechaun right now. you can invest in europe. we don't know if the danes are opting out eu. we don't know if the french are. or northern ireland and scotland opt into the e.u. whether it is miss clinton or mr. trump i'm not sure right now that it matters because it is the safe haven. charles: tell you what, it is interesting. uk business down this quarter. some are blaming it on "brexit." i think it is premature to evaluate it from an economic point of view. john, be safe, talk to you again real soon. >> great talking to you, charles. breaking news. a shooting in a mall in munich, it's a two-story mall with 135 stores. we'll have more information for you right after the break.
1:32 pm
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charles: breaking news, shooting at a shopping mall in munich, germany. police say the danger not over possibly just yet. deirdre bolton covered attacks in paris. >> charles, it is awful. i'm reading through one local press account being translated in english. 15 are feared dead. can't confirm that.
1:36 pm
that is the worry from local officials in munich. they still believe only one attacker but can't be confirmed. this is developing situation. but unfortunately this backs up this pattern. we were just talking about nice in france not so long ago. before that, as you alluded to, paris. i mean, there are some hot spots right now and so many of these incidents. we have no idea what the motive is. this is developing story. charles: one thing, i said another attack. it is another attack against humanity. we'll see if it is radical islamic inspired attack. but, it is one shooter, but as we're finding out in nice, where several people have been arrested, these things really don't happen in a vacuum. even if you consider radicalization process. it is organized and very effective. >> it has to be organized in a certain extent especially in france and germany as well there are much tougher gun laws than we are here in the u.s. at some point there has to be some
1:37 pm
transaction which is even more hoops to go through. charles: right. >> than for most citizens here. charles: it is easy to buy weapons on the black market. let's go to cheryl casone. she has brand new details. she is in the newsroom. >> i do, charles. i want to bring in new details. according to the dpa news agency, quoting police on the ground in munich, they quote, expect, multiple dead, again, quote, expect multiple dead. shots fired at olympia shopping hall in munich, germany. one person confirmed by bbc. major police presence at the mall. police telling the media on the ground in munich that they believe it's one or more suspects on the loose right now. there is no arrest. they have not captured anyone but looking at one or more shooters and in this ongoing situation. anybody near the mall is being told to take shelter in place. they're also unconfirmed reports of multiple victims lying on the
1:38 pm
floor within the mall. again in this age of social media a lot of things come out but it is tough to confirm. you're looking live pictures from sky news. also, this mall, we should say is very large mall in munich. it is one of the biggest. it is two levels. it has 135 stores. busy friday or early evening shopping experience. police believe there is more than one shooter. the white house is made aware of the situation. president obama coming off the news conference with mexico's president. there are of course reports as well of people running from the mall initially. what we're seeing right now is that authorities in munich, believe it or not, charles, were already on high alert because there had been a migrant stabbing, a migrant stabbed five people on monday in munich. so the city was already on high alert for any possible terrorism-related or attacks in general. now no one is saying terrorism yet.
1:39 pm
but, certainly as we've seen with the attacks in brussels and in paris, many people on social media, twitter, facebook already saying, here we go again. you're seeing that expression a lot. people saying what is happening in our world we're once again seeing a mass shooting. several european, sky news, bbc or german media are reporting multiple deaths. i have seen anywhere from one confirmed to as many as 15 deaths but it is an active and ongoing situation, charles. unfortunately at this point. we don't know. we're waiting for details from some of our european news partners. charles: thank you, cheryl casone. multiple deaths. we don't know. we're waiting to confirm whether or not another incident inspired by radical islamic terror. >> what ben collins told you, these guns are easy to get on the black market. not the same way here we go and
1:40 pm
fill out paperwork. in other words, it's a tough gun country, as much as france. a lot of people here say, listen, do not use this, it is hard to do this in particular year. do not use this issue as political tool. when people want to kill other people they find a way. cheryl mentioned that axe attack on a train. it was afghani person of origin from afghanistan, staying with a host german family. germany has decided to open its arms and angela merkel is probably going to face a tough political career after this because so many people are now regretting her decision so much to open the country up. obviously she did as well intentioned. it turned around and hurt them. charles: she is already starting to regret it to a degree herself. but to your point, after letting in so many, it will be probably too little too late, from political point of view if this
1:41 pm
turns out an attack by inspired by people in your own country, who you welcomed with friendly arms and turn around and it is really crazy. >> indeed. charles: thanks a lot. police expecting multiple deaths in munich. the two-story mall shooting is going on. you're looking at video images, perhaps live images there. obviously terror in another major western city has its grip going into the weekend. we'll have much more for you right after this.,
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
reporter: hi, i'm nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we were up nine days in a row. gave some back yesterday down 77 points. look at this gains, back and fourth action. utilities and telecom. nasdaq new high for 2015. we should note take a look right now, s&p is up seven. verizon really emerged as a front runter. you can see verizon is up 1%. yahoo! up 1.1%, nearing a deal to buy yahoo!'s core internet business. this would be obviously after tumultuous period. amazon, something to watch here, jeff bezos now, warren buffett, jeff bezos is now the third richest person in the world, surpassing buffett and of course gates is number one.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
charles: we are monitoring and we'll have updates for you on the shooting in munich. police expecting multiple deaths there. again we'll keep you updated. but in the meantime president obama rebuffing donald trump's vision or version of a very dangerous country. deirdre, he spoke at a joint presser with the president of mexico. he said violent crime rates in the u.s. are lower during any
1:46 pm
administration in the last three or four decades. lower than ronald reagan, than when he took office. the stats completely differ with the reality that donald trump is speaking about. >> it was essentially the president's point by point rebuttal to donald trump's speech last night. you hit on some of those big themes. the fear that donald trump doesn't really match into fact. the one line i think will hurt him especially since two section ago you and i were talking about the germany -- shooting. he said i hope people saw birds chirping and sun was out. he said crime was not as bad. he said u.s. immigration process orderly and legal. he is now in effect campaigning for hillary clinton. he will be in philadelphia next week. he will be one of the speakers at dnc. two minutes ago we're talking about yet another shooting. actually one of the guests on this channel who is amazing resource for all of us, colonel
1:47 pm
ralph peters, you and i love him, as you and i, the olympic park taking place of the live situation, was site of massacre of israeli athletes in 1972 olympics. it could be symbolic. we don't know all the facts. the point of president obama many people seems tone deaf. talking about birds and sunshine. there is a lot of violence. we see it every day. so whether or not democrats will understand him in the same way is another question. charles: well, going to be up to hillary clinton to find some sort of way of says, to find a middle, i guess an area to acknowledge the fear that people have, and maybe to promote the idea that things have, you know, statistically maybe have gotten better. what is ironic, a lot of people say, think about the proliferation of guns discounters that argument this is the argument gun owners said for a long time. as gun ownership in the country gone up so has violent crime gone down.
1:48 pm
she has a very difficult balancing act. i also want to note, even before this news breaking out of munich, there are he three prefers i think who are being buried today in baton rouge. the sun not chirping for everyone and birds are not chirping for everyone today. >> donald trump if you heard last night, seven times i counted law and order. he is trying to send a very strong signal to police. there are numerous sheriffs who have stood up, this is the only person we've spoken to who maybe at this level who seems to understand what we're dealing with on the ground every day. charles: yeah, well, again, you know, the democratic process begins next week. we'll get a vp announcement today. a lot of people pushing hillary clinton to pick someone from the military. there has been one name, general staff reecy. it's a tough, difficult time. media said trump's speech was ominous, dark, distopian. >> fearful. accused of inciting fear. charles: but there is fear out
1:49 pm
there you can not ignore. >> i am with you as a citizen and then also as an analyst. we talk about these events. we just talked about nice. we talked about this attack on the train, before that, paris. before that "charlie hebdo." this is to say nothing of violence pretty much happening at important places in our allies even in the middle east. you know, we're even just talking about western europe incidents. san bernardino, orlando. it is a pretty long list this year. charles: really is. unfortunately and sadly again. there are reports of multiple dead in a munich shopping center where continuously getting updates on that. we'll have more details for you right after the break. ♪
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
confirm reports of a second shooting incident in munich. cheryl casone in the newsroom with the latest. cheryl? >> charles, this report coming out of our partners at sky news in london, and they are quotes on eyewitnesses on the ground there has been a second shooting in a train station in munich. this is near the mall. this is the marron platts station. our sky news partners. police have not confirmed this yet. police are saying anyone in munich, central munich to stay inside. to not go outside. they have not located the suspects yet. they believe that they're dealing with one or more suspects but no one is in custody right now. this is according to munich police and they just tweeted something saying we currently do not know where the offenders are. avoid public places. that is the latest tweet coming in couple months ago from munich police. now the mall itself, olympia shopping center is currently surrounded. we're getting more details where
1:54 pm
all this began and where it began inside of the mall. it began at mcdonald's restaurant inside of the mall. that is were the shooting began. "the sun" out of london, the sunnewspaper, reporting that multiple victims seen on the floor. they believe they're dealing with one or more shooters. the dpa news agency quoted one police source in munich saying they expect multiple dead. we do have confirmation from the bavarian interior ministry of one dead. we have one confirmed death in munich but all the reports, charles, that i'm seeing right now i think it is safe to say we may see more reports of dead and injured coming out of this shopping center in munich. people running from the scene. i also want to make a very interesting point here. that police are out on social media saying get off your phones, stop facebook living this event. people in munich were getting out their phones and facebook
1:55 pm
living these events as they began. the police are saying, you are doing nothing but hurting our investigation. they are dealing of course with a live situation in munich. they're telling people to get off their phones and get off of twitter. no images. no facebook living. we'll see if public adheres this warning. i have to say, charles, i doubt it. we're getting a report from washington. secretary jay johnson has been briefed on the situation -- jeh johnson. he is on his way currently to philadelphia to look at security precautions for the democratic convention. jeh johnson has been briefed as well as president has on situation going on right now in munich, germany, charles. charles: thank you, cheryl casone. as cheryl reported are tweeting, quote, we don't know where the attackers are. marion platts is the center square in center of town in munich. would obviously be very busy. notion this began in mcdonald's.
1:56 pm
>> this to me is very symbolic. we have no idea what the motivation is. i have sign confirmed as well there is a second shooting, a man opening fire at a metro station there. seems likes u.s. symbols or our allies at this moment, we can say do seem to be affected. mcdonald's very much a symbol of america overseas. as i mentioned the commentlph p, olympic park where this started was the site of massacre of israeli athletes in 1972. we've been talking a lot about rio. there were 10 people arrested in past 24 hours wanting to do harm to israeli and american athletes. charles: it is a tough situation. we'll be right back. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz ed for.
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1:59 pm
charles: munich police spokeswoman said several dead and wounded in munich mall attack. again, the markets are unchanged
2:00 pm
but the world isn't. many saying it's on fire. ashley. ashley: charles, thank you very much, we will take it from here. breaking news, there's a deadly shooting spree at a munich shopping center. i'm ashley webster this afternoon for trish regan and welcome everybody to the intelligencereport. munich police expecting multiple fatalities and believe more than one shooter. there's no word on whether that is the case or any possible motive but it is a fast-developing story. our cheryl casone has the very latest, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, ashley, the reports started about an hour ago coming owl of munich, germany, reports of multiple victims, multiple-shooting incident. the olympia shopping center in downtown munich. all we are getting is that the shooting began at a mcdonalds


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