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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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left i think he is so far to the center. he is all about banks and we should know in just a couple of minutes. risk and reward starts right now. >> a police operation is underway after nine people were killed in munich, germany. three shooters opened fire at a shopping center. we are going to keep you posted on all of the headlines the headlines coming our way from germany. here at home hillary clinton hosting a rally in tampa -- tampa florida. many think that virginia senator tim kaine is a leading choice. she has been on these
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headlines coming from munich all afternoon. i know it is shut down. authorities have told people to stay home and seek shelter. what else do you have. >> as you mentioned they are under a state of emergency. the special forces should be landing in munich. the suit is underway. they had been very active on twitter and social media. they are still looking for three suspected shooters. three gunmen were dressed in black. the ninth body victim they are looking at the ninth body which is maybe one of the shooters. there been several reports including several news organizations in this country
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saying that one of the shooters have killed himself. as he was on his way to philly he was briefed on munich. what do we know about this attack quacks it happened about five hours ago. their local time it happened at the olympic shopping center. this is a center of munich. it is a tourist area. there is a large shopping mall. the friday night. this is a busy time of night. as far as the shooter. we think we had three. they are very clear there is no indication of islamic terror.
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several news reports had coming out saying that they were not just white but they were german. they were speak it --dash men speaking in fluent german. as one of the things that is being looked at right now. we have not heard from her herself. they are not quite ready to say if this is a terrorist attack or a homegrown attack. i think that is important. that's how to classify the particular event. the state department putting out a notice. any u.s. citizens that are in germany in particular that are in munich to let them know that you are okay. this is the life. in germany and throughout europe.
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the transit system completely shut down. several highways completely shut down. they are trying to figure out how the attackers might have gotten away. they said one of the suspects might have used the transit system to get away. everything is changing very quickly. it is an active situation as they search for these gunmen. see what we will count on you for updates. for more analysis the former vice chief of staff thank you for joining me what is your take. what are your thoughts. the three gunmen it would still not be in the hands of
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the police. that is not something that has happened before in most situations. whether it is right wing were radical islamic's. i don't think we will know until we had three bodies or three people captured. this is the fifth anniversary the massacre on the norwegian island. it is also possible it has nothing to do with this but it seems clear that whoever planned this attack either had an escape route or they may have counted on committed suicide. >> we can only speculate at the motivation. it is a fact that since the incredible migration into
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germany came into that country in a little bit over a year that has been a rising tide. there has been there. it is what is at the forefront of it. as we go forward what is clear is that we will have numerous forms of terrorism. what is your advice to the next president? >> we do have a little jihad on our hands here. that is what radical islam has
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morphed into. there has been 28,000 people killed at the hand radical islamist. and a number of quick countries involved has tripled. here we set right here facing an election in november and this president has no strategy to deal with radical islam. there is no global alliance which is obvious to anybody looking at this. you probably had to put together a global alliance to deal with it. what many of the countries involved. deirdre: that requires sharing of information and the u.s. that becomes a very sensitive for all of us. does it not. >> we are already doing it. we share highly classified information. if this was an isis attack let's just speculate that it
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is this be the fifth nato country that they had attacked but yet they are not declared war on isis. we declared war on al qaeda. why is it not declaring war because they don't want accountability that goes with it. people with the man is it is staggering the lack of leadership dealing with this menace that is growing worldwide. >> you're saying that the current administration doesn't want to answer questions about accountability? that as part of it and they also don't want accountability to deal with the much larger issue of radical islam. and how it is spreading around the world. we know for a fact when a radical islamic movement has a safe haven as they head in syria and the have it now for years and libya the thing you
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must do with that safe haven you must go in and destroy it. you go in and you kill them. yes you have to deal with the ideology and get those national leaders involved. we are not doing it. we appreciate the perspective. deirdre: i know you are part of the largest grassroots morris protection society in the u.s. what you make of what is happening to germany. it is very fluid in germany. we are getting conflicting reports the chief of staff said they only had one shooter. they said they have a three shooters. right now they do not know if
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the islamists did it. we know that isis has been trying to recruit within germany . they can maneuver it within net. they can also come to the united states. while we think it is the neo-nazis we do not rule out that this is islamic terrorism. the difference here is that usually when they have done those things it's usually one person. the style of attack has all the hallmarks of a organized terrorist attack with multiple shooters who are going after civilians they attack the tourist center of the city there would be attacking refugee areas the tourist center of the city and that is why we believe isis may have
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something to do with it . deirdre: one started near mcdonald's. it was the site of the olympics where israeli athletes were massacred. the fact that there are numerous shitty points where at least the mcdonald's one and another one at a metro stop. when you meet with the people that you meet with what you feel like is the number one step that america can do to protect its citizens now. that america can do to protect its citizens now. throat political correction in the garbage. declare war on our enemy. we know how it operates. we know what it looks like. when all the hallmark of it. we need to protect our community until we can vet them.
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we know at this point we do not have a vetting process in place and we just need to train our fbi and first responders to actually know what to look out for. when they have someone wanting to do jihad that they do not go to what they had been taught. it is a holy word declared against them. it's actually a terror attack against the infidels to actually kill them or subjugate them. we need to coral a spade a spade . deirdre: it came out right away and said we are at war with 20 minutes later with isis. i understand your point very clearly. incorporation you as always. we love having you here. >> it is always a pleasure. deirdre: we will bring it updates. we want to let you know what is happening here at home. hillary clinton is hosting a
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rally in tampa, florida. donald trump delivered his acceptance speech lasting. my political power plano -- panel will share what is ahead for next week. >> i had had a truly great life in business but now, my sole and exclusive mission is to go to work for our country to go to work for you it is time to deliver a victory for the american people we don't win anymore but we are going to start winning again. your insurance company
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deirdre: hillary clinton it may announced her running mate shortly. there are three people on the short list. virginia senator tim kaine, agriculture secretary tom vilsack and tori booker. adam what are your sources telling you? >> we are expecting hillary clinton to arrive in about 15 minutes for this event and she is expected whatever choices to roll that out on facebook as well as with a message to be tweeted they been telling them to a certain number let's talk about the three men on the shortlist. the first one is tim kaine. the senator from virginia. and then there is tom the sack. -- tom vilsack he is actually it to term governor of iowa.
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in the senator from new jersey. he was a former mayor of newark new jersey. he is a very popular supporter. do any of these things have the kind of credentials that would get bernie sanders supporters. to support the choice there is a concern among that. we expect to have mrs. clinton here in about ten minutes. we will learn via facebook and twitter. deirdre: you heard him say they expect to start speaking in about ten minutes time. the party's nomination for president last name.
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cheers in cleveland. he delivers a speech as fiery as his candidacy. serious patriot host welcome to you all. i want to ask you about donald trump's tone. it can occurs at a most --dash moments of crisis. threaten our turner very way of life. any politician that does not grasp this is not fit to lead our country. he have wild applies to that. to paraphrase donald trump the only thing you have to fear is everything i think hillary clinton's answer to that next week is going to be a message
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that shows how her focus is going to be bringing the country together. donald trump cannot stop talking about 13 million votes he got in the primary process. he needs to get over 100 million to win. his speech he would not stop yelling. i was tense the entire time. you can motivate people with fear. david, i know you have a different take and i want to hear it. >> i don't know if you remember the point them. the only thing you have to fear is everything itself. i don't know what speech she heard in the red here is the
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brilliance of what she said. there are citations of where the sources are for the speeches. i would recommend that. let me finish. what he did they did a speech they also put out the source and the facts i have not finished studying it but i was actually in that room. both parties in the candidates played when they were there. but a lot of what donald trump said is based on the fact that american seat and they provide the facts. are you with me. donald trump said i'm with you. the average american out there said i have somebody he only needs about 65 to 68 million to do that. the numbers need to be on point. >> i want to bring up
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something that david just alluded to. once a price that i heard came more from the bunker on maternity leave and she told about policies that they think about about part of the democratic platform. i want to play the comment and then ask you for your comment. >> as president my father will change the labor laws. and he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all. deirdre: what do you make of that. it speaks very directly to everyone who was in her age group. she specifically said i'm a millennial i'm a professional person. but is this an attempt to get independence or swing voters and will it work? >> i think donald trump has a. it was great for them to do.
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we don't know what specifics we are talking about. maybe she's talking about them offering tax incentives. there are other free market solutions. there are women's groups out there pushing those on the conservative side and maybe that's what she's talking about and that's all we have to see. it's an important message still to see that there are problems out there that they feel these problems. acknowledging the problems exist is a big start for the campaign. we actually see your problems. the democratic's response was these problems don't exist. what is happening in munich right now? to say that they feel safe and everything is okay or that don't feel great that is what the response has been from the administration. this is why they feel that
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way. deirdre: i want to pick up on that point. both on the right if you want to argue donald trump the collective frustration it doesn't work for me. >> people are terrified and they are frustrated but who are they looking for in a leader is not the one that is to continue to stoke those of flames. they're looking for someone who is going to come up with solutions and bring us together to ivanka's speech it is hilarious that in that audience they had voted it down and vetoed it every chance they got. it has never cheered for equal pay before this. she had was very polished. when her party has done
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everything possible to stop equal pay for women. >> nice try. here is what she said. go out and read what they said and decide for yourself that they are speaking to issues that matter to you. >> they need to read. deirdre: hold that thought. i'm coming back to you. we just head to take a quick break. they can follow the dnc next week and begins monday right here on foxbusiness. former special counsel to bill clinton is my next guest.
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vision of violence and chaos everywhere. it doesn't really jive of the experience of most people. i hope people the next morning walked outside and the birds were chirping and the sun was out this afternoon people would be watching their kids playing sports teams and going to the swimming pool. >> the comments on life in the u.s. before word of the attack in munich germany. last night donald trump in his speech focused on fighting terror and keeping americans safe. he is the former special counsel to president bill clinton. does the current administration look tone deaf if the answer is yes what does
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that mean for hillary clinton in november? >> they are not mutually exclusive. the president and the president before him their terrorism is getting in the way of us being able to see america has still doing well. both at home and abroad. they help put it together because it shows this timeline it starts june 3040 killed, 50 injured. it was a taliban suicide attack. there is an entire timeline that just basically takes us only over the past 30 days and it shows perhaps why donald trump used the word threat
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sometimes in his speech last night where the phrase law and order thought four times. if she is going to win over swing voters independent voters, what kind of tone michigan had to have. >> first of all, count the number of times the word i is in the trump speech and also show me a solution. just one of all the problems that i think can be raised that are around the world in the home. show me a solution that he actually proposed. he is very good at stoking fears that i feel. it is up to our presidential candidate to solve problems. i think that's where hillary clinton will show a different among many.
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she is expected to be given speaking in two minutes time. the vice president pick may or may not be announced. which candidate is best in your view. tim kaine is the safest choice which is best in your mind? >> whoever she decides i would even dare to say my personal preference. i know the three of them very well and people vote for president not for vice president but they do look at whether the candidate is complimentary coherent with the president mike pence is record is on disagreement so many records he and donald trump completely disagree. the support he and donald trump completely disagree. among the three people you mentioned thank you so much
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deirdre: we want to show you what's going on in tampa, florida. you are looking at the podium where she is expected to start speaking shortly. she may soon announce her vice
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president pick as we had mentioned there are three or four names on the short list. as soon as hillary clinton starts speaking we will get you back there to tampa florida. in the meantime munich germany is on lockdown. the city is in the state of emergency. three suspects may have been involved and maybe even more that's unconfirmed in a shooting spree that killed at least eight innocent people. with me now former army intelligence officer. colonel, and andrew, thank you so much. you were the one who pointed out to me how historic's that is to say near the 1972 olympic park where athletes were murdered. do you think there is a connection to radical islam or isis or is it too soon to tell. it could be of right wing group.
5:38 pm
>> it is too early to tape -- tell. i would say if it turns out to be a single shooter than the odds go up that it is a right winger or just a crazy guy. is it if it proves to be multiple shooters they are now looking for three guys in addition to the one who is reported to be dead after that shot himself. it just feels like islamic terrorism. not only is the shopping center outside of the olympic grounds but also it is another tourist destination. it hit at the peak of tourism. we don't know and i don't know but looking at it right now the only thing arguing in favor of it being a right winger is this is the fifth anniversary of the shooting in norway.
5:39 pm
deirdre: andrew, i would like to bring you in to say that there was to issue needs one that started at the mcdonald's and another one that started near a metro station. what does that say to you if anything. i agree with that colonel, if it's a coordinated assault like that more than one shooter perhaps a getaway vehicle speaks to an islamic attack. but i want to add one other thing to what he said. munich is a significant for a second reason. it is really the achilles' heel. it is run by merkel's coalition allies. it's a very catholic party that has been opposed to the
5:40 pm
refugee policy. if it doesn't turn out to be the work of islamic in some point i think you will see a significant consequences for the stability of the government as a go forward towards her party conference this fall. she is going to face an enormous amount of pressure. deirdre: i know you lived in germany for ten years. yet this very conservative region but that munich is very liberal. >> it is interesting, down in the tourist center security is pretty tight. the attack didn't take place there were everyone goes to see that. it took place in the shopping center. again we are all speculating at this point but what we need to remember is whether it is a single not right winger or a terrorist conspiracy it's terror what happened in dallas with a cop shooting was terror and we are living in a new age where it seems to be the
5:41 pm
default position for any number of radical views. >> it seems irrespective of whether or not this is connected to isis. you don't need to raise a lot of money or take flying lessons or bring down two towers in new york you can encourage citizens now through social media to do damage unfortunately. thank you both. at least eight are dead after that shooting we will bring updates in the meantime take a look at the markets. we will bring you the very latest on your monday. when you booked this trip,
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this is a shot right now about rally in tampa for floor too. hillary clinton expected to be at the podium shortly. she also may announce her running mate this evening. there are four names on the
5:45 pm
short list. by many people's estimates that is considered to be the safest choice. senator cory booker are the names on the short list. we believe of course that she will be trying to pick one of them with at least an attempt to bring in some of bernie sanders supporters. we will get you back to florida as soon as she starts speaking. we do want to keep you updated on the latest attack of course from munich, germany. nine are reported dead. police are reporting that up to 100 people witnessed the shooting attack so we will keep you updated with all of that news. this is in tampa florida. hillary clinton is about to take the podium.
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>> thank you tampa. thank you all. thank you, so much. are we ready to go when an election in november? i think after the last week what we saw in cleveland we better be ready to go when an election in november. i want to think those for the wonderful words about her life growing up here in tampa and her strong endorsement my longtime friend your senator bill nelson i also want to think you're great mayor.
5:48 pm
i also have a free -- few others to think. i'm thrilled to have so many strong florida leaders here with us today. former governor and soon to be congressman. charlie crist. former mayor sandy freeman. d we have a great group of state representatives, councilmembers and so many more and i am grateful to each and every one of you who are here with us. i have to tell you did any of you watch that convention in cleveland? it was kind of perversely
5:49 pm
it's hard to believe they spent so much time talking about me i know times talking about jobs, education or healthcare. no matter what your political leanings i think we can all agree that never in the history of conventions certainly but i think even more broadly had we moved forward together by pointing fingers and scapegoating and blaming people instead of rolling up our sleeves, getting at the plan plant together and then working to achieve it. [applause]. i mean, something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker says vote your conscience and gets booed. [applause].
5:50 pm
i mean i never thought i would say these words but ted cruz, was right. in this election do the right thing and vote your conscience and vote for your future. vote for the united states of america. you know, i think many of us felt that those speakers including of course their nominee were not talking about
5:51 pm
the country we know and love they weren't talking about the work people do every day and the opportunities that we try to seize neighbors helping neighbors, i didn't hear any of that instead, i heard about donald trump's dark and divisive vision. last night's speech took it to a whole new level. he offered a lot of fear and anger and resentment but no solutions about anything that he even talked about. he didn't have a jobs program a jobs program all that talk about keeping people safe i here any plans about what he
5:52 pm
was going to do to support our police and make sure that we are all working together. you can listen to that speech and you can think my goodness he believes america is in decline. i have to say as he said this last night i was pretty shocked he said, i alone can fix it. just think about that for a minute. it is really important his vision of america is one where we americans are kind of helpless we need to be rescued i can't really imagine him on a white horse but it seems to be what he is telling us.
5:53 pm
i alone can fix it. will, he does understand that americans that we americans we are strong. bighearted results oriented generous people in america. i had spent a lot of time and a lot of wonderful time traveling across our country and i have seen people fixing all kinds of things. i have met educators working with teachers and parents to turn around schools and give kids a better chance. i have met small businesses and entrepreneurs who get up every day and work really hard
5:54 pm
and you know when they make a contract for their goods or services they expect to be paid. i have met so many wonderful men and women they know the grave responsibility that they have fulfilled and they get up every day and they do at their best but i have never heard one of them say i can fix it alone. i was in orlando before i came here to tampa and i have the great honor of sitting and talking with some of the residents of that beautiful
5:55 pm
city and hearing what they are doing together to deal with the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in american history. the mayor spoke with great pride about how his city had responded the police captain in charge of the swat team talked with such conviction about how when the moment arrived the police in orlando were ready they have trained, they supported each other. they were ready they didn't say i can fix it alone. he said i'm a member of a team the best team that anybody could have. i met some of the hospital and
5:56 pm
medical personnel who were there to take the wounded and worked so heroically to save lives every one of them doing his or her part triage, nursing, doing everything. i did do anything that said i can fix it alone. i have never heard of an american leader or at least someone who wants to be an american leader claiming that he is all we need it. that is not a democracy my friends as i recall we have a revolution to make sure that we didn't have someone who said i can fix it alone.
5:57 pm
the other thing he said that really shocked me, it is hard to know where to start is in it. lastly donald told us i am your voice. will, i don't think he speaks for most americans, do you? >> he doesn't speak for small businesses the ones he have driven into bankruptcy and financial peril he doesn't speak for the workmen that he
5:58 pm
has employed on his various projects and then refused to pay them. he doesn't speak for the housekeepers in the cooks and everybody working at a hotel in las vegas that he owns that had voted to have a union and he refuses to even talk to them. he doesn't speak for immigrants only against immigrants he doesn't speak for people with disabilities he doesn't speak for our military which he has insulted consistently and in particular prisoners of war who sacrificed much of their life
5:59 pm
because they serve us. and contrary to what they tried to say at their convention i don't think he speaks for women. i don't think he speaks for working families who would be devastated by his reckless economic policies. he doesn't speak for anyone who thinks our country should be standing together and not splintering apart. ..
6:00 pm
>> starting on monday in philadelphia we'll offer a very different vision. it's about building bridges, not walls between people. it's about making the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. it's about embracing our diversity that does make our i have to tell you, in orlando today, in listening to people who had been there that night, meeting a mother whose son died, meeting on thers who barely escaped


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