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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 25, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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i'll be sitting in for neil cavuto on the "your world" program, that's 4:00 eastern time. and by the way, our guest will be reince priebus, the chair of the r, this c. what's he got to say with the troubles for the chair at the dnc? charles payne, it's your time now. charles: she had a lot to say about him a week ago, so that should be great. [laughter] thanks a lot, institute. well, the democratic national convention kicking off, and already it's off to a rocky start. welcome to cavuto coast to coast, i'm charles payne in for neil. the democrats pushing away from this controversial e-mail dump, but republicans just aren't letting them. donald trump tweeting: here we go with another clinton scandal. crooked hillary knew the fix was in, bernie sanders never had a chance. and it's not just republicans who are riled up. listen to former congressman dennis kucinich on fbn this morning. >> do you think bernie sanders should do more here? >> i actually think it's time for him to consider withdrawing the endorsement, because it's
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not just about him, it's about a movement he represents which got 46 percent of the votes. charles: just a short time ago debbie wasserman schultz getting heckled at her own delegation breakfast. >> under president hillary clinton -- >> [inaudible conversations] >> we must be make sure the economy works for everyone. i look forward -- [inaudible conversations] >> continuing to represent my constituents in florida's 23rd congressional district. [inaudible conversations] >> we have priorities that we know we need to continue. thank you very much, and on to victory! thank you. charles: well, still democrats expect to pound their economic message tonight, but will this e-mail dump distract voters from that message? i've got the tell you, from everything i've read, that looks like ric grenell to me --
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[laughter] sabrina, let me go to you first. from everything that i've read, debbie wasserman schultz had to be taken out of this thing kicking and screaming, and president obama had to give her a phone call. it's interesting that she's letting herself become such a major distraction, but i've always thought she was out there. >> yeah. it's interesting, charles, we thought all of these distractions were going to be at the rnc last week, so it's interesting to see it happening this week. of course, i think what we're all interested in is how this is actually going to affect voter turnout in november, and the question is will this new information simply make people who are anti-hillary dig their heels in deeper and say, well, there's no way i would ever vote for her, or is it going to have an impact on those on the fence? she really is more dirty politics, business as usual here many washington? that's what we're going to have to wait and see, if she's able to dig herself out of this mess, and it is a mess this week. charles: it's not the way they wanted to start off, joe, and it seems to me why would she even make herself the center of
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attraction like this? she had a great opportunity sunday to bow out and go away, she's making it a lot worse for her candidate. >> yeah, no, i think that's right. she should have bowed out immediately once this happened, and, you know, terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia, said if he was chair, he would have fired the people involved immediately, within five minutes. so there's clearly, you know, the day did not start out the way democrats would want it to. i do think that many conventions where you have this kind of a schism, the first day's the most important day, you know, there's going to be fighting, there's going to be votes, those kinds of things, heckling. the opposition is going to speak. so what you try to do is get that all out of the way on the first day. [laughter] charles: in other words, you know there's going to be scandals, and you schedule it for the first day. >> yeah, no, no. what i mean by that is like when cruz spoke on the third day or
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so of the convention. you don't do that. you have cruz speak on day one, monday, like bernie is doing in case he goes off script. that's all i'm saying, i'm not -- look, i'm not going to try to make a lemon -- lemonade out of a lemon here. there's a problem. but i think what you're going to see is can you turn the page by the time michelle obama speaks tonight? maybe, hopefully you have everybody stay on script and then turn to positive and to the narrative trump versus clinton the rest of the i -- the way. charles they need it bigtime. by the way, big democratic donor guys, don peebles telling us, quote: in light of recent disclosure of sabotage of bernie sanders' campaign, i will not be attending the dnc convention, although i am not a supporter of bernie sanders, i am a very strong supporter of fair play. there is no room in our party
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for rigging elections. wow, that's big stuff. donald trump getting a big post-r, this c bump -- rnc bump, in fact, one national poll showing him with a three-point lead over hillary clinton. it's a lot larger when you add all the candidates in. remember, he was down seven points just earlier this month. sabrina, trump's economic message, is that resonating or the negative part for hillary clinton is extraordinary. is it a combination of both? >> i think it's a combination. look, charles, if he did not get a bump, that would have been very concerning. he had command of media for a whole week, he was able to frame the debate exactly as he wanted. he was on television almost 24 hours a day or his spokespeople were. so we absolutely should expect a bump. the question will be now, you know, how is -- is he going to be able to sustain it now that r convention? and hillary clinton is apt to present many more sort of concrete policy reforms that people again in the middle may be be inclined to sport.
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so i think it's going to take a lot of work. a convention is only a temporary bump in the polls from my perspective. charles: joe, this is an impressive bump particularly after that thursday night speech when the mainstream media all came to the conclusion that it was too dark for americans and they would actually reject are him. it looks so far they're embracing that message. >> you're right, charles. i mean, when you look at it, the average -- historically, the average republican bump after a convention has been 4.9 points. trump's gotten a 6-point bump. so he's actually performing above average, above average bounce out of that convention. the problem for the gop traditionally has been historically that democrats get about a 6-point bump, a point or two bigger bump than republicans do out of their convention. there's no explanation for that, it's just been historical fact. so we'll see. does hillary clinton hit average or above average too? if so, we'll be right back -- believe it or not, we'll be
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right back where we were before these two started. >> right. head to head. haferls charles sort of like golf, sometimes the perp that tees off first has the advantage. this one was straight down the fairway, you know, and he's got a chip in, it looks like. sabrina, the whole thing, obviously, the pundits have been wrong from the very beginning -- >> yes. charles: -- even to today's analysis. you have to wonder when you have a guy like don peebles, he's dropped hints about running for mayor of new york city. a principled politician, i've made this an oxymoron, you've got more and more of them coming out and saying they don't want any part of it. you think that's also making this thing confusing. >> oh, it absolutely is. there's a lot of pollsters hitting their head against the wall because they think it's going to go right up until november until we figure out who's going to win this thing. we have to remember, you know, sort of look back over the course of the year, the big theme of this campaign is establishment versus non-establishment. it was interesting that now right up at the convention,
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we're still having this fight, and there's sort of calls for bernie sanders to, you know, take back his endorsement of hillary clinton. we saw there were a lot of prominent be republican lawmakers who were not at the convention last week in cleveland. so i think that this theme persists, and we're going to see it all the way up until election day. charles: sabrina and joe, thank you very much. really appreciate be it. hey, protests already underway at the d, this c. thousands of bernie sanders' supporters are raging. next hour we'll outline what to expect. in the meantime, two dead and 16 injured following a shooting at a florida nightclub. cheryl casone tony has the latest. >> reporter: charles, and motive certainly is a question that police are not able to answer at this hour. we've heard from hospital officials about two hours ago giving us an up date on those teenage victims. this was a teen party that was going on, and just after midnight shots erupted in the parking lot as parents were
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picking up their children, charles. here's what the hospital had to say. two of the patients are in critical condition right now, two in fair condition, but we have confirmed two dead, 17 overall wounded. now, club blu had had some problems with their liquor license, it had been revoked back in the month of june. also police saying that the investigation is ongoing, but it is not terrorism-related in any way, shape or form. they were concerned about this earlier this morning, but now they're saying they believe this is a gang-related shooting. we also got the identities of the two young victims, 14-year-old sean around kill lease was shot dead, 18-year-old ste'fan strawder. also we should say we've just learned that florida governor rick scott is going to be canceling all of his appearances today, he already has, he's going to be meeting with officials in fort myers to get a full update. this is about a month, of course, charles, after the orlando shooting at the pulse nightclub, the deadliest shooting in u.s. history.
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charles: cheryl, thank you very much. i hope we do stay on this because deaths are not deaths. if it's not terror-related, it probably means something else to society as well. thanks a lot, cheryl. in the meantime, germany is on edge after a string of terror attacks, four total attacks last week alone. this as german chancellor angela merkel's under huge pressure. ric grenell on if germany needs to change their policy or if it's too late to change their policy. >> well, it's not too late. it's definitely not too late. and she needs to take some decisive action. clearly, what's happening is that people are feeling motivated to come into all throughout europe, to go into germany. there's not a very good system in place to check x i think perception becomes reality when it comes to terrorism or violence or isis-inspired attacks. so this is a problem that's going to get worse x we need leaders whether they're in
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europe or here that know how to act decisively. look, charles, the fact of the matter is that isis and violence is growing. it's at an uptick. i know people want to look at the larger picture that over the last several years it's been going down. currently, it's on an uptick. and so people are fearful. charles: what do you say though, ric, to someone who may push back? i think the shooting at fort myers underscores it, that there's certain types of violence that's happening in these western nations, particularly in america, that might point to a different sort of culture? this is what we're hearing. we're hearing, hey, it's not a lot of the refugees that are doing these things, but they do happen in western nations. >> well, i don't think that's true here in the united states. you look at the chattanooga attack, the boston bomber attack, you look at orlando and you look at san bernardino, i think the evidence proves that these are isis-inspired or radical islamic-inspired.
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and the president, look, for a very long time the president is very jumpy to point fingers as to who is somehow an isis recruiting tool or who is saying comments to somehow enflame the situation. we can't blame america for this. no one should be blaming americans. the fact is that when you don't kill the terrorists, when you can't find them, we are all to blame. and so i think that the president and his 63-nation coalition needs to pick up the pace, figure out where the command and control center is. if we're not getting the right intelligence to find that command and control center, they need to send in troops on the ground. i don't care if those troops are kurds or turks or nato or the united states. no more political commitments to say no boots on the ground, that we're going to bring home all of our troops. that's a political calculation. charles: right. >> we have a national security issue, let's make decisions
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according to national security strategies. charles: i like that idea, and how about let's win this thing once and for all. ric, thanks a lot. >> thanks, charles. charles: well, finally a deal can, but some think it's a bad deal. we're going to break down that verizon/yahoo! deal next. and all that talk who wasn't at the rnc last week, but you won't believe who's not at the d, this c this week. ♪ ♪ ♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz.
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charles: yahoo!, once a heavyweight, tech heavyweight, now, well, it's being acquired by verizon for $4.6 billion. gary b. smith says it's a mistake for verizon. gary, i've just got to point out to the audience in 2008 microsoft offered $45 billion for yahoo!, and they said it's not enough.
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and still you think almost $5 billion is too much. >> i do, charles. really, i think for three reasons. one, you know, verizon is picking up, what, number three or four in the internet space? i guess it depends how you classify yahoo!. but they're certainly, as far as news e-mail, they're way beyond google, they're probably below facebook, they're below in terms of news twitter, so you're buying the third or fourth place guy. second of all, you're buying the third or fourth place guy that's losing money. it's not like, wow, they're picking up this real gem that's just, you know, a real cash cow. but even beyond that, i always kind of -- i raise my eyebrows when companies in one core competency try to get into another core business. you know, verizon also owns aol. when was the last time anyone went to aol for anything? i mean, it's kind of silly. so verizon's trying to expand
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what i think their whole mission is communications, which they to fantastic, into other area. i just think, i think a couple years from now you're going to go yahoo!, hey? whatever happened to that? charles: yeah, i kind of agree with you. i think these are going to be major write-offs for the company. it's a huge company. go out there, by a big name that's moving in the right direction instead of these companies that, let's face it, if yahoo! didn't have alibaba, those shares would have been trading at a lower level anyway. the whole alibaba deal saved them. >> i agree with you, charles. but i still come back to my last point. they're in the history of corporate america. unless you're a warren buffett and you buy the company and allow -- and keep its management team and allow it to stand alone, integrating it into your core business when it's not your core business, i think, you know, disney has done it. they went from kind of movies and stuff into theme parks, into cruise lines, and they've all been successful. but they're the exception.
12:19 pm
i mean, you really need to look at a company like ge that has stand-alone businesses as opposed to companies like starbucks. remember, even predating your time in business when they got into music. i mean, it was a bomb. it was a disaster. that's not what they do well. that's my fear here. not that you can't take the yahoo! finance and the sports and things that do well and maybe make money off that, it's just -- i don't think it's in verizon's dna. charles charles i guess starbucks and those yanni cds just didn't work out the way they thought they would. >> exactly. [laughter] charles: of course, we've got key central bank meetings this week. what do you think's driving this market right now, and what could get it higher there here? >> well, you know, at this point i'm a little skeptical of the market, but i'll be the first to raise my hand and say i've been skeptical as the market's been going up. i think it's a little overbought, but i thought it was a little overbought three weeks ago, charles. so, i mean, i thought we would get a bounce from brexit. we had the bounce, okay.
12:20 pm
enough. it just seems to keep going. what did it go up, nine days in a row in i think it's big money going into places or that are trying to return something whether it's dividend yield. there's really no other place to put it when you think about it. you can't put it into treasuries, money markets, you know? you have real estate dodgy right now, so where else can you go but the market? can it keep going up? listen, i would not be buying this market in particular, but i'll tell you what, at this point i'm a momentum guy, so i think, you know, if that's what's going up, that's where with i'm putting my money. from a valuation basis, it seems risky right now. charles charl by the same token, gary, the individual investor's taken out billions of dollars the past couple of years including in this year. i don't know who or where this money may be coming from, but it's not from the american public who continue to miss out on this. maybe they're waiting for a pullback, but i fine it really compelling that so many individual investors in this
12:21 pm
country have missed this big move. >> well, you make a great point, charles. and maybe the real warning sign is we see massive cash in flows into the market, maybe that'll mark the top. you know, coming back to the your other i want to answer, what's going to be the catalyst? at this point, charles, i've got to think it's going to be the elections in november. charles: yeah. >> that's really -- you know, beyond brexit which was a big turning point, here in the be state states it's got to be the elections, and at this point, my gosh, what do we have at worst? a toss-up between clinton and trump. whichever way it goes, i think it's going to have major ramifications for what the government does, government interference, overreach. one way or another, trade, that kind of stuff. charles: all right, gary. >> that's all going to impact the market. charles thank you very much. i think there's more to the market than easy money and greater fool theory x i've got my thoughts on my web site. i'd like folks to check that out
12:22 pm
as well, thanks a lot, gary b. smith. democrats, of course, expected to pound on the economy and say how great it is. how much that backfire? -- how much will that backfire? after this. ♪ pressure your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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charles: well, democrats hoping to pivot to the economy, especially amid this backlash over the e-mails. to blake burman who's digging into those e-mails. well, i think it's probably going to be easier said than done, huh, blake? >> reporter: there are some 19,000 of them, charles. and we've looked through a few, and you get the feeling through them when you look through them of the contempt and the favoritism that some played toward hillary clinton and against bernie sanders. let me just read you a few here, and i'll start with one that debbie wasserman schultz -- the head of the dnc for now at least -- sent herself. this was from may 17th speaking to jeff weaver, one of sanders'
12:26 pm
top aides, and this was about sanders' supporters getting a bit out of line in las vegas. she wrote of weaver, quote: damn liar, particularly scummy that he barely acknowledges the violent and threatening behavior that occurred. that was wasserman schultz of a sanders' top aide. but there's also those within the upper echelon of the dnc that exhibited this kind of behavior towards sanders. let me read you one from the national press secretary. this is what he wrote in the lead-up to the california primary. quote: wondering if there is a good bernie narrative for a story which is that bernie never, ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess in -- a mess? and then there is the chief financial officer for the dnc, brad marshall, he wrote to several top ranking members, and this is the one that has a lot of people upset as it appears they are trying to use bernie sanders' religion against him. quote: it might make no difference, but for kentucky and west virginia, can we get someone to ask his belief? does he believe in a god?
12:27 pm
he had skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he's an atheist. this could make several points difference with my peeps, my southern baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist. charles, one of those who was on that chain responded back with a one-sentence -- one-word answer, rather, and that answer was, amen. charles? charles: blake burman, thank you very much. well, bernie sanders' wife, jane, she actually warned us about the rigged system, and it was months ago, but it was on this show. neil: donald trump has made a big deal about how your husband is getting the shorter end of the political stick here, that given the super delegates and the way delegates are awarded in the democratic party, they're not being fair with him, not being fair with you, that your husband should run as an independent. what do you think of that? >> i think he has an underlying agenda there. so bernie's not running as an independent.
12:28 pm
he decided early on to run as a democrat, and he's running for the democratic nomination. now, donald trump has a point. the electoral process, the way it's conducted now in both parties is not good. it's not democratic. charles: and just now big democratic donor don peebles voicing concerns, telling finishing bn, quote: in light of the recent disclosure of the conspiracies to sabotage bernie sanders' campaign, i will not be attending the convention week. although i'm not a supporter of bernie sanders, i am a very strong supporter of fair play. there is no room in our party for rigging elections. the former senior campaign advise arer to president obama, then candidate on the fallout to. dan, it's just looking really ugly for your party this morning. >> yeah. nice to be here, charles. it's not a great story, obviously, going into the first day of the convention, but i can't say any of it's all that shocking. these are e-mails from folks who were, obviously, part of a
12:29 pm
combative primary fight and, frankly, were just really being flippant in a way that they shouldn't have been. charles: but, dan, isn't the dnc, weren't they supposed to be candidate-neutral in this particular case? the venom and the animosity towards bernie sanders shines through wrightly here. >> -- wrightly. >> yeah, i think the opt toics are terrible for the dnc. i think the reality though is a couple of staffers sending e-mails to each other about what they prefer, what they would like to do, i mean, the o is not the communications director for a campaign, and i think the idea that there was a thumb on the scale, sure. they had a perspective and opinion, and they preferred hillary clinton. that's obvious and worthless debating that point. but i think it's more of a paper clip on the scale when you think of what they actually accomplished. they gave bernie sanders a gift. his entire campaign was running as the insurgent, the anti-establishment, that's what gave him the lift in the first place. and, frankly, the actions of the dnc in ways that were real or not real just fed into that
12:30 pm
narrative and were far more helpful than harmful. charles: i think they feed into the narrative now that, unfortunately for bernie sanders, the whole thing is over, and he's going to be a good team player. >> yeah, he will. charles: what that means for his legacy remains to be seen, but it does help donald trump, certainly helps his assertion that the system is rigged. it's hard to argue that with the dnc documentation we've gotten and, by the way, more promise to be on the way. >> well, there are three million more votes for hillary clinton, and if you had a system that looked more like the way the republicans nominate their candidates without the proportional delegates democrats do, hillary clinton would have won by three or four times as many pledged delegate as she ran. the system itself helped bernie, not only the narrative, but the fact that he was able to keep plowouts close on the electoral -- blowouts closes -- charles: well, the super delegates didn't help bernie sanders, and certainly the attitude of the chairman of the dnc didn't help him.
12:31 pm
>> again, i think her posture, while really unfortunate -- and i've got to say, i disagree with her posture. i think the e-mails are pretty unprofessional, and i think there should be consequences for those folks. they didn't really hurt bernie sanders or help hillary clinton. they gave bernie a platform by which to say this is rigged, and that elevated him more a while. charles: i mean, she, her attitude and outbursts over years have always been unprofessional. it's really shocking in hindsight that your party allowed her to have such a high position. and here's the thing, apparently she went kicking and screaming, president president obama had to call her. that's the news of the day, and she's going to be there throughout the entire week. she won't move out the way. a lot of people say this points to the arrogance of the establishment and why outsiders have done so well. >> yeah, i disagree. i think what it points to is that there was less care and attention to the dnc than there should have been. bernie will have a chance
12:32 pm
tonight to unite the party and keep the message where it needs to be, taking the fight to donald trump which is the clear choice in the fall. charles: i'm not sure what you guys promised bernie sanders, but it looks like he's going to be a loyal soldier. >> thank you, charles. charles: remember, fox business was the only business network to cover the convention top to bottom, and guess what? more viewers watched fbn than even of our competitors. we're live from the democratic national convention this week, monday through thursday. so did president obama really just say donald trump is helping isis? you've got to hear the comments for yours. we'll have it -- for yourself. we'll have are it for you after this. ♪ ♪
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charles: crude oil helping to construct lowered more than two and half points out. set to hit the lowest it's been since april 26. now it's picking up steam. meanwhile, president obama seen trump's proposals are muslims help a face. >> the kinds of roderick recurred to austin for mr. trump and not theirs is alternately helping to do isis work for us. charles: tony schaeffer, tallis, it is one of the things we hear
12:37 pm
from president obama. with the anti-muslim rhetoric. >> that's a great point in exactly the point. isis was ignored. isil was ignored by president obama's event three years ago. so with that said, this is a completely insane a false statement for the president and the reporting earlier on the show is a little fingerprint -- finger on the scales trying to favor mrs. clinton over donald trump. this is exactly what i said on your show a number of times. this is the use of national security as a political tool. what president obama is saying has no merit within the intelligence community or within the pentagon and intelligence officers there. there is no basis for the thread. the thread is fair, the threat is real.
12:38 pm
we have seen in germany's syrian refugees i would argue they are actually sleeper agents causing all sorts of habit that has nothing to do with racism or anything except you are actually allowing and importing of radicals into your society prepared to do it though. we don't want to do it here. we need to learn the lessons before we have to learn the hard way by them coming here. charles: tony, what about the homegrown or self radicalized islamic radicals who take these missions on themselves? i don't believe there's such a thing as self radicalization. some have argued that the political climate is helping to push some of these people over the edge. >> i don't believe it. there's no such thing as self radicalization. something major pushes you or you link to a larger group. if that were true, why don't we see radicalization of all this other religious sects which have extreme views.
12:39 pm
we just don't see that. we see an organized effort by isis, al qaeda and others. john kerry made the insane comment that refrigerators are more of a threat that isis is. when you have that kind of ignoring of the fact that isis is a real threat behind the scenes trying to organize individuals and groups to pick up on and be severe acts against us. that tells me everything i need to know. there's no such thing as self radicalization. >> everyone goes windsurfing off cape cod just totally out of touch. >> earlier he talked about this on the ground. it's a term we don't like to use, but ultimately we have to destroy isis command center. whatever it is on the same sort of a commitment that so far over the last few years there's been a pushback from the public on this. do you think the next commander-in-chief has to go
12:40 pm
this route? >> you have to do two things to be effective. this is a failing of president obama. we have to do both tactical issues as they talk about going in and trying in and trying to recoup and regain lost ground. the pentagon according to my sources is pretty much settled by january regarding lost ground as tactical. we have to look strategically. the message of the isis gone past area and iraq. we have to have a global plan. president obama has refused repeatedly to come up with a global strategy and a global plan to use all elements to go after isis. the pentagon is doing its best regarding the tactical plan. it's really irrelevant if your a tactic with the strategic foe. bernie sanders is about to address all of 1900 of the delegates in philadelphia. it is going to be exciting.
12:41 pm
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>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the average down 110-point off
12:43 pm
the lows of the day. besides the fourth straight week of gains. the s&p down with a record all-time high last week. the nasdaq and s&p as well down 12. the nasdaq down 14. energy one of the major sect or is across the board. the sad earnings this week. tesla is the hope that they can together make a one-stop energy shop and this is obviously the first shots to the upside, though it is not a done deal. looking at twitter as twitter and a sword a deal for out of market gains. it wants to be a big place for sports, for nhl, mlb, nfl and the like. looking at nintendo just up over eight both sides today. it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back:
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charles: nintendo shares getting hammered today, plummeting over can turn the company is not going to be able to capitalize off the pokémon go sensation. isn't it donald with the decrease in market value. liz: what a story this is good nintendo comes out with their earnings on wednesday. lo and behold, friday night this announcement basically nintendo saying we are not going to make as much money as you may have thought. from pokémon go.
12:46 pm
mccurry saying maybe nintendo gets 13% of the profits. others have said 32% from the pokémon cap itself. you may not even see the pokémon go effect in their upcoming earnings because it's just recently released. charles: something of a joint venture. they don't on the technology. this augmented reality thing in the next 10 years of the amazing. charles: we will call back to reality now here in the real world. the stock rocketed higher. it is so funny because we always preach to people, the plane as you have to be careful to your point, people didn't know the details. nintendo, pokémon now. liz: is a rocket ship ride at
12:47 pm
60% since before the game is introduced on july 6 to rocketed up 60%. that's 6 billion in market value in just one day. the market value added was 12,000,000,015,000,000,000 market value because the pokémon go. one day, what a wipeout. >> the stock would've been lower. they have a firm rule that helped them a little bit. apparently there are signs that russia is behind the e-mail hack that led to this controversy. really it, is there true evidence? liz: the fbi investigated it. we don't know who is behind the attack. the timing is odd with the dnc e-mail, wikileaks happening now because the breach happened a month ago. what are we seeing now? mrs. higgins certain stocks. for example, twitter was being
12:48 pm
accused of burying the dnc leaks. it was trending on twitter and then it was remote for 20 minutes and the hash tag came back up to wipeout a quarter million. people feel like twitter was not transparent they are. for the leaks itself, we don't know the providence of them yet. we don't office to rush out ragusa for or who, but it is really the dnc party today. >> democrat say this is evidence of vladimir putin month donald trump and vice versa. here's the thing. anything today. their convention was supposed to be snooze, anything other than the republican convention and are ready off to a worse start. >> they built the four-mile wall since the so-called border wall, a beautiful thing around the convention center getting more protest right now the gop did.
12:49 pm
the chief police in cleveland that there's more media than protesters at the rnc. now it's got the bernie sanders supporters in the crowd outdoors >> 70s (-left-paren organizations that you guys are helping more than hurting them by cleveland and reduce support the police officers. donald trump running for office, but what about this donald trump. we are going to show it to in a moment. he could also be entering the political arena. that is next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
12:50 pm
that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. charles: bernie sanders about
12:53 pm
two addresses delegates. in the meantime, donald trump junior. if we could be seen the start of the political dynasty. >> after last week in the address to the rnc from donald trump junior, many people calling for an two runs for office. he was asked in an interview about whether he would want to run for the mayor of new york city new york city which would happen next year. the quote was never like to rule anything out. let me raise this issue. why in the name of anything that is holy would you want to be the mayor of new york city? as much as i love the people and the city, this is a place for number one, mitt romney got less than 15% of the vote in manhattan when he ran in 2012 as a heavily blue city. hard to win if you are a republican. if the snow doesn't have thought on somebody straight, you are to blame and basically accused of
12:54 pm
being the double if things don't go right and if people get parking tickets. i raise the issue if he's going to run, he should run for congress. after that speech, he was so adept at making a personal connection with the audience throughout the country. he was also very skilled at articulating very conservative policy positions. i think that might be in the cards for him. one thing i wanted to add, we forgot that barack obama was a state senator from illinois when he addressed the ian austin back in 2000 or. four years later he went from being a state senator to the president of the united states. charles: there is also another democrat wrote in the mix and jfk junior. a lot of people at comparisons of donald trump junior. some may say it's a little bit of a stretch.
12:55 pm
certainly that sort of magnetic sort of appeal and the ability to your point to articulate in some cases better than his father did. reporter: he didn't have to shout. he was able to talk to people like you were sitting in their living rooms and that's a tough thing to do. even people who know him personally or you have just met him over the years. i have met him any different donald junior came across in that speech, one that seems ready for the stage and may be ready for office. charles: i would rather run for dog catcher in new york. leave me alone. to the point that you make, the mayor of new york may be more visibility and cost less. reporter: the mayor of new york right now it's the equivalent of
12:56 pm
living in a dumpster behind a fish restaurant in the middle of summer. that's what it's like. they stopped enforcing the quality of life. you can do pretty much anything that involves not having your clothes on in the middle of the street. the quality of life has completely fallen off a cliff. if you would like to run for mayor, have added. charles: anything but chew tobacco. thank you very much, dagen mcdowell. sanders are going down quietly. more on the sellouts which is in picking up steam after this.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> the sanders supporters said the fix is still in. and we are going from coast to coast. hillary clinton not just facing backlash from republicans but a raft within
1:00 pm
her own party. she was heckled at her own delegation breakfast. take a listen. we are to make sure we move forward together in a unified way. [inaudible] having a tough time with the florida delegation. they are lining up outside. they're here with the latest. you are seen it play out on the street in philadelphia today. just how difficult it will be for them to consolidate the party. this is a much bigger protest than we saw anytime last week. these are supporters who are saying no to hillary. a sign over there said exit.
1:01 pm
no longer are they democrats if this is the way the party is going to go. you say this. you see that green party candidate. these are people that say they will set fastly. these are people on the other side of this. they will get the forks on board. one hundred and some odd degrees today. they are trying to keep people from passing out. will see. charles: think you a lot. sharing water and sharing insults. also republican strategist.
1:02 pm
hillary clinton on a tremendous amount of pressure is it self inflicted? >> i think you are going to see a full thread endorsement. we have the most progressive form on the party's history. you had inclusions of things. fighting income and in quality. making college more affordable for all americans. a huge contrast you saw the runner up. charles: we are seen and stored nares scenes outside. you have to wonder the endorsement tonight whether that would make a difference
1:03 pm
to these folks. it's probably more so than the men. you cannot discount the fact that the dnc chairwoman is stepping down from her position and is also not going to be presiding over the convention throughout the entire week. this is huge news. that is very important to point out. this is the impact fullness of this. we had been justified in your line of thinking. throughout the entire primary was saying that the system is rigged. the reason they had been driving this narrative is because the system is rigged and it does help donald trump. they believe there is a different set of rules for hillary clinton in for the average american. it's something that is seen in the pullman -- in the pull. they should've brought forward a recommended indictment including 60% of independents. on that note, apparently when
1:04 pm
i heard this hillary clinton has asked her to be as arrogant. they should have put her on the plane yesterday and said it would padlock into key. this doesn't make sense. they are not listening to the voters in my opinion. >> hillary clinton actually managed to get her to resign her role as chairman of the democratic national convention. i think that is what you can see . and what really concerns me most, is that the military intelligence under the direction of pew -- even
1:05 pm
during the cold war. and this was largely inspired by donald trump. as he has made it here that if he is elected president he will give him a free hand to do whatever he wants to do. donald trump wants to remove us from nato which would give him a free range in europe. >> hillary clinton is speaking about this when it comes to standards there is not an equal playing field. >> i often feel like there's that hillary standard and then there is a standard for everyone else. there is a lot like you saw unfounded in accurate mints mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth and reality. charles: lisa, let's face it the media has pounced on every single thing that donald trump
1:06 pm
has said i'm not sure why she feels singled out. >> she's on easy street. she also had dnc propping her up. i don't know what she is complaining about. there is a different set of rules when it comes to hillary clinton and when it comes to the average american. it is something that will negatively affect her. a lot of people are looking around right now and they are feeling like the economy is not doing so great. they are feeling the pain in the pocketbook. you look at the entire system. it will be negative for hillary clinton. i think it's funny when you have democrats talking about russia when she said that there was nothing to be concerned about in the event that her e-mail system was hacked by a country like russia but yet they're talking about russia hacking into the dnc e-mails. now the russians how does hillary clinton now say whoa
1:07 pm
is me somehow she is being picked on. wouldn't it be much best or --dash much better and say that it was a mistake. i agree. that's exactly what she did. she said it was a mistake i should not had done it. if i'd known everything now but the media refuses to pick up that narrative. and wants to repeat lie after lie. the fbi director was clear about that. all you here in cleveland was lie after lie from donald trump picking on the fear of others and the hatred of hillary clinton. >> i want to ask you this the unfavorable they are beginning to be an anchor it's hard to see how she can win with these unfavorable numbers that get worse in worse. she does have a mountain to climb what is more important
1:08 pm
and ultimately going to be the predictor of who is going to win the election is who is qualified to be president. 59 percent of americans think that she is qualified to be president. 60% think donald trump is not qualified. they may not like what she stands for but they agreed that she horrifies. >> the reason that she should have been indicted is that she spent money out of our her paycheck to set up a private e-mail server. and then lied about it .-dot the duration of the past year or so. that's why people do not believe her. they think she did something wrong. there's like 92 percent of americans believe that she broke the law or did something wrong. it is jobs.
1:09 pm
speaking of that there was another attack in germany and isis is claiming responsibility. he has some chilling details behind the attack. >> a 27-year-old suspect involved in the bombing outside that music festival. festival. he was a syrian refugee who have been denied asylum to germany and was to be deported to bulgaria. he tried to get into this music festival last night he was denied entry thank goodness. he set off the suicide bomb that was contained in his backpack more than a dozen people were injured in the explosion authorities have searched his home and found other bomb making materials. plus on his mobile phone they found a video where he pledges allegiance to the leader of isis. he also plans to attack germany as a form of revenge saying that germany has gotten in the way of islam. it's interesting because in the aftermath of this they are
1:10 pm
now talking about banning backpacks at oktoberfest it comes up obviously later in the year. and now even members of their own ruling party are saying that we should regain sovereignty of germany. so certainly again under a lot of pressure as the third or fourth depending on how you want to phrase it. that has a politicians in quite a number of residents in the population saying we have to do something. we have lost control we don't know the intent of some of these refugees. they will now be shown their faith in their ability towards isis. it is a very disturbing chain of events. germany is being protected
1:11 pm
from these kind of attacks but in the last week multiple attacks sommay not spir by rrorm b rtaiy itust eaks to that. and the huge wave of refugees that came into the country last september. charles: donald trump is calling for a proposed expansion. from what i understand in 2014 there were only four deaths contributed to his rally -- islamic radical terrorism. that is a shocking number and it is hard to defend that number. hard to say that the policies in place are working and we should be more concerned about who we allow into our country.
1:12 pm
>> we live in an increasingly dangerous world and the people that i like to turn to in times like this are people li ger jn lewh ovsathcoanofros ree with everything she stands for . he is addressing the delegates we want to listen in. >> you have heard me say a million times that this campaign is not just about electing a president as important that is it is a movement to transform this country. election day's coming though but the fight for social and environmental justice continues.
1:13 pm
the support we have received from every state in this country has been extraordinary in the grass roots activists is unprecedented in modern american history. make no mistake about it we have made history as all of you will recall when we began this campaign we were considered to be fringe layers by the corporate media. will, a year has come and gone.
1:14 pm
we are not fringe players anymore. we have shown the entire world that our ideas are not some crazy wild fantasies they are ideas supported by working people from one end of this country to another. we showed that the american people want a bold progressive agenda that takes a the billionaire class. that fights for racial, social, economic and environmental justice and that
1:15 pm
will create a government that represents all americans and not just a hand full of wealthy campaigns and their contributors. charles: bernie sanders addressing the delegates tonight. we are going to continue to monitor that. i lay out what's happening with the market. i have a special free report for that next. will help you break it all down. ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class.
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1:18 pm
charles: finally the big yahoo deal is finalized. verizon is forking over some big bucks. it's almost 90% less than what the company was offered about
1:19 pm
ten years ago but many people think verizon is overpaying. >> when you take a look of the at the stock even now 16 years after its all-time high i think it really goes to the point of how in this market there are no monopolies. you and i remember it was very early in the year. it was the stock to own. this was a bigger than net ski. it was there with the number one stock. that's why it's been sold for what is a relative pittance to what it was. i think to some of these monopolistic things. i believe that they should create the new and better companies and not the
1:20 pm
government intervention. is there a memorial to the scoring -- a moral to this story also. maybe someone still owns that from back in the day. >> a lot of us docs that were overvalued in the day actually turned out. amazon was overvalued and it still overvalued. it has gone just the opposite direction of yahoo. i think the real moral here isn't valuation because as investors we always worry about that. but it is management. and that is what determines what our company is a basic or amazon work fortunately a on underperform or performer or over performer. as try -- as hard as they try they could never get it together to be a growth stock once again. i think that would be facebook versus twitter.
1:21 pm
charles: he said listen, he doesn't like what's happening with the market but he is a momentum guy. he is riding the wave. is that the message right now. the market is hard to buy. there was a note out last week even individual cash balances are at multiyear highs. the fact that they are skittish i think it probably goes to my point i think this is still on. it will transition for the presaged metals. i think it's an environment in which you want to own assets and stacks are certainly an asset. i think all investors should. >> if they've been around for a hundred years than they should be around for another. charles: bernie sanders is
1:22 pm
heading up the delegates. he is not republican -- talking about the dnc. d&c. we will have the details for you next.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
we are hearing clinton vice president al gore well not be in philadelphia for the convention. we will hear about the big democrats we will not be hearing from. what happened to al gore. >> elizabeth warren will be speaking tonight. she was cursing in the last hour or so. another big speech or tonight and one of his biggest jobs is to try to convince that ten to 20% of burning supporters who say that because he's not the
1:26 pm
nominee they might go for donald trump that is his task tonight. it's a very strong endorsement of hillary clinton here the theme tonight is it united together. first and in charlotte in 2012. this time around he is skipping the democratic convention. he was involved in a television network. his spokesperson telling politico that he has obligations in tennessee. bill clinton's vice president will not be speaking here.
1:27 pm
he is a revving up does a delegates. this of course as protest they are revving up also. leading one of those protest. i'm sure there's no doubt that the folks have a lot of legitimate animosity towards hillary. but is it so bad that they're willing to sink the entire ship. >> i'm not familiar with that. he's talking about free stuff getting free. there is no free lunch. there's nothing free. you get something that you give up that. and in your desire to become somebody. i don't agree with that. on the particular topic why
1:28 pm
has the obama administration made things like getting food stamps so palatable. it is your right to get one of these. they have gone down that path. >> i could not disagree more. i was in the civil rights movement. i know what it means to work. i believe in work and when you program that you fade out. when he sent 100,000 social workers throughout the united states look at our young men and young women who well not father that properly.
1:29 pm
i'm against it. all the way. i don't care who it is. whether it be hillary, or sanders it was wrong. i know that the legacy of it until bill clinton was forced back towards the middle. all of that has been erased since then. when you make of the democratic national convention. we know it's all going to be about social justice and a in a continuation of her rewriting the wrongs. a lot of people say that's a huge mistake. that is the main message.
1:30 pm
we also want justice for those a policeman who will be of they kill innocent people we want justice for our children. in america. and it can happen. we really appreciate it. thank you. don't forget tonight they will be addressing the d&c. meanwhile foxbusiness live covering every single moment of the convention. we know how important it is for you. we will be right back.
1:31 pm
. . . .
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
charles: rnc over by donald trump, well he is still very vocal about this week's convention. connell mcshane in philly. what's the latest, connell? reporter: i don't think we thought he would be busy while we're all here in philadelphia covering the democratic national convention. to be fair, hillary clinton was quite active last week when the republicans were in cleveland. looks like mr. trump will be more so. he has a town hall this afternoon in roanoke, virginia, where he is joined by his running mate, mike pence.
1:35 pm
the rally in raleigh, north carolina this evening. trump stops are planned in florida and in ohio. also in this state, pennsylvania. you notice as i run through all of the states, they are all key swing states. that is what trump is up to. what is he doing before that? >> no surprise. mr. trump is active onp twitter talking about the email controversy you've been reporting on. three tweets were sent from the trump official twitter again. here we go again with another clinton scandal emails, can you believe? "crooked hillary" knew the fix was in. b, bernie sanders never had a chance. trump went on from there. "crooked hillary" clinton, everything that her quote, servant was doing at dnc they got caught. that's all. they laughed at bernie. for good measure, hillary was involved, trump alleges, she is only one with judgment so bad that is thing like this could have happened. all of that is happening now.
1:36 pm
later in the week trump is taking advantage of technology. he is holding what is called an ama, ask me anything on reddit, on wednesday night. which is key night here. president obama, vice president biden are among the speakers wednesday night in philadelphia. trump will be online, speaking to supporters, maybe even detractors. look for active donald trump all week long, charles. he is quite happy, his campaign is, to see six-point bounce coming out of the convention in the cnn poll. charles: certainly larger than all pundits said it would be. thank you, connell. appreciate it. democrats will be laying out what they think is their biggest threat, climate change. for preview listen to secretary john kerry at a global warming event in vienna. >> we were working together on the challenge of daesh, isil and terrorism. it is hard for some people to grasp it but what we, you are doing here equal importance because it has the ability to literally save
1:37 pm
life on the planet itself. charles: to lieutenant colonel bill cowan who is expected to hear more about climate change, rather than the real threat during this dnc event over the next four-days. colonel cowan, thanks for joining us. hard to imagine that we'll hear, we'll be told climate is a bigger, a bigger risk be to humanity. never the less we might hear that over the next few day, huh? >> we might, charles, and i think virtually every american, 100% of americans agree with this, would you rather walk into your living room, see an air conditioner or rather see isis terrorist? we all know what the answer is without any doubt. look, these guys, this administration, maybe hillary, if she wins, they're all looking for legacy. administration will not have any legacy around national security, the military, protecting americans. they're looking for a place to plant their legacy, 20, 30, 40
1:38 pm
years from now. they see the environment as a place where they might have a win. charles: colonel cowan, you can claim victory i guess. the goal apparently to stop the earth warming up one degree extra next 100 years. a long time before we prove or disprove whether or not it worked out. meantime, what do you make every time something happens they somehow connect the dots and it goes straight to somehow goes straight to global warming, climate change? >> they're making us all look in different direction, charles. you're absolutely right. they like to laud the fact they're doing so well against isis. i heard tony shaffer in the last hour. we might be making gains against isis in iraq and syria. we're certainly not making gains against isis where else. isis is gaining everywhere else around the globe. administration wants to make everybody look off in the different direction from what real problems are that face us here and now today.
1:39 pm
charles: again, it is, really have to be in an ivory tower to let that roll off your tongue. even if i believed it, no way in the world that secretary of state i would talk about refrigerators posing just a great as threat as isis, almost every week we get at least one event, now mostly in western countries of innocent civilians being slaughtered in the streets. >> well you know, he like the president and others and high administration officials they live in ivory palaces. as you know they're not touched by the daily reality of life. they have security teams around them. they live in well-guarded houses, buildings well-protected. they don't realize the rest of the american public, indeed much of the rest of the world lives every day in constant fear. mall attack in germany. train attack before that. the attack down in orlando. contribute to most americans realizing, and others, there is a lot of things going on in this world, much more important in their daily lives, global
1:40 pm
warming, environment. i would add quickly if i could. look billions upon billions of dollars the administration has given away literally in grants and loans and contracts to environmentally-forward moving companies like some of the solar companies. these are all billions of dollars lost to the american public. charles: some people call that crony capitalism. colonel, thank you very much. really appreciate it. we have breaking news for the audience. debbie wasserman schultz telling her hometown paper she will not be gaveling in at the convention. following her roll being extremely diminished at end. week -- at end of the week will be officially gone. we have more breaking news when we come back.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
reporter: good afternoon. live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. stocks, energy has been a drag here, investors focusing on big policy issues this week from the fed and the bank of japan. now also a big week for earnings after solid reports from a bunch of heavyweight tech names like ebay, qualcomm, microsoft just to name a few. we'll hear from apple on tuesday, twitter, facebook comes out on wednesday, google on thursday. and again wall street expecting big things from these guys. look at shares of frontier, slightly better than expected revenue reported thanks to heavy discounting. look at that, shares are soaring
1:43 pm
25%. netflix shares as well announcing a video streaming deal with twentieth century fox television. you will see fx channel american crime story. netflix up 2%. back"coast to coast."
1:44 pm
♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. [shouting] >> we want bernie! charles: we want bernie.
1:45 pm
bernie sanders revving up the crowd and ticking off, well, he is ticked off those crowds, crowd at least over email controversy. we got breaking news from the "sun-sentinel" reporting that dnc chief debbie wasserman schultz reportedly will not be gaveling in the convention, but also, take a look at this. the event credentials still have her name, at the top right now, to south carolina chair jamie harrison on the fallout. jamie, you got to believe, it would be nuts for the party to allow debbie wasserman schultz to show her face anymore during this convention? >> well, as you just mentioned, i guess debbie is not gaveling in now. let me say a little bit about debbie wasserman schultz. i've known her for over 12 years when she first came to congress and she was elected. she helped shepard -- shepherd the democratic party in 2006.
1:46 pm
no one worked as hard for democratic party. she decided not to be elected, of getting hillary clinton and tim kaine, to be elected president and vice president. charles: the email controversy that brought about all of this has an extraordinarily embarrassing. it reeks of partisanship. underscores everything that both donald trump and bernie sanders said about the establishment and about the entire process. it feels completely rigged. >> i don't know about field being rigged. there are a lot of feelings going on during these campaigns. many, i think a lot of this is some inside baseball but in the end of the day it is about making sure that when we have donald trump and hillary clinton that we as americans all can go in the ballot booth decide who we believe is best to take america forward. charles: well, and on that score, donald trump enjoying a
1:47 pm
real nice bounce from their convention despite the fact the media, had its share of controversy and they did not like his thursday night speech but he has got a huge bump and now the democrats start off really in awkward position. this is not how your party wanted to start the convention, that's for sure, right? >> well, tonight we're going to start off very great. we haven't gaveled in the convention. when we gavel in, hear from some. superstars in the democratic party, from cory booker to elizabeth warren. michelle obama and hear from bernie sanders. i'm really excited about the unity i think will come out of this convention. you know, i went through 2008 when it was hillary clinton versus barack obama. i can tell you going in there scared, are we going to be unified. we came out of convention so unified. we saw what happened, eight years of democratic control. charles: jamie harrison. appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. charles: stocks under pressure
1:48 pm
so is the rally running out of steam or is it just taking a pause for the next leg higher? we'll be right back. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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1:51 pm
charles: fox news has confirmed, debbie wasserman schultz will be at the top -- she will be at top of fallout throughout the day and night. apparently she won't be gaveling in tonight. so the fallout continues for her. meanwhile the fallout continues for the stock market, under slow, hazy summer day. we're starting to fall back here a little bit. of course we got big earnings coming this week. central bankers meeting this week too. we're near record highs. nevertheless people are on edge. believe it i've been telling you there is a lot more to this rally than free money and
1:52 pm
greater fool theory. i have a report on check it out. our man gary kaltbaum with his view on market. gary, you're one of the more practical guys i know coming to analyzing market. you want people to make money and you voice concerns when you're concerned. obviously you're concerned right now? >> i'm always worried what central banks are doing around the globe. we're at negative interest rates. never in my lifetime would i think that is a possibility. i think outcome will be real bad, eventually. right now, the market acts fine. we had a real strong breakout of dow and s&p out of an 18 month range. i saw we're down like 100. russell is hardly down. i think we're okay. oil prices are sinking like a stone again. that helps consumer. hopefully that helps retail and other areas. charles: gary, one. points i made in special offer to the audience, this rally has been led by utilities.
1:53 pm
it is like, not, it is not yahoos with the trading at 100 pe in the old days or even stocks with no earnings. utilities and consumer staples. we've had a lot of consumer names hit all-time highs today even though we're down. i don't think it's a bad thing but it is weird. >> that is everything to do with the crash in interest rates around the globe. interest rate sensitive areas, not just utilities but real estate and higher dividend yielding stocks like those consumer staples, that's where money is flowing in a big way. so i do believe we have a little one plus one equals two here. a lot of defensive areas where money is being put into. i watched industrials do better recently. transports doing better recently. for me as long as breakout out of the range sticks, i'm happy. if it fails, then we'll start talking again. so far, so good. charles: another big deal last week. i think it could be good for us. joy global acquired. it was acquired by a japanese
1:54 pm
company. we also saw general electric, they just told a big coal crushing plant, unfortunately in dubai. will increase their power grid by 25%. to your point, i call it dirty fingernail stuff, the coal mining, those kind of things, maybe they're coming on. maybe they will shock us. hard to believe that the safe stocks are overvalued at this point? >> look, you had a major bear market in some areas you're talking about. i think they're in recovery mode. and i think you're seeing other companies looking at them. joy global's stock is way down from their highs so i think we're seeing a little bit of hey, look how low this thing is. we can get it on the cheap. i think more of that to come. look for me, nothing bad happens when there are buyouts. it makes everything a little more higher in valuation. so that is good news. takes stock off the market. again for me, eventually, and i'm using the word eventually, carefully, there will be a comeuppance. the amount of central bank
1:55 pm
intervention and manipulating and rigging, and actual buying up the markets by central banks, that can't be good in the end. that doesn't mean we can't continue to rally for another year or two. being a technician, i'm all for it. let it be. i hope it continues. charles: take the money while we can. gary b. we love you. i'm sorry, gary kaltbaum. meantime, dnc chief is not gaveling in. she won't be only one missing. you're watching only business network who is on top of the conventions, top to bottom, republican, democrat, we're there for you. it is all about you and your money.
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charles: debbie watson scholz well not be gobbling in. we will bring you all of the updates tonight. just like we did last week. here is a taste of the big speeches we brought you last week.
1:59 pm
blue lives matter in america. >> there's no black america there's no white america is just america. >> god bless the nine states of america. never let her get within 10 miles of the white house again. i accept your nomination to run into serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> and the proud in the proud daughter of your nominee i'm here to tell you that this is the moment and donald trump is the person to make america great again. >> my sole and exclusive mission is to go to work for all, -- our country to go to work for you it's time to deliver a victory for the american people. we don't win anymore but we are going to start winning again.
2:00 pm
>> this was the only business network to cover that convention top to bottom. and we are back at it again this week. for the democratic national convention. and it begins right that begins right now with trish regan. >> with a big night coming up. it's day one of the democratic national convention. the party is in chaos right now the democratic party was biased in favor of hillary clinton at the expense of bernie sanders. it was what people were alleging all along. debbie wasserman schultz is out. bernie sanders supporters are very angry. the big question tonight is can the party unite or might the sanders supporters stage a revolt. i'm coming to you live here in philadelphia. we have growing protests going on right here. mu


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