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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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family which is, basically, three people. maria: yeah. lou, i'm going to see you tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. on fox business. i'm going to hand it over to you, lou dobbs. lou: and we call maria the iron lady, i'm telling you. she keeps it going and does great. thanks so much, maria, we appreciate it. good evening, everybody, i am lou dobbs. we're live from the wells fargo center in philadelphia for what has been an incredibly rocky, tumultuous beginning to the democratic national convention. tonight's convention was supposed to kick off under the theme united together. whoa. look at those signs. they're -- you can take unity just so far according to those signs. but democrats have, instead, been in disarray. leaked e-mails from the democratic national committee force chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz to fall on her sword. she became today the scapegoat, first resigning as the chairman
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of the convention, resigning from today the -- any role at all in the convention and as the national director of the democratic national committee. top dnc officials today trading ideas on how to hurt sanders at the polls, those e-mails being examined. as a result, many bernie sanders supporters are refusing to support hillary clinton. protests have been going on throughout most of the day here in philadelphia, and a protest outside city hall. they were chanting "hell, no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary." >> hell no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary! hell no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary! hell no be, dnc, we won't vote for hillary! lou: and wasserman herself, wasserman schultz was booed at her home state's delegate breakfast first thing this
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morning. >> we have so much to do x we have to make sure -- and we have to make sure that we move forward together in a unified way. [inaudible conversations] we know that the voices in this room that are -- [inaudible] we know that that's not be the florida that we know -- [inaudible conversations] lou: making it very clear that wasserman schultz was in major, major political trouble even with her home state delegation. schultz did not gavel in this convention as had been planned, but that hasn't satisfied sanders' supporters who have already disrupted proceedings in the reap that. and they're -- in the arena. and they're likely to cause more trouble, more chaos when sanders takes the stage later tonight right here. will he heel? will his followers follow? we'll find out. joining me now, great america
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pac strategist, fox news contributor ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the new york post and fox news contributor michael goodwin. political communications strategist lee carter, good to have you all with us. lee carter -- >> good to be here. lou: -- let's start. this is the last thing that anyone was anticipating coming in into this arena here in philadelphia. it's just, it's unbelievable. but they are -- this, what they seem to do, to be doing is acting out all of the republican fears that were in cleveland but never actually realized. >> but it's really, really unbelievable that we're sitting here, everybody thought it was going to happen o'donald trump's convention, the republican -- to donald trump's convention, and here we are, complete chaos here. to think that united together is her new strategy and we don't even have the party close to unified, the protesters that are here are within her own party, and this is a real, real challenge for her.
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and by the end of this week if she doesn't bring people together, it's going to be really, really hard, because donald trump certainly had a great big boost last week after his convention. lou: ed rollins, lee referring to the big bump, also moving ahead in two polls released today. five out of the last six polls donald trump has moved into the lead. he's got a fraction alleyed now in the real clear -- fractional lead now in the real clear politics average, and this looks like the democratic nominee, presumptive at this point. ed, she's got more work cut out for her than she, i think, would have imagined a few weeks ago. >> her biggest problem is that people don't trust her x they don't think she's honest x that's been built up over 30 years, so that's not easy to offset. you can't just run a bunch of commercials and make yourself viewed by the public as honest. that's one of the things you president. i think trump, obviously, has projected strength.
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i think the key thing here is having a lead at this point in time especially among the independents which is the key here and getting his own party back in tail, he's very well positioned to make a good run at this thing. she's got to put this thing together, and if bernie sanders hadn't basically surrendered, they'd be tearing this place apart x they may still. and the young voters and the active voters, i think she's going to have real problems all week. lou: you know, we saw the fears overstated about donald trump and the unity efforts that he had to make in cleveland, michael. is this being overblown? because i look around this room, the folks here a few hours ago seemed uncertain, unsteady, cautious. there seems to be far more emergency in the room tonight here at 7:05 eastern, considerably more than earlier this afternoon. >> well, look, i think all of
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the delegates are really trying very hard. they want to win this election. obviously. and so they're trying to put a best face on it. but i think for a lot of the sanders people the idea that maybe 10 percent of them or 15 percent, whatever that number won't come along is probably growing after today rather than shrinking. so i think this idea of unity still remains elusive. the other thing i would say, lou, is this is the clintons. i mean, this is trouble, trouble, trouble wherever they go. i don't know if there's a cloud over them or they have their own cloud, but it's trouble wherever they go -- lou: i think you suggesting they see -- you're suggesting they seeded a lot of clouds. [laughter] one of the clouds they seeded, guys, i'd like you all to respond to this, her campaign manager coming out and basically blaming the russians for the democratic national committee getting caught rigging the game and carrying on the in the most egregiously awful ways. what do you think, ed?
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>> well, they were the same team that was out there a few weeks ago saying there's absolutely no way hillary's state department e-mails could be copied by the russians and, obviously, if they got the dnc's, they probably got her stuff too. the e-mail story is not done. there's 20,000 of them, and lord knows how many more are out there. they're all baser -- embarrassing. i would never put in an e-mail anything how you manipulate the opposition especially when you're supposed to be nonpartisan entity -- [laughter] lou: ed wouldn't leave a paper trail, is what he's saying. [laughter] >> i wouldn't leave a paper trail. [laughter] i'm the old school you talk on the phone or have a meeting where there's only two of you in the room. [laughter] lou: well, you know, people don't look like they're forgiving this, certainly in the party, particularly because all of the millions of voters for bernie sanders, lee, they have been absolutely rolled over by the dnc in a conspiracy and an
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effective one with the nominee, hillary clinton. what do you make of it? are we going -- can this be fixed? certainly, can it be fixed by tonight? >> i don't think it can be fixed by tonight, and if i were a bernie sanders supporter, i would be devastated to know that your party wasn't representing you. essentially they're saying we represented what we wanted to have happen, that we were going to try to change the outcome based on what we think is best for the american people. and what i think is so fascinating right now is that the democrat party is the one that's becoming the party of the elite, the one that's becoming the party of the rigged, the one that's in the pockets of wall street. all of the things that bernie's supporters have been saying they don't want anymore, and also that donald trump is going to be able to bring some of those people over. it's just unbelievable what's happened. lou: yeah. i would argue, lee, with you only on the word "becoming." they've been for quite some time -- >> fair. lou: -- the clintons. otherwise in complete agreement.
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michael good wynn, you get the -- goodwin, you get the last word here. >> well, look, the idea that the fbi is now going to be investigating the e-mails, for hillary, she must be thinking, oh, my god, here we go again. maybe this time they'll really find something or have the guts to find it. look -- lou: did you hear that sound? that was everybody drawing their breath as they prepared to hold it. >> perot used to say who has the motive, right? well, who had the motive to rig the dnc? the clinton campaign. so i have to believe sw we will -- somewhere we will find the clinton campaign's fingerprints on this effort to sabotage sanders. lou: michael, ed, lee, thank you all forking here. we'll be talking later. up next, donald trump today trying to seize on news that debbie wasserman schultz was working to rig the election just as he had predicted. ♪ >> debbie wasserman schultz -- >> boo!
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♪ ♪ >> i always knew she was highly overrated, i always -- [laughter] she just got fired. they said, debbie, you're fired. get out, debbie. out! boom. [cheers and applause] how about that for disloyalty, though, in terms of hillary clinton? ♪ ♪ lou: she's out, but to donald's point, hillary clinton turns out to be loyal. debbie wasserman schultz found a new job immediately, she's now working for hillary clinton. we'll be joined next by trump supporter family research council leader, tony perkins, he's here next. we're at the democratic national convention this philadelphia. a lot more ahead, a lot to happen. it's not just words, these politicians are acting here in philadelphia. stay with us, we'll have all of it next. ♪ ♪ when you booked this trip,
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♪ ♪ lou: well, this, this election year has been quite a journey for our next guest who is urging everybody to vote for donald trump. he originally supported ted cruz. family research council president tony perkins making an impassioned plea last week at the republican national convention. >> my friends, our freedom to appeal to and unite under god has been under steady assault. this is why we must stop those in our government and on our courts who have either in principle or or practice attempted to remove these two words, "under god," and all that they mean from public life here in america.
7:15 pm
lou: joining me now, family research council president tony perkins, whom i have known a long time. we're friends, and he went one direction and finally made his mind up to support donald trump. tony, i know it was a tough decision for you. i know it was a tough, agonizing choice to make. but one that you have made, and you are -- well, you're working to elect the party's nominee. or what are your thoughts now about where the party goes now under trump? can he, based on these latest polls, in your judgment, win the deal? >> well, good evening, lou. and let me just say that i'm speaking on behalf of myself and not any of the nonprofits that i lead in terms of my support of donald trumpment but let me answer your question. i think donald trump is, as i was predicting would happen, came out at last week's convention with a unified republican party. certainly, there are some who
7:16 pm
still are concerned x as you pointed out, many were not with him in the anyoning. but it comes down to two choices, hillary clinton or donald trump. if you don't support donald trump and you stay home and this is the message that i'm communicating to conservatives,you stay home and don't vote -- if you today home and don't vote, that is, in essence, giving support to hillary clinton. and we know what she'll do, she'll continue the eight years we've had of barack obama. lou: and there's another lesson in this, and donald trump himself said it. you know, if you don't want to participate, george w. bush, if you don't want to participate, jeb bush, john kasich, whomever, and you do not support the nominee, he's going to win it anyway. and it looks like he knew what he was talking about, right? >> well, it does. and i think what you're seeing up folding right there -- unfolding right there in philadelphia, this is the tale of who two political parties. the evidence that these two parties could not be clearer in their contrast is seen in their
7:17 pm
platform, it's seen in their proceedings, it's seen this those who are presenting at the convention, and most importantly, i think it's seen in the protesters. what you have there in philadelphia are liberals protesting liberals. what we had last week in philadelphia were liberals protesting conservatives. the republican party is far more unified than the democratic party in this election cycle. lou: well, the other part of that, of that particular idea is that the democratic party here tonight is being, its nominee is being demonstrated against by the grassroots favorite which is bernie sanders. the republicans, as you suggesting, the grassroots favorite is the nominee, and that makes for quite a distinction. democratic national committee, these e-mails to the degree that you've seen them and looked at them, how big a problem is the dnc in itself, and how much trouble does that create for the nominee? we've got about 30 seconds.
7:18 pm
>> well, from a political standpoint, i think it creates them great problems with sanders' supporters who i think may just sit this election out. but more disturbing is the alignment and the collusion with reporters that these e-mails unfold. lou: yeah, that is quite -- now a documented story, not simply speculation, rumor or otherwise. tony perkins, great to have you with us. thanks for joining us tonight. >> great to be on the same team, lou. lou: amen, brother. joining me now, former democratic congressman of ohio, dennis kucinich, a former presidential candidate, a fox news contributor. dennis, great to have you here. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: you know, i'm hearing a lot of talk and understandably in the midst of all of the unrest, the turmoil that's going on between democrats and the sanders supporters who now know that they were rolled over by a
7:19 pm
conspiracy to disenfranchise them. millions of democrats. how in the world can this party, your party, do that to anyone? >> well, this is a moment of crisis for the democratic party because what happened is there was a secret effort to derail an entire movement. and the accounting for that isn't just going to be here at this convention, but unless something is done to heal the rift within the democratic party, there'll be an accounting in november as well. so there still is a chance ores cue this situation. to rescue this situation. lou: nate silver at 5:38 sent out notes saying to the democrats you've got to pay attention to what's happening here. you're losing against donald trump. he sent that out last week. and here it is today, he comes out with a new blast based on these most recent polls saying we're looking at donald trump now favored by almost 60% to win
7:20 pm
the election. >> well, i think what nate silver points out is that the democratic leadership has to be more adestroyed. it has to move quickly on its feet. there's a moment of crisis here. what i would recommend, i don't think they'll take my recommendation, but i would recommend that they invite bernie sanders on the ticket and have sanders run for vice president -- hear me now -- and that would close, that would close the deal here. it would send everybody out of here united. short of that, i'm not sure what they can do. lou: well, that'd upset a fella named tim kaine, wouldn't it? >> well, you know what? he's a pro. in the name of party unity, he's newly manipulated. bernie's been trying to bring this party in a new direction. lou: do you think that is the only way that hillary clinton can heal these divisions and calm, calm the passions that are obviously wracking the entire party -- >> what i'm hearing all over philadelphia today, i've talked to hundreds of people who are sanders' delegates, they're very
7:21 pm
upset about being excluded from the process. and if they believe philadelphia feeling that they've been sabotaged and that bernie's effort has been upended by stink key dealings inside the democratic party, it's going to be very difficult to get them to go to work for hillary clinton and the ticket. lou: you used the hypothetical if. we can remove that now because we have documented evidence of what transpired. what do you think about the ludicrous suggestion on the part of robbie mook to suggest that the russians -- [laughter] did all of this? >> well, you know, i don't know who was the hack her, or but i'll till owe one thing, those e-mails were in english. lou: right. >> is there a russian word for watergate here? lou: well, turns out there wasn't one for reset. [laughter] dennis -- >> okay, lou. lou: thanks for being with us, dennis kucinich. up next here, donald trump getting a great post-convention bounce in the polls. so great it's the best in four
7:22 pm
cycles. charlie hurt, sarah westwood, we take that up and a great deal more. we're coming to you live tonight from the wells fargo arena for night one of the democratic national convention, and so far, well, i don't think you want to miss a minute of this. stay with us. ♪ ♪ my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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lou: the republican national convention underway. up on the stage. the person you are hearing is richard trunk, the head of the afl-cio. >> see a call pay for equal work. democrats. get on your feet. let's change the rules. let's take back congress. let's appoint a pro-worker supreme court and elect hillary
7:26 pm
clinton president of the united states. lou: i feel like i should annotate the comment by commenting the afl-cio beside the stop tpp posters are fully in support of it for a number of reasons as are numerous labor organizations. the republican national convention had a big impact on donald trump's numbers who has been campaigning against tpp. a brand-new cnn poll shows trump leading clinton 48-45%. a 6-point bounce. a separate cbs poll shows the two candidates virtually tied. but that is a significant gain in polling for donald trump as well.
7:27 pm
lou: charlie hurt, sarah, i thought it was modest of donald trump to claim just a little bit of a significant bounce. i love the fact that he said no one can remember about this. we do remember and it has been 16 years, four cycles, and he has done a heck of a job pointing that out. >> the democrats tried to funds raise off that.
7:28 pm
he said look at this bump. he said we see unity that contributed to his rise in the polls and it's something the democrats are sthoapg won't continue. >> remember all of the coverage of his speech thursday, his speech was negative and gloom and doom. but obviously the gloom and doom resonated with a lot of people. i think that's the most important thing about those polls.
7:29 pm
his negatives went down. the fact that his negatives can go down after he's such a known commodity is significant. and on top of that, hillary clinton's negatives are not going anywhere any time. they are set in concrete. she has been around for 25 years. she has been working on those negatives for a long time. lou: there is a lot of gloom but no doom. the difference is the democratic nominee doesn't want to talk about those fundamental issues that are a challenge and threat to our way of life and our economy. he also talks about prescriptions and what he's going to do. in fact despite all the national liberal media gnashing their teeth and saying it's dark.
7:30 pm
he's actually talking about solutions, he's the one who raised the issues. whether it's nato which itself has to adjust, and by the way, president obama within a matter of days took action to reorient nato. he's having quite an effect beyond simple rhetoric. >> there is such a divide between the way the media portrayed donald trump's platform and substantive policy platforms. the only issue mitt romney got people fired up about was obamacare. trump has people fired up about trade and immigration. lou: hillary has a rye volt on her hands.
7:31 pm
a revolution going on outside this arena. a revolution going on amongst bernie supporters. bernie may have acquiesced, but this supporters don't appear to. >> she got ahead of herself by picking tim kaine, nice guy, moderate. slightly conservative for a democrat. she thought she had sewn up her left flank. today and yesterday and the next two or three days we'll see she has not sewn up her left frank. how she does that i don't know. she won't undo the tim kaine pick unless someone forces her to. lou: it' interesting what she did and what the dnc did with debbie wasserman-shultz.
7:32 pm
she'll say we have to replace her because bernie sanders says we must. they were going to keep going wither in the convention until her own delegation as we showed you just had a fit. they booed her off the stage. >> it's the misreading of the electorate the dnc has done all along. they didn't see bernie sanders coming. they first stripped debbie wasserman-schultz of her speaking roles. they continue to misread the situation as the week wind wore on and it's indicative of how out of touch the dnc has been all along in this primary. >> i think they were worried. they knew that the problem wasn't going away. those emails clearly show a system that is rigged as donald trump likes to say. i think they were genuinely
7:33 pm
terrified, and more things may still come out. and they are afraid that. lou: i can recall from a week ago in cleveland. congressman steve womack took care by using a voice vote twice. saying the republican party is in real trouble. and then ted cruz does absolutely amuses -- abuses everyone and walks off the stage to a furious crowd. that was going to be a big deal. we watched the biggest bounce in 1 years for donald trump. and i saw a caution -- i caution that maybe the folks here may figure out a way. >> it was the republicans, the rebels won.
7:34 pm
here the rebellion was put down. i think that's a real problem for democrats. lou: drew weingarten talking right now. let's listen to what she is saying. >> defense of the middle class. just look at trump university to see how he operates, exploits people's fears. and i quote a single parent that may need money for food is a useless high cost. instead of an education, people paid thousands of dollars and got nothing in return. that's trump in a nutshell. manipulating people's fears to enrich himself. he's completely unqualified to be in the oval office.
7:35 pm
so thankfully we have a different choice and it's a great one. lou: indicating again, if we may, those words somewhat ironic on a day that the democratic national committee itself revealed to be florida manipulating people, and the most precious people to the party, that is its members. millions of them. they just happen to be supporting bernie sanders and not the nominee. a lot of pain and some irony from the stage of the democratic national convention. charlie hurt, sarah, thank you both. clinton's campaign manager accusing the russians of hacking the dnc homes because he says they want herb opponent in the white house.
7:36 pm
what did they do with that private server of hers. >> further, experts are saying is it because they possess those emails that russian state actors were feeding the emails to hackers for the purpose of helping donald trump. lou: wow. hillary is running against bernie sanders and vladimir putin. monica crowley joins me next. we'll be hearing from senator sanders in the coming hours. stay with us. we'll be right back after these important mess across. stay with us. ♪
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lou: you are looking at the wells fargo center in philadelphia in which the democratic national convention is under way. senator bernie sanders today had quite a moment. he was trying to control a crowd of his supporters during an event being held in downtown philadelphia. that crowd was fired up and erupted in boos at the very mention of hillary clinton's name and started chanting we want bernie, thereby drowning out bernie. listen to this. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [crowd boos] [crowd chanting "we
7:41 pm
want bernie"] >> thank you. lou: joining me now, monica crowley. that was quite an evident on the part of the nor to control the folks. that was quite an evident on the part of about rsh and some are making it clear they think he betrayed them as well. >> voter got anger, betrayal, anger and disgust. the fact that bernie sanders is calling for unity and his own supporters will not heed that call tells me this supporter are ready to carry on his revolution with or without him. if he's going to come to the stage and say i told you the system is rigged and now we have proof that it's rigged. but go vote for the woman who
7:42 pm
helped to rig it and the woman who lied about it you will see a revolt like 198. lou: all you say is true. he's asking them to vote for the woman and democratic candidate who through the force of the democratic national commit in collusion with hillary clinton. manipulated the outcome of the election. >> the reporters are so deeply invested in him and his message. if he feels they are going to abandon him in his hour of need, they will go on with this leftist movement without him. the bipartisan ruling class is considered to be extremely corrupt. bernie is saying let's join with the bipartisan ruling class and join with hillary clinton and make this happen and they are
7:43 pm
saying not so fast. lou: i'm not so sure. you may be right, but i'm not so sure there isn't a good heavy dose of r & d in this thing. and an anathema even when betray by the democratic national committee itself. >> the civil war that's been bubble up in the democratic party for a long time explode on the floor today. what you are seeing is an idea long cal move on the far left. barack obama moved the democratic party back to the radical left. that explains the rise of bernie sanders. lou: there is another aspect we ought to consider. the democratic party has become increasingly liberal over the course of the past 20 years. now more left wing than ever
7:44 pm
before. and the revolution that could, if you say, be controlled by bernie sanders may amount to nothing if the revolution continues at home. those watching this convention. at home are unpersuaded. millions of people right now know that their party betrayed them. another aspect of this is, the republican base -- the republican grassroots had its nominee. the grassroots here have been denied their candidate as the nominee. and by nefarious means. >> in the most corrupt way possible. the question is turnout. if hillary clinton turns out to be the nominee, what does the far left do? all the energy on the democratic side is with the far left. the younger voters came out in
7:45 pm
drove for bernie sanders. they don't want to be disillusions. do necessity stay hope or vote for jill stein, the green party candidate. lou: what does michelle obama say, what does elizabeth warren say. what does at the end of the evening bernie sanders say that will calm the waters and return the focus to the candidate, to the nominee, hillary clinton? >> of the three names you mentioned, the onus is on michelle obama, she is highly popular and can bring a calming influence through her word tonight. but the onus are on bernie sanders. these are his supporters, this is his revolt. i'm sceptical he can pull this off. when he goes on the stable tonight and says vote for the woman who stepped screw you over, you could get a walkout
7:46 pm
here tonight. lou: we'll be watching it carefully. i don't know what catharsis is possible to after the wounds among the bernie sanders supporters but we'll find out. thanks so much. we are going to be coming right back after these messages. up next trump campaign chairman paul manafort says the dnc email scandal proves democrats have put our national security at risk. ' much more from the democratic national convention night one. stay with us.
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lou: we are picking it up here at the wells fargo arena. let's listen. [♪] lou: rocking it out. night one.
7:50 pm
democratic national convention under way. the energy is picking up a bit. and hillary clinton already taking aim at donald trump. hitting him in an address at the vfw convention held in north carolina earlier today. >> i don't understand people who trash talk about america. who talk about us as being in decline. who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the face of the effortette for all of -- on the face of the earth for all of history. if you want somebody who scape bother people, peddle fear and smear, i'm not your candidate. lou: joining us kt mcfarland and former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton.
7:51 pm
kt, what did you think just of that snippet of what she said at the vfw and the absence of any apparent reaction from the folks at vfw. >> whoa! is all i can say. hillary clinton and the democratic national committee just got red-handed rigging the system and what your response is hillary clinton going out and doing something weird about american exceptionalism and having her people say we think donald trump is in cahoots with vladimir putin. donald trump could be the manchurian candidate. this is a woman running for president of the united states with the failed foreign policy record she has had, particularly with regard to vladimir putin and russia. lou: john bolton, it didn't take
7:52 pm
long for kt to go there, so let's stay there. the idea that vladimir putin is orchestrating wikileaks. some of these people say vladimir did it, not wikileaks. what do you make of it? >> at this point no one really knows. but let's ask f.b.i. director james comey what he said about the hacks potentially into secretary clinton's home server. he said we couldn't find any direct evidence that anybody successfully hacked in. then he said this. given the nature of the system and the actors potentially involved, we assessed we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. so let me understand the clinton campaign position. the kremlin sent the a-team to
7:53 pm
hack into the clinton home brew server but sent the second stream to hack into the dnc server and left electronic footprints all around. and let me address the naive people in the democratic party. if i wanted to put the blame on the russians, i would leave their signatures as a false flag. the truth is, nobody knows who hacked into this dnc server. they had to -- they had derivative organizations of the russian cia directly responsible within hours while our agencies, specific lit nsa, the cia and others still can't figure out who hacked into the office of
7:54 pm
personnel management and declined to even hazard a guess. but within hours we are certain of this. >> robbie was able to find out who hacked into the dnc by citing experts. let's get those experts to hack into hillary's server and reconstruct the 0,000 emails that are still missing. lou: i can't remember a time when the national media would have been so quick to carry such a ludicrous proposition straight to the air, primarily the air, and to news print and the web. it was breathtaking the velocity of their publication. >> their conspiracies are in direct proportion to their panic about what's happening in the american electorate.
7:55 pm
one thing that is important to say is trump talked about a didn't relationship with russia. but he's not talking about a different relationship in the sense of one of weakness. he's talking about the way reagan did it. reagan had a great relationship with the russians because he negotiated from a position of strength, not weakness. to the extent any conspiracy theorists think the russians are going to put their own candidate into the white house, the russians will have a much more difficult and tougher adversary in donald trump. he's the guy who who knows how to use leverage. lou: let me ask you both here as we wrap up quickly. your thoughts about what hillary clinton has to do to heal the party and get this thing moving for the next three days that will culminate with her acceptance of the nomination. ambassador? >> this is the opening day, it's in complete disarray.
7:56 pm
everything she denied for the last year about the democratic national committee helping to favor they are nomination, scheduling presidential debates on saturday nights, has now been exposed as a complete fraud. i'm not sure they recover from this honestly. >> i agree, i don't think they do recover from it. because what it does show is the amount of collusion in the establishment of washington, d.c. donald trump is right. it's a rigged game. how is it the f.b.i. opens an investigation into the dnc hack immediately and within a matter of hours today the house leadership calling for an investigation of that hack and other elements of the relationship with russia?
7:57 pm
we just saw how long it took to investigate a home brew server held by a secretary of state. what in the world are we doing as a nation that we put up with this? >> i think it represents still further politization of the department of justice. and speak as an alumnus, this should put loretta lynch's portrait in the haul of justice. and james comey, i can only aseems's trying to save his job in the hillary clinton administration. and give whoever it is that conducted the hack into the dnc advance notice they are doing it. lou: kt?
7:58 pm
>> if trump wins, hillary clinton will have a different justice department to deal with. the second investigation is still out there and that's the connection between the clinton foundation and her decision as secretary of defense. that's the corruption one. if trump is elected, hillary clinton has a lot more legal night pairs in front of her. lou: kt mcfarland and ambassador john bolton, thank you. joining me now political strategist lee carter and robert zimmerman, executive editor for "the weekly standard" fred barnes. let me start with robert zimmerman. a long-time absentee from the broadcast. it's great to see you, and i know hour heart has to be
7:59 pm
stirred by all that is roiling the democratic party. >> we wanted to give you an exciting opening evening and we came through. lou: i listened to hillary clinton talking to the vfw and i thought she was rescuing us from donald trump's view of american exceptionalism rather than obama's. what do you think? >> it's been a fascinating night. we see all the bernie sanders supporters coming out. there is a huge division in the it's really apparent and something they will have to reckon with this week. lou: robert zimmerman is about to come out of that chair at the very thought of tumult at the convention. >> sure we have passion candidates, but the difference
8:00 pm
is bernie sanders will be on the stage tonight. he will endorse hillary clinton and he will play a leading role in leading our party. lou: thousands and thousands of people in the streets in philadelphia, that doesn't include the millions on social media complaining about having their, if you will, their electoral heart cut out by their own dnc. >> what the emails demonstrate and show is there was a lot of unprofessional comments by certain staffers. but it didn't do anything to impact the clinton-sanders election. hillary clinton won this nomination fair and square. lou: i missed you. your capacity to deny reality. >> we are talking about facts. lou: let's start with facts. the fact that debates were
8:01 pm
organized on a saturday to suppress the opportunity for voters to see bernie sanders. how about that? >> how about the fact we had 9 debates. record audiences for those debates. lou: that tell me about the quantitative aspect. i'm talking about the quality. >> bernie sanders will say he got his message out there. he didn't loss because of the debates. lou: why didn't you get rid of the superdelegates and go on a straight-up vote. >> i am a superdelegate. superdelegates have never overturned the will of the electorate. and the voters by over 3 million votes chose hillary clinton. lou: she would not have won without the superdelegates. >> superdelegates didn't overturn the results.
8:02 pm
donald trump has done a lot to put our party in focus. fred, your thoughts about whether it's possible for hillary clinton to heal this party sufficiently to build momentum out of these four days here in philadelphia. >> she'll have to do an awful lot because this is a poor start when people in the hall are booing whenever her name is mentioned. whoever thought that would happen. the tumult there is -- it makes the little monday night flap on the floor of the convention in cleveland seem like a picnic compared to what's going on in philadelphia. there is no comparison. the thing that's so different is it's spontaneous. it's clear that bernie sanders is not firing up his supporters. they are doing this on their own.
8:03 pm
it's spontaneous. that's remarkable. lou: to that end, bernie sanders is now in a position of leading from behind which seems to be a popular approach in the democratic party. he has a real problem if he can't get in front of them. i don't see how it's possible. do you? >> i can't imagine. he's going get up tonight and he will have to try and rally his troops except there is so much emotion. it's so real and so raw, i don't know how he will be able to do it. lou: robert zimmerman is not only a superdelegate and old froanld friend of this broadcast. but also one of the world's best public relations folks. give us the answer. >> if bernie sanders gets up on this podium and reminds this
8:04 pm
entire hall what's at stake for his supporters and our country by not uniting, if we fail to unite we'll put into office a dangerous neophyte who by the way has been denounced by not just our generals for his reckless foreign policy and ted cruz, and people like congressman mike mccaul. for policies that will make us weaker not stronger. lou: he's running against the establishment so that would make sense they with respond that way. one of the people he's running against is wild bill kristol. what do you make of the potential for hillary to move the needle. can sanders actually lead his supporters in the direction they want to go?
8:05 pm
>> look, it will be hard. if sanders gets up there and says nice things about hillary, he might get booed. but maybe he won't. i think it will be a tough position that sanders is going to be in. there are some republicans who don't like trump and some people in the military as well who don't like trump. the latest poll shows something, lou, that wasn't there before. remember all the complaints about how well hillary is dropping some but trump is not gaining. in the cnn poll, trump gained points. hillary had the highest ever of voters said she is not trustworthy or honest. she is in a very and situation. hillary will have to give a heck of a speech. lou: the camera just caught me giving robert zipman a knowing look.
8:06 pm
in addition to all of this. robbie moot coming out with this claim that wikileaks didn't leak all those nefarious emails. it was the russians. and the russians are the ones who hacked in, and they are the ones who want donald trump. i have seen some laundry lists of really creative, if you will, rationalizations for corruption and misadventure, but that was it. >> the fact that the f.b.i. is investigating this matter. >> they decided to investigate that right away. >> they saw the severity of the issue. i am not going to focus on the rumors about the russian strategy. we have never had a presidential nominee who is so supportive of
8:07 pm
vladimir putin. >> your president, the guy helped put in office, just embraced a communist dictatorship unilaterally. >> donald trump just recommended aban dong nate to accord leaving the baltic 80s wide open to russia. lou: with conditions, if nato did not rationalize it policies and it across towards radical islamic terrorists which the president and the man you helped put in office said he would degrade and destroy. we need somebody who will do what they say they will do. >> there is no compromise on standing up to russian aggression. lou: president obama gave away crimea. >> as a matter of fact, what do you want to do? he put in sanctions?
8:08 pm
lou: are you suggesting it was too complex for his national security team? fred barnes, you get the last word. >> the obama administration has not provided any serious weapons to the ukrainian government. won't give them to them. won't give them defensive weons. i don't know what trump will do, but we do know what obama has done and hillary has been a part of that. lou: you want to take one last round? >> i watched this whole thing. >> it will be a great convention. glad you are here.
8:09 pm
>> robert zimmerman. lee carter, fred barnes, thank you all. we appreciate it so much. donald trump tonight holding a rally in north carolina. and that is a critical battleground state for hillary clinton and trump. >> hillary clinton has bad judgment. she shouldn't have picked this guy because he's the exact opposite of what all of the bernie people want. she could have picked a liberal person. she could have had party unity. instead they have thousands and thousands of people going crazy because she didn't pick somebody representative. she didn't pick somebody representative of what's going on. lou: a lot more to come from the
8:10 pm
wells fargo center. former secret service agent gary burns says hillary clinton suffers a crisis of character. he joins us next live from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. an exciting night one of the convention here in philadelphia. stay with us, we'll be right back. when you booked this trip,
8:11 pm
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lou: it' opening night at democratic convention. there is love everywhere. there is some concern senator
8:14 pm
bernie sanders will protest on the stable tonight when he delivers his speech. it's not uneventful opening hillary clinton had hoped for to establish civility and unity. congressman luis gutierrez is speak on the stage. >> but let's be clear. my parents when they came from puerto rico weren't the only ones to confront discrimination. every generation of newcomers, whoever and wherever they come from, latin america, europe, asia, the middle east, they are met with scepticism and suspicion. immigrant contribute to our community and make america a great nation.
8:15 pm
[cheers and applause] immigrant died defending our democracy. and you know what? they gave our founding principles meaning in our time. er time immigrant are labeled as them, but over time they become part of us. we the people. about 11 million undocumented immigrants live, work, pay taxes and raise their families in the united states of america. a lot of of their families include u.s. citizens just like me. but listen. no matter what your family tree look like, a fair immigration system is better for all of america. reporter congressman luis gutierrez who has been leading the evident. one of the principle leaders in
8:16 pm
the evident to leave borders open, to bestow amnesty on those 11 million illegal i am great referred to as undocumented, it's really quite interesting list of complaints and grievances for a man who is a congressman in the united states house representatives who has enjoyed great benefits. also from puerto rico, which is a territory of the united states. again, enjoys immense benefits. it's a peculiar perspective, but one we think we need to share with everyone. it's one of the perspectives here in philadelphia and the democrats and the national convention. we are joined by gary burns, a former secret service officer who served in the west wing during the clinton
8:17 pm
administration. he's the author of the book "crisis character," it's number one on the "new york times" best seller list it's a devastating indictment of the clintons while in office. did you ever think you would be sitting here with a democratic national convention going on? >> no. the last democratic convention i was at i was outside screening you to come in. lou: the character -- your book is number one. the questions about character. today we have the democratic national committee being excoriated for its lack of ethics. for its necessity various tactics and strategies against a democrat. senator bernie sanders and his millions of supporters and those who voted for him. what is your reaction?
8:18 pm
>> you can take a couple pages out of my book and just change the name and the scandal and put it right in there. it's the same thing i documented all those years. certainly the 8 years i worked there and the year previous and the years after. >> it is strange. you want to say that scandal, the cloud of scandal follows the clintons wherever they go. whether it's whitewater or whether it's cattle futures or vince foster or the travel office. you just keep going it's tiring. and yet she is the nominee and voters have put all of that to the side and said her experience perhaps her role is a significant and perhaps successful candidate, first woman candidate for the presidency.
8:19 pm
>> yeah. it's one of the reasons i wrote my book "crisis of character." i want people to know the real hillary clinton. if they read my book they will see who the real hillary clinton is. it's easy to forget when they put on the makeup and do the spin. but this is a person who has been involved in every scandal since before her husband left arkansas. i do a good job of document that in my book "crisis of character." lou: i just don't know how this evening is going to unfold. it's on the front of my mind. the bernie sanders supporters are absolutely upset. >> they should be. lou: yet we are also seeing some peculiar responses. immediately the campaign manager for hillary clinton comes out and says it's the russians leaking this when it's wikileaks. i don't know, maybe russia had a role in it.
8:20 pm
>> they say the first thing as quick as they can that might make a little bit of sense so it distracts them. just like we take one of president bill clinton's scandals. they blurt something out right away. it's conspiracy, so it distracts part of the population. but eventually the truth comes out. and everything in those emails will ends up being true. you watch. >> congratulations on your best seller. thank you for being with us here tonight. gary byrne. the book is crisis of character. bernie sanders welcoming debbie wasserman-schultz's resignation. >> her resignation opens up the possibility of new leadership at the top of the democratic party that will stand with working people. [cheers and applause]
8:21 pm
and it will open the door for the party to those people who want real change. lou: bernie sanders doing his best today. hillary clinton for her part has arrived here in philadelphia after spending part of the day in north carolina as has donald trump. and speaking right now is vice presidential candidate for the republican party, mike pence. let's listen in to governor pence. >> to present to you the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [♪]
8:22 pm
lou: i think pence and trump have taken on a pretty positive attitude. that fist pump. two polls that showed him ahead or tide with hillary clinton. the big jest bounce in 16 years coming out of the republican convention. we'll have to take a quick break. we'll check in with him and with all that's going on near the wells fargo center in philadelphia at the democratic national convention continues. stay with us.
8:23 pm
8:24 pm
8:25 pm
. lou: donald trump right now campaigning in the critical battlegrounds in the state of north carolina, well, according to the real politics average, he's suffering about
8:26 pm
a two-point deficit there in north carolina and obviously trying to make it up. trump speaking at the winston salem fairground and winston-salem, let's listen in for a minute. >> it's just too tough. it shows you what law and order law and order on our police. got to take care of our police. but we had an amazing convention. we had a wonderful convention. and what happens tonight, because i looked, and it's really quite exciting to watch. quite exciting but bernie has given up, and i thought i would never see that. and his people aren't. i think his people are going to throw bernie overboard, and i think they're going to choose someone else, but they want help. and i bet you a lot of their people come to us -- seriously. and we'll take them. we'll take them. we'll take them. we'll even take that guy over there. we'll take them. and the reason we'll take them and the reason they want to come is because there's nobody
8:27 pm
better on trade than i am. nobody. . lou: well, joining me now, american conservative matt slap and elizabeth staff writer at the washington free beacon, good to have you both with us. he says nobody better than him on trade, elizabeth. he's suggesting that all those bernie supporters should immediately run to him. >> like, i think -- lou: and he's been doing it since his acceptance speech. >> absolutely. i think it's a smart strategy for him because there's lots -- there's clearly lots of overlap between bernie supporters and trump. you have bernie supporters yelling lock her up today. they're stealing the gop slogan during the convention. so he -- i think lots of bernie sanders supporters are going to stay home. i think some will vote third party. but i think some will go to trump because there's lots of i don't ever lap on some of these issues. lou: i was surprised frankly that trump made that overt direct pitch.
8:28 pm
i mean in his acceptance speech -- but, you know, like everything else with trump, it has a purpose, and it succeeds in at least part. now with everything that has happened with bernie sanders and the rift and the democratic party between their democratic national committee, i mean he looks like he was pressient on all those things. >> when he said the system is rigged, some people said come on. is it really rigged? it was rigged, you know? he had -- what he had -- lou: a few of those snooty political -- oh, please, don't be such children. >> it was rigged. and the other thing is he's not a politician, but he has great political instinct. earlier does. but i think the reason he has great political instinct is because he talks to a lot of people, and i think that's one of the most important things in politics. juxtapose hillary clinton to this. or i mean she just does not seem to really enjoy the
8:29 pm
company of her fellow americans. lou: what do you make, elizabeth, of this stuff that the clinton campaign came up with about the russians being involved? actually a number of people saying release the e-mails that they had hacked but wiki links. some saying julian, even conservatives are saying maybe we ought to start thinking about a pardon for the guy there. so thrilled with the impact. >> well, exactly. and i think it's funny because the clinton campaign, their immediate instinct is to blame republicans. and just like with all these scandals you've seen with hillary clinton, oh, she didn't do anything wrong. it's the vast right wing conspiracy, the mean republicans in the house that are investigating me. it's the same instinct here with the dnc link. oh, we didn't have the right security for this task, but we're going to blame republicans and somehow it's republicans fault. lou: michelle obama here tonight. she's got a big job to do.
8:30 pm
and elizabeth warren talking tonight as well. what do you expect to hear from them? and what do you think would make them most effective? >> i think this is all about before the leaks, it was all about rallying the progressive base of the party. michelle obama -- and barack obama has great numbers still with democrats. lou: amazing approval numbers. >> yeah. and, you know, mediocre with the country but great with democrats. he's the hero for them and michelle obama is beloved. so it's rallying all of these people together, and i think it's so interesting it happens on top of the leaks. because the cleavages in this party are so obvious. and, you know, it's interesting, the room is pretty dead. there doesn't seem to be much excitement, maybe they're building up for the big speeches but there's tension here. can they pull things together. there's a lot of talk about republicans in cleveland. let me tell you. nothing like the problems her h. lou: it is strange and as we think back to cleveland last week, all of the national liberal media had it exactly wrong.
8:31 pm
talking about the dark mood. >> right. lou: talking about all the friction. and i think are we oversitting ourselves in philadelphia as well? where we're looking at these problems that seem colossal and the point of fact, i would have to say i share this view. i don't see how they bring the party together, certainly not tonight. i think that bernie sanders' speech may turn out to be just as important perhaps assist any speech we hear tonight with the exception of hillary's speech thursday. >> yeah, i think the never hillary never trump would be republicans. just look, and i understand now the media glued the republican convention, there were no protesters in cleveland. it was very small. here you have bernie supporters that are saying never hillary, we don't want
8:32 pm
her. and i think that is a problem, and i honestly don't think this is going to help much. you saw earlier today he got booed when he said we need to elect hillary. lou: he's getting booed. i can't imagine the potential here for with other candidates as well. and other speakers as well, certainly not the first lady, she's very popular. and elizabeth warren as well. and bernie sanders is a big, big question. the issue of the nominee herself, this poll shows she has got a worsening perception of her sast zones and certainly not a trustworthy person. >> it's 20 years of the voters watching the clintons and that bake is caked. there's very little hillary clinton can do to make negatives. the issue with donald trump
8:33 pm
and his negatives they're still moving and they're still trying to figure out this guy. i think people they're still going to vote for him because they think his message is what we need for the country. lou: the message we have got to have here, it seems to me at least in part in philadelphia for hillary to do well is that she's going to move either left to appease the bernie sanders crowd, supporters, or she's going to move to the center to prepare for the general election. i don't know what she does caught in that dilemma. >> exactly. and the left is already upset with the tim kaine pick. they don't think he's progressive enough. because he's really in a difficult position because he almost has to go left to shore up all of these bernie and elizabeth warren wing of the party. but at the same time that hurts her in the general because honestly the
8:34 pm
electorate is more centered. >> it must be hard to be soulless. lou: we're going to take a break here. elizabeth, thank you very much. matt, thank you very much. we appreciate it. good to have you with us. it is day one of the democratic national convention. by the way, tonight's theme here at the dnc is united together. some might see that as a ironic theme, given all the developments with dnc leaks and other scandals. but democrats, well, they might have a tough time selling that to bernie sanders supporters. we're going to find that out tonight wells fargo arena. stay with us. we'll be right back. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military
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8:38 pm
. lou: the democratic national convention 2016 night one of the proceedings, and it is an amazing day with the conflicts and the turmoil that none of what the democratic committee but they helped infuse into the day's committees. the republican committee released a new ad calling to the attention of hillary clinton's scandal and, well, lies. >> welcome to philadelphia international airport. you will find your badge at carousel number two. local time is 7:31 p.m.
8:39 pm
enjoy your stay philadelphia. well, joining me now. former presidential campaign mercury democratic strategist joe trippy, also fox news contributor and great to have you once again. >> great tosh with you. lou: let's start with for all the democratic national committee. absolutely unethically and dumbly going about subverting the will of millions of voters and really harpooning senator bernie sanders. >> well, the e-mails were bad. i don't think they -- i don't think any of those e-mails did anything to bernie sanders. they were nasty, bad e-mails. i'm not saying that. but none of those e-mails did any damage to him. the one thing i would say, the other thing i would say is, look, and it's the same thing about trump. if you're trying to infiltrate
8:40 pm
and take over a party, the party's going to try to stop you, otherwise you're not an insurge ant. lou: and donald trump, by the way, has learned. >> yeah. so all i'm saying is that the religious stuff appalling, she should have resigned immediately not dragged this out for a couple of days. lou: who? >> cws. lou: debbie wasserman schultz. the name not even whispered in this convention now. taken off the program. >> i told you -- lou: by the way, the e-mails weren't from debbie wasserman schultz. >> i think what happened here. look, the republican convention in cleaved was so messy. lou: uh-huh. >> and trump got such a huge bounce out of it. and democrats are trying to emulate we get a bigger bounce all of this one. lou: i love the surrounded moments in the republican national convention. >> i was part of that. i bet you were doing your part.
8:41 pm
congressman steve. i mean you would have thought that he had crossed the room in calm. it was. >> it was tragic. lou: it was terrible. well, and -- >> now i have to live on the other side of that. lou: and the democratic national committee now is -- well, they're leaderless with. >> to interrupt here. lou: what could they. the republican recover in his fall in this convention, you've got bernie sanders, you've got the first lady, and you have elizabeth warren. >> the one thing that i think democrats do a little different. i mean in terms of -- lou: i can't wait to hear this. you know that. >> trying to get all the bad stuff to happen on the first night. lou: day one. >> we wouldn't have done cruz so late in the gop convention. we would have done him on monday.
8:42 pm
he would have had his shot on monday, you hope he stayed within the -- lou: yeah, that's an interesting point. >> so what i'm saying is what will happen is we got through the roll stuff, we got through this initial boos and things that happened when you have this kind of bias. and, you know, sanders, that moment will be a very tense and interesting one. i agree i can't wait to see it. but then i think from then on you try to turn. and i don't know if it will be successful, but the job will be to turn then to the clinton method and narrative against trump and for her for the rest of the way and you don't have anymore of this the next three nights. . lou: so check -- what you just told me you believe donald trump would have had a bigger bounce if he got rid of ted cruz on monday night. >> you had that rules mess. lou: right. >> cruz gets booed, and then you have this divide and then it's all building on trump, trump, trump, and then hitting
8:43 pm
on hillary. yeah, that's how we try to run our conventions. i'm not saying -- lou: but pulling it off. >> this is only night one. we don't know yet. let's see. lou: do you think it would be better for us to listen to trump or to listen to this one? to the speaker? >> what do you mean? . lou: should we go to donald trump in north carolina? >> the speaker here. come on. [laughter] . lou: okay. we had the choice. it's the democratic national convention, we're going to stay here. so what happened? let's assume that bernie sanders loses his followers several points today. he's unable to constrain them, he's unable to give them direction. he keeps talking about we're all one big happy family. and they're obviously not. as i said here a number of times tonight, the difference between the republican party in part is the republican party grassroots has their
8:44 pm
candidate as a nominee. the democratic grassroots do not. >> well, a good chunk the bernie sanders chunk. i think the real thing here is that we don't have the moment where bernie sanders is talking again hillary clinton away from -- against trump. and i also don't think hillary people will move bernie. i mean a lot of hillary people have -- he really did bring in a lot of new people, they're hoping those new people come with us in unity against trump. but i don't think you're going to see that. i don't know whether his own people will -- i'm not sure his own delegates will move him or do something -- we'll see. lou: you've got to be concerned that they're going to walk away or not, not vote. >> well, all the polls show that 90% of sanders voters have already come to hillary
8:45 pm
clinton. i think that it's true. lou: well, that was before. were undercut by the party. >> well, i think there's going to be -- always the most active, the most committed, and i know this from running a campaign in a surging campaign. those people will always be a percentage that will never vote for hillary clinton, that's absolutely true. lou: donald trump is making a big appeal right now in north carolina. he did so in his acceptance speech in cleveland. a direct appeal to bernie sanders voters and supporters, and do you think that's going to -- you don't think that's a threat? >> i don't think so. i'm not saying he won't get any, but i don't think he'll get very many. i think most of them -- the people who are not going to vote for hillary are much more likely to go with bill steyn or one of the other candidates
8:46 pm
agree i think some of them will. campaigning about the polling, says that donald trump is meeting with blue color democrats. lou: and independents. >> and hillary clinton is leading him with college educated republican -- college educated whites. which is never happened before. so what you've got is this weird shift happening one way or the other. lou: senator is speaking right now. let's see what she's saying. >> like most parents, my husband and i struggle a lot. we're fortunate to have flexibility, but some days we still barrel keep it together. the vast majority of working
8:47 pm
parents have it much tougher. they're struggling with too little time, too little money, and too little support. and washington hasn't caught up to their reality. . lou: i want to come into this. monica crowley early on this broadcast said that what are has going on here with the democratic national convention has for the -- in the main, been a decimal as she called it of grievances. and i swear you're talking about a highly affluent, highly educated woman, highly successful, and she's bemoaning her faith in light for crying out loud. >> she's talking about the fight of a family that's coming -- lou: she referred to herself for crying out loud. we barrel keep it together. i mean. >> well, -- talking about a lot of women, single women in
8:48 pm
particular who have a tough time. lou: oh, no question. yeah. that's great. >> well, look, we've got the trump -- the trump convention was all doom and gloom in america. lou: no, it was not doom and gloom. >> it was doom. lou: it was doom but not gloom. he had prescriptions. he talked honestly about the fact. one of the reasons single mothers have such a hard time is because under this president, wages haven't risen. jobs have not increased from -- >> well, they haven't increased for decades. lou: yeah, and manufacturing jobs, the middle class has been ignored by this administration. if you want to talk about single mothers -- >> well, that's what this whole debate is going to be about. and this is the first night of this convention that will get laid out. lou: so it's going to get joyous and bright -- >> no. i think you're going to see the economic policies
8:49 pm
and the plans that hillary clinton is going to put out there and the case that people -- are going to make against -- there's going to be a strong contrast between the trump vision and the clinton policies for the future. people decide between them. lou: well, will that vision be different from the vision of barack obama over the past seven and a half years? >> she said clearly we made progress and we have to do much better. and you have to remember during the clinton years of bill clinton and the economic policies that were put in place, people saying, well, because he's after reagan. but the fact is that more jobs, 20 million jobs were created. she's got a different. she's not coming in with a collapsing economy like obama did. she's got -- lou: well, we don't know what this economy really is. we do know this. that this president assumes that people are -- will accept
8:50 pm
this as the new normal. this president accepts the idea that american voters are willing to say, well, we're not an exceptional country, we can do all of the things that are necessary and restore prosperity. i don't think that's a winning message, do you? >> well, look, i think what's going on here, i've said this before. you have -- what we've got is a really disrupted economy because of technology and because -- people need to be trained, retrained or educated -- lou: which people? we've gone over there. you mean all the people lost jobs because -- >> no. no. many. no wrong. 187,000 people lost their jobs the day kodak went bankrupt. 187,000 people lost their jobs. mainly engineers designing the new print paper that were going to make their photos brilliant colors when you put them in the album. lou: right. >> the day instagram sold itself to facebook for a billion dollars, it had 13 employees.
8:51 pm
lou: right. >> that's not normal. >> no. it's not. this 187,000 people are not going to -- those chemical engineers aren't going to be making print paper anymore. we've got to -- lou: i think we can get in with asking this question. we talked about training all of these people. >> it's education, training. lou: education. yes. retraining; right? >> many for -- lou: you know what i haven't heard in 15 years? i haven't heard a single person who can answer the question intelligently. okay what can we train these people for? what are the jobs that we train them for? that's why we have the assistance that accompanies these ridiculous trade -- >> no. no. no. that's why you have to start -- we have to start rethinking how we do this. do we work with private sector target, education, training in the job industry -- lou: how about this? why don't we get rid of the
8:52 pm
words jobs americans want to. why don't we get rid of the idea that it is -- >> well, there are jobs americans won't do. or don't want to do. lou: i agree with you. but why in the world would we not -- >> i mean they're not going to be out there picking grapes. lou: why not? >> we don't -- lou: that's racist to be the truth. >> no. it's not racist. lou: it really is. giving you the reaction. >> and the farmers out there if they can -- lou: i don't understand. what's -- i can tell you this. this produce farmers were supposed to be moving to technology but too costly, well, they didn't. they didn't invest because they still thought they could exploit illegal labor in this country and the democratic party and the republican polls have been handmade of that. so when both parties get honest about that. >> well, they can retool, but it's not going to create more jobs. lou: well, --
8:53 pm
>> this is our whole problem. lou: i think what you're saying, joe, the democratic party is saying we're screwed, so just -- >> no. we're saying that, you know, the trump policies are not going to fix any of those problems, none, zero, zip. they're just not. lou: okay. >> and it's about trying to go back to a path that doesn't exist. lou: or embrace the future and will be outstanding. joe, thank you for being with us. up next, we're going to be -- well, we're going to be looking at some folks who rail against donald trump's border wall. but then put an eight foot fence around the democratic convention. you're kidding. stay with us we're covering the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. that's never really been possible. but along comes a radically new way to buy a car, called truecar. now it is. truecar has pricing data on every make and model,
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. . lou: joining me now, trish regan, host of the intelligence report right here on the fox business network. great to have you with us. and republican strategist also trump surrogate, my goodness. trish, let's start with you. it looks like a tall order the democrats have in store for them tonight. that is trying to come together in to all of the obvious divisions that have sprung up here today as a
8:57 pm
result of what the bernie supporters perceive is an automatic betrayal by the democratic national convention. >> they're perceiving this one right. how would you feel if you were campaigning all of this time for bernie sanders, if you really felt the political system needed change and this was the guy, and i know you're no socialist, lou, nor am i, but you can understand how people feel because they felt as though they had an opportunity, that there was a window in time for them to change things and yet the cards against. so that frustration is really bubbling over now as people have realized exactly what they feared. the dnc was trying to for trump from the beginning. lou: or as donald trump from the outset, again, looking like -- he's about as successful and forecaster of political analyst we've seen in some time.
8:58 pm
he nailed it. it's a rigged system at the same time he was driving the issues of trade, fairness, balance, trade, not free trade that is really costing america and americans a great deal. >> absolutely and that's why the polling that joe mentioned early that somehow managed to get sanders supporters behind hillary clinton is absolutely fall and incorrect. it actually shows 45% of the people are not going to be for hillary. that number could go up a lot and that's part of the reason why you see trump up so much following the convention and the key battleground state. total polling showing up by four or five points in ohio and florida donald trump up over hillary clinton. . the big issue is that this is the continuation of a lifelong story of the head of the rigged system, joining others like debbie wasserman schultz
8:59 pm
running that rigged system and then reading the voters their voices. that's what happened here. the bernie people were -- their voices were stolen from them. and those folks are not going to lay down. and frankly that's why you heard bernie sanders himself getting booed by supporters. it's about a movement that people wanting outsiders and now donald trump is the only outsider in the race that's going to be our next president and elected on november 8th. lou: all right, trish, now we have questions from the vice president tim kaine, what do you think of it? >> that's the candidate that bill clinton, her husband wanted, but not the candidate that bernie sanders supporters wanted. just calling for more banking regulations, lower the capital requirements for regional banks and on the one hand you can understand and sympathize from the banking understand from a political standpoint in
9:00 pm
that key antiwall street. so how is she going to bring -- and it also feels, lou she has no interest -- lou: well, we're going to find out more thank you very much. trish, thanks a lot. it's your turn. take it away. >> you're not going anywhere. stick with me, lou. it is night one of the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia, the theme of the evening, united together. there are signs of major division within the democratic party, welcome, everyone, to the fox business network coverage of the democratic national convention, i am trish regan, and i'm coming to you live from the convention floor right here at the wells fargo arena in philadelphia. what a day it has been. what a night it could be. i tell you the nbc debbie wasserman schultz is out but for a lot of democrats, they really feel cheated from the bernie sanders nomination. her resignation is just not enough.


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