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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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but certainly reduce the risk as well. liz: always nice to see you, built. [closing bell rings] bill gross. portfolio manager at janus. the dow is just so flat. forward two points. moving so much i will hand it to david and melissa for "after the bell" and a big earnings afternoon. melissa: stocks sinking in the final minutes of trading as closing bell sounds on wall street. while the third day of the democratic convention is about to begin. david: this is "after the bell" and here's what is happening at the hour. it is day three of the democratic national convention, kicking off any moment now, today's theme, working together. this coming as we're hearing delegates supporting bernie sanders's plan to walk out again tonight. meanwhile mike pence, is speaking right now. that's donald trump's stand there. donald will be there as well. he is expected to take the stage in scranton in moments.
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back to sort of freewheeling form, fired up and firing back earlier today on the suggestion from democrats that somehow he is connected to a russian hacking at the dnc. we are getting a slew of earnings due out any moment now, including the big one from social facebook. it is going to be out any moment. we'll be bringing you numbers you need to know as soon as they come out. it is very busy hour. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. let's get you back to markets. stocks ending the day mixed with the dow and s&p 500 turning negative moments before the close. trader scott shellady is watching action in oil at cme. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. lori, stocks got a pop this afternoon from the fed decision leaving rate unchanged. we saw a turnaround right before the close. what happened? reporter: right, it was all over the plac and bad news in the fed cities and accompanying statement today. the key line in that statement,
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your term, the risk of outlook has diminished the economy is better but -- fed funds it futures markets are predict. that is where we stand. apple was such an outperformer today. really kept the dow from falling further. accounted for 48, 49 positive points on the dow and also kept the nasdaq in positive territory. the nasdaq was the only, of the benchmark three indexes to close solidly in the green today. apple for its part up 6 1/2% at the closing bell. selling more iphones as you know by now then wall street did expect. another winner today real quickly, i will show you garman, up 12%. sport watches and gps activity watches were a huge hit for the company in the quarter. shares were rewarded as a result. back to you. david: lori, thank you very much. scott, oil is getting hammered again today. why? >> well, we thought we were going to get depletion in
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inventories but we actual got a build in inventories. morgan stanley is calling for $35 a barrel. that is affecting market. we keep getting more reports that we have more oil in supply than we had. those things will feed the bear, that is not good but same time we don't have economy to rip the cover off the face of the ball to get us going along. we listened to both those conventions past couple weeks. something keeps jumping out of me. talking about 10% employment down to 4.9% unemployment all the while economy is slipping. we can't scare the circle. something is wrong. oil is telling us exactly why. we're not demanding it like we thought we would. david: quickly on gold, scott. it seems clear the federal reserve is not doing anything in the near future. that weakens the dollar. i imagine that is why gold is spiking up 18 bucks right now. >> you're exactly right. if i think what said will happen
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with the rest of the world for the next year or two. gold is still a good place to park your money, not because a shield from inflation. just something going forward that will be a safe asset. david: it is up $20 now. melissa? melissa: dow losing steam into the close after the fed kept interest rates unchanged. let's bring in our market panel. jack hough from barons is with us. james frischling is with us. and john petrides. jack, let me start with you. what do you make of fed's decision and do you think they will make any sort of move at any point in my lifetime? the. >> you are so young it must be in your lifetime. melissa: well-done. >> i think there is relatively little cost here to the next move or two higher in rates. because first of all. this doesn't make a difference in terms of piece of business. people are not waiting for a quarter point better on financing rate.
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what is happening, savers are being hurt not collecting anything in savings. there is a strong case to be made, i heard more and more people making it, a couple small incremental moves in the fed fund rate could be stimulative to the economy. not really going to hurt long rates or borrowers. it could help savers a little bit. melissa: would look like the fed had confidence in the market. james, or the economy. they talk about the economy doesn't look so bad. at the same time, i don't know did you see durable goods orders this morning? that did not look good. that was a disaster. >> i can politely say the economic data is mixed but clearly durable goods was a big red flag. to jack's point i think we'll not see any fed movements despite they can and they should but there is always a reason not to. with exception of one quarter-point move could be "brexit," in this case durable goods. employment is up but in june we had a weak may.
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savers getting killed. this is little bit after opaque market. so savers are looking for return and looking for yield. they're doing it in the non-mainstream assets which are ballooning on pension funds and endowments and what not. decision by fed is having consequences intended or unintended. melissa: we're seconds away from faceok. we'll go to that in just a second. it us out right now. where do you wan to go, guys? it is 97 cents adjusted but where would you like to go? >> wow, that is a huge beat. melissa: revenue 6.44 billion. >> wow. melissa: jack, your thoughts on that one. there you go. >> wall street analysts have succeeded again in vastly you know stilting how much facebook earned. this is happening quarter after quarter. actually this percentage beat is about on point, for their average going back over past
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couple years. i mean, it is one thing if you make a mistake in a given quarter. it is another thing if you're chronically guessing too low so the company could have blow out earnings each quarter. whatever is going on here, facebook is doing very well. facebook and alphabet are actually two runaway social properties going to begin to crowd out advertising spending from smaller players. melissa: stock is up 5% right now. go to emac with more details on this you can tell me if we have frank standing by as well. >> here is what else going on. 1.65 billion with monthly active users. what is key, whatsapp, one billion monthly active viewers. instagram, more than 500 million monthly active users. what wall street is talking about, facebook will basically grab tv advertising. twitter has been trying to do that. that is where they're looking at for the ad spend, online streaming and video on basically their feeling like they're in
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the golden age of online advertising when it comes to taking away tv advertising. what we're watching for too, not just a pop in the stock, but market valuation will be rising rapidly. they have been outpacing alphabet google in terms of the pace of their market valuation growth. this is solid beat on eps and revenue line for facebook. they missed their earnings estimates just once since they went public back in 2012. back to you, melissa. melissa: dig in for more details we have frank areola from napoleon media group. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. melissa: david is digging down into the details next to me, operating margin 41% versus 31% in the last quarter. what is your reaction to that?
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>> crushing it with advertising. olympics are coming up. with instagram, 500 million users. that's a huge revenue stream for them as well. melissa: john petrides, mobile ads, 84% increase, was that, david or 84% of revenue? >> here's the key to the facebook story is that, mark zuckerberg is executing on his vision. for past three or four years, spending tremendous amount of money in acquisitions. investors an analysts were raking him over the coals for price he was paying. he is looking like genius for only paying a billion dollars for instagram. facebook has no debt and generated 6.billion dollars in free cash. he is locked and loaded to continue his acquisition spree and continue vision going forward. this is a home run quarter. melissa: jack, mobile ads are 81% of all revenue. i remember not long ago they had to become more agile and mobile. they have done that.
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they didn't get snapchat. all the kids are on snapchat. whatsapp, can't tell you how many people tell me, we have to switch what's app because only place safe to message. what do you think of add ons where they got them and missed them? >> i think they have done well enough here. they have such cale scale. one thing in the business people tell me, advertisers want companies with a lot of scale and data to see how successful they're being. they can pick and choose which folks they want to hit with targeted ads. facebook and alphabet give them no end of choice who to hit and how to hit themthem. i see more ad pie growing for these two companies. facebook running up, starting to look a bit price system look at run-up in earnings. look how earnings beat estimates every quarter. remaining estimates get revised every quarter and it starts to look a little less expensive. melissa: james, when you look to facebook, it is becoming all
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about pr and media and public space and less about more intimate things, more personal which is the holy grail where people are on there communicating, where younger are. it is sort of getting away from that. is that a worry for facebook? >> it should be a worry for them but they seemed to build the right portfolio right now to be interesting to some slower adopters and maybe somewhat of an age comment and also embraced through the acquisitions built a portfolio to engage with millenials and younger folks. the fact is, user engagement, not surprise with a beat. impressive how big the beat is. they are the large cap internet play. i think people should stop hating and thinking they're past their prime. they have user engagement and acceptance unparalled right now. jack said they have a war chest, if they see something they want, they will go get it. i continue to like it very, very much. melissa: speaking of that, frank, talking about the war
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chest and going to get what they want, seems like always criticism for mark zuckerberg when he es out and pay as big price or bids and misses on a company but he seems to have really good taste. he picks up things people end up getting into. >> right. he is one of the best ceos around, no question about it. he has got vision. he has proved it. he has controlling interest in the company. he runs the show. sky is the limit with him. david: all right, we have another earnings alert for you. gopro, remember them? the camera folks are out with their earnings. not really earnings because they were going to report negative earnings. lori rothman on floor of nyse with the latest details. reporter: gopro not dead yet. shares are up on heels of better than expected report. let me run through the numbers. it was a loss but much narrower than expected loss. shares 8% gain in extended session on gopro. this is wearable camera, stick them on your sports helmet. last was 52 cents a share. wall street was looking for a
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loss of 58 cents per share. revenue was stronger than expected as well. $221 million versus the wall street estimate of $194.31 million. we're waiting for a drone to be released this christmas from gopro. so here we go. we'll see if that happens. look for more details as i go back. david: thank you very much. revenue is coming in. that is good for gopro. details still pouring in from facebook. we'll take you back to the newsroom for more on how the social media giant fared last quarter. heavy hitters headlining the democratic convention tonight as tensions continue to divide the party. we're live in philadelphia for an update. ♪ david: meanwhile donald trump hitting back. this is live, responding to all the democratic allegations that russia is intervening in the presidential race on his behalf with this statement, now sparking its own controversy. take a listen. >> russia is listening, i hope you were able to find the 30,000
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: we have more earnings resultses for you. groupon, the deal site, reporting a loss of one penny per share and revenue of 756 million bucks. david. david: shares of facebook are up about 6% after reporting blowout second-quarter earnings. let's go back to liz macdonald. she is in the newsroom with more details. we saw these numbers, these earnings per share numbers. we couldn't believe it was such a blowout. reporter: yeah, that's right, david. we're getting reaction from wall street on this.
4:18 pm
what they're talking about right now, mobile active users who go on facebook daily, via mobile devices. that has jumped dramatically. now more than 1 billion of facebook users do it via smartphone. facebook disclosed it gets 84% of ad revenue from mobile devices, from people going on dalely. when you look at numbers, we're just ripping through them right now, two out of three adults outside of china go on facebook practically every day. that is why facebook is talking about on the conference call. they're expected to get, watch this number, $25 billion, in revenue this year alone. facebook executive also recently disclosed, david andelissa, they expect to be all video in five years time. so there is a big push again, we have to reiterate it, their adam nance is going to come from grabbing tv ad spend. that is the future for facebook.
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back to you guys. david: bottom line they're making profits and raking it in hand over foot. congratulations facebook. liz, thank you. reporter: sure. melissa: day three of dnc, political heavy hitters taking the stage to make the case for hillary clinton. plus protests at dnc are heating up. [shouting] this is the summer.
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david: earnings alert, especially if you're owning whole foods stock, you're not feeling so good. they reported third quarter results. lori on the floor of new york stock exchange. i love the store but the stock not doing so well after-hours. reporter: it is so funny. we're looking at press release from the company, hey, this is record revenue in terms of quarterly. $3.7 billion. guess what? that is less than what wall street was looking for. looking for $3.73 billion. not a whole lot less. earnings per share inline at
4:23 pm
3 cents a share. here is the problem. com store sales, down 2.6%. -- comparable store sales were expected to be down 2.4% or 3 1/2% versus down 3%, same quarter last year. so there is some slowing growth here for whole foods. as you know the company has been under all kinds of criticism for prices. whole paycheck. we heard. they open ad 365 branch out in l.a., supposedly doing a little bit better. for now this earnings report is drawing a negative reaction from the street, down 4.4%, david. david: yeah. right now, it is down about 7%. it continues to go down after-hours. thanks, lori. let's look at shares of cheesecake factory down 3% after-hours. coming as restaurant chain reported second-quarter earnings of 78 cents a share. revenue of 558.9 million. the street was expecting
4:24 pm
71 cents per share and revenue of 562 million. so it's a miss on that. melissa? melissa: day three of the democratic national convention in philadelphia and hillary clinton is bringing in some heavy firepower as both president obama and vice president joe biden are expected to make their case why clinton should be the next president of the united states. peter barnes is standing by on the floor of the convention with the details of what else we can expect from tonight's event? reporter: melissa, invocation is underway. want to be respectful of that. the president this morning was tight-lipped in interview with the today show about his remarks tonight about hillary clinton. he did, was asked what hopes is headline will be from his speech tonight. and he said i hope my headline the president of the united states is profoundly optimistic about america's future and is 100% convinced hillary clinton will be a great president. so we can expect him to give her a full endorsement.
4:25 pm
we also will be hearing from vice president joe biden, new york mayor michael bloomberg, republican will endorse her as well and we'll also hear from her running mate, virginia senator tim kaine. melissa? melissa: all right. peter barnes, thank you for that. michael bloomberg, huh? will have new york values. david: i don't think he is still a republican. i think he calls himself an independent once again. just like bernie sanders. melissa: right. david: "the donald" shocking mainstream establishment once again but calling on russia to help find hillary clinton's deleted emails. listen. >> they hacked. they probably have her 33,000 emails. i hope they do. they probably have their 33,000 emails she lost and deleted. because you would see some beauties there. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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melissa: shares of groupon surging 25% after-hours on second quarter results. the online deal site reported a smaller than forecasted loss. raised 2016 revenue outlook to a range of 3 billion, to 3.1 billion. david? david: donald trump currently holding a town hall in scranton, pennsylvania, slamming hillary clinton on trade. gop nominee says clinton was only against the trans-pacific partnership the trade deal in order to win the nomination. like burman live from philadelphia, latest what trump
4:30 pm
is doing all day. all day taking headlines away from democrats. reporter: this is issue for hillary clinton today. donald trump trying to capitalize on this tpp. of course 12-nation pacific trade deal. the white house has been pushing it. president obama says it will lead to jobs here at home and better regulations overseas. the bor unions though oppose this. donald trump opposes it. bernie sanders opposes it. hillary clinton, the secretary of state, hillary clinton, was for it. now as a candidate she opposes it. however this whole issue reignited once again yesterday when top clinton confidante, terry mcauliffe, current governor of virginia, also a member of one of the clinton inner circle, was asked about whether or not hillary clinton he believes would flip on the issue. he said that if clinton were to win the white house, he feels that she would. here is what mcauliffe said, i'm quoting here. yes, listen, she was in support of it.
4:31 pm
there were specific things in it she wants fixed. that sent the clinton team into full-on scramble mode. the clinton chairman, campaign chairman, john podesta pushed back on this hard, no, no, if hillary clinton is elected she will be fully against tpp. donald trump, this is the first thing he was doing this morning, 5:45 in the morning tweeting about it. at an event earlier today, said clinton was a liar on the issue. here is trump from this afternoon. >> she lied about tpp. they will go for tpp. and vote it in very shortly after the election. if she wins. which for the sake of our country we all hope and i hope that she doesn't. they will vote it in, just mark my words. hopefully we don't have to worry about it. but she will vote for it. reporter: terry mcauliffe ended up walking those comments back. what he would like to see
4:32 pm
happen, not necessarily what he thinks will happen. bottom line, melissa, they gaveled in here on the dnc. we're talking about the clinton camp on defensive with issue donald trump has been pounding for a year, trade, specifically tpp. david: blake, thank you very much, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: donald trump challenging russia to find hillary clinton's missing emails. listen? >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. melissa: this is amid accusations that russia was behind the dnc email hack. bring in panel, joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager. fox news contributor. kneel sroka, democracy for america. we also have a bernie sanders supporter, he is also a bernie sanders supporter and hadley heath manning, of the independent women's forum is here. i mean i just want to point out
4:33 pm
that he responded right away, i think we have the tweet, clarifying, do we have that full screen you? dice gint send it to me. if russia or any country or person has hillary clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhs th shod she th withhe f. haey, nd ogeni, th he go outodaylet'see is fowhatt isto dinatthe ws cle. ste on e dnlastight mes t toy. s a ess nferce whe he allows himself to be asked about whatever the press wants to make a headline out of and steps on the news cycle. is that what this is about? >> absolutely. this is supposed to be finally hillary clinton's coronation as the nominee at the dnc, stealing headline and relationship with russia. he has to be careful. he built his brand around being fiercely independent as candidate, campaign, putting america first.
4:34 pm
that is a phrase he and his vice-presidential nominee like to use a lot in their speeches. doesn't want to seem too friendly with russia or any ountry but taking opportunity to slam clinton here. melissa: he dominated news cycle. oh, you're asking russia to hack hillary clinton. he clarified in his followers and online said, what he is saying is, to whom already hacked them we would like to see them. everybody is talking about it. >> yeah, but that is not what he said. he talked about how the press would be, would like it and would reward russia. you mean, look, speaker ryan, and pence tried to distance themselves from that or did things that -- melissa: joe, you don't believe with a straight face that he was asking russia to hack hillary clinton? you don't believe that? >> no. i think with a straight face what he was doing was exactly what you're saying. melissa: yes. >> just trying to jam the press,
4:35 pm
to go you know, to go into a frenzy about something trump said to step on, on the democratic convention here. but i do think that it raises some concerns that he has got to be worried about. he has been, bragging about how great, how putin respects him. he will get along great with clinton. melissa: that is not what he said. >> yes, he has said that. melissa: no, he was asked about it today. >> he said nato is obsolete. questions about whether he will come to the aid of baltic states. come on, are you kidding me? is he settings himself up in a way that is not good. >> the guy -- melissa: neil, he jammed the press to step all over the dnc. >> this is guy who jammed the press by talking about, he wants to collude with historic adversary of the united states. that makes no sense. and frankly -- melissa: that is not what he said, you know it. >> it's a short-term play that is actually going to hurt him in the long run, because who wants
4:36 pm
to have a president that wants to work with putin against his political enemies? melissa: nobody believes that. nobody believes that. >> i do. i think is a lot of people at dnc. melissa: nobody believes that is what he was doing. we all know and agreed was really jamming the press and dominating news cycle. >> right. -- >> master of troll. he is trolling people here. making people get upset about something obviously a joke or sar castic comment. this is perfect example, textbook example how trump does this make -- getting attention by comments. we're scratching our head, what did he mean up. matter of being straightforward between the u.s., russia relationship on one hand. on other hand using this as domestic political ploy draw attention away from clinton earlier this week. >> down right despicable what he is trying to do. he is trying to use the foreign situation to go into domestic
4:37 pm
politics? no. melissa: hold still. david: play the tape from last night. look at these scenes. pretty dramatic stuff. bernie sanders supporters literally jumping the fence in order to get into the dnc after they were locked out. have anti-hillary forces been marginalized? panel back with us. joe, when you saw those pictures, were you worried? >> no. david: why not? >> because i have been to a lot of conventions and this one has got demonstrators just like every convention i have ever been too. david: hold on a second. i've been to conventions as well. other than 1968, which i saw on television, i wasn't there, i haven't seen people jump the fence like this. you have? >> this is not 1968. david: i understand. you have seen protesters jump fences at other demos? >> yes. 2002. that happened in new york. it, yeah, happens all the time. david: neil, is it fair to say, neil, the bernie forces have
4:38 pm
been subdued? >> i don't think bernie forces have been subdued. i think the party is actually working to bring 13 million folks that voted for bernie sanders into the democratic party. that is a great thing for democrats at large. if we are united, we can decidedly defeat the billionaire bigot. that is most important. david: right now, we're lookinge convention hall and as soon as we get, we get other details coming about who is speaking and who so forth, who is speaking live. hadley, donald trump today among other things, he said a lot today, but he was still trying to sway bernie supporters to come over saying he has been against tpp from the beginning unlike hillary clinton, et cetera. but i do see as joe and neil do, a coming together. i think that the forces, the protesters, as dramatic as some of those pictures were, have kind of been marginalized, don't you? >> i do. ultimately the sanders support is same thing will happen on the left as we've seen on the right.
4:39 pm
there is a lot of displaced voters either side of the election cycle who don't feel nominees of major parties speak for them. we'll see a lot of sanders supporters fall in line behind clinton. they hate trump more than they hate clinton. some will be drawn in by message of pop you i've from the trump camp. he beliefs raising minimum wage to $10. terrible policy decision and politically to get into bidding war on minimum wage. he is trying to make a play for populist voters. david: joe, on tpp, on the pacific trade deal, what donald trump was saying today was that you know, if hillary's elected, god forbid, of course, he said if hillary is elected she will pass the tpp in just a few weeks. she will change certain passages out of a multithousand word document. she will change a couple paragraphs and leave it at that. do you think that is fair statement what might happen with regard to tpp?
4:40 pm
she was all for it in the beginning? >> almost nothing trump says that is fair statement. but, no, john podesta came out immediately and row projected that. that is not true. david: what will she change of the tpp specifically. >> she is going to oppose it after the election like she -- david: whoa, whoa, no. come on, you know that she supported that. we can play the videotapes. do you think they burned up? we have videotapes of her completely supportive. it was the gold standard in trade agreements. her words, joe. >> yeah. that was at, that was before the specifics came out on tpp. david: joe, she put the specifics together on tpp. she was there at the table! neil, the fact is that she was in favor of this trade deal. how is she going to change it now that she is against it? >> here is what she needs to do. she needs to come out now today, against this idea we should have any sort of vote during the lame
4:41 pm
duck and say to the hundreds of thousands of people here in philadelphia, not only am i going to oppose this trade deal but i will fight with you against it in the lame duck if it passes. david: what will she change? i heard a lot of hyperbole? what will she change in the deal? >> she shouldn't change anything and let the deal die as it should. it -- david: why did she call it the gold standard in trade deals? >> you will have to ask her about that. david: i am asking you. why do you think she called it the gold standard? >> she did that and working for president and president wanted to pass it. unfortunately the president is wrong. david: doesn't sound like she was saluting hadley, sound like she read the thing and believed it and had a lot of good stuff. >> common of this reads at 30,000-foot level voters are thinking about. they want to know if it is good deal, are you for it or against it. they don't want to know about specifics. they don't want to know about which page, chapter or verse. >> she made it clear -- she made it clear she is bad deal, and
4:42 pm
she is against it. david: joe, she made it clear it was gold standard when she was for the it. she is now against it. you haven't been able to tell me what she will change. you have not given me one example of. >> why do you even want me on your show? why do you want me on the show? why do you want me on the show? david: because i ask you a question, simple question, you weren't able to answer it. >> well, stop and let me answer it. david: go ahead. i tried once. i couldn't get an answer. >> she was secretary of state and in administration that is for tpp she works for the president of the united states. david: joe, you still haven't answered my question. what specifically would she change in the trade deal that she once called gold standard of trade deals. >> she is not going to change anything. she opposes it. i'm sorry that you have a hard time listening to or understanding what i'm saying. david: explaining why at one point she was the gold standard. why it was no good.
4:43 pm
>> she said it was gold standard she was representing the united states of america as member about administration trying. david: joe, doesn't square. >> at that is what happens. yeah is does square. david: saying gold standard and saying it is no good in trump ads. >> that will be an ad. david: make up your mind. >> that will be an ad she will run. david: no ha is ad trump will run. >> trump will run, joe, we have you on because we love you. when i don't get a straight answer i got to say i didn't get straight answer. >> you got a straight answer several times. david: i didn't hear one thing she would specifically change in the trade deal. >> you may not like the answer. you may not like the answer. >> she can't change the deal alone. it requires all the other members states to -- david: neil, little more specifics. >> she can't, leave it there. thank you very much. good to have you here. facebook shares, soaring after hours to all-time high after releasing second-quarter earnings. we'll dig into all that coming up.
4:44 pm
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4:47 pm
david: breaking political news now. virginia senator tim kaine is now the official democratic vice-presidential nominee to be hillary clinton's running mate. kaine is expected to make his acceptance speech tonight. very busy night at convention hall in philadelphia. melissa. melissa: facebook all-time high in after-hours trading after the social media network topped earnings and revenue estimates. liz macdonald is in the newsroom, listening to the conference call. emac, what are you hearing? reporter: we're hearing the executives are saying they have seen the strongest user growth in three years time and they're seeing asia, particularly india, going like gang because terse. according to -- gangbusters. that is talking about facebook. talking about how businesses are using the site. 60 million active business pages on the facebook website. the profit at facebook tripling, tripling a reported a year ago. the stock is double what it was trading at two years ago. and when you look at the market
4:48 pm
value for facebook. david: it is beating ge, johnson & johnson, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo, walmart. facebook is bigger in terms of market cap than those companies. ranked about fourth or fifth of the biggest companies in the world. what they're talking about too, 1.13 billion daily active users for facebook. they're now talking drilling down into whatsapp and instagram. they're talking on the conference call with wall street about the performance of whatsapp and instagram. we'll be monitoring the developments as they come in. back to you, david and melissa. melissa: thank you. businesses having web pages on facebook as opposed to individuals. david: that's right. day three is officially underway in philadelphia. presidential, president obama and vp nominee tim kaine are getting ready to take the stage at the dnc. an exciting moment in philadelphia. more to come. ♪
4:49 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ david: members of the powerful of democrat party are hitting stage. president obama, vice-presidential pick tim kaine, making case that hillary clinton experience makes her ideal as commander-in-chief. joe trippi and hadley heath manning. you're a good man to stay with us. >> happy to do it. david: i will ask you a very similar question. i want a specific answer, joe. very specific. >> yes. david: what has hillary clinton done in her entire career as senator or secretary of state, specifically to make the world a safer place? specifically. >> well i, this is one where i'm going to leave it to the president and her and the vice president and kaine tonight, as well as i think a
4:53 pm
four-star general and some others who know muore abt what she has done i do to make the case. i'm not trying to avoid the question but i do think you will see that tonight. david: well we will be watching. that is good tease what we may see or may not see, because hadley, her per view when she was secretary of state -- purview, was making sure the world was safer place and america's position in the world would be for positive movement in world events. you look around us, a lot of people would say is that is a tough case to make. >> that's right. not just americans but our allies feel much safer when they know america is stronger. this doesn't just apply to foreign policy or national security. but also applies to our domestic economy. when we are superpower economically we can be a stronger country where millions of americans work again finally, this give us a better leveraged position.
4:54 pm
i expect the president to talk about his record and moist positive talk about last eight years. many americans are sitting at home and it is falling on deaf ears because they know reality doesn't follow the rhetoric. david: joe, let me give you specifics. libya, she took pride as secretary of state making a deal to make libya a safer place. clearly not a safer place. she did the reset on russia. the big red target button she had, making a joke of it. the reset with russia didn't turn out too well. china is imperial listic aggressor in the south china sea. what about those places in particular? >> well, again, look you can't, everything doesn't go right in foreign policy. you can't dictate what you want to have happen, although trump thinks you can, but what most americans are interested in, over the next few nights and for
4:55 pm
the rest of this campaign, is the to hear the specifics. does are you going to be support i have of nato or not? do you believe in expanding nato? where do you draw the line with russia? and i think you will hear candidates talk about all these things and people will make a decision. she -- david: yeah. >> she has a record of secretary of state which i'm sure donald trump is going to make a case, she has a case against him because nothing he says makes much sense. david: hadley the thing about this on both sides is lack of specifics. i don't think we'll hear the specifics tonight. i don't hear about specifics she can point to. i think of more things dangerous than less so in the world. >> that's right. conventions are not really platform of offering specific policy items. behind the scenes you may see the platforms the party puts together. i hope we will see, i agree with joe, i hope we see in the debates, moderators able to pin
4:56 pm
down on specifics. david: let's leave it at that that is something we all agree on. debates is really format we'll hear specifics mentioned and hear the candidates answer those specifics. perhaps -- >> i hope so -- david: go ahead, quick joe,. >> more likely we'll hear name-calling and things. i'm just saying that is how, that is how the news cycles work. david: gang, the way we work we'll hit a hard break. if we don't stop now. thank you both. appreciate it. melissa: still not sure who is running for president? well, i hope you didn't google it.
4:57 pm
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visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. earlier this morning a search for presidential candidates should pictures of all candidates but left out donald trump. they provide a statement
5:00 pm
saying a bug in the system only revealed candidates. it has been resolved. here is a risk and reward. >> she knows that safeguarding freedom insecurity is not like hosting a tv reality show. my body is probably like at two. >> this race is going to be one on the ground. when women succeed america succeeds. it will be one in colorado and iowa and i am probably a


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