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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 28, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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papering issue the paper is very thin. over the issues and divide. maria: i'll see you tomorrow morning, have a great rest of the night. lou: thank you very much. see new the morning. always good to see new the evening thank you. good evening, i am lou dobbs, we're coming to you live from wells fargo center here in philadelphia. this is the final night of the democratic national convention. tonight hillary clinton will take the stage behind me, to accept the democratic nomination for president. clinton will be introduced by her daughter chelsea, with the task of humanizing her mother. which has also fall up to others over last 3 days, she is suffering, hillary clinton, from very low favorability ratings, donald trump is urging viewers to skip her teacspeech, unless they quote, want to belied to -- be
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lied to and attacked for their beliefs. and donald trump will be in tonight. earlier trum was in davenport, iowa, he talked about what the democrats have been ignoring. >> i have been watching the speeches at night. and boy am i getting hit, woo. i am getting hit. and they don't mean it, and there are a lot of lies told, they are not talking about radical islamic terrorism. they are not talking about borders where people just pour across. they are not talking about the crime, the kind of crime that we have in this nation. they are not talking about the fact that many people, in our country,ur are making less money today in terms of real wages, than they were making 18 years ago, they are not
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talking about that. they are not talks about isis and what isis is doing. and our depleted military, where our military is not properly funded and being depleted. and where people leave the military at the top level. they don't talk about that. they are not talking about it. lou: we're talking about it, joining me now, great america pack strategy ed rollins. and "new york post" columnist michael goodwin, on-line editor monta crowley. with me on the floor of the democratic national convention. all three fox news contributors. monica, there has been this effort as they seek unity, to disregard all of the challenges it seems the profound challenges that face americans in particular middle class and those who aspire to it. >> mrs. clinton has faced a huge challenge, and she will continue to face that challenge going forward in
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terms of lock do you think her base, by this late date, usually, the nominee has base locked down and secured, mrs. clinton still does not have that in place 9. lou: she has a bis that is now fractured. so-called #dem exit, turns out that sander supporters were not kidding, they are walking. >> right, this an open question to what they are prepared to do, are they prepared to vote for her or donald trump or stay home? this is a question that is unanswered. she has been managing that civil war within her own party she reflected to talk about -- reflected too tal reneglected to talk about the issues that confront the americans. she can't handle those because she was a stewart of president obama's foreign policy for 4 years, she cannot run on her record. lou: ed, she faces a daunting task, that is, some of the
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strategists, dem kratdi democratic strategists want to see her reshape her image, reveal a new persona. and at sim tim same time meet challenges that any nominee faces on acceptance night that is to show why she should be leading the united states. >> the third problem or second problem she has 3 strong speakers, mrs. obama, president clinton and president obama who were good political strategists and speakers. she is lackluster speaker, so my sense tonight, she will not excite this hall in the same way, people are excited about fact she is first woman nominee. we heard that for 4 days now, but i don't think she will be able to touch other rhetoric of other speakers there will be disappointment. lou: michael, as ed suggested, she is running -- for most it seeps as result all transfired
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here foremost as a woman and appealing directly to those who will respond to gender politics, other women. does that surprise you? >> well, i think that is really what she has left. it is safest position for her in particular with make up of the democratic party as it is. but if she were to go after say, fighting islamic state, we saw what happened to leon panetta last night he brought it up. if you talk about anything about military, you are more likely to get booed than cheered. so, i think she has a very small window tonight of things she can talk about. things that will appeal to just about everybody in the audience. i would say, lou, that, something president obama said last night, struck me, that he -- he said that party will
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carry her to victory. that is a very different impact than you think of donald trump leading the party. this is a parties carrying positive candidate,. i think that speaks to her weakness. lou: her weakness, and her strengths, will be on display tonight. what is in your mind, that she must say to appeal beyond gender specific political impulse. what is -- this is a fractured party. it is a party that wants to rally around its leader, she is that. what can she do? >> i think she must do two things tonight. first, she has to raise the stakes of the election. she has to put in to the fear of god into the american voter, of the possibility of a donald trump presidency. this second thing she must make a direct appeal to obama voters to turn out and vote for her november. she needs every one of these people who came out in voted
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for obama, to come out for her this time. remember she is still focused on turn out of her base. and that is something she has to lockdown. lou: and personally if that, to note trajectory for that base that has supported barack obama, has been on a downward trend. and that going to be difficult to reverse, for hillary clinton. donald trump in all of this, has been stealing the news cycle, some call his remarks out ragous, others say they are clever and wit i, an witty, ed? >> he is in ski state, in the key state, iowa, a key swing state he was in pennsylvania and florida, he lead to she, i think he is doing what he needs to do, still projecting leadership, if she is going to be leader, and democrats are
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carry hearing to victory, that say very heavy lift, they would e-- they result reelection obama in a important beaheart beat the democrats would. she has to somehow light a spark, she should condemn those people who are burning the american flag out there night after night. that might be a good start, and condemn isis that would be a good start but she won't do that. lou: and making that all more impossible is that she has not condemned those in the democratic national committee who ofinned th offended party, and ethics and principles of a neutra neutral dnc and conspired with nominee -- >> well, you know, i have been asking all week, who had a motive to sabotage bernie sanders?
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i don't think that dnc had the motive, i think that hillary clinton's campaign had the motive, she was the one hurt by sanerred surge. i think that is an unanswered question to what role if any did the clinton campaign play in the sabotage by the dnc, i would also note that she took on debbie wassermann schultz gave her an honorary position in her own campaign, if this were a criminal investigation issue we would say she was frying too hush her by -- trying to hush per by paying her off, i don't think that is really what is going on, but it does give wassermann schultz a place to land, and remove some sting from her being dumped. lou: all right. michael goodwin, edrollins and monica crowley thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, die hard bernie sanders supporters, still causing headaches for folks here in the democratic national convention. and perhaps for their nominee.
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we're systewe're skeptical that clinton will oppose the tpp, they are, if she makes it the white house, we're worried about a flip flop before the flip. so donald trump says that everyone some vote for him. >> tpp, transpacific partnership. one of the worst things, it will be worse than nasta. and hillary clinton said it is the gold standard. lou: mike gallagher, ebony williams among our guests here tonight, it is the final night of the democratic national convention, hillary clinton to accept her party'sment in nation, an nomination, and make it official, much more ahead, it is at the very least, a fascinating night. stay with us. pla i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests,
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lou: tonight, what it has been about, these last 3 days, and now night 4 of democratic national convention. trump campaign today however releasing a new web ad, hoping to, track those disaffected bernie sanders supporters, many who filabandonned by the democratic party ♪ we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> if you do not listen to her -- shut down right now. right now.
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>> i say these worries to you tonight. i am with you. i will fight for you. and i will win for you. >> joining me now, host of mike gallagher show on salem radio network, mike gallagher. and attorney, radio ta talk show host, ebony williams, both fox news contributors. this looks like a real threat to the democratic party. >> it is, when they said never hillary, they ment it. no matter who said to coalesce and unite. the other thing, in an election like this, i believe this will be a close election i do not fall donald trump for his campaign. howers an persuadive it will be we'll see.
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if he can chip away at some of the bernie supporters who really feel never hillary is the way to. >> lou: the ad? >> he should have used more opportunity at end to pitch himself but i think that bernie has disappointed a lot of his supporters. lou: mike gallagher, your thought. donald trump reaching out to bernie supporters, said then, anticipating much of what we have witnessed this week, they would be, at very least, open to listening to an argument for their support. if they were to disaffect from the democratic party and the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> everything that has been appealing to people -- to millions of people about donald trump has been the same across aisle by a socialist named bernie sanders, people who are fed up with the
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system, they are antiestablishment. and are mad, gravitated to bernie sanders, that is why they have been so mad this week in philadelphia. the same thing, bernie sanders is the democrat's donald trump. this is not hard to figure out. i would respectfully disagree with ebony, i know it is wrong to make a crazy predict, i don't think it will be razor close, donald trump will -- unless hillary clinton. lou: you know she gets rebuttal time. >> of course, but if hillary does not have -- probably not going to have because of ed roll ep a points, not the most skilled speaker we'll see this week in philadelphia. she -- they may not get the bump that trump got, then trump would widen his lead. >> i am sticking to my
7:18 pm
prediction, but neither one of us has a crystal ball. this morning, i saw a lot of bensche supporters -- bernie supporters with their roller bags leaving, they are emptying out, they are not staying for tonight. when you talk about dem exit it is a real thing. >> if you are really never hillary, and you are mad about the dny, and debbie wassermann schultz, what would be better than to vote for donald trump to stick it in their ear. >> true, you know what, you disrespect my voice, you pay the price. lou: interesting you use expression debbie wassermann schultz thing, it was a betrayal by democratic national committee of its principles, of millions of its voters and supporters.
7:19 pm
and demonstrated and exposed by wikileaks for all to see. this is not a passing thing. as much as they try to minimize it in this room, this a big deal. >> you are so right. i am always torn between what i worry about being too much in the weeds, but you are right, this is year that people pay attention, certainly the democrats, who feel disaffected by what happened, by this betrayal, they are aware of what happened you are right. >> it looked like a set up from the start, right? i spoke about this last summer, lou. and just as a democratic party, they deserve to have their voice heard, and from day one, you could tell it was set up for hillary clinton to be the nominee, it was supposed to be an easy coronation for her, after bernie pose a real threat we saw what happened. lou: character for institutions like the dnc, and
7:20 pm
democratic party, character is fate, and fate is diseased at polls on november 8. >> right. lou: thank you both, for being with me here. and your views, and mike gallagher, you worry about being too much in lo -- innedwoo-- >> anyway, gate to have yo here, coming up nextic democrats using the dnc to bash donald trump, but the republican nominee does not appear to be -- well too injured. he say he is buyin being attacked because hillary is scared of losing. >> i had an interesting time, i'm coming up, i am watching television, they are hitting me, trump, trump, they're going crazy. because we're leading now in the polls. we're leading. we're leading, they are going
7:21 pm
crazy. lou: going crazy, well charlie and caitlin will join my next, to discuss why they are going crazy, and just what opportunity it might present for donald trump, joining us also, former chairman of ubs america's advisor to the president, president obama. robert wolf. and it is the final night of the democratic national convention. hillary clinton to accept her part's nomination tonight. stay with us, a lot more excitement to come, and we're in the wells fargo center in philadelphia, pennsylvania. what a beautiful night. ♪
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lou: a lot to talk about and cover here, there is a lot more going on than the
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nominees acceptance of the party's nomination. running theme here at democratic national convention that manifested itself this week, it so bash donald trump, last night, headline speakers including the president, spend more time doing that, rather than giving americans in minds of many, a reason to vote for hillary clinton. >> you cannot believe one word that comes out of donald trump's mouth. he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give my a break. that is a bunch of malarkey. >> ronald reagan called america's shining city on a hil hill. donald trump calls it a divided crime scene. that only he can fix. america is already great.
7:26 pm
america is already strong. i promise you, our strength, our greatness does not depend on donald trump. lou: well donald trump, as you might guess was quick to respond issue tweeting -- president obama spoke last night about a world that does not exist. 70% of people think our country is going in the wrong direct, #dnc, joining me tonight. katcaitlin burns, and fox news contributor charlie hurt. thank you for being here. let me start with you caitlin. those attacks, i mean, they were personal. we did not mention mayor bloomberg, brought a spirited personal, seemingly petty, perspective to donald trump
7:27 pm
that i have not heard the likes of in this campaign. >> this a very negative election, have you two candidates with very high unfavorable, hillary clinton with very high untrust worthy numbers, a lot of her ser gate -- ser gates have to serve as character witnesses for the candidate. you saw a lot in republican convention last week in cleveland, a lot of anti-hillary clinton sentiment as well. lou: do you think it was as intentionally personal. >> i think on both sides, sitting president also talked about his vision for america, hillary clinton. lou: have late for a vision from a sitting president. >> he is trying to establish his legacy through this campaign, he has a lot riding on this campaign as well. lou: caitlin is right. >> we're getting a lot of
7:28 pm
negativ negativity pro from both sides, but donald trump has picked up on a number of key issues that resonate well with a lot of people, including a lot of democrats, a lot of whom went out to support, bernie sanders, there are issues that are like trade, thats renade among democrat. this is terrifying, you look at hillary clinton's running for a third term,. lou: you said -- it is clear it ises renailes resonating announce republican. >> now it is, it has been an issue that democrats owned. so, they are in a difficult position, trying to argue for barack obama's third term with hillary clinton. so they are doing now is they are going full negative, hillary clinton has to make this elect about donald trump if she wants to win it, donald
7:29 pm
trump wants to make it about all these other things. lou: let me offer a counter view, it seems that he relishes those moments most when he -- >> he is good at that. lou: democrats are playing into his hands. talking about the e-mails and he said, if russiaa listening. you know, we would appreciate you sharing those our government. and then, the administration itself does not understand, that russia and united states have a joint agreement, to work on criminal matters evolving national security. >> they played into his hands. >> and he is fearless about walking up to whatever it is he is talking about, walk up to that line, and just put his toe over it and democrats they their heads explode. lou: there are other heads exploding here.
7:30 pm
in the republican establishment, they have been pro fair trade since you know time. they have been. donald trump has said, that game does not work, the rigged system is done, whether you talk about democrats or republicans, but republicans this is a major break in the party. >> absolutely, saw the divisions to display in the republican party at their convention last week. but you also heard from donald trump's speech speaking to your point about talking about issues that insecurity, that some voters peal. you look at the -- >> by the millions. >> right track, wrong track numbers. 80% on wrong track, almost mirrored what we say in 2008.
7:31 pm
so you are seeing democrats try to argue against donald trump. because history is not rockin working in their favor right now. lou: i have not heard anybody say anything about change election. >> and change that we're seeing here, is going to divide both parties in ways that we have not idea where the chips fall after this. and you know regardless who was wins and loses we have no idea where do trade voters go. and anti-immigration voters go, who knows. lou: healthy political system that can't be predicted and controlled. and this one looks to be a matter of choice to the american people, i say hurray, thank you, hurry kay fo hurray for you. >> donald trump, releasing a scathing attack on sweet -- twitter hitting president
7:32 pm
obama and hillary clinton a failed economy policies. >> we're out of the ditch,ureic expek ou our economy and country are in better shape today . >> i would like to vote democratic, but it is cost me a lot of money. >> under president obama,'s leadership, our country ises on the road to recovery. >> 38,000 jobs not enough to
7:33 pm
keep with population growth. >> we need to reverse the long-term neglect that dried up jobs. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miner, and cold companies out of business. >> -- coal companies out of business. >> how can you say that, come in here and tell us you will be our president. >> don't let anyone tell you that you know. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot. every one of them. lou: no doubt about it president has it right,al policies on ballot, they are also raised in this room, and across the country by donald trump. and soon to meet him as official nominee of democratic party, hillary clinton. just a quick check in. crude oil.
7:34 pm
pricing today, plunging, but down on just -- 20% from highs of this year. in europe, regulator tomorrow to release results of stress test for more than 50 banks. lou: joining me now, robert wolfe, a three-time presidential appointee under president obama. you are excited about tonight? >> yeah, last night was off the charts.
7:35 pm
bind and obama were fantastic. bloomberg, i don't know, i guess i would say, oh, my god, he was some attack dog. i like what he said. tonight the secretary will make sure everyone is behind her. lou: as i watched michael last night i thought i was looking at a would-have, should-have candidate. >> i would see it differently. he has been a soft leader, left or right. he wants to make sure his voice is heard. and he should be heard.
7:36 pm
i think he has some regrets about not running. lou: in this economy, it was touched likely by all of the speakers like there are not 94 million people out of work and we are not looking at a transition from obama to hillary clinton that would be $20 trillion worth of debt or if it is donald trump, $20 trillion worth of debt. we have taken economy that cannot reach 3% growth. why should americans vote for her when that couldn't be achieved under barack obama. >> i think that's a fair question. i was there the lehman weekend as one of the three executies. we couldn't believe the decisions we had to make. we were going into a depression.
7:37 pm
we were lucky to call it a recession. we turned the corner. but we are by no reasons where we want to be. also sector is the highest it's ever been. the stock markets back to an all-time high in average hour workweek takes the slack out of the system. it's at pre-recession levels. i'm not saying we are where we want to be. the trajectory is the right way. lou: and we have a middle class that continues to shrink. that's not an invention of barack obama or george w. bush. the household net worth is down $4,000 over the course of that time from 2008. but it hasn't -- >> i'll tell you something that's unbelievable. and i think you and i, donald
7:38 pm
trump, left right of center, unions, the chamber of commerce all agree. we need an infrastructure plan in this country. the infrastructure plan the president recommended would have brought millions of jobs. for every million jobs spent is 6,000 jobs. when i talk infrastructure i'm not talking just roads and bridges. i'm talking ports, fiberoptics. water treatment centers, next generation gps. if you look at secretary clinton's plan, she has a great plan, i like to think a lot of people helped her understand what infrastructure was. her husband was incredibly strong on it. donald trump says it but he has not shown a plan.
7:39 pm
>> she flips and flops and dumbies from her paperback references from what she had in her hard choices. which direction are we headed? >> on this one i'm not with the secretary. i'm not with donald. i happen to be with the president. i am for tpp. i'm on the president's export come poe. i don't think we have a moat around our country. lou: i did say anything about a moat. you are suggesting a moat. the idea that everyone is against trade. lou: who's against trade? international trade has been with us since the beginning of the founding of the nation. >> he's talking about no tpp.
7:40 pm
it's 11 countries. lou: that's more than bilateral. >> it many the best way to go after china. they are not part of i go after china with respect to trade. if we do not do tpf, the 11 countries won't trade with china, they will still trade with germany. lou: the tpp was created as an anti-china infrastructure. >> she is out and is opposed to tpp. i want her to be part of tpp. she opposes it. she oppose it then and she opposes it today. lou: that's her final position? no flip-flop?
7:41 pm
governor mcall i have said she would -- governor mcauliffe said she would flip-flop. >> he was wrong. >> good to have a business guy on a business channel. lou: it's nice to talk a little politics. >> it am not easy being the guy in the middle of policy and finance. lou: you have had some intirnts so we appreciate you taking time to join us. robert wolf. up next, donald trump stealing some of the spotlight from the democratic national convention. i think he intended to do that, don't you? >> if you put hillary clinton in there, the country will never recover, but it would literally take 75-100 years to recover. lou: in three hours it will be hillary's turn to make her case.
7:42 pm
if it's an exciting final night just as we expected here at the democratic national convention. katy perry is going to be performing. who would ever miss that? and hillary clinton officially accepts her party's nomination to run for president. we are coming right back. stay with us. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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7:46 pm
he's been beat up by just about every speaker at the convention today. >> i think we are going to win pennsylvania. we have so many problems in pennsylvania. we'll put the miners back to work and steel workers back to work. we'll bring jobs back to pennsylvania. lou: according to real clear politics polling average, clinton is ahead in this state, not trump. and in south carolina trump is up. trump leads clinton by just a fraction in florida. joining me tonight, fox news digital politics editor, chris stirewalt. give the democrats a grade on their convention to this point.
7:47 pm
>> so far they were flirting with a "c." but i think they are in "b," b-plus territory. lou: do you think she has been rehearsing? >> too much. she gets too shouty. you watch joe biden. he worked that crowd like they were deer and he had a salt lick. he whispered so quietly, they would lean in. and they would get up and he would blow their doors off. lou: she'll be closer to tim kaine, is that what you are saying? >> that would finish the democrats back in the cs and maybe a d. she needs to look like a states woman. she needs to embody almost like a queen, a queenly way to say i'm going to be the first female
7:48 pm
president of this country. i'm going to be your head of state. i'm tough enough and strong enough. in matter how much we say it doesn't matter. there is a psychological thing for some men and a lot of women actually, can she handle this because the first time is still the first time. lou: let's assume this is gender neutral and she doesn't appeal to women as a woman, and doesn't make that the foundation and the point of her feel. can she win? this entire convention has focused on her first and foremost as a woman. >> nancy pelosi is letting it rip with a double barrel buckshot. that's not enough. it helps. >> madeleine albright shot it down saying there was a special place in hell reserved for a woman who won't vote for a woman.
7:49 pm
>> this is a generational problem. i remember when women's lib was the thing. that doesn't cut it anymore. feminism -- we'll talk about what feminism is. younger women today look for more out of a politician than just i'm the first. i think attitude have shifted. lou: let me throw this out to you and see what you think. >> it's your show. lou: i'm generous beyond measure. it seems to me over the few days we have heard little discussion of cause of effect and the consequences of public policy choices that have been made. this is an adult audience and not a children's audience. and i wonder about that. i wonder at what point where they going to demand if grown-up
7:50 pm
talk. >> fro from politicians? if you are a democrat in america, think of the countries this way. it's 40% democrat, 33% republican, the rest are independents. the independent exist on the spectrum from left to right. for these voters, this is about making them feel good about being democrat. conventions are like a family reunion. you get back together and say i always loved you even after you backed over your dog with my car. lou: that's the most convenient analysis. afford these folks a very good time. that's one of the reason wheeze love you chris stirewalt. donald trump advising his supporters not to tune in to hillary clinton's pipe type address.
7:51 pm
the fundraising email read, quote unless you want to be belittled or attack for your beliefs. don't watch her speech tonight. instead call out her lies and fight back against her and her nasty attacks. lou: that's a shot there and then pass the collection plate. is it effective? >> i think it will be extremely effective. i am not going to tell in trump i am required to watch the speech tonight because i have to comment on it tomorrow. i don't tell him i'm watching the speech tonight. lou: i promise we'll keep it -- we'll tell everybody as loud as we be you are here. this sees to be going your way. donald trump has been very successful in seizing the news
7:52 pm
cycle each of the three previous days. tonight is a tough act because they have their no knee stepping up to that stable. the first woman to win a main party's nomination. this is going to be a room filled with energy and excitement. and donald trump is working harder than before. he seems to be foundless in his energy. governor pence will be on the trail a great deal. they are going to battleground 8 and state we need to win. this will be the concern trying of our effort. one of the things, i want to comment about tonight.
7:53 pm
it is his toirk and we need to give due for the history that's going to be made tonight and the history was made tuesday night when mrs. clinton was nominated by the democrat party. i think the thing that has been missing this entire week is any sense of substance about what it is that's going to happen or how we are going to go forward. and we have not yet heard a vision for america. and we have heard -- we know what the trump campaign is about. it's about making america great again. i couldn't help but hear your guest on before. i was commenting, if i had the opportunity the climb down the fiber optic cable in wolf and i might have had some word. one of the big challenges here tonight. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. the issues -- i do think this comes down to substance and
7:54 pm
vision and energy. is she trustworthy? is she a leader? those are the thing the american people are looking for. we said that we had this conversation before. i think that's people inside the beltway, inside new york, in that convention hall. still have not figured out what's going on in this country. and the movement that is pushing and supporting the donald trump campaign. lou: i think you are right in that. if i may say. i all he pointed out on this broadcast this evening here at the dnc, there has been a paper thin remembers to cause and effect and the consequence of policy choices over the last two terms this president which i think will be correct if i'm safe in saying this over the course of the weeks and months ahead as we move toward november 8.
7:55 pm
sam clovis, it's great to have you with us. thanks so much. up next, the mainstream media throwing a hissy fit over this obvious joke from and by donald trump. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. lou: as we always do when a candidate makes a remark like that, a joke, a jest, a witticism, we turn to howie curt. he joins me next with his reaction. it's the final night of the dnc. stay with us. much more ahead. the excitement is building and we'll share that with you and bring you right up to date on everything that's happening here and of course outside the convention hall here in philadelphia. we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
>> there you are the democratic national convention heading toward the big moment, the acceptance of hillary clinton
7:59 pm
for her party's nomination to make it official. donald trump getting a lot of blowback from democrats and many of the mainstream media that he suggested ingest that if russia is listening they might find hillary clinton's missing emails. and later he took that back to the government. in ether case trump clarified the comment was just a jest. >> his client, his person deleted 33,000 emails illegally, you look at that. when i'm being sarcastic, of course i'm being sarcastic. you have 30,000 emails deleted. the real problem was what was said on the deems deleted from the democratic national committee it's disgraceful. they talk about religion and race and all sorts of thing including women.
8:00 pm
what they said in those emails is a disgrace. lou: joining me now, howard kurtz. trump says he was making a joke. he was being sarcastic. there are a lot of people in the democratic party who don't appreciate his humor. >> you could say the was a dumb thing to say. here is the thing. i head all these accounts. post, politico. national security experts shocked and appalled what donald trump said, not even allowing for the possibility he was being sarcastic. if you believe donald trump was seriously inviting america's adversary to committees i nawj against hillary clinton, you have to believe he is criminally insane.
8:01 pm
that would be suicidal thing to do. he looks like's saying it but not acknowledging it. a debate over what he says. lou: there is another possibility. those folks attacking him are clinically insane. they don't understand a man of his achievement, a man who has done what he has done in 13 months and done it as efficiently as any presidential nominee in history in either party could possibly be let's say that slow wited. -- slow witted.
8:02 pm
>> he holds an hour and 15 minute press conference in the middle of the hoopla. we are talking about trump and even when people are beating up on the donald, they are talking about hillary's emails. he goes over the line, the story goes on for three or four days. >> as we sit through all of this that transpired through the weekend. the wicky leaks dnc leak, as well as the kerfuffle over those 33,000 missing emails deleted by the candidates' lawyers as best we know, the reality is what they said in those emails from the dnc, the evidence that it put straight in front of the american people as a result of those leaks. that this party absolutely subverted the will of the voters from one of the candidates
8:03 pm
seeking the party's nomination, bernie sanders. there is no question by the. there is no argument about it. then trying to deflect, pushing it off on debbie wasserman-schultz. she is some sort of master minds in charge of the dnc. why is it there is still a continued discussion overred the fact that this woman lied about those emails, the continent of which we'll apparently never know unless russia is listening and turns them over to the media or the government, which would be weren't purview of a u.s.-russian agreement on national security involving criminal matters. >> i don't think we'll ever see the emails hillary clinton claims are personal. the whole issue of trustworthiness and honesty is an issue. that's why you see her husband and president obama trying to build her up.
8:04 pm
they are trying to repair her from the damage the way this convention opened. lou: particularly last night. that was quite a lineup of speakers. you are saying what she is going to do tonight and how well she is likely to do it? >> she is going to talk about creating more jobs. she'll touch on terrorism which has been all but absent. she'll talk about baghdad, kabul. orlando, our enemies must be defeated. lou: did you mention benghazi? >> i don't have the whole speech. she is not a great orator, she has to make a docket audience. she has to make people trust her. she has to be specific to to degree. but in a change election, hillary clinton has to try to
8:05 pm
convince wavering voters that she would be a change maker. that's hard to do. she has been around for a long time. the hug she gave obama signaled to all of us she is running for his third term. lou: make it a highly if you will controversial decision to do it. personally i thought it was a nice moment, among the nicest on that stage. >> and no accident. lou: there are very knew accidents here in philadelphia just like to were very few in cleveland. it is the final night of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. the stage is now set for her acceptance speech. it's coming up here shortly. daughter chelsea who sits on the foundation board will be delivering introductory remarks. donald trump trying to steal a little bit of the spotlight from
8:06 pm
the convention. the nominee holding a rally in davenport, iowa. >> i have been watching these speeches at night, and, boy, am i getting hit. boboo, boo, boo. there are a lot of lies being told. they are not talking about radical islamic terrorism. they are not talking about borders where people just pour across. they are not talking about the crime, the kinds of crime we have in this nation. they are not talking about the fact that's people in our country are making less money today in terms of real wages than they were making 18 years ago. they are not talking about that. they are not talking about isis and what isis is doing, and our depleted military where the
8:07 pm
military isn't being properly funds and it's being depleted. and where people leave the military at the top level. they don't talk about that. they are not talking about it. lou: we'll see what's going to be talked about. donald trump campaigning in cedar rapids iowa. he's in full campaign mode. joining me now, american conservative union chairman and trump surrogate matt schlapp and kelly environment conway. -- kelly anne conway. are you feeling better about being in the lead in the real clear politics average by a narrow margin but still in the lead. >> hillary clinton hasn't seen 50% in a national poll or swing state poll in quite a while. what will they say that will
8:08 pm
turn around the 60% of americans who say she is neither honest for trustworthy. tonight hillary clinton will talk about coal country. she told us earlier this year in west virginia she promised to put them out of business. you know who heard that? not just the people in west virginia and not just the coal miners. the coal miners in kentucky and the steel workers in pittsburgh. all of these states where trump and pence are competitive that both mccain and romney lost. lou: kelly anne raises the 68 number. it looks like the biggest obstacle she faces. >> i think kelly anne who is a great pollster agrees with me. this cake is baked. it's proven lie after proven
8:09 pm
lie. i don't think there is much she can do to reduce those numbers. the only thing she can do is doing everything possible to make donald trump not a realistic alternative to herself. when she tries to do that. i think she makes her negatives go higher. the things she attacks trump for are the things the american people are thirsting to hear. >> it's an interesting point. kelly anne, an estimated 200 million spent attacking donald trump. he was attacked and hit hard by every talker. but at the same time it seems as if his presence is increasingly felt in the room and he's even larger than a figure now as a result. he's a bizarre -- this what's happening. >> what happened all along, this
8:10 pm
is the cycle where voters are saying you are not going to tell me who can win and how to feel. if you are in a living room for the 50,000th time people are becoming impervious to that. these elections about the future, not the past. donald trump's name was mentioned here more than isis, more than police officers, more than freedom. 100 times more. lou: isis was represented by president obama as isil. it's the islamic state. they are radical islamist terrorists and you don't hear those terms conjoined, juxtaposed at all here. >> we have a weekly attack. lou: one he 83 hours. >> twice a week, actually.
8:11 pm
this is trickling into the suburbs, too. security moms in the suburbs aren't talking about abortion. she is talking about job security. she thinks you can be sitting in the wrong park or in the wrong coffee line and lose your life. lou: the attacks on trump are relenting and uncommitted. the fact that they have been attacked won't diminish, they will rise in intensity. >> a lot of people are looking at the poll numbers. they are seeing donald trump can actually win. but i think there are republicans and conservatives who are almost getting a little bit cocky about the fact that hillary clinton is such a bad candidate we are going to win this thing. i think it's very dangerous. what president obama did, what joe biden did, what bill clinton
8:12 pm
did. it will have a positive effect with certain times of voters and when can't take anything for granted. republicans who are watching this race. lou: to hear you and any republican talk about don't take it for granted. we have come a long way. >> too many people are on the sidelines thinking what does it matter? the supreme court matters. jobs matter, the safety our families matter. there is so much on the line. lou: absolutely, as there always is in a presidential elect. i never heard so many people say this elect is the most important of our lifetime. thank you both for being here. appreciate it. up next, donald trump says he can handle attacks from the left. he understands why democrats are going after him. >> it's mostly false stuff.
8:13 pm
but i get it. it's the way it goes. it's called politics. they are trying to win, they are trying to justify 8 years of horror. lou: former south carolina republican party chairman van hipp who is challenging peaker paul ryan for his seat in the congress. they join us here next as the final night of the dnc continues from the wells fargo center. we'll be bringing you almost every cross current of politics going on in this room. and of course we'll have hillary clinton's acceptance speech tonight from philadelphia. we'll continue in one moment. stay with us.
8:14 pm
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lou: hillary, hillary, hillary throughout the room. she is the reason for the four days of the democratic national convention. her acceptance speech coming up this evening. we'll be here throughout the evening covering all the festivity here at philadelphia. pro-trump super pacs stepping up their evident during this week's national convention. they are spending millions of dollars. a new ad from make america number one. >> hillary's washington insiders rigged the system and bernie never had a chance. more corruption by hillary and her cronies. now hillary hires her dnc chair
8:18 pm
and wants you to roll over. hillary clinton, she just doesn't get it. hough hillary's washington insiders did rig the system, the democratic national committee, and bernie never had a chance. hillary hiring her dnc chair who was forced to resign, and she is just kind of backing up. hillary clinton is the focal point of the evening. and joining me now, van hip, the former chairman of the south carolina republican party. van hardshipp, great to have you with us. they are putting on quite a show. a gala lineup of speakers. they are going to carry her as president obama said from -- to the nomination and beyond to the white house. that's the goal and the way they put it. how do you think that donald
8:19 pm
trump and the republicans can stop it. >> so far, no bump in the polls during the first three nights. this theme tonight, stronger together i think plays into donald trump's hands. i think it remind every regular folks in this country we had no foreign policy the last 8 years. this administration was caught flat footed with what happened in turkey. the military has been decimated the last 8 years. general odierno admitted that the commander-in-chief not one time in four years ever talked to him one-on-one about our military, about keeping america safe, about the readiness of the army. that told me all i needed to know. the first thing donald trump is going to have to do is rebuild the military this country so he can operate and negotiate.
8:20 pm
lou: which is what he said he's going to do. but you do across knowledge he's already saying that, campaigning on that very theme. >> absolutely. this thing stronger together remind people of the weakness of america today and the need to have a commande commander-in-cho will rebuild our military so we can operate from a position of strength. lou: there is a stunning decision on the part of the border patrol, not supporting hillary clinton. supporting donald trump and warning about her open borders and amnesty preferences and values. you know, i don't know to what degree that's persuasive with the american people, by the many certainly not helpful to her. >> the previous f.b.i. director, his testimony to congress basically supports thousands and
8:21 pm
thousands of people from countries other than mexico, including pakistan and syria and flood into this country over our borders. how about the thousands we have middle eastern last names who changed the names to hispanic names. don't forget the radical imam who called for the execution and assassination of cartoonists in europe for drawing pictures of the prophet muhammad. we caught him in the back of a bmw coming across the mexican border. lou: van hipp, thanks so much. elect day is november 8. but before that, there is an important primary to be held in wisconsin on the 9th of august.
8:22 pm
paul ryan faces a primary challenger. he's facing off against businessman paul neilen. >> paul ryan and other politicians that don't keeped the bored. this is the loss. i hope they don't have the same experience i have because i hope they will change their mind and start securing the border. i'm going to ask you that you look at paul neilen, he will enforce our borders. lou: running against the third and most powerful man in the governor.
8:23 pm
paul ryan can be accused of a lot of things. but he's only one among many who has been supporting open borders and amnesty. i'm not even talking about the democratic party, i'm talking about the republican party. >> those angel moms tried to contact paul ryan. they are american mothers who came from around the country. they tried to contact speaker ryan before they came up there. but he wouldn't listen to them so they came up and spoke outside of paul ryan's personal border wall around his mansion. and then they tried to present him with a letter, and in that letter it said speaker ryan, if you cared as much about our families as you care about your donors, our kids might still be alive. you know, speaker ryan was leaving his house at that time. he hopped into his suv and he was wisked away to a picnic. and left those women in the dust.
8:24 pm
i would argue that if speaker ryan had listened to them ahead of time, they wouldn't have done that. but is nobody to advocate for them. they reached out to me because they know i'm running against speaker ryan. they wanted an advocate and i'm a willing advocate on their behalf. lou: understood. paul ryan is himself a figure who is controversial. he is supporting tpp. i want to go through just a couple issues. do you support the trans-pacific partnership, the free trade deal? >> no. first all, it's not a free trade deal. they disconnected word from their means. this is a crony trade deal. the stakes in this election could not be any higher. paul ryan if he's re-elected will push through tpp. he will support amnesty. paul ryan will work to implement
8:25 pm
20 days later president obama's jailbreak initiative. lou: what do you mean by that? >> the jailbreak crime agenda that will release tens of thousands of criminals into our streets it's jailbreak legislation. lou: are you -- how close do you think the race is? do you think you will be able to pulpit off? >> absolutely. we are doing unbelievable things. we'll raise the million dollars through this week. and, you know, lou, i'm absolutely for an immigration policy that works for americans first. paul ryan for two decades has been an open borders advocate.
8:26 pm
he funded amnesty. paul ryan thinks it's okay to have a bored wall around his house, but he doesn't think it's okay to have a border call for the rest of us americans within for our safety. he has taken food off the tables of american workers by bringing a stream of foreigners to lower wages in this country and that's wrong. speaker ryan cannot be re-elected. lou: that's going to be up to you and your supporters. what have we seen in way of an impact. internal polling, his favorability rating. what are the metrics by which you judge where you are now. >> in april he was at 80% approval. i had zero. we are now -- speaker ryan has dropped below 50% and i'm well over 30% with 25% undecided. lou, august 9 is wisconsin's independence day.
8:27 pm
it's our opportunity with one vote, we can take back our nation from paul ryan's special interests. with our one vote we can take back our district. with our one vote we can stop tpp. with our one vote we stk stop amnesty. it's vitally important we do this, because with president trump in place paul ryan will be nothing but a problem. he will force president trump at every opportunity. lou: we have got to go, but would you call yourself a donald trump republican? >> sure. i am. i would encourage your listeners to go to and look at my positions. lou: thank you so much. thank you so much. appreciate it. it's the final night of the democratic national convention.
8:28 pm
in case anybody needed a reminder. tony sayegh and sarah westwood join me after these important messages. we are under two hours away from the main event. hillary clinton's first speech as the democratic nominee for president. it's going to be quite a night for her official acceptance speech. ling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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8:31 pm
lou: all this is suppose to be about unity, standing behind the candidate. but division has been in full display. last night 7 protesters breached
8:32 pm
a security fence outside the wells fargo center amidst the peaceful and orderly protests of bernie sanders supporters. they were described as anarchists. the demonstrators were upset about what they said was a rigged primary. according to dnc leaks by wikileaks, it was rigged and heavily influenced by the dnc in considerable collusion. bernie sanders telling his supporters it's time to come together. >> there are differences of opinion between us and hillary clinton. but if anyone thinks [inaudible]
8:33 pm
lou: joining me to talk about that. the peculiar view of a man who has just rolled over by his own party and his followers betrayed. sarah westwood, tony sayegh, tony can be heard throughout the convention as part of our wall-to-wall coverage and many of our fox news radio stations, afill environmentalists all across the country. and nice of them to loan you out to us. let me start with you. i do not understand bernie sanders. he has demonstrable proof he has been manipulated. his supporters have been converted and betrayed. and he's make those kinds of comments. do you think that's a salve that will be welcomed by the millions of people who supported the man?
8:34 pm
>> it's no surprise he doesn't have loyalty to the democratic party because the democratic party didn't treat him very well. it's hard to end the movement he started because for months he has been hammering that narrative. lou: i'm asking what in the world would motivate a man to so baldly turn his back on millions of people and ask them to support him after the dnc validated his statements that the system is rigged. >> not that he has concrete proof that what he said has happened. that might turn a lot of his supporters against him. some of them might be disillusioned by not only did the democratic party abandon them, but so did bernie sanders.
8:35 pm
>> bernie sanders started a movement that got out of his own control. he was satisfied with the small platform changes. he got a couple crumbs. but he didn't get very much else in that. but this creation of people who are sincerely dissatisfied with the rigged system in washington. they do in the feel like hillary clinton adequately represents them. they are willing to continue. they are saying this is more than about one election or one candidate it's about moving a progressive agenda forward. anybody who understands that knows she'll do whatever she has to do to gain power. lou: in evidence of that, she has moved a sizable distance to the left because of bernie sanders, and he retreats from the arena. his followers are now abandoning him, and apparently a large number of those are abandoning the democratic party.
8:36 pm
how big a problem is this for hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton has had to make conceptions she won't have made otherwise. she is more hawk than obama. she has been forced to move left in ways that are uncomfortable for her because her own record contradicts them. she is a major benefactor of the citizens united decision. now she is forced to put forth proposals to appeal it. >> in fact $15 million in donations from the clinton family foundation from business tint groups fan foreign governments that had business in front of the state department. that's why you will see that investigation being called for by the house and congressional republicans. look at trade. that's whereabouts * supposedly pulled hillary clinton to the left.
8:37 pm
terry mcauliffe the governor virginia said the day after bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton she'll go back to being a free trader, don't worry about it. it caused such a raucous the chairman of her campaign had to go out there and say don't listen to terry mcauliffe, she doesn't know what he's talking about. there is not a sincere belief among his supporters. that's where jill stein comes in. the green party candidate who has been at the democratic convention. lou: who was at the forefront of the bernie sanders protesters the last two nights. >> she filled a vacuum of leadership sanders created by abdicating leading his own movement. lou: it will be interesting to sewhathey ll tmsels ter e 74ear-d soalis mas itfficl heovedo thbackf thmovent.
8:38 pm
peaps at'seadi fro behind. what do you think? is jill stein going to represent a problem as well? could we possibly see a significant increase in people supporting the green party in the country? >> it's voters on both side of the aisle. but to the extent there is -- there are voters moving to thd rtcaide.thvo aomou de of ldmpre >> which is why she is stuck in the low 40s. if you look at polling, somewhere in the mid 40s. lou: usually that's not enough to get it done. >> her husband did it successfully in 1992 with ross perot. but you are talking about the fact jill stein gets about 8%. lou: in 1996 he didn't win a majority either.
8:39 pm
quite a political feat for the man considered to be one of if not the most effective politicians in the country throughout the last half century. great to see you. good to see you, tony. coming up next, donald trump reminding us all who he's fighting for. >> i'm getting to know the american people. these are amazing people. and they are tired of being pushed around. they are tired of working harder than they did 18 year ago and making less money. it's an incredible, beautiful movement. we'll make america great again and we'll make america safe again. lou: later tonight, hillary clinton to accept her party's nomination. making it all official in philadelphia in the battleground state of pennsylvania. we are coming right back. stay with us. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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8:43 pm
lou: philadelphia, wells fargo center arena, the democratic national convention night for hillary clinton to officially accept her party's follow nation. the trump campaign introduction a web ad hoping to attract bernie sanders supporters to many of home seem to feel abandoned, disaffected, or mad as hell. >> and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine.
8:44 pm
>> if you do not listen to her, you will be shut down right now. your decision. make that decision. >> i say these word to you tonight. i am with you, i will fight for you, and i will win for you. lou: i couldn't help but in the time stop' on that video from last week as donald trump accepted his party's nomination. 11:33 p.m. in cleveland. we are likely to have it as late in philadelphia. people attending the trump rally in toledo were seen shake the hands of law enforcement officers who were providing security for the event. police kept the peace as black
8:45 pm
lives matter and 8ors were screaming and chanting a few feet away. we would like to thank the secret service officers, pennsylvania state troopers, pennsylvania police, law enforcement officers from all around the country here who for four days have been providing the security to correspond this dnc we thank each and every one of them for keeping us safe. our thanks. joining me now, carrie picket, political reporter for "the daily caller." byron york. we have heard stories about actors and folks, extras being hired to fill in those seat vacated by bernie sanders
8:46 pm
supporters so there wouldn't be a gaping hole anywhere as the cameras search around the room. what do you make of the evening as we are building toward the climax? >> right now or at least for the past week the democrats have been trying to keep this convention together in the midst of debbie wasserman-schultz's resignation and the email leaks. as far as the specific seat fillers going in for the bernie delegates who are not here. i spoke to some bernie delegates today about that. and they were kind like saying we have got to get to those seats before the seat fillers do. we have to organize better and make sure -- lou: what will they do with those seats once they get them? >> they may want to walk out. there is something that could go down with it. lou: there is something so classically absurd by the.
8:47 pm
you abandon your seat. but the seat fillers hired to take their place -- >> i talked to a number of them out in the halls. they are going to be here. there is kind of a range. some say i'm kind of slowly adjusting. then others want some truth and reconciliation commission. they want to investigate the crimes against them. but they all wanted an acknowledgment from hillary clinton that bernie sanders had great progressive ideas, two, she is going the move more closely to them, and they want some sort of across maniment they didn't get the fair end of the stick and the dnc actually engaged in misconduct toward them. lou: ever so gently phrased. one would think they would, byron said, deftly done. but i would think there would be outrain. lad that occurred to me,
8:48 pm
particularly idealistic young people. is there some sort of conversion they have got through that they can accept this kind of treatment by a party that professes to be quote-unquote democratic? >> i think the feeling they are getting is they feel like they are being patronized by the dnc. they feel like they are getting pats on the head. lou: when you have a leader who doesn't stand up for you and says please neil dow -- please n before your new masters. >> i said they want her to say stuff. but they won't believe it when she says it. they said she'll make some promises to us but they won't come true. what they are trying to do is figure out what to do after tonight when this convention is over. she is the nominee.
8:49 pm
if there is some way they can flex some sort of muscle will depend on what bernie sanders himself does. >> whether it's tpp being abolished or other issues going forward. lou: governor mcauliffe setting off a firestorm when he said she'll flip-flop on tpp, don't worry about it. she'll be back with the inequitable ideas of globalists on what is a free trade agreement. >> why did that set off a firestorm? because it sounded true. it has a ring of truth to it and people think she is going to do it. lou: we'll get some sense what she is going to do tonight. your thoughts. >> hillary clinton needs to start talking about how she can
8:50 pm
energize this party. not just talk about it, but just do it. unfortunately all she has is people around in the 90s, who remember her from back then. lou: it seems so long ago when you put it that way. >> i remember the 90s, too. you have a lot of millennials who remember in the 90s, and they don't get it. and they haven't been instructed at all. but unfortunately for clinton they can either have things rewritten for them the way she wanted today, or they can -- lou: she'll get her opportunity to paint whatever color she wishes. >> i think it's going to be important to see what she says about national security. specifically about radical islamic terrorism.
8:51 pm
lou: do you think she'll use those words? >> absolutely not. we have a situation where it was mentioned very little at all from the podium. then you have a situation in which leon panetta, one of the most respected men in government was booed when he started lkinabou-- bhis rty' convtion- la nig. the hillary clinton campaign released some excerpts from the speech. she does say the words san bernardino, paris, brussels, nice. and she says it's no wonder people are anxious about this. but she is going to talk about it. >> did she devote a paragraph or so to a place called benghazi? >> it was just excerpts. but you can make a lot of money bet be the answer. >> the on time the word jihadist was used is when barack obama was referring to donald trump.
8:52 pm
lou: that's truly remarkable. a lot of trump attacks which seemingly have only served into plate his presence in the arena. the question is does any of this donyame?opnk esdotha a any speaker, this includes the president, the vice president and michelle obama, has take it brand-new themselves to criticize trump. she has had everybody attack trump it's time for her to say what she wants to do as president. lou: the vision of america. will it be something new, fresh, inspiring, or will it be a perceived extension, a third term of the man she worked for for four years and who handled
8:53 pm
off the mantel for the democratic party last night right here in this arena. she is coming up. we are going to be bringing it all to you. thank you, byron york. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence speaking just a few moments ago at a campaign rally in michigan where he commented on the mainstream media's treatment of his running mate. >> it's funny to watch the party in power seems helpless to figure him out. i'm talking about the media. truthfully, they all keep telling each other. i heard them say yesterday, it's over now. always misstating, mischaracterizing what the man just said in his hearth way any other american would say it. they think they have done him in. but they wake up the next morning and turn on the tv and
8:54 pm
there he is still standing, still fighting and still stronger than before. that's what's going to carry him all the way to the white house. lou: donald trump will be speaking at a rally in cedar rapids, iowa in a few moments. we'll be bringing that to you as well as everything happening here at the dnc in philadelphia. senator sherrod brown, senator clinton, hillary clinton, she'll accept her party's nomination. first trish regan and tom sullivan will join me as we move closer to the chicag -- to the e here in philadelphia. stay with us. if a denture were to be
8:55 pm
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lou: welcome back this is the bilge night, hillary clinton, accepting officially the democratic presidential nomination. and joining me now, in new york. fox business network anchor, fox radio host, tom sullivan, great to have you with us, hire ihere, on the floor of the cop victhe -- convention,
8:58 pm
trish regan there good to be back. been quite a couple of weeks. lou: cleveland, philadelphia, republicans and democrats. i want to turn to tom first, if i may, get a sense from you. what do you think the bar is? how high does she have to reach to get these people ready to go to work for her success as the party's nominee ? >> i think the bar is kind of low. they brought out the good speakers last night. you can see they are working with her, sometimes she comes out, and she yells. and the next speech, she is soft spoken. but she is the star of the show issue they will give a round of applause to everything that she says. but i think she is -- it's
8:59 pm
hard for her to follow up on what they brought out last night is my point. lou: that is sounding like the bar slipped a little higher there. i think you are right. trish, we've been sitting here side by side for four nights, watching this room filled with high expectant delegates from all over. the energy has ebbed and flowed, what do you make of the sense of the room tonight? trish: they have put on a heck of a show. >> a good show. trish: whoever is producing this has produced a wonderful show in sense that we've seen a lot of music. some compelling people. they have been well delivered speeches.
9:00 pm
with that in mind, she has a lot to live up to. we heard from some very compelling speakers. we felt a lot of energy from the stage. this is going to be ain challenge for her. she is not a natural politician. it is difficult for her to get up and relate to the crowd and camera. lou: we'll find out how she will do it trish regan will lead us through the rest of the evening, i turn it over to you. trish: you are here through the final stroke of midnight, lou dobbs. lou: woe. trish: get ready, 4th and final night of the dnc, underway here in philadelphia, fox business network has been here the whole way, on top of everything going on with protests outside. we heard from protesters inside. and here we are on the fourth


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