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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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first female candidate of a name party. charles: main averages miss and it looks like good news for the s & p. the gdp will not miss the park. we are wrapping up two straight weeks of political conventions. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the road to rally voters. the polls show they both have a lot of work to do, especially in those swing states. but first here is hillary clinton accepting the nomination and making history. >> i will be a president for
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republicans and independents and for all those who vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together. charles: political pomp and circumstances came to an end as hillary clinton accepted the nomination. the democrats did their best to sort of create an optimistic and humanize hillary clinton. the republicans and donald trump they say the economy or the country is more dire. the question is who is more realistic. take a listen. >> we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against. but we are not afraid. we'll rise to the challenge just as we always have. >> our convention occurs at a
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moment crisis for our nation. the attacks on our police, and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life. any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country. charles: joining me to discuss the convention. we have van hipp, and kathy taylor and danielle mclachlan. it was interesting at the democratic convention we had flags, chants of usa, you had the constitution. a lot of observers saying they weren't sure of the convention th werwatcng. >> didt sean aricaflag the monday. and the democrats should thank donald trump for tweeting out
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they didn't have any american flags monday. that gave them a chance to go to wal-mart and get some on tuesday. donald trump talks abo defeating isis -- at the democratic convention leon panetta talks about defeating isis and he gets booed. charles: is there a place in the middle or is one party connecting the right way with the voters. is it hillary clinton or donald trump who has a better understanding of what it feel like on main street. >> from what i have heard, they recovery in this country and protect americans. and that's not what we heard at the democratic convention. what we heard from hillary
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clinton is we already achieved a recovery which is not what the states feel. charles: danielle you were at the convention? >> i was in philly. charles: the disconnect. we all know the numbers and know we are in the middle of an amazing economic meltdown. but this notion that people aren't feeling it, they don't sense it, they don't see it. that's an extraordinary hurdle to get over. >> i agree with you. 50 million jobs since barack obama. the accurate figure is more like 10. but she has a problem because she is the establishment. she'll be blamed and labeled for anything that goes wrong. trump is able to say this is wrong, that is wrong. but i think what democrats want to see from trump are some solutions.
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>> i think he laid out a lot of solutions. one of the things that was notably asked was substance and solutions. there was a lot of messaging and criticism. there were not a lot of facts and solutions. if you think back to trump's speech, when he criticized hillary clinton, in his acceptance speech when he criticized her, it was only when he had facts and figures about the economy and facts and figures to back it up. that was not the case this week. they spent all week at the dnc trying to repaint hillary clinton, and last night she said i am who i am. it doesn't matter who up, it's all us to come together. it was at polar opposite with the convention. charles: hillary clinton is not a great ortore.
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-- o -- not a great orator.. she made it clear how she is going to run this general election and it will be brass knuckles. >> she presented a cohesive convention-based plan for america. her campaigning has been so full of policy. trump campaigning is very few facts that come out of his youth and cite civil of clinton. charles: van, hillary clinton did say in the first 100 days we'll have a jobs program, infrastructure kind of thing. that -- that was going for the t belt. she talked about spending a lot
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of money and college debt and college loans. if you like big government now, it will be big government on steroids. i don't think it's an economic policy. i think it's about finding mitches in the electorate and finding a way to appease them and get them on board. >> she is walking a tightrope if she moves too far to the left she loses independence. if she moves too much to the center she'll lose the left wing base she comes from. she is losing with independents, compound that with the trust issue. 8% of the people in a new poll don't trust her. her own campaign manager says it's going to be tough for her to free gain the trust the american people before the general election to find out next year how trustworthy she is. that reminds my of what nancy pelosi said about obamacare. you have to vote for it before
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you can find out what's in it. i don't think the american people will go for that again. >> as he's serving our nation abroad, i trust hi with our son's life. >> i trust hillary to lead this country. >> people who worked with her in every stage of her life, including leaders around the world who know her to be completely trustworthy. >> powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. bonds of trust and respect are fraying. charles: everyone understands, this is not something that's necessarily new with hillary clinton. she has had decades of questionable activities and she is the establishment. do you think they put a dent in it? >> the crowds they were speaking to were democratic delegates. with the exception of those who
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support bernie sanders. they don't think hillary clinton is untrustworthy. but when you look at the polls, we have seen upwards of 50% of americans saying they not on think hillary clinton is untrustworthy, they think she is deliberately dishonest. nobody really spo to during the course of the convention and the speech last night was an opportunity to speak to her trust issues. not to allow her husband and daughter and president and vice president to speak to them. the message hillary clinton delivered ways donald trump is bad and shouldn't be president. charles: what i'm understanding from a lot of people who are close to both camps in this election process. this is the first year where you can win by point together other
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person. it's not about voting for me. but what may motivate people pills voting against the other fern which is probably why hillary clinton went this route. >> they both have unfavorable numbers, we all know this. >> it's minus 24, favorable, unfavorables. >> i think what we need to watch for the next couple days to see what the bounce is like post convention. and to your point, the middle will matter more than probably many elections prior. charles: what do you think? >> it was a stark difference between the two conventions. the effort was to not repaint trump but uncover more about him. this is why he's so passionate and he speaks off the cuff. he's a get it done kinds of fixer guy. at the democratic national convention it's let's repaint
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hillary clinton and recast her. it may have played to the democratic base. i don't think it brings over new voters. i just want to shout out to the clinton global initiative. now they have a way to pay for all the free stuff they promised. >> i don't think any of you guys answered the question, which one was choicer to the reality. maybe more people feel this is a dark time. charles: clinton and trump hitting the road today, trying to rally voters in the swing states. four or five states will decide who the commander-in-chief is. stick around. ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress.
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charles: the battle is joined. earlier today hillary clinton kicked off her tour for the rust belt beginning in a state where they had the dnc. tomorrow is on to ohio. known while, donald trump is betting he can turn the purple state of colorado red. that's where he's spending his days today. we just had a rally that wrapped up a short while ago. >> remember i said it, just in case we don't make it because you people get lazy and don't vote. okay? charles: why? are they trying to turn independent voters their way? let's talk about it. ed, in a real clear politics
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poll, colorado, hillary clinton has an 8-point lead. why is donald trump spending so much time there? >> i think colorado is a key state. he will do very well there. but i think there are until the battle grounds * states other than colorado where he's clearly doing well. down in florida across north carolina, virginia, pennsylvania and ohio. he's going to spend time in every key state that's critical. colorado is a critical state. he's having great crowds in two events. he's not letting any grass grow under his feet. chles: at some point they start to whiting down a little bit. hillary, the rust belt. it feels like almost an impossible task with the coal miners and the idea that trump has this almost ironclad hold on
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the blue collar workers. is it enough to fight for him? >> it sure is. they have lost manufacturing jobs and coal mining jobs, and she has a message to them that they can be a part of new economy and new technologies to fuel our lives. her husband was very successful in those states many years ago. but trump has the lead in these rust belt areas. charlesareas.. charles: you spent a lot of time in pennsylvania, but specific philadelphia. >> union politics is my favorite thing to report on. the interesting thing i found this past week is how many union members, blue collar guys are switching over to support trump and talking to them about why they are doing it. they are not paying attention to their union president because
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they think trump will be the one to create jobs. in 2016, 128,000 people joined the republican party. charles: in pennsylvania? >> in pennsylvania. this is a state hillary clinton and bill clinton never lost before. >> there are 800,000 more registered democratic voters than republicans. one of clinton's biggest problems is getting people out to vote. charles: i would not be surprised if barack obama or michelle obama spent election day in philadelphia. i think that will decide that state. no matter what, it will be a nail biter, right? >> right now it's an historic situation. mr. trump got a 9-point bump out of the convention. he's neck-and-neck within the margin of error in all the key battle grounds states.
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we have a secret weapon in until with karen giorano. she is going for all counties. reagan democrats and reagan independents, they are all coming out, and they will be for mr. trump. charles: the dow was down this week, but the next rally could begin very soon. i'll explain when we come back. this is the summer.
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charles: the u.s.gdp was well below the 2.6% wall street was looking for. consumers are still spending. they are spending big time. businesses have gone the exact opposite way. personal spenting 4.2%. business is down 2.2%. structures, factories down 7.9%. equipment down 3.5%. more and more of these transactions are taking place on the cloud. amazon, microsoft, ibm, even
6:24 pm
google alphabet. in 2020 the cloud will be bigger than search. in the last three months exxon mobil spent 1.25 biless on capital projects. chevron spent almost a billion less than it did last year at this time. all the lost jobs. construction jobs, they pay a lot of money. big business in general, not going to make any investment to rules, regulations, fines. who would build a factory you had to pay fines for. but the consumer won't keep the economy in tipping up to a recession. people are punishing their house and one of the big winners is ethan allen.
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take a look at the cha. it recently broke out and it's going to continue to move much, much higher. meanwhile the rally in general, you have got some key support point. those parameters are on my website. w you don't want to miss fox business' brand-new show, "wall street week." let me give you a special peek. >> we have had a consumer-driven country. we think wealthy are getting wealthy that they spend money and spread the wealth. that hasn't worked the last decade because at the end of the day we are having struggling post recovery to get the real jobs. charles: when we come back, more on the economy dewing the gdp number.
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>> i'm also going to pay special attention to those parts of our country that have been left out and left behind. from indian country to coal country. from community ravaged by addiction, and places hollowed
6:30 pm
out by plant closures. charles: hillary clinton's economic vision for our country across many many people are not feeling president obama's economic recovery that she gave such. >> i praise to last night. thible american hasn't seen the breakout growth hillary has been talking about. the expectations were low to begin with. so does it work to donald trump's favor? danielle, let me start with you. we look at numbers and crunch numbers and we can see things that don't necessarily -- aren't always echoed on main street, and some people say aren't reflected on main street. what's the disconnect? >> it's interesting to watch the
6:31 pm
last two conventions. i think one of the main missinglings has been a true discussion about what debt levels are in this country and the devastating effect they have had on uncle sam's finances. if there is one observation i would make, i think hillary clinton might have been an economist in her last life. because she did a good job saying on one hand and on the other hand. there is no way over the last four quarters the economy has only grown at 1.2%. the last quarter it slowed to 1%. there is no way to say with a straight face the last 8 years have been good for this economy. charles: she is making a lot of promises to people. a stimulus package and free college proposed. what worries me, she keeps
6:32 pm
talking about corporate prove its. i believe progressives want to have the right to take profits off balance sheets. >> did she really say she wants to help coal country? this is a president who put tens of thousands of coal miners out of business. hillary tried to thread the needle. she said look at all the wonderful things we have done, but then we have huge problems. income inequality. and so on. i think most people look at that and say you guys have been in charge the last 8 years. why is it income inequality has gone up? they haven't increased for 15 years under bush or obama.
6:33 pm
that's a point trump made made very effectively. what was new in terms of her agenda. everything i heard from her is what i have seen implemented by barack obama already. >> the point you just made that is acknowledged, even the clinton camp acknowledged it, too, wage stagnation didn't just start in the last 8 years. this move to the left that is an olive branch to bernie sanders, what's resonating with people is maybe the notion of capitalism isn't working anymore. maybe that's going to be their plank, make big government bigger and even more generous. >> i just think we have capitalism in our dna. i respect the american voters. i don't think they want america to be like venezuela or france.
6:34 pm
charles: it feels like we have two economies. the consumer spending surge up 2% is huge. but businesses are not putting any money into this economy. is it they are not going to do it as long as barack obama is in office? >> there are a slot of great economists out there, i promise corporate america has a lot on their bank rolls. they can look at the dat, real disposable income adjusted, it's ratcheted downward for three straight quarters. you fill in the gap with debt and companies understand that it's not income that people are spending, it's borrowing they have. we have seen this before. the story did not end well, charles. >> in that same report, savings went from 6.1 to 5.5 per.
6:35 pm
so that money is coming from somewhere. the political ramifications. i know he's going to refine his plan. how does this work for him and what is he going to tell the elites with respect to his economic plan? >> with the economy growing at 1% the last nine months. it's difficult for hillary to sustain this message that we'll do for four years what we have don't last 8 years. she'll have to go to a plan b. or lose big time. i think the problem is the consumers have been the one endity that kept this economy above water. i think as i look at the business numbers. i look at business spend and corporate profits and business expectations. they are all down. i think we are in a mild business recession already. i don't know if you agree with that.
6:36 pm
but i think things are south for business. charles: they are sitting on two trillion. guys, you are two of the best. i'm glad you took the time out to be on the show. charles: both presidential candidates say they are the best choice to fighterror as the f.b.i. warns on isis losses in syria meaning more attacks on the west at home. we have all the details next.
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charles: if you were watching
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charles: it took a while for the democrats to bring up the battle against islamic terrorism. but hillary clinton did it. >> i laid out my strategy for defeating isis. we will strike their sanctuaries from the air and support local forces taking them out on the grounds. we'll surge our intelligence so we detect and prevent attacks before they happen. we'll disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. it won't be easy or quick. but make no mistake. we'll prevail. charles: donald trump had a swift reaction the the speech. donald trump says it's more proof as she pushes 550% increase in refugees, she is
6:41 pm
unfit to lead our country. so many people more and more are saying it will take some sort of american effort, you know, american boots on the ground in a significant number to make sure this is done right. >> one of the fundamental elements and strategy you learn on your first day at the army war college, you never tell the enemy what you are not going to do. this is a classic american political mistake that's done all the time. what's missing here is not just a series of what i'm going to do, but a recognition, number one, we are in an entire new epoch of national security and global threat. and defensive action isn't enough. the united states has to have a strategy to take the offense. there was none of that, not a hint of that from anyone in the
6:42 pm
democratic party who spoke about national defense the last couple days. charles: do you think general allen was strong on this? >> i have known john allen for a long time. i'm sad to say he simply was shouting into the microphone to gain high regard for the military which this for blue collar america. at the end of the day i'm not sure what john says. he's one of the smartest people i ever met. i think somebody must have written that speech for him. charles: kathy, you look these things online. she at least admitted if it did work it would take a very * long time. >> we don't have time. we have had 1,000 terror attacks around the world since november, since paris. if you take out syria and iraq
6:43 pm
and the traditional middle east turmoil. you still have 100 terror attacks in 9 months. this was for her more of the same without a clear plan. i agree you don't get details. but more than there wasn't a plan, there wasn't an acknowledgment this was an issue. this was a check the box trump talked about last week. it felt like anagement. charle general scales calling this radical islamic terrorism. i heard barack obama use jihadist. how important is that in winning this battle? >> i think it's very important. two things are missing. first of all i agree that time is important. and the great $800 pounds gorilla is not the episodic
6:44 pm
terrorist attack. it's the fear of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of isis. if the united states doesn't declare war against this global threat and call it for what it is. then isis has the high ground. they have the dominance of will. they are on the offensive, they control the initiative, and we are playing catchup and defense, and it's not the way you defeat a terrorist organization. charles: the democrats seemed to be filling a page out of the republican play book celebrating patriotism. ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis.
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charles: the f.b.i. is investigating a possible hack not only of the dnc and the democratic congressional campaign committee, but also the clinton campaign itself. the clinton campaign released statement moments ago that reads, an analytics data program maintained by the dnc and use bid our campaign and a number of other entities was accessed as part of a dnc hack. our system has been under review by outside cyber-security experts. they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised. mark, it never ends. >> hillary clinton certainly can't escape the email problems. while nobody would be gleeful at a hacking from russians or
6:49 pm
chinese or anyone else, it's clear there will be a lot more embarrassment on the part of the clinton campaign. donald trump worked the primaries states with a head yawrt quarters of 46 people. charles: we saw the wikileaks was 19,000 communiques. rob wheeler, this is something we all worry about when we say the large targets should have a certain degree of security more than we have. >> what surprises me about the information that just came out about the new hillary leaks into her servers. you would just simply think that she would have the topnotch security on her nor. they can't have that. obviously the dnc didn't have that. that's why some outside entity, that's why someone from the
6:50 pm
outside was able to access their data. but i'll tell you this. each and every day leading up to this next campaign or the election i can tell you there is going to be outside groups trying to access the dnc information and the republican and rnc information as well. charles: not a good look for hillary clinton. and donald trump and the big news for him this week was the comment about the russians. i would suspect if there is anything embarrassing that comes out, the main real media will try to deflect it. >> everyone should report on this if it come out first and foremost. what i do think is extremely disturbing is the amount of foreign interference in our election. this is classic putin. the fact that donald trump admires him and carries on a bromance with him, and hires
6:51 pm
manafort who works with the deposed deck day or of the ukraine. charles: the content of those emails were extraordinarily embarrassing. it belied a lot of thing the democrats say they and for and believe. maybe kudos to them for being able to deflect the main story to something else. i don't think we should overlook the fact that what was in those emails are pretty daning. >> this is not a issue. it's just not. the democrats have been caught with their pants down. but it raises an important issue that julie touched on. terror comes in many forms. this is a computer hacking. we have to be vigilant and democrats have not across manied or done about the times of
6:52 pm
attacks that can come on our country, particularly during a presidential campaign season. it raises a lot of flags about the inner circles and dnc that we know were quite inappropriate, but also around the state our country and the protection of information. it continues that unfortunate narrative. >> there is a golden rule in public relations. don't write anything down that you don't want on the front panel of the "post." the clinton campaign didn't learn that rule. the display patriotism put on last night. a lot of people don't think it was real. i know what i can expect from usaa because i have my checking with them, my savings with them, my credit card with them. and then i learned i have this usaa car buying service. the usaa car buying app was really helpful.
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: donald trump on
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campaign trail, a day after slamming democrats for not having any american flags on the convention stage. general john allen served to rebuke notion that the democrats are not patriotic. >> i tell you, without hesitation or reservation, that hillary clinton will be exactly the kind of commander in chief america needs, i know this because i served with her. charles: question is, chants of usa, the flags, police officers. did they convince you, did democrats steal any thunder from the republicans. my panel back with me. rod to you, we had only latina
6:57 pm
police commander in country, she asked for a moment of silent, there were a few voices in the audience, during that moment, yelling black lives matter. many people saying it was very disrespectful on that night. >> it was very disrespectful. i would take it further, say it was reprehensible that audience there, no one attempted to drown these individuals out as they hollered black lives matter. i wonder what would have happened if last week at republic national convention, if -- if someone hollered out black lives matter then, would they have been thrown out or what. you only had that trouble at democratic national convention, i will say, i do believe they showed us a display of how they feel, i give them the benefit of the doubt on that. >> interesting how police officers ended up on stage.
6:58 pm
democratic national convention had not invited them, there were an imbalances, they were going to invite mothers of slain black men but not police, the union police was upset about it, the problem is not their patriotism but policy solution. a party with a far left skewing toward far left, trying to put centrist brands on that. that is. charles: mark. if you are not a political tied. you just check in see katy perry singing and say, wow these flags and police officers, then there was father of a muslim -- slain muslim soldier with a strong performance, you might think that the democrats were traditionally patriotic party. >> right, because the
6:59 pm
democrats have a scriptive drama versus donald trump with a reality show in terms of campaigning, here is what is dangerous about this. the democrats have become a far left party now, they are no longer centered to left. but the establishment, in this campaign, they are the establishment wing. the establishment wing with run by neocons, they are inclined to go to war in syria. on that stage we see an effort to make donald trump appear dangerous, yet at the same time, they want to out blank donald trump as comes to foreign policy and terrorism that is what we saw. that is why the flags, the general, and the -- charles: let me ask you. is it a bad deal to wrapping youyourself in old glory. >> better late than never. i will never question america's patriot implement
7:00 pm
but there is a real risk in democratic party about whose life really matter, obama has failed to make it clear it is all lives, hillary clinton has not done much either.s: it wouln better to see it monday. thank you for watching, here is lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs. the conventions, they are over. and the general election campaign officially underway. donald trump and hillary clinton now have 101 days to make their case to the american voters, their schedules are as you might expect packed. trump heading west to colorado for a town hall meeting in colorado springs, a rally in denver later tonight, colorado sprints even classic trump, taking shots at clinton a dnc speech. >> i watched her last night


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