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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  July 31, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> that's it for "forbes on fox." have a great weekend. thanks for watching. keep it right here. the mum ber one business block continues with eric bowling and "cashin' in." so many times noncollege education, educated white males have voted republican, they voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of god. the three gs. god being woman's right to choose. >> how minority leader nancy pelosi saying that clinton struggles with white males without a college degree because of three gs, god, guns and gays but critics say try these three reason, jobs, terror, and i immigration. eric bolling, welcome. rick, start with you. why is hillary having a hard
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time with god, guns and gays? >> well, look, i think it's because of comments like nancy pelosi. she is the representative from san francisco. the place originally where diversity and tolerance was born. it's so sad how far we've fallen. yesterday's champions of diversity have become today's intolerance. they look at just race and gender and they don't think about ideological differences. i got one thing to say to nancy pelosi, i'm harvard educated, i'm a christian, i'm gay, i'm pro-gun, and aim con zi'm a con. >> mercedes, what about jobs? what about isis? what about immigration? those are the three things that people have pushed back on on democrats and specifically hillary clinton because of, right? >> well, that's correct. and i think it shows that nancy pelosi as many of the democrats, they've been so focused this whole week about pushing for this identity politics. they kind of forgot about the white guy in the room.
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so it's interesting that they have talked about jobs but, guess what, eric, it's all about the same old bag of tricks that we have seen pushing forward, a tax plan that would basically reduce our jobs, reduce our wages, slow down our gdp. it's the same old bag of tricks that has not worked under an obama economy and we're thinking that we're going to go ahead and keep push forward the same agenda after she just embraced democratic socialism in her speech? >> all right. david, nancy pelosi says white, noncollege educated white males voted against her own economic self interests. meanwhile, democrats, let's talk about the african-american community for a second. blacks under president obama haven't nearly done as well as whites under president obama. the income gap has widened under president obama and unemployment -- african-americans have lagged whites in unemployment over the course of barack obama's term.
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so we talk about people voting against their own economic interests. i think it's black men and women, not white noncollegeeduc. >> i appreciate flipping that script but i'll say that with -- >> david, i didn't flip any script. i just used her words and said you want to talk about hypocrisy here. the group that's been hit hardest unden an african-american president are african-americans. >> i didn't see much at the republican convention where they addressed that very concern that you're raising. and i will say this. as an african-american male, i think i would be in more trouble at times had we more of the bush policies that we saw over his eight years than we do and the recovery of the economy under obama. but if i might give some historic context to the overall question. and this is really the cultural wars overshadows the economic interests. thomas franks wrote a book in
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2004 th 2004 spoke to -- entitled "what's the matter with kansas and why are so many voters voting the cultural issues at their own economic insecurity and not voting for their economic interests and i think that's what nancy pelosi was speaking to. and awakening people to the fact that they need to think about their economic interests and that's what the democratic party is speaking to and spoke to through the last four days. >> so i want to take it to lisa. i'm trying to figure out, why would voting for donald trump be any worse than vote for hillary clinton if you're gay or pro-god or pro-second amendment? >> well, and republicans did address the concerns of african-american voters of hispanic voters because what donald trump talked about was jobs and creating a better economy for all. and all inclusive economy that's going to help every american get back to work. the only group of voters that has benefited under president obama is the rich. you look at the middle class, they've been decimated under president obama's failed
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economic policies. minority unemployment has increased, poverty has increased. all of these groups of voters have been hurting because of failed economic policies of president obama. and the painful thing for those ro voters and all voters is the fact that hillary clinton wants to continue those failed economic policies. people aren't buying what she's selling because it's inauthentic. this is a woman that will embrace any policy that is politically expedient for her at the time. she talks about cold voters on thursday night. those are the same voters she said she wants to put out of work. 14th talked object african-american voters. guess what, they're hurting even more under hillary clinton's policies. she talks about taking the fight to wall street, no problem taking their money. >> footnote here? look, i'm not sure what she's missing it but 17 million jobs created over the last 7 years. >> how many jobs have -- economic growth has been incredibly slow. he's on the bottom of president -- >> economic force has been enough for corporations to hire
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17 million people. private sector jobs, i might add, that's not -- >> guy, guys, i don't want to -- let's not filibuster this. david, household incomes are down under president obama, 7 1/2 years, almost 8 years now. wages are stagnant under president obama. as we pointed out, african-americans have suffered the most under president obama. let's bring it to the top. rick, i want to go to rick quickly. >> sure. >> recent poll. we'll put the poll up. hillary clinton honest and trustworthiness, cnn put this poll. cnn orc, no, 68% say no. only 30% say yes. >> this is exactly the reason why what you just shared, eric, exactly the reason why after spending tens of million of dollars in advertising hillary clinton is still not beating donald trump decisively. that he's right there. in some polls he's ahead. the fact is, is that union workers, average americans are
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flocking to donald trump because over the last eight years people like david and his party are literally trying to make the case that things are good, that they're better off than they were eight years ago. people do not feel that. they look at their pocket book. they look at what they owe. they look at their credit card bills. and they say these policies are not working, so they're willing to crossover identify politics, ignore nancy pelosi's urging and vote for a republican for the first time. >> you know what, mercedes, i'm going to sign on to what rick just said. we spend a lot of time over the last couple of weeks traveling through pennsylvania, ohio. two battleground states. two amazingly important states. i will tell you in the back row, outside of pittsburgh, the car will say between pittsburgh and philadelphia everything else in pennsylvania is alabama. they like donald trump. they like conservativism. >> i was talking to an uber driver who basically said, no, trump should win pennsylvania. if you look during the primary,
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he did very well obviously in pennsylvania. you saw democrats crossover in supporting trump. i think trump really has this appeal because he's been able to really reach the heart of the american worker. when you're talking that about a quarter of white working men are unemployed, when you're looking at the fact that they're feeling that they have totally been left behind, trump is speaking to those groups of individuals. and even for african-americans, you're talking that there are more african-american men who are in jail than going to college. poverty rates are up. you look at this -- i know that it's a doom and gloom that the democrats are saying, oh, my gosh, let's not look at it. paint the rosy picture. i got to tell you, it's the areality that we're living in right now and cannot continue about the same economic policy. it hasn't worked in the past eight years. it needs to be some sort of change and that's why you're seeing the pent up frustration by so many. >> i was going to say, look, you got moody's analytics that just did a study of trump's economic
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plan. i'm not sure if mercedes saw that yet. >> they'd haven't done one on hillary yet though. >> we have seen her plan. >> they did not analyze it. >> under trump's plan you would lose 3.5 million jobs. what economic policy mers cease or any of you are talking about that trump has -- >> not listening to wall street anymore. we're not listening to wall street anymore. >> guys, guys. >> i don't know where that is. >> final thought, david. that's it. moody's? hang the presidency on moody's one -- >> when the bernie voters told us that, wall street is not mainstream. >> we've got to go. coming up, want to put isis down? donald trump says we should partner up with putin. is he right or wrong? >> wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia in i'm all
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there's nothing i can think of that i'd rather dothan have russia friendly as opposed to
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the way they are rights now so that we can go and knock out isis together with other people and with other countries. >> donald trump taking some heat as he turns his focus to the re-election. the general election, i should say, for saying we should team up with russia to defeat isis. this is around the world is intensifying. with just witnessed the brutal beheading of a priest in france this week and the group isis is calling for more bloodshed. lisa, should we partner up with putin to bring down isis? >> we do need a stronger coalition because that's lacking. i'm not sure what the resolve of russia is in defeating isis considering the fact they have attacked u.s. forces in syria. that's a concern there. but the problem is we have a president that has shown no resolve in fighting isis. he himself says he has no plan to defeat isis. we have secretary of state who thinks refrigerators are a bigger threat to the country than isis and terrorism. so i think that is a big problem here is that we have no resolve from this president, from this
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administration, and defeating isis isn't taking the fight to them. >> rick, is it smart -- i don't think it's a terrible idea. we have two super powers. if we get together we put isis down together, right? >> look, it's really going to take a great negotiator and u.s. leadership, which we don't have right now. let me try to be very blunt about this. the u.s. has two equal goals, to get rid of assad and to crush isis. we've been very clear assad should go. we haven't backed off that policy. we haven't done much there. we haven't done much in five years of bombing with 63 coalition members to defeat isis. our nato member turkey, their top priority is to get rid of assad. they'd like to get rid of isis, too, but top priority is to get rid of assad. russia, on the other hand, literally has one thing, they'd like to crush isis but they want to keep assad. there is a way here with u.s. leadership to bring our nato ally turkey and other nato
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members in to say to russia, we have to get rid of isis. >> right, right. that's the common denominator, though. because the common denominator is defeating isis. we can hash out what we do with assad later depending on where your allies are. and who your customers are. >> it will be dicey. it won't be that clear. but, yes, there's a chance with, u.s. leadership, to try to make it happen. >> what do you see, mers sdmees. >> keep your friends lowe's and enemies closer. when you think about russia, it -- it's a tricky proposition, right, because the russians do want to have closer cooperation with the u.s. in defeating isis. the u.s. has to be smart in being hesitant in how they move forward with russian relations because you can't trust the russians full force here. however, i do believe that putin does respect strength in a leader. i think that it is -- that ability of donald trump to say here's the deal. if we're going to work forward to defeat isis it's going to have to be a bit more on the american terms than the russian terms because, as rick mentioned, for russia, their
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priority is to assure that the assad regime resns during this time. >> i worry about american interests. i'm not as concerned about middle eastern interests. for our interests when we have people blowing people up here and shooting people up here, you know, saying that they are aligned with isis i want isis down. so i think it's a decent idea. partner with russia, bring isis down, we'll deal with syria later. >> that might work if russia had the same goals in mind that we do. and i might full disclosure, i've worked with turkey for ten years. i can tell you that as was stated before, turkey's main interest is to get rid of assad. russia's main interest is to keep assad. so we're in the middle of that. our main focus having retaken fallujah, having removed 150 leaders off the battlefield on isis. we are working with the kurds who are actually the spear of the whole attack on the isis
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factions is to go after isis. so i think we need to stick with our allies before we start venturing into russian territory. >> stick with our allies? but what about isis? we know who our enemies are. >> the obama administration's main focus is isis. >> get rid of isis because it doesn't matter if you get rid of assad and you still have isis. one of the major -- >> sorry, rick. one crucial point missing here. five years ago when president obama said that assad should go, maybe even six years ago now, the russians did not have military hardware inside syria. >> that was five years ago. >> we did not act. we did not try to implement u.s. policy. when we said assad should go we should have formed our coalition before the russians stood up to us, before they went on the offense and moved hardware into syria. >> we have a cancer in isis we need to treat the cancer before
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we start worrying about the broken finger with assad. that clearly is my opinion -- >> let's do that with oural lisz and not russia. coming up, how much does a global warming summit cost? a price tag that should have taxpayers very hot under the collar. coming up.
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♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. talk about an expensive excursion. judicial watch reporting the president's recent trip to the paris climate conference cost taxpayers nearly $4.2 million. mercedes, what's up? >> let's get this right. for americans, the climate change topic is in thelo low prrity onom natnal suritanks as thedent on his junket where the travel to conference alone burned 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide. yet they are going forward making this case of let's push forward this paris climate agreement which climate activists themselves said is this a false hope that does
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nothing to help improve the climate? >> what do you say? you must be in favor of clean air, right? >> this is so silly. mercedes is right. this is how woefully out of touch the administration is with the american people, how misplaced their priorities are. this administration has more concern about refrigerators tha declining middle class or we are facing a $19 trillion debt and growing. >> i conservatives hate clean air and water. we need more of these climate summits. what do they accomplish? >> what i might say with regard to lisa's comment about this administration being out of touch, this administration was elected twice to serve the people. moving to the heart of the topic, i believe it's a seat at the table. if we're not at the conference or not engaged in these forums, we may pay a higher price later
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in not being present to serve our interests, to make sure we protect our competitive advantages. i think it's money well spent making sure as part of global membership there are costs, but benefits. >> he's seen them from the sidelines. >> i have been involved in many of these. let me tell you, they are suggestions. they are self-reporting, countries self-report and self-police. the day after this agreement came into place, india said we have no interest in implementing these carbon rules. so this is not a mandate. it's all suggestions. we could have accomplished more by having the president give a speech and talk about what should be done, present goals. flying over there is a waste of
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thanks to our cashin crew. you're great this week. now it's time to wake up, america. over the past two weeks we've
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seen two contrasts to america's future. in my "new york times" best-selling book "wake up america" the republicans provided a healthy dose of capitalism. democrats wanted to paint a rosie picture despite the economic woes in this country. and the endless terror attacks, including this priest being beheaded by muslim. in my book, the first chapter focuses what hillary might do to redistribute wealth and who knows what she'll have bill clinton do in her white house. the rest of the chapters or an online outline how to wake up america and make sure her vision never becomes reality. the contrast between the two conventions is real. do we want jobs, security and self-determination or want to continue obama's failed policies but with a strong dose of hillary clinton's progressive medicine? if "the new york times" is any indicator, my book has been four
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weeks in a row on the best-seller list. let's hope democrats that read "the new york times" are ready to "wake up america" this november. get your own signed copy at s: n better to see it monday. thank you for watching, here is lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs. the conventions, they are over. and the general election campaign officially underway. donald trump and hillary clinton now have 101 days to make their case to the american voters, their schedules are as you might expect packed. trump heading west to colorado for a town hall meeting in colorado springs, a rally in denver later tonight, colorado sprints even classic trump, taking shots at clinton a dnc speech. >> i watched her last night


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