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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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studio. my final thought is it is about the economy. donald trump needs to focus on an economy that is grown at the slowest pace for any recovery since 1949. what are you going to do about it? take them back to harlan and kevin and cheryl. right now is mr. ashley webster. >> thank you. everybody watch out for dagen nonmotorized cooler. thank you, guys. happy monday morning. i'm ashley webster. stuart will be back tomorrow promise. donald trump campaigns into big battleground states. but the talk is about his m spot with mr. khan. the father of fallen soldier who criticize trumpet the dnc. trump's response creating a firestorm. kahn continues to fire back at another distraction for the campaign. trump taking on the debate commission on the nfl saying
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that the two of those have scheduled two presidential and they should be moved. they're up against primetime nfl games including the giants in the panthers in october. we will get into that. hillary clinton tells chris wallace who she heard the fbi director say her statements about your e-mails were truthful. she got for pinocchio's without one. judge napolitano is back in to weigh in on that issue. as for your money, check this out. goldman sachs state get out of stocks. so everything. you seem to be going up at the market opens. big day for politics. "varney & company" starts right now. ashley: would begin with dramatic video.
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creating a human chain as you can see. a disabled woman trapped in a car that was being swept away by those raging floodwaters. once let that you are gone. more on this historic and deadly flooding coming up remarkable. the first real money. looking like a slightly higher open for some stocks. they are putting too much faith in the recent run-up. more about when the market opens in 20 minutes. don't forget about oil still sitting right around 41.close to territory oil. we will keep an eye on that. and of course the ratio in effect. gas stove going down now $2.13. that is the national average. we will keep a close eye on big american tech as well. amazon not too far from its all-time high. same story with facebook who had blowout earnings.
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there she is right now. looks like they're also about flat. we will keep an eye on big type. now to politics. donald trump verified his remarks about the family. the statement came after a broadcast in which trumpet. to criticize the late captain father codenamed cap didn't come as a hero to our country we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. well i feel deeply for the loss of his son, mr. kahn who has never met me has no right to sit in front of millions of people and claim i've never read the constitution, which is false and save many other inaccurate readings. tammy bruce is here to weigh in. my first reaction is what the heck is wading into this? almost like they put the bait out there and he took it hook, line and sinker. >> been a mistake he made is given an interview to george stephanopoulos who is a staff
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person at kittens at the white house and the clinton foundation owner. no matter who the nominee, this would have been. he was asked about that. he wasn't speaking to mr. khan. he was speaking to george stephanopoulos. it was not an attack on that van. technically we all agree that everyone who has died is a hero, but there's an expectation mr. trump has to demonstrate that to some kind of gigantic way, but also when you are the king of rhetoric in a statement of politics. mr. khan, his son died, but a number of years ago he was at the convention speaking about politics. he politics. he and his wife entered the arena. many gold star parents do that and that is that their is that the children of software, for us to have conversations. at the same time pat smith speaking at the republican convention about her son in hillary clinton's responsibility. in this case it was about an
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issue separate from the nature of the war. a political issue about immigration and secondarily the other irony, which many of us have touched on. hillary clinton arguing for that war makes her actually personally partly responsible. yet the media when you say there's a buyers are, if there's a firestorm in the media, not amongst the american people, that this is the.use dynamic mr. trump is to step up and he has been to push back. blessings to everyone in the arena. he deserves to stand up for himself. ashley: we will talk more about this issue. stay there. to have minds. goldman sachs has headed away from stocks. billionaire fund manager says so everything. comment art laffer, reagan economist in beautiful nashville. good morning to you.
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ashley: that sounds a bit scary. high-level people saying get out of the market. the stocks are too expensive and they are due for a fall. >> i don't think they have any evidence to suggest they are right. they are talking to get attention. it's a political year. if trump wins the election, you will see them rise dramatically. i'm quite optimistic about the market. ashley: you still believe trump will win big test of the economy? >> james carville's great phrase the economy. a horrible report and then they were advised on the quarter flashier. how much worse can it get. there it is. right in front of us. >> hillary clinton's stapling myself that appears how can she
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defend the economy. >> she can't. i hope donald trump makes it clear he has a maximum 25% tax and i hope this is the best form of welfare is a high-paying job and it has nothing to do with your race, gender, preference, age, height, weight. but it has to do with a jobs and growth and that's it. it can be a democrat who delivers or republican in this case to trump delivers it in usc a great market following its election. ashley: thank you very much. we have some news on uber, the right hand at selling its business. liz: was losing billions in china. we don't know the actual details
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of the deal or the purchase price. huber is getting a billion dollars out of 17, in that company. also investing as well. 2% so they get some intelligence on chinese driving habits, not being capabilities. wall street is reacting positively to them appear. ashley: very good. we're also following a developing story. five people killed after russian helicopters shot down. the helicopter was brought down after make a delivery to a lifeboat. liz: this is in the elite province of aleppo. 300,000 people up to 300 k. remained trapped to russia and syria trying to provide safe corridors. the helicopter delivering humanitarian aid, food and medical supplies. five dead now. they were shot dead in basically
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this is the third helicopter. the third one shot down in the last month. ashley: thank you. did you see this over the weekend? amazing video. american skydiver plummeting. didn't have a parachute. this is a bird the desert in simi valley. he landed in a giant matt. he came in at 120 miles per hour. that's a bit nuts. liz: and is walking away. hillary clinton telling fox news chris wallace said the fbi director say her statements about the e-mails were truthful. judge andrew napolitano will be back and he is next. >> secretary clinton said there is nothing classified under immense either sent or received. is that true?
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>> that's not true. work related e-mails were returned to the state department. was that true? >> now, we found thousands that were not returned.
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>> you will be getting in fact the entire world will be getting all of my e-mails. >> we found thousands of work related e-mails not returned. >> i provided the department which has been providing you with all of my work related e-mails, all that i have approximately 55,000 pages. they are being publicly released. >> there is no doubt the work related e-mails that were in the electronically from the e-mail system. >> the fbi has the server used during the tenure of my state department arabist is the next use multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> there is nothing marked classified on my e-mails either sent or received.
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>> there is classified e-mail material. ashley: don't you just love that for hillary clinton says one thing and the fbi director immediately refuted. that was fbi director james called me under oath, refusing each of hillary clinton's statements on her e-mail. she was also under oath by the way. yours allegedly told chris wallace on fox news sunday. roll that tape. >> my answers were truthful and when i say this can establish what i've told the american people, that there were decisions discussed the made to classify retroactively certain e-mails. in retrospect, different agencies come in, but that's not what is happening in real time. ashley: all rights, judge andrew napolitano is here. good morning to you. you were laughing a little bit during the soundbite because it
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shows the stupidity of it all. >> the difference between what she said she didn't let the fbi found she did could not them or start. let's start with the lowest level. director comey said i told the truth. there is no evidence that she lied to the fbi and in the three-hour unrecorded secret interview in early july. but it is obvious she did not tell the truth to the benghazi committee. the left side of the screen when mrs. clinton was testifying, she was under oath. so she committed perjury care. she also committed the crime of misleading congress, assuming director comey is correct. she also destroyed evidence, which is obstructing justice said she destroyed many e-mails by wiping the server claim.
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who probably has them at the nsa. they joke about the nsa having everything. over the weekend, a former high rate in official says it is clear that the nsa has all of mrs. clinton's e-mails and the fbi never came calling. >> the interview with chris wallace is hillary clinton essentially blamed everyone else on the e-mail chain. she said i truly believe that if this was classified, of this 300 come at least some of those that realize it's not appropriate. the fact is that they've made her believe. ashley: >> there's two answers to that. she received it to our fbi tutorial at the end of what she signed an oath. in the oath she promised she understood her obligation to recognize secret in top-secret materials whether marked secret or top secret or not. trade to clearly she could do that.
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>> correct. gets into the weeds of the 25 top secrets, five crore mark sap, select access or pledge, in order to send, receive our opening, one must let a special code which is good tenuously changing ever two or three minutes. it is impossible to send, receive our access some thing without doing so knowingly or intentionally. of course she knew. when she opened up some paint on her mobile device, connect to the server, she committed espionage by failing to keep secure the nation's secrets. ashley: so call me in diets. in diets are you the public opinion. but chooses not to present evidence to a grand jury. why does he get to make the final decision? because of the stabbed by bill clinton, which is the political appointees in the justice department out of the picture.
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ashley: you'll be back later on in the show. >> i think so. the story will have legs right up to election day. ashley: tesla agreed to a $2.6 deal. here are the shares at tesla kind of flat, up a little bit. here are the shares of solar city just down of the debate. this is premarket trading. there have been some criticism of the deal. liz: is a really great deal of ours is on mask tossing a lifeline because he owns more than a fifth of solar city, more than a quarter of tesla. they lost two thirds of the market value in two years time. looking into the second half trending down, they last more than a billion dollars over the last two years. basically the deal strike rate there come a 2.000000 as its
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market value. buy enough for what the market is saying it is worth to the conflict to deal because elon musk rose solar city. ashley: we will keep an eye on the stocks they had let's move on. now this. jimmy walker wins the pga championship down to two people at walker versus defending champ jason bay. he had to make a five on the 18th hole. he did it. he went first major. back now to historic leading in maryland that has left two people dead. more of a dramatic video for you coming up next. and mark cuban endorsing hillary clinton for president. we will deal with next. ♪
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and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ashley: in areas that the maryland were historic flooding last night you can see the raging waters left two people dead. dramatic video. tranter really ferocious flooding of violent that have been suddenly leaving two people dead, 100 rescued. numerous properties damaged. we showed earlier the dramatic footage of the one man who was rescued out of her car in a flash flood a human chain of four people.
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look at that. ashley: once but then you are gone. >> look at the power of the flooding happening. historic maryland flooding the worst i've seen in decades. ashley: six inches of rain in two hours. two billionaires supporting hillary clinton. first warren buffett will introduce her in omaha today. over the weekend, marsh gibbon says he would do hillary clinton for president. this is what he had to say when he appeared on this program in june. who wins this thing? a fascinating process. >> right now with the way things are, it's a landslide for hillary. no question about it here because bernie sanders supporters will come on. they are not going to vote for donald trump. ashley: tammy bruce, as does this help hillary clinton?
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>> i was there when he decided. that's when i knew he and already decided. he is wrong then. his rationale for the endorsement. you're looking at two powerful personalities of mr. cuban and mr. trump and mr. cuban is genuine. you will see that competition we've seen for a very long time. mr. trump is on the top of the mountain. mr. cuban will be proven incorrect. he's also making interesting statements on this something you can't play on television. i don't think that's necessarily hope over her at all. ashley: tammy, thank you at moments away from the opening bell. stocks opened slightly higher with negative headlines. oil nearing bear territory close to dropping below 41 bucks a barrel. we will be back after this.
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>> we are just amendments-- moments away from the opening bell. joining us, liz macdonald. keith fitz-gerald and art laffer and tammy bruce is here still hanging. there she is. in about 20 seconds, keeping an
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eye on oil. a sense that opec is picking up production especially out of nigeria and iraq, by the way, so the problem is oversupply. it's been a problem for a long time and that's pushing oil down and it could kick it and bring the market down with it. we're clapping our hands and underway a new month, a new week, and off we go. and we're up a whopping 5 points with the dow at 18,437. you know what? we thought we'd be up earlier and the future showing perhaps 60 points, but we've lost some steam. we're essentially flat as investors couldn't get over the fact that it's monday morning. >> that's right. ashley: take a look at the s&p 500 for you and also just marginally moving lower. take a look at the nasdaq as well. the nasdaq is just turning, it's up five points and essentially flat. a long way to goet. take a look at gold. one firm saying that a donald trump presidency could send
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gold much higher. not this morning though, but they say if he's in the white house, gold could go up and that's moving lower, down 1/4 of a percent this morning. i talked about oil, there's the pressure on oil, $40.81. will it break $40 and get down into the 30's? we're following it carefully. take a look at the 10-year treasury yield and hanging in there right at 1 1/2%. i want to go around the block. where do we go next? goldman sachs putting out a note get out of equities, the next three months, the market is way too high, it's extended the earnings are poor. let me begin with keith in seattle, if i can. what do you say to that, keith? >> well, you've got to remember who is talking here? they have a long history of saying one thing and trading against their clients or against information they've issued publicly, so, they've been making this argument for several years and every time they've been wrong, they eventually come back to the
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table and not saying they're wrong this time, but you've got to take that with a grain of salt, all are in or all are out. >> scott, these stocks are flat and fat and can't go any further. what do you say? >> well, i think that if you could get in to see those numbers that we've got there on friday, 1.2 gdp, that's not good and i think that, the investors are going to continue to buy stocks for all the wrong reasons, but as an old trader once told me, you want to make money or want to be right? >> bingo, i want to be, i might agree they've been overinflated, but it's going to continue this way as long as the u.s. economy and the numbers that we get disappoint. >> let me bring in art laffer, it's good to have him here for this segment. why are we so high, the economy in this market, if the economy is so weak? >> because the stock market is not telling you what the economy is doing. it's telling you what the economy is going to do. stocks are forward looking, not current looking for backward
9:33 am
looking, so what you want to really look at, what do you believe will happen in the u.s. economy? it's very political dependent. to be honest with you, keith is right. you've got to distrust all of these people saying it's way up, way down and what's going on. just look at what's going to happen and whether you want to be in that market and play the game of politics. >> good point. the central tankers have been the first responders since 2009. it's a spooky warning, and over 100 billion in assets, he's saying sell everything. he was right on china, right on oil, right on interest rates. he's the guy to listen to. >> sell and sit on cash under the mattress? >> you cherry pick out of your portfolio the stinkers. >> there he is. >> he's saying sell everything, that's a different kind of call. >> all right. and let's check tech. we do this every day. amazon, facebook, apple, google, there they are, a bit of a mixed picture as we have a
9:34 am
pit of a flat opening and big gains this week, keith, are they the only game in town. the earnings were great and are they the only game in town? >> you know, i don't think they're the only game, but they're certainly the big game. here is why, tech went from being a byproduct to a got-to-have. and courtesy of 40 or 50 years of bad fiscal decision making got left in the dust and technology is the enabler and you've got to own it as an investor liz: keith is right. look at mixed action in amazon, facebook and google, alphabet. apple is up 14 bucks since 1990-- threshold the past couple of months, is the market now saying that's value? apple was the cheapest in years on a book value basis. >> scott, do you still like the big tech names? >> to keith's point, that's a
9:35 am
geometric line. and this technology, we're going to be doing more and more quicker and quicker and that's something you're starting to see happen. you've got to get on board that because that's where we're going to create the wealth and innovation and that's going to help us out. unfortunately, like i've said before, it's not going to ep had the middle class. ashley: let's look at gold. one person said that a donald trump presidency could send gold much higher. scott, back to you, you're a commodities guy, what do you say to that? >> and i happen to ind coo of like gold, maybe donald helps it a little. the only two reasons you want to own gold, armageddon and i don't think that donald will lead to armageddon and inflation. and we try to buy inflation and we can't get any. i think that the world will be nervous enough that's going to continue to be a good place to put your money and ultimately, nervous with him in the beginning like brexit for britain, but end of the day
9:36 am
slowly marches higher, there's not a lot of other places to put your money. ashley: we know how brexit turned out, like y2k. ashley: and for spinal muscular dystrophy, and atrophy, i should say, and biogen is up 4%. and look at iomus. my eyes are straining and i need glasses, up 22% and i didn't believe my eyes. and a big tech is bought by a big tech you do, and fleetmattics. nicole: this is familiar to us, it's a 2.4 billion dollar cash deal. and fleetmattics is up, a 40% premium. why does verizon want to do this? they just completed another acquisition. well, this one, they want to go
9:37 am
into digital media, verizon, and they want to connect objects by the internet. they want to know where their workers are in relation to their trucfleetmattics, they have software that shows where the fleet operators are, the vehicle is, gps tragging, fuel usage, and speed and mileage, the type of things for the mobile work force, that's good for verizon and that's why they're saying it's a good deal. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. let's check the home builders, home ownership hitting a 51-year lowment art laffer, going to go with you on that. that doesn't bode well, does it? >> no, it doesn't. it's been terrible for a long time. if you look at the last eight, nine years, home purchases per thousand adults is way, way below, it's a long-term average and each and every year the lowest of the last 60 years if you looked at it. so you can't have a recovery, ashley, without a housing boom
9:38 am
and that's not in the offing as of today. ashley: go ahead, scott. >> you know, friday's unanswerable question how to go from 10% unemployment to 4.9% unemployment, all the while the economy is shrinking. today's unanswerable question, how do we go 51 year low home ownership with 7 1/2 of 0% interest rate liz: liz: and rolling the dice on fannie mae and freddie mac, those are two gigantic hedge funds. i don't know if art laffer saw this, ballparking, what the u.s. economy should have added, 2 to 3 trillion since 2009, and that means 17,000 to every u.s. household. that's d.c. the crisis is now we govern ourselves. ashley: let me bring in keith quickly. is it the bank's fault? are they not lending money? or first-time home buyers not able to afford the down payment?
9:39 am
>> i think it's a combination of both. either way it speaks to a stinky economy and terrible fiscal policy. there's a flip side. home ownership has become very, very expensive. so, i would take issue with the fact that this is the american dream anymore. frankly, i think there are a lot of people who don't own homes right now and the problem is, they can't complain about the rents when they go up. ashley: e-mack, is home ownership the american dream? is that what you think of. >> it was an american dream, but a mistake for d.c. to turn it into a solution for income inequality. that's the mistake, fixing income inequality with housing? what a blunder. ashley: and scott, keith, art laffer sticking around. we appreciate it. let's check the big board for you. we turn negative and we're up ever so slightly. now down 29, 30 points, 18,402. take a look at this. thousands of protesters in
9:40 am
germany after ang la merkel saying she's keeping her migrant policy in place. most folks not happy. one winning powerball ticket sold in new hampshire, saturday night's drawing worth $487 million. it was the nation's eighth largest lottery jackpot. where is stu, by the way? liz: where did he go? >> ♪ keep on knocking, but you can't come in ♪
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>> all right. let's take a look at the big board for you. as we told you before the break, the dow now turning slightly negative. down 28 points early on on this monday morning.
9:44 am
as we're saying, the first day of august, first trading day of the week. taking a look at oil. this is continuing to be a story at 40.84. down nearly 1, nearly 2%. you know, does it drop below that point? there are certainly support measures for oil. but as i said before, increased production in nigeria and iraq and a report that there are more oil rigs coming on-line and what that means is that more oil is produced at a time when we still have a massive supply. so, news of that just continues to put downward pressure on oil. could it drop into the 30's? we shall see and we're keeping an eye on it. meantime, turmoil in germany. angela merkel stands by her open-door policy and that resulted in thousands of protesters in the streets, yelling she must go. sebasti sebastian, author of is joining
9:45 am
us now. and she comes under more and more pressure and criticism and yet, she's not backing down. is this political suicide for her? >> i really think it is, ashleyment -- ashley. just look at the fact that her coalition partner in the personage of the president of bavaria where the attacks occurred says he's not going to support this general more. germany was suffering a jihadi attack every 72 hours and for her to come back and say, everything is fine, keep the refugees on coming shows the kind of disconnection from reality and what the average german wants to see happen, i think her coalition is dead, ashley. ashley: and that's my next question, where does it go from here? you know, will she back down, i guess is my next question to you? >> i think that's up to the people of germany. i think this demonstration at 3:00 in the afternoon local
9:46 am
time so we'll see what the ramifications, how big this protest can become and whether it can remain mainstream. because the question is, we've had the movement, the more nationalist, anti-immigrant thing for years, the question now, can this be an expression of just concern for the safety of the average german? if they can keep it in that vein, ashley, i think she's in trouble. ashley: what's the likelihood of this spreading? we know we have the far right groups in france, continuing to gain ground. do you expect that to spread around the rest of europe? >> as long as we have these events that are occurring again and again and again. so if you look at the last two months, so just since the beginning of june, we've had an attack outside of iraq and syria, so, jihadi attack outside of the war zone every 83 hours. that's a reality. the politicians sooner or later have to acknowledge and have to change policies or they're
9:47 am
simply going to lose their electorate and the governments will have to fall and hold early elections. look what happened in the k. you were there, u.k. was part of this. >> absolutely, and you know, stuart mentions this a lot and i reemphasize, we could well be seeing the end of europe, certainly the breaking up of the european union. >> i give the eu very short lifespan. i give it maybe a couple of years. there may be a real multicultural nationalist, but as an institution, i think its time is done. ashley: sebastian, stay right there. pope francis was asked about islamic terror during his trip to poland. he says it's wrong to identify islam with violence. what exactly did he say liz: thank you, ashley. he said i do not like talk about islamic violence because every day when it's in the newspaper i read about violence in italy.
9:48 am
this one who killed the girlfriend, another who killed a mother-in-law and they're baptistized catholics and he goes on to say, the pope, if i talk about it, he has to talk about catholic violence, not all muslims are violent just like all catholics are violent. this is offensive, religion is not in the crimes that the pope cited. ashley: of the atrocities have been in the name of islam liz: terror done specifically in the name of islam. to say that religion was a motivating factor in the catholic on catholic violence. to equate the two is deeply offensive. >> catholicism went through reformmation. islam is a faith and political structure. when you look at the organized effort that moves this through. liz is exactly right.
9:49 am
there are individuals of all sorts who will be violent. the pope is also saying it's the global economy, not islam that's causing this. the fact of the matter is organizers throughout the islamic world, that's the cause of this violence are wealthy men, the individuals like on september 11th wealthy individuals coming from wealthy homes, these are arguments that come from a political point of view. pope francis is a socialist and is clearly deciding to avoid the truth of the matter on earth. ashley: and the global economy beheaded that priest. >> and enslaves women. ashley: we'll have this. and in louisiana, making it a hate crime to intentionally attack a police officers or a first responder. up next, a warning from the u.n., they fear isis could be
9:50 am
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>> got our eyes on oil. take a look at the drillers, maryland oil, trans ocean, three of the biggest losers on the s&p right now. oil is still at $40. just about $40 a barrel and down about 2%.
9:54 am
the drillers moving significantly lower. take a look at etsy, they're up to a buy, up $9 at $11. u.n. superior officials fear isis could be targeting the rio olympics with a dirty bomb. sebastian gorka with us. i imagine the olympics would be a dream target for isis so this threat should be taken seriously. absolutely and it's clear the united nations has. if you look at iaea, they're deploying experts and instruments to detect radio logical devices and it's more than just hypothetical. the fact is, the brazilian authorities have arrested 12 individuals linked to isis. this isn't just a hypothetical. if you look at the tax particula
9:55 am
particulars-- tactics and isis said in their articles, look for high concentration much unarmed civilia civilians. this is what brazilians have to take desperately seriously. ashley: and they've made the arrests you mentioned. do you have faith in the brazilian authorities able to prevent an attack like this? >> well, in fact, ashley, over the years i've worked very closely and had members of the brazilian government as my students here when i worked in the defense department. their counterterrorism professionals are really top-notch, but the question is, this is a huge event. do they have the manpower do actually cordon off all of the locations and on top of that, it's about intelligence, do they get the intelligence in time? the individuals i've met super grade a individuals and again, only one guy has to slip through, ashley. ashley: so you probably believe
9:56 am
there will be an attempt. the question is, will they get to that stage? will they get far enough in that attempt to actually create, you know, mayhem, as it is? do you think that's a possibility? >> yeah, i think if you look at the olympic games, if you look at the penetration, the focus of isis on latin america in their publications, it's just too attractive, it's simply such a seductive soft target. the question is do they get the information in time. look what happened in paris. remember? the suicide bomber tried to get into the football stadium where the president was and he was stopped. and hopefully that's the kind of sharp-eyed security professionals we'll have in brazil to keep that ring of steel sterile. ashley: same with the suicide bomber in germany, and trying to get into the music concert. and sebastian, while i have you, your thoughts on what the pope is saying, we shouldn't be hung up on violence related to
9:57 am
islam because violence can be related to catholicism as well. >> i'm a cradle catholic so i'm not going to say about the pontiff. but none of that done in italy is done in the same of catholicism. he can say that when we see the first imam who will beheadeded by a catholic who says he's doing it in the name of jesus. ashley: thank you as always, sebastian gorka. which would you rather watch, packers, or trump and clinton. a and trump says he'll have the debate with clinton with a smaller audience. and we'll have that coming up in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> all right. two of the three presidential debates were scheduled for nfl games. we're going to get into that issue very quickly. but first, it's 7 a.m. in california. 10 a.m. here on the east coast and by the way, stuart is back tomorrow. no matter where you live, chances are you're excited about the start of the football season. the question, would you rather watch giants and packers on a sunday night in october or a clinton-trump debate? donald is saying hillary is betting you want to watch football. we'll talk about that. hillary gets four pinochios from "the washington post" after telling chris wallace, that her statements on the e-mail school were truthful. and pope francis is saying islam is a religion of piece and criticizing the economy and catholici
10:01 am
catholicism. here we are with hour two. first your money, the latest read on the economy, and the manufacturing sector, i believe. >> they're looking for a read of 53.3, we're checking the number for you now. it came in better than expected at 53.6. that's a slight-- >> it's okay liz: i misheard it. ashley: anything over 50 is growth and anything is contracting liz: we're looking at the jobs report. 175,000, expected possible revision of the june number 287k. the fact that it's slowing down still shows manufacturing. ashley: no impact on the market though. >> good point, reflects the gdp growth. which is-- and check the big board, down 22 points. and check the price of oil, that's the biggest story, traders call it a 40 handle. and will it drop down, maybe in the 39 area? we'll see.
10:02 am
more production and bigger supplies, that's the problem for oil prices. tesla and solar city agreeing to a 2.6 billion deal. both stocks are down. check etsy. let's get back to the story, getting a lot of people talking, two of the three presidential debates scheduled this fall will be televised at the same time as nfl games. the first debate set for september 26th and will air during the falcons-saints monday night game. however, the second debate october 9th, a sunday night game between the giants and packers, that will be huge, and especially in wisconsin, i know it, i lived there. and this from the chairman who says these states with hillary. >> mrs. clinton likes low audiences watching her debates. mr. trump said i want a debate, i'll do three debates, i want
10:03 am
it to be the maximum audience. we're going to sit down with the commission and talk to them and make sure that we have a broad audience. ashley: well, let's bring in serious xm david ware and football fan and political pundit. who do we have on the left here. >> sasha burns. >> thank you for being here. let me begin with you, sasha. let's quickly, just your thoughts on this. if this by the democrats to get less eyes on hillary as possible so that she is less likely to make mistakes? >> well, first of all, the democrats don't have anything to do with this, okay? there's a debate commission set up that's been doing this. ashley: nothing. >> since 1988 that's made the schedule and they made the schedule last year. so it's nothing to do with hillary, nothing to do with trump. what's being brought up is that since trump was afreighted of appearing before megyn kelly we
10:04 am
knew he wouldn't want to appear against clinton. i'm trying to figure out what to say to try to get out of this. ashley: all right, david webb, respond to this? >> i've actually worked with the nfl schedules set well in advance and adjustments made we don't know when they decided on the game. here is my real dilemma with thisment lambeau field is one of the fields i haven't had a chance to go to, travelling the country going to the great games and i wanted to go to this game as a giants fans and see the giants-packers in the cold game. it favors clinton, lower turnout, lower visibility favors here because the democrats are using an air campaign and push messaging for their campaign. trump wants that wider audience so he can reach across to independents, unaffiliated and other voter, the low propensity voters that need to come out and vote for him to if he's going to beat hillary clinton. the response has to be an effective marketing campaign on the debates. you're up against monday night football and you've got another game or sunday night, you've
10:05 am
got all of these key debates that matter to those very people watching the game so there's got to be a better. >> football is awesome, but this is for the presidency of the united statesment we need to watch the debate. >> most people are not that sophisticated about it, we're in it and doing it. the average american out there, they're busy and working. >> i hear you. >> their kids are tired and football is a get away. and-- >> i get it, but we have to vote, and also, luckily, people have dvr's, they don't have to dvr, but could dvr the debate and runs over and over on c-span. >> the thing about the presidential debates. it matters when you have 60, 65, 70 million people watching the debate you want the first effect. they rerun the debates late at night and changes the type of audience. hillary clinton it was an effective strategy with debby wasserman schultz putting the thumb on the scales for hillary
10:06 am
over bernie to put the debates into saturday night, and there he is and frankly-- >> let me bring this in. we could debate this, and the start of the football season. sasha, poll taken before the democratic convention 68% don't find hillary to be honest and trustworthy. it's a major problem for her, how does she turn it around? >> it's a major problem what she does and what the convention did was, keep hitting home and pounding home how unqualified trump is and how qualified she is. and in an election, and especially this year, people are going to vote against a candidate more than for it candidate. she's not going to be able to change that number a whole lot. trump will be able to make his numbers continue because everything out of his mouth is a lie so keep against him and that will work for the sliver of people we need to get. ashley: she said with chris
10:07 am
wallace on fox news sunday, fbi director james comey said i was truthful when answering questions about the e-mails. did we have that sound bite? let's listen to that. director comey said my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. now in retrospect, different agencies come in and say, well, it should have been, but that's not what was happening in real time. >> not exactly what we heard. remember this, roll it. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails either said or received, was that true? >> that's not true. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail, there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> secretary clinton said she used just one device, with as that true? >> she used multiple devices.
10:08 am
>> secretary clinton said all work related e-mails were returned to the state department, was that true? >> no, we found work related e-mails, thousands that were not returned. >> hillary clinton says, hey, mr. comey says i was truthful. there we have mr. comey saying she wasn't truthful, david. >> all right, let's take hillary by the numbers and you know me, i like the numbers. eight chains contained top secret info, 36 chains secret info. 8 chains classified info at the time she sent. 2000 e-mails lease classified which were unclassified. the highest classification authority in the state department, the secretary of state, you are responsible for everything for those 66,000 employees, in that department. we cannot leave here responsibility out of this issue. hillary clinton lied to the american people, and she tried to conflate with chris wallace. she did not lie to the fbi, but that depends on the questions
10:09 am
asked. so she can go with that claim, but she lied politically to the american people and in committee under oath. ashley: sasha, she says if they thought it was okay-- >> ashley can i skip this one and talk about something-- >> oh, she's that vulnerable. >> there's no good answer here, there was nothing good for her to do. what i would say, people already believe what they do, they know what they do, anything that she says that's different, you would pars again what does it mean and how is it given from the last statement. >> this isn't parsing, she flat-out lied. the classified e-mails 113, three were classified and sap level is classified and there's no question it remains classified. ashley: we have to move on. david, stay there. thank you. we've got to move on. pope francis asked about islam, the pope says he doesn't like
10:10 am
to talk about islamic terror, his reason may surprise you. we'll get into that. and the british government telling pregnant people to stay away from miami. it's because of the zika virus and they're telling all to avoid having sex in florida, no sex, we're british. [laughter] and the e-mails-- sky diver on the jump without a parachute. he's free falling 125 miles per hour and dives into the net. thank god it was there. 100 feet wide that net. ♪ free falling ♪
10:11 am
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10:13 am
>> breaking news for you out of syria. the kremlin saying a russian helicopter demanding aid to
10:14 am
aleppo shot down while returning to a russian air base. all five on board were killed. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. take a look at the big board for you. take a look at the dow 30 certainly more red than green. the market though half and and a half. we're only down about 19 points, pretty flat opening to the session today. drug makers, geogen and ionis a treatment for spinal muscular at trophy. amazon briefly climbs above exon mobile to become the fourth most valuable company. and pope francis asked about islamic terror during his trip to poland. he says it's wrong to identify islam with violence, telling reporters, quote, i do not like to talk about islamic violence because every day when i skim the papers, i read about violence in italy.
10:15 am
this one who killed the girlfriend, another killed the mother-in-law and they are all baptistized catholics, adding if i talk about islamic violence then i also have to talk about catholic violence, not all muslims are violence just like not all catholics are violent. okay. zuhdi jasser joins us now. i want your reaction to what the pope is saying, what do you make of that? >> well, ashley, you know god bless him for his interfaith benevolence. if he really wants to help the allies of the catholic church and catholicism that has made it to the 21st century, this moral equivalencesy will kill us. it's dangerous. listen, he actually gave a nod to the military operations against isis because he saw the videos of christians being beheaded and isis magazine that called for the conquest of italy and rome in their magazine and i'm sort of astonished that he ignored pope
10:16 am
benedict's speech in germany in 2006 when he said islam has a problem and needs reform to come to the age of reason. yes, i recognize the pope needs to recognize there are versions of islam that are versions of islam that are not, and he cannot say that he can speak of islam as one of the i think he's giving a nod to allies in saudi arabia and others and he forgets there are no christians there, can't take bibles and can't build churches, that's different than the violence inside italy. ashley: but it seems-- i don't know how he can compare a man, you know, in italy killing his girlfriend to a priest being beheaded in france in the name of islam. to me, drawing those parallels is a bit disingenuous. >> it really is and again, if he wants to help those allies, truly those who believe in the equality of all before god, that want to help catholocism
10:17 am
and help defend the minorities within islam countries, he needs to recognize there are different versions of islam. some are at war with the west and some are allies, and he needs to make that distinction, otherwise he's helping what i call saudi arabia and isis-- >> and thousands protesting angela merkel's refugee policy, calling for resignation and even the members of her own party are going against her on this. and zuhdi, merkel won't back down apparently. >> i don't get it. i have family in syria and my heart goes out to them and people as warm as angela merkel who opened her country. but at some point the sonic boom, the lack of filtering against jihadists has been a
10:18 am
security risk and a test for nationalism. she's abandoning german sovereignty and nationalism and i would think that all political factions are going to repel from what she's doing. she's surrendering german sovereignty to this sort of influx, that if people comes in, they need to adopt what it is to be german just as france, america, or belgium or elsewhere. and she's sort of thrown her hands up and i don't get it. ashley: zuhdi jasser, as always, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. all right, now two stories for you on things you're not allowed to say and do. a college student in texas suspended for saying all lives matter. meanwhile, a newspaper in tennessee rejecting an ad because it included the word "christian". and another scandal in the making for the clintons, this time it's the clinton foundation. why the irs is now launching an investigation. more next.
10:19 am
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at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right. take a look at the nasdaq, hitting a new 52-week high. once it went past 51.78. it was in that 52-week high category. amazon talking in new highs, hitting a lifetime high, up at 767. if it finishes above 7768 a record close. and the story, oil still down
10:23 am
around 40 bucks, the drillers getting down with it. down 6, 7%. two stories for you now, things you're not allowed to say, not allowed to do. the first one, a student at university of houston, she was suspended 50 days and sent to a diversity similar for saying all lives matter. i don't believe it liz: she was suspended due to one time extraordinary powers given to the student body, the government association president, and the level of her punishment is extraordinary. she was suspended 50 days from the body and three day diversity workshop, attend three cultural events, each month from september through march, write a letter-- >> and she said-- >> she has to write a letter, she put it on facebook, and essentially said, forget #blacklivesmatter. how about all lives matter.
10:24 am
she has to write a letter how she harmed the student body and she has to have a presentation how she harmed it and the president says, yes, free speech, but she should suffer the consequence of what she said. ashley: this is a world gone mad. what's your reaction to this? >> i wish i was an attorney, i would take her case because she could probably go into court and make a case for harm if she is suspended, what it does to her education. ashley: right. >> i think these universities need to be very careful if some attorney organization, not only-- put aside the free speech argument for a moment and maybe partly private, but take state funds, if had her education is harmed in any way got a case against the university. ashley: and all because of that horrible expression, all lives matter, it's nuts. a local paper in tennessee rejecting an ad from a christian bookstore. the owners of that store, they claim the ad was rejected because they saw the word
10:25 am
"christian". >> the name of the bookstore, cedar springs christian store. they placed an ad in the sentinel owned bygannet. she opens up the bookstore and the ad is nowhere to be found. she calls the paper and they said, you had the word christian in there an and that's offensive and she went on facebook and social media, people went nuts and basically started complaining and they put the ad back in. ashley: quick comment from you, david, on this. again, the world gone crazy. >> the world gone crazy, it's a 40-yearbook store, it's not a new institution, i haven't looked into the advertising with the paper, that would be hard to find, but i would say contact robbie dickey the ceo of beggannet if they do this. and employee and this is a
10:26 am
business angle, she said i had a sale, a closer sale, if she demonstrates harm, she's got a case. ashley: words fail me. all right. thank you both. now this, shocking footage out of maryland, raging flood waters. several people creating a human chain to save a woman's life who got stuck in a car, and six inches of rain. and the clinton foundation, they say worth $2 billion. and it helps millions of people. absolutely no mention of the foundation during the dnc and it's now being probed by the irs. and donald trump calling out president obama and hillary clinton, trump says a vote for hillary would mean four more years of bad economic growth. trump's economic advisor next. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
ashley: dramatic video out of howard county, maryland. check this out. raging flood waters, several men creating a human chain to save a woman. look at the power of that water, liz. >> yeah, it's terrifying. four individuals, she's trapped in her car. she opens a window saying i can't get out, and they're saying get out, you've got to get out now. and the instant that she got out, the car was whisked away down in this rapid flood zone. so four people -- ashley: heroic effort. >> two people dead, a hundred people basically stranded. ashley: look at that water. >> so scary. ashley: i think it's just west of baltimore, they had six inches of rain in two hours. >> that's right.
10:31 am
look at this car. amazing footage there. ashley: very brave. let's take a look at the big board on this monday, first day of august. there you go, flat. we were up slightly, then we went down about 30 points, and now we're right where we started. there you go. the very definition of flat. perhaps oil is the biggest story of the day, done 2% at $40.68. news that nigeria, iraq are pumping more oil, and the oil rig count has gone up. you put that all together, and it puts a lot of -- >> the webster ratio in full display right there. ashley: starting to kick in. as oil goes down, so does the market. i've got to patent that or trademark, whatever it is. amazon, by the way, hitting a lifetime high at 769, and i was making a note here, second session in a row that it's done on a tear after those blowout earnings numbers just last week. donald trump has been tweeting about the economy saying, quote: american home
10:32 am
ownership rates in q2 of 2016 was 62.9%, the lowest rate in 51 years. we will bring back the american dream. very positive. steve moore. the man who can talk all ant -- all about the country, he's with us. he helps advise the aforementioned donald trump. very disturbing, 51-year low. is owning a house, is that still the american dream? we've asked this before. >> it should be. i mean, it always has been. you know, we saw for 25 years from 1980 through around 2005, '6, you know, a huge increase in homeownership. now, i would make the case to you that some federal policies were pushing people into homes they couldn't afford, that's why we had the collapse. ashley: yeah. >> look, home ownership gives people a sense of pride in ownership, but also we find when people own their homes, they have much more respect for their community and their neighbors, it's a way of getting grounded in a community. so home ownership is important.
10:33 am
that's a really disturbing trend than we're lower than anytime since 50 years ago, that's going back to the mid '60s. ashley: it's remarkable. >> and by the way, you know, i could show you 10 or 12 charts showing you exactly the same kind of thing. labor force participation is falling, the number of, you know, college tuition costs are rising. there's hardly any positive signs in the economy right now, and that's what -- by the way, one other quick thing, if i may. ashley: yeah, no, please. >> donald trump, if you're watching this show, talk about the economy. stop talking about, you know, all of these other issues that have been side tracks. he's playing into hillary's hand -- ashley: he took the bait, in other words. >> he did. he absolutely did. ashley: let's get back to the economy. if hillary clinton is elected, what can we expect? the same as we've seen up to now? >> first of all, she's not going to get elected, and the reason she's not, i looked back the last 50 years. there has been no incumbent president or party that got elected when the growth rate was
10:34 am
1% or less, so this would be breaking -- i don't care what the polls show, i don't care what -- ashley: but she's going to have the president campaigning for her heavily. >> this is her economy. she gave the speech on thursday saying it's morning in america. by the way, the next morning we got the gdp numbers, and now it's been nine months with 1 percent growth. ashley: right. what do we get with a donald trump presidency? first 100 days in office, what's he going to do? >> i'm meeting later in the week with donald trump, we're going to talking about this. i would start rescinding almost all of barack obama's executive orders. that's something he could literally do the first day in office. >> well, that's what president obama did to george w., three dozen executive orders. >> and so did ronald reagan. he deregulated the oil georgias and markets with one stroke of the pen. number two, a huge tax cut that's going to bring down our -- ashley: for who, corporate and individuals? >> and small businesses.
10:35 am
corporate and small businesses. and finally, repeal obamacare and replace it with pro-family choice health care. ashley: he's going to be very busy in the first hundred days. >> go from 1% growth to 4% growth. you can write it down. ashley: all right. steve moore, thank you very much. [laughter] the irs launching an investigation into the clinton foundation, looking into allegations of so-called pay-to-play practicings. hillary clinton defending the foundation on fox. >> there is absolutely no connection between anything that i did as secretary of state and the clinton foundation. so people can say that, but i'm proud of our philanthropic work, our personal, family philanthropic work, the work of the clinton foundation. i'd like to see donald trump's tax returns to find out how much philanthropy he's ever done. ashley: and the irs would like to see where that money is going with the clinton foundation. former prosecutor katie fang joins us now. katie, how serious is it when
10:36 am
you've got the irs looking into your books? is this a serious situation for the clinton foundation? >> well, ashley, normally i would say it's pretty serious, but we've seen with the whole lois lerner e-mail situation maybe it's not going to be that heavy. are they standing for the ineffective review service and not the internal revenue service? [laughter] is the tax-exempt investigation really going to reveal anything? well, it should. if you guys want an investment tip, here's a return on your investment that's spectacular. the laureate university gave $5 million to the foundation and turned around and got a $55 million grant and got be $150 million invested in the organization, and it's not a secret that bill clinton got $16.5 million as an honorary chancellor of the laureate university's program. kind of stinks to me. ashley: yeah. something doesn't smell good in denmark, as they say. the problem, katie, is finding a
10:37 am
direct way to connect all the dots. it seems to me that when it comes to the clintons, it seems they are so elusive in the way they go about things. do you have any confidence the irs can connect those dots in a very direct way as we talk about pay, you know, play for pay? >> well, all kidding aside, the irs tax code built to be as strong as it can be, but you're only as strong as your weakest link. when you look at tax-exempt organizations -- and, sadly, i have looked at the irs tax code on this issue -- it's very strict when it comes to private foundations because you get exempt from taxation for hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars that are flowing through these organizations. if you do not maintain properly your 501(c)(3) status which is exactly the kind of organization that the clinton foundation is, you get scrutiny by the irs. but is john koskinen really going to look into the clinton foundation? it seems a little quid pro quo
10:38 am
these days in terms of how the clintons work with other people. so i'm not sure my confidence level's that high. [laughter] ashley: you're just saying, essentially, you believe the irs is just paying lip service to be seen to be doing something. >> well, when lois can delete, you know, all of those e-mails and not get in trouble, koskinen's looking at possible impeachment issues, but is that going to happen? no, not on clinton's watch. you're going to have to dig into the tax returns, but we already know they had to redo tax filings for five years because they made the mistake. we've heard through the fbi director comey stuff, clinton makes mistakes all the time. it'll be left to be seen. ashley: katie fang, great stuff as always. thank you so much for join us. >> absolutely. ashley: all right. tech stocks have been investors' best bet in july. nicole at the nyse, how are those stocks doing today on a rather flat session? >> right. and let's take a look. how about amazon?
10:39 am
all-time high today again, still breaking ground here for technology as we begin a new month. the nasdaq, which is a tech-heavy index actually, has moved to the highest levels of 2016 to 52-week highs. let's take a look at some of the leaders in technology. energy was lagging, consumer staples lagging, tech was soaring. here's a look at amazon, we know prime day did well, the cloud exposure. that's a winner. and up over 40%. here's a look at facebook, another winner. now, of course, when we talk about annual highs, not too far off its all-time high of 128, just a few bucks, so we'll see whether it canning get back there again -- whether it can get back there again. microsoft, the cloud did so well for microsoft. new highs we haven't seen in many years from microsoft, so everybody who'd been waiting for that one, they got something good, right? up over 20% in 52 weeks. last but not be least, google, that's up 1.6%. today it surged in profits in
10:40 am
the latest quarter and hit an annual high this year of about 810. it's not too far off so tech continues to lead the way. i know it's a temperamental area and sometimes be risky, but we see the cloud and mobile doing so well for this group. ashley: certainly have. nicole, thank you very much. now this, the u.k. government warning brits about travel to miami because of the zika virus? don't go if you're pregnant, they say, and avoid having sex. going to be a fun vacation. [laughter] details next. plus, some of the presidential debates between hillary clinton and donald trump up against big nfl games. the trump campaign implying that's bad for trump and good for hillary. more next.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> remember, "varney & company" starts 9 a.m. eastern time. here's what you missed last hour. >> how can she defend the economy in -- >> she can't. >> -- absolute tepid growth? >> she can't. i just hope donald trump makes it very clear he's going to have a 15% corporate tax, maximum 25% tax, and i hope he says the best form of welfare is still a good, high-paying job, and it has nothing to do with your race, your gender, your sexual preference, your age, your height, your weight. i mean, thank god not height and weight in my case. [laughter] all it has to do with is jobs and growth, and that's it. it can be a democrat that delivers it or a republican. in this case, donald trump is
10:43 am
the one who's going to deliver it. ♪ ♪
10:44 am
ashley: the u.k. government warning brits about travel to miami.
10:45 am
it's all because of the zika virus, right, liz? >> yeah. nonessential travel, there's a warning. don't do it if you're pregnant. and, essentially, you were reporting about the four cases of the zika virus down in miami and broward county. here's the thing, you know, as you were pointing out, a lot of british people do have vacation land and we're tracking their tourism. they like to come to disneyland. officials in florida saying, hey, you know, disney's properties are very well, basically, they've got a lot of fortification against viruses and against mosquitoes. ashley: right. >> so they're often better than local governments. so if you're going there, the feeling is you'll be safer -- ashley: but no warning for people in this country going to miami. >> yeah, that's right. ashley: that's interesting. all right, e. mac, interesting stuff. drug makers announcing positive results for a late-stage trial for spinal muscular atrophy. biogen, by the way, leading the s&p 500, up 5.5% at 306.
10:46 am
let's get back to the debate-scheduling debacle is what we're calling it, the first two scheduled during nfl games. the election debate commission releasing this statement saying in part, quote: it is impossible to avoid all sporting events, and there have been nights on which debates and games occurred in most election cycles. jonna caldwell is here to talk about it. jonna, are you buying that? >> no, no, absolutely not. i think this debate especially, there's a lot on the line here. there's a lot on the line in terms of our country and what direction we're going to head in, and i think there's unprecedented interest in what both candidates have to say. i think these are some numbers we've got to keep in mind, 32 million versus 27 million. 32 million was the number of folks that looked at -- not president trump, but candidate trump's acceptance speech. 27 million for hillary clinton. five million more than hillary clinton. i think when we think about what is going to happen in this debate, how everything is going
10:47 am
to be put on the table and how the fact that they're running it on the same day that many americans -- you're talking about ten million people that view "monday night football," a significant block of those are hard working, white americans that favor donald trump. it is problematic, and i think it is not providing us with the best interests of what our country stands for and what donald trump can perhaps present to the american people. or hillary clinton, for that matter. ashley: right. gionna, we had a democratic strategist that said, hey, listen, set the dvr for the game, and we're talking about two people who want to be the next president of the united states, and that should be more important when it comes to viewing. >> absolutely. it absolutely should. and i think, again, this is something that favors hillary clinton totally. for the reason that we saw multiple debate after debate where donald trump continued to win debate after debate, and he continued to get the momentum. if there's not many donald trump folks that favor him or, rather,
10:48 am
like what he would say, if they're not watching, then he loses momentum because these folks go on twitter, they go on social media, they talk about what they felt. these are the folks that are polled. so, again, this is something that would totally favor hillary clinton. and if, you know, these issues come up where they're talking about women and they ask, they're asking these questions and hillary clinton attacks donald trump and he brings up bill clinton, then again -- [laughter] you know, they wouldn't like that. but it favors donald trump to have the most folks watching period. ashley: well, i doubt very much the nfl's going to change. they won't change. the debate commission said they started looking at this some 18 months ago. and to their point, they, as i said at the beginning of this, they say there are so many sporting events going on, it's impossible. however, to go up against giant ares and packers on a sunday night, that's a tough deal. a lot of wisconsin voters, important to the election. i can tell you, because i lived in green bay for three years, they're going to be watching the packers. >> we americans love our
10:49 am
football. ashley: yeah, that's for sure. trump said he got a letter from the football league complaining about this. the nfl immediately put out a statement saying we never sent him a letter. that doesn't make donald trump look very good, does it? >> well, a source has said that they were close to the source, the trump campaign said that a source connected to the nfl football league informed them of what happened there, so i don't know if it was really a letter or not, but it was at least someone connected to the football league that did have that conversation with them. ashley: what's interesting too is we know the dnc was pretty harshly criticized scheduling debates between hillary and bernie sanders, i think there was one on a saturday night that no one even knew it was there. it was done very calculating because she was the front runner, and they wanted to protect her. is there is a history of this. >> it's a very huge history. we see that the dnc rigged everything against bernie sanders. that's just a fact. and when i hear one of the
10:50 am
clinton folks saying, oh, it's ri tim kaine, the vice presidential candidate -- it's ridiculous to think we tried to rig it. are you serious? the dnc, on your behalf, rigged everything against sanders. that would be the first thing that it was potentially rigged by hillary clinton and her campaign. ashley: they say they had no input on this presidential debate -- >> they don't, but it favors hillary clinton in every way. ashley: it certainly does. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. ashley: let's check the market for you. these are the hot board, as we like to say, the 30 stockings that make up the dow -- stocks that make up the dow. maybe just a few more in the green than the red. it's a pretty flat opening to the session and, in fact, the dow up barely two points. back to hillary saying at the dnc she's not coming after guns. now she implies that the second amendment should be subject to more regulation. judge andrew napolitano will be here on that one. he's followed up. plus, blue lives matter.
10:51 am
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>> welcome back. let's check the big board. we are flat. we're stuck in about an 18,400
10:55 am
trading range. watching the dow for you. but the nasdaq hitting a new 52-week high. this is in keeping with our theme about tech. amazon also hitting a new all-time high. let's check the price of oil. traders calling that a $40 handle. let's also talk about a merger between tesla and solar city, agreeing to a $2.6 billion all-stock deal. here are the shares trading down for solar city, down 5%. take a look at etsy, up more than 15%. citigroup put a buy rating on it. now let's take a look at this, we've got ashley webster getting briefed on what's coming up at the top of the hour. here's what producers are telling him. here's the news. hillary clinton saying the fbi director called her statements on the e-mail scandal truthful. byron york responding to that. hillary also says the second amendment, like all rights, are subject to certain amounts of regulation. we'll hear what judge napolitano has to say about that.
10:56 am
we've got media watchdog brent bozell on hillary not holding a news conference since last december. and now take a look at this. the dallas cowboys walking onto the field at training camp. they're walking arm in arm with police. we're talking about a new blue lives matter law. it's a jam-packed hour three. it's just three minutes away. but, first, listen to sebastian gorka talking about the german people losing confidence in their leader, angela merkel. ashley: she comes under more and more pressure and yet she's not backing down. is this political suicide for her. >> i really think it is, ashley. just look at the fact that her csu coalition partner in the personage of the president of bavaria where these attacks have occurred has said he's not going to support this anymore. if you look at last week, germany was suffering a jihadi attack every 72 hours. and for her to come back and say
10:57 am
everything's fine, keep the refugees on coming just shows a kind of disconnection from reality and what the average german wants to see happen that i think, i think her coalition is dead. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> the second amendment includes an individual right to bear arms. >> yes. but that right, like every other of our rights -- our first amendment rights, every right that we have -- is open to and even subject to reasonable regulation. ashley: new at 11, hillary clinton giving her first post-convention interview to fox news' chris wallace. she says your right to bear arms could be regulated if she becomes president. plus, blue lives matter in louisiana. a new law going into effect in that state that if you attack a police officer, you are going to be charged with a hate crime. well, you've heard about the dirty water our athletes will be swim anything at the rio olympics.
11:01 am
now there's a new threat to the games. u.n. security experts warning of an isis dirty bomb plot. a jam-packed hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ ashley: all right. let's take a look at the big markets for you. the big board down ever so slightly, down a couple of points at 18,429, but let's check the price of oil, the biggest story today. traders call that a 40 handle. that's if you want to be kind of cool and say it in oil terms. $40.61. a lot of downward pressure on oil. amazon hitting a new lifetime high at 769. tesla and solar city agreeing to a $2.6 billion deal. that's what the market thinkings. both of those stocks are down. details on the solar city deal, please, e. mac. what's going on here? >> here's the thing, it's all stock. and so you see solar city trending down. ashley: yeah.
11:02 am
>> basically, the deal price, 2.6 billion, is about solar city's market value. so there's no premium on the deal being paid by tesla. this tesla offering a lifeline to an embattled solar city? it's lost two-thirds of its market -- ashley: of which elon musk has a strong tie. >> exactly right. he owns about 22 percent of solar city. conflicted deals because his cousins run solar city. still questions on this one. ashley: goldman sachs advising investors to gut out of -- get out of stocks. >> they told investors to get out of global stocks back in may. the wall of worry extends right up to the presidential election, that three-month period they're talking about. ashley: what are they talking about? >> poor earnings growth and stocks being pricey. they're saying they're moving more to cash. also saying sell all. so $100 billion in assets, he was right on china, right on oil, right on interest rates
11:03 am
last year. ashley: interesting stuff, e. mac, thank you. next one, hillary clinton says james comey has said her responses on her e-mail scandal were truthful. take a look at this. >> director comey said that my answers were truthful, and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. now, in retrospect different agencies come in and say, well, it should have been. but a that's not what was happening in realtime. ashley: byron york is here now. byron, what are your thoughts on what hillary clinton had to say? >> well, it doesn't quite square with the facts, that's the problem here. she was conflating a couple of things here. one, director comey did say that she spoke truthfully at that long interview, remember, with the fbi. it was on a saturday, it was about three hours long just before they announced they would
11:04 am
not charge her. but he also basically said that virtually everything she told the american public about the e-mail situation was not true. one of those things she just mentioned. she said, oh, that the intelligence services or the government agencies had retroactively classified some of this stuff. comey specifically said that some of it was classified at the time it was sent and received. so, basically, the fbi director, the thrust of the fbi director's statement was that, basically, everything she had said was not true. ashley: yeah. and we've been running sound bites to back that up. it's interesting. next one, donald trump angry about the debate schedule. we've been talking about that, saying many of the debates fall -- well, two of the three -- on the same nights as major football games. he says democrats rigged the schedules. what's your comment on that? >> well, i don't think he's got much ground to stand on in this. one, the schedule was made a long time ago.
11:05 am
and the other thing is i just went back and looked. you know, there were three obama/romney debates in 2012. i think they got about 67, 65 and 59 million viewers. that last one with 59 million viewers was up against not only "monday night football," but the seventh game of the national league championship series. so i think it's pretty clear that people will watch a debate even if there's a big sports event on at the same time. ashley: but to his point, byron, is donald trump correct when he says that hillary clinton gets the advantage if less people are watching rather than more in. >> i think that's probably true. remember the sanders people, the bernie sanders people were very upset with the democratic national committee. they were scheduling debates, you know, like midnight on a saturday -- [laughter] so nobody would watch. and it was clear that the clinton campaign felt that the fewer viewers of the debate, the better. but listen, you're not going to be able to hide a hillary clinton/donald trump debate. it's going to be the biggest political story in a very long
11:06 am
time. ashley: i was going to say if you have a choice between the falcons and the saints, i think the debate would probably take the lion's share of the views, wouldn't you agree? >> i think you're right, absolutely. there's just no doubt. i mean, especially after these conventions, the next big event is that first debate. and it is going to be absolutely huge, and it doesn't matter what is on after. ashley: i agree. can't wait for them. byron york, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: hillary clinton getting a big endorsement from business investors, warren buffett and mark cuban. tamara holder's here for the entire hour. what a treat for us. [laughter] >> thanks for having me. ashley: and i really mean it. tamara, let's start right there. mark cuban says hillary's going to win in a landslide. oh, my god, put that away. what the heck is that? [laughter] oh, dear. >> hillary clinton onset.
11:07 am
ashley: tamara holder will not be joining us for the entire hour. i take that back. [laughter] >> i brought this back from the convention. the best way to upset your viewers on the monday morning is to bring hillary. ashley: she looks almost maniacal there. put that down. mark cuban says she's one. does that make any difference? he's a billionaire. does he have any connection with hillary supporters? >> the thing is cbs poll, 91% of trump supporters, their minds are made up, 92% of hillary clinton's supporters, their minds are made up. do the 8% left really care what mark cuban or warren buffett have to say? i don't know. i think it's not the positivity because i've seen on social media no matter what positive things you say about hillary clinton or if you don't like trump, trump-positive things, people freak out. they don't like it. so it's a matter of what bad things can happen to either candidate. and i think donald --
11:08 am
ashley: so this doesn't really make any difference in your mind to those 8 percent who are undecided. >> i don't think mark cuban, with all due respect, he's "shark tank" and a business person, i don't think anybody's going to change their mind because mark cuban told me to do it. [laughter] ashley: good point there. he was on the show. he did say hillary would win in a landslide, but i think he did contact the trump campaign and was kind of -- i don't know whether at one point he was saying do you want to be on the trump administration, you know, there were those questions being asked. clearly not. >> yeah, i don't think so unless somebody was rejected -- ashley: does he appeal to the bernie sanders supporters who are considering whether to jump on the hillary bandwagon? i wouldn't say so. >> i don't think so, but look at donald trump and the amount of supporters he has who are unemployed -- ashley: yep. >> -- middle america -- ashley: blue collar workers. >> that don't have the money and don't have the gold magic carpets. ashley: a crazy political season, isn't it? >> yes.
11:09 am
ashley: we love it. put that thing away. i'll flip her upside down. ashley: i'm not going to say anything about that. uber, by the way, selling off its china business to its chinese rival. e. mac, we're saying did they just put the white flag up here? >> that's a great question because it looks like uber may have been losing a ton of money in china. and you know other companies including apple and jpmorgan chase have had trouble working in china. uber gets a billion dollar investment, almost more than 17% stake in the company. other investors like baidu get a 2 %. who knows, or there's no optics on the valuation, but uber does get a window into the chinese people's driving habits, mapping possibilities there as well. ashley: all right. interesting. we just got this. news of a big guest on the show tomorrow. guess who? donald trump. nine a.m. tomorrow on "varney."
11:10 am
you do not want to miss that interview. there he is. back to the markets. let's take a look at those stocks on the big board again. it's been somewhat of a ho-hum start to the session. the dow up 16 points, we were down about 30 points about an hour ago, so we're just kind of treading water, as they say. meanwhile, dramatic video out of maryland. major flooding in howard county this weekend. a woman trapped in her car being swept away by raging flood waters. several men jump into action to save her, forming as you can see a human chain. they link hands and puller in the car. and as e. mac was saying earlier, not too long after this the car was swept away. incredible stuff. very brave people, indeed. a new law going into effect in louisiana. blue lives matter. you attack a police officer or a first responder, you're going to get charged with a hate crime. we'll have more on that next.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
ashley: all right, let's check the big board for you. the dow trying to come back now, up nearly 30 points at 18,ing 461. it was -- 18,461. the s&p 500 for the second session in a row hitting an all-time high. if it finishes above 2175, that would register a record close, so we'll keep an eye on that. take a look at oil, that's the biggest story of the day. a lot of downward pressure at 40.79, down 2%. almost reached bear territory last week. jeff flock live at the cme. jeff, how low could oil go? [laughter] >> that's an item of debate here this morning, ashley. some people say -- phil said he thought it could get down to 38, somebody else told me maybe 35. it's all about fundamentals though. we're decoupled from the stock market. if you look at oil right now, we're at 40.76, we got as low as 40.55, so we're a little off the
11:15 am
lows. but still we're down 2%, down more than 2%. and, you know, the fundamentals are this: opec is just going wild, we've got a rig count increase here in the u.s., iran says it's now pumping at 80% of what it was pumping pre-sanctions. so there's a lot of oil out there, and the demand just doesn't satisfy it. natural gas, by the way, just want to throw that in while we're talking, up big last week. it is now down today. they had this heat, you know, i stood out in the heat last week in philadelphia -- [laughter] i could use a little natural gas-fired air-conditioning and, apparently, a lot of other people did too. it was up last week but now down today. ashley: you have earned it, jeff flock. you certainly have. thank you so much. >> cool in here. ashley: i'm sure. check this out, dallas cowboys kicking off their training camp by showing their support to police officers, walking onto the field arm in arm with members of the p.d. and families of the officers that were killed
11:16 am
in that horrific attack last month. nice pictures there. and today a new law going into effect in louisiana, making it a hate crime to attack a cop or first responder. come in sheriff paul babeu. let's just get a comment first off on the dallas cowboys. nice pictures there and a nice gesture. your comments on that. >> it's powerful. we should celebrate and applaud and cheer and support our law enforcement. these are men and women, for little pay, who protect our families and keep us safe. often times we don't even know the people that we're running to help and to rescue. ashley: also i just wanted to talk about that new law going into effect in louisiana, making it a hate crime to attack a cop or a first responder. your thoughts on that. >> well, it's crazy that we wound up in this place in america and the fact that usually hate crimes are reserved
11:17 am
for characteristics such as race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation because these people are targeted for such. never an occupation. and this is the first time, and louisiana is leading the way, i think, in our country because law enforcement certainly, clearly, is under attack simply because we're wearing this uniform be, protecting -- uniform, protecting our families. and this incitement that's gone on in many black lives matters and the al sharptons that have really encouraged this kind of hatred against law enforcement to target us, portraying us as just enforcing the law based on race. it's a complete lie. and is so this is the law. governor edwards signed it into law, and i thank and praise him and those legislators who did this, because we're seeing this across the country. not just in baton rouge and dallas, we saw it in florida, we've seen it in california. we've had deputies ambushed right here in arizona and
11:18 am
targeted. we saw it in pennsylvania, that state troopers ambushed at their barracks. law enforcement is under attack, and these false premises that the al sharpton saying hands up, don't shoot proven by the fbi never occurred. and so they've taken these false, these complete lies and put it into this conversation to malign and portray law enforcement as these people, these men and women that are out there just out there to kill people. it's just unconscionable that this has occurred. ashley: talking of attacks, how about this one for free speech, sheriff. the vice president of the student body at the university of houston is being forced to resign following this post. quote: forget black lives matter, how about all lives matter? your thoughts on that. >> that seems so completely reasonable in this p.c. environment a that has
11:19 am
encouraged this whole black lives matter is unacceptable. we're seeing police chiefs apologize in california and in my state here in arizona to the parents of a suspect who has robbed a pharmacy. or has gone out and committed crimes and then we in law enforcement are called to these emergencies, and something bad happens. and so all of a sudden now it's our fault. and so the leaders of law enforcement, the elected leaders of our community need to stand up with the majority of the american people and support our heroes in public safety who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our families and to protect -- this is the rule of law, literally our civilization is being attacked when you're attacking law enforcement. ashley: sheriff, we thank you so much for your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you. ashley: all right. let's get back to the markets for you. take a look at the dow. look at that, turning around a just a little bit.
11:20 am
we're up nearly 30 points, just six of the thirty dow stocks now in the red, and the market up modestly still, about 30 points. a new threat to the rio olympics. u.n. experts warning isis may be plotting a dirty bomb attack at the games and security forces, of course, they're on high alert. and hillary does her first post-convention interview and says she's open to regulating the second amendment. judge napolitano's coming up on that. and a huge guest tomorrow on "varney & company," huge. the one and only donald trump, nine a.m. tomorrow. do not miss it.
11:21 am
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♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. ashley: we have some breaking news out of libya. e. mac, more u.s. strikes on isis. >> yeah. the u.s. is conducting airstrikes targeting many isis targets near tripoli. the pentagon has said about 5,000 isis fighters are there, so major casualties they're reporting. this came after a request from the libyan government which is backed by the united nations asked the u.s. to step in and to strike these isis terrorists. the pentagon will hold a 12:30 briefing about it, news briefing, to talk about the airstrikes now being conducted. no u.s. ground troops involved. ashley: all right, very good.
11:25 am
thank you. drug makers biogen and ionis announcing positive results, biogen up 5% at 306. next one, new warning about the rio olympics. you've heard about that dirty water, well, terrible living conditions as well for the athletes. u.n. experts saying isis could be planning a dirty bomb attack on the games. >> yeah. so this is the issue. we do know that at least ten terrorists, a terrorist cell of ten -- you've reported on it -- ashley: yes. >> -- possibly up to a dozen were -- ashley: they were arrested. >> now, the issue here is that the u.n. security chiefs are sending top detection gear to brazil, meaning there would be equipment on the ground to help intercept terrorist communications because of the concerns that isis is planning
11:26 am
to detonate a radioactive bomb at the olympics. now, we've already known what isis-backed terrorists did in paris, for example. they wanted to attack a soccer event. they went into a concert hall and attacked individuals in a concert hall. so soft targets -- ashley: the olympics would be the ultimate target, would it not? >> yeah. the issue is -- with all due respect to my wonderful colleague here -- they're just not prepared period. ashley: right. lion times contamination that would be, that would be acceptable here -- ashley: well, some of the athletes are wearing special suits if they have to go anywhere near the water. >> if you get three teaspoons of water in your mouth, you are at risk for a virus. and antibiotics do not kill viruses. they only kill bacteria. so, and then on top of that, you have some of the teams, they've been broken into, their rooms have been -- ashley: yes, australian athletes. >> so if you can break into a
11:27 am
room and get a computer, i can only imagine what the threat is with terrorists and bacteria and everything else. it's just disgusting, and they're not ready. ashley: and they start at the end of this week, by the way, so it's a bit chaotic, to say the least. breaking news out of florida, this one about zika. >> yeah. ten more people infected -- ashley: ten more. >> yes, correct. this is local mosquitoes. this is the first time we reported already four cases, the first time u.s. individuals were infected with the zika virus locally. this is u.s., basically, based. so now we've got the florida health department saying, yes, ten more people in florida. the governor of florida, rick scott, calling on the cdc, to activate emergency response teams to the area. ashley: well, the u.k., we know, is advising pregnant women not to go to south florida or to have sex in florida, which is pretty, you know, dramatic steps when there are nothing being told to pregnant women in this
11:28 am
country if they plan on going to south florida. >> yeah, that's a good point. ashley: interesting to see whether the u.s. government issues anything. >> right. ashley: let's check the price of oil very quickly for you. down by about 2.5%. will it drop below $40? we're keeping an eye on it. oversupply continues to be the issue. all good things come to an end for "game of thrones" fans. sorry, the show's creators making it official, they will wrap the show up after season eight. >> oh, no. ashley: season seven likely to premiere early summer of next year. but there is hope. hbo's programming chief says a spin-off has been discussed. and donald trump not happy about the timing of the presidential debates. they're up against prime time nfl games. the trump campaign says the timing benefits hillary. question for our media watchdog, does trump have a point? ♪ ♪
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
tree into don't forget there's a guest on the show tomorrow. donald trump 9:00 a.m. eastern. you do not want to miss this interview with stuart varney. look at the nasdaq hitting a new 52 week high right now.
11:33 am
5198, up 36 points. amazon, continuing to follow this big tech company hitting a new lifetime high after blowout earnings last week continues to move higher. now look at the drillers murphy, marathon come a dime and not shirk down 40 bugs and drillers are feeling the pain is well down for% or 5% across the board. donald trump attacking hillary on the economy. a clinton presidency would look a lot like the pasty years. "crooked hillary" equals obama's third term, which would be terrible news for economic growth seen below. there's a little graph. congressman chris collins come a trend supporter joins us now. congressman, thank you for joining us. i would imagine you agree with mr. trump that hillary clinton just as former year on what we've had with mr. obama. >> is certain they do come ashley.
11:34 am
she's campaigning with barack obama. she's not even trying to hide it. she's suggesting our economy is just fine here there is no problem she can see. we trust all others to bring data. more people living in poverty today than when obama took office. wages have been stagnant. our growth has been anemic at best. you can go one and not give the kids getting out of college are struggling, either underemployed or unemployed. when they say the economy is fine, america or 80% of america's shake their heads and though i'm not sure what world they are living in. donald trump is correct and i think hillary would agree. she does represent effectively a third obama term of stagnation. she mornings these words, and that no wage growth, and no true gdp growth than just a continued anemic economy and jobs are
11:35 am
children of the opportunity to live the american dream, which is why this election is so critical. ashley: it is. i wanted your thoughts on the debate debacle up against an donald trump says that plays right into hillary clinton's hands. she wants fewer viewers to watch. we agree. >> where i may disagree us quite frankly america is going to tune in from the donald trump hillary clinton debate. i feel sorry for the nfl. rumors say earlier at the choice between the falcons in the same thing donald and hillary. i think it's a no-brainer. the debate went out. >> i'm not sure when the buffalo bills are playing. they might be the only ones. trade to do you think the debates will be able to create a clear choice between the candidates and do you think it's
11:36 am
a time for donald trump to shine? >> when you think about it, hillary clinton hasn't done an interview. when she can't take a question from "the new york times" reporter, you know that she is not going to be quick on her feet. we also know there's nothing out of bounds. we will be hearing about monica lewinsky again. whether it's about whitewater, e-mail gate, foundation gave. hillary, you can defend the indefensible. hillary is going to be on the ropes, but she has to debate them and that is what america will turn into. it's going to be quite a spectacle. congressman chris collins, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. ashley: starting today, a new open carry of not allowing people to bring open carry on to
11:37 am
texas college campuses. chris wallace asking about the second amendment. pull that tape. >> the second amendment includes an individual right to bear arms. >> yes, but that right leg of their rights, first amendment rights, every right that we have is open to anyone subject to reasonable regulation. ashley: judge andrew napolitano is here to talk about that. >> i was actually surprised that her answer. i was surprised that she can see that heller versus the district of columbia, justice scalia opinion defining the individual right. before that opinion, she said it was they collect a right that belongs to the state national guard. it didn't belong to individuals. she made it enormously for she's being disingenuous. for her to say her rights are subject to regulation is the attitude of government progressives.
11:38 am
they are not right that they're subject to regulation. they become privileges. does the courts allow interference with civil liberties? yes, but under very narrow circumstances. christ did not ask her about this texas law. i can imagine she supports that coming at the reason for the texas law is twofold. you have the right to keep and bear arms in texas and the university of texas on property. it can permit you to carry a gun on the straight and not carry a gun on the university streets. 60 years ago there was this awful event work i got on the tower and started shooting fish in a barrel. he didn't stop until an english professor who headed deer rifle in his office started shooting back. if that had happened sooner, they would have been a lot fewer people killed. look at the virginia tech. if that didn't stop until an
11:39 am
off-duty military student ran out of the building into his car, got his gun which was unlawful in the state of virginia at the time and started shooting back here ashley: thanks. hillary clinton also discussed in the new scandal involving around the click foundation. roll tape on this. >> there is absolutely no connection between anything i did the secretary of state and the clinton foundation. people can say that, but i am proud of our philanthropic work, are personal, family philanthropic work. the work of the clinton foundation. i would like to see donald trump's tax returns to see how much philanthropy is ever done. >> she is handling it in an aggressive way, which is from her perspective the best thing to do, trying to turn it around. if you think i'm hiding some income at donald trump is hiding something as well. the coincidences are far too great. the most extreme is a canadian
11:40 am
businessman who she personally authorized to its own uranium stocks, which foreigners cannot own. he sold the stocks to a group in the kremlin, which then ended up owning vladimir putin controls 80% in utah in the u.s.a. so then he donated, he and his friends, $145 million. ashley: why haven't they been able to connect the dots because they are so clear. i have no faith in the irs. >> do you have any faith in the fbi if they let her off the hook on the e-mail scandal? the same mentality that decided not to prosecute her for espionage for the ibm contract evidence is unambiguous and overwhelming and decide whether or not to prosecute her. ashley: the clinton machine you just can't touch it? >> at the network of friends. for most of its existence, the foundation was not authorized to
11:41 am
collect sure to spend money and it collected and spent hundreds of millions. start with that. start with thought alone. ashley: we could go one all day. thank you so much. >> this will continue until november. congressman carr is right. take a look at stocks struggling to get any momentum going. just on the positive side of 14-point. 18446. truly amazing and scary video. an american skydiver didn't have a parachute on. 25,000 feet above the ground. he meant it in a giant net in the california desert. this 120 miles per hour. no injuries. 241 days is how long it has been since the last time hillary clinton gave a press conference. the media watchdog ways media watchdog weighs in on that one.
11:42 am
legalzoom. legal help is here.
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fact business brief. dow jones industrial average at 10-point losing streak by a days pay the s&p 500 at the last at the lifetime high and the nasdaq listed the highest levels of 2015. technology outpacing the other sector. as we speak about the nasdaq up to 62 week high, look at the winners there. google, alphabet. a-alpha that is a winner surgeon and profit.
11:44 am
you can see they are gaining. a look at hershey here did slightly higher over the last 52 weeks. this is her she with the state of pennsylvania after an investigation to lower the compensation of the board members. here's a look at amazon. another all-time high for amazon. 5:00 a.m. stard right here on fox business. lauren simonetti and i will see you there.
11:45 am
11:46 am
ashley: let's check the big board for you. struggling to get going on the upside by 14 points. the dow up 18447. s&p hitting an all-time high again. second session at 2178. right now 2175. trump taking on the debate commission and the nfl, saying that two of a scheduled presidential debates should be moved. up against primetime nfl games. read bozell, media research president center. listen, do you think donald trump has this debate complex? >> well, he wants as large an audience as possible. i find it interesting from the clinton campaign. she doesn't. this is the confidence level he feels. he's got aot riding on the line. it is true all of this was set up before he became the nominee.
11:47 am
still, he has every right to suggest that this not be done during the time of the most popular sport in america is running. train to a packers giants game. i was making fun of the file contents match. that's a big rivalry. i'll take that back. what are the chances of these things being moved close to zilch. >> is going to be hard. maybe you can organize something else. but i think it's more important is who is going to moderate these things and how good are the republicans going to be this time around? historically after-the-fact, does all sorts of mashing of cheese and expressions of frustration because the moderators were so one sided. you have to remember republicans sign off on these things. i'm watching to see to what degree are you going to have more partial moderators decide? ashley: how do you think they
11:48 am
match up? to be honest i can't wait for the first debate. how did they match up? donald trump, hillary clinton. >> you have to think of these in terms of not debates. these are shows. i don't know that donald trump on a single debate for the primaries. and yet he won the show every single time. i think people are going to watch it for the entertainment value and i think they'll win. here's another thing. we have to remember this. this is just a fact of life. the reason hillary clinton hasn't done a press conference in 240 days since december 5th of last year is because she just simply is not likable to the television screen. for a debate like this is concerned, donald trump is counting on that. she's just not likable on television. true to it because the shooter is questioned she just cannot
11:49 am
think of fee. >> she's looking away. she scowled when she laughs, it is force. god only knows what accent she's going to use depending on the audience. she does doesn't come across as likable. this is a reality. this is why she announced her presidential pain. she didn't even do that. the more she sold her book, she sold lots of books that are numbers that straight down. ashley: the more that donald trump and he made a big deal of this last news conference, does that put pressure on it or does she just ignore it? >> is going to try to bait her. that is what donald trump does as a rule. and i think she will be baited. if she decides to fight him on his terms, she's going to lose. she's going to have to find a
11:50 am
way to get him to fight her on her terms. donald trump doesn't seem to be a for those names. train to very quickly, can trump beat hillary debates to the point where he could win the nomination or the president date? >> no question. he really could peel the bark off the clinton lipstick if he wanted to. ashley: great expression. thank you very much. appreciate it. the big board dallas 13 points. the dow right now at 18446. check this out good a video shot from a helicopter in hawaii but they :-). an insider crater volcano. how cool is that? poke fraser speaking to reporters linking terrorism to capitalism. we will tell you what he said next. a big asteroid tomorrow. donald trump 9:00 a.m. eastern. do not miss it. i have asthma...
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11:55 am
chancellor angela merkel's open door policy. bavaria, the most populous state in the south, political leaders expressing opposition. tamara is here. i would pose to you that this could well be political suicide. >> well, yes. a million people came in last year and 13 people were recently killed. not just by bombs, but in acts, shooting, knife attack. three out of four of them were asylum seekers. some people are afraid and they feel like their country is under attack. ashley: she won't back down. she says i'm not changing my mind. >> or creed is we can do it. i think our position, of course i'm not defending this position, would be that the 13 people killed or out of the three attacks are for a tax is still brought in a million people in
11:56 am
most of them are safe people. i don't know if that's going to work. it does not give a lot of comfort when you are welcoming people into your country or who are running away from religious persecution and just persecution in general. ashley: next topic for you. hope francis opened up on radical islamic terror. he blames money in the global economy. here's what he said in an interview plane back from his trip to poland. he says terrorism grows and there is no other opinion. as long as the world economy has its center, the god of money and not the person of the words were all about money. we don't care about people. did that get a priest beheaded in france recently. i'm not understanding where he's going. >> i think he is singing that too much money is going to have fun except the catholic church.
11:57 am
ashley: income inequality he's trying to say that poor economic conditions lead to terrorists who are good. >> i don't know where it's going at this page are not going to get much support for the pope for me. the catholic church as a whole has kept its own people down, uneducated and poor. i'm probably going to get blasted for that opinion. ashley: on the vegans are violent. we should be picking on islam. >> what is he doing about this? what is his message other than the global economy is killing people. it's just a bizarre message to me. ashley: we will leave it there. by the way, a big test tomorrow. donald trump joining us 9:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss this one. more trends to ask after this. -- born "varney" after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
ashley: take a look at the big word.
12:00 pm
the gala 13 points now. i've been out across the flat line if that makes sense. really going nowhere on this monday. oil is going down 3%. 4019 while breaking 239 territory. by the way, donald trump here at 9:00 a.m. talking with stuart varney. don't miss it or take it away, charles payne. >> thank you very much, ashley. i am charles payne and four neil cavuto. the worst economic recovery since 1949 and the eurozone same sort of anemic growth 1.2%. hillary clinton promising major changes, saying the policies implemented right now, she likes them. they are working. >> you are offering tweaks. not a dramatic shift. >> i think what i'm offering our proven results. i think what i am offering is we can build on where we are. we are standing, but i'm not


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