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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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but it looks like donald trump missed that memo. david: eating good old kfc but he is eating it with a fork and knife. "risk & reward" starts now. >> i think that the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president, he is woefully unprepared to do this job, there has to come a point in which you say enough. >> president obama buy declaring donald trump unfit to become president. this is "risk & reward," i am liz in for deirdre bolton. this is president obama talking.
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have single-handedly destabilized middle east, handed iraq, libya and syria to isis, and allow -- >> is 98 days to general election. attacks are flying. suggesting that republicans should withdraw their support for mr. trump. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? liz: my next guest has endorsed donald trump, mike huckabee, he is joining me now. good to see you. >> good to see you, liz. i bet all over america, republicans are sitting on the emoedge of three seat waiting for instructs from obama on what to do, thank you so much
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mr. president. liz: what add nu give. >> he has to turn away from arging with people in the stands, he is the boxer in the ring, let him throw his punches toward her, don't take anything that heckler say to heart. walk away from it. he has a fight on his hands but the fight needs to be for the american people, for those workers who lost jobs and wages, who lost their homes and foreclosures, this is not his fight it their fight. and if he focuses on that he will win the election. liz: for some of his campaign donors, is he acting states man like? he is smearing john mccain's military record, and went after a judge on his ethnicity. and you know, going after the mother of the muslim solder
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whsoldier who lost hid life in 2004. is it getting harder for and you g.o.p. to defend mr. trump's actions, it seems like he is trying to lose. >> i don't think that. it is not harder for me to support him, i disagree with some of the ways he says, and the way he says him, but that does not dismiss his candidacy, this is what donald trump would do as president, this is what hillary clinton would do as president. whose supreme court would be better. whose administration would be better to protect your second amendment rights, donald trump's or hillary clinton? this is a huge contrast, this is real easy for me, donald trump said some things from time to time, i say oh, boy, but look. i am lets -- less concerned
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about some statements he makes because he makes a lot of staivments, i am more worried about hillary clinton who won't even face a press go outdo a spontaneous press conference, she is so programmed she is afraid and knows she is likely to step on her tongue get caught in a big one like she has been over and over again. liz: he labeled her the devil. >> he would have been a hero. but he made a deal with the devil, he is th xi jinping she -- she is the devil. liz. we go from crooked hillary to sat an, will that work, will it cast americans to not -- cause americans to not vote for hillary. >> here is the point i find amazing, are the liberals now believing in this devil?
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liberals don't believe much in theology, they don't believe in idea of personification of evil, why should shea they worry? it is ridiculous for democrats to say oh, no he killed hillary the devil, according to them there isn't one, they shouldn't worry about it. liz: you are being a little glib aren't you. >> i'm being a lot glib, you can't run away. you can't say there sudden a personification of evil and say he called me something i don't believe in. every needs to grow up a little bit. donald trump is donald trump. liz: i think that broad zoom thing right now, you talked about this is you know americans don't want a
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tutorial on how horrible the last 8 years, they want a vision of optimism, you go to a trump rally, people leave angry. and you went to a reagan or romney rally people left optimistic. >> i don't know that i agree with that, a lot of people come away optimist from trump rallies, they are saying america ises go doing great, we're going to start winning, we'll compete in the trade world and not get our heads handed to us in every trade deal, i think that is positive. and see i have been to some trump rallies, i don't see them walking away ready to burn america down, i see them ready to say, by golly, we can have a great america and turn it over to our kids and grand kids, it will be something to be proud of. >> i hear what you are saying. his speech was criticized as a dark vision of america.
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>> by whom, who criticized him. liz: a number of people, a little dark, a swing away from the make america great theme you brought up. >> look, i listened to hillary's speech it was all i could do even bill could not stay awake. i did my best, she was shrill, she seemed angry, if anybody watched her speech said that really just lifted my spirits, i was soaring into the heavens, write me a letter, tell me what you heard that i missed. opponent are always going to paint the other guy's speech as less than ideal, but you know there was a contrast, donald trump came out issue he talked about the america that we could be again. hillary i honestly felt i got a one hour lecture from my elementary school principal, she was scolding me for an hour, it was painful to watch.
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liz: governor thank you so much. >> i've been there many times. liz: now we head to our political power panel. should a president sitting president, you know say that the any candidate nominee is unfit? >> it is his right to say it, he said that in as many words before, he has a problem cannot naming his enemy, maybe this time he find will alley said -- finally said it. i think it fair to criticize donald trump. liz: i'm not surprised that president obama ahead these comments, he is concerned about a trump presidency. because under trump, he would undo obama's actions he creates through the executive
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branch, in his climate change agenda, and other initiatives. i think it is comical that under obama, isis is running wild. around the world. people are being terrorized, killed and murdered. this is under president obama's watch. he had less than 3% gdp growth since in office, clearly talking about being unfit there is a lot of things that happened under his watch that should not have happened. liz: great points. president obama undid george we -- president has done in last year, isy i cement a lot of his executive actions with rule making that can't be undone. does president have a vested
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interest in calling donald trump unfit. >> he has a invested u interest in donald trump not winning, barack obama is he and trump have a history, he knows that trump can't stand doing mocked or humiliated. that is what the president is very good at doing with donald trump, sort of playing him like a cat and a mouse, getting trump to react. which is what we did. he will do it more. liz: that is not states man like though. >> right. >> no, obama said a precedent that is dress dangerous, donald trump does those. it the make it more difficult for them to check donald trump. i think that say dangerous thing. >> because basically it is executive act affecting
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domestic policy. we have warren buffet challenging donald trump to release his tax return yesterday. >> i would be delighted to meet him any place, any time between now and election i'll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return, nobody is going to arrest us, he is not afraid. because of what of the irs. he is afraid because of you. >> this is the hot button issue for donald trump his tax returns. >> the more transparency the better, i'm sure sooner or later he will release them, another point to make, when is hillary clinton going to have a press conference? it has been more 200 days, americans would like to hear more from hillary clinton, i have visions of reporters roped off not long ago she didn't want to be faced with them. >> december of last year. >> republicans don't want to hear any more from hillary clinton.
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>> in terms of tax returns, he -- i don't think he will release them. and it is mitt romney said it well, he said, well, i mean, we all know that he is not releases them he does not want to you see them. if -- >> let me just ask, the 30,000 e-mails are erased how to we know if any of them had clinton foundations related in there or. >> we don't. >> okay, but going back to tax return if i could. >> you are not answering that question. >> what is was it. >> clinton foundation, hillary clinton's basically there rt 30,000 plus e-mails that were erased, there could have been information about clinton foundation, no transparency there. >> it done and said we've talked about it as much as we can.
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this is not apples and oranges. >> that is why so many americans don't trust hillary clinton. >> tax returns, what he most likely is hiding, is what is coming out not by me by prominent republicans. that he is hiding shading deals with russia. he -- >> we don't know. >> we don't know. >> julian final word. >> it could be subsidies he has or lack of paying taxes, looking at trump tower. >> or true net worth. >> he is not that wealth sne. >y.y. >> trump tower, he gets $164 million in subsidies come on. >> you are come back later? >> yes. thank you. >> breaking news ahead of democratic national committee, two other high level staffers
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leaving. amy daisy resigning after leaked everybody mails a-- e-mails appear to show committee favors hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and donald trump is warning that presidential election could be rigged, we have that next don't go away. >> it is rigged. i'm afraid that the election will be rigged. i have to be honest.
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built for business. >> i'm telling you november 8 we better be careful, that election is going to be rigged. i hope that the republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away last night. liz: a concern also shared by former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> anybody watching this
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campaign knows that at least 80% of elite media is in the tank for hillary. only thing that lead media want to do is go after donald trump. liz: joining me now, co-chairman of trump's great america pak ed rollins. >> they are foolish statements. we have not had an election stolen in a long time. voter still have a long way to go. is there advantage to democrats having elect oval votes yes. >> but in end of day to say voters it rigged it absurd. each side sets up is a bunch of lawyers that watch ballot places. and i think with exception of gore-bush race, that was close in florida, you know there has
5:19 pm
not been a close election that anyone can say was taken away and stolen. liz: what is the proof in their mind that the process is rigged? >> i think in trump's mind, there are states he wen can't win or make progress on. he started this in the primary. he beat very substantial candidates in very fair elections, sanders got beat by hillary clinton and bad. there was nothing close there. she won more votes and states. and if you want to win presidency, you win more states and more votes. liz: how do you think it plays with voters what donald trump or newt gingrich say that the election is rigged? >> i think it is setting up an excuse for some reason if you lose, making some of his voters that are antiestablishment they assume the worst, reality for those of us around politics for a
5:20 pm
long time, we have free elections. 99 out of 100 times they are fair. >> we also have donald trump saying -- >> they don't care. you are not going to beat paul ryan in wisconsin, you are not going to beat john mccain in a primary, he has a serious race in general in arizona. he is an 80-year-old man, he has been around a long time, and the state is changing. this should be a game of bringing your base back. >> you think this is a mistake? >> yes. liz: i looked at your reaction, president obama said about trump today. >> i think that republican nominee is unfit to serv as
5:21 pm
president, i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. liz: president making these comments in front of top officials in singapore. is it the president's place to make comes like that. >> it is totally not the president's place, and before foreign leaders is absurd. he is campaign as much as he wants for hillary, but you can't say he is not qualified, according to couldn' constitution he is qualified. he is a man with an extraordinary background in business and what have you. trump, we have other experiences, and trumps are valid. liz: hollande slamming donald
5:22 pm
trump saying he is engaging in excess is and sickening. >> i think that trump has shaken a lot of people up in europe in particular with conversations about nato, i think that will backfire, th the fact this french president is against trump, we should let americans make their choices weake. we have 100 plus days, we'll make our own choice. liz: it is irrelevant to the voters? >> total snow than totally. liz: thank you edrollins. >> u.s. launching airstrike campaign tonight. will this below -- the knock out blow to isis? and cdc, issuing a historic travel warning over zika in florida. get new facts in how to stay safe, coming up, don't go
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>> he didn't get to do enough, he didn't get enough support from the congress. liz: hillary clinton proposing $2 75 billion over 5 years to improve the country's roads and bridges issue saying this the create jobs and improve the economy. my power panel is back with me now. elaine does this make sense. >> nope. liz: why. >> i think what we have is hillary clinton pitching same sort of public work, stimulussary stuff we have -- stimulus era stuff that we have seen in obama administration, has not created jobs.
5:27 pm
but donald trump saying i am to double down on it. i just don't see a findingful difference. liz: it is expensive jobs? >> they would be temporary jobs, what happens when the work is done. i don't think this is going to work. with the stimulus, you know obama and jeffrey immelt joking about shovel-ready jobs, that is not a laughing matter, it is pro-growth initiative, lower taxes, less regulation, that is how we propel the economy to get people employed. liz: shovel-ready government spending right. >> there is creating jobs but also repairing infrastructure, everyone agrees we have to do.
5:28 pm
looking at nonpartisan reports about our bridges, and highways crumbling, but i love because, i just you know this sort of a -- the republicans trying to deal with trump being to the left of hillary on this. he wants to double, he talked about 3 trillion in infrastructure last summer. now he is 500 billion. >> it is outrageous. liz: hang on. show you what trump means by his infrastructure plan. on varney today, saying spending spice a twice as much he is how he said it will be fundd. >> we build our infrastructure we have no choice. >> who would put money into the fund? >> people. investors, people would. the citizens would put money into the fund, we will rebuild
5:29 pm
our infrastructure with that fund. it will be a great investment. it will put a lot of people to work. liz: he says going to bond market raising money from private investors. >> it is plausible as mexico paying to build a wall, it will come out of pockets of people. the people are taxpayers. but this is outrageous, more of the same you had from obama administration. we have two new york democrat liberals who are you know one recent convert. who are putting forth a bridge and tunnel policy. >> i do not, agree with in level of spending. liz: this happened in '81. probably worse recession that we just conditio went through. reagan in 81, then came in system 5 years later because at state and local level politicians fought identify it, right. >> no spending does not fix the problem we're already $20
5:30 pm
trillion in debt, trump supports minimum wage hikes i do not agree with that. she not conservative. >> it is nonsense call. the only time that trump ever had people invest in something was he put his casino and hotels on stock market it lost every ludicrous, it goes to his lack of fitness because he does not make sense. >> a problem with stimulus was isolationism of it. that is how we end up with pot holes. >> electrical grid, another night. thank you jillian, and sasha. >> thank you. liz: president obama defending
5:31 pm
his record to veterans, we have a general that thinks it is overrated. >> a pilot takes on a disruptive passenger on an american airlines flight. we'll tell you about that and what happend. >> sit down. sit down. enough, you don't put your hands on my flight atten attendant that is enough. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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>> do you mind sitting down. >> no, i don't. >> sir. >> sit down. sit down. enough. you don't put your hands it my flight attend ant, enough. >> you hear me. >> yep. >> you stay right there. liz: american airline pilot taking matters into his own hands last month, after an unruley passenger pushed, a flight attendant. passenger threatened to break her jaw, and refused to return to his seat but putting his hands on her. he was aarraigned in federal court monday. on charges of being intoxicated and disruptive. >> president obama allowing u.s. military to conduct airstrikes against isis in libya. my next guest said this administration is too late to the flight.
5:36 pm
retired general thomas mcnerney, what do you mean by too late. >> they have about 5,000 isis and other radical islamists in the area right now, we should have been attacking them sooner. you mentioned 30 day air campaign. 30 day air campaign that not sustained. it is a drizzle. the sorties first time was 7 from a harriers off the carrier wasp. that is a helicopter carrier. we are not putting in power of our air power in the real impact 24/7 and putting in say one to two00 sorties a -- 200 sorties a day to destroy the threats there immediately. like two years, liz we should have destroyed isis. we still have not hit their headquarters or main targets in raqqa yet. liz: point is that fact that isis was not destroyed.
5:37 pm
they have been out recruiting. bringing more people you know more recruits to their side. the question is, what do you think it will take to wipe them out of libya? >> new administration. this administration is not serious. the president has demonstrated that over the last two years. and if i -- i would give you a campaign of 1 to 200 sorties a day, we don't need our boots on ground. we need special operations forces. because they do not want our jeffer sonnian democracy, why should we shed our own men's "there will b blood to do that. and i approve what administration is doing in that area, but use much more intense air power, and be far more aggressive and change the rules of engagement. that is what it will take, this administration will not do that.
5:38 pm
liz: what do you mean by change the rules of engagement. >> you have to accept certain collateral damage in accordance with rules of land warfare. accept those laws. that means you can have collateral damage, it may mean civilian casualties if the enemy is embedded in them, you can do that this administration wants zero casualties, we're doing with our humanity towards them, we're creating the inhumanity towards the christians, and other muslims over there because we're prolonging this war. that is what i mean. liz: all right, sir. switching topics, president obama of the optimistic yesterday talking about v.a. progress on veteran healthcare. >> the days of waiting in line or mailing it in are over,
5:39 pm
we're finally moving in to the 21st century with helping our veterans, it's about time. liz: what do you make of president's optimism. >> well, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your whil health plan you can keep it those are just words, he is not walking the walk, he is talking the talk only. and fact is that veteran that i have talked to that use the v.a. centers are not seeing many changes. that is the thing that is so irk some some to us, all that talk, and no action. real problem is, until you get rid of that union, the v.a. is unionized and get more efficiency in there like a private sector hospital, you are not going to make the changes and get the efficiency you need, you can throw money at the problem but you are not going to fix it the president has not fixed it. liz: single payer right, thank you. >> right.
5:40 pm
liz: we appreciate you joining out show. thank you general. >> thank you. liz: oil slipping further into bear market territory, we bring yous late employment and the dcc -- cdc issuing a historic warning about zika in parts of florida, my next guest will tell you where and why when we come back. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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liz: florida has confirmed tep more home-grown cases of zika, people infection by local mosquito, that brings number of new zika cases to miami to 14. that 12 men and two women. zika virus is now in 46 states all but alaska, wyoming, new mexico,.
5:44 pm
>> now with me. doctor mark siegel said don't worry. >> you are right, states you show that have it, they were all travelers they got it somewhere else in caribbean or in brazil or colombia and brought it here. it does not spread locally unless a mosquito is there to spread it in florida, we had some mosquito, people came to one tiny area in florida, mosquito bit them, got the zika and transmitted it to few others, reason it will not extend, we have great mosquito control in florida, they live a couple of weeks, they never go beyond their neighborhood. they are local mosquito, it cannot have a dig spread in florida. it did not with dinghy fever that is endemic in mexico but never takes root in florida. liz: staying with zika, i want
5:45 pm
to ask about dinghy too. >> the same mosquito. liz: we heard that zika could be sexually transmitd. >> that is say lower risk, you talk about over a thousand cases, 15 sexually transmitted, it a risk. but you talk about my book of fear, every time we hear something is possible, we immediately think it is going to be us. we hear miami, suddenly it is whole state of florida, patients say i'm going to a wedding in miami am i safe, i said, you are not going to that square mile, and fear is normal. just not rational. liz: i hear what you say, cdc put out that map showing 4 states with the zika, what do you say? >> i think they should know that zika is mild virus, very mild flu symptoms, only people that need to worry are
5:46 pm
pregnant women, we see those fetuses tragic fetuses with tiny heads we think this is horrible. it makes us afraid. unless you are a pregnant woman with it then i would be concerned this is up to about 14% chance. be o be. >> we should be more worried about dengue? >> in terms of worldwide scorch, that is 400 million cases of dengue. we're on verge of a vaccine that is huge, i wish there was more of an awareness of dengue. liz: dr. marc siegel, thank you so much for joining us. >> great to see you. liz: there is the book. dow hitting longest losing
5:47 pm
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathing the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: oil settling 39.51 a barrel, lowest for a while, jeff flock is joining me now. reporter: quiet out to the floor there. it was a fight today, a fight for those trying to defend $40 a barrel oil, they lost in the end. in bear market territoryy, word is, hedge fund money is now betting it goes lower. we'll see where we go from there. they are shorting oil right now. did not hurt the stocks, oil
5:51 pm
stocks as much today as yesterday. but, most of oil stocks were flat or up just light slightly, i think bp up almost a percent. exxono mile up about a percent. the good news to this, continued decline of gasoline prices, $2 .12 is average gallon of regular that is a penniless than yesterday -- a penny, less than yesterday. it was 2.27 a month ago, 51 of last 52 days, have seen a decline in gas prices. maybe somehow a boost to the economy. too much oil. liz: still that story right thank you jeff. we have major averages closing the red, stocks dragging the dow lower for 7 straight sessions.
5:52 pm
in this environment, everyone, we have a lot of armageddon talk. we have famous investor jeff saying go to cash, we have goldman sachs back saying go to cash get out. where should you allocate your money right now, with me, micah lee. and cofoundedder jonas max ferris, what do you think? >> i think i am going to sell that double line. i will say, i was more on business mystic after the -- more optimistic after the quick crash, this was too much this was driven by interest rates going down and staying down. this is the level stocks are worth more because rates are lower, the problem is that oil thing, if oil goes to level it was a few months ago. you are getting to the situation where high-risk debt and junk bonds fall apart.
5:53 pm
it might head to a recession, if not domestically certainly a larger global recession that would send stocks down. that $40 thing it needs to stay above that to keep that highly leveraged oilic -- pipeline. liz: micah lee in. >> i think -- i think you have to go stick with s&p 500, i am positive on u.s. economy. if you look around you look deeper in numbers like the gdp report last week, u.s. consumer is booming. headline number was not what we wanted to see, but, beyond, that consumer spending, consumer sentiment these numbers are at pre-recession highs along with home prices. all this is happening, consumer is doing great.
5:54 pm
while the saving rate is doubled pre-recession. liz: a new one for you. i am asking you who is better for the economy? hillary clinton or donald trump? donald trump has a more optimistic agenda, he is about bringing economy growth back in by getting government off of the backs of u.s. tax payers, and hil hillary clinton is about more of the same president obama policies what do you? >> i am glad you asked, i think they will be better because of regulatory environment right now. but a republican candidate would be able to get meaningful tax reform through. then if there is any type of infrastructure not a democrat that gets it through a republican congress. liz: quickly. with us after the break, who is better? trump or hillary clinton. >> short one trump but they
5:55 pm
are both lousy. >> who is better? >> of the three, obama. >> hillary or trump? >> i -- i can't. they both -- trade agreements that is not good for stock. liz: stay right there, thank you for that multiword answer, we'll be back to wrap up the rest of the market, don't go away.
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>> ♪
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gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. liz: should people be going to cash right now, or should they be scared? >> not at all. we might have short-term volatility. but if you have more than a one day or one-week type horizon. the u.s. economy is doing well and any stimulus we get from a new administration will take us to another level. >> i would watch out for all
5:59 pm
these interest rate derivatives. anything people are buying because they think it's safer. you are better off with a small amount of money in high volatility stocks. although utility are overpriced in the last few weeks, all the consumer staples, all the stocks that don't fall when the market tanks, when all of a sudden it hits the fan, they will fall faster than the market. liz: where are you put your money now? >> bond fund through etfs. it's not a high yield thing. i'm just looking for where the money is not overly invested at this point. liz: thank you so much for joining us.
6:00 pm
coming up we are charles payne, making money with charles payne. [♪] charles: we begin the show with breaking news. donald trump proving yet again he's something of a wildcard. washington hasser in seen this report. "the washington post" reporting donald trump so far refusing to endorse paul ryan and john mccain in their primary battles. for speaker ryan the vote comes a week from donald trump saying i like paul, but these are horrible times for our country and we need strong leadership and i'm not quite there yet. let's not forget paul ryan used


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