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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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less coverage, worse benefits and it costs more. maria: dagen mcdowell, kevin kelley, morgan ortegas, great to see you. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, everyone. they were hostages and we pay grandson. the obama team loaded up at a marked cargo plane with 400 alien dollars cash. they fled to tehran almost immediately american hostages, yes we will use that word, were released. the administration settled an old debt. the iranian press jubilant called it a ransom payment. let's call it what it is again. ransom paid hostages. either way, to more americans have recently been arrested in iran. back home, open political warfare. meg whitman, republican pledges support and money for democrats.
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hillary clinton, without naming donald trump condemns isolationism from the nativism, protectionism. president obama tells the world that donald trump is unfit for the oval office. it is trump against the world this wednesday morning. look out below. boiled down, profits down, stocks down. the economy down, two with 96 days to the election. the good news, 14 states where the average price for gasoline is now below $2 a gallon. there they are. another big day. watch it unfold. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week and he keeps
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on proving it. >> he is one of the worst presidents, maybe the worst that we've ever had in the history of our country. stuart: i'm going to call that a contemptuous volley between president obama and donald trump. at the political backdrop to this. barring that the administration did with $400 million in cash to iran as american hostages were freed. what you see in your screen is the money coming off the plane in geneva in january of this year. critics are calling a ransom. ashley: by the way, none of that cash was in u.s. dollars. it was dangerous, swiss francs from other currencies because it's against u.s. law to conduct is with iran. back in january, the cash payment was made and four detained americans in tehran were released. the administration says this is just the first installment of a $1.7 billion agreement to settle
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a failed arms deal with tehran back to 1979. the coincidences are just too much. don't forget we are told that negotiators who they say were two separate deals. the arms deal and the hostages. the negotiators on the hostages apparently demanded money. they had to be seen to be getting something to release hostages. the administration completely denies this. the line on this is very clear. this now gives the message of money for half digits, four detainees at four detainees as he ran like to call them. stuart: $400 million for four hostages. and now there are two more iranian americans. ashley: they are worth a lot of money. stuart: thank you very much, sir. hello open for stats again.
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the dow has solid seven straight sections, the longest streak in several gears. keep in mind that in mind that i was only down 1.3%. that is not a huge decline. the market opens in 25 minutes. watch a break here. lower profits is a problem as well and so too is the price of oil. it is separate now, but crude has dropped 5% over the past week. we would get the latest read on the supply of oil at 10:30. right now it or demand dollars a barrel. a silver lining. not much of one, but it's there. the price of gas keeps going down. 212 is your national average. 14 states where gas is below $2 a gallon. we will tell you where the markets are short. tell me about the big oil companies recently. >> let's begin with global oil patches they like to say. the drillers getting hit over the past five sessions. downtime and a quarter% and the last five trading days.
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transocean 9.7% in murphy downtime and three quarters%. but look at the big oil stocks themselves. yes, they are hurting. exxonmobil down 5%. chevron done three. shell three. shall do a .5% in the last five sessions. >> you know this is not $100 billion of the value. ashley: out of saudi arabia how their economy is doing. not well at all. stuart: back to politics. donald trump against the world. george w. bush and meg whitman, the latest and trump saying will not endorse paul ryan writes primary race. jeff just give it is a trump guy from arizona. i know a lot of people who support donald trump, but they are in despair because he keeps going off on tangents. he keeps taking the bait.
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i can see you understand the problem. >> don't forget it's not donald trump versus the world good it is and as always and donald trump versus the establishment. the establishment does not want donald trump policies in place that are here for the american people. there is a political turn that make's politicians rich and sent them in the world. every name you name. stuart: you can't win without the ground. tribes already got his diehard loyal supporters. but he can't win without group of people. you must get the middle and is not getting the middle at the moment. >> i think is going to come around. when people look at the choices, all anybody has to do is read the book and didn't catch. stuart: when you say you hope it's going to come around, but you hope for is a stops chasing down his university case.
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the muslim couple who lost a son. that's where you talk about. >> uses strong leader and he answers questions. if anybody complains about anything, he answers questions. compare that to hillary clinton who have the drama scripted last december. she doesn't answer the questions. she is fully scripted. if she were to win, we have no clue. we can come you know what you get. he answers questions. stuart: donald trump tweeted this out very early this morning. there is a great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before. i want to thank everyone for your tremendous support. pete "crooked hillary." that is in response to rumors. your speculation, pure rumors that dissent within the trump campaign. your comment. >> everybody agrees we have to get donald trump is back it. i know that everybody is fighting tooth and nail.
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stuart: i don't know whether you can answer the question. is it donald trump versus the establishment politicians. the establishment staffers part of that campaign. is that what is going on? >> absolutely not. our campaign has attempted the employee base of his campaign has. we work a lot harder. we are there 6:00 a.m. until mid-night a lot of days with most the staff is even now. it's a very high stress environment, but everybody is working hard. we have a great campaign. stuart: yesterday on this program i wrote a sound bite of warren buffet where he was contemptuous for mr. trump did not take the bait. he did not go after warren buffett. kind of kept himself in check yesterday.
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>> i will say something on that which is hilarious pretending the middle class but she keeps parading billionaires to speak on her behalf. who is here for the middle class? stuart: good question. appreciate it. dramatic video for you. dubai international airport burst into flames. on the runway. what's going on? >> you can see the explosion there. none of the 282 passengers or 18 crew for a total of 300 were injured, which is remarkable. images on social media suggest a belly landing, meaning they could well have been a problem with the landing gear, which is incredibly busy a shot down for now, suspended. emirates airline has one of the best safety records coming from southern india to divide. trained to look at this. this is china's long-awaited
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straddling bus. it's officially hit the streets the lack trick, carries 300 people. it allows fast cars to pass through it. they sit on top. underneath it, cars go but really underneath it. we have this for you. the father of tyrone with, a former benghazi hero blasting hillary clinton for her interview with chris wallace or she suggested she did not lie to the big guns families. >> there are two options. one is either mrs. clinton or she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury she suffered. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> with the nuclear deal done, prisoners released, the time is right to resolve this dispute as well.
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transient house president obama back in january, talking about settling a dispute with iran. they fail to mention the cash payment of four americans re freed from iranian prisons. prisoners with us. he fought on the ground in the battle of benghazi. chris, i want your opinion on what i'm calling the band cash deal. as a ransom? the administration was just settling an old dead. >> we are continually being deceived by this administration. that's the way i see it. when you pay for ransoms or pay rent sense for anybody kidnapped overseas, whether terrorists or a country that sponsors terrorism, you are making a business. you are endangering the troops, personnel and diplomats downrange. that is essentially what he's done. stuart: you think this encourages more hostagetaking? >> oh yeah. you turn it into a business. i did protect the shortsighted anti-piracy off the coast of somalia.
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somalia still are continuing kidnapping the way fares go across the red sea. it is a huge business and what you do weekend is condoning it in showing weakness and that is something we can't have is the united states of america. stuart: so we pay ransom money or protection money. we pay money to somali pirate? >> that is under the table. you knows that the u.s. is paid grandson. we do pay money in the u.s. fleet do pay money to put personnel like myself on the ships so they don't get kidnapped. they usually will bypass our ships and attack a ship that does not security on it. you can find within the germans, within any other non-us flagships that you will find they have prisoners overseas being held up because waiting for ransoms to be paid. it just validates a big business.
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kidnapping is a big business for a terrorist and anyone that wants to make money. if they pay, they'll make this a bigger business than also the u.s. has the money and they will put it over. stuart: chris, i watch you listen to a char is with ted about hillary clinton. the father taiwan was to fight alongside you in benghazi. roll that tape. >> when they have the casket ceremony, she also lied to the american public because these are her words of rest as i can recall. rage was directed at american embassies as a result of that awful video that we were not responsible for. stuart: that is strong stuff for microwaved father stating that hillary clinton lied. and you say? >> she did live and she continues to die. it's a double standard within
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the liberal media, cnn and msnbc where they and msnbc were they condemn pat smith for speaking the truth. past that has been validated by mr. words. she's been two or three words, ties wife. hillary clinton didn't tell the truth and she's continually going on stage and not telling the truth. stuart: you did fight alongside him and you know him well? >> i knew him very well. he was a very good friend of mine. i want people to realize i saw him get hit by 81-millimeter mortars. i know what he went through and i know what the families are going through and i know what the woods are going through and the authorities are going through. to see hillary clinton continually get up there and tell lies in this respect family members is beyond me. stuart: you can't confirm in the battle of benghazi you were fighting and you are fighting an
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organized paramilitary group, not some rabble responding to a video. >> no. there is no video, no protest. nothing that day that would indicate that. we gave information in real-time that it was a terrorist attack good as on the ground gave information to our chain of command that is a terrorist attack and we need assistance. there was no video, no protest. this is a well-planned attack. stuart: thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you again. stuart: i'm going to break away. individual companies could look at crocs, way down. why is that? because they lowered their outlook. they look to the future and said it's not going to be so brave. down goes the stuff. a couple of bucks on an $11 stock. now this, the president of france, france five hollande is attacking donald trump viciously. he says his excesses taken him.
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this comes from a man who spent 10,000 bucks a month on a barber. now i want to show you this. a flight home from a european tour also on board the ashes of a fallen world war ii veteran. once they found out they were transporting remains committed honored him by saying it's a battle of the republic. we will go out on that. ♪ you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: listen to this, the president of france, françois hollande attacking donald trump vigorously. he accepts his excesses make you want to match. even to the united states, especially he speaks ill of a soldier or the memory of a soldier. is this the guy who is a $10,000 a month barber? >> events to get haircuts. he says a victory for donald trump could mean the rise of conservatism around the world, which were a socialist is absolutely dreadful. don't forget, donald trump recently sent out a string of
9:24 am
terrorist attacks in france. france is no longer friends. this is a bit in retaliation. stuart: i never did get this. john kerry visits in paris and took with him james taylor to strum his guitar in sympathy with the french. stuart: you can't make this up. ashley: going on social media, saying that the socialist to set them a normal president when he was elected four years ago, more than $10,000 a month for the haircut. stuart: i got that haircut. president obama yesterday stands right next to singapore and bfi donald trump. i think he joined dan. ashley: on the tpp.
9:25 am
stuart: do want to rollback? rollback by. >> he doesn't appear to have a thick knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he is woefully unprepared. stuart: the president joining in with françois hollande condemning donald trump get back to your money. a big day today for stocks finished lower. eight days lower. that will be the longest losing streak in five years. a big reason for all of this is the price of oil. at $39 a barrel this morning. below 40 bucks important. maybe the number 39 will change about point. opening bell macs. -- next.
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>> all right. 50 seconds until the opening bell this wednesday morning. a couple of numbers to bear in mind here. first of all, 39. that is the price of oil. when oil dropped below $40 a barrel, that gives the stock market a problem, it's at 39 this morning. second number, minus 20. that's how we expect the dow industrials to open up this morning because of the slide in the price of oil.
9:30 am
there is another number, but we don't get it until friday, that's the jobs report. a big number coming down because that's the state of the economy in terms of employment. if we get anything below, say, 150,000 new jobs for the month of july, that's a very bad report. we'll get it at 8:30 friday. bang! 9:30 eastern time. we're off and running and where are we going? we're going a fraction higher. [laughter] it wasn't expecting that. come on, we're up three points, up four. dear lord. we're up eight points. ashley: essentially flat. stuart: the futures, they were lying to me. >> never trust those guys. stuart: thank you, shah. the dow industrials, 30 of them. i'm trying to do the math. you can see it there, a lot of green, some red. and that's the state of play as we open up 4 points on the dow. check the price of oil. if it's at $39 a barrel, might have a problem. up a little bit, but still 39. where is gold?
9:31 am
been on a tear recently. the dow at 1367. another number that's important, the yield on the 10-year treasury. benchmark interest rate. 1.54%. i've got some individual stocks that are moving this morning, some big names, including clorox, lower profits, but the stock is up nearly two bucks. figure that one. different story at the health insurer humana, actually the same story, higher profits there and the stock is up a buck 53. occidental petroleum, yes, it's losing money and that's the result of lower oil prices and it's down a fraction, just about 1/2 of a percent. office depot, it's closing 300 stores. the market likes that, it's up close to 5%. progressive insurance, collecting more in premiums, profits down because of higher expenses and dead flat on progressive. a look at time warner, here is a stock to watch.
9:32 am
taking a 10% stake in hulu. and focus on oil. the number is $39.68 per barrel. and that is down 5% just since last wednesday. that is hurting stocks. okay, up a little bit now, but it's hurting the overall market, so, too, are lower profits. that's another negative for the stock market this morning. ashley webster is here, shah galani and dan is in chicago. dan do you first, add this up-- no, i'll go to you, shah. sorry about that, dan, hold on a second. lower corporate profits, 2 1/2% on the s&p 500, something like that the latest reports and pressure on the price of oil. now, do you think this adds up to the point where people should be selling? because a big selloff is coming. what do you say? >> i think a big selloff is possible, i don't know if it's-- >> the trend has been up so i think you have to go with the
9:33 am
trend, but we're starting on more defensive positions because corporate earnings now, it's the third quarter in a row, actually the fourth quarter in a row. revenues are down four quarters in a row. at some point the markets looks-- especially if they got in late, it might be time to take profit. however, we get any news anywhere, the wall of worry has climbed well and-- >> once again, there's no where else to put your money. the dow is down in the week. ashley: despite the losing streak. stuart: that's my point. ashley: i think it's healthy for the market to go side ways for a while, and catch its breath and see where we go from there. good for the market, although, bad news, i'm not sure, bad news,good news for the market because of the fed. >> at this point probably not. good news is bad news, because the good news is that the market is holding up and if the fed was going to raise rates, well, i think they'd have a hiccup because they don't know how to react and we'll find out
9:34 am
on friday what the economic unemployment numbers are. stuart: dan, do you think we're on the verge of a selloff with the profits down and down below $40 a barrel? >> i think it's going to come. corporate profits, if you look at what our economy did a lousy gdp number, the market has run so far ahead of the economy right now. something's got to give and the economy isn't going to bring us there right now. as far as this being the best house on the block and the best game in town, well, the fact is they're lousy houses right now. if anything, i'm neutral in the market and i'm not adding to positions. there's better places to put your money and that's in a bank or in the mattress at this point. stuart: what happens to the market, shah galani on friday, 8:30 eastern time. if we get a weak jobs report? by weak jobs report, i'm saying
9:35 am
150,000 new jobs or less? i think that will be weak. if we get that report, what happens to the market? >> it could get a pop because we could anticipate that the fed might do nothing and it might be a medium term pop. if the market goes down on bad news like that, then it's over. then i think the rally has probably seen the last days. i want a pointer for oil. can we put back up on the screen, the oil and drillers, please. if they're sold with oil at 39. they're sold. look at exxon, chevron, exxon by the way, down by $100 billion in value i believe in the past week, certainly the week and a half. that's extraordinary. that's a pointer towards the future of oil prices. the market's betting that it goes down some more. show me the drillers, because they're even more sensitive to the price of oil. they, too, are down again this morning. some of them by in percentage terms, all down again. and, oh, and the price of oil,
9:36 am
put it up again. $39 a barrel and it's up only 10 cents, we have a rally that was, it's fading. >> the question at what point are these good deals? is this bargain money? how low can they go? and can you get stocks by decent cost? >> would you jum webster? shah? >> oil is now in a correction mode. down 20 cents from the recent highs. if it's going to fall further, it's going into a bear market. i don't think it's time to buy the oil if it's going lower. stuart: the price of oil is stable and lower than the recent week and the price of stocks lower over the recent week. that's where we have it this wednesday morning. to politics, please, there have been a lot of distractions, the candidates-- distractions away from their economic plans. they're ignored. we have weak growth. what happens if we get a bad jobs report on friday, is that an opportunity, a political opportunity for donald trump?
9:37 am
what do you say, dan? >> you know, it should be a political opportunity, but this guy comes out and says something stupid every other day and he'll blow his chance. 's got to focus on what's going on on the economy and start thinking about what he's saying to the general public. stuart: dan, you have no idea how many trump supporters have said exactly the same thing to me. please, rein yourself in, stay on message, talk about the economy, talk about prosperity. ashley: he's got so much ammunition to use against hillary clinton, but he can't help himself, that's the problem. stuart: i think you're right. now on the program donald trump was with us at 9:00 and talked about his infrastructure plan. he wants a huge fund, maybe 500 billion dollars maybe up to a trillion dollars you and i, shah, would put our money in, we'd get bonds like in world war ii, and private enterprise would redo our infrastructure and he would renegotiate the contracts for rebuilding the infrastructure. do you like it? >> i love it. it's a great idea.
9:38 am
the private-public partnership is a great idea and in terms of infrastructure needs of the country, it's huge. and this is a fiscal policy that doesn't require budget busting. it's a great idea. stuart: okay. facebook, individual stocks again, the development here on facebook's instagram. it's got a new feature, it looks a lot like rival snapchat. nicole, explain it to me. nicole: i wish i had my 13-year-old to explain it to you because that's what he does. six months ago they compared facebook to the instagram to the snapchat. instagram was number one. six months later, into the so. snapchat is number one. quick answer, stories, the top of the instagram, ten seconds or see that on the video there. you can add all kinds of words, sayings, pictures, drawings. if at the south street seaport, it says it all over it.
9:39 am
and it's like graffiti on the instagram. and the thing, disappears, bye-bye within 24 hours, your friends can check out what you've been doing, even if it's risque and over the top and then it's gone by the next day. these are ten second stories about your life and of course, everybody needs to know, everything that goes on in a teenager's life minute to minute. stuart: so i'm told, nicole, so i am indeed-- that was a good explanation because instagram is part of facebook, they own it and facebook is i can making all kinds of inroads in video that we're increasingly passing around to each other. good report. nicole: snapchat is taking them on and exceeding them and catching up. stuart: that's interesting. i can't keep up. nicole, thanks indeed. big tech names, check them every day because that's where your money has been gog the last couple of years. amazon is down three bucks and it's up. apple at 105.
9:40 am
alphabet as in google,ed 798 a share. microsoft, i've got a little of it, 66.65. netflix, 93.97. is microsoft going to 60? >> absolutely. back on the show tomorrow morning. >> here we go. >> okay, now, listen to this one. google, we've got news on it. it will test a drone delivery program, a rival to amazon, of course, that they have the backing of the white house, what's that about? >> it's interesting, amazon is forced to do its testing in the u.k. because it could never get the regulations and rules approved in this country. so it's a response to that. google executives, including co-fonder larry page, chairman eric schmidt, 230 visits to the white house since president obama took office and one of the top lobbyists for google, joanna shelton, more than 60 visits. a lot of this came in late 2012 while google was undergoing an anti-trust investigation so kind of mixing with the people who were doing the investigation.
9:41 am
so there's no doubt they have sway at the white house. stuart: crony capitalism. all right, cronyism for sure, and why not. >> nice to have the white house as your public relations office. >> dan and shah, thank you for joining us this morning. where are we on the big board. we had a brief blip up. we're down five points. i'll call it dead flat. let's get to the latest bombshell. 400 million dollars cash flown to tehran just as american hostages were released. we're calling it what it is a ransom payment. judge napolitano on that next. ♪
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>> big names. we're watching them. you know them. this is etsy, it's a craft website. higher sales. up goes the stock 5%. and electronic arts and fifa soccer, "star wars," and downloads of games, more in fact. and the stock is not that much higher, 1% gain. fitbit, better profits and better sales, they go 11%. that's fitbit. crocs lowers the outlook. kate spade and other bags, cuts its forecast, down nearly 20% on kate spade. they move when they make the forecast. and the u.s. giving $400 million to iran right before americans hostages were released. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. is that ransom or what?
9:46 am
>> it's clearly ransom. and it marks a radical 180 degree change in the policy of the federal government to pay ransom because the theory of not paying ransom is you don't encourage the crazies and the terrorists and even foreign government like iran to sponsor to do this. stuart: now, the administration says that this $400 million all cash in swiss francs and euros as part of the settlement of a deal-- a debt that goes back to 1979. >> all right. stuart: it's purely coincidental that the cash was exchanged. >> and then there are the worst managers of pr in the modern era, if they think that people won't see that as more than just a coincidence. here is the administration's argument. there's two buildings not far from fifth avenue owned by iran seized by the government in 1979, worth collectively about 400 million dollars and the agreement, the controversial
9:47 am
agreement, the one that the president tricked the congress into requiring two-thirds in order to oppose, that he entered into with iran over the nuclear deal said we're going to return this to you plus interest on the building. the two buildings are 400 million. interest 1.7 billion. there's no numerical way to say that the interest from 1979 was four times the value of the buildings. the government says that part of this interest was cash. why would you pay it in cash. stuart: they couldn't pay it in american dollars because that would have been illegal. they paid in swiss francs and euros. >> exactly, exactly. is it unlawful to pay ransom? well, it depends who is receiving the random. it is a felony to provide material assistance to a terrorist organization. so if isis kidnapped someone and the federal government gave isis cash to release that person, as happy as we would be that they're released, that would be a crime, giving material assistance to a
9:48 am
terrorist organization. can the government of iran fairly be characterized as a terrorist organization. stuart: what happened if it was the iranian guard and they got the money? >> far easier to characterize. let's not be naive, the government rarely enforces the laws against hits self. i don't think i'm telling you anything that's new to you or to our viewers. stuart: but it's gotten away with all the time. >> yes, yes, and for admiral kirby and the others to say we told you about this months ago, it's just not there in the record. if that's the reason for the frustration and outrage this morning. stuart: thank you for joining us this morning, judge. >> you're welcome. yesterday, you said you'd have me back at 11:00, and somebody bumped me. stuart: the president of the united states. [laughter] see you at 11:00. >> okay.
9:49 am
now this, long story, listen to to, joe y votto attempted to catch a fly ball, a fan reached in, and votto unable to make the play. and votto grabbed the fan, and it was a red shirt, you're a reds fan, why would you interfere, the van got to sit in the dugout between innings and he got an autograph from mr. votto as you see right there. big smiles and ended happily, i believe. i'm not sure what that was all about, but-- >> and things happen. >> that's for sure. >> and wait, you can't see this. you've got to see this. a traffic jam, 74 miles long and this is real, ladies and gentlemen, caused by olympic lanes. the lanes have been set aside for transporting athletes and staff. a traffic nightmare. >> morning in l.a. stuart: and the olympics haven't started yet.
9:50 am
yeah, a friday afternoon, friday evening 8:00 eastern and there's this, too. michael phelps will carry the united states flag during the opening ceremony and that was announced this morning. i've got one more on politics, seems that donald trump is at war with everyone. ari fleisch is going to join us, the former secretary to the white house under president bush and this is what he said in april about trump. >> i want whoever our nominee is to win and i wrote an open letter, number one, stop fighting with everybody and not be so nasty. u. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask.
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> i wrote him an open letter ap suggested to him, number one, that he stop fighting with everybody and not be so nasty. what he's doing is pushing away the people he needs to get over the 50% threshold. he's energized and locked up 35, 40% of the country by be tough and being an outsider. stuart: that was aria fleischer, rein yourself in. look who is here, ari fleischer. welcome to the program. >> good morning. stuart: i would be quite stark
9:55 am
about this, donald trump cannot win the election in november unless he pulls the republicans back into his fold and makes peace with the world. what do you say? >> well, i think it's actually more fundamental, yes, he has to pull the republicans back into the foam and he has to make hillary his opponent, not the khan family or a judge from indiana. you know politics, can he do it? >> he has had two terrible weeks in a row and 14 weeks yet. and if he doesn't turn it around, he'll be the biggest loser he can imagine. he is throwing away a winnable race. stuart: surely the republicans have laid this message heavily. >> i think with donald trump and i've seen this with billionaire, when everybody tells them do this, do this, do
9:56 am
this, they go and do the opposite to prove that they can do it this way. and trump is a fish out of water with politics. because he won a primary with 14 million votes does not men he can win the general election when he needs 60 to 65 million votes. stuart: he's got so much good material. the e-mail scandal, the declining economy, terror, the fallout in the middle east, there's this wonderful material that any republican just could hammer his opponent with, but he goes off on a tangent about some judge in the university case or the parents of a fallen soldier. it's almost inexplicable why he does it. >> think about last friday he was given the golden opportunity. validating everything donald trump has been saying. the economy growing slowest since 1949. does trump immediately pounce on it and make that the message. day and call hillary 1.2% hillary and make the case this is why incomes are flat, income
9:57 am
inequality, how come people can't pay their college loans? no, he's still fighting about the khans. fundamental mistakes. stuart: you wrote the letter in april spelling out what you think trump should do. all right, let's suppose it's here and now and you're addressing donald trump. tell him what you think he should do. >> stop counter punching. you've got to be such a got to be such a good counter puncher, you're knocking yourself out. stuart: ari fleischer. much more on the $400 million ransom payment to iran. we hand over the money and hostages go free. and john bolten with that momentarily. and the man whose son was killed in benghazi, and hillary is lying to him. what he says in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> picture this, agents of the american federal government
10:00 am
load an unmarked cargo plane with $400 million cash, mostly swiss francs and euros. the money goes straight to the iranian government. and four americans held captive by iran are released and the u.s.-iran nuclear deal is formally ratified. was it a ransom payment? yes, says iran, no says the american media. no, a payment of an old debt and a coincidence. and since then, two iranians americans have been seized by, and citizens from france and-- >> if the americans pay $400 million. how much from the other governments. is the going rate $100 million apiece. so the president's foreign policy has come to this. death and destruction across the middle east and migrants
10:01 am
and terror and a deal that looks worse every day. the second hour of varney is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. you're looking at the big board going nowhere. the dow industrial is down a mere three points we got the ism, the services sector report virtually flat. no big deal, no reaction on the market at this point. i want to give you more on the iran ransom story, okay, as we're looking at the big board. i've got more in a second. the market is flat, down three points and oil just below $40 a barrel. it's now at 41, 39.9 the 2. and a couple of stocks in the news. i'll get to the iran story in a moment. time warner better profits. hulu. but look at crocs, the shoe people, lower sales, they're down 17%.
10:02 am
fitbit wins and they have new devices and people like them and the stock is up 10%. back to the cash ransom deal. 400 million dollar ransom paid to the iranian government. the state department releasing this statement. here is the quote. the funds that were transferred to iran were related solely to the settlement of a longstanding claim at the u.s.-iran claims tribunal at the haig. that's out today. and from this, the house foreign affairs committee chair, ed royce, the lodge guess particulars of this payment, literally delivering a planeful of crash to avoid u.s. law shows the lengths that the obama administration will go to to accommodate iran all while hiding the facts from congress and the american people. >> you know the statements and know about the cash. what's your take on this, ambassador? >> there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that the release of
10:03 am
the hostages by iran, the payment of a $1.7 billion settlement of which 400 million in cash was the first installment and the iran nuclear deal were part of a package. now, were they considered separate agreements? sure. look, i've done this myself. but the notion that they were pursuely coincidental, utterly unrelated was false. let me say it again. false. stuart: did we pay ransom for the release of hostages? did we pay? >> absolutely. and iran understood it that way and so does the rest of the world. stuart: now, isn't it illegal to pay ransom to hostages-- for hostages when the people who seized the hostages are terrorists? that's illegal, isn't it? >> well, look, iran is, and rightly so, on our list of state sponsors of terrorism, has been for a long time. i think the reason that this all got wrapped together is
10:04 am
that the administration made a political decision that they couldn't do the nuclear deal unless they got at least some of the american hostages released. and so, i could easily imagine after a hard day of making american concession, john kerry saying to the iranians saying let's talk about the hostages and they said we're not going to link that to the nuclear deal, but we'll talk about the hostages if you talk about our $1.7 billion and kerry said yes, these are independent and let's talk, away they want. so it was a payment in exchange for the hostages, it may have been a separate agreement, they have been negotiated technical details by separate people as part of one big deal. stuart: now, briefly, mr. ambassador, where does this leave the iran nuke deal? >> well, i think it's further evidence of what a diplomatic waterloo it was for the united states. it's an act of humiliation, of abasement by the united states to bundle up cash for the iranians. let them get their own cash,
10:05 am
for god's sake and for admiral kirby to make the statement that he did that you just quoted is it a shameful act and he should feel humiliated that he did, as should the united states, to a terrorism sponsoring, nuclear seeking regime of the ayatollah. stuart: thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i've got breaking news from italy. italy is considering letting the u.s. use bases to bomb isis. ashley: in particular in sicily. up until now they've allowed the u.s. to use drone strikes from there, in particular to defend their forces, but now they're saying, look, yes, you can use the air space. you can use the base to attack from to use planes because they want to see significant process made against islam state militants there and elsewhere. and yes, we're willing to allow more use. stuart: that's a breakthrough. that is a breakthrough,
10:06 am
american planes will take off from italy and bomb isis, from western europe they'll be bombing isis. ashley: helps for the u.s. attack on isis. stuart: got it. now, president obama calls donald trump unfit for the presidency. ivanka trump responds to that. >> i totally disagree. i think he'd be an excellent presidentment my father spokes to enormous business, what does the country need? they need business. he understands how to obtain them because he has. he understands how to put this country to work so i think that makes him very qualified. stuart: tammy bruce is with us this morning. it occurs to me that ivanka trump brought it right back to the economy which is surely a winning issue for donald trump if he could only get to it. >> she's obviously a great proxy for him, a great surrogate. people like her. all their kids, of course, are well-respected. that's a smart move.
10:07 am
of course we'll have that opinion of her father, but we see her and the father, subjective about the comment. the comment on mr. trump being unfit came as the same days a the 400 million. and deutsche bank, the noncouple portion of the economy, businesses that create jobs, grew at a negative 0.2. stuart: right. >> that's for four quarters, that's a recession. so, that news hits. the news, of course, we know about the home ownership rates, lowest in 51 years. all of those in the few days and suddenly, mr. obama is saying something outrageous and ridiculous about mr. trump. and i think perhaps that's part of trying to drive the headlines about the economy down. stuart: exactly right. the president comes along and says what he said. dominating the news cycle. and everybody forgets about the poor performance of the economy. >> i don't think they're forgetting it. he's handing to the media what they need know the to cover the
10:08 am
news. stuart: what the media wants. >> yes. stuart: even when donald trump tries to get back on message, the media looks to pounce on anything, like this. roll that tape. >> don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies, i hear that baby crying, i like it. i like it. what a baby. actually i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. don't worry, i think believe me having a baby crying while i'm speaking. stuart: that's kind of funny. >> everyone is laughing, it's a joke. stuart: look how the media reacted this morning from the l.a. times. today's trump target, a crying baby. ashley: oh, my gosh. stuart: and this from the guardian, uber left, donald trump's treatment of a crying baby reveals his total lack of-- good lord. ashley: they don't understand a joke.
10:09 am
stuart: donald trump wants to get on message. >> and president reagan learned to go for the media. donald trump could find a cure for cancer and he would be condemned. and it's a point where the left and media always goes too far. and it begins, they begin to sound like charlie brown's teacher. they're at that point. they're not being listened to. mr. trump's challenge is to move past that, he knows what they're doing. it's to stay on that message. thank goodness now we're in an age where there's more than just three stations where we can have this conversation, where the internet is there and american people realize what's going on. the media is doing too far. this is obsession and desperation because they do know the economic numbers and they know that this will make donald trump the president in the fall. stuart: well said, tammy bruce. good stuff. now this. a daredevil couple performing some stunts on america's got talent, things nearly turned deadly when the wife shoots a flaming arrow at her husband. wait for it. the arrow, i'll tell you in a moment.
10:10 am
wait for it. ashley: oh, the suspension. stuart: the spends is building. >> it misses the target and i think we actually saw that, it misses the target and hits the husband in the throat. >> in the throat. >> in the throat, he repeats. the judges stunned and the husband walks away and the script says unharmed. >> he's go the talent of survival. we know that much. >> yeah. >> oh, deer. >> and tropical storm earl, soon to be a hurricane, headed to mexico, and leaving a trail of destruction in the doe mminin and guatemala. >> mark kelly, the twin of astronaut scott kelly. he's here to talk guns. ♪
10:11 am
with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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10:14 am
>> there are two options, one is either mrs. clinton is lying, or else she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury that she suffered. see also lied to the american public. >> that was charles woods, the father of benghazi victim tyrone woods. he says hillary clinton lied to the american public about benghazi, he is on this program shortly. let's check the big board, we've gone up, not a lot. 18, 342 where we are. i want to bring you tesla, a lot of people own the stock. they're going to record a number, 228, that could change. the next case, clinton says, she says she doesn't want to take away your guns. okay? watch this.
10:15 am
>> the second amendment includes an individual right to bear arms. >> yes, but that right, like every other of our rights, our first amendment rights, every right that we have is open to and even subject to reasonable regulation. stuart: with us now is former astronaut and husband, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. captain kelly, very good to see you. >> thank you, good morning, stuart. stuart: now, despite what happened to your wife, that terrible tragedy, shot by a young man, as i recall, you favor, you own guns, but you favor some means of getting guns out of the hands of mentally disturbed people. i think i'm stating your case accurately there, sir? >> yes, stuart, i'm a gun owner, gabby is a gun owner, i own six or seven firearms, i'm a strong supporter of the second amendment. you know, as secretary clinton was just talking to about the, you know, rights of people to own firearms, but it's not only
10:16 am
about people that are mentally ill. we make it incredibly easy for felons, domestic abusers and even terrorists to get easy access to firearms and certainly doesn't make sense. stuart: how would you restrict that ownership of firearms to the people that you've mentioned, specifically, how do you do that? >> well, you know, first of all, if you're a felon, domestic abuser ar adjudicated mentally ill you're not allowed to own a firearm. in the current system we only do background checks for 60%, we think of gun sales through a licensed firearms dealer. you can go to a gun show and get a gun without a background check and we know that felons, you know, that's when they're denied at a licensed deal, the obvious place to go. it doesn't make sense that we allow that huge loophole. stuart: i got that. but you know, america is a -- i know this from my own
10:17 am
experience, i was born and raised in england. never saw a gun until i came to america years ago. that's the culture of britain. i think america is a special place because we do allow our citizens to be armed just in case we need to defend ourselves from felons or the government. now, here we have a case where you try to restrict the ownership of defensive mechanisms, guns, just as we're being attacked from within by terrorists. and the gun lobby says, hey, don't disarm me while we're under attack. how do you respond to that argument? >> well, i mean, what you're referring to is disarming responsible people and that's not what we're trying to address here. we have a system with these huge loopholes in it. most, i mean the majority of guns that are sold are done with a background check. we know that 2 million prohibited purchasers over about a 10 year period tried to purchase firearms, failed a background check.
10:18 am
where do you think they then go to get their gun? i mean, they go, obviously, you can buy it over the internet in most places or you can go to a gun show. so, what you're referring to, i 100% agree with. you know, that responsible citizen should have the right to protect themselves in the home, you know, the supreme court had a ruling on that in 2008, that, you know, the second amendment means you have an individual right. i agree with that. but why do we make it easy for a terrorist to come here to the united states and walk into a gun show and buy whatever firearm they want? i mean, it's clear that we're not safer by maintaining these loopholes in our laws. stuart: we appreciate you being with us, this debate is not over, it will never be over, but we shall continue it. captain kelly, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. stuart: look at at that dramatic footage from dubai. a plane crash lands at the airport. 300 on board, you're seeing flames and black smoke and
10:19 am
there was an explosion right there. no injuries reported and no cause for that crash landing or the fire and explosion. none of that's been established yet, but that's a big deal in dubai. we have this, another big health insurer losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of obamacare. those health insurers are just not making money. >> affordable, affordable, there's a reason, affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right. i'll bring you this breaking news. a washington d.c. metro police officer has been charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. ashley: this is the first law enforcement officer arrested on
10:23 am
charges. he's been with metro police 13 years. a veteran. what did he do? according to the fbi he tried to send money to isis through a mobile-based gift card for $245 bucks in july last month and the fbi was onto him and arrested him today. so, interesting. stuart: yes, i'll say. a metro d.c. police officer. ashley: sending money to isis. stuart: good lord. i've got to move on to obamacare. my opinion is that it continues to unravel and more companies want out of it. who is the latest? >> we know that united health and blue cross/blue shield are canceling or scaling back and aetna, the next to reconsider its participation in obamacare, canceling plans, it was going to expand into more states on the individual exchanges and it's know the going to do that now and currently offering coverage in 15 states and seriously looking at pulling back from some of the states and expects to lose $300
10:24 am
million this year on obamacare. got over 11 million people enrolled in obamacare with them. the problem is that the premiums are too low and the people who have signed on are sicker than people thought, going through the roof. stuart: speaking of that on november 1st, november the 1st, eight days before the election, big premium increases are supposed to take effect. tammy, that's politically dynamite, it's terrible. >> it is and you know, throughout obamacare, they've managed to kind of delay certain things that would impact the elections that we've seen over the last eight years, whether it's the small business mandate and all of those things, things were pushed off and delayed because it has an impact on elections. doane be surprised if we see it pushed off if they manage to do that past the election, they've done it before. stuart: they've done it before? >> things like the window, supposed to be a closure window
10:25 am
to get obamacare. and because no one was signing up, they expanded those, people were waiting until they got sick to sign up. so the windows are supposed to keep that from happening, but they expanded them arbitrarily to get people in and that's what's saddled insurers with more sick people than healthy ones because they waited. and i believe they'll try to do it. they've been successful before and may be successful again. stuart: i say one of the reasons for the sluggish economy is deductibles with obamacare. 6, 7,000 bucks out of your own pocket before the insurance kicks in. >> for businesses and the individuals, because the rules are delayed and changed and they never know what's coming so you retreat because you don't know what's going to come for the next quarter and that's a job killer. stuart: yes, it is. i'm going to show you something
10:26 am
unusual, some call it creepy, a robot from japan. it has an expressive mask-like face, a body of gears and wires and a neural network to move by itself without any help from humans. we thought we'd show it to you. the latest reading on how much oil we have he got in storage comes out in a couple of minutes and that could move that number $40 a barrel is the current number. let's see where it goes after we get those oil and reserve numbers. and donald trump revealing a huge infrastructure plan on this program. he's going to double hillary's infrastructure budgets. we'll bring you part of that interview which are making big headlines, by the way. more next. ♪
10:27 am
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10:30 am
stuart: wiki now, news of how much oil we got in rich, how many girls put into or taken out of storage. ashley: we just started up 1.41 million. expecting a draw down of 1.3 million. that should put a lot of pressure on oil. stuart: you've got a klutz. a slightly larger to the tuneup 1,000,003 barrels. dow jones the price. and going down some more. that is not going to help the stock market. we're probably going to see a rally of 20 points. that will probably go away and oil is that 39.
10:31 am
he trades oil over at the chicago merc. scott, this is getting bigger and prices are heading south. >> welcome to the united states at the incredulous. look at this, we've got to build almost as much as we thought we were going to draw. at the end of the day, we are down 70 cents then when we open up this morning. what is going to really make this price turnaround. we had a weaker dollar and it's not hurting. if that is the case, we can continue with the downward stock market. >> all aeros a narrow market points out momentarily up 1 cent at the moment. would you agree with me that is probably bad news for the overall stock market?
10:32 am
>> it is. it hasn't happened in a bunch of years. we are all going to be sitting here waiting for what will happen on friday and that's a binary event. this doesn't help going into that number. stuart: thank you. check the stock market was virtually flat. we were up 20-point now with 11 points. down 3 million. less gasoline, which was hailed lot larger than expected. stuart: that might help loyal not drop as much. it won't help me when i fill up the price of town & country van. look at this. kate spade. i know that company. i had four daughters. lower profits and the forecast. down 20% just under 16 bucks. office depot closed in 300 stores.
10:33 am
they made less money and the market loves it. donald trump on this program said he doesn't like what he sees in the stock market. watch this. >> i got out and it was actually very good timing. interest rates are artificially low. you have been very scary scenarios out there. the only reason the stock market is very days is because you get the money. stuart: you've got a point right there. in the interview yesterday i sent specifically to donald trump, with the market at these levels, which you advise a small investor to put money in it this time? no, don't do it. you are a money guy. >> i think we can connect the dots between the politics and financial world. what we see as the stock market
10:34 am
has an incredible disconnect. a week underlying economy. the consumer are barely hanging on just slightly in the positive territory. but when i look at wall street, the s&p very near all-time high. similar to the same disconnect politically are totally disconnect did from the voters who are having a very hard time. to answer your question, unfortunately he is right. this is not a great time to be investing unless we can kickstart economic growth and that clearly is not going to happen. i am hopeful it will happen in 2017 under president trump. stuart: i want to pause for a second. it is up 77 cents a barrel, it even though we've got more oil in storage. the stock market is turned around now after nearly 40 points. oil and stocks moving in tandem.
10:35 am
i'm going to get back to you. donald trump outlined the infrastructure plan. 500 billion, maybe a trillion. you and i put that i put that money into payson ventures. we rebuilt the nation's infrastructure. that made some headlines, but i thought that was a wonderful piece of news come a fine plan for infrastructure. it was just blown away by what the president said about trump and this morning about the crying baby at the rally. trump can't catch a break, can he? >> he hasn't lately, but it's going to. the american people can see through the fog that the media is trying to create. that baby -- that was a very funny interchange. there is nothing cruel. that's the desperation of the media. the media is truly desperate. they reached a point where they almost can't them the donald trump could be elected president and regular people in this
10:36 am
country they don't know about that happens to be west of new york and houston ballet followed a lot of people who weren't doing terribly well. what we do right now is not working. not work in terms national security or economic growth. goes to macro issues and about her crying baby or an interchange with the gold star family. eventually we get to those macro issues into the debate when we get to see the two of them go person-to-person, head-to-head. we are going to win on those macro issues. america is not growing. i will tell you as a conservative i don't love hearing about massive government spending. on the other hand because -- stuart: it's not government tax money. thanks for joining us. get the economic message out there. stuart: psn $400 million cash to
10:37 am
iran as americans were freed. critics call it a ransom. listen to what judge napolitano said on this program. roll tape. >> it marks a radical 180-degree change in the policy of the federal government to pay rent them because the theory of not paying ransom is you don't encourage the crazies, the terrorists, even foreign governments to sponsor or do this. stuart: a former cia covert operation. welcome to the program. i want you to tell us what happens in the world now that is acknowledged that maybe we paid $100 million for hostage. >> is a couple parts here. nobody outside the administration is privy to the dynamics of how this played out. we have to be careful about this. the other part is the administration doesn't seem to do what they always do which is
10:38 am
assuming the american public is either too or doesn't have the attention span and understand what this looks like. regardless of what admiral kirby and others have wanted to say and how they want to present this, the optic is awful. more importantly, it doesn't matter whether we think it was three and 10. the iranian regime is per train it is ransom. they say we got this in exchange for this and they've been fairly clear about that. what we call it doesn't matter because they win like they have in most aspects of the nuclear deal. stuart: they've taken into custody in recent weeks and months to more iranian americans and also nationals from france, written in canada. more hostages being stepped up for another $100 billion. >> we shouldn't mince words about it. they were hostages and they were
10:39 am
used as part of this whole process. as a bargaining chip. the administration i understand why they want to create this firewall, but it's broken down now. it matters what the other side sees it as. stuart: have got to raise this issue. we just heard a d.c. transit officer has been charged with trying to help iss. that's a very serious thing when the transit officer friend ian died is allegedly helping isis. it reminds me a little bit of the terrorists and friend who helps let the priest drove. turns out he was a baggage handler. the >> we've seen this before in europe. some of these simple traditions. that's what they are looking for. if anybody is out there recruiting for isis, what do they want? they want the access and the ability across borders or whether it's internally as a potential target.
10:40 am
stuart: mike baker, thank you as always. over 100 miles of endless fun, too. hillary clinton accused of lying to the american public about the dossier. the father says clinton lied to it. tonight to the american public. he is next. >> she also lied to the american public. these are her words as best as i can recall. rage was directed at american embassies as a result of that awful video. medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. >> just in case you forgot, transcendence stars at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. here's what you missed last hour. >> she did lie. she continues to lie. a double standard within the media where they condemn pat smith for speaking the truth. it is sad to say past that has been validated. she's been validated by dorothy
10:43 am
woods, which was tyler's wife. hillary clinton didn't tell the truth and she continually is going up on stage and not telling the truth. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: supercomputer maker cray, long time ago has cut its revenue forecast. smoke damage at a manufacturing facility is down 27%. speaking with chris wallace, hillary clinton responded to accusations from families of benghazi vick dems who had said she lied about what actually led to the attack. here's hillary clinton's response. >> i don't resist for anyone am not alone in may not fully recall everything that was there was an eerie if you go back and read everything that i said that day, and i quoted people who talk about it being terrorism. i had already said it was terrorism.
10:46 am
there is no doubt it was terrorism. stuart: our next guest is the father of tyrone was who gave his life defending in benghazi, libya. welcome to the program. i hate to go over difficult ground for you. we just heard hillary clinton saying she had already said that at the time that it was terrorism. is that true? what should she say to you directly? >> welcome the she said directly to me we are going to have the person responsible for the video arrested and the video was the cause of my son's death. she estimated similar state and in some of the other family members. obviously, either hillary clinton is telling an untruth or she has a bad memory. stuart: now, there is no distortion because of what has happened in the past.
10:47 am
i believe you carry believe you kerry rightly or or a pocketbook you carry around and you write everything down in it. is that accurate? mac yes, i carry a diary with me. i've done it for many, many years. in that diary, i write down what cap is that particular day. if you would like to, i can read what martine exactly the words that were said. i've done this so many times. i'm sure people in heard this before. i give hillary a hug and shook her hand and she said we are going to have the filmmaker arrested he was responsible for the death of my son. stuart: and this took place. she said that to you on what occasion, when your son's body was returned to america? >> yes, when the bodies were returned to america, there was a large room. there were couches, things like
10:48 am
that in the different people such as joe biden, such as the president, leon panetta, hillary clinton came around to each group and spoke individually to each family member while she was being escorted by the secret service people. that's what she told me. she was probably in some other part of the building. hillary said exactly the same thing to her. she blamed the attack on the video. not only did she lied to the gold star families. we are talking about a half-hour, 45 minutes later when we had the casket ceremony. she stood in front of my son, the flag draped casket. she blamed the rage directed towards the american embassies on quote, unquote that awful video that we had nothing to do with. she lied not only the gold star families, she also lied to the
10:49 am
american people. how do we know she lied? she talked with the prime minister of egypt and this is what she said. this is a recorded statement being released.e told the primef egypt that this was a terrorist attack in that it had nothing to do with the video. she also e-mailed her daughter, chelsea, and said this was an al qaeda attack. or mrs. clinton has a bad memory or she is lying. she is lying to the american public or to the prime minister and her daughter. stuart: why do you think it is bigger terrible story has received relatively little? >> what bothers me is the hypocrisy of the media. they have been hounding donald trump or whatever implies he said said about the family. he called on an american hero. when hillary called the gold
10:50 am
star families liars, that is serious business. but why hasn't the media focused on that? for five, six days, they focused on trump. he didn't call them something as outrageous as a liar. why doesn't the media continue to attack hillary until she makes an apology to the gold star families to lying to god and the american people? stuart: charleswood, we are very glad you on this program and the media telling your story. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: north korea firing missiles again. just shut off two of them. one exploded right away, the other travel 600 miles in japanese waters. japan calls that an unforgettable acts of violence. meanwhile, google visited the white house or its executives
10:51 am
did more than any other technology company. it is now getting help from the obama administration. possibly millions of dollars to study drone delivery. more on that. we will be back in a moment. ♪
10:52 am
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stuart: back now with a look at the market for you. the dow was down 21 points trying to break a seven-day losing streak. take a look at oil. 1.4 million barrels in storage. oil dropping below 40 bucks i'm not news. now it is up close to 2% because of an unexpected drawdown in gasoline supplies. we are also following a break and story. the washington d.c. metro police officer charged with trying to help isis. his name is nicholas young, a member police force and 2003. the first law-enforcement officer arrested on isis related charges. more on this with donald trump's foreign-policy adviser in the next hour. next hour, getting briefed on what is coming up saying i need
10:56 am
more milk for my tea. are you telling him. nsa whistleblower says the he has hillary clinton's 30,000 deleted e-mails. judge napolitano on that. one of donald trump's economic advisers on the half trillion dollars infrastructure plan unveiled on this very program you today. plus, a lot about the republican insider in the mainstream media about the democrats are in total disarray. in case you menaced a coming shift away your future and how you >> it is not donald trump versus the world. it has always been donald trump versus the establishment. the establishment is not on donald trump policy in place for the american people. there is a political turn that makes politicians rich and sends them in the world. he's looking to upset the balance of power. stuart: you know politics.
10:57 am
you can't win without the center ground. trump has his diehard loyal supporters. but he can't win with that group. he must get the medal and is not getting the middle both. >> i think it's going to come around. when people look at the choices, all anybody has to do is read the book clinton patch and i'll never vote for hillary clinton.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: our three at "varney & company" starts with your money, the performance of your cake type close to the price of oil which is up at this moment despite a built in the amount of oil that god is george. the reason was a surprise draw down in gasoline supplies. that is why the stocks are up in the price of oil is up. a seven-day losing streak. the economy is still very shaky. you add it all up in your money may yet take honors age in this
11:01 am
election. so far it's got nothing to do with the economy. it is who is the least worst candidate. america sent $400 million cash to iran and four american hostages were released at the same time. did we pay ransom? is any americans safe overseas? that is another black mark on every nuclear deal the president regards as a major foreign-policy achievement. by the way, to more americans seized the cash payment was made. at home, open political warfare between the president and donald trump. it furthers it in the republican party and another corporate leader banners trumpeting his money and support to hillary clinton. meg whitman, 96 days to the election. it seemed like the whole world versus the whole world. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin.
11:02 am
>> it's an act of humiliation of the race meant by the united states to buy not cash for the every man's. let them get their own cash for god sakes. to have admiral kirby made the statement is a shameful act from him. he should feel humiliated that he's been a part of the -- of the united states that we've done this. stuart: you heard it right there. ambassador john bolton on the $4 billion -- $4 million paid to iran by s. it wasn't payment in exchange for hostages. check the big board. a modest rally 10 points higher. look at the price of oil. we've got to rate how much storage with god and to win out. an interesting market going on here. the price of gasoline keeps on falling.
11:03 am
212 is your national average. fort king states which have an average price below $2 a gallon. back to the oil stock, we have got more oil in storage, yet the price of oil went up. that's not right. ashley: gasoline ended tory has dropped by 3.3 million barrels. more than 10 times expected. that is giving some support to the overall price of oil. i can since we were up 30-point losing a bit of it seemed because overall we know we have a novel lot of oil and sign-up for your up another 1.5 million barrels or that ultimately has got to work. >> big oil stocks are mostly sober at this point. back to ride around an 11-point rally for the dow. it is all things on hold at this moment.
11:04 am
all kinds of things can happen. we are following a developing story. a washington d.c. metro police officer charged with attempting to support isis. he was trying to send money. >> a mobile-based gift card traditionally used apparently to send money to isis. allegedly did this last month trying to send 245 bucks to isis. his name is nicholas young, veteran of the master authority police and washington d.c. he'd been on the force 13 years, but according to the complaint he tried to send the money. the same messaging services use to recruit. it's a very well-known method to get in touch. very interesting development. but he's the first law-enforcement officer to be charged with this crime. 13 year veteran.
11:05 am
stuart: with us now is mercedes shellac ph is a republican. isn't this exactly the kind of thing that donald trump should be focusing on right now? >> absolutely, stuart. when we talk about the importance, he talked about it at the convention. donald trump spoke about national security at home and abroad. this is one of the strongest point donald trump has in his back pocket because under president obama, what we've seen is an expansion of isis is that what he did yesterday where he decided now it's time to go into libya and start these u.s. airstrikes. this is a president who admitted it was one of the worst stakes of this president be. stuart: you've got to get donald trump to focus on this. hold on to second. i want to bring more on what we are calling when then paid to iran in exchange for $400 million. we got the hostages back.
11:06 am
bake at $400 million. our incompetent secretary of state, hillary clinton was the one who started talks to give $409 cash. scandal. again mercedes, trump is focusing on this. let's hope they can break through the media stonewall and make it get public more. that's what he needs to do surely. >> absolutely. the challenge for donald trump is realizing his primary focus is on hillary clinton and barack osama's record. if he was able to stay on that target and not accepting the other distractions on these other issues including sats having, i think he could win in november. this is not being donald trump said is the only one that can make the shift we are while hoping for on the republican
11:07 am
side. stuart: here is something else he should focus on more in the media. he outlined an infrastructure plan. he give us some details yesterday. roll the tape. >> we look at a find and make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates and rebuild our infrastructure. stuart: who would put money into that kind? >> tivo. investors. the citizens would put money into the fund. we will rebuild our infrastructure with that fund and it will be a great investment and it's going to put a lot of people to work. we need jobs. if you look him in the real numbers not 5%. it's probably closer to 20% because people have given up looking for jobs. stuart: here's the plan, bring out the money together in excess of half a trillion dollars from private people.
11:08 am
you create bonds. they buy the bonds and use the money to fix infrastructure to renegotiate deals with the people who build the infrastructure. that is his plan. what is wrong with that? >> i've got to tell you i think it's very innovative. i like the idea of bringing the private sector into the game where they are able to help finance, help build these projects and that is why when donald trump and the fact he does have this building experience, that he comes from the air. his ability to say let's bring investors into the process here but we don't put a burden on the private citizens allowed, it is a win-win for the economy. stuart: i get the impression that the republican party is lending us heavily at a canned to say stay on message, about the economy, make it about hillary clinton, about her scandals. if you listening? >> at this point when trump started saying the poll numbers continue to drop and hillary is gaining ground here, i think
11:09 am
he's got to realize his campaign is going to be in trouble. those campaign advisers if they are truly wanted to help them, they better get in his ear and say look, dad, you need to change gears here. the focus is hillary clinton. she's a weak candidate, a pathological liar. that figure down to win in november. stuart: we hear you. >> you'd better hear me, too. stuart: always a pleasure. get back to your money. a look at the big board up 16-point and about half the dow stocks in thegreen. this might be the first we will show you from a russian hockey game. what a trick shot this is. picks up the ball with a stick, chucks the stick like a spear with the puck on net. the goalie dives into the net. you don't see that in the nfl. that is a goal.
11:10 am
nothing wrong with that. never part from the government accountability office. the pair of alcohol tobacco and i arrived since illegally keeping personal information on gun owners. buffalo judge napolitano say about that? he is next. how about this for hypocrisy? the president of france, friends but someone who spends 10,000 bucks on a haircut calls out trump for his excesses. more transfixed in a moment. ashley: he doesn't have a lot of hair.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: caesars entertainment. you know them from the vegas strip. they lost $2 billion. they have charges related to their bankruptcy reorganization. the stock is down nearly 8% back to seven.. new fundraising numbers in the trump campaign for the month of july. ashley: trump is 18 million of
11:14 am
fund raising, which is pretty good. according to "politico," hillary clinton raised 90 million. relatively close. stuart: a whistleblower says the nsa has access to all of hillary clinton's deleted e-mails when she was secretary of state. the fbi just had to ask for them. let's see. napolitano is here. give us the inside track. >> the inside track as the fbi does not have to ask. they have to access. the fbi illegally but unconstitutionally, only in america can we have that dichotomy under constitutional and because congress have the authority, the fbi's access to this. this is not just in a whistleblower. this is a 30 year veteran of the nsa. who devised the software that
11:15 am
the nsa uses to capture the metadata and content of every e-mail text message cell phone call who quit the nsa because he felt their authority was being abused. stuart: this is always the criticism of the nsa, that they scooped up everything, including those deleted e-mail. stuart: the government bureaucrat and politicians have said no, no, it's just metadata. once and for all from a 30 year veteran they have content. stuart: why can't we go got them? >> that's a very good question. if the nurse up over here, i would suggest you ask him why did the access these e-mails from the nsa? why did you re-create what he destroyed on her server? why did you televise many of them could not be created when you knew but they existed.
11:16 am
if he gets them there and if the nsa lets them the nsa list and have them come and the government will admit dumping has been denying for 20 years. stuart: which way would you like it to go? >> lavaca to go to the truth. stuart: you went to see the e-mails and the government acknowledged they scooped up everything. >> yes, i do. it is a policy decision based on a lie because the fbi not to get what it knew it could get. if you get your way, it will be politically in your favorite because it's anti-hillary and it would be constitutionally in your favor because it would show up at the nsa has been doing. >> my railway would prohibit the nsa for a gathering and could only target. stuart: before we have a fight, i'm going to move on. a new report.
11:17 am
a new report shines the atf, alcohol tobacco and i her arms as he won the illegally compiling personal information from gun owners. >> here's how this works. you go to buy a gun in new york or new jersey where you many homes are. do you make an application of asked for background information and you get back to the local authorities in the decide will give you a permit. they send it to washington to see if there's anything that would disable you from owning a gun. once they sign off on you, they can keep the information that they must remove the identifiers so they can keep it for statistical purposes. the atf is not removing the ident desires, which allows them to continue to accumulate information about gun owners to which they are expressly not
11:18 am
entitled under this statute. i nodded at the atf revealed this. stuart: what are you going to do about it? >> talk about it on your wonderful show. stuart: i'm not taking a joke about it here this is serious business. >> when the government is trusted for purposes to see if your person to admit god i may have to destroy the information and that they don't because they keep accumulating more and more information about people and it's none of their business. stuart: thank you very much. check the big word. it is a very modest rally. we arrived 20 odd points. by the way, oil is back above $40 a barrel. you can add traffic to the laundry list at the rio olympics. what you're looking out of the 75-mile jam caused by lanes dedicated to athletes and staff.
11:19 am
they can use those planes. everybody else uses the traffic jam blame. how about this. google taking on amazon with its own delivery drone. that is google in america. amazon has to test in britain to avoid our regulations here. is google getting a pass because its executives have a very close relationship with the obama white house? you could question that, couldn't you? back in a moment. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
stuart: wal-mart reportedly in talks to buy an online discount retailer ashley: was trained to take amazon on at its own game. guess what happened. it was very tough indeed did kind of a sad ending to it however, wal-mart coming in and buying will give it a nice used in a speedy home delivery of rain, which is so desperately trying to get ahead in. stuart: due for another story
11:24 am
from the national institutes of health. this is new. they conducted what i believe is the first clinical trial of eight zika vaccine. ashley: that's right. it's going to take a long time to develop the vaccine to get fda approval. it can take years. this is on a fast track and once this thing is finally done, the zika virus may have died out. there is no vaccine for this come as a better start because it could be a while. stuart: the advisory for pregnant women in that area. we have google. they are getting into the drone delivery business. they are going to be testing here in america. there is a back story to this. ashley: because amazon has been billing multiple rounds for the faa and has given up trying to overcome roles to test these deliveries and has gone to the
11:25 am
u.k. who were very welcoming. this is kind of a response to the white house saying we can help google. google has spent a lot of time visiting the white house. eric schmidt, chairman, 200 dirty visits according to the white house guestbook list. i worked it out since the beginning of the obama administration. i did the calculation of how many days the president has been office. it is about one every 12 days. stuart: are you implying crony capitalism? there's a special relationship between google and the white house. privilege on drone delivery? i do think drone delivery will be an enormous factor in our diets. >> a billion dollars industry created 100,000 jobs than a decade. stuart: especially in rural areas. i can see how that would go down while delivering to a remote area. good stuff, ashley.
11:26 am
thank you to the markets. silly modest rally. the dow industrial up to 30 points in the price of oil back above $40 a barrel. they are writing in tandem. oil up, stock said. a scary moment for a man in arizona. broadcasting is to minimize on periscope. it looks a little crazy. what happened was a bolt of lightning strikes right next to him. he's a preacher, by the way. what does that tell him? he was shaken up, but he was not injured. he continued after the lightning strike next ahead. big story of the day. the obama administration paid the ransom. $400 million cash went to the iranians. we got four hostages back for that. 100 million apiece. trump made ms. on "varney & company." one of the people who trump goes two for economic advice coming
11:27 am
up on that plan. we will be back.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: 22 point rally, not huge but we are up, the price of oil above $40 a barrel. that help stocks, oil up, stocks up, that is the relationship, it is holding.
11:31 am
goldman sachs, the federal reserve says it ordered goldman to pay $36 million because of the data leak. so what? investors pushed stock up to and a half dollars. the online discount retailer barely changing stock prices. a developing story, washington dc metro police officer charged with attempting to support isis. i don't believe a police officer is being so charged ever before. ashley: first time ever. he was a veteran of the dc transit police authority, his name is nicholas young, accused of trying to use a service used by isis to contact people and recruit them. trying to send $245 to isis last month. they track such things and he
11:32 am
has been taken into custody. stuart: allegedly the bad guys have one of their own on the inside. that is what they are saying. that is a frightening story. back to the big story of the day, the us paid $400 million in ransom to iran for the release of four american captives. wally ferris is fox's foreign policy advisor, you know the story, what are your thoughts on this? >> the iran deal did not have an effect on the behavior of strategic intentions of the regime. the mere idea the regime after having signed such an agreement or agreed on such an agreement have hostages and people detained after being paid
11:33 am
billions of dollars and the way the administration is behaving by paying ransom money is evidence this whole issue is iran. >> we paid $400 million for the release of four americans, is that the going price for a hostage? $100 million apiece? is that it? >> that is very bad because it does not stop pro uranian militias or anyone close to the regime in the region, other places around the world to do the same, capture americans and there are other nationalities captured in iran so this is not good. stuart: donald trump was on the show yesterday. we asked about his possible plan to monitor mosques in the united states if he is elected president.
11:34 am
roll tape. they close down 20 mosques that were associated with radical islam. would you do something similar in america? charles: we have to be very vigilant and part of the vigilance is looking at the mosques. stuart: you are his foreign policy advisor. he is saying we have to be very vigilant of the mosques. i am reading between the lines, that stepped up surveillance. >> the issue is not the building of a mosque or the theology. the issue is the jihadists penetrating these mosques by individuals or clerics. look at the french have done, stopped foreign funding, but saudi arabia, egypt, lebanon, they are concerned about what is happening, these are the muslim sunni country so to look at the radicalization in the mosques at
11:35 am
a minimum as a minimum at least. stuart: with daily events on the terror front surely that is prime material for donald trump to exploit in the campaign. can you have a word with mister trump and tell him not to go off on tangents and stick to the message? >> i cannot advise on tv but what i am doing is providing advice with regard to national security issues and if you read carefully and i'm sure you did, foreign policy speeches where you see the horror when he is elected. stuart: the very hostile media pics on extraneous objects rather than getting to the nitty-gritty of what donald trump is saying. you have the media against you full force. >> absolutely. it was projected and after the convention this is what is happening. here is a limitation of the media. the media gathered people in the
11:36 am
other direction. they are just trying to cross mister trump's campaign but the social media is going in different directions. undercurrent going in different directions, not being influenced by what the numbers show. charles: thanks for joining us. donald trump was on the program yesterday and he laid out infrastructure, he says you have a low interest rate fund with money put in by private investors, maybe up to $1 trillion. the money in your fund would be used to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. peter navarro, donald trump surrogate, is with us. this seems to me to be the private enterprise version of rebuilding america's infrastructure. you think that plan would work? >> no question. it works around the world. if you look at canada, australia
11:37 am
and great britain, other countries have finely tuned public/private partnerships where private equity money goes in, roads, bridges, highways, water systems. in america we have investor-owned utilities, toll roads. all donald trump will do is bring his tremendous business acumen to the table, create funds which we don't have to build the infrastructure we desperately need. two thumbs up to this. stuart: one other point mister trump would need is renegotiate contract with people who build out infrastructure. i thought that was as important as the fund itself, where the money comes from. if you go on in the same old same old way, we get a very inefficient costly system for building roads and bridges.
11:38 am
>> exactly right. the difference between the trump administration and everything we have seen is somebody in the white house who understands how to cut deals on behalf of the american people but we now have a bunch of bureaucrats working with the business community getting outsmarted, not structuring deals in a way which is good for the taxpayer or the consumer and donald trump will bring that expertise to the table. we will be renegotiating a lot of deals, infrastructure and everything in between. charles: can you get mister trump to pound the table on the economy? it a slowing badly. >> the gross domestic product is flatlining. we will wind up at the same place when barack obama leaves office, when he took office in 2008 the tragedy is we spent
11:39 am
trillions in fiscal stimulus, screwed up the balance sheet of the federal reserve. the white house and the congress have been trying to solve the economic problems through old-style keynesian fiscal stimulus. that won't work. we have a structural problem the root of which is our enormous trade deficit which cut our growth rate in half, score 70,000 factories which has suppressed wages in america and donald trump, two issues that are key at the top of his list is the economy, national security, on the economy the most important thing is to eliminate that $800 trillion trade deficit that we get every year which is dragging us down. stuart: you don't talk like an academic from southern california. i think your job is in jeopardy. >> i will take that as a complement. in orange county, the home of john wayne. stuart: try to imitate that
11:40 am
accent. >> i will stick to economics. stuart: see you again soon. i have one for you. hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman says she is going to vote for hillary clinton, she is endorsing hillary clinton, she is nominally a republican. >> she has been a big republican fundraiser, not for donald trump, calling him a demagogue, a dangerous demagogue. she says it is time to put the country before the party. she was contacted by hillary a month ago and was lobbied by her, you cannot support donald trump surely. she got to meg whitman who decided to jump on board the hillary train. the clinton campaign believe a high profile gop leaders who could go to the other side. stuart: the market has a 20 point gain for the dow jones industrial average, and even split between winners and losers on the big board.
11:41 am
look at at the. it will reassess its involvement with obamacare, the president have signature health care law seems to be unraveling. the world is piling on donald trump, chaos within the republican party but don't forget the democrats. three more top dnc officials out of a job. more fallout from the release of those hacked emails in a moment.
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, to the downside the dow down 30, up 30, down 30 up 40, we are up 23, we will see if the dow is down eight days in a row. the s&p is up one point, the nasdaq is down one at this moment. financials are doing well, energy, goldman sachs settling over leaked documents, you see goldman and jpmorgan leading the way. sales growth numbers, 4% gains better than 13% gains, down 20%, 21% and question whether or not that raises other things like michael coors and coach, some analysts really like coach. joining 20% trade. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad.
11:44 am
and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
11:45 am
stuart: walmart reportedly in talks with, jet tried to take on amazon, had a hard time of it, walmart went to expand online, major headlines all about donald trump and the chaos within the gop. there is a feud tween house speaker ryan, senator john mccain and trump going at each other.
11:46 am
he will not endorse either of them in their primary fights and george bush could freaking trump's policies in a private campaign event in ohio. and on the democrat side, just as much chaos, every wasserman schultz out, new today three more top dnc officials out following that hack. look who is here, murdoch, little mention of what is going on among the democrats. read any newspaper, the republicans are all over each other, nothing about the democrats. >> the chaos among democrats tends to be internal. the ceo, cfo, communications director are out of the hacking scandal. tends to be focused in the headquarters of the democratic party. the republican party you have
11:47 am
the nominee fighting with senators, speaker of the house, meg whitman who grand for governor of california, bushes not getting in thing, trump having ongoing unproductive and foolish fight with the con family. we won the media opposed to trump, everything going on on the right and largely ignore what is going on on the left. if you look at the hacked emails you can see major news network guys who are in bed with, very closely, senior democrats, chuck todd arranging a phone call to get the dnc together with mike, forget the last name -- they are together in a way you never should be. >> it is not just biased the collusion, collaboration. we believe that sort of bias
11:48 am
steps beyond that. anytime to beat up on trump the mainstream media will do so. he needs to let this roll off his back and focus on the shortcomings of hillary clinton which are manifest and multiple and the fact the economy is barely crawling on the floor. stuart: material available for donald trump the economy, email scandal, terror, it goes on and on. >> the clinton investigation, hillary clinton faces, state department, department of justice. stuart: trump goes off on tangents. >> somebody needs to shut down his twitter account. i hope what trump does, whether it is paul manaforte, grab that, you can do this, the republican party nominee, you could become president of the united states if you focus, be specific, shut
11:49 am
your twitter account down, focused, well-written speeches, you could be president of the united states. stuart: his supporters don't want that, they want trump unleashed, off the comp donald trump because he is entertaining. >> we are not seeking to let -- elect entertainment, we want someone who will stop hillary clinton from doubling down on obama which will happen if these republicans like meg whitman and the upstate republican congressman drift off and endorsed -- stuart: congressman has endorsed hillary clinton. >> obamacare becomes permanent, supreme court rather than to the right will be to the left and continue more spending and worst of all regulators in dc will unleash on the private sector. stuart: you are one voice among thousands of republicans saying focus. thanks, appreciate it. check the big board, a modest
11:50 am
gain, 20 points. a wild seen on an american airlines flight. a drunk passenger gets in a scuffle with a flight attendant, the pilot comes out of the cockpit, asks the passenger to calm down, the passenger pushes the flight attendant out of the way and look what happens, along comes the pilot and he tackles the guy. here comes the pilot. wrestled him to the floor of the plane and says don't do it again, stay there. i want that pilot on my next american airlines flight. can you be there? check this out. china testing a new electric mega bus carrying 300 people, straddles the street. you can drive a car underneath. ashley: get stuck behind it. just goes under it. they are the people on the top. the cars underneath, that is new from china. we will be back. ♪
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
11:54 am
woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. stuart: the republican national committee has released a statement on the $400 million payment we made to iran in return for the hostages.
11:55 am
ashley: saying in part the, quote, obama/clinton foreign-policy not only means cutting a dangerous nuclear deal with the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism, it also means paying them a secret ransom with cargo planes full of cash. the cash was on the plane. stuart: that is the statement. huber has let the chinese company dd buyout its operations. where will huber try to expand next? adam schapiro follows the story. ashley: the middle east, they are in 500 cities across the globe. the largest markets saves them $1 billion just to compete in china. they just got an investment in saudi arabia to the tune of $3 billion. the saudi arabian public investment fund put $3 billion
11:56 am
into huber, it started raising money they had a total of 12 funding rounds. about 15 different examples of raising money to the tune of $3.9 billion. they want to concentrate on the middle east and with the saudi's behind them why not? stuart: why should a company like huber go public if you bring in all the money you need? why go to all that trouble? you don't need to. >> the ceo and cofounder said he wants to wait as long as possible before going public. there are certain requirements which would require them to file the same forms and public disclosure once they reach a certain of investors. they can keep this information private so they are hovering in
11:57 am
the realm of we keep this close to our vest and raise $3 billion. why would we go public? stuart: thank you very much. here is a complicated story, not sure i understand it but joey tried to take a fly ball going into the stands. as he reached in, a fan interfered, couldn't make the play. and frustration, he grabs
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: and i am on, surprise, 12 seconds before we hit charles payne. markets flat, oil up slightly, big job number coming, treading water, at 12 noon exactly, charles is yours. charles: you are always on. the dow jones industrial average hoping to break the 7-day losing streak. a down day would mean the biggest losing streak in 5 years so stocks are down calling for donald trump to speak up. i am charles payne. there is fear among republicans the donald trump's latest step will divert republicans from the economic message he should be pounding former republican presidential candidate ben carson on this, donald trump needs to get back on message. you are close to donald trump, what everyone called the straight shooter.


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