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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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funds are being exhausted calling on lawmakers to get more money for the fight. oil back above $40 and the dow trying to snap a 7-day losing streak. i will be on it tonight on making money, here is trish taking you through the next hour. trish: a bombshell report from the wall street journal that the united states delivered half $1 billion in cash to iran in an unmarked cargo plane on the same day that iran release four american hostages. the obama administration is saying nothing to see here, critics argue that cash payment amounts to ransom. one of the reporters that broke this story will join me in an exclusive interview. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report," i am trish regan, the wall street journal reporting $400 million in cash was airlifted to iran on the same day four americans who were
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held in tehran were released. the state department is trying to downplay timing saying it is a coincidence. >> we don't pay ransom. it is our policy. this was not ransom. any suggestion that it had anything to do with ransom is utterly false. trish: yet the us does acknowledge the iranian negotiators wanted the cash because they wanted to show they got something in the deal. since the cash payment was made, two more uranian americans have been detained. has this deal put americans at greater risk? does it suggest the united states of america is willing to pay ransom and what does it mean for hillary clinton who brags that it was she who initially got he ran to the table to talk? blake berman is breaking down this controversial story. >> any time you fly $400 million halfway around the world it will
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draw some suspicions, this one even more so considering the money was a payment from the united states to iran. the obama administration is adamant this was part of a larger settlement with iran the dates to 1979. the payment and immediate aftermath of a prisoner swap with iran, leaving many to question whether the middle of the night cash payout was a ransom payment. the white house says that is not the case and this private jet cash delivery was the best way to get iran the money it was owed. >> the fact of the matter is the united states does not have a banking relationship with iran. the reason for that is the administration, the obama administration kept in place tough financial implications against iran. >> reporter: many republicans say this is the classic case of
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ransom, paul ryan released a statement earlier today reading if true, this report confirms our long-standing suspicion that the administration paid a ransom in exchange for americans unjustly detained in iran, goes on to say the public deserves an explanation of the length this administration went to in order to accommodate the world leading state sponsor of terrorism. donald trump weighed in on twitter calling it a, quote, scandal and his campaign chair this afternoon said you better bet this is something trump will touch on in the days to come. trish: the obama administration puts $400 million in foreign currency, right onto an unmarked cargo plane, fly the plane to tehran just as american hostages are released, this is all just
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coincidence? the optics do not look good. former cia agent mike baker, famed investigative reporter judith miller and wall street journal foreign affairs correspondent jay solomon, the reporter that broke the story and cowrote the article, the author of the forthcoming book the iran wars is with us as well. has i was reading your article, it begins by you saying the obama administration, quote, secretly organized and airlifted $400 million in cash secretly. were they then deliberately trying to hide this payment? >> the difficult thing about reporting this story is we did know back in january that $1.7 billion payment was made to iran, it was announced $400 million was a payback for and arms deal the us and iran signed in 1979 and the us deliver the
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weapons. we knew at the time this payment was made, there were concerns at the time, how was it paid? was it wired? trish: i read that article you wrote in january where you said $1.7 million is the deal they struck. what is interesting is how $400 million secretly made its way to tehran. as a business reporter i can tell you if any company certainly has $400 million that secretly went away or went missing, there would be someone held accountable. i question how $400 million can effectively disappear from the ledger of the united states government. >> that was one of the most interesting parts of the story, getting that much cash is not easy. the us was working with central bank of switzerland and the netherlands, converted cash into
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euros, put on a plane and moved into tehran, not inconceivable that this could happen without people knowing about it. what is difficult is the white house said this is a normal transaction, nothing on the tour happened here but even still a won't answer, was the rest of this money paid in cash? was it shipped to iran, the remaining $1.3 billion? they won't answer and from the very start when the announcement was made in january the timing of this was did the money, were they waiting for cash to arrive and then let the americans leave the country? was it tied in some way? they are not answering that question. trish: some of your sources in the intelligence community are saying the uranian's wanted some kind of payment to show that they got something? >> there is so much distrust,
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the uranian seized on the issue of $400 million which it was there money, the shaw's government did distribute that money in 1979. for them it was the return of that money was some sort of goodwill and all these other pieces would move forward is how it was described to me. trish: it is hard to look at how this all unfolded and not question the timing of it, whether this was ransom. what is your gut reaction? >> i congratulate jay on staying with his story and trying to figure out what happened here. we still don't know. the administration insists, you played the excerpt today from the press conference that this was not ransom but if it looks like ransom and walk like ransom and talk like ransom, the optic
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certainly suggests there was some quid pro quo here. this is not the first time money has changed hands between emissaries or envoys from the united states, and the release of hostages. remember those hikers, the sultan of oman paid $2 million for their release so this would be part of a pattern and it raises that forney question, are we going to pay for the release of american hostages? does that make us more of a target? trish: you are a former cia, if you are active overseas today and heard the story would you feel more in danger? >> yes, this precedent set as you deccaed out not to mention the important talent and executives, that we released in exchange for bowe bergdahl. this happens more overseas,
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other government and private organizations including news organizations have been doing this on a regular basis. we have a track record that shows it does lead to more problems. trish: but not doing it. >> as much smoke and mirrors as we can get. nobody else believes that in that world. nobody believes it. i don't fault the administration for keeping on that line, but i do find it disingenuous and typical of this administration to try to spin this in the fashion that they are. you don't have these two teams negotiating different issues in a bubble so they at some point don't coordinate their activities. we don't know where this money goes, josh earnest spent a great deal of time putting lipstick on the pig. trish: there is a line item in the new uranian budget which
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calls the uranian military to get the $1.7 million, it was there money they want back, presumably to advance. >> our own us state department still lists on its website, iran as a state sponsor of terrorism, and to help groups like hezbollah. >> the greatest theory that came out of this was the money would go to the assad regime, the iranians are so invested in bolstering the regime, spending heaps of money, the most logical conclusion used for military purposes to syria. the concern is since the americans were released two more american iranians have been arrested, the three uranian
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americans, there are three dual nationals from uranian brits, uranian canadians kidnapped in the past, in the past few months. there is a cycle of this. going back to 79. >> it doesn't matter what we call, and what admiral kirby said about this was coincidence but what matters is how they are pitching it and perceiving it. the iranian regime uses quid pro quo, no coincidence in the timing of the release of this money because that is how they demanded it. trish: tremendous reporting, thrilled to have you with us
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today. donald trump slamming clinton on twitter over this secret cash in iran tweeting, quote, are incompetent secretary of state hillary clinton was the one who started talk to get $4 million in cash to iran. his campaign manager said this a short time ago. >> it is supposed to be $1.7 billion of payment, two things wrong with it, the fact that we are paying an enemy this kind of money for release of our own citizens and they are being lied to by the government. trish: republican strategist joins me now. it doesn't seem good for hillary clinton, people are worried enough about engaging with iran and there is this, suspected ransom payment. for trump, this may be mono from heaven over the next several
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days. >> hillary clinton was a failed secretary of state. pointing to the iran deal, and largest enemies abroad. she points to deal with them, the way they are playing into their hand giving them money for citizens, and government continued to lie about it. she has been lying through her whole career and the obama/clinton administration is continuing down that path. you saw it from the secretary of state and the white house. this was ransom. if it's not like ransom and walk like ransom it is ransom. terrible for hillary clinton because it is showing who she is, failed statement outlier. trish: to see need to distance herself from the story, back off the bragging comments about how she helped strike a deal with
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iran? >> she may try to as she tried to back off of tpp which he spoke in favor of 40 times, but that would be disingenuous. she was for this deal. trish: what would you recommend she do? >> i don't think there is anything to do. contrary to boris's comments about her lying and being a consistent liar which i disagree with. what everyone is reporting is this is part of money that is owed so to be paid part of money that is owed, if you want to look at the coincidence of timing, they cut a deal, there is any ran deal on the table. if this money is owed as part of the deal -- trish: part of the deal. >> we are speculating now.
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there is no proof of that. trish: we believe it there. donald trump will be a commenting on this for the next few days. don't go anywhere. meg whitman, republican fundraiser, she is backing hillary clinton instead of trump. not only that, she is going to fund raise for hillary clinton. the clinton campaign is trying to get disgruntled republicans to back hillary clinton but i ask do these defections like hers even matter? my next guest is no. what we are witnessing is a realignment of the parties which make people like meg whitman increasingly obsolete. that is next.
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trish: meg whitman, ceo of hewlett-packard, huge gop fundraiser, says she is going to vote and fundraiser hillary clinton because donald trump, she says, quote, is a demagogue. she intends to tell of the republicans to do the same and follow her but do these traditional republicans like meg whitman matter that much? i will ask my next guest, i am sure it hurts a little to lose a fundraiser like meg whitman, she could have brought in a lot of cash but she is, after all, part of the so-called establishment. this is an election unlike anything we have ever seen, and election in which establishment is so disliked that i got to ask will the defection of meg whitman even matter? >> the defection of the democrat
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who is a coalminer in pennsylvania will have a far bigger impact on hillary clinton than meg whitman, who voted in california, hillary clinton is going to win california, a coalminer we talked about in pennsylvania have a far bigger influence because pennsylvania is going to be one of the competitive states for this election, is going to decide it. trish: what are you telling me? >> every candidate has to put coalitions together and meg whitman have decided to go with hillary clinton and that is her choice. but this election every indication there is going to be, as we talked at the top of the hour will have shifting alignments and that makes this so interesting to watch and has a big impact. trish: let me ask about shifting alignments, the swing state, places like ohio and
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pennsylvania, how do these shifting alignments affect donald trump? >> it affected from a perspective of if you want to keep going down that half we have been going on, you are going to vote hillary clinton. if you are tired of essentially no economic growth, if you are tired of wages being stagnant, if you are tired of the healthcare system that is not working, if you're tired of seeing bad guys overseas score victories on the homeland, you are going to vote for donald trump and that coalition of people is going to decide the election. trish: there is still the reality of politics, that is money matters. less so now given his ability to communicate through the media and online platforms still matters. what does he need to do from basic ground game perspective, how much money does he need to
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take hillary clinton on? and he is taking her on. >> a collective effort in the 500 to $600 million range on organizing and grassroots effort but it is not just a trump campaign, but there is the republican national committee, third-party groups and it is the collective effort that has to make sure voters that want to take the country in a direction that is progress, not where we have been the last 7 years. trish: we are watching carefully, appreciate it. breaking, president obama commuting prison sentences of 214 convicts more than the past tween 9 presidents combined. almost all of them were, quote,
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nonviolent, the white house just releasing a statement, quote, all the individuals receiving commutation, incarcerated under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws embody the president's believe that america is a nation of second chances. this is the president for the first time has so many since 1900. donald trump exacting a little payback against paul ryan, seeming to endorse them in the primary fight saying, quote, i am not there yet. donald trump sending a message to republicans they better unite and get behind him. recall paul ryan using the same phrase, he is just not there yet, when asked to endorse trump in may. >> i'm not ready to do that at
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this point, but i hope to and want to but what is required is we unify this party.
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concern is that we could be looking at the eight straight session of losses for this market. what is going on. the global economy and our economy. he of the the big jobs report out on friday. it's not going to be as good as last month. make sure you tune in for that job's report on friday morning. donald trump out there refusing to endorse. when asked about endorsing trump here's what he said.
2:28 pm
>> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i hope to though. but i think what is required is that we unify this party. trish: how do you do that. mccain said i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with his statement. i hope americans understand that they do not represent the view of the american party. is this why he is ready. we just learned some trump supporters are plotting an intervention with donald trump over the weekend following a few disastrous days does he need that right now shaking you shaking your had no. but let's face it as talented
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as he may be at capturing the public and that the excitement you can't take that away from him. really just buy a by sheer well at the same time he has landed himself in a few speed bumps along the way. does he need to head folks like that sit him down? this is serious stuff. you had 100 days left. no more scrubs. >> he is the nominee. of course ongoing discussion keep happening throughout the campaign and they have that. i'm not worried about the campaign one bit. all of the sudden he bites he could've just said i feel great for that family i can
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tell you if i was president there would be far fewer lives lost under my watch. i believe that. the upmost respect. that is absolutely important. let me finish. but he went into the dnc. and attacked him. >> the issue is donald trump is played into the narrative. his skin is very thin and that he reacts in these impulsive ways and there comes a point in time and this is not democratic or republican what does it mean to be presidential.
2:31 pm
they can get to that and say we understand that you've done so well at crafting this campaign but there comes a point in time when they want something is an easy candidate to beat. she's a pretty easy candidate to beat. she is an easy candidate to beat. just the need to get this country and a better economic spot. when you get sent up on all the standards i think this is a candidate that needs to stick to a central message and actual security and if he does he has a home run. were dealing with someone who is a phenomenon. he is absolutely galvanized the movement. obama was a movement. donald trump is absolute that
2:32 pm
-- accidentally a movement. >> they are about growth. from this primary constituency that he have how do you go that beyond that to win the general election and i don't see that. there's nothing that has come to light in my mind. you say there's only a hundred days left. one of the most amazing things is that he has been able to spring back more powerful than ever from each of these episodes along the way. give it a few days and we will see. donald trump is set to speak in just a short time. he can hit her big time on this because this is quite a story on the $400 million that was sent to iran in an unmarked cargo plane. we will monitor his speech in
2:33 pm
clinton meanwhile said to speak in colorado at a company that makes ties here in america. it's not as simple as it looks because apparently those ties are being made by refugees. is it an effective enough attack on both sides.
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trish: hillary clinton taken a
2:37 pm
job at donald trump. she is making her pics to the u.s. manufactures while turley none other than a thai factory in denver. it's kind of obvious there. get this this factory is known for hiring refugees insteaof american wor how could she be the best candidate for job growth. along with the former deputy assistant. good to see you here. i realize she is pro- refugee. she wants to bring in 65,000 syrians and she is a lot like that in that sense. we know how badly this is working out in europe. was this a bit of a script here shouldn't she be fixing that.
2:38 pm
you would think so. and under george w. bush's administration i was in charge of vetting the research. and every person he went. i think they would be able to have this off at the pass. outsourcing jobs overseas was a difference if your office -- outsourcing them at home. there are $6 billion that is missing i can't say that. that's what happened under making a few ties. >> it was good to be clever and she could have taken a job but not all of those americans are looking to make those. i think hillary clinton has the advantage here because
2:39 pm
she's talking about the economy today with a 96 days left in this campaign any day you're not talking about the economy on the date you're not doing that is a day you are lost. donald trump is not talking or to any of that today. through ohio, pennsylvania and all of the battleground states. he's not talking about that. trish: this is one of the things he is talking about today. the cash payment that was made to iran on the same day they set them free. when it comes in the question of course her credibility and her trustworthiness she is after all the person initiated these talks with iran is a skin to come back to haunt her.
2:40 pm
>> donald trump is spending time on an issue most voters are going to pay attention to. i'm not state is not important. you have talked about it a lot this hour. but for the voters that remain this is not the issue and it's an issue that predates hillary clinton and many other people. have they made this announcement before then it would have looked like that. trish: they're talking about the economy. i just think it's a challenging road ahead for her. she's talking about the economy. in terms of the lack of growth any which way you slice it americans they are learning -- earning less than before obama took office. people don't feel good about the economy. what is she able to say to actually convince people that things would be different. she is tied at the hip to
2:41 pm
barack obama. take a look at the numbers that came a few weeks ago where 1% growth and then look at the numbers that are going to to come out on friday. we are hemorrhaging of jobs we know that growth is completely flat we know that the american people over 70% feel that america is on the wrong track. how is that going to change in 100 days. who has been governing the last eight years. seeming as though she's going to be different. and for them to actually go out on a limb. the economy has really not been so great. she won't because she needs him to campaign for her. incorporation you so much. we have a shocking report to you. u.s. customs and border
2:42 pm
protection agency publishing a how-to guide for illegal immigrants. our own government detailing how you can avoid border patrol agents on a government website. he says it's like were not even trying. were absolutely not even trying to enforce borders at all. it's all coming up next.
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>> one of the reasons there has been all of the concern is the global economy and it has been really struggling as of late. they are traded up about $40 a barrel. and an unexpected drop in gasoline stock piles. they are there to buy that. a person familiar said that it could be as much as $3 billion. where to be right back with this outrage.
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trish: immigrants who cross the border illegally are getting help from none other than the u.s. government. it is now giving tips for illegal immigrants on how to avoid the border patrol. listing specific locations where they cannot be enforced. the website sends and i quote the policies provide that enforcement actions at sensitive locations should
2:47 pm
generally be avoided. these safe zones even include protests and parades it's all part of the sensitive location policy. it's actually called sensitive location policy. it's put in place under president obama. how much more difficult does this make it to actually enforce our borders when you have our very own government sane if you're a legal go here, here and here. this just stems from the top. why would we be telling people how you avoid being caught by the united states customs and how you can avoid being put in sent out of this country. when i read this i couldn't believe what i was reading. they are telling you where you go, where you can go and where
2:48 pm
you demonstrate and where you will be asked if you are legally here what are we doing here. the whole scenario from the top down. that's what we have to vote for donald trump. trish: this is obama who doesn't like the system as it is. even hillary clinton is talking about open borders who knows what could happen if she gets elected because were talking about the possibility of a congress. we have to vote for senators. imagine if the democrats take over the senate in the congress she will have free will. >> you think about what is happening in europe right now it's very disturbing they will bring in more than a million plus migrants. let me ask you about another story before you go because it is pretty disturbing.
2:49 pm
i dc metro cop has been arrested for trying to help isis. is it seeping into all parts. >> this is a dc cop a legally armed person that now has the values in the belief in isis and he have association with real isis involved people this is scary how many others are out there in our law enforcement and how many in our fbi who knows what is out there. this is concerning to me that you have a cop in uniform like that. it might not be the only one either. we have to think about this and if you believe the values into what they want and what
2:50 pm
their endgame result is is taking over the world and that's exactly what it is. it's taking over the world and if you don't conform with them you die. trish: thank you so much we will be right back. you pay yo car insurance premium like clockwork
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they are just barely trading in positive territory. we have them up higher throughout the session but now it looks like it could if it doesn't hold up it will continue on the losing streak. it could actually be another day you get an adp report out today. 179,000 jobs last month.
2:54 pm
the jobs report coming out. jim, last month was a pretty good month when it comes to jobs but i would still argue we need to be in the vicinity of 400,000 people if you want to actually start to see some meaningful growth. if you really want economic growth had to add another $100,000 on top of that. they would think it's more than hundred 50. it has to be much greater than that because the biggest problem with the jobs number right now is a low participation rate. people that are on the sidelines to become back into the workforce. it's not just enough to grow the workforce enough so people that want jobs can get them.
2:55 pm
in order to really start moving the economy and we have well have something better than just 1.2 percent. it's actually pretty misleading because people say that's got to be a good thing. when you're actually witnessing a real recovery what you tend to see is the unemployment rate creep higher and the reason for that is more people are engaged. they are saying i want to get off to work. things may be don't look so good but they start to get better. that might be in part because 70 people have just given up. >> a couple of points and i think i will skip the most one. you have to look at the end result of employment not just the number. retail sales. consumer spending those
2:56 pm
numbers really haven't dropped off materially so the dynamics of automation and robots doing jobs that's there but the economy is still chugging along quite fine even in light of that. i look at one or 2% growth and it's just not enough. it's not enough given where we had been. we should have bounced back with a much higher rate and yet we're still not there. there is a economist that have the rule that said the harder the market the stronger it will bounce back. perhaps a more challenging time have we're back with more.
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trish: do you think it was pure coincidence that they sent out on the same exact day. let me know and go to my facebook page. i am your guest coast. i hope to see you there. over to you. >> we have big money at the center of dueling campaign trail stops. they are appeared --dash expected to appear live at any moment. two battleground states crucial events in this hour. it was set to a peer in florida. they are expected to humor hillary clinton. the s. snt $0 miion sh tiran at the same time it was sealed. in fr


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