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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FBC  August 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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bartiromo. maria: happy thursday. a maria bartiromo. it is thursday, august 4th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. for the clinton white incubator for donald trump. on the campaign trail, clinton focused on the economy will trump address concerns over unity within the republican party. >> i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. i will say right now is the best in terms of being united. >> there is no doubt in my mind that donald trump is unqualified to be president and unfit to be commander-in-chief. and it worries me some of what i hear him say. i mean, anyone who can be provoked by a tweet should not be anywhere near nuclear weapons. maria: how the candidates are in the top issues on voters minds now. braking is this one, stabbing spree in the heart of london but on this one person dead, five
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others injured. terrorism has not been ruled out. the latest coming out. he developments in the alleged ransom to american hostages in iran. "the wall street journal" now reporting the justice department objected to cash payment ahead of them. taxpayer money being spent on art just like this. the astronomical amount the installation at a u.s. embassy cost you. in business this morning, second quarter results. the company however on track for deliveries in the second half of the year. waiting on earnings from viacom. the legal battle between redstone and ceo philippe of mine. searching for some direction for the brighter averages. day seven day losing streak. dow industrial expected to open up about nine points. investors waiting on the bank of england. the decision in the next hour on whether or not the central bank will cut interest rates as good
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an ounce other stimulus measures in an effort to support the british economy. google has the details for you. market higher across the board. the nikkei in japan better than 1% in japan. tiger woods, maria mcelroy will have to look for new clubs. why it's getting out of the game. fox business network's dagen mcdowell, rose cliff c. e. of mike murphy, fox news contributor cat 10. dagen: i still haven't calmed down from this ransom payment to a red yesterday. in the green room yelling about it. maria: now we learn in fact there was objections to the pavement. it feels like an undercover drug deal of some sort.
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>> cash is untraceable. our tax dollars were being funneled in cash to iran to basically kill people. that's what the money will be used for. despite what you are at the white house. maria: is pretty extraordinary. coming up this morning but what's up with lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer. former reagan economic adviser martin feldstein is with us. mayor rudy giuliani with us. big hour coming out. arizona sheriff paul bravo is that the spirit of god to come this morning. meanwhile, gave him the latest fox news poll shows hillary clinton but they tend to be there for donald trump. 49% to terms 39%. can donald trump closed the gap? a republican strategist and betsy will address a politics reporter at "the daily beast." good to see you. thanks for joining us.
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what do you think? at this point, trump has had a tough couple of weeks. can he turn it around? >> he can turn it around and use this full to reach out to some donors and other people on the fence for supporting him and say do we really want to have four years of hillary clinton so he can make his case in with a poll that shows in 10-point under, this is a fantastic opportunity for the campaign if the campaign of the campaign if i were enticing take control in bush's numbers up outreaching do some of these donors on the fence. maria: they are doing that. a little bit of panic with the closest advisers to say to him, stick to message. >> yeah, that is a very tall order same names don't necessarily match with the new cycle. as far as being on message, there's some bad news in the pulver chimes message.
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51% of americans prefer hillary clinton over trump on immigration. immigration is his signature issue. it's a large part of the reason he won the american primaries. the majority of americans think clinton would be better than trump, means that his message might have major existential problems. maria: whatever problem it has been, it is self-inflicted. >> hillary clinton had a horrible week. all distracted by the things that trump was saying they didn't have to talk about. dagen: at there are a lot of numbers in this poll. there are a couple of things that stood out for me. honest and trustworthy. 36% think clinton honest and trustworttrustwort hy. at the same number that can donald trump honest and trustworthy. he used to have a huge advantage on that issue. only 78% of republicans support
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donald trump. he's got to get to the 90% mark. for matt romney was 93%. he is trailing the romney said vantage mightily among many important herbs including wife for example. he's got a lot of work to do. maria: he has to get almost every white male. >> how he is going to recover is in the one-on-onone-on-on e debate. when he's on stage with hillary, voters will see the huge issue and judge people rather than what they hear in the media picked one-on-one but the real issues are for rich person will help get his numbers back up. maria: yesterday really made news with the interview with newt gingrich. dagen: by the way, it got picked up at the hill, "politico," "wall street journal." maria: newt gingrich is very candid with us and give us a window above is going on behind closed yours. house speaker paul bryant field concerns about a lack of gop unity. trump and his running mate both
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weighed in. >> i want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th. right now it is the best in terms since the beginning. >> i talk to donald trump just about every day. you're always going to your defense that is all discussions. i've never heard anything about a meeting of that kind. colorado campaigning friday. this campaign is totally focused on strengthening america at home and abroad. maria: is the focus? can they turn the focus then regrouped there? >> there's not a lot of evidence that the focus to a trump has last week or so going after paul ryan and seth go after hillary clinton. the unity question i find very
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unconvinced they'd. his decision not to endorse paul ryan has major repercussions in d.c., particularly for reince priebus. they are so influential. they got aboard. paul ryan is a little bit, but he hasn't gone after trump that bad. the fact that trump scorned that loyalty was extremely humiliating as to my sources are telling me. reince priebus is absolutely i've read about it. maria: and i have a similar situation on the democratic arty. the bernie sanders supporters are not there yet. >> wikileaks -- the e-mail links to some pretty bad stuff. they were ridiculed for saying this was. they were in the back for hillary the whole time. turns out they were right. they managed to shame them into silence a little bit.
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not saying that's a good thing. immediately flipped it over. >> not decide to bias. i felt like all trump, but the way the media reports said. it came out and went away. maria: they change the conversation. dagen: trump says what he says in the american people are paying attention to what he says. we for example will carry a donald trump press conference. you can hear what he says and base your opinion on what comes out of his mouth. a couple things. a campaign of time media. the fact that he talks down about the media so much is kind of ironic. and also conservatives have long preached personal responsibility. at some point you've got to take responsibility for what comes out of your own mouth. i find that funny.
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maria: a big-money race in the month of july. they both raised a bunch of money. trump seems to be doing better in this regard. clinton made the 90 million, trump raising 80 million. your thoughts and allowed on that. >> well, that is what i look eye. that is the number of a cat. you can look at the polls, but the polls will change as we get into this election. it's very important to look at the money. the fact that donald trump -- there's a $10 million difference. that's pretty big. a lot of that has to do with now you can see how donald trump is going to govern a hispanic and mike pence. mike pence is the best proof of how donald trump will govern good mike pence was somebody who endorse ted cruz and turned around and shows a little bit of unity that by picking someone whereas he could have picked somebody like his buddy newt gingrich or chris christie. there is proof right there. donald trump's numbers go up
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even higher. maria: he seems to be cap one so far. let's see if he can get through this latest bomb. good to see you. thank you, ladies. a firefighter in dubai got this morning after fighting the blaze caused by a crash landing of the emirates played in dubai. an update of what could've caused the trouble. tesla hopes to get investors to forget about office but unveiling new cars. back in a moment right here.
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maria: welcome back. a deadly stabbing attack in london. dagen: one woman dead and five others injured after 19 of men attacked several people with a knife in central london. police were called to russell square at 10:30 p.m. local time on reports of a man with a knife. police arrested the suspect after using a taster to subdue him. a police spokesman says terrorism has not been ruled out for mental health is a significant factor in this case. learning new details about the camera rolling 777 that crashed at dubai airport officials have confirmed one firefighter died while trying to extinguish the fire that started after the
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crash. aviation experts investigate the crash and look into the possibility that all demanding care could have caused the plane accident. you're looking at video from inside the plane when it crashed. incredible pictures and a real shot out to the flight attendant and aircraft personnel. tesla reporting earnings after the bell last night. the elect are carmaker reported it or team straight quarterly loss despite a rise in sales. last $293 million in the most recent quarter were $1.6 a share greater than the 52-cent loss analysts were expect them. tesla ceo and founder elon musk says the company is on track to deliver 50,000 model as a model x vehicles during the second half of 2016. in a conference call with investors, the company plans to announce new semitruck in many best bonus in 2017. so there you go.
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maria: you went to buy them further with the new cars and see how much the company is bleeding. >> elon musk has been doing this a long time and he is a history of losing money for a while and turning a company around. they just closed an idea to buy solar city. if you believe what they will put up, look at short-term losses that he'll be able to raise money. it's not sf will run out of money. they are getting the orders and the stock has a lot of room to run. maria: than with oil prices go way upcoming serial interest in electric cars. they've come way down. >> exactly. three years ago no one was going to buy an suv and now they are flying off the shelves. dagen: there is told to run the company. as you expand to different models like the cheaper model coming out, does it have the same kind of cultlike attraction to car buyers.
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i think there's a question about that. how many cars they can produce. i know that the forecast number for production was stronger than some people out for this year. dagen: only eight mike ,-com,-com ma given the size of your family you might need a big semitruck. maria: way down the bank of england and expectations for the job numbers. we'll bring all that to you coming out. age is not than just a number. the age of our population could be affecting the growth of the economy. more on that. nike throws in the towel. the exit that the company hopes will offset slowing sales. back in a moment. fox business. ♪ a cancer diagnosis can
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maria: investors comic con was hoping for more participation in the workforce. our aging population partly to blame for the shrinking labor force and slowing economic growth had a study in "the wall street journal" says gdp growth path by 5.5% for every 10% increase in state's population of senior citizens. the labor force grows more slowly as more workers retire. train us to break it all down as chief investment officer of federated investors paid good to see you. when you look at the labor market ahead of the numbers tomorrow, how do you characterize it and how does that show an overall economic growth story? >> at a solid did we expect one
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a.d., which is right and can send this. as long as we are somewhere under 200, it's not too hot, not too cold kind of labor number keeps the on the sidelines. maria: it keeps that sat on the sidelines in a slow crawl in terms of growth. >> no breakout at all. the worst thing would be another number like last month were showed a lot of growth. you would hear more talk about the fed raising rates. we can handle slow growth the way we've been. the issue is what happens if growth picks up and the fed has to move and start raising rates. i don't know how the market reacts. maria: with diabetes here? >> sooner or later they're going to have to hike. no way before the election. particularly with the situation so insert, as long as they are only hiking a little bit, one at a time, it's a stable situation.
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the thing that would really spooked the market is if growth accelerates and inflation numbers start to pick up on the wage gains outside the range they are looking for. that will be something people will watch tomorrow more than the jobs number. dagen: does it bother you for presidential candidate is talking in terms of population fixing entitlements. medicare will be installed in in 12 years according to the latest trustee report for social security not much better 2034. there is no way given what the $90 trillion unfunded liability for entitlement would grow our way out of this. >> one thing that makes me nervous is the wall street strategists i talked to and everyone is talking about a big fiscal spend next her one way or the other. the market is starting to price in a fiscal stimulus driven wrote. if you look at the numbers, to reality as even though they came down the last few years, the
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sequester rosoff in the entitlement really starts to expand because of the baby boom retirement. whoever becomes president is going to be facing a fiscal situation not as good as it is today. we might get some aid that the bank of japan with the headline looks great, but the details are not so great. i don't think we have a ton of room. >> people should talk more about these kinds of things. abundant grace of the problem and then move on to something else. dagen: hillary clinton has promised to expand social security and medicare and donald trump says you can't touch it. >> they all think they are okay right now. it will start to expand. it will put the next president in a bind. >> is it's not because they can't think of a solution? it doesn't resonate with the
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public. >> no one wants to hear you're going to cut my social security. maria: another scenario that could have been his recession. there are still people who think the u.s. will go into recession. the bank of england to announce a decision in a few minutes. we will bring it to you. they are expected to cut interest rates for the first time since 2009. does that affect markets? >> they are going to cut it. the question is if it's 25 or 50. the markets disappointed it's only 25. we are going slow growth. we don't see a systemic risk. we could see a pullback to zero. who knows. if we cap blend, it will be a modest negative i suppose to a banking system collapse zero wait-09 scenario. at the right ballot is not the highest risk. if it is one, it's not one that
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is going to take earnings from 120 to 80. >> if we miss them -- >> yeah, it is more of a risk of a scud from outside. maybe europe could be that scud. maria: would you put money into europe right now? >> above a cautious eye narrowed. maria: in terms the u.s.? >> modestly we are recommending a 15% equity. a little bit nature point. violations are pretty good, but the 1 dollar, one euro, one pound, 1% on the fed. stocks can keep crawling along. maria: steven, great to see you. thank you for joining us. special coverage tomorrow morning for the july jobs report begins tomorrow right here on "mornings with maria."
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we will have all the angles on jobs in america at 8:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. the report said justice officials at acting to defend what they've been coinciding to the release of american prisoners. born to follow coming next. wal-mart joining forces with in hopes of giving amazon a run for his money. more in that partnership. can't take amazon down? back in a minute. ♪
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maria: good thursday, morning, everybody. here your top story 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton extended lead in poll, she has a ten-point convention bounce. both candidates still facing head winds. we have the latest this morning. new development from the hostages in iran. this morning the wall street journal reporting that the justice department knew about it and objected to that cash payment. well, donald trump and his running mate mike pence address the controversy. >> the deal we made with iran and that probably was hostage money to get hostages out for $400 million because it was exact timing.
6:31 am
our laiders are incompetent. >> hillary clinton and barack obama have essentially put a price tag on the head of every american traveling abroad. that is judgment this country cannot stand for four more years. maria: we have the latest from the campaign trail this morning. a terror arrest made here in the u.s. while it was a police officer. details on that coming up. president obama pardons another nfl star thomas, how many others had sentences commuted? we will tell you ahead. the u.s. embassy and markets with big job's number. looks like the averages are not too far where they closed yesterday after a losing street
6:32 am
yesterday. the central bank widely preponderate today cut interest rates and announce other stimulus measures in particularly after britain voted to leave eu. it was up better than 1%. tiger woods, dropping golf business, the impact on the game coming up. the war on tor ror heavily on voter minds, when it comes to terrorism voters are split with donald trump and hillary clinton tied. when it comes to handing arsenal voters put more trust on clinton. i want to bring in lieutenant colonel. good to see you, your reaction to that latest number in the polls. >> two things we have to consider regarding the poll, the democrats have been pillaring
6:33 am
mr. trump with all sorts of issues that are going to damage his credibility. that's what they're trying to do. secondly, as much as people would tend to give someone the benefit of the doubt, mr. trump has no record while ms. clinton her record is there, at least she's been there. the bottom thrien me, trump -- mr. trump is going to have to do far better regarding raising the numbers by trying to show who he is going to pick to manage those programs, who is going to be basically have the secretary defense, the folks who are actually managing the program because he didn't have record, ms. clinton has to come head winds before issues such as benghazi, the russian reset, such as the north korean debacle. negotiated their way in nuclear program and here it is again. maria: that could be one way to get out of the slump he's in
6:34 am
right now. if he announces credible team around him. can he do it? >> the nuclear thing is his larger issue of him being baited with a tweet, i don't know if he can change that at this point. maybe if he turns to someone else. specially people like paul ryan. he needs to get beyond the ego thing because this is not necessary and clearly affecting negatively. maria: that's for sure. dagen: who would be a good secretary of defense for donald trump? >> i'm going that i -- name my friend mike flynn, he knows a lot of what goes on. he's a friend of mine so i think it would be a perfect guy. maria: he's a supporter. >> yeah, i think there's a handful of other folks who would be equally well. i would like to the reagan bench
6:35 am
who during the cold war, you know, one of my dear friends and mentors is mcfor -- mcfarland. you need to look at people who had success when they were in. the current deal with iran, one of a number of debacles. maria: threat of islamic state continues to be a factor in the 2016 election, yesterday nicholas young, 36-year-old dc metro transit officer charged with attempt to go provide material support to isis. and then we've got the stabbing in london this morning. officials say that they have not ruled out terrorism. is the obama administration doing enough to minimize the threat overseas and here at home? >> no, how isis would do in
6:36 am
attack against a facility. if i had a four-man teenage team i could take down a facility. i'm just telling you, that they're not taking it seriously. people behind the scenes are pushing people like me to make real assessments. the strategic level, we are still not ahead of them. we have not got a handle in banking, refugee pipeline and for goodness sake, we know that they're doing reconnaissance. maria: there's not a plan on the other side either. hillary clinton keeps on saying that we need more intelligence. why we don't have it right now is beyond me. dagen: her proposals are so vague in what she's going to say
6:37 am
. mike: it's not working, we need to change it and we need to address it. that really plays to donald trump's hand. i'm surprise it had numbers are split there regarding national security because to me that's one of the areas where he clearly is stronger and is something we need and should focus on. maria: looking at the polls and they're on the same level of terrorism, i'm just asking the question rather than answering it, if people feel if he's erratic, perception of personality is an issue? maria: people question why is he getting focused on this when, in fact, this is the issue and hillary clinton has a lot of things around her to poke and he's not doing it, colonel. >> i think the bottom line is
6:38 am
that you've got understand that the terror issue, for example, is something that you can't simply say i'm going to do more intelligence an resolve it. you have to have a plan of execution. let's face it, ms. clinton already had her chance. she was was already there and the obama administration, one of my other friends is jim, jim has talked to me about the issues that cia faces, cia is not as aggressive. if you want to do things that are effect ifer, i would go with donald trump over ms. clinton because i think he will go through and to be much more aggressive not only doing intelligence collection but terrorism. maria: some people is charging and criticized. donald trump slammed the white house because he claimed the obama administration paid 4 $00 million to iran for american hostages. the story is out there and i
6:39 am
want to get your reaction. >> it took $400 million put it in arab planes and flew it over to iran. folks, are we stupid are we. i wonder what happens with that $400 million, i wonder who ends up getting it. the deal we made with iran and that probably was hostage money to get hostages out for $400 million because it was exact timing. our leaders are incompetent. >> was this man ransom for the folks that was released in. >> no, it was not. it is against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages. [laughter] maria: we are laughing because what else could it be? those concerns were overruled by the state department. the money was transferred on the same day that the hostages were
6:40 am
released, number one, number two, the money was all in cash not in dollars but in euros, swiss franks, unmarked jet, you might as well put it in a paper bag and put it under the table for drug money. why all the secrets if it was all on the level? and number three the iranian immediately called it ransom in their publicity. >> the brown bag passed across the table during lunch. if doj says it looks like ransom it's ransom, and if the iranians say ransom it's ransom. it was brush intoed the rug. they pay cutter something on the order a billion plus dollars to basically take the taliban 5 as part of the taliban, part of the exchanging and the fact is we
6:41 am
don't know where that money even went. that went back to the taliban. the money goes out to places like north korea for initial research, this is not a good deal, this is what appears to be exactly what it is. maria: we know that it's probably going to terrorism. the leading state sponsor of terrorism, iran. >> the white house defense knows. maria: we don't do that. you just did. emails are one thing but this is endaughterring the lives of americans everywhere. the worst -- the lowest of the low. dagen: three more iranians were arrested. mark my words, you're going to see another payment, another ransom deal to release those three people before the inauguration in january or at least that's what iran is going to demand. maria: this is all part of the 1.7 billion that we are giving them.
6:42 am
dagen: in new york banks that the courts said that money is going to the victims of your state sponsor terrorism but they're going to demand that back too. maria: unbelievable. outrage. state department splurged on this piece of art in foreign embassy. wait till you hear how much tax money spending up next. the world's largest mural of a flag, more on that coming up. stay with us
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maria: welcome back, good morning, everybody, futures searching for some direction
6:46 am
this morning ahead of the bank of england decision. we are expecting the boe to announce that it's going to cut interest rates first time since 2009. a market that's waiting for that. a couple names on the move this morning. mobile payment square expect today open sharply higher. second-quarter revenue up. square raising full-year guidance for adjusted earn negotiation revenue, ceo jack dorsey who runs twitter, square is seeing from large retailers. viacan to report earnings. both profit revenue expected to be down from a year earlier. goldman sachs providing update on business. the investor bank saying it would adversely affect operations in the regular owned and could force it to restructure some of the business and that means taking people out of london among other places. another shooting linked to a serial killer in arizona. here is dagen with the story and headlines.
6:47 am
dagen: thanks, maria. police say they have linked a ninth shoot to go this serial killer, the latest attack on july 11th when someone fired on a car, a 21-year-old man and 4-year-old boy was inside the vehicle but neither one was injured. investigators believed that the suspect has killed seven people and wound twod others in arizona. more of your tax dollars being spent on pricey hart. the state department ponied up $185,000 for this piece which is made out of 98 balls of threads. yeah, that's right. the art work will be displayed some where where you won't visit, pakistan. the department of veterans affairs spent $20 million on art work and sculptors while veterans died wait to go see doctors. sources telling the wall street journal that wal-mart is in talks to buy online discount retailers, the deal
6:48 am
would boost wal-mart's e-commerce efforts helping it to expand happened home delivery. it isn't clear how much wal-mart would pay for the unprofitable start-up. it's only been around for a year. one person familiar jet could be valued at $3 billion. and world records has confirmed that an american flag mural painted on a marina in florida is the largest flag mural in the world. mural measures 154 feet by 299 feet, less than 3 football fields. mural was painted by robert, artist known for his marine paintings. the plag was originally painted in 2004 and expanded and dead caided to the u.s. military and first responders. maria: that is beautiful. did you just say that the art work was in pakistani embassy. dagen: some where we are never
6:49 am
going to go. maria: who makes this decision? dagen: it's your money but they have no responsibility for it. they threat it like it's theirs. it just keeps coming the money. >> i wouldn't want that for free. my studio apartment. [laughter] maria: well, there you go. coming up football star thomas thanking president oma for pardoning his grandmother, she is one of 214 inmates pardoned by the president. wait until you hear owm prison sentences he has commuted as well in two terms, more on that in a minute you focus on making great burgers,
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the fans in rio had something to say to goal keeper solo, jared max with the story now. jared: maria, welcome to the 2016 summer olympics. opening ceremonies and competition ready shooting for some history, three-time defending olympian champions taking on new zealand. the great carly put on board early on. the united states scores a 2-0 victory. you remember last month when united states solo tweeted this and said she might not go to olympics because of zika, last
6:54 am
night fans in rio taunted her, they tried to, they chanted zika, zika helped solo after the game. he would rather hear that than silence and was not bothered by it. what a year for denver broncos thomas after celebrating christmas with his mother for the first time since she was 10 year's old. pardoned by the president, yesterday thomas found out his grandmother who was arrested in the same bust had been set free by president obama who yesterday commuted sentences of 214 inmates including thomas, demary ius thom ace. i want to thank the president of the united states for everything he has done for my families and a lot more families giving them second chances, couldn't be a better day. according to to the president obama has commuted sentences of
6:55 am
any presidents combined. just ask nike, without tiger winning anymore or being able to play for the last year because of back injuries, the world's largest maker of sporting goods has not had the most. golf clubs, glofl balls, they are going to focus on the footwear, apparel. 2002 was when they started to make golf clubs. >> i kind of forgot about him a little bit. mike: he had to switch away from them because it affect it had play. it's a good nu get out of it
6:56 am
because the shoe business is booming. dagen: they're still going to make golf cleats. jared: that's still going to be part of the sport. you want to put your hands into everything. let's try this. mike: i was wait if for clip of mike teixera. maria: you're so bad. he does not want to talk about the yankees. let it go. we are sorry. dagen: what? mike: 9-4. dagen: that's not very good, a loss is a loss. mike: all the money that's being wasted for a guy that has no more baseball skills apparently and to be sent to minors, next $29 million guarantied and he doesn't have to do anything. >> that'll be nice. maria: no comment from ed on the
6:57 am
floor. remember cristal pepsi, 90' sodas coming back this month. we've got to talk about brazil, remember when that was a good word when we were all celebrating? here is some nostalgic for you. back in a minute. ♪
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good thursday morning to you it is thirs august 4 i am maria bartiromo. here are top stories 7:00 a.m. east coast hillary clinton widening lead over donald trump brand-new fox news polls out this morning show the economy is top issue for voters, and clinton and trump made on the campaign trail. >> what kind of man does business by hurting other people? >> i am just so -- so determined that we are not going to let him do to america what he has done to so many other people! . >> when it comes to trade, we are going to make -- right now we use political hacks to make our deals we are going to make fantastic, our jobs issue going to start coming back. maria: latest from campaign trail just ahead, hurricane easterly landfall in belize overnight the path coming up and more interruptible for rio olympics are kicking off it is not just the water. we will show you there, and futures this morning in terms
7:01 am
of markets searching for direction, the dow jones industrial average look to go extended yesterday's move to the upside another gain of 25 points, but rear all waiting on handful of things to set the tone in europe investors eyeing bank of gland traditional bank wild expected to announce interest rate kus stimulus measures to support british economy markets are fractionally better on session in europe with -- the dax in germany up /4 of one percent best pro forma he asia higher across the board japan standout nikkei arduously up better than 1% pokémon go hitting college campuses we will tell you the compact, capital bell with another crazy item taco bell, can't miss it stories coming up and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, mike if you are fee. >> great show good to see you. >> good morning. >> you know going to be good mike and i repeatedly are arguing with each other, about the benefits of infrastructure spending in the commercial
7:02 am
world. >> you get that set you are in trouble. >> i did that will turn intimidate her. >> diagonalen doesn't get intimidated ailes. >> we don't talk about kids fun stuff or sports, we talk about infrastructure, spending. maria: isn't it interesting that now that is that is what each is talking about the major part of hillary's campaign dpon don talking about it. >> he wants to double what she is planning to spend, on first 100 days in office entrepreneur i mocked president obama for mentioning infrastructure i think every single economic speech he has given in 7 and one half years. maria: if i wanting to believe somebody on infrastructure a probably go with donald trump build aer. >> i couldn't agree more infrastructure like that my point to dagen the bridges, falling down or in danger of falling down you need to rebuild it not saying just -- >> i am not going to offer -- >> every road. >> not going to argue against that i am talking about --
7:03 am
antiboards of education. >> schools -- >> and into the delaware river. >> we've got a big hour ahead stay with us we are think a to talk to meld 70, rudy giuliani coming up live for the hour join us, for our s major lineup first breaking news right now the bank with of gleaned cut interest rates to 0.25%, we were expecting this bank england government expanding bondpur what impact is this going to have? you know, it is a wide reaching impact it was expected, if 25 basis points a lot of talk they are going to need 50. >> now launching a corporate bond program. >> increasing the purchases by 60 billion pounds, also was kind of expected nothing going to move markets too much, the -- the economy there, i think has slowed enough have to where we could be in recession they need something to boos at it economy remember they
7:04 am
haven't had any sort of cut in interest rates since 2009, great recession that we went through here, so i think this is a big move, but may be should have been calculated prior to brexit vote i don't know if was or wasn't they need to revise the economy another central bank trying to boost the economy pretty much every bank in the world now. >> bond buying, actually ended if last round, ended in 2012 so they are restarting it, and because they are plying high grade corporate debt, has been done in europe, as well, but can you i mean k you imagine, you have to think about in terms of of the united states government, what if u.s. government was literally buying debt or loaning corporations money because economy was so likewisey that is really what is happening. >> it -- it is what is happening, it makes the case, here in this country for if we want to talk about raising rates how and this global economy, how can we raise rates, really, when every other major economy is reducing rates they are doing sort of quantitative easing. maria: i don't see big reaction for u.s. markets
7:05 am
european markets up had been up ahead of this. >> moving up i think what is going to -- i think that is going to help the financial sector over there has been hit hard this could start to stabilize them a little bit, but i don't think there is anything here that would really be a market mover think back, to just look at our markets whenever you get quantitative easing or they increase the amount of buying that was coming into the markets or a rate cut market likes that a lot of people will say, it is -- false hope for the markets some sort of stori steroid market respond. >> you don't have yield anywhere so may be -- a quarter point is going to do something, turning to politics, brand new fox news poll out shoes hillary clinton gained ground, after what many are calling tauf week for donald trump, clintonp kaine ticket leeds trump-pence by 10 points following the convention republican pollster partner lee carter good to see you. >> great to be here. >> does hillary clinton maintain momentum at this point.
7:06 am
>> i think very well could going to see it, she is going to run away further over the next two days because donald trump has had such a bad few days i can't emphasize fluff how bad right now you does rabl react to polls every other time it happened third time first reaction in wisconsin withwise, all of that he took a dive got back on message, same thing after the judge comments he made, took a dive got back on message this is going to be hard really hard for him he. >> he does to just turn around, get back on message talk about things most important to american people. maria: i mean why can't he do that? >> there is a strategy, right now. >> also a positive part-time psychological. >> the bait him right all things that they are putting out there one after he can't help but respond to things, rule number one crisis communication is don't repeat the attack, pivot on your message he is not able to do that can't get off, can't get off, you know, where he makes
7:07 am
things can't get off weather or not he is a good businessman who is a good person all this stuff he shouldn't even be going the! . >> she repeatedly hits issue of his products his ties are not made, in united states, they cut an added using old david letterman clip, and she repeats that over and over and over again i kept thinking that doesn't resonate with people people don't care, so why are they doing it to bait him. >> bait him talking about her issues, responding to her not talking about ma is positive are to american people makes people lose attention what matters focus on how he is not presidential not trustworthy, honest and trustworthy numbers are startling he used to be make not likable people at the very least trusted him now a nose dye even there. >> 61% of voters say hillary clinton is dishonesty compared to 62% for trump coming as boat turn up heat attacking one another on records of telling the truth listen to this, lee. >> when donald trump is asked
7:08 am
about -- where he makes things, he makes them anywhere else but america. >> what she did is lied so badly, and you have the fbi director saying she lied. >> said all of these things, and now she is running for president. >> your take. >> my take is this is what we should be talking about donald trump should be focused on hillary clinton, that intu on sunday lies she told where he needs to be spending his time. >> that was a terrible day for her should have been but he found a way to ruin it like the tie issue, let's i don't know clinton foundation -- you want to talk about places she received money from that is nothing compared to having a tie made in china, why can he not talk about that why? >> because he can't help himself he has to go like he gets down rabbit hoelles frustrating he people want his message so good on message
7:09 am
people want somebody different an outsiders going to will get the job done they love when it he talks about -- when business. >> you know we talk about, does that help him or does that kind of move him over more to the establishment where some of the people antiestablishment pro trump is this going to help him. >> it could help him, the problem is right now, he has got people like newt gingrich, rudy giuliani all saying like okay, he has gone too far now got to do something did i live saying publicly his own party saying we get it this guy is out of control, that is not good for him. >> if is he intervenes behind scenes, don't change who you are, don't be like disingenuous. >> we know economy is top issue for voters. >> that is right. >> this is what he is resonating with 50% say he will handle economy better than hillary clinton 50% do you agree with this poll. >> i think that is pretty much i think that is right, he had a bigger lead across the board on these issues, most
7:10 am
important things being economy, and terrorism, terrorism now in a statistical dead a heat with hillary rodham clinton note good news people believe his messa jobs business side of things his lead is shrinking i this i the bloomberg endorsement of hillary clinton and his message warren buffett out there taking a toll on him, but not as much, that he is going to lose it i think this is an area he could stay on, and i think that is going to be really important for him. >> he is underperforming romney, in 2012. he is underperforming on white and evangelicals whites without a degree as much as we talk about i think that was all the groups under upcoming on as much as we talk about his strength with a lot of those groups he still has a ways to go. >> has to get to 990% republican mark 90% or more republicans support him. >> romney was 93%. >> 9 % trump is 78%.
7:11 am
>> he does have independents over hillary clinton so important in somewhere 40 percentile with independents, much bigger than mitt romney had, and very important for him to keep those people, he has got to. >> in that isn't that weird talked how critical undecideds are, the independents if you can't get core republican base that is irrelevant. >> gary johnson 13% of folks still that is going to -- >> both sides bernie voters -- trump voters going to him because he is definitely in antiestablishment. >> for sure. >> the man of marijuana business. >> sure did, but he was a ceo, that is good a businessman. right? >> [laughter] >> so -- hillary, too. >> is we thank you up next, ask escalating concerns over olympics everybody has been talking about to dirty water, new study finds there is a whole new hazard you simply
7:12 am
can't avoid we will tell you what it is next good for pokémon go fans out there, you can now earn a college credit for playing the a game, we will tell you which university is offering this gaming purse next back in a minute. ♪ ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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interview. maria: hurricane early landfall in belize the create or one storm pounding the region with strong winds, heavy rain dangerous storms surge, fox nice meteorologist maria. >> good morning, good morning that is right tracking hurricane early a minimum category one hurricane maximum i stand winds 57 miles per hour weakening the reason for that is that it is over land cut off from warm water across parts of the western caribbean, and we do expect it to continue to awaken out here as it remains over land, the big concern, now, is the threat for flash flooding, and even mud slides, not only in belize but also cross portions of mexico, and the reason for that is that we are anticipating as much as 18 inches of rain here. through the day today also into tomorrow. so that is something very serious we're going to continue to keep close watch on another concern is across parts of southwestern u.s. want to share video, of flooding out of arizona, this
7:16 am
time of the year we tend to see a lot of -- monsoonal moisture typically doesn't see rain throughout most year because of that tend to see flash planned toing easily anticipating several inches of rain next couple days not only arizona but also across parts of new mexico in nevada, and also into portions utah extending into colorado because of the threat a number of flash flood bachelor of science in effect from mexico farther west into portions of southern california. even some flash-flood warnings right now in effect out there, south of las vegas another big concern is the he severe weather yesterday reported tornados across parts of north dakota, and now that same storm system continues moving eastward bringing in risk of damaging winds large hail will isolated tornado across places like, michigan into wisconsin, also extending back into iowa even central plains could be looking at that risk for severe storms, now
7:17 am
temperatures, believe it or not, this is another very big weather story across parts of lower mississippi river valley also in plains the concern out here is not only that temperature we're going to be hot but also that we have a lot of humidity, so heat index values climbing this afternoon going to feel 109 in memphis 108 in oklahoma, tulsa. >> thank you so much, more concerns in rio de janeiro, ahead of the olympics this week there is dagen on headlines. dagen: thank you we are surpassing world highlight organization limits for dplousts air prudently called particulate matter have higher risk lung cancer heart attacks asthma diseases, this as city contaminated olympic waterways, have been drawing attention rio favorite beaches testing positive for drug-resistant super bacteria. >> traffic -- you were looking
7:18 am
at -- pockmango could help earn a a college de at university of idaho, the university announcing it will offer a new class this fall called pop culture games, will get students out and about on campus, and in search for -- the school says the goal is not just to catch them all but build teamwork and leadership skills. >> ha. >> office depot saying it will close 300 more stores nation wide over three years part of quarterly billion dollars cost savings program announced earnings yesterday that were lower than analysts' expectations, and said sales dropped 6% from one year ago, office depot completed previous plan to close 400, stock rose nearly 6% yesterday. and they have seen 17% increase with shares there, in
7:19 am
the last year. >> pokémon go. for college credit. >> yeah, that is -- no come on man, that is something you should be doing not at all probably i got -- i love the -- for a few days if iselfizzl out. >> can happen is in a crazy something -- >> know you know, i missed the days that we actually celebra celebrate athlete we are talk beg water contamination corruption. >> super bacteria. >> i don't like bacteria really don't like super bacteria really gross. >> drug-resistant. >> let's not forget zika zika is back. >> my word. >>c unbelievable. >> are you going to watch olympics. >> no i don't think image either. >> no. >> wild ride in stocks investors on edge, right now, a number of he wall street heavy are hitters about saying time to turn to safe hooeven gold much more coming up
7:20 am
wildfires across nearly 5,000 acres, triggering evacuations throughout california, what you need to know as firefighters rush to contain this blaze we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ everybody is working hard, the weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:21 am
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♪olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪
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♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. maria: watching commodities this morning oil and gold, moving between gains and losses, two top investors bill gross and jeff, are adviceing
7:24 am
sell everything he went gold gold double digits. >> one of the best forge assets classes with platinum palladium silver, makes you wonder if this is safe flight or are we buying things because we are concerned about the global economy? and in search for yields? when you look at gold market for the last couple of -- of months, it is just quietly getting higher a big surge after the brexit, people are concerned about tr experiment in the -- i think bill gross has good point a lot of risk buying bonds with historically low yields cross of the world buying stocks earnings outlook isn't that strong, people are just throwing money in stocks because they have no place to go it has given gold quite a boost talk oil oil, of course,, last year was leading indicator that the global economy was slowing down. we saw oil boost up a little bit yesterday, on the hopes that may be the demand
7:25 am
situation is going to continue to stay strong, we did see, oil that was lower earlier start to turn up, after the bank of england that i had that decision, to cinterest rates dollar a break from the highs, that brought the oil prices back up, today, so if you look at oil, where oil he closes off today is really critical i think in the mood of the market. if it canaveral in the face of very strong supply that means there is optimism that we're going to see dmabd kick in that is going to be bullish for prices if we we resume sell-off ominous sign for the global economy another market i like natural gas market something that could happen, that i, that hasn't happened since hurricane katrina in 2006. we could see a withdrawal from natural gas supplies, in summer you never usually see because, usually, natural gas is thank you wintertime
7:26 am
commodity but because of the war on record heat depending more on natural gas for pour generation in this country with hot temperatures we could see a drop, this could be a warning sign, that maybe we have shut down will too many coal plants too kwlooik could cause price spikes this windy something keep an eye on on day back to you. >> phil flynn with tolerates there -- mike if you are to me bank of england said that they are expecting a stag nont growth story for 2016, and weak are getting next year the economy will stagnate in 2016. . >> in 2015, took forecast for 2017 from a 2.3% growth which is seasoned all the way to .8% growth now we have to talk about really over there, 25 basis points is the interest rate do they go negative, negative interest rates seems closer closer around the globe, to the u.s., can you know, where does this end?
7:27 am
i wish i knew that answer. >> i am not a taking recession off the table at this point. >> absolutely. maria: you can't do it a short break floeshlgz draftkings fan duale more on development next taco bell with crainvention keep it right here "mornings with maria" we'll be right back.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
certified growth in our economy the last quarter was 1.2% the worst since 1949. >> you know, they tell us this economy is best that we can do, donald trump and i know this is not the best that we can do. it is just the best they can do. >> we see this happening, in lots of places, and so when people say to me, hey, we can't do that in a america i say i don't know which america you have been looking at.
7:31 am
>> we will hear from a one economist get his take where we are, the wildfire in california, meanwhile, continuing to grow this morning the latest on the evacuations coming up. a victory for fanduel draftkings in time for fantasy football markets this morning, taking a queue from bank of england, bank of england cutting interest rates to new low will restart the bond-buying program, and talking about -- stagnant economy in 2016, and lower than expected growth in 17. markets are reacting take a look the european markets higher across the board, things have improved after the bank of england decision, and it has carried over, to the u.s. as well, futures indicating now, a gain of about 60 points on dow jones industrial average extending rally yesterday, of course, snapped 7 straight days of losses for the u.s. markets, in asia overnight the tone was set, positive, markets higher across the board, nikkei average best pro forma up better than 1%, factual about
7:32 am
a throwback remember crystal pepsi that 930 sooed back to stores this month not only a flashback staging a comeback, more on that trend coming up, then taco bell a crazy invention walk and snack at the same time. um-hmm we will show you. america's deficit eliminatema feder to he introoefz 600 billion dollars fiscal year more than 35% increase of fiscal year 2015. the office of management and budget, will deficit instruction be a top priority for next president, want to bring in right now a former reagan economic advisory, and to jeb bush presidential campaign marty great to see. >> you good to see so a you -- >> how important is this deficit issue, and the fact that our entitlements are going broke, and -- are you thinking a priority for the next president? >> well, it is very important. you know you said 600 billion dollars, and that is the official number that is 2000 dollars per person.
7:33 am
2000 dollars per person. family of four, 8,000 dollars that is not debt. that is the increased debt this year alone, that is the extra amount the government is borrowing. you can't go on like that, and, the only way to deal with it is to slow the growth of the entitlements, we are on a path in by defense spending is going to go down to lowest share gdp since world war ii, the same is going to be true for the nondefense annually appropriated spending. so 2 1/2% gdp so we're not going to solve this problem by going after either defense or all myriad little annually appropriated programs. >> are like infrastructure program. >> infrastructure program is going to be more spending. >> right. >> the fed is sort of made it looked like this is all very ease, because interest rates are so low. there is the -- are gone,
7:34 am
there is no pushback. so. >> marty what this -- 19 or 20 trillion dollars in debt yet the percentage the government is paying on that is that historically low levels, if we got growth, which you caused the fed to raise interest rates wouldn't that kind of really compound this problem. >> certainly would. certainly will. i mean at a congressional budget office thinks we are going back to quote normal interest rates, but with the kind of debt that we have, the kind of borrowing that is going on, i don't see why interest rates won't be higher in the future, in a real terms than they've been historically. >> isn't growth what we want to like under normal circumstances if you want to pay down reduce thdecit you want growth, right but in this case. >> only way to reduce deficit is to raise taxes or cut spending, so you can reduce the size of the debt relative to gdp but -- uh -- real
7:35 am
change has to come from changing amount of borrowing that we do. >> how do you -- the economy right now. >> u.s. economy is in good shape, actually. despite all this. there is more he uncertainty there is more to worry about that i would say we are in good shape, the main thing i keep looking at is what is happening to labor markets, to personal income, and to spending, you see how households are continuing to increase their spending. >> marty we have been debating all morning about donald trump you infrastructure plan, seems to fly in the face what conservatives preached he is going to double hillary clinton infrastructure spend would be at least half a trillion dollars. he would plan to spend over five years. and you know he tried to explain how he would fund it talking to stuart varney an infrastructure fund it that individuals would invest in, but that is still government borrowing is it not?
7:36 am
and does -- how do you feel about that? >> in terms of. >> we don't -- >> your conservative bent. >> we don't need an infrastructure program to stimulate the economy. there may be a lot of infrastructure that is -- would benefit from new spending. but if we do that then we have to deal with the out year deficits. so any plan that i would like any plan that a conservative economist would like would have to combine whatever spending we do in the short run, with plans to slow the growth of entitlements so that the long-term debt isn't on the kind of wild rising path that the a congressional budget office is warning us about. >> look you said the economy is doing okay. and we are growing, and yet the bank of england this morning cul-de-sac interest rates -- cut interest rates first time since 2009 we know business leaders in the u.s. are note investing.
7:37 am
they are not we see that from factory orders report from durable goods we know that -- we are looking at a horrible gdp story, so about what gives? i mean -- >> two things. if you think about the profits that companies are making, profits are -- really looking very poor. >> -- year over year. >> that is right, and back to where they were in 2012, so you don't blame businesses nor not investing in environment where there is great uncertainty about the policies that we're going to have after the election and where the -- profits are down, capacity utilization has not gone up, so that is not too surprising. but to me, the key thing to look at is what is happening in labor market we will get another number on friday. but i think there is every reason to think we're going to continue to have pretty tight labor markets. the gdp number -- you know i have been doing a lot of work
7:38 am
on how the official gdp numbers are created. you don't want to know. it is really -- [laughter] -- it is really a -- they don't know how to capture it is too hard they don't know how to capture, what is happening to the quality of product, they don't know how to capture the benefits of new prutsoducts we are underestimating growth of real gdp that is not to say it wouldn't be nicer to have official gdp growing at 3%, rather than 1%. >> marty you have a lot of experience in this field, and if i had told you 10 years ago would you have negative interest rates around the world or close to zero interest rates here in u.s., would you definitely not have said and stock market will be at historical all-time highs. >> how do we balance that something has to give. >> yes, i agree with that something has to give but the stock market is is boosted by very low interest rates, so we've got in all asset
7:39 am
classesing we've got investors reaching for yield. so whether it is the stock market -- the price/earnings ratio for the s&p, is now about 55% higher than its historic average 55% higher, commercial real estate cap rates extremely low the bonds themselves priced in a way that suggests we're going to keep these low interest rates forever. >> i don't believe that, so i think we're building up risks, that could create some serious problems. >> we will leave it in great to see you. thank you so much for joining us martin feldstein joining is one headlined from analyst on street bank of england unveil bazooka, certainly moving british pound right now. >> -- conphotoi nfetti? how powerful is it. >> moving markets stocks up as marty said they love s central bank action you've got more this morning, up next it is
7:40 am
dawn walking nachos toko bell thinking outside the bun with latest take on fast food creates a the corporate blast from the past major dependency ktc to coca-cola going back in time with marketing campaigns, back in a minute lots to come right here. rudy giuliani joining us 20 minutes.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
. maria: welcome back more than 600 firefighters battling a new wildfire this morning in california here is dagen the story. gen: fast-moving wildfire burned more than 46 hurn acres causing evacuation of an rv and campground, the fire first started in yellow county officials say firefighting conditions are extremely
7:44 am
difficult the cause of the fire under investigation firms say at least 27 large wildfires burning in the west right now. >> online sports gambling sites in new york, hung on long enough to be legally classified, new york governor andrew cuomo signing into law a bill classifying big money contest as games of skill, and not illegal games of chance. the bill stipulates that tax revenue from the games will be used to fund education, initiatives, that revenue is expected to total four million dollars a year, state attorney general sniderman hit the sites with investigations, lawsuits regulatory odds to shut down they are okay so long as government collects mullah from them, taco bell cooking a menu item to satisfy your hungry planning testing something called walking nachos select restaurateurs in
7:45 am
charlotte north carolina you have a way to eat on the go walking nachos will apparently wus a shredded cheese topping that doesn't drip as much as taco bell's, other "nacho" meals, have you ever had a free -- has anybody ever had a freighto pie do you know what i am talking about. >> called the same thing? >> frito pie. >> a frito pie is a bag of fritos, you put texas thing i think chile on it cheese on fritos in the frito bag you kind of do it like this. >> like a -- >> pour in it your mouth, there you go. >> there you go. >> does everybody needs to be waing and snacking nacho anachroni"nacho"s. >> cashing in on corporate heaviests, mcdonald's back in time -- later talk about
7:46 am
olympic headache one hopeful stuck in the airport 24 hours, before olympic opener much more coming up stay with us. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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7:49 am
. microsoft child of 90s added you may remember released in 2013 microsoft pulling on nostalgic memories of millennial customers, to cash in on memories from the past. >> another example of this nostalgic marketing success can be soon.
7:50 am
>> pokémon go app connecting technosavvy millennial customers with memories of pokémon can other consumer brands from the success and millennials child memories. >> port annoy founder ceo culture ranch thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> there is a shift happening do you see it is it going to work? >> you know it is funny this is not the first time, that nostalgia marketing has been in play, why it is working and why it is previouslant at the moment millennials are seeing a world ahead of them, that is not vl favorable it is full of turmoil unsettling, they are looking for snag makes them feel more comfortable more fuzzy more emotionally connected looking to the past bringing in their world makes them feel good about themselves can share with friends that is why it is taking hold so strongly. >> do you think as millennial you would buy into something
7:51 am
like this. >> i spent a weekend playing pokémon go didn't do anything else i started wearing chokers again, too. >> [laughter]. dagen: how very of you -- >> non if -- >> i want not sitting not conscious not this reminds me of ghetto days, but the market working on me i have to say. >> what about we talked about clear pepsy crystal pepsy. >> is it pepsi. >> i don't care for that that is in the same thing, like, seem didn't work then not supposed to be that -- >> i think younger people now are not drinking soda to back that up especially you have thes, so -- the u.s. >> i can back that up water is going to outsell soda for the first time this year, yep. >> different options zero calorie flavored beverages
7:52 am
prep all i drink. >> advertising on marketing part people like what they are familiar with just system fact of going back to something that people knew, just kind of -- marketing 101. >> go back to something that worked at the time clear he pepsi nobody was -- >> how about -- let me ask you about nintendo taking millennials memorials turning into products, they announced rerelease of the classic -- nes -- going on sale again, with upgraded 1 years after original is this going to work. >> i think it will, i think when you give them something to connect to from the past that is meaningful, listening to did ilog not everything will work, but if it has a meaningful connection for the millennial, that is then up dedicated current and uses the technology, that they love, and the social media that they love, and they can share irreverent, it can be successful. you know, we also need to look at some of the failures of recent years, where they harked back to the past and
7:53 am
tried to bring it into the future, and that was with radioshack started with you a you super bowl added all about 80s, 90s all it did point he maintain leslie nothing relevant about keeping radioshack as a business. >> you have to really be careful where we talk about trends, you can't use a trend for everything, you have to really do due diligence make sure it is going to be meaningful and connective to the audience i think that if too many marketers say everything brought back will all fail it has to be really meaningful to millenials to work. >> how about pepsi story going back to 1990s, this summer beginning next week, pepsi for a limited time selling the pepsi talking about it on desk clear soda sold for a limited time what do you think? >> i don't know about crystal pepsi being successful but you
7:54 am
know coke surge had huge ground as well support through facebook all people wanting it back, they loved you know mountain dew competitor from 90s working tested with amazon did very well now being brought back across many regions of the u.s. so it is very brand specific and again, it has to have some element that a millennial will really connect with, and the surge and the -- the sports kind of has more caffeine base to it makes sense crystal pepsi? i don't know i don't know if ab connectivity there for millennial to say oh, that is something from the past that i really want today. i am not sure that will work, it will really depend on the message that pepsi delivers to the millennials but that is a -- i am not sure about that one i would agree. >> i think when you talk about mill yaltz nowadays they can share everything with you know whether snapchat or instagram, so i think really, for a product to work they need to get the groundswell you talked about kind of like hip cities
7:55 am
are mountain dew you need right group to grab it and then be able to push it out i think, that that is the key, in my opinion to marketing today. >> yeah. >> i couldn't agree more. >> there is mcdonald's, mcdonald's with hipster hamburger last year what do you think about this one? >> i do like that one i do like it sort of cartoon character from the past gave it up, real person to do it kind of fun, kind of funky, you know, it -- it has something that is kind of memorable as we said before a shareable with friends i think it works i do quirky enough to work fun, that i playful harking back to stuff you can enjoy, that is o emotional elie connective easy to put into lives and to share that one works for me. >> yeah. >> how about the colonel sanders kentucky fried chicken
7:56 am
or excuse me ktc bringing back colonel sanders different actors playing the crispy colonel sanders is super creepy. >> very creepy. >> the best -- should have been colonel -- >> george a hamilton crispy colonel sanders george hamilton i will double-check i am pretty sure. >> the colonel sanders thing more than this situation millenials in my opinion thurp sure offing as brand when at the went to ktc for a while changed product formulation some turmoil, some dissatisfaction with the ktc brand i think thinking about this long of about being treated as sort of nostalgia per se as way of resurrecting the brand identity from the past to make the brand in other notice nl again when you have a character, in a brand, even like -- gekko things of that naish resonate with all
7:57 am
kinds o of consumers that was a tact to try to make ktc more relevant again. >> thanks so much see you soon. >> next hour former new york city mayor rudy giuliani with us with us for the hour his take on everything from the trump campaign, to business today stay with us. new bikes aren't selling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
7:58 am
7:59 am
noticeable. >> good thursday morning i am
8:00 am
maria bartiromo, it is thursday, august 4 top stories 8:00 east coast hilt hill widens lead over donald trump in brand-new fox news polls this morning on campaign trail, donald trump facing new questions over unity not party, and started on this program yesterday, with fwhoout tonight the campaign had to push back, throughout the day. listen. >> he is really got to take a deep breath i think has potential, to win the election i think the potential to be, a historic president but to do that has to grow into size of the job not get stuck where he has been, frankly over last week i think has been a very disheartening to movp most o supporters. >> it is in -- control of campaign number one, and i am in control of doing the things he wants me to do in the campaign, the campaign is focused, campaign moving food are positive way. >> new talk about intervention more on that coming up this morning, new details, in to london stabbing spree to
8:01 am
report at least one person has been killed, this morning in american, police believe this is not terrorism related we will have the latest for you, on this stabbing in london, developments in alleged ransom paid to free american hostages in iran "the wall street journal" reporting justice department knew about this objected to such a cash payment. zika threatens our military more than 40 servicemen and women being infected trump name will dear from atlantic city thousands of lose jobs the traditional bank cut interest rates to new low, announced it is restarting bond-buying program, and first interest rate cut since 2009 futures indicating a big rally on news, stocks in europe, radical on news, and we are also seeing a comeback, in the u.s., there is the european markets up 1 1/2% on the ft 100 futures in u.s. looking at 50-point gain the start of trading extending the gain
8:02 am
yesterday, and asian markets set tone overnight, gamesa again across the board nikkei up better than 1% one team's troubles in rio getting there nigerian soccer team will on get to olympians hours of about first game. we will talk about that all those this hour and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, mike murphy former new york city mayor rudy giuliani mr. mayor great to have you -- >> great to be here as always. >> a tough week for donald trump. >> a good week just like -- my father taught mae to be a boxer only way you find out how good a boxer is have you hit him in the face first time or he gets knocked down the first time. my father was coincidented that muhammad ali a great champ when he lost to the joe frazier up off canvass fought back 15 round, donald trump i think is positioned very very well. i'm going to tell you why the
8:03 am
fundamentals the same, america, wants change, desperately america doesn't want hillary clinton. she is a liar, proven over and over again. she has had a life of committing one crime after another, going back to being the bag laid at ross law firm for brooibz to get business with state of brooibz with state of arkansas everyone knows it the hidden the papers under the bed and white house, the selling lincoln bedroom, becoming a -- a persecutor, you of monica lewinsky, turned out telling the truth, a woman who has taken monday from saudi arabia claims to be a feminist women are not allowed to drive in saudi arabia. i can go on and on and then we can talk about her e-mails we can talk about the other e-mails that are going to get revealed because if russians don't have all them they are not russians. >> wikileaks says there is going to be more mayor several
8:04 am
reports say you with former house speaker newt gingrich rnc chair reince priebus leading trump intervention. >> i find the worried intervention completely out of line. >> i agree with that. >> i -- that word i think, honestly i love him dealer but i think that word was used by newt in memo got around, what a ridiculous word intervention is for a drug addict an alcoholic i have had to do them with people at times, and nothing wrong -- donald trump doesn't drink or smoke, by the way, we don't have that problem. >> what is this meeting about. >> this wasn't a meeting i meet with donald trump all the time a few days ago two and a half hours we talk we talk about issues sometimes we changes, sometimes he makes changes, it is not different than any campaign i have ever been in including my own, in which i made changes probably 20 times.
8:05 am
it is it is an evolving campaign, he is a new candidate that adds a little bit of -- more of a learning curve, than would normally be the case. but -- you get bad weeks good weeks, ronald reagan changed his campaign manager after nominated, he took the campaign manager of hised a sar. >> jim baker two months into the campaign -- and -- bush the older started a campaign against dukakis 16, 17 points behind. then he hired roger ailes won by 12%, trump is in much better shape than that much better shape. >> we talked about this, and people we -- all follow mr. trump very closely. but to use your boxing analogy these seem self-inflicted blows he says something that causes and you can being proclaim the mainstream media but the people take issue
8:06 am
with. even people who want to support him, and those people are upset right now. >> they are upset they want to be reassured that -- you are talking to him newt is talking to him is in a i am i am going to tell you democrats lot more loi loyal than we are. >> get in line. >> hillary clinton? lied to two gold star mothers we know that right, because we have the telephoneing conversation with chelsea explaining what attack was all about then we have her lying directly to two gold star mothers, you can tell me both women are not telling the truth? how come in thats are not all upset at here for lying about it how to come democrats are not upset about fact she was found grossly negligent handling national security how come did democrats are not upset about the fact that if i with headed of the fbi couldn't pass my fbiclearance to have job as assistant u.s. attorney. >> said to creates wallace that is not what i heard from a fbi she denied.
8:07 am
>> it she lies, how come there are not democrats on monday after creates wallace interview saying we are worried about our candidate she is one of the biggest looirs that every ran for president? it would take two hours of your show, for me to list all the lies and would take another two hours to show you all the crimes she committed, if i were u.s. attorney in new york s would be indicted now. >> people feel these are small things that are completely avoidable. >> no because republicans can't keep mouth shut republicans -- first of all, it is true he sort of annoys them the outsider candidate, all the republicans who say hands are shaking all nervous sweating, may be because they haven't been through time tough campaigns all washington insiders. >> did he have to say i am not there yet on paul ryan. >> what did paul ryan say about him. >> paul ryan said that about him. >> you know if you know if you know donald trump, you know
8:08 am
like ed koch said you hit me i hit you then we make up. >> should he have said it i don't know when he should or shouldn't have said sit paul ryan is big enough man smart enough guy to roy i did it ealit to him. >> what are you telling donald trump. >> i am not telling you that i will tell you that i believe -- i think there is no doubt beds everyone agrees on this more he stays on fundamentals more he wins if we ran this as a computer election based on were fund meantals he wins country 70% wrong direction 70%, feeling that the economy is hurting them. whether it is or isn't they believe it. donald trump can bring jobs, donald trump with an renegotiate treaties donald trump can put coal mineers to work steelworkers back to work, donald trump you know can stand up to putin all this stuff about putin and --.
8:09 am
>> you have seen you think you think donald trump has putin pushing him around? >> stand up to iran? okay. so here we've got latest news o surrounding this ransom paid to free he merge hostages white house press secretary in a it heated exaggerate over issue during white house press briefing yesterday josh earnest pressed several times if hostages have been released if money wasn't paid when it was paid listen to this. >> isn't it essentially a ransom payment then even if u.s. is not viewed that way. >> no, not a ransom payment. >> would prisoners have been released if money had not been paid then. >> i think what is true a team of negotiates. >> right, again, would those prisoners have been released if this money had not been paid then. >> what i can tell you our negotiates who have talking with iranians about what was necessary to secure release of
8:10 am
american citizens in iran succeeded. >> the question -- what -- >> let me say one thing about that. >> if money wasn't paid on that same weekend. >> again, i guess -- >> what i am saying is a pretty simple negotiations that took place. >> we all know, the money was paid the day thank you hostages were released we all know, that iran was -- their propaganda saying it was ransom. >> why trump is going to win that is exactly what he is running against that man, josh earnest i don't know him he just lied. that is an out -- there is a -- you have to have iq of minus 2, not to realize he just lied. >> how do we get to the point where focusing more on that because you look at polls right now, trump and hillary neck and neck in trustworthiness should not be that way but is how do we get -- >> first of all -- still in summer i don't believe people
8:11 am
focus on elections until about 45 days out, really focus. i think you get about 3 chances to nixon had the theory of ebbs and flows in campaigns, reagan had theory of the right moments in campaigns -- that what you just saw has happened so many times, the american people believe washington was crooked. that washington lies, and they are right. they do lie. that not only was that that a ransom payment that -- >> let me be clear -- >> four hundred million dollars in cash american cash taken from here to europe. >> in swiss francs, euros here is what i call that justice department complained i call that money unify laundering trading with enemy i call that illegal dealings with iran, that -- the law i went to read yesterday says directly or
8:12 am
indirectly so just because they paid it in swiss francs that is indirect part of the law. >> why all cash so it can't be he tracked. >> because they. >> a --? cash that that is what i being convicted people tractions. >> cash normal person would do if i had somebody that put four hundred million dollars in a trunk, went over to europe converted into european money, you don't want think i would put that person in jail for money unify laundering justice department did not object to did not just object should investigate it what do you mean the justice department objected they are a prosecutorial agency not advisory agency. >> they serve. >> because we have as donald trump says, a crooked rigged system, hillary not indicted, she about directly violated federal law! , and has not been indicted. >> you are on message the way everybody wants donald trump to be on message.
8:13 am
>> yes -- watch. time have patience donald trump is going to win this election, because he is where american people are they just he has to get some other things out of the way, and focus on that, has to focus on, the key parts of his campaign, like he did in the speech the speech is a perfect outline of what his campaign is going to be about should be about, probably be a few more dweefgs deviations mr. assange claims he has more e-mails if you don't think russians have all her e-mails you have no idea how good russians are. >> how great dems were, completely changers the conversation to russia. >> and all and all of them are all -- look, you can't tell me that half the democrats don't realize hillary clinton is the biggest liar they put on their ticket probably in the century. they don't go around saying that. maria: right. >> what hill gets in hillary
8:14 am
gets a report like from fbi condemned here you did not heap of a bunch democrats saying how can we put her on ticket i wish my party would have a little more loyalty. >> a short break more with mayor rudy giuliani the military now hit with zika we will tell you about it stay with us.
8:15 am
8:16 am
laundering. . . . maria: welcome back, new information dosdz u.s. troops accurated zika on active duty overseas dagen.
8:17 am
dagen: pentagon says at least 41 americans service members including one pregnant woman have been diagnosed with zika, seven family members as many of men and women also contracted the virus pentagon says those troops are being treated, at undisclosed locations, donald landed park anaheim california hit by power outage last night city says, that about 4,000 customers were in dark just over half an hour, police say a transformer at power plant preclude out after an animal got into the substation about two blocks from the theme park, anaheim officials say the service to the park was not seriously affected. big change for nike the company is going to stop making golf clubs golf balls golf bags, mr. giuliani plays golf -- mcilroy other players have to find new clubs goff balls next season nike intends
8:18 am
to devote to golf shoes apparel didn't say how the move would impact its golf equipment staff, that includes representative on tour and at the oven fort worth texas where clupdz were made. >> apple setting a record for total billings for app store last month tim cook didn't provide details on rn, or how much apple todayed to app were we are with developerers in july pokémon go might be one of the reasons generates money through purchases, of can when apple takes almost one-third 30%, pokémon go launched in july atracted many mike wui a fad kind of fades. >> i think you are right is government hello illegals dodge authority the web site, causing massive outrage we will tell you about it an olympic sized lay over mistake that left one team strand on
8:19 am
quest for gold back in a moment. ♪
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♪ why settle when d field ton havet l? ♪a fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. ♪ ♪ i want to break free ♪ i want to break free from ♪ maria: welcome back nigerian sobering team ran into a little trouble in efforts to get to rio as strand on american soil fox news headlines 24-7 sports reporter jared with the story. reporter: if there were no last minute what would get done nigerian soccer team opening round match at
8:23 am
olympics tonight 9:00 eastern time, kickoff against japan, and yet nigerian team not in rio yet players scheduled to depart lanta 7:00 this morning, eastern time, just around 80 minutes ago, why thelated arrival they are to leave lantlast night players were concerned about small size of the plane, also this nigerian ministry er apparently had not finalized payment for the flight for the final leg of the trip to rio ministry said payment was made to account in seattle, three hours behind atlanta time, so players got stuck in hot 'lanta supposed to be on ray to rio for the match tonight. >> u.s. women soccer team competition in rio wednesday scored 2-0 victory over new zealand four years from now summer olympics take place in tokyo five sports that are not in the rio olympics will go part of competition, in japan. baseball, and softball coming back top of the olympic games,
8:24 am
the international committee announced yesterday that skate borroweding sports climbing wlb add. >> big apple day for choem thunder westbrook will sign a contract that will up salary next season to nba maximum 26 1/2 million dollars. overall 3 year dealed a shade below 86 million, no wondered can when money like this going around nba that ex players like fisher now 42 years old, are considering returns, to playing. one player retiring even though statistics show he can still play pretty high level david ortiz boston red sox farewell tour continued in seattle playing his last time, the mariners team signed big to first in contract check out seattle first we see a fish being thrown, around the field, you known pacific northwest got fish also give ortiz because he wears number 34 say we are going to send
8:25 am
you 34 pounds of salmon, that pacific northwest among best. >> mariners plague wearing odd uniforms remember the wrapper wear clock around himself, wearing clocks they gave ortiz a big clock as well, first contract, and nice watch the interesting send-off for a guy probably should be continuing to play major league baseball. >> talking about red sox. >> great respect to big poppy i will tell you a secret george steinbrenner, wanted to acquire him when he got giambi because yankees got giambi some people his staff said we can't have two first basemen he said, but a guy with a swing like ortiz right field, he is perfect so we had dh. and for years, he would never let his staff forget that
8:26 am
every time ortiz beat us he he would say i won't use first word we should have gotten that guy just like i side we should have got help that guy great player gratuitous guy. >> al being alex rodriguez done i love a-rod feel bad for irod for problems he had but i have seen a-rod take children with special needs, and i saw him once, do something really wonderful taking this young boy, into the locker room, and introducing to all players, this is a whole other side to a-rod. >> is he don i don't think so if they played every day probably bat .275,. 80. >> they want young players i think what yankees did two weeks one of the most brilliant motives i have seen in sports. >> as a fellow yankees fan with you one hundred percent looking toward future i don't think alexrods could hit a whiffle ball any more. >> we will break nah homegrown terror concerns after fbi you
8:27 am
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>> welcome back, happy thursday. i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday, august 4th. here are your top stories at 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton opens a lead on donald trump in the fox news polls. it shows that terrorism is the top issue and trump talking president obama's policies. >> barack obama who is grossly incompetent, who is a terrible president and he is grossly incompetent. he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. oba obama-- obama will not use the term radical islamic terrorism. a big fat horrible problem. we're going to knock it out. maria: this coming amid new questions over unity in the party. another republican congressman now saying he will not vote for
8:31 am
trump in the general election. new details this morning in the london staffing-- stabbing spree. at least one person has been killed, an american. police believe it's not terrorism related. and the trump name disappearing from the sky line. we'll tell you about it. details on the media giant's earnings coming up. and bank of england decision this morning, the bank of england cut interest rates for the first time since 2009. futures indicating a higher opening and in fact, stocks reacted immediately. in europe, for example, stocks added to the early gains on the bink of england decision. the f. t 100 up. and futures are indicating a 50 point gain for the dow in the u.s. asian markets are higher, nikkei average off better than 1%.
8:32 am
republican presidential nominee donald trump and mike pence emphasizing party unity as a new poll finds hillary clinton is leading donald trump now by 10 points. blake burman with the latest. >> good morning, down double digits, that's one of several eyesores for donald trump in the latest fox news poll. hillary clinton as you mentioned leads by 10 points in the latest readings, and the 9 when the third party candidates are factored in. the startling numbers for trump, he only received the backing of 78% of republican and roughly one in every eight republicans said they would vote for clinton. the top republicans are stage some sort of intervention with trump. the top of the ticket tried to portray a unified front. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th and i would say right now it's the
8:33 am
best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> and they keep thinking they've done him in and you get up the next morning and donald trump is still standing tall and fighting for the american people. >> now, the biggest, brightest spot in the poll, maria, for trump comes with independents. he gets 41% and leads among that group by 8 points, but you have to wonder how much that matters if he's only going to get the support of roughly eight of ten republicans. maria: yeah, it's an important point blake burman, thank you so much. recent global unrest putting the world on edge. we're following the developing details of a stabbing spree in london leaving one person dead, an american woman, and five injured. authorities now say that there's no evidence of a radicalization after a man was arrested in connection with the attack yesterday. meanwhile, here at home, a washington d.c. metro transit officer was charged yesterday with attempting to provide material support for isis.
8:34 am
the first u.s. law enforcement officer charged with aiding the terrorist group. and joining us now is pinell county sheriff paul babeau. what should be done with terrorism? it's not quieting down and getting worse. >> absolutely, we have to be far more aggressive. the approach president obama has taken clearly has not worked. we are at war. yet, we have not declared war and we're fighting, he sends 50 soldiers over to syria to defeat isis and he says we're really, really going to defeat them and sends 250 more. that's not a way-- i'm a retired army officer, served in iraq, that's not a way to defeat your enemy and we have to be more aggressive here at home as well in terms of identifying, routing out home grown terrorist cells. you can't wait years. you can't interview these
8:35 am
suspects multiple times and then all of a sudden and scratch your head and wonder why, how these things occurred and we've had clue upon clue. maria: we're with mayor guiliani and we haven't heard a substantial plan from hillary clinton either. how would donald trump handle this in a practical way. >> i think he's pointed out first of all, that begins with you've got to recognize your enemy. you can't fight the nazis unless you realize you're fighting the nazis. you can't fight the fascists or the communists unless you realize you're fighting the communists. we're fighting an ideology and the president refuses to embrace that. and until you can see the connections between what happened with that cop and what happened in orlando and what happened in paris and what happened in nice and the catholic priest whose head was chopped off, unless you see that as all connected, having investigated very complicated cases, including terrorism cases, it's the connections
8:36 am
that allow you to be predictive, to start looking for the precursors of terrorism that the sheriff's police department is now stuck with. this is a new responsibility for the police. the fbi has to be -- has to be much more open and has to have outreach to all the 800,000 local police officers. their eyes and ears, and taught to be looking for the precursors of terrorism. hillary isn't doing this. hillary caused a lot of this when she was secretary of state, overthrowing mubarak and overthrowing gadhafi, where is one of isis' new home, bang, the libya that she created. >> that's the connection-- >> go ahead, sheriff. >> please, sheriff. >> there's a connection with this actual transit officer. back in 2011 he's traveled to libya twice to be part of the overthrow of gadhafi, and customs and border protection
8:37 am
actual actually searched through his bag and found kevlar helmets, body armor and those are clues and at that time why on earth did not our federal agents share this information with the chief of this transit authority in washington d.c.? because if that guy works for me, those are clues, i'd question that officer and he'd be fired. why was he fired just this week? >> can i add to what the sheriff is saying? the same thing with the boston marathon. the russian intelligence told us that tsarnayev was a terrorist. the fbi investigated it, they concluded not enough evidence. then tsarnayev went to russia and went to the chechnya area and had to be a big clue, like lights should have gone off. now, i know because i work with the fbi most of my life, they don't have the resources to follow up on this, but why didn't they tell the boston police department? that information should have been shared with the boston
8:38 am
police department or if it happened in new york, bratten would have gone crazy. maria: and a lot of these stories, donald trump painted doing into the election. he basically said this is what's happening and put this front and center. new fox poll though shows voters trust hillary clinton more on immigration than trump, giving her a 7% edge on this issue that is so central to trump's platform. >> what i liked about that poll is leading among independents, it's easier to get the republicans back than independents to vote for you. that 75% of r republicans will end up being 85 to 90 by the time we come to election. maria: you think they'll get the republican vote? >> they're not going to vote for hillary clinton not with the stuff happening in the world. i thought the whole incident with the priest having his head chopped off and the democratic convention saying nothing about it. maria: they didn't give a moment of silence. >> not even like one minute of prayer for a priest who is taken down off the altar and his head is chopped off like
8:39 am
we're in the sixth century and obama is in -- obama is in no century, he's on mars, i think. dagen: how about the fact about the sexual assaults in cologne, germany, overlooked and ignored, particularly in this country. mass sexual assaults by refugees and migrants from these middle eastern countries and ignored. maria: you're right. that wasn't talked about enough in the media and it's horrible. you're on the front lines in terms of the immigration issues, sheriff. what's your thought on border control? >> we don't have it. i can tell you here, being on the ground. we've had 82,000, 123,000 illegals apprehended each year just in this part of arizona alone and when you hear hillary clinton want to increase the number of refugees, asylum seekers, 550% here from the middle east and from europe, my
8:40 am
god, have you seen europe? germany? take central americans, mexicans, by the hundreds of thousands here? we don't see this support coming from other countries. why don't we put our country, our families, our national security first for once? that's what i want and that's what donald trump has been saying. and you can see the failures of our country because the leader of america, president obama, believes that the top concern for our country in terms of national security isn't isis, isn't terrorism, isn't an unsecured border, in fact, he says it's global warming. maria: he says climate change. >> this is why we're failing, correct. maria: thank you, sheriff. >> thank you, maria. maria: and despite the dow industrials snapping a seven-day losing streak, big names saying you should sell. and stuart varney coming up. and tim kaine on book shelves
8:41 am
near you, the big book.
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8:44 am
>> welcome back. we're 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a thursday. we're looking at a higher opening this morning. stocks are higher after the bank of england lowered interest rates. and here are names on the move. viacom up better than 3% ahead of the open. the media giant with a surprise rise in second quarter revenue due to the movie business, amid the legal battle between the redstone family and the executive management. watch tesla, earnings after the bell last night, the auto maker reporting a wider than expected loss in the second quarter and is still losing money. tesla ceo saying it's on track to deliver 50,000 new vehicles on track with earlier guidance. despite the losing quarter.
8:45 am
and the bears are coming out to play and oil and gold between gains and losses as top investors bill gross and jeff gunnlack are telling them to sell everything, but gold. stuart varney. stuart: this is what happens in a world that's printing money. the brits join the zero interest rate club and the australians and the japanese. i guess that's what happens even though big name investors, you've had on your grow, bill gross, jeff gunlak, that's dramatic stuff coming from these guys and a lot of people follow their advice. here you've got a market that's staying very close to record levels, only down 1% in the latest sell off, staying up there despite profits going down and virtually zero growth in the economy. you have to conclude that it's cheap money, printing money,
8:46 am
all over the world that's keeping this market up. maria: it's a great point, because the bank of interest low interest rates and there you have a rally. it's all about the central bank. stuart: people ask me, what does it have to do with me if the bank of england lowers interest rates? what it's got to do with you, the whole world is printing money and that's keeping your 401(k) up there. maria: are they out of bullets? >> stuart, it's mike murphy, you hit the nail on the head as long as the central banks do this. if you want to allocate money to the market today, you need to believe that central banks can continue to do this indefinitely. if it stops and the air comes out of this, i think you're in for not just correction, but a major correction in the markets. stuart: mike, do you believe with all of this printing of money the end result at some point is inflation? because that's classic economics, isn't it? i don't see any sign of inflation at the moment, deflation is what we're worried about.
8:47 am
>> the plan is some point to stimulate the economy and get some inflation there, they're not getting it. i think it's the bear case here, stuart, they're behind the eight-ball and they really don't know what to do and they're going to run out of bullets. they continue to print and we keep interest rates low to negative and if they-- you know, the end game, i think, is still unknown. stuart: how many trillion yen are the japanese printing these days. how many british pounds are they going to churn out there and how many euros out there? i mean, it's a long running game, but they all come to an end at some point and i don't know when that's going to be. maria: you're right. we'll see how. stuart. we'll see you here. "varney & company" begins after mornings with maria. is there a scenario, mr. mayor, that donald trump comes out and starts telling us a little more specific about his plans in terms of policy? and about who he's going to hire? who is going to be in that cabinet? >> so, i think, of course, it's time for that, in the normal course of the campaign, that's
8:48 am
what you would do right after labor day. i mean, that's when people are paying attention and when you'd layout your policies. look, he's been more specific than her. i know his jobs program. he announced it during his speech. maria: and the tax plan, 15% corporate tax plan. >> i know his jobs program is lower the corporate tax rate to bring more money back into the united states. that's the best way to bring it back. lower taxes in general to put more money into the private economy so small businesses can hire people. and renegotiate some of the trade agreements that have taken jobs away from pennsylvania and ohio and the middle of the country. that's an economic program. no presidential candidate gets much more specific than that. i think he's been very specific on immigration. dagen: hillary clinton is specific to the point she's going to crack down on treatment of-- >> if you are consider their speeches. maria: on the website.
8:49 am
dagen: on the website. >> his speech contained ten specifics of what he's going to do. he'll go into more detail and how he's bringing jobs back and how he's going to deal with isis and give an indication, i believe he's in the same way that he did with the judges, about not, i'm going to appoint this one on this job and that one on this. i think what he'll do, he'll give indications these are the people i would look to. maria: will you be our next attorney general? >> well, i'm actually seeking-- i am seeking a job, secretary of golf. [laughter] i'm going to get the old nike clubs and i'm going to get at nike clubs because i think three years from now you can probably get five to one for them. >> can you beat mr. trump in a golf game? >> no, but my son can. maria: really, we want to hear more about that. [laughter] we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
>> welcome back. former ohio congressman steve latourette has died after a battle with cancer. dagen: he died last night surrounded by family in virginia. he came as part of a big wave, and controlled the house. and he retired in 2012. steve latourette was just 62 years of age. carl icahn is closing his taj mahal casino in atlantic city. it will close at the end of the summer, in the midst of a strike by unionized workers over health insurance costs and atlantic city is going through troubled times. four of 12 casinos remain shut after closing in 2014, but one
8:54 am
of them reopened as a hotel only. people keep referring to it as the trump taj mahal, but trump does not own it. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine plan to release a policy book, a book, stronger together. it will include a wide range of proposals from the democratic presidential nominee, campaign policy books date back to 1982 when clinton and al gore published a book "putting people first", and i can tell you more than one-- and illinois representative adam kensinger, excuse me, says he won't vote for trump after trump, quote, crossed so many red lines, unquote. maria, the congressman says he won't vote for hillary clinton, but he will write a candidate in. there you are. stuart: well, we had real unity issues throughout the conventions, both conventions
8:55 am
and i don't know, we're at the same time place right? >> yeah, i think we're in the same place. the bernie sanders people, a third indicate they're not voting for hillary clinton. in our case, our problem is not the grass roots, look at the money that trump raised. >> in july. >> just about the same as hillary did, he raised from small donors and she's raising it from the fat cats and donald trump is very strong with the grass roots. his problem is the establishment of the party. i think that hillary's got the opposite party. hillary is the establishment of the party is going to lie for her, cheat for her and stand with her, no matter what the director of the fbi says about how careless she was with national security secrets and when the new revelations come out from assange about the other lies she's told you're not going to see any democrats like representative kins nger jumping ship because they understand the importance of
8:56 am
having a president, house and senate the same party, and our guys have to understand that. cost kinkinger want to see hillary clinton with appointments to the supreme court and in 2020 find everything he does found unconstitutional. maria: an important point you made there. a short break and final thoughts from our all-star panel right after the short break. if you have medicare
8:57 am
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welcome back, all right, the markets are looking higher. bank of england cut interest rates and mayor guiliani, after a tough couple of days for donald trump. >> a tough couple of days. that's what's going to happen when you're breaking egg shells. this guy is trying to crack through what is a completely corrupt, totally political system in washington. i don't think that anybody disagrees that it's dysfunctional and 80% agree it's corrupt. when you see a guy lie like josh earnest lied yesterday. maria: about iran. >> and hillary clinton extremely careless, which amounts to gross negligence and a crime. to me the justice department has turned into an advisory agency. it advises us that hillary is extremely careless. advised the obama administration they shouldn't launder 400 million dollars and don't prosecute anybody, if you're a democrat. but if you're a republican like
9:00 am
governor mcdonnell, by the way, who didn't do anything terribly denver than the vice-presidential candidate on the democratic ticket, if you're a democrat, you get away with it. maria: very disheartening, actually. thank you for joining us, michael murphy and dagen. dagen: rudy! . maria: and "varney & company" begins now. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good morning, a stabbing attack in london, an american woman is dead, an unnamed suspect in custody, the police say, quote, terrorism is a line of inquiry. all right, ratchet up the anxiety level all over again. more in a moment. and then there is this. donald trump has taken a big hit, in large part it's his own making and a hostile media is rubbing it in. just released a new poll after the democratic convention, clinton 10 points ahead and increasing her lead. trump has yet to recover from his self-inflicted wounds and


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