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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 4, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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governor mcdonnell, by the way, who didn't do anything terribly denver than the vice-presidential candidate on the democratic ticket, if you're a democrat, you get away with it. maria: very disheartening, actually. thank you for joining us, michael murphy and dagen. dagen: rudy! . maria: and "varney & company" begins now. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good morning, a stabbing attack in london, an american woman is dead, an unnamed suspect in custody, the police say, quote, terrorism is a line of inquiry. all right, ratchet up the anxiety level all over again. more in a moment. and then there is this. donald trump has taken a big hit, in large part it's his own making and a hostile media is rubbing it in. just released a new poll after the democratic convention, clinton 10 points ahead and increasing her lead. trump has yet to recover from his self-inflicted wounds and
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the media is piling on, the most rabid anti-trump owned bezos, amazon's owner. read about it. 95 days until the election. the justice department knew about the cash for hostages swap and objected to it and they were overruled. this is the $400 million all cash ransom payment for the simultaneous release of the hostages. the obama administration says it's coincidence. the main media have dropped it except for one. and the brits have the free money band wagon and keeping stocks at near record levels. yes, "varney & company" is out to begin. ♪
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>> trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. >> [booing] well, we're not going there, my friends. i'm telling you right now, we're going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class-- >> whoa, did you catch that? that was hillary clinton on monday. now, whether or not she misspoke or she actually means what she said about rising taxes on the middle class, i don't know, but the media certainly missed it, got it? and here is what the media is concentrating on. anything anti-trump. and just for one paper today, "the washington post," i'm going to repeat these headlines. g.o.p. reaches new level of
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panic over trump candidacy. opinion, trump's shallowness runs deep. opinion, donald trump makes his most dangerous comments yet. opinion, the republican party has lost its soul. come in, fred barnes. any idea why "the washington post" is the most rabid of all the anti-trump outlets? >> well, it must come from the top. and in this case, look, i get "the washington post" delivered at my door every day and this is pretty consistent. it's anti-trump feeling. and it's really on the editorial page, too. the columnist, obviously, all the liberal columnists are e ces atrstf eypi o noe'ea a soinll g.o.p.-trump intervention. >> yes. stuart: save his candidacy and rescue him from himself. is that another media invention or is there something to it?
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>> i don't think it's a media invention, but there has been some talk about this. i don't think it's going to happen and like many things involving trump it's been blown out of proportion. sometimes, of course, that's his fault, but i wouldn't take this too seriously, unless trump does not do one thing. he needs to announce his economic plan. it's been sitting around and he needs to approve it. there's some talk he'll do it early next week. but it's something that's going to make the contrast between trump, what he's for and what hillary clinton is for, really dramatic. i mean, this is an issue that helps trump enormously. stuart: well said. because that new fox polls find more voters trust donald trump than hillary on the economy. it's 50-45 on the economy. and beats hillary clinton on handling the deficit 49-44, these are the only issues where he comes out on top and you're saying, play to your strength, is that it? >> of course play to your strength.
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stuart: you've got to focus on your strength and don't go off on tangents. >> i couldn't agree with you more. there's a phenomenon that trump seems to be ignoring and that is hillary clinton benefits when she's in the background. her poll numbers go up. this has been true for a long time and not just this campaign, but when she's front-- >> she's saying nothing. >> that's right, exactly. stuart: virtually nothing about actual policy and she's winning. >> she's winning, but if trump makes her front and center on the economy, on immigration, law and order, terrorism, issues that work for him. if he makes her the issue, her numbers will go down and they've always done that and yet, he's made himself the issue. stuart: yes, use your influence, fred barnes, you've got clout in the beltway, use your influence, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. stuart: let's go to london. last night an american citizen was stabbed to death by a
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19-year-old. now, the attacker is reportedly a norwegian of. ashley: they don't believe it's an act of terrorism, they say it was spontaneous and victims selected at random. as we know, a u.s. woman, in her 60's was killed and another u.s. citizen was hurt in the attack, a britt, israeli, australian and the attack triggered by mental health issues. he was tasered by police, and taken to the hospital. is fine and now talking. mi-5 and mi-6 say they have no record of this person and his name does not show up on any terrorism lists. stuart: louise is with us, former from the parliament. i should say that the first response of the authorities in london was it's mental illness, but the police did say and i'm
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quoting now, terrorism is a line of inquiry, either way, the level of anxiety goes straight up. >> and let me just, people do not believe what the police are telling them. it is far, far, too coincidental. this guy, first he's a norwegi norwegian, and then a norwegian of somalia descent. and you're not allowed to have a knife, and you take a knife to the station and an american and an israeli. >> if you lose confidence in the truthfulness of the authorities and they don't want to jump to conclusions and inspire anti-muslim feelings, the two people, are separate from the police. >> in a way almost as damaging as the terror attack because if we can't trust the police to tell us the truth.
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who do we trust. stuart: quick story out of d.c., an active transit police officer charged with trying to help isis, the worst possible news, that's from the inside of law enforcement authorities. >> and we hear that this guy was a convert to islam. it shows us that there is justice in both racial and religious profiling. thank god they caught him. they caught him. >> and do you believe that we in america should profile people in the armed services or in the police force who have converted to islam, profile them, look at them, recheck them. >> because profiling isn't judging. it happened to me in the '90s and i lived in dublin and flying into london, i'm a catholic and fit the profile of an ira, and i didn't mind, we have to get over that profiling people is judging them, it's checking them for their safety and all of our safety.
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stuart: we appreciate it. looks like a slightly higher opening for the stock market. i've got to tell you there are big names, powerful investors who are saying sell stock, get out of market. i'll tell you oil is sitting around 40.60. down 20 odd cents and gas falling, 2.11 is your national average and 15 states where the price is under $2 a gallon. we're told that the rest of the country will join in right about labor day. it will be $2 or less everywhere. now, we've got growing chorus of well-known investors saying get out of stocks. liz, the bond king, bill gross, the latest to say that? >> the latest and joined jeff gundlach and he says that central bank intervention has been too much, that there will be a blowout.
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and markets are levitating higher artificially on a cascade of money coming in and when the spending goes full bore in britain and the united states if hillary wins and also, if trump wins, too, then you're going to see basically the markets get really sketchy. what he's talking about, quickly, go to gold, go to real estate. corporate earnings have never slid this length of time and revenues this length of time since the bull market six years ago, about a year's worth of downward trends. ashley: he blames the central bank. stuart: gold at 1369 this morning, up another five bucks. we've got an update on zika for you. officials investigating a possible new zika case, it's outside the small area in downtown miami. we think it's a new case outside that small zika zone. i've got more on that for you in a second. back to the iran cash hostage swap, also known as ransom, the news today is that the department of justice objected
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to the payment, they knew about it, but they were overruled by the state department. >> again, would those prisoners have been released then if this money had not been paid to them. >> what i can tell you is that our negotiators, who were talking with the iranians about what was necessary to secure the release of american citizens in iran--
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>> isn't it essentially a ransom payment then, even if the u.s. does not view it that way? >> no, it's not a ransom payment. >> would those prisoners have been released then, if this money hadn't been paid then? >> i think what is true is that there were a team of negotiators-- >> but, again, would those prisoners have been released then if this moan had not been paid? >> what i can tell you is that our negotiators who were talking with the iranians about what was necessary to secure the release of american
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citizens in iran succeeded. >> but it was a very simple question. would those-- >> let me just say one thing about this-- >> if the money wasn't paid on that same weekend? >> well, again, i guess what i'm saying is, it's a pretty simple negotiation that took place. stuart: you have to admit it was a fair question on the hostages would they have come home when they did in the money wasn't paid when it was paid. the lady asked it three times of the white house press secretary josh earnest and he really didn't answer. come in colonel allen west, executive director for central policy and analysis. i want to move past the fight over definitions. i want to know what happens now, there are two more americans in iranians jails and thfr they've been seized recently and what happens to them. >> good to be with you. it's not what josh earnest is
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saying, but it's the perception of others, from iranians and other terrorist organizations in other countries. when you have four americans and all of a sudden, because of an unmarked airplane with u.s. dollars that have been laundered into euros and swiss francs, all of a sudden lands in the dead of the night and then, you know, in close connection, you have four americans being released, that's the message that people are going to see. and so what you have done without any doubt, you have put a target, you have put a price on american citizens all over the world to at least 100 million because when you break it down, it's four times 100 million and that's exactly what we gave them. stuart: do you think it's open season-- i think it's extreme to suggest it's open season on any american travelling anywhere abroad. i think that's a little extreme what you said. >> i don't think so, i don't think so. i think you have to put yourself in the mindset of the enemy. so i would say it's extreme to have ten sailors on their knees
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at gun point from the iranian guard corps navy. these are the times in which we live in. i think it's extreme when all of a sudden you have a 60-year-old american woman that was stabbed. and that remind me of the rash of stabbings that occurred in israel three or four months ago. stuart: people in western europe and north america are going to live like israels, with the threat of a wild stab i attack. i believe isis said we're going to london and going off london and said we're coming to new york and i think it was d.c. as well. i think they did say that. >> you know, you're absolutely right. and so, it's not a paranoia, but it's truly a dark specter of the american citizenry and truly those who live in western civilization worried about the attacks. and now because of that transaction, if you want to call it that, between the obama administration and iranians, we have to be concerned about being kidnapped and ransomed. stuart: well said.
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colonel allen west, thank you for getting up early for us. we appreciate it. >> this is late, stuart. stuart: i know it, i know it. [laughter] >> good luck, see you soon. thank you, sir. serious stuff, an update on zika. a possible new zika case in miami and this is outside the neighborhood that was dubbed ground zero for the virus, details. ashley: in florida, health officials say it appears the virus was spreading. it was confined to the winwood neighborhood in downtown miami and now cases outside of that area, you have 15 people now in miami and surrounding areas now affected 13 in miami-dade and two in broward county. we're going to begin an aggressive spraying operation to a ten mile square area. stuart: i think it's a serious story. tourism is a basis of florida's economy, a good part of it. if you were a young pregnant woman, would you want to go to
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south florida, you don't want to be negative about tourism. ashley: they're advising against it. stuart: look at this, it's a projection of hurricane earl, made landfall in belize. the storm is heading west and look at the photo, this photo shows the hurricane cloud over belize. now, this may or may not be coming here, but it's an interesting shot of the hurricane, isn't it? we've got this, too, fast-moving wildfire in california burning 4600 acres and this is dubbed the cold fire. it started on tuesday afternoon and no word on the cause. listen to this, there are now 27 large wildfires burning in the west as of right now. look at this. fox news releasing more polls. you won't believe the numbers on the honest and trustworthy poll. more varney next. ♪ you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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when asked which candidate is honest and trustworthy, they're tied at 36 points apiece. that's people who say they are not honest. they're tied in the not honest campaign. liz, can you explain this? because that's a huge drop for trustworthiness for donald trump liz: it's a big drop. but hillary clinton's trustworthiness. here is the thing, you look at the b-- cbs poll. and they don't believe her shifting and changing answers why she had a server in the basement of her home in chappaqua. and people don't believe it. that's at stake here. stuart: a fox poll shows them even on one trustworthy and that fox poll was taken just as the democrat convention closed all the way up through the weekend. it has to be something that trump did liz: it did, you know what? placing blame on the media or a
9:25 am
rigged system won't grow your base, it won't expand it, so the constant tan gents and the fights he's getting into when he should be focusing on the economy. that's with a people are worried about. ashley: how he could be tied with her with untrustworthiness. stuart: and trump went off message, doesn't matter who he's chasing, in the polls, disasterous. moving on. the opening bell, four minutes and 40 seconds to be precise. they're moving all over the place, and the brits joined in. and that's why we'll open higher on the market this morning. i have asthma...
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stuart: thursday morning. in about 50 seconds the bell will ring. we will start trading stocks here in the background, get a big-name investor has joined a club of people. the later is bill gross by the way joined by big hedge fund manager. some of them are saying get out of stocks completely. it is an extreme message. that is the backdrop and these are powerful and influential people saying this.
9:30 am
nonetheless, we expected now to open up in 20, 30 points. why is that you ask? the brakes along with everybody else have been out to a new money printing program. i incorporate on. two, one, who appeared thursday morning. we are opening down three-point, expecting that to turn around. for points. not a huge rally, but we are going to be a good most of the dow stocks are in the green. the s&p 500, a2 is up a tiny -- the tiniest infractions. but the other tech stocks are doing. down .05. some of these big investors are saying get into gold. $368 per ounce. oil has been moving the stock
9:31 am
market recently 4059. the guilt on the ten-year treasury,, keep a fine interest rate down to 1.51% as of now. a couple individual stocks are moving. twitter was up 7% yesterday. a lot of. a lot of buyout speculation that flat this morning. apple. tim cook says the app store is monthly billing broke a record in july holding at 105. it is up 2.5%. joining us this morning from ashley webster, listening donald and shaun lately. back to these big names. within the caution flag. billionaire hedge fund, even goldman sachs has joined in. john, to your, to you for her spirit say get out of stocks. get out of dodge. what do you say? >> i disagree. we had a little pullback about
9:32 am
1% of an all-time high. look at the comparison around the world. 80% of government debt from japan and germany are negative interest rates. the yield higher than around 10 year treasury. the place to put money reward is the u.s. stock market. the liquidity will keep the market higher. stuart: that's a fair point to make. we are the game in town that provides some yield. what do you say with all these big guys same salad all. >> i understand john's point. it starts to get out while they are still making new highs. we've got to respect that trend. however, we have to be very much on guard and people have to be ready for a get out point. all these people getting out, all the names that we heard. the banks have been propping us up and there's been nothing in terms of financial global financial goodness to tell us us to stay in.
9:33 am
stuart: for viewers who want to get out of the going gets rough, it's relatively easy to put a stop loss order. liz: no easier for you. >> because it is so proud to go. stuart: i do want the. open up your account and you want to sell it. >> thank you for the buzz on this. stuart: i want to bring in scott shellady. the bank of england cut interest rates and they say the bank of england is going to buy corporate bonds. what do you make of that? >> that was the surprising part. et cetera cut interest rates last month in a day. on top of the quantitative easing, they've got a bomb purchase of corporate bond. this is a good. as you see the central banks in
9:34 am
japan in the cba, they go more it and cheapened their own currencies. it makes the u.s. dollar which is a synthetic rate. when you get off this race around the world, it kind of pushes us off again. if you continue to see what was a contractor mark could change everything. this after i ought to make it harder and harder again to raise interest rates here. liz: which corporate bonds are they going to die? they're trying to fix a danger creating more dangerous for the corporate bond markets in the markets in general. >> why should they pick winners and losers? go ahead, scott. go. >> why shod central banks decide the price of things? they been in the market for i don't know how many gears.
9:35 am
that's a big problem. stuart: they can't get out. how did they get out of this mess? >> they've got mom and pop and now they have to have an eye on the stock market. >> which you agree if and when the central banks of the world stop printing money, stop raising interest rates, the stock market including ours go straight down. we do say that's going to happen? >> you will be a big catalyst for that. it's going to be difficult and i think some of the stock markets not react to these e-zines that we used to see. you could've said a year ago even though we do have a number tomorrow. it is getting close to that trained to do things fall apart?
9:36 am
>> let me put this in simple terms. all these people are getting out early because they know if that happens there will be fewer buyers that the liquidity trap would be the buzzer word. fewer buyers, not enough people to observe the selling. stuart: is that the scenario you see and all breaks loose on the markets. >> absolutely. i agree with you. i think the fed and ecb around the world are out of bullets right now. they really don't know what to do. once they start pulling liquidity outcome it will hurt these markets. ashley: gas the markets would be great to dictate asset prices. >> you are so smart. there are changes or refunds to people traveling to areas impact
9:37 am
dean by zika. >> each of the airlines as their own specific way of handling zika, but they are all on board if you want to change your airline to mosquito borne virus. now that the cdc, center for disease control has jumped in and issued travel guidance, that makes the investor worried. but today these are turning around. just to give you a touch of how people react, here is a picture of her embryo with the insect repellent. sadly, she was better first game every time she touched the ball. she's a little nervous. stuart: how about that.
9:38 am
stuart: i can't live believe i said that the have the airlines start an impact. it was unscripted. look at tesla. they lost by many. elon musk says they are not really losing business. give me growth at the expense of profit. you don't like tesla at all, do you? >> david tessler detractor insurer. a couple of things going on here. the numbers were worse than we expected in the stock could've have been done a lot more. the consensus analyst estimate is. everyone is worried about this company making their execution. they have 50,000 cars and deliver them. i will bring in line for
9:39 am
everybody. stuart: are you trying to get into this? john tesla. >> yeah, look, elon musk to me as the guy comes up to america and is now beating their own car company. i agree that the stock price has detached from reality. >> they are going to focus on apparel instead. is this link to the rise and fall of tiger woods? >> absolutely. this was part of business with incredible late 90s and early 2000 said rod back when his son nick lister they know and advice in going from titles. golf is a dying sport. that's why they get out of the apparel. also under armour is reading
9:40 am
them at their own game. >> the nike golf united states worst performers. golf apparel is too doing vile. stuart: john, the only round of golf i played is in bermuda. i played nine holes as i recall. i'm not now, we will thank everyone. when and all, appreciated. good start to the day. we are now worth 32 points. 10 minutes into the trading session this thursday morning. nine holes. we've got a sports alert. the u.s. women's soccer teams opened the olympics. let's repeat that. charlie lloyd scored her 89th. the mainstream media continues
9:41 am
to criticize every single thing that donald trump has ever done in his entire life. even when hillary clinton says things like she is going to tax the middle class. you will be right back. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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stuart: breaking news from france. leaves are looking for an afghan man who they believe may be planning an attack. ashley: and a silent super the country for two months has information he could learn to be planning an attack.
9:45 am
i do want to point out they did the same thing. they put out a photograph recently and someone they believe will carry out an attack. that person did. one of the 19 year olds that killed that priests in northern france. that lends credibility to the thread. stuart: look at the stats in the last month coming from the website. 141 islamic attacks, more than 1165 people killed. 1800 people injured in 22 countries. this is record number of terrorist attacks. stuart: should we call it islamic terror? liz: the 9/11 report called that. stuart: individual stocks in the market going up. chesapeake energy lost less money. their oil output mixer will be relatively flat. that's not doing much good. lower profits at duke energy operate utilities that are millions of customers in the
9:46 am
south and midwest. they are down just a fraction. better prospect, better revenue. viacom ratings increase across some of the networks including nickelodeon. the stock down a fraction. more money coming in amc networks. that is down a fraction. disappointing sales of kellogg's boost its profit. the stock is up to about 3% higher. the parent of fox business 20th century fox for revenue ricers come expenses cut into profits. 3% down on 21st century fox. the mainstream media continues to criticize every move that donald trump makes. just at the top of your head, here's "the l.a. times" headline today. donald trump's tough week could cost him his wings date that is running of time to recover. larry elder, they lend radio nationally syndicated talkshow
9:47 am
host lives in los angeles for having fakes. have you ever seen a time when the media is so universally and totally opposed and trying to bring down one presidential candidate? >> stuart, i've never seen the like of it. o.j. simpson got better press coverage. he murdered two people. it's absolutely insane. teresa called him -- i'm wolf blitzer. another woman on cnn called him cnn called in a cave and say it, had to do with the male anatomy. i've never seen anything like it. i said this in donald trump first ran. i said he is never seen the avalanche is going to get. please use to hide a publicity. one of the entertainment reporters said she had never seen anybody say anything at all negative until he ran for president. now he's a racist and a racist and a baguette and a and an islamic lobe. stuart: look, right at the
9:48 am
beginning you can expect negative coverage, but you have to also say that trump constantly write dave with the media throwing to him. that is always the case. >> i accept that. this is the woman who ran a private server and denies she lied about it and she gets away with it. this is a woman who verbally intimidated an alleged survivor and she's never been asked about it. when you go at "dateline nbc" and make the allegation, what you think a german at a german at one point would s eetary clid or did you not verbally intimidate this one then. i agree with you. donald trump has given himself a lot of self-inflicted wound.
9:49 am
>> would you stay there for a second. i've got to deal with this for a moment. this is venezuela. people waiting in food lines for 12 hours or more. what else have we got? ashley: and set of work income that they are wasting half the food lines. the military is taking control. take control of the grocery stores, take control food supplies. the bbc reporter winning to video the food lines. you see an opposition leader getting bludgeoned in the face with a pipe. you see essentially a military say no more footage. no more reporting on the food line. the military is cracking down what's going on in venezuela. this is so dangerous. we saw this happen in cuba in 1969 saying to the people of that country, you've got to work on government-backed farms.
9:50 am
we can say another two months or indefinitely. stuart: i've got to get back to vietnam back to the ever end up ransom payment. that's what i will call it. the department of justice objected to the payment but they were overruled by states. larry elder is still with us. more on that in just a moment.
9:51 am
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stuart: interesting stories about that life which is the they've been writing life insurance policies. 8% lower i met life. the justice department knew and object it to you about $400 million all cash ransom payment for the simultaneous release of four american hostages. we are going to call up ransom and justices overruled. larry elder still with us. why is this not in the media this morning? it's in "the wall street journal." hillary clinton happened after she was no longer secretary of state. >> it sure should be a big story. it ought to be why we did the iran deal in the first place. i remember watching an interview with robert gates from the secretary of defense after you left the clinton administration.
9:55 am
the reason obama did this is because the after 10 years or so of prosperity, iran would turn away from terrorism. they call that unrealistic. they are still doing everything they did before. still exporting terror. still financing in the iep is that it hurt our soldiers in iraq. still working on an ipad nano ballistic missiles. only one target could be in mind and that's us. the whole thing was incredibly naïve. stuart: at this point the media will not allow it to be an election issue. >> i agree. any more than their fact obama got over the objection that all of this national security team led to the rise devices. why that is in a campaign issue is beyond me. >> every six of the economy,
9:56 am
supreme court justices and talk about how hillary put the nation's national security at risk. he's got to be more disciplined. let a surrogate attack other people to the extent that they are some reasons to do so. that is their job. real important will be the debate. if donald trump is prepared for these debates, he can turn this around. 90 days or so in politics is an eternity. this caucus, not october. there is time to stuart: there are 95 days to the election. thanks as always for being with us and thanks for being so early in the morning. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. i have no life. stuart: famous last line. it is claimed is what goes on political correctness. we will read you part of his rant. we can't read it all. it is why he is supporting donald trump. the before and after the
9:57 am
canadian magician. he is going to talk to us about his most impressive magic trick yet. that would be making a third of himself disappear. he went on a diet. a pretty good day. look at the big boy. we are up 14 points. in other words, pretty much go where no scar. maybe that is supporting the market. maybe this is a safety issue because nobody knows what the jobs report is going to be. do you want to guess? i thought i would throw that idea. liz: let's take a guess. i say when 75. stuart: i say 150. trim 3138. stuart: if we are right you will never forget. the dow industrials up seven points paid virtually dead flat.
9:58 am
back in a moment.
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: it has been one week since the democrats convention ended it's been a very bad week for donald trump. he's behind in the polls he's losing ground an media is just pounding him daily. however, there is a bright spot, the economy trump leads on the economy, and if the economy is the key issue in the election he's still very much in this game. things are not going well with economy with middle america there's very little growth and middle-class is shrinking no better indicator of prosperity than home ownership isn't that part of the american dream? well home ownership is at the lowest level in 50 years that is a scandal. democrats economy is not going well. trump has a growth plan. this is the way forward or for donald trump this is how he could win. focus on economic groament. focus on poses. restore prosperity. that's the uplifting message ronald reagan used a generation
10:01 am
ago to bring the country out of jimmy carter malaise but he did not take the bait that the media threw at him. he stayed positive. that's how trump could win. he's winning the economy issue. he's got a growth plan. stay on it. ♪ >> ham hadding this hour, governor mike pence he would be vice presidential candidate of trump holding rally in north carolina if we will be listening to it any news, highlights you're going to get them north carolina is a key state for republican ares on november the 8th check out the big board it is not that much movement. we're down 9 points by the way we just got i think we got the latest read only mortgage rates did he get them? >> haven't gotten them yet but waiting on them momentarily.
10:02 am
coming momentarily. 3.43 so again this is the mortgage rates trending around mid-3% range dropping again, this is second time this year we've seen them drop so dramatically. we saw it with intersection it flights that tenure yield that drop, and so ten year yield dropping so fact that it's drop aring is a big deal looks at home builder or action we're watching. >> just got also word that -- factory output dropped one and a half% which is actually not as bad as they expected if you want to go by that standard. but i think if you look at the dow we're not much movement in relation to the factory output number. but it's now u down 16 points we were up now we're down, pretty much a go nowhere market. maybe this is why the price of oil holding where is it now $40 per barrel. 4056 down a fraction 40 a barrel on oil. how about this?
10:03 am
the mobile payment it is company, it's square. you may use it revenue up 42% that's a winner. 11% higher. tesla, lost money, chief elon muck says growth is better than profit. the stock is unchanged. i'm going to take you to london now where an american woman is dead, five others wounded and 19-year-old went on a stabbing rampage. who was it? >> well, norwegian of somali origin, stu being in london since he was five years old, at first the police said that look, we're looking at every possible angle an motive including terrorism. but later this morning, the head of britain counterterrorism unit said look we've interviewed him and talked to family and searched he has home and no link to terrorism they believe it was a spontaneous and random attack now they could subsequently find clues but at this point they are
10:04 am
saying it's mental health issues. >> that's what they're saying but police in paris -- we believe they're searching for a man who may be plotting a terror attack liz you've got this one. >> not kengted to the nice attack. so basically they're searching around a neighborhood that is involving a mosque is there and psalmic library is there. 20 people arrested including four women. one family and entire family including children were arrested. this is a serious police raid that's happening now. this is a second raid this year on this neighborhood which sits north of paris because the first raid they found an accomplice who was connected to -- muhammad abu linked to paris attack in november 2015 second raid there. >> so we've got two incidents somewhat connected in europe this morning. >> yes. got it. back to politics, there is as we keep saying one bright spot from the fox news poll. and the bright spot is for donald trump.
10:05 am
it's the economy. voters say trump is better able to handle it 50 to 45 over hillary clinton. joining us now byron nork from washington examiner saying it all day, all week please mr. trump if you want to win this thing, focus -- why not focus on the economy? surely that is a winning issue for him isn't it? >> could be ready to stage a one man intervention with donald trump. yeah, that is the best news in the fox news poll that shows him ten points behind hillary clinton nationally. it shows more than two-thirds of those surveyed think that trump was out of bounds in the way he responded to the attack on him from khan but the candidate better qualified to handle when they get to the economy, they say donald trump. they still say donald trump after all of this, and there are trump advisors says essentially what to him essentially what you
10:06 am
said to our viewers, which is a lot to talk about with economy we have a terrible report of gd growth did trump make a big deal about that? as a matter of fact i went to his spoach and ash burn, virginia a couple of days ago he mentioned it 53 minute it is into the speech. so ting that advisors are trying to get him to be more focused on that. >> yeah i want to take a look at this. take a look at hillary clinton i'm sorry i want to go back to you byron real fast here. is it possible that the media is i hate to say it stirring it up. but we have a story about a republican intervention to straighten up donald trump is that real or did the media create it? >> first of all if you're with a conference table and trump and rudy and newt i don't think that's going to happen. but clearly there are trump advisors who are trying to talk
10:07 am
to him about more focus. but that's sort of media stuff intervention is stuff is not going to happen. i think what you have now as far as the media is concerned, is you do have trump trapped in a psych it will in which terrible news coverage help to drive down polls and fall opinion poll it is creates panic among republicans especially in washington who speak out and feed another terrible news cycle so trump has to break out of that psych it will if he's going to start going up again. >> got 95 days left to do it. thank you sir. take a look at what hillary clinton said earlier this week she was talking about taxes she was in nebraska. warren buffett was in attendance. watch this. >> trump wantses to cut taxes for the superrich. well, we're not going there my friends. i'm telling you right now we're going to write rules for palace
10:08 am
and we're going to raise taxes on the middle-class. [applause] may i repeat that we're going to raise tax on middle-class and she did not correct it working with a teleprompter and did not correct what she just said. i don't know whether she misspoke or means it bring in town hall had editor media missed this. wasn't this a priceless example of i'm going to tax the middle-class. i didn't hear about it until today. >> this is what we call a fraud slip hillary clinton likes to talk a whole lot about how she's going to tax the rich. but when you dig down into her tax policies you'll find that she will be, in fact, taxing the middle-class and those who make less than 250,000 a year. despite taking a pledge and saying she would not do that. not to mention that she's supported a payroll tax increase for everyone. she supports things like 25% taxes on firearms.
10:09 am
she supports soto taxes we know hurt the poor the most, and so for her to, you know, say she's going to tax the middle-class she's really just being honest for one of the first times especially in this campaign. [laughter] >> you know, i hear a lot of republicans say oh, please, donald please mr. trump, will you please focus and focus on the other side because you've got great ammunition to fire at the other side. is there really this thing that republican intervention to straighten him out. is that real? >> i think it is real because based on the polling that you just talked about, byron nork and seen in terms of the convention bump for hillary clinton wiping out convention that donald trump got after cleveland i think they're pretty concerned about him taking to task things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things and looking petty you know a lot of these fights or worth donald trump face in the primary we know that. but moving into the general election people want the president and person who is
10:10 am
going to run for president ultimately win to be presidential and to focus on issues that affect them at therapy kitchen table when they're around eating dinner with their family. >> i wound for he's going to listen and restrain himself. i wonder if he can stop counterpunching you know what i'm saying. eferlgt needs to learn to pick his little baas let's say that. >> katy see you later. thanks very much. gliewrt now this, clint eastwood attacks on political correctness he's tired of walking on egg shells around everybody. and he's backing donald trump. s plus performing biggest magic trick to date sharing 100 pounds. netted it all disappear by eating just two things here he is walking down the hallway, the slim man himself walking in the studio. we're going to ask him about that diet and the elections. stay right there please.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
>> not that much movement in stocks we're down 18 points on the dow industrials check out all of the 30 stocks of the dow. and you'll see probably a lot more red than green. fox business the parent company thereof 21st century fox revenue up expense those took a bite out of profits stock is down 3.8% another drop in attendance at seaworld especially their park in orlando. that stock touched a 52-week low earlier morning and still down 13%. >> yep. >> let's get to politics libertarian candidate gary johnson needs to average 15% in the polls right before the debate if he want it is to be this coulded in the debate. got to get 15%. latest fox poll shows him at 12% that may and you have -- that libertarian guest, you know
10:15 am
him as half of the magic duo pendulet here. >> if he gets in the debate and the debate that radically atsers politics. >> i think it does and i think we get another voice in. there we've got two candidates with a high disapproval rating and then gary johnson who is fairly unknown, i mean, has a lot of really good ideas he was governor of new mexico for eight years. and in a democratic state legalized oil -- >> get a lot of americans physically responsible as you can get is as right wing as you can get and socially very liberal. let other people do what they want and be responsible for yourself. dges so you guys are going to screw up this election. stuart: if gary johnson gets into that debate, you know we he could end up with 20% of debate
10:16 am
in november -- >> that you know we're not on a different show. precisely same thing but a different word. with hillary they go with trump because we don't really know who he would take -- who he would take. people don't know i read a lot of stuff. i think he might take a lot from both sides. but most important -- thing is i think what matters more is the ideasen that the sports stuff. i know you want everybody wants their team to win. but also what's important for americans to talk about the ideas. >> it's important for future of america. >> to talk about the idea. >> no that -- you want more of the last eight years you want more of that? >> i do not. but i want the the ideas discussed in america of different ways to govern it's important. stuart: pause on political debate but i want to talk to you be something else. >> gary john --
10:17 am
stuart: no book called peres presto you lost 100 pounds -- >> over. yes. stuart: you did it for first two weeks of the debate you ate only potatoes after that you ate only potatoes and vegetable stew is that correct is? >> yes. but you know -- stuart: get out of here. >> nasa scientist doing studies on this you have to change your relationship with food. okay, i didn't have to eat potatoes for two weeks. any mono diet would have done it could have been corn, beans anything what you want to do is stop eating socially and stop eating for entertainment. >> just getting in habit of eating every time your friends are going out. every time your friends or family is eating. two weeks of getting away from that allows you to get used to what you're really doing with food. >> how do we potatoes -- >> potatoes is a funny word that's why it is potatoes.
10:18 am
>> get out of here any food. stuart: was it potatoes? >> yes. >> and then vegetable stew? >> how long? >> i lost -- >> no, no, french fries? >> no, a whole potato. nothing tells just skin, everything, and you know baked not any salt. >> how long? >> two weeks. >> and then three months i lost .9 pounds a day. >> butter in potato. butter something. you butter something. nothing on the potato. >> butter is a gift from god. >> for breakfast? >> no when i was hungry. nobody is interested in his political views but this diet. >> potatoes. potatoes, potatoes -- two weeks in 90 days you lost 100 pounds. >> it was more like 80 pounds. >> what are you eat ling now? >> well two words describe it whole plants. so no animal products, no
10:19 am
refined it grains and very low salt sugar. [inaudible] >> my life will go longer i have a show to run here. stuart: not a diet show. you and gary johnson you're killing me. >> you have a qeak weak hand a rebellion. >> name again is pendulet and lost 100 pounds on potatoes. >> gary johnson. >> astronaut remember mark klly gets a point of view on gun control of many of our viewers very angry at some of the claims he made so we're going to fact check them for you. we'll do that next. remember that tropical storm we told you about it is now a hurricane. hurricane earl, left a trail of destruction in the dominican republic now it's in belize, mexico is next we believe. stay there. we're coming right back. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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10:23 am
liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> astronaut and gun owner captain mark kelly on the program talking gun control yesterday. now we received a lot of messages from viewers worried about what he'd said about guns. katy is back with us and she is a gun advocate. all right katy. i want to play two statements from mr. kelly you tell me that they're true or false. here's the first one roll tape. >> felon domestic abuser you're not allowed to own a firearm but in our current system we only do background checks about you know 60% we think of all gun sales through a stealer. >>katy your response to that. >> saying 40% of gun purchases
10:24 am
made without a background check rallied and comes from a two decades old study that was done in the 90s immediately after the background check system was implemented, in fact, president obama has repeatedly made this claim in the in "the washington" given thisthree pinocchio for doing so number is around 10% and we do know that criminals aren't buying and mentally ill persons are not buy their guns at gun shows for example. they're getting them through black market or by other illegal mean. >> i have another statement is from captain kelly again something is that our viewers took exemption to. roll tape. >> we know that two million prohibited purchasers over about a ten year period tried to purchase firearm it is failed a background check where do you think they then go to get their gun? they go, obviously, you can buy it over presidents internet in most places or go to a gun show. >> okay you heard it, go. >> first let's address issue of buying it over et internet. if you purchase a forme on internet guess where you have to
10:25 am
pick it up at a gun dealership where you have to go through a background check so criminals are not buy their firearms through the internet. the second thing is that all of the laws that ply outside it have gun shows apply inside gun shows so when you go through a gun show you have to go through a background check and dealer and by the way most gun shows -- require that you actually have a license to sell inside that show. i want to repeat this number that only 2% of criminal ares tengd to go to gun shows to get their firearms they're not buying there because they can't pass a background check. >> get this clear right now are if i go to a gun show and i boy a gun, before i get it i've got to pass a background check even though it is a gun show out in rural area somewhere i've got to go through a background chick is that correct? >> that is correct. now i have to say go to a booth that is a federally liangsed firearm it is dealer you could purchase a gun through a private sale but those tend not to take
10:26 am
place at gun shows most of the people selling if firearms at the shows are licensed dealers running background checks through fbi. >> got it katy thanks so much for being with us appreciate it. >> thank you. happening right now donald trump pick for vice president mike pence in north carolina holding town hall event we're watching for you. meanwhile donald trump with unity in his campaign despite weak headlines while trump campaign joins us in a moment on that subject. and clint eastwood is tired of political correctness but he can't vote for hillary he said it's tied for someone like trump. more varney next. >> may be time what do you think for maybe a if businessman. how about that?
10:27 am
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♪ stuart: hillary clinton campaigning that was in denver by the way. she's moving on to las vegas today. we do actually have video of her saying she wants to raise taxes on the middle-class we've got the video. you will hear it a little later. but she does not retract either no retraction. cheb the big boortd we're going nowhere at this moment in time, we're down 13 points. price of oil not much change now to thet 41 dollars a barrel that stock market. if not so far. chesapeake energy, they say their oil output will be flat next year. that's not what investors want. they want rising production rising sales. stock is down 4%. >> wow u. now despite negative media stories, donald trump says his campaign has never been more unified than it is now. watch this.
10:31 am
campaign has never been so well united we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we're doing incredibly well. we're leading in the state of florida. you saw the poll. stuart: now trump campaign national co-chair, that is sam, sam are you goig to tell me there's no fraction you're smiling. is there no faction within the campaign that says donald, hold on you're going off a tangent reign yourself in please. focus, focus, focus you're kill yourself. there's no faction within the camp that's saying that? none? >> i would say that inside of all campaigns i've been involved in a couple, i would say inside all campaignses we have a lot of discussion. we have a lot of discourse, and that's what the whole purpose of
10:32 am
having a lot of different diverse minds come together and so as far as what's going on inside the campaign, we'll keep that like the counsel of cardinals and what goes on outside you're going to find out unified and pressing for the. >> sam it's damaging i saw headlines across the screen on all three broadcast networks chaos in the republican camp. that goes further thank just the trump camp. they're referring to this possible interis venges that they're talking about. is there any such thing? going to dismiss it? >> no, i not heard of anything. i don't think there's any intervention that's going to take place. stuart you raise a good point because ting that there are a lot of issues when you see an insurgency candidate like mr. u trump and with you're looking here there are a lot of people looking at their place in the world how they've arrived at that point because it is personal and in some cases extremely selfish as to how they're going to survive or move
10:33 am
forward and are they going to do what's best for the country or best for thelses an we need to focus on what's best for the country? >> i haven't met a single republican who says we would leak to support donald but if hs on like this i can't support him. you must have heard this from all sides, is that point of view being represented within the trump camp? >> of course it is. you have to -- you know, an efnght. >>i think we're going to see ase go forward a sharpening message. we have and we've always said this stuart. best thing in the world for any candidate is to give poem a reason to vote for you opposed to against someone else. and there are no stark iser contrast than where we are on social security, trade, immigration, on veterans affairs. this is where we should be out thereto on the point making sure that people understand that differences between where we are
10:34 am
and what we're proposing and what frankly what will put a jumple start into this economy and secure this nation sovereignty like nothing in the past or we're going to continue down this progressive road and helicopter continue to see the degradation of this nation. fnlings will you tell our audience a lot of people support trump in our audience. will you tell them that this time donald trump means it, and he will focus. he will focus. will you tell them that? >> yes i'll tell them that. because this is where we're focused this is what we're doing stuart for god sakes stuart what do you think we're doing out here? this is -- about [laughter] this is what we're about. >> i understand your difficult position. stuart: i feel for you sam, i really do. i wouldn't want to be telling donald trump anything quite frankly. it's your job. >> i'm not afraid to tell mr. trump anything and i think that's one of the things that i admire about him is that he does
10:35 am
admire strong people and i think the big issue is you cannot be afraid of him. you have to be able to go in there and shoot straight and he takes it straight and that's what he prefers. >> come back sam we want a progress report. >> thank you sir, appreciate it. stuart: clint eastwood talked about political correctness in "esquire" magazine interview here's the quote. everybody is getting tired of correctness kissing up that's the kiss as -- sorry to use that word generation we're in right now. everybody is walking on egg shells. the ads we see people accusing people of being racist all kiengdz of stuff when i grew up those things were not called racist. president lisa booth is with us, what do you say to clint eastwood? what do you say to him? >> he's absolutely right are and part of the reason we're so divided as a country nowadays. you can't say anything without being labeled something as a result. you can't have an honest conversation about radical
10:36 am
islamist without being a islam phone and saying all lives matter inclusively without labeled a racist and it is sad because it hurts discourse in this country and further divides us. >> trump is popular because he breaks with that political correctness. he will say things which are not supposed to say. but occasionally by being plilsly incorrect he runs into real trouble and that's a problem for him. >> it has become a problem for him and boardering the line. i think that part of the he won republican primary because people are sick and tired of run and muck and social engineering from left that we've seen from top down from president obama to local governments with even company it is and as well as the mainstream media driving this -- message of political correctness also just, you know, social engineering from the left. and i think that's a problem. but when you look at donald
10:37 am
trump he does step in it and he goes too far and he says things that people will sit back and say you know what that's just wrong. exactly. >> he can hold himself become and he always tacks the beat. is there any reason that what we're 95 days to election any reason to believe that he'll change? >> maybe if he realize it is he could lose this thing. latest poll that it's not a good place to be and if he realizes i'm going to lose this thing if i don't watch my words and be careful what had i say and appear a little bit more presidential because there are issues that he's strong on like economy and taking fight to isis. that if he just carried narratives to make this a referendum on president obama and hillary clinton he could win this thing. lisa would you hold on a moment and look straight into the camera we have a shot of our own -- nicole petallides on floor of the stocks exchanges you look like twins. >> she's beautiful.
10:38 am
>> i agree thank you so much. we're twinning today check it out. i love it. >> ladies -- >> i like your style but wasn't that a very nice way to get out of the interview and go to nicole? >> wasn't that pretty good? >> very smooth. it's the british accent. >> i tell you british accent. you're smooth stuart varney so smoot. thank you. >> come on pull forward because we have the story on seaworld and i want to hear it because seaworld is down and down big. you give me the story. >> cutout the smile and fun here because this is serious story you know they came under scrutiny there care for the whale. they moved on from there. now, though, stock remains under pressure it is down 14%. they came out with their numbers, and they still see disappointing revenue florida attendance in particular has declined. they blame orlando overall seeing downturn. but big picture here seaworld remain hads under pressure.
10:39 am
they have bush gardens and places all over the country. ten of them to be precise but it's, obviously, under pressure finish seaworld they can't quite turn it around. >> 14% down. all right nicole thanks so much indeed back to that black fish documentary briefly. that was the problem original problem with with seaworld wasn't it in black fish so they lost nearly of what a million visitors just in the important spring, summer quarter alone. so nearly half a million. so this stock is has been cult by two-thirds since it went public in 2013 the value of that stock. lost two-thirds of a value. >> half million visitors. >> visitors show up correct that's correct. >> a program i believe so. but look at that stock down 14%. i want to see matt cupping frankly i did not see that coming then we have iran. they airlifted 400 million dollars in cold hard cash. four american hostages were
10:40 am
released almost simultaneously we know now that the department of justice objected to that payment being made but they were overis ruled. kernel oliver north next on that subject. and home grown terrorism here in america a d.c. transit cop accused of trying to help ice sis he was watched for six years, even dressed up as jihadi john. details in a moment. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was,
10:41 am
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10:42 am
>> "varney & company" starts 9 a.m. eastern every day monday through friday here's what you missed last hour. >> i've never seen the like of o.j. jimp son got better press coverage and he murtded two people it is absolutely insane. you have a guy who called him a bf artist on television when he's interviewing with wolfe another woman on cnn who called him i can't say this expression had to do with a male anatomy never seen anything like this. and i've said this when donald trump first ran. i said he's never seen the avenue if launch he's going to get. he's used to publicity --
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> look at this callaway golf stock at a eight year high. well why nike is getting out of the golf club business and won't make equipment. apparel yes, clubs no. disappointing sales at kelloggs boosted what it thinks it profit outlook and that put stock up a buck 42 at this point. quare following a developing
10:45 am
story from london deadly knife attack the victim and american woman. white house has a statement on this. >> just a brief statement saying that united states offers condolence of kills u.s. citizen goes on to say we stand ready to proved any assistance that may be required as the united kingdom investigates this senseless killing . >> norwegian who did it and not saying terror. >> they do not believe at this point. d.c. transit cop young accused of trying to help isis he's being watched by the authorities for years apparently his neighbors called him an odd ball. what else do we know about this guy? >> it was quite if you look at the background to take trips to libya in 2011. he had ties to suspicious individuals as the fbi look liking to say convicted terrorists. metro are transit police themselves alerted the feds
10:46 am
about their suspicion and under fbi watch since 2010. six year they know he collected nazi me biel i can german tattoo on his neck once stressed up as jihadi john and wasn't until he tried to second money to isis that they moved in. >> following him to find out who was he contacting. >> they wants to know his circle in a cell -- >> back to that $400 million all cash ransom payment happened over to iranians for the release of four american hostages we get a call that ransom. this is the obama team, they say it's just a coincidence and justice department says yeah they knew about it way back when and objected to it then but they were overruled state went ahead of it. coordinator for presidents reagan and host of war story lieutenant colonel oliver north when you heard about this i'm
10:47 am
calling it ransom i don't know about you. when you first heard about this what's the first thing that ran through your mind? >> ransom. look you're talking to a guy who's done it. been there done that. a little differently than these guys did it. get to that if we have time. why else be done in foreign currency in the middle of the night and important i think for us to note this administration is deceived and deassembled repeatedly since 2009. gun locking case, irs enemy list, obamacare did you get to keep your doctor and health plan? benghazi lies before during, and after and then coverup, of course, we've got an threat to nuclear weapons deal that was done with iran all because this administration is bent over backwards. >> give iranians whatever had they want. >> the whole point this was part of the iran nuke deal. and that nuke deal looks increasingly troublesome as we learn more and more about it. this is one more detail had is
10:48 am
troubling. >> stuart this all started back in carter administration and a what they wanted wases 400 million. when i sat down with likes of rah ani first thing they asked for was 400 million been on the table since 1979 and mainstream media ought to be asking why this team is bending over backwards to support iranian regime consistently for the first eight years of their existence. >> i have to bring to your attention this new fox poll hillary clinton is more trusted with nuclear weapons to handle nuclear issue. 56 to 34 for donald trump. how do you explain that? >> first of all we with trusted this president with a nuclear code i remind thlinton's husbant parking lot nuclear football at a fund raise arer one time lord know he is baa the attractiveness of some reason but does not have a great record
10:49 am
with it and complin ton's husband doesn't either. but here's bottom line nuclear weapons codes are kept by u.s. military aids to make sure that if there's a real -- if there's a real need any question at all they can do it. but here quickly -- very quickly would you trust the north korean and iranians with nuclear weapons because thanks to this administration, they're going to have them and that's the question our polls ought to be asking. >> but that poll raises issue of donald trump's temperament that's what that poll was all about. thals the way it is. >> you know, stuart -- i've been around for too many administrations to worry about that kind of thing because there's so many people in that chain of command i'm not worried about it. >> kernel thank you indeed war stories on 8 p.m. eastern we will be watching. thanks very much ali good to see you again. 40 members of the hirl coming down with zika virus whole communities sprayed. trying to get rid of it.
10:50 am
people in florida are clearly worried and hillary clinton making a big gap about taxes. she says she is going to raise taxes on the middle-class. watch this. >> i'm telling you right now we're going to write rules for the middle-class and we're going to raise taxes on the middle-class. [applause] ♪
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> just moments ago outside the los angeles traffic backed up fur mites job why does this guys go on the loose? well goose chase will this goose be cooked i promise i'm done. and stand out to fly away but everyone taking care with the goose. they were planning another attack on paris police will circulating photo of an ag afghan man could be plotsing terror attack they don't know the man's name but they have a photo no man hunt from what we understand but they are on alert now to your money check the big board oil big story that has been in the past week holding steady 40, 4171 and square revenue up 42%, and so is the stocking up nicely 12%.
10:55 am
lower profit of fitbit up 2% and take a look at metlife largest u.s. insurer riding fewer policy down goes stock by some 9%. all right right now stuart getting ready for our third hour and here's what we have at the top of the hour for you. sheriff david clock on the latest terror news out of europe and arrest of a d.c. police officer on charges of trying to help isis, zika spreading outside the miami neighborhood where it is being concentrated questions for doctor is it wort a risk for pregnant woman to travel to florida? also the department of justice did not want obama administration to pay that $400 million ransom to iran. judge andrew napolitano on that. from earlier this hour on how he lost 100 pounds eating potatoes. sounds good to me. stuart, back in three minutes. >> how long did you do it for?
10:56 am
>> two weeks. >> this 90 days .9 pounds a day. >> put butter? >> butter something -- about nothing on the potato . >> butter is a gift from god. >> for breakfast? >> no when i was hungry. potatoes -- potatoes, potatoes, populates two weeks. in 909 days you 100 pounds. >> more like 80 pounds.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: you know, it is still a shock to wake up every morning and see the almost hysterical attacks on donald trump. the media is relentless. trump can do nothing right. hillary, when mentioned, can do nothing wrong. these were just four of the trump-bashing headlines in just one media outlet today, "the washington post."
11:00 am
trump shallowness runs deep. donald trump makes his most dangerous comments yet. the republican party has lost its soul. and gop reaches i new level of panic over trump candidacy. the media has become hillary clinton's most potent weapon. there are few glaring headlines about hillary's failure to tell the truth, virtually nothing about the failing economy and the cash for hostages raom story, not mentioned today. i can't remember a time when the media was so overwhelmingly biased against a presidential candidate. do not expect this to change. but at the very least, perhaps donald trump should stop giving the media so much to go at? ♪ ♪ stuart: why don't we get right at it? donald trump is fighting off attacks from the media. you heard my take moments ago, and judging from the title of
11:01 am
her piece today, you'd think monica crowley had read it. certainly read my mind. here it is: the media's lies and double standards accelerate at blinding speed. monica crowley is with us right now. you agree with me, the media is the most be powerful weapon hillary clinton has. >> well, of course, and these anti-trump headlines basically came in the last five minutes. donald trump is being assaulted on a minute by minute basis -- stuart: it's his own fault, isn't it? >> he gives the press a lot of ammo, i will concede that point. now i think it's reached a far more dangerous level because now the left-wing media doesn't even bother to dress up their subjectivity. they don't even bother, they don't even pretend to be fair. they are, they are full-blown activists, and they make no pretense about it. stuart: "the washington post" is owned by jeff bezos. he is the founder of amazon. the guy's worth over $60 billion.
11:02 am
why is he turning the washington post into the most rabid anti-trust outlet of any? >> well, i would take a little issue with that. i would say "the new york times" or some other outlets are far more anti-trump than "the washington post" concern. stuart: that's a borderline -- >> that is one example of hundreds if not thousands of left-wing media outlets in the united states and the west that take left-wing approaches and have for decades. jeff bezos may have a political agenda. a lot of these owners, certainly editors and publishers do. and they use these instruments, these journalistic instruments to promote that agenda. but what i argue in my be washington times column today -- one of the better newspapers along with "the wall street journal" and "the new york post" -- stuart: that's very true. >> -- where you can reliably get the truth and at least a conservative point of view presented, they will stop at nothing to advance their agenda. right now, over the last eight years that has meant protect and
11:03 am
advance president obama and hi agenda, and -- his agenda, and now it means hillary clinton -- stuart: i don't think we've ever seen anything like this before, period. now, we have got a fox poll. when it comes to the economy, people have more trust in donald trump. he leads 50-45. he's five points clear on the issue of the economy. dan henninger is here, the guy from "the wall street journal." that is good news for trump. if only he would realize it and focus be on the economy which is his strong suit, but he doesn't. >> i know. and it is clearly his strong suit because, you know, he brags about winning the primaries and all these millions of votes, and we all fold both him and hillary clinton through those primaries. and be after the voting was over, there were exit polls at the end of them. the number one issue on people's minds, republican or democrat, was the economy in every single one of those primaries. economic anxiety or economic inequality, the lack of wage growth. and if you look at what hillary
11:04 am
clinton is proposing in her platform or on her web site, there are no real growth elements in there anywhere, stuart. it sounds like the works projects administration from franklin road vels' -- roosevelt's new deal. it is a kind of depression-like campaign platform. and it is really because there are polls that show a significant number of people think we're still in a recession. if you feel like you're in a recession, you're in a recessioning personally, and trump should be hammering that day after day after day, i'm the guy who's going to change that. stuart you've got to explain it, i know you can't get inside donald trump's head, but why does he do this? time after time people have said rein yourself in, quit taking the bait, narrow yourself. focus, please. and nine times out of ten he goes off on a tangent immediately afterwards. can you figure out why? >> well, i don't know why he does it every time. i think up to a point it works
11:05 am
for him. i mean, relative to what you and monica were just talking about, there are so many people out there who have been so angry at the liberal media for so long spinning stories in that way. that comes under the heading of political correctness. and they support trump because he is in their face. now, up to a point it's helpful to him, but there's a point beyond which where it becomes not staying on message. and on the economy, which is such a weakness for hillary clinton, i mean, 1.2% growth in the last quarter, jobs numbers going to come out on friday, it is just something that he should be hitting her day after day after day. eventually, that tax plan of his has got to be released. stuart: you know what got me in particular was the decline in home ownership. we're down to a 50-year low. i remember just a few years ago when the home ownership rate was at a record high. >> yeah. stuart: now we're at a record low. >> yeah. stuart: there's nothing more part of the american dream than coming to this country and
11:06 am
owning a home of your own. you are launched. this is dream. >> and -- stuart: he doesn't exploit it. >> and the second part of the dream is most parents want a world in which their kids will do as better, as well or better than they will. stuart yes. >> and now most people don't think that's going to happen. stuart: they want a positive outlook, and they're not getting it from donald trump when they could easily get it from donald trump if he'd just focus on the economy. >> focus on barack obama who has been the president for eight years and is going to be succeeded by his nominee, hillary clinton, to continue his policies which means living in a world like you just described for another four years. stuart: are you in despair, dan henninger? >> not quite yet. call me on november 7th. [laughter] stuart: you're all right. thanks so much, indeed, dan. good stuff. all right, check the big board. again, it's a go-nowhere market. we're at 18,300, up just six points. pretty much the same story with oil, holding around $40, $41 per barrel. let me draw your attention to
11:07 am
callaway, golf company. shares have just hit an why? because nike is getting out of the golf club business. they won't make a bag of clubs any longer. your clothes, yes. the clubs, no. chesapeake be energy, well, they lost less money. the real problem is they say their output of oil next year will be flat. that's not what investors want, they want rising output and revenues. chesapeake down 3%. how about tesla? they lost money, but elon musk says growth is better than profit. [laughter] i've heard that before. >> yeah. stuart: only down a fraction. apple still at 105. tim cook says the app store, the monthly billings thereof, broke records in july. 105 on apple. big market names. bill gross, jeff dunlap, goldman sachs all sounding really, really bearish in the last few days. bearish is getting it wrong.
11:08 am
>> bill gross is giving the reason why. he's saying central bankers have broken capitalism. they've wrecked capitalism. in other words, they're saying banks can't money, mom and pop be businesses can't pay their, you know, earn money on their retirement savings because of the lower interest rate environment and negative interest rates around the world. so bill gross is saying go to real estate, go to gold. and he's been making bearish calls like this for about a year now. stuart: the central banks are in a corner. they've really boxed themselves in. they're printing and reducing interest rates to zero. i can imagine that if and when they stop doing that, then you'll have a real -- >> that's the -- >> created this own artificial world when they do start raising rates, the markets will dive down. >> right. >> ultimately, that would be a good thing because we need to get back to free capital models, get them out. >> that's the true black swan event we've always been talking about. what is it? it's not brexit, it's not china slowdown, it's really when is the fed going to raise rates. stuart: but at what point do
11:09 am
central banks reverse course? >> what will induce them because of inflation right now. >> yeah. stuart: i can see inflation somewhere down the road. >> that could be it. stuart: back to politics. when you ad libbertarian candidate -- add libertarian candidate gary johnson to the polls, johnson gets 12 points. last hour, penn jillette, he is a staunch libertarian, he had this to say: >> we don't really know who he would take -- stuart: really? >> people don't seem to know. i've read a lot of stuff. i think he might take a lot from both sides. stuart let me explain this. he's saying if gary johnson is a player on november the 8th, and if he gets into the debate on september 26th, he's saying all bets are off. he doesn't know who he would take votes from. monica, if we get gary johnson in the debate, who does he take votes from? >> i think he'd likely take more votes from donald trump -- stuart: yes, agree.
11:10 am
>> just because he tends to be on the right, and a lot of people are not satisfied with donald trump on the right. he would, because he'd throw the conversation off in the sense that the rhythm between trump and clinton would have to factor in a third person who could take the conversation in another way. just remember there is a green party candidate as well who's scoring 8, 9%, jill stein, who could take a substantial number of votes from hillary, because a good number of her base are not satisfied with her. >> so maybe hillary voters will vote for johnson to get her over the line. [laughter] stuart: spinning. >> head spinning? stuart: white house secretary josh earnest dodging repeated questions, excuse me be, about the $400 million cash paid to iran right before american hostages were released. roll that tape. >> isn't it essentially a ransom payment then even if the u.s. does not view it that way? >> no, it is not a ransom payment. >> would those prisoners have been released then the if this money hadn't been paid then?
11:11 am
>> i think what is true is that there were a team of negotiators -- >> but again, would those prisoners have been released then if this money had not been paid to them? >> what i can tell you is that our negotiators who were talking with the iranians about what was necessary to secure the release of american citizens in iran succeeded. >> but it was a pretty simple question. would those -- >> let me just say one other thing about this -- >> -- if the money wasn't paid on that same weekend? >> well, again, i guess what i'm saying is a pretty simple negotiation that took place. stuart: not much of an answer. [laughter] monica, how would you have answered that question? >> well, if i were honest, i would have to say i disagree with this because be it's fundamentally illegal to do what this administration did in terms of paying the $400 million in exchange for the hostages. stuart right. he couldn't say that. >> i wonder if there were something stronger in that
11:12 am
coffee cup because he, like so many press secretaries in the past, are put in the position of having to defend the indefensible. stuart: nicely said. what are we up, five points at the moment, 18,359. huge fireball in the woodland hills neighborhood of los angeles. okay? huge fireball, not sure about that. >> well -- stuart: a little overstatement. >> l.a. department of water and power crews struck a gas line with a backhoe, and that's -- >> okay. >> there it is. stuart: okay, that's big. flames and smoke -- >> we changed our mind. [laughter] stuart: nobody was injured. i take it all back. that is a fireball. got it. high anxiety over zika, more than a dozen cases confirmed in a popular miami neighborhood. we're asking a doctor, would you let a pregnant patient travel to florida? would you let 'em? and the olympics opening ceremony tomorrow night, but women's soccer is officially underway. the u.s. beat new zealand 2-nil
11:13 am
last night, carrie lloyd scored her 89th international goal. more after this. yanks win.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: look at gun stocks, okay? according to the fbi, july was the 15th straight month of record background checks. in other words, we're buying a lot of guns, mostly green arrows for the gun stocks throughout this year. the defense department says at least 41 members of the military have contracted zika all around the world. details? >> yes, including a pregnant woman in that. they're not giving out too much because of patient privacy, they're just saying they are being treated, but we don't know which countries they have been serving in and where they contracted this virus. but this comes on the news that zika itself is spreading further afield in that miami neighborhood. >> yeah. it's now in 46 states according to the cdc. stuart: 46 states. >> correct. stuart: got it. zika anxiety, obviously, remains high in this country. the virus has been found in
11:17 am
florida, by the way, with fears that it will spread further. dr. david samadi is here. let's get right down to it. you had a patient, young woman who was pregnant, would you say, yeah, you're okay to go to florida? would you say thatsome. >> no, actually, i would discourage her from going there. the question is, is this going to become a real epidemic in the country, is it going to spread all over place. we're going to see more of zika in different states, but the numbers are not going to be huge. we're seeing about 1600 in the entire country, and now we have 14 cases down in florida. so who are the people that are at risk? if you and i get zika, 90% of the time we will get some fever, chills, after ten days it's gone. you may not even know. so we're talking about a very small group of people who are pregnant, and if they get zika, especially the first trimester, there's about 15% chance they may get this microcephaly. stuart: if a pregnant woman is bitten by a zika-carrying mosquito in the first trimester
11:18 am
of her pregnancy, that's maximum risk. >> you're 100% right. the reason is because the maximum growth of brain is within the first three months. not that -- it could continue for the second and third trimester, but most of the damage is done then. so the message to a lot of pregnant women who are now in florida, in the miami area, what do i do if i'm pregnant and i'm home, and the answer is, number one, stay away from any kind of lakes, any stagnant waters. that's where mosquitoes are there. make sure if you have to go out, cover yourself, use those insect repellants and stay indoors if you can. and also if your husband, your partner have been in those areas in brazil or any other areas that have been exposed, no sex. either you use condom or whatever, or they can get tested. they can get checked. i be it stays in the system and through sexual activity -- stuart: it's a disaster for florida. how many people will think twice before they take that vacation? >> that's the biggest impact of zika which i think it can affect the business, no question about it.
11:19 am
stuart: david, thank you very much for spelling it out succinctly, we appreciate it. >> so good to see you. stuart: measure. check that big board. still a no-go market. the price of oil holding just around $41 per barrel, $40.95. i've got new video out of libya, u.s. airstrikes destroyed an isis tank, how about that? this is the ninth airstrike in libya this month. next case, a private space exploration company getting the go ahead to send a spacecraft outside the earth's orbit. next stop, the moon. yeah, they're going to the moon. private enterprise. we'll explain. nike getting out of the golf club business. no more clubs, golf balls, golf bags. here's the question: does this have anything to do with the rise and fall of tiger woods? more on that in a moment.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: well, the dow industrials are down six points, and oil's at $41 a barrel. you might see a little recovery in stocks with oil moving up above $41. we shall see. there's a mobile payments company called square. you probably know it, you probably use it. revenue up 42%, and that stock is up nearly 14%.
11:24 am
look at nike, getting out of the golf equipment business. no longer going to make clubs or golf bags or golf balls. why do you think -- your opinion -- >> all right, my opinion. well, they really built their golf equipment around tiger woods, and for a while it was great. but since the demise of tiger woods -- he doesn't even play much these days because of injury -- that has hurt. but not as many people are playing golf. this has been the worst performing division for nike, so their getting out of the -- they're getting out of the equipment area. adidas is trying to get rid of tailor made as well. this opens up the door, of course, for callaway, already number one in the market, and they're just smiling broadly this morning, i can guarantee you that. [laughter] stuart: yeah. we've got a new space exploration, and it's a start-up. the company is called moon express. they got the okay to be the first commercial company to travel beyond the earth's orr obit. what do they have planned? >> well, it's historic.
11:25 am
they're planning to send a robot there by 2017, and they're basically saying, yeah, you know, possible people going there. but the real aim, stuart, it's commercial. it's to get rare earth, precious metals. there's been traces of gold and silver spotted on the moon as well. interesting. they're not talking about tourism and travel -- >> well, this company so ostensibly, but that's one of the aims, is to get the rare earths, the precious metals there. and by the way, google is dangling a $30 million prize to any company that gets there first. stuart: really? >> to send their robot there first. stuart: that's a good story. i like that one. big board, check the big board there. we've got maybe half the stocks are down, half are up. there you have it. hurricane earl, it made landfall in belize this miles an houring. 80 mile-an-hour winds, heavy rain. this is a real storm surge -- >> just downgraded to a tropical storm. stuart: ah -- >> a lot of problems with heavy
11:26 am
wane, -- heavy rain, the winds pretty strong. stuart: that is a hurricane cloud, we'll call it that. i wouldn't want to see that coming. >> no way. stuart: new reports that senior officials at justice had objections to what we're calling the $400 million ransom payment to iran in exchange for the release of four u.s. prisoners. judge napolitano will make an appearance in a moment. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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stuart: maybe it is a go nowhere day on the market because tomorrow we get the big jobs report. how many do jobs did we create in july. the estimate is, i hate this, 180,000, i say 150 and you say? >> 175. >> we will see at 8:30 in the morning. kfc and mcdonald's have enjoyed a lot of success in china over the years but now their sales are declining. >> kentucky fried chicken has seen their share of the china market drop 40% since 2012, mcdonald's is sliding too. this is supposedly going to be a big growth area for these two companies, now they are talking about divesting the china unit, mcdonald's trying to get the
11:31 am
parent company away from owning local stores so what is happening here is the chinese are saying these companies offerings, novelty, we like x fair, they are cheaper and mostly dynamic. stuart: are they squeezing out western companies like they squeezed out buber? liz: people in china say they like to eat, not we want the local fair sold to us cheaper by local restaurants. >> i was in hong kong in the 1970s when the mcdonald's opened first in hong kong on day one they sold more fish sandwiches then any mcdonald's in the world ever. i was living there at the time. justice department officials now say they knew about the $400 million cash going to iran for american hostages, they objected to it way back when but they were overruled, judge andrew
11:32 am
napolitano is here. let me straighten this out for everyone. the justice department says you can't send cash to iran because iran is defined as a terrorist date and that would be illegal. is that what they said? judge napolitano: it is a little broader than that. always nice to be with you guys even if i'm separated from you by hundred miles. there were many parts of this the justice department objected including releasing from american jails people the justice department send a lot of money prosecuting including dropping indictments of people the justice department was in the process of prosecuting but their real objection to the payment of this cash in this clandestine way was this undermined their argument for future negotiations that the american government has drawn a line a matter who the president
11:33 am
is we don't pay ransom, we don't pay ransom, don't even ask us about it. that has been a powerful negotiating tool for the justice department and other aspects of the government and they felt, and i believe still feel they have been undermined, that is no longer available to them because no matter what john kerry and josh earnest and company call this delivery of $400 million it looks, smells, tastes, sounds and appears to be ransom no matter what you call it. stuart: john kerry, secretary of state, moment ago, it was not ransom. the cat is out of the bag, if it looks like it and smelled like it the cat is out of the bag and we have a problem with hostagetaking in the future. judge napolitano: the genesis of this is weird. after the american hostages received at the iranian embassy in the carter administration the government went to court and seized and owned two office buildings not far from where you are in new york city.
11:34 am
those buildings have been deeded back to the sovereign entity of the iranian government, worth $400 million, and what is the interest on $400 million to 2016. they estimated it at 7 million, how are you going to pay it? you can't wire it to us, we will get it to you and no one knows about it. stuart: that $400 million, the value of assets in new york city, do other people have a claim in $400 million, in 1979. like other victims of uranian terror. judge napolitano: they have a claim on other money, the supreme court of the united states just last june a valid seizure, the claimants to make a
11:35 am
claim, that is a separate seizure and separate pile of cash sitting in government account somewhere. stuart: this is more than the ten -- the tempest in the teacup because it affects negotiations with any foreign group who seizes americans future. judge napolitano: all presidents from jimmy carter at one end to ronald reagan, everybody in the post world war ii era except the present document has stood steadfast on the american government doesn't pay ransom, generations of negotiators had that, the fbi are the ones really objecting to this because they are doing negotiating, john kerry and president obama took from the fbi negotiators their most potent weapon.
11:36 am
stuart: they wanted the iranian nuke deal, that is my judgment that yours too. you are on special report tonight. stuart: i am watching, see you later. new fox paul about personal finances. have the responders, have to say they are able to pay their bills. 14% say they have fallen behind. you add those up and you have two out of three people say i am barely making it, really struggling. harlan hill, democrat strategist is with us. you were a bernie sanders supporter. bearing in mind the hardship to those people, how can you be a bernie sanders supporter, that is their policies that gave us
11:37 am
this. >> their policies from republican administrations that have got nothing to trouble before as well but i don't think this is a partisan issue. the economy will come together and resolve the problems we have. we are not seeing this today, there is a stark contrast between the parties and on the democratic side they demand more regulation, doubling down on dodd-frank which will not get us out of this problem. printing money makes no sense, gross to watch the program all morning, let's move to gold, these are scary times, it feels like 2008 when markets were frothy, people on wall street were parting like there was no tomorrow. it is a dangerous time reflected with hillary clinton, when you look at this fox news poll, i read it in its entirety, the american people are in distress and they want a candidate that response to that. that is why i supported bernie sanders before and supporting donald trump now.
11:38 am
stuart: the real story is who is going to give us growth? you can't get out of this mess if you don't have economic growth. it means jobs and wages, you got to have growth. in your opinion, donald trump is the candidate of growth? >> i can only support him. hillary clinton said she wanted to raise taxes not just on the wealthy, not just the 1%, it was a gaffe but i think it was a freudian sleep. she wants to raise taxes on the middle class and i suspect across the board. what part of the economy will that stimulate, taking money out of my pocket. stuart: you were a bernie sanders supporter. how can you support trump who favors tax-cut for everybody including the top 20% to the top 1%? that feeds the millionaire class. how can you support that? >> my support of bernie sanders was driven by the fact that i had a binary choice, hillary
11:39 am
clinton who is a liar, a fraudster and has a 30 year track record of those or bernie sanders who wants to rip down the establishment and try something new, i had a binary choice, he is not going to win because of the anti-protectionism and the scandal that came out of the dnc to advance her and suppress him. it was clear he was never going to win but i had to support him over her. stuart: you did that and now it is trump. does he have any friends left? >> people are pretty mad at me. stuart: getting any threats? >> yes. i am not going -- i will have a hard time getting more democratic campaigns from the dnc. we will see. stuart: welcome to the show. no threats here. thank you very much. look at facebook, it is
11:40 am
described as a massive laboratory, they are coming out with something new every day, the market likes this, 124 on facebook as of now. dc metro police officer, american-born, muslim convert arrested for trying to support isis. the law enforcement have the resources to track these guys? we have a horrific stabbing attack in london. an american woman killed, a man of somali origin has been arrested. we are back with sheriff david clark. p?p?h
11:41 am
11:42 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, the dow jones industrial average that the 7-day losing streak finishing highs of the day at the closing bell gaining 40 points, the dow trying to find direction, up 40 and up one. look at the dow winners and losers apple leading the way in technology among the winners. tim cook had a ceo, record-breaking month for july for the apps store, highest ever in monthly billing, he has put out this tweet, ford recalling 840,000 vehicles in the us and mexico, trip advisor coming under pressure after week revenue for hotels and a change
11:43 am
in the website.
11:44 am
stuart: police investigating a dc metro police officer named nicholas young, trying to assist isis, young was born in america, converted to islam. sheriff david clark is with us, this is a dangerous situation, a law enforcement officer is
11:45 am
trying to help isis. are we to the point where we have to check out muslim converts who are part of the authorities? are we there? >> we need congress to reset how we do domestic intelligence. this is a stupid way to deal with radicalized americans. it is an efficient and ineffective, spent 6 years on an investigation. this is how the boston bombers went off the radar screen went off the fbi, in fort hood, the idiots in san bernardino went off the radar screen, they send years and years, nothing happens and they deemed that the individual is not a threat when they are a threat. stuart: what do we do? >> it is this basic. if you pledge allegiance to
11:46 am
islamic state you are an enemy combatant. you can't use the law enforcement model of looking for evidence of a crime before you make an arrest. if you are talking stupid we make you pay, you are an enemy combatant and you need to be brought in for a thorough debriefing. maybe you don't have a crime but bring them in for a thorough debriefing and your intelligence analyst keeps up with them. the intelligence analyst can follow for six years, look at the purchases, and members of the fbi through no fault of theirs, just a flawed strategy they have not much to do with but to do it like this there are tens of thousands, probably more radicalized americans, if you take the money each one some will be in their 90s before you get into it, and intelligence agency, through domestic intelligence, we need a wartime model, these are enemy combatants, no more waiting for them to commit a crime. it is ineffective and won't work.
11:47 am
stuart: you are talking about a british mi 6. we have a 19-year-old man in london who has been arrested, went on a stabbing attack in a tourist area, brussels square in london, killed an american woman. how do we keep these areas safe? there is no answer to that question, is there? >> trust law-abiding citizens. i won't tell people in the uk what to do but in the united states we have a constitution, i trust law-abiding citizens. we have to enlist the help of armed law-abiding citizens when they visit public spaces, get rid of the crazy idea of a gun free zone and allow citizens to play a role. stuart: are you calling for a vigilante system? >> call it what you want, vigilante, whatever you want to call it.
11:48 am
i'm calling for individual americans to be able to defend themselves against these types of attacks. look at the community college in oregon where a guy lined everybody up and shot them like he was in an arcade shooting at ducks. if there had been one or two people in a gun free zone, we could have ended that attack earlier. and israel what they do with the israeli approach to limit the carnage, stabbing starts to occur, soldier or israeli police officer nearby because they occupy the area this ends quickly, the perp is dead, few casualties if any and that is what we see, we can't have 48 people killed in a nightclub, can't have 19 people killed at a social center in san bernardino or numerous people killed on community college, you want to limit the carnage that can go on. stuart: we hear you, sheriff david clark, valued guest, we appreciate it. how about this one? the daily caller investigation finds bill clinton was paid $5
11:49 am
million in fees by a dubai based company which teaches sharia law. do we take this at face value? ashley: $5.6 million in fees, it teaches sharia law for a network -- among other things -- has more than 100 schools in the middle east, asia, africa, they adhere strictly to sharia law. a section or portion of their text which they call religious text goes to funding islamic jihad. also millions to the clinton foundation by the way. stuart: the ball corporation up 10%. that is the leading stock of the s&p 500, higher sales giving up the guidance and they make containers for all kinds of food and drink and household products, up 10%.
11:50 am
venezuela, starving citizens waiting online for 12 hours and more to buy food. socialism is collapsing. we will bring you the story. have you ever wondered what it would be like if a wind turbine went up in flames? here is your answer. this one caught fire in india creating a vortex of smoke.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
more on that in a moment. look at that. stuart: if you are getting health insurance from obamacare you are going to pay a lot more next year. jeff flock, how much more? jeff: just got the bill in illinois, look at blue cross, blue cross alone in texas, more than a 50% increase. in illinois, 23% to 45%, california 20%, insurers saying not so much what we are afraid of which is young people to defray the costs but actually people using the insurance more than they thought and medical costs continue to arise, they
11:55 am
can't continue to operate. stuart: 53% blue cross going up in 2017. and fewer young people in the pool, and that is the problem. >> we were in short 20 million people but sometimes you get what you pay for or pay for what you get. stuart: are you living in illinois? jeff: i do. stuart: tax rate is huge. jeff: insurance through the fox plan. stuart: i was asking about taxation rates in illinois but if you are prepared to pay astronomical rates you stay right there and don't worry about it. jeff: i will be here to turn the lights out. stuart: you are all right. jeff flock, everybody, thanks very much indeed. video from venezuela, people
11:56 am
waiting on food lines. liz: the military controls the food supply in venezuela. they are in danger of running out of cash within a year. this is a failure of socialism. stuart: here is what people say, the price of oil has collapsed. that is why they have this problem. >> oil is at $100 a barrel in 2014, that is when venezuela experienced -- it is an oil-rich nation, socialism basically put this into collapse. >> being not taken -- liz: bbc reporter went in with a camera and that you are not doing it anymore, made them erase the footage on the food lines. military cracking down. stuart: how much longer do you
11:57 am
go on with food lines and shortage of food? liz: the government is saying by decree, you can come work on a government-backed farm for two months and this is what you do in 1969, the road to serfdom. stuart: more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: favorite story of the day. liz: favorite company putting a robot on the moon by next year. love that story. the emphasis on geeky freak. ashley: i love him on muscat tesla, tesla is not a money losing business, they lost $300 million in the last quarter. stuart: i like facebook, the story of the massive r&d, research and development laboratory, they remind me of amazon and google.
12:00 pm
they are coming up new every single day. massive amount of capital, expand somehow new areas. time is up. charles payne, it is your time. charles: hewlett-packard used to be the same way. the fallout, some would say and investment of sorts, a payment to iran, president obama will be facing questions on this, the white house answers leading to more questions. this is cavuto coast-to-coast, i am charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. would these hostages have come home when they did if the money wasn't paid when it was paid? josh earnest refused to answer the question not once, not twice but three times at a white house press briefing, reporters get another shot when president obama takes questions at the pentagon at


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