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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  August 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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released, and we heard earlier in the show from one of the american hostages they left him at the airport, and would be 20 minutes and we are waiting for another plane. they waited and slept there that night, the other plane came. a lot of questions need to be answered. >> maybe some may be answered or talked about, we are tracking four major events at this hour. 40 minutes ago president obama arrived at the pentagon to attend the national security council meeting on the fight against the islamic state. he will hold a news conference as soon as it is done, reporters can ask the question, we will have it live. donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, holding rallies at this hour, the trump campaign searching for its main message after new polls show hillary clinton getting a big bounce. breaking news, there is a fresh poll out of his second home
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state of florida. trump won't be happy with it. clinton testing her luck in las vegas wrapping up a tour of mojave electric company. the video just came in. our political panel, the latest data and their thoughts on a trump course correction. zika fears growing by the minute as south florida begins spraying to combat the mosquitoes that carry the disease. the pulitzer prize-winning expert on the infectious disease world who says it is too late. a foxbusiness exclusive, laurie garrett, author of the coming plagues demand congress come back early from recess to deal with this. you will hear from her exclusively. suicide squad hits imax theaters, the antihero superhero flick could be the biggest
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august movie opener. will it reach blockbuster status, in his first interview about suicide squad, imax's ceo is here. in the bank of england, investors terrified of making any move one way or another. 16 points lower, less than an hour to the closing bell, jampacked day, let's start the countdown. breaking news, the markets now, look at these numbers, do you by the market, short it, in advance of the jobs report, you see the markets almost freeze. look at the s&p virtually flat, not even down a point, the nasdaq down 6 points what use
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our risk in of all places the united kingdom where the ftse 100 closed 105 points. the bank of england cut interest rates a quarter of a point, the all-time low, people call it the brexit bazooka or stimulus smasher. and $70 billion over than few months of purchases. the pound versus the dollar is dropping closer to the lowe's just post uk exiting the european union or as a lot of people call it brexit. speaking of dollars, more and more are using square to use the money around. jack dorsey of twitter spiking up 10.5% after a narrow word
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than expected loss, more volume of money going, and keeping an eye on that. the largest us life insurer tanking at this hour after reporting earnings that missed estimates due to weaker underwriting so due to weaker underwriting so shares are down 9-1/4%, metlife is the biggest dragger of the s&p. the pentagon, president obama is holding a national security council meeting on the administration's efforts to combat isis directly after the president is expected to hold a press conference where he is likely to get drilled with questions surrounding this video on your screen, the release of american hostages at the same time that we saw $400 million in
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payment to iran, the same day, people are calling it a ransom payment, wall street journal broke the story and have a second installment at this hour, the justice department officials who were there at the time knew about the cash for the hostage swap, they objected to it but were overruled. foxbusiness's blake berman live outside the pentagon in arlington with the latest. may be a tens news conference today. >> we expect the president in an hour or so, he is inside the pentagon in a meeting with a few dozen of the top players of the administration everyone from foreign-policy to counterterrorism to national security. among individuals meeting with the president, vice president joe biden is here, the secretary of defense asked carter, the secretary of state appearing by video, even jack lou, the treasury secretary, to give you an idea of the kinds of people inside the pentagon right now to go over foreign-policy and counterterrorism issues was what we expect him to talk about when
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he gets in the briefing room, you mentioned $400 million sent to iran. this was a press conference, he will be asked about that. broader issues involving isis and the spread of that terror group all over the world. the national counterterrorism center put out a map that was first reported by nbc news that shows how much isis has been able to spread all over the world. it was in 7 countries two years ago but the latest map shows that that has almost tripled to 18 with aspirations to go further than that. we anticipate the topic of libya to come up with the renewed airstrikes from the administration, very targeted, very finite over a 30 day stretch to come but this will double up we believe as somewhat of a end of summer news conference, the president goes
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on his summer break tomorrow so a wide variety of issues come to play but right now inside the pentagon the president meeting with the most senior members of the administration. >> traditionally takes nearly every question. thank you, we should tell our viewers keep it right here for full coverage of the president's news conference. we will bring it to you live following "countdown to the closing bell". at the top of the show the dow is down 16, hasn't budget a point, still down 16 with less than an hour before the jobs report. where our experts seeing money being made? at the stock exchange, ben willis, the expectation, gaining 185,000 jobs, this looks like a frozen market. people too nervous to take a stand either way. >> the only thing we are seeing
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is hedging positions against the range of 180 to 200,000. a drop in the unemployment rate, 1.8% but this market has been stuck. the market started to work that off, we needed to get to 25, 30, we start the trend and stall. we are in no man's land. the money, high-frequency or quantitative money sitting on the sidelines ready to be invested. that is a bullish indicator, what we haven't gotten to those levels yet. and mac there has to be some money made here. you have 81% of the s&p companies having reported. we have a big earnings report after the bell with activevision, lots of moves. is there any money to be made at the moment that you see
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transferring across the floor of the cme every day? >> looking at the commodities market, oil may have bottomed, premature to call that last friday when we closed higher but that has happened now. i don't want to take thunder from oil analysts but that is the mid-deca of the action in 2016. are we going to raise rates again? in the near term or not? in september, seems higher than i would think, 40% chance by september, the dollar is the focus and it had turned over so that could be helpful for the markets. we are trading sideways for the last few months. trish: he stole a little bit of your thunder but let me thunder down on you. we talk about this, we saw decent move in oil, came out of bear market territory, it is up
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since the market session but production is at the highest level since january, 4.6 million barrels per day. i will say don't get caught in this fake bull move. just don't believe it. >> that is why we have a market. walking at everything through rose-colored glasses, when i told you the market would breakdown 441/2. we went down 39, 3920 at one point. we retrace about half way, now we have to consolidate and work. we have a lot of work before we can take out the resistance level which is 44.5 but i'm still positive on the market. i don't see anybody getting aggressive on selling the market.
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i know you do but you have been bearish for the last $15. trish: if you hated at 45 you will really hate it at 41. great to see all of you. thanks so much. it is the one and only floor show. tune in for maria bartiroma's monthly special jobs in america before the july jobs report, it begins, the numbers out, markets gyrate all over the place and it is not how the market opens but how it closes. closing bell now 49 minutes away. the olympic games in rio off on the right foot for the us them in soccer team but the zika virus has them shaking in their shoes or their cleats. team usa goalie tweeting fears with a complete mask and mosquito net get up, hashtag zika first but laurie garrett
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says forget the games in rio, zika is here and too late to prepare for it. pulitzer prize winning author of the coming plague joining us on whether it is too late to fight it. an exclusive interview, you got to hear what she says.
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liz: crowd in rio at the olympics chance zika after team usa goalie hope solo sent her somewhat infamous tweets. zika is not just on the minds of olympian officials. the miami area began spraying insecticides earlier this morning after confirming 15 cases of locally acquired zika. that is what happened, the pentagon has confirmed 41 members of the military have been diagnosed since testing began earlier this year. one of the military members is pregnant, all cases in that situation were contracted outside the us. all this as the national institutes of health announced the start of a clinical trial of an experimental zika vaccine but
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laurie garrett just authored a stunning article for foreign policy magazine entitled dear washington, the time to prepare for zika has come and gone. lorries a pulitzer prize winning author of the coming plague. the time to prepare has come and gone. what about the time to fight zika? >> we will be putting out little brushfires hoping we don't get a larger forest fire. what you are seeing in florida is one of those little brushfires, small outbreak involving hopefully a small number of infected mosquitoes that can then pass the virus on by biting people in this very constricted neighborhood, we hope, in miami, but the same conditions that made those mosquitoes get infected existed in multiple places across the united states. we have an exploding epidemic
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underway in puerto rico and another big one in the dominican republic. lots of people go back and forth to new york city from the dominican republic and puerto rico. trish: liz: there you have it. anthony was on the show just yesterday talking about this, we have a pandemic in progress. i want to quote what you wrote in the article, to congress, get your butts back to washington immediately. if you fail to act, every zika related birth defect, miscarriage, will be on your back, it will be your fault. that is pretty strong. >> i can't think of any way to soft-pedal this. we have seen this unfolding before our lives and plenty of advanced warning. it is not like ebola suddenly
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exploded or some mystery outbreak on a cruise ship. this is something we have watched march its way towards us from brazil, across latin america, the caribbean and here it is. we had plenty of time to argue, to figure out a strategy, to get ready. we don't want one single woman in the united states to give birth to a zika birth defect it baby as a result of exposure to an infected mosquito. you get a single one of those it is inexcusable because we have had so much advanced warning. why aren't we ready? because congress won't stop arguing about silly things that have nothing to do with stopping an epidemic, they won't say let's meet, clear the crap off the table. liz: you say they should come off of recess, it is that serious? >> absolutely.
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if they wait until after summer recess is over you are talking about well after labor day, you are into the second week of september, right now is peak mosquito time. and most of the united states the mosquitoes start taking off right now. it is exponential, every day zillions more mosquitoes, in mississippi or california. the time is now to do something. not september or october. liz: they started some trials, zenobia was one of the companies, it is $9 and change, how long before you get something like that from testing to commercial to on the shelves? >> not until 2018. liz: what are we looking at here? >> it is too late for this outbreak. by 2018 if zika explodes in the united states the way it did in
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brazil and many other countries along the way, most of the susceptible population will have been exposed already and the vaccine will be limited utility because there will be high-level of herd immunity in the american population, at least we hope so. a vaccine will be of less utility. if there were any way to speed the process, they tried to streamline this in every single way. fda is trying to figure out how to shoot it through as fast as possible but you can't do mass scale clinical trials in a rush especially if you are talking about something to protect pregnant women. liz: author of the coming plague, the council of foreign relations, read the piece online. closing bell ringing in 39 minutes. is it zika fears in florida or a whale of a problem beyond that
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that has the world sinking as the orca show is set to be phased out, attendance down nearly 8% but don't just blame the orlando economy among reasons for missing expectations, see world revenue down 5% and stocks down 13%, to $12.90. summer half over but we can see the biggest august film relief ever this weekend, suicide squad set to burst onto the screen, will shaky reviews that are spreading like wildfire keep the comic book classic from reaching blockbuster status? the movie making its imax debut tonight, we will see what to expect next on countdown. don't go away.
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. . >> i'm just going to hurt you, really, really bad. liz: oh, man.
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it is expected to be one of the biggest august box office releases of all time, "suicide squad." this is film about the dc comics group anti-heroes by the same name. it debuts in imax theaters, 6:00 p.m. eastern. the clock is ticking here. the already pulled in more than $8 million from seven different international markets. it had a massive budget. $175 million. compared to what the film is expected to gross in the opening weekend alone. 130, even some estimates 140 million. the film is slated to appear in 4200 theaters, despite the fact that movie received harsh reviews and rot inch rating from film site, rotten tomatoes. he will join us, whether he believes "suicide squad" will be success despite negative reviews. this is your first exclusive
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interview on "suicide squad." right off the bat, they're blowing lid what you would call advanced ticket sales, there is this negative review pall hanging. what do you think happens here? >> superhero movies live in separate universe, pun intended from critics reviews. critics review movies like the artist very well, but they have a limited audience. superhero movies, people go to them because they're escapism, they're fun, really fulfill people's fantasies, no one confuses them with "citizen kane." i've seen "suicide squad" and i thought it was amazingly entertaining movie, particularly margot robbie, jared leto, will smith. they're awesome. just a really fun movie to watch. liz: it is interesting, because it is basically about these imprisoned anti-heroes who are recruited by a government agency to basically try to solve, save the world, right? this is bite -- great topic.
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what you talk about machinations of movie world, the director's cut, studio recut it to their own cut. that is what the studio released. that is what is getting criticism. what does this say about the world of big-time movie companies? by the way it's a release from warner brothers? >> story you're referring to. i read it in "the hollywood reporter" today. the story also goes on to say that is the new world of blockbusters. because you put that kind of money into a movie, you will not give the keys to one person and leave them alone in a corner. liz: david ayer is the director. >> you have to do audience testing. you have to let the studios in. you have to get perspective because the director of, you know, tends to have one perspective. for that kind of money you need really global testing. i think that is what went on with "suicide squad." that is what goes on with most of these blockbusters. as i said a minute ago, i think it is really fun movie.
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i think audiences will like it. liz: can it hit the 140 million in the debut weekend? >> i'm not a wizard like there is in the movie, a witch is the villain. i don't want to give away too much. you can't prognosticate on things like that. i think the magic number for a blockbuster movie is 100 million on the opening weekend. i feel pretty good. as you mentioned, some of the midnights came in from overseas. korea, sweden, france, really big numbers. i think it will be really good. the record for an august release is 95 million, "guardians of the galaxy." i think it has a really good shot beating that. liz: rich, before you go, you mentioned international markets. will it be released in china? they are weird about certain subject matter. they don't like ghosts, superheroes and zombies. they planned "world war z." >> i think it's a no. liz: now it a know. >> i think psychopath ticlers might be part of the list. we'll see. liz: rich, thank you very much, "suicide squad" opening on imax
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theaters in 2 1/2 hours. rich gelfond of imax. see more of my talk with rich in my "claman confidential." we have more on the hollywood expansion in china. go to for the exclusive video. the market is down 11 points. i told you market didn't want to take chance ahead of tomorrow's report. it burns and blisters people's wrist. the dow component that makes it. whether the stock is affected in a tech minute. donald trump looking to get his campaign on track. just taking the stage in portland, maine, at this hour. you're looking at a live picture. electoral numbers, the strongholds are turning to blue. don't write him out though. coming right back.
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reporter: i'm lori rothman on floor of the stocks with today's tech minute. tesla, deeper than expected quarterly loss, the 13th straight. the electric carmaker says it is tran tock to deliver 50,000 new models, s and x vehicles during the second half of the year. that is on the lower end of guidance. the stock is up. smartwatchs have overheating issues. clip maker says customers will get a full refund. intel shares are up about.the of a percent. new space explore ranges startup, moon express, has just gotten the okay to become the first commercial company to travel beyond earth's orbit. they will send a small robotic lander in to the moon in late 2017. even lunar minding.
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ubs wealth management reveals ♪ the --
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liz: breaking news. here is donald trump. he just walked out on the portland, maine, stage, slamming $400 million the u.s. sent to iran and called president obama, quote, incompetent, just moments ago. trump's adversary hillary clinton, attacked the billionaire businessman for trump university. >> my republican opponent has a very different vision for education. all you have to do is look at trump university. his so-called university. where he really tricked vulnerable americans, veterans, widows of veterans, people who are trying to get ahead and bought into his sales job. liz: let's bring in john heart, editor-in-chief at opportunity lives. julie row begins kirks democratic strategist and fox news contributor.
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i'm not sure either of those issues resonates with the american public as other things going on but we have new polls. there were some that came out today, from ends pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. john, donald trump trails hillary clinton in all of these. the biggest margin interestingly in new hampshire because he won the new hampshire primary pretty solidly. he is 17 point away from that. sorry we showed florida. that is the one i wanted to come to next. the new florida poll by suffolk university shows, this is just out in the past couple of hours, this is his second home state. clinton leads by six in a head-to-head matchup. what is going on here? >> well, lizs this is big problem for donald trump. something to understand about the electoral college system, democrats start with big advantage. like in 100-meter race, democrats only have to run 90 meters. republicans run 100. they have a 10-meter advantage just to start and what trump has to do is hit the reset button in very dramatic way in campaign.
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not enough for him to stop making unforced errors. he needs to apologize for the mistakes he already made and communicate strength through the rarest virtue in politics which is humility and contrition. with the list things he has done. liz: which he not his style. >> which is why he will probably lose in landslide. liz: these states, are blue for the moment. there are three more month here to go. you can't just say this is it, hillary leads, donald trump is back. but if they stay blue, what is his path? >> he himself or campaign is outlined the path that they know they have to win. they feel they have to win florida, they have to win pennsylvania which no republican has won since 1988. they have to win ohio and they have to win north carolina, very tall order to run the table in all four of those. by their own admission, that is the only way he can win. judging about the polls today there is no path. there is absolutely no path if he doesn't win bulk of those
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states, all all four of them. liz: she could stomach before. anything is possible next three months -- stumble. john, yesterday, meg whitman, staunch republican, will not vote for donald trump and will raise money for hillary clinton. a billionaire hedge funder who donated to primary campaigns of marco rubio, chris christie, got beaten by donald trump said he too is going to donate to trump up but to hillary. how much this matters, look at people behind donald trump right now. they look like regular folk who feel they were left out of the system. they got the shortened of the stick. maybe their vote is completely different from the billionaire vote? >> that's right, liz. it is a very big deal. when you step back and think about it, it is unprecedented to have somebody's donors, not only sit it out, but say they will vote for hillary clinton. the reason is they're so disturbed, they feel like trump is running essentially as conservative malcolm x.
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someone running a white power nationalistic campaign, they find it deplorable. to trump's defense he does have the ability to connect and emphasize which is powerful tool of communication in politics but he needs to step back from the abyss and take responsibility for his own mistakes, his own errors, and try to get his campaign back on track because it is getting worse by the day. liz: can he do that, julie, simply talking about the economy which matters to viewers. >> you're absolutely right. he needs to talk about the economy. he needs to talk about national security. but what he is talking about himself, that is the biggest problem he is talking about himself. he made election about his own grievances and his own slights and less about the people. i think he is constitutionally incapable of starting to talk about anything else. you can not change somebody, you can not change donald trump. make him focus on others, when he wants to focus on himself. liz: john, does he get any traction talking about the "wall street journal" article
3:42 pm
says the u.s. government exchange $400 million at exact sim time iran hostages from america were given back to us. >> i think he does, liz, for sure. hard to get traction when you have made so many mistakes. what he has to do, is put those behind him, fully. not just, that is the best way to get on these other issues, that will connect and economy is one that will connect even more, than issue of $400 million. liz: john heart, editor-in-chief of opportunity lives. julie roginsky, fox news contributor. while we were talking, the dow punched into the positive for a second. it is all you guys. straddling the flat line. i told you the market is frozen in place, all important jobs report for month of july. out 8:30 a.m. eastern. word on the street, one big bank could face massive layoffs all the way up to the c-suite? who is that?
3:43 pm
charlie gasparino has exclusive details how bad it could get. charlie breaks it next on "countdown." you have got to hear this. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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liz: despite behind the scenes leadership drama, sumner redstone viacom reporting a surprise up tick in quarterly revenue few to higher licensing fees in theatrical unit. earnings dropped 23% year-over-year but phillipe due monday deal is opposed by sumner redstone and his start sherry who control the shares. ongoing tv, ongoing saga and drama, continues right now.
3:48 pm
viacom up about a quarter of a percent, although the b-shares, are down about 1%. minder to stay tuned for all earnings action this afternoon. big names. linkedin, weight watchers, lions gate on tap. "after the bell" has you covered. even as the stock market hits record highs wall street is bracing for more layoffs, including one of the top investment firms on the street, goldman sachs. lloyd blankfein already had four rounds of cuts but are goldman employees embracing for a fifth round? charlie gasparino, what is going on here. >> they are bracing. we're getting this from senior executives inside of goldman sachs. they say there is ongoing cost cutting effort going on. there will be a major round of layoffs. i don't have the numbers, but what i'm getting this from, senior bankers and traders, they are saying that their jobs are clearly on the line. that the company is now in a sort of mode where instead of seeing profit, future where they
3:49 pm
can make profits from the business, their future right now is to basically cut costs. that major jobs will be on the line. liz: not just fixed income guys? >> not just, if you make a lot of money there, you're a producer, you produce. but remember, all of wall street is in a drought right now. trading volumes are down. that does hit fixed income. m&a isn't killing it. one. problems with these firms is that in the past, predodd-frank, pre-financial regulations after the banking crisis, fixed income and trading could boost lower margin businesses like investment banking and stock underwriting. they don't have that trading anymore. that's out. dodd-frank killed that because of volcker rule. you can do trading but very much around the edges. throw that on top of the at that fact you don't have volumes for customer business. you don't have a lot of m&a activity. i don't know, has there been a rush of ipos lately?
3:50 pm
i don't think so. liz: jpmorgan, decent numbers. >> a lot had decent numbers but, read, when you read those numbers, jpmorgan is much more diversified bank, when you read those numbers you see they're making them a lot on cost cutting. goldman is in a position where its traditional line of business of trading and investment banking, investment banking is a low margin business. they can't do it anymore. they're really under the gun. they have essentially a business model problem. we should point out this, they're not alone. this is just what i'm hearing from people inside. i happen to pick up the phone at the right time and i heard from some people there. what we have here, it is going to happen at other banks i hear. every bank is looking. from what i understand, people are walking around goldman scared to death about their jobs. that is no doubt. liz: speaking of scared to death, you were coming down here, charlie got a tip from inside of the trump campaign. >> what we understand, they're
3:51 pm
obviously worried about his message, postconvention. the fight he got into with the kahn family. the fact he is not hitting on the obama, hillary clinton economy. economy that should be attached to hillary clinton because it is attached to the person she wants to succeed as president, who is in her own party, president obama. from what we understand from inside the trump campaign, operatives are asking him now to immediately pivot to the economy. begging him to go on a tear with hillary clinton on economy and weak gdp report and other issues. they're asking him to lay off the other stuff. we'll see if he goes for it. but here is the thing, liz, senior people, that have been backing you up for a long time, bit the bullet and agreed you're the nominee, we're not going to be never trump, these are not never trump people, people are part of the thing and willing to go in with you, when they're telling you this and help, you either agree to do it, or they really think if he doesn't go after the economy soon, with clinton it's over.
3:52 pm
they think this thing will be done. if you look at some polls, shows you why. not only "fox news poll," yesterday, look at polls today. swing state polls. florida, pennsylvania. even new hampshire which is not quite a swing state. liz: michigan? >> michigan, i don't think he has a shot there. even though there is a lot of blue-collar white people. i'm just telling you, they are getting scared from those things. those type, that type of anecdotes coming after the bad week. they're saying get on the economy, now, now, now. liz: charlie gasparino, thank you very much. charlie is breaking it right and left. closing bell eight minutes away, we're still etch mr. flat. down four points. we crossed the flat line on the dow, 62 times the session alone. you can call it a barking dog day of summer but there is still money to be made. where is the real wealth going? ubs's mike ryan gives us his key to investing like the wealthy and profiting.
3:53 pm
stay with "countdown." we're coming right back.
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liz: activision, blizzard. heinz, much more. let's get to lori rothman. reporter: let's look at shares ahead of the report. folks eating habits have really changed. shares up 3/4 of 1%. people are going for fresh, organic choices. as you know craft heinz remove ad lot of artificial coloring. most notable example, iconic craft macaroni and cheese, they took the bright orange color out of it. we'll see how effective that strategy is. back to you. liz: orange, lori, thank you very much. rich people, they are just like us. they're worried where to invest the money this kind of market. they hire folks like mike ryan,
3:57 pm
wealth management america at ubs. his firm has $1.7 trillion under management. talk about this, mike. i should say they entrust their money to you. what are you seeing as far as movement and requests on behalf of the wealthy that you invest for? >> first of all, liz. >> they're asking about a lot of things you talk about in the show. we're seeing concerns about the strength of economy. gdp was not encouraging with last quarter. put as lot of emphasis on payroll report. cheryl: we're expecting 185,000 build in jobs. what happens if we miss that or beat it? >> we're looking for 190,000 on our side. unemployment rate to tick down to 4.8%. what is really important, not just the number, you about what happens to revisions in prior months. we came off two months. the may report was much
3:58 pm
weaker-than-expected and market really took that and sorted through that and actually sold off. then we saw the june report that was much better. the report was much better and backward revisions were also good. the market will clearly look which of those was a trend report, was it may or june? our view, actually the may report was aberration. june reflects strength in labor market, what you likely see is pretty solid number. cheryl: what are you seeing when it comes to specific sector investments? it has to be equities, right? interest rates are so unbelievably well. wealthy people want yield, do oo? >> what you are still seeing right now is, there is a scramble for ongoing search for yield. we're basically telling our clients to focus on. we're focused on equities which is the best place to be. we're focused largely on u.s. market. if you want to use analogy, it is best athlete in the game.
3:59 pm
underlying strength of the economy. recovery in earnings cycle and still support policy backdrop. markets are expensive but certainly not overpriced. those things translate into solid earnings and solid market gains balance of this year into next year. liz: we're hearing september rate hike murmurs. how does that affect the picture, mike? are you hearing that too? >> that will feed into the equation. we think the fed will defer any rate activity until -- december. there are concerns about the underlying global economy. what exactly fallout from the "brexit." they will likely defer any action at all until december. liz: we need to see the movie "suicide squad" and check out, right? are you going to go, mike? >> that is making my list but pretty far down priority list to be honest. liz: great to have you. mike ryian of ubs. what did i tell you?
4:00 pm
markets are flat right now. massive indecisiveness ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. there is the closing bell. [closing bell rings] liz: i'm elizabeth macdonald in for melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. here is what else we have for you this hour. it's a very busy hour of live events, dueling campaign events going on right now. donald trump in portland, maine. hillary clinton is expected to take the mic at her rally in vegas. we're monitoring both of them. we'll bring you headlines from each rally. meanwhile president obama is meeting with his national security team at the pentagon. he does not do that very often. only several times during his administration has he done this. they're doing a mic check at pentagon. he will talk about the fight against isis. more importantly for our purpose, he will talk about the


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